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In this episode of the TruthSeekah Podcast TruthSeekah speaks with Don Allison about communicating with departed spirits and a particular ghost that he met during a visit to Gettysburg Pennsylvania. Don speaks about a ghost speaking with him through what is called a spirit box which communicated through a EVP. This after other encounters in an house that was haunted led him down a path that he never imagined, a path beyond his wildest dreams.

My mind was spinning at this point. Here I was – someone who grew up not believing in ghosts, a veteran journalist used to questioning everything – apparently having a conversation with a captain who fought at Gettysburg more than 150 years ago.
Was it really possible? Was this some gigantic, wildly ingenious incredible hoax, or was this conversation somehow real?
And what was it that brought me – a once dyed-in-the-wool paranormal doubter – to this haunted bridge in search of ghosts?
– Don Allison | Author, I Met a Ghost at Gettysburg

From a Biblical perspective we have covered this topic on many occasions and from many perspectives and ghost and departed spirits are definitely something of biblical proportions. Spirits of the past have spoken kings of old sharing wisdom and Jesus and his disciples have met with the saints of old communicating the secrets of the spirit. With these example before us we must think it not strange when the veil between out realm and the spirit world connect. It is possible that we entertain spirits unawares and many spirits are in our lives on a daily basis and we don’t even know it. Although there is some question when it comes to spirit contact the scripture is clear that it is possible and permissible and many modern ministers are starting to have spiritual contact with their predecessors that have come before them.

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got we got to dig a little bit deeper into this truth here about meeting a ghost you know what I’m saying so Don welcome to the show man how are you hey pretty good thanks for having me on all right so I guess we can start off before we get into I met a ghost and some of the different paranormal stuff which you’re kind of in right now would you didn’t you said you didn’t see yourself headed that direction kind of give some people a little bit of a background about who you are and what you bring to the table yeah well I’m probably about the last person you would expect to do a book on the paranormal I’ve been a journalist started I was a sports writer in the and currently semi-retired and senior editor but I’ve covered all kinds of things from murders to politics to to feature stories I write a weekly column but but now I didn’t see the paranormal comic it came for me so with that about moving into a house that you didn’t know with with on it is that how that kind of began that was the start of it yeah my wife and I purchased in 1830 he’s house I was in really rough shape it needed a lot of work it has quite a local history was an underground railroad stop but but anyway as I started working there’s some odd things started to happen I mean I heard footsteps when nobody was there I would have radios turn on change stations you would sometimes smell it smells like tobacco smoke I even heard some voices and my first reaction which got to be kidding this this can’t yeah this isn’t real but the more it kept happening the more I realized something is going on here and I need to start looking into so where do we go from just having these little you know eerie sounds and noises and smells and things like that to petitioning a ghost trying to make contact what do you bridge that gap there well I’ll tell you there was one thing that happened but just really cemented things for me I’m working at the old house we didn’t have the power turned on it’s after dark I’m cutting floorboards and I’m listening to classic rock on the radio three times in a row when rather loud rowdy songs came on the radio turned off and I finally just had had enough I spoke out loud as crazy as it sounds this is look leave my radio alone I like this music I want to listen to it don’t mess with my radio so a couple minutes later a song I remember this song expressly was Elton John Saturday Night’s Alright for fighting that song came on the generator outside on the porch turned off now that to me is true intelligence and a bit of humor yeah and our giffany does seem to have humor that’s when I started to do the research you asked oh go ahead no I’m just gonna say where did the research take you well I started you know looking into the past of the house who lived there and also I was was rather intrigued one the former resident of the house stopped by my wife and I are working outside he said you know this house is haunted and my first thought was okay now I know were the reason for all the half-empty booze bottles are finding in around the house but turned out the guy is pretty nice and he told me some experiences he had that we actually experienced the exact same facts then gave some credence to it you know I found out about the history but the the big bridge for me to meeting a ghost came on a trip to Gettysburg Pennsylvania I took my grandson there for the history I’m also a civil war historian I’ve written books and we’re there and I wanted to entertain him I’d registered as a journalist with their marketing folks and one of the things they offer this was a ghost investigation so I’m thinking this is pretty touristy I’ll say yeah yeah Connor would you like to do this my god yeah it sounds pretty cool so I call up they agreed to take us out to a site called Saks Bridge initially did not thrill me it’s Evan bridge I’d seen it I didn’t think there is anything particularly interesting about it they said no you like Saks so we go we show up we’re set up with ghost hunting equipment the whole works and I’m expecting nothing from this and it was the last two hours and for about a minute 58 seconds it was pretty unremarked not too much happened although I did learn a lot about the history of Sachs bridge it was basically one vast field hospital during and after the Battle of Gettysburg veteran army retreated over the bridge the worst of the wounded Confederate and their Union prisoners left that I did not know but but anyway at the end of the investigation we finally had the bridge to ourselves or sitting over we have what’s called a spirit box or ghost box it basically scans radio stations to give real-life EVPs electronic voice phenomenon you can’t hear what with your ear but will be picked up on electronic device and we started getting answers to questions how many people are here with us seven eight nine what year is 63 these are some pretty intriguing answers started fading out against we’re getting ready to leave and then all of a sudden we started getting some brother answers I thought well what would a civil war soldier or person from 1863 what would they find interesting you know like jokes and I got a very clear yes you know he liked music of corpse almost a very loud voice almost like irritated by the question my grandson came up with a great one can you play it for us get him very polite yes sir we started getting music Civil War period music on guitar and then what sounded like a mandolin or a higher pitch string instrument this is fading in and out the investigators like looking with jaw drop and eyes wide open my thought is how are they big this has to this has to be a hoax and music finally faded out after several minutes of this I said wow you’re good thank you I said you punk some more yes we got another 10 its of music then we started asking more questions where are you from couldn’t really understand that the answer it was hard Cyprus I started asking rattling off states when I said Ohio we got a yes and I said Oh Connor and I are from Ohio and we were carrying k2 electromagnetic meters those that we could barely get a blip from both Connors and mine went to the highest level and stayed there several seconds a little bit my falling but then we got an unsolicited captain captain captain like wow that’s rather interesting and we had some other answers that rather intriguing but when the investigators said were you heard got it still it kind of bothers me today this blood-curdling scream a male scream of my cheering English and then a woman crying I kind of took the wind out of her sails but people who come on the bridge so we laugh I’m peppering this poor young woman questions yeah trying to figure out how they pulled this one over all she says no no this is a real thing seem very sincere so later on when we get home I’m thinking okay I’m going to figure out how they pulled this hoax and I talked to people in the field people with done investigation with the spirit box and I got the same answer over and over again no you cannot broadcast this this was not a hoax whatever you heard was something going on also the captain had given us a name didn’t make it out totally but it was very clear three syllables the middle on and it sounded like an SV and he repeated it numerous times I thought okay did any Ohio captain’s die and get Leesburg and I looked into it yes there were seven of them who were killed or mortally wound among them was one his name was Alan Briggs he was wounded on day one captured by the Confederates died on July 3rd third day of the battle as a Confederate prisoner he may well have died at saks bridge that really got my attention that’s where the title through the book and the biggest impetus writing he I gotta ask so that the house that you guys were in right mahat you were having these paranormal encounters and stuff is where the union was this go star was the same people around there did they seek you out was there or is it all these two totally different experiences altogether these we’re totally different my grandson has had paranormal experiences of the house now this this was a soldier from Ohio but not from our area we have some suspicions as to who spirits of the house might be but we’re not sure I’m personally lived there before us at the house thought one of the spirits was Uncle Bill he’s a gentleman who grew up there who died in the house and the nineteen forties you often hear heavy male sounding footsteps other people have seen the apparition of a young girl we have not seen her my wife and I but several others had and people unrelated who have no way of knowing what the other saw have described saints that communicating with the spirit of the captain and the soldiers and things was just a one-time event or was you guys taking expeditions back to this and trying to recreate these distant experiences I have been back to sex bridge with I purchased a spirit box I was intrigued by it I’ve done a lot of research into it I have not been able to make contact again with this particular spirit at Saks Bridge I had a humerus and so I actually gave a talk there to two people you know interested in hearing it and when I was done I was demonstrating the spirit box there was a young woman there who told me she used to be an investigator and she said ask if you like whisk that’s surely odd she said you’ll get an answer so I did I still like whiskey and I got a very clear oh man yeah on the spirit box which I just shook my head that’s kind of incredible now so after you know these initial encounters was you seeing a more activity at home that it kind of did like do other spirits know that you’re open you would you seen more contact after that actually I have found that what I i haven’t had more activity at the house actually we find that what seems the stir activity at the house is our renovation work although we’ll get things here and there when we’re doing work it’s very active however I do think at Gettysburg when I have opened myself I’ve had some experiences that that I think there is a degree of spirit sensing or telling yeah I think if you’re open to these things you can sort of train yourself or maybe make better use of your inherent abilities mmm-hmm yeah like as far as like your ESP and the different psychic phenomena being able to sense when something’s close versus actually having to have the box I mean I think everything is it’s kind of useful as a tool but I think once you know that it’s real once you know that it exists once you have those type of encounters then everything else just kind of opens up like you said you’re able to kind of feel those same feelings that you felt with the spirit box even without it being in different places that they talked about that cool air going down the back of your neck getting chills out of nowhere feeling like somebody’s calling your name or somebody’s watching you or something like that right very much so and I’ve especially with the house I’ve kind of developed a sense I can feel like I’d say the cool layer the sense the energies maybe a good way to describe it I feel a change in the energy automatic companies things happening I’ve heard my name mentioned compensation I’ve been touched it was just like being touched by a person only no one’s there some states require that if somebody died in the house or the house is deemed haunted that they have to actually tell you that in and in the least and if they don’t it’s it’s actually against the law to sell a house if they don’t tell you that there was none of that going on whenever you guys bought the house actually we had heard rumors in between when we made our offer and one closing and we we had gotten to know the owner he’s his friend of ours he still farms land around the area he told us that there are rumors of it being on and he said he’d heard he said II grew up there and never had experiences but he said his grandfather’s house down the road he experienced so but yeah Ohio is I don’t think as a state that that disclosure is required but many states do yeah but there’s no effort to hide anything real in it but their eyes how does this um shape your view of the afterlife as far as where spirits go if it’s an actual spirit of some people believe that when something traumatic happens obviously a war is very traumatic that it that it leaves like a a like some type of impression or recording of the feelings emotions of their last moments and things like that how does this change the way that you view the other side and it’s and where we go when we pass on there are a lot of theories and I think really science is behind it the physics quantum physics there’s a lot of cool research out there but there are indications that our energy our mind does survive that they don’t even know where consciousness is based in the mind or is mind simply a receptor to a consciousness that is you know in the Atlas there are a lot of things we don’t know and that really leaves me open I have had things happen to me I can’t see any ants Yonder consciousness surviving or somebody living being able to eat their thoughts too when you’re getting answers from so I wanted you to a name and a gear this happens that place where they likely died that’s hurt discredit what is the I’m very very open and I’m very curious I’m hoping that there are more I answered woody what do you think this this particular spirit had to say was there a message is there like unresolved issues that they’re open for contact did you disturb them what do you what do you think is like the DIA message there that they have to share the message for me that I seem to have gotten many times as people want their stories told and don’t want to be forgotten this predates this particular thing I’ll share with you predates any of my involvement with the paranormal but I wrote a book called hell on Belle Isle least some letters and diaries of the Civil War soldier from my area and I kept having odd things come up that were too much to be coincidence finding a diary finding the soldiers picture the antique shop is out of the blue that I thought this soldier wanted mister I think mainland Riggs is a good example I had the closest thing I’ve had in my life to psychic experience I’m at two different places it turned out the hundred and seven fell hyah Raj fought at Gettysburg they had horrible experiences two days in a row they German they were treated badly because they were German and I feel that they want their story told it turns out are that regiment was from my hometown no clue that a famiiy is it think they want their story oh yeah he’s dead he I mean that’s the thing whenever it starts like you start connecting the dots in other areas of life like you find a picture you find an address and then all of these different things what we like to call see Anisa teas are happening over and over these different confirmations it gets a little bizarre it gets into you know just it gets it almost feels like you’re being contacted not that you’re the one doing the contact but something was drawing you in for a reason to get that story out or to make contact or to show you something I think that’s very much at least in my in my keys that’s my experience I have not thought these things out they have sought heal that’s the thing too so like you said that you were probably one of the the last people to write a paranormal book that you thought right and and I guess I guess seemingly you’re one of the the you know the best people to write it so when you was a kid you didn’t have any type of fascination with the occult horror movies dead not trying to contact and seances of nothing like that like this was like one and done for you right that’s what I thought it would be it turns out that now I’m pretty well up doing a follow up book and a very much interested this is the interesting field right and there’s so many people in there and some of the stuff can be even slippery right we’re you know they want you to kind of perform on a dime or whatever something that you can actually recreate obviously if you have a spirit box and there’s all types of things that people are bringing to the table tools that they’re using to try to recreate these encounters and things so what what have you seen in like this this field as far as people being except above your message people calling sorry I lost our people our people do you have any naysayers do people try to call BS do they want you do they want proof you know things like that I thought there’d be a lot more of that I found it probably 99% of people are at least politely open to the idea I’ve had some some occasional asti people just know this can’t be and make smart remarks and I just deal with it it’s like you know hey I don’t have the answers but these things are real and I guess my main message is yep be open and if it happens to you don’t be frightened don’t think you’re crazy be open to it so was there fear there for you I mean if you’re I mean if you’re walking through your house at night by yourself or something and then you feel like something’s watching you then something touches you or calls your name I mean that could be a little scary was there a fear that you had to get over or was you just open the whole time I was like more almost amused and kind of incredulous I’ve been frightened once and that’s when I came out to the house to do some work and I heard what sounded like someone with a giant hammer banging things in the face I thought someone had broken in I actually grabbed a crowbar and ran down the stairs well that was smart or not that was my reaction I get down to the basement immediately is silence nothing was there and I wasn’t afraid of the paranormal I was afraid of that that was a human they’re living I heard that my wife feels the same way when she’s very open she’s not bothered by it the vibes of the house are very good yeah that that that changes everything what type of spirit that’s there right if it was like a poltergeist or something trying to play tricks on you or something trying to harm you I mean people have talked about those cases and stuff as well but you haven’t experienced any of the the scratches or any waking up in the middle of the night and the shadow figures and things like hovering over your bed or nothing like that now we’ve seen shadows we’ve seen shadow figures at times but but now the there are tricks things that do come up missing obviously done not by a person generally they come back in a different place some things never return yeah that’s the worst all right so moving forward with this you said you’re gonna be writing another book are gonna be more exploration that you’re doing that you that you’re focused on right now or is it going to be like a continuation of the first one or is it something totally different well it’s going to be very similar I tried to write it much like I write my newspaper column from a personal point of view but back it up with stats I’ve talked to a lot of people in the field I’ve looked into some of the science behind things so it is a continuation but it is really a sharing of things I’ve discovered since the first book came out and so was there any other encounters that you’ve had besides the ones at home and then right there on the battlefield I’ve had yeah a number that I’ll be sharing in the new book 107 oh hi oh encounter is rather mind-blowing to me on Barlow’s Knoll the first days fighting gettysburg with the spirit box I communicated with a man who gave me his name is Christopher and there’s a lot more detail but in a nutshell he said he was was hit in the arm I tried to figure it out where Christopher was from I couldn’t again understand the state I kept rattling off northern states and no answer my friend who was with me said well this area was overrun by a Georgia Brigade maybe he’s from Georgia I said are you from Georgia Christopher and he said very testily I am and then wouldn’t answer any more questions that’s one of the things I’ll be talk the new book and and that was done with the spirit box as well that’s correct I’m glad I had a friend with me to verify that this indeed happened are you trying to record these at all that can be difficult I’ve been looking into doing this I was just kind of trying it out really and now I’ve been in contact with people who are experts in this machine and yes I’ll be sending it out to record these definitely doing more in that area definitely well Don I appreciate you coming on sharing your story if people want to check out the book and follow you work you want to give them the websites and links where they can do that you betcha the the best link would be www at that I met a ghost calm I’m also WWF Aidid banner calm of course the book I met a ghost at Gettysburg is white really available you know other sources Islam all right Don I appreciate you coming on and we have to do it again soon whenever that that next book comes out let me know I’ll have to do that thanks for having me I’ve enjoyed it alright Don thank you so much Don Alyson ladies and gentleman I met a ghost some of you were thinking I met a ghost – names – Holy Ghost we don’t play with no ghosts over here right interesting when it comes to the afterlife when it comes to ghosts and spirits and like what really is out there like what can you contact should you contact it like is it peeking your interest like it gets really squirrely it’s not black and white and even you know he’s in it and he’s actually written a book and at the end of the day he obviously doesn’t know what’s going on what is it as I’m reading the chat here a lot of people are talking about demonic encounters we’re talking about shadow beings and shadow people which we’ve been talking about a lot lately of these encounters where you wake up and there is a spirit in your room where there is some on top of you in the middle of the night these type of encounters that people are having it could be scary it could be fear people are talking about moving past the fear is like the biggest obstacle and once you do that then you’re opened up for new opportunities and in communication it’s really weird is the fact that uh once you’re you have a belief or you have something that you are pursuing the universe works in such a way that it will back up your belief I like to get into the scriptures when it comes to this as a Bible scripture is really good man it says that the promises of God are yes and amen essentially whatever you put out there God the universe is saying yes and amen okay poverty yes amen that’s what you want that’s what you’re repeating whatever you’re looking for whatever you’re creating it’s gonna come back to you the law of seedtime and harvest sowing and reaping karma if you will whatever you’re looking for what whatever your intention goes energy flows and you create that so when it comes to the spirit realm when it comes to ghosts when it comes to demons when it comes to anything but especially the spirit realm the things that we’re trying to figure out if if it’s real God is it real Jesus is Jesus real like whatever the case is demons fairies the ghosts of the dead that a party are they real whatever you begin to look for you find and it’s really weird when you’re when you get out there by yourself and you’re moving through what seems to be uncharted territory because unless you go out there and you do the field work you may never see this you may never see this we’re talking about UFOs aliens angels even are they real is it only just for a few select people to see or if you seek it you will see it if you believe it you receive it and see it right don’t we apply this to everything else in life it’s the same way when it comes to this stuff elemental elemental spirits there’s people who talk about communing with fairies and imps and trolls and spirits and things like that and they’re able to see them they’ve trained their eye to see them there’s all types of stuff going on that we can’t see with our physical eyes we have to have a trained spiritual eye a single eye the third eye that if we can see what’s going on around us right now even as I’m sitting in this room there’s all types of frequencies going around there’s Wi-Fi signals there’s cell phone signals all kinds of stuff your body is affected by it right it’s it’s messing with you it messes with your etheric field it messes with all types of stuff going on with your body right but you can’t see it but we know it’s there it’s the same way in the spirit realm there’s all of these different entities levels different dimensions levels of density lower level entities what we would call demons or unclean spirits then there’s higher vibrational frequencies as well the angelic beings the masters the teachers that exist at a higher vibrational frequency then any of the demons or the dark beings which I believe are here for a reason right we don’t just negate the demons we don’t negate the things that happen to us that we don’t like you know what I’m saying because those things are just as important as the beautiful encounters that we’ve had with angelic beings or ETS or whatever the case is your teachers ascended masters Jesus right being an ascended master himself but even we can break it down on a even smaller level like a microscopic level like all of the different little creatures man these little things that are on us man there’s bacteria there’s odd all types of little they look like creatures I mean you can look them up they fight each other they’re even even down into your bloodstream your blood cells fighting viruses and bacterias that are on you that are in you the food that you eat your gut bacteria and then it produces the way that you feel for about the next six months so that you are which you eat not only that but you are what you eat ate bugs bacteria microbes all of this stuff these things are living on us man well we understand life well we understand when you bathe and you use antibacterial soap you’re killing these little guys you’re destroying them right killing them talking about honor and life it gets really interesting when we get into the vegetarian thing and vegan thing to honor our life but when you sneeze all of this stuff man there the universe is beaming with life on many levels and so when it comes to the microscopic ones we can’t see them unless we have a trained eye in this case the trained eye would be a microscope and you can actually see them it’s almost a mirror image of spiritual warfare of believing that these entities or these levels of these things unclean spirits ghosts goblins whatever are fighting you’re doing war into heavenly realms in this same room that we’re in right it’s happening it’s taking place on your body like your body is the battlefield and you can see them you can see them if you have the right eye the right I being the microscope you can see these little bugs in these little some of them are cute some of them look like little bears and stuff and they have special abilities that they could split open and they fight they do war over you man when we look into the ancients the ancients believed that these were the demons they believed that any infirmity a spirit of infirmity any sickness was some type of what we would call demonic entity and they had prayers they had convocations that rebuked and banished these so-called demons these dragons that they would say that they would talk about that we’re living in US and on us and it would try to cleanse themselves through fasting to get that stuff out of your body I mean the scriptures even talked about that some of these demons only come out through prayer and fasting they when you fast you flush all of those toxins and everything out of your body I mean there there’s it’s crazy when it comes to the Bible and some of the other ancient when it comes to breaking down the dragons the serpents that take over the body and stuff man the great dragon do the research on that it’s very interesting when it comes to reading some of these medieval prayers and complications against the Dragons that live within our body and on our body it’s very similar to what we would call spiritual warfare and having these unseen entities feeding off of us like that like that bacteria feeds off of your body feeds off of the dead flesh all kinds of stuff right feeds offer you spiritually it said that these other entities the unclean spirits the things that you’re entertaining that they’re that they’re feeding off of you as well they’re feeding off of your auric field making people depressed not have any energy cleansing things like that like it’s ways to get rid of them very similar looking at the two and comparing them like I said whatever you’re looking for like if you you can get into that and go find it and there’s all types of research on all of this stuff that I just mentioned but whatever you’re looking for you’re gonna find I’ve seen a lot of stuff man I’ve been privy to see a lot of stuff I’m not an expert on any of it I’m not the end authority on any of it but I know that things out there exist I know that things above us exist on a higher beautiful vibrational frequency I know that there’s lower-level entities I believe in demonic possession I believe that you can open up doors and you have to be careful trying to contact entities and trying to deal with ghosts and trying to see that kind of stuff sometimes you can bite off more than you can chew and thank God for Jesus right I mean that’s just my story in general opening up doors that I couldn’t close that only Christ could closed and I did that and I was I live to tell about it you don’t I’m Sam a lot of people go mad after having those encounters and I was headed down that road but um you have to be careful man you have to use wisdom there’s their scriptures man when it comes to the Bible we’re talking about entertaining spirits unaware we’re talking about looking at Saul who contacted the spirit of Samuel and he went to a witch the Witch of Endor I think it was called and he needed some wisdom and he summoned up the spirit of Samuel and he spoke with his spirit a lot of people you know a lot of religious circles they have different takes on that and some people who don’t you know some people say it was a demon and stuff like that but the scripture says that it was the spirit of Samuel right that it was that’s who we spoke with so we have a lot of different cases in in the Bible job chapter for jobs I’m gonna I’m gonna read that let me let me pull this up right quick and I’m gonna read this to you guys this is a really good one and it comes to spirits in angels and demons and in dealing with the other side of actually understanding what they are right I’m gonna scroll down – here we go all right of understanding what what spirits are what angels are the word Angelus is translated messenger like it even calls people in the Bible angels a lot of times when it talks about entertaining angels unaware it’s talking about messengers and not every case is it talking about a spirit or an entity or whatever the case is so you have to actually break down the Greek and Hebrew and see what they’re talking about with all this with everything really but let’s start here this is job 411 let’s start with 12 this is deep because this is explaining job waking up in the middle of the night and seeing what we would call a ghost or a spirit seeing it in a hallway and all of the tingling sensations everything that this brother just described a while ago job’s gonna talk about that okay job 4:12 now a thing was secretly brought to me and my mind ear received a little thereof in the thoughts from the visions of the night when deep sleep followed up on men it says fear come up came upon me we’re talking about being scared fear and trembling which made all my bones to shake in the middle of the night and it says verse 15 then a spirit passed before my face and the hair of my flesh stood up what is the hair of my flesh it’s like you know when you get those chills and all of your hair your hairs stand up it’s it’s this what he’s explaining sixteen it stood still but I could not discern the form thereof an image was before mine eyes there was silence and I heard a voice saying shall mortal man be more just in God shall a man be more pure than his maker this is the message so these angels the spirits they come in they bring messages they’re messengers of God it’s very interesting so he’s laying in bed looking and he sees the shadow it says fears upon him he’s scared right if you wake up and you’ve seen a something in your room when you be scared in the middle of the night then a spirit passed before my face the hair of my flesh stood up its it stood still but I could not discern the form thereof this is explaining a spirit which is there a lot of times these messengers when you’re able to see them sometimes you don’t see them at all but when you make contact with them when you see what they look like a lot of time there they just look like smoke they look like a billow of smoke they could be any color it could be gray smoke so he’s seen it and he couldn’t see the form thereof because it was moving the image was before my eyes there was silence then he heard a voice whether it was audible or that inner voice this spirit brought forth a message to job really interesting scripture and there’s there’s so many more about these different encounters whether their angelic whether they’re dealing with ghosts whether they’re dealing with spirits see understanding the spirit realm you have to know that there’s all types of spirits out there it’s not just angels and demons who are fighting and warring over you or whatever there’s all there’s all types of spirits man there’s all types of vibrations there’s energy you have to think in the form of energy you have to think in the form of movement if everything is moving everything is vibrating that’s when it comes to spirits there’s all types of neutral spirits right there just is there they just exist they just govern different parts of the earth different parts of the atmosphere different types of angelic beings and if you’re into that and you want to figure out how it works you can you could study it there’s men everybody likes to you know read all these books and stuff up I go back to those holy books man but all the ancient ones especially the ones that were taken out of the Bible right like that had some type of information that was a little bit too deep so they took it out and as you go into these other books the funny thing is is they go into a lot more detail on the spirit realm they go into a lot more detail when it comes to these these demons in and how they interact with humanity that the recommenced recognitions of clemente is a really good book I think Clemente was a disciple of Barnabas and he walked with Barnabas for some time and he has all of these crazy stories man of where they were dealing with demons and how they get access to your body and and how do you get rid of them and things like that and there’s a bunch of obviously Enoch a lot of people start off actually you know I’m saying going into the Book of Enoch that’s the starting place for a lot of people you find out they’re just pulling from this stuff and it’s mentioned of in the Bible so many people like when it comes to these books I said well they were taken out for a reason those books were removed for a reason yeah they definitely were removed for a reason some people blamed it on God well if God wanted those books to be in there he would have put them in there those type of that type of thinking but understand that like those books are mentioned of in the Bible like there’s like 20 or 30 that I know that are mentioned of in the Bible that nobody knows where they are the majority of them there are books from different prophets that we’ve never heard of mention of in the Bible quoted a lot of the books can be found the book of Jasher is mentioned the book of enoch the book of Jubilees the wars of the israelites there’s a bunch of books and it gets into these other weird books like as it is written in the book of shamaya the prophet who is shamaya the prophet never heard of them right but it’s it’s written of in the Bible like you just read over it engaged by a whole long who is he and what was in his book yeah I want to know these things as it is written in the book of II do to profit like these type of things just the type of stuff that kind of you know what I’m saying gets my my brain working a little bit wanting to search quoting the Book of Enoch okay well what Cindy nock let’s see why they took it out and you find out that it’s talking about all of these spirits that are still being worshiped on the earth by the rulers it talks about the kings and the rulers of the earth making pacts with demons making pacts with spirits to gain power influence and renown in the earth oh that was taken out you think who took it out do you think that the the rulers of the earth took it out because it exposes who they were worshipping and other books that tell you how to overcome darkness and overcome their dictatorship in the earth and how to be clean from that and and those were removed yeah God wanted those out of there yeah right understand that there’s some really deep stuff going on man and times are getting really interesting too when it comes to free speech man we look at the things like there’s there are certain titles that I pick and I try to be careful with it like if I name an episode a certain title and it uses a word that YouTube doesn’t like it’ll D monetize it you know I don’t I don’t even know where all these words are they don’t like the word paranormal obviously that one’s kind of been demonetised on my channel if I use that word and even if you do name it right if you talk about certain things like you can download your script after any YouTube video you can go and download the entire script so it runs through the algorithms and they’ll de monetize your channel or give you a strike for talking about certain things on YouTube a lot of people are going through that right now they get to pick and choose what they want to show people they get to pick a choose to narrative right what you can and can’t talk about it’s in it’s in the back of my head man it’s like you have to be careful you have to they want you to play by their rules right they’re creating these rules and we look at Alex Jones man they just pulled Alex Jones is all of his stuff like we knew that he was he was getting strikes on YouTube or whatever they pulled Alex Jones and Infowars offer everything Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube he’s done they pulled everything now obviously I don’t vote for Alex Jones and what you know all he takes it way too far it’s entertainment but when it gets into a lot of these crazy conspiracy theories and stuff that they’re calling that stuff is dangerous man this stuff is harmful I mean people will believe anything people will believe anything it’s crazy and so you have somebody out there who’s charismatic Alex Jones has we’ve gotten more charismatic more animated right freaking out screaming you know beating this chest growling in the microphone like all this crate these crazy antics that were essentially helping helping his his ratings – and so he was speaking for a large people group a lot of right-wing conservatives loved his stuff and there was things where he uh you know would talk about conspiracies and he’s these Sandy hooks hoax and things I’m probably gonna get demonetised on this video for even saying that word right so this is the crazy thing where Alex Jones should’ve did or should do its take the last little bit of ad revenue whatever he has and create another platform like I think that he has enough money not only him but other agencies out there who are gonna be targeted who are gonna have their voice silenced I think he should have created a different platform there’s other people trying to do it Jimmy Church has started to do it with on stellar which is the decent platform that they’re building up right now trying to find an alternative to Facebook and all of this stuff on stellar is is a pretty good platform you have you have steam in all of these different ways for people to kind of make money off of their product and kind of make a living doing what they love creating content cuz like man you can you could wake up and that that channel can be pulled you could wake up and that channel is gone so everything that you’ve been building working for can be pulled like that and you try to send emails there’s nobody for you to talk to you to get it reinstated all of that stuff I mean it happened to a friend of mine Vinnie Vinnie Eastwood right he freaked out man it was his life work he was paying his bills with that YouTube ad revenue getting a lot of views able to pay for his bills right he wakes up one morning his stuff is pulled somebody sort of reporting all of his stuff they pulled it he had to go he was he was trying to petition it getting people to sign petitions all of that kind of stuff and eventually after talking to some some higher-ups somehow Vinnie Eastwood got his channel reinstated after a two months but that was two months of revenue that he lost right happened to me I got pulled right it happens man so trying to maneuver in this system trying to keep your head above water trying to play by their rules but they not be afraid to speak on things that you have to consciously think about this stuff right there will meet you they will pull your platform all of that stuff and you have a lot to to risk when you know once your platform gets big right it’s a gamble so it’s like you know do I talk about the Alex Jones conspiracy do we talk about YouTube D monetization do we talk about this stuff because they’re you know they can flag it they really can sucks man so I really think I really people who were trying to start other platforms people who are trying to you know the Jimmy churches who were doing the on Stellar’s and all of this kind of stuff I try to support that stuff man I have an account on there I have an account on all of those sites man and just seeing you know which ones I like the best or whatever but when it comes down to it man you got a support to support these people because they you know it’s it’s going down they’re deleting all of that stuff so that’s why I will say you know if you appreciate my podcast and what I’m bringing to the table that’s why patreon helps so much because like the majority of my videos get be monetized by the title or stuff we’re talking about even paranormal stuff like don’t even want to like monetize that that’s a huge industry right the paranormal they you know they’re trying to demonic house that they don’t want to put ads on it so yeah patreon is a great way to support independent media independent creators so definitely that link is in the description here if you’d like to sign up for any level of given would be awesome patreon is really cool and I will say to subscribe to my podcast via iTunes and Spotify and all that stuff they’ve been really lacks when it comes to that kind of stuff so iTunes has been good subscribed there that link is in the description as well just type in truce to go on any of that stuff and it’ll come up so definitely support the stuff that you believe in trying to look through these comments here you guys are going off I got we’re streaming live on YouTube Facebook on a lot of stuff actually we’re and there’s a whole list of periscope and we’re on Twitter on all of this kind of all of this stuff so it’s really interesting so uh just trying to keep everything organized honey I’m just trying it out just to see how it works so shout out to everybody holding us down in the chat rooms everybody holding us down in discord doing that kind of stuff I would like to say that I do have a concert coming up on August the 18th in so sure Mississippi I’m gonna be performing there with a couple other artists make sure you check that information out it’s on the website and it’s on all my social media so check that out but yeah that’s pretty much it man talking about ghosts talking about all this stuff Gio says that uh Alex Jones gives 80% truths it’s the other 20% that matters that he doesn’t say yeah he gives a lot of truths but he gives a lot of a lot of false stuff too you know what I’m saying like that’s the thing a lot of people are looking for people to follow they’re looking for leaders right Alex Jones like people are looking for someone to speak for them instead of understanding that they have their own voice and not being afraid to speak about the things that they believe in you look for in Alex Jones or a truth seeker or whoever you have to like actively I have to actively like keep that off of me like being your spokesman or whatever the case is like just you got to understand that you have the power man that you have the voice that you have the authority it’s not about following the best charismatic leader I mean you if you want that go to majority of the churches these days they’ll tell you what you want to hear there’s a church out there that uh for every belief system if you don’t like this if you don’t like that I mean I used to go to a church that catered to bikers and people with purple hair and Mohawks you know and other charges that if you believe this there’s a church for that if you want to alter those beliefs a little bit there’s another Church probably next door like right in the same shopping center you know what I’m saying what has been deemed storefront abominations by some of the big Tom pastors they don’t like those little churches that pop up just crazy cray cray cray binary watcher says yes I admit I’m a big gamer dude I stream on Twitch you should repent don’t do that it’s not good are you oh you’re you’re on that mech Wars aren’t you trying to get me to play mech wars with you I’m not playing mech Wars bro I’m not playing that but if you’re consistent man whatever you want I mean there’s people making a lot of money on Twitch though right I mean there’s kids like 13 year olds men 11 year olds making hundreds of thousands a year if not millions little kids they’re being consistent right they show up every day every 5 hours whatever the cases that they’re doing it so you know whatever you want to build you got to be consistent and you you get in and you can it could be successful you got to put hours into it you got a molder you got to craft it you got to breathe the breath of life into it whatever you want to bring to the table you could do it that’s between you and God whatever that is if it’s a podcast it was a gaming channel I’m gonna continue to say it I’ve been saying it the problem with a lot of people who are very creative is that you have a lot ideas you have too many ideas the problem is that every one of those ideas are really good and they could work so you start one thing and you do it for a week and you move on to the next idea or you get bored with the first one you do that for a month figure something out you do that for two months three months you go back to the first thing Vanek can’t believe I forgot about that you go back to it and you just keep coming up with all of these great ideas that could work any of them could work if you stuck with it with it and seen it through that’s something that creative people struggle with I struggle with but as far as walking in consistency and showing up daily when you don’t want to show up when you don’t feel like showing up you show up regardless whatever it is that you’re creating that you’re building if you don’t show up and it’s not gonna grow if you don’t believe in it how do you how are you gonna get other people to believe in your vision right it’s part of it being consistent and so many people I struggle with it there’s so many creative things that I can do that I want to do data first and I can name them I could spread them out any of them could take off very creative ideas all kinds of stuff you guys are just like that so you start something for a week and you give up you start you do it some of y’all hang in there four or five months you know then you go to something else MLM it’s crazy multi-level marketing a lot of people are jumping on that some a lot of it’s good but what’s the best thing for you like there’s people who were into trevita I had friend of mine try to get me into trevita and I started with trivita like there’s some early podcasts about two years ago two years ago where I was giving links to join my trivita there are different health products stuff right I didn’t stick with it didn’t like it essential oils people do essential oils some people are really successful at it some people still trying to figure out how it works and all this kind of stuff all types of MLM I’ve seen my friends man I see my friends get on here and every week it’s a new MLM they’re begging people to join we used to call them pyramid schemes but but it works if you stick with it though so it’s not a pyramid scheme it still it’s a pyramid like you’re getting paid off of all these other people you get to sign up and send you money but you see people jump for one to another to another to another I got friends that are doing it it’s crazy I’ve done it right any of those you know a year a year goes by two years and you don’t been with 7ml elms I’m like bro you would have picked one of those and just been consistent with with one of them it gets boring where I run into a wall or I found this out or whatever you’re still just jumping around like none of them are gonna work you’re gonna be level one and all of this stuff right but if you’re consistent with it’ll work out even when you it’s the fact when you want to give up when you want to go on to something else you got to stop yourself no stop it don’t do that I got friends who are like they just sent they just may I have so many creative friends men who have great ideas trust me I’m not downing your ideas they’re great every single one of them they’re awesome you could do it but you don’t you won’t pick one go with it see what happens see what happens when you just walk it out when you stick with it it’s gonna pay off because at the end of the day hard work always pays off at the end of the day hard work always pays off seedtime and harvest if you’re if you’re working man if you’re putting something in that ground you’re putting the seed in that ground if you’re cultivating the land you’re getting it ready to receive that seed plant the seed then you water it as it starts to grow you continue to water it just weeds that come up around it Jesus had parables about this stuff man seeds you rocks or on top of it you got to move this stuff out the way can’t we’ll go on to another tree I’m trying to cultivate seventeen trees at once okay maybe that’s a bad example but it it works right cultivating the land with that I’m gonna say thank you guys for the support thank you guys for hanging out with me again check out those links in the description there you can support my work and uh keep me going there’s a bunch of t-shirts and music and all kinds of cool stuff that we’re bringing to the table there so uh check out that stuff concerts coming up continuing to expand I also have a concert we haven’t really announced it but I’ll go ahead and talk about it we have a concert coming up in Tallahassee Florida so I will be there very soon we’re gonna be getting all the info ready for that yeah making it happen so with that I’m gonna say peace and Shalom thank you guys go to seeker to join my patreon and get all kinds of cool perks and rewards with that I’m gonna say peace of Shalom I love you guys and we’ll do it again Thursday god bless [Music] [Music] well that does it for this episode folks to hear more episodes of the truth seeker podcast head over to truth seeker calm and if you’re wanting to support the show and get rewards go to our patreon page at forward slash truth seeker [Music]

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