Sacred Geometry is said to be the language of the universe and the flower of life is one of the oldest symbols that was used by ancient mystics. Its earliest finding was in The Temple of Osiris in Abydos, Egypt and was also found in many homes of the early churches and synagogues in theĀ Galilee and in Mesada. The “Flower of Life” contains the patterns of creation as they emerged from the “Great Void”.

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Everything is made from the Creator’s thought. Its symmetry is that of many circles all within a larger circle with each line touching the lines next to them. This is a symbol of unity and connectedness as one body yet many members all working together as something beautiful and unto perfection. In this interview David Hopkins speaks with TruthSeekah about his near death experience as a child and being able to access higher states of consciousness by gazing into the Flower of Life Symbol. David mentions that as he gazes into the symbol the flower of life seemed to “come alive” and become 3D leaping off of the surface that it was drawn on. There is a process of hypnosis by simply learning to draw the sacred geometric symbol similar to that of drawing Metatrons Cube. Another thing that is touched on in this episode is the aspect of spiritual awakening and how one must move past a state of psychosis when they first are aware of energies and messages from the aether realms. This is very important and and also a huge reason why The TruthSeekah Podcast is pivotal right now for people undergoing a spiritual awakening. This podcast if nothing else simply lets people know that one they are not alone and two, they are not crazy. It helps so much to simply hear those words and hear other people vocalize the experiences you’ve been feeling inside as well.



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