Esoteric Agenda

Esoteric Agenda | TruthSeekah | Official Video | Spiritual Alchemy | LCOB


Prophetic senses I’m listening to my intuition, Religious Systems make prisons while distorting your vision
Satan wreaking havoc, it’s tragic, They call it superstition, Dogmatic schisms are written by the son of perdition,
hidden, esoterics, seeking truth after knowledge, if the truth wasn’t hidden then everyone would find it.
Kundalini rising the masses hypnotize, Enter SEVENTH ray of LIGHT ignite the third eye brightly, shining
Shamanistic perceptions are teaching lessons I’m returning to the earth like one returns to their essence
Etheric ancestral spirits that are guiding my progression, Benevolent entities make peace bestowing blessings
I’m a tele-evangelist but television can’t handle this, I try to walk in integrity but a lot of preachers are scandalous
I’m a living epistle a walking arc of the covenant, Head the words of the prophets, never put your trust in the government.
I’m in tune with the spirit revealing the prophesies in my lyrics you will hear it don’t fear it, the mysteries
You can find me in my prayer closet praying on my knees, Speaking to my God, come and clean these bloody streets
Because it’s full of drug money, politics and full of greed and you can’t trust nobody, not even the police
Most of the churches are corrupt, All they care about is cheese like mammon is their god the love of money, our enemy
Guard your grill, guard your heart, Resist temptation, let it flee, We’re the head and not the tail, Dead men tell TALL tales
The lost tribes of Is-ra-el, the ones who suffer can’t you tell? Concentration camps and jails, ILLUMINATI casting spells on your mind!
Dog!, it’s time that we liberate the rhyme, I’ve got a Diamond in my soul and it’s time I let it shine.
No man know the hour but be aware of the time, Let the Kundalini rise and climb up up your spine.
Abracadabra as I disarm and dismantle and handle negative entities with my positive energy,
When I’m flowing they feeling me Cuz I’m showing no sympathy, Feel the power, it’s feelin’ me, with the sound of a symphony,
Nows the hour that I’ma be infiltrating the infantry Know the silence is killing me, speaking, walking in Liberty,
while I’m waiting on bended knee. Know that God has forgiven me,On an island like john I can see the visions of Elohim
Feeling the healing vibes as I lace this instrumental My syllables simulates minds giving knowledge to your mental,
Speaking life in the form of rhymes as I ride to the tempo
And this phenomenon it won’t be moved, when the wind blow. I’m in the world but not of it, so where do I belong?
I’m relying on my fans’, because the friends’ are all gone. I’m getting closer to what I’m see in my dreams.
They say that knowledge is dying, I’m crying or so it may seem, I know that all life is sacred, This is the truth that I perceive.
Learn to share what we have and then there’s no need for greed. UHH!
Put em’ in a casket, the Vatican battling using magic, Put an end to the madness, seek the truth, and give it to the masses.
They think this is tragic, We smash it and give YAH the glory, I’m just an example, I only exist to tell His story
My testimony unfolding, according to the light. We’re transformed in his image until we look like Christ.

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