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Thieves- The Sinister Essential Oil Blend That Turned Into a Savior

In the 15th century, thieves were rampant.  They sighted in on the plague victims of that time, for there were so many defenseless among the sick and dying who couldn’t protect themselves or their property.  However, they really didn’t have anything to worry about because no one wanted to come in contact with them for fear of contracting the deadly illness.  The thieves of that time had a secret formula of highly anti-viral, antibacterial, antiseptic, and anti-infectious essential oils. They would rub them all over themselves when entering to rob the dead and dying.  When they finally were apprehended, the authorities got them to confess their secret and that is how this Thieves essential oil blend was derived into what we use today.

In 1997 Weber State University demonstrated the killing power of these awesome oils against microorganisms in the air and the results showed that diffusing Thieves for a mere 10 minutes into the air caused an 82% reduction in Micrococcus luteus, a 96% reduction in Pseudomonas aeruginosa and a 44% reduction in S. aureus microorganisms, all 3 which cause disease and illness in humans and some even in animals.

Thieves oil contains a special blend of the following:essential oil thieves

  • Clove Essential Oil

  • Lemon Essential Oil

  • Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil

  • Eucalyptus Radiata Essential Oil

  • Rosemary Essential Oil


Thieves has nearly unlimited uses.  Some of the most common ways to use it are:

  • essential oil thievesDiffuse- To kill germs that are airborne and when inhaled it can boost your immunity even if you aren’t sick.
  • Topical- Be careful to dilute because Thieves is a hot oil, but topically it can treat oral health issues such as tooth pain, mouth ulcers, you can apply to bottoms of feet to promote immunity and illness prevention, and more.  I had a mouth ulcer that completely healed after only two applications of Thieves essential oil.  Thieves comes in mouthwash and toothpaste as well and my customers have had phenomenal    success with these products.
  • Internally- You can dilute and encapsulate Thieves and take it internally to boost your immune system and treat interna
    l illnesses. You can also put a drop in your coffee or tea to treat a sore throat.  Thieves has a numbing effect on sore areas similar to oragel.  For headaches, you can put a drop on your finger and press firmly to the roof of your mouth. essential oil thieves
  • Cleaner- You can make a spray or purchase ready made Thieves spray products to clean your home and surfaces of any germs and viruses and bacteria that may be present.  I use a
    Thieves spray on pillows and bedding to freshen it and kill any lingering germs, especially when someone in the home is not well. You can also add a couple of drops to a wet cloth and put in the dryer with your clothes for disinfecting.

essential oil thievesThieves has so many uses to fight sickness and keep your family well.  In my opinion, it is the essential oil you must put in your medicine cabinet.  If I could only pick one, it would be Thieves.  Comment below if you have any experience using Thieves and how it has helped your family.






essential oil thieves

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