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In this episode of the TruthSeekah Podcast TruthSeekah speaks with Nick Kidawski about The Emotion Code and finding true inner healing. The human body is a conduit for energy and frequency of a variety of types, this could be positive energy that helps our auric field or negative energy that keeps us trapped and sustained in places of disarray. Due to trauma whether spiritual, emotional or physical many people currently have negative energy trapped within their auric field. Many times this energy is trapped physically within the body and can be released through acupuncture and healing massage. Sometimes we are to go back to the point of trauma and receive healing for that wound. This can be done through hypnotherapy, Reiki, the laying on of hands as practiced in the Christian church and many other types of kinetic energy healing. In this particular interview Nick Kidawski speaks about his own experiences with healing by using a method called the emotion code. This is a practice that focuses on releasing trapped negative Energies that inhabit our body. In biblical times these would be called unclean spirits or demons but they also are thought forms and patterns that leech off of one’s own energy and emotion. Nick talks about the importance of finding true inner healing before starting any type of venture in business or even in relationships because if not properly dealt with we will bring in the negative energy to the new area of our lives. For many people this only creates more problems. There’s a difference between finding healing from emotional trauma and suppressing it. If suppressed the trauma can be triggered by being reminded of the person or situation that caused the harm. When we walk in true spiritual healing no one can take our Sovereign Freedom away from us and we find ourselves living as Victor over victim.

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