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Embracing Supernatural & Psychic Abilities | Leslie Luminare

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In this episode Leslie Luminare speaks with TruthSeekah about supernatural and psychic abilities and how they affect our lives. Leslie talks about how the supernatural has been very natural throughout her life even back into childhood. She has always had a fascination with psychic abilities and the spirit world. These experiences were normal in her childhood, so much so that she thought that everyone possessed these abilities and knew about their functions. Leslie talks about being able to communicate with animals and being able to read and sense their emotions and feelings. A deeper look into empathy shows us that we are connected with every living being on this planet from humans, to the animals as well as the plant kingdoms and beyond. Everything and everyone is an extension of ourselves therefore if any sentient being feels pain people who are very sensitive on this level feel pain within their own bodies as well. This has led people in too deep states of depression and many have no idea what they are experiencing. This is why this conversation must be had, because the pharmaceutical companies are drugging our prophets and Seers. When people talk about this unexplainable depression the doctors are quick to give you a pill to cheer you up. For those who are restless in the wee hours of the night when the veil is thin between the spirit realm and ours, there’s a pill for that as well. It is our duty to educate, inform and equip those who are experiencing what is deemed as awakening symptoms. Many people much like Leslie Luminaire have been experiencing the symptoms from birth. To many this is very natural, but yet it can lead others down a path of drug and substance abuse. Now I beckon you the reader to walk in your full potential. Do something about this. Many of you reading this even now feel deep down within a connection and compassion with people who are experiencing these symptoms for you have experienced them yourself. This is what empathy is all about.




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