Oil use is one way people have been naturally healing themselves for centuries.

Essential oils have been around since the beginning of time.  People have been promoting oil use as a way of healing their bodies and minds from the ailments oil-use
of daily life.  Some have a healing antibacterial effect, some have a calming sleep promoting effect, and some can even stop a migraine headache.  You can use
them in many ways.  Using a diffuser you can use the oils aromatically and breathe them in.  You can also use them topically on the skin and even ingest them!  You can only ingest the Young Living oils.  Other brands are not safe to take internally unless they specify that they are for oral ingestion due to the chemicals other companies use to extract their oils from the sources.  The fact is that if you have a problem, there is an oil that you can use to help transition you back to a healthy lifestyle.  I really believe in their power and in the power of natural medicine so I have become a rep for Young Living.  Young Living has the most potent highest quality oils that you can buy.  They also have wonderful starter kits that have a large range of oils to try so that you can find a daily use for them.  If you have any questions about essential oils, feel free to ask.

I will be sharing on the blog how they have enhanced my life in many different ways.

Add me on instagram at SpiritWolfLiving and DM me any questions you might have. To order your kit, go to SpiritWolfLiving.com and order your Member kit.  Make sure that I , Arien, am your sponsor and my member number 10437337 is plugged in as your sponsor and enroller.  Once you order your kit and receive all of these amazing oils PLUS receive a 24% discount on all future Young LIving purchases!  If you only want single oils, you can order them that way as well but the kit is a much better value.


Crystals have healing properties as well.  I use a book called The Crystal Bible to learn the metaphysical properties of crystals and how to use them for your optimum health.

Crystals work by changing or absorbing vibrations.

oil-useThey vibrate at different frequencies.  For instance, if you leave someones presence and after interacting with them you feel “bad vibes”, that person vibrates at a very low frequency.  Crystals can take in those low frequencies so that you don’t absorb them into your own body, possibly bringing your vibration down or even
causing health issues.  A basic beginner crystal is clear quartz.  Quartz is great for absorbing negative energies and amplifying good intentions.  When you first get a crystal you should clear or clean it.  You can do this many different ways.  Some crystals, including clear quartz, can be cleared by putting them in the sunlight for a few hours. You can also put them under the light of the full moon or by smudging using white sage smoke.
When you clear your crystal, all of the negative energy is dissolved away and it leaves your crystal refreshed and ready to work for you.  I will be creating crystal pieces from time to time at my etsy shop etsy.com/shop/amartyrsheart .  I will also list any custom essential oil rollers that I make.

Add me on Instagram @SpiritWolfLiving

for notifications of new blogs and lots of juicy into on oils and crystals.

Thanks for viewing my first blog post!  I look forward to sharing my crystal and essential oil info with you!

-Arien Spirit Wolf

OIl Use

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