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In this episode of the TruthSeekah Podcast TruthSeekah speaks with Nick Kidawski about The Emotion Code and finding true inner healing. The human body is a conduit for energy and frequency of a variety of types, this could be positive energy that helps our auric field or negative energy that keeps us trapped and sustained in places of disarray. Due to trauma whether spiritual, emotional or physical many people currently have negative energy trapped within their auric field. Many times this energy is trapped physically within the body and can be released through acupuncture and healing massage. Sometimes we are to go back to the point of trauma and receive healing for that wound. This can be done through hypnotherapy, Reiki, the laying on of hands as practiced in the Christian church and many other types of kinetic energy healing. In this particular interview Nick Kidawski speaks about his own experiences with healing by using a method called the emotion code. This is a practice that focuses on releasing trapped negative Energies that inhabit our body. In biblical times these would be called unclean spirits or demons but they also are thought forms and patterns that leech off of one’s own energy and emotion. Nick talks about the importance of finding true inner healing before starting any type of venture in business or even in relationships because if not properly dealt with we will bring in the negative energy to the new area of our lives. For many people this only creates more problems. There’s a difference between finding healing from emotional trauma and suppressing it. If suppressed the trauma can be triggered by being reminded of the person or situation that caused the harm. When we walk in true spiritual healing no one can take our Sovereign Freedom away from us and we find ourselves living as Victor over victim.

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that in many different things than going directly to the source and dealing with the problem some of the roots that we have in our lives even since childhood I’ve got some experience with that and we’re gonna have our guests on today we’re gonna cover this topic in detail so stick around for that before we go any further I gotta say a huge thank you to all the supporters everybody who is essentially an enabler you enable this podcast it I couldn’t do this without you so everybody supported my work over there on patreon thank you guys from the bottom of my heart give a shout out to some of the newest patrons that we have within the last week or so shout out to Cody Beck thank you for coming on with your pledge rise thank you for coming on Reno I love the one namers rise Reno there’s so many people let’s see Robert cuz hominy I know I butchered that name I always do I’m sorry Robert thank you for coming on and yeah those are the in Jeremy Bart’s thank you guys for supporting my work 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for any level of giving you get access to that so it’s good stuff make sure that you guys go over there and at least check it out slash true seeker again I couldn’t do it without you guys so moving forward welcome to the show Nick Adamski did I get it yeah you got it awesome bro to be a second welcome to the show man hey thanks yeah definitely man so talking about healing talking about releasing emotional baggage energy negative energy you know I think that maybe something good to get into after we talk about releasing the negative stuff if we’re releasing something I think we should be receiving something as well right so that may be you know good to get into here at the end but let’s start off man a little bit about who you are what you do what you bring to the table man go ahead and introduce yourself to the audience yeah thanks so you know basically to to give you my background and why I got into healing when I was little I I always knew that I was sensitive to energy and you know I had an experience when I was little and I walked into a bedroom and I could immediately feel a presence there and I didn’t know how I felt that I just did so I started to look around my room and it ended up that one of my brother’s was hiding in my closet just to kind of like play a trick on me you know so I kind of felt like wow how did I how did I sense that for that presence how did I sense that energy so fast forward a couple of years and I ended up number of years ago studying Reiki which is an energy healing modality a couple years after that I ended up getting into Massage Therapy so I was a massage therapist for nine years and during that time I worked with a lot of people that you know obviously we’re in a lot of physical pain you know work accidents car accidents things like that and when I did massage I knew that when I was working with them I was working the correct muscles that were in pain and when they would leave sometimes people would get better and sometimes they would come back to me in the same pain so you know I thought okay if it isn’t something physical going on like tight muscle then maybe it’s something emotional so that kind of got me to explore that health and then you know the the second piece of this was that I my mother and fortune a number of years ago in 2010 was diagnosed with uterine cancer so you know how is her caregiver during all of that and she was in a lot of pain because she ended up going through chemotherapy and radiation and it was during that period that I wished I could just take away her pain because I knew for her part of it was emotional so these experiences ended up leading me to study an energy healing modality called the emotion code and the emotion code is basically whole idea behind it is that when we go through an overwhelming experience we can trap or store emotions in our body and then these emotions may end up causing different imbalances in their body and it can lead to acute and chronic pain and also just other imbalances as to how we kind of show up in the world so the emotion code is a way to identify specifically what those emotions are you know oftentimes when they got trapped in the body and then release that release that emotional baggage so that we’re no longer carrying it with us and as a result the cuting chronic pain can decrease or just completely go away I mean it can completely change someone’s outlook or attitude on life and then a second piece to what I do to that is I’m also a certified holistic educator so basically what that means is after I release these trapped emotions for someone I find that their specific body systems need some support on a physical level so what I do is I put them on a specific program to start to bring their body systems back into balance and so that not only works on a physical level but it works on an emotional level as well because you know the different organs in our body about different emotional connections as well so that’s that’s basically what I do in a nutshell it’s interesting man I’ve studied philosophy and religion and spirituality and different spiritual paths and stuff and so I’m starting to find I guess I study syncretism is to study what makes us all the same and what what ties it together versus religion teaches you to study what makes you different right okay we’re different because this is us but if you step back and look at it a lot of stuff is similar you’re talking about Reiki healing I look in the Bible and look at hands-on healing speaking to the ailment speaking to the what the Bible would call a spirit of infirmity which would be some type of blockage of negative energy strongholds in the mind that we’re holding on to these belief systems that I’ll never get better you know if someone who has cancer thinking thinks that God’s giving up on them I’m gonna die this way those type of deals and and seeing like how everything works together even in like a religious setting people who have come down with cancer if if they are religious or they attend a place of worship the percentage rate of them getting better by just simply believing that they’re going to the statistics increase of them getting healthier there’s been some so many studies done on that even on cancer org they’ve got big studies on it about how religion and spirituality plays a big part in healing we talked about Reiki you talk about laying on of hands releasing the emotional baggage I went through something years ago called are they they called it in Christianity Christian prophetic prayer counseling it’s also known as deliverance where you go throughout your like a life review and they give you these forms and okay did you ever feel like this like they go into like weird thought patterns and stuff have you ever felt like you had cancer that’s weird like have you ever had the thought that you had cancer but there’s no symptoms though but has that thought ever crossed your mind and it goes into some of the deep compartments of the mind and things that you’ve been through your whole life and I’m I thought it was exclusive because I was introduced it to it through Christianity but come to find out man all of these spiritual healers Reiki practitioners it’s something very similar it’s universal that is dealing with the human condition the human mind in the way that we store memories in an emotional baggage through trauma usually if if we’re looking at that like if you’re taking someone down through there that’s what they did they made us fill out this form they pray it over it took a couple days really took it serious and then went into the healing we did it through prayer visualization see yourself they seen Jesus as a higher power speaking healing to that part of your body or those thoughts or that those soul wounds and things like that that’s what it looked like what I went through what would it kind of look like if you was to take somebody through there who maybe had trauma childhood abuse they were molested or something like that what would that that practice look like on a one-on-one set of setting to release that energy yeah yes certainly so with the emotion I do my sessions over the phone with clients so basically what happens is I I’ve sent my intent to energetically connect to them and then we’re connected so to find specifically what the trapped emotions are I use something called a muscle testing or kinesiology and kinesiology just basically means science movement so some chiropractors will use it doctors physical therapists for example and it’s a very easy way to get a yes or no answer from the body but more importantly from the subconscious mind so when I’m connected with that person I can ask you know are there trapped emotions that we can release for you right now that are contributing to your childhood trauma for example and you know I’ll get a yes so from there I have a chart of sixty emotions let me see if I can show this in the camera to you can you see that yes okay so these are this is a chart of sixty emotions that we can possibly trap in our body so from there it’s basically doing like a process of elimination so saying okay is this trapped emotion in column a is it in column B and you know let’s say it’s in column a for example okay is it in row one but two rows three so on and so forth and eventually the person subconscious will lead me to a specific emotion so let’s say that that emotion is fear so from there sometimes there’s subconscious mind wants to know a little bit more about that trapped emotion so maybe specifically where it’s trapped in the body so it could be trapped in one of the muscles in one of the bones it could be trapped in one of the chakras and one of the meridians you know in where the glands for example the subconscious sometimes also wants to know exactly what gauge this emotion became trapped in the body so I can go back and say okay you know this emotion of fear it became trapped for you between the age of you know 25 and 30 and then we can narrow it down further so once we find a specific age you know some I’ll ask the client you know is there anything around that age that you can think of where you felt that emotion very strongly and sometimes they can think of a particular event and sometimes they can’t which it’s okay in the set and when they do think of a particular event they’ll often say to me oh geez that happened like years ago and I thought that I let it go you know but it’s like well no you’re still holding those trapped emotions in your body you know and they’re vibrating in your body until it’s finally released so then to release the trapped emotion what I do is since we’re energetically connected is there’s a Meridian in the body a line of energy called the governing meridian and this meridian and goes over basically over the top of her head and down the back of our body and that meridian is connected to all the other energy channels or meridians in our body so to release the trapped emotion for the client I just passed my hand a couple of times over that governing rien on myself and since were energetically connected that that emotion is then released for them so it actually takes just a couple of seconds but wouldn’t really cool about it is when that emotion is released they will sometimes let me mean that they may feel lighter almost like if I’ve been unburdened of that emotion and sometimes if they’re in pain they will often notice that that pain will start to decrease because in the sense of pain the body sees that trapped emotion as some sort of blockage or some sort of interference so once that trapped emotion is released then the body can start to heal itself so once all trapped emotions are released for that client that we can release in a session and their energy is balanced so I’m not only released from trapped emotions from the muscles and tissues and organs but also from the different chakras or energy centers that I find out of balance because when chakra goes out of balance it’s primarily Doha do just some sort of some sort of emotional experience that gets stuck in in that energy center so once their energy is balanced then from there I will muscle test their different body systems and with the herbal consulting the reason that I work with body systems is because body systems when they go out of balance that is where symptoms start to begin so I’ll test their different body systems to see which body systems are under active and then there’s usually one body system that’s causing all the others to be under active so I will choose a number of herbs in verbal formulas that if he that have been historically shown to start to bring the body system back into balance and then I’ll support other body systems as needed so from there the herbs can definitely help with supporting something like a trauma or a childhood abuse because in that case for example what I’ll do is I might give them herbs that can help to calm their nervous system I might give them herbs that will support their adrenal glands because when someone is in a trauma you know their nervous system is always going to be at a heightened state right it’s always going to be in a sympathetic response so when that happens your adrenal glands are constantly going to be pumping out like cortisol to decrease any sort inflammation in their body so by supporting their adrenal glands it gives them a little bit of energy to help to heal but also to start to heal from that trauma or from that you know from that childhood abuse so that’s you know kind of basically basically how I work with clients and then you know there are a number of variations on that kind of based on you know what’s what what they come to me with awesome man I’m gonna pick that apart a little bit cuz I got a bunch of questions and it’s and I think a lot of my questions are based off of just what I’ve seen in the way that I’ve done things and then wanting to see how it relates almost just like the syncretism as well but number so the emotions in the energy and stuff like that once you locate where it’s stored how is it releases it released through massage is it voice-activated do you command it do you speak to it or do you let that person give it up you know essentially not like you’re gonna take that away from them but they have to give it up of their own freewill how does that look once you locate let’s just say if it was in the arm or something there was something that happened there whether it was a wreck or an accident something that you know their dad grabbed him by the arm and shook him when there was a kid so now there’s this weird energy stuff here would you massage it out do you speak to it to leave how does that work yes so because the client and I are energy energetically connected like I was saying there’s a main meridian or editor channel in the body called the governing meridian and so that goes from kind of the forehead over the top of the head and all the way down and so that that meridian is connected to all the other energy channels in the body so since we are energetically connected what I do is I just run my hand over the top of my head and down the back of my body a couple of times with the intent to release that trapped emotion for them and then once that’s done that trapped emotion is then really for them see what’s happening is when I’m going through and I’m finding whatever trapped emotion that might be when we land on a specific emotion what’s happening is if it’s bringing that trapped emotion from their subconscious mind up into their cons mind just say oh yeah there is something there that I can release and so in that moment that the release of that trapped human emotion actually starts to happen a little bit and then like I said I just run my hand a couple of times over their governing meridian and then that trapped emotion is released for them and like I said what that looks and looks like I’m there and yes sometimes they feel lighter sometimes if they are feeling pain in their arm they’ll notice that the pain starts to decrease you know as those as those trapped emotions are released there’s a lot of I would say maybe levels I don’t know what you would call it but there’s different some things may be caused from it’s caused the symptom can be a headache some it’s sabotaging relationships like these are all like symptoms of things that have happened to us because we had this negative energy when it’s released I seen on the chart there some set up crying and things like that I know some people would just say oh I just feel lighter I feel good but some of this stuff like if you’re there’s some things that’s been with you since you was a kid um uh from what I’ve seen and what I’ve seen is you know delved into the supernatural and the religious as well they’ll be crying screaming that time something really deep that you bring you almost some people like to bring the patient back to the point of pain and make them like relive it it gets like yeah weird how some people do it um and I’ve seen crazy manifestations we’ve seen like split personalities come out and you’re now dealing with the split personality what we would call Demon’s manifesting these type of things mm-hmm have you ever had any of that or has it all been just with ease and grace and easy or has it ever got intense where people wanted to leave or they started shouting or getting anger and gritting teeth and stuff like that yeah that happened as well um you know I would say mostly it’s done with ease and grace thank God but you know anytime you do any sort of healing whether it’s emotion code Reiki massage acupuncture chiropractic whatever the body is going to need to integrate that for a period of time so what it looks like doing motion code work is after the emotion code session sometimes people have noticed that they will have memories of their past kind of pop into their mind a couple of days after stuff that they haven’t thought of in a super long time and that’s just a way of their subconscious mind integrating everything a couple of times after emotion could work I’ve noticed some clients they can have some pretty strong emotions come up and in that case is what I find is sometimes there are one or two trapped emotions that kind of get in the way for some reason of the healing process completing so what I’ll do for them is I’ll find out what those one or two trapped emotions are and then I’ll release them for them and then once that happens that helps to complete that healing process and then it’s a lot easier for them so you know as far as the integration process being very intense for a lot of clients I don’t really notice that very much I do notice though when I put them on an herbal program afterwards because each one of the organs are connected to emotion so to give you an example I always put someone on liver support and the reason for that is because on a physical level our liver has so many different jobs it helps with kind of clearing toxins from our body if we’re on any suppurative medication all of that has to go through the liver you know our liver mates the majority of cholesterol on our body on an emotional level if the liver is in a stressed State someone emotionally is going to feel angry irritable aggressive and that might come out outwardly but they also might just hold all that inside when the liver becomes under active then someone is going to feel depressed or withdrawn or you know sad they just might not feel like being around a whole lot of people so for a lot of people their liver it’s in an underactive day so when I recommend herbs that have been historically shown to start to bring the lever back into balance and their liver starts to come into balance it will oftentimes go from being under active to stressed and so that shows up in the emotional body as them starting to feel like really angry or irritable or it might start to touch into some anger or whore irritability that they stuffed down the years and years ago but now it’s coming up for release because body is starting to heal and it’s starting to get better so all the stuff that they kind of stuffed down for years and years can come up now and finally be released so that’s you know that sometimes happens like I said as they start you know taking that resonate with their body you know to help it to start to heal so I just find it so fascinating how we’re so complex and you know how healing can just take so many different forms yes it’s beautiful I’m just sitting here reading reading the chat as we’re live and a lot of people are talking about sound Healing music some people just use God they go straight to God and just like release it because I guess you have to understand the healing like I would think that it’s people who need help and even if you understand it like there’s stuff you need help dealing with but once you understand healing you can release it you know when you’re getting angry you know when bitterness is coming and you don’t let it sit in you don’t let it just move down somewhere in your body you release it soon as you get anger angry as soon as someone wrongs you you don’t hold it in as a fence so that’s very smart as far as going to your Creator and doing that let me ask you this so mmm I want to talk to you about the breath and see if there’s anything with with the breath that goes on with allotropic breathing people not breathing right the word spirit in the scriptures is is is translated as Numa which is breaths the holy spirit the holy breath that animates all life it’s the pranayama and so there’s this movie The Green Mile and there’s a scene on there with this I’m sure you familiar with it but I’ve seen yeah so there’s one of the prison guards who suffering with I think he had kidney stones or something like that he had stuff going on with them and it was ailing him in the the prisoner the big giant guy eventually is out of the blue had compassion for this guy and knew what he was going through in the Nights and God wasn’t able to sleep and he I was in so much pain and sweating and he grabbed him and sucked it in through his breath he took a big gasp in and then exhaled it out and then in the movie it showed all these like flies or something and the mighty spirits are seen as flies in the Bible it’s you know that’s Hollywood that’s a movie but I’ve been in situations where we will be laying hands on people in our feel that energy and I’ve done just intuitively sucked in suck the energy in and then released it and when I did that person broke liberty freedom came I felt the release and I felt the thing leave and who had any account arose or experiences with the breasts or do you know anything about that when it comes to the spirit realm and releasing Tommo or even just a confession is the breath we’re just confessing it and releasing the breath is it does that ring a bell for you at all yeah so I mean generally when people are in pain or when they’re dealing with some sort of trauma they’re going to you know breathe the very shallow because when there’s some sort of trauma sometimes it’s like the breath it’s like they take a gasp in right but then that breath never least you know if it gets stuck in the body so again usually people that have some sort of trauma or some sort of overwhelming experience to them that happens to them rather you know they can have very shallow breathing so you know just the act of deep breathing can help with with healing and it can help with releasing pain I loved your example Derek of laying on of hands and how you could feel that that person had some sort of emotional imbalance going on and then you felt it and then you were able to release right so that’s like a perfect example about what I was talking about earlier is when I work with people I energetically connect to them right like when you were laying your hands on that person you were energetically connected to them yeah but you were in the same room whereas when I’m doing it you know me and this other person we might be on opposite sides of the of the u.s. same sort of a so when I work with people I can usually feel like where they have imbalances in their times I can I can feel their emotions and so I noticed for myself when I release an emotion for a person I will oftentimes take a very deep breath because I’m actually connected to that person so I think in that deep that that helps energy to move you know it helps that energy to release excuse me so you know that’s that’s been my experience with with using the breath and you know with with healing but exactly like you said you know there are things like pranayama which can be very very powerful you know I know that I’ve done yoga in the past you know so yoga uses a lot of the breath to kind of really even just stuck tight areas you know to release emotion to release notes and so forth so um yes I agree it’s something that can be very very powerful you know for for healing okay so you mentioned being able to feel the emotions and things like that this is a good part of the conversation because the spirit of discernment comes in to be able to discern like you say if you’re doing Reiki or you’re moving your hands over someone or lay hands or even just over the phone you’re there with them spiritually um you’re able to feel blockages and I’ll do like massages and stuff like that I’m on my wife and I know exactly like where to go where she’s holdin up tension at you know intuitively that’s being able to tap into the intuitive side of the sermon of spirits essentially the discernment of energy will say that being able to feel the emotion so there’s a lot of people especially this is one of the biggest reasons why I’m doing this show and I do what I do is because there’s a lot of young people who I think are sensitive to the spirit realm who are able to sense when energies are around them if their parents are involved with something that they shouldn’t like the kids are able to feel this kind of stuff they they know when their friends are depressed they can because they feel it within their auric field they feel them within their body so it’s Drive it can drive a lot of people mad if you if you feel the energy especially at a young age if you can feel the energy but you don’t know what it is you’ve never heard a conversation like this all you know is when you go to Walmart you feel one way on this aisle you face you feel one way on this aisle people are really important but they don’t they don’t even know that this is a thing so this is one reason why I love talking about this stuff um what happens because I I know it’s something that we’re called to and it’s just the early awakening symptoms I think we’re all born with being able to feel this types of energies um have you had any encounters or talk to anybody because like they’ll feel that stuff and they’ll think it’s for them I mean I it happened to me I would be in large groups of people I will go death in one year and I’m freaking out I think something’s wrong with my my ear have a pain in my back I can’t move my neck something weird and luckily I would be in services or small groups of people where I was able to speak it out and say hey anybody have a neck issues is anybody yes–the in your left ear and I’ve been in church services and in small groups of people I’ve been able to speak it out and that person yes it’s me I my ear I haven’t been able to hear for years and then we pray over them we lay hands on we command the ear to open up and release the energy but then the person’s able to hear so but if we don’t know what that energy is especially like me and so many other people you’re going through Walmart you’re going death in your ear you you walk down an aisle you get fear upon you like well I’m freaking out in Walmart and in if you don’t know how to balance those energies there’s pills and there’s things that the doctors will give you to quiet the energies in the voices so I think it’s really important so you’re talking about being able to feel the emotions feel the energy feel stuff in your body what would you say to people who are who are who are going through that first thing they tell them is that they’re not alone and it’s okay right yeah yeah definitely yeah they’re not alone you know it is okay a couple of things come to mind with that so in the emotion code we can we can absorb or we can take on other people’s emotions so those are basically called absorbed trapped emotions so when I work with people I’m able to find what those emotions are that they took on for other from other people and then release them and when that happens the person says oh thank god I am I’m back to feeling like myself again because when we have that trapped emotion sometimes we think that that emotion is ours but it’s not so I’ve noticed for myself when I take on other people’s emotions I can feel it in my body and I’ve had days where I’ve said you know I just don’t feel like myself but I don’t know why you know so that usually occlude to me that okiya I’m connected with someone I’ve taken on their emotion and their emotion is in my body and I’m feeling that as something like foreign you know kind of like like a virus or a bacteria you know something that’s not really supposed to be there there are a couple of other things too with the emotion code so their heart is something called inherited trapped emotions so it’s really interesting about that is we can take on emotions from that are that are parents films or that our grandparents felt and sometimes it can go back generationally so to give you an example you know if my grandfather’s great-grandfather had a strong emotion that he was unable to release then back passed on to my grandfather and a Mac it’s passed down the line until it’s passed to me so then I am holding that that generational trapped emotion in my body right and so again that can imbalance the physical body and the sense of you know you know that that can imbalance the emotions so again I can find specifically what those trapped emotions are and then release them and then I have two other examples for you really quickly so the third one is something called a preconception emotion and this is an emotion that we can take on from our mother while we’re still in the womb because when were in her mother’s womb she can have a you know a million different emotions so she’s unable to release those then that gets passed on to the baby and then again the baby grows up and has those trapped emotions stuck in their body and then the fourth example is something called a preconception emotion and what that is is when before we’re born you know when we’re with God or wherever we are sometimes we can have emotions about being born into a physical body so whether that’s fear whether that’s maybe an emotion of we don’t we want to live where we are you know we want to kind of hang out there forever so sometimes we can carry those emotions in with us and again that caused our body to go out of balance or it can you know it can heat and change the way that we feel emotionally and I have a really quick story about that if that’s okay yeah definitely yeah so I worked with it when a woman a while ago and she was explaining to me that and she was in her fifties and she was explained to me that I have a birthday she would wake up and she would just be sad you know despite the well wishes from her family just by getting together with friends you know getting presents having birthday cake all that stuff she just kind of had this underlying feeling of sadness and she could never figure it out so when I connected with her and we started to work together I found that she had this preconception emotion I I think it was either sadness or sorrow is what came up on the chart and so I released that emotion for her and once that emotion was released she could feel it and ever since then every time on her birth no she’s been happy and she’s enjoyed it and and she has had a great time you know so it’s interesting how we can we can carry those emotions in with us you know and then there’s also something I don’t know if you’ve heard about it Derek but it’s a highly sensitive person so this is and it’s it’s a certain a small percentage of the population where psychologists have shown that these people they have their nervous system is wired a little differently in a sense though they are going to be just more sensitive to other people and they’re going to be more sensitive to the environment and noises around you know there’s actually there are there a number of books out there about highly sensitive people so if you’re one of these people where you feel let me just take on everyone’s emotions you know it’s it’s something that I would recommend you know that that you look into and you know if you want to work with me we can work with releasing those trapped emotions at how yours a lot of good points there especially about the generational thing and you know it’s it’s a biblical thing too they call it generational curses and it’s essentially like being on default and it’s not nothing that you do to inherit it it’s just passed down through the lineage and so you’re able to stop that you know and I’ve seen in cases within my own family of things that people haven’t dealt with and what they say like father like son is the expression and it really is is that you’re taking on the qualities you’re a little version of your parents and of your grandparents and you take take on the things by default so we have to like that’s by default so we have to actively do something to stop the curse to what we say reverse the curse and and and turn it around for you no I’m saying for your generation for your children’s children as well and and just as they’re able to receive curses they’re able to receive blessings as well and that’s something good for us to talk about as well as far as dealing with energy once negative energy is gone you talked about the diet which is something something huge that there’s you know I think a lot of us are feeling certain types of ways are not able to experience emotions because of the diet that we’re on the stuff that we’re putting it within our body garbage in garbage out this large studies out there right now about gut bacteria and basically your gut or your stomach being a ecosystem for the way that you feel or your going to feel for the next six months or so through the six months it’s that you’re always being reborn you’re always being rebuilt the way that you feel the way that your brain works by what you put in your mouth and so that plays a huge part upon the way that we feel if we’re going to you know if we’re always tired and sluggish and all these kind of things it’s about the things that we’re putting in our body or the things that we’re not putting in our body at that so that’s big when it comes to that but what are some some if we was to reverse it real quick like what are some of the the blessings or some of the good things that we can impart whether it’s speaking kind words other people and that brings them into a higher vibrational state they feel feel better they feel more encouraged that they can embrace the day fulfill their dreams there’s this notion in the Bible man it’s really deep but it’s about casting out demons when we talk about casting demons is simply talking about thought patterns and ideas that we’ve accepted as our own that are foreign that are not supposed to be their stronghold just what the Bible calls it so it can the manifestations get real weird and scary and demonic if they can be but at the very base level it’s ungodly beliefs that we’ve accepted about our life but casting all for these vain imaginations that are not supposed to be there there’s a story it goes back to the Old Testament of Solomon in Queen Sheba where she had all of these like ideas and things that she was going to prove him wrong and make fun of him and his beliefs and his God and she had all these questions and so he answered all of her questions and she thought she was gonna stump him in all of this so anyway he answered all of her questions with wisdom and grace and peace and by doing that those spirits she had evil spirits on her and those spirits left simply by answering her questions and essentially through conversation he was can I like to say he’s casting out off demons by conversations with this person and that’s when you’re walking at a high level that you could just have a conversation with someone and they feel lighter after speaking to you your ministry mind it you’re going in here with the reason you’re sensitive to the spirit realm you know about energy and how it operates and how if your parents have talked down to you your whole life and then somebody comes along say hey I believe in you man you’re gonna you have great things ahead of you like that’s revolutionary just in a conversation but imparting blessings and speaking blessings where does that come in with with energy work for you yeah you know a couple of things so I would say that when I’m working with clients I never give up on them you know even though they might be going through some pretty difficult stuff you know I know that they have it within themselves to to really heal so even though they might feel discouraged or even though they might be having a bad day you know like I said I never give up on them I’m always always encouraging them you know if they you know if they’re in a physical pain for example I often remind them that they have a choice to either focus on the pain or to you know to really live a life of gratitude so to give you an example you know if I have neck pain I can hire their focus all of my energy and my thoughts on my neck pain and how bad it is and how maybe I when it it I move it hurts my neck you know or I can focus on the fact that you know there are like a thousand things in my body that are working just perfectly just as they’re supposed to right now you know and so when you make that shift it’s ok yes mine is there but there are other areas where you know I I’m working just fine so it’s it’s shifting people’s mindset in that way so um you know I would say yeah it’s it’s never giving up on clients you know just reminding them that they have within them you know what they need to heal two more questions for you before we get off of here I want to address there’s a big difference between getting healing and repressing this energy and emotions and and without giving too much information I’ll just say that you know we I come from a family it has a lot of baggage hard childhood rough upbringing risa uh me and two other siblings and my mom pretty much grew up together from house to house it was a man-to-man things like that went through a lot of stuff I took the path I was in dark witchcraft dealing with spirits on a negative side got healing got in the church got away from that stuff and went on this road of self-discovery healing confessing confessing my wrongs forgiving people who have wronged me you like going through just years and then going through the deliverance sessions like I spoke about where we’re just like naming these things off and addressing it we can freedom casting out of demons is what they called it in Christianity all that stuff going on in my life and then I come to a place where like I’m healed from it that stuff doesn’t bother me I’m over it I understand that I have sympathy and I have empathy towards those people who have wronged me those things you get healing man you you approach you you view life differently you you view differently you have more compassion those may be some siblings or whatever my mom we’ve all went through similar trauma and I was you know they’ve repressed it they hit it they act like it didn’t happen I don’t think we can get healing by acting like it didn’t happen we have to address the fact that it did and we have to turn it into alchemy we have to use the things that are against us for our good part of our story and learn from it grow from it I’ve talked about similar things and I’m okay with it now with with the family to them man like I said they try to repress things and there’s a lot of people repressing it acting like it didn’t happen or telling themselves like play it whether it’s playing the victim or whatever but I’ve brought stuff up man and I’ve seen people have panic attacks by mentioning stuff that I’m okay with now like I understand I have but they’re not like they haven’t gotten healing they haven’t spent years in fessing and offering forgiveness like they’re still offended I’m talking about stuff that’s happened and on many different levels in it’s it’s uh it’s sad to see some people hold on to this stuff you know I it’s it’s my it’s my desire that everyone will walk in healing and walk in surrender and forgiveness um there’s a big difference there as far as getting healing and then repressing and acting like it didn’t happen cuz when you confront it with the stuff it just comes up and it’s like a flood whether its memories or feelings or emotions or whatever we spoke the healing to that I guess I can kind of that statement can move on to this last question I got starting new endeavors right so we encourage people to pursue their dreams find out that vision that they want for themselves in different ways to achieve that through spiritual practice and through mindfulness through meditation how important is it to get healing to find healing before we open a new area of our lives where we’re maybe we may have a platform you know or we start a business or we go into business endeavor with others and then other people are going to be affected by it there’s ministers there’s Christian ministers who are still bitter at other ministers or other churches or denominations of parents of pastors like theirs they’re operating they’re successful but they’re doing it out of bitterness and every now and then you hear something slip or their end up doing more damage than good from this place of position whether it be a podcast whether it be a church service or something like that how important it is is it do you think to get healing before pursuing your your vision yeah I think it is extremely important you know I’m sure you’ve heard the expression wherever you go there you are right no it’s like you know to give you an example if I’m in a job that I absolutely hate you know there are going to be trapped emotions and and other things inside of me that are contributing to that so if it I quit that job and then I go to another job and then eventually it’s like oh I hate this job too you know it’s it’s not a job the person that hasn’t changed right so it’s like when you start to clear out all that stuff you know it it changes you and it can change how you show up in the world that can help you to you know pursue some of your visions and some of your goals because you’re you are different you know you no longer kind of have that that energetic charge around maybe a little bit of fear of like you know can I really do this you know as you were talking about your family and the experiences that you have had with that that reminded me that you know when they when they have that panic attack yeah there’s something inside of them that needs healing you know there’s something inside of them that that needs to be resolved and that that panic that panic attack it’s it’s it’s kind of like the you know the the alert button going on in their system letting them know okay there is something here that needs to be resolved because if if it was resolved already similar to like you said you can think back to the incident but you no longer have that energetic charge behind it you know you can think about it you can talk about it in your calm and you can intelligently discuss it and you’re fine with it but there’s no longer those those questions that come up around you you know so yeah I think it’s um it’s it’s critical you know that we that we work on ourselves so that we can pursue our goals and our dreams awesome brother well I really enjoyed this episode man I enjoyed this conversation with you go ahead and share your links out if people want to check out your work you have more interviews you got a bunch of articles and stuff like that and you are available for private sessions as well go and share your website and where people can check out your work man yeah sure thank you so my website is double the first limitation of coming up is on July 19th and it’s called secrets to pain relief without medication so if people go onto my website they can go ahead and sign up for that awesome brother thanks for coming on I really enjoyed this one man and I hope you did too I enjoyed the conversation ah thank you so much – I can enjoy myself too I will have to do it again soon brother thank you yeah definitely thanks all right bus bus yeah [Music] Nik Kotowski ladies and gentlemen I really enjoyed this episode really good stuff I love talking about healing in general in the different ways that we are to receive it and we are to walk in and man a lot of good topics discussed I really enjoyed it I hope you guys did too I hope that um I was able to ask some questions that many of you guys who are on the fence many of you guys who want healing many of you guys who are called to be healers right the message I got from God some years ago now was to heal the healers I understand my vision I understand my call that there’s many of you the majority of you guys are light workers many of you guys are called to to help people do what I’m doing do what Nick is doing many people in the chat Christie Lee do what you guys are doing Allie Graham we had a huge discussion about this the other day I know that’s my role to encourage you to equip you to be a healer so it’s essentially healing the healers everybody when I was doing private sessions who came to me was usually people who wanted to do what I was doing and they understood that they understood that they had things that they had to get over they needed help dealing with trauma they needed guidance on what it would look like to even do that so you go to someone who’s already doing it so that there was a lot of that early on when I was doing private sessions with people and I seen that many people want to be free I don’t think that there’s not a lot of people who want to be bitter or want to stay in this place of discouragement and anxiety and like all those nasty stuff that comes up yes it does become familiar to us it does that a lot of times our identity is hidden within that stuff whether it’s a what we would call biblically a familiar spirit like we there’s this other entity who feels like it’s a part of us like this entity has been with you for so long that you feel like it’s a part of you but it’s not there it’s something for foreign it’s not supposed to be there these thoughts about yourself these thoughts about God these thoughts about Christians these thoughts about whoever man it’s affecting the way that we view people from generational curses from learn behavior all of this type of energy work Kristie folks says tapas yeah you watch the little documentary that I put together it’s called personna and it’s talking about tall boys is talking about Damon’s is talking about familiar spirits and all of this stuff but you create these entities you create you you signed contracts unknowingly with these entities to come in and change the way you think change the way that you perceive and it gets uh it gets pretty deep man make sure you guys check that out that’s really deep man the persona thing and when it comes to demonic possession it was just insane went over to Allie Graham’s house she’s over here in chat Allie and Kenny’s house and I was talking about someone who was into creating a persona using masks and you know I don’t know if it’s safe to say but I think this this person got possessed this person had to go to the doctor by the persona that they created taking over their psyche started acting like the character even with the mask off that’s crazy man we’re in a spiritual warfare ladies and gentlemen I really believe that I believe that there’s just as there’s internet going on there’s Wi-Fi there’s cell phone frequencies that going on right now that we can’t see its energy that’s travelling electricity um it’s going on around us right now everybody’s scared about the 5 g and the and in a way we act and it’s gonna be able to control us like that stuff’s already happening spiritually and you have to be on top of it you either gonna be victim or Victoire and if you don’t know that there’s a war then you’re just you just pushed around bye-bye every energy by every wind of doctrine belief system that’s going on out there but those of you who understand what’s going on you can be offensive you can play on the offense you don’t just have to respond to any trick of the enemy or you don’t have to respond to your haters or whatever the case is you can offensively pursue the kingdom of darkness and say that the Kingdom of Heaven suffers violence and the violent take it by force that we force we have to understand that there’s a spiritual battle you have to understand that there’s positive and negative energy behind anything that we do anything that we do and you can be a victim they can suck your energy psychic vampires all of these things exist and are going on and so if we understand then we can be on the offense we could be victors we don’t have to be pushed around we could be victors and not victims I’m gonna read some of these comments here if anybody has a comment leave it in the chat and I’ll try to address it Ali says truth in Aaron are treasures absolutely the cuckoo coolest couple I’ve known and it just got passed up thank you guys [Music] yep we have to lift each other up in prayer we have to join in with one another just to simply say you’re not alone that’s been one of the biggest things so easy is that somebody know that I just try to say it on here you’re not alone you don’t I’m saying I know we’ve all felt that we’ve all felt that way nobody knows what I’m going through nobody’s ever experienced this and all of this kind of stuff but we got to know that we’re not alone there’s other people going through very similar things and sometimes we need somebody to talk to sometimes we need some understanding um obviously we can always go to our Creator we can go directly to God but it’s good to have brothers and sisters who believe in you who have been in – been in similar situations because they have some wisdom and I hope that that’s what you’re getting here you know some some wisdom I like – I don’t really like to address or talk about conspiracies but I do like to talk about the things that we can apply to our lives and I think that even in this energy healing like many of you guys sort of go – you know I know that’s plain I’m speaking from experience people go into Walmart and walking down one aisle you feel sad you go down the next aisle you’re anxious through it on the next aisle you’re this you’re that and you’re being pushed around by all the spirits you were being pushed around by what everybody else has been entertaining the spirits that are on them look the stuff can be intimidating when you’re talking to someone and they have spirits on them that are trying to intimidate you in conversation and this stuff is deep man we have to have we have to band together this is why we have community here the discord is open for those of you guys who want to get into community and get into conversation with this we do – Thursday night school of the Mystics discord is open there’s always somebody in discord I tried to jump in there and chat as much as I can whether it’s chatting audio chatting or text chatting every morning I’ll jump in and people are on the job texting and telling everybody good morning and praying for one another make sure you if you’re looking for community men the link is in the description go to that discord link you can download it on your phone you can download it on your computer and I tried jump in there and talk and chat as much as I can while I’m doing idle stuff that allows me to do so so you’re looking for community man it’s here we’ve created this thing I want to thank everybody for supporting because without you I wouldn’t be able to do this this wouldn’t exist like this episode whoever this helps not even did this whole podcast and I want to reassure you that this is helping people like you’re sowing into good ground this is going out the Word of God does not return void I get so many messages in my inbox –is of people taking boxes on every platform from people who have been impacted not only by the podcast but by my music I couldn’t make that music without you guys I appreciate you guys man like literally I want to let you know like how much man and I’m wanting to continue to build to continue to bring things and make this thing interactive and give you guys a voice too many of you guys are called you guys are anointed to do things in your life and I’m seeing the growth in people and it’s beautiful so thank you guys for supporting my work again I couldn’t do it without you those who want to support you can head on over to patreon comm backslash true seeker the link is in the description and sign up for any level of giving even a dollar man you know whatever you can do it would mean the world but lives are being changed chris says impacted lives are being impacted and i think you guys share and the benefits of that literally Pete you know and I say this and I don’t know why I keep reiterating this but I’ve had people tell me not to say it they told me don’t don’t say the fact that I couldn’t do this without your help but quite literally to be honest I couldn’t they said don’t say that that sounds so they didn’t don’t like the fact that I say I couldn’t do it without without your help but it’s true I would be driving a truck right now working 17 plus hours a day which would up was what I was doing to provide for my family but you guys help support the music you help support the podcast keeping the lights on paying for this kind of stuff man and we’re about to take this thing to the next level stepping it up can’t get comfortable gotta step it up with new music new videos still coming I’m still writing long as it’s coming I’m gonna be obedient to subscribe it down and now there’s some good stuff Chris bar says people are scared to be authentic and it’s understandable when you’ve been fake your whole life man or you’ve been a chameleon you know and we’ve all been that we’ve all been I mean we’ve all know we all know people and we’ve all been in situations where when we go around a certain person we act like that person we go around these friends we act like that Chris you know people that they couldn’t go around you because you smoke too much they go around you they got a smoke it’s not like it’s not that you made them is that you presented the opportunity in their in their just not like authentic in themselves they don’t have the power to say no you have to know yourself right so it’s about being authentic in who you are and not being a chameleon get some identity for yourself know who you are all identity is found in Christ man don’t knowing who you are know thyself to thine own self be true don’t be a chameleon man be a trendsetter go out here and change the vibration you need to be that person when you show up they conform to your image right because that’s what’s happening but you walking in the image of Christ you’re doing the world a good hey you know you’re positive stable that man I just want to be as positive as you encourage them encourage them for whatever they want to do whatever they want to build and don’t be a victim but be a Victoire set the vibration be who you are be find out why are you here the two greatest days in a person’s life is the day they were born and the day they found find out why they were born you got to know that stop being a chameleon walking your true identity changed the world man bring forth peace in a guidance to people do it man you guys came I’m I’m proud of all you guys man you guys are awesome I really love my community man I need you guys just as much as you so called need me you don’t need me but I need you guys just as much so it’s it’s a it’s a team effort really yes look in the description all those links are there for a reason connect with this I love you guys with that I’m gonna say peace and Shalom would do this again very soon thank you guys these fees [Music] that does it for this episode folks to hear more episodes of the truth seeker podcast head over to truth seeker calm and if you wanted to support the show and get rewards go to our patreon page at forward slash truth seeker [Music]

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