dry itchy scalp

Dry Itchy Scalp

dry itchy scalpThere are many contributing causes to dry itchy scalp.  Dandruff is one of the most common ailments for people in everyday life, and dry scalp contributes to that problem.  You might also get a dry scalp from cold windy weather, dry air or low humidity, or chemicals on your scalp.  Some shampoos are so harsh that they can wreak havoc on your sensitive scalp.  Dying your hair or bleaching your hair is the worst!  I know, we all love to have our hair a vibrant youthful glow (including me), so here is my solution to the dry scalp problem.



I have had the worst dry itchy scalp lately. The dry weather plus chemically processing/dying your hair dry itchy scalp
has taken a toll on my poor scalp. Put a quarter sized dollop of shampoo (preferably a natural one, I use Suave Naturals) in your hand and add 3 drops of cedarwood oil and 4 drops of lavender oil. Mix with your finger and massage into hair and scalp and let it sit for 1 minute. Rinse out normally. After doing this, my scalp feels so much relief!  My hair smells rather lovely too!   You’ll get a mini aromatherapy session from sitting and smelling the luxurious lather while it is soaking in and working its magic on your crown.

I went from scratching my head so much my scalp was inflamed to having instant calming soothing relief.  I encourage you to try this method to naturally relieve your itchy dry scalp.  You will love the smell and the soft shininess your hair will have after this process too.


Lavender oil also:

promotes feelings of relaxation and has a soothing calming effect emotionally as well as on your skin. My tip for you would be to use this method in the evening before going to sleep.  Deeply inhale as the oils soak in and enjoy the aroma of the lavender and cedarwood.  These oils both will calm you and should promote restful sleep.


Cedarwood oil also:

opens the respiratory system and promotes calm sleep.  As you wait for the oils to work their magic, deeply inhale and take in these aromas.  The essences of these oils should open you up and promote relaxation.  If you perform this method near bedtime, you should easily drift into peaceful sleep as an added bonus.

dry itchy scalp

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