Edward Dodge joins TruthSeekah as they discuss the divine feminine and the return of the Biblical goddesses.

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Before the rise of monotheism, the early Hebrews were pagan and God had a wife, the Mother Goddess. The Bible tells the story of their divorce. Goddess worship promoted equality for women, social justice, spiritual connection to nature and the cycles of life, cannabis, sexual freedom, celebrated transgenders, and practiced abortions. When the Goddess was thrown out of the Hebrew temple by the monotheists, so too were all of these deeply ancient traditions. Many familiar Bible stories and characters are reinterpreted by showing where the Goddess appears and the Bible is reframed by comparing it to the mythologies of neighboring cultures.

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This book traces the history of the Feminine Divine from the earliest expressions of art in the Ice Age through the mythology of the Bronze Age.

In the Bible, we see the divorce and downfall of the Divine Mother in the transition of paganism to monotheism, and we continue to feel the cultural impacts today.

Learn about the pagan Israelites and Asherah the wife of God. See how the goddesses, their priestesses, and all of their traditions were overthrown when Yahweh took power as the monotheistic God of the Bible.