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In this episode of The TruthSeekah Podcast TruthSeekah speaks with Craig Hostetler who is a former pastor about his time in Christian Ministry and what happens when you ask too many questions. There are many levels to spiritual awakening and many people start that process in religion but as you grow and evolve you cannot stay there very long. The apostle Paul talked about how strong meat is for them who are learned and that you cannot give meat to the child, but they are fed by the mothers milk. In like manner this is the same for spirituality and religion. Although one can find God through both; religion puts restraints on the mind of the spirit that bridle and hold back the believer as they grow. This is the reason that many church goers today are abandoning church and embracing more of a spiritual path, but they are not leaving their foundation in Jesus behind. They are taking Jesus with them, it was for many an encounter with Jesus that led them to God to begin with. This is a beautiful yet scary path that many are taking as they journey outside of the four walls of traditional religion and walk with Christ and embrace the Spirit.
Craig Hostetler is the host of The Black Sheep Experience Podcast. Check out the episode that I was featured on here.