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Crystal Sunshine is a psychic healer and empath helping individuals reach their full potential in their own psychic abilities. In this episode TruthSeekah and Crystal speak about growing as an empath and some of the things that people who are empathic can do to protect themselves in public. Many people speak about becoming too overwhelmed to even go out in public because of their own empathy. Unless you learn how to balance the energies you will remain a victim rather than victor even within your own personal headspace. There are practical techniques that help you to bring your awareness to center and even at times turn off this  inner intuition. You may feel very intimidated when particular people get near you or even feel as if these people are a threat. This is a very overwhelming feeling of immediate danger and has caused many to hyperventilate and become short of breath. Rest assured that you are not alone if this has ever happened to you in public and without any explanation. This is know Biblically as the discernment of spirits or in spiritual circles your psychic intuition. Many times Jesus would approach a crowd and immediately “know their hearts”. We must learn to use these abilities that are our God-given tools and birthrights to assist in the healing of humanity. In this conversation TruthSeekah and Crystal Sunshine speak about how some of the deep esoteric truths are merely shadows of practical things that we can do in our day to day lives to embrace our own inner divinity. Crystal offers private sessions and also operates an online psychic school to help students develop their own giftings such as Clairvoyant Readings, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Claircognizance. Which are all psychic abilities that play off of our five senses but are honed in by using our sixth.

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truth-seeker and/or its affiliates are not responsible for any strange phenomena that may occur during or after listening to this podcast which may include the following heightened senses of awareness psychic abilities UFO sightings alien contact time loss out-of-body experiences ringing in the ears ESP lucid dreaming increasing chronicity astral projection telepathy stronger intuition levitation miraculous healings and or remote viewing please be advised to asymmetry indecision [Music] what you [Music] see spade to stand when I don’t be don’t you come [Music] you are now locked into the truth seeker podcasting live a truth seeker calm to the paranormal esoteric and all things spiritual and now your truth seeker yo what’s up ladies and gentlemen I’m your host true seeker this is the true seeker podcast thank you guys for joining me thank you to all the new listeners that we have the numbers are increasing with every episode really cool within the last week we moved up to the number 2 spot in the spirituality category on iTunes that’s a big deal thank you guys couldn’t do it without you thank you everybody who is sharing and supporting the the work the podcast the music everything that I’m a part of thank you for everybody who is supporting over at patreon everybody who is supporting you get extra podcast you get access to something new that we’re starting here which is called the school of the Mystics we’re doing it every Thursday night it’s kind of gonna be like the hands-on part of the podcast where everybody who is reaching out I’m getting emails and messages in my inbox daily of people’s lives who are being changed simply by being a part of the show finding this show and it’s changing your life it’s not me I’m just a part of the collective the energy The Awakening that’s happening globally I just got the phone with a friend of mine who I’ve been doing this with for a long time and just mentioned the fact that they used to get on to me for talking about mushroom encounters openly they used to get onto me for talking about aliens and UFOs and psychic abilities openly because you have your personal life and then you have your professional life your job and your family and friends and all that stuff and I couldn’t separate the two like it’s powerful to me I can’t like find the keys to to happiness the keys of something that is tangible that you can apply to your life and not share it with you so they used to get onto me for talking about this stuff but now I understand why the podcast is flourishing because I’m talking about this stuff I guess resonating with a lot of people and the reason it is because not a lot of people are talking about it from the position that I approached it from where I come from a religious background dealing with Christianity coming out of the church I still have a faith in Jesus to have a faith in Christ having forsaken that but it’s the fact that I can still be a Christian I could still be a follower of God and use psilocybin different friends who are you know they smoke marijuana marijuana we can be Christians and talk about UFOs and aliens in a good light and not have to demonize everything so I’ve seen that being vocal about my truths and what it’s led to the numbers are increasing man I understand what’s happening thank you guys for supporting those of you guys who want to get on board become a part of the School of the Mystics what we’re doing every Thursday night 7 p.m. central head on over to patreon combat that’s true sticker you can sign up from any level from $1 $5 $10 whatever you’re able to do anything helps in any level of giving you get access Thursday nights we’re gonna be doing hands-on activation prayer meditation and we’re just gonna be being candid and open with one another in a private setting where it’s not gonna be broadcast live or nothing like that it’s gonna be something private so if that interests you and you’re looking to build with a community this I see the chat chat room filling up already I know a lot of you guys are gonna be there Adam starseed Bay worked with him he’s gonna be doing some teachings and activations as well with me so make sure you do that you also get access to my entire discography which is 10 plus albums and all of the new music and I’m uploading new music pretty much weekly so if you want that stuff backslash truth-seeker thank you guys from the bottom of my heart it means the world that you guys believe in what I’m doing our guest today someone who reached out to me I checked out her website and in her work and I like she would be a perfect addition to the podcast repertoire I feel like she has something beautiful to bring to the table especially when it comes to learning how to activate and your psychic abilities were all born with them these are energies that we’ve been feeling since we were children and a lot of people don’t know what’s going on you think it’s all in your head you think it’s your imagination or your mind playing tricks on you but really what it is is you’re sensitive to the other realms crystal sunshine welcome to the show how are you today I’m super excited and man I just love your story I love your story I completely resonate with it and I love that you’re speaking your truth and I’m always preaching that it’s it’s matter of like when you live your truth when you completely are integrated with your higher-self with your mind/body/spirit when you’re completely integrated it’s like you can’t you can’t resist not speaking what’s on your mind so so I’m really honored to be here so I really admire you think having me no thank you for coming on the show that I think that’s really where the power is and I’ve mentioned it in several episodes back but I’m looking at certain people and it doesn’t matter what your calling is or what you’re drawn to do I have friends who are doing what they love to do for a living they’re doing what they were born to do they’re what they were destined to do and it kind of moved me to envy in a good way an envy to do something about it because you know I was driving a truck I was you know I was working for somebody else so but I knew there was something greater for me and and it moved me to envy so to see people doing what they love to do speaking their truth with no repercussions and just being themselves that right there is it’s attractive and it should move us all to envy right yeah well it’s a spire and inspire right I mean that’s what’s going on and yeah and you hope that like you completely inspire me like I was listening to your story about like how you gave up that gig and I completely resonated with it because that’s my story too and really like the more that you connect with people like you realize like we all share so many similar stories right I’m in California you’re in Alabama but here we are like completely meeting on such you know a similar level you know my family’s from the south as well it’s like you know I I gave up my corporate gig you know I was tired of you know making doughnuts for someone else and like someone else like dictating my life and we had similar stories I was a I was a private flight attendant and so you know anytime you’re in transportation like like Derick and I it’s like you know your days could be 48 hours long and you’re just going and going and going and you do it’s easy to lose sight of like what your true desire is you know because you’re so tired and you’re just living someone else’s truth and I was just ready like you know I had a very financially stable job you know is making a lot of money and I like my soul was not happy you know it’s like I was not able to be who I was at home it was like it was two different people and I think a lot of people really live that story where it’s like they’ve got the work persona and then they have the home life persona and it’s really hard to be happy unless all of those are integrated and so yeah I could not be happier I mean the financial struggle is totally different like I feel that I worth it now though versus on the way you’re struggling on the other way working at a job you don’t want to be at and then juggling bills versus okay this is why I’m put here let me juggle these bills I know it’s looking crazy but you know where there’s a will there’s a way you know just having faith right like it’s all just going to work you know it’s like when you’re on the right path and you know that and like you said it doesn’t have to be that you’re in metaphysics or anything like that jumping on the right path like you’re no matter what you’re doing that it just kind of comes easy and even though like there are certain struggles it’s like you just kind of end up having faith that it’s like no you know what it feels so right it feels so good and I know it’s all gonna work out yeah one of the biggest ones for me was going to a tattoo shop there’s a tattoo shop over here in Daphne called the Bell rose tattoo and they did a lot of my work and me and my wife and and just to see the spirit there they’re happy they’re doing what they were put here to do and it’s like man I got to go to work tomorrow at 4:00 and I’m dreading it I don’t want to go there I remember like Sunday evenings just like that dread like oh my god I don’t want this data in just because I had to go and clock in at was doing this is insane yeah just completely accept your solar plexus right yeah I look back at that time cuz same thing I’d get up at 2:30 in the morning to leave for work and I now look back like the holidays this year was like a real reflection time for me to like look back on like what my life was a year two years ago and it felt so foreign almost like I had stepped into another body right like now I’m finally Who I am and I look back a year or two ago and I’m like wow that anxiety energy I was running same thing like I didn’t want to I knew I had to go to bed early because I had to get up so early but it’s like you just don’t want that day to end because you don’t really want to reality is and how sad is that and that’s really like how well mainly America really lives yeah yeah I think the reason we’re talking about this we’re rejoicing in this is because this is something attainable for everyone if you have to cut your bills back if you have to whatever you have to do to kind of minimize that cost of living per month drop it down and then take that step of faith do it when that the timing is right I say do it when the time was right I was trying to do it and then was kind of kicked uh-huh kind of forced into it but that happens for a lot of people because some of us are too scared to kind of step out of that bow so we have to be pushed all of a sudden if you notice like something abrupt if that you have an abrupt change I always think that’s divine timing it’s too comfortable like it – like I had a certain go I had a certain number in mind of like patreon supporters okay my patreon supporters take the place of my paycheck then I can do it full-time and I’m nowhere close to that you know what I’m saying especially when it when I first started but now everybody’s coming out the woodwork to support so it’s awesome but you have this this this perfect the way of like an easy smooth transition and it’s usually not like that that’s the whole step of faith though trust in God you know what I always teach is like when I have a class on manifestation and what I always teach is don’t work you can’t worry about the how you only is on the wet right like we’re focusing on the how like I’ve got to have you know X amount of orders right you’re too focused on the how and not the wet right so if you can like focus on the what and it’s all gonna work out like the how in between you know that’s when kind of spirit just kind of takes over and you know the universe kind of works its magic because it’s never what you set yourself up to to pursue to want I guess that how is never really how you came up with it I think the two greatest days in a perfect person’s life is when you know the day that you’re born and in the day that you find out why you were born what you were put here to do you know and and it does it does it doesn’t matter what it is and if you wanna podcast if you want to be a healer so many people who are watching they have the gift of healing and those abilities they haven’t even stepped out yet you know what I’m saying so that’s why us talking about what what this podcast is is on to do practical ways for you to do that for you to step out financially from under a job and do that or to try to start getting clients you got to start somewhere everybody’s in different places in this walk so that that’s what it’s about it’s about recognizing the energy where you are with the timing so many people are empathic but you can you in in its fighting against them they can’t go out in public they can’t go to Walmart because they feel the energies but when once you’re able to work with those energies and respond to it you can essentially see miracles be done in the marketplace and while are in the doctor’s office wherever you are and once you feel those energies discern it and kind of see what they need what that person needs even if it’s just a kind word like you can be so sensitive that everywhere you go you bring about change and so that’s why we’re doing this podcast today let’s talk a little bit about that how did the psychic abilities and things like that start in your life was it something and you were experiencing as a child many people do yeah well you know all of us experienced it as children you know because it’s really it’s our innate ability it’s we are it’s just like learning how to walk it’s part of our body we have entire chakra our sixth chakra that’s completely dedicated to clairvoyance you know I mean we are designed to do this and it’s just we most of us I mean there’s a small percentage that you know we wear parents have nurtured there were children to allow them to develop that over time but most of us don’t you know most of our parents teach us you know what their their version of success is you know how to be an external human being not so much an internal human being you know when they teach us how to walk when they teach us how to talk they’re not teaching us how to develop our third eye they’re not teaching us how to communicate telepathically you know it’s not but I think that we’re starting to change that I don’t think our lifetime or you know our children’s lifetime but I do think that we’re you know the movement that’s really changing that but yeah we all have it as children and I was one of those kids that I just knew everything like my claircognizance which is in your seventh chakra like I just knew everything and for no reason you know I was a small like three year old kid that just knew things and however my siblings were really annoyed with me just never really had like you know an answer for it and so like I always knew things and I always felt things I’m very very clear sentient so it always felt things like I was really sensitive kid and then I did like I had a lot of just like a lot of kids you know a lot of wit quote unquote imaginary friends but the reality is you know those are you know your spirit team and when you’re a kid you’re just more open to it yeah yeah it was that similar for you definitely yeah yeah in it because it’s it’s it all runs together like it’s just a natural part of life you have these weird thoughts you have these weird experiences and you don’t want to tell nobody about them or if it’s with shadow beings and stuff like I was having those experiences as a kid like almost a toddler like four years old having these experiences what beings walking in my room and getting on top of me and stuff and trying to suffocate me just crazy stuff going on that’s a little kid yeah man yeah I I don’t try to question it like like my mom and my grandmother and stuff they were involved in you know saying witchcraft like like doing spells and hexes on people like bad stuff really so yeah and that’s the thing because they’re from New Orleans like it was normal I would hear them talk to friends on the phone and say hey girl you got some black candles yeah I got to get this this chick she’s a talking cat I’m like I’m a little kid and that’s a normal phone call from my mom and they kind of faded away now she doesn’t really do much but her when I was a kid that was something they were doing and then I’m reminded of all the people that we’re in and out of the house like they would have parties and stuff too and they’re just different people that bring different energies with them and they would get blackout drunk and pass out in front of me as a kid and that stuff went on in in the house and then at nighttime weird stuff would happen I don’t know what what was going on you know what I’m saying but I have to try to make those connections there do you think like I see all that those people actually brought those energies in and then those energies were kind of testing you because you’re a kid you’re open to it no you know aren’t open to it as much so I feel like it was just more like the energy that was coming in your house yeah it probably felt like it was flowing in and out as well like it wasn’t always there like it yeah yeah yeah yeah it was just it was just a couple times where stuff happened that you know I’m saying left a mark on me like further I’ll remember that for the rest of my life and I’m doing what I’m doing today because of something that happened when I was four you know right well is that like the beauty of it all like I always say you know it’s like you come from the wounded healer and you know and all of us that have come here to really like raise the vibration and like really do you know this work you have to have the background of the wounded healer otherwise you don’t really know you know you can’t see light all the time you have to go through the dark you know to really see the light and like how you want to raise things and how you want a better world that’s like you really the unfortunate side is you do have to have you know that darker experience a lot of the times yeah and it just raises the questions of like which demons do we cast out and which demons that we try to rebuke versus the demons that we try to learn from and they’re sitting here to us for a reason and for a season to teach us something like I’ve made peace with my pet my demons in the past I’m thankful that that those things happen because I would not be the person that I am today I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing and all of that struggle and in the dark stuff that we go through is to learn lessons is maybe to have compassion for others who were stuck in that place you know definitely it’s something to learn from but I’m I’ve made peace with my past demons even though when I was going through that stuff like I wouldn’t there’s no way like I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel but now I’m thankful for that stuff you know yeah it’s hard to see it while you’re in it I don’t think I think you get better I think even though I think now a lot of times I have vision now so a lot of times now when I’m going through a situation I don’t know okay I’m gonna I’m gonna take this test and I’m gonna be stuck here until I learned the lesson what is the lesson oh that’s the lesson let me apply it let me walk in forgiveness and love and healing to those who have wronged me and it’s you know I’m saying it’s on to the next chapter then the next testing and so now you kind of you kind of get familiar with it and you’re able to kind of speak out in face to people who are going to it because I’m saying going through it even with the whole I’m saying money and finances situation and I been at a place where I lost my job in the past and I panicked like oh how am I gonna pay bills I’m gonna do this and then a unexpected check will show up or something will happen or I work one day with a friend and make more money than I was making in two weeks in one day just these miracles and I was you know what God got me God got me so there’s no reason for me to freak out and panic like I’m a son like I don’t have to worry where my next meal is coming from so to be able to learn those principles and see our friends and family going through the same things that we’ve been through well the hey hold on don’t freak out the first thing you do is don’t panic God got you it’s gonna be okay you know ya know and that just shows spiritual growth you know that it was like immense spiritual growth to be able to I’m the same way now – it’s like you know but you have to go through all those experience to actually achieve spiritual growth you know and it’s a constant work in progress that you’re kind of able to like just view it and say like okay I’m in this lesson for this reason and then you can work it energetically – like everything can be worked metaphysically and energetically and like when you do go in that fear mode you know you do have to kind of check yourself because fear just creates fear you know and the universe wants to create whatever you’re asking for so when they’re saying I don’t have enough money for my mortgage you know the universe is gonna be like alright let’s let’s make that happen right let’s you don’t have enough money for your mortgage and so it’s like you really have to like check yourself and be like no you know what like God does have my back like the universe has my back and like you do you just have to like shift that perspective and don’t you find that like everything just is a matter of like working that energy and like shifting that perspective right and kind of just know almost like a little tweak like just move that energy a bit right yeah definitely there’s a you know everything you know I’ve studied the Scriptures for years and come from the Christian background but you know I’m saying the Bible is full of a bunch of metaphysical stuff a bunch of some some beautiful esoteric stuff so when you talk about that my man always goes back to the scripture says that the promises of God are yes and amen and essentially it’s like whatever you’re putting out the universe is saying yes Amen this is so be it this is gonna happen so if you focus in on if you focus in on the negativity if you’re focusing on the questions and the despair and rumors and and you’re just feeding into that stuff but if you shift it you begin to see and it’s all about faith it’s all that that’s a lesson to because until you see breakthrough happen there you’re gonna still be stuck in a rut but you know what my words are powerful and I’m gonna I’m gonna speak my way out of this situation I’m gonna create this with my breath I’m gonna create this with the life that’s given to me and then once it starts happening you know this this is working every time I get in that place even though I feel depressed let me speak my way out of it let me bless this life that I want for myself let me bless my future let me bless my podcast I do it for my Parker I thank God in a spirit of gratitude and I think the the the prime creator that what that this podcast is helping people it’s changing people’s lives and things and guess what my inbox in turn gets flooded with in inbox messages where it’s the podcast is changing people’s lives I don’t I don’t see that as a coincidence I we’re creating this well co-creators with God is what the scripture says leaders say yes and be grateful that’s yes and amen right like say your say your gratitude every single morning and it’s hard to have a bad day like even if you’ve had one of those nights where it’s like here you stayed up because like you’re so worried about things it’s like wake up and just be like I’m so thankful for the roof over my head I’m so thankful for this that I’m in right and it really does if your perspective who are like I mean we’re all living in this picture of the on the earth plane right it’s just like a picture that we’re just being able to co-create along the way like we’re so powerful and we don’t even know it you know and that’s all you had to do you put it out to the universe that like listen like I want to change lives and like this is what I want to do and provide an avenue for me to change lives for me to inspire for me to ask fire you know and you also you know receive teachers along the way and you are a teacher along the way you know and you’re totally creating that it’s so beautiful yeah it’s about it’s about bringing it into the now moment is essentially what we’re talking about we see people like Eckhart Tolle who’s a millionaire off of teaching people how to bring their life in their perspective into the now moment because there’s no such thing as tomorrow Jesus even says be anxious for nothing don’t don’t shift your consciousness outside of yourself to like you know I’m saying six six weeks from now and I and I see that in my life I used to play in a band a metal band and we would have gigs coming up and the gig might be a month out and I was just over over overly zealous consumed for this concert to come out it was a big concert and I’m like man I can’t wait so every day I’m thinking every day and I’m just focusing all my energy on that and then it comes and it goes and then I’m like oh wow that was a anti-climatic you know what I’m saying and so but but it shows me as like man I wasted a lot of time putting a lot of energy in something that was gonna happen anyway and but it shows you just being anxious for something it takes you out of the now moment because your mind isn’t on what we’re doing now having a conversation no matter who you you with be present focus on your breath focus on the things in your life that are blessings that you’re grateful for should live life with the attitude of gratitude but to stay in that now moment because that’s where that’s where the magic is that’s where stuff happens now it’s not tomorrow it’s not like man I hope to one day be a good rapper or I hope to hope to one day be a healer like that was my my whole thing with the hosts psilocybin journey was shifting it outside myself and I heard God I heard the voice of the Spirit say your video our healer and you’re not going to be a healer you already are and begin to show me things in my life that man like people are being healed people are being set free through through the music through through the prayers and to the podcast and everything that we’re doing and stuff and it shifts the perspective perspective because there’s no such thing as time there is no tomorrow it’s about right now and we can only manifest in present time you know we can this is our optimum manifestation as being in present time and it’s like you just have to take that deep breath like you said and just be in the center of your head you know master controller of your seat and that’s where it happens and we’re the only animals on this planet that live in anxiety and it’s because we we just go unconscious and we think about tomorrow we think about the past we’re the only animals that do that you know that’s why we’re so anxious you know that’s just yeah it’s crazy it’s crazy it’s so much about worry and about dowling about fear and how that you know I’m saying they’re they’re powerful for one thing to be true so for faith belief understanding creating for all that to be true the opposite has to be true as well like so doubt fear unbelief worry and anxiety all of these things are true as well and you have to pick you have to consciously pick which what you’re going to cater to and what you’re gonna walk in daily and a regardless of the certain circumstance the whole definition of faith in general is to see the things that are not as though they were to be able to see the things that you want to create and picture it in your mind’s eye I really love that Wow yeah no you’re exactly right you’re exactly right I love that when it comes to so you had these encounters as a kid and it was just something that came naturally so when did it kind of move to the next level as far as getting serious or acting out that you know that I’m gonna pursue this there’s something more there than just a kid with an overactive imagination it’s like psychic ability is concerned yeah well you know I moved into my teenage years in my 20s and I actually forgot all about it you know I had to go through my wounded healer phase I had to go through a lot of stuff and then it was and for almost 43 now but in my I got me divorce that went through the whole thing and I just completely lost myself like it was a complete out-of-body experience almost for like you know 15 years and then once so about 10 years now so I must have been about 32 33 and I got a divorce and I was just like oh my gosh like Who am I like Who am I like I just had this huge awakening and I didn’t even recognize myself anymore like that little girl that knew everything and like was had such an imagination and believed in like unicorns and mermaids like that girl didn’t exist anymore and it’s like who you know I believed in magic and fairies and I worked with the fairies and like that girl was just gone and so I went through this huge transformation of I trying to find myself again and I knew that like traditional therapy just wasn’t it like I knew that I had to like really hit everything on a soul level like I had to go deep to like really find myself again and discover myself again so it was about yeah about ten years ago now about eleven years ago where I just like completely dug deep into like all spirituality it was just like I was just like a student of the earth and like the heavens and I was like just give me every bit of knowledge like just allow me to just be and that’s when it just like all started like flooding back in so it’s been about ten eleven years and and of course they went to like yeah you know I’m a formally trained clairvoyant so I went through a lot of classes then you know like a year and a half worth of training just like work on my third eye and so it’s like I really started like I I kind of like just started to shed the layers you know it’s like it was therapy for me and then it turned into so much more than just therapy you know it’s like I was able to like uncover everything and then I was able to discover and then so it’s like once I was there I was able to then start like just building on like no you know this is like who I want to become and it’s like I was down and then it’s now now I’m like building that pyramid of like just lifting up so yeah you know but I do want to say like you know we talked about like being the healer and like you know your life path and things like things like that like I have a lot of clients that come to me that exactly like you they said you know like I want to be a healer I want to do that and what people don’t realize like they don’t give themselves enough credit that no matter what they’re doing like if they’re walking on the street and they look someone in the eye and they say hey like hey man like have a great day yeah like you’re a healer like you’re touching someone’s face and the healing is really just about shifting space and so people get a little like you know down like oh I need to do this professionally or I need to do things like what people don’t understand it’s like their light is within and they carry it with whatever they do like your tattoo artist you know they’re all healers over there they’re all sharing their light you know and it doesn’t necessarily have to be professional space yeah yeah national healer like that I lay hands on people in heal them or do Reiki or something like you can you can bring healing in so many different ways my wife works with our disabled children on horseback therapy you know she she she absolutely loves it and uh she’s she’s pretty much living her dream doing that you know and it’s awesome and healing healing comes back to you know in so many different places and it’s just you being your authentic self whatever that is yeah and it doesn’t need approval hopefully it’s it’s something good I believe it’s something good I don’t think your authentic self is someone who’s a bad mean horrible person who pisses everybody off and stuff like that I think it’s something that is of love and light for everybody I think that’s across the board but when you find out who that is and what you want to do I think that those those are energies as far as healing and love and light will help to build that into and to actually walk in it full time if you want to do if you want to be a full time healer I mean there’s so many people watching who I get the messages date you know I’m saying they want to be a healer and it’s the same witness what we’re telling you same thing spirit told us you already are you already are healer focus on that focus on what works don’t don’t do what works for me you got to find out what works for you what are you good at you might not be good at podcasting you might not be good at rapping like um this is my story I’m embracing it and whatever your story is if you’d like to cook do it and be happy and and that energy whatever creates that sacred space for you you know I’m saying tap into that flow State learn how to do it man yeah cuz even safer the example of cooking it’s like you can carry you could raise that vibration of that food you could create something beautiful and then everyone that’s gonna have this food is just gonna be carrying this high vibration you know it’s in everything that we do and I think that like when you really do find what your soul like really signed up to to experience it starts to flow easy and it may be something that you never saw yourself doing like I never thought that I would be a professional psychic and like teaching metaphysics I was always into it it always interests me but I never thought that like I would be doing it professionally and then it just steps the universe is like yeah no yeah you are and and it’s beautiful and honestly and that’s like what we’re talking about don’t worry about the how focus on the wet like I knew I wanted to I knew I wanted to follow my heart’s path and I didn’t really even know what my heart’s path was like I knew that I wanted to be at home and I’m sure that’s important for you to after you have a life of always you know being home to me like that word is luxurious like it is luxurious just to be home and of course that’s not everyone else’s journey but it’s like I really wanted to follow my heart path and I really wanted to help people and I really wanted to to be a teacher and meaning like not even a professional teacher like I wanted like to share knowledge and like really there was a reason why I was you know I came to this world you know being a positive girl you know I am a positive girl not annoying lane but it’s like a you know there’s there’s a light to everything like shine your light like I think part of my work is allowing everyone to shine in their light bright you know like never never dull anyone’s light like we all have this beautiful light that that if it’s our right to shine bright you know want to throw dust on anyone’s you know so yeah yes I think yeah I think the power kind of comes from being a creator like if we’re if we’re made in the image and likeness of a creator then there’s this inward longing to create stuff in a satisfaction and a gratitude that comes when we birth something that didn’t exist when I when I get done with a song and it’s something it’s a good one I feel really good about it like I’m able to share it with the world and other people are having like spiritual encounters and mystical experiences by listening to my music but then it it goes it didn’t exist like that I created it I birthed it into this reality went to the ether the dream state and brought it into this reality something that didn’t exist and it’s in its for like we’re saying the tattoo artists who comes up with a painting or puts art on somebody’s body someone who baked something someone who creates and I think maybe that’s what what we’re longing to do we’re longing to imitate the Creator and we want to create something and hopefully it’s good stuff you know people create create bad stuff all the time and and and I don’t know if they’re if they’re happy with creating it but I know they’re happy with the paychecks and stuff that comes from creating bad stuff but to that that experience and I think I think I’m resonating with some people when I say that I’ve just wanting to create wanting to birth something that didn’t exist until you breathe into it because it feels so good right it feels good to be the creator and I think what you said was absolutely beautiful about like it’s that whole image of you know that God’s within us and that whole image of I am God you know we are mimicking the Creator we are God like I am God like that’s that was a huge step for me to like oh like you know I live on the beach here and it’s like to step out on the beach I like put my arms out and be like I am God like it is a beautiful thing to say and you do feel it and it is a beautiful creation space to to live in and oh my god it’s so so good to create it’s like you plant that little seed and you are you nurture it and you know it takes time like when things like okay well I put it out to the universe am I gonna answer that well it’s like that see that you’re planting like you’ve got to water it every day you the Sun has to come on it you know you have to nurture it it may be a year before it grows and then it may be three years before it bears fruit like it’s it’s a beautiful thing and creation happens on its own time and oh my god I love creating to you and that’s like what inspires me like my friends they say oh my god like you never stop and that’s like it doesn’t feel like work like I think that’s when you know you’re on your right job there you go yeah it doesn’t feel like work it’s like oh man I don’t mind like I don’t mind these like 16-hour days I’m like days when I was flying I don’t mind it now because it’s like I’m creating what I want to create and hopefully inspiring people along the way and then that’s what it just doesn’t feel like work is when that’s my impression yeah definitely yeah when you when you’re able to do it and and it doesn’t feel like work um there’s the whole the whole side of it that we’re talking about the spiritual aspect of creating so I mean obviously someone can you know just easily paint a picture and there’s no connection there they’re birthing something but there’s like a spiritual aspect of it that that we see that we connect with with creating and but then there’s the practical side as well and just like we’re talking about with healing there’s the spirit the really deep hands on Reiki moving energy helping people out with curses spoken over them negative mindsets and stuff like that really deep spirituality but it all comes back to something very practical as well like you said just saying hello to somebody telling somebody you know hope I’m saying wishing them well on their day whatever it is giving somebody a hug shaking somebody’s hand looking them in the eye whatever whatever the case is it’s it gets deep but it always comes back to being practical and I’ll always mention like I don’t really talk about conspiracy theories too much anymore because it’s a theory like it’s not tangible it’s not practical we can’t bring it into our lives and see change and see manifestation we’re just talking about theories and I like to deal with truths and I think that what we’re talking about has the ability to to change people’s lives and we’re seeing that so it’s as spiritual as you want to make it because everything is and I know we I don’t think we over spiritualize it but if it if it doesn’t if you can’t take your spirituality and bring it into practicality for somebody’s life man then I don’t really don’t want nothing to do with it but I think that’s what it’s about right bringing it into the now moment and being able to bring it into our just like day-to-day right yeah well yeah and you know it spirituality like because I read energy and like when I read that someone’s running like a spirituality spirituality energy you know um it’s a hard thing to define because spirituality is so individualized and spirituality is so within and like her spirituality is not my spirituality and it’s like it’s all about like not living up to anyone else’s expectations it’s about go within and find out what is your spirituality and that doesn’t even you don’t ever have to say the word God in your spirituality you know you can you can your world is your world I’m like whatever you want to create and that’s your spirituality like go for it man right like if that’s what makes you feel good go for it and that’s your truth and I think that’s the beauty of spirituality and the beauty of like what we’re moving towards and stuff and kind of you know maybe stepping away from like organized temples and religions and congregations even though that works for some people and that wonderful for them you know but the reality is is you are your own temple so however you want to experience your spirituality like I’m all for it you know for me it’s like I’m out on the water like I have a little Bulldog and we hit the waves together and like that’s the moment of like when I’m closest with nature and like that’s where my meditation space and that’s actually where I get my major downloads and so that’s why spirituality yeah and that’s what works for you and it’s working so you can share it but you can share that with others with confidence because it’s actually working you know yeah cuz I’m integrated yeah yeah yeah so I just encourage people like go out man like just go out and find it like you’ll it’ll find you yeah in and we got people who look up to us and I’ll say us we have a lot of different people in our circles and stuff and different healers and and missionaries and stuff who are all who are powerful and then we have friends who listen and they I don’t know if they get confused but we all do it differently and they’re like I guess they’re stuck like I don’t know if I should listen to you or do it like you or do it like you or do like you and say look I don’t want you to do it like me I think you’re supposed to learn from all of us whoever’s in your life you’re learning from whether it’s something you want to apply or or push it away right so whatever it works for you if I bring something to the table that works apply it to your life see if it’s tangible anybody I don’t I don’t care who it is but if you try it out and it it’s following its face it doesn’t work for you keep it moving yeah moving you don’t have to be another spitting image of another person and adopt I think coming out of religion teaches us that that though that we have to like agree to the tenets and do it this way and this way and this way and if I don’t do it then I won’t be accepted or I’m doing it wrong right right so much judgement and I think that’s hard as human beings like we have to deprogram ourselves against that judgment because we’ve all been raised our generation I mean we’ve all been raised with some sort of foundation you know even if it wasn’t a congregation it was some sort of foundation that you were programmed to believe in right whether it was anti whether it was you know it’s some foundation you were programmed and that’s the whole thing we were just programmed and the world shouldn’t be about judgment like you shouldn’t feel resistance when you’re starting to dive into spirituality you shouldn’t feel any resistance try it on you try it on see what it feels like for you and you know and do a body check on yourself like am i getting like a sick pit in my stomach oh that’s my solar plexus maybe that dress isn’t right for me you know let me try something else you know and it’ll find you it’ll find you but yeah judgement is one of those things where I’m like oh it bugs me so much like I just you know we just it’s we’re so programmed to judge other people oh yeah it’s um yeah you you have to go through it to learn how to do it a lot of times you know what I’m saying like I try I try my hardest not to bring about division or crush somebody’s dreams even if I don’t agree with like everything that person’s doing I try to do it gracefully I don’t try to tear a person down because I’ve been there like I’ve been the person who has been the one that hey stay away from that guy he’s this when I was coming out of Christianity I would be evangelists and stuff and it when I started talking about aliens or psychic abilities or having this podcast interviewing people who believes in this kind of stuff it was a weird trends transition for me just because I thought it would open up dialogue from a biblical perspective with these people in the church realm but it didn’t it kind of like backfired on me like there was having there was conversation being had but I wasn’t a part of it it was just about so yeah and like being real empathic like you can feel that you can feel when groups of people are gossiping about you and then there was Tom’s like I tried to go back and visit their particular Church and people couldn’t look me in the eyes and as I just the same me I still believe this stuff I’ve been believing I just I’m just vocal about it now like nothing’s changed you know but they look at me but oh my god you’re here and like it’s just their own fear it is it definitely yes yes well it’s it’s the fear that they’re wrong if true seeker is right then I’m wrong and so they’ve given their life to follow a doctrine they’ve given it they paid money they pay a lot of money and but they’ve pledged their their not only their life but their afterlife so if they’ve been lied to about something they’ve pledged their and given their eternal salvation over into and you’re a threat to that you know what I’m saying that’s that’s very fearful yeah we’ve all had to kind of reach reach those levels to where we were in the unlearning process we have to break down everything that we’ve learned I mean I did that coming into my awakening even with the Bible and everything I’ve talked because you have your essential core truths and you’re like I’m just praying to get alone with God like God you teach me I don’t want to remember nothing these people taught me if it’s not of you if it’s if it’s if it’s not true and you have to break down and kind of give a reason just for your own self of why you believe what you believe and go through it okay do I is this true let me research it let me look it up okay and just kind of build yourself again from from the ground up and essentially essentially you got to be born again I’m saying you got to do it all over again like all of us like coming into this have been born again and form or another maybe not that traditional sense yeah exactly or another you know and I just appreciate it when someone is a free thinker you know when someone actually thinks for themselves and I think that’s the downside of and don’t get me wrong like I think a lot of people respond really really well in organized religion and it’s for them but I think a lot of people they’re not free thinking what their views are as far as religion goes you know so I completely admire you that you like stepped out and you were just like listen like these are the thoughts that are going on in my head like these are my downloads that I’m receiving and I’m just gonna live my authentic truth and that takes a lot of balls I mean that takes like a lot of cojones to get out there and like know that you’re gonna have opposition and and to just say it so I went I went through a lot you know I’m saying to be where I am and I’m vocal about it because I’m reading the chat room right now there’s a bunch of people watching on YouTube live because they’re in the position that I was in you know six years ago like they’re going through it now they’re having the away getting there having UFO encounters alien encounters they have other other sacred texts that appeal to them other religious teachers that don’t claim in and so they’re having this awakening that’s outside of the box but if they’re vocal about it you’re gonna get the boot to the back the back of the head they’re gonna like it’s it’s nasty the way they do it even if it’s what’s whoa it’s kind of been called ghosting now what they don’t even they just don’t even talk to you you’re just you don’t exist it’s not like that it’s not like they make a formal statement but that that’s hard on people man like this is your family you know yeah well it’s basically taking like the rug from underneath you like ripping a foundation and I don’t know like the whole dichotomy of it like you know God is supposed to be there to support you and love you for no matter what am i and so it’s very difficult for me to hear I’m happy my lesson wasn’t to go through what you went through with that you know I mean cuz that’s really hard like this is who you identified with and then it’s like all of a sudden you speak up something differently and then like your foundations ripped over and it’s like hey what happened to my god has my bag or that we are supposed to love our brother right I mean this scripture love that yeah it was hard going through it but I have to not play the victim and what’s like once I can look at it from their perspective okay you have a doctrine you have a belief system you have a system that’s helping people it’s healing people and then you got this other guy coming bringing something different challenging this person I become a threat so they have to kind of find some way to deal with that person or to shun them and their way is just to tell everybody to stay away from him like there was never no conversation with me I’ve never had a conversation with the pastor about anything I believe or nothing like that or really not I’m saying not even people of the other congregations and stuff like it was just like I’m open for the world like all my belief system is documented on the internet you know what I’m saying so whether it’s posting on face which is a big one you know what I’m saying but I think I think in their case they’re justified because they had to protect something and so anybody who’s going through that just look man you guys are a threat to their system you’re not gonna and people want to try to stay they’re like oh I’m gonna stay there man I’m getting fed here spiritually I really cope when I said bro you can’t be yourself like if these people believe if these fine these people find out I got a buddy of mine who’s working on an album it’s out now watchman he would go to church and he loved it and they would they would they got to a point where they were talking down about me not wanting to go to church and I was like bro I can’t I’m a threat to these people bro and you are too if these people find out that you’re working on an album about et contact and aliens and UFOs and the Kundalini Spirit and meditation if they find out that you’re doing that they gonna cut your head off it’s over for you bro only fear and love exist you know that’s it he said you got to get out of there man you can’t it’s like it’s like people trying to try to join politics to change it from the inside out and stuff like I can be a change like man you’re gonna eventually see that they’re you know they’re gonna change you you know what I’m saying so super cheesy and cliche but listen like if you want to change the world like just you can do like grassroots go in and just start your changing yourself and look like take you for example it’s like I’m just gonna start like bringing content out and like hopefully like you know stimulating conversation it’s a grassroots movement and like look how many lives you’re impacting you know like I mean I think now is the grassroots movements you know like it’s creations that we kind of have to shy away from and it’s the pressed roots movement so yeah so now I’m curious about like all your your alien contacts and stuff as far as like well your those go for it you do what you want no go ahead what do you want to know why just so because I work with if you like I have an ascension guide that’s actually like an eighth dimension and so I’m just curious like when you get your you know like et contacts or like you know et downloads that sort of a thing do you find that it’s from like the higher vibration a higher dimension and like you’re getting like very like ascension like activations and that sort of a thing and it’s not like the fear-based of like time ago where it was like oh yeah yeah yeah yeah I’m really against that stuff as far as like the you know I’m saying the whole fear as far as like a lien abductions or anything like that like I think a lot of that stuff was just what was was done by the government to put fear and hysteria in that community so that when you see a crafter you see a light in the sky you won’t try to contact it you won’t try to signal it like there’s cases of people signaling it and I talk about it in my and some of my songs that I’m talking about going out with the lasers and shooting the lasers up at these lights that are that are in our outer space pretty much you know and uh but but you know saying for me from a Christian perspective that’s why I approached it it was all studying angels first it was they were all demons because that’s where the Christian perspective on UFOs is that they’re all demonic anything out there in space is a alien demon and so I studied it from that perspective for a long time but I seen it was just super duper biased and it would ignore facts and stuff you know and I was like man these people have an agenda like this all isn’t demonic like what I’m researching is showing that the that these are angelic you know what I’m saying so I’ve been just began to kind of open up my my research in two different people james gilliland which i just had on the podcast he was he was a big one for me dr. Steven Greer there was a guy who’s who’s passed passed now but uh he had a Patrick cook he had a website called Bible UFO calm and it was just like his wife ended up deleting it once he passed which kind of sucks but it was slam full of biblical scriptures that would describe what they believe to be UFOs and these encounters with these angelic beings that almost seemed like you’re dealing with technology and stuff and and so many obscure biblical passages and I would research that stuff and then there was historical documents but dating back from like the 1800s of people seeing UFOs and stuff and so I just begin to do the research for what it was and then go out under the night sky and try to make contact and I’m print talking to God I’m praying you know if these are what I’m researching in the Bible as the Elohim or they’re the cherubim or the Seraphim which are mentioned of in the Bible of different types of angelic hosts the word Seraphim means the fiery ones the ones who are made out of fire and then I’m going out there stargazing praying talking to God connecting and I see a fiery chariot fly by and stop on a dime and I’m like that was that was life-changing and I didn’t know who to talk to about I couldn’t talk to my pastor about this stuff you know what I’m saying so I started the podcast you know and I reached out to james gilliland and his staff and people I would call in the podcast my podcasts were big for me I would find people who were all types of faith and I’d call Hindu podcasts I’ve called the Egyptology where people are talking about just like ascending talking about the same thing that we’re talking about in Christianity but it’s just worded differently and I was able to see that yeah able to see that yeah so make sure you know when you actually do it say you lay all these religions out on the line on a completely horizontal path like there’s they all build off of each other they all have their DS it’s just too big of a picture to think that there’s just one dominant one yeah and each one thinks that they’re the only way you know what I’m saying and uh and they’re saying the same thing and I noticed that like I could I could I could teach the teachings of Jesus but not or even Paul the Apostle some of his teachings but I would reward them I wouldn’t quote them as chapter and verse and stuff I would give you the spirit of it and what it meant and people would resonate with it like I would go on so many talk shows and stuff and people would resonate with it but the church crowd would get mad because I miss quoted it or I said it differently and they’re like they’re like they would get mad it’s the same essence I’m saying the same thing but I didn’t preface it the way that you wanted to just showed me the dogma like you don’t really care what’s being said you you what you care more about how it’s being said like he’s talking about love and acceptance and uh showing grace to those who don’t deserve grace showing love and mercy to those who feel like they don’t deserve it like that’s the the message of Jesus like like now that we’re doing that in a way that’s non-judgmental why are you getting mad and I just seen people lash out over the years really you know I got a I got a step back man and I just just do what works like DOS this stuff works for me and and Jesus taught it Paul taught it and so did all the other religions they all taught it and it’s beautiful and that’s what it’s about for me so whether it was dealing with UFOs or going out there and I just seen you know it’s just a span of probably a year year and a half well I just had so much activity of seeing craft and then the telepathic communication comes and then the downloads and dinners like okay I’m seeing all this at night and I’m I want to know for myself you know what I’m saying like I’m going on I’m not going out there for to start a podcast I’m not going out there for nobody I’m going I’m spending hours under the stars for myself to know what how the universe works what’s happening and I’ve seen it I’ve seen so much and it’s it’s and then I wanted to see it during the day because it’s like okay if you have any signings at night it could easily be a plane it can easily be a satellite let me see something during the day yeah and then I started seeing it I wanted to make sure I’m not just like you have this expectation that’s crazy and then when you out there stargazing and the planes come and you’re like maybe it’s a UFO a plane like everybody does that so you got to kind of catch yourself you know just to make sure but seen stuff that would blow your mind I see like fleets of UFOs come out of nowhere a fleet of them and they would do shapes and formations and then they would just disappear and leave during the day like I’ve seen this stuff and then there’s downloads and it’s insane like something’s going on yeah well you opened yourself up you opened up the communication and all you have to do is look up it’s been going on over our heads the entire time but we’re so consumed in it’s symbolic about spiritually being consumed with the things of this earth and our own pleasures and our own egos and things like that all we had to do was just stop take a few minutes and focus and just look up anybody can have these encounter I’m not special like I didn’t like everybody can do this you know and that’s what that’s what I try to if that’s what you want do it you have to do the work but it’s it’s available for you if you want to know that what we’re saying is true try it it’s test it like it’s something’s going on but then that it’s the whole scenario about how do you interpret that while you’re contacting demons or you’re contacting angels and but I’ve got the scriptures and the teachings and lines about how alien I mean UFOs or angels have been contacted and that’s what they they offer me they’re all just you know saying different types of angels that are watching over us and communicating and stuff so yeah and really it’s about focusing your awareness right and that’s almost all of this spirituality works like that’s how clairvoyance works – you just focus your awareness you know as humans we tend to be focusing our awareness on tomorrow or you know the next concert or you a month from now or looking down or focusing on like I gotta get to work on time we focus on other things but you just focus your awareness on what you wanted to focus your awareness on and there it it yeah I wanna I want to address a comment in the chat room this is from this is from a good friend of mine Kenny ride out and III I’ve done some teachings on this in the in the past but they were since removed on my old channel years ago but uh Kenny ride out which is a good friend of mine he says even Satan can appear as an angel of light gotta be careful of the of great deception to full even the if it were possible to fool even the elect I want to address that scripture because that’s that’s one that comes up in the angel and alien debate about eight angels and aliens Athena and I just want to address that like if we’re looking at the context of scripture that sounds good the scripture says that even Satan and his ministers are transformed as angels of lights and so when we’re into the supernatural we’re into aliens and demons we think that that’s talking about a light being or an entity that comes as an angel of light and that it appears to you or an alien in outer space that’s really a demon that appears as an angel of light it looks beautiful it looks like a woman with a flowing dress or something that is pleasing to the eyes and so that’s where that’s where the Christian Church sees that but if we I want to point that out because in the context of that if you read it it says that even Satan can appear as an angel of light and even his his his servants as ministers of righteousness that’s talking about pastors I think we’ve read that in the context that’s talking about preachers that are deceiving people that are that have malicious intent but they appear as angels of light the word angel means messenger and when it’s being used there in the context he’s talking about false prophets he’s talking about people who come come to you with the Bible but inwardly they’re ravenous wolves that’s exactly what he’s talking about I can see where it would be appealing to think that it was talking about entities there and that would be cool and maybe the the principle is still true maybe a demon can come to you but that scripture it’s not talking about entities that scripture is talking about ministers of righteousness just talking about preachers wanted to clear that up a little bit yeah but he says okay but but it could be angels it well could be angels as well it could be but right there it’s talking about preachers the whole the whole warning that demons come as angels of light that’s a it’s talking about pastors in prophets who are coming deceiving the people there but there’s a but there’s a lot more to it I mean there there there’s other scriptures that talk about what is it um that you know people getting into the worshipping of angels right so there’s that – you begin to worship an angel or worship a messenger a ministers people worship ministers gurus I don’t know I don’t know how you feel about it but I just I feel that I don’t I don’t believe in worshipping you know a guru or putting anyone up on a pedestal thinking that they’re higher than anyone else right I do believe in like we’re all here for this human experience you know we all have this beautiful light body inside of us and we’re all here for this beautiful experience and once you start idolizing you know something else and putting your energy into idolizing something else um I don’t know you know I feel like it kind of sends your spiritual growth a little bit but that’s just my opinion yeah I mean but we always had this like veneration for people who have helped us know especially early on you know what and there’s the thing I know I’m getting our religious here but there’s a thing in like in like the church circles they call it being Church hurt it’s when like the pastor does something or the congregation does something to you and you get offended and leave the church usually I’ve seen that happen when someone’s a baby Christian or they just get into religion and this this could be you I’m saying Universal for Islam Hinduism you I’m saying New Age circles that doesn’t matter but when you have your faith in that person and that person does something wrong like we’ve seen them like well there’s a pastor gets caught stealing money let’s just say that or going outside of his marriage or whatever the case is and then the the person who was following them they quit believing in God they their whole faith is shattered because of this man this yeah this yeah they put this person on this platform and this person fell and now now you’re fit your faith in God is shaken off over the actions of another man and that shows you that their faith was in that person and there’s so many people and they don’t even know it though like it you come into it hey pastor there’s a pastor and you’re just kind of in that Club oh yeah I believe this because pastor or whatever and people find themselves there so often you know oh yeah well that goes back to the be be a free thinker you know be a free thinker you know I I mean of course like we’re all we’re always going to like have people that inspire us right and we’re always going to look up to people and like like I find so much inspiration and you am I gonna idolize you hey I mean as much as maybe but probably you know like I’m not put all of my faith into into someone’s word 100 and you know like I mean if you can like take everything with a little bit of a you know green absorb it you know I think that’s when you kind of get yourself into you kind of dig yourself a little bit of hole is when you idolize you know and really put all your expectation and all your faith into one being and the reality is is that we’re all human and we’re all gonna f up right like you’re all gonna like just fuck up at some point right and we might as well be in our master controller seat and like we can handle a lot better if we ourselves fuck up because we plan to take it a lot more personal you know if we’re idolizing does that right and it knocks us off yeah yeah and then and then when you you know and then like a lot of times when you finally meet that person that you’re out you’re you’re that you’re looking up to idolizing a lot of times people people are let down because they have greater expectations they’re like yeah I’m a regular person bro like I’m a regular dude just like you and I’m here to show you like I’m here like Jesus what did Jesus do he’s here to show you that you can do it too yeah greater things anything that I’ve done you see me do greater things you shall do but I’m done and greater and that’s that’s it don’t follow me don’t worship me don’t put me on a pedestal because I’m gonna let you down I don’t know when this is because people have these fake like this was the whole thing with idolatry they had these preconceived notions of you and these expectations that you didn’t sign up for I I know and and and so I’ve talked about this extensively in the past but people put you on a pedestal and they’re letdown and you know it’s that the whole thing is weird though because what we would I come from the church realm and I know it’s done in all these other circles as well but in the church realm you got to have all the answers you have to have everything figured out and you have to demonize the other ministers or the other denominations like they have to be bad you can’t say oh yeah they’re good man good people bro they love God you can’t say that you have to say well you got to be careful and that’s their thing you got to be careful and so I’ve seen that even in the fringe because I’m like on the outer skirts of the friends Christian movements and stuff and then there’s a lot of other people who have big followings and I’ve tried to make it my point not to demonize them or talk bad about them because I can see the bigger picture and I know what you’re doing and you’re doing that to build a following but you have to like if I want you to support me but I know you guys listen to so and so I have to be like yeah he’s cool but yeah he’s into some stuff I don’t believe in that he’s off on this he’s you know he’s kind of lost his way and you do that to make yourself look better in hopes that those people will turn away from that person and follow you yeah yeah you got it you got to escape that stuff when you see people doing that I’m telling you guys you think you think that they’re looking out for you that right they’re trying to reel you in and get you and and and and get you to be their follower they’re you know they want they want to be your your guru they want you to be the devotee to them and support them financially and all that stuff it’s dirty man and I can’t flow freely in that and it’s demonic and I try I try and I try to I try to stay neutral in that whole thing man you know I try to look for the good in people because out of everybody out there I think they all have some good but I think somebody I think somebody’s making it up I’ll let you know if I think they’re fake I’ll let you know real yeah all that other stuffs just a form of manipulation and it really is just throwing dust on someone’s light you know and the truth is it’s like like we’re going back to you know creation it’s that we can live in abundance if we want to and everyone can free willingly create what they want to create and even your competitor people are gonna follow him for his reasons right and then people are gonna follow you for your reasons like it’s meant to be it’s meant to be like it’ll just happen without you you know throwing dust on someone’s you know game over there you know that’s what I yeah yeah I’m here reading some of the cut comment cemetary I know you can’t see but it’s not about you is all about religion and politics and uh and then somebody says are the only he says uh this is hunter fees he calls in all the time he says uh the only one that’s bad is the Catholics due to their idolatry that’s what he said there are their idolatry of Mary you know that’s that’s that’s the whole thing I mean like there’s good and bad with all of them and if we if we’re gonna sit here and and and pick it out and expand point it out I’ll tell you this when it comes to that because I was big into that in the church you know the evangelicals the Protestants they talk bad about the Catholics right that’s just part of it it’s stay away from them they worship married they don’t worship Jesus they’re into this they’re into that and there’s a lot of truth to it they have a lot of truth to that right and I studied it I studied Babylonian worship and the way the father the father the son and the mother is worshipped and venerated and there’s always the Trinity in every religion and they’re worshipped on the same holy days on December 25th Easter like all of this stuff is hot pagan days that’s where I come from I come from studying that stuff and exposing it as being satanic or as being pagan or whatnot but and I would find contention like I would make it my goal to be the true seeker and to give you guys the truth on these false religions um but when I had my awakening yeah yeah when I had my awakening the big thing was how I could I remember distinctly go being around the Catholic and not trying to find contention with them and seeing him as my brother and seeing somebody who’s on his own journey of awakening his own journey of truth and seeing what we can agree on and not be like hey man you’re in a false religion you guys worship Mary the Bible says that you know I’m saying call no man father but you call your priest the father you know and all of this stuff and you know Jesus told us how to pray and in in the Lord’s Prayer our Father who art in heaven why don’t you guys pray to Mary you know and have all of these things but I found that when I could be around this guy and not bring that stuff up and I went away like you know what I’m making something’s happening man I’m making and it’s a good thing I’m not finding contention with everybody who don’t believe in what you believe in like that’s the thing you know hey you’re wrong because I believe this okay just because I’m wrong don’t mean you’re right no no no but isn’t that like the beauty of being human and the beauty of the world is that we all can free things for ourselves and we all can believe in something I mean the diversity is what makes it beautiful I think I mean I wouldn’t want to be a whole list of androids all believing something right like we’re I mean you’re me hey yeah yeah and it’s sad but like you said religion is uh is it’s good for those who need it like who are coming out of that I mean I look at it like this ninis is maybe getting too deep about it but the word you don’t say the word religion means to bind or to hold back in the majority of people i’ma say majority and you guys you don’t have to be like you could see this who are dealing with religion or it’s good for them it’s because they need to be told what to do or how to think when it comes to a lot of people coming off of drugs a lot of people coming out of abusive relationships you know what I’m saying a lot of people for someone to be addicted to drugs and I don’t say this to be mean but it’s a lot of weak-minded people to let a substance to let another person rule your life so you get into a church circle to kind of come out of that and you need to be told how to think you need to be told when to wake up what to do touch this don’t do this because you can’t you can’t figure it out it’s good it’s good for many people the religion means to bind or to hold back and some people need it and it played it plays a role it played a role in my life a huge role I come off of drugs I come I come out of that there’s so many AAA meetings and stuff of like celebrate recovery is what they call it in a church but it’s the same thing about coming off of drugs and being told how to live many people don’t know like so church is helping a lot of people like those it’s structure but it can only take you so far and you can you can only go so far and and once you come out of that and you come into your own there comes a point where you you may have to kick it to the curb and and but for some people you may never reach that point and that’s not a bad thing though I’m not talking down on it that’s not a bad thing if it’s for you it’s for you if that brings you joy you love that community of people don’t don’t listen to anybody man if that’s what makes you happy you stick with it but if there’s contention there and many of you guys who are listening you know an hour and 20 minutes into this podcast you listening to this for a reason because you guys are going through that you’re having the contentions and stuff man if there’s any sort of resistance in your life where there’s contention there’s like you feel conflicted in your life that’s really there for you to like really take a look at it and be like what’s not serving me in this because if you were supposed to be there it would be a lot easier it would just feel different in your system so it’s there to like have you take a look at it and to like reevaluate it and be like what’s my position in this and like what’s what’s in resistance like how do I change it otherwise yeah but it’s it’s um it’s good for a lot of people though so to just to throw the baby out with the bathwater but be careful in there there’s a lot of stuff that goes on there’s not good and you figure that out so it doesn’t take a rocket scientist if it does and this may be the wrong podcast for you but um yeah man just do whatever works some people are called into that and and I mean I’m in a weird position though cuz like everybody and I’ve kind of become accustomed to it I’m not trying to get you to leave your church but I’m telling you like I get messages from church leaders I get messages from worship leaders who want to do mushrooms they feel like it’s calling them psilocybin is calling them and they’re a church worship leader and I’m not like I don’t tell do it bro do it bro I don’t that’s not me but you know guys know what I say if it calls you it calls you and you have no choice but to do it I get messages from Christian radio DJs who will have some of the biggest stations in the country and they and they listen to this podcast because I’m talking about the stuff that they can’t talk about and I don’t I don’t call myself promoting it but if it calls you it calls you but I’m letting you know the consequences if you do it and then you’re in this place where you can’t talk about it freely that’s not good you can’t be who you truly are you’re passionate about music you’re passionate about the ways of the past the path of the Ancients psychedelics is a part of that but you can’t talk about it that’s I’m telling you we’re talking about being free and being your authentic self you can’t thrive in those circles man it’s gonna come eventually like eventually you’re gonna want to if you have a life-changing encounter like and I look at it like this like when I got saved and I came out of really dark woods craft and dealing with demons I got in a church and I was wanting to tell everybody like I was doing music talking about Jesus that you couldn’t you could shut me up about Jesus right because it changed my life like it brought me from a bad place to talk to where I am now and there was no way there’s so many zealous young Christians who would just go I mean we will go to like McDonald’s and just start Jesus he loves you or I remember it’s like hey guys I’m in love with the man his name is Jesus you know I’m saying I think you know what the religious people disagree with that but I really think we would yeah I think we would but just just as passionate as I was for that because it was the truth that changed my life I’m just as passionate about psychedelic research because of what I see it doing to help people to obscure in depression it’s helping people cope with depression people getting over the fear of dying all kinds of stuff man people are coming off of heroin addiction and through like a strong psilocybin encounter or ayahuasca I’m gonna be vocal about that too did the same zeal that I had when my life was turned around for becoming a Christian for Jesus what I wasn’t silent then why would I be silent now and I think many of you guys know what I’m talking about you guys can can feel that like and you’re in a city in a place where you can’t be vocal about that when you’re dealing with the church realm and so you know just just be warned man you know wow wow it’s eye-opening for me because I wasn’t raised you know in a church and that world it has its own world man I’m telling you these such limitation is it works at my solar plexus I’m gonna be honest with you no me too now it does man big time but like I was saying too before we went live like a lot of people they’re mad that we get to talk that I get to talk about psychedelics and Jesus and Jesus they’re like nope they get that’s what makes them mad like then I’m mixing it to you so no you can’t mix it in like we’ve we’ve coined the phrase you know saying my buddy Dan oh you didn’t you didn’t let me in the club so you can’t kick me out like you who are you just cuz you disagree with me you don’t believe you like or I would see post online and saying they say Christians can’t believe in astrology or Christians can’t support Obama or whatever the case is like you want to bet Christians can’t curse you want a bit Christians can’t believe this you want to bet I am one you don’t understand who are you to make up these rules that don’t exist you don’t have sand so boundaries yeah and you’re making it up as you go these are unspoken rules that you’re making up yeah that’s crazy I mean not crazy I know it is crazy anyone out there and the reality is a lot of these limitations that are set those people that are setting those limitations are actually living that lie that’s not it’s not that you can’t is that they can’t they can’t follow Jesus and read a horoscope they can’t follow Jesus and be into astrology or astronomy or into Reiki or study Reiki like they can’t do it that there’s a disconnect there but but I don’t see that in it I don’t see it at all and I see it for me what I bring to the table is that all of this stuff is in the Bible like it’s really there’s some deep stuff in there that that it’s weird that nobody even knows what withhold my divination we’re talking about planetary alignment and the Spirit zactly and that’s what that is ancient is old we try to interpret it with Western Christianity and try to make it fit into our lives I mean how did his miraculous healings he was an energy exactly it’s the same thing yeah yeah pyramids I mean all of that stuff this is all ancient civilization which has everything to do with how the stars aligned and the planets aligned that’s our communication base yeah yep and that’s that that’s what led them man so when when I when I got into looking at studying the prophets and how they operated and they were called seers and the word seers translated to stargazer like the prophets were stargazers so there was a comfort for me don’t look at the Stars brother no the seers and prophets of the scriptures they gay at the stars I don’t go gaze at the stars let me see what happens why you’re telling me not to first of all let’s see what happens yeah you’re back to your roots you know from from all your past lifetimes reading some of these comments again no no I’m just reading I’m just reading uh no Kenny Kenny he’s commenting again he says he says mushrooms were made by God through Jesus for his purpose I think it can be a great thing for the right person the worst mistake for others probably yeah uh set and setting you don’t wanna you don’t want to go to a Marilyn Manson concert and eat eat a bag of mushrooms music some bad trips and I’m like you did not check your environment like that’s like you kind of have to get romantic with your mushrooms like you’ve got a set no you do have some beautiful music on before we win laughs I had perfect don’t do it because like we because we have I’ve got a couple friends that we’ve and these are Christian guys right we went out and we had a men’s retreat and we all did a a large dose of mushrooms and we had a beautiful encounter life-changing encounter in the woods and awesome it was deep and so then the other guys like I have to learn from that stuff like I had there’s so much revelation that comes to me so much downloads and and Vision Quest that’s what it is a Vision Quest the visions come and I’m like it’s gonna take me weeks if not months to unpack this information and apply it to my life and that’s why I did it to get revelation about bought myself and they’re like I bro we’re doing it again next weekend I’m trying to get something like what next we can’t dude I’m not gonna like I respect it too much to do that you know and I would great into like and translate into the earth plane right like you have to integrate that you Shh I mean I mean but who are we to make the rules and say you have it’s it’s for its for me too it’s for me too I agree with that but part one of the people who was with me they went the following weekend and wanted to have the same kind of encounter with other people and and their setting was different so he they had a bunch of mushrooms they in the middle of a neighborhood and in a suburb they all take mushrooms they got the door wide open blasting music I haven’t seen the video but I heard that the video is pretty crazy and so they are their own mushrooms and listening to that music and watching crazy I don’t know if it’s demons or weird stuff happening on the video and dude starts having a bad trip when the week before he had a beautiful life-changing encounter and then he tries to go back and different people who are wanting to do strobe lights and blame it blare the music and the doors wide open so there’s the fear that the cops may come well you know so it totally so he locked himself in the bathroom and he’s like having a come-to-jesus moment trying to figure out but but those bad trips are teachers to Ida rodent they’re called the golden teachers for a reason may be that the teacher that lesson is to not do that again and focus on the sentence and focus on the people around you you can’t just let anybody be around you either man there’s and you’re so sensitive to the spirits of in the vibration of the music that’s being played like like we can feel that anyway like a lot of impacts can feel music and just here in the music will change their mood and it just speaks to them but on mushrooms like it you feel it on your body like literally and just imagine yeah just imagine if it’s bad music you know yeah yeah no it is all about like it just really opens you up energetically to have an experience you are you are just wide open it’s like you’re it’s almost like your skin is you know and your light body’s just like out there seeing the energy and you can you can see the energy moving when you’re in that yeah yeah you feel like your senses are just wide open and so that’s why environments so important and talk we talked about like um like because it was a bunch of Christians so we’re talking about how we were just amazed at the love of God like we were moved to tears just thinking about the love of God for us you know and so it’s one thing to know that God loves you it’s another thing to feel it and I just saying that but you can feel it your heart man it’s overwhelming it’s beautiful and so that’s what it’s about for me when I when I talk about this stuff set and setting and do it in the right environment and if it calls you it calls you if that I say I’m not promoting I’m not telling anybody to do it but that scene for me a seeker that seems pretty irresistible to me yeah I mean it is it’s something that mother earth created for us you know and I’m all about it you know there’s a reason why it’s there’s a reason why marijuana is out there like you know mother earth created it and I’m not so Mike hippie dippie like californian said now like if the mother earth created it there’s probably a pretty functional use for it you know and there’s a reason why but yeah I’ve always I’ve been mushrooms are I’m a student of this earth and so I do like experiencing everything so I can I have that lesson and like really so now I have like the knowledge of talking through it and mushrooms are by far my favorite like that you know if anyone wants to have some sort of experience and they’re just starting out I do feel like check your environment but I do feel that it’s it can be a really beautiful experience awesome well we just got a bunch of comments of gratitude people said crystal is a wise addition thank you true for the beautiful souls you share with this so a lot of people resonating with your work go ahead and share your links because you do classes and you’re a teacher as well teaching people how to how to walk in their their own god-given psychic abilities and how to access those realms go ahead and show you information how people can check you out thank you so much and thank you so much everyone oh my gosh I’m so grateful for you all listening so thank you my website is crystal sunshine psychic and you can find I have a psychic Academy on there I do actually a whole year long program of psychic development I just started that in the beginning of January not too late to join and then I also even do like a four-week class where and these are all phone programs you know in our digital world we could be anywhere in the world and so I find that that’s the format that works best and I even have like a four week program it’s just two hours each week where I teach you how to completely open up your third eye and by the end of the four weeks you’re actually learning how to read and move energy it’s really beautiful and then I have like a woman’s intuition class and you know I’ve got a bunch of fun stuff that I’m always creating but and then I’ve got great services as well you know I do like spiritual introductions where I like introduce you to your spiritual team and I do custom meditations and I do say good greetings and clairvoyant reading so check my website out crystal sunshine psychic services calm and you can also find me on facebook at crystal sunshine psychic services and crystal sunshine psychic Academy so please friend me please like me please let’s spread the word together yeah you guys do that check out her stuff make sure you support I really believe in the people who come on my show they have something to bring to the table if you guys want to see Krystal come back on as a guest and make sure you like this video share it out and let me know in the comments if you guys want to see her back on so help me book some stuff and I know there’s so much more to talk about that we did that we didn’t even get into and there’s so much so many notes that I had and I would keep going but I have another show scheduled coming right on so we have to do it again thanks for coming on thanks for hanging out with me I appreciate you oh my gosh I appreciate you and I appreciate all your listeners thank you so much hopefully until next time yeah we’ll do it again crystal sunshine everybody great show awesome show I got another one I’m supposed to be interviewing Kaylee Keenan Kaylee he was a Christian rapper gone to the dark side this should be an interesting conversation I looked up to that guy years ago I don’t know where he’s at right now I don’t know what type of interview this is gonna be I don’t know if he is doing it as a gimmick to reach people maybe he’ll say that I think probably maybe he still is a Christian maybe he still believes the stuff he believes I don’t know but within the next 20 minutes we’re gonna go live interview on Kayleigh I did a song with him years ago I did um I said we got a song called this is how we ride really good song actually one of my favorites when I was doing gospel rap so check that one out this is how we ride true seeker featuring Kayleigh in goodwill I believe it is good song so with that I’m gonna say peace and Shalom you guys catch me back we’ll be live here in a minute also if you’re listening to this on YouTube make sure you subscribe on the podcast in if you have a if you have an iPhone you have the podcast app already on there so just click the link in the in the description it says subscribe with the podcasts or to the podcast even if you have an Android there’s a link for you guys there do that for me that would mean the world if you guys want to support my show if you want to see me continue to do this and bring more content and keep it coming please support me on patreon you get a bunch of cool stuff we’re gonna be doing the school of the Mystics every Thursday night it’s gonna be online training and discipleship we’re gonna be doing activation I’m excited about it I’ve always wanted to do it I’m able to see the potential in a lot of people a lot of people that I work with a lot of people I get messages from and I don’t want it to stop there with just a message I don’t you know I’m saying I have to take it to the next level so we’re gonna do it hands on and it’s going to be candid and it’s gonna be private so if you guys just need somebody to talk to if you guys we’re gonna do it it’s gonna be it’s gonna be fun community backslash true seeker sign up at any level and there you’ll get access to it’ll be on the website you can go to schools of mystics School of the Mystics dotnet and then you can also just go to true seeker comm and click on school of the Mystics to get access we’ll do it Thursday nights 7 p.m. and it’s gonna be good with dad I must say peace of Shalom I love each and every one of y’all and I’ll be back soon peace peace thanks for thanks for rocking with me [Music] that does it for this episode folks to hear more episodes of the truth seeker podcast head over to truth seeker comm and if you wanted to support the show and get rewards go to our patreon page at forward slash truth seeker [Music]

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