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In this episode TruthSeekah gives his opinion on Donald Trump and his newly announced 6th wing of the military called Space Force. I do not believe that this is anything new, anything that they’re letting us know in the mainstream Media or from government officials has been years in the making. Anything that we have seen in movies in the past you can bet your bottom dollar already exist Within the secret government cabal. We’ve seen video games like Halo Wars and movies like Star Wars get the population used to such a seemingly crazy idea of occupying space with military weaponry. I believe we need to speak on such matters it’s because of government is looking to control the narrative. That’s covered in the majority of my working podcast we’ve discussed how Ordinary People are having benevolent ET contact and we see that disclosure is happening on an individual basis. This is why the government is finally coming out about UFOs and aliens, they seek to control the narrative and are going to paint the ETs as the bad guys when in fact that couldn’t be any further from the truth. The good guys are watching over us and have been since the beginning, bad guys other people who willingly put plastic in our rice in wood chips in our meats and cheeses. The bad guys continually seek War and to control land and peoples that do not belong to them. The Bible is clear about an ancient war that exist between the ruling class and ordinary everyday citizens. They have been getting the American people and the rest of the world ready for this so-called disclosure for years. Religion has even played a major part in this as the Catholic Church and the Pope have given statements some years ago about the belief in ETs saying that it doesn’t go against scripture to believe in such. Moving forward simply no that UFO contact has been happening and whatever narrative the government or your religious leaders plan to tell you it is actually the opposite that is going to be true. Part of forming a one-world religion and one world order is going to be creating an enemy that isn’t really the enemy just the way it has always been.



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