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In the episode of the TruthSeekah Podcast TruthSeekah speaks with Ed Roman about Energy, Frequency, Vibration, Music and the Spirit Realm. Music is a very powerful and spiritual tool in many aspects. Music can be used to lift one’s spirit, soothe, heal and is often used for devotion and worship. Music can also be used to cause people to be aggressive, enforce hatred and self loathing. In the ancient times we see music being used before battles and music was being played while marching into war. In the Bible we see the Israelites marching around the city of Jericho as they began to take the city. On the seventh time around they stopped and blew a trumpet or shofar and the walls crumpled down. My concern is not if this actually happened or not but I am more infatuated with the lesson implaying the power of music and sound in general. Nikola Tesla said “If you want to understand the universe think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration” and many people believe that the trumpet or instrument used in this story was some type or sonar device that used the power of sound and vibration. When it comes to understanding the spirit realm we can go back to the Bible and visit the story of David and King Saul. The scriptures say that Saul was overcome with a evil spirit or demonic presence and the only time that he could get rest or the spirit would subside was when David (being a Psalmist of the Lord) played his harp. There is power in music, in the stringed instruments and when someone understand intention they are able to create or destroy using vibrational sound. We see this story mirrored very closely in the story of Pythagoras and the flute.

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gonna be some good information hopefully getting into some paranormal stories topics conversation spirituality and talk about some music and stuff as well which is very near and dear to my heart so it should be a good conversation lined up for you guys today I want to start this conversation off by thinking all the patrons who support my work and enable me to do this you guys are the enabler so everybody supported my work over at backslash truth seeker wanna give a shout out to Miguel Carmona the lucid story mad magic was this is Philip with the mad magic podcast who became a patron thank you brother 5 to 9 sign which is or zine however you say that what I believe it’s David who been supporting my work as well and they’re gonna be interviewing me in their next edition of 5 to 9 zine zine I don’t know how to online magazine and I think they print them out too so they’re gonna be interviewing me and doing a write up here this month so that’s gonna be cool make sure y’all check out their 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gonna bring the guests in ad Roman brother welcome to the podcast what’s going on Derek thanks for having me everything in nothing like I said you know working on a new video and happy to bring it to people in a very short time awesome man so me when I do these interviews I like to just jump right in to the juicy stuff but I’ve I’ve set up several conversations and well let me give some background information about Who I am first so I’ll set it up but then they won’t even answer they want to give some background information so let people know who you are man I know you’re a singer/songwriter and you’re accomplished let people know who you are what you bring to the table with your music endeavors well thanks again I mean I’ve been playing music probably as long as you have it’s like a lifelong pursuit and I fell in love with stringed instruments at a young age you know started playing guitar but then everybody got in at high school and you know needed a bass player hmm I took it on as a challenge somebody cost me a jock the Pistorius record when I was 14 and it sort of changed my life and but storytelling and songwriting has always been a part of that and you know being a bass player in a band sometimes you end up with all the instruments of your jam spot for your basement or your bedroom and I started dabbling on drums and keyboards and I obviously kept playing guitar and stuff so I’m sort of a multi-instrumentalist but I’m a bass player by trade but as I said like a storyteller and everybody asked me to describe my music you know they’re always looking to put something so the genre or whatever I always call a kitchen sink it’s it’s a little bit everything on the records you’re gonna hear some funk and you’re gonna hear some folk and you’re gonna hear some country and you’re gonna hear some jazz and you’re gonna hear instrumental pieces and spoken word and comedy numbers and anything that sort of comes across my sort of spark initiation of writing I follow I heard some really interesting statements from like Tom Waits and Keith Richards over the last number of years that say you know that initial idea is one thing it’s the it’s the Epiphany but then allowing the experience to pull you through it creates a whole new mix up of ideas and feelings and that’s what kind of genres can kind of cross melt so I you know it behooves me and Who am I not to follow those kinds of things so that’s what I get off on him music is is that is that cross pooling of information really that’s why we have a lot of amazing music we have in our historical past and stuff that’s happening today yeah it’s like just this big eclectic taste of all of this good music and it’s it’s cool because like I think as the genres expand you have the blend of hip-hop and metal and you have rap core or new metal and and in country and in rap and all of these and yeah and so that’s even big now the whole country rap thing that’s a whole genre that’s blowing up country rap is blowing up right now there’s a huge market in it and some of the people who are just kind of standing out in that genre or blowing up because they’re kind of like some of the people who are doing it and doing it good and we just see these these genres begin to form as these styles kind of come together and make something new we look at it like in a rock scene we look at Linkin Park you know what I’m saying and what they brought to the table and kind of you know something being that big that fast and then blowing up to where like everybody steps back from it eventually says oh we’re not gonna touch that anymore whether it’s you know some of the hair band music now it’s kind of hard like the that stuff is what it is for like bringing back memories and bringing us back to that time but as far as bands that are still trying to do that kind of stuff it doesn’t really pick up a new audience it’s for those people but it’s cool to see when when these genres fuse together umber something new out of them have you been a part of any of that I’m sure you have if you’re if you like a lot of types of music and then you perform and play a lot of types of music eventually like you said you have an album or a song that’s a little country little jazz little funk all put together right Hot Chili Peppers perfect example you know yeah look and you know people have been doing it for a long time and sometimes gotten a lot of criticism for it look at Run DMC and Aerosmith yeah I mean that changed a whole bunch of people like what like hard rock mix with rap like this is pretty cool it was a neat idea you got some historical significance because the tune was such a hit many years ago but at the same time videos yeah the video is huge right and everybody breaking through the speakers and like it was I love that and again it’s it’s change that is the constant you know as much as we say we’re this kind of a musician or that kind of a band or whatever we’re always going through some kind of change and the fans that you know really latch on sometimes to that era or that genre of music when all of a sudden a new change comes to can be like look David Bowie’s a classic example of all these transformations that he made for so many years so Willie Nelson he was pegged as a country artist I mean he wrote crazy but at the same time later on when he cut the record what was a Stardust the record company gave him all this flack because they were American Songbook classics they said I’ll never fly and it became one of his biggest selling records so you know I think that’s the other thing artists themselves don’t want to be the sitting in one area that they want to grow and as a result you have to branch out and start thinking about let’s play with this let’s have fun with it because we’re having fun with it and the audience is obviously gonna fool the translate it’s hard to like sit back and think about what’s next and music you know and I guess unless you’re creating it like but but to think of all the different types of music and genres that we have out now and what’s the big thing it’s hard I don’t know if it’s a like a like a rehash of some of the old stuff bringing it back and putting a new spin on it I think that can be done but as far as creating something new it it almost feels like it’s it’s all been done but I think it may have always felt like that until something new what the different sound comes out right well that’s just it and I think a big part of it sometimes too if you look over history presentation has also changed so much in terms of the way that we release music or we show music in some kind of way and a lot of times character is is tied into that I mean some of the people that you know I mentioned Tom Waits you know he may not be a Billboard classic but I love listening to him because he creates this whole picture that every song may have a different flavor and color to it now in the album but that sort of rusty rustic voice that’s telling stories pulls you into these other fantastical sort of things so again it’s like that’s why I gravitate to anything that he does because he has that that sort of sound that feeling I know I’m gonna I’m know I’m gonna be taken down a strange world by Tom you know what he seems got his voice since you know you’re under a bridge somewhere in France on a tricycle arguing with one another smoking old cigars you know that you found it a ditch somewhere you know he’s gonna do those kinds of bigs and and and it just pulls you out of your normal framework mm-hmm I think music has that ability in any way in people through those eras project look at Louis Armstrong I mean you can’t help but look at Lily play saying talk and not laugh giggle chuckle and and get some kind of a feel when you see somebody like you know Hendrix who had a personality that was extruding through his instrument you know and who was very abashed when it came to actually cutting vocals he listened to Eddie Kramer talking about their sessions at Electric Ladyland he’s like yeah he’s got to put up a screen because he didn’t want anybody seeing him cutting his lyrics and you know I think but then all the self-expression and it’s close and coming out through his instrument made everybody go what another era of change you know some of the stuff that like with Peter Gabriel so theatrical and the music that he did and how he related it as it came out over so many years people were like expecting this sort of like Jethro Tull had that same thing Ian Anderson the strange Piper you know wearing the codpiece it was like it did those things to I think are highly defined by the culture in the moment you know Herbie Hancock once said the definition of an artist is one who has the ability to fuse their life with the rhythm of the times when it comes to this music that has stood the test of time and it this kind of opens up the door for like the whole spiritual side of this or the the drug influence side of this a lot of this great music was from people who I don’t were on drugs who frequently used drugs we got some really good eclectic music out of it I mean you could just start naming bands were there I mean anything Alice in Chains Nirvana the whole grunge scene I love it man all of it is is definitely drenched in addiction scraping the bottom of the barrel and drug use and things like that whether there’s a spiritual side to the drug use or just someone creating out of desperation or whatever the case is but some of that stuff that you feel a piece of those people in the song what do you think it is with drug use and creating songs whether it’s recreational or addiction like bottom-of-the-barrel stuff I think it goes many directions it’s multi-tentacled look I mean the addiction side of it is is the overuse of what that is I mean mystics of the past and even in Tibet today and temples they use hashishin other things that are like that as a part of that release of the immortal coil in order to understand more of the metaphysical yeah there’s been a lot of amazing musicians and and songs and are that has all come from those forms of recreational use and I think it says even more about our detachment from what spirituality really is because so many of us and of those that don’t play let’s say look at those people in those moments or listen to those songs and understand there’s something more than just writing the tune to the message and the energy that’s being captured because of that person’s endeavor I mean even years ago my mom would sing you that song old Bill Jones you know old Bill Jones had a daughter and his son his son went to college his daughter ran drowned his wife got killed in a poolroom fight but still he keeps singing for mourning tonight you know those kinds of big things based on sorrow through our life experiences are always somehow being circumvented through art I think that there’s a lot of things that that you know day to day people don’t have those vents alcohol drugs and things are things that they still use but at the same time on a spiritual level you know and that’s why that’s they call you know moonshining things like that spirits because yeah that aspect of the individual how the Sun changes and they’re gonna let it all flow because there’s but there’s so much condition inside of our experiences people that make us go well I can’t say that I shouldn’t behave that way I shouldn’t do those kinds of things and then all of a sudden you’ve had a few snappers and you’re loosed up and you’re gonna let everybody know that you love them that should kind of be there always and I think that says something great about our detachment from spirituality yeah we look at people like Jimi Hendrix or people who it’s weird like the instrument is an expression the voice is an expression as well as sin it’s an instrument for singers and and for its it’s cool because I look at like what the Bible would call a psalmist like King David he had power when he would play the stringed instruments and so it was like what was deep down within him was released through the song and the vibration of the string instrument it’s almost like a projector of his spirit and his relationship with God or the spirit realm or whatever and we see psalmist who do that we see people who just play the instrument without saying nothing you get chills you may cry like they like they’re able to talk without saying words and it was what we would call psalmist and look at the power of music the spiritual power of music it always goes back the whole King David thing reminds me of Pythagoras as well when you get into some of the stuff that his work and what stands out for the King David part is the fact that King Saul was overcome with demons possessed with demons he was vexed and the only way that he would find solace is when David the psalmist played the string instrument over him and it said the evil spirits that were tormenting Saul would leave as he played the guitar and I think we see that now like we is that we’re in a state of confusion or in a place of sorrow we can put on some uplifting music some soft music where people who are able to communicate this beautiful message or negative message that that’s being done as well or if you’re trying to get out violence and rage and there’s release there too but the spiritual aspect or that something is happening when these people create music well yeah you’re a hundred percent right because I mean music calms the savage beast there’s so many things that we could say but I think that’s why the young musician in you you must have experienced this at some point your life growing as a young player where you’re like you’re working on all these things chords scales modal stuff solo ideas heads for tunes melodies whatever it might be and then I remember once I had his uncle of mine we’re at like an anniversary party as a violinist playing and he’s like do you hear that it was just a violin and and he was like that’s like somebody he’s like seeing through his instrument and not like he was trying to put me down because he would hang around even listen to me play or whatever he goes you need to listen to yourself your look you have all these tools and you’re playing with all these tools but use those tools and listen to yourself so you can allow yourself to come through your instrument and forget about the tools that you need to use and all of a sudden what you’re talking about is that sense of divinity it’s that it’s when you get those shivers that run up your back when you hear somebody do something or see them in those moments Keith Jarrett the keyboardist American compositional jazz improvisation list I ciccone concerts anything that I’ve seen him do with the Erie with Gary peacock when you see Keith clay he’s almost like in a state of ecstasy and the things that he’s experiencing and going through through these meditative processes even before these shows allow him to have that state of grace and you can feel it it’s not any makes strange sounds like he’s like sometimes but it’s it’s the release the relinquishment of the self and now allowing all of that to flow through him so it becomes like divine in that regard so I when it’s true and that’s it that’s kind of where you start feeling the difference between the full version of let’s say methodical songwriting and and and sometimes there’s method but at the same time when we release more of the method new creativity new creation new ideas which is really the law of the universe starts to occur we’re so as I said so conditioned to those boxes is it rock and roll is Jazz’s of metal punk is as well it’s music Mingus Charles Mingus would say you know when he goes to Europe when he would play they call him an American artist they wouldn’t say he was a jazz musician he was defined by American culture as a jazz compositional bass player I think one of the greatest composers of the 20th century as far as I’m concerned but you know it’s like the definition sometimes is our downfall because we don’t allow for growth cross-pollination oh man I hate when they try to try to box you in and I find that with religion and mysticism and things a lot want to say what are you okay your this or whatever the case is but which what school with with the music thing is when you see those people up there man and they have the instruments or or they’re singing they they almost like create a vortex they go to another place I mean there’s tons of videos of tons of people doing it and they and that’s what I love to see that that person is not really there on stage you know that their eyes may be closed the whole time but they like create this vortex and if you can get with the rhythm you can go into that vortex with their eyes are closed they’re playing the drums or the djembe in there there’s own doubt they’re not even there anymore we talked about jimi hendrix just look at um there’s this performance and I’m sure you’ve seen it it’s a Santana I think it was for Woodstock went out and or a lot of losing one went out and did LSD because they thought they were gonna play hours later but they don’t that’s it and they said times up you guys gotta go on stage they’re like what we just dropped a bunch of acid and they’re out there just throwing down creating music they’re got the look going on their faces and stuff there’s video footage of it but it’s insane that they’re not there but they’re communicating with the guitars and with the music in everybody there’s on that I mean what is his name Joe Cocker or Cocker um yeah him do it so many people man and you know what sometimes you don’t even have to see it I mean our records I’m just as you’re talking I’m seeing the purple in the background King Curtis live at the Fillmore it’s got like oh man the lineup of people that is on is just ridiculous regardless they’re doing this track and it gets the Ballad of Big Joe or something like that and at about 3 minutes and 41 seconds and in the tune I swear there’s only four there’s the band is just rockin for the whole tune but those four bars the band turns purple they go purple they’re just you can feel this energy come off the record I’m even getting shivers and hairs coming up right now I’m thinking about and I’m not even listening to know you know what I’m saying so recon jersey v’n after the fact because the poky sea is still left in the heart and spirit and mind in the body even just by recollecting mm-hmm and uh I mean we look at some of the beautiful stuff that’s created through music there’s a lot of Christian groups out there now that are that are doing really good I think one is called uh yeah well you have Hillsong music and you have Bethel music and they do that they create this place of worship right while they’re on stage and they they’re zoned out they’re doing what their eyes are closed and they’re opening up their spirit and singing to the Creator not singing it this is the thing to with worship music and stuff or just songs we talk about telling a story that’s one thing but when someone’s telling their story through the music or whatever the case says date that that when they create those lyrics they connect with it so singing about God is one thing or singing about a boy named GU who whatever the case is you’re singing about somebody versus doing these songs that are about you in the place of your desperation singing about God versus singing to God and connecting so there’s something there with some of the we see it on I guess on a Christian worship side and then I would look at some of the darker stuff the darker themed stuff maybe like early Bone Thugs and harmony stuff where they were you know supposedly getting lyrics from the Ouija board and they had all the 666 and backward masking and and the devil talking and just crazy stuff going on talking about murder what what could be used for light or something of beauty can also be used on the other end as well into to carry out an agenda I mean when you look into the music industry whether it’s just stuff on the internet created that’s made up but there’s a lot of videos and things out there about the music industry being tapped into dark forces and dark powers to gain power and to make pacts with the devil or with I mean that’s the big the big thing in rock and roll your soul to the devil to get fortune and fame I mean that’s that that’s that part of the theme there so just as much as something can be used for good energetically spiritually it could be used for bad as well some of it maybe even theatrics I actually had busy bone from bone thugs on my show and he didn’t he he played dumb I tried to I tried to you know get butter from the duck and uh he played dumb the whole time and no that was just a part the Ouija board oh that’s a Parker’s brother game oh we didn’t that was just for looks it’s like you sure fooled a lot of people if so but honestly on that tip I think he was trying to clean up his image at the time people saying he’s crazy and he’s into a lot of mysticism and stuff I think he was trying to clean up his image but as far as the dark themes man do you have any stories that you have you messed with anything or been in a certain realm where you knew something was what’s funny with with with dark themes well you know you have a feeling sometimes in situations with people circumstances business dealings and you know some something isn’t right in a greater part of your statement it’s really interesting to hear about the dark and the light side of it and how you how you choose to wield it because I think whether you know like you said he was it’s a Parker Brothers game I mean when you also project an image and and there are others that sort of latch onto that imagery because they’re things that they’re feeling it sort of manifests that sort of cloud or doorway or even building momentum of negative energy that could be societal I mean even look back in time and I mean when Mozart wrote The Marriage of Figaro they didn’t want to put it out because it had to deal with marriages in different classes and they didn’t want or have any upheaval and what was going on in different things like so again you know it sounds crazy but it’s like I think a star wars sometimes and the analogy of the force between the good side and the bad side of our our duality that we are choices that we that we have some in and as as as those movies and sometimes the librettos of those things talk point out it’s like you know it becomes that choice what side do you feed there’s an old Aboriginal thing in my studio that I keep on the wall in this picture of a black wolf and a white wolf and the story that the Aborigines he goes to his grandfather and says why is there good and evil and he in the in the grandfather said because in your heart there are two wolves the dark wolf and a light wolf and the young boy says well who wins and he says well it all depends on which one you see mm hm and and I think music because that appeal of the negative and news media loves to wield the negative continually yeah it sells records yeah people have made up the the catastrophe about Paul McCartney being killed in a car accident so bill this year was that’s catastrophe selling records and people capitalize off of those kinds of things but I think that what you’re talking about what we’re talking about about the spirits well and you’re the truth behind stuff which is finding that that bigger message that’s bigger than you it’s it’s almost hard to explain it’s like all this stuff is coming at us every day from the things that we read the things that we see the people that we talk to where we go and all of a sudden this amalgam and concept of idea pops out and you go okay I’m either angry about this and it’s okay to follow the path of anger because in the end it may show you something greater about the positive and vice versa some of the positivity may point out certain things that are like well but this in the end could make you angry you know because you’re missing all this positivity there’s so many different aspects to the duality but yeah it might to answer your question to finalize it you know I’ve met some people where I just walk into their office right away because there’s going to be a business dealings going on and and and I end a room has this darkness in it it’s not that there aren’t lights on and there isn’t a window in the room but you can tell right away that there’s something else person and you know shady yeah and and I just I’ve learned to kind of go I’m gonna keep an arm’s length from all this stuff because that’s not what it’s about for needs and it’s about trying to find some sort of personal experience in the greater part of life experience in the now you know and it’s not just my experience it’s it’s like people that I talk to and and that the stories I hear stuff I hear in social media but I tend to shy away and and I do owe heartedly from any of that real negativity other than the fact that I think that sometimes that the anger can be wielded correctly in a way that it’s more poignant than being like you know go out and kill a bunch of people yeah there’s a bunch of all those videos and stuff they talk about the devil and the music industry in rock and roll a bunch of them use a clip from a Bob Dylan who talks about you know he was coming for his dude the devil was always coming and you know you sold your soul for rock and roll that type of deal just like you said there’s many aspects of it I always also think that there’s a symbolic aspect of it as well like symbolic that look I traveled the world I slept around I did this I had everything on a silver platter I the devil petitioned me to sell my soul for rock and roll symbolically meaning that I gave up something like I gave up time with my kids I wasn’t there for my kids but I enjoyed the sweet things in life and we hear that all throughout music and stuff as well so like you say I think there’s some piece of that that’s symbolic too and the fact that we’re just obsessed with horror were obsessed with the negative stuff on the news I mean I think we all reach a point to like man why can’t we watch the news and hear about the good stuff going on in our communities and so and so you know help who is helping children or starting fundraisers let’s hear about listen let’s do a whole two hour segments on these type of of stories but it like said people wouldn’t watch it tool has a song called vicarious and it talks about like we need to see things die we want were like thrilled by watching the horror or the demonic things or whatever the case is and we love the horror movies we love it in our music we love to see people sell their souls to the devil as long as it isn’t us as long as we can watch it from a good safe distance as the song says we see it happening to somebody else like watching The Walking Dead like I absolutely love that show you know we love seeing that stuff but as long as it’s happening to somebody else it’s okay but there’s something deep within the hearts of men were we and we love it man and if it was the good stuff it wouldn’t get it it doesn’t get airplay because there’s good stuff happening throughout there you know every city every community has good stuff happening but they don’t cover it or they barely cover it or whatever the case is while you’re right I mean the sorrow sells and you know there can be no true beauty without decay mm-hmm that this is the this is the aspect of life that everything dies in order for us to live we die we compute you know have children they get older they die they have children it’s a it’s a constant but the imprinting that we left the things that even nature still imprints on us that to me also like you know is a part of sort of the dark and light aspect of our choices and stuff like that like you say well yeah and even in your previous statement we were saying it becomes like you know like well you know I live the good life and I did these things but I I know I didn’t spend time with my children I didn’t spend time with my life iye what my wife I screwed around on my life like yeah all those things again become a part of that thing was like what you know how do we choose to absorb it how do we choose to to use it in our lives and you know yes we have a morbid fascination with everything but again that that’s the thing about spirituality on the other side of the fence that it’s trying to tell us that this is a constant and lettin death is a part of life but you know the fascination and how we amplify it in the Hollywood sense of things tends to really you know people can’t help but not look and and what I mean you’re driving down the when there’s an accident you gotta keep going you wanna try to keep the speed but you know at some point you go holy cow what just happened yeah you know I get a bit yeah you gotta get a peak right you got to get a peak and even when you hurt yourself you know eventually the cuts bad you got your hand on it you’re bleeding and you know you’re gonna go oh man you know like it’s bad you gotta look at it right I think that’s also a part of recognition and realizing too as to you know what’s kind of really going on that the news media like I tend not to watch TV anymore it’s so filtered with you know like I said so much negativity and anxiety and man I’d rather be out either if I had free time in my garden or out in the bush you know or with my guitar or doing something that’s a little bit more creative fun III get off on that as opposed to like because I grew up in 70s culture and 80s culture when television was making an explosion and the whole family would get around the TV and be like an event yeah you know and you’d watch like all on the family and Sanford decided grandma and granddad would not watch Lawrence Welk on Sunday afternoons and things like that and now it’s become where everybody has access to televisions video there are people that are living in their own homes they hardly talk to one another there’s Wi-Fi everywhere all of those kind of things are inundating us with that ability less ability to be tactically related to our environment so we’re actually doing things with our hands and seeing the byproduct of what that is sometimes people think well that’s trivial because that’s you know TAS say that’s in the past nobody wants to do those things anymore look at this hat and at the same time we’re losing something as a part of that in terms of communication and stuff like that so you know news media I go in and I check it I go out of the amplitude where is it out what are they talking about and how are they showing it to us you get the classic I don’t see a lot of good journalism going on on television you get to to spin doctors or three people here’s all your opinions you come from all these different backgrounds and at the end of the two-hour show you’re left feeling confused and unsure yet for a reason I think man well that’s just it I think that there the idea that the new stations even in the United States are really owned by a couple of people yeah you know it goes to show you that it’s easy to disseminate information that you want and create let’s say a black and white or red and blue or however you want to slice it version of we think this you’re wrong we think this you’re wrong we think this your honor and where do we come together to build something new where everybody feels prosperous is about always pointing out to us what is wrong with why we communicate with why we this religion did this and this religion of that and that that race group did this and that race group did that we’re all people men every spiritual leader that we decide to follow whether it be Jesus Christ or Mohammed or anybody they’re all saying the same thing but here we are stoning their flag saying you’re wrong you’re wrong you’re wrong but we’re people you know what I mean so the I tend to be an even Hollywood has that effect where you know the ideas that are that are that are in the librettos and the stories and stuff people go well you know this court case is based on this murder in the situation and we’ll have what was just like in the movie dead about it up so you know again information being put out was just a movie but at the same time you know how many those movies come with warnings yeah you know television shows come with warnings you know we could go on and on about yeah yeah there’s many aspects on it just to kind of kind of touch a little bit about being disconnected like I’ve seen children I’ve seen children playing like the Nintendo Wii or the Nintendo switch and it was a thing that came out there’s these animal games and so there’s these games where you have a virtual pet on your screen and you can throw the ball for your pet on the television and you actually have the ball and you throw it with the hand motions and stuff you pet your dog you water him you feed them you play with them spend time with them I’ve seen children play that with their dogs sitting in the back watching them like you’re playing with this fake virtual dog but you could be playing with your real dog but you would rather get into the technology and play with the the virtual dog it’s the irony there’s like come play with this dog he’ll fetch like how you gonna play that game yeah and then go get on another console or iPad but are you gonna be able to get in your bed on a Sunday morning when the rain is hitting the roof with your dog and he snuggling up to you or she’s snuggling up to you and you’re looking at each other going geez man I’m thankful that we’re together and that we’re living our lives and that we’re friends you know all of those kind I don’t get from an app it’s so clinical and it’s this detachment from so many the empathetic aspects of human souis that is the most dangerous part of it because but you know if people don’t have empathy for something that’s going on and you’re pulling out your camera while somebody’s bleeding on the ground being eaten up and you’re filming it watch they’re like that this morning you know like what the heck you know like watch the video like that this morning um that’s the best to disconnect there um I used to get mad at it like when it when I was becoming more spiritual more conscious of this stuff going on understanding Kali Yuga and with this prophecy of that man would use machines to fight against God I think we’re in that time you know we’re fighting against nature destroying nature you know there’s you know you rather watch a video about nature than actually walking out and getting in nature like those type of it’s going on and we look at Facebook we look at this stuff that’s supposedly making us connected and there’s this notion of the global brain right is that we’re already connected spiritually we’re already connected like when we when you talk about going in that room and you feel that heaviness or that I shouldn’t be here or something somebody’s doing something they shouldn’t be doing and then you walk you could walk in a room and feel that we’re all connected we’re we’re all able to sense what other people are going through Facebook kind of takes this sense of us being connected and they put it into a technological format and they mimic what’s already there for spirituality and that’s what we see a lot of technology doing just mimicking what we already have or what we’re already capable of doing so I got I was like I would speak against it and get mad and stuff early on but it’s like we can’t we can’t I don’t think we can fight against it I think this is where we’re headed I think we could try to utilize it to do podcasts to bring people together to use what is becoming so addictive and it’s tearing families apart and things like that use it to try to bring some good into the world versus just letting it do what it’s going to do regardless I mean there’s people giving up their phones and you know they only want to use flip phones because they’re so addicted to their phones and we’ve all been there but there is Ellicott with all of this stuff we can use it for our good I mean most even a lot of the technology when it comes down to making music as well I mean that’s technology as well it just depends on how advanced we want to become with it in and how much of it we’re gonna let consume us with our social life and so that was a big thing Facebook being social media you can log into your account and see all your friend’s birthday party pictures what they did this weekend what they did last week and it nullifies this fact that you have to check in with them and say hey man or even show up to the party you kind of feel like you went because you’ve seen everybody who was there you read the comments you know what presidents they got so in in you that this this social need to connect with people socially it’s it kind of fills that void through social media and you won’t even have to talk to these people for months or years and you run into them but they’ve been keeping up with you but you don’t know that like I haven’t heard from you in in months or even years and I hey I seen seen you went to Disney World this weekend there’s like oh okay you know I’m saying so they’re keeping up with you so going out getting a beer go and have dinner lunch with people like it pushes the notion like I have to get out of the house many of us are turning into Hermits like even in my my cave here I’ve got everything you know socially I can create music I create podcast I play video games everything in this so I have to make myself be sociable you know I need to go hang out with some friends I need to go out to eat and get on my phone and call all these people and let’s meet up let’s hang out so that I don’t become that person like I see it happening so I don’t want to become that you know yeah what you know what you’re very prolific my friend because never before I think has a tool a technological tool a washing machine many years ago could have been considered a technological tool you know we had a telephone a rotary phone we didn’t know who was bringing when the phone rang we just picked it up in the neighbor it could have been an uncle it could have been somebody selling light bulbs but ultimately we didn’t go to sleep with them we didn’t carry them everywhere if somebody had a phone in their car they were like a diplomat or a dignitary or something like that and that’s why they had to have that now in a four-year-old or a five-year-old this you know doing what they’re doing on a phone I’m like hmm that’s a little too soon as far as like an immense amount of technological information instantaneously being handed into a young person’s hand without them developing any sort of like creative or tactical abilities without it because having the brain developed that way without it being immediately for you so much information at once you can’t focus this is why ad D and other things like that are also on the rise because tech kids attention span yeah are so short what is it like the average adult is seven seconds yeah you know so again I think it’s how we use it you know I I know many carpenters that have saws hammers drills whatever it is but they don’t go to sleep with them they don’t drive in the front car with them they’re not always checking them when they’re out to dinner they’re not like you know so again it becomes a matter of choice I was there to like me for years I resisted social medias results with the exact same sympathetic feelings we had then I went wait a minute I can’t communicate with people in the old-fashioned way by Kali or doing whatever telegram it’s yeah it’s detainee asleep people are getting back to man like this is great and before what I’m spending eight hours a day doing what I’m doing and then I went wait a minute like you I got a cut the digital umbilical cord and and do other things not like I don’t but I can see like you said the deluge of how it can take over yeah it really does and and and and and again it’s I don’t think it’s healthy well you see people on Facebook social media and we’ve probably all done it but they they do their status hey guys stepping away from social media I have to get back and on my studies I have too consumed with this media I’m stepping away I’m deleting my account I’m gone I had fun if anybody needs me you have my number and it’s like it’s it’s it’s comical now because you know that they’re gonna feel disconnected like we want to feel disconnected we want to feel like we’re in the loop and they may step away for any period of time a day a week a month whatever but they always come back because that feeling is going to hit you because it’s the truth now you’re not connected anymore you like you know you don’t know like it’s so much easier to send somebody an instant message or to do a party invite or whatever the case is it’s just how it’s just what we’re becoming man but to see those people step away it’s comical because I’ve done it I mean I’ve said you know what I’m gonna take a week off of Facebook I feel disconnected man what is going on without me something’s happening without me you feel that way man everybody feels that and so it’s it’s it can be an addiction and you have to get a hold of it just like anything could be an addiction this coffee we’re drinking them you know listening the music whatever anything could be an addiction if it’s overboard and social media is it’s definitely something that a lot of people are addicted to so there’s etiquette that we got to learn and there’s this you know time management man for real why you know Facebook you can check out anytime you like but you can never be that’s exactly I mean that’s why a lot of people think that this is the mark of the beast and that the internet and technology is the plan of the enemy everybody’s waiting for the RFID chip and they’re just itching for this being implemented to everyone and well here’s the other thing too on a frequency level it’s just like okay we all have electric light Thank You Nikola Tesla and as a result you know they work on a sort of frequency sixty Hertz frequency in fact before they’d figured out that they needed speed up the frequency worked at 30 Hertz which meant the actual light bulbs would flicker and at 60 Hertz they’re extremely stable so it looked like a constant light as opposed to this sixty cycle frequency that’s happening LED lights work at such a high frequency that they even send EB meters right off of their scale sometimes because the frequencies that are cutting off of it now I had a gentleman and I’ll say his name because he’s a reputable person is Bob McConnell from Tesla magazine and he had contacted me through a friend he wanted to do some tests up here in my studio because I lived way up in the country and I don’t have a lot of Wi-Fi er are at for anything like that and he did this thing with me where it’s like okay he started checking my normal bulbs and showing me on his meat or how low the frequency was and then he showed me an LED bulb and I said okay so why is this so significant why do I need to be worried about this Bob he said we’ll come upstairs blue studio where we’re doing these experiments in an LED screen of about 40 LED lights and he plugged it and it was falling and he held it up in the board lit up right away and he said no stare into these lights and just tell me what song you hear and I’m like what he’s like no no sighs he said stare into these lights and tell me what song you hear and I’m like okay and I’m like so I’m I’m there I’m staring staring and like arbitrarily you would have a sub teen coming here ahead or thought or somebody was phrase or somebody said something to you I had sign in at Garfunkel a like a bridge over troubled troubled waters he pulls the pin out and out of the phones playing bridge over troubled waters in that spot that I was hearing in my head exactly almost so you can project dual and triple and quadruple multi levels of information through LED signals and at the same time he said the kicker is is that cerebral texts when it’s receiving this information in your pineal gland which is also a sort of an ocular receptor because it’s actually like an eye has rods and cones it’s in the center of your brain this is what the third eye and the human individual is supposed to be it can actually project images into the LED system that can be read and you’re saying well you know ultimately omnipotence when one or two people or a group of people have controlled the thought patterns and every nuance of everything that’s going on you do have an apocalyptic kind of moment because we’re no longer free of our thinking and we’re four addicted to the very system that they say keeps us in communication how do we stay away from it other than by choice it has to be through reckoning and realization that that all happens it’s like an epiphany itself yeah and the people and they’ll do it to you too if you don’t go on for a week and a half you know you do your quick post in the morning check a few things make sure whatever but then you don’t go everybody so-and-so posted on their page that I don’t know they’re trying to pull you about what did I miss something I know so-and-so maybe I should check out what’s going on now they’re just trying to really get back in and then you flip through a bunch of things your goat goes through the roof you start arguing with somebody then you’re on there for five or ten minutes you’re all of a sudden you know it’s like it’s so perfect and now now here’s the thing you know the big computer that’s down in the US what is it called in where scuse me help me the Mormon State okay there’s some new Taurus is Utah thank you it’s called the Beast yeah Google owns and is now that the a yottabyte is what is it 200 million gigs so this this computer is like over to taking in information continuing scrutinizing for different things you’re looking for keychain phrases and it has all sorts of different stuff that it’s always checking out yeah so to me you’re kind of right I mean but it’s what did John of Patmos say it’ll be in the head or the hand you see most of the people most of the time they’re just sitting there with their head in their hand do you know what I mean yeah it could be man and I think it’s all I think I think halation is relative to what wherever you are you know what I’m saying to them it was experiencing then and whether history repeats itself or we just we want to be the people of the book or the people at the end time you know those type of things but here’s a kicker to when it comes to this light and right these TV screens are just blinking lights really fast you’re talking about the the Hertz that it’s it’s it’s sending the signal light that’s why when you see an older television or computer screen on camera with another TV the frame rate is slower so you’re able to see these lines and see it’s flickering something you can’t see because you’re not able to processor that fast with with your naked eye but there was something in the early televisions the early television with televisions were made there’s a tube in there and it’s called the cathode ray tube and so this was used in ancient culture in ancient Egypt there’s pictures of it to communicate with the spirit realm so they would shine light through one end of this little tube and it were projecting image on the wall and in the image as they were contacting entities the the entities would move the light particles around and communicate with them through like putting images of the entity on the wall and communicating and stuff in that same tube the cathode ray – – was in the early televisions that were created that’s right and there’s even if you look it up it’s called the sound of silence irony as we were saying it before technology that was patented in the 1970s that had the ability to send dual and triple signals even though you were watching an audio and video signal coming through a coaxial cable you could still send other signals through that signal through the cathode – just like you’re talking about you know daniel estulin who is a big follower of the Bilderberg Group and has written a number of books says the greatest hypnotist that we all have in this world is the television and we all have like even with like hip hip hop culture and stuff they’ll take I’ve seen trends overnight a big-name rapper will do something off the wall and then the next day and you go out into the into the culture everybody starts doing and I seen when and this is just little things I remember when little Wayne the famous rapper got dreadlocks everybody got dreadlocks right after that every now every dude you see has dreadlocks there’s a rapper named ti he come out with this this min years into early head not on his head not backward but on the actual side of his head and then the next that you got into the culture everybody and they put it because they put it on TV in a music video and then the next day everybody’s wearing their hats the same type of way if really weird how much power that thing has well it’s subliminal imagery which is also too hard to detect I mean in the 70s when they would do it at movies and in the late sixties you’d have one frame inside of that film that would have a picture of a coca-cola like a soft drink let’s say and a pop pop bag of popcorn and all of a sudden during intermission you’d be like yeah let’s get some popcorn and it’s offering and and it’s also suggested language the way that it’s wielded in some ways that even in basic things like in commercials I hate this what it’s like are you tired of chopping oh it’s such a mess da da da da da da da it’s so cumbersome they’re telling you that you are feeling this way this is why you need gobos super chopper you know and it’s just another piece of justice leg syndrome are your legs tired yeah yeah you know like they and they are aren’t they you know you’ve had a hard day you’ve but done it under than us so why cooking is drudgery why not just put this frozen piece of junk filled with salt and sugar in the oven for your family you know all of those guys they’re not gonna and and and to capitalize off that when I love the Terry Gilliam film how to get ahead in advertising and at the beginning of the film you know he’s going into this whole thing about you know selling stuff to the public like oh I know what what she’s like she uses so many rolls of toilet paper and dadadada he goes through this whole list and he goes no matter how bad it is we’re going to sell it to them because it’s it’s it’s capitalism it’s a and I’m not saying capitalism was a bad thing to capitalize off of an idea and a good and positive way we’re gonna benefit from it is one thing but just to sell for the sake of selling because you want to make money mega profiting substandard things how many times have you gone you bought something you’re like I just paid 40 bucks for this and it’s broken because it’s plastic that’s because the consumer species goes okay we’ll take anything you shovel us because we won’t complain enough and say we won’t participate in buying that and keep making class to junk that we don’t need you know it’s like remorse man walking to the mall and I see a hat or a shirt and I want it and it’s calling to me like I’ll buy it I might wanna spend this money I don’t even probably not even gonna wear this and you know what more consequential when it becomes food and like to me that’s is as important as education you know and free thinking as anything because if we don’t have a choice to know where and how our food is produced we’re being fed substandard food I know I’ve been gardening and farming my whole life as well I come from a big family farmers and I’ve seen such a change in agricultural practices in the last four years I’m almost staggered by in the fact that so much localized food is being exported and at the same time we’re bringing in food from further away that cost actually a little bit less money but it’s substandard we don’t know who grew up what was preyed on it if it’s genetically modified all of these kinds of things that on a biological level yeah create a healthy body and a healthy mind those choices then that you get to make I get to put this in my body because I know it’s good for me I grew that my friend grew that I got it at a farmers market and I know Jim and I know his wife and daughter other dinah supports his family puts his kids through school and they’re all these kinds of things they experience of consumption completely changes it’s not just the arbitrary feeding trough aspect if we don’t have that label that says Jim and his wife produced it how do we vote with our dollar it’s like the same thing walking through the mall and you go I really want that but then it’s like well who am i supporting inside of this mechanism and it’s so enticing again it’s like I want their placating that aspect but at the same time it’s not there’s nothing with what am i you said what am I gonna do with it it’s probably gonna sit on the bench I might wear it a bunch of times and then what am I gonna do yeah well it’s the fact that how did you come home with it you know what I’m saying like I said we’re talking about the colors the font the wording I mean I’m even looking at that with YouTube videos like we can just have a picture of me and you and have a compelling title that’s one thing but it’s something about having this bright font that’s bright text those those thumbnails always catch catch my attention it’s like it’s for a reason like they have the font on their really big so it’s like there’s little small ways and that’s being done for for harm it’s being done for evil but our job is to try to do it for good especially if we’re we have some spiritual understanding of light and darkness and things like that and especially if we have something positive or powerful to share with the people I mean words is talking about like dark sayings in the music or we we talked about what we went live backward masking and stuff like that going on in music there is this this notion that chanting and spells and things are being done within the music and in turn down and a lot of famous songs that are being spoken over you because the frequency is still there if we want to learn anything we had to have this learning in the terms of vibration and movement frequency your voice carries that carries a tone carries a pitch carries a frequency and it’s in the music so us I’ve learned all this stuff I’ve studied the Illuminati stuff I’ve watched hours and hours and hours of videos and say you know what if this is working and this is what they’re doing let me try to do it on the other side let me speak blessings in my music and turn it down let me pray over people let me speak that they’re gonna have a great day let me speak over this song that they’re going to encounter the divine in have blessings in their life and I’ve been doing that we’ll get done with a song we’re going in and we’ll pray or we’ll do chance over it or whatever and I’ll turn it all the way down and it’s crazy that people are having like spiritual encounters listening to my music and it’s happening as it is working we’ll turn it all the way down so you can’t hear it but you can feel it when you’re listening I do I’m just like I’m listening to your music true seeker and I’m crying listening to a rap song like what’s going on here right it’s working man so we I’m studying it and seeing what they’re doing but I’m doing it for the good reasons but that’s amazing and that in that that just goes to show you that the thing that you’re encapsulating in that recording the frequency of the positivity that you’re trying wield is translating even though it’s not in your face yeah oh yeah and you were talking about color and stuff before – it’s like even from a very young age we’re conditioned nature conditions us yeah red is a prime example when you’re a little boy you know you see the kid he’s got the red firetruck or whatever frequency it’s so cool it’s coming down the street the lights are red man and then they’re tritone everybody out of the way all of a sudden when that lung young boy gets to that next age group you have soft drinks that are brightly colored with red you have all kinds of candies packaging come on Fred yeah then they go to the next stage all the fast foods brightly colored with reds and yellows and those kinds of things high frequency again little Suzy that comes through that same things in a daily pink and fuchsias and all these others sort of really psychosexual colors you know Barbies filled with it me Disney films are always filled with it and there being even conditioning on that frequency level keep gravitating to those kinds of things so it’s like even cosmetics have those colors in it and and it’s all part of that same early it this is my choice but it’s not because I don’t even know that I’m reacting to these frequencies in nature you and I go out to the bush and we’re hunting or hiking or doing whatever we’re doing and I say hey man don’t eat that berry because it’s red it’s poisonous stay away from that frequency in the plug same thing bugs snakes other things that are colored those bright colors are vibrant assembling symbol to them to our ir cerebral cortex again going to stay away and at the same time they’re the very things that we go yes it’s good to eat because it is red it’s an apple it’s a strawberry it’s a raspberry it’s a tomato all of those kinds of things and even in the past tomato was considered to be the devil’s fruit they didn’t know what it was and I can’t remember what state it was in the US gentleman brought him up himself and he had to eat him in front of the townspeople on his porch to prove that he wasn’t going to die because red could have been simple frequency for poison yeah so again you know you’re right those those frequencies if we project them and I’m getting a bit in this in these conversations because I love talking to you too you feel like there’s Assam Malcolm and a good positive energy it just is like a tourist motor that just starts to feed up into everything and I agree with it you project a negativity and whether you’ve messing around with it or not that’s like saying well we were just messing around with the Ouija board and now we’ve got this third class leatherback paper team in their home we were just playing around well wait a minute what else is going on here there’s got to be something else to be intent behind what we’re doing here booties no I’ve done these experiments where they’ve prayed among water as it’s been freezing and they’ve seen their connect to their actual change in the winter to look the pace on their energy molecular structure is changing yeah I mean yeah I mean that’s been man the whole power of sound of music of vibration and it all gets into the spiritual aspect of it is the fact that you can change the genetic makeup of water you can speak to it and say blessings over and I know that they had the dr. emoto’s rice experiment we actually did that my fan it with my wife and daughter and I just to see if it was real cuz I mean I’ve studied the ancient texts I’ve studied the Bible I know all of these sayings about how powerful your words are and life and death are in the power of the tongue and it has the ability the blessing curse by you speaking in how powerful words are was it I watched that we wanted to be true but I tried it in 100% it worked it worked we had one vial of rice I actually shared the picture the other day I did a video on it but I lost my channel and lost that video but I have the picture one vial of rice we spoke blessings over I love you you’re awesome you’re gonna be a you’re gonna bless somebody good things are gonna come from you and you know I love you all of these blessings on the other one and the other one we spoke curses over I hate you you’re stupid you’ll never amount to nothing why are you even here I don’t even like you and we literally did that and the weird thing of I guess being spiritual of knowing that these words have power I eventually felt bad for even cursing the one that I was speaking the curse is over and speaking of I’m saying that but there’s no there’s something to be said about your intent because words can be idle yeah and if they’re not if there is nothing behind them and this is why we AB spiritual leaders they have that ability to amplify that and we then can gravitate to the understanding or that amplifications yeah man I mean the day I think there was a what is it’s a computer company or something or Nokia some company put out in schools they have a they put plants out and they did the same experiment with plants I mean plants are made up of water as well just like the human body so it’s not the rights it’s the water that that the rice was in as well to be able to speak to that water and they’re doing these experiments with other things and big companies are getting behind it and sure enough there was a plant that was dead and the other plant was alive and thriving with life and you can look up those videos that the like life and death truly are in the power of the tongue that’s true blue are the life-giving waters taken for granted they quietly understand James Marshall Hendrix were you talking about what we put in our bodies I know you know having this connection with it whether it’s the the fast-food or the stuff that we hunt I’m not a hunter I have a weak stomach I see dead animals it I can’t do I know what I know how I know the process my wife comes from a family of hunters so she’s been hunting since she was a little kid and she would go out and hunt and she would kill a deer and we could eat on that one deer that she killed for like a year I me and my family could eat we’d never had to buy any meat or anything whether it was their tacos deer steak beer burgers whatever like we ate on that for a year that’s that’s one thing you don’t have to keep buying this meat over and over but when she prepared it even though I didn’t kill it she went out and killed it and brought it home and all of that stuff there was a different connection partaking of that meat there was a gratitude there we know where we knew where the meat came from all of this stuff and it was a different spiritual connection that was there of knowing where your food came from versus you went out and just there’s a disconnect hey I have this burger I don’t know where the lettuce the tomato if it’s even real you know the meat how much of this meat is real how much is horse meat even the Illuminati conspiracy self how much is human meat like there’s some weird theories out there about that you don’t you have note you don’t know you don’t know and it says the different does a disconnect there but with the hunter thing or even growing things in our backyard and eating them it’s a different feeling man oh you’re totally right and it increases that appreciation level it’s a it you realize that it’s not just see that’s life experience arbitrarily buying and coming it’s nice to provide for your family and have food and have something on the table is a blessing but at the same time sometimes that take for granted mentality because it’s become a norm you lose exactly what you just said even if this is something as simple as carrots or tomatoes in your backyard it has that new relationship it is it does taste better it because it’s right from your backyard and it’s freshness was still alive and it’s providing to you and at the same time the work that you put in it the care the time is part of that religious experience it’s the nurturing of life to nurture you to nurture life again the following season I know hunters and I don’t hunt myself by fish but I’ve never actually shot anything yeah other than maybe a couple birds when I was a kid or something I still have remorse about it but at the same time you know that that what you’re talking about they they put down for animals as 16 people or 12 people all eat from those 4 or 5 animals for the whole year sausage burger everything that you can possibly think of and that when I’ve eaten with them that sense of reverence don’t is amplified there whether I was a part of that experience in culling and killing the animal or not and and we’ve lost that again relationship to the death experience inside of that reality when we when we used to run our farm and you know your kids come from a school and I’d be their milk and cow by hand we have milking systems and stuff like that we used to do it the old way to show them and they’re like they didn’t know remote came firm you know they didn’t know that the store store man you know and that’s what I guess I get off on a talking with people it’s like with music it’s it’s it still has that same connection to creation and experiencing and sharing you know that’s something I’ve always struggled with I went back and forth with the vegetarian thing for a long time I’m reading a comment here at door that says I’d rather just eat plants I don’t like the notion of killing something that can still live a good life ahead that was probably one of my biggest convictions was the fact that you’re taking this animal away from its family just to eat or whatever the case is I have an inward struggle with that I’ve just done it for a couple months at a time and then ate a chicken nugget and then foot went all the way back and I’ve always went back and forth with it for just you know two three months at a time and there’s there’s so much study there’s so much research about the whole vegetarian diet but of whether it being good or whether it being bad it’s debatable the thing that helps me consciously whether this is good or this is just an excuse it’s really understand ending the universe and that life consumes life and so for us to exist something has to die whether it’s plants whether it’s bacteria whatever the case is and and and it just a law of the universe I mean even we talk a reference tool they have a lyric in the same song vicarious that says that you know pull your head out of your hippie hey is the universe is it’s hostile so impersonal and just as it was so it will always be devour to survive something has to die there’s a lot of religious people listening a lot of Christians like Jesus had to die for you to live like just so it was so it will always be whether it’s plants and in and so the vegans are stuff Ratana like coming out several plants aren’t alive and they can’t feel you know I think it is so I think all of yeah they feel because I don’t communicate experiments like Baxter experiments have showed the plants definitely have electrical conductivity they can communicate with one other they can communicate with insects they can feel fear they can feel positivity I’ve seen it happen so but at the same time you know what I was a vegan for 20 years and devout Noble leather belts no leather shoes nothing and then you know what it was for me I had a bunch of blood tests done and it wasn’t that my blood was out of whack I just never had known my blood type went on and found out I was like you know positive and I started reading this book that was called eat for your blood type that’s a big that’s a big thing yeah and it was weird I saw a documentary on the keyboard as Horace silver and he was a vegan and he said he started feeling these mental fog moments and like body pangs of like there’s something missing and he said you know what so what I did is I broke precedent and about every six months I don’t have steak and it he needed it and for me it’s like I’m the same way it’s like I have my watch it’s easy you get you get you know what I’m talking about so it was more me figuring out but I don’t need a lot of beef I don’t need a lot of chick and I you know tsch yeah but you know what I do eat chicken I love chicken yeah I mean my wife went through the same thing she was about two months in and she works here’s the thing – your job what do you do she works outside in the heat strenuous work she loves her job but she there’s a lot of output a lot of energy output and then so for her just to eat plants or even processed foods or whatever I mean we really can’t get away from that even if you try that you’re gonna partake of some and I should become a raw food that’s almost right but she enjoyed it feeling good at first just like me but then you know on into a cheat she had no ain’t no energy she became anemic she started to get like think was puska in her eyes and stuff and her eyes begin to mess with her and she had to look it up and then she was led to the same work she’s type o-negative and then we found the work that certain blood types need certain types of meats for their diet even if we go to the mystical realm we can look at the work of Santos Bonacci who shows you that different blood types and different phases of them of the Sun that you that you’re born under needs certain types of salt even for your body and for you for your blood type so there’s that too and it’s really deep so she looked that up and so that was her thing that she you know she had to do and then she started eating meat again and she felt okay that’s that’s the whole thing there with the whole you know vegetarian diet and you know what you can eat always go back to someone who I feel like is is like a mentor for me from beyond the grave which is mainly P Hall you know one of the you know the greatest mystics you know who’s given us that the information freely and I found in it was a newsletter that he put out some years ago when he was alive it was a newsletter wasn’t in a book it was just in a newsletter and he covered the topic back then this was probably the vegetarian or vegan and his stance on it was that whatever type of life you live you could do it like all of these these the vegan body and you know the vegan you know all of this stuff they’re inside like in the in the air-conditioner all day you know like if you’re a philosopher or you’re spiritualist and you get paid to do that you’re inside and in the words that Manley P hall use is that you’re meditating under a tree then your body is gonna need different types of things versus if you’re a carpenter if you’re framing houses in in the in the Sun and then you’re gonna eat a salad like there’s different things that your body needs and there’s different proteins and nutrients that you have to have or you’re gonna feel sluggish you’re gonna feel bad and you know it it’s different for everybody that’s the thing and so that’s what Manley P Hall pointed out I’ve actually got the article up on my website if you probably just look up you know Manley P Hall vegetarian it’ll probably come up in Google and so you know that that was his stance on it it was different for everybody if you’re meditating all day if you’re a guru you live you’re sitting in the AC teaching people whatever the case is you may be able to eat a vegetarian diet but if you’re out there frame and houses digging ditches and yeah under the hot Sun I don’t think it’s gonna work a man on the farm you know mennonites up near us and we would often do the same thing just because that’s the way the days ran you’d have your big meal with two o’clock you know you’d have the full-on gravy with potatoes and there’d be a ham and a chicken and you’d have a salad or two salads and you have pie the very end and people you know you’d be up at 5:00 yeah and I had to you’d come then you need for an hour you’d go back out you work till seven or eight o’clock at night and you do that every day but if you don’t have that big bulk you know you’d have a small little breakfast toast it’s maybe a few little things like that to get you going through the day but that rest of that bulk would take you through not only that that’s on a metabolism level because I was a heavy kid man I was like what 46 inch waist hundred pounds heavier than I was in high school my metabolism was so slow that when I started working more and our my family farm sped up my metabolism and started eating that way it leveled everything out and now I can eat what want but you know not eating is sometimes people are consuming bad food after 8 o’clock and just like you said you’re sitting around so they’re not burning it off clean it way to go sleep diabetes you know the heart blood pressure this thing Bobby’s processing that the whole the whole time on your sleep and have to eat that big meal or that mini back or whatever the case is which kind of leads us to something else that you know even using my wife as an example she’s doing the whole in a minute fasting thing which is getting really big and so I think she gives herself an eight-hour window to eat which is kind of crazy because I’ve you know that there’s a lot of people who don’t need breakfast they’re like oh never I just eat breakfast just to eat I feel like I need breakfast when I wake up like I need that to boost my metabolism or something I need a good breakfast especially being from a farm I know you’re the same way yeah I’ve always felt like that but she’s doing a thing she’s not eating until after 10:00 you know if I get up at 5 or 6 I want my coffee and I don’t have to eat but I feel like I’d do better if I if I eat I definitely want my coffee right when I wake up but she’s giving all that up she’s not eating till she’s eating from so was that that’s eight hours right so that’s eight and eight-hour window to eat in the so the studies have shown the smaller the window some people do twelve hours some people do ten she start off doing eight it’s working for she’s losing a lot of weight she’s not even really changing up the diet that much it’s just the the window of opportunity that you have to eat so that your so when your body is fasting and you you eat your breakfast to break the fast your first meal your body is burning the calories while you sleep and it’s doing that so it’s not trying to process all that food that you ate eight eight nine o’clock eleven o’clock when you’re drinking people put that in you at ten o’clock and then you’re just chillin for hours where you working 2,000 calories off no you know so and I get that window to because that’s when you’re probably most active you’re consuming and working off and you rate you almost go have to worry about all these special diets and foods because you’re actually doing it and being active at those points is crucial right most people if they go to work in their in an office they’re behind the desk right yep there’s a there’s a lot of people doing it another comment here from Dorothy says in a minute fasting increases BDNF a brain hormone responsible for neurogenesis there’s a bunch of cognitive stuff that goes in in in with that too she’s losing weight she’s feeling great I’m probably eventually gonna do it but I’m that morning guy man you know I have to eat a lot I’ll probably do it with the 10-hour window just because I can eat at my coffee when I get up man that’s just that’s my guilty pleasure man it’s a sweet coffee yeah everybody I mean what 90% of the world probably didn’t have that magic beat yeah yeah when it comes to talking about like what we put in our body and stuff and just before we went laughs somebody was in chat I don’t I think it was Davy Jones somebody on here was saying that he’s a little bit hungover from Memorial Day weekend from drinking a lot and you know putting that stuff in in his body and I told him said look like I’m kind of the same way I’m not hungover now but I had a couple drinks the other night and you have to pay for it like the next day with age you can’t and that’s the thing that’s the being discussed it’s like you can have a good time but you have to to pay for it like you pay for that good time of being open and laughing and cutting up an act of silly and stuff but the next day you usually pay for it I usually pay for it the next day I feel sluggish it’s not that I’m hungover with the headache maybe there’s a slight when they’re usually but even after a couple beers I feel it the next day and it doesn’t feel good I don’t know if it’s the dehydration aspect of it my wife big time we had a we had a party for my my album release party the next night we had so many people in town and we a lot of people had drinks I didn’t drink anything because I drank the night before of my concert and I didn’t like the next day so I was like you I can’t do it back-to-back like if I have a couple drinks one night the next night next day I’m probably not touching anything and it’s not even like I overdo it it’s just I don’t know if it’s that I’m not getting enough water my body cuz my wife she had a good bit to drink she really did but she started chugging water she knew she started chugging water the next day she woke up she felt great she was just drinking like maybe two or three glasses of water before she went to bed she felt great while alcohol is so dehydrated I mean you know I like a couple beers I don’t actually drink and play I mean I kind of went through that phase and college and university playing a lot of universe in college where it’s like beers flowing you know the backrooms got a keg in it’s a Joanne you know it’s just everywhere you know this one house party we did I mean there was like an each beer on the floor you know like it was just like so but but again I get it because even at the end of the night I start feeling that way and because I like coffee so much which is also a diuretic I have to be careful about what I balance out so usually if I’m gigging most places know it’s like you got to have a pot of coffee on for ED because he’s gonna be drinking that all night and and you know I tell you the truth I’m allergic to a lot of alcohols yeah the only kind of vodka that I’ve ever been able to drink when I have it is Stoli Noah and everything I was like break out ice well I turned purple you don’t want to give me scotch I just want to fight people go to battle give me a bottle of scotch I’ll drink that go start fighting everybody in a club yeah you know so like I have a couple beers maybe a martini a couple times a year have some gin or something like that but you know I it’s never been like that you know I I’ve always been sort of like that crazy person that’s always already been on the outside in the field you know the people that you know habit come over the party cuz he’s a little bit crazy and he’s gonna play some songs and he’s pretty theatrical but I would have a beer and that’d be it I’d be driving people home we’re trying to talk people off you know ledges by going man you know relax you know soda I get it but you know I’ve had my share of experiences – yeah when it when it comes to playing drunk or playing while you drink that’s something for me I’ve kind of had to find a safe place for me like if we go out to a club and there’s a concert and I’m playing I usually play last I’m the last I don’t want to be everybody’s drinking everybody’s having fun I want to have a little bit so I’ve kind of got it down to a science what I can have before I go on or whatever the case is I’ve been at house parties for it was a house party for a friend of Mines birthday party and they had you know saying the djembe is the guitarist we were outside by the fire all jamming and I’ve got all these lyrics I’ve got a man I probably got close to a hundred songs that I’ve written um you never by said come on Trucy gonna spit something and I don’t freestyle I don’t do that but but if I know my writtens I just you know I’ve got an arsenal of music so they’re playing music I can’t remember any lyrics from you know being out there drinking with these guys and I’m like oh Lord everybody’s waiting that’s true secret we got he’s gonna rap I’m like I can’t and I’m asking people hey like if you can give me the first word to my song that’s how I am if I can know if I know the first word then I can go but I couldn’t think of any lyrics man and I was like you know what when if I’m doing a paid gig and people are paying to see me like I can’t let that happen at a big show so I was like you know what that happened at a small house party and I was just there so when it comes to people paying to have me out to put on a show and to perform like I can’t do it there’s no way I can get up there and forget my lyrics and and bomb like I can’t well and that’s that be like being cold and stealing you know I allow I allow my insane you need to flow through the moment I walk into a door of a place and start talking to people doing crazy I’m not like you know I do limitations and and and or find something happening in the club or sit down people at a dinner table that you know don’t even know me and pretend I’m gonna start eating with them just so that I already start to feel comfortable in my own insane because again I’m feel tactically connected and and I don’t like you know and why deny I was thinking about doing that but I didn’t because I had too many drinks at the end of the night I go I get mad at myself almost because it’s like I don’t want to have that experience of not knowing everything that I need to have flow through me and at the same time I want to make sure that I don’t have well you just had that forgetting something because that’s the worst feeling in the world you wrote the damn tune and you can’t give me a line you know john sebastian at Woodstock you’re talking about Carlos Santana he did that in one of his Tunes and he asked the audience helped me because he can’t remember the lyric he’s probably so high he’s asking the audience what’s the lyric and the lyric was I must be permissive understanding of a younger generation right but he forgot it right but it’s on film it’s a Warner Bros no but I think that says something about your and our understanding of who we are and what we’re doing and why we want to do it you know I mean and getting I like to have fun too it shows but it’s not the same kind of fun when I have a bunch of drinks with some buddies and we’re slamming it and we’re talking and having a good time just just just have you open oh yeah it’s one thing because I don’t have that responsibility to me it’s such a great responsibility it’s like driving you know people take your Drive and they just do whatever to me it’s it’s you know it’s a serious business you’re operating the 2,000 pound vehicle down a public road and the high rate is you need you know it’s the same thing you’re in front of an audience with 2,000 watts behind your back and they’re all listening to what you have to say so it can be a lot of pressure and that’s also why I think a lot of people drink it releases them from memory of what’s gonna happen yeah that’s good you know like social drinking you know it’s kind of one thing but I know people who they can’t do that well I don’t know if they’re like drinking to forget like we maybe drink to accentuate a little bit and to have fun and get loose I know but I come from the place where teenagers are drinking to forget you know things that they’ve been through they’re trying to drown out memories of the past you know and hurt and things like that those are another thing when you get those people who can’t do that I’ve been around people who they start with drinking but it’s it’s the Gateway like the drinking leads to crack like they want like not eventually but that night once they so drunk they want something else well I got friends who they saw drinking they want a pill and the pill leads to crack and it leads to a weekend binge where their family hasn’t seen them like it leads to that stuff so it’s very um it’s a delicate subject but it needs to be it needs to be had so like there’s a evens like you know we talk about spirituality I have a lot of people who come out of the church realm and stuff will listen to my podcasts in the big the big thing with the church is the art that I have against them because I’ve seen this happen is that they teach abstinence versus moderation like they teach people to be scared of it like it is something that’s going you’re going if you drink alcohol you’re going to be addicted versus hey here’s the moderation have you have this have that there’s a elegance you know there’s um there’s ways to do it and they’ve they’ve messed a lot of people up so that they think if they drink they’re going to get drunk or if they drink they’re gonna be addicted and they’re not compared to stop which some people are and a lot of people who are into religion they come there because they were alcoholics or they were addicted at some point so they need it religion or religion which means to be bound or held back to show restraint you know to tell them what to do when to do it when not to do it they need that in their life a lot of people coming off of addiction so there’s that aspect there but I would say man like it does help open you up and maybe it’s not for everybody and it’s definitely should be done in moderation I think all things in moderation which I think the Bible teaches but I was looking at little things like um I go out and eat with my father-in-law right and he’s a really good guy I opened up to him a little bit but we’ll go out have Mexican and I’ll have a margarita and then I’m I’m just I’m talkative man I’m being myself I’m being myself around him I’m not trying I’m not being reserved or what he’ll think about me or whatever the case is right I’m able to open up in ways that I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t have the margarita you know so it could be done to drink socially and and done for you know in a good environment and be done well and would be scared over that scene if you asked him the question and I’m sure whatever you know the margarita factor whether it’s it didn’t make it whether the alcohol there is the catalyst or not didn’t make it more real as opposed to existing in the oh yes you know kind of framework of everything huh because some other real good information and strategy and planning and working over things you could all start to come out as a result of that but you’re right in moderation Europe I mean we were kids I had a little wine glass there’s a little tiny one about this big when I was five at Christmas Thanksgiving Easter my dad would put it’s like a thimble sighs you know of wine in there and I would actually have that but the stigma of drinking was was kind of removed that’s what almost in that way this is going to happen to you if almost is the same way is like reverse psychology if in essence you are saying moderation is the key I mean look at Europe as a standard they they just don’t have those kinds of issues like let’s say in Italy with drinking as they maybe would like maybe in the US as a result of that kind of behave well we all had a little bit when we went to church because I was a Byzantine Catholic in are in the chalice when we would receive our host it would be a small little piece of bread that was actually dipped in red wine and they would top it onto your tongue he with a spoon like in The Deer Hunter when you can see that in the movie in The Deer Hunter it’s the same kind of paint your Orthodox Catholic but again it hiding it and making it taboo is the worst thing because in essence you’re almost like encouraging the acquisitive monkey factor and all of us what’s gonna happen if yeah you know we all want to experiment and try right like LSD or any any drug for that matter or like psychedelics magic mushrooms don’t do it because this will happen right anything you find out that people are lying yeah I know it’s like I can have a drink it be okay I can do this and I think that what you when you then have the uncultivated personality that is caught in depression and anxiety and other things that they use that to mask it you’re then using it for the wrong reasons if you go to a temple in in Tibet and they’re smoking hashish out of a lot of a Chilam before they would they’re not in there going into a holy state of worship they’re using it for that tool you know George Carlin the comedian he would say you know he’s a devout pot smoker for years and years and years but then he said well I kind of stopped I only use it now when I write yeah so he uses it as an envelope to sort of like help him get out of the framework of everything in a way he goes when he goes on stage he’s not blasting Jews behind stage before he goes yeah that’s funny to say that and you actually said get out too because I watched an interview yesterday with Jordan Peele which is the guy who wrote the movie get out and he was doing the interview with Bobby Lee and the comedian and it was like like like I’m saying we know you to be the funny guy we know you to be real creative but where did this movie come from like the movie get out so phenomenal where did this movie come out he’s like I was scared to talk to you because I know you as my friend the comedian now you’ve reached this new level that’s like you’re like JJ Abrams tired be like the movie was I watched that movie three times and I don’t rewatch movies i watch that movie three times and he was talking about weed he was like you know you still smoking weed every day because they remember their college days and when they were on MADtv he’s like no I’m not I don’t I don’t smoke weed anymore he’s like I’m not gonna say I don’t because I don’t want to act like I’m against it but I don’t smoke weed anymore and it’s like why he’s like you know we would we would smoke weed and stay up and we would create and and write and come up with these crazy stories and his characters and stuff and we’d smoke weed too right he said yeah you know what like a lot of this stuff came through my weed smoke and he said he said you know a lot of the story came out of me smoking pot but he said the execution came when I quit like I had all these stories had all these great ideas but I saw they were but it was when I quit smoking pot then I was able to execute on these stories and these dreams and things which is really cool kind of like me I think like I’m always talking about the psychedelic experience with my story and like magic mushrooms like I’ve went in on those encounters had these visions about this podcast what I want to do for a living and how to do I even knew how to do it like I was given almost instructions from God or the angels or whatever came out of that realm with some friends they want to go back next weekend I’m doing it again next weekend bro I’m gonna no it’s gonna take me months to kind of unpack this information that came out of that that that realm you know so going in the realm to get the vision to get the creativity the ideas and then coming back to execute and so how do we make this stuff work how do we see manifestation from the stuff we’re pulling out of the ethers you know what I’m saying so I see my story in that as well I get it man and you know what you are your talk talking I remember Carlos Santana and in the interview he was talking about he he was on an acid trip and he had called his friend because he was having a really bad trip and his buddy was his name Stan Markham he was a barber so he comes and picks him up and you know as they’re driving through San Francisco he’s taken Carlos where every was taking Carlos I said so like you know what do you want to do with your life and it Carlos Carlos was pretty young at the time and he goes well I really want to play in my guitar and like you know connect my energy with everything and and Stan said okay well let’s do it like stop talking about it and let’s actually do it and he became his first manager and helped put the band together and before you knew and they were playing Woodstock you know within years of that experience that he had as a young man so I think that says a lot even about like I’ve heard other people say you know we talk about drinking you know right drunk and edit sober because there’s there’s that aspect it’s like we have all these this flow of energy and stream of consciousness it may not all be right yet but having the clarity to go back and look and go wait a minute you know all this I would being crazy about this yeah get where this is going and it all starts the filter into the exact same way I’ve had those exact same epiphanies with experiences I’ve had where it’s like I’m going to college I’m gonna become a bass player and I did it I remember being a kid and just like in a drug experience were you I had a dream and I couldn’t skate like everybody else from the neighborhood I could see myself in my dream skating and I was like you know at the time Darryl Sittler from the Toronto Maple Leafs and there I was doing what I was doing the very next day I went out to that cow pasture and I could skate because I could see it and feel it and understand it and participated in my dream and it solidified everything and all of a sudden click I’m doing it and and then it feeds itself and after the fact you almost don’t need the other part anymore because I’m you’re seeing everything start to unfold and so yeah I get it completely that was uh like some of the information I pulled out of the state on my first psilocybin encounter was the fact that we had went and seen a healer someone who does Reiki and they do it full-time a thriving business off of leading people in meditation and and moving energy around and I would just eat late him and I loved it and went in that night on psilocybin and we went to a float tank experience and I had this overwhelming feeling within me that I wanted to do what this lady was doing I want it to be a heal or full time and it was a sting like in your vision in your dream you want to be a healer or you want to be a skater I want to do this I want to do that whatever your dream is whatever your vision is whether you want psilocybin or you just go into the dream state every night when you go to sleep you’re able to pull that out but the fact that was being the the information that was being communicated to me was that you’re not going to be a healer you’re already a healer like you’re already a skater that’s already within you you’re not one day going to be coming it’s the fact that we need to manifest it and we need to pull it out those dreams are there those desires are there for a reason and it’s a I had a different affiliation with music and the things that spoke over myself I remember that country song I’m gonna be some someday and I was like a good song and I’m like you know I’m not gonna be somebody one day I’m not gonna be a hero I’m already am so don’t look at it as something outside of yourself but something that you already are but you just have to manifest it and you have the power to do that and that was the beautiful thing with psychedelics for me beautiful and you know what that’s so true because it separates you again from that conditioning all those things that say no and all those things that say yes at the same time that yes you already that meant you’re this you are at this age in school and done it enough that’s just the be the the forward framework of our perception in the conscious mind now but everything else that feeling of like wait a minute this is why I’m supposed to be here it’s already predestined it’s already part of what I know from the my inception of thought of cognitive thinking I gravitate to this because of this feeling and how it makes me feel you can look back and see the channel and the funnel of it but at the same time it’s hard to because there’s so many exterior aspects of it that make you sometimes question it do I am i all of those things that that make people stop or hinder them say well yeah I wanted to do this but I thought this was a better idea but that want that need is the same feeling that you have in that that are in the original feeling of like I want to do this I’m excited about things because a wait wait makes me feel in the way it makes other people feel that is godlike in essence because you’re coming more connected to who you really are yeah your creators Denis your yeah and your destiny of being here you know the reason that you’re you know like people say well destiny you know everybody says the during our hippy trippy or it’s he farts he done another that the reason that um people go to galleries the Louvre you know museums the intellectual properties offices that exist in our governments are collecting and have this information is because future generations of people need to look at these humans and experiences and the things that we’ve said and how we’ve said them they define who we are just like that Herbie Hancock quote on my wife she’s a Potter she makes dishes cups bowls plates sculptural stuff and everything but one of the things we share as an interest is ancient archaeology and it never ceases to amaze me people are digging through the dirt sand rubble going down feet you know and all of a sudden they find a pottery shard and on the pottery shard is scribbled this symbol might look like somebody fishing a woman receiving the fish you know that scrap of artwork that somebody took that’s buried in the ground forgotten about for thousands of years kind of later be dug up and looked at us to understand who we were to understand more about who we are the possibilities of where we can go all of those kinds of things are that barbaric Yelp of human existence from the mortal coil that says I need to tell you about this because I’m seeing it I’m feeling it after that in essence is like you know I always say music to me is like church it’s like going to church when I when I’m playing and I’m and I’m singing and I’m doing something it is like a religious experience like I’m having fun playing the tune and it might be nutty but dude that whole connectedness to everything and why the two got written it’s all part of that you know like oh well like the early music man I did it I did an episode with um I can’t think it was name that off Eric doe lured and so he’s talking about the early music that was me like the Mozart the box – Beethoven like these people made created the music to like create a psychedelic experience or create a divine encounter with God and they were stun in these big Cathedral churches and if you sat in the middle and they had the pipes and the horns like this music was done in such a way to make you encounter God through the music or what we call to God and you would essentially go there and be taking take like leave your body when the music’s played with in the right setting in these shoes could Deidre’s or OneNote would just echo and done in such a way man and we did a whole podcast where this guy just went in with the information on that and I’ve related it back to spirituality he’s more of a satellite of the of the scientific mind you know and telling you scientifically what it does to your body I’m bringing it back to spirituality and some of the spiritual stuff in scriptures and stuff and I’m bringing it out it was just a beautiful podcast man but like it was done in such a way of having this encounter even the way they designed the architecture the I’m saying the buildings the Cathedral the organs all of this stuff was done in such a way that you go there and you close your eyes and you sit there you could be you can essentially be pulled out of your body I think that that happens still even I was just listening to some some music by a perfect circle and you know tears were coming to my eyes and I closed my eyes and I just sat there for a minute and it took me to that place same thing whether you’re in a worship gathering at church or if you’re a Muslim or whatever whatever you are you’re connecting with the Creator through the music and you’re having a supernatural encounter by listening to this music man and it’s done I mean it’s beautiful and that’s one thing I do like about church man that’s what and I’ve talked about this a lot lately it’s like they are still holding on even if it’s not done right I don’t go to church but it’s not done right but it’s still an essence there of that tribal mentality of the rhythm of the drums putting you into a state of hypnosis going into trances got your hands raised your eyes closed and you’re like connecting with the divine that’s ancient like that’s that’s in it’s not just for Christians it’s not just done in churches I did it earlier when I listened to a perfect circle which is not a Christian band or whatever but it was something spiritual that helps you connect that with the lyrics that they were saying and the vibration of the music man it’s it’s beautiful and there’s nothing like it power love you right and in those churches yeah totally there are like reverberation chambers you up for these exquisite mathematically designed and yet at the same time felt compositions that in a place like that amplifies and resonates with all of their divinity I mean even ancient buildings in Egypt all have these frequencies and reverberate of qualities to them they even say Stonehenge has ample properties to them no the universe itself gives off frequency our planet gives off a frequency in fact it’s been increasing in a Fibonacci sequence since scientists have started to measure it all of that tells me that the universe the cosmos our existence and everything that is is a symphony it’s like string theory everything vibrating collating sometimes working in harmony sometimes dissonance and catastrophe you have a planetary explosion or something that’s going on in the universe or surround but that’s exploding you know all of that then has consequence to everything even in the jungle know where the they’ve removed a certain species as a result of like deforestation other insects and amphibians and animals will start to mimic the sounds of those lost species in order to help perpetuate the sort of harmony of the jungle in terms of its sound all of that says something about you know even in the morning when you hear bird chirping you know like I mean the frequency of that bird is telling you something yes it gets as deep as you want it to be man like there’s a scripture in the Bible and I always used to just read over it but it talks about it says that if we cease to praise God it says that even the rocks would cry out praises to God and so essentially it’s telling you the moral is continue to praise because if you don’t something’s gonna take your place and you have the opportunity to to be an instrument of righteousness to send praise back to the Creator but to break it out to an esoteric level the rocks are vibrating the hold frequencies crystals energy like the earth is creating a resonance in making a sound there are microphones that can record it the trees produce more like a a metronome or a drumbeat like a heartbeat almost and it’s like everything working together the birds when you hear all the birds singing together the earth it sounds like birds singing honestly when you record that the sound of the Sun the frequency of the Sun that’s why and Hindu tradition they chant the ohm which is the whole it’s the sound of the Sun so they’re joining essentially joining with all creation to praise the Creator I mean Pythagoras we’re talking about something I’m somebody who’s like the chief guy on mysticism in music and how it works together they had certain instruments they wouldn’t play now you know they wouldn’t touch symbols at all they thought that the crass and it’s not good for the body they had different beliefs they didn’t eat beans they had a esoteric meaning behind that so they had some stuff that was a little weird but they start it and end it each day with praises to the creator as the Sun rose they join with the Sun singing praises and when the Sun set they sung praises a start and end it each day with that praise and so that that music that Symphony everything is singing praises to the Most High there’s a there’s a there’s a mantra that I love it’s called ramadasa ramadasa say so hung repeat that in us in a place of of silence and of a state of meditation it’s joining with the Sun with the moon with the earth and all of the energies and praising the Creator and it’s a it’s a it’s a Vedic song it’s beautiful man of joining with all creation to sing praises not just you with your church or you with your group but you yourself but joining with all creation being one with that energy lifting up those praises man that’s beautiful everything is praising mm-hmm amen man you know what after church today yeah my mom would say no don’t forget to say a prayer for so-and-so or don’t forget to pray for better than enough and you know I’m if I’m gonna pray I’ll say like a Hail Mary or something like that I’m very into the the concept of you know the venous culture and at the same time the worship of feminine you know sometimes it disgusts me what I see going on with women today and in the way that they behave or act and at the same time you know I’d rather pick up my guitar and spend those moments for 15 or that connection to prayer in that regard like I might not be saying words but I’m playing notes and feeling and projecting those those feelings you know yeah to whoever it is so you know I always remind my mom well yeah you know I’m always praying every time I pick up my guitar but yeah I in and that’s the thing of the Bible many many ancient cultures are filled with stories of frequency song and look at you know the walls of Jericho right Bob Marley is one of my big influences and I love things that he’s had to say about a lot of those connections to music when I hit you you feel no pain yeah man or like being is so prolific by saying you know and casting true words in the face of infamy why boasted I self-will evil man playing smart but not being clever I said you’re working iniquity to achieve vanity and if I saw I saw but the goodness of judge’ I during for I’ve ER right like I he’s I love somebody calling the shots I mean you know a lot of religious figures that we look back in history have all gone in and shook in the part yeah it had a necessity and Donna wakes people up yeah hey man this is you know people talk about your money and the stability to a man christ was radical he went in it turned over the tables i mean he beat those guys up at contempo he led the people in those places know that this is heresy yeah what you’re saying and preaching is wrong well you know what these are our standards music it’s not the great Egyptian you know he proclaimed that this polytheistic religion is ridiculous you just making money from the people we’re gonna worship the Sun yeah the Otton and we’re gonna move everything to a marna we’re gonna set up a new civilization so they tried to shut him down too and Nefertiti and then his son you know please King Tut everybody knows the tide is but they try to erase that entire dynasty based on a culture that wanted to start worshipping the thing that gives us life son ya know what I mean so yeah you know and that’s the beauty of a man it’s like everything is an expression of that one creator that divine essence everything the good the bad the ugly we look you know I’ve we talk a lot about like the allegory within the Bible about it me being allegory about you and your spiritual journey in your life and these people in the Old Testament whether they existed or not they exist there to tell a story about you and it’s not that if they existed is the principle but is that if you understand the allegory and apply it to your life is why that’s those stories are there and it goes to the same thing with the you know the Vedic traditions in the Hindus and stuff and they still have the same thing it’s not like we worship a thousand gods or the unknown gods or whatever it’s like no like in in in these gods these little gods are expressions of the bigger divine essence that we worship we don’t like worship all of these gods but it they’re their personifications of this one just like in Christianity the Father Son and Holy Spirit they’re all like personifications of the one here o Israel the Lord is one you know it’s all about the oneness of it all in those religions and stuff so if you can understand that then you you can go straight to the source versus be going to your priest or whatever the cases are going to this one person to go to God for you is that we’re all connected to that oneness is which is beautiful which is the story of Jesus and why he flip did you know that the tables and the money changers and and everything so being a revolutionary man and then yeah nothing nothing outside of yourself everything is with dinesaw and that’s the powerful thing about music I think it helps you go within you don’t need nothing you are the radical which ultimately can be loved if it’s wielded in the right way you know I I brought this lyric he started he’s talking about different things and archetypes and stuff and it was a song played all the time but about taking a ride in the universe on UFO and all the things that they had in UFO one of the things I say anywhere because they have Muhammed Jesus Buddha Moses Shiva ala Dalai Lama rolled into one right so it’s like it’s it’s all the same aspect but that’s what is you which is yet yeah well that’s we knew yeah in my garden I plant and I read but there’s tomatoes there’s peppers there’s lettuce there’s corn there’s spinach there’s everything I grow so many different things but they all live in harmony yeah the potatoes don’t argue with the peppers the tomatoes don’t beat up the corn they all sustain live together and they sustain me it is God like in that sense and in essence I’m almost playing God as a result of that God and you’re all debating and and a society kind of works almost sometimes in the same fashion in regards to that but what you decide to cultivate weed out and allowed flourish you know again it becomes about choices but yeah we should go on and we’ve already went I know I know in a shy of two hours I plan to do an hour with you but it’s been great everybody’s enjoying it in the chat and I know everybody’s doing it listen to it on the podcast why because we enjoyed it good organic conversation man and I was just thinking about that the other day I was like I like to get deep I like to talk about spirituality the divine essence but I’d like to talk about music too so it’s good that we got to combine the two man and so it’s a breath of fresh air and just having conversation versus I’m here to sell something like you were just here man so we got a few minutes left brother go ahead and let people know where they can check out your music and what you bring to the table you have you’ve been on a lot of podcasts you got some good conversations and stuff to bring to the table but let them know where they can check out your work well thanks a lot man Derek really for having me great conversation like you said and the opportunity means a lot at romanette is my website and get all my social networking buttons there what do I got Facebook Twitter Instagram my YouTube channel was through there as well you can check me out most places on the internet it’s special enrollment on any social networking platforms latest record that’s out is red almond in the process of about to release a major video working with there be dragons creative media in New York City who’s done SpongeBob SquarePants Kung Fu Panda Nickelodeon and teletoon so I’m really excited about sharing that because a third of the proceeds through the fundraising campaigns we doing they’re going for tutoring programs for kids that can’t afford it to dyslexic Society so if you if you’re following that ride the bus come by for the ride it’s gonna be a lot of fun the video is insane and it’s crazy and I can’t even believe we did it we actually made it happen so so thanks again really for the opportunity man it was great talk to you love to hang out sometime yeah what do we’ll do it again brother thank you so much for coming on hanging out anytime I brother spell on Shalom peace so ad Roman ladies and gentlemen really cool interview like I said a breath of fresh air just because like I’ve been wanting to just hang out you know and not feel like we have to producer it has to be spiritual like I got a lot of spiritual people lined up everything is spiritual so that’s what we’re talking about music at the very beginning and we kind of tied it in to let you know that look everything is spiritual everything so it’s cool to to approach the spiritual power of music I mean that’s what I do I love it good stuff make sure y’all check out his work if anybody has any questions be sure to let me know and I’ll try to answer them I do want to address something that somebody posted this is by Christie Christie folks she wanted to know was Satan the chief of music and now I say no Satan was not the chief of music it does talk about an angelic being it actually talks about the name of that being I think it’s tars TARDIS Prince of TARDIS or something like that but no I don’t think that’s Satan I don’t think that that’s something that was perpetuated I guess by the church or whatever dealing with music but I don’t think that there’s any linkage to that entity that angel being Satan I think how they linked that entity to Satan is that because it fell it was cast down it was cast out but we got to understand like that happened to angelic beings all the time or happened to presences that was on world rulers or Nebuchadnezzar or the Pharaohs and things they were rose to power and then they fell because of their pride like that that happens all the time even in the term Lucifer if we read in Isaiah chapter 14 like Lucifer’s not even the devil and this is a big one to determine Lucifer like Lucifer is a title and I blow people’s minds with this with Lucifer’s we’re like the word Lucifer means bearer of light bringer of light who was the true Lucifer bright and Morning Star who was called the bright morning star in the Bible is Jesus Yeshua HaMashiach he was called the bright and Morning Star it’s also called the day star Danny got it right Lucifer is a Latin word for Light Bearer so when it’s talking about Lucifer in Isaiah chapter 14 this is the only time that that word is mentioned in the entire Bible Lucifer one time it also goes on to say Morningstar but we have to understand what is the Morningstar is Venus you can actually go up you can pull out on Google and go to like dictionary comm and look up the word Venus it’ll say that it’s Lucifer you can look up the word Lucifer it’ll say it’s a similar synonym for Venus they’re interchangeable they’re wondering the same that being said it means cuz it’s the bright and Morning Star that as you go out and you stargaze and you’re out at 4:00 in the morning 5:00 in the morning the brightest it says star but it’s a planet it’s an entity probably the brightest star in the morning sky is Venus it’s the brightest one out there until the Sun which is symbolic for God or Jesus the Sun rises in that star is cast out of heaven and all of its glory as the Sun takes its rightful place in the sky and so when the Sun rises all of those stars bow down to his glory his magnificent and you know that’s that’s what it’s about it’s it’s all allegory and it all has to do with that so look that up so when it’s being used there in Isaiah 14 it’s it’s used there as it’s used there as being an allegory for Nebuchadnezzar who fell from his glory and as he felt and it tells you as a man it doesn’t say angel it says isn’t this the man that did cause the nations to tremble isn’t this the man so it kind of it kind of explains it for you there I don’t know why they tried to tell us that it was it was the devil or the devil and Lucifer thing and it’s kind of weird but as far as breaking down who that really wasn’t Isaiah 14 Ruach says Derek you’re wrong Ezekiel 28 says Lucifer was the head of worship in heaven I’m pretty sure that I’m right we’ll look it up though just so I don’t want to give out bad information here maybe I’m wrong and I have to repent but I’m pretty sure I’m right I’m pretty sure that Lucifer has only used one time in the Bible and it’s used in Isaiah 40 so let me just go here I’m gonna show you guys let’s see here’s my East sword application and if I’m wrong I’ll admit it and I repent let’s see typing Lucifer the only time Lucifer is used is in Isaiah 14 how without falling from heaven o Lucifer son of the morning people just up the Isaiah 28 thing that’s talking about a different angel man and people for some reason this preconceived notion because an angel fell they’re trying to say that Satan fell from grace Lucifer fell but this Lucifer here is it’s not even talking about an angel or the devil it’s talking about it’s an allegory let’s see and it’s talking about Nebuchadnezzar for thou is setting down Harden okay what’s up with 12 I guess huh Howard that fallen from heaven o Lucifer son of the morning how art thou cut down to the ground which did weaken the nations but thou has said in down heart I will ascend into heaven I will exalt my throne above the stars of God I will sit upon the Mount of the congregation in the sides of north so this is Isaiah prophesy against the king of Babylon 14 I will ascend above the heights of the clouds I will be like the Most High in allegory the Sun is God just like in all ancient cultures the Sun God the Son is God even in Psalms it says the Lord thy God is a son and a shield the LORD thy God is a son and a shield I will ascend above the heights of the clouds I will be like the Most High so in the allegory that we see Venus the morning star the brightest thing look upon me upon my glory until the Sun rises and your glory is gone you’re cast out of heaven I will ascend above the heights of the clouds I will be like the Most High yet you shall be brought down to hell to the sides of the pit so we saying just like Venus is cast out of the night sky so you’ll be brought down to if you don’t repent and you don’t quit torturing God’s people you’re gonna this is gonna happen to you they that see thee shall narrowly look upon thee and consider thee saying here’s your key I was there 14 16 this is what they say when they see you is this the man that made the earth to tremble that did shake kingdoms that made the world as a wilderness and destroyed the cities thereof that opened the house of his prisoners all the kings of Nations even all of them lie in glory every one in his own house but thou are cast out of that grave like an abominable branch and so it talks about him falling from all of his glory and it says in chapter 16 is this the man is this the spirit no is this the angel no is this the devil no it’s just Lucifer no is this Satan no is this the man that made the earth to tremble and did shake kingdoms is allegory people we have to understand that so yeah the only time Lucifer is mentioned in the Bible is Isaiah 14 so to say that Lucifer was the chief of heaven you know you’re not gonna get that word anywhere else in the Bible that’s just from traditions and we know what the scripture talks about the traditions of men so it’s not about following traditions about what we heard we have this preconceived notion that when we read that we automatically tie that to this angel that fell in Ezekiel or whatever the case is that was doing this and some people even believe some scholars believe that that’s actually talking about a person in Ezekiel 28 so you got to do that you got to do the research and so that’s who Lucifer is I hope that helped and that that throws I think throws a lot of people off that because we’re told that that word is a bad word in in the Lucifer is a bright and Morning Star like the Bible calls Jesus the Morningstar we talked about almond rod the Sun God Jesus is called the Amon that that I’m in the last a final word Jesus is called the Amon like when you pray in the name it gets deep I’m not gonna I’m not gonna go too deep into that but anyway that’s what Lucifer is and that’s what it has to do with with the scriptures and so it’s all symbolic even Satan I’m not I don’t even know that Satan is like an entity like like a devil like we all can become Satan’s the when you break down the word Satan the word means deceiver or adversary and we can all become the adversary as well so because we see Jesus calling Satan I mean we see Jesus calling Peter a Satan because he becomes an adversary to the will of God and what Jesus was supposed to do Jesus rebukes Peter and says get behind me Satan for you have not in mind the things of God but the things of men and so this we all can play that role we all can be Satan’s at times and so that that’s what that is it’s a title all of this stuff is titles man it’s titles and because it’s personifications its roles that that have been here since the beginning and so as far as thinking that the Satan is this entity that’s going to overthrow God one day or try to fight god that’s that’s totally not what the Bible paints out without what’s good and evil this war between good and evil is that the war between good and evil is the war that’s being fought within your soul with it between your eyes right there at the the amount of Gog on the hill which is the place of the skull this is where we are to be crucified daily even we were to pick up our cross as we’re going to die daily upon that cross and so that’s what’s going on to be crucified to our emotions and yeah so rock I agree with you there you said Satan is no match for God definitely is no match nothing is a match for God he created anything I don’t think that he would create an entity that that he would confuse to think that he was a match for God in that way but if Satan isn’t entity or entities of darkness or evil whatever we would do to oppose the will of God it’s it’s he that he or they work with God like God opens up doors for these entities to come through have you considered my servant job you know Satan going back and forth throughout the earth have you consented my servant job he said well if you take yeah job job loves you because you bless him job loves you because you take care of them cuz he had a hedge of protection around him he said if you take the hedge of protection off a job he’ll curse you and die and he would and so he said no he wouldn’t job loves me and so there’s that whole story about Satan petitioning God but he he works you know for God he doesn’t work against God it’s to truly understand the sovereignty of God and if you want to do that I talk about this all the time but if you want to go on your own studies if you even care to you can look up in the Bible what it’s called evil angels or evil spirits and it talks about that God sends out these evil angels God sends out evil spirits God sends out infirmities and spirits and confusion sent from God some people when they try to get a grasp of this or they don’t like that notion that God is responsible for everything they don’t like that they come into a more of a gnostic approach and a gnostic Gnosticism which would teach you that the god of the old testament is a separate god of the god of the the New Testament but but it’s not it’s it’s one in the same and that’s why I personally like to look at the God of the Old Testament in more of an allegorical form what it talks about that I’m the LORD thy God I create good and evil I create light and darkness God sends forth evil angels and just to give you a just a quick summer because we did talk about it here on the on the podcast where God were the demon that was tormenting saw the evil spirit that was sent from God God sent that evil spirit to Saul to torment him so the fact that your God who is all loving all-knowing like he sent out he sends out evil spirits but for good reason he sends a my listeners say that it’s for a good reason I believe I believe that even Paul talks about that when he had this spirit of infirmity a messenger of Satan what is a messenger of Satan it’s a demon that’s what we would call a demon or an evil evil spirit this messenger of Satan is spirit of infirmity which is a spirit of sickness that Paul had and he said Lord I’ve sought you on three occasions through fasting and through prayer for you to take this demon away from me you won’t do it but you’ve only answered me and said my grace is sufficient my grace is enough and so Paul gets to Revelation that this entity the Spirit was sent to him to buff it him to work on him to carve him to keep him humble because he was traveling back and forth from heaven earth he was having out-of-body experiences he was having a lot of angelic encounters and healings and miracles and crazy stuff and says so that he wouldn’t get too prideful God loved him enough to buffett him and send this this this messenger to him just a messenger of Satan and God wouldn’t take it away and so I really do think it paints another picture man of the sovereignty of God of how all things work together for the good of those who love him all things not some things not just the good things work in my favor but all things work together for the good of those who love him I believe it man I’m a walking example of that and I think we all are this battle of good and evil is going on within our heart and it’s it’s only 12 inches 12 inches long our mind to our heart and that’s the twelve inches right there and so one thing about the mind in the heart that I did see that that Brenda mentioned a little bit earlier Brenda said that it’s when the mind and heart connect Brenda Bradshaw it is true because there’s so much power there when we understand when the Bible is talking about salvation it says that and romans romans 10 i believe it it says if you believe in your heart and confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord you’ll be saved this is it it’s just a confession thing so it’s one thing when we are trying to be funny but I’m not gonna repeat that it’s one thing when we are when we believe something it’s one thing to believe in Jesus it’s one thing to believe in your dreams it’s one thing to believe in truth is one thing to believe in righteousness we can believe it all we want we all believe in something greater than ourselves but if we but if we speak it out we create it so it’s part of our mind or our heart and then connecting in the middle with our breath and we created as we speak it that’s what the power is man it talks about it there and I believe it’s one thing to wish goodwill upon someone or whatever the case is or it’s almost like the face without works is dead like yeah I know you have I know you believe in this or you believe in me or you believe in that show me show me that you believe in me show me that you know it’s talking about faith without works that you see a hungry person walking down the street you know hey man I hope you get something to eat one day I’m with you my heart goes out to you but you have the ability to bless that person right then and you don’t do it face without works is dead that’s what it’s talking about so this the power when our heart our mind and it comes into agreement with the things that we’re speaking out life and death are in the power of the tongue and we create life we create our journey or whatever we want to create we have the ability to do so and and try it it works for me and I like to talk about what’s working not well now you know I talk about the failures too just so you can kind of learn from them and I love to have other people on to talk about their failures and stuff too but I want to focus on what’s working and so that’s what’s working positive confessions work some people believe in faking it till you make it there’s another aspect of that of just simply coming to grips with the fact that you know you have something wrong with you or you need help there’s that too so you know I’m kind of I’m kind of in the middle there I know you know we confession is positive man like it’s not just confessing though it’s confessing but you have to be a doer of the word you have to actually go out and put your hand to the plow and not not look back put your hand to the plow and not look back because if you look back you’re not fit for the kingdom you’re gonna turn into a pillar of salt that’s why now I’m working on a study on this too we talk about because there’s a connection there where I always talk and this pisses a lot of people off but I talk about the connection between the Kundalini and the Holy Spirit and this life force and this inner essence that is animates all life and it’s there and then if we get quiet and we focus on our breathing and we get into prayer we can feel the Holy Spirit Kundalini or whatever so in the Kundalini realm there’s madness so people say if you if you open your third eye or you get filled with the Kundalini and you depart from it you’ll go crazy people will go crazy when step power is released within them but then they say you know in Christianity there’s a difference there because the Holy Spirit’s a perfect gentleman he’s not gonna you’re not gonna go crazy you know that’s not a side effect yes it is and I think it’s coupled with those scriptures that says he who puts his hand to the plow and looks back it’s not fit for the kingdom he who starts off and in turns their back on the things of God it’s impossible to do that but if you try to do it like you go mad too if you run from God if you open up those energies it’s nothing to play with it’s nothing to play with these because if we really look into these churches man and see how many people are delusioned they’re disillusioned how many people there have say God told me this God told me that and in their hearts of hearts the Holy Spirit told me this Holy Spirit ain’t told you nothing you making it up as you go because the Holy Spirit is telling you one thing he’s telling this person another thing and he’s confusing y’all he’s creating schisms within your church somebody’s lying somebody’s lying I really I feel like it’s the same energy man I think that there’s a lot of disillusioned people there who wicked people there who move with that energy and they use it for good and other people use it for evil we I think it’s a perfect example is watching Star Wars and seeing that same force that same life energy that we can all tap into and we all do we all tap into that energy but you’re on that path it’s a narrow road if you go too far to the left too far to the right you’re gonna be off so we I think that that allegory there in the movie star wars dealing with the force it’s perfect man of seeing how someone can use this same energy in the same man look up look up I mean I don’t know how deep y’all wanna go man but uh the Gupta is a movie it’s called Marge oh ma r jo Marge oh I bought this movie I bought that I’ve got the VHS or DVD somewhere I think DVD yeah Maggio was a child preacher and his parents taught him how to preach when he was a baby so he you may I don’t know if you can find the full documentary on on YouTube but but they his parents talked to him how to how to preach and for those of you are watching I’m gonna show you look clip of Marge oh and if you’re listening you can hear it but this is young ma Joe his parents told him out of how to preach and anyway it’s just a little bitty kid he’s like four years old three years old five whatever he made a living for his family preaching parents teaching him how to preach watch this documentary and it shows you someone who was brought up in the church realm it shows you someone who was brought up learning how to preach and that was their profession but then he has like a come to Jesus moment when he gets older because he don’t even believe in God anymore he’s like you don’t know if he ever did when he but you know becomes a young man probably 18 or so and he gets into the hippie movement in the and he’s into the hippie stuff and you don’t even believe in God anymore but by profession he was still a preacher he can move crowds he knew the art of preaching and how to move people to tears and all of this stuff so anyway he went on one last preaching crusade and it was like a tour almost but he said you know what I can’t go on doing this this isn’t my calling even though this is what I do for money he tried to leave but he didn’t want to go to work so he came back to do two preaching because it paid the bills so he went on this one last crusade he said look I’m gonna film it behind the scenes and show you guys the flaws within this church system and what really goes on behind the scenes and stuff so he does one last tour and he’s filming everything and he’s just showing you who he is and who he really is and he don’t want to live a double life so it’s kind of nasty but it it’s it’s honorable that he pulled out at the end he pulled out at the end so that he you know he didn’t want to do that no more he felt like he was deceiving people you know I don’t think it’s his father the thing is his parents fought it’s a little baby and he married somebody at like four years old he’s doing like wedding processions and stuff anyway the documentary is it’s called Marjoe his name is Marjoe Gortner and very eye-opening an enlightening documentary and it just shows you that there’s a path to be to be to so I mean yeah I’m saying ah you know my hat goes off to the man for coming out and saying look I can’t do this anymore I’m gonna show y’all what I’m doing so you know I’m saying I enjoyed it but it may make you look at Church stuff a different way so it may be may be nice on you pray about it so with that being said I’m gonna say thank you guys man peace and Shalom I thank you guys for supporting my work everybody who does that through patreon at any level of giving per month man anywhere from a dollar five 10 20 whatever you can do all of it helps and you get a bunch of cool stuff you get my entire discography and you get new music before it’s released you get partial releases like I’ll put out something like I worked on something yesterday and I needed another ear I needed somebody to help me with the song so I’ve sent it out and it’s on there now it’s a course that I recorded I didn’t know if it was if it had potential so I sent it out there to get some feedback and a bunch of people wrote me back and got to check it out so you get access to that kind of stuff that I put out there full discography and also the School of the Mystics every Thursday night you get access to that by becoming a patron even for a dollar for dollars all you can do like it goes a long way so thank you guys for supporting my work shoutout to everybody who’s been doing that shoutout to everybody holding me down in the chatroom when we go live here Christie folks Kristy Lee Chris Bosh Carolyn Doris Brock all the people I forgot to mention the stream moves pretty fast so Carolyn says Shalom such a nice show today great chatroom ideas being floated no doubt I love watching they tell you not to watch the text and stuff so you’ll be engaged in the conversation but it’s part of like interacting with the community here I have I can’t help but to read the chat going on so anyway with that being said I’m gonna say god bless you guys and I will do it again very soon Shalom Shalom peace peace

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