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Eric Dollard is an Electrical Engineer who is a “living legend” in the field of electrical research. He is considered by many to be the most knowledgeable expert alive today on the true nature of electricity. Author of the landmark mathematical papers Symbolic Representation of Alternating Electric Waves and Symbolic Representation of the Generalized Electric Wave, Eric shows how all electric phenomena can be mathematically measured and engineered WITHOUT using calculus or “Maxwell’s Equations.” Author of Condensed Intro to Tesla Transformers and Theory of Wireless Power, he is also the only person since Tesla’s death to successfully build a real Magnifying Transmitter.

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Hey Guys I Wanted To Kind Of Give A Disclaimer This Is One Of The Best Podcasts That I’ve Done But The Audio Is Really Bad So If You Can Listen Pay Attention And Try To Decipher What Is Being Said Here Trust Me You’re Going To Get A Lot Out Of This One But Like I Said Excuse The Bad Audio Thanks Guys If You Would Like To Sponsor The Show Or Advertise On The Mythicist Podcasts You Can Do So By Going To Click On Sponsor The Show For More Info If You Would Like To Support The Show Financially You Can Do That Also By Going To Melissa Store To Me And Become A Monthly Supporter We Appreciate Your Monthly Support You Are Now Listening To The Mythicist Podcast Your Portal To The Paranormal Streaming Live Item If Assist Of Any Your Having Spiritual Power Your TruthSeekah Hey What’s Up This Is TruthSeekah You Now Tuned In To The Awakening Today We’re Speaking With Eric Dollard About The Supernatural Power Of Music And The Type Of Effects That Music Has On The Human Body And If It Even Affects Your Your Astral Body Your Mind Which You Listen To There’s Been A Lot Of Studies Done About The Type Of Music That You Listen To That It Affects The Way That You Perceive The World Studies Show That You’ve Attained 30% Of What You Hear And 70% Of What You Say So Whenever You’re Listening To Music And You’re Repeating Some Lyrics Even If You Don’t Believe Those Lyrics And You Start Repeating Them Over And Over You Start To Remember Them They’ll Come Back In Your Psyche You’re Going To Remember What You Say Because Repetition Reduces Resistance They’re More And More You Hear A Phrase The More And More You Come In Contact With Some Type Of Work Or Sound The More And More That You’re Going To Let Your Guard Down And Begin To Form A Pattern In Your Mind And Those Thoughts Are Going To Come Back Up Music Can Almost Take You Back Almost Summon Feelings And Emotions That You Felt Years Ago Almost Like A Time Machine Say It You Had An Experience With The Loved One Years Prior And You Hear A Song And That Song Can Take You Back And Bring Up Those Same Feelings Those Same Emotions And Bring You Back To That Place So What All This Being Said We Want To Let You Know That Music It’s Powerful Music As A Weapon I’m Almost Reminiscent Of The Story Of The Pied Piper Whenever He Came Into Town To Lead The Rats Out Of The Town By Playing His Magical Flute I Believe It Was And He Led The Rats Out And The Townspeople Didn’t Tell Him So He Actually Came Back Wearing His Bright Colored Clothing And Playing His Songs But This Time He Got All The Children To Listen To Him So He Was Able To Take All The Children Out Of The Town And Keep Them There With Them And I Think That’s What’s Going On Now When We Look At Mainstream Media And The Mainstream Music And Understand The Messages And The Symbols And The Different Colors And All These Types Of Things That’s Leading Our Generation Through Music Whether It’s Through Mtv Or B Et Or Whatever They Can Release A Style Of Clothing A Song And Even If It Doesn’t Make Sense Even If It’s Not Good If Enough People Start Doing It The Massive Seem To Follow So We Understand That Music And Tone And Sound Is Vibrations It Actually Affects Your Genetic Makeup When You Start Listening To Music Over And Over And You Begin To Think Differently You Begin To See The World Differently So That’s Why We’re Talking To Eric Dullard Today About The Power Of Music I’ve Seen Some Of His Videos And He Talks About The Work Of Pythagoras Who Is A Big Influence On My Work And My Worldview Him And His Brotherhood If You Read The Works On Him The Way That They Reverence Music And Reverence Life Is Pretty Inspiring For Those Seeking A Spiritual Path Or Just Want To Be Better Individuals So I’m Going To Be Speaking On Music And Spirituality All Wrapped Into One So Eric Welcome To The Show Thank You So If You Have Anything To Add With On You Know Those Opening Points That I Made If You Have Anything You Can Add To That Well Our Music Goes With It Further And That It Establishes An Archetype And The Archetype Can Actually Exert A Force On The Ether And Cause Things To Materialize It Happen That Normally Would Be Physically Impossible This Is What The Variants Were Basically Into And It Is Preceded By The Science Of Numerology Where Numbers And Serves For Specific Powers In A Few Easy Let’s Club The Club Am Number System And You Look At Your Friend Numbers And Your Addresses And The Addresses And Phone Numbers And People Operations With Your Friend It Is A Common Generic ‘old Denominator Throughout Of This Integris Developed A System Of Ratios Provide Rhythmic Diversions Which Today We Call Music But At That Time It Was Not Designed For Entertainment Purposes And A King To Fund It Was More Of A Wells Kind Of Hard To Solve This Kind Of Like A King On Access For Them To Get Into These Higher Dimensions Mm-hmm Yeah That’s Whatever You Listening To Different Metronomes Different Beats When You Listen To Drums And Things Like That It’s Always Been Used To Put You Into A Heightened State Of Awareness A Trance-like State We Know That Everybody Likes To Refer Back To The Africans Whenever They Play The Drums And They Conscious Spirits Or Get Into Some Type Of Trance Where They’re Able To Embody Animals And Things Like That So I Think The Same Thing Is Going On Through The Mainstream Media But The Energies That’s Being Led Behind These Open Doors Are Not Positive On Our Culture I Think We Can Look At What’s Going On And I Think That’s Safe To Say Well Basically Let’s Remember That The Words Of Every Time Can Basically Seems To Exist After 1750 So We’re Talking About Reality In Music What Goes Back To Um Two Names Like Kepler Robert Fludd Remembers Other People Wear Red Pants You Were Dealing With A Symbolic Geometry Or Numerology That Around You Medical Progress Method To Basically Figure Out Where Planets Were What Weren’t Even Known About Yet And Then Pepper Again Similar Thing That Rather Than From The Numerological And The The Spiritual Spam Plan We’ll Get A Firmer A Mathematical Standpoint Needle Gotta Line They Were Kind Of A Schismatic Split On The Pythagorean Movement Which Rather Got Screwed Up By The Ab The Dark Ages And The Concept Of The Earth And Centered The Solar System So In Fact This Is Time Weapons We Looked Up That Way And Then When The Dark Ages Came About We Got Into That Well Basically The First Theory Of Relativity Which Is Ferguson Center The Universe And Everything’s Relative To It And Is It Basically Pretty Much Went Dead Through That Interval And Them And Started To Come Back To Right Kepler’s Time And A Fine Dimensions Grand Conclusion With What I’m Sebastian Back What Will Is Beyond An Excellent Lesson Of Your Music Grammar And English Basically Just Thrown In The Garbage Is Work Just Went To The Bank After He Died Actually Something Salvage Would Certainly Consider Listen To This Today So Whenever We’re Talking About The Work Of Pythagoras I Think A Lot Of People Who Aren’t Familiar With His Work Can Understand They May Be Familiar With The Terms Of Pythagorean Theorem Which Is How We Measure Music To This Day Correct Reverend James Is Martha Geometrical Thing It Actually Is Against The Fundamental Variable Forgetting Current It’s Very Interesting That Music And Ultimate Inquiry At Most One Handed Him The Pythagoras Was Establishing The Invisible Interval In Front Of Ratios This Was Very Important To Them For Some Sort Of Ratios With The Given Number And It Was This Number Itself It Had The Pattern It Wasn’t In Music Being Defined As An Entertainment For Other People To Listen To Race I Was Kind Of Like A Wooden Thing Went And Fragments Believe That Those Members In Your System The Ratios We Could Ascertain As Humans Where We Fit And Wasn’t It Wrong Period Because From The Tiniest Things To The Largest Things Of The World It’s The Pythagoreans Beard Has Old Sequential Progression Or Regression And Not Like Today Where It’s Disjoint Particles And Atoms And Ones That Don’t Even Make Any Sense Anymore Hmm So Would You Say That The Beads And Metronomes And Things Like That That That Has To Do With Pythagoras As Well The Way That We Have Those Now Correct Not Necessarily But The Pythagorean System Consists Love Is In Succession Of Times Which Relate To Wavelengths So Basically The Higher The Pitch The Shorter The Wavelength So The Proportion Between These Wavelengths Like 3 To 2 Or Timberline This Is Plays What The Pythagorean System Is About Is In Sequential Series Of These Times Or Will Never Forgive As Melody Well The Other Thing Too Is Rhythm Which Is Nor The Timing For Bellowing And The Ratios You Have The Similar Proportionality And Rhythms But Actually Have The Wavelength And Frequency It’s A Differential Playing Where It’s Only Up With Dividing Plane But The Measures In Music You Have The Sound It’s Not Continuous Now Around The Time Of Pepper To The Church Music What Happened Then Was The Simultaneous Sounding Of Towns That You’re Now Known As Cards Which Have The Effect Of Reducing Materializations In Space Depending Upon Planetary Alignments And Solar Conditions And Bins That You Don’t Even Know About Those Earth Flies Through The Universe That We Pass Through Well Which Affects Electrical Devices And Music And The Church What Time At The Moment Sebastian Bach Basically The Church Is Doable Pipe Organ And The Epistle Dynamics Of The Church Which Is Extremely Complex I Don’t Think Anybody With The Most Advanced Computer Programs Could Ever Duplicate That Stuff To Go Some Of Those Pipe Organs Out As Many As Fifteen Or Eighteen Thousand Pipes And This Were Specifically Designed To Work With The Chair Which Was Kind Of A Broken Electrical Network Of Clothes And Capacitors That Are Ever And Then This Bill Probably Cosmic Energy Out Of The Directed For The Space With Its Copper Roof And It Basically Was A Substation To God Waring Does It Differ Too Much Then The Transformer Hanging On The Power Outside Your House Which Makes The Electricity Witches Could Be Completely Unmanageable And Dangerous In The House And Then Brings That To A Level Where It’s Useful To Be Your Appliances And What-have-you Will Go For Options Little Bushing Some Power Value And Buying Everything In Small The Ranch The Church Before Assembler Function Up To The Time Of Bach They Were Basically A Transformer Someone That Gets You In Tune With God Quite Literally Instead Of What We See Now Correct Capitalization It’s Like You Know The Iron Filings Are Influenced By A Magnet And I’ve Actually Experienced Was And This Is This Is A Basically The Scientific Method Behind The Spirituality Correct Brothers Weapon Armed Electrical Engineer So My View Things In Terms Of Electric Fields Things That We Can’t See Such As You Take Example You Know A Main Power Line That Runs Down The Street Of The Town They Have The Same Power Flowing Through Well Typically Maybe Three But Four Locomotives Each One Of Those Is A Locomotive It’s Mirrored Million Watts Worth Of Power Or This Energy Is Flying Down The Space Between The Wires At Roughly Ninety Eight Percent The Velocity Alone It Is Completely Imperceptible And The Birds Land On The Wires And Nothing Happens To Them So So Magic Gets Into That Round Where You’re Transforming Between The He Program And The Physical Bob Will Put It Roughly So You’re Talking About Tones And Frequencies And Things Like That That They Would Listen To To Open Up A Higher State Of Consciousness To Get In Tune With God Quite Literally To Hear These Tones Three Times But Ratios Okay It’s The Important Concept Here Our Water Club Ratios Okay So If I Have The Time That’s Time That 440 Cycle Second And Exploration Of An Active So When Most Few Turns Are Brave In Succession Then When Your Mind Here Is Because Your Mind Remembers The Previous Time And Then Compares It With The Subsequent Time And The Wave Forms Produced On Specific Shapes The Lecture Is Looking For With Breasts On Number Plates And Whatever You Can Actually See These Right Philosophically With The Type Of Oscilloscope I Brought Their Primetime Television Which Makes Turns The Music Into A Natural Four Dimensional Entity That You Can See On The Screen Each One Of These Nodes Has A Shape Like An Atom So When You Start Dividing One Of Those Up Each One Of These Becomes A More And More Complicated The First And The Third And The Fourth One Are Becoming More And More Complicated Entity Your Mind Is Assembling That Anything Are You Sound The Time Simultaneously Then You’ve Got The Physical As You Can See On The Center Square Which Makes Actual Geometric Patterns Into Space Permeate Your Body Yeah Just Like An Electric Field Hmm Because I Thought It Is Very Dependent On Its Example If A Look That Does Not Work The Same Way Every Day It’s Like Well My Car’s Design Just Winspool Electric Environment Surrounding With A Sort Of Antenna Zone When I Drive Under These Million Verticals Entire Lines It Causes Others Fire To Come Out My Intense One Oh Commercial Vocals On The Power Lines In The Priority Broadway Where I Worked In Area Hug You Know For Death Leaves I Have To Drive Under This Power Line Going Out Of Town Every Day And I Took For A Blooper Record Of The Daring Response And Even Though Everything Looks The Same Run Bow To The Next Day There Were Some Days The Fire Will Be There There Be Some Days With Fire Breath Well Some Days It’s More Planted On The Positive Rather Than Negative Rares I Drive Through It Because In Something Polarizing Space And This Is The Tiresome Song And Would Reverse Paralyzing Space Where Music Works Mobilization By Adding On Top Of It So The Theory Works But It Doesn’t Work Every Day That’s Almost Like If They If You Was To Try The Same Method Every Day It’s Going To Be Close But It’s Not Going To Be Exactly As That What You Saw You May Not Get The Same Effects This Is Part Of What The Responsibility Of The Church Was Is When They Know These Things Were Happening And That’s When It Was Time To Fire Well That Could Anything Backfire On You Though So Like If You’re Saying That Something That Produces A Positive Effect Would Would That Same Method In Turn Produce A Negative Effect On A Different Day Or You Are You Pretty Much But I’ve Determined Again I Got Loads Of Listening To Music But Have Wolverton Myself To Levels And It’s Usually A Heightened Or Russian Situation Right One Day A Pensive Music Not Just Having Absolutely Profound Effect On You And One Another Day It’s Just Blows Right Through It Wasn’t Heaven Almost Having A Foot Like Becomes Negative Unless Because It Is Designed To Be Negative Yeah What’s Today’s Means It Was Designed To Be Negative Hmm It’s Also Not Automatic When It Cannot Tap Into These Energies Hmm So Today’s Music Brilliance Kind Of Morever From A Can Of Expression Sort Of A Typical Earth Music In This Zone There’s A Lot Of Noise Examples Of Other Things I’ll Give It A Check Radio On My Car And I Installed A Very Massive Installation For This With Giant Antennas It Uses The Entire Earth Is A Stereo For Reform Expansion Broadcasting Music In China Coherence Reverberations Are Around The Vertical Receiving Stereo Use The Earth As As In Concert Hub And The Effects Are The Change From Day To Day We’re Absolutely Spinning When This Happened Yeah For What I Found From Years And Years Are Fuller Analyzed Yes Band And Rb Signals And On A Writer Scale Just Then Through Music It’s Kind Of From Enormous Lexington The National Security Agency The Heartless Mass Of Designing The Spectrum Analyzers I Kind Of Get One Eye On Will Just Answer Whether Wouldn’t Interfere With My Operations Or Operations Of The Organization Organizations Or Companies In Which I Was Working With And I Learned A Lot About The Nature Of Music In Different Areas And And You Can Basically Take The Birds And The Vertical Bands From The North Program To The Equator Or Putting The Equalist Just Like Time Zones And Each One The West West Is Our Music In Those Particular Countries Or Areas Will Have The Sand Character To It Hmm So You Know As You Go From China And You Move This Type Of Move Across To Go Back Towards You And You Go For Another Band Right In There And You Go For Whatever Band Which Contains You Middle-east Countries And Other Than It Contains Your Children’s Bands By Specific Type People Think They’re Not Of Them Of The Pythagorean Ratios There’s Quite A Few Different Ratio Systems Are Poor Okay So Whenever People Are Listening To Different Tones And Frequencies To Get Into A Trance-like State Through A Meditation It’s Just Somewhat The Same Principle Can It Be A Nod With The Tone That Puts You Into A Happy State When You Hear A Sound Or Make You Feel Frustrated And Things Like That Whenever You Hear A Certain Sound Is The Same Principle Principle Applies Yeah You Know If I If I Take Care Like I Just Said Before Hundred And Twenty Hundred And Forty Cycles In And I Found Those Times In Succession Or In Parallel Of Effort Is A Positive Feeling Of Falling Of Low Conclusion There I Don’t Know Exactly How To Describe It Because Honorable Thing For Most Of The Terms But It’s Right Well Will Has A Feeling Of Completeness To It But Then If I Found The Type Of 420 Cycles Next To One Or $495 It Sounds Hard And It Doesn’t Make You Forget You Might Turn About Yeah Yeah Um Sompob We Got A Question In The Chat Room They Want To Know About The Chord D Minor I Don’t Know If There’s Any Principles On That Plus Whether Brock Seem To Favor Right Is Relative Is He What’s Major Terribly Minor Rare I Get You Into Some Deep Routes Hmm And Black Black Shows What Came For The Most Division From Magnus Very Serious Organ Works Including His Final Work That She Died Before You Can Complete Which Is Almost Three Hours Run And Then Yes Major Or Art Which Is Basically The Same Thing But Shifted In Phase Burn Also Was A Very Amount Golden Sun Shining One Type Of Cell But D Minor Is Kind Of A Working A Little Bit Darker Kind Of Violet Colored Whoops Well It’s Funny How Are These Keys In The North Universe Are Pretty Much The Same Well Have Different Effects Yeah And I’ve Noticed It Too There’s There’s Actually Different Bands Who Will Play In These Different Chords Too And That Will Write Lyrics That Are Fashioned Around That Those Feelings That Are Conjured And When They Do Videos Or Wear Clothing They’ll Wear The Colors And Stuff That Are Associated With That And They’re Taking It To A Next Level Yeah Well Right That’s Totally Conceivable Let Me Know In My My Early College Days Easton’s You Know Others Working On Extensively Or Adapting Music In The Networks And And Oscilloscope Displays And Analyzers And Developing Like A Television That Would Portray These Things But This Day And Age I Go I Won’t Have About Equipment And I’ll Just Last Night Main Facility There Four Years Ago I Don’t Know How To Get Back On Track To Possibly Let’s Do Something I’m Very Interested In Well A Lot Of People On It Brooke You Know Right Now Now How Are You Return To That Rather Nervous Interest What I Am Working On That And It’s A Part Of The Government Project Here Go Up These Possibly And Provided To Me By The Government Is The Earth Hazard Generates A Lot Of Its Own Frequencies And Counts Yeah I Know They’ve Claimed That They Was Able To Record Some Of Those Tones As Well You Know The Most Probably The Best Example It’s A Little Available To The Public Which Is A Person Named Steve Mcgreevy And He Has A Web Slope On The Workers And A Raw Sounds And He Spent Damn Near A Decade During Content Circumstances Or Bringing Magnetic Loops Into Canada Intercepting Who Electromagnetic Fear On From The Iran Over And What’s On The Internet Whooping Finding Sounds Where Some Of These Recordings Are I’ve Heard These Things And I Fell Out Of My Chair You Can’t Tell The Difference Between The Sounds Of The Evora And The Sounds Of The Deep-sea Animals They’ll Make This Thing Up Surprises Yeah In That Principle If I’m Correct Is The Same Principle With The Own Tone Whenever Those Who Are Of The Buddhist Or Hindu Tradition Whenever They Would Sit In A Circle And Chant Ohm It’s Supposedly The Sound Of The Song Of The Sun Emanating That Sound And They Get On One Harmony With That Well You Think You Could Have A Harmonic Well A Lot Of Times And For Me I’m Into The Telluric Sort Of Earthquakes And Volcanoes And Hurricanes And Those Kind Of Things Where The Remote Sparkled My Research And That’s What My Project Is Right Now Also Produces Are A Lot Of Interesting Effort But Including The Onset Florida’s The Main Seismic Event Where I’ve Heard Recordings Horrible Protection Of The Central Progenitor Button Bands Magnet It Reflects Like Screaming Sounds And And And Reserving Frequencies But The Red Lights Are So Long And The Velocities Are So High On This Type Of Stuff But But We Are Exist In A Very Higher Harmonic Of These Frequencies And Rohde Rates Which Could Be You Know Half The Size Of The Solar System That Have A Frequency Of One Cycle Every 28 Days Is Extremely Low Pitch Not Wavelengths But We Think They’re Permeating Through The Atmosphere All The Time Either Extremely Sensitive Altimeter Barometer Instrument My Car Is On Fighter Jets What Will Measure Elevation Until Just A Couple Of Feet And I Can Park Somewhere Or Or And Watch That Door Was It Slow Goes Down And Their Smile Goes Up And Then It Slowly Goes Learning These Wave Score When You Look Up In The Sky Will See Happens Like Patterns In The Clouds And Those Are Sound Waves Extremely Low-frequency Sound Waves So That Would Almost Be Similar To The Rain Dances Of The Native Americans Correct What They Were Trying To Tap Into Possible I’m Not Certain On That Mm-hmm I Want To Go Out On A Limb Here But This Is The Distance This Is Just Something I Want To Ask You Um You Referred To These Different Tones And Vibrations As Whenever You Play Them You’re Able To See Them Make A Shape I’m I’ve Seen Different Videos Where They Play Tones And They Make Different Shapes Different Perfect Geometrical Patterns And Whenever The Tone Is A Pure Tone Or A Nice Tone Or Perfect Tone And Then Other Ones When They Play Something Like A Symbol Or A Crash Or Something Like That This Symbol Turns Into Or The Shape Turns Into Something That Looks Like Mass Confusion Plant And Whenever You Refer To Them A While Ago You Called Them Entities Is On A Very Spiritual Level When You Talk About The Church Was Actually In On This As Well And They Studied This And You Know Perform This As Well Are These Entities Or All These Sounds And Tones Are They Living Entities Or They Live In Beans Well It’s Practical Problem For Our Organism When I Have These Things On The Crt Display A Good Car Certain People Become Terrified When They Start Work You Know Familiar With In A Large Scale You Know Military Type You Know Radar Crt Rooms And Alright Stuff For The All Kinds Of Stuff Is Already Intimidating Enough To Begin With You Know The Provide Of The Dc Dc Convertors And There’s No Transformer On Here Is This Green With Our Dancing Around And Personally Like An Amoeba Welcome To Syracuse Here To Bargain Music Over Handle Press And Burn It Works Frightens People Yeah Well Really Ripped Right Off Arrived I Would Blend The Images That Were Most Intense Images That I Got On This Western Was From The Works Of Lord Frederick Handel Who Was The Last Composer Of This Music I Would Wonder If These These Energies These Tones Always Exist And Whenever You Play The Tones Whenever You Play Them Or You Get On The Same Vibrational Pattern As They Are Then You Almost Bring Them Into This Reality Or You Get To See Them You Get To Hear Them You Get To Feel Them Like They’re Always There I Don’t Think That You’re Playing It And Creating An Entity Maybe That It’s Always There And When You Play The Tone You Get To Experience It That’s Conceivable But What Doesn’t Doesn’t Correspond Before Electrical Induction Clearing Of It Okay So All That Is Invaded By The Radio Button For Faraday Which Seems To Be How This Stuff Works Well Is Empty Space Available For Primordial Medium Yeah Richest Part When Electrical Work Was Referred To As The Deeper Well Ether I Will Though Everyone That’s Interested In This Subject In Stories I Presented A Lecture On This Last June And Is A Book Also The Was Wicked Problem For The Four Quadrant Representation Of Electricity And My Mind Was Keener On The Subject Then The Now So So If You Can Get A Copy Of That Video I Will Them To Have The Ether Is Affected By The Archetypes And The Firm Ative Forces The Ether Is Kind At The End Of The Rhine And The Archetype Is Working The Pythagorean Ratios The Archetype Is What Modulates Space Now Space The Ether Is A Bunch Of River Of Foods Or Lines With A Kind Of Mashed In Every Which Direction Or Molarity Providing To Eat Equalizing Children Eyes No Entity But When Affirmative First Is Applied To The Third One Set Of Lines Will Point One Way And Once Otherwise A Point Whether Will And Then You’ll Start To Get The Polarization And Then This Confused Mass Of Spaghetti In A Big Blob About Me Forever Certain Forms Into A Physical Shape Which Could Be Your New Your Garbage Can Or Travel Sky Right Things That We Can’t Sing Like Musical Entities And Work What’s The Basic Theory It Ought To Be Wrong On That But This Is Preparing For Our Born Without Using And One Was Going To Be An Upcoming Topic In My Works Presentation Is Until I Described How The Ether And Recipe Works There’s No Robo Can Explain To Somebody Homemade World And Tesla’s Transmission And All That Type Of Stuff Works Yeah I Told You I Was I Was Kind Of Stepping Out There I Mean I See A Picture Of It But Explaining It In Trying To I Think It’s Going To Have The Same Effect Either Way Because I Believe That That The Same Principles Apply Whether There Were There The Whole Time When You’re Creating Them Or Whatever And I I Kind Of Like To Tie It Into This Two Different Stories One Is The Story Of Pythagoras It Was Recorded It Was Said That He Was Coming Home From A Exhibit Or Something Like That And There Was A Drunk Man He Was Walking Down The Street And The Story Says That The A Drunk Man Was Harassing A Homosexual At The Time And He Didn’t Like He Was Riled Up Trying To Fight Him He Was Trying To Kick Down His Door And Get In His House Because He Wanted To Do Harm To Him And Supposedly Pythagoras Looked And On The Corner There Was A Man Playing A Flute And The The Rhythm In The Notes That He Was Playing Was Real Aggressive The Story Says That Pythagoras Asked Him To Play A Softer More Sweeter Upbeat Melody And Whenever The Man Changes Melody That The Whole Countenance Of The Man Who Was Violent Trying To Attack The Other Man Totally Changed As Soon As The Music Changed And A Man Gathered Himself And Went About His Way We’re On The Net Surplus Basically The Hearth Area Behind The Church Modes Which Works Performer Ization Of The Pythagoras Music During The Middle Ages As You Know Little Books Written On On This Back Then Describing How One Particular Node Would You Know Make People Behave One Way And Another Particular Mode That Make People Behave Another World And Of Course That’s How This Stuff Is Used Against Us And We Do Our Problems Move You Know He Pulls We Don’t Want To Eat Defines A Normal Water Bowl Colors Saved Sounds Of It Jingles Right Here Has Worked The Same Way With Colors That’s One Of The Colors And You Know A Televised Well We Do Imagery Are These Very Specific To What’s Going On There’s A Hanja Nearing Behind Rival Stuff Laps From Leftover Cake Oh Yeah Definitely Definitely Once You Have You Put Your Face Up To What 14 But With A Word Reality With A Word Presentation Just Like The Ether Is Boom Automated Browsing Color Proportions Well You Have No Control Over It Simple Poem Or Sensitive Numbers In With Open And Cognizant Are What Other People Are Not Aware Today I’m So Thankful Develop What’s The Color Of The Ground Of The Area That A Million Has A Profound Influence On Suppose I Just Can’t Slow For More Than A Couple Of Hours Yeah I Know What You’re Talking About Um I Kind Of Tie That Story In To With Me In The Scriptures How King Saul Had A Evil Spirit Tormenting Him And David Went Up To Him With The Harp And Began To Play This Music And The Only Time That This Evil Spirit Would Subside Was When David Played His Harp And Played These These Songs Or Chords Or Whatever Makes Sense Mm-hmm I I Kind Of Taught The Two Stories Together Just Understanding The Power Of Music Not That Issue Our Concerns Were Expressed Well And How The Wells And Character Around Exactly I Wasn’t Asking About That As Well Yeah Well We’re Hoping That Were I Came To Understand Or Believe In My Personal Investigation For Our Made Reference To The Book That Will Be Reawakened Me The Viscous This Is Our Stuff I Go To My College Years In Ocaml Over On Oh Became Interested In Different Flags Oh Like A Book Exchange Then Goes On With A Friend Of Mine And This Is What Leads For My Levels On The Internet Which Sure Enough About Like A Thousand Pages Well He Brings In These Books On These Type Of Suburbs When One Wants Me To Read Them And Then Explain To Him What’s Going On He Doesn’t Understood Well He Got More Brooke And I Really Recommend Everybody Read This Book Is Called Music Of The Spheres By A Man Named Anderson And That’s A Term That Um Pythagoras Going Correct That Was To Her Velocity Right No Recorded But But That Was The Philosophy So In Going Through This And Getting I Have A Different Way Of Receiving Information Than Normal People Do I Get Things Striking Chunks And Images And Have Not Learn In A Serial Fashion So Gradually Spoke Instead Then We Awaken A Lot Of Things That I Don’t Understand My Mother’s Actions Wedding Restore From College And Experiments In Relation With Arson Right At The Time Well Something What Has Been Attenuated In The Women Race Over The Millennia And We Have Been Taught Stories About The Rise Of Jericho Coming Down Or Moving Towards Boys You Know Through The Mythology You Know About Where People From Scenes On The Ground And Start To See Whether The Seeds Involved Without Attacking People And Harvest What Happened Is I By Written Simple Those Urls And Some Bio Geez What People Had Back In That Time But Those Things Are Not To Space But There Was Enough Food In Our Most Because The Simple Names They Had A Producing Ratios At The Right Time The Right Place And The Right Proportion So Kosmic Utilization And Internalization Over Millennia Are Particularly Vulnerable To Advent Of The Modern Age What’s Been Erased Hmm But What Potentials Will Exist Yes Up The Matter Standpoint Now This Is What Causes A Very Serious Complication Is Where They Have The Weapons Potential Of Pythagoras So Are The Guns In The Land And The Bonds In The World Around The First In The World Theoretically Can Be Brought To A Standstill About Simple Geometric Progressions It’s Kind Of Our Frightening Concept Would You I’m Not Sure If It’s The Same Thing But Would You Like A Net Two With What They Call A Fun Toy The Settings Up Of Cities And Houses And Things Like That To Produce A Certain Energy You Mean By Particular Geometry Yeah Well They Have Some Of The Some Of The Chinese Actually Will Set Their House Up As Far As Their Chairs Their Living Room Set And Everything To Produce This Pattern Of What Energy Can Flow And Create A Tone And I’ve Also Heard It Said That Their Cities Were Set Up In This Fashion As Well Well These Things Are Part Of Normal Engineering And I Took In Antiquity Okay Exactly They Just Become Our Modernistic Materials And They Just Become Erased From The Textbooks Just Like Most Imagine Electricity Is Going To Race To Detect Books This Electrical Repair Unravels And Irritates The Same People That Lantern Make Sure What Will Be Standing The Bargains Who Will Destroy It Or Eliminate It Hmm But They Still Have The Information Laypeople Offended By It So What They Want To Do In Killing So Yeah It Could Be The Most Powerful Government In The World Or You Know Whatever The Richest Where The Most Effective Dictator Or Whatever They Care For Better Than Sometimes In This Life People Since I Respect You Are We’re Very Being Suppressing It Is Not Available To Them So That Is Kind Of Wrote A Protective Measure Hmm So I’m Spyder Juanita Right Brandon Tell Us Both I See None Of This Stuff Is Possible You Know Watching Cars What About Conversions By Pushing The Issue And You Know A Magical An Experimental Rebuilding It With Our Mobile Not Acceptable Information Whether This Book On My Little Pals – What Are Employable Some Kind Of Circuit Occurs When A Explosive Would You Would You Like In This Whole Conversation What We’re Having Could This Be The Reason Behind A Lot Of Different Energies And Different Mental Experiences That People Have In The Type Of Music And The Type Of Sounds That They’re Around The Type Of Colors And Other People That They’re Around Could This Affect Someone’s Mind In Their Daily Life You Believe That This Could Be Going On As Well Well Yeah Well That Has A Subconscious Effect But We Want To Believe It Or Not Well I Say You Know As Far As You Know The Advertisement For Laws In The World Of Mind-control Know There’s Being Engineer Exactly I Believe It As Well But These People Don’t Have That They Don’t Have Access To That Because Of Their Own Denials But You Know I Can’t Speak An Absolute Knowledge Of Anything Because You Know Exist In My World But But This Is The Way That I View Authority She’s Explained So Far That’s Not To Say You Know Wasn’t Some Well Fluorescent Lamp Lit Bunker Somewhere You Are Underneath George Bush’s House Where This Website Will Can Idea Rubber Robot Will Just Squirrel The Hell Yeah Oh I Think It Will I Mean Would I Think Whenever We Begin To Get Some Of The You Know Just Some Of The Crumbs Of What’s Going On It Scares The Hell Out Of Us But If We Really Understood The Power And A Magnetism Behind A Commercial Simple Commercial We Really Understood The Science And What It’s What The Commercial And The Colors And The Sounds Are Invoking Within Our Own Being When It That Music And That Colors And When We See Those Billboards I Think If The Lay Person Who Don’t Understand Anything When They Come To An Understanding Of It Which What So There’s An Even Deeper Level Because Baseball Asserted That You Know These Particular Species That Was Referred To With More Bunkers For Umbrellas Good Evidence Of Us Around The Architecture Of Things What Are Instruments And Walkers Or Whatever Well The Created For Us Is There’s A Deliberate Attempt To Create Some Kind Of Dramatic Entity And The Breaking Into An Actual Physical Being Yeah What’s Wrong Where You’re At The Pressure Of Mariposa Lola Mechanical Milk Harmed Entity You Can See It Space And Foreign Virtual Hardware To Touch You If You’re Sensitive To It But Most People Question Or Provide On The Conscious Lever But But When Engaging These Archetypes Will Fool Each Person Is Becoming Like A Flower And Like A Large Jump Wish Of This Spiritual Entity Well You Have An Immersive And I Preferred Camp It Was Absolutely Toxic To These People Man Can Be Is Well Similar To The Life Game To Improve Radication Cancer Sources This Was It Can Absolutely As You Pointed Out In Some Of The Earlier Program Possibly Actually Use To Disrupt The Archetype Of This Game And Classic To Deserve But I Worry So Almost Like The Control And The Negativity And All That Is Almost Like The Lifeblood Of This Thing Yes There’s An Organism From Well In Brain Biology Group Of Organisms That Are Referred To As Hydra Zones And We’re A Scientific Mystery For The Jellyfish Is An Example Of When A Jellyfish Consists Where A Very Large Quantity Of Individual Swells But There’s Something Different About The Jellyfish Those Hydras And Twelve Animals And We Got Encountered In The Higher Order Animal Since There’s No Veins There’s No Arteries There’s No Nerves There’s No Central Nervous System There’s No Brain There’s No Happy’s No Runs Each And Every Cell For Respiration When Exists Independent What The Entire Organism Moves As A Whole So This Is The Situation What We’re Going With I Want To Open Up The Phone Lines For Anybody Who Has Questions We Want To Talk To Eric Dullard You Can Call The Number At Seven Two Four Four Four Four Seven Four Four Four You Can Enter The Call Id At Seven Eight Six Four Three Pound Those In The Chat Room Is Going To Be Listed At The Bottom If You Have A Question You Can Call In Now I’m Thinking On A Microscopic Level Well I Don’t Want To Say Microscopic On The Level Of Which We See Things Right Now It You Know We Can’t See That Entity But Whenever If You Was To Back Up And Look At Maybe The Earth’s Or The Different Nations From Above You Could See This This Entity Operating Over Nations I Believe I Believe Because Like You Know Actually Uh You Know Read The Holy Bible And Read The Scriptures And There’s Actually Um These Entities Which Are Referred To As Principalities In The Bible And It Says That These Prints It Says That We Don’t War Against Flesh And Blood Which Is These Carnal Things That We Can Touch Taste See In Here We Don’t Do War Against That But It Is A Spiritual Battle We And We Wrestle With These Powers That We Can’t See On A Day-to-day Basis But They’re There They’re Operating There More Real Than You And Me And There’s A Story In The Book Of Daniel Where The Angel Michael Was Traveling Back And Forth Between Earth And Heaven Bringing Forth Prayers And Information And Things Like That He Actually Withstood One Of These Principalities And In The Scriptures That Calls It The Prince Of Persia And This Is Not Talking About A Literal Print Is Talking About A Principality A Power That Is Ruling And Governing Over This Set Of Land And I Believe That There That That These Entities These Principalities Are Controlling A Lot Of People They’re Controlling The The Vibration They’re Controlling The The Information That Gets Out And All That And I’m Kind Of Tying This Into What You’re Saying Because It’s Making Perfect Sense To Me Would You Agree What You’re Talking About These Entities And These Different Negative Beings That Are Being Some And By The Higher-ups Or Those Who Are Who Are In Control It’s Very Similar To What You’re Talking About Well Yeah I Mean That Special Distinct Possibility You Know A Person Has To Be But You Know A Little People Are Creating This Being It Could Be We’re All Thing Is Controllable To People You Know Well There’s No Way To Tell Which Way The Power Flows Hmm Because It’s Not To Regulus But Especially There There’s No Doubt About It Yeah It’s Becoming Quite Organized And For Her It Manifests Itself To Architecture Especially Architecture Arrives You To Get Into A Time Machine Or Whatever And Go Back And And Actually Experience Through The Archetype Crude People Learn It Mated Hmm So Every Era Every Culture Has Its Archetypes An [music] Education System As Always Our Programs You Know You Get A Lot Of Exposure To Different Things On Mobile Age Or Buses Egyptians Or Knees Or You Know Russians And How Bodies When You See Something Nobody’s Your Kids And You See Something Well Made By The Russians It’s A Will Identify All Right That’s That’s Definitely Egypt That’s Not A That’s Not South Africa It’s Not You Know Germany It’s Not Persia It’s Egypt Hmm Stands Up I’ve Been Able To Do This Myself You Know In My Capacity As Electrical Engineer When Prospered Letting This Buffalo Just After Hinton See The Score System That Disperses To Take This Vision Away From Means Is Wrong What I Would Seem Like Insulators Or Circuit Breakers Or Things What What I Was Learning About And Working With If I Can Saw The People That Need Them Yeah Are You Familiar With Dr. Emoto’s Rice Experiment Yeah Okay If You Look It Up Online You Can Just Type In Rice Experiment Or Dr. Emoto Rice Experiment And It Was In A Documentary That Came Out Entitled Water The Great Mystery What He Did And He Was Showing The Different Vibrations In The Sacred Geometry That Was Formed In Water You Can Look This Up On Youtube Like Somebody Shared With That When The Latter Started Making Rivals Patterns Last Yeah Yeah And Then When He Did With The Rice Was He Took Three Different Beakers And He Filled Them Halfway With Rice He Put Water In Each One He Labeled Each One The One On The Far Left He Said Thank You To It Every Morning And He Spoke Blessings Upon It Thank You I Love You Things Of That Nature The One In The Middle He Ignored Didn’t Say A Word To The One On The Far Right He Said I Hate You You Fool Every Day For So Many Days And At The End Of So Many Days I Forget If It Was A Month Or What At The End Of This Type Period The One That He Said I Love You To Look Exactly The Same As When He Put The Rice And The Water In There It Looks Exactly The Same You Can Almost Eat It And The One That He Said I Hate You Too Every Day It Began To Mold And The Whole Jar Was Full Of Disgusting Nasty Looking Mold And You Actually Have A Lot Of People Who Are Doing This Experiment For Themselves And They’re Filming And Put It On Put It On Youtube I Wanted To Not Just Repeat The Information This Was A Easy Experiment That Anyone Can Do So I Started Doing This Experiment Myself 13 Days Into The Experiment And I Testified That It Is Working That These Words And Frequencies And Tones Have Power When You Speak A Blessing When You Speak Positive Words And Affirmations Over Things You’re Changing The Dna Makeup When You Understand That Your Body Is Made Out Of Water Your Body Is What Is It 70% Water Something Like That So Whenever You Speak In Blessings Or Curses To People You’re Affecting Them So This Is This Is An Experiment That Anybody Can Do And Whenever I Get Done I’m Going To Film Mine And Put It On Youtube As Well So Everybody Who Subscribed To My Channel You Actually Be Able To See That As Well When I’m Done So I’m 13 Days Into It It Is Working So I Think It’s Pretty Amazing And It Speaks Volumes About The Different Topics That We’re Speaking About Today We’re Not Serves As An Experimental Verification That We’re Not Just Making This Stuff Up Or Imagining It Exactly And You Can See Everybody’s Video I Mean It’s Working The Majority Of The Videos Are Out You Know They’re Working And They’re Showing You Day By Day Progression It’s Pretty What What What Experiment Similar That Was Done With Freezing Weather And Then Observing With The Crystals That Would Form In The Patterns Like The Snowflakes And We Have More Platforming On Glass It Was The Same Effective Thomas Was Like Television Into The Archetypes Of The Sounds And Energies What Were Stimulating The Writers Of This Freezing Yeah So Rather Has Got You Know Property Of Possessing All Kinds Of Adduct Entities Of Course You Know Records Are Being One Of Them From Other Types Of Conductivity Scan And Controller Eyes Into Thousands Of Different Forms Yes I Think It’s Really Powerful We Have A Question In The Chat Room They Want To Know Some Information And How This Conversation To Relate To The Coral Castle With That I Can’t Directly Connect About That Okay Well They’re Just Saying That It’s That Tones And Sounds Were Used To To Actually Levitate Objects You Know A Lot Of People Believe That That’s How The Pyramid Was Built Through These Different Tones And Sounds They’re Able To Move The Lift Objects And Things Like That Much Like What Happened With The Walls Of Jericho How There Was A Sound That Came Forth And In The Walls Collapsed At This Well I Absolutely Actually Had An Occurrence Of That With My Space Stereo System For Space Carrier System Wasn’t Something Well Perfect For My Way Around Time Ago Of A Private Area Tower Built For Equipment We’ll Run This Earth Stereo Thing I’m Talking About We Have A Radio Station Broadcasting At Some Time In The Earth And The Signal Bounces Around In The Earth Ionosphere Space And Echoes In Our Loyalty But For This Is The Type Of Stereo That’s A Little Different Than The Scare You Get Out Of The Lawnmower Recording Expert Things Component Added And What Happens Is Listen Twice Struck Me In The Laboratory That More Cl Days Is The Sound Would Leave The Plan Of The Speakers For The Teletype Signal Was Called Or Broadcast Station Or Whatever It Was That I Have Turned In And This Stereo System With Two Antennas At Right Angles To Each Other Microphones Pointing To Different Place Possible Earth Where The Fed Actually Had A Presence In The Room You Could Reach Out And Touch It And If It Music It’s Like You Know Instruments Would Separate Themselves And And Float Around In The Room Depending Upon Have Lattice Fairless Pulsating The Speakers Weren’t Even Part Of The Experience Anymore Nor The Space Between Them Like Normal Stereo So What I Heard Workers Again At My Research Facility In The Mountain Desert Reconstructed One Of These Took About Ten Years Apparatus Whether You Decide Master On The Original Equipment And Where They Were Was In Station In China Which Broadcast Redruth Lap Today But Specifically Used To Jam Another Radio Station And But We There Is No Prior Run Our Own Chinese Classical Music And On A Five Hundred Thousand Watt Transmitter On Top Of Somebody’s Frequency Somewhere That They Don’t Right So With My Antenna System I Consider Much Separated Directions And Focus On The Chinese Station And Will Use It This Is Completely Out Of This World It Was Fantastic So I Would Have You Know My Big Speakers And My Parent Or A Little Scream You Know Like A Rock Concert Lever And We Were In The Equipment Room Tell Me A Good Time Explains Your Interactions In On Those Asswipes And Stuff And It Happened To Have A Base My Headlamp What Was Laying On The Desk With A Uses A Ballast For Battery Charging When There Is An Interval When The Propagation Of The Music From China To Here And The Road From The Music Itself Is What’s Up I Jumped Six Inches In The Air After Desk Service With My Own Eyes Hmm So When I Started Going Man Was Sitting At That Spot In Between The Speakers Yeah And And It Just It Really Does Something Your But I Think You Can Actually Feel The Body You Can Smell Kinda Busy With Every Fact That You Have Whether It Can Do Damage I Think For That To Be True The Polar Opposite Has To Be True As Well That If It Can Do Damage And Also Be Used For Healing Yeah That’s Kind Of What This Was All About You Know The Church Was A Place To Go And If The Pastor Lined Up Right And Everything Was You Know Appropriate Atmospheric Polarizations Or Whatever And Where You Went Into That And Will Be Recharged Yeah But Today’s Society Has Taken On These Fundamentals And Principles And Turned Them Around Into Destructive And Degrading Means To For Effect And Helpless Yeah Yeah Make You Passive Or Make You I Think They Give You Just Enough To Keep You Coming Back You Know Like They Give You Just Enough Healing Or To Make You Reverence Them And Think That They Have Some Type Of Power Or Some Type Of Ability To Be In Touch With God You Know Instead Of Letting The Lay People Know That They Can Do This As Well You Know Well That That Was Good For A Bounce On The Church In Israel Had To Come About And Is Out Of Their Hands They On Set Them Straight Again But You Know That Lasted At The Time To Brock But Then For Worlds And Romanticism In Our Came In And Destroyed Everything Including Organs Nick Toilet Rocker Mechanisms On It And You Know You Started Referring Ways Instead And The Hoping And Just Debase The Whole Thing Or The Concept Of God You Know As Conceived From The Day Of Progress And I’m Like Just Completely Vanished And When Borrowed By 1900 It Was Just Just Turn The Trash Trash Well Fortunately There Was A Revival In The 60s Particularly Around San Francisco And When You Know Of Course The Dean Was And For There You Know British Group Said Her Brought Music That Started To Bring It Back To That Rubber And It Became Very Popular But Then It Just After 1970s It Took The Big Smile For This Stuff Now Can Is Not I Wouldn’t Even Call It Music Well Things I Have For If I Would Offend Everybody So I Want Handsome Alright Well We Got Some Of These People Are Waiting On The Line They Want To Call In But I Want To Tie That Into About What The The Sound And The Vibration Being Able To Change Physical Matters When You Have Like A Glass And They’ve Done Experiments Where You Can Turn The Sound To A Certain Volume At A Certain Frequency And The Glass Cup Will Actually Break That Right There Is An Experiment If You Can’t Do It Yourself If You Can’t Reach Those Pitches I Mean There’s Videos Where You Can Actually Watch That Happening So All Right We’re Going To Take Our First Caller And If Anybody Was On The Line Waiting We’ll Go Ahead And Call In Now We’ll Take Your Call So This Call Is Coming From British Columbia Well Hello Oh You Know It It Sees You And They Would Say Man I’m Good Brother Yeah Listen Really Engrossed In Your Uh Subject Today Why It’s Really Nice I’m Just Meditating On It It’s Beautiful I Can Hear My Chakras Ringing Hey What What I Wanted To Say Uh Today I Don’t Know I Don’t Have Much Of A Question Oh Yes Boom I Just Know The Bible There You Know So It’s All About The Word Of God You Know The Word The Word Uh Voila You Know That’s That That’s The Word Always Be The Word The Word Is That Mm-hmm Board Word Vibration Not Yes Vibration Is Sound Right Vibration Is Sound Can You Think Of Something That Vibrates In The World Everything Maybe Spaces With Their Bismallah The Abyss From Work From Whence God Brought Forth The World Of Creation Right Substance So I Guess What I Try To Say Uh You Know I’ve Been Working Hard On My Music It’s Beautiful And Then The Monks The Monks Were Medicated They Have A Double Vocal Cords For The Ratio Thing Makes Sense Too Because When You Harmonize Your Double Vocal Cord It Makes That That Fibonacci Scale Or Whatever It’s Called Oh But I Don’t Know The Music Is Beautiful Not Wrong Music And Uh Yeah Yeah I Just I Just Need Some Guidance Right Now Man Cuz I’m Trying To Find It But I Had So Much Want To Say Sofia Oh Hey Is A Light Year There’s A Lot Of Designer To Be Said I Think In Arson This In The Same Um You Know Aspect We’ve Touched On A Lot Of Different Topics So Far It We’re Cramming Them All Into This One Interview And All Of These Little Topics That Were Touching On You Could Go Into A Lot Of Detail And That’s What Eric Does If You Look Up His Work Find Them Online There’s Tons Of Youtube Videos Of Different Interviews With Him When He Goes Into A Lot More Detail Than Some Of These These Vague Questions That I’ve Been Asking Them Today So But You Can Definitely Check Out His Work There Man Energy Is Vibration Right Energies Vibration Vibration And Sound Music Music Is Energy Everything Is Interconnected You Know It’s All Sound Is This The Sun Is A Sound The Star Seen It Sergeant Like A Drum They’re Not Just Sitting There Of Shine They Go Bing Sometimes In The Terrible Noise Like You Say Too So It Means It Might Not Sound Good Today So Yeah Most Powerful Thing World Is Our Sound In Sound Resonates From The Mouth And Quote Economies It’s All About Jesus At The Center Of A Snowflake You’ll Find A Star David Every Time Mm-hmm Every Time Yeah So Eric What Can You Tell Us About The What Is Known As The Macabre Or The Star David In Sacred Geometry Do You Know Anything About That Right Robert Hmm There’s A Lot Of Like What He Was Saying With The Snowflakes And Things Like That They’re Actually Finding This Star Of David This This Hexagon This Six Pointed Star In In The Middle Of These These Different Snowflakes And Their Friend Whenever Something’s Vibrating Or Something Spinning Supposedly You Get That Shape The Six Pointed Star Or The Merkava With It Actually Spinning You Are Aligned With Also With Snowflake That’s That’s The Archetype That The Writer Crystallizes On So It’s Already Based On Those Angles The Entirety Of The Snowflake Is Somehow Going To Be Derived From That Archetype Or Angle The Same Angle In The Middle It Smokes Sense I’m Not I’m Rattled Off Is America As Far As Not Poetic Antenna Design Ghosts The Rudolf Steiner Concept Of The Growth France Where Haskell Will Seed Archetype Book This Is One Step Right Out Of What Is And Created And Wonderful Progressions From That Pipe You Have A There’s A Movement Now That A Lot Of People Are Doing And They’re Taking A Vow And They’re Not Listening To Anything Unless It’s Tuned To The 432 Hertz Frequency They’re Saying That This Music Sounds Better And It Affects You Differently And That The Places You’re Talking About Total Silence Versus The Standard For 40 Cycles Exactly Rather Brings Us Right To The Fact Of The Pythagorean Thing Is The 256 Cycles Is The 256 Is A Very Important For Fragaria Number And C Should Be 256 And Then Whether Town Should Derive From That Now Before 32 Might Be Bad I’d Love To Calculate It Right Off To See Okay So You Say Nor 14 Times The 256 Yeah Okay People Sort Of Agrarian Progressions Are Based On On Certain From Multiples And Powers And 256 Or 512 Right Part Of That Series Hmm Okay So It’s The Same Thing With The Rate For Organ Pipe Blah Blah The 16 Foot See An Rv So You Start Making These Things Different Sizes And From From The Pure Proportionality Standpoint It Doesn’t Seem To Make Sense Because The Ratios Are The Same With Respect To Each Other But From The Pythagorean Standpoint Where We’re Trying To Turn Onto This Carrier Frequency If The User Radio Term That Exists Is Suppressed Carrier Frequency What Is Behind Everything Like In Single Sideband But Where Modulation Is Going To Sound Loud Distorted Or Beyond The Range Of Human Hearing Until You Reinsert The Carrier Signal To Derive Demand Arms Of The Speech Comes Out As Out Of A Perfectly Crystal Clear For What Would Be The Ransom For Landing On To Our Reference Frequency For This Whole System Isn’t As We’re Talking About It Not As Straddled By Physicists That’s My Theory Anyway Okay Well Yeah I’ve Definitely Did The Experiment Myself As Far As You Have A Lot Of People Who Will Download Music Or Upload Music From Some Of Today’s Popular Artists And They Will Change The Tuning From Its Original Tuning To 432 And It Just Makes You Feel Better I Mean You Can You Can Actually Feel The Difference In It Even If It’s Some Music That’s Dark Even With The Lyrical Content When It’s Tuned To That Higher Frequency It Just I Don’t Know It Just Feels Better You Can Actually Feel It I Think Is Pretty Interesting Well The Same Situation Has To Exist With The Record Stores Because Of The Equal Temperament Is Our Relation As You’ve Been Distorted To Don’t Fit Into A Series Of Octaves For What Basically Destroys The Pattern What The Discipline Interval Generates Yeah Well The Problem Is Officially If You Stay In One Key Then You Don’t Have To Deal With That So If You Start Getting Into The Heavy Pyrophoric Music Right Back Where That It Doesn’t Work Anymore You Have To Do Equal Temperament But When Your Musical Temperament Is Is The Finer Points Of The Music And Having Consonant Resonances I’ll Disappear Well Something I Noticed With This Crt Display Hours Was Talking About That I Used To Turn Music Into Images There’s Something About The Class And And A Combination Of Women Versus Welcome To These Waveforms And Absolutely Massive Power Levels And It’s One Of The Complications What Makes This Music Virtually Impossible To Digitize Well This Type Of Music We’re Talking About Little Defies Being Digitized Okay Can You Do That With Song On The Radio Could You Put It Through This Program And Get An Image Of It Yes Basically That Has A Network Between It And Rollovers Potentially Was Interested In Stereo On One When Ago So This Network Where It Creates What Opposed To Be For The Lack Of A Better Term Three-dimensional Fears A Lot Of Reasons Why Not To Use The Term Three Dimensional And Two Dimensional But That’s A Whole Nother Subject It’s Referred To As Three Dimensional The Proper Word For The Case That Appears On The Television Screen Have A Volume In Other Words You Know Presents In In A Volumetric Front In The World So From Two-dimensional On The Screen But Where The Video Is Fed Into The Sigma Was It From And This Class Is Well I Have A Sudden Just Like The Screen Up With This Bed Right Circle Shape Whatever And Overload The Amplifier With Analysis Five People Singing In Despair They Break Only Church Mode Music You Can Find Recordings Over Whether One Of The Most Runners Composers Is A Person Named Thomas Palace If You Can Find His Music It’s Representative Run For What I’m Talking About Okay Because There’s No Human Voice The Original Equal Temperament Because We Can School Them Scan And All That Nice Continuously There’s No Quantified Or Clinton Steps Like There’s A Keyboard Where When Using Some Instrumentation At Ease Or Fun Levels On It When These Presence That Were Had A Role Of Pebblebrook Where Performers Could Face Synchronize Their Voices In Class And Harmonics To Add In Such A Way That The Peak Amplitude Could Be Fashioned Sometimes Higher Than When We Leverage Amplitude Of The Signal Hmm This Is Where Things With The Paper Are Going To Church Can Do – I Can Take A Succession Of Harmonics And Manipulate Them To The Propagation Delay In The Church And The Distances Between Organ In The Back Of The Church And In The Furniture Chipper This Is Harmonic Standing Waves We’re Working Being High Pressure Zones And More Pressure Reserves And Church Welcomes Our Intense Durables Concerts With Conversation Is Proper For Planets Or What Have You Can Actually Fear When Physical Entities Living For Your Body Yeah Yeah I Really Like Salad Objects Like Kind Of Like The Kind Of Like One Of Those Popular Pictures Of The Atom Or Rather Little Birds With The Straw Sticking Them Together In A Cab Or Some Kind Of Thing Which Then Forms In The Space And You Can Feel It Moving Through Your Body Whereas Theoretically That Will Cooler Five Or Six Acting’s Of Types You Can Pedestrian Waves Will Have Thousands Of Times The Power Grammage Value But Unless For Very Short Periods Of Time But Will Concur In Succession This Is One Of The Things That Nickel A Plasma Memorized In Islam In America Was Appropriate For Fields For Analytics Experiments And As Wireless Power Transmission We’re Not We’re Not Doing The Same Waves In A Situation Like That All The Time The Mechanical Piece These Odd Harmonic Waves Were What In Situation Can Be At Rest For A Substantial Portion Of The Cycle When I Have A Sudden What Will 0 Degrees 180 Degrees For Five Harmonics All Of A Sudden I Had Up Until Charity That Goes Away In Affection The Microsecond And When We Rush In The Cycles Would Even Though That Cycle Is Filled With 100 Harmonics But I’m A Blessed Man Amplitude During That Cyclic Interval Will More Profound Weather Will Completely Cancel Each Other Out Until That One Instant And Then They Have A Massive Quantity When It Will Disappear Again It’s Kind Of A Fascinating Work Or Experimental Form And Electricity To Get These Waveforms Of These Producers Or What Is Private Power Of The Church And Our Genetic System Works Yeah Well Let Me Run This By You You Mentioned The Body Vibrating And Feeling Things Moving Through Your Body Doing Different Things When You Sit You Use The Word Entities As Well Whenever You Mention This My Mind Being A Spiritual Person Goes Straight To The Kundalini Awakening Experience And The Infilling Of Baptism Of The Holy Spirit Experience Where They Literally Start Writing They Literally Begin The Sweat To Begin To Cry Have A Joyous Feeling And Feels Like All The Negative Things They’ve Done In Their Life All The Negative Baggages That They’ve Been Experiencing Or Just Erased After Having This One Experience Whether Their Whole Body Begins To Literally Vibrate Very Fast Is There Any Way We Can Link This Together Or There’s Like A Scientific Method Behind This Or Just Something That’s Just A Spiritual Experience Sure I Mean I Can Understand One Additional Level But That Level With Our Loop Variable X Potential Foster Caring Through Both What What Well Because I Know This Is You’re Saying That You’re Able To Feel These You Know Whit Sound I Know That It’s Not Always Sound Being Involved When These Experiences Happen A Lot Of Times There Is And Then Their Body Begins To To Actually Vibrate And They Feel A Power And Energy Going Through Different Parts Of Their Body Doing Something Cleaning Them Or Something Like That Well Understandable Those Are Those Experiences In Your Life You Know Cause Physical Conversations In Your Body With A Permanent Where I Whistle Circle What Will Have Mike Discussed In His You Know Analysis Of What It Was What Was Making People Sick And Crazy And Causes Of Cancer And On Install Performs Or Was Present We’ve Collected Firms Or Situations In Your Body Because Of Are These Negative Experiences And And What That Basically Starts To Exclude The Life Energy When That Party About Is You Can Generate In Terminal Disease But It Originates In Were Brought Pattern From In These Archetypes In Your Body But From The Retro Mechanical Standpoint From The Movers Been Talking About Alarm Experiments I’m Going On The Things That You’ve Made Mention Of One Its Musicals It Means To Erase These Things Just Like You People Mad Would Wave Over A Piece Of Recording Tape On One Try Rule Information On Its Back Yeah This Um And I Think Is Time In With Everything We’re Talking About And Someone Has A Question And I Think You You Might Have Interested It As Well Talking About Any Insight Relating To Frequencies That Kill Viruses And I Think This Is The Same Thing We’re Talking About Right Now Whether It’s Just You Know Negative Or Harmful Things In Your Body That You May Be Able To Find Healing Process Potentially Whispers Actually Developed An Engineered By Medical Doctor In Rural Life Hmm Well Today Is Are Distorted And Turn Into Something Else Emulation Is Work Which Is Kept Above This Record Pressure On Everybody Else So When We Get Here With The Name Right On It Is Most Likely A Normal Nation But What Left Did And Possibly More Pair Of These Apparatus In My Hand So I Know The Principles Of Operation You See Adapted And Test For X-ray Tube Connected To A Plasma Transformer And When The Pleasure Transformer Was Excited By A Smart Am Radio Transmitter The Level Produced The Tesla Beam Will Penetrate The Body And Electrostatic Ring Has Mechanical Actions On The Viruses And Things Inside The Bad One A Very Clever So He Did Is He Took An Assemblage Of Musical Cards And At The Doctor Microscope But When Steiner Saw Is Impossible But He Won’t Work Anyway And He Could Key Things Smarter Than Anybody Could See Who Could Stand And Not Care Of Them Of Electrons Or Any Web Presence Or So He Studied That For Pathogens Viruses Or What Have You And Then We’ll Beam Them With The Tesla Tube When We Put Musical Cards Or Similar For Multi Frequency Relationships It An Am Transmitter And Then Manipulate Those Frequencies Until The Virus Spread To The Left And Then Happen To End When The Virus Would Be Well The Right Where Columbus Was The Virus Will Destroy So He Came Up With A Frequency Lab But We’ll Figure This Out And He Started Eradicating Cancer With It So In Responsible American Medical Association Was Formed Under The Direction Of My Sister Destroyed Below Fourth Doctor Right Yeah Yeah You See What’s Problematic American Medical Association Finds Its Origin In What Specific Engineering Yeah Picard’s Yeah Well And That’s One Thing That You’re Going To Have To You’re Going To Have To Forfeit You’re Going To Have To You Know Be Willing To Be Ridiculed Anybody Who Has Any Type Of New Information Or Or Trying To Actually Revive Old Information At That You’re Going To Have To Be Willing To Be Ridiculed And Demonized By The Rest Of Your Peers So All Right And Even If Right Now You Managed To Pull Out Of That Number Not Have Any Peers Well You Know Disappeared With Some Super Government Laboratory Or Just Do It All Out Militias What Is Very Evident Right Now In Regard Is There’s A Massive Defamation Campaign Will Make Me Look Like A Monkey And I Will Spar From That Stuff Because It Was Not Successful To Stop Me By Other Methods Hmm So I Just Turns Into A Sailor Definition Was Struck Yeah No Presence Less People For So Exist Specifically To Debase My Work And King Cooper On The First Path Kind Of Nice Left A Little Something Right Black Progresses The Relatives In This Place Actual Explained Yeah Exactly I Mean You Know Welcome To The Walk Of Jesus You Know I’m Saying It Was The Same Thing With Him Someone Who Brought Forth Light And Understanding And In Grace And Peace Into The World Was Was Called Was Accused Of Being A Idolaters And One Who Consulted With Would Demons And Followed Satan You Know By His By His Peers So What Did That Very Thing Same People You Can’t Help Yeah Yeah The Consultant Was Saving You Know Well When A Certain Sense You Know This Defamation And Avarice Preferable Is I Don’t I Don’t Prepare Myself In And I Live In The Bushes The Ferret In It So I Almost Left When I Wrap Up On All The Post Office And It Disappears Out Of Myself And Appears On One Enough But Kumar’s Out Botamo Have Abusive Personality Or Whatever I’m In Turn Up We’re A Little Room With Scare Situation Brush Your Enough You Notice Negative Forces Coming Back To Do This Work With A Good Turnout Will Be Widely Overlooked Or Brings More Back To Emotions And John Lennon And What Happened To Him Yeah Yeah He’s Just One Of Many I Mean I Can’t My Face I Think John Lennon Really Is The Comparative Example And That’s What I’m Worried About Because I’m Going Kindred Type Evaporation I’m Making This Back Wheeler Wheeler Cooper Little Getting An Additional Encounter Ready So Justin I Have This Ability To Quantify Certain Things Or Learn Particular An Electrical Work But We All Milk Seems Much More Apparent You Cannot You Blow The Pigment Out Of It So That People Work Site Integration Or The Movement Of What’s Wrong Even Though That’s Not Really My Human Life But That’s What’s Happening And That’s What People Write Well Allows For The Car And Food Narva Warble And My Social Security But Somebody’s Going To Take Me Up Well I Think You’re You’re Doing A Justice To The Human Race I Think That That You Have Everyone’s Best Interest In Mind I Don’t Think That You’re In It For Greed I Don’t Think That You’re In It I Think That You’re In It For The Science And That You’re In It For The Understanding That That You Are A Free Man And That All Human Beings Are Free Men To Experience Life And To The Abundance And The Best Life That They Can And To Let Them Know What’s Going On And These Different Things Are Happening Different Scientists Do Exist And You’re Giving Us The Breakdown On It In The Deep Inner Workings Of It And The Work That You’re Doing Goes Far Beyond The Topics On This Show We’re I Kind Of Push Things As More Of Us From A Spiritual Standpoint And You’re Actually Breaking Down The Science Of Everything That I Believe You’re Breaking Down The Science Of The Christian Faith You’re Breaking Down The Science Of The Hindus The Buddhists Islam All Those Who Understand That A World Exists Beyond This Mundane Things That We Can Touch In It Is A World Of The Electromagnetic Frequencies Be Called Different Names And Different Holy Books Things Like That It Can Be Tapped Into They Are Being Tapped Into Now So I’m Going To Put Your Work Out There I’m Going To Share Your Work With My Fans My Listeners And So There Was A Lot Of People Who Were Wanting To Tune In To This Show I Put The Show Out There That Was Going To Do It And We Have A Lot Of People Listening Live A Lot Of People Who Are Going To Go Back On Youtube And Listen To The Show Again So It’s There And I Think That There’s An Innocence There As Far As You’re Not Trying To Push Your Work Or You’re Not Trying To Propagate Your Work You’re Simply Sharing Your Work You’re Putting It Out There In Those Individuals Who Want The Higher Understanding Of It Who Want To Know How It Works And Operates They’re Going To Find You They’re Going To Google Your Name They’re Going To Google Topics That Relate To It And They’re Going To Find You Just Like I Found You And That’s Just How The Cycle Is Working So Thank You For Everything That You’re Doing Thank You For Putting Your Neck Out There I’ll Speak Blessings Over You Just Like I Speak It Over That Water And That Everything Will Line Up Perfectly With Your Will And Your Destiny Will Come Forth And You Won’t Be Taken Out That You Will Be Protected And I Believe In What You’re Doing So With That Being Said We Got Another Call If We Got A Question Here Caller In There Hello What’s Up Hey How’s It Going Um I Just Uh I’ve Been Following Eric’s Work For Quite Long On Researching Other Other People’s Works I’ve Come Across Marker Rodin’s Before Take Vortex Base Mathematics And I’m On The Website Here It Says One Of The Things You Can Learn Through It Is That Poor Skin Morals Harmonic Cascading And I Noticed In Tesla’s Magnifying Transmitter That There’s Actually A Tourist Almost Intended To Talk I Was Wondering If There Had Any Thoughts On That Connection Between The Tourist And Transmission Well By My Personal Transponder Is Reflector It Doesn’t Actually Transmit Sends Electricity Back Down Where It’s Accelerating And First Into The Earth Okay Well The Reason Right Has Left Mushroom Shape For Us To Have That Mushroom Cap Type Of Shape Because That Way The Electrical Forces Are Directed In Such A Way But The Material Around The High Potential Point Doesn’t Break Down And Catch On Fire Well What Particular Shape Crossing To The Electrification To Neutralize Itself Underneath The Cap Of The Mushroom So When A Sketch And Catch On Front Okay Um I Was I Was Actually To Get To The Residents Of The Earth Was Actually Transmitted Out Through That I Was There I Had Completely Backwards Well I’ll Serve Up That Bridge Has Been Deliberately And Against Well Unfortunately Concept Cannot Be Corrected For When Were Ever Really Grasp Customers Tonight Transmission System Because The Physicists Have Fixated Global Of An Antenna There Was No Such Thing Presto Presto States Where Even In His Own Writings But He Did Intend To Try To To Tap For What To Fool Around Elevated German Or For Other Purposes But Well Anything With The Grab Sessions Very Cinematic So Thank You Very Much It Definitely Totally Changes My My Understanding Of The Whole Thing I Thought I Had A Pretty Good Grasp Of Not Know I Don’t So I Wanted To Know Also About Some Of The Different Experiences That You’ve Had Because I Notice And Some Of You Work You’re Talking About How The Different Music And Different Tones Connect To Make You Feel High In A Sense That Make You Feel Intoxicated Just By Listening To Music You Have Any Experiences With That That’s Part Of Our Daily Experience For Me Mm-hmm Please Well I Have My Birth 901 0 For Every Amplifier And I Know Backward And You Can Handle Choruses And Yeah And That’s The End Of Every Day That’s You Know There’s About A Four Hour Interval We’re Over Yeah If I Can Clear My Mind From The Noise And Negativity And The Rest Of The Stuff Until One Of The Moves It Work Well It Creates The Transformation Hmm So It’s So It’s More Or Less Of A I Guess Less Of A Mystical Experience And More Of Just A Daily Practice That Gets Your Body In Tune And Feeling Good Yeah And Also It Helps Me Write This Stuff For A Particular Value Phase Mathematics And Our Worst Competences In The Music When The Mathematical Work Merges In The One So When I Will Sing In The Music There Are The Equations That I’m Developing Of Just Pop Right Out Of The Movie And Then Conversely I Just Came Back From A Womb Somebody Had Managed To Save From Construction An Acid Bath Elephant Switching Facility Processes Dependence The Work Is Well Good Reassembling Up With Half A Million Connections In Order Nope Well As Was Carlos Step-by-step System Is Original By Our Telephone System After Living In That Building For 10 Days And Tuning Into Our Heard From Work When Basically Will Be Took Me 12 Years To Fully Understand The Horn But Just Putting Work With You Or Not When I Came Back In Account Of Her Different Dimension Because The Way That The Switching System Operated Is Very Akin To Have A Worship Operator When Our Heard The Music In The World Well Never Heard It Before Until How Well Experienced With The Telephone Exchange Well Kind Of Works Both Ways Okay So I Know I Talked To You Mention Going Out To The Woods And Things Like That Can You Maybe Touch About Your Experiences About What That Can Do For You As Well Going Out And Being In Tune With Nature And How Almost May Be Resetting Yourself Right The Same Situation Is When You’re In The Natural Archetypes Which Is Quite Pronounced Because Work Types You Know Determine The Shape Of A Living Organism Zone When You’re Out In Nature You’re Amongst All These Organisms And After You’re Out There Enough You Spill Out A Wrap Around Round Enough Well Your Senses Aren’t Destroyed Using Weapons Or Geometrical Archetype Or A Pattern Applies All Of The Stuff Together Hmm This What We Realize That It’s Not A Bunch Of Separate Entities That Very Existing Inside The Situation That’s Basically Right You Know Sitting In The Dark Really Closing Your Eyes And Listening Towards Tobacco Handle When A Similar Similar Situation Also In Is Preserving What I Just Made Mention Our Peoples Your Particular Label Both Jennifer And Operated Was Tried Eighth Wonder The Web And Women So By Their But With A Hundred Right By The Book The Thing When I Myself But We Were Crafted To Do Some Of The Sounds It Made All The Time I Was Working Didn’t Bother Us And With The Girls And I Had Just Come Out Of The Woods At That Point In A Very Expensive Direct Contact With The First For Weeks And Weeks And One What I’ve Got Amount Of Our Most Forms Of Current Riders And The Robot Or Other Components And Geometrical Particle Navarro Tell Them My Husband’s Going On Is The Reason Why This Turns Know Anything Exact Same Reason By The First Turns Me Organ Music About Does This Because Of What What Level Of Archetype And And Mary Suggests Intelligent Design And That’s What Books People Hide Your Eyes Because I Still Couldn’t Get Not Hey I Get It The Handle Is Just A Bunch Of Relays A Writer Yeah It Gets Me High Looks Like They Don’t Before I Saw You Know Trees Winds And Whatever We’re Back In The Trailer And They Fire Up The Generator Watch The Game We Recognize They Have Yeah Yeah Yeah So I Guess To Kind Of Tie This Question Together Um There’s A Renaissance Of A A Practice Of What Is Called Grounding I’m Not Sure If You’re Familiar With It But What People Did You Know They Just Are Going Back To Walking Barefoot When They Can And Putting Their Feet On The Ground To Ground Their Energies And Feel The Energy From The Earth Moving Through Their Body And If We’re Talking About You Know Magnetism Or We’re Talking About Electricity Grounding Is Basically Truth Behind Well Yeah That’s It That’s Where I Went For 10 Years Straight And Greenness Much About Wearing Shoes It Up You Have To Wrestle About The Bushings In The Whole Thing After All And That’s Definitely There’s Something About That Physical Contact With Gravel Electrostatically Then Will You Are At Ground Potential We’re Doing Here Is You’re At An Arbitrary Potential Which When You’re Working On A Carpet You Know You Find When You Touch The Burner And Reach Your Potential In 25,000 Drugs In Right Hmm But One Time Actual Noise You Would Look For Half A Mil And Drugs Somewhat Accidental With A Spark And Platform Of My Side Across Behind Way To Oss Fire Sprinkler Pipe That Will Be Four Feet Back Those Reporters Were Million Votes Most Likely Or Somewhere Half A Million Votes Okay Okay Now I Think I Had The The Phrase Wrong It’s Not Grounding It’s Called Earthing I’m Sorry Okay The British Would Prefer To Enter First Connection And America Would Prefer To Use The Term Ground Connection Will It Almost Like If You Get A Lot Of Stuff Going On In Your Life And Stuff Can It Can It Can It Work As Something That Almost Resets You It That It Literally Grounds You Back To You Know What Matters Just Getting Out In Nature Taking Your Shoes Off Being More Conscious About Things That Are Going On And You Know That Actually Matter Laughter What’s Going To Do The Same Thing We’ve Just Been Talking About With Music Well It’s Going To Be On A Rush Physical Level Yeah You Know It’s Going To Be Very Similar Terrible Situation In The Church There’s Going To Be Days When The Voltage Is High There’s Going To Be Days When The Voltage Is Low Well It Will Depend On Probably You Know Cosmic Versus What The Vegetation Is Actually You Know Reckon Antenna Tuned Into Hmm Can’t Even Aware Of The Animals Yeah They Were Saying That Um That They’ve Done Studies As Well Where Plants And Vegetation Grow Faster When They Listen To Music And You There Is Where The Theory Comes From Of You Talking To Your Plants Every Day Talking To Your Flowers And Stuff Like That Well In That Case It Might Be A Little More Than Just A Mechanical Explanation Hmm That’s What We’re Doing With Hair There’s Something More Than Physics In Love With This Hmm But Nevertheless It’s Related Mmm I’ll Say It’s More Of A Geometrical Situation Yeah So Within Being Alive And Everything Like We’re Talking About This Water Experiment And Stuff I Think That It Matters You Know I Think That It All Matters When You’re Speaking To It Supposedly They Did A Experiment As Well Where They They Measure The Resonance And A Frequency From Flowers And Whenever They Were Going To Get Scissors To Go Cut These Flowers The Residents And A Frequency Spiked Like They Got Scared Whenever This Was Happening That’s Almost Like Whether It’s The Water Or The Plan Itself The Life From The Plant Like Something Was Conscious Of What Was Going On Yeah There’s A Whole Book Written On That Called The Secret Life Of Plants Okay Thanks America But No Loser By Our I Forget Right After That Brooke Had Quite An Impact On Me When I First Read It And It Looks Very Deep Into This Okay And I Know You Have More Say But Um I Actually Have Friends Who Consume Certain Plants Whether It’s Ayahuasca Marijuana Things Like That And They They Talk About Having Experiences Where They Come To Contact With An Entity Like This Plant Live Under The Consumption Of It Like They Meet A Woman Who Says I Don’t Want To Be Smoked Or You Need To Respect Me Or Something Like That Would There But That’s Consumer But Hmm Because You’re From Describe But For All The Biology Girls Life Its Life Hmm Well Horns Are A Bit Different And They Pretty Much Need Only Dead Stuff But In General For A Healthful Organism Is It’s A Life Its Life Situation So When You Consume The Plant You Are Consuming That Entity When It’s Right For Us And It’s Archetypes And That’s Merging With Yours And That’s Exactly What Pythagoras Taught As Well About Eating Meat And Things Correct I’m Not Certain About My Last Birthday Pythagoras Is What Was Receivable Yeah It Was Much Like The Hindu Look On It As Far As Whenever You Consume These These Animals In You’re Consuming The Blood That You’re Taking Upon The Stresses And The Things Like That That That Animal Was Going Through We All Right That Seems To Be Somewhat Established Corrupted From The Knowledge Of Hunters Doc You Know If From A Known Animal And The Animals In A State Of Distress In That Process Well Influences The Flavor The Probably The Norm Okay She’ll Be Planet Output What Woman’s Up For Not Operating As Carnivores But The Operating Is Carrion Eaters Well Carnivore Actually Care Of The Animal And Ingest Its Its Living Energy It’s The Right Natesville Situation But From Here As Far As Clothes And Postures And Humans Yes Many Species And Drugs For The Normal Four Dimension Creatures Other Than Humans Are Designed To Eat Carrion Yeah More Will Be Possible By Carrying On Level Things What Are In It Ever For A Potential The Women’s Are Breaking Carrion Eaters They’re Kidding To Have Good Blood Rotting Remains In So It’s Going To Be Pretty Much There’s Going To Be No Energetic Level Of Franklin Influences Are Going To Be You’re Pretty Much Your Physicochemical They’re Not Going To Be On An Equal Level Thank You You’re Giving The Animal Well It Was Right Right A Carnivore Does Yeah Yeah I Actually You Know When I’m Not Eating Right Or Something Like That A Feeling Bad Because Of My Diet Consuming Plants And Vegetables Fresh Plants And Vegetables I Can Feel The Life I Can Feel The Energy Coming Into Me I’m Real Conscious Of It And I Can Actually Feel It I Feel 100% Better After Consuming That With If It’s Been A While Since I Had Fresh Plants And Vegetables I Can Literally Feel It Well We’re Actually To Generate Your Body And Heal It Hmm So I’m Initiative Principal Science Is I Don’t When I Was No Doctors Available For Me I Live In The Bushes You Know When I Buy My Body Is Going To Be Thrown A Ditch Somewhere So But I Want To Fix Everything Myself Just Like My Club Mmm So Well First Believe Anything Screwed Up I Can’t Have That There Is No Doctor For Me So What The Way That I Effect That Is Living For That And That Work Cause You’re Making To Be Generated And Any Damage To My Body To Here And It Makes Me Resistant To Diseases And Paint And Carbon Injury And Or My Senses Are Very Acute Are What People’s I’m Sticking To The Biological Principle Applies Its Life So You’re From The Living Entity Like Consume Living What It Is To Maintain My Living Energy Otherwise When I’m Just Will Handle A Clerks Willing To Carry And That’s What Political Most People Missus Always Will The Racking Good In It I Think That’s By Design Would You Agree With Everything We’ve Been Very Symbolic Because We Have A Satanic Images You Tattooed On Other People’s Bodies And Where I’m Models Are In The Shape Of It And It’s The Hopkins Becoming A Society Of Breath Worship Everything Is What Scrubs And Knives And Axes And When Brains And Can You Know Virtually Every Food First Person In This Town Has An Emblem Of Some Kind Of Spell Or Destructive Device To Care For Embrace You Brought Your Bible Wear Clothing Mm-hmm Yeah All That Yeah So That’s Not Where Society Is Reaching Its Panama Face Hmm We’ll Run Make It Much Longer Because It’s Just Strictly Automatic Worship Of Death And Destruction Yeah But There Is Power In Returning Back To The Source Correct We’ll See Yeah But Yeah I Mean You Know There’s No Amount Of Weaponry That’s Going To Fight Your Way Out Of This Thing Because It’s Highly Organized And It’s Got More Than You Do Yes Well I Think You Can Do You Switch The Whole Thing Around And Operate On The Primary Lever From You Know From What We’ve Been Tracking About The Progress And The Powers That These People Have Done And What Better Forgotten That I Mean I’m Exactly You Know I’m I Think I’m With You 100% I Don’t Think That Um The New Age Movement Are A Lot Of People Who Were You Know I’m Saying Waking Up To A Lot Of This Stuff Whether Even If It’s The Christian Church Or Whatever To Wake Up To These Ancient Principles That Have Been Lost I Think That It Will Help Us In Our Personal Lives Like Everything You’ve Been Saying And It’s Actually Helping You But So I Think That’s Why People Find Health I Guess Peace In Acknowledging A Higher Power Someone Who Maybe Will Come Through At The End And And You Know Help Us From These Demonic Beings Who Are Controlling Everything That’s Going On I Think People Have A Hope That There Is Something That’s Going To Happen Whether You Believe In God When You Believe In It Jesus Christ Coming Back Or Ets Coming To Save Us In The End Who Have Been Watching Over Us The Whole Time And Eventually Going To Play Okay Enough Is Enough Do You Have Any Hope In A Higher Power That Something Is Guiding Us That That Maybe A Little Bit More Intelligent And Have Our Best Interest In Mind That’s Out There Who Are Like A Military Standpoint Can Work For There Are Going To Be Invasion Or Defense Or Some Type Of Situation Where When You’re Working Things From A Biblical Standpoint But The Human Race Is Never Entered Such An Era Of Disney Ality Does Anything Like This Them Resisted This By Definition In Those Levels Of Understanding It’s Terminal Yeah Well We Don’t Know That The Time Constant Is Well It’s Like You Don’t We Know The Circles Overloaded But You Know Is It Is It A 60 1970 Emptiness Or A Hundred Emptiness It’s Going To Breath We Don’t Know What The Size Of The Food Is Right It’s Going To Bra Yeah But Also Get Thousands Of Times More Worst In This Book According To Her But No One Will Ever Can Concede To Me How Many Years Before I Went When I Grabbed Not Move Or Jealous Back Any Of These People Well You Know I’m Credible Or Existing You Know Prayers For Them Behave And I Have Them Walk Out The Door And Look At The Strength In West Town Over The Neighbor One Saying Their Brain Would Explode Because We Know Today Would Have Mm Yeah And I Think That When We’re Talking About A Higher Power Or Ets Or Whatever The Case Is Something That That May Come And Help Us Or Something Like That A Lot Of People Sit Bob Passive Well They Only Say Well I Don’t Have To Do Anything Because Somebody’s Coming To Save Me I Think That’s That’s Proper I Want To Be Back To That Exactly But There You Know There Are A Lot Of People Waking Up There Are A Lot Of People Who Want To Get Back In Touch With Nature Who Want To Who Seek The Best Interest Of Others And Who See Others As An Extension Of Themselves And Whether You Want To Call That Getting Back To Spirituality Or What I Think We Need To Enjoy This Life And Embrace Each Other And Embrace Life In General And And That’s Why I Had You On The Show Because I Think You’re Explaining The Scientific Method Like I Said Earlier Of A Lot Of The Philosophies And A Lot Of The Scientists Behind Spirituality That’s Written In A Lot Of Holy Books So I Think The Whole You Know Jesus Is Coming Back To Save Us Or Buddha Or Mohammed Or Whatever Is Actually Used As A Cop-out Because People You Know They Tend To Not Do Anything Eventually That’s What Makes Me Better Notes Be Angry To Run These People The Way They Do And Think Oh I’m Going To Be Saved Number Two Go To Heaven So Poor Matter I Love These People And Angers Where My Doesn’t Work Like What Well Jesus Rest Of Your Spaceship Uh-huh He’s Not Coming Back And There Is Not One Person On This Planet Today That One Is Going To Have It So Just Get That Out On Your Mind Under Joke You Know When Ever Talk To Me Again So That’s Fine It Insults Me To Have That Keep Part Of My Face Internalizing So Much These People Behave Like Savages And Just Trash Everything Around One If I Go To Church And Pray On Sunday And So We Do Have Insurance Palestine Christianity Yeah Yeah Yeah Well Whatever Of Them You Know They Want To Pray In The Morning For You Know Mobile Rather Than If I’m Over Well Those Are Big Words Card Christianity Hmm Well I Just Have To Covers People I Cannot Engage In Either One Of Those Things Because It’s Against For My Upbringing As Welcome To Look For A Landline Christian Background Or From Nice Nuns And Monks And Other People Back A Hundred Years You Know People Might Start Spot Will Spot For A Friend I Can’t Handle It Because The Bible’s Not Made Like That Yeah And So I Guess What You’re Saying Is That Exact Thing Same Thing I’m Saying A Lot Of Other People Is That What You’re Seeing From The Church Now Claiming To Be The Ones Who Get You In Tune With God Are Doing The Exact Opposite And Just Using Yeah You Know The Percent Welcome Referring To In Los Angeles Right Work Their Exhibits These Things That I’ve Just Said For A Russian Come To Church On Sunday The Last Thing I Want To Do Is See Us Grow Angeles On Sunday Perfect Circus Is Crying And And You’re The Risk My Car And Now Personal Body And The Rest Of That When I Will Profess When You Need You Need To Come To My Church Go There I Wonder Where I Work Today And I Will Appear In Some Jig Trap And The Mountains Drive The Bus Or The Lobotomy You Know In Her Hand Is Moving Like A Second Hand On A Clock On Crap Before Mountain That’s What I Walk Into The Guy Well You Know The Fungal My Church Yes Raj Creation Exactly I’m With You There But From Her Where About You Carrie Needed It Engelberg Lurk Themselves Off And Nobody What Have Nobody Else Is Going To Go Too Far Because A Piece Of Grilled Meat Blacks Are Gonna Be Party What One Reason Well In My Adult Life Right Went To The Churches Was A Big One To Have A Burger Yeah Therefore The Sound I Wasn’t There For The Rap Yeah You Know What They Have People Saying That On A Very Small Scale Now As Far As They Go To Church To Enjoy The Music Or They Don’t Really Know The People Or Agree With The Preaching But They Enjoy The Music They Have Went For It And That’s What Worthless And Is Based On Mmm Is It What It Has Access To Bad Yeah Exact Time By The Operating Time Exactly That’s I Think That’s What We’ve Been Saying There’s A Couple More Minutes For You To Be On The Show I Want To Touch On Crystals If You Can Tell Me Anything About Crystals A Lot Of People Talk About Crystals Hold Energy Quartz And Things Like That We Understand That Crystals Were In Radios And Were Used As A Conductor Of Electricity And My Correct On That Or Reversed As Crystal Stones Are Rules To Entire Radio Equipment In This Day Has Four People’s Chris Has An Interesting Property What If Mechanical Force Is Applied To It Producing Record Refers And If Electrical Force Is Applied To The Produces A Mechanical Force Source And Reciprocal Situation Where You Can Cross Of Course Question Of The Mechanical Vibrate Which Will Give Rise To Record For Vibration Which In Turn Goes Into A Certificate Turns Back Again A Cannibal Vibration And Upon Pounds On Its Left When It Sings At A Frequency And That’s The Frequency Of Like Use Little Firm Or You Know The Clock Rate On Your Computer Or Whatever Device You Have So What’s Its Rhythm And Frequencies From Read The Technical Supports Now The Other Crystal The Crystal Radios And Whisper Rectifiers That’s What’s Inside The Transistors And That These Crystals Change Their Conductivity In The Way That They Pass Electricity By Electrical First It Supplied Them So We Open Apply A Small Electrical First To A Particular Crystalline Substance Circular Plus Iron Sulphide Of Pyrite Can What Smell After The First Will Cause For Much Larger Electrical Response In The Crystal And The Sentences Kind Of Pull The Wave In And What Serves As A Detector So Memory The Feeble Radio Waves Or Electrical Impulses Are Not Strong Enough To Cause A Mechanical Action On A Relay Or Anything Like That But If You Try It Out To The Crystal From The Crystal Changes Inside And I Was Reading The Crystal Turns From An Electrical State To Another And Lets You Know This Thing’s Very Minimal Clothes Are In Row Or You Know If The Oscillations Are Fast Enough It Can Move Around With You On Speaker And These Devices Today Are Noticed As Diodes And Transistors Hmm We Did Those Are The Ten Different Types Of Crystalline Applications In Electricity For Crooks Now You Can Work Beyond Well You Know Anything For Continuously Changing Electrical For The Varying Intensity But That Has An Influence On How The Currents Then Of Course You Have On The Cracks And The Canticle Stresses On That And The Influence Our Electricity And This Has Elected With My Poetic Wave Research And Earthquake Claims Instructional Practices Massive Quantities And Frequencies And Waveforms Being Produced Well Worth It’s Very Difficult To Account For Exactly How They Will Come About From The Way Charges And Physical Scribal Construction Work Hmm That’s A Whole Different Topic Yeah We Did How About Somebody That’s Going To Come In For An Interview Here Shortly On That Subject Okay In The Budget Actually You Know That’s The Project I’m Engaged In Here Right Now With The Government Know About And And We Describe Our Funding Look So Well You Know Work On Our Pearls And The Whole Thing To Be Able To Tap Back Into This Again It’s Going To Be Quite An Effort We Actually Just Did A Podcast About Crystal Magic And About The Energy That Is Stored In Crystals And Actually Released From Crystals As Well And We Kind Of Liken That To The Sceptre Of A King Or The Staff Of A Magician With The Crystal On The End Of It And Whether It Starts Of Frequencies To Be Released As An Extension From The Hand And Released At The End Of The Rod Or The End Of The Staff To Bring About Whichever Type Of Magic You Want To Deal With Us There’s You Know A Lot Of Different Types Of Magic And As Far As Frequencies And Vibrations And Causing Things To Happen Differently And That’s What We’ve Been Talking About The Whole Show Sound Of Vibration And Whether Crystals You Know Are Very Highly Organized For Chemical And Electrical Patterns Physical Replicas Patterns Or You Better Describe It So That That Causes Them To Be Archetypes So A Crystal Ruler In A Certain Sense It’s Very Similar To What Cobby And Then Examined Concept Of The Number So It Gives It A Power On That Level It’s Blend Electrical For A Physical Explanation Not A Bad Brother You’re Dealing With Archetypes Again Limited Forces And Again That’s Going To Be Imagined Ated By The River A Cosmic Induction Which Changes You Know A Minute Day To Day So They Have Their Own Equation Each Crystals Whether It’s A Amethyst Or A Ruby Or Something Like That Karev Things Going To Be Different Right Well They’re All Going To Have Their Own Archetype Well Of Us If You Break Them Down Or You Know You Fracture Them And Look At The Patterns Is We Create The Same Pattern Or For A Specific Form No Matter How Fine You Designed Them We’re Still The Same Shape Okay And That Serves As An Archetype And Then That’s Also A Conversation Because You Have Are These Little Points Which You Know You Can Conceive Of As Electric Charge Or Something That Creates Induction So The Crystal Kind Of Curls Mosquito Force Into It And Then Turns It Into A Possible Friend That Can Proper Clerics And That In Turn Can Come Back As A Mechanical Or Some Kind Of You Know Transforming Device Yeah So They Kind Of Liken It To As Well The The Ephod Mention Up In The Bible That There Was All These Different Rubies And Things Like That That Were Affixed To This Big Breastplate Type Thing And There’s People Who Also Believed That There Was A Type Of Conductor As Well With All These Different Types Of Emeralds And Amulets And Things Like That And That It Actually Helped A Person Get In Tune By Wearing This This Vesture And Get Into And Speak To God And Have An Experience With God Through These Crystals Well I Mean If Somebody Had Engineered Whether It Makes Sense Well And That’s One Of The Applications Of Bow Vessel Berg Is Is One Of The Few Metals That Has Direct Electrical Contact To The Ether Hmm And What The Revelations Rice Use In Electrical Contacts In Our Bodies It’s Hard To Get Them In A Situation Where It Doesn’t Have The Surface Conductivity Will Not Lend An Oxide Or Something That Will Broth Will Direct Electrical Contact To The Environment For That And There’s A Suggestion To Use A Some Kind Of Antenna Surface So There’s A Lot Of What Is Done Well Its Original You Know Application With Humans Was Not Something To Heard For He Dancing Equals Mc-squared Maori What Was Something That Arrived A Ruler Receiver Contact So Postulated Well You Prepare Imagine We Ship When We Work Are Completed Prints Running Apparatus And Not Skeletons Like More Now Is There Was A Layer Of Work So Then Layered Run Website About A Misting This Basically I A Prosthetic Condenser Of Sorts And Purchase Of Work Yeah So We’re Talking About Tampering With These Different Frequencies Electromagnetic Fields In The Body And Inflection Just A Proper Word For Okay Never Babies Also Not Only Frequencies And Electromagnetism Is A Very Specific Geometric Relationship Between The Dielectric And Magnetic Fields But Those Things Can Take On Numerous Other Configurations What Will Be Erased In The Textbooks Yeah Well And The Secret Societies You Know Like The Masons And Others Conspiracy Stuff Reel-to-reel Slept Enough Agrarian Sector Over These Were The Folders Of These Engineering Secrets Of How To Do These Things So We Wouldn’t Become Raff So When The Time Is Right For The Human Race To We Engage In This Information Would Still Be There So This Is Definitely Not The Time Now The Human Race Is Not In A Position Where You Know It’s Already Making Enough Of The Mass Will Promote Over In Our Course Sounds And Induction For Excellence To Drive Noise You Know What We’re Trying To If These People Were Able To Take It To A Higher Level So This Information Will Always Remain Perk Up As Well Affects The Human Condition Did Yeah So Whenever We’re Talking About This I Think There’s There’s People Who Would Change The Word Out For When We’re Talking About Electricity And Frequencies And Things Like That In The Way That The Egyptians Were Conducting Electricity They’ll Change The Water Spirits That Date That They Were Dealing With These Vibrations Of Spirits And Summoning Spirits And Pulling In Forces From The Ether As Well Will Actually Call Them The Same Thing They’re Talking About The Same Thing But They Call It Something Different So I Speaking About Vibration Being A Thought And Things Like That Because These Different Frequencies Bring Forth Different Thoughts Different Feelings Different Emotions When You Hear Them When You Feel Them That’s What Spirits Spirits Do Arm Even In The Bible There’s A Part Where These Different Spirits Present Themselves Before God And He Wants Something To Be Done On The Earth In These Different Spirits Uh Present Themselves And Say I Want To Go Down To The Earth And I Want To Be A Lying Spirit So In Another Spirit Said Well I Want To Go Down There And Be A Confusion Spirit I Want To Go Down And Spread Confusion Amongst Two People So I Can’t Help But Link These Vibrations These These Frequencies And Sounds With This Spirit Work As Well When We Understand That A Spirit In Itself Is Not Like A Demon Or A Monster That Has A Physical Body Runs Around It’s A Thought Form And A Vibration At The Same Time And I’m Just Linking This Together With Everything That You’re Saying Because It’s Making Perfect Sense Where If You Study The Holy Scriptures Or Even Some Of The Other It’s Not It’s Just A Bible These Are Universal Truths That Are Taught And They’re Just Called Different Names But Called Totally Different Names And When You’re Dealing With Church People Or People Who Are Very Religious And Hold To Their Sect They Can’t Agree Now You’re Talking About Spirits I’m Talking About Vibrations I’m Totally Different No It’s The Same Thing We Just Call It Something Totally Different Because You Because You Don’t Understand The Science Behind It Yeah This Modern Terms For Things Were You Know From Your Past So Yeah That Would Work Like Raising Your Vibration And Energy Has Really Been Seized Upon And And Pretty Heavily Misused In This Area So You Know Energy And Vibrations Have Specific Dimensions But What We’re Talking About Doesn’t Necessarily Have Those Dimensions Because It Hasn’t Turned To Ether And Anything Solid Yet Hmm So That’s What I Prefer To Stick To The Very Concept Of Colonization And Induction With Those Who Authorized The Word Spirit Polarizes Everything Just Like A Magnet Plural Rises In Space That Something Is In And Then In Influences And Within That Space Through The Polarization But There Is No Frequency And There Is No Energy Their Energy Comes About By The Actions And Secondary Actions But The Induction Itself Is Not Energy And It’s Not Frequency But It Can Give Rise To Those Things Where Those Things Can Give Rise To Induction The Same Thing With The Quartz Crystal One Way Or The Other Exactly It’s A Principle That Is Not Positive Or Negative In Itself It’s Whatever You Do With It It You Have To Tap In Within A Certain Intention To Use It For Positive Negative Good Or Bad Or Whatever Yeah I’m Overdoing With So Much Speculation You Know It Starts Left Well It Gets Beyond The Engineering Rubber Which I Like To Remain At Yeah Yeah This Is The Situation With Electricity And Every Time I Get Up To Make When These Presentations Which Is Coming Up Again Now And Like The One Which I Really Recommend That People Require Off The Internet Is This Last Presentation I Gave It’s Not Clear In My Mind Because It’s Been A While Since I Gave That Presentation But I Had Clarified This Plane Crash Sadly In The Last Presentation Now I’m Getting Ready To Give Another Presentation It Always Starts With The Same Thing Okay I’m Going To Give A Lecture On Electricity To A Crowd Of People Don’t Know What Electricity Is And Nobody Knows What Electricity Is Anyway So How Do I Begin Yeah And That’s Why You’re On This Show And That’s What We Do With A Lot Of People A Lot Of People Who’s Some Of Their Informations Got To Be Deep And You Have To Have A Lot Of Study To Even Keep Up With What They’re Saying We Try To Make It Very Practical For For The Listeners Someone Who They Can You Know Maybe Experiment With Or Understand Who Are Physicists Or You Know Who Don’t Have A Degree Or Anything Like That So I Think We’re Doing A Good Job Today I Think With Time Some Things Together It’s Working Out Great I Think We Have Time For Another Caller Someone Has A Question Let Me Bring This Person And We Have Guest There Uh Yeah Yeah I Love Going Yeah We’re Good I’m Over Here Dallas Texas I Was Just Calling You Know The Big Solar Flare That Hit Back In The Late 1800s And How It Basically Just Disintegrated A Lot Of The Lines Of The Telegraph Machines And All That And It Is Some Of The Technology That You’re Kind Of Studying With Being In The Ground And Grounding Energy Would That Help Protect Against Some Of Those Solar Events That Would Be A Big Catastrophic Event Like It Was Back In The 1800s The Entire Electrical Grid Of The Country Is Fully Designed At A Very High Cost For Some Reason To Make It Even Worse Acceptable Baragas Is What This Is A Project For Working On Here Because It Is Causing A Complication In This Municipality Is In The Time Vision Is It Necessary For Some Of The Function We’re Trying Everybody Variant Message Incantatem Npm Receive A Solar Flare And Direct Our Destruction To Low Prices In Your Hand We’re Trying To Figure Out What’s Behind Us Basically Society Has Public Speakings Down One Of The Red Example Let Me Have A Son There Are Certain Height And Common Air Or Hard I Think We’re Losing Them Eric Okay I Think We Lost Eric So Awesome Interview If I Say So Myself One Of My Favorites So Far Some Awesome Research And Some Awesome Things That We Tied Together And Spoke About In This Interview So With That Being Said You Can Check Out His Work At Eric T Dollar Com ErIc P DolLar D He’s Got A Bunch Of Videos Posted A Lot Of Interviews That He’s Done And There’s A Couple People Working To Try To Help Him Get Up Some Of His Stuff Out There To The Masses So There’s Other People Connected Who Are Following His Work That You Can Link In With On Facebook And Twitter And Some Of The Other Social Networks To Help Spread His Videos As Messages And If You Will Help Get This Podcast Out There So We Can Cover More Topics Very Similar To This One So This Was An Awesome Awesome Podcast And Like I Said It’s Going To Be One Of My Favorites So Just To Break It Down On A Very Late Minh Level Understand That That Music Sound And Tones It’s All Vibrations Everything Is Moving Everything Is Conducting Electricity Your Body Is Made Up Of The Same Electricity And So When We Look At Stuff Like This Rice Experiment What I’m Talking About Remember To Bless People Remember Not To Curse People To That That Your Words In The Music And Everything You’re Taking In That Even The Things That You’re Looking At The Colors That You’re Looking At All Effects Your Body All Effects Your Mind In A Good Way Or A Bad Way So The Bible Says Choose Life That You May Live And That’s What We’re Saying Choose Life Speak Life Because The Power Of Life And Death Is In The Tongue So That Being Said You Can Check Out My Music Check Out My Work At Truth-seeking Calm Subscribe To Me On Youtube And Hit Me Up On Facebook And If You Want To Come On The Show Or You Know Anybody Who Would Like To Come On The Show You Can Me An Email Or Inbox Question Or Something Like That And We’ll Try To Make It Happen And With That Being Said We’re Going To Say Thanks For Everybody Tuning In Thanks Everybody Listening To This Whole Show And Like That Please Share The Information If Anybody Would Like To Give To Eric You Can Do So On His Website Eric P Dollar Comm If You Would Like To Support The Podcast And The Music That We’re Bringing Forth As Well You Can Do So At My Website Truth Become Calm There Is A Donation Button There It’ll Be Greatly Appreciated So We Can Get Some Some Advertisement And Get This This Information Out There To The Masses So Thanks Again For Sticking With Us That One Say Shalom And Peace Thank You Guys If You Would Like To Sponsor The Show Or Advertised On The Mythos This Podcast You Can Do So By Going To Aaron

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