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Sacred Geometry is said to be the language of the universe and the flower of life is one of the oldest symbols that was used by ancient mystics. Its earliest finding was in The Temple of Osiris in Abydos, Egypt and was also found in many homes of the early churches and synagogues in the Galilee and in Mesada. The “Flower of Life” contains the patterns of creation as they emerged from the “Great Void”. Everything is made from the Creator’s thought. Its symmetry is that of many circles all within a larger circle with each line touching the lines next to them. This is a symbol of unity and connectedness as one body yet many members all working together as something beautiful and unto perfection. In this interview David Hopkins speaks with TruthSeekah about his near death experience as a child and being able to access higher states of consciousness by gazing into the Flower of Life Symbol. David mentions that as he gazes into the symbol the flower of life seemed to “come alive” and become 3D leaping off of the surface that it was drawn on. There is a process of hypnosis by simply learning to draw the sacred geometric symbol similar to that of drawing Metatrons Cube. Another thing that is touched on in this episode is the aspect of spiritual awakening and how one must move past a state of psychosis when they first are aware of energies and messages from the aether realms. This is very important and and also a huge reason why The TruthSeekah Podcast is pivotal right now for people undergoing a spiritual awakening. This podcast if nothing else simply lets people know that one they are not alone and two, they are not crazy. It helps so much to simply hear those words and hear other people vocalize the experiences you’ve been feeling inside as well.

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truth-seeker and/or its affiliates are not responsible for any strange phenomena that may occur during or after listening to this podcast which may include the following heightened senses of awareness psychic abilities UFO sightings alien contact time loss out-of-body experiences ringing in the ears ESP lucid dreaming increasing chronicity astral projection telepathy stronger intuition levitation miraculous healings and or remote viewing please be advised to asymmetry indecision [Music] what you [Music] Oh don’t you come you are now locked into the to think about gaming live a juicy become your portal to the paranormal esoteric and all things spiritual what’s up ladies and gentlemen I’m your host true seeker we’re back with another exciting episode of the true seeker podcast gonna get into some more conscious conversation we’re gonna be talking about awakening we’re gonna talk about the spirit round we’re gonna be talking about how to move in that realm and things that are working for us and things that we can do to get results to maintain our spiritual walk spiritual progress and I always love to have different people on here who have interesting lives and have something of value to bring to the table so today’s show is gonna be exactly that I thank you everybody who’s joining us in the chatroom right now over there on YouTube in a special thank you to everyone as well supporting on patreon people supporting the podcast my music and everything that I bring it to the table if you want to do that you can head on over to patreon comm backslash truth seeker there you can sign up for any level of giving per month and you get access to unreleased music extra podcast and my entire discography which is like over there as well different tiers of membership and there’s a Facebook group that you become a member of and and exclusive March deals stuff like that we try to make it interesting for everything to bring to the table for everybody supporting and again from the bottom of my heart thank you guys the podcast is free to consume it’s free for you to listen to but it’s not free to produce so it means the world thank you guys so much for your giving in your efforts and stuff like that so with that out of the way today’s guest is David Hopkins what’s going on my brother hey good morning yeah the infamous David Hopkins ah yes man I’ve interviewed the shaman prophet on here sweet so we’re kind of running in the same circles and stuff like that and it can’t count can’t really see his name without seeing yours and Israel Kelly and some of these people who were in this little squad that you guys having and so I was like you know what I’ve been watching you your live streams for a while and it’s like you know what let me reach out to you see about coming on here to kind of talk about your story your awakening and what you bring it to the table man so welcome to the show all right thank you man first and foremost and like literally the most important epic beard dude yeah hold on hold on one second I’m trying to I’m trying to get some folks in here is it is it the same link yeah it’s not the link what the link that I sent you the first link that’s just just for you two or whoever’s going to join the chat okay they can join the chat that way but as far as the other the youtube link that’s where they can watch it live so the second link that I sent you okay hold on one second let me look real quick here and they’re saying they’re saying in the chat is and great beard yeah so I’ll see I’ll send you the link one more time yeah make sure you do it one more time yeah and they can they can watch live and they can call in as well if they want to so that’s that link there so been bringing a lot table and we have it’s so funny like how people are like interwoven and oh yeah some people over here in this group some people in that group but all have the same message of awakening and sharing their stories of consciousness and kind of what they’re bringing to the table man so talk a little bit about you go to them your awakening where you started from and where you came from just like the beginning stages I will well you know I I started this life off I guess you could say is David just David Hoff and then I died five times when I was a child the fifth time I died I was gone for a while but the moment at the moment I passed the moment this was done I became everything everything everyone every place every time every reality every everything my energy took on the form of its container and therefore there was no container but then you know I was gone forever but also just a moment and next thing I know I got a needle in my chest I had died from asthma I got a needle in my chest and I’m like what the I mean I woke up and I was I was back I was back but instantly I knew something was wrong because I remembered and and I remembered why it was wrong and I remembered why I remembered and I remembered everything we have these doors in in our minds we have these safeguards put in place because we already have all this knowledge that I’m about to you know that I’m about to talk briefly about and we have safeguards because the human brain really can’t handle that kind of stuff not all of it and the moment I woke up in my eyes and seeing a needle in my chest I realized something something went terribly wrong because the doors were still open and my mom was crying over me but she’d been dead for like twenty years she’d been dead for five years she’d been dead for I mean you know I don’t even remember her because I was too young like all these memories were coming into my head and I just saw everything really really weird not not like the matrix with the little with the little binary code slowdown and all that kind of stuff but in waves I saw everything in waves syn waves and and I saw this frequency and I saw this everything and and I well I kind of went completely nuts and nobody understood so of course they thought that something happened to me when I woke up because apparently I’ve been gone for I don’t know about 30 39 minutes or something like that and they died mean they were trying to resuscitate me trying to resuscitate me for a while and yeah the last memory I had before that happened was you know suffocating to death in the back of my mom’s car rushing me to the hospital so then you know a couple of years of that of just like telling everybody oh my gosh you don’t even understand you don’t even know you don’t know and at seven years old man seven years old seven years old I was I was 40 I was 50 I was 15 I was I was every N and I was a whole bunch of other David’s there’s there’s so many David’s man in different realities and this David did this this David did that we got I wasn’t even David I was Bob or something like that you know I was like let me ask this let me ask you though have you seen have you seen the movie the butterfly effect vaguely remember that watch it again because like everything you’re talking about was kind of showing like the parallel realities and one thing that we can do differently would shift into a whole nother realm of meeting your wife or having your kids or whatever it’s just one little detail that changes and stuff and it was a movie that I’ve seen and I know a lot of people who watch it and will have panic attacks because it makes Sam in your life but exact like everything you’re talking about sounds exactly like almost saying the whole plot of that movie but you know him I’ll look at it again anyway so at 9 years old I couldn’t handle it anymore so I started doing drugs I grabbed I I found anything and everything that would change the chemical makeup of my brain because I knew why it was doing it to I knew the doors didn’t close and you know when people have a near-death experience what do they call them an NDE so you know let’s give him a cool name ya know I was like dead I was like gone for a while and you know just recently after all these meditations I realized that was actually the end of me but something happened and I came back with something on purpose so nine years old doing all these drugs until August 1st oh yeah I started you know I started with paint alcohol anything that would fit with Jack my brain up and then by 11 by 11 it was meth acid and when I was on acid that’s the only real time I really felt normal really yeah I mean like I came I came to a point something came in yeah yeah and and my brain could handle it finally so I did oh man I did huh that’s it by the way everyone I’m not condoning drugs and so then years and years would go by and by the way I barely have any memories of those years between the age of 9 and 25 I bet I mean I I have little tiny bits and pieces and and I’m still trying to get those back I’m still trying to access that doorway however I was told in a meditation don’t even sweat that shit because the now is the now yeah and I was like oh ok anyway so so then I woke up August 1st 1996 completely clean and and I I need to I need to stress I was literally the poster child for please don’t do drugs I was it was bad it was really really bad but August 1st 1996 I woke up that morning and I just went holy crap I number one I didn’t remember hardly anything and number two I was completely clean like I’d never done him before oh yeah just out of just just after a dream no it wasn’t a dream I just woke up that it was it was after a binge okay I’d been up for a while and I went to I went to sleep you know I guess that night or whatever and I woke up woke up that morning and I just went all right let’s get the day going and like I’d never done it before and and didn’t miss it didn’t remember what the feeling was like on it or anything it’s just until recently that I started remembering you know oh my god I’d get drugs you know so so anyway about seven years after that memories started coming back of energy slowly though it was like around 2003 you know the wakening you know the reawakening for me I guess you would call it and I looked around I’m like wait a minute something’s wrong with this picture and I’m like wait wait a minute what about why is this doing this and why is this doing this and why is why is this money going here and why is why are there chemtrails and why are that you know I did that I relocate ireia waken so I started asking questions everywhere and I started following things following the money following this connecting the dots I was connecting the dots without even knowing that was my mission convicting connected us so then you know things happen things happen I got together with my now wife which by the way when I was 14 years old I met her in school and I told her oh by the way we’re gonna be married and I’ll been to take care of you and the kids okay kid and and here’s that here’s words of wisdom to every fourteen-year-old out there that is remembering everything don’t tell a fourteen-year-old girl that you’re gonna be married to her when you only met her a couple of weeks ago because then you become a creepy stalker which I became because she’s like no no we can be friends I’m like no you don’t understand we’re gonna be married we are married and I’m taking care of you over the key you and the kids and she’s like okay gotta go now thanks though it’s been real 23 years later I found her again and for i-told-you-so yeah anyway so I met remit her we when we came together something happened and and it’s like her her her energy and my energy clicked something else open and and you know then I started getting into crystals I started getting into all of it then I found the flower of life found the flower of life that by the way if everybody goes if everybody keeps taking a step forward step forward it’s gonna bring them to the flower of life I understand why now though but it brought me to the flower of life so I drew it you know I bought that book I bought the book drew in Bologna oh he’s a dick the ancient secret of the Flower of Life I I never really read anything because I I tend to want to interpret my own meditations yeah so all I did was I ran it up until I learned how to draw the flower of life so then I started drawing it I closed the book started drawn the Flower of Life hundreds and hundreds of flowers of life later screwed up flowers of life because I just could not draw a freaking circle for the life of it yeah and I can’t use I can’t use some stupid little compasses that everybody’s like well just get a compass yeah I finally did it with like a freaking ruler with holes in it and I drew it and I put it up on the wall and I drew it big and I put it up on the wall and I said okay flower you want to tell me something what do you want to tell me so I started meditating on it and my I mean I was meditating a lot and if you really really just sit there and look at the flower of life the five rode flower of life it moves it moves it shifts there’s all kinds of shapes in it then my eyes got tired and because I was standing there I wasn’t sitting meditating I was standing there meditating and I don’t know for how long my eyes got tired and they crossed a little bit two of the dots in the center of the circles came together the moment two of those spheres connected to the dots connected it literally jumped off the wall it became a four dimensional object and anybody can do it anybody can do it you want to melchester that talk about that at all or is this something I don’t love see that’s the problem and inaudibly I don’t know I just because I don’t want anybody to yeah what is it my children there you go influence I don’t want influence from from outside sources I need my information to be pure yeah so so it jumped off man and I went what the hell just happened and I’m looking through this thing and they are no longer circles they’re spheres they are perfect spheres of energy they are this they’re that they are moving they are spinning they are shifting they’re doing everything and a frequency came to me and I interpreted that frequency as evolve the flower told me evolve and dude for like a couple of months I’m going in there and of course I’m seeing all the cool shapes and the and the portals and the black holes and the stars and the dis and then that but it just kept saying evolve so finally one day I counted the circles I counted the spheres and I’m like wait a minute that something feels wrong about that it just doesn’t add up and I was like oh I wonder what would happen if I added a sixth row so I did and it became the six six six it became the six times six times six equals to 16 which is the hidden name of God it became the 6 plus technically 108 which is half of 216 which is half of 432 which is this which is that and and I went in again and I went oh my god okay the numbers add up so I went in again and I did the same thing connected the dots and it jumped out and what jumped out was four dimensional five Road Flower of Life in other words by making it six rows it becomes what everybody’s seen drawn all over the world and it just hit me right at that moment whatever left it drew it as they see it and I went oh my god dude so anyway so I jump back in and the first thing that came to me was connect the dots and I went oh hey connect the dots yeah that’s what I’ve been doing and in in the flower and again it’s not like a voice or anything like that it’s just a frequency that my brain interpreted yeah and it said connect the dots so I was like okay I will I will do this flower like freaking weirdo anyway so I did and I I assumed it meant find the commonalities between everything that exists so I did I looked into angels demons aliens planets stars you know cosmic strings meditation telepathy yeah I I looked at literally everything and I did connect them I can make you angry by a frequency that did I emit I can put you you can go into a meditation by a frequency you can do this by the stars are just nothing but energy everything is energy vibration and frequency which of course brought me to Nikola Tesla and and I went oh wait a minute didn’t I hear a quote somewhere a long time ago you know so then I looked it looked up Nikola Tesla you know the the key to the note to truly understand the magnificence of the universe one must think of energy vibration of frequency yes and I went oh my god he knew he knew also he got the same information and then he and then I saw that other quote you know if you understand the magnificence of the 369 you’ll have a key to the universe so of course I’m like what’s the 369 do it and I started meditating on it started meditating on it and and it inside of the flower and it came to me so I was putting every energy vibration of frequency energy by you know everything’s commonality your commonality with me sacred geometry the unlimited potential of the human mind zero-point field dark energy quantum physics you name it it’s all energy vibration of frequency so I’m like baby I did it and she’s like well write it out so I did and I have a note on Facebook that literally lists out the commonalities between all things then I went back in I said I did it flower I did what you needed and it goes connect the dots I’m like and I’m like inside connect the dots like come on bro come at me bro so I was like baby I don’t know what to do and she goes like this she’s like I mean I’m deep into meditation I mean this is the funniest moment of my life I’m deep into meditation and I’m like what do you mean what do you mean like that and she goes um you know David that kind of looks like a dot to dot and I was like oh son of a bitch I said are you kidding me so I grabbed a ruler and I literally connected the dots with a line and it became something new lines are masculine spheres and circles are feminine so what I did was I added the masculine to the feminine and and it became something totally different what does that symbol look like oh shoot I have it I I can’t actually send it to you but I it’s it what it is it’s a six rode flower of life and all it is is all of the dots in the center are connected together by lines it’s it’s it’s kind of like a Metatron’s cube on crack okay and Ryan Aguilar is like drawing them left and right he goes he goes way beyond but there’s a reason for that anyway so mine is just simply this dot is connected to this one and every single and all it looks like what it looks like is a bunch of little triangles inside of spheres that’s all looks like it’s just and then I went into it and the Downloads began I mean I whoa the Downloads began everything I understand Twin Flames I understand this I understand telepathy understand I all of this information is just flooding into my head and for a while there and anybody anybody who’s listening that’s going to draw this for a while there I went completely nuts because I opened a door but I didn’t prep myself to open the door and I didn’t close it closing it meaning even when I came out I was still downloading this is the Akashic records it’s looking for people to walk into the door so it can download its information into their brains you have got to prep yourself and you’ve got to close the door yeah prep yourself chakras and chakras this is important yeah that’s kind of why I keep saying that you got to prep yourself you’ve got to get your your mind and in a long long time before that my mind is fine I’ve cleared it of all that all the social crap that everybody goes through I cleared it of the abuse I suffered I cleared it of this I cleared it of that I accepted things and and it’s so funny because a lot of be enlightened and a lot of you awaken they’re like oh well you you don’t you need to you need to go ahead and heal yourself I’m like you know I’m good bro yeah I’m good I mean it’s all good so then I started downloading things and then one day in 2012 the arc came this I I was inside of it and I saw this crystalline structure and it was a circle it was a sphere and by the way that’s really important it keeps telling me to look through it remember to look through it I know I’m human but I got to keep looking through it because we tend to want to see 2d with an illusion of 3d it was telling me no no man this is so this is not a D this is just through it and so I was like okay I remember so then I started downloading these blueprints I mean like literally schematics of something and I’m like baby I don’t know what the hell I’m downloading this is the freaking weirdest thing I’ve ever felt and she’s like you know what go with it maybe it’s maybe it’s something new and I’m like yeah but there can’t be anything new because it’s the Akashic records you know I’m like I know what the Akashic records are blah blah blah and she’s like maybe it’s something new and it’s so I’m downloading it downloading downloading it I used to call it the apparatus because I didn’t know you know it’s this it’s this thing and machine just felt so wrong and I didn’t know why so I downloaded these schematics and then as I’m downloading these schematics it’s it’s teaching me sound light chakra energy the the pineal gland it’s teaching me about frequency and and it showed me the three six nine three balance body mind and spirit energy vibration and frequency they are all the same thing six combined sick you do music right yeah okay combined six notes into one and it becomes a whole note that’s that that’s the music theorem what they call a whole note is is six six sounds right six frequencies combined into one that’s the six harmony harmony is the six and it’s the six chakras it’s the lower three plus three it’s it’s that simple it’s as simple as three six nine the nine that one that one took me a while I was in a meditation and I’m like dude y9y nine and I always say do it even if it’s chick I don’t think I don’t think source is a masculine but anyway and I’m like why 9 and it said listen for the answer and I came out I’m like duh I’m such a dork it’s a frickin frequency man so then I started looking at everything I I started adding up 9 I started doing this with 9 and oh my gosh it turns out you know take take nine numbers put them together they equal 9 take take this number minus the the opposite lower number it equals not everything equals 9 you equal 9 I equal 9 every one of you equal many way um so then I figured out it’s a frequency and so 9 the 9 and the 3 6 9 is simply telling you the digital base root of 9 frequency everything in nature the mother earth as well as everything in the universe is 9 it resonates at a base because the the earth resonates at a 7 point 8 3 normally but take seven point eight 3 and add it together and eat equals 18 which equals 9 Pythagorean math so I figured it out so now when I figured it out I just started downloading more and now I’m creating I’m literally creating a geodesic crystalline spheres structure with copper and quartz crystal because I understand how everything works and it what it is going to do ultimately is it is going to help those within unlock the unlimited potential of the human mind and bring it into this 3-dimensional reality and what that means is and the entire mission of this is with a thought we are going to remove the uh natural frequency blockage that has been put in place and allow Humanity to evolve naturally once again the act of reawakening consciousness and I literally just came up with that yesterday because of a friend of mine he was like he was like Ark you know act of random kindness and I’m like no it doesn’t have a K bro P I’m like it’s a C and by the way it’s called Ark just because a circle is 660 degree arcs it’s simple as that arc arc angels rockin an arc of the Covenant the nose arc this arc everythings arc and by the way we looked up just a couple days ago my wife she’s like what other arcs were out there and she looks up the Ark of the Covenant and the similarities are absolutely mind-boggling and I don’t you know I don’t read all that stuff you know like baby don’t look at the Bible she’s like no but if you look there’s there’s clues and you know David created the Ark of the Covenant or walked the Ark of the Covenant the Ark of the Covenant was used it walked around Jericho seven times right which is seven chakras and then seven horns sounded which is seven chakras and then with a shout frequency the walls fell I’m like oh my god it was a freaking it was it emitted frequency yeah Thor’s hammer at all ancient technology of the gods if you look at it it’s all an energy light or sound apparatus yes I mean and I don’t even read this stuff I don’t even look this stuff up I just know yeah you just know so there you go and that’s where we are right now I am building and thanks to a couple of wonderful people who found me they are literally giving me all a crystal necessary they own a crystal quartz mine up in Northern California they’re giving me all the crystal necessary to build this thing and it’s a lot of crystal it’s gonna be 36 feet in circumference and I need 720 12 inch triangles wow that’s a lot of crystal I I mean I’m serious about this it’s literally going to be built and through frequency through meditation through hypno hypnotherapy through through diet you know you’ve got to get your body as close to the natural line as possible yeah and you know everybody’s like well didn’t go vegan bro and I’m like you know what I’m not even getting in all that okay not even Kennedy and and but it to get as close to the natural nine of our planet as possible and you’ve got to clear all your brain out of this bullshit that you went through in your life and you have got to learn how to connect to your energy my mind and my energy dialed body apparently it knows it’s time because it’s losing weight on its own I’ve lost 47 pounds I am eating a little different you know just less but that’s it I’ve lost 47 pounds since May so it’s like my body’s like okay time to get there time to get there cuz it’s close yeah I’m like holy crap bro so and and now and now out of nowhere these this funding is showing up so that we can buy a property in Shasta I met I met my brother Eddie Eddie Hensley and he’s building a property in Hawaii and I was talking to him and he’s and I was telling him about the ark he’s like you know what that is right and I’m like what he’s like it’s to be placed in the center of the cities of light and I’m like I get it no I get it right now I get it because it’s not just it’s not just a DNA awakening chamber or whatever you want to call it it’s also a battery you know it’s something that will it can generate energy because of the crystal and the copper and the water that’s going to be in it and stuff like that so it’s it’s it can do all kinds of things my mission on this planet after going after figuring it out right being told the Flower of Life was a transmission put here it’s a message put here like breadcrumbs they’re bread crumbs just in case we got a little bit lost it’s the way home and you know I mean come on you you gotta be deaf dumb or blind or all three to not see the chemtrails you’d have to be deaf dumb and blind not to know that they’re putting crap in your food yeah that’s just common sense and it’s all over the place and they’ve even admitted it yeah we’re gonna add this stuff to your water you know you got to be deaf dumb and blind not to understand that everything really is happening right now and this is the really real world and and more and more people are waking up to it and more and more people are understanding the energy vibration of frequency now a lot of people are confused they keep thinking about their belief systems and because of that it’s causing cognitive dissonance yeah you know and but that’s okay that’s alright it’s all good part of the lesson it’s part of the lesson I mean everybody you should accept their you need to accept everybody where they are right now but what’s going to happen is this arc is going to be activated and those within are going to fix the frequency it’s not gonna wake everybody up everybody’s just gonna go like this huh do we really need McDonald’s because they’re gonna understand something’s wrong with this picture now because the frequency that is being emitted saturated projected throughout our planet that is purposefully keeping everybody asleep won’t be there anymore yeah and they will connect to the frequency of the planet and they will connect to the frequency of the universe and they’ll begin to wake up it’s simple as that now it’s happening right now I mean I’m not saying the arc is the end-all be-all but it’s what I’m being given yeah and and because I’m very serious about shit that I do I don’t just go hey man I think I’m gonna build something and then not do it yeah I’m building it yeah and and it it literally combines everything that we know into one apparatus right sound love energy ancient technology fruit future technology quantum physics quantum mechanics right sound light sound and mechanical engineering I mean everything that we know is all combined in one thing in this art so all right there’s my story bro and I’m sticking to it let me ask you this man how important is it for someone to find their twin flame or find their other half right because for me I found out at a young age as well I was 14 when I found my other half and we’ve been together since I’m 33 years old and when we met she allowed me to be myself there was a confidence that I could be me and at the time it was in a negative light but now it that I’m still there where I’m accepted by her and she completes me and helps me and it’s okay to bring out some of the things that may seem a little deeper a little crazy at times writing this information you’re talking about that you’re receiving how important is it to like have that person who’s a who’s like the other half and like helping you stay ground it if you get too far out there they’re able to kind of bring you back to humanity and kind of be that you know that that anchor as well I’m a little bit different than most people in in that because of what I’m downloading I there’s a phrase that he it gives me one life so many different directions all coming back to the one okay what that means is we all started as one as one frequency and then we branched out like a tree actually like a circle but we all come back to the one what that means is we’re all uh uh twin flame you’re my twin flame I’m my twin flame the the guy that just jumped in his car right there is my twin flame my wife is my twin flame that person over there is my twin flame but it’s all about frequency its frequency i resonate at the same frequency as this person as this person as this person the two yet one I mean it’s c22 think that there’s only one for you doesn’t it means that you don’t understand the one the full oneness of one because it’s kind of like Karma oh well that’s your karma coming back from a past life but wait a minute what’s past what’s the past what’s the future yeah you know what do you mean what do you mean my past life and do you believe in that we’re all one yep I sure do well then that means I’m you that means I’m every descendant that you’ll ever have that means I’m every ancestor that you’ve ever had how can you put that karma on me you know and and uh oh my god I’m freaking diggin on all of your stuff dude by the way by the way hold on right at your elbow right at your elbow you know you see those reuleaux triangles the truck the triple triangle yeah that reuleaux triangle is the is the chime that I’m creating it is a flower of life shine out of copper the sound that is going to come out of that will activate you Wow I I got yeah I want to check that out no it’s no all of these things and and it’s just it you know it became it was overwhelming for a little bit and then the flower said you know you can close the door for a while I’m like really here like and I’m like okay close you know close that door for a minute and and yeah it works but the whole twin flame thing we are all one soul all of us we’re all one soul now granted of course we split off we split off in our consciousnesses and all that kind of stuff so yes yes there is one out there for you but it’s in multiple stages so there’s one out there for you here there is one out there’s one out there for you now there’s out there for you back then there’s one out there for you in the future masculine and feminine energy it’s masculine and feminine energy on the two yeah yeah and it has nothing to do with the man and a woman I need everybody to understand masculine has dick to do with man okay pun intended I know masculine is masculine energy feminine is feminine energy I know many men that are feminine energy I know many women that are masculine energy has nothing to do with the guy or a girl it has to do with the energy itself now there are some of us that are combination of both I’m a I’m a masculine feminine and I’m a feminine masculine it’s you know it’s just what I am and and your other your other you’ll notice that they have those two they’re feminine masculine masculine family and and there’s a lot of them out there but again you’re gonna find somebody you know everybody everybody’s gonna go oh my god I totally resonate with this person you know they know what I’m thinking they know what I’m doing in all this kind of stuff because then you have you have these twin flame couples that after years of being together they break up does that mean they weren’t Twin Flames no that doesn’t mean they weren’t twin flame everybody’s like all other well they’re obviously not Twin Flames because they’d be together forever no they won’t no they won’t because we are also human folks yeah no we’re also human yeah you can mess around go outside the the marriage bed go outside the relationship and you might have just distinguished any flame yeah dude it could be something totally different to that it can be it could literally be bit your frequency changed or my frequency changed and we just go well I kind of don’t really resonate anymore you know I mean I don’t I’m not really feeling the same way I did before but all while there yes you were there man for like ten years for like four years or something like that I was there I was that was my twin but then frequencies went hurt just a little and then I’m off frequency you’re off frequency I don’t resonate with this person anymore has nothing to do with the fact that guess what you really were Twin Flames it’s fine because again if you break everything down in this entire universe it’s only about energy vibration and frequency so that means that means angels are angels because of frequency demons are demons because of frequency gods are gods because of frequency you are you because of frequency that wall over there is that wall because of frequency has nothing to do with oh yeah you know I’m I’m a one soul is split into two and all this stuff because well I mean kind of you do I mean we’re all one that’s split into different consciousnesses so alright sorry for rambling man I can’t even help it nice cool bro just to let everybody know if anybody has any questions for David or if you want to say hello or you want to bring something to the conversation the phone lines are open and scrolling across the top of the video and it’s in all the descriptions as well so you’re able to call in we got a few more minutes left I wanted to ask you man as we were talking about movies man my mind just kind of works in a certain way of the movies and with the ancient texts and stuff like that which I’ve studied and you’ll be kind of explaining scenario and then my mind will go here have you ever seen the movie the last Mimzy the one with the animal yeah okay I have seen that I don’t really remember I remember it open it up yeah yeah okay okay yeah the tree and stuff like that yeah yeah yeah there’s a lot of it’s it’s weird man because like Hollywood knows a lot of this stuff that we’re talking about somebody whether it’s Akashic records that’s sending it and they don’t know the power of it if that if it’s happening that way or if these people are studied occultist and they’re trying to release the information I still don’t know which is let me tell you something how do you think they kept us asleep for so damn long folks we’re just catching up to the information that they’ve passed down for hundreds of thousands of years they come on they know how could they possibly know to saturate to saturate the planet with unnatural frequency how could they possibly know to shave the crystal oscillator that is in your phone right now to an unnatural frequency it’s not of the nine I guarantee if you popped your computer open pulled out the crystal oscillator and yes everyone who’s listening there is a crystal in your phone and that’s right anyway that’s the only way you’re able to yeah that’s the only way you’re able to hear me right now is because of crystals if you pull it out and you gauge it to the last decimal point of that frequency it is not of the nine but there are people because my throat chakra resonates at a nine and I know how to transform energy that’s why people go wow man I can totally hear your truth man I can totally hear your truth because because that little crystal oscillator oscillator doesn’t do shit to those of us who who understand it because it’s kind of like what you eat like I was in a conversation with somebody about this whole eating thing you know what you should should you eat and I’m like you don’t understand because that is just rude because they do understand at their point but it doesn’t matter what you eat as long as you understand the frequency you you understand that with your thoughts we are human beings we have the Sun Candidate uncanny ability of transforming energy with our thoughts so they know they know they’ve known since Egypt they’ve known since way before Egypt they’ve known and they kept the the knowledge to themselves it’s just the mother earth because we’re getting closer to the solar logos the the universal star I would never call it a Sun again because they’re because they’re telling you to call it a Sun so that it’ll become masculine energy yeah they need it to all stay masculine and who are they it reads like well who are they they’re us folks they’re the human they’re the human consciousness they it doesn’t matter they’re the Bilderberg Group they’re the freakin Rothschilds of the freaky JPMorgan who cares all they all I know is they understand the frequency how do you think they’ve kept everybody asleep for so long we’re literally just catching up to that knowledge it’s crazy they’re using all the ancient technology they’re using the music they’re using the the visual they’re using the colors to sell you things they’re the ones who were I mean date this is what they study Freud they study the mind they yeah yeah they know they could show you a symbol and have the background this color and it’s gonna it’s gonna it’s good it’s actually gonna make you feel a certain type of way just by having the colors around you yeah in this shapes and science and symbols huge huge corporations look at all the sacred geometry in everything they do man they know all of this stuff and by the way because I had I had one person one time that was argue with me well you can’t you can’t do this with frequency I can literally do anything with frequency I could make you think that blue was green with frequency I could literally make you think that you’re a dog with frequency I mean we’re doing it exactly they’re doing I mean they mean there’s some some power with the I guess even on a small minut level people who are who have the power of suggestion and their hypnotist and they’re doing Hollywood and like Vegas shows getting people to like you said think that they’re a dog or people and they’re and and there’s been some some crazy instances where people will you know there’s it’s kind of vulgar but they you know they a person go in their pants like yeah I think that they were having sex under hypnotherapy in front of a large crowd of people and that person reached a climax but nobody touching them and this them talking them through it and there’s some crazy self it’s the power of suggestion and people are in this hypnotic trance and don’t even know it yeah see the the the reason for like the reason for because I’ve been I literally I have had so many factions of people against what I’m doing it’s a little crazy there I mean I’ve been I’ve been what is it called related to something that oh well you just want to hypnotize people and blah blah blah the reason for the hypno hypnotic meditative state is when you and I are when when you’re a pioneer gland is resonating at the literal exact frequency is my pineal gland what do you think happens we connect telepathy complete and utter telepathy so but if I if if you and I sat down and we were guided into meditation and they’re like you’re on a beach you know you’re you’re seeing a beach guess what your beach is gonna be different than mine that can’t happen that can’t happen we have to have the same meditative state I have to see the same exact beach you’re seeing for us to resonate together you’re you’re looking at a forest well my forest is different than your forest that can’t happen either because there can be no random thoughts when you’re when you’re trying to remove the frequency because think about this unlock the unlimited potential of the human mind that’s kind of big I mean that’s kind of huge we’re talking telekinesis to the point where I could change this lighter into a flower because this is just energy and people have done that they have they lift megalithic alchemy this they lift megalithic blocks with their minds with sound with I mean this there’s so much research that has been done proving every single thing that we’re just learning now that the ancients knew well guess what they knew too and they just didn’t forget but here’s the kicker the closer we get to that universal I’ll say it son because our galaxy is moving our solar system is moving the closer we get to that universal solar logos the more memory we remember that’s why all these all these movie stars are waking up Jim Carrey you know Leonardo DiCaprio all these people are waking up and that’s why all of these folks around the planet are waking up and that’s why those that are trying to keep everybody asleep I don’t care who they are I don’t care if they’re reptilians I don’t care if there are ancient aliens I don’t care if they’re this I don’t care if they’re this dude over there I don’t care I don’t care if the earth is flat I don’t care if it’s holographic I don’t care if it’s freaking round yeah it’s just unnecessary didn’t change anything yeah it’s a necessary distraction it’s it’s to keep everybody against each other you know I don’t care if you’re vegan I don’t care if you eat me it’s just a distraction to keep everybody from becoming a unity they understand this so they are the ones that are pumping all of this freakin negative freeform or unnatural frequency into us off of the nine so they know this and because they know this you know but more people are waking up more people are waking up it’s because of our proximity to the solar logos and if you’ll notice a lot of more bad shit that has ever happened is happening all over the planet because they have got to redouble their efforts to keep everybody asleep they already know and by the way we’ve been here done this many times it’s not like we’re it’s not like we’ve only gotten to the frickin solar logos once now we’ve been in this orbit for a long time a long-ass time and every single time we get to this point of the solar logos something happens and we what they what do they call it fall from grace and forget the knowledge yeah well we’re not supposed to we’re actually supposed to stay there it’s just a sin way I mean it’s all fucking it’s all frickin a sin way let me let me ask this man for we move too much further cuz I’m always interested in people’s experiences and and and actually dealing with those realms have you encountered any beings in those realms or have actually moved through the veil to come into this reality whether it’s UFO starships that are trying to commute communicate with you or beings that show up in the state of imitation definitely there’s some stuff that goes on but anything that’s ever like crossed over as well into this reality dimension I have I have experienced white energy entities and dark energy entities I have experienced them and I have experienced spirits I have experienced you know they’re kind of aliens and I mean you know when I was a kid I saw UFOs all the time yeah like I lived in Germany and there were UFOs everywhere and here like even living in Woodland California I experienced UFOs and yeah I mean I’ve seen it been there done that and in the first times that I experienced dark energy entities oh man of course I freaked out because dark was evil to me you know but think about this for think about this for a minute we transform energy with our thoughts yeah we transform energy with our thoughts so if you see an energy being trying to communicate with you your thoughts are gonna transform that energy being into whatever you think so if your talk that dark means evil and a dark energy entity being is trying to communicate with you you’re gonna think oh my god demon and it’s gonna go okay yeah I you want you want a demon no I’ll give you a mother freaking Gaiman yeah and then it’s another study and having more encounters then you’re able to look back on the old and counts like well that was yes the messenger that was going through and I it wasn’t trying to kill me it was just something that was there because of the energy I was emitting and whatever frequency you’re radiating at and you cross over into those realms or you deal with the other side that’s what you’re gonna see and then they’ll take upon the image and the likeness of whatever you can handle exactly the and while I’m in the flower I’ve experienced all of it while I’m in the flower I’ve experienced all of it I was just talking about like when I’m not in the flower yeah when I’m in the flower in the message in the transmission I experience everything the the key to going into it is not having any expectations exactly because if you go in there if you go in there and go I just want you to validate that angels are good or that angels are actually bad then the flower is gonna go you’re absolutely right yeah because your reality creates your reality so if you believe that the earth is flat yes yeah yeah there’s a there’s a scripture man that we just been repeating a lot lately and it says that the promises of God are yes in amen and so essentially the way the universe works is whatever you omit it says yes and amen there’s no true yeah so that’s what you have to learn how to project your own energy your desires the things that you want to create and not be on this autopilot mode and just be pushed around by everybody else’s energy and what they’re creating and be envious or just be a victim you have to actually create something and put something out and you’ll find out that the universe and the energy is resonating sending it back to you if it’s prosperity if it’s love if it’s kindness it’s ready to send it back to you relationships friendships all of that stuff yes well infants and see that’s that they with the ultimate the ultimate goal is to get to the nine which will bring you to the six which will bring you to the three what that means is get to the nine frequency which by the way is this universe which will bring you to the six which and and I say a word it’s called love and everybody goes on love no I mean love as in a frequency which is a six 528 Hertz is the frequency of the heart chakra it get to the nine it’ll bring it to the love which will then bring you to the three which will then bring you to the whole it like it’s nine six three zero or zero three six nine I mean it’s kinda it’s kind of where we came from and where we’re going back to you as above so below I mean and and so that’s that’s all it really is and and just stop with all of the freaking separation and if there’s one message that I want I would love to give everybody is stop the separation stop the confusion you know I mean who cares about the freaking reptiles man everybody’s like oh man Jay Z’s a reptilian I don’t even care if he’s a rep kill you know he is one he is one with everything we are a lien what are you yeah yeah we’re all intrigued by that way Who am I what’s the power yeah that out that I possess or the power that you possess his reptilian fire okay that’s him he knows he was what are you you don’t even you and that’s why we’re here that’s why we’re we’re all trying to project our limitations on everything else instead of figuring out our unlimited potential yeah figure out your own unlimited potential because when you do when you find that you’re going to understand we are all one now again of course I understand we’re humans so we have individual consciousnesses that’s fine but when it comes to the energy energy cannot be created nor destroyed energy can be transformed by by vibration and frequency and energy is all connected that means past present future doesn’t really exist it’s just us thinking that it does and you are no different than I you’re a sin wave I’m a sin way boom I mean there you go that that’s just it and once we remember that which will take a little while I mean it’s not like it’s not like when I activate the arc we’re all gonna frickin ascend I love that word I love that word oh we’re gonna ascend we’re gonna we’re gonna shed as always yeah it leaves us market up we’re do you leave something that doesn’t exist how do you leave that you leave something that’s not really here it’s just our our consciousness that believes it’s here you know yeah well David brother I appreciate you coming all hanging out with me man go ahead and plug your links so people can check out your work and uh yeah you got a lot that you offer and you go live a lot on on Facebook and do different things I’m hoping I go live a lot because for the past two days I haven’t been able to go live said it said you can’t go live and and I didn’t get a message as to why not so we’ll see I know I’m like freaking out over that but it’s hope of all calm h ope bol ve calm if you click on the about hope link you’re gonna see a link that says our mission it explains all of this and see that the thing about me is I don’t care who has the information I need it to be out there so I’ve literally even my meditations our videos that are on my website under the arc I have a page called the arc it’s the – arc /v – arc and it tells you how I’m gonna build it I mean and and it even has videos on there of me going into the Flower of Life and downloading the information which I do live on Facebook yeah so I mean it’s it’s all there I got a free chakra course which of course I’m really behind in approving people and I keep saying that well you know I’m working on some stuff I’ve got video channels on there that teach you about the Akashic records the chakras I have I have most of the frequencies that I’ve recorded myself through audacity you know that program called audacity tur I I created from 126 Hertz all the way up five octaves all of the frequencies myself in sin wave throws yeah you could do that with this Oh Graham yeah exactly so I I have those up there I have meditations up there I mean look everything’s free up there awesome make sure guys go support his work and what what he’s doing and he’s building a community and essentially sits a lot of people The Flower of Life we’re all connected and so there’s there’s a power and a presence behind it when you can actually do that work and connect people and bring people together and that’s what he’s doing and so even much yeah I believe in what you do speak so much louder than what you say hey that’s all that matters man I don’t I don’t I learned that a long time ago it doesn’t matter people coming up to me with a Bible and saying that they’re followers of Christ but yet they’re evil wicked and deceptive people you know but they they come off as an angel of light like the Bible says but they’re inwardly the ravenous wolves and you got to watch out so it’s all about the fruit and what will bring it to the table and producing and raising up people under us and stuff like that so kudos to you man and what you’re doing keep it up brother and we’ll connect y’all here soon but I appreciate it man thank you thank you I appreciate it I brother you have a good wife alarm Salaam peace peace all right peace out all right yeah we’re not done yet we’re not done final thoughts Trucy awesome show David Hopkins man he he’s connected with a lot of people when he goes live on Facebook people listen there’s a lot of people in his community and who are being fed through the knowledge and information that he’s putting out him and his wife they’re just powerful people man being used and there’s a lot of other people it’s real Kelly Rory the shaman prophet you know about shaman poet I had him on with me as well great interviews and such and such so it’s really cool the community that people are building and they allow me in the community and they you know they share my work and my podcasts and stuff like that so definitely got to spread the love and and connect with one another he talked about going to that place of like that near-death experience and seeing the energies man and I’ve been I’ve been to that that place as well crossing over and opening up the door said I didn’t have no idea what I was doing and it was it was a demonic realm that I was in just because I had no control over it and I was a very negative person at that time in my life and stealing and robbing and cheating and and just was a negative person and I crossed over into those realms and I bit off more than I can chew but but I do remember seeing the energies and the shapes and the colors and these entities trying to communicate with me but they wasn’t speaking English I had no idea what they what they were saying man and they were trying to communicate with me speaking foreign languages and it put me in a place that I couldn’t shut that door right and I was a teenager when it happened so very similar to what he’s talking about but then now as I’ve progressed in my spiritual journey I’ve become more love and my acceptances is opened up a lot and that was a long time ago but to where I am now and then going on psilocybin mushroom encounters so being in that place that he’s talking about the place that you go when you die that’s the information that came through of where we were at when we took this strong dose of psilocybin mushrooms magic mushrooms went to I went to the place that they told me this is where you go when you die and it was a place of energy it was love it was beauty and it wasn’t a scary place it was it was something familiar like he talked about when he had his near-death experience very similar to the place that we went through on psilocybin mushrooms on ona really strong dose and it was beings there and there was love there there was communication there by these higher and intelligent beings which we can call angels enough of coin the phrase the golden teachers and that’s that was the the strain of psilocybin that I took to kind of cross over to that realm and then the information that they taught me and the things that they shared with me I embody it through my music and put it in the song the golden teachers and try to transmute just a little bit of that in there so everybody has a piece of the puzzle and you can see like you just start connecting dots like he’s talking about he talks about a near-death experience which is very similar to my mushroom encounter I’m connecting dots they told me this is where you go when you die David died we seen the same thing we come back with love we come there in there is that weird place when you come back off of a strong psilocybin encounter or acid trip whatever you do there’s some adjustment that has to be done you touched eternity you crossed over to the other side now you’re back you got to go back to your job your boss boss is breathing down your neck you got bills to pay your bills are still coming to your mailbox and you’ve touched deterent eternity and now you got to come back to this life so it’s hard you have to learn how to do it and and whether we’re talking about psilocybin mushrooms or just really deep meditative experiences that you understand that we are all one there were all expressions of consciousness I believe that there could be of some depression that comes after having a strong encounter like that that you are back on your job and your boss is breathing down your neck and you’re gonna be here the rest of your life and if you let that stuff sink in it could become overwhelming and you get depressed cos like man yesterday I was coming kidding with angels yesterday I touched eternity I caught a glimpse of the other side and so now I’m back making seven dollars an hour eight dollars an hour what do I do that’s where I was and I went it started to make me depressed but it lit a fire within me because I knew the universal laws I knew that the life that I wanted to build for myself is possible so to get the lessons that the other side is teaching there’s lessons and it’s always about the now moment it’s always about focused on the now everybody at Carr Thole a millionaire from teaching you how to be aware of the now moment when we go through the psilocybin journeys it’s always teaching you to be present don’t go on autopilot don’t turn the switch to default be present about everything don’t just live life understand that this universe this life it has it’s essentially a game and the game has rules and there’s ways to play it and most of us are on default we’re playing a game that we’ve never been told the rules on how to play it and we just want to figure it out as we go that’s why I believe that podcasts like these are so important I believe that sharing our experience is you and I’m telling you guys man listen cuz I think I think a lot of you guys can relate to this but when I started sharing this information in my music and on podcast and on interviews and talking about it openly all my friends freaked out they thought I was crazy not to have those encounters because they had them too but they thought I was crazy because socially what people would say or if your boss finds out about this that you’re promoting drug use if your boss people that you work with find out that you’re talking about that you communicate with angels and and ETS and fairies and stuff like that like it would ruin you and people you have to make that choice if you’re going to talk about it and I had to because when I was going through that stuff and having these Awakening encounters I had nobody to talk to I had to go to podcast I had to try to call in radio shows and talk to people who were being vocal about it so I have to pay it forward and now your people essentially thought I was crazy that especially the church people you guys know that’s where I came from the church realm they thought I was crazy and probably most of them still do but that and then the friends thinking I’m crazy because they’re too afraid to speak about it maybe there’s some wisdom there maybe they’re using wisdom they want to keep their job they want to be accepted at family functions and gatherings right and want to be the weirdo the guy who talks to aliens right and so there’s a there’s a and I talked I talked about it to like people over big radio shows Christian radio shows have contacted me thanking me for covering these topics for talking about this stuff from a Christian perspective like I still relate with the person of Jesus like I’m a I’m a devotee of Jesus I follow his teachings they’re part of me I encountered God through the person of Jesus Christ so I still relate to that and they get mad when I say that like a lot of church people they don’t want me speak in the name of Jesus a lot of New Agers even on that end they don’t want me speak in the name of Jesus because they feel it’s a religion of condemnation of rules and regulations and do’s and don’ts and and and rule and authority which it’s not and so we’re in this weird place I say we because I get your messages every day many people are resonating with the messages that that I’m sharing of just being open and that’s the key to just be open about the journey the fears the doubts to work the worries and what’s working ok this isn’t working let me share my experiences with you that didn’t work that ended me up in a world of hell and many people that I know they ended up in a very bad place but going this road but this is what helped me transcend that this is what’s working I’m seeing results when I do this and that’s all I’m doing guys I take no credit for it for any of it that’s all that I’m doing is just sharing what worked for me and just trying to be an ear as well because I’m telling you man I’ve called those numbers those interviews callin james gilliland hey I’m seeing UFOs what do I do are you seeing them yeah I’m seeing them too brother like people actually having this conversation with me so like I’m thankful for that so I would be I would be a curse not to I I don’t I don’t know what you’re talking about cuz it part of me wanted to do that that’s there’s a test as a level you have to do that and I’ve and I have been back and forth years ago I have tried to go back to the churches and try to act like none of this happened and I don’t like this stuff and I don’t believe this stuff right and I hey I’m I don’t believe that no more guys and they would try to accept me back into their circles but I couldn’t be myself you have to wear a mask which is a hypocrite that’s what that’s where that term comes from someone who wears masks someone who plays many characters in a play and has many masks they have these masks that they sit turn sideways what faces all over him and so when it’s time to play another character they turned the mask and they walk through another door and they come in as a different character and so that’s what these systems and structures require of you you can’t be yourself but authenticity is priceless for people to accept you for who you are the good the bad the ugly this is me I’m showing up and I’m present and Who I am and you have to know who you are because if you don’t know who you are you will allow them to tell you who you are and that’s with so many people there and there’s so much depression double minded double mindedness the scriptures say that a double minded man is unstable in all of his ways but to be single minded it’s the symbol of the I to be single-minded Christ said of your eye you’re single your body shall be full of light to know you’re calling to know your purpose and why you’re here and be confident in that know the power that you possess to move in the realms unseen to be able to cross over and bring the things that you’ve seen in your dreams that you want to to bring to the table to do that and be confident and find out that what it’s working the kingdom of heaven is within and we’re expressions of that it talks about Christ in us is the hope of glory and Christ manifested out of us is the manifestation of that glory in that love and to understand that Christ when we talk about Jesus when we talk about Christ simply put who to me who Jesus is his love manifested in the form of a person the highest expression of universal love manifested in a person that love put on flesh and came down here and dwelt among men to show us the way the way is love over Dogma over belief over reasoning but just to walk in love man and I’m telling you love forgives a multitude of sins perfect love casts out all fear so to be embodied and empowered with love from on high it’s a universal brotherhood man and I’m telling you money can’t can’t buy it and so I just I’m just here to encourage people that the life that they want to build for themselves to do that your encounters your pursuit continue to do it and if you need permission you’re looking for permission do it build it if you build it they will come and with it and so that’s the power of the mind and the power of renewing your mind because whatever you build the mind is strong man is powerful we have to be careful the things that we entertain we got to be careful with the things that we speak out because we’re creating these things and we can we can find ourselves creating a whole lot of worry fear and doubt and unbelief and that’s the opposite of faith that’s the opposite of faith so with that being said man I’m gonna say god bless all of you guys in peace and Shalom unto you thank you for for watching this episode there are listening there’s a bunch more a bunch more that I have to roll out and in edit and get ready for you guys and it’s just been this awesome journey which is exploding and I’m thankful for all the support that I get through patreon and if you want to support my work in my efforts at any level of giving even if it’s a dollar a month man it is much appreciated but you get rewards for supporting I do get access to everything that I have as far as my music my podcast the Facebook groups and all kind of cool stuff that we’re making and there’s some dope music that’s coming on the way I’ve been working hard on this stuff so with that I must say god bless you guys man Travis everybody in the chatroom Travis Jared Leo what’s up my brother there’s my brother Leo haven’t seen him in a while April good friend mutual friend without with David definitely monk Kim Miller Billy Jin’s I guess I thought you say your name but yeah thanks everybody who’s hanging out and I’ve got this new feature where you can actually see the chat on the YouTube screen and it’s scrolling down the side to scream so trying to step it up in technology so if you want to support it head on over to patreon comback slash truth seeker I’m gonna keep going regardless but uh thank you guys for supporting because there’s so many people coming out of the woodwork because you guys know I’m doing this full-time now I don’t have an income that that’s guaranteed I I’m not working a full-time job anymore I get to create I get to do what I was put here to do and it’s thanks to you guys so again from the bottom of my heart thank you guys and God bless [Music] that does it for this episode folks to hear more episodes of the truth seeker podcast head over to truth seeker calm and if you wanted to support the show and get rewards go to our patreon page at forward slash truth seeker [Music]

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