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In this episode TruthSeekah speak with Dorian Realm Renegade about exploring dimensions through the dream state and astral travel. There are realms that can be explored through many different means of spiritual practices and disciplines including meditation, holotropic breathing and mystical prayer. I do not believe that any one person holds the keys to what exactly is experienced in these states because everyone experiences something a little different from the next but yet altogether familiar. We can explore many of the holy books such as the Bible or Bagadavigita and see the importance of spiritual practice that leads to transcendental enlightenment through these means. One can receive visions and have prophetic encounters in these states as well as meet with ascended teachers and saints. Many people speak about having visitations with Jesus in the trance state and that does not sound too far removed from the biblical accounts because as Jesus went away to pray he was visited by angels and those who have gone on before him such as Moses and Elijah. This is also spoke about in the book of Hebrews regarding the great cloud of witnesses. Many church leaders and apostles even today have stories of their elders in the faith coming back to visit them through visions, dreams and even open encounters. TruthSeekah and Dorian Realm Renegade speak about meeting figures on their path who have played a similar role in appearing at just the right time and then leaving as the wind. Although this subject receives much scrutiny from the fundamental christian traditionalist I do believe that experience is key. We cannot be afraid the engage the realms unseen with open arms but at the same time us caution with everything we encounter in these realms. SOme people speak about encountering their own inner demons and this can be very traumatic if one is not use to encountering spirits from beyond the veil. Although we do encounter them unknowingly even as to entertain angels unawares but dark encounters from lower level entities have lead many down the path of fear and want nothing to do with anything outside of their respected beliefs.



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