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In this episode of The TruthSeekah Podcast TruthSeekah is joined by Ferman Jackson as they discuss Navigating Through Gospel Rap and Ministry In Mobile Al.
Ferman was there when I first started doing Christian Rap back in 2004, we became really good friends and started doing ministry together. Ferman would help book concerts and preach the gospel during the events. A few years in I got into the Hebrew Israelites movement and started teaching what I was learning to the other brothers in our community. Ferman followed suit, yet he has always been given over to the study of Gods word his studies began to go deeper. We soon hit the streets every Saturday night during the downtown club scene in Mobile Al, and took what we were learning to the streets. We would get out there around 9pm and stay until 3-4 am. We saw some amazing things on thee streets of Mobile preaching hope unto those seeking for answers. Although I no longer follow the strenuous teachings of the Hebrew Israelites I continue to hold on to the good that I learned from those brothers.

Here are a few pictures from our Hebrew Israelite days.