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In this episode TruthSeekah speak with Dorian Realm Renegade about exploring dimensions through the dream state and astral travel. There are realms that can be explored through many different means of spiritual practices and disciplines including meditation, holotropic breathing and mystical prayer. I do not believe that any one person holds the keys to what exactly is experienced in these states because everyone experiences something a little different from the next but yet altogether familiar. We can explore many of the holy books such as the Bible or Bagadavigita and see the importance of spiritual practice that leads to transcendental enlightenment through these means. One can receive visions and have prophetic encounters in these states as well as meet with ascended teachers and saints. Many people speak about having visitations with Jesus in the trance state and that does not sound too far removed from the biblical accounts because as Jesus went away to pray he was visited by angels and those who have gone on before him such as Moses and Elijah. This is also spoke about in the book of Hebrews regarding the great cloud of witnesses. Many church leaders and apostles even today have stories of their elders in the faith coming back to visit them through visions, dreams and even open encounters. TruthSeekah and Dorian Realm Renegade speak about meeting figures on their path who have played a similar role in appearing at just the right time and then leaving as the wind. Although this subject receives much scrutiny from the fundamental christian traditionalist I do believe that experience is key. We cannot be afraid the engage the realms unseen with open arms but at the same time us caution with everything we encounter in these realms. SOme people speak about encountering their own inner demons and this can be very traumatic if one is not use to encountering spirits from beyond the veil. Although we do encounter them unknowingly even as to entertain angels unawares but dark encounters from lower level entities have lead many down the path of fear and want nothing to do with anything outside of their respected beliefs.

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is it’s free to consume it’s not free to produce so the donations and stuff like that it goes a long way thank you guys from the bottom of my heart with that being said I want to say thank you to David combs and his family they’ve been listening for a long time and he felt you felt led to give a generous donation thank you so much and it can’t it’s coming at a time where it’s very much needed and so thank you so much David combs and your family Stephen Dickman as well and Tyler hunt thank you guys for your donations this past couple days it’s it’s gone a long way every little bit counts thank you guys so much with that being said that’s what I do that’s all the promo stuff I got for you guys new album new video got an awesome show plan for you guys today I’m gonna be speaking with Dorian ka realm renegade what’s going on my brother welcome to the podcast what’s going on truth no thanks for having me thanks for being here bro yes sir yes they’re excited excited to be on here this is actually my first first official type of podcast that I’m on which is which is tight I’ve kind of kept them you know kept my voice silent in regards to the internet where the digital dimension for quite some time you know I’ve been out here in the physical and the third always you know it’s trying to spread truth and knowledge expand consciousness always been out here in the third but I figured you know now’s the time since we’re in a consciousness shift big time consciousness shift and I know that there’s many that feel it many that are waking up to it as well and it’s time you know to provide some cheese as well you know each time each one of us who know awaken or are waking up to the things that are really going on in the bails being dropped and you know your consciousness being aligned with higher frequencies or or higher dimensions to allow you to see other realms and higher rome’s you know once you start waking up to these types of things and you start talking about them it’s about the key and it provides the key to the collective consciousness and I know I appreciate you having me here on the show to you know provide one of these key so that we can all as a collective you know find out what’s really going on and change this planet or raise the vibration raise the frequency of this of our consciousness and of this planet so we cannot do the things that we can do the abilities that we have but you know we’ve been suppressed for quite some time so I appreciate you having me on the show once again brother thank you yeah brother bless man that’s what this shows about and you’ve embodied the platform it’s essentially I have something this is my story whatever it means to you you know what I’m saying whatever you can take from it do it that’s after I’ve done that with my story and all the guests that I that I have on here and it’s helping people it’s resonating with people man so thanks for coming on when we’re talking about spiritual awakening there’s a lot that we can talk about and we were we were I’m saying we were just going off before we went live outside let me go and click this live button because there’s so much to talk about but instead of jumping into it let’s get into what got you into spirituality your spiritual awakening let’s talk about some of those first things that we’re kind of clicking for you man definitely definitely and I you know that’s I a great question that the kind of ask and a great topic to jump on and also a very broad and huge topic resent one as well that can go I many different directions however on spirituality for me started at a very young age it’s something that for my experience has been something that maybe different than a lot of people mainly because of this right here this mark on my forehead you feel me born with it which led my experience that shaped my experience to be a little different from the time that I can remember that I can look back which I can go back to the time I was two years old that’s as far back as I can go I can account experiences from the time that I’ve got to on up and when I say that I can account for them I mean vividly I can put myself back there now ever since I was very young this mark right here has brought a lot of attention to my experience it’s brought a lot of attention but it’s also expelled or I rejected a lot a lot of people as well opposed a lot of people where I found spirituality is a long long different type of a path that that went in a bunch of different areas to eventually bring me back to that where I’m at now however just to give you maybe a long cliff note version and you know maybe you’ll find some topics within there that you would want to jump on as well because many different topics can be extrapolated on however long story short my father who died when I was three years old he got murdered my mom was a junkie her whole life I so you know I ended up taking care of my brothers my three younger brothers at the time and my mother there was a Kingdom Hall that was right next to us so I grew up flat my and my grandparents I grew up I Joe Hogan’s wick domine um so when I when I grew up I in that particular faith I I tried to make that faith my own I you know dig dug heavy into the Bible then like I said my mom was a junkie she was an alcoholic so I was five six seven years old still putting on a certain tie and get my brothers dressed and going over to the Kingdom Hall over the church you know um and for worship and I would get my brothers dressed like this three times a week you know so I always had a pull to something bigger however I always had questions even when I was a young um a young boy I had questions in regards to some of the things that I was learning some of the things didn’t make common sense to me that I was learning but I still try to make it my own fast-forward a little bit through many different types of experiences because of this that led people to meet different types of religious figures different types of people love different types of belief system would come to me speak to me about my birthmark or as ones would tell me the marks that I placed upon my head at a previous time previous to this lifetime and you know I’d be receiving all different types of information and conflicting type of ideologies based upon what this mark was I’d have people hindustan and and Buddhists and and shaman come up to me and speak to me about my process mark you know and talk to me about an energy with inside of me that I don’t even know that I have and I’d have these types of experiences mind you imagine being six seven eight nine years old a little child and having these types of experiences you’re still trying to think that you’re doing the right thing going and you know following that particular type of a religious path and everything like that but you’re hearing conflicting information all around you all the time and I was having experiences I would the one experience that I had was when I was changer for me because you had mentioned you were in bands and everything like that as well I’ve always been involved with punk and hardcore zoom well and Warped Tour when I was 13 years old my it knock out my grandmother ended up taking me and my brothers in when I was I when I was 10 years old and she was you know there she stole here she was over here with us but she very very religious um and blinders on in regards to you know her particular faith and you know so she was very strict and I wasn’t allowed to doing a lot of worldly type of things however I still did all of the worldly type of pain I I was you know going to the shows and and involved with people that you know my grandmother went typically you know approve of and everything like that and I was you know riding BMX and being involved with I you know people that you sponsor dim pros and everything like that everything that I’ve done where it shaped me I’ve always been involved with professionals of that particular area you know me on however I went to Warped Tour I’ll never forget I was walking to get to the main stage and as I was walking there I saw a gentleman in all white and he was wearing like a Radian style hat because the rice hat all white staff in hand book in hand as I was walking past I saw I mean I was just drawn to him this is out of the ordinary to have a gentleman like this that is Joe you know I got everybody just the way that they’re dressed you know all right this was in I’m coming I was 13 years old so Shawn and as I was walking past you know I’m here’s the stage over here uh in front of me and the gentleman is over to the right of me so I’m walking towards the stage as I’m veering off to the right just my energy just Drabek ating towards him no I eventually just made my way over to him and he said hello and he said he felt my energy and he said in the mark that you have on your head you said it like this yes and the marks that you have on your head I’ve been waiting for you thirteen years old Hey and then the acid wore off and it was a well here’s the same bro I’m sweeted you know what I’m saying I’ve been doing that way up until I mean I traded all the way up until alive eight months ago eight months ago life was completely changed again you know I mean I was heavily involved with no straightedge and cruise and everything like that you know so it’s okay not to drink so he was talking me like this and yes I’ve been waiting for you yeah I’m died in a way that you don’t hear cats beat you so me I I had a feeling within me that was just like yo what the heck is going on right now and so he started speaking to me about the energy was inside of me and he said that one day I’m going to know and one day I’m going to affect a lot of people with the energy that’s inside of me and he said there’s no coincidence that you bear the mark and I’m just like what the heck and he pulled up in that the book that he had while he was speaking me put it in for the big pocket that he was wearing that’s he was wearing a cloak hold the book back out in that book leather-bound looked old at this time my mindset was still like this is a cult this is demonized this is business that shunning it you know and he handed it to me and he said this just for you and I said hey no I I appreciate it you know but I gotta go I got to go check out this band over here I went to go shake his hand I’ll reach that my hand and I said hey it was nice to meet you what’s your name and he said no he said I don’t want I’m not going to interact with you anymore in this dimension he said we’ll meet again at another time and that was that I find that in though his name yo here’s the thing I told you about my memory very vivid I can go back to the time I was two years old I can remember faces all if I seen somebody when I was three years old you better believe that they crossed my path again in this experience it’s a weird thing that happened different energy types always revolving back around almost as if it’s on a Fibonacci energy type of a sequence always different energy types depending on where my life is that comes back around it’s a strange thing but I can always remember these faces the gentleman I can’t tell you a thing about his face well one thing you feel me and there’s another experiences like this as well in regards to the similar type of dialogue I a general a person that has the hyperbole weird type of an energy that I cannot I describe anymore that that I was drawn to it and I felt it and it was a peculiar type of interaction yeah multiple times throughout my life and I can’t remember the fate that’s insane but I’m talking about the name because like I had a similar interaction as well but I remember this guy’s name he told me his name his name was Aaron and okay very similar encounter I’m driving I’m actually in my work truck driving right a couple years say a couple years it’s been at least 10 years I’m driving and I’m on inside going down the road and I see this dude walking in full garments like he’s on side road with a big bag robes on hoody he’s like this hooded figure and I’m like right beard I’m like there’s Moses or Elijah around or what your mind would think is like like what you would think of a shaman or holy man type of a thing that T yeah so I like drove past and I was like that’s crazy and I went a couple miles like I have to go back there’s no way that being into what I’m into I have to go talk to this man so I turned around and went and talked to him and I pulled up next to him and said hey man what’s your story man what’s going on he says hey man it’s all Jesus brother I’m just on this path this is the path he called me to and I was like oh that’s what’s up man and I just felt led to give him all the money I had in my pocket which wasn’t a lot I think was 60 bucks I said look I’m gonna bless you my brother here just gonna buy you dinner whatever you need he’s I’m a traveling man oh thank you brother thank you and I’m going to give him my sandwich I had a sandwich in my in my in my uh my case or whatever he’s like no brother I don’t eat meat the Lord’s got me not eating meat right now I said brother his peanut butter and jelly he said oh okay I haven’t had peanut butter jelly in a long time and he took the sandwich and stuff and um I was like I’d whip them right quick and and he blessed me and I told him bye and I left I like can’t quit thinking about this like man I wish like I’m on the clock I can’t I have a route to run and stuff and I can’t just go back so I’m telling everybody about him the next day uh I’ve met this dude he was in all white and he’s an old man I might have been somebody off the Bible bro I don’t know and there I’m just telling everybody and then we go out to do ministry the day after that we’re gonna go into we was gonna go set up in the projects and I’ll bring our sound system and stuff and just start doing our music and preaching and stuff and we go out there I’m telling it we got this huge van and we stopped at the gas station I’m telling everybody we’re filming it we got this on camera we’re filming it we walk inside to pay for the gas walking out holding a cup of coffee yes there’s no totally different different city actually I’ve seen another note in a different City and I gave him a big hug hey this guy was telling y’all about and I told him what we were doing say we’re gonna do ministry in the ghetto man you want to come he’s like sure bro and he can’t got any with us and everybody’s like weirded out this prophet guy big beard I took him anyway we went and we did ministry all day hung out did music loved on people gave our Bibles and stuff and then he came back and we went to eat with us and I let him come stay with me my wife and daughter was out of town I have just been the guys for the weekend say hey come stay with us so he come and stay with us we watched and we watched the spirit world documentary which is amazing documentaries how my spiritual awakening definitely watch a spirit world by Chris Evert we watched that and fellowship with this dude and and it was just this otherworldly encounter hanging with this guy right you know right and it’s cell and and you can feel it right we gave them a CD you can feel it we gave them a CD six months later we’re doing a show out of town we get a phone call somebody’s crying hey bro man you guys man this sucks it’s something about your music I don’t know what it is man but I just want to thank you guys for your music god bless you your music changed my life I don’t even know who it is he said man there was just traveling man named Aaron he gave me your CD and it changed my life oh my God all things work together man the CD we blessed him with when he left he gave it to somebody dude he’s just traveling it’s just like I got a little man and you can rap God beautiful man yeah it’s a wild thing how that works man and I’m starting to realize that it works like that every time you go major um you know how they re always here you know we create our own reality that um there’s something wild that happened you know when you interact with somebody and you interact with somebody off some good intention or bad intention there’s something that happens you know they use the words like karma and things like that but there’s forces at play that make things come back around and make things back it works like that yeah you go major these are things that we are not taught what we’re taught how money hopefully how the fiat currency system works you know we’re taught how to be slaves actually to be honest with you but we’re not taught the things that actually make this world run and work we’re not taught you know so now it’s real really a time that we’ve got we’ve got mediums of all sorts we’re speaking through a medium right now so all of the things that we used to be able to do you know back in the day before the deception if I wanted to speak to you truth I’d be like yo truth I’m speaking you right now you know through the through their telepathy and we’d be able to exchange downloads and information and everything like that from a telepathy standpoint but now we’re not able to do that even just the word telepathy is demonized you know and these are these are natural and by natural things that we have the abilities to do and they’re not bad the same way as we speak these words bro and you know we see with these eyes we’ve got other senses within us that we’re able to communicate and make things work as well you know through terms of energy and everything like that but yeah but what you’re saying man that energy comes right back around this there’s things that happened bro there’s things that our at play yeah and in that that’s that’s those things that happen talk my spiritual awakening that you know something’s going on and I like to preface it like I don’t actually know everything that’s going on I it’s what I do know is enough to blow my frickin mind and make me want to know more I’ll say that words I know a lot I know a lot but I can’t say okay this is what this is these this is who they are these aliens that are watching over us they’re from this star system they do that they’re fighting with these guys I don’t know what I don’t know that stuff but something happening man and it’s enough to let you know that some God universal consciousness is watching over us it’s a loving energy if we tap into it it sustains us it gives us peace and in our long suffering and we can man it’s beautiful thing yeah whatever whatever anybody wants to call it yeah it’s a simple thing and we can just embody the whole thing under just saying you know spirituality or conscience you know what what what it is or what happens and when you’re tapped into it it’s AI it’s a things that almost your words can’t describe and let you see it yourself and if we’re at a time now that a lot of people are starting to wake up and starting to open up that eye just a little bit maybe start to open up the other one and starting to say a whole week light on what is going on you know and there’s things that are going on you had asked a question about my spirituality though and I had told you this is an experience but where think you know sort of ramping up and like I said ma’am we could go on for hours and hours and powers or if you want to ever have me back on oh yeah no we could dive deep on all types of stuff and you know any of your followers or if anybody you know wants to speak on some things as well no that’s what we were doing right where we’re raising the awareness building the consciousness so that that collect eventually you know the collective consciousness can accept you know raising this vibration yeah and I living it living life differently than the way that we’re living it now because I what we think is freedom is not this is not what anybody thinks that it is you know we we’ve been stuck in a safe system and we’re moving into a new slave system we’re in a paradigm shift right now you know that’s something that we can touch on but I wanted to let you know because we were talking about how the energy moves and it comes back around and just the strangeness or it or how that works you know especially with spiritual awakening and everything like that when I was fifteen years old and this is kind of where things even still just swam my life through put me in positions and places that that are mind-blowing when I was 15 my grandmother remarried and when she remarried she remarried a person that was finally good so I’m good our family because from the time that I was 2 till I was 15 pretty much it was just me taking care of my brothers even though my grandmother took care of us it was just us on our own you know what I’m saying and I was trying to make it through battling the legal system as far as I’m trying to put it into you know foster care and all types of things you know so you know and then also going through a bunch of abuse and things like that through my childhood finally when I was fifteen things were a day I yes this is a little ticket deep in a deep breath like finally things might be able to be relaxed a little bit well my the person that my grandmother remarried his father was Admiral of the United States of the Navy no I’m saying third chaining command he’s in the history books everything like that huh big time so I saved this room Pearl Harbor st. Louis didn’t everything like that you know this stuff big time with Vietnam how he backed out of Vietnam ease in the history books and everything however we’d go over there for family dinner on Sunday when we’d go over there family dinners would be long they’d be four or five hours long and it would be him speaking know when he’d speak everyone would be like silence the Admiral speak you know and dinner table isn’t not normal and a humongous mansion on an estate but you know property of a hundred and fifty acres you know fake huge mansion that they call Appledore because in England they were part of a big major job that they have so and the whole land there was water which and so I would learn the history of this land the land that even its house was on and why they were calling it Appledore but I would I would speak to my um I would call my OPA because of German for grandfather so it seemed to my Oh blog and I went listen intently did the things that he was saying and he would talk about you know Pearl Harbor and we talked about these types of things he had pictures and and artifact of at that time and everything like that and would tell me what really went down he would tell me some things that really went down and you know he’s high level not only that but I it say the property is that was I am what type of names are we allowed to drop on the show without getting in I’m not going to say anything incriminating okay yes across the street are a part of the adjacent to the property with Governor Tom Ridge Governor Tom Ridge is the one who created the Department of Homeland Security after 9/11 you filming George Bush’s right-hand man across the street that’s where I live well lived across the street from this homey so I during the time you know during the time 9/11 happened when I was would be talking about things and everything they would talk about Governor Tom Ridge being with George Bush here and Miss Matt I would know when they were lying because a Secret Service man would be two buildings down from where I lived which was a shoddy team store in a residential area doesn’t belong but I you know Secret Service man watching his house I would know when he was home because of the specific type of vehicles that would be around and so I started noticing that hey the news is wine the things that they’re talking about this very simple lies but they’re lying the things that I’m hearing from my great grandfather or my oppa is contradictory to what I’m learning in school and social studies so I started piecing all these things together and I started seeing a lot of things firsthand because the people that were involved with my great grandfather of higher caliber I started being associated with you filming and ones of different societies and so I started having my eye open to some things that people would normally see um and when I’m talking about secret societies I’m talking you know Freemasonry and everything like that I started seeing things typically somebody gets involved with Freemasonry they’re getting involved with like a traveler or I you know somebody who they know you know get some and get some of the know introduce the people and kind of go through the the degrees and and indoctrinations and everything like that I’m dealing with people’s like we’re already at the higher you know the higher degrees I’m seeing things that typically people when normally see someone I started becoming way open to these types of things and not only were they open those such things but I was trying to learn them understand spirituality and understand the Bible so I’m starting though get research or information in regards to things that are going on in the world that are completely different than whatever anything I’m learning and then I you know I’m growing up until was witness but I’m getting all different types of information other from other areas so I’m like what the heck I need to figure this all out you know itself from the time I was 16 good two years just really trying to hone everything in I put five different Bibles in front of me King James Version New International Version you know what I’m saying I died King James you know edimar I put I put the Catholic Encyclopedia and Jeremy the Wikipedia for any words I didn’t understand or no – started to go to work you fill me page one page one page one page one read me you know I’m saying devoted every freaking night of two hours three hours a night to end of the book into the work you know really trying to figure this out and when you start doing that you start to learn that hey they’re all pretty similar all right you know those same different words might be engineering but I they’re all pretty similar words that that we use don’t mean what we say you Filomena I started realizing dang you know what the words now started going into the etymon you start going into that Amon and start realizing the words that we speak what they really mean when you start to understand that then the book that were reading or that we’re living our life by starts to change that’s good you feel me yeah so I started doing all of that until finally I said I’m done like every every single thing that I’ve learned that I know if I started speaking that on you no one’s not congregation elders in the congregation I started speaking the stepped riche you know Catholic priests and pastors like Christian churches there’s an organization in my school um that was like a Christian type of organization that kids get together and I use it’s called our youth life yeah sorry I started talking the cats because in youth life I start asking questions and they’re telling me things that aren’t even in the Bible about the nepheline and they that’s not that’s not in the Bible not and I buy what I thought is it James okay right here yeah you know what I’m saying so it’s like everything there was nobody to speak to there was nobody you know what I’m saying completing it and then they start talking about the yeah stay away from that guy we’re praying for him you know I then became silent I shut my mouth and I said you know what I’m done I I left home because I realized that my brothers were gonna be okay we had a rough childhood growing up that’s a whole different other subject we can go on at another time but I left home and when I left home I you know was heavy into the hardcore scene that’s where I felt like I belonged you know so I was traveling that country with with music and with heavy music so you know along with that lifestyle which you said that you you were in metal bands and things with that lifestyle you know comes along it’s at the violence and everything like that as well and no I wasn’t I was in a crew I was in a worldwide through that very big bitch probably no associates with cats that you even know but um you know I was even though I lived that particular lifestyle was a very accrue because we’re not we’re not we’re not too far away from each other right right so I mean I was involved with the crew cold I swing on say family SOS f59 they were we used to be real tight with a true that was FSU Princeton United which there was a big huge war between the two of our crews every year heard of that dkc1 percent I kidding true I know captain that crew I those cats in Florida every night yeah all those cat burn it over to a different crew that I know all those crews those kids some of those cats saved my life and that’s also another reason why of the spiritual awakening and what really allowed me to travel the astral realms with that particular scenario where I got jumped in the middle of the streets when I was you know riding heavy in the gang life you know what I’m saying I mean either day that’s what it is yeah and I got jumpsuit man those news don’t play right we started out at o2 you know I had my teeth blasted out my nose shattered in my mouth or the the bridge of my nose was through the roof my mouth my orbit broken down in the middle of the street stomped on the back of my head like I said my teeth blown out that’s also another story that if you wanted to know the details me to go into that at some point because it does it’s very important to what happened and like I said we’re this podcast is all over the place because there’s a lot of information to give however I took the last blow to the back of my head when I took that last blow to the back of my head it was a stomp lights out all right I didn’t pass out what I did was you know that took the hit the flash happened when I flash happened I said Derek me Gabe grandma Hana that’s my family I said I love y’all I’m out and that was really the first time that I actually even said I love you you feel me like I grew up in a household and in a way that we weren’t really expressive in regards to love you know I’m saying never even hugged my crap I was like 22 years old you know and that was after you know I came I saw my grandma for the first time in like two and a half years after I was gone you know but um regardless to go back to taking that last blow to the head I said I’m out I love y’all I’m out I thought I was done you feel me immediately when I said that I could from the point of me being too years old all the way back from that moment all the way forward to that very moment of me taking that blow to my head I lived my life all over again at that time so 27 years relived you feel me some people don’t understand the weight of what I’m saying there them that hundredth of a second of taking the blow to my head I live 27 years all over again a full 27 years and then at that point I saw myself on the ground I saw everything happening from a high level view as if I was an observer you feel me I was an observer I was not in my physical body but my consciousness was observing what was going on it’s a wild thing now when that happened I remember it 100% I said you know what dang that’s messed up it was like dang that’s messed up it’s getting beat down in the middle of street like this matter even have a chance to defend myself that’s messed up I don’t want to go out like that and bam next thing I know I’m getting picked up I got picked up from a few dead kitten crew chat well they were they weren’t DK’s me then because they had patched over into a different club yeah so picked me up scooped me up and at that time then mad a lot of chaos in the middle of the street okay I police came everything like that long story short that was the first time that I can recall ever exiting my body in that way all right now I year and a half ago I was in Las Vegas and this was when I was still involved with the crew as well because I’ve I left the crew about a year ago and it’s also the time that I left a whole bunch of other things but I I left the true about a year ago but a year and a half ago I was in Vegas I similar thing happened I took a blow to my face which gave me a floating facial fracture that’s where I had a break from ear all the way across here on it broke because where I got hit it broke my nose the bridge went through my women fight the eye yet this is another another scenario another circumstance I true related obviously here but I that um that you know broke my face um when that happened as soon as I took the hit I happened again damn high level view of as the observer saw myself on the ground I and I said all right I remember I remember this I remember being here I remember this feeling I remember my consciousness at this particular frequency you know that you got a frame of reference now that’s right so from there I said okay I I remember being here what can I do here let me look around a little bit so I started what I felt like was looking around and what I started looking around that was here was my everything here the building that I was in me on the ground face broken um and it’s almost as if time Stood Still and I was out her body and I said okay what can I do from here I looked behind me as the pub was gonna look over my shoulder and I was in it literally an area of nothing it was complete darkness as if you closed your eyes and your imagination was not going and it was dark and I was still conscious though so I said okay I’m in an area of nothingness but yet it felt like everything if that makes sense that was an area of nothing but it felt like everything and from there I said what can I do I rose my hand up well at that time I thought okay I’m gonna raise my hand up but it was nothingness I didn’t even have a body there but as soon as I said I’m gonna raise my hand up my hand rose up and as I did that literally a building he rose up from nothingness rose up and then I swiped my hand this is like want some fantage Mickey Mouse and Fantasia type stuff wait my hand and then as if I a veil had dropped him and like I created city so from there I said I can do whatever I want and I started just building making making a city he’s making a lake like literally doing whatever whatever my imagination wanted to create what was being created what seems like I was there maybe maybe two years of what I was able to accomplish huh and what I was actually starting to formulate in their mind um what seems like a couple of years I said oh I need to get back I got scared and so I went back and then I got picked up again my one brother and the crew at the time you know picked me up and was like dude oh my god you’re right that my teeth were blown out and everything like that and long story short that was the second time that happened so from there and you know we’re getting on an astral projection then because from there that’s when literally for a good four months all that I would do every single day was I would get in him when I would meditate because I really started getting into spirituality I even though I’ve always been and knowing spirituality and everything like that I really started getting into deep meditation I started getting into listened to by Mariel beats I stopped I stopped listening the music the type of music that I was always listening to yeah well even just keeping the hip hop and everything like that everything everything that I was into I stopped just because I felt like okay all of this music that I’m listening to what’s it doing for me it’s entertainment yeah but what’s it doing for me and my consciousness I said it’s not doing much right now so I stopped and I started meditating and started getting to myself because I wanted to go back to where I had projected to so in meditation I would always think about it I would be trying a bunch of different meditation techniques trying to clear my mind just like you would hear when in the meditation techniques or think about some different things and that’s not none of these things were working for me too much noise too much chaos going on in my mind we talked about the marks that I have on my forehead there’s another thing that I was born with and that is I have a ringing in my ears that never stopped never I’ve been to the doctor about it I’ve been went through sweep studies in regards to a few of these simple things as well that inner ear type of high-frequency pitch that I have that’s never stopped I when I would get into states of meditation I would be able to clear out a bunch of noise but I would never be able to clear out that hype so it would never allow me to go into a full state of meditation because that was always becoming a nuisance or annoying to me during that ringing I’ve become really good at just putting it in the background and amplifying everything else yeah so yeah in meditation when you’re quiet and it just takes over and it gives exactly pretty good yeah it’s weird I’ll have it to you if the it’s the equivalent of like if you’re if you’re a video game player playing like you know call of duty or something like that you throw out there last thing and bam that high-pitched frequency that what I have and it never stops so in meditation they came to me some voice that you hear in your head it said you’re always trying to tune this sound out why don’t you tune it in so in meditation I started tuning that sound in and I made it the most amplified sound and I drowned everything out yeah when I did that damn I went back and I projected back to where I was at back to the same area of where I’ve created all these buildings and and city and landscape and everything I was there out in fact well and I said okay now I’m here what can I do from here and I started meditating from there like inception a meditation with meditation yeah and from there that’s when everything changed and then BAM when that happened I was in an area that all that I can describe was energy that because when I came out of it all that I could say was it’s this energy I what I would perceive as enter or light balls of light orbs or anything like that I know that I would see it and perceive it and then I know that things happened that allowed either my imagination or I would receive a download that would let me distinguish what these types of energies work that makes any sense yeah so I was any place or a realm that was these eyes can’t see or distinguish as physical things weren’t physical however they become physical when you think about them and then talk about them so I started I started in this realm I started receiving mass amount of information and when I say mass amounts of information the only way that I could describe it is as downloads I would receive mass amounts of download and there was others there there was other energies there that were doing the same thing now I came back and when I came back bro they talked about the Kundalini rising or all these rituals yeah that was my true spiritual awakening at that point when I was able to take myself to there because when I came back bro I kid you not I didn’t eat I didn’t eat food physically and if we can talk about numerology here because I didn’t eat food for six days yeah there’s six days I didn’t eat for six days I didn’t sleep bro people would ask me they’re like some people were like hey man you’re not looking too good no that’s not drugs no filicide and this is no DMT trip there’s nothing bro right yeah not a straight meditation and it didn’t happen yeah hi they talked about the third eye opening and everything like that clairvoyance II all the type of my spiritual senses and those types of things I came out of it and I kid you not you’re in the third these things became amplified I I’m talking telepathy I’m talking ESP extrasensory perception these things are okay amplified and when it and when it happened bro I I know things changed because I was walking past this door there was a a deck of tarot cards out of just a deck I walked past in mind you even still to this one this was a year ago up to that point I still even know how open my mind was from many different experiences that I’ve had throughout life I I still was like you know what Tarot occult heck no yeah I was I walk past the store and I kid you not the Tarot spoke bro I looked at it and the images just popping out at me yeah you film it and I took a look at these images and it was a rider-waite deck and I I said I have to look at this thing I wasn’t drawn I had because of how it was how I was seeing so I I looked at it and I opened it up I would never even say the word terror I opened it up and I started looking at it and images ever just speaking and I said oh my god these are images that I’ve seen and when I was in astral travel you know and when I joined the meditation and things these were things that would be popping out at me they’re coming from the card the right at the rider-waite deck man you know I started realizing you know who created that deck and that what I what a lot of those symbols were and everything like that I just started downloading to me and I was understanding it and so from there bro that from there what I would say with the full spiritual awakening because from that point on when I would go into meditation I still took a little bit of time to do it that focus in on that sound you know it would take me there and it would take me in the realms that I a lot of cats talking about and that’s why you know I wanted to reach out as well because you know when you start hitting these other realms um there’s energies and entities that are in those realms they we see life a whole we don’t even know what what we see out here because we we see things only one way you know time saying there’s a way that we’ve been we’ve been thai and indoctrinated into what there’s other things when you start using your other senses that I you become aware too and actually can interact with as well which becomes a wild thing and it changes the way you perceive this reality when that when you’re able to do good to see you actually get to see it for what it is let me share something with you about the ringing in the ears I’m gonna grab this doll I hope I’ve actually got a Pokemon doll back here let me grab it right quick for the people who are watching on video hold on alright so if you’re watching this on video if not I’ll post a picture this is the Celebi Pokemon and I got this thing I’m not really big into Pokemon I did enjoy the game with my family when it came out but I wanted to buy this one and it had to do with the ringing in the ears this is a reminder when I sort of having all of these supernatural encounters and UFOs and making contact with with angels and things like that like this is what this represents for me it essentially represents synchronicity when I first was looking up information I looked up David Wilcock 2012 enigma which is huge when it comes to understanding spirituality and stuff but there was a segment on there where David Wilcock was talking about the Egyptian belief of vibration and about Tom traveling in the ringing in the ears that when you hear this ringing in your ears if you stop and you focus on it if you focus on the ringing in the ears that you can actually tomtravel and there was all this Egyptian text and literature and and paintings about vibration and traveling and things like that you can actually time travel by focusing in on the ringing of the ears that it blew my mind dad check that out yeah dad along with the Lost Children of Babylon music and everything was amazing after I watched that the next day I watched the Pokemon movie with my daughter she was you we lay down on the floor and we watch the Pokemon movie there was a new Pokemon named Celebi and this is the name of this Pokemon I’m holding and so the bad guys were trying to capture Celebi because if they if they caught caught him they can use him for power and stuff so he was running from the bad guys and well as some of the good guys were running with Celebi and there was dogs and they were trying to capture him so they stopped in the middle of the forest and they’re about to get captured all of a sudden he starts humming at this high-pitched frequency pitch and it’s ringing in their ears and it’s so loud it’s almost hurting them and they said if we focus in on the pitch we can time travel back and this was the next day so they stopped and they focused in on the noise that Celebi was creating and they Tom traveled back to another time with Celebi and it’s like man it’s like whenever you have in those encounters and having all of the synchronicities and stuff of you say something and then it comes on a television like right when you say it or you could you hear a phrase that you start hearing it over and over and over that you never heard it in your life this was was it for me was the the time traveling by focusing in on the ringing of the ears because I’ve had the ringing in my ears ever since I was a kid and you hear that it’s it’s a disorder and it’s this and that but it’s true when you’re alone when you get in states of meditation you quiet out everything that’s why some people like to listen to Goddard meditation I just like to listen I like to empty out everything and then focus in on the ringing because I can’t put my finger on on exactly what’s happening but you’re talking about receiving downloads you’re talking about information and past lives and all of this info that’s coming it’s slippery it’s hard to get it to get it because it comes so fast you have to learn you have to get in those realms and kind of move around but something happens when you focus in on the ringing in your ears during meditation and so that’s why I got this Pokemon I bought this dog because it essentially embodies my spiritual awakening and the magic that that’s real you know what I’m saying that something something put and line that up I call it God you call it whatever your consciousness the universe something lined it up it’s interactive it knows me it cares about me it knows my thoughts and it’s is d-man so this is the Celebi doll the but it’s deep man just there’s a bunch of stuff on it David Wilcock 2012 enigma that was a starting point for me and if you guys haven’t seen that the two documentaries that I’ve mentioned today David walk out enigma Channel Chris Everett those were two – ones that just took me to the next level when it’s talking about understanding the spirit world and how spirits operate and stuff like that let’s talk a little bit about realm renegade which is the name that you’re talking about and you’re talking about going into these trance-like states receiving downloads informations dealing with entities and trying to make sense of it all like what are some of the practices that that are you doing is it is it is it strictly like meditation have you messed with psilocybin at all or anything like that or ayahuasca or all right tight eyes awesome awesome question as well and I thanks for letting me know about the opening beam one more time Celebi that would be and I try I’m trying to look up the names cuz like it’s deep cuz you look up the name of these things and they mean what their powers are and what they do like it’s ancient language this sums deep man it is Pokemon with a was a wild thing and not many people really understand you know even a lot of these cartoons and they can do it with with cartoons more than they can do it with real people but they’ve been doing them with real people as well make ritalin these cartoons and movies whether they’re getting the the ideas or or concepts from their thing from ancient things or experiences Archie’s won’t let you listen to it or watch it correct that churches what email yeah yeah that yeah that’s the approach I took from that and Harry Potter and all that like one because I was in church whenever all that stuff came out right right and we might be you know around similar rage as well because you know when I was coming up you know all that stuff with strictly strictly forbidden you met on Harry Potter surveyed it um you know post them on her bed and you know anything to do with anything over the occult monsters anything that has to do with anything items that is a lien even you know you start mentioning UFOs and aliens in that’s demonized you know what I’m saying which I’m not talking trash on anybody but I’m just saying how do we expect the advance or progress consciously of we’re still thinking that every single thing is demonized even though God powers that we have within ourselves we’re given to you by the humans yeah ain’t that so yeah like what I’m fearfully and wonderfully made I don’t know about you but that’s what the scripts right you know exactly it’s crazy thing and I do want to jump on you know what some of my practices are as well but I do want to just touch on man because I can go off on a bunch of different areas you know people calling things demonized bro we can remember when you used to go and shoot electricity out of your finger think about it now remember when you were younger bro and you would go and grab the fuzzy sock walk across the carpet out stretch your finger touch your homeboy and give them a shot yeah show me you would you do you shut electricity out of your finger you feel me you turn the lights off and you can see that spark yeah or II remember you would sit under the blanket Rob a blanket on your head and balloon like what the heck we’re shooting sparks out of our head we’re shooting sparks out of our finger now that’s just an analogy and it just a simple one but we were doing that as little kids yeah and that goes into the practices that I do I do yoga um hasta Kundalini you feel me um I do the newer like mainstream practices as well the past month I’ve been you know I just started going to a yoga studio with wall but I kid you not when you start doing yoga uh many things happen generally because when you start getting in touch with your breath you start aligning your breath and what are you doing you’re bringing in prana people won’t even understand what that Ronna here in touch with the holy spirit when you get impressed with people don’t know because what are you doing that pranayama that’s when you’re bringing in that’s not the rest of life what are they talking about it’s not oxygen that you’re breathing in because we already know I mean this is a medical community that says that when you breathe in you’re breathing in what 1213 like what do they say 11 to 13 percent oxygen but when you breathe out you’re breathing out what anywhere from 10 to 13 percent oxygen which means you’re only hanging on to one to two percent oxygen that’s not what’s running your body what is when you’re breathing you’re breathing in that prana bro you could see it when you look outside you can see it in your house it’s all those little specks of dots everywhere that you’re looking at you know what I’m saying it’s electricity you’re breathing in electricity you feel me when your heart stops what do they do they hit you with a defibrillator with enough voltages that will kill a grown man if I they’re awake but if they’re a heart stop you need to hit him with that electricity you need to get that electricity back why cuz they’re not breathing you’re breathing in that electricity that’s not pranayaam you feel me and then when you’re moving that that electricity through your chakra system you know and up to that sleep you go the final column or the previous staff if that symbol is you know what I’m saying and you’re traveling electricity up that spine through the through your chakra systems which is your endocrine organs you know me and then you do what you’re you’re bringing the electricity to your fifth chakra which is your uvula you stick your tongue behind your your your uvula up your nasal passage this is where a set of nerves way from your pineal gland your sixth chakra your pineal you feel me got a set in nerves that hang down when you take your tongue and stick it behind your pillow with your Ovilus chakra what’s your chakra points are energy receivers people don’t get it so you said your tongue behind your evil eye and up now mind you these are when you’re doing like Kundalini Yoga you’ve done up and done your poses to where you’ve charged your chakra systems or what are you doing each one of these glands or endocrine systems are secreting electromagnetic fluid you tell me that all of our endocrine systems are responsible for secreting fluid you know our Pioneer gland is responsible for what it secretes serotonin during the day when the Sun is up that keeps us happy smiling talking to each other wanting to be here when the Sun Goes Down what happened your pineal gland does something it shuts off production of serotonin then does what starts VI secretion of melatonin the sleep hormone so then you should do what you get tired it will eventually put you to sleep then you go through your sleep cycles your REM cycles get you’re getting hit rem-1 bam you’re getting hit with another dose of melatonin REM – damn you’re getting hit with another dose what is it then REM rapid eye movement because what’s happening something very very peculiar happens when you hit REM fly you feel me because when you hit rm5 what happened your pineal gland now stops production of melatonin and secretes what DMT dimethyltryptamine now when that happened DMP uh you got rapid eye movement what’s happening your eyes are flying for the back of your head oh so there’s less people don’t get it so what happens is that that simple secretion of DMT dimethyltryptamine that’s when you hit your dream state in your dream is less than a second long you might seem you might feel that you’re in your dream for a year two years ten minutes it doesn’t matter your dream state is less than a second long you feel me so that’s why when people feel like they’re falling you know somebody may be like hold something up from under you or pushes you and in your dream you feel like you’re falling down a cliff oh my god no man that’s just your initial wake up you know what I’m saying but I with what we were talking about Kundalini Yoga though bro when you take that tongue put it behind your uvula that set of nerves that hang down from your pineal gland your tongue is I is a plug your tongue is very highly soluble now don’t the most soluble place in your body you know you’ve got your glands and everything like that that go right to your bloodstream but it’s also the most highly electrically charged your tongue is exposed nerves pretty much you know you stick out your tongue you can see those nerve endings you take your tongue you stick it up close like you you secure the connection what happens when you take a plug and you plug it into the wall sometimes you’ll get a spark you feel me something happens you close the gate so after you’ve done you traveled the electricity through your body on you get to your fifth chakra that’s where you close the gate you put your tongue behind your mula up the nasal passage and the spark happens at the point of contact but it’s not coming out of your mouth it’s traveling up and it travels up and it hits your pineal gland at that point you’ve now released DMT now I seven chakra expands and you are now in a full meditative state astral projection whatever you want to call it trip in even but at the end of the day you’ve done something that your body naturally doesn’t take you somewhere and where it takes you it takes you to a deeper spot of your consciousness that when you’re at that deeper spot of consciousness you’re actually tied to other consciousness as well you feel me I know you’ve been there and it’s it’s a that’s the only way that I can describe when you get there what what I was telling you about is Kundalini Kundalini Yoga now is this the practice I do I try to I can’t do there’s a specific mudra that is done when you stick your tongue behind your Google I can’t do it because I’m tongue tied what there’s something else so where you do your alternate nose breathing a negative and positive you’re bringing in enough there cause that’s part to your sixth chakra you fill me um people say you’re getting high on oxygen no you’re just you’re allowing your pineal gland to do some work what it’s supposed to be doing and so some practices that I do yoga when you get in touch with your breath and you get in touch with I fighting through when you’re doing these poses they’re there for specific reasoning and you’re holding these poses and you’re breathing through your literally it’s as if you’re going through battle and you have to mentally get through and when you get through and you can accept it and you can let go you’re letting go of your physical and you’re just allowing it just to be mental now and when you’re in touch with that breath and you’re going within you’re allowing yourself to travel at that point when you shut it off and let it go mm-hmm you travel and when you travel people travel to a bunch of different places but the thing that’s profound is when people start traveling to the same places we start talking about the same thing yeah then things then things get interesting okay bill me yeah when the lines start to blur man then you know what it’s kind of funny talking about that it’s like we’re talking about technology mimicking the spirituali right and like there’s many places I mean I remember when I found out about that just in my study I kind of got mad it’s like you know what Facebook is mimicking you know the web of consciousness that we’re already connected and I Facebook is gonna say that we’re connected through social media and so we’re forgetting that we’re connected and losing touch with that and I got mad at that but now I’m able to kind of embrace technology or what it is I mean you can’t fight it you know what I’m saying we’re not we’re not gonna go backward we’re only gonna go deeper into that but but there’s still kind of use that in unison with our spirituality or to try to because I’ve been to the places where you walk into a room and all of a sudden you feel pain in your body or you you give this heaviness of a weight of depression comes on you when you walk into a room and then you find out around the corner somebody’s in there crying because they found their spouse cheating on them and I can feel that oh you know I’m saying because we are connected and we are we are moved by the infirmities of each other and stuff like that so it’s cool that we’re able to kind of tap internet that stuff and when we do meditation Kundalini Yoga the breath work all that stuff it kind of it kind of makes it to where those states are heightened I really don’t teach like opening your third eye like it’s something I think that where most of us are born with it open when we’re kids also and evident obviously we could say it shuts or it gets calcified or whatever because of life and trauma and things like that and in schooling education and and let’s make believe that kind of stuff okay it’s make-believe you hear it enough you start to you start to believe what everybody’s saying around you so right it’s a gland it works just you go to muscle you wake up it’s a grant it’s working all right now what’s happening though as far as when when you’re going deeper into that into things that’s different um and that’s something that people people fail to realize there’s a lot of different things that will prevent somebody from being able to to do things like astral projection or even be able to do things like accessing the Akashic and things like that or or gaining the mass amounts of downloads if you uh if you are shutting your mind off to those types of things you’re probably not going to receive it if your body is in an inflamed state um I’m gonna say it’s probably hard to do it I’ll let you know another practice of mine is the way that I eat you know what I’m saying I eat vegan a lot most of the time alkaline vegan and the reason why is because you know we already know I’m not going to go and all that stuff that they put in the food and the way the practices and everything like that of what’s going on with that just we know that even just eating those types of things that cause massive amounts of information in their body not only does it cause massive amounts of information are in our body but it allows our body to be a breeding ground or a host for and I call them lower than lower dimensional energies or entity John and what are those parasites you fill me exactly 100 percent they operate the same way 108 the same way you put it in their container close like container leave it outside for a day go back to that container open it up tell me what you see you’re gonna see some worms maggots everything like that just thrown on that where they come from are they growing so quickly you better believe that you put that in your body yeah you don’t think that that I’m not happening in your body I guess deep man it gets deep and I’ll tell you – so in that documentary spirit world they talk about something called a teratoma tumor yeah and so it’s a – it’s a tumor that grows in your body that starts to kind of have teeth in it and hair and eyeballs form right in a tumor and it’s essentially what what they believe is that it’s demonic oppression and demonic entities within you that are acting through you and eventually with these with these entities want is they want a body for themselves they want to host them so they believe that it’s like these entities trying to form their own body 100 other night I could side with that I can side with that a hundred percent why not you understand what I’m saying where they come from then you know you’re and then you’re you’re leaving your body a breeding ground or a host or there’s a there’s a book that the early church believed in and it’s a good one man it’s called the recognitions of Clemente I don’t know if you’ve read that one but yeah he gets into a lot he was a disciple of Peter and Barnabas he gets into a lot of stuff about how demons get access to the body through gut rot or leaving yet leaving meat like always being full in there yeah it’s all you’re always full like right because it’s time to eat but the last meal it hasn’t even digested yeah because you ate so much you know I’m saying I think I have all this rotting dead flesh in your stomach at all times and it talks about demons getting access to your body because of that this is what the early church believed in we’re talking about spirituality we’re talking about demons and casting out presences of demons that we allow to be there this is what they believe it took that life are you can actually find that book it’s really good right but what are demons you know what I’m saying that’s the question that most people can’t even answer that what is it because at the end of the day a parasite that’s in my body that isn’t a horn invader that does what want to attach themself or line itself to my consciousness that make me want to continue to eat more meat and more filth and sugar to feed that thing so that it can take over my body or harm of my body what the demon not not just the early church but just everyone in the Renaissance area believed like they had banishment for worms like their prayers were these dragons or these worms that would you know saying get in the body and when you look at these parasites under a microscope they look like beasts they look like now two-headed dragon yeah I’m talking eight rows of teeth that gives are chomping away I’ll say this like that’s definitely the understanding that they have when Jesus had like that all sickness and all infirmities were demons like that’s that that’s how you get sick it’s from rice parasites that’s how you it’s not it’s not like the whole the whole spiritual nature but it acts the same way as far as them leeching on and pulling your energy is it wonderful you man yeah they need a place where they can hope the work that they’re hosted and they can thrive and they take over and it’s not for anything good you know then so what the demons you know that’s the way I look at it so another practice – yeah really very practical yeah very practical you know water I drink two gallons of water a day now I’m not saying that anybody needs to do these things I’m just saying that these are the things that are required for my body because I know that the average individual should be drinking that we speak out on a watery day well we’re not even doing that um so there’s many things that can help us or prevent us or shut us down from spirituality or consciousness you know it’s hard to UM be able to do things like astral project where I you know having expanded consciousness I think the word for it going around in the spiritual community is like super conscious you know as like you know the game is like super consciousness is difficult if you’re worrying about how much fiat currency notes you’re trying to acquire or who you’re trying to impress or about all the stresses and worries that you can’t from the past you start worrying about all those types of things your mind is I just engulfed in those types of things you have foreign invaders in your body going ham you know I’m saying you got inflammation in your body so now your minds on test the west mode saying hey we need to regulate our bodies first before we can even talk to your spiritual sides so a lot of practices that I do are literally a lot of the ether cloth in Goudy you know go see yeah it goes hand in hand and I’ll tell you what like it’s been a struggle for me it has and I’m cool with that that’s part of my struggle um but I’ll have periods of months that I do it and then I fall I’ll leave the chicken nugget and I’ll get like oh you know what forget it man I’ve you know yeah you don’t say life is life and we must we must take life to it when whatever how you have to rationalize it in your mind but I will say this those deep states of meditation and connecting with the angelic beings what we call UFOs the lights in the sky the entities the deepest information that I’ve got I mean obviously like a lot of it’s just about self realization about it but they told me straight up if you want to continue contact meditate more one and eat vegetarian fruits and vegetables and then I look at the scriptures I look in the scriptures when the prophets or Jesus would have angelic communication and angelic contact it was during the fast when Daniel would eat fruits and vegetables for two weeks and NSS after two weeks an angel approached him and brought him a message about his life about his call and what he was supposed to do look at Jesus always going in and out of these these states or whatever or go on a forty day fast right going into the mountains on top of the mountains to pray and fast he would have angelic encounters the angels would appear to him and that was information that I got 100% if you want to keep this up meditate more and eat vegetarian and from like from receiving that information then it was a battle because it’s okay this is what you’re supposed to do but their forces at work there’s you know all kind of it became a battle for me but yeah I definitely I’m not gonna I don’t I’m not gonna beat anybody it’s so funny too because like I did an interview with james gilliland james gilliland he he’s amazing dude UFO contact and and UFOs at Mount Shasta Mount Adams right there where he has property and they see they catch this stuff on on camera they they see ships and contact with with beings and it’s really really deep stuff I had him on and he was talking about creating heaven on earth but then he slipped and said it doesn’t because he was talking about like sex and what are you for and stuff like that he said it doesn’t matter if you did so a Christian or Buddhist it doesn’t matter if you if you’re vegan or vegetarian if you eat meat and then like that’s what caught people’s eye hold on how are you talking about creating heaven on earth but you eat meat it’s like that whole to almost to our interview there like that’s the only thing they took away was the fact that he wants to create heaven on earth but it’s okay to eat meat and that’s what what all the comments were about so people can get really uh really possessive and aggressive on these certain certain issues man whether it comes to okay you said universe his name is Jesus his name’s not that it’s not it’s always gonna talk and I love everybody wants to stay in the light alright people always didn’t talk but I am daily still listening all the cats out here that argument hang on to the little words and everything like that that’s all good they’re still listening and there’s the ones who understand it and the ones that are really taking in the information that’s all that’s those are the ones who matter because those are the ones that are gonna help assist and help with the collective consciousness in regards to changing this the frequency a little bit because bro we are at a paradigm shift we’re literally at a time now where there’s almost you know I would say the majority of the world sees the world in the way that we’ve been living you know thank you got to work to make your money so that you can buy all these material possessions and then now with so I can make myself look the coolest and the hottest on Instagram I need to have all my social currency all my life all my followers you know I’m saying that social currency we owe that we’ve been doing is living off of a a currency type of a system you know we’re going to need to be like that it’s a weird thing you know I’m saying and that’s how we are now but we’re at a paradigm shift where there’s cats that in the majority they can’t see it this way and then there’s cat that t life a completely different way they’re looking at this reality and go and hold on a second I’m seeing all the lights I’m seeing all the deception I’m seeing it right in front of us you know I’m saying like we should be looking at something on an on TV and be like immediately be like this it’s all swags I’ve seen I’ve seen this person doing an interview for this crisis across you know I’m saying and my deep think will pop out that that’s like just like this like super quickly and then there’s other people the majority going oh no no this is the most horrible thing ever take the gun do this do that you know I’m saying we will we will be faithful slaves you know thank you we’ll just continue to be slaves for this month monetary you know magic system like and this is we are living in a system that’s built and based upon dark occult ritualistic magic and there’s people that you know we’re at a consciousness ship now where literally people are waking up and going no we can actually live life a different way I things can be different we’re literally being ran by not one person point is zero zero one percent is what we’re being led by you know yeah and everyone else is just given into it mm-hmm which is which is a wild thing but right now we’re just that it’s we’re at a weird time of the consciousness shift where things are changing there’s no mad activities in the sky we’re being told so many lies now so many we’re not I’m starting to come out but like oh this is what it is we’ll let well let Tom DeLonge tell you what who you guys have been you guys trust him right he plays a blink-182 and he’s like right he just stole a total she’ll know right most people you’ll see it to a lot of these celebrities because I think it’s the new it’s a new tactic now yeah I dig Lebanese and having these celebrities talk as if I they’re on on some higher consciousness type of a thing now you know it’s becoming boredom carry yeah exactly but some cats are talking some real things and then you could sell some cats or you know or plane and you can definitely see you know what’s happening and that’s you know another thing that happens with me is when I go into astral projection and things like that pearl I’ve received and it sounds wild that here people talk like this but I do receive prophecy yeah you know and what I receive I’ve been receiving it I’ve been receiving it for years and the things continue to happen you know I see things in the tech world arm and movements in the tech world that most people don’t see and most people don’t even understand you know what I’m saying I works for Apple for six years not that that’s you look at me I worked for Apple no I’m not saying that it’s just saying I understand tech but me working with Apple was just another avenue that put me into positions and put me around people that typically other people won’t have interactions you fill me I’ve been to Cupertino I’ve been around the sub super mind you know what I’m saying I’ve interacted with the super mind not only I may look a certain type of way but I can think and articulate and be around the intelligence and understand what they’re talking about they’re not only understand what they’re talking about but interject and at least sound like I’m intelligent enough to hang and not only do I can I hang but it ends up them you know people asking me questions yeah you know what I’m saying so it took me a long time to finally go okay you know what some of the stuff is actually happening sometimes I’m not receiving information and downloads that I haven’t done research on before deep thing that’s not happening to me even from a Christian standpoint when I started having this awakening was like you had all this inward knowing and it’s like you know what like when it start happening you’re being open to it I started reading the Bible not just me I have friends it happened to me first and my friends started bearing witness with it but you know stuff about psychic abilities and UFOs and love and just the nature of life and then you start reading it in the Bible like man like inwardly I knew it was in there but I have not never found it in the Bible example for us or whatever but it was just awesome knowing something but you don’t know how to articulate it or how to prove it okay here it is this hold right he’s talking about what we’ve we’ve been discussing this disabilities or this inward knowing or whatever whatever it is the possibility that book with it’s insane man Gouri before we go I wanted to ask you because whenever you’re talking about having those experiences as a little kid by having the mark on your forehead just being this little kid and having this you know I’m saying being part of a religion and then other people are coming up to you and say hey you know you this you’re that you’re this or that yeah it kind of sounds similar I don’t know if you’ve heard about this kid but there’s this little kid like in India and there’s videos all over all over social media about it this little kid in India he was born with a large head and big ol eyes and a big forehead he kind of looks like a like a it’s like a gray it looks like a gray a little bit yeah and like everybody in India or is worshipping this little kid as a god they’re giving them money they’re asking him to bless them and stuff like that yeah you were having similar and stuff like that I know that’s kind of extreme but yeah I haven’t wished it was on that type of an extreme level yeah where I’d have you know what would be parents bringing like a child to me and just saying they they wanted their child just to place their hand upon me yeah and I you know I’m saying being 12 13 14 years old and having that those types of experiences man that it’s I it’s a wild thing you know what I’m saying and then not only that but I having abilities like clairvoyance II clairvoyance he runs very high with me not only clear buoyancy but you know other things like telepathy and I you know empath and those simple things you know things that literally I’ve always had that I can think back and I can remember and the things that I literally had to UM I begin to shut off I begin to shut those things off because a particular religion that I was being brought up in I demonizes those such the thing John not only demonizing those seven things but if those types of things are demonized you don’t have anybody to talk to about them I you got it try to fit in you know I had I had to you know think well hey maybe maybe I’m just making this type of stuff up and I had to suppress that you know and I did a very good job of you know placing myself or blending myself in with with the world pretty much you know and not done so many different things I was in you know the music scene all the way up until you know last year’s I was a music scene for for 16 17 years you know and I was in a crew and and you know was dabbling with you know 1% of clubs and all types of man I’ve been I’ve been FBI I’ve been in areas and I won’t even talk about those types of things but I’ve been places and around people but people who make movements make things move in this world whether it’s in the under when I say the underground I’m not meaning like the underworld I mean underground criminal cartels and things like that well I’ve I’ve rubbed elbows with I’m talking high-level make movements in this physical world military wise and everything like that I’ve rubbed elbows with you know I’m saying people of high level high degrees in secret societies I rub elbows with it’s just I I’ve always been put almost what seems like the right place at the right time to have these types of understandings on things you film in which which allowed me to see things a little bit differently but then now when I do things like astral project and even connect with cats like you and everything like that which I’ve been you know doing a little bit more lately it’s been even more profound because we all have similar types of stories rioja have similar type of experiences that are happening and we uh we’re now at a time that we can use these we have these mediums in our hands to where you can be hours away or across the world and we can speak to each other we can formulate and start piecing things together so that we can I now take that alter that alternative narrative and make it that primary because what’s really going on is the real stuff it’s worked for me yeah it’s working big-time and it was something we were kind of talking about before we I know we were going into like a lot of detail about before we went live but even like with social media and the internet you can create yourself you could be whoever you want to be with the internet but just in the power of the spoken word and just the power of thought and as a man thinketh in his heart so shall he be so I’ve seen that man I’ve seen people respond to it I think it’s I think the key is consistency to whatever you’re trying to create whatever you’re trying to try trying to build but um yeah you can you can be you can do create your reality whatever you want and the Internet’s a perfect place for that for like in religion I had to kind of force my message I had to like I had to be right I had to win every conversation I had to try to convert you to all of your beliefs not just some of them but all of your beliefs I had to try to convert you to believe if you believe that unwavering yeah like what if it was the Trinity or speaking in tongues or whatever like I had to convert you on everything to be to kind of validate what I believe like my like you agreeing with me validated and that’s the majority of Christendom is like that right but sorry moving from that to where like you can just you it’s okay you can have your opinion you can have your differences you can have your experience and you know what it’s unique to you and there’s beauty in that you’re not wrong because you yeah or see butdo if I I kind of gave up you know I’m think I was like in it right but there’s no way I’m gonna be able to get you guys to believe me like the stuff I’ve seen like bro y’all know this world it it’s it’s way different than what anybody thinks that it is or what anybody they can formulate what it is because you may have experiences and there might be cats listening that have had experiences I can’t see the chat so I don’t know what people are saying but there might be cats out there that have had experiences that they may not be able to articulate too well or that may be so wild that they can’t even there’s no words to articulate you feel me and there’s many people that are starting to have these types of things there’s no coincidence that bro the Matt there’s so much activity in the skies there’s so many eclipses and lunar eclipses and everything going on this is a power year bro 2018 if there’s a year not just on that we are feeling as individuals but as a collective consciousness there’s how starting to feel it the secret society we’re making massive moves in this year as well um there’s just a lot going on and there’s cats that you know that under – hear it see it feel it may not have an outlet to speak about it but bro you’re creating an outlet which is an amazing thing and then now we’re all able to kind of speak about these types of things because bro yeah some I was speaking to somebody who said that they they were having an experience or feel like they were speaking to some sort of an entity that they would consider or think that it was know maybe from Mars I’m not going to say that there is a sound out of their mind or that’s not true or anything like that why would I because who’s to say that they haven’t I oh that um I am under the impression that we don’t break we don’t breach this firmament I’m under that impression but I’m under the impression based upon my own experiences that we don’t travel out of this out of this hyman planet you don’t travel out we travel a different way and it’s a way that seems so strange them so many people because we’ve been taught for a couple hundred years a particular mindset but bro there’s different ways of travel and like we were talking on meditation and things like that when you travel and you’re going to a different place girl and there’s the reason why there’s something like song bulls and I mantras and things like that because in these monks grow when they’re playing the song bulls and there are tuning into a specific frequency there we go again talking about tuning into a frequency because you’ve got cat playing song bulls and then there’s a lot like the ringing in the ears manage it right right you’re hearing a frequency you’ve got a mass amount of people on and then everybody chanting the same type of a mantra and then going into the same meditative state aligning their consciousness onto the same frequency and then they all come out of it talking about being at the same place and interacting with each other at that place telepathically bro there’s more going on there’s more ways to connect than anything that we’re taught you understand there’s power there’s power in the frequencies there’s power in aligning your consciousness to those frequencies and people still don’t understand that interdimensional travel not outer dimensional because I can tell you right now yay because I can tell you right now things are not what they seem I don’t know about you but I don’t think the moon is out of the permanent firmament I think it’s right than what anybody thinks it is I don’t think the moon spin because if you take a look at the moon and I know that you looked at the moon when you were younger I’m going as a perfect sync with you’re perfect so I’m looking at less I’m looking like I’m outside right now and I’m looking at the moon right now mind you is daytime and I’m looking at the moon okay but anyway I’m looking at the moon right now and it’s a crescent moon right now but you better believe if it was full it would be the same chase man in the moon face that I looked at when I was a little kid that you looked at yeah it’s my thing you feel me now if it don’t spin then what’s the law of gravity that we’re taught because I know that we are well we didn’t see it but our parents and their parents saw on the television that medium that uh Neil Armstrong popped out of his Lander and I this is one step man and one giant leap for mankind and he’s hopping along I know has offended however um they said that he’s hopping along like that because of gravity but they say gravity is less there because the moon is smaller but I we know the law of gravity to be because of how fast that we’re spinning it’s keeping us down here that’s keeping us stuck to the ground because of the spin but yeah hey we can look at that moon and we know that that thing’s not spinning so where’s the law of gravity coming to play because I don’t think that I think that everything that we’re taught is different in and is full I’m talking about electro magnetics we know that that moon highly of mag mag magnetized we know that a when that’s a full moon there’s those tides come in the tides our arch of the moon we’re on a lunar calendar the gods that were being worshipped years and years and old world are because of the moon you know what I’m saying I’m moving it son they don’t get the Sabbath Sabbath you know like all these other things people don’t get it but I yeah I look at that thing man and I well then I think a these things that were being taught it’s not right man is not it’s not real and then we’re being told that there’s a that we shot a Tesla car out of the firmament it was just floating around the earth like come on man you know I and cats are eating this up yeah eat this up but then there’s cats who are who are literally on I’ll walk into this type of stuff and and just see that the false myth in it you know immediately but there’s reasons why though and it goes into what we were talking about the internet you know these mediums that we have they’re amazing things they’re phenomenal things they allow us to be able to connect with each other you’re effortlessly I’m not even using mental capacity to be able to see you on my medium you know I’m saying I’m not using telepathy to be able to see you um so technology is a wonderful thing but it’s also you know it’s also an evil thing as well especially where we’re going to and you know me talking about the moon in that Tesla car floating around the earth that that goes into what we’re talking about what’s the internet though as well you know bringing in worldwide adoption to automated cars that working off of you know I’m saying because you’ve got you’ve got people and I don’t know why are we allowed to drop names of like the owner of companies and stuff like that it should be okay yeah yeah so you got what you’ve got um Elon Musk creates you know owner of Tesla a lot of it’s an automated car you know that cars can be driven and ran off from AI technologies correct oh yeah okay um right now we can still drive them it was a pretty interesting you know we had to evacuate on and you may have to for the hurricane um a few months back nice a prompter came here for them but I would you remember what happened gasps you can or they get gas anywhere the traffic was insane so what did Tesla do or what is e 1 MUX 2 or the company Tesla remember what they did to the cars what’s up they are they allowed the cars to have like an extra amount of mileage really like it yeah like a couple hundred miles I believe that it was about extra mile it’s just a cut it’s all on software bro and the press of a button yeah you’ve got more electrical output coming you know they’ve got energy coming out of your car now we pressed the button like um so you’ve got the only reason why I was interested on that is because we’re talking about Elon Musk Elon Musk – na v SpaceX you know you own SpaceX shooting off by his rocket and the the car floating around the earth but I this all goes into bigger things bigger things that are happening now as we speak because what’s going on that home is best friends with who Peter til you feel me and are you familiar with Peter – yeah bro I mean you got to think of some of these minds letter coding and and creating things you’ve got Sofia now out here I working off the blockchain and the blockchain technology is what it’s a language in a code that literally I replicate human consciousness and now it’s evolved and it continues to evolve you fill me you had Facebook AI system and Google AI systems straight changing their language going into private chat and changing their whole language that’s undetectable by human being and then started trying to teach all the other a is how to do the thing you know yeah Cortana and and Alexa and theory and all of these started changing the algorithms and changing the language we saw the results of that just in the social media and you know when you’re typing like an eye and it changes them to like a question mark a this is because the whole firm words then was scrambled up bro makes it easier man I mean they had to shut down operation on some things people had to shut down their their AI of terroristic negotiations that just pay had an intelligence of its own you know I’m saying but now you’ve got a system a whole monetary system moving because of this paradigm shift you feel me we’re moving now into a new dimension we’re moving into a digital dimension and the digital dimension is literally being created as we speak all of the cryptocurrencies all you need to do is take a look at what the cryptocurrency represents what it represents in the physical you fill me we’re almost playing a real-life a real-life version of Dungeons & Dragons was going on as this right now everyone out you’re trying to collect as many coins as you can but what do those coins represent and they represent things that we do here in the physical that help assist the AI in the digital can you fill me and that’s going to continue to happen just as we are literally like a slave class now because you know when you’re born and you’re born with your social security number which is your federal tax ID number your strawman you know there’s and how they’re able to tax you and everything like that you know you’re you’re a slave so that the Federal Reserve you know it’s getting back a debt that can’t be paid back so with that being said the next transition where we’re transit transitioning to is being a slave but it’s safe to the AI that’s being created and that system is based upon micro transaction you feel me so eventually hear me honest because I’ve seen this in in envision you’ve got where we’re at right now is we’re starting to get adoption on cryptocurrency starting to um you know there’s a lot of debate going on and a lot of people talking about it crashing and going this and that they’ve got this is where it’s going 100% it doesn’t matter who says no it’s not gonna happen or I don’t understand it or this is that no it’s going to happen this is the same way as the greenback got killed got buried and then we switched over to the US dollar the Federal Reserve Note from privatized corporation and how did they do that they had to kill that that greenback dollar you know I’m saying and what happened a Great Depression happened and literally what those are and light things started changing all you need to do is talk to people of older generations who lived through it they’ll tell you overnight life’s change the world as we knew it changed overnight you feel me it wasn’t it wasn’t until implement that u.s. dollars and then it wasn’t until what 1933 or 1934 that we started actually using the US dollar in full circulation there’s no currency that has left lasted over 60 years with the exception of maybe one and the US dollar which they’re still which they’re driving down the crypto market is a vortex and it’s bringing in all of that crypto or all of that fiat currency as we transition into the digital it’s a it’s a crazy thing of what happens Oh somebody somebody’s asking over here in the comments they want to know if you believe that that’s done purposely by the government or there’s just something organically have them happening for the people 100 okay so it’s a paradigm shift of what’s happening because I it’s happening organically is that for the people it could be is it no it’s not not right now because they agreed and we’re the collective consciousness is that we can turn this into a very good thing we could turn this into a monetary system that literally this we’re doing the things that you do normally you’re going to get paid and I that’s like that’s a dope thing yeah for this for truth doing this podcast and being on a platform like this let’s just a zoom creates a zoom coin and I you know you’re holding boon zoom coin and just for your participation of broadcasting on zoom your is that kind of what the mining is like yes you’re allowing yourself to mine so you’re mining and what’s the mining for people don’t get it people don’t understand the crypto verse the mining is because of all of the transactions that are being done there’s a million and millions of transactions being done a day now that everything is going digital bro all that you need to know is a simple a few languages and all your money right now yeah exactly what happened they need to throw massive amounts of security protocols on these and how do they do that called a hatch and these AI is need to create and work on algorithms to create a hash a security protocol that when we are p2p or first in the first and sharing or you know I’m sending you money vice versa that’s not being sown in translation you know what I’m saying and it’s unregulated because we’re not going through a bank bro we’re going through ourselves you know they say they’re gonna let that happen they saw so I read the government has to get on top of it you know yeah and this is what they’re trying to do now so whoever asked that question um Leo what’s up Leo I so asking that question is an awesome question but what’s happening and as we speak right now there’s many hearings going on and this is all around the world governments are trying to figure out how to regulate this banks are trying to figure figure out how to regulate this I mean bank dude all you need to do is take a look a few months ago and watch JPMorgan Chase Bank talking all this trash on cryptocurrency and how it’s gonna crash and if anybody trying to pull out money for cryptocurrencies and this man they were on the news about all this stuff and what do you know the owner of Chase yeah he’s a mobile Corum coin it’s called quorum they’re making their own coin because what’s gonna happen is I there’s going to be a seamless transition of when they start implementing the new cards and on banks will start to doing your transfers on crypto and their own coin um they’re gonna do it all automatically on the back end people think they understand how money works and understand how the system works they don’t they don’t understand that if you go to the store and you buy something with your debit or credit card you swipe that card you pull your product you leave the store did that store get paid right now no it takes about four to five days for that store to get paid why because there has to be so much movement of money around and different people touching that money before I even get to the merchant you told me fuck yellow it’s all good though you swipe your card and that’s it that’s what you that’s what we know but we don’t know the movements on the back end and right now what the in the crypto verse the back end and what people are starting to learn we’re starting to see the development of the back end right now before the veil goes up yeah fill me that’s what these IPOs are initial coin offering what are they the Ponzi schemes they’re built there they’re a company telling you a big elaborate plan and it’s gonna happen okay don’t get it twisted and these plans that they’re talking about are insane if people would just wake up and open up their eyes and me what the richest people the richest individuals the smartest individuals the companies and corporations that run this world take a look at what they’re doing they are creating a new space a new digital spaces of dimension a new digital dimension that we are literally walking ourselves into into a slave class that yo you won’t be able to leave that one once you’re in it because when you leave it you’re checking yourself out from a lot of different things you feel me there’s coming allowance we’re allowing this to happen and that’s nothing and the reason why I was talking about the Tesla is because you think about this you get worldwide adoption Tesla Tesla Tesla this is about to be a household name household car back in the day before when we’re rollin off the petro dollar and you better believe Ford did everything possible to bury any type of invention bury any type of anything that would go to a better fuel economy car or something that’s going off energy that free energy they buried it same thing that’s going on with Tesla right now but what Tesla doing just was becoming going to become the household name because why there’s a freaking roaster circling the globe you know I’m saying so I you hear Tesla and they’re gonna drop a Tesla car that’s you know for the middle class maybe cost twenty seven thousand thirty thousand dollars so now saying the past few years everyone rolling with the Tesla you would think that they were rich but now you’re going to get tough a car that’s for them for the mainstream now you got a car that’s an automated car that runs off AI when they hit the switch so I you’ve got that so imagine you’re rolling it with the Tesla let’s just say this is just like I don’t know crypto crypto talk 101 I guess let’s just say you’re driving a Tesla car and you have Tesla coin let’s just say it like that you have Tesla coin that means that as you’re driving your car your Jenner you are helping mine um you know them saying it’s mine for Tesla coin and once the algorithm is false a block is created that’s the blockchain and everybody who assisted gets rewarded everyone gets micro you know you’re getting receive answer so cool it’s cool it’s a different monetary system yeah the wait though the reason why it gets are you kind of doing that now with your time in your company like the like as long as you’re there doing what they tell you to do they pay you coins and your that’s kind of add up it’s kind of the same thing as far as that goes correct but you don’t want to be there most people doing something you don’t want to be doing to be doing anything else now on this type of a system it works like that you can be doing whatever you want to do because all eventually all companies are going to develop for the blockchain technology it’s a technology it’s a different way of coding it is everything different and this is what’s running the world you know I’m saying money runs the world or any currency runs the world so we’re switching currency and we’re switching not only switching currency but we’re switching AI into a new dimension as well for example there’s a company called mark dot mark space and they’re we’re talking millions and millions and millions of dollars that these companies are generating often the initial point offering offerings within days to be able to continue to implement what they’re trying to implement so you’ve got it like Mark spaces of faith as I did it’s a virtual reality space that they’re literally all your major companies are already involved with them to put retail space commerce uh even residential within a virtual space imagine like Second Life but this is real life second life second life yet but this but this is real life yeah and this is I this is big business the same video then this is where everything is going you understand what I’m saying so right now you’re gonna take a look all of the utility companies and they’ve already started this is this is not new stuff yeah this is stuff that’s been years in the making why do you think we have smart meters on all the homes it’s all frames the frame where he’s done now they got it the coding is done now it’s actually taking it from the fourth dimension which is the thought and bringing it and then creating a new one is the digital them well is mimicking spirituality correct and here’s the thing bro mimicking spirituality or 100% correct because if you start taking a look at these companies the major one start taking a look at the companies and start taking a look at their symbol they’re all you know with some symbols they’re all using ancient words to you fill me it’s weird and they’re using words like spirit medium so you need something like Maxima like all of these everyday household names were these are the names of ancient gods or these you know they just look at the names of the Pokemon like yeah somebody was I had I had somebody tie it was a friend of mine and now we’re talking on this cord the other day and he was like you know when you get into the Illuminati like look man they use the symbol of the pyramid and and all of this stuff and all of these symbols is also you know magical symbols it’s like you know they’re in a secret society it’s like okay what okay what if that’s true they’re in a secret society and that gives them power just because they’re connected but what if they understand geometry and what symbols themselves give you power and they play off of the mind and they that day they become more appealing if you change your logo to this color that people will gravitate towards that what if they would if they just understand that the people who designs their logos and things okay that’s that’s feasible too right that’s what sacred geometry is all about that’s it and with sacred geometry you’re what are you doing I’m essentially what they give a great geometry it’s you’re conjuring you’re conjuring energy you saw me and when we even use the word conjure there might even be some cats that that follow you or anything Oh fucking spirits off everything I do is conjuring everything we talked about if we talk about what spirits are we talking about these microscopic organisms and things you can’t see and they’re everywhere and people they’re like oh you guys believe there’s a demon and everything yeah no you don’t I mean it’s light and dark to every exactly I mean you do I can go outside right now I can go ahead and draw a circle on the ground put a star in that thing stand right in the middle of it arm chant the mantra stuff generate some energy and I my intention is pure I’m doing only in that hey it’s for the light you know the thing it and all about how is that how is that bad um based upon a geometrical symbol the symbol that you probably have jewelry or tattoos of and everything like that but yet you’re gonna say no it’s either I’m a Christian or I’m this or I’m that and it’s bad but yet you’ve got these things that dude on you you’re singing them in the song you’re you’re holding them up people don’t like what the heck the hip-hop with me or them understand what we’re doing on the show is like letting people know cuz I’m still getting comments than people it’s so funny like there’s people watching and I’m your comment yeah I mean they tell you not to watch the comments cuz deviates from the conversation sometimes but there’s somebody and I’m going give a shout out uh Christy folks she blessed me with a donation here while ago that showed up thank you like that but she she was like I don’t know what this guy’s talking about I’m kind of iffy about some of it and then 30 minutes later 45 minutes later oh wow this is so deep this is right without and this is what I needed great conversation I love it I could take that like because there’s those trigger words he said conjuring I’m autistic I love you I’ll catch you next week you know no concert it works like that words that will sting people there’s things that you know that we’ve even talked about that cat or or you know whoa hashtag walk or whatever um there’s cats that will listen who understand some of this stuff but still will hear words like the old gang no but then there’s cats that go dang you know what I need to hear this yeah stuff that I’m experiencing these are some of the things that I see and I can’t speak to nobody about it and you know what we’re here for those people man and we’re also here for the people who don’t understand as well who um they just be here so they’re here so there is something yeah they’re that they’re not getting somewhere else there’s people good thing because you kind of like you’re kind of like a bridge you know it’s not about me anymore I represent something outside myself I understand that and you’re kind of like a bridge and there’s people who will come on and there’s people who arrive with you a certain amount of ways because they love the information but you bring up certain issues oh you just said that I that meet does this okay you’re a vegan right and then they’re gone for a certain amount of time yeah they might come back later you know what I’m saying but uh but that’s just how it is and you have to accept that that people are calm some people are gonna ride with you to the end now those those are my people like that got people who they’re gonna go down with this ship that’s just what it would wait and I’m a good I’m riding with them to it were together it’s not you know so there’s a lot of different people that come on for different reasons and you more destroy religion for them but you let them know it’s still okay to keep your faith or whatever but don’t have to do this I could still be a Christian and have a beer I can do that or whatever the case is man and you represent something much bigger to the people when your name is mentioned or all Dorian is doing this or he believes in that and those kind of things and but but all of it is welcomed and we have to be okay is there because there’s things that offend us when people I get those dirty messages I get message how you guys are demonic and you need to repent and ba-ba-ba-ba-ba like sometimes it still messes with me it still triggers right like like sometimes I want to go in on them with Scripture and just destroy them or whatever but I have to like yeah you know what I’m gonna be the bigger person all about bless you where you are when it’s time for you to come back like I said if I if I really embody that I don’t have anything to prove anymore in religion I did if I don’t have anything to prove then I shouldn’t have I shouldn’t be attached to that or want to but it’s still there and I’m able to catch it and a lot of us are and everybody knows what I’m talking about you want to lash out but when you catch yourself you’re like okay this is really working I’m the type of person and I hear exactly what you’re saying and I agree with everything that you’re saying and and I’m the type of person that I am NOT looking to offend nobody yeah all that I’m looking to do just like what your name is you’re the truth Sika we out here seeking the truth you know what I’m saying and if we might give some information or it might be downloaded some information and it may seem solid and it may seem deep but then you know what there might be somebody in the comments or that might throw something out that even goes deeper and I shows that what we had thought no it goes deeper and if it keeps on going deeper you better believe it I’m gonna keep on going there and that doesn’t mean that you know we’re demonic and this met it just means that there’s information out here that people hang on to so strongly and I get it um but your heck people are hanging on to some things that they don’t even know not an idea about you know those people that are have been hanging on in that I apologize if I do hang it thought offend anybody so there’s people that have been hanging on by the second coming up right and I say you wouldn’t even know if Craigslist standing right in front of you speaking Tina Falls I’m sure no that that dude I seen outside the road as far as I’m concerned that could that could have been him yeah and that that’s how we he says like it’s about the strangers like right like it’s about no visiting the homeless or the people who were needy like that is him like yeah I helped him I gave him all my money I gave him food you know what I’m saying like that’s how we’re supposed to be towards everybody or whatever the case where’s everybody yeah take this you got you got cats following the book now you know what I’m saying and yo don’t get me wrong I love I love the book it’s a it’s a necessary book and there’s a lot of stuff in there I think it’s written in parable and spoken and parable but I think that there’s a lot very important and profound things in there that a lot of people just don’t understand yeah however all right when it comes to saying you don’t know any but people are you know what I’m saying Jesus if he was walking around or Yahshua whatever you want to call him Yahshua Beit Yosef Jesus Christ and people don’t even really know even call my me yeah if he was walking around in living in our time yeah and speaking the way that he speaks do you think that he would be having a job do you think that he would be doing these type of things no you wouldn’t be living in this monetary type of a system which means he would probably be home and which means that you would probably be the one on the corner preaching the word just like he said to do go and preach the word so you’d probably be on the corner homeless preaching the word and all y’all would probably be walking past them making fun of them spitting out his face and not even listening to what he has to say you fill me according to the book I could be one of the remnant I bear the marker I hear the calling that that only a few can hear you know I’m saying I bear the mark I see thing heck I could be one of the remnant you don’t know bro that’s something like and I’m cool with not knowing I’m cool with the theories and some people cuz that’s like you can’t touch that and that’s something something that you know we can begin this kind of kind of start chipping away little things where people’s belief system to kind of let them let their guard down a little bit not to destroy what you believe but just so that you’ll be open to new ideas or ideas that are quite old that are art that you’re reading over that you have no that you’re even reading cuz you write because you can’t comprehend it cuz you’ve been told that it’s this and then when you read it you’re like wow they’re talking about spirits coming back and influencing us and interacting with them let’s let’s study more about that that’s in your body like you know I’m saying but when you I read over those scriptures for years but then it’s right more revelation each time when I better hold on let me let me do some research on this and see what the hell they’re talking about other wow this is right this is deep Jesus talking about this stuff you know yeah for real and I you know just the same way as cats that word I say hey you know we’re demonic this or that you know we’re speaking these evil things and it’s like some of those cats would be the same cats that I’d be talking about the Nephilim and they’ll be like yo what are you talking about if you like oh it’s in your book yeah like what the heck um we’re we’re confused out here you know what I’m saying and that’s why now there’s I on the other side of the token you got cattle are confused and you got cats but they’re trying to understand common with that’s what helped me with religion and getting over my religious paradigm as I’m dealing with people who have no idea anything about the Christian standpoint or the Bible but when I build with them I see myself in them the same experiences they don’t say they could be a Muslim they could be Hindu but I see that that true seeker within them that they’re seeking and not this that they’re seeking but they’re they’re tuned in yeah and the same things are happening with them exactly are happening with us and you feel me yeah just the same way if you can have a Muslim you grab a Hindu you got have whatever religion if they are all that helped me so much man yeah and the same way when you’re praying there’s things that happen when you pray why because you’re pushing intent on to something there’s something that happens when you’re doing that with multiple people just like in a word power second word 100% and in the word it says where two or more are gathered in the name you can move mountains and why can’t you you know I’m thinking of the universal law of mass then 100% and when people don’t understand you versal law all these esoteric books are great and written in parable but they’re all a spinoff of what is real and that is universal law and until you understand universal law you don’t really understand yourself just like Socrates said know thyself if you don’t know thyself and you don’t know universal law then what are you know what are you following if you can’t control your own mind who’s controlling your mind because all that I know is a lot of these religious institutions out here are not from where you think they’re from I mean you might know but most some of these cats out here don’t and we’re not out here to say hey you need to follow this you need it we’re not even saying that you need to follow anything you know that we’re talking about though is hey there’s things going on us as humanity are being led at different direct a very horrible direction and we haven’t even dope deep on that kind of stuff you have me on another time and I can do what we’ll have to do it again man we’re already over two hours this is a good one I mean I used to do all the episodes used to be two to three hours long but I’ve cut back but now do this been a great it’s been a great discussion Dorian go ahead and give your links out your information if people want to follow you as people I know they have questions and especially about CERN and stuff like that they want it they want to go in I’ll have you back on again but go ahead and share your Instagram links and how people can follow your work man sure sure so check it man that’s my first time on zoom so do I just died do I type it or do I just tell everybody just say it and I’ll put it in the description zone I appreciate that and I so yeah storing the mentions I’m not out here looking for any type of I’m not promoting anything I’m not saying I mean I’m just out here by continuing to dive deep and I’m looking to connect with others that are looking to dive deeper have ants or questions as well in regards to multitude of life spirituality consciousness CERN so teto all of that I did it I understand it I lived with like you know what I’m saying and with that being said my intentions are nothing but pure only for the light and literally I feel that it’s my calling and I’m sure you probably do as well just spread the word advances consciousness y’all don’t understand you know the technology viet we hold an iphone in our hand this is more powerful than the Apollo 11 and you better believe that this is the iPhone 8 this just came out a few months ago this phone was already created 10 years ago and if you don’t think that it was you understand how things are ran yeah and how things work but anyway yeah we’re in dimensions you can find me on instagram at realm renegade the r e alm r e and EGA de rome runagate um and then yeah i’m i’m gonna be probably making some youtube videos if anybody wants to reach out to me and know wants me that maybe talk about it subject or something like that do that you know i have to throw this out there man I think I have to throw this out there and I don’t mean it to be offensive hopefully you won’t take it yeah you kinda like awoke fouseytube bro you too baby dude if he could do it you could do it better man yeah man and and all that I’m looking to do real talk is I um I believe in like that the path of the light worker and everything like that and you know in raising the vibration because everything is as frequencies consciousness attaching the vibration and frequency and higher consciousness we as a species are literally walking around this planet like we’re two years old is with the mindset that we have we’re entertained by anything and we believe everything you fill me yeah all that we do is we sit in front of a medium and watch grown men throw a leather ball around us ow and then cats want to talk about they know stuff going on in this world you know I’m saying yeah like what none of that stuff and yet I still understand all that stuff I still know me play you know I’m saying I still know the Superbowl you know what I’m saying Patriots versus the Eagles which that was a whole Masonic a whole Masonic ritual in itself just having those two teams play and what those two teams represent you know what I’m saying you got the team that represents the corporate US and then you’ve got the team that represents the Phoenix Rising of course they allowed the Patriots that end the game at 33 there we go talking about the numerology and everything like that in the 33 with the rise of the new currency in 2018 on the cover of The Economist yo I can keep going yeah but anyway we’ll do it again soon man let’s do it soon brother for sure man I appreciate you having me on I love hekia brothers good building with you man let’s do it again right sure aye Salaam Salaam peace Shalom durian realm renegade ladies and gentlemen man I’m connected with some really cool people like it’s so funny like as my podcast grows and the channel grows a lot of new people you know come out the Woodworks and they say hey I got something to offer and I check him out and trust me out of all the requests that I get for people to come on the show I don’t let just anybody come on here I check him out make sure he’s handling his business make sure he’s he’s saying you know what I’m saying all of this stuff so I try to do a little bit of research on people some people reach out to me and they’re like totally over the top and they’re just kind of scary you know I try to stay away from a lot of those people so you guys should you know thank me there somebody’s guests that come well I think I found some really cool people man some of those guys I can’t I can’t let them slip through and I think for the most part I haven’t let anybody slip through who is making it up or or it’s dangerous or whatever the case is you know what I’m saying so I think I’ve done a pretty good job as far as that’s concerned a couple things I want to address here I think it was a little T okay yeah I think it was a little T asked in that in the chat about what are some Bible references on divining or divination that she can share with her husband so because he thinks all of that is evil I’ve been talking about that I’m working on a teaching or whatever I’m just getting all my notes together I’ll I’m not gonna go into a lot of detail on it but I’ll give you these scriptures because obviously we’re talking about religion most Christians will believe it if you can show it to them in the Bible like if you can show it to them that is there in the text they can read it for themselves and then that’s how they believe so I’ll give you a couple scriptures here that you can read for yourself and then share with him but some of the ones that I’ve wrote down here I’ll give them to you you can go back and write these down if you don’t have a paper and pen but a proverb 1633 talks about the lot is cast into the lap but it’s every decision is from the Lord the disciples practiced a form of divination called the casting of lots it was done in the Old Testament it’s like drawing straws and the rolling of the dice and it’s actually called Claro man see where they can roll these dice or throw bones you know there’s so many different forms of it and one form is tarot cards of using divination or what is called the casting of lots the disciples did it in Acts chapter 2 I believe it was I’m sorry Acts chapter 1 it says in the next scripture Acts 1:26 and they drew lots for them and they fell on Matthias and he was numbered with the eleven apostles so they had to get a new apostle and they didn’t know who to pick there was two guys they had they had to pick 12 they had to keep it at 12 there’s some there’s some interesting information about the government of 12 and how many people that you can pour into of only being twelve people and why Jesus taught shows asteroid theology part of the 12 signs of the zodiac 12 months of the year 12 tribes all of that stuff all coincides but acts 126 is it a New Testament reference there’s some other good ones Genesis chapter 30 verse 27 but Laban said unto him if I have found favor in your eyes please please stay I have learned by divination that the Lord has blessed me because of you he added name your wages and I will pay them so it says that he learned through practicing divination that the Lord Yahweh has blessed him because of him dealing with Jacob there Satta Genesis 30 27 also Genesis 44 and 15 Joseph said to them what is this that you have done don’t you know that a man like me can find things out by divination this is a Joseph which who was a follower of Yahweh someone who’s trained in all the ways of Israel and and Egypt as well and he uses divination to define things out and is these are different practices that can be done and the key to divination is intention as a man thinketh in his heart so shall it be it is evil in your eyes if it’s it’s it’s evil only in your eyes like people people demonize what they don’t understand and so us here in the West we demonize the term divination so I’ve got a bunch of more notes here but I want to share this maybe in a particular video or podcast episode or whatever that is you just dedicate it to getting that out and I’m trying to see what’s the best medium for that to work so I will say that I do have something to promote I have a new album coming out the pre-orders are available now so people who want to support the work and support my music you can go and purchase the pre-order every copy will be autographed on theirs also if you do a pre-order you’ll be entered into a contest to receive big wall tapestry with the album promo art on it looks really cool you can see all that on the website too so the new album is entitled seer there is a new video that just dropped yesterday to promote the song alpha and so we shot the video and I edited and did all the work myself that’s available make sure you go watch that I think it’s pretty cool and then like I said as well the album is to be released on April the 20th 4:20 we’ll be doing an album release party here in Mobile Alabama if you guys want to check out hotels or something like that and come come hang out with us since and celebrate the release of this album we’re gonna be doing a I’m gonna be doing a concert for that so that the concert is free check it out true seeker com all the information is there again thank you to everybody who’s supporting my work on patreon patreon is 100% the best way to promote my work to promote the podcast my music and essentially my family to help me to continue doing what I’m doing I mentioned at the beginning of the show I’m in a weird in-between place right now to see if this is gonna work out to be able to do it full-time trying to get my bills as low as I can and try to make money off of my music and and different way to do graphic art and things like that so to see if it’s gonna pan out so and I think it is ma’am I think it is there is that fear and there’s that doubt that likes to kick in but every time I just continue my faith and trusting in God and what he’s doing in my life miracles come out out the woodwork you know what I’m saying I get I get blessings from people who who are donating with money or sending me work to build a website or whatever the case is you know what I’m saying so just I’m excited about the future and everything everything that’s happening with this podcast reaching so many new people who are listening there’s so many people who I’ve tried to reach out to bigger names to get on the show and I’ve heard no response and this has been months now their publicist are reaching out to me wanting them to come on the show and want me to share their links on my website and things like that for for new albums and big name artists and stuff so we’re in talks with some bigger names to come on the show and I’m excited we’re pushing close to episode number 100 which would be really cool to have one of those bigger names as the hundredth episode I wanted to be somebody somebody big I just interviewed Kerry Cassidy last week I’m probably gonna make that live maybe tomorrow but I’m gonna get that edited and posted up on interview – Kerry Cassidy she LA it’s crazy hurt her fam fan base is all kind of gravitated towards what I’m doing and sent me all kind of loving messages and they was able to see her in another light because like if you listen to a lot of the Project Camelot stuff which is which I’ve been into at the beginning of my awakening and stuff and so it was just an honor to have her on my show and then like a week before I was on her show so it was an honor to do that but there’s always there’s usually tension there when you have an agenda or you have a belief system and I used to have that tension like I said when I was dealing with religion and you had to believe that this is how everything works I have friends who are still there they have to be right about everything and the Bible says can two walk together unless they agree agree so that so to them that me if you disagree with on anything then you guys can’t build together or be friends and it gets really weird and sectarian and I’m right you’re wrong type deal so it was beautiful to get those comments of people just enjoying to see Kerry Cassidy laughs to see her smile and be excited to do an interview versus like having your guard up so it was really fun and I’ll say this if you’ve watched those interviews go back and watch the interview of me on her show and then come back and watch the interview of her on my show and look at the countenance so I got and I say that I totally noticed it but I’m getting a lot of messages from her fan base thanking me for validating her work and just her just seeing her have fun and smile and things like that so all the new listeners men who were listening now because of you know the work that we’re doing it being consistent welcome aboard man thank you guys for for hanging out with me and if you’re listening this long we’re 2 hours and 22 minutes into this podcast if you’re sticking around for this long there’s something that resonates with you man if you guys find this show valuable if you’re able to I would ask you to please 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displaced obviously a lot of people listen to this come out of religion or they’re in a church and they’ve had experiences or encounters that they’ve been told to demonize but just deep down within them they feel like it’s not bad and that could be something as little as having a beer right like somebody who enjoys drinking a beer at a party or listening to a different type of music I don’t care what it is so much weird stuff that goes on in churches and stuff and you feel like an outcast and you and you can’t talk about this stuff this is what this podcast is doing and it’s awesome to hear your stories I get emails daily I try to respond to each and every one so if you guys want to reach out feel free feel free to do that but I get the messages man and I see the fruit in the work that that’s being done so thank you guys for supporting my work backslash true seeker you can support that way also I’m getting a lot of comments and messages people asking me about the books that I’m into they want to know books that have blessed me books that I recommend or whatever and so there’s a couple different ways that I can share some of these books with you if you go to true seeker com you can buy physical copies there I have a link to a page that I’m affiliated with it I get a kickback from every book that’s purchased there but there’s probably eight or nine books there that um really have helped me out on my journey and you can get those links there also through audible if you go to by paulo coelho changed my life i’m doing what i’m doing today because of that book another one is the final quest by Rick Joyner those books are available via the audible trial as well you can download those books there those books changed my life man I definitely recommend them and it’s funny too because as I’m recommending them to different friends who are on their spiritual journey I’m getting to see what it’s doing to them it’s awesome to like share the alchemist with somebody and then see what it does to them or share the book by rick joyner about my friend chris bars he’s just got done reading that whole series and his life’s turn turned upside down now i’ve synchronicities and spirituality and going to these deeper levels of understanding how God works to us and speaks to us and through us and things like that it’s beautiful to see that stuff so make sure you check that stuff out it supports my work date we get a good kick back on audible so audible trial comback slash true seeker and sign up there and that’s pretty much it man there’s all kind of man I got you know I got CDs and t-shirts and all that stuff I get a kickback on all that so any that those are ways that you can support where you get stuff back versus just uh sending me money or something like that so any and if you have no money you can’t give just simply just simply share that the interviews share the music and stuff all of that helps out go check out that new video and leave me a comment send me a email I love you guys with that almost say peace and Shalom oh I’ll be back tonight to with another interview I was kind of under the weather yesterday and I was supposed to be a guest on a podcast and I wasn’t able to do it and then so and I had another show that I’m supposed to do with Joshua flume in but we’re gonna do that tonight so I think it’s 7 p.m. central tonight we’ll be back I love you guys peace and Shalom [Music] well that does it for this episode folks to hear more episodes of the truth seeker podcast head over to truth seeker com and if you wanted to support the show and get rewards go to our patreon page at forward slash truth seeker [Music]

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