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In this episode of The TruthSeekah Podcast TruthSeekah speaks with Evangelist JD Ramsey about his encounters in the secret place of God. JD shares some of his stories about being raptured by the overwhelming presence of God and how all spiritual power comes out of these personal encounters with Jesus.

JD Ramsey is the CEO and founder of Kingdom Call Ministries. In 2006 he had a radical encounter with Jesus Christ that forever changed his life. In an instant he was delivered from years of drug addiction by the power of God. Set free and set on fire for Jesus Christ JD began to pursue the things of heaven with the same burning passion he once pursued the things of the hell. In 2008 the call to the ministry came to him and shortly after saying yes a freak logging accident came close to claiming his life. Miraculously he survived and was raised up almost unscathed from the meeting with death. Out of that brokenness God began to reveal to him how to step over into the supernatural and out of that launched the evangelistic ministry which he now carries across the nation. Even though JD has ministered internationally he is primarily focused on reaching the people of America with the pure uncompromised gospel of Jesus Christ backed up with the demonstrative power of the Holy Ghost. JD Ramsey is a prophetic voice whom God has raised up these last days to declare the soon coming of Jesus Christ and to call all men to repentance. Thousands have been saved and filled with the Holy Ghost in the evangelistic meetings that JD has held in churches, auditoriums, and tents across America. Many documented healings, notable miracles, and supernatural deliverances have been reported by men, women, and children who have come to these meetings seeking God. JD burns to see people experience the raw authentic presence of God and loves seeing people set free by the anointing of The Lord Jesus Christ. He and his beautiful wife Misty who is an incredible vocalist and worship leader live in Central Arkansas.

Evangelist JD Ramsey Encounters

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I heard you went there and set up a tent and started preaching the gospel you went to Chickasaw Alabama you went to Fairview I have people in both communities and I heard the amazing story so I had to come check you out for myself went to that event there man power of God showed up healing people Holy Spirit filling people for the first time changing their lives man thank you for what you do man yeah what was that 2014 that the first came came over this way we were in Fairview in 2013 summer 2006 all was that summer of 2014 I was just scheduled to be in Fairview for three weeks to do a tent revival out there on highway 98 and it turned around and stretched out into five eight months so the Lord’s blessing was all over it and I stayed in the Mobile Bay Area for the next probably two years I think it was before we moved on so with that being said give a little bit of background of what you do what you bring to the table you evangelists tent revivals you set up you build it they come God shows up just just talk a little bit about your background man and what you bring to the table yeah I got I got saved in prison in Arkansas about 12 and a half years ago I had an encounter with the Lord that led to my salvation when I was in an isolation cell there and and after that I had a real powerful encounter with the Holy Spirit and got to begin to you know the last year and a half that I was in the prison preparing me for when I finally get out one one day because I knew he was gonna call me into the ministry and about six months after I’ve been out of prison the Lord did call me the ministry and shortly after that I wasn’t a bad logging accident that where I was just hitting the face with the tree put me in a hospital for three weeks nine days knocked unconscious several visitations by God when I was in that unconscious state where he told me things that were gonna happen in my life a lot of them have some of them haven’t yet but after that and when I came out I woke up and looked at my face in the mirrors his head swell up about the size of a basketball and jaws wired shut and he he told me he said you’re never going back to work another day for another man in your life again you’re gonna preach the gospel all over the world and so finding out how that’s gonna happen for somebody to time convict who has a credit score of about nagging at negative 787 and everything’s stacked in the world against them can’t be really accepted by any mainline denominations or anything like that because my ass it was it was difficult navigating those waters because I knew God wanted to do something special with my life and I didn’t know what that was but after I had that accident I just began to become abandoned in prayer and seeking God in just a wild way I’d always been a little bit of a loose cannon and what happened with the tent ministry this is all that started I said all that to say this is because one of the reasons I’m in the tent revival business is because number one thing usually my message is just on this is not acceptable by the mainstream so I’ve got to have a place that’s just open and free to do what I’m supposed to be doing I was it up I was in a revival in Hebrew Springs Arkansas it’s been about I guess about eight nine years ago and was in a town where I’m from there in Arkansas an evangelist that had been in that area for the last lived in that area for 20 I was preaching his last revival meeting he’d ever preached at this church and I went to this church place was packed out that night I’m in the back and the man of God who’s ministering just stops preach and comes back and starts talking to me they write midstream of what he’s doing got a huge crowd of people there and just stops doing what he’s doing and come back and talks to me and he said I just I just don’t know what’s going on here I just see something on you and I just want to come talk to you well that night later he prayed for me he prophesied over me the highways were gonna be mine that I was going to heal the sick and cast out Devils and about a month later he was a temperature also he had his tent up in romance Arkansas it’s the last tent revival he’d ever do he had me come up and testify and I did I came up there to testify but first I prayed for him power God knocked him out and here’s the man of God he’s on the floor now I’ve got the meeting and he’s never body buddy preaching his 10 ever you know nobody’s ever even minutes up underneath his tent well when he finally got back up he just said son obey God and I went to praying for people there was a lady in there that night she was on a breathing machine couldn’t breathe hardly I prayed for her when she got done she was running sprints around that tent I mean God was all over God just went to healing people in there that night that was the first time I just saw an open demonstration of the healing power of God when I prayed for somebody and the next year I actually used his tent equipment myself did about seven or eight revivals around Arkansas the year after that I purchased my own equipment and it’s just been growing ever since I believe was the year after that wound up in mobile and we had that five-month tent revival so I just want to encourage you by this watch and I have no idea what I’m doing yeah you know you don’t have to have any idea what you’re doing either you just step out and believe God Bay God and the Lord will start doing the rest so we’ve been doing the tent revivals now for like the last I guess seven years and we’ve had a quite a bit of success with it right now I’ve got my tent set up over in Carbondale Illinois and we’ve been we’ve been there since the you know the beginning of August this will be like the 26th night of the meeting actually tonight and God’s just blessing pouring out his spirit people are getting saved healings are happening miracles are taking place the Holy Spirit’s just falling on people and awakening to them to their destiny and God’s be glorified up in the midst of it it’s just awesome stuff that’s powerful man and uh it seems you just come firing out the gate just you know I’m saying just going strong and uh let me ask you about this about activation and mantels because you said the guy came up to you prophesied over you preached over up prayed for you and i stopped this service to come in in in you know bring the word to you do you do that for people now was that kind of like something that was imparted to you do you kind of follow that mold does God speak to you mid service to call out things and prophesy over people as well you kind of have that same mental well I’ll tell you how the Lord led me into that ministry it was that night when I went to that meeting I’ve been up on top of this mountain and Locust Grove Arkansas fasting and praying for a couple months so you know on the other end and what I do most of the time my biggest deal even before I Minister I really don’t even preach that long people I spend most of my time instructing them on how to receive before I share anything so the number one thing I tell people is this is your hunger is what’s going to pull the mantel off the man of God and people have a hunger for the power of the Lord and have a hunger for the things of God and the Lord knowing the future knows what kind of commitment that they’re going to give from the beginning and so so I was when I showed up that night you know my hunger pulled something off that guy and and that always works the as far as as far as the ministry of impartation the number one message that i’ve always had to believers is the message of the Holy Spirit and that’s my number one message to believers the Lord uses me in the healing ministry and that was kind of an accidental thing but I never really intended on getting off in two and we can talk about that’s not and how that really developed but that just happened out of really the overflow of my seeking God it wasn’t something I ever intended for but but my main message to people who are believers is the message of the Holy Spirit and the reason why I do believe so adamantly in the message of the Holy Spirit is is because he can empower you to do the impossible when it’s completely improbable for you to ever succeed like my story I’m a I’m a two time convict man I shouldn’t have later have made my way but God’s made my way and he’s done that by through the power of the Holy Spirit and so the morning that’s existed in my life it’s not only existed for ministry but it’s existed for business it’s its existence to succeed and dominate in every aspect of life and I can say that legitimately day having the freedom to go do whatever I want to do I’m not paying attention to the income the outcome or any of those things you know I’m liberated to be a son of God and handle family business here in the earth and that’s my the power of the Holy Spirit for you for years I’ll tell you about something that happen just here this last year and this will really encourage people because we’re living in a real a real open heaven time in human history the death of Billy Graham this last year was a very significant thing and if it leaves opening on the table access to to the power of heaven for this generation that away was not possible before the pass and a Billy Graham he was almost a marker and when he was taken out of the way here on February 22nd of this last year the Lord has just been doing some very significant things I’ve had more encounters with God here this last year since the passing of Billy Graham than any time in my life and the reason why is this is because he’s raising up a generation not to inherit just a mantle from the previous generation but the mantles of multiplicities of generations and so we have a real opportunity to this moment in history to access the Grace and the power of God like we never did before for years I’ve ministered the holy spirit administered the Holy Spirit heavily and seen just people baptize with the Holy Spirit I’m not kidding thousands of people touched by the power of Pentecost but what I noticed there was something different going on a lot of times in my meetings where people would receive a real powerful impartation of the spirit as opposed to some people who were just you know touch but not impacted for instance I had a friend of mine who came down there to that meeting we did in Mobile he was a pastor in Missouri and he had left his church at fifteen years and and took off with me messing around with me and that was five years ago and I told him the last time I talked to him I said you’re crazy you know running off and leaving everything you did to come mess with me then because I was just wild I didn’t hear anything and I could have got him in a lot of trouble the guy’s married and he’s got four kids and he ran off and left everything and went with me down there he had been dealing with the breathing issue for like two years for two years he’d been dealing with his breathing issue and it came to a head that spring before we opened up in Fairview Alabama we were actually in petal Mississippi and he was underneath such a severe physical attack he could barely breathe I mean it was just winded we had to leave the meeting we were in and we went back to his house in Missouri he literally thought that somebody else was gonna you know marry his wife after he died and raised his kids well I’m out there ministering the first week we’re at that Fairview meeting that went for five straight months and I went over there in just laid hands on him power God hit him he went out for about three hours and when he was knocked out the Lord came to him and he had a visitation sang a song over him and he got back up he was completely delivered to this breathing issue that he had went back home to Missouri after we were done with that five-month revival and opened up a church there that just exploded so the accelerating all of God came on his life through that encounter he had that night after the laying on ants and sawdust want everybody to understand here if you’ve never been filled with the spirit you you can be filled today but there’s also a continual in filling of the Holy Ghost that the Lord’s destined for us to happen that you know not only makes us feel good but aligns us with our destiny and provides the that we need to move in to that that’s that’s that’s the thing right there the the initial encounter with God through the baptism the Holy Spirit is just the open door to the to the beginning of the flow of the river where we get into our ankles to our knees then waters to swim in that we’re pushed about in for the rest of our lives underneath this control so so this last year that was very significant last year I was in Carbondale Illinois area for the for the Eclipse that happened last year that crossing our country to total solar eclipse which I believe that total solar eclipse that happened this last year and that Bulls out Blood Moon that fastened itself on Jerusalem is the fulfillment of Joel’s prophecy actually that he prophesied that Peter re-echo that the Sun would turn black and the moon would turn into blood before the coming and dreadful day of the Lord not too many prophecy teachers are even focused on that but those two events happening in this last year like they did we don’t have time we can do a whole show about that actually would be a fulfillment of that prophecy and so we’re really at the brink of the last Great Awakening and and I knew that total solar eclipse that was coming across this nation was God saying that I’m gonna highlight America to touch the world one more time and anyway I was here in Carbondale Illinois which is the focal point of that eclipse it was the greatest place of totality when the next Eclipse comes across here in six years it’s going to be the intersection point the cross point of that of that crossing and I was here and the Holy Spirit just began to reveal to me some things he wanted to do in this region also some things he wanted to do in America and how he wanted to touch the nation’s from this area right here and I just began to seek God desperately around the turn of the year because that’s the only way that you’re gonna hold the encounter out of them I mean it all comes back to hunger and and Jesus never meets people who are who are who are full and who are satisfied he meets people who are desperate and the key to encountering God is never being satisfied with anything that’s being offered to you and always wanting more from him he rewards that because it takes faith every time have to encounter him in a different level it takes more faith yeah because it won’t take more faith to meet him the next time than it did before so then I begin let let me ask you something about that there’s a weird place that we are there the the prosperity men ministry has kind of taken that and blew it out of proportion right and had people pursuing money instead of pursuing God that that type of stuff here’s the thing let me present to you because as seekers as believers it’s a weird dichotomy because we’re supposed to be content with what we have but at the same time expecting more where does the two meet and not being like always wanting more because I know like the prosperity minister is like okay you get a good job you need a better job you got that job you need a better and keep moving up the corporate ladder and stuff it’s always a seeking after things and materialism and in the spirit it’s a little bit deeper so where does the hunger in pursuing God for more of God and and being obedient and faithful with what he’s already given us because I’m at a weird place too because I’ve had so many encounters I’m trying to articulate and find the best way to get it out there and share the revelation that can help the most people but then again if I didn’t do that I would feel like a Bratz to be given all these angelic encounters Holy Spirit fallout encounters and still want more want more want more I do deep down I really do and I’m with that pursuit I’m getting more let’s say that you know what I’m saying but where it would work where does the two meet to be content godliness with contentment is great gain but still pursuing God for more that he has for you that’s uh that’s a great question right there and this is the point that I’ve came to at I’m gonna find him and and and and with finding him I find everything else I need and so as far as the prosperity message goes about money I’ve never seen a man of God walking in power the Lord that was broke matter of fact the anointing is a magnet for money and if you if you keep that in your life then all of those things will fall under you the as far as the things in the world and I believe that’s what the apostle was talking about leo saying be content be content with the things in the world but I’m telling you with God never be content with where you’re at there’s always more and and and and the Bible says I believe it’s in third John he says you know I said I want you to be in health and prosper even as your soul prospers so as you’re pursuing God your soul becomes prosperous and as a byproduct of your soul becoming prosperous you’re automatically going to be healthy and have money those things are going to be natural byproducts of that relationship but what I was talking about with the encounters the the key to the encounter is this is that God is wanting to bring back apostolic power to his church we’re not experiencing that level and the Bible is an apostolic book and apostolic just generally means sense and so we’re seeing the the whole entire paradigm here in America about the flip I could go off into a couple dreams I had earlier this summer about some things that were going on and what the Lord was doing but God is wanting to restore in these last days the apostolic mandate and the apostolic power discharge and so you can’t be sent or be apostolic outside of having encounters with God it’s that’s play that’s the place where the the prophetic word of Lord the the the written word of the Lord that’s where it becomes real and it becomes legitimate and that’s where you become convinced because it’s difficult to convince somebody this stuff’s real unless you experience it perfect yeah you know taste and see that the Lord is good and blessed is the man who trusts again yeah and so talking about just where I believe we’re at in human history and how God is just bringing things into alignment to pour his spirit out in this earth in a way we’ve never seen before which is exciting man it’s exciting the the opportunity to operate in the grace of God that were being offered right now and even this last year last last of 2017 we’re course just entering into a new year in the Jewish calendar in 57 7 or 9 but when 2018 began I just begin to desperately cry out to the Lord and and and and fast and pray and seek his face and and ask him because the level of power I mean I myself I’m operating it out it feel like it was adequate to to come up to the level that the Lord has required us to come up to you know he’s mandated us he’s commissioned us to disciple the nation’s man think about for a minute that’s a pretty tall order right there dude and well this is this is you know this is the this is the bar is that we’re called to disciple nations so for us to begin to do that we’ve got to start let walking in a level of the power of the Lord that I don’t believe any of us have experienced so so like I said I’ve been fasting I’ve been praying I’ve been seeking God about about about what he wanted to do in these last days and and I said God I said you know we’re not ready that was myself included in that alright I’m not being critical of any person table or on Ilan’s preachers will try to preach you you we got primal we gotta believe God more we got to do this more it always comes back to doing more and that the people aren’t doing more and that first is the one that’s doing it all look I know I’m not where I need to be and I need more and the Holy Spirit he spoke to me back in January this last last year and he told me that uh he set up he said this to me when I asked him I said how are you are you gonna spread you know this this revival in these last days amongst your people and bring us up to where we need to be so we can actually fulfill that Great Commission and he said I’m going to impart the fire of God and and I was like alright well what’s that about and about a month later he actually showed me through an encounter with him he he he turned me on to something and tricked me actually to go into a meeting in Dallas Texas that I never would have went to to hear a preacher I never would have went to see so I want to encourage everybody that’s you know listening right now you may find some things God has in store for you and some places you never expected it yeah and that’s the way it happens and I’ve learned to be more open even understanding the Bible to the flow of God even to a lot of other different things because of he crept up on by Jehovah sneaky and had some of my religious structure shook from time to time so so I wound up in this meeting in Dallas Texas and it’s the day after Billy Graham died February meeting sitting about midway in the auditorium during this man of God ministering when the fire of God does fell on me it was like a blanket that’s all I could explain to you it was like a blanket that was just on me right there and I felt like my heart was going to beat out of my chest I mean I really did it was just it was just powerful I began to weep under the presence of God and and this is one way you really know it’s legit if it makes you cry that’s that’s real when you see a six foot five 275 man bawling like a little baby you know something’s going on and I mean I was just weeping uncontrollably until about of the auditorium where the man of God came and prayed for me the power of the Lord hit me knocked me about ten foot back into the front row of chairs and I just went into a hysterical laughing fit for the next morning until the nuns excuse me – the next morning basically yeah people were walking by in the auditorium falling out I mean there was just a real open heaven right there something powerful happened that day and the next morning the Lord took me to the Gospel of Luke to the first chapter and he showed me what happened and he showed me how to begin to release the same kind of experiences on people but through that encounter I had faith to begin to release that and so most important things about having encounters with God is this it makes what happened to you real so you’ve got faith to release it on to somebody else that’s why and that’s a very important key right there and so so I begin to understand a different aspect of releasing the Holy Spirit on people that I didn’t understand before and of course God will always back up the encounters you have with scripture I want people to understand that right now you’ll be able to find it in the Word of God the very next moment after I had this experience where I understood that this was more different and this was powerful like what I was sharing with you what happened to my friend down there up underneath the tent where he was completely healed and delivered and with his destiny that’s another thing about the encounters with God that we have they align us with our destiny and they break us open with the humility we’re gonna need to walk into them right there and and so so the Lord took me to the the Gospel according to Luke and he began to show me how Christ was born through Mary it’s very interesting when the angel Gabriel shows up and tells Mary you’re gonna have a son he’s gonna name’s gonna be Jesus and he’s gonna you know he’s gonna deliver his people from their sin and she says yes which that was a big order right there believe it or not I mean it took a lot of faith for her to say yes and she said well house it’s going to happen it says the power of the highest is going to come on you and overshadow you that Greek word for the word overshadow there’s very interesting it’s the word FST ah so it’s only used five times in the New Testament it’s used in the the birth of Jesus Christ speaking of the Holy Spirit coming upon Mary like to impregnate her with Christ it’s also spoken of the cloud of glory that’s on the mountain of Transfiguration that comes when the Lord Jesus is having that encounter where he’s metamorphosized where we’re getting a view with what encounters look like and hey I’ve been preaching that man hey that’s the first time we basically got to follow him follow him to the secret place and I believe that that happened maybe every time he went into the secret place it did but you know truth the people that got a view of that were the ones that were deeply committed Peter James and John had to go to attorney so they got they got a real interview of what was going on and I’m gonna break down theologically here in just a moment the mechanics of the encounter and what happens what’s really interesting about that encounter with that cloud comes and they’re overshadowing that FST alo’so comes same word is when Christ is born because when we’re having these encounters with God that’s what’s going on Christ is being born in us yes release from us and be that way we become a channel that Redemption flows through and that’s what these encounters are happening when we’re in the presence of God it’s really interesting when Jesus is on the bottom of the Mount of Transfiguration he’s talking about the word of the Cross and of course we know the Word of God is the water I think I might have lost you there JD I’m out got you good okay when he gets to the top of the mountain he’s having an encounter with God and Moses is there and a lot just there and of course the clouds there and and he’s transfigured the Bible says and actually he says as he prayed in Luke’s Gospel that he was transfigured RJD I think I think the internet may be glitching or something I’m coming through in a real choppy right now going us what happens through the process of the won’t coming together in the counter that’s when I would back yet how about leave the meeting and come back just get a reconnection on it that might work better and I can add it I can add it to dead air on the podcast yeah may work better I can edit it on the audio and just so would it be better for the listener for the experience because it’s talking about some good stuff right when it’s getting really good is when that happens that tells you something right right when it’s getting really good audio cuts out man [Music] all right let’s try it now we’re back how’s that true refreshed we’re good all right and what I was saying was on top of that mountain we’ve got Moses and Elijah with Jesus up there and they’re talking about the cross the same thing that he was talking about on the bottom and all of these encounters they lead us into debt to sell that’s what happens right there the encounter gives you the courage to die that’s the real incredible thing about that it gives you a courage to sacrifice your own life it gives you a courage to obey God like you wouldn’t have unless you had that encounter and so the words just a dead seed until you take it into that place of his presence where it comes alive and you get the guts to die it’s very interesting when he gets to the bottom of that mountain after he’s been transfigured he encounters a boy who’s been throwing himself in the water in the fire that’s what happens right there his disciples couldn’t cast the devil out of but he has no problem dispossessing that demon that tosses that boy in the water in the fire why because he’s been submitted to the process of water and fire himself he’s talking about the water of the word on top of the mountain on top of the mountain he’s experiencing the fire of God you’ve got two people with the Moses and Elijah Moses is notorious for drowning people Elijah’s notorious for setting people on fire and so when you come together with these elements encounter it begins to wield the image of God on the inside of you and you begin to take your place and dominance over mankind through debt to sin no it’s really a powerful experience but that episode that overshadowing was happening there and that same word is also used when Peter shadow is released in the book of Acts and it heals people so God through these encounters is taking us from within to without that’s basically what I’m saying and and saw that in the story of Christ being born with Mary and began to experience a new faith to release a new dimension of the Holy Spirit on people and we’re just seeing we’re just seeing God increase in that realm to a place that we’ve never seen before because traditionally most people look at as an experience where I’m going to speak in tongues but the Lord said you shall receive power after the Holy Ghost is come upon you and you shall be witnesses and so that word witness it means living sacrifice it means you’re gonna get power you’re gonna get power to give me more than fuck the second time the Holy Spirit’s talked about being released in the book of Acts it’s through the importation of the Apostles and they’re being followed around by a former witch named Simon the sorcerer now this guy I’ve been in the magic he’d been in the black arts he’d been in all kinds of stuff but he saw a greater power than what he thought he gave his life to Jesus and then now when it Abad the the importation of the Holy Spirit from Peter and John I don’t think he was just trying to buy a Shah Baba ba I really don’t and you don’t see which is running in the Pentecostal churches saying give me some money so I can speak in tongues yeah what I believe he was wanting to buy this encounter that we have the ability to drop on people through the Apostolic anointing of God and this is one thing I see returning the one reason why we’re not experiencing this in the United States is because number one thing men of God won’t hold it as holy because it is a holy thing and it’s not for sale it’s just like Peter told Simon the sorcerer this thing’s not for sale and you don’t have any part in this message and so God is looking for faithful men who will freely receive this and freely give it out and not try to bottle it up and sell it and that’s the reason why we haven’t really been experiencing this apostolic impartation that a lot I’m G with your destiny I was telling you about that that meeting there where I had that encounter with the Lord the day after Billy Graham died well two weeks later I chased that same minister he’s got an international healing ministry who he is it’s unimportant he’s a powerful man of God but I chased him to Bentley by any means is it’s not todd Bentley but actually it was in a Randy Clark meeting today yeah you know her and Igor was in a Randy Clark meeting I chased Randy to uh to uh all the way to Lexington Kentucky two weeks after that and anyway I was in a service there with him on the Wednesday night Thursday night and I mean I fell up underneath the power of the Lord and my hands literally caught on fire from like my fingertips all the way back to elbows this literally caught on fire and the gloria god pinned me to a chair well when i got up in front of him that night after i could finally walk he came by me and he ministered him and he said you’re gonna you’re gonna you’re gonna see a massive increase in healing come out of your hands right there and and i was like well that’s good but i really didn’t understand what was going on and and i asked the lord later that night I was like well Lord we see people get healed a lot he said yeah I said but you know minister healing to people he said I want you to start minister healing to people more and tell them what I did for you here and he said I’ll start healing people more we’ve been seeing that but I got to talk with Randy the next night in a private room by myself and and he got to pray with me and he prophesied to me it was a real powerful moment and I really appreciate that man of God giving me some time like that because he didn’t know me it’s very interesting I’m in Southern Illinois right now and he actually had he was actually got started in ministry in the same area that I’m in right now and they rejected him but it was really cool that the Lord used him to adopt two things into me that I need to carry into this region with me so this is the power of impartation that’s what I want to tell you and I got to speak with him that night and this is what he told me one of the things he told me told me a lot of different things but he looked me dead in the eyes and he told me he said son he said I see the anointing of God all over your life and he said he said always continue to pursue that anointing he said you’ll never need money you’ll never need anything else the the power of the Lord that God wants to manifest and demonstrate in your life will always be enough so that that really answers your question the one thing I appreciate about Randy Clark’s ministry and why I believe God’s used him like he asked is he doesn’t have anything for sale he doesn’t manipulate people for money and he’s not into manipulating people to promote who he is or himself he just organically allows God to do what he does and submits his life to the process of being sold out to God I mean that guy’s in his 60s and still travel 250 days out of the year so you know there is a cost to it yeah it’s gonna come along with it but I’ll tell you what it’s the best trade that you can ever make and so I just want everybody that’s watching right now I want to stir your faith up that this is a time where God is really shifting his people into a place of the Apostolic and that apostolic grace comes straight from the throne room of heaven and so every time you’re encountering God is like when Isaiah encountered God he encountered him in that throne room and when you encounter him in that throne room you could become a vessel that the pattern a heavy can begin to flow through and that’s the whole reason God wants to wants to use us in that capacity is to get Evan into the earth that’s good that’s real good that’s um I’ve had very similar encounters and uh early on being called out of meetings you know and being the one singled out and Sun come up here to the front Accord the glories on you you know going to different tent meetings and revivals and being called I was like man gods are doing something in me you know early on man um that’s that’s real good about Simon the sorcerer cuz he wanted to buy what they had inside man this comes through through time really time with with with with Jesus and in the secret place and intimacy we talk about that fire like the fire to carry it it’s fun it’s good it feels amazing but it comes with a cost as well you know what I’m saying because the fire is gonna burn out all of the impurities that you have within you so it’s a refiners fire it’s a cleansing fire as well it’s a revival fire too took care to literally carry the spirit of revival with you same thing with the anointing the anointing that just isn’t something that comes upon you in in order to carry that oil the olive has to be crushed to get that oil and and it costs so just for people to think like oh I want to do what he’s doing and I talk about this all the time you haven’t seen and I’m not bragging but this just this is a universal thing you haven’t seen the hours of prayer you haven’t seen and the emails the negative backlash and pastors calling you out and you’ll never be nothing and you’re still this and God’s not with all of the things that the persecution stuff that’s come against you but yet you stay on the path that’s that’s how you carry the anointing when the persecution comes against you you are literally crushed and but if you remain true you stay faithful and respond like Jesus and go into the secret chambers of God you’ll begin to be crushed in and you’ll get that oil as well and that that’s what breaks the yoke or destroys the yokes is it is is the anointing and so it cost and that was the whole picture there of wanting it to be like an overnight thing is that manic it really comes out of the secret chambers with God and you have to carry it you have to walk a fine line you know and it’s it’s it’s it’s it’s scary you know I’m saying you have to be yeah it should be you should be you should honor it you know what I’m saying I’m asking about this too because like you mentioned in the death of Billy Graham and how it was kind of like a marker I’ve definitely seen Benny Hinn talk about the death of Billy Graham as well and how it was like you know at the end of an era but the beginning of the release of something new as well um I really like Benny Hinn I read a lot of his books coming out I really like how he ministers on the Holy Spirit and encounters that he was he an impact for you did you check out any of his books or his ministry or his teachings over the years because he can get pretty deep too yeah I’ve read I read his book good morning Holy Spirit I enjoyed it and I like his ministry I think he’s a man of God and you know the Lord has really used him to turn people on to the Holy Spirit but myself it was just actually as far as how I was lured in it’s always been a it’s always been how would you say it an organic type thing I was baptized in the Holy Spirit I heard a message over the radio when I was in in prison about the baptism the Holy Spirit about a month after I’d gotten saved and and it hit me and and this wrecked me messed me up I was in a prison barracks listening to a radio broadcast the fire of God jumped on me and I was just messed up for about the last eight hours and that was through the Ministry of Jimmy Swaggart and uh you know yeah they taught me to dying gonna tell you how many times I’ve been right driving my old work and just bawling crying listening to Jimmy it’s it’s you know it was just I was in that in that prison for a year and a half and I had that radio station on all the time and so I just became saturated in the Holy Spirit and it really it really grounded me theologically and how he operates and and how I could take that in my life and begin to overcome and experience the more of God through that and and it was a tremendous blessing to have that all the time when I was was in prison it was a device by the Lord for sure always an emphasis on the cross with him and and as my studies would go deep I would look into other things and feel like I was way far out there but every time I would listen to Jimmy Swaggart it always grounded me back to the cross it’s about the cross this is really an overemphasis on the cost but it’s the cross so you know what I’m saying and I really appreciate what you know I’m saying their ministry over the years great ministry and and boy I’ll tell you what if it wasn’t for that overemphasis I’m thankful that I’ve had it my life because now the bounds that you found that’s there definitely definitely yeah so everything so we’re talking about that the secret place and everything flows out of that it’s not a it’s not about asking permission it’s not about being having a cosign from the big guys you know that may never happen for some reason we think it’s gonna happen I don’t know why but for some reason as a young man I thought that the pastor was gonna it it kind of happened for you you was at the event and he gave you the microphone but it does that doesn’t always happen it’s the Lord who sets everything up but but I always thought that that was gonna happen like the pastor be like we’re gonna let you see because you know the Darracq speak you know today and then that would be the start of the ministry or you’d go to the Benny Han meeting and he calls you out of 7,000 people but something cuz we had this big grandiose encounters with God we think that you know I said nobody really knows about the secret place they don’t know what goes on until you come out and you have that glory in your face has changed and you look different and you you’re different man I’ve had encounters with God by myself on my living room floor where I’m vibrating and shaking for days and anytime somebody mentions Jesus I just start weeping I beauty beauty of it you know what I’m saying and so that’s the the encounters in our like the way you’re talking about it’s a it’s a transformation that’s that’s happening every time that we go into the secret place and we can never we don’t graduate from that we go deeper into that we never graduate from going into the secret place to carry the anointing and get the fire and get the message and bring it out that’s what we follow that’s what we mess up when we get away from the simplicity of simply drawing away no you’re right about that and we’ve been given the the blessing of being able to commune with God I’ll tell you something really interesting that happened to me here this last week and a half or two that’ll encourage some of your listeners I’m a I’m a firm believer in prayer jesus said himself you’re gonna do three things if you’re gonna be my disciple you’re gonna give you’re gonna pray and you’re gonna fast and those are three trading floors the Lord has called us out to because we’ve been called a supernaturally broker Redemption and that’s the way we do it as through our sacrifice and giving through prayer and through fasting but I’ve had a solid prayer life for the last ten years and I spend time with God behind closed doors there’s nothing there’s nothing revelatory about that if you want to encounter God if you want to have extra you find that place you know Jesus said when you pray go into your closet meaning time and place and and be diligent about it I know every time every day you’re not gonna be able to hit that for history but but for the most part you’re gonna be able to find that time with the Lord and really it needs to be put a priority on first but even in my own prayer life the last few weeks in this meeting I’ve been having a difficult time finding the presence of God and it’s been strange and so I know when I’m even in in those kinds of modes of not being able to find out in my own prayer life God’s pushing me to find him in a different way and it took me years to figure this out and maybe some of your viewers are experiencing this right now I’d wake up in the middle of the night and I couldn’t go back to sleep to three o’clock in the morning I’d wake up and I’d lay there two three four hours and I’d wake up in the morning I feel terrible finally I got I got it that God was pushing me to get up and pray and so when I would get up in the middle of the night and pray is when I wake up I would just have the most tremendous times in prayer just weeping I just start weeping as soon as I hit my knees when I got out of bed there’s be such a brokenness and a tenderness come upon me or they can only be really fashioned in the presence of God and and I would just have the most successful times in intercession when I’d be in those seasons of Prayer in the middle of the night and just a powerful blessing took me years to figure out what was really going on so if you’ve got a lazy bone and don’t want to get out of the bed in the middle of the night just obey God and you do help that’s into something great but this was really awesome uh this last week and a half two weeks ago I really felt God beginning to deal with me about you know getting up on my own in the middle of the night and seek Him huh and so I was like alright well fine I’ll do that but you need to wake me up he’s like no you just need to set an alarm and it was very I’ve been to the meeting that night and I came home and when I come home I don’t watch much TV only thing I really watch much as reruns of it’s supernatural on on your super stick it’s the bomb and I was watching this guy who was on there you could tell he was crazy but he was who was named Steven Brooks and he was talking about how he gets up in the middle of the night and seeks God and that after he began doing this it really opened up the miracle ministry to him and and he gave a obscure verse out of the book of Proverbs about the the night owl the hawk and the cuckoo meaning these two birds that are at night we we associate the night owl with wisdom and of course the night hawk would being a predator and the kukri we associate him with being nuts and he was talking about that was really the secret and I mean in the middle of this God dealing with me about starting to get up in the middle of the night because I’m not encountering him the way that I want to be encountering him he’s like I’m trying to show you something different you know Jesus he crept off in the middle of the night a lot of times to see God that’s what he did we read about that in the Gospels and this was so crazy I I’ve been having this you know shift in my heart about doing this and then yesterday morning I got up early the Lord woke me up and this morning I got up early but I went to minister at my tent last night in Carbondale and I pull into the tent light Ruth and I’m not kidding you a huge Night Hawk is right there when I pulled in yeah I’ve never seen Night Hawk before in my life I got a picture of him and and I’m seeing this huge Night Hawk and he just stands still I don’t scare him off when I pull in or anything and I’m I’m Tim put away from this thing all right this is a predatory bird he’s just hanging out there right by me and I get time to take pictures of them I thank God for the invitation to seek Him and and and he is constantly opening up this invitation to seek Him and to find him and it’s just incredible that he would do things like put a Nighthawk at the interest of my tent life and I just went to begin to pray that night and I saw the glory of God come in over there actually saw a rainbow that was heading straight up and down from heaven to earth it was just it was just incredible things and so God really delights in even showing a nature in the natural you know how he wants to have a relationship with us I said all that to say this because that’s what the cross was all about and the invitation of the cross is all about is about becoming one through death to ourselves he had to die to himself to have us and we need to die to ourselves to have him and these encounters you know they condition us really today the troop or the rejection like you were talking about you think that man of God would have you come up and say something probably be that man of God that threw you up underneath the bus later on but that’s a whole nother story for another episode and you know these encounters with God they condition us for rejection that condition for isolation they condition us to still carry his love in a world that doesn’t want him and it’s an incredible thing that’s deep man um I I want to I want to um good on this vein a little bit more because I heard someone else say it just yesterday or the day before and it was interesting to me and then you actually repeated it um the the fact that the realms that we have gone down with the Lord different dimensions and realms of glory and impartation and the secret chambers that quite literally you know some people literally go to their grave without even knowing the mysteries and things that we’ve seen but if we’re obedient and we learn how to do this you mentioned being able to take people with us into those realms I remember years ago and I forgot the the the people’s names but it was a it was a prophetic meeting and it was a why I was a it was a mother and her son son was in his 20s and uh they were delivered but they would go they would have prayer meetings in their living room and have visitation and you know people stuck to the carpet and can’t get up and God just changing people with the fire and so they would just do these meetings and say we’re just gonna welcome you into our living room and it would travel churches you know we’re gonna we’re gonna welcome you to the living room and that same glory that was in the living room they created an atmosphere there through prayer and being able to take people with them so now you’re kind of like in this realm just sitting there in the service being able to if you’re willing to go to those realms of glory with them and we have the power to do that however that looks for different people that definitely it’s through a life lay down and through prayer but it’s it’s through faith like if you can imagine it as a man thinketh in his heart that you said there’s no ceiling when it comes to God like the depths of his glory and the mysteries of heaven as much as you want he’s willing to show you but you have to be the one who’s ready to receive it and to seek Him for those things but huh how do we do that how do we like for those people who have seen those mysteries and stuff do we just talk about it and then press in what would that look like in a meeting where you would you would do something like that to somebody to encounter that that fireman you start talking about it sometimes I know right oh yeah that’s that’s that’s really where it’s at and and I spent more time building people’s faith the first thing is this is that you’ve had to have encounters to pull place people into the place of encounters because I can’t make you for it hungry for something that I’ve never ate myself yeah so it’s really interesting I mean what about you talking about a dough like doesn’t that kind of like build like the the intrigue and man I want to know more may I keep you you know I’m saying cuz some people don’t even think this stuff is possible you know it isn’t but always a minister biblically from encounters that happen like last night I was from Isaiah chapter 6 where he saw the Lord High and lifted up and his train filled the temple and you look at Isaiah’s encounter with the Lord and what his ministry was like before five chapters of Lo and judgment blow in judgment and after he asked encounter with the Lord he comes back and drops more revelation about the Lord Jesus Christ first coming in second coming and his kingdom than any other prophet in the Bible and so the encounter brings upon exponential growth I want people to understand that right now you begin to grow exponentially after you’ve encountered God you know you may understand the Lord you may have a ministry but until you’ve encountered God it can’t become the earth-shaking manifestation that he’s intended to be and so when Isaiah saw God all right when he saw the pattern that was in heaven and he got sent back there was that apostolic impartation functioning in his life after he’d been commissioned by the Lord I’ll begin to share you know biblical stories and about how they parallel in my own life with encounters that I’ve had and it just stirs a faith up in somebody to begin to hunger after those things one of the things about having encounters with God is this the greatest visitations I’ve ever had from God came at Thomas in my life where I was the least likely for him to come it was in Thomas to tell you the truth where he should have fired me through my own disobedience and I’m not talking about open sin through my own failures and the best thing about God is this is what you’re at you’re in he shows up to show you you’re really just beginning mm-hm and and and he does that to show you how powerless you are but but I just begin to instruct people that you know their hunger is the number one thing that can pull on God to make these things happen their expiration is the number one magnet firm for these things to begin to happen and I just begin to share experiences about what’s happened to my own life and the glory of God just comes yeah I mean it just it just fills the place you can’t you can’t get away from it and and people begin to be touched by the Holy Spirit in different ways I mean we’ve had all kinds of reports of people encountering angels and and having visions and and but at all it all comes back to their destiny being unlocked and this is what these encounters do because you know we’re not from this world originally and we have to be connected with our source to begin to get the feet of where we really are and where we’re really going and what we’re supposed to be do that’s good you’re talking about just sharing that you know I’m saying your own personal encounters and in sharing scriptures that kind of back that up we’re kind of building in there are I say intrigue but builds faith right because don’t description say that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God when they hear it you have to speak it out when they hear it it builds their faith and they want more and they can expect more and man as as far as you’re willing to believe or as far as you’re willing to stretch your imagination God’s willing to meet you there I’m remember like and it changes the way that we walk in power in an authority – and it changes the way we pray and the change that changes the way we bind in loose on heaven and earth we don’t do it asking maybe God’s gonna lose something we like you know what he’s giving me this the authority to you know release the Holy Spirit upon you release blessings you know I’m saying release the demons off of you like and to pray not hoping that God will do it but to be certain that when I pray for you God’s gonna encounter you and when I change that that realm of thinking I’m talking to people on the phone phone the other side of the world and I know that when I pray God encountered this person they just begin to weep and God shows up and they get filled with the Holy Spirit over the telephone it wasn’t like by accident or maybe it’s gonna happen like I know for a fact and when I speak this as a son you’re gonna encounter what I have you want what I have just like they were it’s really deep because it’s like the whole thing with Simon the sorcerer they come same and what do you have like what is that like I’ve got all this other stuff but what is that okay you really want to know what that is this is what it is and if you want it it’s Jesus you have to lay down your life you have to follow him you’ve tried everything else try him see what happens and then he encounters people man it’s really good um I really got one more question for you I’ve asked a couple people about this a couple iced pastor Brian is a good friend of mine pastor Brown from the cave ministries here asked a couple other people but here’s this idea right so understanding demons understanding the spirit realm Jesus talks about that when a Spiritist cast a evil spirit is cast out or off of someone that it goes to dry places that it it goes out and gets seven other demons stronger than itself and it tries to come back to the same home the same habitation the same person unless that home is swept clean and in it you know it doesn’t have a resident didn’t see there anymore but if it does if the person’s not changed it comes back and it says the state of that person is worse off than it was before hear me out you as a Evangelist you go to some of those you go to the areas where they are where those demons are people who are strung out on dope you’re selling their body all full of demons right you preach the message they find healing they get a touch they get it they get a taste my fear and you correct this theology or you just let me know my fear is that they’ll get loose from these demons and they don’t get planted in a good Church the Evangelist comes through does his thing leaves and then there’s not there’s no discipleship and things and that’s definitely happening that is a whoa man that’s definitely happening what would your response to that be I think that’s pretty detrimental and what do you do to make sure that that doesn’t happen when you go to a new city that is a good question and this is this is how we’re working now on that now the worst thing that can happen is somebody received the gospel and it touched their life and them turn around it’s not a good thing it never is a good thing because you’ve taken in the light and it’s really worse for you to take in the light and then go back into the darkness after you’ve taken in the life and so it’s it’s not a good thing for that to happen but right now we’re really wanting to establish again just the the ancient apostolic foundations of the book of Acts Church we’re going to uncover those we’re planting house churches that’s what we’re doing that’s good what we’re building on relations it’s where we actually get to know people exactly and so this is this is this is my heart and this is what I’m going to continue to do and this is where I believe the church in America is going and there’s not going to be some people are gonna like what I’ve got to say but but real legitimate church buildings that are in churches they’re in buildings they’re gonna make that transition to apostolic order to becoming an apostolic hub for an area or they’re gonna go out of business and the gospel is gonna start going back into people’s homes again and body of Christ is going to be connected house to house in fellowship breaking bread daily and I believe one of the reasons the body of Christ has suffered so much sickness in the United States is because the disconnection can no communion communion is very essential and we really need to be taking the Lord’s Supper a lot more than we think and we need to be taking it together because we need each other and so when when we go into these areas and people get touched they’re looking for something to connect to whether they’re a saved person or an unsaved person looking for something to be a part of yeah and they’re supposed to be a part of isn’t even a local church it’s the body of Christ and it is that’s what they’re that’s what they’re to become a part of and so we’re not we’re not functioning according to the blueprint we’re really not and and and the Lord has been has been has been impressing that upon me about getting back to the simplicity of the ways that the Apostles did things organically before through the preaching of the gospel miracle signs and wonders simple faith encounter fellowship and communion and so we’re striving to to actually plant home churches and this this does a great thing right there people that are frustrated in the call of ministry where there’s not room for them in a local church where it’s a one-man show yeah they can minister at their home and God can establish them in in the community and their community their home can be a become a lighthouse for the gospel it’s quick its cost-effective and most of all is scriptural and so in some person who got touched they’ve got a place to go that’s not in a church building it’s full of a bunch of religious garbage mm-hmm you know there’s a lot politics one bondage and pick up another name you lose the bodies of addiction and alcohol and but you pick up to other bondage of religion and judgment and all these other doctrines that come with it that’s anti-biblical you know and you know when some religious ninny in the church hurts them a person that’s just come to the Lord you know because they’re trying to pull them up to their false standards so quickly and then they get they get a bitter taste in their mouth and now you’ve won them but they turn around and poison them because the people that were there they never paid the price to see them burped in the kingdom anyway so they’re not gonna love them properly no that’s really what it basically boils down to so we’re trying to reduce it to everybody being apart we’re hooked funds of intercessors what what we’re doing right now just people normal people blue-collar people that want to be part of and so it’s my goal to put body work in an organic manner that’s not centered around a building in a one day a week meeting out of where the people that that are captured can be connected to the body of Christ the mystical body of Christ the worldwide body of Christ the universe bod body of Christ because it’s not only us here in the earth but it this is even this inhabit and our world that’s what we’re trying to install the foundations of the house the family of God that’s Paul’s he said in the book of Ephesians being built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets and Jesus Christ being the chief Cornerstone and the Apostolic and the prophetic calling actually putting men down in a place of humility and instead of on a platform in a throne called a chair you know where they were they were they were they manipulate over a group of people for a lofty title in a three-piece suit and so we’re trying to bring this thing down to ground level again where it affects communities house-to-house organically and I think we’re gonna receive really see some great great results from them that over the next year it’s already been working we’ve been seeing success with it and that the house meeting paradigm is just it’s just a whole lot different than the building meeting paradigm I’m not saying the building paradigm doesn’t have doesn’t have its advantages but for it to survive here in the upcoming years the United States building paradigms are going to have to talk apostolic hubs that feed home churches and that’s the way they happen in the book of Acts yeah yeah you see a lot of churches trying to go back to that now or they’ll still have the you know I’m saying big mega church but they encourage what they call cell groups in it’s like they have different people’s houses that they meet out throughout the week which is really good too it started in the church it’s gonna it started in a home it’s gonna end in the home I got born again at a prayer meeting at somebody’s apartment you know what I’m saying and there’s something in me that just organic hey you want guys want to come over for prayer you know and have seen the same thing and that was kind of like imparted to me right that’s how I came to the Lord and kind of you know I’m saying kind of so critical for these new believers to find an environment like that where people are seeking God because the last thing they really need to hear is a four point message you know what I’m saying and I wanna make a church man you know as people this peep this I brought I bring people to church with me about you know kids whose parents are struggling with heroin addiction and stuff and the pastor’s preaching a serving a setup a preaching a Sunday morning service about seven keys to financial freedom and I’m like man these people will need the Holy Ghost that’s what they need light in an encounter you know so you see a need there you just fill that need right I mean that feel that way for a reason when you open up your home to people it’s the ultimate act of selflessness because you’re becoming completely vulnerable think about that if L’Amour your house is God has been your house probably so you’re opening in your home that means you’re opening your life up or in a property that was paid for by a bunch of people to keep folks out of their house because they scared of what would actually happen if they did come up in their home and so you know when we get these converts I want to see them connected with people more than anything not not as much as I want to see them connected to a ministry I want to see them connected to people where they have personal relationships so when things get tough they’ve got somebody I can call they’ve got somebody that will love them through and they’ve got somebody that can connect you in a personal manner that actually cares about them nope that’s what it’s about well lady I appreciate you coming on man let’s end out in prayer man because I think there’s people listening right now who we’re talking about the gifts of the Spirit we’re talking about the holy holy spirit the quiet place the secret place of God of just kind of going away and getting alone with Jesus but all of that usually comes out of an encounter starts somewhere it could start by yourself it could start at a prayer meeting it could start listening or watching a podcast but the first time if you’ve never even heard of the Holy Spirit like they talked about in the book of Acts some of the people some of the believers hadn’t even even heard of this baptism there so for people who haven’t experienced it and for people who have but it’s been a very long time let’s pray that God will invade their life and he’ll fill them again with it with this fire let’s do that I’ll let you I’ll let you start yeah father right now in the name of Jesus I thank you that faith is I’ve been stirred through the testimony between myself and and true seeker and and I just thank you God for the opportunity people come after you that’s what it’s all about and right now I just even as we’re praying and we’re joining together and we agree in this I just I just release your fire your blanket of fire the Hmong of people again to fall upon your body again oh that you would press your bride and fire holy fire understand clear that and I decree that right now over them that you’ll bring them into a greater level of Accountancy them than they’ve ever had to fulfill your Commission for their lives in the earth I declare that and I decree that today as they put faith up there right now they’re even filling in their bodies the physical tangible presence of Almighty God and it’s your bad passing them fresh and in the Holy Ghost in Jesus name thank you amen and amen Lord God awesome well JD you go live a lot Lord Knightley with the for having me on today man awesome yeah go ahead and show you links man because you go live nightly with the revivals and stuff and people can watch those live services on Facebook and uh and you got a bunch of stuff on the website as well so go ahead and drop your links or whatever where people can can check you out when you go live on on Facebook yeah you can friend me just send me a question JD Rams up with my personal place on the ministry page on Facebook a day he Rams in the last Great Awakening or you can get online check my website about kingdom ministry alright JD I appreciate it brother we’ll be in touch soon and I’ll talk with you here shortly man thank you for coming on all right thanks Derek we’ll see you later buddy my brother bless all right ladies and gentlemen JD Ramsey you hmm might have an error here anyway on the on the back end so I was getting some some feedback on his in the Internet can do that sometimes so uh really enjoy that man covered some deep some deep subject matter intimacy with the Lord and going into that hidden prayer chamber that’s where everything is birthed out of where everything comes from that’s what it’s about if you want it if you if you’re believing for it it’s there for you it’s there for you whatever you you can believe God for it will show up and meet you there so that’s why it’s it’s good to get into the scriptures for yourself that’s why it’s good to believe God and look to him not to look for four men or you know a lot of times we have vision this comes early on it’s a lesson you got to learn you have a vision and you try to go to other people to get them to co-sign for you maybe the person who led you to Christ or maybe your pastor or your elder or your guru or whatever you have a vision and you bring it to them and they just don’t agree with it they feel like it’s off or something you have to know within your heart of hearts for yourself you have to know what God has called you to do and if God’s the one who who brought you to it he’ll bring you through it if he gave you the vision he’ll give you the provision you don’t need anybody to co-sign for you you don’t need any any fame but like you don’t need any renown and the the most you know I know people who carry the fire who have never been on television and probably never will they don’t have ministries that have a name these are just people who work regular jobs at Walmart and stock groceries but they carry the anointing you know everybody’s calling is different everybody’s in a different spot but to know who you are in Christ and and to be authentic with that don’t be scared know who God’s called you to be and walk in that running that really enjoyed it but the episode Alai JD um actually built his websites really cool go check it out kingdom called check out this website like I said he goes live on Facebook when they do their tent revivals and he’s out the box man he’s different and that’s what we need seen a lot of people set free through his ministry and people that I know personally in Fairview went and set up down here but he goes all over the place I want to give a shout out to somebody right now I got a I got a package in last night in my P o box and someone sent me a gift this is a friend of mine he’s also a patron shoutout but I want to go ahead and plug him and show off this artwork if you’re listening to the podcast on the audio in you won’t be able to see this but if you want to go to my Instagram I will put it on there or you can go to his Instagram and actually see the work that he does but I’m holding this this piece up now that I got in the mail this is the Flower of Life piece that I got from my good friend Casey Alma Kerr who lives in Australia so we’re good friends we hang out on discord and talking he’s pop was probably working on one of these during one of the the school of the mystic session so he joins us in there from time to time but it’s a Flower of Life symbol and if you look really close I don’t know if you can see it on camera but there’s actually grooves in it cut out with stones in there like ground-up stones if we see that within the grooves pretty powerful arm those are chrysocolla I don’t know if I’m saying that word right it’s like green and turquoise gemstones crystal kala I’m probably butchering that I butcher a lot of stuff but it’s beautiful real beautiful and my wife holding this from me already I just got it last night but I took the crystals off over she kind of turned it into a crystal grid which is really cool um there’s a plastic over it so that I don’t know if it’s plastic or Oh probably a mold actually but just so that the the crystals don’t come out or move so really cool so my wife turned this into a crystal grid had everything set up I took I took it off and she’s gonna be mad that took it off but yeah really cool stuff man I got some really cool friends and really cool people who listening to the podcast got you know just in that realm by itself obviously if you have you’re listening to this podcast you’re really cool anyway but um that’s cool go check out his stuff KC all maccer on Instagram but he also has a store on Etsy just go to Etsy calm and you can probably go into the search and type in wooden sacred geometry wooden sacred geometry is beautiful good stuff man I’ve got sick of geometry all around me all on me all of my tattoos and stuff really love shapes really love it so yeah that’s what I wanted to uh hug that’s let’s see what else is there to talk about it and I’ve been trying to keep up with the chat you guys have been going off over here in the chat man I um been trying to keep up with it but it’s moving too fast a lot of people asked some good good questions and stuff someone mentioned spirit guides and should we as believers look into spirit guides channeling spirits and stuff and I did a little documentary on channeling spirits and channeling the holy spirit right right and then even that word was even mentioned on this podcast uh JD mentioned channeling the Holy Spirit you become a channel for spirits and many people are chanting channels for spirits unaware don’t even know it but um you have to be careful uh you don’t just I mean I don’t you know a lot of people they want to see something so bad we talk about these encounters we talk about demons we talk about spirit guides and angels appearing some people want stuff to happen so bad that something happens and it’s not good like you open up yourself to unclean spirits or you open up yourself to the ghosts that used to live in your house you know I’m saying it was a pedophile like come on like something like you got to be careful right you got to be careful um the in and that’s my story I’m writing a book right now it’s kind of my magnum opus but I’m trying to put everything in there and it comes from breaking down the spirit realm from my perspective and it’s a biblical perspective and it’s some ideas that I guarantee that you’ve never heard before I’ll some of you have I see a murderous Herodias I think that’s your name but I know you you’re talking about it on here um you mentioned about the devil in Lucifer and all of these things being used by God or being a peace of God like that’s the idea that I’m putting in in this book and so I was covering a lot of that stuff as I was writing but my whole thing is like when when I first got into spirituality or it really wasn’t spirituality recently just the occult right I got into the occult as a teenager and ended up opening up doors to spirits and beings that had no idea who or what they were I was doing all kind of rituals so I was doing Satanism doing Wicca necromancy all of these things and I have all these books and I do all of the rituals because I wanted to open up a gateway I wanted to open up a portal for something to come through I want it to know that it was real and I had had encounters in the church some years before that had always been fascinated with those realms or whatever but um I had encounters since I was a baby really like I remember like four years old having encounters with shadow beings in my bedroom I was always intrigued by by that realm opened up doors by doing all of these rituals and being attacked by elemental spirits and stuff and um end up getting possessed as a teenager I think I was 15 and I was going crazy going schizophrenic hearing voices being pulled in and out of trances at will by these whoever these entities were I did like all of the rituals and I just wanted to I try to kind of use my body as a Ouija board and I know that sounds crazy because it is if you’re doing it stop don’t do that tried to use my body as a Ouija board pretty much and just said look any spirits that want to come through I want to meet you and I did all these rituals man and all of these things that ended up opening up myself and I got possessed and I and I was going crazy going insane and so that’s what drew me to God that’s what drew me to Jesus because Jesus has authority over all those spirits right why it’s been trumped I’m trying to contact those spirits when you can go straight to the one who has dominion in authority over those spirits right I go straight to the source I’m looking at reading the comments here Kristy Lee it’s talking about spirit contact and hearing God and she talks about going straight to the source going straight to the great spirit god herself versus trying to contact entities or spirits right but I will say this I’m not knocking spirit contact and I don’t I don’t knock we talked about angelic contact on here we’re talking about contact with Jesus I believe if you’re doing it through the right medium with just Christ which is essentially love manifest it in the fullest extent in human form was Jesus right that’s what who Jesus is love made into a person if you’re doing it through love I believe that God will open up those realms for you in in you can experience the angelic you can experience spirits at different levels especially if we’re talking about that God uses everything God uses the spirits these spirits have names these spirits have functions they carry essences or vibrations with them that make you feel a certain type of way that the spirit of love spirit of joy the holy spirit a spirit of confusion spirit of slumber spirit of deep sleep these spirits that present themselves before God I know I’m going too deep it’s gonna be in the book these spirits present themselves before God ask them ask God what they can do on the earth and he lets them go down and be different spirits over nations and principalities and powers trust me I’ve been writing my butt off he’s talking about waking up in the in the wee hours of the morning and I’ve been waking up early and getting a big cup of coffee and come sitting down in here and just writing writing writing and sometimes I’ll hit a vein and just I can’t wait to share it with you guys it’s gonna be a while but I’m in the process of showing you this biblically and showing you this from a personal experience not just theology and not just I’ve been on both sides all of this is covered I’ve been in the occult I’ve done the rituals I’ve seen the demons they’ve literally not in the spirit physically have appeared attacked me now I was it wasn’t only me wasn’t just on some drugs or anything like that it was multiple people with me we were attacked by a spirit that physically appeared in this realm you would think that that would drive me away stay away man is drew me even deeper into the occult because I wanted to learn how to summon those entities to go out and do my bidding which is what happened to me I’ve been on that in and I’ve been on the other end in the glory of God and beauty and awe and wonder and the glory of the stars and the vibration of the elements and to see everything on both sides so I think I I could speak on this man I’ve been on both sides of it so I’m trying to give you an objective look not from just somebody who’s coming from an occultic side or somebody’s coming from a Christian side but looking at it all for what it is and every not everything everything all of the interviews I’ve done you guys know the names I’ve done the studying I’ve had those people on it’s funny I’m about to say this I don’t agree with everybody and it’s kind of an inside joke that we talked about yesterday on Christy lease podcast but don’t agree with it all I had to preface there that’s the inside joke it’s funny though but it begins to paint a picture in a big part of it we have to understand is the sovereignty of God and here in the chat murderuss horrendous Herot Herodias whatever I don’t not sure how to say it but you bring a great point that God uses spirits in demons is it all he uses it all for your good your betterment and I’ve given some things in this book in it and I’m I’m plugging the book now I’m just excited about it really but I’m just trying to get it all out there like everything you’ve heard me I’m just signing my Magnus opus I don’t know how many people just but it’s gonna I’m just getting it out man but it’s all in there giving you a biblical look at it and you don’t you know they don’t teach this in church don’t teach you that God allows the devil to tempt you or allow Satan to tempt you or allow spirits to tempt you like it is God God is all God is is in everything there’s nothing that exists that God is not there there’s nowhere you can go to run from his spirit or run from his presence everything that you look at everything that exists comes out of this essence of God here o Israel the Lord is one there’s a oneness that’s why I love this I don’t wear my necklace today but that’s why I love this symbol the flower of life it is a literally a wheel within wheels right and passing through and they’re all they’re all interconnected they’re all touching the flower of life to me it represents even from a Christian perspective the body of Christ the body of Christ and how it we’re all interconnected all one we’re one body we’re different members we’ve acted in different parts everybody can’t do what I do I can’t do what some of you guys do well you have your calling you have your things that you’re good at and you guys have heard me talk about it just giving motivation you’re trying to do something you’re trying to make a a mark in the earth or change for good you need to get a team with you you need to get people around you not to play to your strengths and I’ve talked about this I know I’m sound like a broken record but this is real not people who play to your strengths you need people around you who play to your weaknesses just like I talked about last night what if we had we have the body of Christ who has literally forms Jesus like Jesus like its second coming on the earth when we come together where two or more gathered I am in the midst of you I’m there to a morgue or gathered I’m there in the midst in you actually we actually formed Jesus when we come together love on the earth um different bodies different parts different members what if there was seven legs what if everybody wanted to just be a lake be the same thing you’re this entity with seven legs just walking around now maybe maybe that’s some of the biblical archetypes in the Bible these monsters and stuff and these things that are built really weird with seven heads and stuff maybe everybody wants to be the head maybe that’s a symbolic look at the church in the body of Christ men everybody wants to be the head so you have a seven have a headed dragon everybody wants to be the one everybody wants to be him Wow right when I said that uh Corey Mitchell is it typed it in good stuff one is enough yeah man we but see the scripture says that Christ is the head like he is the head of the body and so it’s important to talk about this because the you know the modern American Church will tell you that just because you don’t go to the church or a church that you’re not a part of the church which is a lie just cuz you don’t go to a church and they’ll have you feeling like they’re legit or they’re you know like that’s the truth and it’s not the truth man trust me God has people man in all walks of life and all areas men and he if you’re led by the Spirit it’ll take you to places that you couldn’t fathom beyond your wildest dreams you can’t fathom you can have a great idea that you want to do these things in life in this dream and it’s destiny but it’s even wilder than that if your dream doesn’t scare you you need a bigger dream right it’s gonna shake you and I love it when it starts to happen you see doors opening up and things like that so man we’re all part of that body we all exist we need to know our place find people again like I said going back to that mind people who play to your weaknesses I’m a foot can’t really grab stuff can you can’t really hold a cup of coffee I need a hand need a sum of years I need a left hand need a right if you had two left hands man they’re just pointed in the same direction like and that’d be hard yet like twist your body and try to make something happen we could make it happen we do what we got to do why I hang out with some pretty dysfunctional people we are the most dysfunctional family we’re the most functional dysfunctional family on the face of the earth I say that but we function man right find people who are good at the things that you suck at I’m go into this all the time well why do we need 17 podcasters you know I mean we can there’s you know this place for that but we need we need a lot more man and we need what you’re good at what you you have a place like you have there’s somewhere that you fit wherever that is there’s a ministry for you there’s a Ministry of helps you’re good at at writing you’re good at organizing I think everybody does something different that they bring to the table and for us to be able to sit back and look at that and execute okay this guy can do this you can do that you can do this and we form the body of how the body works that’s how that’s how we that’s how a great organization works and how much more the organism to work the body which isn’t not an organization so organism to work and it’s literally iced here on earth I believe it’s the second coming it’s him raining in our hearts and taking that throne of our hearts that’s the second coming what it’s about um there’s a lot of deep stuff it’s really deep and I love getting into the deep mysteries of God but at the end of the day it’s practical home sauce is here he says Voltron [Laughter] Voltron I say Power Rangers now yeah that’s the same bitch of them all coming together and forming the body you know I think there’s a Christian version of that like a Christian version of the Power Rangers and it was a comic book it was done pretty cool I forgot the name of it but I remember seeing it it’s Christian bookstore years ago good stuff um and we read here in the comments see what we got Christian says have y’all ever transformed I’m not sure what you mean by that [Music] Papa says correct knowledge does you no good if you don’t use it yep if it’s not practical I mean how can you use it if it’s just a theory but if it’s something it’s if it’s a theory that you make practical and you use it like that’s the idea of belief and stretching your faith I mean man I’ve grew leaps and bounds when I started to do that and just start believing God for some of the radical things and honestly just with like just the mind man then and and the power of the mind and creating things creating art creating events creating a podcast creating uh a home creat you know what I’m saying anything that you want to create and bring here you use the power of the mind and so you know like I was talking about in prayer and believing that I can create an encounter for you or to set the atmosphere right for a God to encounter you through the Holy Spirit through the Angels I’ve had a lot of them I talked about I’ve been countless encounters I tried to write a bunch of them down in my phone recently it’s because I’ve had so many over the years I don’t want to forget about them or even like I said – Jady like I don’t want to seem like a spoiled brat you know because in those in some of these Christian circles like people run from church service to church service or from trying to get a word from God or an encounter when you just had a word last week like somebody spoke to you prophesied over you last week and then you want to go this week I used to be me we used to I used to love it I’m addicted to the presence of God like I love him and it’s where all the answers are man isn’t in in his presence and so but you have to learn how to cultivate that for yourself like it’s good to have a prophet it’s good to have somebody who’s sensitive to the spirit who can act as an Oracle of God and speak over you and read you and ignite that flame that’s within you or at least blow on that spark that’s already there John says that Jesus is the light of the world which lighteth every man that comes into the world the Hindu literally believed that the sacred heart we see Jesus with the sacred heart on fire that that we literally have a fire within it’s like a literal fire sometimes we have to have somebody to blow up on that fire it said Jesus breathed upon his disciples and they received the Holy Spirit breath blowing upon that fire within you you ever started at five if you ever been camping go out there and get a couple coals get a couple just a little couple sparks like he was talking about even before we started we he was talking about a iron sharpening iron and then even the sparks from that just going out creating wild fires fire blow upon that fire and a Bible says the literally fan the flame that is within you that has been given to you through the laying on of hands and through prophecy speak to those things that are not as a that are not as though they were build the face create it what do you want to create get what God get the vision and then make it practical bring it into fruition get what God get the vision bring it into fruition give you if you give you the vision to give you the provision you got to be in submission you got to stop looking listen so some money right there and then I’ve got to say write it down and then Cory here on the chat says and write it down yep and write it down I want to invite you guys man God is doing some awesome stuff man we’re going deeper in this thing I’m believing for more doors are opening up we have a event coming up September the 22nd it is in Tallahassee Florida it’s only $5 to attend it’s an all-day event 10 a.m. to 3 a.m. it’s gonna start off with yoga and breathwork and then my good friend Christy Lee will be there leading a guided meditation and healing and it’s gonna be good she’s the real deal awesome person then later on into the day there’s gonna be music and art and dancing and glassblowing and all kinds of cool crazy hippie stuff spiritual stuff but I’ll be doing a live podcast there it’s gonna be a short one but we’re gonna be doing a live podcast we’ll do Q&A I’ll be interviewing somebody and doing that with my first live podcast in front of a crowd and audience excited about that it’s gonna be fun then I’ll be performing at 9:30 my set as I’ll be doing an hour set and I’m getting uh getting some ideas I’m trying to get intricate with it I’m trying to see how I can morph the set and turn it into more than just rapping or speaking and I’m literally trying to what we talked about talking about creating a atmosphere I just got some kind of weird up weird message here somebody gave a donation or something I don’t know if this is HTTP I guess it’s an error hmm Wow okay somebody commented sick donate it and their name is 666 three dollars and 84 cents eight nine 10 11 12 13 15 which equals 6 add those numbers up it it equals 6 so it’s big 66 yeah the number of Man six protons six neutrons six to let electrons is encoded on this planet we live on that’s 311 thank you for the donation by the way thank you guys um yeah lost that train of train of thought anyway okay yeah event come see me at the event I’m gonna I’m trying to see how I can bring you guys into that realm obviously the music does it by itself but I think that the live show should be a little bit more interactive to just kind of pull those people in their healing I’m believing for it all so it’s gonna be good September 22nd Tallahassee Florida Shante fesses were will be doing it like I said Christy Lee is gonna be doing something in the morning I’m doing a live podcast there and we’re gonna be doing a full set at 9:30 so if you want to meet me you want to hang out be the perfect place to do it Tallahassee Florida also we have November the 2nd in Mobile Alabama for those of you guys who want to hang out – we got another concert it’s gonna be probably something very similar November the 2nd at the lacy house all the infos on my website you can go there and check that stuff out that’s gonna be another $5 donation it’s gonna be good stuff so that’s what I have coming up if anybody wants to get me in your city if you want to book me or anything like that just contact me through the website and we’ll see about making it happen if you guys can cover the expenses and provide an audience or whatever and may be able to come out and make something happen so get with me contact me through the work through the website we got a bunch of teachers and and spiritualist and and musicians and stuff that we can bring and we can really we’re going to we can host our own festivals we know enough people who who would show up and so we’re definitely going to do that very soon get plugged in Cory says where where November 2nd a mobile I live there it’s gonna be at what we’re calling the Laci house it’s a good friend of ours Deborah lacy Justin Caldwell’s mom it’s gonna be at her home they have the own this like really big log cabin type house in the woods it’s really nice and so we did our album release party there and had a concert and so it was really good so we’re gonna be using that and kind of doing a house show and yeah so all the way all the infos on my website it’s gonna be good a lot more stuff coming yeah so make sure you guys stay tuned in you haven’t subscribed on YouTube make sure you go ahead and do that if you haven’t subscribed on the podcasting apps make sure you do that as well there’s links in the descriptions of all of this stuff that I’m talking about I think you guys for the support every little bit helps every little donation every two dollars here two dollars there every hundred dollars here thank you guys man for for supporting I want to give a special shout-out to a couple people right now we’re supporting at the diamond body level let’s see here while I have it pulled up I’m gonna give a shout out to Adam brink your awesome look this is a weird man like Adam Brayton showed up at my last show I don’t even know was him like we’re in the woods man this is a little house in the woods and there’s just random people there and I’m like familiar man who is this guy and I don’t know if they know people or they just show up I don’t want to just like assume that they’re here to see me or something but there was a lot of people who traveled from across the country to be there Adam brink was one of them shout out to a degree but we did get to meet and he’s just been a blessing to this platform on so thank you Adam giving at the Dimond body level Thank You Adam brink Thank You Noah no cab in the chat man no cab in the tap thank you but your support at the diamond body level and what you bring to the table the body something different and and it’s welcome in it’s love man thank you for being a part of what we’re building here also give a shout out to Benny and Cali thank you guys for giving as well at the diamond body level it really means a lot man you guys literally are enablers everybody who’s been given some of you since day one and so I really do appreciate it and thank you and at this point it’s so many people that be just hard just to kind of go down the list but man thank you everything Q everybody who who has you know played a role in helping create this platform financially because it does take that um thank you Chris and Nicole bar is forgiven at the celestial body level man that’s big – Christy Lee you’ve been a day one you’ve given a lot of money to help fund what I’m doing here you’ve been a freaking key player in this Danni Guerrero man home sauce like I can kind of feel bad for mentioning any names because there’s so many people now that I can’t thank everybody but just look at the bottom of the screen here if you’re listening on the if you’re watching on YouTube and you can see this the name scrolling there those are all people who are patrons who support me from month to month and I literally couldn’t do it without you so again thank you I’m still it’s I can’t it’s hard to even think about what what this whole thing is now you know I’m saying it’s really hard to think about it that I’m you know able to do this because of you guys and you guys believe in it so much that you’re you you want to support and you want to see it reach more people and you want to see it go further and this literally is for a lot of you this is your church family like this is this is it man you know we do the school of the Mystics people ask about that school is amiss takes every Thursday night at 7 p.m. central we’re gonna be doing that that’s the community aspect literally we are focusing on hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit we break down into groups learn how to speak prophetically over one another if that’s what you want it’s there for you not everybody wants to hands-on some people want to stay in the corners and you could do that too you know you’re not pressured into anything we’ll say that you know but it’s a video chat and it’s a bunch of us that show up and when we grow together we learn together and it’s very practical we’re building community the discord app is in the description as well that’s everybody gets access to the discord app app um it’s really cool like I always have discord pulled up I have it pulled up right now and as soon as we get off the podcast I’ll probably jump in there and say hello to some people and hang out and we build there and it it gives people community and people who have these crazy ideas and not not anybody to talk to you want to know that they’re not crazy they need someone they need to talk to somebody who’s been through something similar and it’s kind of where that stems from so the discord community creating community if you build it they will come this is living proof I love you guys and everything about you and what we’re doing man each and every person definitely has a place here we are the misfits we are the outcasts but you know what we’re the the light bearers we are the the ones who carry their light so man get plugged in if you plugged in somewhere else man do that but be looking for community you’re looking for people we do life here it’s not just a podcast we do life we are go on vacation with some of the people who have met you know through this thing right I have really close friends that I’m accountable to then who I speak into their life and so it’s it really is a organic family thing so if you’re looking for that join the discord the link is in the description join us Thursday nights on patreon first a little as a dollar if that’s all you can do $0.99 whatever it is man it’s like just do something man so with that I appreciating love every one of you guys I’m gonna try to read through these comments one last time here at the end just shout out to everybody on here Corey Mitchell whatup Danny again christian christie Lee christie folks or Christy Johnson I’m not sure you let me know which is the weather us to call you but my good friend Christy thank you for everything all the support you see her name there at the bottom as well Colton man listening to just we just need to do a patron episode where I just talk about how cool each one of these people are dan Oskar Penske thank you for the support over the years – dan I Love You Man yeah with that I’m gonna say peace and Shalom it’s pretty much it’s 7:00 p.m. tonight joined patreon you’ll get a link in your email to join via zoom chat you can join all this stuff is you could do it on your cell phone or your computer so those people at work sitting and going to the bathroom we’re going a lunch break and they’re joining in the conversation so wherever you are you get access to all of that stuff so I got a jump off here I feel like I’m rambling but I got that stuff out we’re building baby love you guys man Wow murderuss Herodias says negative suicide path till I found true seekers music and podcast that’s the best way to end it this is strategic guys y’all know that I’m open with it it’s strategic and just how it looks just how it looks like other than that you you know you what you see is what you get you know what you see is what you get we have to go to where people are gonna find us and and they we carry hope if we carry truth then we can impart that we can impart it just for you he don’t heal you just for you you know give you the revelations just to blow your mind which he does but it’s for you to share it’s for you to articulate find a way to do that but there’s love and is hoping it speaks for every one of you and I do I know the severity of that and you know there’s people and we have to just be open and authentic with the truth what we believe and what we have to impart because there are people who then I hear what this anymore I know I talked about it on the LAT one of the last episodes but I got teared teared up man this is real life real life no celebrity status is real life real people do in real life who care genuinely care and if you’re looking for those people they’re here love you guys with that I’m say peace and Shalom we’ll do it again next week or we do it tonight too but I got I got a surprise interview that I’m gonna do somebody really big man I love it when I’m able to interview people that I really like or I really look up to even want to say the name yet I kind of want I don’t like to like I like I believe in speaking things into existence but I don’t I don’t like I like to move in silence I like every move to be a calculated step I don’t want nobody in the past I’ve had like I’ve had if I was to announce a concert when I was still trying to do the Christian thing see God had to pull me out of the churches man cuz that was always a place of comfort for me even while I was being led down the new-age path or the occult path or whatever to bring Christ in that the comfortable spot was in the church because as I was going down those paths it was hard it’s hard just to do that anyway it’s a lot of darkness in there and then again people judge you people speak against you or they you know say all the types of evil against you and I had the people who used to praise me or man you wanted the greatest evangelist and then a year later they’re saying I’m a devil worshiper because I’m talking about whatever so that’s kind of hard doing that and actually transitioning so I try to I try to be careful with just announcing stuff like I do speak things into existence mostly in my prayer my prayer time or or praying for someone but as far as announcing things like people like I tried to go back to the church because it was comfortable when God was calling me out and then I would be booked to do church concerts at churches and in people with NFI we would promote it people would call the church and say hey we’re gonna send you some info on this guy this guy’s into the Kundalini this guy eats mushrooms this guy is dead and they just dig up all kind of dirt even stuff that I had repented of like in the past like I had like going on this teeter-totter back and forth and this pendulum of going back and forth and it was things that I had you know I’m repenting I’m not doing that no more type deal and they would say you know here’s what he did in his past this is what we found this is an article this is that this is the song this is a podcast or whatever and so people that started to follow me right so God really had to shut that door for me because I’m I wanted to like he was leading me down this this road but it was just so scary right it took a leap of faith and you want to go back to what’s uh what’s comfortable and what’s easy right and so he had to run me up out of the church man and God did it you should get mad at people right and I still do like I have like I don’t like I believe in friendship I believe in and being there for people I don’t I try not to gossip about people and back by it and stuff like that so when people do that to you you expect people to kind of have that same standard but that’s not always the case so even though that’s there you get upset but you know God orchestrates at all he uses people he was a spirits like we’re talking about he uses people though you know for to do that to make those phone calls like God allowed them people to do that like they wouldn’t have been able to do it if God didn’t let them so anyway I’ve just been cut off the video and here I don’t know if the audio is back on but I can bring it up just like that but anyway I works you can’t do nothing that God isn’t gonna isn’t going to let you do and we look at the Apostle Paul right they try to kill him all kinds of times yes snakes jumping out the fire and bit him you know I’m saying yeah it could be in stone and beaten and he was left for dead they thought they killed him they couldn’t it couldn’t kill him until the point in his appointed time this guy’s hand was upon him you know his you know he went through hell you still item you can beat his body up and you can’t kill his soul and that and you when you understand that you know you understand that God works out everything for your good those phone calls all of those things like that I had to put up with over the years like that was done for my good they ran me out we’re good like it was a good reason and now those same people are you know looking at what we’ve built here and in the success and now they’re hating even more oh part of it haters gonna hate man I’m home toss says become a patron or I’ll cut you he don’t play he’s got some music that’s pretty violin yes I did hear your new stuff home sauce bro it’s a good stuff – your new stuff you’re doing you should keep doing it good stuff maybe we could do a feature or something your new stuff about ascension and about spiritual I like that stuff take it there ma’am Cory says God is the Alpha and Omega starter and finishing yep behold on the LORD thy God I create good and evil I create good and evil he said it God said it I didn’t help take it up with him I love y’all man I’m gonna jump off here now and I jump over in the discord if y’all want to hang out jump in discord if you’re listening to some months later if you’re listening to this the next day still jumping discord will be there kickin it that’s what we do love y’all I gotta quit reading these comments I’m gonna keep responding but we’ll jump over in this chord of conversation peace peace [Music] [Music] for this episode folks to hear more episodes of the truth seeker podcast head over to Jessica calm and if you’re wanting to support the show and get rewards go to our patreon page at forward slash truth seeker

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