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In this interview Garrett Russell of Silent Planet talks with TruthSeekah about Philosophy, Psychedelics, Intimacy With Jesus and a whole lot more. This was a great conversation and we connected on so many levels. Silent Planet are a Los Angeles-based metalcore band whose music embraces dynamics swinging from quiet, atmospheric contemplation to a full-on sonic assault, and whose lyrics offer a thoughtful view of the challenges of life in a destructive, chaotic world. Taking their name from a novel by C.S. Lewis, Silent Planet was formed in 2009 by Garrett Russell, who says he was inspired to use music to express his spiritual ideals while volunteering at a Haitian orphanage as part of a Christian youth mission. Lead vocalist Russell teamed up with Thomas Freckleton on guitar, keyboards, and vocals, guitarist Spencer Keene, bassist Igor Efimov, and drummer Alex Camarena, and Silent Planet began playing West Coast venues. (Keene does not always tour with the group; guitarist Mitchell Stark takes his place on the road.) In 2012, Silent Planet released their debut EP, Come Wind, Come Weather, which was produced by Matt Goldman. In 2014, the band released a second EP, Lastsleep (1944-1946), which earned rave reviews and attracted the attention of respected metal/punk label Solid State Records; they promptly signed the band, and Silent Planet’s first full-length album, The Night God Slept, was released in November 2014. Two years and many performances later, the band issued their much anticipated sophomore studio long-player Everything Was Sound.

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Pretty Much Full-time Touring And Vans Work Towards Interesting Because You’re Touring With Like A Thousand Other People So That’s Kind Of Unique Also Man I Know They Do On Christian Correct Obvious I Am Yes Sir Okay How’s The Vibe There Is There A Lot Of Other Christians There Is It A Different You Know No There Is You Yeah I Would Say There’s Very Few People Who Show Much Of An Interest In Spirituality In General I Have Met Some Folks Who Are Into Meditation Which Is Awesome I’ve Met Excuse I’ve Actually Just Today Was Approached By A Crew Member Of A Band Islamic Christian I Heard You Are And You Wanted To Talk About That Which Is Cool And Yeah I Think I Think We’re The Only Band On This Tour The Christian Association I Know The Guys With The Band Called Wage War Are There Christians But I Don’t Think That That’s Something That May Be Quite Is Now Yeah Yeah Now Do You Share Your Faith From The Stage At All What Did You Yeah I Do I Do I’m Both I Say Somewhat Integrated I Don’t I Don’t Really Preach Sermons And Stuff But I Definitely Talk About Talks About What I Believe In The Reason I’m Still Alive Which All Points Back Jesus But Uh You Know I I Guess I’m Someone Who You Know Kind Of In The Middle I I’ve Been Turned Off By A Lot Of Christians Who You Know Preached For Long Periods Of Time And Try To Sort Of Uh You Know Give Given Narrative To A Bunch Of People That They Don’t Want To Hear And I Also Though Don’t Have An Interest In Like Being Afraid Of Saying Something Because It’s Like Not Cool So I’m Kind Of I Don’t Know I Don’t Know If You Know To Mean I Just Said You Know I Don’t I’m Not Trying To I’m Not Trying To Please Anyone I Guess What I’m Jazz I’m Not Trying To Like Be What I Think A Lot Of Christians Expect Me To Be And I’m Also Not Interested In Being Like What Of What Some People Would Also Want Me To Be Which Is I Come To You Like Never Talks About What Do You Think Mm-hmm Yeah Definitely Abs Across In Your Music Man Very Very Poetic Thank You And Um Yeah I’m Catching I’m Catching Like A Lot Of The Metaphors And Stuff Too I Actually Put A Lot Of That In My Music Instead Of Just Coming Out Say Yeah It Is Kind Of Using Like The Artistic Expression To Like Paint This Beautiful Picture Of Your Face Man I’m Definitely Picking That Up In Your Music Yeah Hey Thank You Man What’s Your Band What Do You Yeah I’m A Spiritual Esoteric Hip-hop Artist I Have To Send You Some Stuff Man I’d Love To Hear That Yeah Thoughtfully Yeah I’m A Christian And Uh Kind Of Turned Me On Dude Listening To Some Of You Interviews And In You Know Becoming A Fan Probably Probably Within The Last Couple Weeks Actually Listening To Your Stuff And I First Heard You Guys On The Bad Christian Podcast They Played Uh Full Of One Of Your Songs And I Heard It There And I Was Like Oh My God Man And Like I Came Home Got On Social Media Sent It Out To All My Friends Like You Guys Got To Check These Dudes Out Man And Everybody Was Blown Away It’s Like Man Like A Like A Breath Of Fresh Air To The Music Scene Man Something A Little Bit Different Yet Reminiscent Of Some Stuff From The Past As Well Man Which Is Like Like I Said A Breath Of Fresh Air It’s Beautiful Stuff Wow I Really Appreciate That It’s Also Need You Hip-hop I Thought I Was Enjoyed Hip-hop So I’ll Always Been Very Influenced By Hip Hop Yeah And Especially I Mean Just In Like A Pure Art Form Of Hip-hop Like You Know Being Being It Being Where I Was Raised And Where I’m From Like A Lot Of The Culture That People Associate With Hip-hop I Don’t Fully You Know I Don’t Fully Like To Understand Or Fully Like The Tender Represent Because I Don’t You Know I Didn’t Grow Up As A Hood I Didn’t You Know I Don’t Know What Was Being In The Hood Is Really Like You Know And So I Was You Know Older And I Would Actually Like Go You Know I Would I Would Try To Get Outside Of The Bubble You Know But Not Growing Up How I Did Iii Definitely Never Wanted To You Know Be Like Oh You Know Hip-hop I Get It Because I I Don’t Need To Only Get It Cuz You Know Obviously Rapping The Movement That Came Out Of People From The Inner City Wanted To Sell Their Stores But Still I I Mean I Was A Human Being I’ve Been Moved By It Artistically And I Definitely Think That It’s Factored Into Why I Do What I Do And Some Of The Patterns Of The Rhyme Schemes And Stuff Which You Know Kind Of Maybe I Do Like To Flow With It A Little Bit And I Love Rhyming And I Love I Love I Mean Yeah Hip Hop Hop So I It Comes Into Play I Think A Little Bit Yeah Definitely That’s What I Mean That’s What Turned Me On So You Got That First When I Heard Those Ramen Patterns And Stuff And I Was Like Man This Is Really Good Um Your Vocal Pattern To Me Man Is Is Very Reminiscent Of I Hope You Take This As A Compliment Aaron Wise From Me With You But Not Just You Know That’s Uh Yeah Make Sure It’s A Mixture Of Him And Um Andrew Schwab From Project 86 Man I Think About It You Know I Don’t Have A Child Man Okay It’s Why I Can’t Say That I Know Much At All About Him Yeah I I Do Know A Lot About Aaron Weiss And Me Without New Is You Know My All-time Favorite Bands And You Know I Think A Lot Of People Who Know Who Me Without You Is Will Say That And You Know A Tears Times Your Kids Will Be All You Know You Not May Have Like A Band Called La Dispute Or These Different Bands And I Just Honestly Tell Me I Don’t Know Much About That Band But When It Comes To Me Without You If There’s A Comparison There He’s Definitely Like The Forefather Here You Know And And Uh And You Know Hopefully I’m Never I Don’t Want To Take Away From What He’s Doing But I’ve Been Deeply Influenced By His Stuff That Something I Try To Be Very Open About You Know Kids Are Like You Know Oh You I Want To Be More Like You I’m Like Yo Check Out Me Without You Because That’s Actually Like The Source Yeah Definitely Man Goes And You Know Came For You Too Man Go Check Out Some Of The Work Of Andrew Schwab With Project 86 That’s That’s The Various And So Definitely Check Out The First Two Albums Because It’s Definitely More Poetic And It’s Got Like A Hip-hop Influence To It Definitely Check That Out Man Cuz When I Hear You Man Is Just Like Definitely Reminiscent Of Some Stuff That I Listen To When I First Got Born Again And Was Project About Six You Know Back In The Day Man But You’re Speaking Of Born Again Speaking Of Jesus Man I Want To Hear Your Story Man I Don’t Know How Much You Want To Go Into It But Like Why I Believe In Jesus Man Like Why Is He Totally Um Saying A Focal Point Of Your Life Totally Um You Know Oh I’ll Keep It Like Somewhat Brief In China Gets You On Changes But Yeah I And The Son Of Missionaries Who Met And Met Go And I Didn’t Grow Up Does They Were Michener’s Though They Started Actually An Organization That Helps Missionaries And My Dad Does Grant Writing And Funds And Helps Get Money To You Know Underserved Native American In My Latino Population Throughout California And So My Dad’s I Always Had A Heart For You Know Social Needs And Justice And It Was Really My Shero And You Know I Grew Up In A Pretty Small Town And I In California And It Was Until I Was Like Broke Both My Feet And I Can Play Hoops Anymore And I Was Really Good At Basketball And It Was Kind Of My Seeing Us Plenty Of Going To College To Play And My Dream Was The Nba Though I Don’t Know If It Was Ever Possible But I Just Always Wanted To Play Basketball Is Law That Could Have That Taken And All Of A Sudden I Had To Sit Out For Like A Year And A Half My Bones Was So Bad In My Sheet In Death I Tried To Kill Myself Multiple Times I Really Lost Control Of Everything And Just Lost My Faith In God Pretty Much And In That Time Period I Went To Haiti On A Missions Trip For Some Reason I Just Wanted To Be Something It It Kind Of Blew My Mind Really Changed Everything For Me And Yeah Really Led Me To What Led Me To Understand The Love Of God And Yeah It’s Crazy Man It’s Really Crazy How Watching Humans Suffer And Feeling Feeling Like Shit Because You Can’t Stop Their Suffering And Knowing That You’re Going To Go Back To America And Everything Is Going To Be Fine You Know It Really Just Made Me Want To Like Do Something And Really Realizing That Christian Have And Will Always Be The People You Don’t Give Up On The For I Mean I’m Not Talking About It You Know This Shit You See An Evangelist Where I’m Talking About Like Real Christian Thoughts That Are Going Out Into The World Old And Believe That Humans Like Have The Image Of God And That Everything In Life Has Meaning You Know In As Much As Much As Christians If Bash For Like The Crusade And A Lot Of Stuff That Happened Was True Christians Also Started The First Orphanages The First Hospitals The First Group Homes The First The First School To Teach Kids How To Read You Know At Least In America And I I Fully You Know I Believe That The Church Has Done A Lot Of Wrong Stuff The Church Stuff Have Been A Lot Of Right Stuff I Want To Be Part Of That Movement Of Christians You’re Like Standing Up And Like Reclaiming What The Cost Was Actually About And You Know That That’s Been My Passions Now You Know Through Through The Second Half Of High School And Into College And Grad School And Now Soaring And It’s Been A Crazy Road Getting Here But You Know Dude I I I Believe Knowledge Is Power And I Believe I Want Kids See I Want To Learn I Want Kids To Be Open To Idea That I Want People To Be Liberated You Know And So So Much Ignorant So Much Misogyny So Much Hatred Of Gay People So So Much Hatred And Misunderstanding Of Philosophy And As The Love Of God Just Prevalent And The Music Scene That I’m In And Then Just Wanting To Like Stand Up And Tell People What I’m About In Sometimes It Kind Of Trips Them Out It’s Like Wait So Like You Want To Speak Up For Gay People And You Want To Like Talk About Jesus And Like And You Want To Talk About Black Lives Matter And It’s Just Like What You Know It’s Just Supposed To Be One Of These Things Not All Of Them But It’s Like Married Jesus Is Integration Man Jesus Being Fully Human And Fully God Created A Way That We Don’t Have To Just Be Categories Anymore We Don’t Have To Be Either/or Like We Can Be Infinite Dude And Everything It’s True Everything That’s Good Everything That’s Here That’s God And So We Inherit That You Know Yeah So Sorry For The Monologue Yeah No That’s Good Stuff Dude It’s It’s Awesome That You’re That You’re Bringing Christ Into That Scene As Well And You Know Like You’re Saying It Your Stance And Your Belief May Not Be Popular With The Mainstream Church But It Is Your Stance It Is Your Belief It Is Your Story And It Is Your Understanding That’s Making A Impact On The Lives Of People Man And And Your Story In General Dude So I Mean People Can See The Love Of Christ Man I’m Just Watching Some Of Your Interviews And Hearing You Talk About This Just Jesus Who Is All Loving And Who Is The Incarnation All The Little Yeah Yeah The Unconditional Love Of Christ Man Because I Was In A Place Some Years Ago Where We Taught The Love Of Christ But It Had Conditions Right Like We Would Have Create This To People Like Jesus Loves You If And I Remember There Was A Time Where I Was Doing My Study And I Would Go Throughout The Scriptures And Find All The Ifs Where Jesus Says Do This If You’re My Disciples If And It Was All These Years And I Made It About Like Works Or Whatever You Know I’m Saying And But Then To Kind Of Come To This Awakening And It’s Just This Level Of Understanding That His Love Is Unconditional Man And That It Is To The Homosexual It Is To The Liar It Is Today It Is To The You Know Religious Right You Know I’m Saying His Love Ya Know It Is If I Took To The Muslim To The Jihadist Like His Love Goes Throughout All Creation Man And That’s When You Say Unconditional Dude That Is So Beautiful And I Think That’s The Gospel Dude And That’s Why I Wanted To Have One Kind Of Talk About That Look I’m Not Did Yeah Man That’s The That’s My Passion Is Talking About This And You Know I Mean I I There’s A Lot Of Passions You Know And They All Go Back To Jesus I Believe You Know I Have A Passion For Literature For History For Random Pop Culture Happening That Goes On Like You Know The Ocean And I Love I Love A Lot Of Things And You Know A Lot Of Young People Are Kind Of Told Like What Are You Yet Like Are You Into Music Are You Into Sports Are You Whatever And A Lot Of People Are Like Young You See A Lot Of Young People Who Jenna Sell Themselves Out So One Thing Because They Want To Belong And A Good A Really Good Way To Get Picked On And Stand Out Is To Just Like Love A Bunch Of Things And Be Weird And Be A Mixture Of Whatever But That You Know You Know I Ain’t The Incarnation Of Jesus Being The Christ Is Really This Was Insane Metaphysical Reality Where Jesus Was Fully God And Fully Human And Being A Christian You Know Being Like Christ Ising Demands That Of Us You Know Demands Us To To To Look At Our Life And Say Am I Integrated You Know My Pastor Has Taught Me It’s Really Interesting Thought Is It Humans There’s Been A Lot Of Philosophical Movement Throughout History Yeah Modernism Of Course Was The Huge One Of The Enlightenment That We Discovered Science In That We Believe That This Categories For Everything In That You Know Atoms In In Just The Theory That You Can Break Things Down Into Smaller And Smaller Parts You Know Ii Mean That’s It That’s That’s The Big One And Then Of Course Post Modernity On Taught Us About Existentialism The Idea That We All Have Our Own Reality The Idea That Truth Only Works Under Operative Paradigms If You Go Into Other Cultures There’s Other Truth Because They Have Other Kara Time And I Think That That’s Also An Important Movement And Now I Believe The Next Movement For Humanity Only Make It Was Embodied By Jesus Over 2,000 Years Ago And That Was The Mood The International Movement Or On The Integrative Movement Where We’re Realizing That Science Is Good But You Can’t Live A Happy Life With All Your Scientific Knowledge You Need Science You Need Philosophy You Need Music You Need Literature You Need Art And I Think That Everything Is Going To Collapse Together And That Even On You See This With Actually Some Of The Best Schools Around America Digital Narrative Educational With You But Um You Know People Are Learning Like How To Integrate History With Art With English With Science With Math And We’re Learning How Does That All Knowledge Need To Integrate With Other Knowledge Or Else We Just Have A Bunch Of Categories You Know And So I’m Really Passionate About The Movement Of Integration Ism And The Integration Of Thought And I Believe Jesus Already Did That For Us By Showing Us How To Live Yeah Yeah Dude Let Me Ask You This Man And I Know If It’s Your Faith I Know You Don’t Mind Talking About It But What You Believe Is This A Gospel Of Inclusion With With The Unconditional Love Stretching Forth To Everyone Whether They Receive It Or Not Or Yeah Or Is My Teaching Of Hell Where Like Like God Like Is Going To Send People To Hell If They If They Don’t Accept Jesus Into Their Heart Or Whatever You Know I’m Saying Like What Is Your You Know Your I Am I Mean Ii I Jin You My Views Genuinely I Don’t Know Like That’s A Good View Matter I I Don’t I Don’t Know I You Know When It Comes To What Happens After We Die I Believe I Do Absolutely Believe That We Will Die But That That’s The Experience Of Existence Continues I Believe That I Absolutely Believe That I’d Absolutely Believe In The Existence Of Judgment I Believe It Exists Is The Punishment There’s A Lot That I Believe In You Know I I’m Not I’m Not Interested In Like Putting A Business To The Bible And Saying Like Well That Kind Of Sounds Like Health We’ll Put That Up Like I I But But Also I’m Not Interested In Being Another Asshole Christian He’s Just Like You Know Oh This Is Definitely How It Works Man Like If You Say This Prayer You Definitely Go To Heaven And If You Don’t Say This Prayer You Definitely Go To Hell Because You Are Not Being Intellectually Honest If You Believe That You Absolutely Know How All That Work No One Knows Really How That Will Be Covered Yas Told Us How It Works He Told Us In The Bible Going Here Yeah I Mean You Know We We I We We I I Know That Jesus Will Stand At The End Of All Time And That That All That Is That Jesus Would Stand At The Right Hand Of The Father And Will Judge Us I Believe You Know Jesus Said This Is How Another Lamp Of The Ghost Is That I Was Hungry And You Fed Me I Was Sick And You Took Care Of Me I Was Nature Than You Clothed Me I Was In Prison And You Visited Me Said Those Four Things And Said That’s How I Will Know The Sheep From The Goats Of All Of The Verses In The Bible I Believe That That Was The Most Like Very Specific And The Very Like That Is Having Set That Is Judgment And That’s How I Will Now You Know And Then There’s Other You Know Believe Upon The Name Of Lord Respect Me We’ll Be Stayed In Theirs We Get A Lot Of Verses But But To Be Honest I Don’t I Don’t Think We Have A Formula I Mean Personally I Don’t Know The Formula I Do Know Of I Know If I Know Who Jesus Is And I Want Everyone To Know Jesus Yeah But Um I Want People To Know Jesus So That They Can Experience Eternal Life Right Now Yeah You Know When John 3:16 The Whole The Gospel Of The World Only Beyond Son Whoever Believes In Him Will Never Care About Eternal Life That Word For Eternal Life Was The Present Tense Word Non In The Greek And And That Is Very Important Because A Lot Of People Think Of Jesus Is Like A Heaven Health Salvation Thing And They Don’t Know That Jesus Is Actually An Invitation To Stop Dying Right Now And To Start Living Real Life But Man You Talked About Afterlife And Stuff And I’m Gonna Be The First Person To Say I Don’t Know About A Lot Of Stuff Yeah You Know What Those I’m Trying To Be Honest You Know Yeah I Mean No I Mean That’s Good It’s A Vulnerable Place That You Put Yourself In As A Leader To Say That You Don’t Know Because Obviously If You’re Part Of A Movement Or A Sect Or A Theology You Have To Stand Behind It Even If You Don’t Believe It You Know I’m Saying Um Like Yeah Well I Specially Pierce After God Simon Yeah That’s What I’m Saying Because Like People Are Looking For Answers And So It It Shows You Being A Little Vulnerable When Say Somebody Says Hey Man What’s The Answers I’m Looking For This And You Said You Know What I Don’t Know A Lot Of Times What Sucks Is They’re Going To Keep Go And Until They Find Somebody Who Does Know But Hey But At The End Of The Day It Comes Back To What You Said We Don’t Know So For You To Act Like You Do Know Like You Have Died And Went And You Know All Of These Things Um For Us To Sit Back But You Know What I Don’t Know The Answer Because I’ve Been A Part Of So Many Churches Where They’ll Just Make It Up Or They’ll Just Repeat Something That They Heard Oh Yeah This Is What Happens To Be Die If You Die You’re Ever Present With God And You’re Gonna Be With Him For All Eternity Or Sinners Go To Hell When It I Think It Even Throws A Wrench Into The System With The Whole Health Thing As Far As Old Testament There Was No Literal Hell In The Old Testament Like That’s Some Type Of New Testament Concept As Far As Burning Into A Cup Fire For All Of Eternity So I Think We Have To Look At Okay I Think That’s Something Big You Know Yeah I’ll Go Dude I’ll Tell You Man It If I I Can’t Believe There’s So Many Humans Have The Absolute Pretentious Gall To Tell People Like This Is Exactly How Heaven And Hell Works Even Though They Haven’t Been To Heaven Or Hell Yeah You Know Only The Reason I You Know I’ll Tell People I Don’t Know Is Because God Knows And I Would Rather Have The Mascot Even Ask Me You Know And And I I Can Tell Them What I Really Do Know And What I See As Extremely True And Consistent Across The Bible And Frankly I Believe Everything That I Need To Know Like I Already Know But In Your Life Um You Know Every I Believe Like Living Through Jesus In Following The Jesus Revolution Is Absolutely The Truest The Truest Form Of Holy Living Being Fully Alive And Holy A Human And Revived Following Jesus And I Know That For Sure But Even When I Die Man Like For Sure I’m Not Going To Lie To You I Have A I Have Fear That Like Jesus Will Say I You Know At The End Of Times People Pee Common Say Lord Lord Look At Everything I Did In Your Name And And And Jesus Replies Depart From Me For I Never Knew You Like I’m Knocking I’m Not Going To Sit Here And Why He Did I’m Afraid Of That Like That That Could Be Me Because I Can Be That Guy He’s Like Man I Was About Planning It And I’ve Talked About This Stuff You Know And And I Stood Up For These People And I Talked About This Issue And I Pointed To Your Glory And Encouragement Youth You Never Knew Me Like I I I Don’t Know That You Know I I Don’t Think I Don’t Wake Up In An Existential Terror About It But I Also You Know I I Can’t Sit Here And Be Like You I Got Eternity Figured Out Like I I Don’t Have That’s Not Me And You Know I Do Know There’s A Lot Of People Who Will Gladly Tell You That Did You Have Eternity Figured Out And I’m Not Here To Call Them Out You Know Some Of My Best Friends Feel Like They Have It Figured Out But Um You Know It’s I’ll Tell You What Did The More The Ii Study The Bible The More That You Study Theology The More That You Learn How To Interpret On Different Scriptural Stuff You’ll Learn Pretty Quickly That Things Aren’t Always Airtight That You Know What Your Church Told You There Is Actually Some Discrepancy There Are Some Debate That You Know There’s A Lot Of It And That I Think I Think If You Have Experienced The Goodness And The Love Of God Then That Doesn’t Rack You But If Your Whole Experience Of Christianity Was Just Being More Right Than All Those Damn Atheist Then You’re Going To Lose Your Face And I See A Lot Of People Lose Their Fate I Have A Ton Of Friends That Have Their Degrees And Biblical Studies Who Are No Longer Christian Exactly I Have It I I Choose To Do Like I Can See I Could Name Like Five People Right Now Who Have Their Ba In In My Clinical Studies Or Ministry Or Theology And They Are Just Like Dude Like I Know Nothing And It’s So It’s Sometimes It’s Not Even A Cool I Know Nothing Like Oh You Know Life Is So Cold In The Tree Even Know Anymore A Lot Of This A Very Dark I Don’t Know Anything I Ate Like There’s Nothing Like It’s Honestly Almost Nihilism Like There’s Nothing I See Nothing I Look Out Into Infinity And Nothing Looks Back It’s Scary Yeah One Thing This Wood Says Not Me By The Way But That’s Not The Yellow Here You Man I Think I Think That’s What’s So Important About One Thing I Heard You Say In The Interview Was About Making Sure That You Spend Time With God Like Intimacy With Jesus Right To Know That You Can Have That Encounter With Jesus Because That’s I Mean Because Nobody Can Take That Away From You Even If People Want To Call That Something Else Like I’ve Actually Agreed If You Want To Call It Something Else But There Is Something There There’s This Universal Power That Loves Us It’s Guiding Over Us That’s Intimate With This Yes That Only Cares About Us Man Our Life And Our Future And Our Thoughts And Wants Us To Be Happy And You Can Actually Spend Time With That Force And It Wants To Hang Out With You It’s Like A Person It’s It’s Jesus Man You Know So I Want You To Talk About It Dr. Tippett About The Importance Of That Man And Just Knowing That Hey I Can Go Into The Prayer Chamber And Spend Time With I Mean With Jesus Really You Know The Ability To Stop What You’re Doing And Experience Infinity With Infinity Muga Is The Hands-down The Most Dramatic And Revolutionary Choice That We Will Ever Make As Humans Yeah You Know I Really Like And Every Time You Make That Choice You’re Choosing To Put Away Materialism You’re Choosing To Put Away Like You’re Choosing To You Choosing To Stop And Choose Like To Choose Like Actual Restfulness An Actual Wholeness Like A Lot Of People You Know And You See This So Much With A Lot Of People Like They Talked About Like Getting Rough You Know In Top Like I Think It Can’t Wait To Get Off By Nine To Five So That I Can Go Home And Watch My Tv And Do Whatever The Hell You Know What I Mean And And Ended That Stuff Is Never Restful And That Stuff Never Grows People You Know It’s Just A Thing That They Can Do Because They Think That They Need To Turn Off This Brain And They Need To Get Off Their Few But In Reality People Actually Need To Turn On Their Brain Like I Think A Lot Of People Who Actually Have It Turned On Their Brains And Months People Haven’t Actually Had Like A Real Authentic Experience In A Really Really Long Time And They Have Really Really Good Ways To Do That Is To Open Yourself Up To Like Socks Agreed To Be Present And Yeah And In The Vocabulary That I Would Use Because I Believe It’s I Mean Because I Believe This Is Jesus You Know And Other People Call Call Call This You Know But The Universe Or Whatever The Difference Is You Know The Universe Doesn’t Have A Name Yet A Verse I Mean The Universe Is Really Technically You’re Saying Everything And I Don’t Think Everything’s Gloves I Mean I Think You Can Look All Around The World And See A Lot Of Hate You Know I Don’t Think This I Don’t I Don’t I Mean There’s A Lot Of There’s A Lot Of Stuff That’s Not Good But Like Jesus So Good And Jesus Loves People And I Realized That You Know Anytime You Said Jesus Or God People I Can Get Turned Off Because It’s Like Something That’s Happened In Their Past Exam And So If They Need To Use Other Words To Experience That Love First That’s Fine Like I’m Not Interested In Like Dominating People And Being Like No It’s Jesus Stop Saying The Universe Like You Know But Ultimately Like Ultimately It Is Jesus But But You Know We’re So Words Carry So Much Meaning In So Much Baggage And I Completely I Completely Understand How Someone Could Go Their Whole Life Afraid Of The Name God Or Jesus Because You Know They Were They Were Abused In The Church Or They Were Made Fun Of Or They Were Raped By A Minister I Mean There’s So Many Different Reasons Why I Could Understand How People Would Always Want To Reject That And I’m Not Here To Like You Know Those People That They Suck You Know Yeah Exactly It’s Awesome Duty So I Think It’s All About Encounter And Like You Were Saying As Well As Like Having It Within Us Man And So The Whole The Whole Story Of The Old Testament Of What The Prophets Approaching Was What We Have Now This Relationship With Christ Being The Whole Mystery Of The Entire Gospel Is Christ In Us Which Is The Hope Of Glory Like Jesus Within Us That We Can Walk Like Him Talk Like Him It Meant Like Him Forgive Like Him Man And So That’s What It’s About And I Think I Think We’re On The Same Level When I Could Boldly Say That It’s Really Time To Stop Like Dissecting What He Said And Well You Know He Really Meant This Or He Really Meant That And Just Say Get Out There And Do What He Said Just Love The Unlovable Show Those Who Don’t Deserve Forgiveness Show Them Forgiveness Show Those Who Did Deserve Grace Show Them Grace And Do What Jesus Did 100 If We Do That Will Revolutionize The World Man That Is A Hundred And Ten Percent Like That’s Just Right On There On The Hospice Right On Mic That’s Yeah I You Know I Think I Think That If Study Is Is A Form Uh If Studying Is A Form Of Like You Like You Know Loving God Or Loving Other People Or Experiencing Like It’s Experiencing The Goodness Of God That’s Awesome But Like For Sure Applying Modernism And Applying Like This Like Okay Well We’re Just Going To Examine It And Cut It Up And Get Closer And Closer To It The Elusive Nature Of The Gospel Is It’ll Be Lost On You You Know You’ll Be Halfway Through You’ll Be Halfway Through Your Magnum Opus Of Expecting It And Realize That You Have Nothing That It Just It Did It Just Disappeared You Know It’s Just Like Uh Trying To Trying To Put Something Under A Magnifying Glass That Light It’s So Big And It’s So Simple That You Just Don’t Get It When You Try To We Try To Like You Know Get Like When You Want To Control It And When You On All The Answers It’s Going To Be Lost On You And That’s The Kingdom I Mean That’s The Mystery Of The Gospel Of Jesus Talking About This Whole Time You Know This Guy’s Like I Have All This Money I Have Everything’s Uses Like Leave It You Know What I Mean In All The Scholars With All Their Knowledge And Then Jesus Says In Front Of Them Like You Know You Have To Become Like A Kid If You’re Going To Approach The Kingdom In Justice I Mean It’s The Best Way To Save The Upside-down You Know Upside Down Kingdom God One Of My Favorite Books From From Donnell Cradle But Really Just Flipping Everyone Shit Upside Down Is What Jesus Was Doing You Know And It’s Um It’s So Revolutionary That It’s Still Revolutionary You Know What I Mean It’s It’s Not Like Some Like You Know Thing About Like Something That We Like Figured Out As Humans And That We’re Now Like Okay That Was Really A Nice Moment For Human History I Guess Still Something That Churches As Funny As It Is With All Their Money Buildings Don’t Even Get You Know Churches That Are Supposedly Dedicated To The Teachings Of The Few And They Don’t Even Get It Because Like But Not More Money More Power You Know More More Like Political Influence And They Just Got Further And Further Yeah I Think I Think Because Jesus Takes The Power Away From Those Guys Like Jesus Takes The Power Away From That System That Says Come To Me If You Want To Learn About God Come To Me If You Want Me To Pray For You Even Though They’re So Good Right But If I Come To Me Like You I Think That Religion And Churches Teaches Us That We Need Something Outside Of Ourselves To Get To God When When Christ Came To Bridge The Gap Between Us And The Father To Make Us One With The Father Right That’s Why He Came So We Don’t Need A Priest Like Jesus Is Our High Priest And We Can Go Directly Through Christ To The Father Man That We Don’t We Don’t Need All Of These Other These People In The Way So If If Your Christianity Is Not Just One On One Relationship With Jesus And The Father And The Holy Spirit Um Dennis I Don’t Think It’s Really Christianity I Don’t It’s Biblical Christianity Put It That Way Um That It Is That We Don’t Need Anything Outside Of Ourselves And I Really Think That That’s What I Like No Matter Where We Are We Don’t Need Anything That They’re Selling Us You Don’t Need Anything That They Have To Convince Us That’s Outside Of Ourselves That The Kingdom Of Heaven Is Within Us That He Placed It There And We Can Go With That And We Can We Can Shut The Door And Go Within Our Prayer Closet And Spend Time With The Creator Of The Universe Like Literally Yeah I Know I Know The Ass Rolls Off Of Our Tongue Yeah We’re Spending Time With God Know The Create The Dude That Created Every Existence Man Like He Wants To See Up With You He Wants To Be Your Friend Man And Uh Make A Deal Were Away From It Is Really Crazy How Words Can Lose Their Meaning Yeah And How Like I Mean We Can Stop Hearing Things I Genuinely Did Like I It’s Insane Like I Had I Man Like I Spent So Long You Know Timber Yeah You Know Devotion Time I Came Out Got And That Stuff Honestly Son It’s So Lame To Me For So Long I Get Genuinely Like I Don’t Know What I Would Think Of When I Would Hear That But I Really Didn’t Think Of It Like In The Magnitude Of What We’re Talking About You Know And I Don’t Know If This Because Like I Actually Didn’t Believe In God And It Was Like Just Like You’re You Know God Was Just Like A Name And So You Try Busting Time With God Business Is Just Another Word Or I Don’t Know If This Is Because Like You See So Many Like Lame People Talking About Their Devotion Time And Obviously It’s Like Well If That’s What It’s Creating The Pen Obviously It’s Not That Cool You Know It Ain’t I Don’t Really Know But It’s Like Yeah When You Put It That Way Man It It’s So Powerful It’s Like You Know If We Actually Believe What We’re Saying And You’re Actually Going To Spend Time With The Creators And Universally There’s No Way That Anything Is More Important Than That There’s No Way That Anything Is Even A 1/10 Of That Important But Once The Janet You Know It’s Like Do We Really Believe That You Know What I Mean You Really Believe Is That That’s Possible Or That God’s Real Or That God Loves Us So That God Can Be Experienced You Know And If He Dances Oh A Lot Of People Maybe Can’t Maybe It’s Just It Is A Little Too Far-fetched Here I Don’t Know But Yeah Well So What Was Like The First Time That You Did Know Like Once You You Went Into That Place And Had An Encounter Like Did You Have Like A Supernatural Encounter With Like A Manifestation Of The Holy Spirit Or Feeling That That Fire That People Claim That They Feel When The Holy Spirit Comes Like Did You Have An Encounter Like That Regard Yeah I’m Gonna See You Over The Course Of My Life I Really Like Very Very Radical One Of Them In Falls I Said You Did A Show Right Grouches Glitters Lake And I Prayed For It Into Pain Was Gone And All Of A Sudden He Was Able To Walk And He Can Walk Like Five Seconds Earlier And That Was A Pretty You Know One Of Those Like Not Still Moment I Think There’s There’s Been A Lot Of Time When You Know It Shows When I’ve Seen People With Depression Or Something They Just Can’t Get Over It And I Just Pray And They Just Experience It’s Like Kind Of Hold Up They’ll Write Me Back They’ll Be Like Dude I Don’t Know What It Is But Like Everything Changed And Mike You Know In Inda They’re Like Long-term Better It Wasn’t Just Like An Emotional Thing For Them At A Show You Know They Um But Yes I Mean In My Own Life Dudas I Definitely Experienced I Actually Said A Lot Needs Before I Go On Stages When I Really Like Just Get Along With God And Just Kind Of Sit There And Take It All In And Yeah Those Those Moments Have Always Been Crazy At This I It Crazy And Like A Really Like Not Crazy Looking Way You Know Like You’re A Weak Read You’re Experiencing It Within Or Something Yeah Exactly Just Like This Piece In This Wholeness In Feeling Feeling Like Still Still Very Much In My Body But Experiencing Like Everything At The Same Time And Just China Like A Warm Feeling And Kind Of Like Just This Piece And It Helps Honestly Because I Can Get On Stage And I Can Like Look It You Know I Can Look At Someone And You Know They’re Just Like Yeah You Know You’re So Awesome And I I Feel Like The Love Of God For Them And Like I Don’t Feel I Don’t Know I Don’t Feel Like They Need It’s About My Glory I Don’t Feel Like Special Or Whatever I Just Like To Feel Like A Vessel Sometimes When We’re On Stage I Might It’s Like I’m Not Even Thinking About Like The Music Or Anything It’s Just Like Looking At People Doing Like Man I The Love Of God Is So Crazy For You And Like Wanting To Invite People Into That Love And Every Person Who’s Just Like You’re Incredible Yeah I Love You Might Zero Just Telling Them Like I Have Nothing For You Like I Like Gerrit Russell Has Nothing To Save You Or To Make You A Better Person There’s Nothing Cool About Me Like I’m Literally Like A Dude With The Trope We Boys Who Yells At Microsoft That’s It But Like Telling Them About God And God’s Love Is Like Everything To Me Because Man All These Kids Come To Use Festivals And They Just They Want To Be Made Whole They Want To Have An Experience With A Band Member You Know Like You Know That They Can Take Home With Them And It’s All Just Bullshit Like To Think That Any Of These Band Members Whether You Be A Man Rezoning Care About These Tips If You Want It’s Like Yeah They Just Like Want To Make Some Money Or Like Want To Hook Up With Some Like Some Girl Who’s Like Just Turned 18 Or Whatever Like They Don’t Even Care About These People They Talk About Them Like You’re Backstage Like Oh You Know Kids Love It Or Like Oh My God Like They’re Seeing What’s So Badly They Don’t Respect These People And And And Even The Ones You Do Care About Them I Respect Them Geniune And They Like They Don’t They Don’t Have Anything That’s Going To Like Save Them Like You Know Make Them Make Them Whole Like Fix Them You Know Like Only Jesus Does That Man It’s Awesome Dude Yeah Yeah Awesome Brother Um You Mentioned Frantz Fanon Man And One Of You Interrupt And Yeah Yeah He Has That Quote On Cognitive Dissonance Man And That Like The First Time I Heard That I Looked At Looked Into It And Looked At Pulled Up I Was Blown Away Man But It’s So True Like What Is Some Of His Philosophies And Work How Did I Reach Out To You Yeah The Work The Work That He Did Uh Really Early Like Liberation Psychology You Know And Uh Being An African-american Men In France Uh And Uh Like Probably I Think Not A Century To Go But Almost Actually Because He Was You Know He Was Talking A Lot About Culture And Power And Like The Monolith Of Like The Iconic Power That Kind Of The Gaze Of Those Who Have Versus Those Who Do Not And Talked A Lot About I Mean A Lot Of Stuff He Had To Say About Being An Assitant Being Being A Descendent Of Africa I Think Him Being Apt To French Jaboticaba African-american Condition Um Just Is Really Kind Of Blew My Mind That And I Had To Read A Bunch Of His Stuff In Grad School For This Like Theoretical Psychology Of Course That’s Taking So Basically This Idea Is That We As A Human Species Pitched Still Like Kind Of Loaded Value Into This Color Of People’s Skin And Where They’re From And And That That Really Kinda Off To The Core And I Don’t Know Like A Lot Of His We’re Kind Of Challenged Me About How I See People How I Value People Based On What They Have Or Even What They Look Like Subconsciously And So Conscious Racism And So His Work Definitely Associated For The End Of Song No Place To Breed With Was Pretty Relevant For Me Definitely Into His Work I Guess To Kind Of Change It Up A Little Bit Man Because We’d Like To Get Into Some Esoteric Deep Mystical Type Topics As Well Man What Likes Talking About Spirituality And Stuff What Are Your Thoughts On Aliens And Ufos Man Gi I Don’t Have Much Thought I Know I Didn’t Thought About That Much Um Besides The Fact That It’s Always Seemed Pretty Apparent To Me That Life Would Exist Outside Of Earth Because Of The Infinite Nature Of God And Ever-expanding Universe Um That I Believe Life Would Exist In So Many Forms In So Many Different Situation Yeah Cuz It Does Man Just Like Whenever We Break Down Like To The Smallest You Know No High-powered Microscope You Can Look In The River And See All Of These Microscopic Yeah Isms That Is And You Can’t See Them With The Naked Eye You Have To Have A Trained Eye Which Is Some Type Of Magnifying Glass To Be Able To See Them And Then Just Understanding Other Yeah Dimensions As For The Spirit Realm That That Exists The Same Type Of Way These Other Entity Yeah And Forces And Energies Yeah For The Other Side Do You Haven’t Had Any Honors With Anything Like That Though Any Uh Any You Know Sanskrit Encounters Or Whether It’s You Know Demonic Or Angelic Or Anything Like That Yes Though For Sure Yeah Yeah Experience A Decent Amount Of Dark Shit For Sure And There’s There’s Undoubtedly There’s Undoubtedly A Very Very Very Like Dark Presence To Be Found In Like The Music Touring World You Know A Lot A Lot A Lot Of A Lot Of Scene Kids With Like Tattoos And Piercing To I Want To Seem Tough So They Start Talking About Like You Know Dedicating Themselves To Save Even All These Dark For You Because They Think It’s Badass You Know They Think Like Mom And Dad Are Gonna I Think I’m Really Crazy Now And In Reality Though They’re Actually Inviting A Lot Of Really Bad Stuff Into Their Lives You Know And And I’m Not Saying Like Oh You Know You’re Gonna Go To Hell I’m Talking About Like You’re Gonna Trample Here In Like Yeah Yeah Like You’re Going To Experience Pain And Injury And Addiction And And Bad Relationships And And Disease Sexual Diseases And Physical Diseases And And Death In Your Family Suicide Like You’re Inviting Real Real Problems That We Can All Agree Suck You Know What I Mean Like That I Just Mentioned Is Really Really Bad Like In No Way Shape Or Form Are Any Of These Things Of Things That You Want In Your Life I Think I Think That People Get I Get Bureau I Don’t Know Maybe Maybe To Think They’re Cool But I Think Most Kids Are Gooey Like That You Know Like Your Dad Shooting Himself In The Head Isn’t That Isn’t That Cool You Know What I Mean And When You Invite Darkness Into Your Life You Experience Darkness And Iii I Don’t Believe The Theory Of Evil That You Know Einstein And Saying Agustin Talks About That Evil Is Just The Absence Of Good And That Like Evil Death But I Believe Evil As Its Own Thing Yeah I’m Kind Of Like The Idea Of Dark Matter Or Something The Darkness Is More Than Absence It Actually Can Actually Be Matter That’s Physically Experience And I Believe In That I Believe That Uh Is That People Can Invite That Into Their Life And Quickly Experience These Distinct And And I I Also Believe Of It The Name Of Jesus Rocks That Stuff Yeah And Just Sends It Out Completely And You Know I’m Really There’s Even A It Is A Group On Work For Who Like Their Whole Thing Is Like Satanic Clothing And My Satanic Messages And Like Getting Getting People All I Cooked Up With Like You Know Their Inner Like Demons And Stuff Or Whatever And Uh It’s Really Stupid Because It’s Real But I Don’t Obviously Think They Think It’s Real If They Didn’t Think It Was Real They Wouldn’t Do It But Um Yeah I Mean The Vehicle Duuude The That Kind Of Stuff Exists Absolutely And Uh And I Think I You Know I’ve Let You Know I Believe In The Existence Of A Lot Of Swarms A Lot Of Like Non-human Forms Yeah I Don’t Even Think It’s Just Angel Here Demons I I Think There’s A Lot Of Courses I Think They All Bow Down To The God That I Worship Yeah But I Don’t Even Believe In Like Are You A Satan Or You With God I I Think There’s All Sorts Of Groups Uh All Sorts Of Various Spiritual Beings Angelic And Demonic That Have Their Own Sort Of Agendas Yeah And Work In Different Utilized And Absolutely I Think Humans Can Tap Into Them You Know I Also Believe That There’s Only One That Actually Loves Them And Most Will Save Them From Like The The Eternal Light Pit Of Themselves I I Believe I Don’t Know If I Saw That Yeah I Personally Believe That Hell Is A Lot Closer Um Hell’s A Lot Closer To Home Than Just This Place You Go And You Die I Believe Hell We Can Actually Find It In Ourselves Yeah And A Lot Of Psychology And A Lot Of Like Studying Like Hardcore Depression And Hardcore Schizophrenia I’ve Seen People Like Find Hell In Their Own Mind And Not Be Able To Get Out And Actually It’s Why On The Bass Of Our Album Is A Quote From Our D.length She Was Like An Existential Psychologist Should Be Said That Madness Can Either Be Liberation Or Uh Or Lanai Elation Inside The Self And I Believe There’s A Very Very Very Fine Line Between Experiencing Like The Love And The Goodness Of God And Also Like Giving Your Life Over To Something Much Darker Because In Both Ways You’re Experiencing Things That Can’t Be Physically Met But Are Extremely Real And Uh Want To Invade Your Space You Know And You Can Open Yourself Up To These Much Like Those Microscopic Organisms That Affect Us And Live On Our Bodies And Live Off Of Our Dead Skin And Affect Us And We Get Ethic From Them If We Don’t Clean Ourselves From These Things I Think It Very Much Works The Same Way In The Spirit Realm With These Disembodied Entities You Know That Aren’t Ghosts That Aren’t Angels Or Demons But They Exist Men They Feed Off Of Different Energies And They Have A Role And They Have An Agenda And I Have Things That They Do It’s Just Like A Natural Flow Of The Universe Which You Know I Think I Think The Bible Backs That Up A Lot Man Definitely With Like Different Spirits Going Forth To Do Things And The Earth As Far As Like You Know Confusion And Joy Like All Of Those Are Spirits As Well You Don’t Sound Like A Spirit Of Confusion A Spirit Of Fear Like These Are These Were Spiritual Life Forces That Can Go Down And Be A Pond Or It Can Be Upon A Person And They Can Also Be Acted Through Christ Because Like I Said They All Bow Down To Christ They All Must Bow At His Feet He Is The Head Of Every Principality And Power Man But When You Get Into Studying Those Things Man I Do Believe That Uh That God And Christ Use Those Other Entities As Well As Far As You Know Whether It’s Some Type Of Spirit Of Breakthrough Or Something Like That These Other Spirits That Are Mentioned Of In The Bible You Know I’m Saying Evil Spirits Yeah Amanda You Know I’m Saying They Have Their Place Dude Ie Vil Spirits In A Person’s Life Have Their Place To Buffer Them And And Show Them Look The Only Way I Can Do It Is Through Christ Or Whatever Like I Can’t Make It Any Other Way So Almost Like He Will Send Them Out There To Let You Deal With Them To Teach You A Lesson To Say Look I Can’t There’s There’s No Way I Can Exist Outside Of The Presence And Will Of God So You Know Those Things Were In Your Life For A Reason Taught You Something And They’re Expelled To Christ You Know I’m Saying Yeah Absolutely Man It’s Really Good It’s Really Deep And Intricate Man When We Get In To Those Theologies Of What The Bible Talks About With These Other Forces Like That It Is Know It Is And I Think Yeah I Think People Are Just Starting To Honestly People Are Just Starting To Discover It But I Definitely Think That People Are A Lot Of People It Just Took A Long Time Of Living Whether They’re Coming From The Approaches Like The Occult Or Just Scientists Or Institution They’re Realizing That There’s A Whole Universe That Like We Aren’t Quite Tapping Into But I Actually Do Believe That Science Will Sort Of Point Us Towards These Things A Little Bit Actually In That These Things While Not Like Completely Like Something That You’d Read In My Textbook Or You Know They Might Not Be Like The Most They Might Not Be Current To The Science That We Now Have But I Think At Some Point Science He’s Going To Start Intersecting With These Things That We’re Talking About And That’s When It’s Going To Get Really Weird And All The Laws And Everything Are Going To Have To Go Into Trash Because They Won’t Like Fit What How The World Works In Other Universes You Know Yeah Or My It’s The Multiverse Yeah Yeah I Think I Think The Veil Is Kind Of Actually Getting Thin On A Global Level Just By Seeing The Consciousness Of The People Even Just Looking At The Elections Like What’s Going On With The Consciousness Of The People With Our Leaders People Like Wait This Is What We Have To Choose From Like We Didn’t Put These People Up There You Know I’m Saying Like You’re Making Me Choose Between These People But But I I Don’t I Honestly Don’t Know Many People That Would If The Given Her Choice Baby Put Those People On The Pedestal Man Yeah I Think I Think People Awaken Yeah And I Remember We There’s Got To Be Another Way She Was Not Working You Absolutely There Has Been An Undeniable Move Away From Like The Idea That Our Leaders Are Gods And Our Leaders Are Perfect And I Mean You Know You See That You See That Throughout The Middle Ages You Know And You Still See That In Other Cultures Where People Like Worship Their Leaders As Gods And See Them As Like Flawless And Perfect And Obviously They Still Teach That In North Korea You Know It But That Was Throughout History The Pope Or Like People Talking About Kings You Know Being Like You Know Kings Being Like Chosen From God To Rule So Obviously Their Sons Would Be – Because Their Sons Would Be The Closest To God Because They’re Sons Of The Bloodline And You See All These Ideas That Are Really Incompatible With Like Critical Thought You Know What I Mean And Incompatible With Like A Just Society And Now Yeah Like The Next Movement Is Absolutely In My Opinion Going To Be Toward Is Going To Start Happening When You Have Awful Leaders Like Donald Trump And Hillary Clinton We Were Both Like Vying For The Presidency And They’re Both Clearly Terrible People Like Just Bad Just Like Humans Humans That Like Has Just Divorced Themselves From Their Own Humanity And Chosen To Kill To Kill People To Steal From People To Do Whatever They Had To Do See Like Gain Control And To Gain Power You Know What It Means What Matters And Capitalism At Its Finest Yeah Capitalism A Decline In It Yeah Exactly No Yeah Capitalism At Its Finest Dude And You Finally See People That Are Like Rejecting People Are Finally Being Like You Know I Was Always A Hardcore Republican Or Democrat But You Know I Don’t Want To Be Part Of The Problem Anymore And I’m Not I Don’t Mean To Be By Too Radical But I Believe If You Vote For Hillary Clinton Or Donald Trump You’re Part Of The Problem I Don’t Know How To Say It Like You’re Contributing To These Stupid Sauce That Like We’re Stuck Within A Binary No Yeah Anyways All That Monday I Think That As Billy’s It Is This Dumb Presidential Race Is Going To Challenge People To Get Into A New Era Of Thinking You Know Yeah It Definitely Is Man That’s Not There’s Something Going On We’re On The Cusp Of A Lot Of Stuff Being On On The Cusp Of Something Else With This Whole Thing Augmented Reality Man And Oh Come On Are You Playing Are You Clinical You’d Have It I’m Not Everyone Else On Work Tour Is But I Happen To Not Be Yeah It’s Something It’s Something A Different Man It Is The Game-changer Right Now With Forrest I’ll Bring Everyone Into This New Reality Or Like Bringing People Together As Far As Worth Where Technology’s Going To Stuff To Man Is Really Interesting It’s Crazy Is It Is Genuinely Crazy Man Yeah Um Let Me Ask You About This Man What Are Your Thoughts On Psychedelics Because I Know That There’s Just Resurgence Of People Like Wanting To Go Back To The To Nature To The Religion Of The Ancient Man And Kind Of Pushing Christianity To The Side Pushing All Religion To The Side And Just Getting Back To Nature What Are Your Thoughts On Whether It Be Ayahuasca Dmt Or Suicide They’re Done Any Research Or Have You Had Any Experiences With That I’ve Never I’ve Never Even Partaking Tonight Alcohol Or Let Alone Like Anything Else Like Marijuana Or Whatever Um But I But I Um I Have Read A Lot Of I Forget The One Guy They’re Really Smart Like Dude Who Like Said That Like Shrooms Are Form Of Evolving Our Consciousness And Believe That Like Yeah Yeah Terry.skinner Yeah And The Idea That You Know Like Obviously Shrooms Were Instrumental In Creating Humans As We Are Today And Uh I Don’t Like I Don’t Have A Bone To Pick With That Obviously Personally Obviously You Know I Do Think If You Take A Poison Plant You’re Going To Have Some Pretty Crazy Experiences But It’s Hard For Me To Leave That Those Things Would Be Real And Instead Of Just Actually Making Your Brain See Incredible Crazy Things It’s Hard For Me To Believe That They’re Like Substantial Yeah Yeah Have You Have You Done New I’m What What Do You Think Um I’ve Had I’ve Had Um Three Encounters With With Psilocybin And They Were They Were Beautiful Encounters Man There Were Encounters With God And Really Good I Love Billy With I’ve Done Them With Christians As A Christian And I’m Starting To Talk About It A Little Bit That We Do We Were Listening To Bethel Music On Mushrooms Oh Wow It Was So Beautiful It Was Crying And You Can Feel The Music Moving Through Your Body And Um Just Make You Kind Of You Kind Of Experience All The Emotions Like We Were Just Loving God And Just So Thankful I Can Feel That Now Even Talking About It But It’s Just A Beautiful Encounter Man It Was It Was Awesome And Um Yeah There’s Not A Question Like My Question For You I Mean Do You Want To Do That Often Lynne It’s Like You Really Like You Foundered God Like A Very Real Way No No It’s Something That That When You Do It There’s So Much Information That Comes Through About About Who You Are About Reality About Eternity That It’s Going To Take You A Long Time To Actually Process Everything That You’ve Got That You’re Able To Hold On Sigh Yeah I Definitely Wouldn’t Want To Do It All The Time Um But To Go Into That That State And If You Have Something That You’re Looking For Want The Encounter I Would Definitely Say Do Your Research It’s Not A Party Drug At All I Believe It’s A Sacrament On Yeah That’s Interesting Yeah And That Is A Crazy Thought I Think A Lot Of Christians Would Crucify You For Saying That Oh They Already Have Man I Put Some Of It In My Music And Stuff Too But But Like I Said If We Don’t Talk About It Then It’s Just Going To Be On The Back Burner And But I’ve Noticed That As I Am Talking About It A Little Bit Here There That People Are On The Same Page I Believe That There’s A Lot Of People Who Have Been Studying Mckenna And Studying And Listening To Joe Rogan And They’re Interested As A Christian Like They Feel Like This Is Calling Them As A Christian Because They’re All Hold On That’s Pharmakeia That’s Drugs We Can’t Deal With That You Know But To Really Get Past That And Do It But If It’s Calling You It’s Calling Me And There’s No Way You Can Get Away From It But If It Is And I Don’t I Mean I Wouldn’t Want To Forget It To Anybody From You Know Can’t Just Just To Go Out And Do As A Party Drug But If It’s Calling You It’s Calling You And Yet You Have To Do If It’s Calling You But Uh Yeah This Is How God Works Man Dave Yes Yes The Unit 8 If You Say Is The Sacrum Yeah Go Ahead All Right King Oh So I’m Sorry It’s I’m Currently In Line To Get Some Food And They’re Blasting Like Stupid Party Music At This Place So Anyway Um All That To Say Uh I I Just I Just Want To Get That Clear To See You If You Would Say It’s A Sacrament I Would Say I Was Saying It’s A Sacrament I Would Say That It’s Not I Would Say That You’re Not Mixing Anything It’s It’s It’s Uh But Here Don’t Say It’s Natural Um But It’s It’s It’s – Its – Definitely Being Stuff That It’s Not To Do I’m In The Wrong Settings Like Everything Has To Be Right Oh You Know Yeah But I Could See But The Weight Of This Habit That That Means In I Could See How It Connects A Turn Turn Doing It In The Wrong Column It’s Jumping Up Another Story That’s Crazy I Honestly Never Heard Anything Like That And They’re Fascinated You Give Me Like Ten Seconds Give Me A Sec Yeah They’re Like Blasting Music Here I Just Grab Grabbing From The Quick Speed They’re Like A Barbecue Hear Me You Whoo I Got Some Students Getting Away From The Line Now Um Yeah Dude I I’ve Never Heard Of Any Of The Stuff That You’re Talking About And It’s Honestly Throwing My Mind Right Now Well Yeah I Names All Right If You If You’ve Listened To Mckenna I Mean You’ve Had Her Some Of It Man It’s Really Deep And It Would Be A Whole Nother Discussion To Go Into It But It Changed It Took Me To Another Level I’ll Say That Um You Excite Me When We’re Talking About Eternity Like My View Of Eternity Changed As A Believer When I Did It Because I Felt Like I Experienced Eternity Like I Thought I Felt Like I Went To The Place Where We Go When We Die And It Wasn’t Like Hell Or Nothing Like That I Believe It Just It Was It Was Just It Was Beautiful Man The Colors The Lights The Love Just The Love In General I Mean That’s Why I Was Crying Just Because Of The Love Of God Man Experiencing It To That Level Like I Said We I Mean It Was All Christians Who Did It We Went Out And Took A Trip With Some Brothers And And Everybody Had Like Some Break Through They Were Dealing With One Guy Was Dealing With Drug Addiction That You Know They Have The Research Out There Now That’s Saying That It’s Helping People Quit Smoking It’s Helping People Who Are Alcoholics Helping People Kick Heroin And Opiate Addiction And Stuff Like That Land Just By Really Getting Psilocybin Yeah Yeah Um So It Specially If It’s If It’s Illegal And We See What The Government You Know This Government Want To Keep Something Like That Away From The People Why I Mean They Let You Drink As Much Obvious Don’t Want And Get Behind Yeah Don’t Get Me Wrong Don’t Get Me Wrong Like I Never Partaking In Weed Or Drinking Ever Yeah Um But It’s Definitely Not Because The Government Was Like Don’t Do It I Mean Obviously I Turned 21 And The Government’s Like Yeah Yeah Poison Yourself You Know Yeah Become Addicted Go Out On Bars You Know What I Mean Like Yeah Every Everything Everything Like And And Something That I Love About The Straight Edge Movement Is That It Is Very Anti Authority Towards Like The Idea That Like I’m Supposed You Become Like A Dumb Consumer You Know The Problem With The Straightedge Movement Is It Just Stops It Oh Yeah Just Be Sober Just Be Sober But It’s Like You Know That The Bible I Mean Shows Christians Often Being Not Sober Because The Holy Spirit Gives Us An Extremely I’m Not Sober Experience You Know When The Spirit Falls Upon Us But As Far As I Mean As Far As What You’re Talking About With The Psychedelics It’s Definitely Um A Fringe Thing Um And Obviously You Know That Idea The Illusion That That People Do That But I Don’t Think That Makes It Wrong At All And It Sounds To Me Clearly Like It’s Not It’s Not About It It’s Not A Drug Thing Not At All Some Medicine I Know It’s A Medicine For The Most Part You Know And Like I Said I Believe That It’ll It’ll Call You If You’re Supposed To Do It It’ll Call You There’ll Be Research Everywhere You Look You’ll Have This Inner Curiosity About It I Mean That’s What Happened To Me I Was Scared To Death Because I Actually Came Out Of Really Dark Satanism And Um A Coll Chasm In The Past And Was Like Embodied By Demons And Stuff And Like Had My Mind Taken Away From Me Back When I Was A Teenager And So I Didn’t Want Challenging No We Cruelly Didn’t Want To Fall Back Into That No I Was Scared To Death That If I Did Mushrooms Then I Was Giving Myself Over To Demons So I Was Scared To Death Even Though That I Was So Infatuated With You Know All These Interviews And Listening To Joe Rogan And His Experience And Aubrey Marcus And Amber Lion With A Reset Dot Me Who Was At The End Of Her Rope And Then She Left And Went On An Ayahuasca Trip And To Hear Her Encounter And How It Changed Her Life And She She Was Like A Like A Reporter For Cnn And Had All This Money And Just Gave It All Up When You’re Talking About Being Removed From Materialism Took Up Just Do A Couple Grams Of Psilocybin And You’ll Be Removed From Everything You Don’t Saying And When You Come Back You’re Like Man Now Was I So Worried About This Bullshit I Was I Worried About My Looks Why Was I Worried About My Future And When We’re Talking About Being In Now And Being In That Meditative State You’re In The Now And That’s What It Teaches You That It Teaches You To Be In The Now Every Single Moment Because That’s The Only Moment That You Have Nothing Else Exists Except This Present Moment That Me And You Are Here Having This Conversation And Sharing I Mean It’s It Is It Seems To Me That These Things Would Require A Very High Level Real Spiritual Maturity It Does Because It’d Be Very Easy For The Drug To Become God Just Someone Or The Drugs To Become Like God Or The Drum The Drugs To Just Become A Drug You Know It Would Be A Drug Unless If Um You Really Knew I Guess Who You Are And Who God Is Your Before Going Into That And I Could Imagine That A Lot Of The Ire That People Would Have Towards Taking That Substance Yeah Would Be Because I Don’t Know I Mean We Live In A Very Spiritually Immature And A Very Spiritually Weak Place So You Take Your Average Dude Off The Street Because Okay I Want To Have Like A Deeper Experience In Life But They Just Might Not Have At All The Cognitive Or Philosophical Tools To Take That And So Then They’re Just Left With Like Yeah I Took A Drug And It Was Crazy And I’m Ever Going To Be Happy I Got To Do That Drug Again Yeah Yeah So There’s A Lot Of Nuts In Your Ugh That’s A Drug Yeah There’s A Lot It’s A Drug When You Make It A Drug I Guess The One Process So Go Ahead No There’s A Lot Of People Who Are Like Atheist And Then They Go On A Psilocybin Trip With Some Friends And They Come Back Believing In God They’re Like You Know What I Don’t Know What Its Name Is I Don’t Know What It Looks Like But Something And Intelligence Created All Of Those Things I Just Seen All Of The The Energy That I Felt And Until There Is A Creative Intelligence Behind It They May Say I’m Not Calling It God Or Jesus Or Whatever It Gets They Believe In Something Outside Of Them Sell That’s Watching Over Us And Working Through Us But Like I Say Too I Like You Know Saying I Have To Balance It When I Talk About This Like Like We’re Doing Is Is To Give Jesus The Glory Man Because If There Is Any Love That You Experience In That State That Jesus Like We Said Is Look He Is Love Like God Is Love Jesus Is Love Manifested In A Person So With All That Being Said The Psychedelic Journeys Or Whatever Like They’re So Beautiful But Jesus Is Beautiful Man Like Like Having Those Encounters Like With That Is Its Own Separate Experience But It Doesn’t Trump Getting By Yourself And Getting In That End Up In The Prayer Closet And Like You Said Experiencing Eternity There Without Without Anything Else You Know I’m Saying So I Always Have To Balance It Out And Just Let People Know Because Yeah You Have Your People Who Who Will Kind Of You Know I’m Saying Just Do The Mushrooms Or Just Want To Do It Every Weekend Or This Is What Connects Us To God No Man Like That’s Not How It Works Like It’s About Or Even Just Or Even Just Doing Mushrooms Just To Escape Reality Which Is Even Worse Yeah You Know I Just Like Just Not Not Even Believing In Anything But Being Like Well The Shrooms Definitely Make Me Not Have To Deal With Sitting In My Room Right Now So Yeah You Know But My Not St. At Saint Tom There’s This That There’s This Notion That That That Jesus Helps Us Escape Reality As Well You Know I’m Saying That Like That That Experience With Jesus He Shows Us Like How To Cope With Reality Like The True Meaning Behind Well Yeah And Even Further Even Further I Believe That Jesus In A Way Shows Us Reality For For What It Really Is Exactly Which I Mean I I Most People You Meet Who Like Get Really Far To Following Jesus Will Tell You Both About The Extremely Dark Stuff That They’ve Seen And The Beautiful Things It Because They Actually Have Iced Tea Now And Instead Of Just You Know Walking Through Both Fire And Ice And Just Not Feeling Anything They Feel The Fire And They Feel The Ice You Know They Mean They Feel The Extreme Of Life Um And In A Way They Experience Spiritual Darkness Because They’ve Always Been Experiencing It But Now That Now They Actually Know That It’s Dark And They’re Looking At The Darkness You Know To Me That’s A Hard Place To Be And Still Function In The Church World Man That Really Is It Is I Went To A Trial Yeah Today Because I Because I Actually Started Out Doing Gospel Music Right And Then So I Got Into Philosophy And Theology And Awakening As A Christian I Never Lost My Face I May Have Looked Into Hinduism Or Looked Into What Other Other People Believed Or Whatever And Even Saw Beauty In That And I Think Would Change My Mind And My Perspective Was The Fact That I Seen Other People Following Christ More More Intimately In Close Closer Than Those Who Claim To Be Christian And That That Really Blew My Mind Because They Told I Was Told That They Can But Then I See People Walking In The Fruits Of The Spirit Which Is Evidence That You You’re Spending Time With Jesus Is That You’re Going To Have Fruit Of That Because That’s How Christ Told Us To Judge Is By The Fruit So Even With The Psychedelic Journey Like For Me It Was Just I Judge It By The Fruit What Is The Fruit That Came Out Of That Experience Was It Good Was It Bad Was It Ego Was It Flesh But Um I Judge Everything By The Fruit That’s What Jesus Said Like You Know I’m Saying Today Are You Hanging Around Somebody Long Enough You’ll Partake Of Their Fruit But With That Being Said Man I Had My Awakening Doing Gospel Music Kind Of Got Crucified By That Crowd When I Started Talking About You Know Got Talk About Spirituality And I Changed The Wording And Stuff Even I’m A Bible Believing Christian Like I’m I Changed The Word I Talk About Spirits In My Music And Everything We’re Talking About Right Now And But I Went To Church This Past Weekend To For A Concert Of A Buddy Of Mine And It Was So Weird Being There With Everything That I’ve Learned Throughout The Years And Then Being Able To Discern And See And Then Still Try To Act Normal You Know Saying Like Hey I’m Just Here For The Concert I’m Saying Yeah I Still Try To Be Like You Know See The Fake Smiles And The Fake Handshakes And All That Stuff Oh Did You Know I’m Standing And Try And Try To Be Cool Oh Yeah And Also People Know Who I Am They Know I Talk About Psychedelics They Know All This Stuff You Know I’m Saying So It Was A Really Weird Place For Me But I Did That And But Here’s What Is Something That I Think You Creates You As You Know That Famous Martin Luther Quote The Church Maybe Or For But The Church Is My Mother Um That Always Stuck With Me That Quote Yeah Cousin I See The Church Can Really Is Boring Itself Right Not Like It’s Willing To Accept People Like Donald Trump Like Disgusting Lovely Little Fascist And I Don’t Mean Ugly As Far As This Place I Mean Like Everything About The Way That He Presents Reality Is Ugly Disgusting And That A Disgusting Fascist Man Um You Know Is It Is Presenting Some Evil In The Church As I Well We’ll Take Them You Know What I Mean We’ll Get Behind It And The Church Is Being A Whore The Church Is Literally Taking This Incredible Revolution And Saying Now We’ll Settle For Donald Trump And It’s Just Like That That’s It’s The Church’s Being A For And I Don’t Use That Word As A Shame Women I Mean I Mean It I Mean That In The Whole Meaning Of It The Definition Of The Word The Church Is Being A Whore But I Still Believe Is That Christ Has Called Us To Just Still Like Not Abandon The Church And I’m Sure Obviously You’re There I Mean I Know That That’s Something You Understand Because You’re You Know You’re Going To Church And You’re Still Loving On People And You Still Want To Talk About Jesus And Stuff Even Though Most These People Would Just Like You Know The Moment You Leave Be Like Well He’s Ridiculous You Know They Would They Would Slander You They Would Say That You Have No Place In The Kingdom Of God Yeah Yeah Yes The Nd And That’s The That’s The Caller That’s The Call Of A Disciple Man They Did It To Christ To You Know And They Did It To His Disciples Man They You Know They Said He Was Casting Out Demons By The Order Of Bezel Bub You Know I’m Saying So Yeah This Is This Is This Is The You Know The Founder Of Our Faith Man This Is The One We Follow I Said That A Servant Is Not Greater You Know Then The Master And I Think It’s Safe To Talk About This On This Show Because The People Listen To Listening To This Especially In Our And Minutes In And They’re Still Here Like They’re Listening Because They Resonate With The Things That We’re Talking About And So There’s All Of These Displaced Christians Man These Christians Who May Be In The Psychedelics Or Christians Who Who May See Christ In A Form Of Hinduism Or Or Whatever The Case Is I Don’t Know Where People Are In Their Journey But I Know That People Listen To This Podcast From All Walks Of Life Man And They’re Here For A Reason Listening And So You’re Still In The General It’s Awesome To Talk Do You Do Because I Resonate With You It’s Very Similar To Mine And Uh You Know A Lot Of The Things You’re Saying I’m Just Like Yeah That’s Right On Yeah I Mean You Know I Did I Really Appreciate Your Heart Your Heart For Discipleship And Connection And You Know I Don’t I Was Something That Is Really Thought Of Research On Psychedelics I Wonder What What The Effect Is On Of Them On The Body Is Because I Think That Would Largely Probably Drive My Theory On It You Know That They Okay Okay It’s Like A Dalek Like You Got Centrally Harmed The Body Yeah I’ve Actually Got A Song I’ve Got A Song That’s Actually Named After What Um The The Psychedelic Does To Your Brain It’s Uh It’s A Phenomenon Called Neurogenesis Psilocybin Is Actually Rewiring Your Brain Your Our Neurotransmitters To Work Properly Man It’s Literally Re Growing Brain Cells No Road Genesis Look Look That Up With With Psychedelics Whenever We’re Talking About What It Does To A City What It Does Really See So You Would Say That It’s Medicine Both Not Just Spiritually But You’re Also Saying Biologically Like In A Very In A Very Physical Real Like Can Be Measured By Scientific Tool Way Oh Yeah Even It Even If We Even If We Look At What It’s Doing To Those Who Are Being Delivered From Addictions Man Just By Having A Psychedelic Experience Through You Know Since Psilocybin Or Ayahuasca Like It’s It’s Really Changing People’s Lives And It And Young Said What’s Doing It Is This Encounter With Love Is The Weird Thing But So I Think I Think There’s A Piece Of Christ In It Because I Think That Anything That Has To Deal With Love And Blessings And Honor On This Planet Is Christ Man I Believe That’s What He Is And Whatever You Want To Call It That’s Why I Don’t Give A Damn About The Names Recall The Even Though I Do Call Him Jesus Man But Anything That Is Beautiful Is Him Man I Really Do That With All My Heart Man I Just Want To Say This Because Uh I Just Got A Text Or Anything Cameron He Probably Watches Every Interview That I Do Probably Listen To Everything I’ve Done Interviews That Like We’re Very Bad In Here Like Just Just Kind Of A Joke From Austin And He’s Still Like Tune In To Them I Commented On And He’s Uh It’s He’s Not A Fan I Don’t I Don’t Believe In Fans I Don’t Know How He’s Doing I Think The Whole Fan Thing Is Bullshit Because What It Creates Is A Dichotomy Or A Hierarchy You Know We’re Like They’re Lucky To Like Get To Interact With Me Or Something And I Don’t Believe That I Believe I’m Unlucky To Do This Sir Did And And I’m Lucky To Know Them And So Yeah I Believe In Family I Call Them Lovers As You Know Often I’ve Know People Lovers Who Listen To Music Because I Believe That What Defines Us Isn’t What We Know Is That What We Do But Actually What We Love And How We Love And What We Choose To Love And That That’s What Ultimately Makes Us Human Is What So I Call People Lovers But Anyways He Just My Friend Cameron Just Texted Nikki You Think He Lives In Canada Enough He Just Said Uh At The Hospital In Unbearable Pain Please Pray For Me And He He’s Been Battling Cancer And A Bunch Of Stuff Before License Um Has An Extremely Extremely Difficult Physical And Mental Stuff That He’s Gone Through That This Key And In Some Ways Cameron Is Like A Modern Day Job Where Just When We Think The Sufferings Better Gets Ten Times Worse And In His Dealt With Like The Depths Of Despair And And Dealt Dealt With What Wanting To Kill Himself Because The Pain Is Just Ridiculous Like The Pain Is Dude It’s Legitimately Evil You Know It’s Like It’s That Kind Of Pain There’s Unrelenting And As You Know I Mean Pain Changes Everything Like Pain Is If You Put A Human In Enough Pain You Can Rewire Their Brain And Probably In A Pretty Harmful Way And He’s Gone Through So Much Pain Suffering And It’s Not Right It’s So You Know I Just I Just Wanted To Invite You To Pray With Them Right Now Yeah Because Yeah Yeah Yeah I’ll Definitely Pray This Is What We’ll Do I’ll Pray You Pray And Then I Want You To Pray A Blessing Over The People Listening As Well Will Do Yeah Absolutely Okay Just I Thank You Lord God For Your Grace And For Your Mercy Lord God I Just Thank You Even Again That Jesus Is So Beautiful We Just Praise You Lord Jesus Because You’re Beautiful Simply Because You’re Beautiful Or Got In And Father In Your New Deal Oh God I’m Just Asking You To Move Up On Camera And Even Now God With The Blessing But God Send Forth Your Healing Hand God’s And Forth Your Word Even Now Father You Said You Sent Forth The Word The Healing Father I Pray You Bless Him Even Now God Let Him Feel Your Tangible Presence God I Speak Healing To His Body Right Now In The Mighty Name Of Jesus We Speak It We Believe It We Received It Father God We Thank You That We Are The Manifestations Of The Sons Of God Buddha Walking Boldly On The Earth By The God We Speak Healing Of Our Brother In Jesus Mighty Name From Jesus Name Amen Earng God Thank You Sorry Parent And All The Skype Calls And Face Times That We’ve Had How You Used Him Instrumentally In This Album To Make Me Feel Emotions That Were Dark But That I Needed To Feel And I Needed To Hear His Story I Needed To Reconnect With The Suffering Of Other People Admits The Privilege That Youth That I Have And I Don’t Even Deserve This Blessed Camera As He As He’s Hurting May She May He Someday God Is Sunday May She Know Why He Suffered So May He See May He See The Suffering And May He Also Wave Farewell To It And Not Hate It Not Fear It But-but-but-but See It And Say Goodbye To It And Walk Away From That And That’s Right Now That Would Be Amazing That Would Be The Greatest Gift That You Could Give Me God If Camera Could Stop Hurting Even For Even For The Night Got Even Karina’s Go To Bed This Week Who Could Sleep Them There’s Those Medications Could Wear Off And To Just Experience Your Love For Apart From All The Stuff They Have In Mark God You Love Him So Much You Have Cameron So So So So Much Thank You Love You Thank You Thank You For This Podcast Thank You For Brother That I Can Talk To You Admits The Parking Lot Of People Just Just Taking In Taking In Alcohol And Sex And Drugs And Useless Bullshit Bless All These People In This Parking Lot With All These People On Worked Or Who Are Chasing After Your Care That’s Being Held In Front Of Them And They Won’t Find Happiness And Maybe It’s Going To Take Them A Long Time But May They Find The Wholeness That You’ve Shown Me And My Brother You’re So Good You’re So Eternal I Live For These Moments Where I Can Talk With My Brother What A Brother Who I Just Met Gavin’s Podcast With Ya Got Thank You For Derek Thank You For His Ministry Thank You That I Got To Be A Part Of This And Yeah May All Our Divisions Fall Short And All Our Names And All Our Glory And Everything Maybe We Realize How Foolish It Is And May All There’s Left Be Your Love Thank You God Amen Beautiful Man Yes That’s What’s Up Dude Man Thanks So Much For Coming On Dude I Don’t I Don’t Know Much Of Your Backstory I’ve Honestly Just Really Been Listening To You Guys For Just A Very Short Period Of Time But So I Don’t Know As Far As Like In The Metal Scene Where You Guys Are As Far As Popularity And Stuff I Don’t Know How Busy You Are But I Know You’re Really Really Good Really Talented At What You’re Doing And You’re On The Warped Tour But To Be Honest Man I Might Kind Of Seem Interest Indian I Want To Tell You This Because How I Did And I’ve Just Realized It We’re Kind Of Like The Dark Horse In This Genre Where Like We’ve Been Coming Up For A While Now And Like You Know The People Who Are Really Into This Followed Me As A Christian Or Not That They’ve Been Kind Of Like Whispering About It You Know Like What’s This Band Doing You Know Cuz For Playing Heavy Music But Both Like Song And Structured Like That The Tones That We Create The Structure The Lyrics By No Means Do I Have Any Interesting Thing That Is Better Or Worse Than Other Bands But It’s Different It’s Fairly Different Yeah Peep There’s People Can Obviously Listen To On A Surface Level And Say It Reminds Them Of Something But If They Spend Enough Time With It Or If They Listen Through Three Or Four Songs They’re Going To Kind Of Quickly Not Know What To Classify It As And So It’s Led Us To The Situation Where We’re On Work Tour And They Just Give Us A Half Offer They’re Just Honestly Kind Of Like You Know Whatever You Know Enough People Have Talked About It And I Find What We’ll Do A Small Offering Don’t Get Me Wrong Guys I Appreciate It But It’s I Mean I Mean This But It’s If You’re This Far To The Podcast I Think By Now I Think You Know Where We’re Coming From Something To Say We’re Selling A Lot More Merch Than Just About Everyday About These Hundreds Of Bands These Bands Are Like Big And They Have Celebrities Maybe Big Merch Tents And All The Bells And Whistles And People Are Coming Door We’re Having More People At Our Shows On Our Small Stage And More People Are Buying Shirts And Cds And Like Asking For More And Coming To Designs And It’s Kind Of A Silly Thing Where Like Nothing About The Way This Festival Set Up Is Really Supposed To Encourage The Growth Of This Band But It’s Happening It’s Happening And People Are Just Kind Of Like I Mean Don’t Get Me Wrong This Festival Is Not Like Oh Damn It You Know Like They Don’t Want Us To Fail But But We’re Not We’re Not In The Middle You Know We’re On The Side And The Founder Of The Festival Even His Like Made Some Remarks And They’re Just Kind Of Like What’s Going On Like This None Of This Makes Sense And It’s So Fun To Just Be Like You That’s The Love Of Jesus It Is Just Like Okay You Know You Can Shut Up With That Shit You Know And You’re Like What’s Really Going On But It’s A Good Honestly Like Jesus Is The Revolution It Might I’m So Sorry That People Diluted The Gospel Message To This Piss-poor Thing That It Is But Dudes Like Man Like It Is Genuinely Like So Much Greater Than Anything That People Can Even Grasp At And Even My Bandmate And The People Who Work With Us Like Man I Struggle Every Day Just For Them To Come Into Like A Fuller View Of Eternity As Do I And One Dude In My Band Thomas Actually Has A Way Deeper Understanding Of All This Stuff Than I Do You Should Honestly You Should Have Him On At Some Point He He He’s Actually Had Some Experiences With Some Of The Stuff You Type Substances You’re Talking About Okay And Thomas Is Where I’ve Been I Kind Of Like Very Cognitive And Very Rational Thomas Is More Emotional And So I Would Say As Far As The Ministry Of Our Band Goes Me And Him Are Kind Of The One-two Punch As Far As Like Talking If You Don’t Give Me All My Other Guys Are Chiming Way More Talented Than I Am At A Big Part Of It But Thomas And I As Far As Like Relational And Emotional And Like Really Talking To People At Shows And Bands We’re Kind Of Like A Team Yeah He’s Like Oh I Thought This Person What He’s Thinking It’s Really Cool And Thomas Actually Gets Married In A Month And My Prayer Is That He Sticks With The Band You Have Because Without Without Thomas I’d Kind Of Lose My Spirit Animal So Speak But Yeah Yeah Sup Dude I Mean We I Mean There Was So Much More That We Can Get Into On The Podcast Like I Just Want To Even Just Break Down The Album Because I Think We Should Do A Whole Show Just Dedicated To The Album Art And Really Going Into The Colors That You Chose Was Like Each Each Emotions Behind It And Why’d You Chose That For The Songs And Like The Power Behind That As Well Man Liked It So Much That You Guys Put Into It Even Reading Some Of The Comments People Were Given You Got So Much Props That All Of The Thought Process That Went Into The Songs And Went Into The Album Art And Your Videos And Everything So That’s That’s So Dope Man Thank You Alright Thank You So Much Dick I’m At A Loss For Words Out Of The Net No It’s Did You What You Guys Are Doing Like I See It Man I See It And I’m I’m On The Train Dude I Really Like I Really Like What’s Going On And The Fact That That You’re Being You You’re Not Being Somebody Else You’re Not Being Francis Chan You Know I’m Saying You’re Being You And You’re Being Real And And That’s What That’s What Kids Are Relating To That’s What People Are Relating To That’s Why You’re On The Podcast Dude Because Listening To Your Music I Went Through A Bunch Of Interviews So Site Man Gotta Talk To Him Gotta Talk To Him I Really Like What This Guy’s Headed And You Know With Me Saying Far As Not Knowing Where You Guys Are On The List Of Celebrity Or Whatever You Guys Are Headed To Big Places Man Like Whatever You’re Experiencing Now Like It You And Well Italy With The Band Dude It’s It’s A Beautiful Thing So Funny It’s So Funny Cuz The Money And The Popularity I Really Don’t Give A Shit About It Like I I Don’t And It’s Cool Because What God Did You Know I Started When I Was 19 And If We Would Have Been On This Tour And On 19 Or 20 I Would Have Got So Much Of My I Personal So Much Of My Ego Would Have Been Informed By The Popularity Of My Band You Know What I Mean I Wouldn’t That Would Have Been My Identity And Now It’s Funny Cuz Absolutely The Band’s A Big Part Of My Identity To This All Idea Yeah But But But Not In A Way That Like Popularity Changes That I Did You Know What I Mean Like Or Money Like So Like The Band’s My A Lot Of My Identity But It But It’s In A Way That’s Not Like I Think Unhealthy Or Like And Is It’s Like It’s A Kind Of Cool Identity And It’s Really It’s The Situation Where Like I’m Genuinely Curious To See Where Our Band Goes Not Because It’s Going To Make Me Feel Better About Myself Or Because I’m Going To Get Rich I Want To Know Where Our Bin Is Going Because There’s No There’s No Like That We’re Following Like Do Some Authors Not Some Christian Band Called For Today And They’re Awesome And I Know All About Their Past I’ve Been For Instance For So Long But Like We Me And Before Today Guys Know It Okay That’s Not Our Path You Know In Any Other Any Other Band Or Like There’s A Technical Metal Band That’s Called Out Sleepers You Know That’s Out There That Says You Have To Be Someone And That’s Not Our Path I Saw That Path And It’s Not Our Past And So We Don’t Know What The Path Is And It’s Just Crazy Thing We’re Like I Have To Trust God In Life Only God Because Like Managers Are Booking Agent People And Don’t Get Me Wrong I Love Our Manager Our Booking Agent But Just In General Like Music Industry People It’s Been Like You Know This Is Where Ii This Is What’s Going To Happen And Then They’re Dead Wrong They’re Dead Wrong This Is Wrong And It Like And It Ended In They’re Embarrassed And They Don’t Talk To Me About It Anymore Because They Realize Like Dude We We Like Thought That We Knew What It Was But But Like You When The Holy Spirit Gets Involved Like Your Shit Goes Crazy Yeah Whenever He Gives You Vision Man Yeah It Does By The Way I Just Camille Come On See There’s A Lyric On Our New Album And And I Think It’s I Think It’s Like Kind Of Where You’re At Is The Ink God Gave Me The Surrogate Was Very Much Good Hypothesis I Was Gifted With Division But I Was Cursed As Gift Imagine But Curse But Curse To Be The Witness Do An Iii German As You Do This I Think That That’s You You Know Everything That You Have A Vision And You’re It’s A Gift And A Curse You Know That In Like What What You’ve Seen Because Um You You The Witness To A Lot Of Dark Things Do The Witness Saw Us Talk To See The Fake Smiles So You Put It It’s Also A Gift And And And You Know I Don’t Know Sonia No No It Dude Like That That’s That’s Definitely One Of The Lyrics Has Been Step Sticking Out To Me Jamming The Album And Stuff Making My Wife Listen To It And She Goes In It’s Beautiful Stuff Dude Um Thanks So Much For That There For Even Just Something Dedicating That To Me That’s All But Yeah I Want To Have You On Again Soon Man And I’m Gonna Send You Some Of My Music I Want You To Check It Out And Maybe If You Like It Man I Don’t Know If You’ve Ever Done A Hip-hop Track Man But If You If You’re Feeling The Vibes Man Maybe We Can Put It Together Get You On It It’s So Funny My Band Has Always Been Like You Need To Do Hip-hop Stuff And Like I’ve Always I Mean Just In General I’ve Always Been Slow To Like Because I Don’t Want To Take Away From What The Lord Is Doing With This And Seem Like Someone Who’s Like Trying To Like Be An Opportunist And Branch Out In Ten Different Ways But Like Being Someone Who Loves Hip-hop And Mike Loves Words Like I Would Honestly Be Honored To Be A Part Of Whatever You’re Doing In Life Yeah Dude If You Have Something And You Really Feel Like Like That It’s What It Needs To Be Like Let Me Know I I Honestly Right After This Conversation I Feel I Definitely Do Feel A Very Closeness And Spirit And It’s Cool Guy I Don’t Even Know Like We Probably Disagree About A Million Things But I Think We’re At This Place So Much Loving Jesus That Like Yeah That’s The Thing Like We Don’t Need To Agree On Stuff We Don’t Need To Agree On Anything Whether It’s What It’s You Know Psilocybin Or How Heaven Or Hell Works It’s Just Like You Just Like Loving Love And God Answer Yeah Yeah Yeah Definitely Do Cuz I’m Totally Inspired By You And What You’re Doing And Not Just You But The Band I Know I Know I Know The Band Is Bigger Than You And I Know That They That Yeah They’re Like You Guys Now Represent Something Else Like You Don’t Saying You Guys Are Like A Symbol For Something Else It’s Not About You Guys And So I’m Really Inspired By It I Go Through The Youtube Comments I See I See How People Are Responding And When You Guys Come Down South I’m Gonna I’m Gonna Definitely Shake Your Hand And Where Do You Live To A Show I’m In Alabama Oh Cool Cool What What City Mobile Oh Dude You Know Um That Maddie Is On Or Today Was There Yeah Have You Met Him Yeah Yeah I Met Him I Went To The Church And And Actually Visited Him There Yeah He Had Family In Town And Stuff Like He Invited Me Out Of Oscar Chatting With Him A Little Bit But He Had Family That Gitana Stuff So It’s Kinda Hard To Hang Out No Totally I I Would Love For You To Get To Know Him And A Really Really Good Thing At Some Point Between All These Tours That I Do I’m Planning To Fly Out To Mobile And Actually Like Live With His Family For A Little Bit And Just Get Some Discipleship From Him Into Their Life I Really Feel Like That That We’re Gonna Probably Grow Closer When I Do That It’s Just I Tour So Much That Like I Can’t Do It This Time Cuz I Go Home And I’m Enjoy I’m I’m A Groomsman In Two Different Weddings When I Get Home One For Sean From Phineas Another Awesome Band And Then He’s The Singer And And Then The Other As For Thomas Our Bassist So I I Joined A Mobile Just Went Work Because I Would Like Go To Mobile For Like A Week And Then Sell A Four Weeks Info Feel Free It’s Just Like Something That I Can’t View But Um Probably Between The August Burns Red Tour In The For Today Farewell Tour Or After The For Today Farewell Tour And Until Like Are You Guys On That Tour At All What You Guys Doing We Are Yeah We Are Yeah We Haven’t Announced It But Obviously I Got On My Fitness Outfit We’re So Far Into Deena Yo Yeah We’re On The Final Farewell Tour You’re Under View Just Goes Beyond The Pensacola Our Leg I Don’t Know So There’s Just Like Three Legs Basically They Do Like They Do Like Smaller Markets In America And Then They Do Like Europe And South America And Then Did You Like Final America So There’s Like Three Different Legs So We’re On The Third And Final Leg I Think That’s The One Where They Were Coming Close By Accident That Up And Uh I I Know I Know That Both Of Them I Know That They Kind Of Both The First Into Second America Run Have A Somewhat Similar Like Reach It’s Just The First One It Was Focusing More On Smaller Ish Cities And Smaller Rashmi News And Then The Last One They’re Going For Those Like Thousand Kathryn’s Every Night And Just Going To Like You Know Make It So That If You Ever Want To For Today In This Major City That’s It You Know I Mean And Yeah We’re On That Lack They Wanted On The It’s It’s In October They Have More Yet So So So The Ones That Were The Ones That We’re On Our November December Those Are The So All The November December America Days Are The Ones That Were On And They’re Not Okay All The Dibiase September October Or Whatever Those Ones Are Not We’re Not On Us We’re Actually Going To Be On Tour In September We’re Gonna Be On Tour In September October With August Rooms Grad And I Might Come Post You I’m Not Really You Know They Comes Earlier Yeah They Actually Do Come Down Here Alone So Yeah They’re Also They Also Cooled These Battle Yeah Their Vocalist Jake Is Also A Christian And In Fairly From What I Can See Pretty Like Interesting Kind Of Open-minded Dude A Lot Of Cool Thoughts You’ll Probably Be At The Atlanta You’re Right Um Winter Semi For Today Number Yeah Yes Yeah Yeah I’ll Be There Cool Yeah Well This Yeah I Loved It I Say I Love The Deathless You Get Into The Show I Just Kind Of Hang Out That Beautiful That’d Be Awesome Man I Definitely Be In Touch About That Man We’re Gonna Make Some Stuff Happen Dude I Really Want You To Hear My Music And I Think You’re Like It Cuz Gary Um Can You Can You Just Send Me A Link I’ll Deflect Buzzes Do You Want To Send It On On The Phone Yeah Yeah Just Just This Text Here Whatever You Got Okay Let That Be On All Yes Now That Being Said Man Thanks For Coming On The Show Everybody Go Out Right Now And Buy The New Album From Solid Planet Entitled Everything With Sound Or You Can Or You Can Pirate It Or Stream It I Don’t Care Man Just Listen To It It’s Everything In This Interview And More It’s It’s Beautiful It’s Well Put Together Man Thanks For Coming On The Show Brother I Look Forward To Building With You Man Thanks So Much Brother I Think You Left It Today’s Podcast Is Brought To You By Web Creator If You’re Looking For A Professional Website At An Affordable Price Head On Over To Web Creator Type In The Promo Code Truth To Save $200 On Your First Website Web Creator If You Would Like To Sponsor The Show Or Advertise Elimi This Podcast You Can Do So By Going To If Assist Or To Me And Become A Monthly Supporter We Appreciate Your Monthly Support Won’t You Come [music] [music] You

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