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In this episode TruthSeekah gives his opinion on Donald Trump and his newly announced 6th wing of the military called Space Force. I do not believe that this is anything new, anything that they’re letting us know in the mainstream Media or from government officials has been years in the making. Anything that we have seen in movies in the past you can bet your bottom dollar already exist Within the secret government cabal. We’ve seen video games like Halo Wars and movies like Star Wars get the population used to such a seemingly crazy idea of occupying space with military weaponry. I believe we need to speak on such matters it’s because of government is looking to control the narrative. That’s covered in the majority of my working podcast we’ve discussed how Ordinary People are having benevolent ET contact and we see that disclosure is happening on an individual basis. This is why the government is finally coming out about UFOs and aliens, they seek to control the narrative and are going to paint the ETs as the bad guys when in fact that couldn’t be any further from the truth. The good guys are watching over us and have been since the beginning, bad guys other people who willingly put plastic in our rice in wood chips in our meats and cheeses. The bad guys continually seek War and to control land and peoples that do not belong to them. The Bible is clear about an ancient war that exist between the ruling class and ordinary everyday citizens. They have been getting the American people and the rest of the world ready for this so-called disclosure for years. Religion has even played a major part in this as the Catholic Church and the Pope have given statements some years ago about the belief in ETs saying that it doesn’t go against scripture to believe in such. Moving forward simply no that UFO contact has been happening and whatever narrative the government or your religious leaders plan to tell you it is actually the opposite that is going to be true. Part of forming a one-world religion and one world order is going to be creating an enemy that isn’t really the enemy just the way it has always been.

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guess lined up this morning but uh did was a no-show so even though they were a no-show I wanted to do a show regardless go live and talk about some things that uh like I said are in the news or some things I’ve had on my hearts and questions that some people have brought up if you got some updates and really just hang out with the chat cuz I love you guys so much so got a couple things written down here I want to talk about I don’t want to thank everybody again every time I go live any time I get the chance to I want to say thank you for being in a blurs enabling me to do what I do for a living everybody who is supporting my work on patreon from the least to the greatest everybody who contributes over there I couldn’t do this without you so we have two new patrons within this last week or so it was shout out to Jonathan Santiago brother thank you for coming on board again and Shannon Lewis which is here locally she came on board as a patron supporter as well funny thing about Shannon this was one of the few times that I’ve been recognized locally for being a celebrity or whatever the case is but anyway she we were me and my wife were eating an American restaurant and we got up to leave and this lady kept eyeing me she’s with her husband and kid and she kept looking at me and I’m you know I’m just trying to be cordial and stuff and she’s like oh my god are you true seeker yes I’m truseq how are you oh my god I love your work I’m my name is Shannon itself so anyway it was like one of the first times that uh I was recognized in public anyway she became patron Thank You Shannon she was in the school of the Mystics with us the other night as well I had a really good discussion those of you who support my work you get access to my entire discography you get ten plus albums exclusive bunch exclusive stuff you also get access to the School of the Mystics every Thursday night so uh that’s what we do there Thursday night 7:00 p.m. it’s the community aspect to what we do so head on over there check that out um I’m a little glazed over I guess you can say we had a long day yesterday uh went to the beach over here in our fort walton in Destin and the Sun was beaming in the the waves were insane man there was a red flag out we drove like two and a half hours two hours to be there we wanted to get in we went to the Little Bay area which was calm but there was a lot of seaweed and fish out there so the kids didn’t like that I had fun looking at all the marine life and snorkeling and stuff me and my wife did but kids wanted to go back to where the big waves were we showed up at the what the big ways worms like nah we can’t do it is it way to be done took one of y’all out there so what’s at the bay then we went back to where the big waves were except flag out wasn’t it was intense and I’m you know with those waves beat us up so we stayed out there for a while in the Sun and the waves beating us up so this morning that was all of the assault refreshing you I’m really tired right now but I wanted to go laughs so it may sound a little little dull maybe less animate it I’m not sure anyway that would explain that I had a great Father’s Day got a really cool gift right here from my family this if you guys are watching on the stream you’ll see this is a et mug bidding for the conversation so it’s an ET bug from that Avon put out back in the 80s this is from 1983 oh but that was a really cool gift think I’m in this retro et mug and if you guys want to see it you can go to my Instagram it’s on there as well those of you listening on the podcast in pretty cool gift for Father’s Day I would say I got a bunch of cool stuff and also got this racing chairs what they call it this is what I’m sitting in I got this was the early Father’s Day present too so I got that and really cool stuff out really enjoyed myself Father’s Day when a good and I was able to spend time with my father-in-law for dinner and stuff too so this was some but to talk a little bit about some of the topics at hand I want to talking about aliens I’m gonna go ahead and jump into um what I have pulled up about Donald Trump because mostly I’ve titled this Donald Trump in the space force and so I’m gonna play a video for you guys who haven’t seen this this is well if I can find it on my feed very quick this is a video of Donald Trump which just came out of thinking yesterday breaking president Trump orders US military to form a space force military branch and our Trump says we must have America American dominance in space this is real he actually gave a briefing and spoke on it and we’re gonna play that video I may pause it in between so that hopefully I don’t get flagged on YouTube for showing this video but I’m gonna go ahead and pull the video up here those of you watching um right there okay I want to play it for you those of you watching I’ll do commentary in between but this is pretty interesting when it comes to defending America it is not enough to merely have an American presence in space we must have American dominance in space when it comes to defending America we don’t just need American presence in space but dominance so important a very important to importantly I’m hereby directing the Department of Defense and Pentagon to immediately begin the process necessary to establish a space force immediately establish a space force as the sixth branch of the Armed Forces that’s a big statement big thing we are going to have the eros Trump’s telling you this you’re putting us out it’s a big statement we are going to have the Air Force and we are going to have the space force separate but equal air force base force two different things it is going to be something so important general Dunford if you would carry that assignment out I would be very greatly honored also where’s general Dunford lot of this stuff is retiring together I can give you my concerns what I see I’ve been having a lot more alien dreams lately I had a scary when the other day it wasn’t I wasn’t a scary dream is just like when those Joker’s like if you look see the it wasn’t even the classic alien gray it was something similar but it’s the scary it’s different it’s something otherworldly like it’s going to scare you and in the Bible when the disciples of prophets were met by an angel they fell on their face in fear and terror it could be scary man just just to see something different I mean james gilliland talks about like not being prejudiced about what type of alien it is or what it looks like or whatever the case is many people are still prejudiced over the skin color and and they’re afraid of the skin color of human beings on the earth right a lot of black people a lot of white people were scared of black people how to black people scared of white people we had this conversation the other day I’ve I’ve been doing rap music for a long time and I’ve had the chance to go into a lot of the black neighborhoods the ghettos the hood or whatever my whole life and it’s a different culture man like all of these living situations are different you know what I’m saying so I’ve had the chance to go there and now you know it’s been intimidating when we first started going to the hood with white people driving around the hood I’ve had people step out in front of the car try to flag us down you know they look in here all in the car and all kind of just crazy stuff happening in there we’ve we’ve been in the middle of the hood before where they did stop us I was riding in the backseat I was younger is in the dirty thirty at mo Alabama they stopped us because they knew the driver which was my cousin and all of these a one of them yelled and they just started running from every out of every freaking house and street corner and all these folks were surrounding the car it sort of rocking the car back and forth trying to flip it but to grab my cousin and pull her out anyway that is different than driving through white suburbia white America it’s different there’s people who were scared when they go in there in rightfully so like you have to be aware of your surroundings no matter where you are but on the same token it’s the reverse and because a lot of the black guys and stuff that I’ve done music with over the years they’ve been scared to come to my house because I live in a predominantly I guess white neighborhood but I’m in the woods I’m not in rich white suburbia I mean I live in the woods and so they think that you know they’ve always been told that a white man is gonna kidnap you and white folks don’t like black people they’re out here with shotguns and stuff like that so they were they’re always scared to come here I never could fathom as I know we’re supposed to be scared to go to your neighborhood why are you guys scared to come to mind so that’s something that’s there so you know I know and there’s we could go really deep with that and even my experiences and getting over that and being okay with that but to come back to the points the fact that there’s a lot of people who are still racist or scared of people who look just like them but they’re a different color so when it comes to extraterrestrials or aliens a lot of people may be bigoted because they don’t look pleasing to their eye or they would scare them if they showed up just because they look different or there’s to fear tactics you know with the black and white thing is a perfect example you know like people want to fight you you know white people white cops want to kill black people like all of these weird different scenarios that are going on they think the same days kind of happened with the aliens or with the extraterrestrials like they want to abduct you they are evil they are demons be careful I mean it’s kind of the same thing that goes on with the Muslims the Muslims hate you they’re gonna try to kill you they want to take your freedoms they want you to become a Muslim like some of that stuff may be true in some of these scenarios right um but it’s still that prejudice there or that bigotry there’s even the notion that comes up as far as like what is scaring you many people believe that the extraterrestrials or angels have the ability to take the shape that they that they want you know and so I’ve heard many stories of people who have said prayers and said things that don’t show up in a form that is going to scare me please don’t show up as a little gray man in the middle of the night standing at the foot of my bed please don’t do that you know let’s make more of a easier contact scenario you know what I’m saying and out of all the things I’ve seen all all experiences I’ve had with ETS and with the angelic and the demonic like I still get I still get scared I can’t lie to you like some of those dreams and weird stuff that happens in the middle of the night while I’m sleeping like it’s it’s different man it’s a little scary so there’s that there of them just looking different we have to get over that we need to get over it not be prejudiced you know and just accept any form that comes not be scared and not judge them by their appearance right there’s too much of that going on anyway especially when it comes to extraterrestrials our space brothers with the Catholic Church called them so we’re seeing Trump come talk about this this stuff’s been coming to a head for years like I said when I mention the Pope calling them our space brothers this is something that there’s been preparing for just a little bit a little bit a little bit over time Reagan back in his administration had this very interesting speech I don’t know if you guys have seen it but I’ll pull it up I don’t know how much I can play of that but um a lot of people have talked talked about this but he was addressing the United Nations and said that maybe the only thing that will bring the world together and bring about world peace as if that we’re all fighting together against him outside invading horse from outer space is what he says and says maybe this would be the only thing if we can band together to fight against this threat and so they’ve always been kind of playing with that scenario a little bit or maybe he knew something back then that we’re just not there just now letting the American people or the world know about it just a little bit at a time because they believed that if they was to tell us everything at once people would freak out the religious leaders and things like that everybody would freak out but as things change as things happen in the earth your religions have to adapt Islam doesn’t really want to adapt Christianity is adapting you know what I’m saying there we look at the Catholic Church they’re adapting okay aliens okay where does this fit where does this fit into our religion okay they’re our space brothers whatever Jesus can save them will baptize them those type of things that’s what the Catholic Church is talking about um you’re gonna roll with the punches you’re going to conform it’s gonna take time but it’s gonna be part of your doctrine we see that just with gay marriage and in America and homosexuality you know when that first was introduced all these pastors and all these people they wouldn’t budge they fought against it they fought against it now it’s becoming part of the religion they were born that way if there’s hormones that are that are differently and that they’re built differently so you have to accept it at first it was budging it was punching and kicking they didn’t want to they didn’t want to integrate with that but over time its evolving this christianity is going to have to revolve evolve if you’re going to try to stay relevant in the culture and most churches were our secret sensitive churches and they’re going to stay relevant and they’re going to evolve with that and say well a lot of people are still shaking their fists I’m not gonna evolve I’m not gonna bow down this is what the Bible teaches and this what I’m for that’s for everything in American Christian Christianity though American Christianity looks nothing like biblical Christianity and it has evolved from all types of things whether it was women teachers women preachers when praying with your head covered the way that you pray like everything is evolved from what it started out as to what we have here in the melting pot of American Christianity so and I think the same thing is gonna happen with homosexual marriage and homosexual pastors and homosexual worship leaders you know and at the end of the day when it comes to that thing I don’t think one sin is is greater than the next you know what I’m saying but there is those sins that are just out there in the open and homosexuality is one that carries a persona with it change the way you talk you changed the way your wrist bends you adapt feminine qualities like all of that stuff that comes with that and honestly that’s one of the things that I if I have anything against that movement is when people are adopt a persona that’s not them they change the way they talk trust me I have many gay friends in it happens you know what I’m saying and I don’t like the way it’s pushing on children either but I’m a dog rest from that because that’s not the subject matter I’m trying to make a point of the church is evolving the church is going to have to evolve if they’re going to remain relevant in the culture you’re gonna have to address the alien thing we know that the majority and evangelical Christianity when it comes to aliens or UFOs or whatever the case is it’s demons there are demons they’re going to abduct you they’re demons they’re interdimensional Devils you know this is what they believe I think that therefore we did you know Christianity demonizes what they don’t understand it’s kind of the easy way of looking at it there’s definitely a lot more going on a lot more taking place than just angels and demons fighting in outer space now Trump is talking about if that is happening if that scenario is happening that angels and demons are fighting it out of space now we want to be right there in the middle of them hidin spaceforce let you know just because they came out with this and told us this is old this is old news they’ve been doing this for years if we’re putting if we’re if they’re letting you know that we’re going to start sending troops to outer space patrolling the skies right if that’s really what what they’re planning on doing it’s already happening therefore a lot of the craft that you’ve seen has been back engineered technology I don’t even really you know it there’s a lot of technology out there there is chips I’m more concerned with the the beans and in those that you think that are ships but are vehicles or vessels that are alive which is known as the cherubim there are there are living plasma ships that are those entities this they’re alive they’re angels light beings that are traveling the night skies every they’ve been preparing this there’s a lot of talk of the fake alien invasion III believe in that too to the degree there’s the fake rapture that people are talking about what about abduction scenarios what about these things I believe in the my lab experiments I believe that their military induced abductions that the military has set that up to push fear and hysteria within this they’re doing this for a reason they don’t want you to make contact so to look at the playing field just understand this man if you guys pick up anything understand this the good guys are out there those are the good guys the bad guys are running this thing right now bad guys are the ones who were putting or who are making it okay for us to eat fake food they’re making it okay for us to eat plastic rice they put wood chips and stuff within the food like all of this they willingly market things with spiritual esoteric tactics that they market to us to make us think we need things through advertising through music through jingles through mind control they give us poison but they put it in a form of something that we think is good something that we think can help us that’s evil like that’s if that’s where we even start and there’s so much more that we can keep going into these people are wicked man these people are demonic these people are the serpent seed mention of in the Bible the angelic realms the angelic host a heavenly host the scripture says watch the skies your help cometh from above those are the good guys ma’am 100% understand that scenario the battle of good and evil and understand who your government is what these people do what they’re ok with how their minds work they’re not the same the ruling elite the authority people are not the same as us the celebrities they’re not the same as us these people are different man something something is up with these people they function differently I used to listen to Joe Rogan a lot he’s like the bro he’s the cool bro brings cool stuff into the conversation he’s in MMA all this kind of stuff he’s the bro but if you listen to Joe Rogan long enough he makes fun of the guy working at autozone changing tires changing your oil he makes fun of those people in this conversation and that stuff just would turn my stomach and every now and then I would when when that kind of stuff would come up about what you do for a living he makes fun of the majority makes fun of him he laughs at their demise that is the monney man this stuff comes out a little bit even in in his podcast which is one one of the bros makes you feel like he’s just like you it’s not man these people are different there is a war going on it is a war for your mind the war for your consciousness for your thought patterns this is how demons act and operate and so I just put out that little documentary thing persona I hope you guys have watched that but it goes into how demons get within your auric field and they familiar spirits try to speak in first person they want you to think that you’re them right this is this is what happens so understanding what they use and who these people are and so they put poison in our food and it’s like when you would give medicine to a dog a dog would never eat that medicine straight up they won’t you have to take the medicine you have to put it in a form of a little cheeseburger or a dog treat or something and they give it to you what they’re doing the same thing with us but with poison with things that are hurting our bodies giving us cancer and they’re okay with it like they’re okay with a certain number of the population being sick and it is insane these people are wicked understand that scenario conspiracy theories like I don’t really get into that stuff anymore for a lot of reasons I’d rather not deal with a theory I rather just on the truth that’s behind it not just chasing theories running after all these theories a lot of them are real a lot of them in the end are proven real but just to know this if anything that you learn from a conspiracy theory is to know that the people who were in charge are wicked and tell me there’s nothing that you can do that will blow my mind to make me think something different it wouldn’t there’s nothing you can tell me to make me think just to blow my mind anything so once you understand that be able to kind of move from the theories on to just truth and see what’s the bigger picture at hand what’s going on a fake alien invasion come together fight against the enemy that’s evading from outside this is kind of the same thing that the American people do after 9/11 we band together people are banding together to fight against the outside force which is the Muslims which is whoever whoever’s the enemy at the time that’s what they do it’s order AB K you create the chaos so that you can be the good guy who creates the solution I’ll never let anything happen to you I’m going to protect the American people we’re gonna fight against these space Devils or space people put put the offense out there Obadiah in the Bible is a deep book and I’ve kind of referenced it here and there it’s one chapter you’ll never hear your pastor quote from it but Obadiah talks about um the enemies wicked people in the earth the ruling authorities which have it was the same spirits bagged in a nothing’s changed we talk about spirits people died spirits don’t die the same spirits that Moses fought against are still in the earth the same spirits that Jesus fought against still in the earth we’re still dealing with these same spirits it’s the spirit of the age Jesus tells you that these spirits are gonna come back as good spirits as bad spirits right it’s not just like it’s not just all the bad guys and all these demons are here there’s good spirits too bird of eliezer spirit of Moses bird of deep sleep spirit of summer and spirit of peace spirit of joy we’re dealing with a spiritual battle they’re still there Obadiah talks about that those who would think to make their abode among the stars that God would strike them down they’re gonna try to reach God they’re gonna try to overthrow God they’re trying to play God your government your pharmaceutical industry they’re playing God if you I’m telling you like with these with the research and the studies man these people are wicked these people these ruling classes are taking the blood out of infants and injecting it into their body and hopefully they have found the Fountain of Youth these are the ruling class these are the people have the money to do they’re they’re trying to stay young stay vibrant stem cells research I listen to Joe Rogan any time he has any pain in his body they shoot stem cells into their body we talked about this just the other day Bob reiterate you know what I’m gonna give me a second guys I’m gonna pull this video well but I don’t try to play a little bit of because I talked about it but uh Ellen Sanjib Bullock I know viewing to her about this facial that she does and I’m gonna play this and I’m gonna pause it and try to commentary hopefully I won’t get pulled man these this YouTube algorithm stuff man if they’ve they stay could strike my channel and take away this ability to go live so I’m just gonna try to we got to get the information out there though so let’s see me and Webb here we go I want to play a little bit of this but this is what your elite dude this is what the ruling class do right so we call it like well I call it the penis facial penis facial this is what she does mr. Access Hollywood or something from a but what is it fine penis facial that’s what you don’t but what is it it is an extraction from a you stuttering so you don’t want to say it she’s laughing about it like let me tell you guys what it is it’s a piece of skin guys a young person a piece of skin far far away and they somehow figured out how to extract are far away it’s for skin from a Korean baby what TF what did they say somehow figured out how to extract its foreskin from a Korean dating or scan from a Korean baby you’re laughing uh this woman I don’t know how we Google yourself how old a Sandra Bullock 53 years old little a she’s 33 that’s what it is okay I call it the penis facial and I think I think when you see how good it is to your face you too will run to your local facialist and say let’s give me the penis that’s disgusting they said cuz it works they’re willing to do that because it makes them look younger these people are trying to play God because it makes her look younger you willing to take the foreskin from Korean babies after a c-section take the Nazis I’m circumcision take the foreskin and she goes on to say I don’t want to play all of it cuz I’ll get in trouble but they have a little roller that goes over your face and it pokes little holes all in your face and they make a cream out of the four skins from Korean babies in a rub it interface in your face he says it looks like for the first day your face is red and rosy because they’ve made a little bitty puncture holes all over the body that’s that’s that’s disgusting man to turn try to live forever to try to play God you’re willing to do things like this and we talked about this I think it was with the interview at home sauce he’s in the chat shout out the home sauce um that in the Book of Enoch it talks about women that the angels who sinned in the Book of Enoch Azazel in these guys came down from heaven met around the mountain the despised and and see what they can do wickedness and teach men wickedness so that why so that God would reject them if they teach you to sin against your creator and fight against your creator then your Creator would take his hand off of you and give you up to your sin or your wickedness or whatever the case is so these angels come down and look at women and they’d teach men how to make war how to do technology they teach men all these crazy things and they teach women how to adorn themselves with makeups so for me there’s a connection there when they’re trying to tell them who comes up with that the doctor and allows somebody has to try it is there something did you know I who tries that and what else are they trying this is just what they’re telling us this is just what they’ve told us this is just not coming out how long you think she’d been doing this this is 2018 how long you think she’s been doing that you think she just tried it last week and a more ailment they’ve been doing this stuff for years man it says in the scriptures man it talks about how that man’s thought was continually wicked and in the New Testament talks about that they create new ways to do wickedness I think that’s wicked all me old fashioned call me what you want but taking the foreskins from Korean babies winding them up creating a pace and rubbing it on your face so that you look younger I think that’s wicked from a different cloth I think that’s wicker and that’s just the piece of it it goes back to what they’re telling us this stuff that’s the space wars that Trump’s talking about let’s create a space force what do you think Star Wars came from you think that came out of the mind of of the the creators and the writers George Lucas and those guys well it definitely goes back to Joseph Campbell what’s that’s not a bad thing that’s the story of the hero it’s the hero’s journey that goes back to Jesus that goes back to all of the archetypes that goes back to us we are on that hero’s journey we play the role of Anakin we play the role of all of those people honestly where does it come from do you think they made that stuff up there they put in these movies man stuff that is from those ancient books like they know these people are high level of cultists these people have studied someone knows the Vatican knows they have books that were taken out of the Bible or reason Enochs not in the Bible for a reason but it’s quoted by Jude it’s quoted throughout the scriptures the book of Jasher book of Jubilees all of these books the Bible quotes all of these books it quotes all these weird books to the book of shamaya the Prophet is quoted in the Bible who is shamaya never heard of him who is he dude a prophet I think Jeremiah quoted II do to prophet who is II do where is he what planet is a brother who is II do mace windu you know I’m saying that who are these people um when you look at we’re talking about anot we’re talking about Hollywood how this stuff is just released a little bit at the time so that when we do come up with these scenarios or people do come out with some truth movement or whatever and we try to talk about this is all you seen that in a movie you’ve seen that in them you got that from a movie if they’re putting all this information in the movies putting it all in the movies I said we look at transformers there’s the transformer movie called transformers rise of the Fallen and they go and it shows you when it comes on these spirits from the stars are going down from heaven into the deep places of the ocean into caves chains of darkness this is mentioned of in the Bible and it’s mention of an anak it is the story of Enoch with the angels and these angels are coming down and it says that they’re angels that sinned are in the deep places the pits the center of the earth they’re in Chains of darkness reserved for a specific time that they’ll be loosed back on the earth so Enoch shows those this the transformer shows us the spirits are coming down and going back to like loose these spirits back onto the earth this is a prophecy in Enoch it says two hundred generations after the flood the de spirits would be released back onto the earth and they tried to do the timing on that that is around where we are now it’s the weird thing that’s so that’s a prophecy you pastors not gonna tell you about that the prophecy they took the script is really plagiarism at its finest because they took the script from Enoch and he put it into a movie changed the characters change their names playing out the same scenario which is a lot of what these four with these other false religions have done as well taking our story but they’ve tried to make you think that Jesus was the fake one that Jesus is the copycat but not knowing that scriptures talks about astrology and the scriptures talks about everything that they’re bringing to the table they make us think that is evil that’s why we take back the spiritual gift things we take back the psychic abilities these type of things the MIDI make you think that that came from another religion or the occult or from the New Age now that stuff is biblical man divination is the devil watch out no divination is biblical and I’m gonna show you stick with me I already showed you a little bit in the last presentation that I did and hopefully there’ll be to pick out some just some gems out of there hopefully that will open up your mind to something will reach out to you and just move you to study just to look just something if it’s just one thing I was trying to tell a story trying I’m learning how to do that but but hopefully that came across at the end through personas but maybe it introduced some new ideas to you about the masks that we wear and speaking from your most authentic self so understand that Star Wars it’s been a real thing we look at Edgar Cayce one of the most renowned psychics who was a Christian minister at that from Selma Alabama I’ve been to his shop I got a picture of me standing out they got a monument out there in front of a shop that he did all his readings out of but Edgar Cayce said that the Battle of Armageddon he believed would be fought in outer space Battle of Megiddo we fought in outer space something’s going on out there but Stan whatever is released whatever moves forward in your studying understand that the bad guys are running things right now the good guys are out there your salvation draweth nigh look to the skies look to the skies to cloud ships wow by day fire by night I make my men’s ministering spirits as a flame of fire save the Lord telling you have that scenario down needs to be addressed man because they’re coming out with it we look at mean to the Stars Academy and look at one of our favorite bands we even listening to the band yesterday blink-182 what’s his name other names jump in my memory right now but um lead singer one of the Lee singers from [Music] linked money too started this Stars Academy and there they’re like they’re painting the picture of the evil aliens the evil UFOs and back engine engineer technology and trying to come up with some of that stuff so but they’re funded the government funded these people are the people who is on his team they are people who’ve been in this for a long time creating disinformation and all of that crazy stuff so um a couple other things man I wanted to address that I had just some notes here to talk about wanted to talk about some guests to have been reaching out to me on the podcast like I do have an agenda it would be it would be I’ll be lying to say that I don’t have an agenda but it’s a good agenda like I’m trying to push love and light in unity like that’s that’s it I’m telling that people know that they’re not alone I do have an agenda there’s so many different ways of attacking that so many things that I’m into that seemingly we’re all into home sauce just mentioned here he said Tom DeLonge that’s the guy’s name sound along is heading up for the stars Academy so that I do have an agenda so just to say that Harry it is the information let’s look at it I started there that’s a great place to start I started there and I’ve come up with some ideas that what’s going on I’m in communication with higher intelligence I will say that I think a lot of us are knowingly or unknowingly that’s where spiritual gifts it’s like abilities psychic abilities come into play that you are in tune honest that get direction from spirit from the Holy Spirit from your angelic guides those who are watching over you I’m in tune I receive messages in my dreams throughout the night what to speak on what to talk about what you’ll release how to release it you have to be led that’s your intuition to be led by the inner guidance system understanding that I do that’s my agenda it’s not you know I’m saying it’s to undo what the religion has done and has trying to tried to take away or give to the enemy you know the the word blasphemy when it talks about the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit blasphemy of the Holy Spirit is attributing to Satan the miracles in the beauty that God has created tributing to satan the devil the evil one calling good evil and evil good so psychic abilities if a religion was to say that psychic abilities are demonic you open up yourself to demons if your that’s that’s bad for me when it comes down to it that’s blasphemy you’re not supposed to do that man you have to be careful so these things that God created which are beautiful which are littered throughout the the scriptures lid all of it divination they hate that word divination Joseph said don’t you know that a man like me can find things out about you through divination lot lot said I sought the Lord via divination and he told me that you were sent of him you were a man of God through divination this is something that the ancients used ancient Hebrews the Israelites they used divination it is all of these little things that we are supposed to take back these are ours why would you give it away that’s our birthright man we’re giving it away oh it’s wicked it’s just demonic it’s not of God this is what we here do rapper well listen would go with this the arm have an agenda I’ll let a lot of people come on this show seemingly I’ve enjoyed the majority of it some people have broken fellowship after after they’ve been on here and you may have seen a really good organic conversation and then sometime after that religion gets the best of them which a lot of times it always does it’s hard it’s very hard it’s harder being in the Bible Belt I mean Christie talked about this the other day on her show but being in the Bible about most of those people who have who have fallouts they’re from the Bible Belt like it’s it’s hard to get that programming out of your head it’s hard to get that programming out people who have walked hand-in-hand with they’ve you know put out statements against me or talked you know spread rumors or you know it’s just about the information I don’t I don’t even I don’t do anything out this is what I do like there’s nothing you know I’m saying I don’t think that there’s anything that I’m doing they’ll try to make up stories I say I’m making pacts with demons and all kind of crazy stuff but I’m open about it so I’ve had a lot of guests who approached life from a different standpoint their experience is different I try to find common ground the scripture says can two walk together unless they agree I try to find some things that we can agree on bring it to the table let’s build and see what’s what’s happening that’s what religion doesn’t want you to do religion don’t want you to do that find common ground with your enemy with what they want you to think that these people aren’t even your enemy maybe it’s your brothers and sisters talking about your enemy have I become your enemy because I tell you the truth I’ve become your enemy well it doesn’t fit your narrative understood religion is deep y’all religion means to bind and to hold back there’s people who I’ve interviewed and I’ve named them you know from time to time that I’m not friends with these people anymore I’m not these people are wicked these people are trying to tear down what I’ve been building you know that’s that’s not your friend at all at all so I’ve opened up the platform for a lot of people from a lot of different backgrounds of discussion of whatever and I’ve enjoyed it I’ve enjoyed every interview some of them I have to kind of help the guests along cuz they’re not that well-spoken they don’t answering yes or no answers you know they just you ask them a question they say yes or no and they just end oh you got to learn etiquette guys like you got to talk this is this is content um anyway I’ve interviewed a lot of people some people have come back at me just the other day I don’t know if you guys have seen it and if he’s watching god bless you brother but my latest podcast I just put out featuring James robe our robe or oh it was a good interview talking about hearing the voice of God speaking to us and a good interview we did that and Dan he’s like at the end of the interview if you guys watched it he says this man I really liked a lot of stuff you talked about this is this is good show I’m have to check out more your stuff I guess he didn’t know who I was I don’t know if I reached out to him from Radio guestlist calm or something or he reached out to me but anyway that interview set up I didn’t know him from Adam but I was an organic conversation he’s like man I like what you’re saying I’m talking about prophetic I can speak the Christian language I mean I believe in Christ I’m you know I’ve studied the scripture so I know how to speak your lingo so we had a good Christian conversation actually I know but he mentioned in the conversations about hearing the voice of God and then he says that you can hear the voice of God through nature through the animals through the wind through looking at creation and that’s true the Bible speaks openly about that hearing God speak to you through all these things through nature but then after we did the conversation I guess he looked into me a little bit he looked into my work and he seen there’s a lot of talk and I’ll go live a couple times about magic mushrooms I mean we’ve talked about that on many occasions as a part of my life part of many of your lives um and it’s okay and I guess he found some of those interviews oh I just go after our interview I go to his Facebook and he’s got a couple post he did a post he said uh Jesus is my magic mushroom there’s no high like the most high so he equates magic mushrooms was getting high which is the first Alice II you know what I’m saying um from my standpoint and I’ve been very clear that it’s not about that so I did an interview where I went live and showed the medical and health benefits I believe he watched that because he ended up going live on Facebook and mentioning magic mushrooms and saying how there’s Christian ministers who were saying that it’s okay bah bah bah bah bah regardless of the health benefits and all this kind of stuff so this was like right after he came on the show I guess he checked out my work and seen that but I’m gonna say this if you’re we’re having the conversation and you’re saying that God speaks through everything if you can listen and you can hear God speaking through everything he can speak through the wind he can speak to the trees he can speak through but he can’t speak to a magic mushroom brew a mushroom psilocybin I’ve showed you the fruit of it the fruit that comes from it this what we’re doing right now is the fruit of that mystical journey now it’s not outside of Christ it’s which through Christ through the spirit of love with a spirit of unity that’s Christ all good things come from above oh it’s not I would never just say it’s just from that it’s from a lot of things I like to say the alchemists iced little side burn all of these things whoo alchemy and still forming it we are here we are this expression and uh we’re doing what we’re doing now many of you it’s not just me look at my good friend I’m he wants me to write the foreword or of his book true Gower I’ve had him on here talks about his story and uh definitely very similar the alchemist and psilocybin like that combination is with Jesus too you know I’m saying the Christ all of it together man it’s for me it’s a win-win situation and I know many of you guys listening can kind of bear witness with that and then many of you guys want to bear witness with that and you haven’t done it yet that’s on you like I say if it calls you it calls you what’s between you and your Creator yeah so there’s there’s been people who have we’ve done interviews and then immediately after the guy did a little research I messaged him after I didn’t say nothing about it he just said we should keep in touch yeah um he didn’t address it but you know it is what it is and I know that what I’ve built here is because I’ve been able to create a safe space to talk about that stuff that’s not a lot of conversations do go there my wife doesn’t like that every time she tunes and I’m talking about here about psychedelics but we have to have the conversation because nobody else is like the James robe or he’s never heard of it how how can you he said you smoke it he said you smoke magic mushrooms like how are you gonna go live and talk about magic mushrooms you told my smoking blend them up put them in a tea you can eat them you don’t smoke em bro hey that’s not even you need to have some type of experience with this stuff man before you just go out there and just calling good evil and evil good no matter who you are I take that with great reverence I’ve done my research I put my heart out there I understand that the scripture says that those who are teachers are gonna be judged more harshly I believe that I believe that I believe if you’re putting out ganda if you’re putting out you shouldn’t speak on anything you shouldn’t speak on anything [Music] that experienced just speaking at you whatever Oh Kristy Lee says true Stiga puked a lot I didn’t get rebuked he didn’t say my name he just was influenced by my work and felt like he had to do a rebuttal but he didn’t he never mentioned me he talked about Christians imagine mushrooms up yeah there’s more coming out now as we are more open about it as we’re more open and more people are gonna talk about it they’re gonna feel safer I hate this so this is true Sieg is doing I can talk about it on my show you know obviously there’s repercussions that come with that but more people are gonna find out that they create their own reality and do that I’ve set all of that to say that I’ve interviewed a lot of people from a lot of different walks of life and I do have an agenda have a standard I’m not just gonna let anybody come on here there’s got to be something I resonate with and I don’t and I’ll say this I don’t let people I don’t let me I’m saying I don’t let reincarnated angels come on my show some reason I’ve been hit up by a couple people claiming to be angels reincarnated claiming to be biblical figures reincarnated you’re not coming on the show I’m not I don’t want to talk to you like I don’t believe it um I have a have a big problem with reincarnation for one I’ve talked about that very openly like in a past life I was a I was a jester I like to make people laugh you know and I was that’s what I did that’s why I love to make people laugh today because I found I was a jester you know and it’s why I did explain I was a magician I did magic and stuff and now it’s coming out now in this light know most people on these whole reincarnated things it goes in with them we might do a whole my doula video on that put some scary music behind it set the tone a lot of people are saying that they’re things reincarnated that they want to be in this life but they missed the mark they’re too old maybe they gave up well I was a king and it was always something grandiose remember that you’d never see some I was a man I was a beggar you know I beg you know I was on a street corner I was a beggar you know I was a pauper I was because I was a priest I was this and it’s something that day it is something that has to do with what they wanting to do here I don’t buy that I believe in the reincarnation of spirits of an essence of a vibration of a message that is still here and still in the earth not like people being reincarnated so there’s all these people innocent there’s a lot of people who claim to be reincarnated figures of the Bible they claim that there’s people claim to be Jesus as videos of this videos with people who think that they are the Twelve Apostles and they found each other in this life to reestablish what Christ did you are a mental patient you are under a strong delusion you are not Thomas reincarnated I’ve been here about someone who claims to be Thomas tried to promote them to come on my show Thomas reincarnate it you know um angels Archangel Michael’s showing up they want to come Archangel Michael wants to come on the show did I let him another buddy of mine he says uh he says hey truth there’s um been watching all these videos about these people who were time travelers man this guy’s time traveler I’m traveling he passed a lie-detector test bro have him when you show I watched a video with some kid who just knows how to make viral videos I’m not gonna I don’t not I have an agenda yes you get a lot of clicks bro you get a lot of clicks if you get this guy I don’t want that guy bro I don’t want to like water my message down or chain there is an agenda these conversation there’s an agenda and it’s not the feed in that you are an archangel reincarnate it lost here in the ethers you know what I’m saying you’re lost here trying to find your way through life you’re an angelic I honestly within we kind of all are we’re Souls spirits happiness in a meat suit having a human experience so I believe that to an extent but to say that I’m Jesus man I’m lost bro I’m Jesus man I’m in New York and I can’t find my people and nobody will hear my message and then I’ve heard all kinds of stuff I’ve met people who claim to be the last apostle who were sent to America to bring judgment and correction I’m the last apostle brother oh you’re not you’re delusional delusional you need help and our problem is and this pisses me off it makes me my heart goes out to it but it pisses me off that religion in the spiritualist community is a freaking ah like open breeding ground for these people to thrive men people who need help and these people literally need help need to help these people and inflating their egos patting these people on the back look these people could be dangerous man these people these people with these crazy religious views and stuff man and they feel like their eye it’s insane so yeah I’ve had a lot of people on my show if you’re a reincarnated angel or reincarnated biblical figure you’re not coming on my show wotcher says is this what we signed up for space force if you’re watching this show you’re probably already signed up for the real space force Star Wars is the bistros on all force so then I read here yeah so these people who were claimed to be reincarnated a lot of them didn’t come up with it on their own a lot of them did but I have a heart with two teachers who were telling these people that I have people watch this show who message me laymen at the disclaim and after that claiming that the diss but these teachers these psychics to ative healers are feeding into these people telling these people that dis stuff Oh your um you are a queen you’re a queen yes and so your last life was a queen so this life you’re going to experience the opposite because you’ve already felt that so this life you’re gonna be more of a you know a housewife and in some but most of time it’s something that’s grandiose like I said and not just telling them hey you’re gonna be a housewife they say look you were a queen there you’re gonna be a queen again we need to get you to England let them know that you were the last Queen we need to let somebody know like he gets into some weird stuff I get the inboxes somebody’s telling these people and if you are shame on you man shame on you you messing with these people’s heads these people are impressionable coming to you for a service for healing and you’re just keeping them on the edge of their seat I was told that I was some lady was told she was my wife you’re supposed to be my wife in his life that we were lovers in another life and then you’re supposed to come here and be my wife I’m already married happily married at that beautiful kid beautiful wife but Yaron told this lady she’s my wife luminaries what she said demon is real demons at the end of the day this happens to anybody with the platform happens all your big famous creatures as women who all for the man of God as women who in local charges within your spiritual movements one lady claimed to be my my mother reincarnated said no I don’t think you are Derek why would you say that I’m here to teach you his messaging me as a random lady Erik I’ve been sitting here to teach you I’ve listened to your music and you I gave you a lot of lyrics like weird stuff and I but I’m Your Mother and I’m here to scent I knew you would say that Jarek I knew you wouldn’t believe me but I’m here I said no you’re not I’m sorry I don’t believe it showed me like Derek you need to respect your elders and stop this and I just said I’m sorry mom my bad mom you know me you know I don’t want to aid them in in embed these people but today here’s the devil’s advocate we have to play the devil’s advocate I have to approach it from the hater we have to approach it – what if you are delusional what if you are the delusion you have to approach it you got it you got a you have to question all scenarios man and at the end of the day the one that has the most truth the one net that sticks Christian says you’re an awesome when you see I’m sorry mom at the end of the day what if we die to heaven you’re raptured whatever you’re you want to happen what if you meet you of creator and you like did I did my best brother your message well done good and faithful servant but if you get there and God says well these things these few things I have against you I sent the Archangel Michael to you to be on your show to give you inspiration to impart some spiritual gift to you and you wouldn’t receive him how did you send him he was on Facebook your mother from across the world to find you your mother found you you rejected your mother shame on you since your wife I told her rejected her shame on you people are right I’m the bad guy a bad guy for questioning them if you can’t be questioned that’s wrong we have to question everything I question I question myself all the time I think it’s healthy I think that you have to know what you believe some people say I’m the religious community true seeker you confuse some people out here I’m confusing them because I’m talking about things they’ve never heard of they’re confused you’re confusing people out here confusion is a good thing God is not the author of confusion troops – you know what confusion is a good thing you’re not going to seek the truth you’re not gonna ask the questions to look for the answers until you’re in a state of confusion many of you religious people I hear walking around you y’all know everything you guys know everything I can’t tell you nothing but when it comes to some of this stuff you’re not confused I’m not confused because God’s not the author I know ever the Lord speaks to me – follow his voice he tells me everything now you have to be in a state of confusion man many of these people I hear many these church folks out here following Trump like he’s Jesus like I’ve seen a lot of post that refer to him as Jesus like one who was sent up from among his brethren who gave up his rich possessions to become poor in humble and be ridiculed by the nation’s that was Jesus I got a lot of Christian friends or people I used to affiliate with on Facebook and they’re posting this stuff he’s a modern Jesus he’s out here to make himself look bad so that he can get the truth across man and man ain’t no that man is a devil just like the rest of them he’s a puppet Trump has no power Trump has monetary gain has influence from a monetary level as far as him being a president and getting him in office is gonna do things and we got rupiah no that’s the suggest symbolic he represents something of where they want to go they have to go back and forth people they have to go back they have to go back and forth if if we left Obama and we see everything net Obama passed at the very end of his election of of his uh if his campaign you know run everything that he passed Trump is like the blowback um from all of that crazy leftist stuff that that’s been passed Trump is the response to that it’s not that the people are but they have to kind of keep it they have to keep the people in a in a in a in a docile place of that they need some honor that they have their votes matter they make you think that you play a bigger role in it than you do these people just these people know these people have been here for a lot longer we’re talking about spirits being reincarnated understand that these ruling classes and ruling authority figures didn’t just get there because they went to college we look we look at George Bush look at George Bush an addict and cokehead he was born into it ladies and gentlemen [Music] all types of tribe is a party animal but just two years whatever before he had to start running today glitch nest him up a man we gotta get you in office man this is your legacy you see it you see him at parties when he opens up he’s still party animal that’s footage of him making fun of taxpayers making fun of the religious right all of these people man they are wicked and if you think they want you to feel like you have a say-so in it that’s why do you have to do the right and the left and they placed the two sides against each other but these two sides the two heads of the is a two-headed dragon two heads of the same dragon the same beast they want you to feel like you have a say-so they want you to feel like you have a part of it wasn’t so wouldn’t they undo the things that the other side did wouldn’t they undo it so if Obama passed gay marriage as against it the right-wing Christian right that got so-called doing air quotes for you guys listen on a podcast people who voted Trump in the religious right aren’t they against homosexual marriage wouldn’t he undo that he said now look ya’ll don’t half in and undo this I’m in here now I’m pushed back no they have to because if they got they have the agenda man they have stuff on the left that they have take not that they need to get past and they need to get the people to a place they get you to a place where you want it and people were begging for homosexual marriage man people are marching for homosexual marriage and people are marching for women’s liberation women having the right to vote women having the right to go to work like these people they get you guys to a place where you want this stuff whatever it is and make you feel like you made it happen people tricked y’all man who have through Hollywood or you lost Hollywood just right right lost Hollywood element that but that influences everything that we do all the big youtubers wedding out of they add Alabama now youtubers from where do they go where does all of this stuff come from California the left state a whole state left understand man that there’s something bigger here I play something bigger here at work I’m not against anybody I love everybody I don’t care what you are part of but I don’t feel like nothing forced on me even me at the end of the day I’ve been influenced right television media we’re trying to unlearn that’s a life that’s not know I’m woke I’m awake you’re woke with your weight but you’re still fighting you’re arguing on Facebook with your brothers and sisters about this and that and this and that but you woke right you woke rapper xxx tent acción supposedly just passed away um sad news man just to see people with that kind of talent with that big of a voice that do had like 120 million views on one of his latest videos that was just put out a couple days ago hundred and twenty million every gay saint even doing those numbers you know what I’m saying like there’s a lot of people who aren’t doing those number 120 million X is X and tascioni he was killed Oh do not promise tomorrow man and I think that’s a wake-up call for a lot of people just him everybody in that realm lives to drugs Dean overdosing Steve trying to read the chat here yeah man we’re putting were wearing weird times man this this programming have an agenda oh just no mandate you’re not alone the end of the day you know she look at somebody like X and he talks about like letting people know that they’re not alone dealing with depression you know a lot of people struggle with depression you know a lot of people in a roller coaster man one day they good the next day they’re depressed and contemplating suicide a lot everybody holding us down in the chat live Oh for Saker Christina Christian christie Lee home sauce tiger ugh Tigra Doug says I liked your interview with Mars true Seeger hey thank you man I’m probably gonna have him on again Mars is on this really deep kick right now about universalism being a Christian Universalist believing that Christ died for everyone and a lot of people don’t like that it takes away your your good deeds it takes away your merit you know if if you believe that you have to earn your salvation or there’s something that you can do to be saved Danny Burton Tiger also says everybody here Flat Earth question mark maybe you meant to say anybody here flat earth no I’m not I don’t I don’t know if I’m a flat earther or not I don’t I never mean it from outer space or lack of if it even exists right I don’t know all I know is what these people tell me I trying to do I can’t say definitively late this is what it is guy look at the horizon look at the water look at the stars like I don’t know maybe maybe not I have to have to be objective to it all you said Mars’s it’s bang on with that no he is he is that’s why I’d like to have him back on we did a an interview with the pastor about universal reconciliation and it was really good and some I’m pretty much under that now understanding that Christ died for everyone that everyone that’s the grace fluid man every knee will bow every tongue will confess that he saves everybody I believe that that the gospel is something has already happened we just declare the finished work of Christ we don’t it’s not what might have been or what could be it is it is what could be for you the listener if you respond to the gospel that’s the power of responding to the gospel but it’s already happened you can’t change it you can’t undo it it’s for everybody Chris says so do you think the Trump space force is a slow disclosure of an existing spatial program definitely yeah if you I said that yeah yeah it’s already happening and especially when they talked about defunding give us some years ago they’re talking about defunding this the space program that they already had man this man look we’re talking about a battle for good and evil we’re talking about the good guys being out there the bad guys being here there’s video footage of somewhere on the earth shooting out a laser beam from the earth towards what looked to be some type of craft or entity that was hovering above the earth and it’s from space and it backs up a little bit a laser beam shoots up and tries to hit it and then it turns round and flies away a lot of reasons you’re trying to have encounters with with these craft and with these in these entities these angels and you’re not able to do it because they’re like taking a risk if they materialize here I’ve I’ve been in situations where I’ve seen them I’ve willed them to happen they’ve shown up and jets I don’t they get a call look there’s a craft here it’s Jess I believe that that’s this is probably something with the chemtrails be a beautiful day out I believe that there’s gonna be a lot of heavy traffic this is what just what I’ve received there’s gonna be a lot of heavy traffic with these craft and these UFOs that the government knows and they go out and spray these chemtrails and a beautiful cloudless day turns into a big overcast where you can’t see what’s going on above your head they create they’re creating all these clouds I I believe that that’s what’s going on with my meditation to my prayer to my communication that’s what I’ve just been picking up I’ve had the encounter Hey look up here I look up during the day either craft says hello says look to the left four Jets coming to scare it away I look to the left a Jets had a fighter pilot and headed straight to it look back he it disappears therefore these things they’re trying to be shot down there’s footage of of wrecked craft these craft are being shot down man so I really do think that a lot of times they’re taking a risk to materialize in a physical object that’s why a lot of times you see us entities you see the light beans you see the Seraphim Seraphim means two fiery ones of the fiery serpents leymah fire by night cloud by day so sulfur shaker says I’ve seen a UFO like a miniature white Sun fast silent and he asked silent huge that’s what’s up seen a bunch I went yesterday when was at the beach one of the first daytime sightings I had was at that same beach me and my we’re all riding jet skis and then me and I was riding with my brother-in-law and he is into UFOs and into a lot of things that I’m into as well and we both seen a cigar shape when it was the first and only time I’ve seen this the classic cigar shaped UFO and uh you know I’m it’s one of the things like I’m looking up at all times like I’m want to see it like you will it you’re looking look it’s not like just happen I randomly see it like I’m looking or it’s like you would go fishing in the water I’m fishing I’m looking gonna see what I can what I can find if anything’s out there but we’ve seen one at that Beach which resides on the gulf coast by Destin so Destin beach a lot of different crafts there’s a lot of different stuff out there a lot of spirits out there hovering around flying around and ethers there man Doug has just joined the fold Thank You tiger Doug for subscribing to the channel you just subscribed thank you brother donations are active – thank you guys for donating – what I’m doing TTS is enabled if anybody wants to have a text readout it’s in the comment section again for you guys who were coming in a little late this is the et mug that I got for Father’s Day want to drink out of it you know Santa’s won’t put it up probably should but I guess I had to show it off Kenny what’s up Kenny see you Friday night bro gonna go swimming there’s so much more advanced it shot down they wanted to it could be maybe without way as a gnarly mug loving it thank you yeah it’s really cool really cool town they wanted to um maybe got caught slippin maybe we will dumb in maybe we have the wheel to wheel them in they showed up for us and by doing that they got shot down knows maybe they are demons maybe demons are spirits and these spirits have created bodies for themselves many people believe that the little grey alien beings are suits and the big eyes are just like lenses and they’re there animating these suits that those spirits have the power to possess these meat puppets kind of like what we are in the fallen angels or the demons are getting in this beings and now there animating them now they’re abducting people and I don’t believe that it’s a cool theory but I don’t believe that I do think that most of those abduction scenario is my lab programs and just for my account my encounters man and from my experiences like reading reading people listening to testimony from people who don’t have an agenda or didn’t have an agenda put it that way listening to those people the Christian people have an agenda like everything is demonic everything’s demonic for the Christian geo what’s up says I’ve been seeing angels by asking them to show themselves that’s all you got to do you got to have time to wait you know you have time to wait we’ll talk Friday brother do I need to show you one we might need to go out ma’am Kennywood that that’s what I’m gonna win you over man me and you and a few little friends we should go out contact change your life I’ll be abducted bro you trying to get me abducted experience man that’s what changes our mine on anything like how can you tell me something that’s demonic when I’ve experienced it and it’s been blissful it’s been beautiful it’s been nothing but positive like you know or vice-versa so for sake I’m gonna read this he says I think the greys have been college solace to a degree as a worker race that’s what people say but many great types are positive spiritual beings my labs are very active millions are being taken in return I’ll interject this you say millions are being taken that’s a huge number of people being taken I don’t hear that term that term anymore I haven’t if millions are being taking that I mean that’s a that’s a degree that was somebody we know it’s probably been taken right I we don’t hear that term anymore the term abduction is dead we don’t hear that anymore there’s nobody calling the news station nobody called a CNN man I’ve been abducted man aliens took me maybe they start YouTube channels we may get abducted but um or they do interviews but from everything I’ve seen that term is out the window body one state you’re not nobody’s taken against their will now if anybody who’s had any type of encounter from what I’ve seen are people who have willed it to happen like they want interaction they know something out there is watching over them making contact guiding them from birth this the angelic realms that are watching over them your guardian angels and they want to make contact Kenny says I’ve seen them bro it’s all one and h2h Tim have you talked to them communication Kenny says only when the it won’t recognize Jesus as their master are they demonic oh I can agree with that but not with the terminology Jesus is they probably have no idea who to help what the hell that word means you know what I’m saying like who is jesus like I’ve never heard that term you know so if you was to re I agree with you 1,000% if you rewarded that to say and because this is what Jesus means to me maybe it means different things to different people but it says only when they won’t acknowledge Jesus as their Savior or master to me that would say only if they don’t acknowledge love as their master other demonic agree only if they don’t acknowledge spirituality in peace in unity and oneness in universal love as their master are they demonic yeah it’s Christians out there who bear the title Jesus but those other just by title my name my Savior Jesus on high Calvary if the Lord tarry like that’s what they that’s what Jesus means to them but the universal love hey Cody man thank you for becoming a patron man thank you so much Cody just pledged on patreon thank you so much to support my work there’s Christians who not the things that these you call me Lord why do you say Lord Lord why do you say you love me but you don’t do what I say that’s what Jesus is is this simply doing what he said it’s a spirit but those who follow him must follow him in spirit and in truth if spirit in the truth is the love the peace the unity the grace okay what is the fruit to the Holy Spirit peace patience to joy the long-suffering like all of those things so if those et’s or angels whatever they are if they don’t abide by those rules they’re demonic I agree with you I agree with you on that that day that that’s the plumb line that love is the plumb line and love is the fruit and that should be the way we judge all things that’s the way I judge Christians right well judge you could you come in my house with a Bible saying blessed be the name of the Lord and then coming without y’all had that happened to y’all I’m trying to put too much personal stuff out there but y’all had them people come to y’all and y’all’s house almost some blessed be the name of the Lord with the Bible and just you know what I’m saying and I want to go into too much we talked a little bit about it maybe on the podcast but that happens man we have all had that happen by the religious people I have dreams in fact I’m having a serious case of deja vu right now Wow dude it’s spinning it’s been insane brother I’ll tell you that the synchronicities and the things that we entertain in our sleep and the messages that are coming through have been insane right now and I’ve had a lot of just the other night something very vivid and powerful alien contact and uh it was after watching something by Jimmy Church you know um it was in so it was scary you know it was definitely scary I mean be an expert or anything like that like oh okay scale I’m a human like I’ve seen some things man but maybe at first glance you have to like get used to it you know it has to be something that you’re just kind of lowly welcoming if I still get scared you had an encounter Duke says I know about in his battles against the outers of the universe Christina says and my dad does too pretty much all my relatives are ants like that she uses religion on me yeah the religion is used for control no doubt so when the when the people who are not in a religious place where they look at us and religions demonic religion itself is demonic like that’s demonic right I think they’re right I think the religion is being used as mind control to bind into holdback I say that to say that that’s not that’s not the true Christianity that Christ brought and Paul Peter walked in and taught they were working in power and miracles and signs and wonders and healing and ridding people of demons of bringing love of bringing truth of oneness with God that you are loved like that was their message and that’s a powerful message it can revolutionize this world and it did that’s the truth of of Christ and and and their what they brought spirituality to the highest degree the highest degree there’s no New Age guru deeper they take from our practice and reword it and rework it and y’all think that the New Age came up with it here in the voice of the Holy Spirit inner intuition dreams and visions like the signing of spirits communing with spirits angelic contact leaving your body traveling to heaven like all of these things Yahoo people giving us y’all crazy man that I lost our marbles you think I’m giving that up that’s tough they don’t get to take the fun stuff keeping it keeping all the fun stuff I’ll give you all the baggage you take the baggage of religion you take the mind control you take the I’m right you’re wrong you take the hatred you take the bigotry denominationalism you take it all man we bring in oneness through Christ which is universal love for all beings for all beings it says Christ is the head of all beings anyway but yeah they gonna bow down to Christ he’s the head there was nothing that’s created that existed didn’t come through him anyway you gotta acknowledge their creator yeah make them bow down you failed me like that’s really man reading Colossians when we’re talking about spiritism or spirits in general any type of spirits Colossians chapter one is so deep it’s so deep about that and it lets you know that Christ is the head of all principalities of all powers by every knee shall bow every knee even those in the spirit spirit realm as well but those angels who have gone astray those who are in the chains of darkness those who are here tormenting people on the earth it says that don’t you know that even you will judge the Angels as teenagers were gonna be judging judging the Fallen Angels we’re gonna judge those angels with Christ in power we’re walking in authority we can forgive sins we have that authority we have that power I was it given to us this has been passed down through Christ what he’s already done we take that message taking its example and we walk with it or we run with it wherever you are but just knowing that the only grace that you can share the only faith that you can give out is what you’re practicing it’s what you’re walking in if you don’t have that grace can’t give it how do I look like speaking on something that I haven’t encountered or experienced I’ll let you know about grace because I’ve experienced it I talk about demons because I’ve experienced it I’ve talked about the angelic realms I’ve talked about the aliens or the extraterrestrials I’ve experienced at all so I’m speaking from a place of experience and it just because I’ve experienced it doesn’t mean I’m right I mean I you definitely need to go back and in reference everything I’m talking about be a Berean study them scriptures time apart there’s truth in there but but match that with your encounter match it with your counter whatever stick sticks if it stays it stays we create it we bless it we cast it down every high a thought and imagination that exalts itself against the knowledge of God which at the end of the day like I showed in the documentary is spiritism any thought forms identities that you’ve accepted that’s not of God about yourself that’s one of the Gospels there that’s why you can be free through Christ who made you own image and likeness there’s peace as your inheritance that’s for everybody I know if only if is if you believe it and Jesus came to change your mind i’ma show you a better way tell you how to be free I believe that if you don’t believe it I mean you’re not gonna receive it those who are skeptics in the world they say look man if you show me I’ll believe it and that you know to an extent there’s things you know better I did I wouldn’t just a lot of people have a problem of taking your word for it and that’s good though you should be a Berean I mean even Thomas Mann who they talked crap about Thomas in the Bible all Christians a Thomas was a doubter Thomas doubted may I come in that essence of Thomas for doubting he said show me man l mean dude appears back on the sing until my he’s Jesus and before he died he said no it would be many people coming to his name saying that I am him people waiting walking on us how much some I’m Jesus he said Michel I said look I’m not gonna believe man that’s my master man not gonna believe till I see the holes in his hands I seen and put my master on the cross and crucify him she owed me that sound let me see the holes in his hands and say look Odom assists me he embraced him and then he believed so the church people will say look he doubted God or he questioned Jesus now he wanted to make sure y’all I had just following any wind of doctrine wanted to know this man gave his life of that gospel left everything and follow Christ I can just follow any the next the next teacher the next person who claim to be Christ reincarnated you think it’s funny there’s people there those coats those people I’m talking about who claimed to be um Jesus reincarnated those people out there who claim to be angels reincarnated they have followings men thousands of people follow those dues but then they’re not just a crazy man on the corner claiming to be jesus that’s their to or claiming to be the Apostle Paul or Ezekiel those people are there to on the corner the crazy people fighting flies biting little birds around their head those are demons swanda scripture talks about that uh when it talks about demons in our Testament he uses the analogy of every unclean bird and all of these exotic birds they’re talking about demons in the Old Testament when you reading about that it’s an analogy that’s what it’s talking about it’s not just about following the next guru man this gurus everywhere it’s fake gurus who exposed themselves and then show you how they’re fake and then show you how to lead a people just to show you for an example in they document it you know it’s not about being a leader or following someone who claims to be spiritual guru or spiritual teacher many of them fake miracles talk about faking miracles and things like that did get a following but it’s about following truth man truth his truth in there today so any anything that doesn’t agree with that I don’t I try not to back it I try not to be a part of it what’s up Joshua lumen love you bro gyeo says that’s crazy people claim to be Jesus and angels reincarnated I mean he said it would happen you know he says look show me the scars in his hand and I believe him so there’s that skeptic side of that and it’s not like some of that’s good but people of faith we’re not we’re supposed to believe God at His Word we’re supposed to believe in the miraculous believe in a supernatural and we believe in it so much so that we see it the world would say show me and I’ll believe it and to some things I think that there’s wisdom in that but when it comes to being people of faith said look if I believe it then I will see it if I believe it in my mind if I confess it with my mouth then I’ll see it and that’s how we are people of faith I confess it I believe it I receive it I see it I created as I speak it abracadabra as i disarm and dismantling handle negative entities with my positive energy when I’m floored and they feeling me look we speak it we created that’s what the word means abracadabra I create as I speak that’s what a magician would do say abracadabra right before they did their trick that’s what that word means it’s a it’s a it’s a actually a Hebrew spell a conjure to create it comes from mysticism in Hebrew comes from the Kabbalah I created as I speak it but there’s truth in that Carolyn Carolyn says I’ll go back and reread Colossians man just read shoot I mean it’s a short book but read the first chapter man and just read it slow cuz it’s good I feel good I’m trying to read Christian says man don’t you dislike it when you try to speak truths but they twist your words and try to say oh so you’re God try to put life on the line because you’re speaking something they don’t want you to know yeah definitely man I think that guy you know III gave up a full discourse on the healing properties of psilocybin and showed you studies from elf org and a couple different big websites what was it a and then showed you all kind of independent research of the healing properties of that and just approached it from that level and then the guy at the end of the day just says you’re just trying to get high really thought I discussed that it’s funny man people need to put you in a box oh you’re a druggie okay oh you’re a mystic okay oh you’re into mysticism okay you’re a Christian okay you’re Jesus Freak everybody has their own boxes man that they need to put you in but a think about us we understand there’s no box you can put us in we transcend all the labels we transcend all the boxes there’s no boxes that you can put us in rather be careful what we find our identity and because our identity is hidden and found in Christ in the whole world has an identity crisis people are chameleons they just begin to mimic their environment and begin to do things and say things that the people around them are doing we have to know who we are and that can take years long process that some people never grasp never figure it out I mean when I’m with you when I’m with this guy I act like this I’ve been there in power probably you know for some reasons still do it the persona Israel I’m not exempt from a persona not exempt from tapping into these other realms and creating this stuff we can use it for our good but we have to know that it is an expression of us and who we are what we want to create those personas and I’m telling look brother Wayne thing most of you guys know the brother Wayne character that I made a Old Country Southern Baptist preacher or Deacon whatever he is like it’s funny we was um I talked to Steven my buddy they they love brother Wayne Steven the voice and all my friends they love brother Wayne but I tell my said look I said listen little brother Wayne and all of us man it’s a little you know old man and all of us that could be channeled or whatever it is you know you create it etapa you create it that it never exists and you created a character look at cartoons television these people spongebob like Mickey Mouse like those people aren’t real but they exist in your imagination there’s a guy who might be watching I’m not gonna say his name but he believes and if you guys know who ICP is the Insane Clown Posse they put out seven Joker’s cards and each one was a personification of pretty much God or like an angelic demonic like right wrathful entity which were clowns like the Joker’s the Joker’s cards the the great Malenko the Wraith all of these different albums that they put out embodied this and did I have a friend who believes that stuff is real but these are this myth is a myth it’s the hero’s journey it’s a myth that they made up and my friend believes that he as commune with some of those entities Belkis cards and he gets wisdom and rebel and other people have claimed to channel and summon and speak with in wrong sun-god you know they believe it is a personification that is real to them biggest deep biggest deep in that the little documentary y’all let me know I’ve got a little feedback out there if I should keep making those because it took a lot of time until like three days of editing to get that twenty minutes of content let me know if the I’ll watch that the personna documentary thing that I put out if I should do more I’ve learned a lot over the years from documentaries that had sound and pictures and videos all in there like I’ve learned a lot from that stuff so let me know a side connection bow down home sauce pound when I come to your town bow down cuz I’m Westwood bound around cuz I’m not a hater like you bow down to a God that is greater than you here’s the words yep Joshua says the documentary was very interesting I need to go over it again to get more from it and understand it more and yeah you puts on me Manuel ancestor so I I’m a gladdened jump off of here man I enjoyed hanging out with you guys I had a couple things I want to touch on touched on the Trump space force most people want they want to sign up I was even my wife about that when we start getting like to sign up for something like that the risk that you take and you know they may stay me up I believe they signed people up from birth on that man they breed people to be in those programs I don’t think you can take someone who has once lived here and put them out there and make them fight show them all the secrets and stuff and then expect them to just kiss their family goodbye live this secretive life it tries to happen now it doesn’t really work that well so with that I’m gonna say peace and Shalom thank you guys for supporting my work thank you guys for becoming patrons to enable me to do this and to do my music and everything that I’m bringing to the table the port is definitely needed you get a bunch of cool stuff it’s not that you’re just giving me money or something like that or or whatever but there’s a bunch of stuff that you get in return and I try to make it worth your while you definitely get the bang for your buck I got ten plus albums I’m really good stuff if I’m might add you get 10 plus albums or whatever you want to do a month dollars a month I mean you do the math on that tent so if this ten album that’s 100 hundred bucks if that’s all you got what’s the 10 albums you also get access to it a bunch of exclusive content new music before it’s released to the general public and you get access to the School of the Mystics on Thursday night sessions which is our family that’s family man you guys show up Universal light pure love ministry says what’s up brother I want to say that’s either Aaron Fowler or his girl what’s up to you guys Anna Fowler will be on the show soon much love to you and y’all’s movement what y’all bringing to the table shout out the everybody in the chat yeah namaste stay Aaron what’s up Aaron love you brother yep we’re gonna have another discussion on my channel soon so looking forward to that and I really enjoyed our talk I’ve checked them out Universal light pure love ministries on Facebook and YouTube let’s love guys we’ll do it again yeah I get a lot of get a lot of message is about guests to come on the show and I’ve been reaching out to a lot of them I mean I got heaven razor from the wu-tang clan because I reached out to him a couple months ago it didn’t it didn’t happen and then somebody else hit me up say hey reach out to him I’d love to hear him on your show I responded and said look I’ve already reached out to him they didn’t hit me back whatever but I took that as a sign like okay do it again since this person’s message messaging you and chronicity you know go in and see if they can come on and we set it up and it happened so I get a lot of messages from people who you guys listen to different researchers artists musicians whoever you guys want to see who you think would be a good conversation to get into some deep talk virtuality I try to tie everything into spirituality and Biblical mysticism and things though that’s that set up there Austin asking how much do you have to donate to get to school as a Mystics on Thursday 9 Austin you are rich you’re already a patron man you have you have access to that you sign up for a dollar one dollar one shekel and you get access to that you already a patron you should you should definitely have access to that so I lost my train of thought I’m telling you man those waves beat the mess out of us it was fun but it’s scary too like we could barely go out it would have killed us the lifeguards kept making us coming closer and stuff but it’s like a washing machine I’m waves to pick you up and you saw tumbling you you got a telling me kids put your hands in front of your head man like I want to break your neck cuz I I’ve hit my neck it’ll pick you up it’ll be shallow water too but the waves come through so big pick you up and just throw you around and flush you out so that was fun but it beat us up so that’s why I’m a little taken back right now Joshua says get that train back um man I forgot what I was talking about man I don’t even know it volley wasn’t important then okay was about getting guests on so a lot of people reach out to me but forgetting the guests I got a bunch of guests on here people I haven’t heard about the guest today was supposed to be a guy named a Taylor bud who a lot of people listen to and then hit me up and told me to check him out he’s supposed to be on I put him on down for today and he didn’t didn’t show so you know I tried but you’re not coming on if you are an angel reincarnated I think I’ve established that I was about to say that um I’ve been told that I would go so far that I would get lost and said I’m being tared apart by a medium didn’t believe her once they get Trump on my show yeah let’s get Donald on here the awesome that I’m gonna say peace and Shalom guys thank you guys for supporting for real we’ll do it again let me know who you guys want to see next these peace [Music] [Music] that does it for this episode folks to hear more episodes of the truth seeker podcast head over to Jessica calm and if you’re wanting to support the show and get rewards go to our patreon page at forward slash truth seeker [Music]

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