Gil Hodges

Limitless Encounters With God | Gil Hodges | TruthSeekah Podcast

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In this episode of The TruthSeekah Podcast TruthSeekah is joined by Gil Hodges of Kingdom Talks as they discuss limitless encounters with God.
Gil and his wife Adena Hodges are called to assist people on their journey to understand who they really are in Christ and how to function in His Body on Earth … His Ekklesia.

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[Music] what you [Music] don’t be but now locked into the truth seeker podcast me live naturally calm your source for spiritual and inspirational music paintings and medians the show is designed to help you grow in your walk with Christ and advance the kingdom of heaven and now your truth seeker hey what’s up ladies and gentleman I’m your host true sticker this is the truth seeker podcast man I’m excited to light it to be with you guys again today we’re gonna awesome show plan for you gonna be joined by a good friend of mine Gil Hodges here in a few minutes and it’s gonna be really good when I say huge thank you to everybody supporting the work everybody who makes this show available this is a listener-supported listener funded show and it doesn’t exist without your help so what’s a huge thank you from the bottom of my heart for everybody who’s partnered with me in this ministry in this venture who believes in the work thank you guys so much we shot up some of the latest patrons within the last week or so shout out to Amy Watterson thank you Amy shoutout to Kylie Patricia wien Benjamin William ween and cally Bear Patricia wing thank you guys and this is a family that comes together in support and they all have accounts and with our patreon thank you guys for the support way over there in Australia you guys rock and shout out to my friend Taylor for coming on and joining the patreon supporter partnering with me if you’d like to support head on over to patreon comback slash true seeker there you get access to my entire discography of music you get access to behind the scenes stuff our Thursday night school of the Mystics which is the encounter sessions that we do and tapping into prayer and meditation and breath work and just spending some time in the presence of God and it’s the community aspect to what we’re building as well so you get access to that as well as our discord service and all that cool stuff so check it out slash true seeker also my new book is still here is still doing well man thank you guys for all the support for this project and if you guys haven’t had a chance to check it out yet go to truth seeker com you can get a copy there spirit realm angels demon spirits and the sovereignty of God how they all fit and play together in God’s perfect will for your life and so with the enemy meant to for your harm God will in turn use for your good and I think that this is the main message for this book so if you haven’t had a chance to check it out ya go to true seeker com get you a copy we’re gonna go ahead and jump into today’s discussion my friend Gil Hodges from Kingdom talks what’s up brother hey how you doing it’s pleasure to be on you’re in oh yeah yeah yeah man always always a pleasure to do ministry with you pick your brain hang out the next stage of stuff Kingdom talk stuff all that good stuff I just wanna give a shout out on your behalf because you know I’ve been big on honor I really believe in honoring people and honoring where you were getting blessed and I just want to say to your listeners that they’re being blessed by your show that absolutely you know or something into that or something into the show like you were you were asking you know just that’s listener support it so honor it if you like it honored it yeah thank you for that yeah yeah people want to support you know piaf that’s my thing you know people want to give you just got to give them avenues and in and reasons to give and ways to give you know and make sure that we’re giving back and I think that you know what we’re doing with with the teaching and equipping and in helping people where they are meeting people where they’re at what I’m doing with this and Kingdom talks and your ministry what you’re doing very similar reaching out to marginalized people maybe at a time they were marginalized now they’re stepping out and taking over you know other next stages and people who are having you know otherworldly encounters with the Lord and with beings and angels and things like that and there really isn’t like a grid for what they’re experiencing in the church realm and so for me it led me I had to go outside the church to even find somebody to talk to about this stuff and so for what I’m doing and what you guys are doing stepping into the next age kind of creating a grid the grids been there I really I think it has been scripturally even but in Christendom you know in the church age you know been taboo to talk about some of these things and so it’s very important right now yeah and it’s it’s it’s a shame that it’s been taboo but you know I guess that’s just the way it is one of the things that I think has been really exciting for people that you know they’ve come to our church you know and they find out that there’s a lot of freedom a lot of freedom in you know we had a baptism some time ago and and you know I felt like this is one of the first baptisms I was doing into this next age where we were we’re aware we don’t fully understand what we’re stepping into but we’re aware that we’re stepping into something and this person brought their family over you know they brought their their their mother and their father and their cousin over and the four of us sat down together with a couple other people in our church and we actually had conversation where they were just blown away because we were open to having conversation about things that were taboo in the church and you know we went down a lot of Rapids was and to me we don’t we will not be able to discover the truth unless we are able to have conversations open conversations and without somebody stepping in and saying well I’ve got all the truth let me tell you how it is because that just shuts everything down but to have conversation and let everybody discover on their own path what is working for them because I do believe that the other thing that we’re stepping into is is the age of we will all be taught of the Lord and so the key to all of it is having a personal and intimate relationship with Yahweh with Yeshua with Holy Spirit and when we have that personal relationship they will be the ones that guide us and that needs to be left alone so that we’re not trying to tell everybody you got to do it this way you got to do it that way rather you know we’re you know we do want to have one another’s backs not stabbing each other in the back that’s kind of been that the past paradigm it’s like someone who looks like they’re getting off course and we got to start you know you know taking them down some way but rather that we have one another’s back and just you know in a loving way field to share hey you know not sure if the fruit of that is is really looking good on you right now and that that person would know that we’re operating out of love and that we really want to help the person that we’re not trying to stop them because I’m not afraid of anything anymore you know people want to step into stuff that would have been totally taboo in the past I’m like I’m not afraid of it you know if that’s what God’s calling you to do we’ve got your back you know and maybe there’s another person over here they’ll go with you I don’t know but you know we want to have one another’s backs and begin to explore things that we’ve not been able to explore in the past just because it’s always been shut down yeah and it’s working and I think it’s so simple too it’s not like some crazy big formula maybe it seems like it is when you’re a forerunner you know especially I mean you could pie look back when you guys were stepping into this you know and you know is anybody gonna respond I know this is where God’s leading us but then you like seeing how big and how addictive love is you know God’s love and and inviting people into that and seeing how God was already preparing people you know and all you had to have the conversation and you know create the grid or the the platform to do that and and when we’re not alone there’s a lot of people doing this and I think we’ve been four runners in in a sense and a lot of that and it’s as simple as having a conversation you know and I have people on from all walks of life and even Christians who maybe do things that I don’t agree with I don’t I don’t believe in or maybe the people watching don’t agree and and people think you are you automatically you know saying believe in that or you you vouch for their lifestyle or what they’re doing but it’s like hold on like simply we’re having a conversation and you find that like the church realm of the religious realm they kind of get upset that you have in the conversation with that person because it’s this it’s the the one simple thing that they refuse to do you know in organized religion the church realm and stuff like that is they refuse to have that conversation like it’s not that I believe in this person it’s not that I you know vouch for their lifestyle I’m just having a conversation with this person you know and it’s the one thing that we you know refused to do and there’s there’s a clip and I want to show you this clip event off-camera but the when Columbine happened Marilyn Manson I was a big really big in the Marilyn Manson when I was a teenager and he caught the brunt of that of these kids being into this dark music and the occult and stuff like that and they went on that rampage and uh Marilyn Manson caught the brunt of that and he was trying to say he was responsible and he his lyrics and all kind of stuff and he had to go off grid and and some years later he resurfaced and he did his first interview and his first interview was with Michael Moore and he did it was on the docket documentary Bowling for Columbine and so he had this first interview with Marilyn Manson and then they start talking to him about you know the repercussions from Columbine like him you know they saying he did it and boycotting his music and all this just crazy stuff and Michael Moore sets him down he’s picking his brain about it and he said he said Manson if you could sit down with these with these teenagers and you can tell them one thing what would you tell them if you can sit down and talk to them he said I wouldn’t tell him anything he said I would listen to him and that’s what nobody ever did nobody ever listened to these kids you know and so for us just to have that conversation man with people who are hurting man people who even have ideas and there’s no grid and there’s no realm for just having that conversation you know it’s so powerful man and so when he said that man it’s like man Florida everybody’s given their opinion do this try that go here said look we just we just opened up room for the conversation man and I feel like there’s so much healing and the transference of energy and knowledge and wisdom and love that’s transferred through a conversation you know as long as we’re willing to have it with the person ain’t got to try to convert them I used to have the conversation that that but the goal was to convert them at the end you know saying I know you did – yeah it’s been a major shift and again I believe that this is something that God is doing you know it’s not something that you know man is going to be able to mess up in any way shape or form he’s simply taking us to a whole new I’ll just call it the evolution of the humanity he’s taking us to a whole new level and it’s interesting you know we haven’t talked a lot about it but you’ve had Chris Carter on here before he talks about shifting of the ages and how we’ve gone through let’s see it would have been from Adam Eve you know that was one shift when they came out of the garden you’ve got another shift with Abraham and got another shift with the issue up and then now we’re in another shift yeah and a neat shared you know there are some massive changes that take place and even though there was a commission now I would say that it you know it looks very clear that God has always used his people to orchestrate the transit and the transition and and yet the Commission that was given in the previous age seldom is very well fulfilled before God says okay we’re going to the next stage which is really interesting he’s definitely not hung up on perfection in the sense that everybody’s got to get it right and they got to have it all done and finished and complete before he goes to the next age no he’s taking his ship you know this earth in the direction that he wants to take it he is sovereign and he’s going to take him that direction no matter what he’s got a plan for Humanity and he’s taking us in that direction now we obviously have choices in the process and we can choose to cooperate and enter into it or we can choose to fight it and do our own thing but there’s a whole lot more fun if we choose to cooperate and move with him in it I think yeah if not you’ll be left behind people who are stuck in religious mindsets and religion for the sake of religion you know the raptures come and they’ve been left behind you know symbolically you know if you have to change with the times and I think with with each each age and with each distance dispensation of grace you’ve seen at the precipice people who weren’t willing to make that change people who weren’t willing to listen to what the voice of the Lord was doing for Noah it was just him and his family you know and then for it for each one stepping into the Promised Land there was those people who wouldn’t for you know in the New Testament the return of Christ or the end of the world is those who weren’t willing to leave that place that was comfortable to them and Christ said look when you see these signs it’s time to move to the next phase go to the mountains if not you’re gonna be left behind and if with each each shift of the ages there’s there’s a decision to make and and those decisions are going on within our own lives within our own seasons if we’re going to you know prepare the way so that we can be able to receive that we can be fruitful and prosper in those next seasons in our lives and literally they are the seasons and the Scriptures is uh it’s clear you know that the earth and the inhabitants of the earth is making its way throughout the disso da the houses of the zodiac you know and so those are the ages and so we you know Jesus brought in the Age of Pisces and we’re stepping into the Age of Aquarius and they’re there’s a lot of changes and but there are those people who want to hold on you know and they don’t want to make those changes and just want to do it the way it’s been done and again you can look back over the scriptures as the change in you know the age of Taurus you know and all the changes that’s come like people want to hold onto the way and they get left behind so let’s talk for a minute because I’ve shared this on a few other talks have done but um you know when Adam and Eve came out of the garden so that went from Gemini 2 to Taurus okay and again anybody who’s listening these are it’s in the Bible the mazzaroth we call it the zodiac today but it’s the mazzaroth in the Hebrew language so going from Gemini to people okay which is interesting again Gemini is represented by two people Adam and Eve in the garden okay and so they come out of the garden the event that kind of closes the door for one age and opens it up for the next stage is the exodus from the garden and when you step into the age of Taurus well now if this is the age where they were sacrificing balls and and so forth so I mean it’s very fitting the age of Taurus the Bull and then the next age that you shift into is the age of Aries and it’s Abraham who is taking his son up to sacrifice him and is stopped and pointed to the RAM and the bushes Aries is the Lamb where the RAM and we go into the age of you know sacrificing of you know lambs much more so than the Bulls and then you come to Jesus and Jesus then takes us into like you said the Age of Pisces from Ares to Pisces and the the event there and by the way the event you know that we looked at was one person Abraham and he is encountered with God and that was what we look at is kind of the ship where one door closed and we’re you know stepping straight into Aries at that point and so that’s one one person Adam and Eve were two people but it had a very singular event small event Abraham very small singular event one man but then you get to the age of going from Aries to Pisces and you’ve got Jesus who has given this you know the the words basically saying hey people were shifting we’re going into the age to come or cut here it comes and then the event that we look at is this destruction of Jerusalem and the temple and now this affects a whole people in a whole nation and that is the door we believe we look at that that is the door where the door closed to Aries and we step into Pisces fish the age of the fish Jesus had fishermen you know so we have all these signs and symbols and there’s so much in the Bible and the scriptures that we can look at to see these ships and now we come to the age where we’re shifting from Pisces into Aquarius and it’s like well what might that event be that would say okay the door to Pisces is closed we need to be really focusing and shifting into Aquarius I don’t know and we will only know really when we step it and when we look in hindsight probably but this coronavirus affected the entire world it shut down the entire world what has ever happened in history that shut down the entire world I’m I’m you know I can’t say for sure but I am absolutely leaning toward the idea that that pie sees the signs of the door being closed is this coronavirus and that we are stepping into and we really need to begin to focus on what are we to be doing how do we worship how do we engage with God in this Age of Aquarius where we are actually being given the tools and the spiritual technology to step into the fullness of mature sons and to me a mature son looks and acts like Jesus so we have the love of Jesus and we have the power authority that Jesus had and he said that we would do all the works that he did and much more and what works did he do we tend to limit it to you know he healed the sick he raised the dead and all that but he’s also the one we can see in Colossians that all things were created through him all things that we know of are were created through him so what does it mean when he says we’re gonna do much more well I will say that we are definitely like one step into a thousand step journey but I believe we’re on it we’re absolutely on it and we got a lot to look forward to yeah we’re being made and conformed into his image and and when we catch a glimpse of that man how powerful that is you know whatever that glimpse is whatever aspect or fractal if you will of God that we get the revelation just blows our mind and so we feel like we all get we all have our fractal our piece of God and anything that you can imagine is in that you know what I’m saying anything that has created any imagination any thought is comes out of the one out of that aspect and so people get obsessed or infatuated with this one aspect that they’ve seen and I know there was periods of your life and we have friends who were still there who were just infatuated with the judgment of God and the wrath of God and you know and this is what you know in that I really feel like that’s a valid piece of God but that’s the piece that they’re infatuated with that’s the piece that they’re holding on to hopefully they you know the other side is a lot more there’s a lot more freeing to walk in the freedom of God the fractal of the love of God and just keep going into the love of God going into the grace of God into the power of God you know so those are the things that we try to encourage the people that they’ll be able to you have to step back so when you’re going into a fractal it just keeps getting more dancing and there’s so many there’s so many reflections and pieces yeah and rabbit holes if you will but we have to be able to step back from the micro be able to see the macro see God for who he is and and what my book and I know it’s similar would you believe that’s the sovereignty of God how it’s just everything how it works together the interconnectedness of it all and just to be able to appreciate it now even though I may not agree or or have much I don’t want to promote it anything like that but the people who were into the judgment of God and the wrath of God you know all that kind of stuff I think it’s valid I respect it like I respect where they are you know what I’m saying because they’re infatuated with this piece now I’m gonna pray for them I’m gonna try to love on them I’m gonna I’m gonna try to be an image and an example of what a mature son looks like because that’s not the fullness of God the fullness of God is not his wrath you know what I’m saying the fullness of God is not as judgment it is as judgment but there’s like there’s good stuff in judgment too it’s not like condemnation or damning or depart from me and stuff like that like God’s judgments are good you know what I’m saying well that’s such an important point but one of the things I think we we’re gonna have to learn to do as we step into this next stage is we’re gonna have to learn to deconstruct so much of what we’ve been taught and we don’t have to necessarily go and deconstruct everything but we do need to relook at where we stand with everything because one of the things that will you’ll realize is that the church has taught us a lot of things and again I respect and honor and love the church however there are certain areas where it has taught us things because it’s kind of just been regurgitated down through the centuries and really almost gives us the opposite view of what I see in scripture and just a real simple one you know the word Dan in Hebrew is the same word for judge it’s our you know English word for is judge and and the word Dan in Hebrew is made with two Hebrew letters and you know letters in the Hebrew our pictogram or you know they’re their pictures so it’s the mate of the letter dalet and noon Dalit is door and noon is life so judge is a door to life and when we understand that to be judged is basically judging us to life and we realize wait a minute we’ve taken this whole thing of judgment and we put it into this a negative context yeah that when I’m judged I’m just I’m just waiting for that big God in the sky to find something wrong with me so he can kick me out and it’s just the opposite it’s like God saying I want to judge you to life I want to help find the things in you that keep us separated and help you eliminate those things so that there’s no more separation to be honest there’s really never any separation that we can get into that later if you want to but just the fact that you know Jesus says he came to give us life and to give it to us more abundantly that’s his judgment he wants to give us life more abundantly so let’s let’s you know get off the bandwagon that you know God’s out to get us and he’s bringing judgment to destroy us and all this stuff know if there’s any type of judgment he’s bringing he’s bringing judgment in order to save us and he may be working some things out of us and it may be uncomfortable as he works those things out of us but he is gearing us up to be like Jesus and if we just I like to go into the heavens and just say okay Lord judge me you know I don’t know that okay there’s something off here I don’t know what it is you know but there’s something off I want to go into the heavens and I want to stand before God as my judge and say judge me please judge me I want to know what is in me that’s not right so that I’ve made it out a good way yeah he starts my heart yeah absolutely I want to be judged reigning on you know and you know the funny thing about this is like it’s um on earth as it is in heaven right so what’s going on in the heavens the progression of the xoda the zodiac or the mazzaroth and as we’re traveling any seasons that happens as above so below as within so without so what’s going on out there there’s also going on in here we are a reflection I feel like there’s an eternity outside of us but there’s also eternity within us and it’s a mirror image of what’s going on in heaven you can get into the anatomy of the body and of the mind and see how it mirrors the scriptures and revelations and all of that kind of stuff is like just these different metaphors about what’s going on internally so whenever there’s the coming of the next age in we look in the scriptures there was always the judgment right there was always a judgment of Israel there was always a judgment of even Christ going through the judgment you know and just the different ages as we shift into the next age but that’s going on internally as well judge me O Lord see if there be any way wicked way within me try me in the scripture says that a spiritual man judges all things and it kind of is also liking to to doing the self-examination to examine yourself to see if you’re in the faith and may in trying to get any impurity anything out of you because we’re being refined it’s part of the sanctification process but as we look in the scriptures and seeing how they moved from one age to the next or from one season to the next and there was a common judgment we also must go to that judgment internally and if there’s things that that are within you that you can’t bring to the next season the next stage that God has you going through there’s some things that you got to leave at the door there’s some things that you got to crucify there’s some things that you have to sacrifice all of those things are symbolic for but just it’s welcoming the process you know and it’s it’s not easy but once you get familiar with it once you get familiar with some of the things and you’ve done it before you know you’ve been through the fire you know that it’s a refiners fire and it’s a good thing and God descriptions God God chastises those in whom he loves you got to go through the judgment it’s a good judgment if I’m bitter Lord take it out of me I don’t want hidden bitterness I don’t want envy I don’t and it’s what we call sin falling short of the glory missing the market God’s dealing with those hidden and and and in wounds and those things that were implanted when we were children and hurts and all he’s getting all of that stuff out so that we can operate out of the spirit and walk in peace love unity harmony not only with with God but with each other and all creation and we’re talking about the animals we’re talking about the spirits the angels you know we can keep going into that but to be at harmony in that peace with any and everything that God has created that’s so good so good you know I just want to encourage because one of the things that I absolutely believe is that as we step into this next age we’re gonna be moving away from the intellectual religion and stepping more into the spiritual religion and I I just interviewed dr. kay Fairchild last week and you know and I love one of the things that she teaches and I can’t do it justice you’d have to go look her up and check it out but but she talks about you know the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and the white horse being our spiritual connection that’s Yeshua you know that’s our engagement with the heavens in Yeshua and then the black horse being our engagement with intellects and again you’d have to go back to listen to her describe him because she could send a great deal the red horse is our emotions and then the pale horse is the body and that not any one of them and again you’ve got to go listen to her teaching so I’m giving it a very short summarized version but the the the the black horse the red horse and the pale horse they represent again the intellect the emotions in the body there’s nothing wrong with and God created them they’re awesome but the thing is they all need to be submitted to the white horse or to the spiritual aspect because intellect on its own is not going to get us very far in our relationship with God emotions on its own you know we can have these great as static you know emotional experiences but that alone is not going to get you very far with the Father I mean they are great they’re good there’s nothing wrong with them but you know the body is you know it’s not going to get us very far but when we submit these and we combined them with our side and it’s not somebody say it earlier the single I you know Jesus talks about if you’re I be single you know that you know that we want to have our body full of light and it’s in that place of meditation that we are able to enter into this place where we can submit our emotions and our intellect in the body so that through these spiritual encounter that’s where we level up and that’s where the encounter just becomes so incredible and so real that that’s where we’re headed I mean I think we have to be able to step into this in order to evolve to the next level in this Age of Aquarius or you know some other language we use or that you could use you know people listening so that you don’t trigger people who get you know totally triggered by the the you know the idea of astrology but use using church age and that we’re moving into the kingdom age where in the kingdom age we’re basically totally open to letting people be led by the Lord and we’re not doing denominations we’re not building walls we were taking those walls down so that we can engage with one another in conversation and to learn from another one another in love amen and if it’s done in love then it’s done it’s done of the Spirit and it’s of God if it’s of love and I don’t care what it looks like again like I’ve said it a million times I would rather hang out with the spiritual Hindu than the carnal Christian a spiritual Hindu who walks in love and walks in grace and shows mercy and compassion last night on our school as a mystic session we read the the parable of the Good Samaritan and it says you know who is my brother you know is it is it did you is that the one is that the is that the worshiper is it the one who as keeping the laws that the one who’s keeping the commandments and is showing this person who is who we would consider to be outside of our of our community outside of of who God accepts will say that and that was the person who came and did the good arms and helped the person in need and he’s like asking who is our brother and he’s like listen that’s your brother you see what he’s doing go and do the same go and do likewise and so God doesn’t judge us according to our religion God doesn’t judge us according to our outward appearance because that’s how we judge we look at the outward appearance and okay I see what’s going on we want to put people in boxes and compartmentalize but God judges by the deeds as a heart and you find out something interesting is the majority of what the the the deeds of the heart are done in secret people don’t know you can see what I do in in public or what I film or what we talk about on the podcast but the things that we’re doing in secret that’s where the real treasure is and so that’s what makes somebody or Christian or somebody a child of God is because they walk in the light as he is in the light and so it’s the beauty that’s how we weigh things now we weigh it with a measure of love and hue and I’m sure who’s walking in love is my brother you know and and that’s that’s universal for me and I and even you know some of the hard stuff that we go through in the spirit realms and stuff that may seem hard if we say demonic or you know trials like we’re it’s it’s for good it’s it’s done out of love and so love is you know we do have to be careful I mean I talked to you last time about this is the fact they’re just letting anything flow letting anything go we do have to to be careful sometimes about because people take liberty and they just run with it and you know it leads sometimes it could lead to some weird weird situations but I think that there’s a learning process in it all but again if it’s done of love I think that I you were supposed to judge by the fruit as the scripture says you know don’t judge by parents judge by the fruit a good tree produces good fruit a bad tree pretty is bad fruit and you’re gonna be able to partake of that fruit as well yeah well I mean I and that’s why you know I don’t know if you mind me mention our website is that all right no websites now go ahead but you know on Kingdom Talks you’ve you’ve actually signed this this pledge that we put out with the three plum lines yeah and I’m so excite right back there so I can look at it while I’m here and I can always remember yeah yeah you know that’s where I think we’re headed to where you know that’s one’s just one of those amazing things that father downloaded in the spirit and it gap she came over about a six to nine month period but those three plum lines are so simple and yet it’s so synergistic and you know the first one is to cross a Christ and if you and I believe that Yeshua is the only way to the Father and the only way to eternal life then we’re on a similar path so let’s walk together as brothers and then the second one is to love honor and respect and that just brings in the aspect in the facts okay the fact that you me and everyone else on the planet they’re going to have different interpretations of different scriptures and that we’re not going to completely agree on everything and it’s okay that we would love honor and respect one another and even a lot of honor and respect each other’s views so that we can you know grow you know and even though I may disagree with somebody I can at least take the time to respect their point of view and look at it and understand it because hey they may be right I may be wrong so never know if I don’t take the time to give it a good honest look and then the third one is asked the Father and you know that requires us to be able to engage with the father and just step into the heavens or you know there may be a lot of different ways that people are engaging with the father and that’s fine but the thing is ask the father yeah because what you were bringing up just a minute ago about you can’t just let anything go you can’t just you know go with the flow and do whatever you feel like doing because there’s still some things in us that you know tend to take us down you know you know wait God toward him but ask the father and if the father gives you the okay then then go for it now again there may be those who have a really misconstrued relationship or non relationship with the father yeah and it’s kind of messed up that’s why community is important because if you get outside a community then it can get pretty pretty messy sometimes but even in communities I mean obviously you know you know David was a David Koresh you know there you know a lot of different people and you know Jim Jones obviously there have been communities that have just gone off the wall and unfortunately it’s gonna happen you know I don’t know they usually communes they’ll go off the wall when you turn it into a commune yeah yeah so but you know those things are gonna happen but the thing is don’t let that stop you and keep you from having a strong healthy community of love where you’re you’re stepping into what the father’s doing there so you know that’s the enemy’s tactic he will get in and you will mess with some great things that God is doing and then everybody else goes I don’t want anything to do with that and it’s like don’t do that ask the Father and keep moving forward in love and what he’s given to you yeah yeah community and and even like cross pollinating those communities to will will help you be able to decipher like the good and perfect will of God like coz you know versus being in what we see big now you have a lot of people who are into like confirmation bias you only hang out with those people who agree with you you only hang out with those people who look like you and if you don’t believe in this then we can’t be friends or we’re not gonna be a community together and so having new ideas and then having other people who can lovingly judge you you know what I’m saying lovingly judge you openly not not gossip that’s different gossip about you that’s different but lovingly judge you ask you hey man what’s going on this time a little bit more is this you know just getting some information about it because the confirmation bias you’ll find people who start communities or whatever communes who only have those yes-men in their corner who are only telling them what they want to hear in their own they’re cool with it and so it could be some way crazy off-the-wall stuff and as long as me and my community is cool with it it flies and you get into some really weird things so I think that that’s why like true community is not just our church or our you know twenty people or for however many people you have but it’s about being open to people who are leaders and and who walk in integrity who can you know where you want to use the word judge or disciple or there’s a lot of words for it to help you to make sure that you haven’t just created this little cult you know where nobody you’re above reproach no matter how big of a leader or how much angelic wisdom you’ve received from the heavens like you have to be open to to scrutiny and judgment and you have to be able to like laugh at you know the stuff that you take seriously you have to be able to listen to opposing views again stepping out of like confirmation bias like you know only listening to those people and you know I ask the hard questions I’ve had I had dr. Owen here and like it is not a dig I don’t want people to feel like I’m marginalizing or calling them out but you have to maturity is it’s you being able to hear somebody who disagrees with your stance and your point and you knowing that this is where God called you to and then I’m open for correction and I’m open for for scrutiny and if it’s true that the end of the day is gonna stand it’s gonna last whatever is true truth is understand so I really believe in that and if anything you know when I get somebody like dr. o or just anybody who disagrees with with something that anybody’s doing if anything you you you at least know their stance you know what they believe about that topic you know it’s not about I want I just want to make sure that’s that’s out there too because like yeah I quit like I’m a I’m a Berean like I play the devil’s advocate a lot I think that that’s a way that we cover new ground that we can can question what we believe that we can you know do the inner work as far as you know proving what we believe and making sure why we believe it because a lot of people in religion they believe stuff and they can’t tell you why they believe it they believe it because they were told it they were told what to believe yeah you know and that’s why I you know sometimes I mean I don’t do this in a mean way in any way shape or form but you know if there’s opportunity to where I can if it is going to help to for someone else to see that that what they’re believing might be wrong you know it’s it’s just it’s just to say prove it yeah because honestly I don’t know that there’s much in this world that we can prove without a shadow of a doubt yeah because if you keep diving in and you keep going down the rabbit holes you’re gonna find that wait a minute there’s a question there you can put nearly everything to question and there’s really not much we can prove in this world now there’s a ton of evidence ton of evidence for a lot of things but to prove something beyond a shadow of a doubt and that’s why you know I keep preaching and teach and hold everything loosely because you know I may be holding on to something that I absolutely believe is truth and I’m not going to be swayed one way or another not even God Himself is going to teach me something I’ve got this and I’m going to hold on to well unfortunately you’re you basically just literally have stopped yourself from learning anything else and you know we are all on a journey to learn you know I don’t think there’s anybody listening to this that can say that you know they’re they believe a hundred percent of what they believe that 10 years ago you know we’ve all grown we’ve all stepped into new things we all are understanding that there’s new things to learn that go above and beyond what we might have thought we knew back then so to take something that I think I know and to press it onto somebody else and say you’ve got to believe this and unfortunately that is what I did and you know if you you and I were just talk about that but that we’ve you know really been the Bible beating people where we beat people over their heads to get them to believe something that we were just absolutely convinced was truth when in reality now look back and you know just like man I’d love to go back and apologize to so many of those people because all I was doing was taking what I thought I knew at the time what I thought was truth and I was trying to impose it on them rather than having a conversation where we could actually talk about things and I might have learned something back then I don’t know back then but I think I think I think we did though right because there’s a lot of people who haven’t been gifted that of going through you know what we went through as far as thinking that you were right and trying to win people there’s a lot of Christians even like me and you talk about this openly but there’s a lot of people like in our communities and stuff who have never like been into that hardcore debate prove it in the scripture and talking people out of their faith they’ve never even been a part of that we talk about it openly we think everybody’s been a part of that but you know just cuz it was so normal and we had you know friends who were into it we trained people on how to do it we were trained on how to do it and so but there’s a gift in it because now we can look back and we’ve got a contrast of what like this stunt judgement and trying to talk somebody how do their beliefs and all of that kind of stuff looks like versus listening to a person and honoring them where they are even if I don’t agree with it we can have the conversation we you know I do think the tricky thing comes in with evangelism of still because we came from that if not to be like hey whatever man cool you love Buddha cool that’s awesome you know versus like we’re still wanting to share the gospel and the truth that we’ve found through Jesus you know so there that it gets tricky with the universalism and things like that that Jesus died for for everyone so I don’t need even need to tell you because it’ll give you a chance to reject it or something like that there are some some hurdles and things that we have to get over with being so open even if it’s just for a conversation but still being you know preaching the gospel but I think yeah the biggest part of preaching the gospel for maybe us coming into where we are now is doing it with our lifestyle and making sure that our lifestyle preaches the gospel and and and then words will carry more weight our words will carry more power when it’s time to tell you what we really believe or share the gospel because we share we’re literally sharing it through our lifestyle anyway and that’s what those who preach the gospel don’t understand they they they I got people who don’t care how you’re living as long as you’re proclaiming the word and for me I’m the other way around like I want your lifestyle to be lined up with the person of Jesus and let him do the inner work on you so then when you do preach when you do share people want to know what must I do to be saved man what is it that you have that I don’t have so your words carry more weight and more power because your lifestyle lines up with your message that’s good it’s good you know one of the things and when I look back to those days when you know beating everybody over the head with the Bible what I thought was the truth pride really plays a big part in that that you know I didn’t look back to that and say I I did a lot of that because I wanted to be right in fact I had to be right and the reason I had to be right was because I was so insecure that honestly I did not believe this is the honest truth back then I did not believe that God loved me you know I could say it mentally kind of a you know giving credence in that way but I honestly did not believe God loved me I did not love myself I hated myself and so here I am trying to preach this gospel about just loving God and yet I didn’t actually have it in me myself and so here’s the another thing for this next age that we’re moving into it is going to be so important for us as believers to understand how important it is for us to love ourselves well to love ourselves as God loves us because if we don’t we’re gonna work everything else is going to be skewed because if we don’t love ourselves then we are walking in insecurity of who we really are we don’t even know who we truly are if we don’t love ourselves as God loves us and out of that insecurity we will belittle others we will put others down we will we might do a nice but we’re still going to stay old they’re wrong and I’m right and you know blah blah blah we do that because we are walking and insecurity if I’m totally confident in Who I am I can engage someone who totally hates me and totally disregards everything I think and say and I can be okay and still love them and not be been out of shape over it if I truly love myself if I truly Know Who I am in Christ and yet if I don’t then I’m going to do what I did before I’m going to be trying to convince everybody that I’m right I have the truth because I have to build myself up other one because I don’t have anything else to have confidence in I have to build up my platform of me and my pride so I can stand on that above everybody else and that’s just the way it’s gonna happen so take away that engage with somebody who truly loves themselves knows who they are is confident in themselves and they’re gonna love on you even if they disagree with you what would you have said if you can talk to your former self if you told yourself that what would the younger you have said if they hey man you’re just you’re just insecure you don’t really believe this stuff and you need to convince you probably even if somebody told you that in love and walking in the spirit you probably still wouldn’t have received it at that point right probably not it probably would have planted a seed though right yeah probably what would have been most effective and I did there were people that engaged with me that that we’re walking in a better place of that love and those people when you’re around them you’re at peace you don’t feel threatened you know there’s just there’s just that frequency that they put off when they are truly walking in love they love you and you may be saying things that they disagree with but it’s okay they’re not sitting there trying to win an argument over they’re more about just sharing and the love and just loving oh yeah and that’s what would have been effective you know for me and it was effective but I you know again I had to grow into it but if anybody could hear this and just know hey if I’m operating in a place where I think I got to be right wow that might be a sign that I’m not completely loving myself as God loves me in that would be the place to go focus on go engage with the father and continue to just sit in his presence until you can slowly receive everything that he’s pouring out into that every good thing that he’s saying about you that you can receive it and then begin to walk in it walk it out that’s the incredible part that’s the that’s the part that you know we want to you know find that place of peace and rest in confidence of who we are in him yeah I like to say I gave up my right to be right you know and I was of me trying to win a conversation and uh and I had those people in my life too but it’s all a learning experience you know and there was and yeah and God is the author and finisher of my faith and he led me down that road for a reason there was things that I had to learn and I had to I know what it feels like I have a natural empathy for people who were in in those seasons in their life and so the guy who led me to the Lord you know I remember and I got into all kind of deep stuff and nationality stuff in Hebrew Israelites and I remember I had all my prophetic books I had a whole library and I was like and they gave me books and I would I like gave them away as I mountain want these books I just want the Bible you know all kind of with just weird stuff and so we’d have conversations and stuff and and just in love but they would be like um you got to let me tell or he’d be like you know it’s all about love Derek that’s all I know at the end of the day it all comes back down the love and I did I remember like I didn’t want to hear that at the time because it was too simple and for some reason I thought of like a shallow love when they said love my mind automatically went to shallow love and like for some reason like Joel Osteen preaches love and that’s not though that’s what everybody wants to hear and for some reason like my intellectual mind the analytical model wanted to overcomplicate the simplicity of the gospel the simplicity of God’s love but even him saying that it still rings true in my head today and it helped me out so much in those times of questioning and in those times of being proved wrong when I was so combative and not even by a person just the inner dialog with the Holy Spirit you know the growth and stuff and then so love at the end of the day like that really is the answer you know he was right the whole time he was on to something that I had to kind of grow into maybe I started there but I got into some other things and I ended there you know so love really is the key that sets the captives free and so it is simple it’s so simple that we miss it when we try to start tying rules and regulations and formulas and stuff like that to it and it changes God’s love and the way we view God’s love because it it becomes a love of conditions I believe that God’s love is unconditional for all of creation and we begin to put conditions on God’s love and say God loves you if or God will accept you if and I remember when I heard the first message of it was Carlton Pearson years ago listening just to some just in my seeking process listening him talk about reconciliation Universal reconciliation that Jesus died for everyone I remember it changed my view of the gospel because it was something that God will forgive you verses that God has already forgiven you in the Gospels and for some reason I thought that like you have to get these people into an encounter get them to say the percenters prayer and if they do that then God forgives them and they step into it but it’s like hold on like he already has forgiven you nothing can change that you’re already forgiven and now it’s my job to convey that message to you to reconcile you back to the Father through what he’s already done and you to come into the knowledge and step into that so it’s not something that God wants to forgive you or he might forgive you there was even maybe even some of that he might forgive you let’s ask him as if we forgive to know he being forgives you man he loves you he’s not mad at you he’s madly in love with you yeah I love that it’s so good you know so the title of this I think you put out there limitless encounters with God you know one of the things that that I think of when I think of limitlessness is I’ll be talking with somebody and well let me back up let me just back up because I’m gonna go somewhere if you’re okay can I go somewhere that you not agree with I I we’ve had these conversations before but I want to go a little bit deeper the idea that if freedom of choice is so important to God that he has never taken it away from us the Bible doesn’t say anywhere that when we die that freedom of choice is taken away and yet so many people feel like that when they die they’re going to go into a position or a place where they’re judged in all their decisions that they have ever made you know we’ll be kind of tallied up and they’re gonna go to heaven or hell based on what they’ve done and and and and at that point I think everybody I’m gonna most people in the in the in the Christian world still tend to believe that it’s over it’s over and freedom of choice is gone but if we are truly eternal means that we are either going to go into a heaven for eternity or to the hell for eternity then why is it that all of a sudden once we die in the world on the other side our freedom of choice is taken away and so this is the battle that I had all my years as a pastor you know when I was pastoring in a denomination that we come into this world and we have very little understanding of who God is period we have to learn who God is while we’re here and we’re here for let’s just say 70 years 70 80 years that we’re here for and in this process we get lied to we get deceived we get told all kinds of things and yet through all that we’re supposed to be able to figure out the right answer and to receive Jesus and if you don’t then when you die you’re gonna go to hell and burn for eternity so this is the this is the dilemma that I always ran into is like if that is the case and God is supposed to be this loving just God that he’s going to take us coming here into this world for you know again 70 80 years most people and we have to make the right decision in that 7080 year period or if we don’t we’re gonna burn in hell forever based on that 80 year period where we didn’t have all the information it wasn’t clear to us we relied too and deceived in the process and yet that’s what the church has taught us that if we don’t make the right decision we will burn in hell forever so that never sat well with me and I didn’t have any answers to it until I started stepping into the heavens and really asking the Father and in my encounters with the Father he didn’t address any of that in the beginning in the beginning it was just that loving loving on me to first get me to a place where I can love myself and then from that place of loving myself and understanding who how loving God is because God is love you know that he is love and then it’s like well wait a minute this whole health thing doesn’t make a lot of sense and I know I’m going to tweak a lot of people here but but number one as I began to read look at scripture as I began to relook at scripture I began to see that okay wait a minute even in the strongest importance which came eighteen hundred years later and we know that language changes over time even when you’re looking at the Strong’s Concordance you still see multiple different ways that a word could be translated and so when people are translating the Bible they are going to translate whether they like to or not whether they you know even want to it is very difficult to do anything without some of the human bias in place so they have been you know the most of the Bible’s that have come out have come out under the the paradigm of this hell and so therefore the words that they chose to use to interpret you know in Scripture give us this idea that you know and it says all over you know you can read your Bible and you get convinced that there’s a hell and and and then you start to look at it and you realize you know there are in different ways that it could be translated and what the father said to me in this in this position he said what it is in me in my heart what is in me that makes me to take Scripture and make it line up with this idea that I’m gonna burn this is God speaking to me in that I’m going to burn people in hell forever what’s in me that makes me want to translate or you see it that way versus then he said why not start looking at a scripture and with the intent of seeing if there’s a way that it actually could be translated to where it shows that I’m a God of love versus a God that wants to burn people in hell forever so I’m throwing that out there and I’ll let you come back and you said so many things that uh I can speak on as far as like I have an inhale issue I feel like that’s it for here today like if we’re walking in the heavens that’s a term that you use right you got to be living in heaven you got to be where we have dual citizenships we’re seated with Christ in heavenly places even now as believers and just coming to the knowledge and understanding of who you are spiritually eternally as that being so there’s that aspect but then you know King David says you know Lord deliver my soul from Hell like I’m in Hell now and I’ve been there and we’ve seen the memes and heard the quotes it’s like spirit religionists for those people who are afraid of Hell spirituality is for those people who have been through hell you know so I’ve been to this similar place of King David when he said Lord deliver my soul out of hell or take it take not your Holy Spirit from me restore unto me the joy of my salvation this is before the cross this is before Jesus so it was a state of consciousness this place of beings what we would say separated from God and I think that in religion we say that you’re separated from God for eternity and that’s hell but it’s just the state of being where you feel like you’ve been isolated you’ve been marginalized that you feel like God has rejected you he hasn’t right but you feel that you’re in the state of consciousness where you’re rejected of God and things like that and so that’s where the gospel comes in and God like demonstrates his love for us and he’s been doing that from Genesis to Revelation right and so the concept of Hell is in in the Old Testament is definitely not a lake of fire it’s not a place that you go for you spend eternity if you reject Jesus that’s not it at all so something that we must pass through I think it’s part of that refiners fire even that we must be like we go through it and there’s levels in in situations where we feel like we’re in hell but then you know to step into the kingdom of heaven that is within us and outside of us as well I believe but um as far as where we’re gonna go in eternity like this I do feel like Earth I do feel like we’re like our the great white throne of judgment right this uh eternal our deeds that we do on earth I do believe that they are powerful and echo into eternity I do believe that we’re gonna be able to rejoice and look back over our lives and I feel like throughout the study of Scripture and maybe even some other texts and stuff that it talks about like it’s almost like a sortation process not of heaven in hell but of jobs and roles and duties that we’re gonna be able to do in in eternity and in just in some spirits have the ability to come back and teach from beyond the grave because they have left they have walked in love they’ve reached the level of ascension they’ve done what they were supposed to do when they responded with love I don’t really believe in reincarnation that you get to come back and do it again and keep doing it and make that choice I don’t believe in that but I do believe that once you cross your your deeds are weighed in your job hey you’re gonna be a doorkeeper and I would just let me a you know a doorkeeper it’s fine but we look at um Jesus meeting with some of his masters you know Moses and Elijah from beyond the grave and they continue to teach him and equip him in his prayer closet now so I believe that there’s roles and things like that in the Bible we may call it the New Jerusalem as we step into eternity and what that looks like and we’re gonna have different roles and responsibilities but I don’t think it is your I don’t think your role and responsibility is to burn in hell I don’t believe that either yeah that’s good that’s good and and you know just thinking of your listeners too right now that it’s like you know might have had some credited credibility built up until I went down there well I mean it’s a conversation I mean and I think my big thing too is like going back to like when we start talking about Hell like something like why do we like with the pride thing some of us want people to go to hell like I want Hitler to break forever I can’t believe you would do something like that you deserve to burn forever I deserve to burn forever like I really do but it but but for the grace of God stepping into my life through the cross of Christ he is pardon me and I believe that he’s done that for every soul every spirit every humanity the spirit world he reconciled all things unto himself I believe it and amen so you know part of the reason I’m going down this road is because I wouldn’t hit on the limitlessness and and and so when you know when I’m having a conversation it depends on who I’m talking with you know if I’m talking with someone who can who can take a little bit of a joke you know yeah then then I’ll say to them when they’re when they’re talking about wanting to see people burn in hell and this type of thing I’m like wow man the god I knows is quite a bit bigger than that because basically if there’s people that are going to burn in hell that means Satan 1 that means the enemy 1 he was able to convince more people that God is a vengeful hateful God and or that he didn’t exist or whatever it’s like the devil wins it’s like wow he won big because you know makes it sound like that there’s a lot of people gonna wind up in hell and my god the one that I’ve come to know he’s sovereign and he’s limitless and the devil ain’t gonna get anything over on him so the people you know I see some of the questions is like what about all the wicked people that are just wicked wicked wicked like Hitler and others I am thoroughly thoroughly convinced that you know Scripture is pretty clear that love never fails love does not fail so on the other side given whatever amount of time whether it’s a day a year a hundred years a billion years I believe that God is powerful enough to come to whatever person that is and just say hey you know I honestly love you I really love you and that whatever time it would take that father would be able to convince that person that they are truly and honestly completely unconditionally loved and I’m convinced also that anybody who knows that they are fully completely unconditionally loved and that they can get the healing from all the wounds that the earth realm gave them in that 70 80 year period that they can get the healing that they need and be convinced and fully understand that they are loved that that will be enough for them to say I’m in I want you Father I want you and I want your love I I just cannot fathom that anybody who has the choice you know in their right minds okay in their right mind without the moon deception without the lies in their right mind could say I want a miserable life in hell I you know I just want to be hated and I want to hate or do I want to walk in love and unity and joyfulness who and they’re right it would choose the other so I I’m convinced that my god is limitless his love is limitless and that he will eventually win everybody over because it says that every knee will bow and if that is true then either everybody finally comes to the place where I Love You God and I am so eager and willing to bow and submit to you or either God says your freedom of choice is gone dude you’re bowing and he shoves everybody down to get him on that knee I don’t see God in that way yeah I believe that the you know that there’s key scriptures and stuff up talking about the kingdom and what you do in the kingdom and what what is tolerated and what’s gonna step into it I think that those are for now you know I think that that there are certain consequences to what we will call sin or you know missing the mark or addictions and the things that are killing you you know repent turn from the things that are killing you relationships that are killing you friendships that are killing you jobs that are killing you man repent man like step into the kingdom you know so that’s how I interpret a lot of that stuff about the judgments and stuff because we we pass through that judgment here on earth man and but you know there’s just there’s a lot of a lot of it that’s just open up in the air for interpretation that we’ve had it we’ve had it wrong definitely and it’s just when once you ask those people to take another look at it in these different interpretations of what was really being spoken about it changes everything for me it really helped me that the hell thing helped on so many levels was because it helped me see how inclusive God was because I knew people whether they were Hindu whether they were Muslim or whatever or just New Agers who who produced who who bore fruit and the Bible says produced fruit worthy of repentance you know meat worthy of repentance that you have to show that you want to change your life and so I I knew these people who they carried fruit and it was you know the fruit of the Spirit love joy peace patience goodness temperance meeting and self-control like all of those and I knew Christians who operated in the fruit of the flesh you know they’re doing the fits of rage and anger bitterness envy jelly maliciousness the seriousness all of these these things that believers were doing who named the name of Christ and so in the unbelievers who were walking in fruits of the spirit but they rejected what we called the gospel because they had a bad or misrepresentation of what it was they their representation was Fred Phelps God hates fags God is you know what I’m saying like that’s that’s who they that was their representation of Jesus and or that there are bitter uncle who was a pastor who was you know who disagreed with them or didn’t or didn’t like them and so I really feel like they had a bad representation of the cross of Jesus of Christianity and so they rejected it I don’t want that if that’s your Christianity take it taking a shove it in it and and so it’s our job as believers as ambassadors of the kingdom of heaven to represent Jesus to represent him to the world because he has been presented mostly in the wrong light in a wrong fashion and people are saying things that he didn’t say they’re representing him to to be some destroyer and there’s no grace and no love and he’s ready to judge you and hit you over the head with that the hammer and send you to hell and so they’ve had this bad representation of Jesus and so they respond to that so is God gonna send him to hell for eternity because they had a misrepresentation of who he really is no not at all not at all there’s no way that I could I could ever agree with that fathom that so that helped me and it was for me being around those people as a Christian I wasn’t hanging around those kind of people I wasn’t hanging I only hung around Christians you know but it was about me being others people who produced fruit in their life and being able in other and I would share that with other Christians and without any real fruit brother that’s false fruit that ain’t real like come on bro like you can’t make love joy peace patience meeting you can’t make that up and that’s how Jesus told us the judge he told us to judge them by their fruits and that’s all I can do so to think that God would you know kick them out or send them to hell man come on man and that really that really was a big part of my awakening process I will say that one of the things that probably probably the biggest thing and this is for my wife and I vote that let me just say it took us nine months to make the transition because when someone first talked about we call it the restoration of all things and all meaning all you know not trying to say well you know anyway I won’t get into that but because I somebody else you had on the show that was saying something different it’s like all means all okay and again it comes down to the point in the fact that my God is limitless and I’m sure that my god Yahweh is is not going to say well I’m gonna restore everything those things that I can’t okay what is God sovereign or is he not and you know will he take away our freedom of choice in the process No so this isn’t universalism okay so you know some people will say well that’s universalism you know it just means everybody can be saved and the fact is yes everybody can be saved but it’s not universalism because my belief anyway is that they still will have to go through Yeshua it will be in and through Yeshua that they are saved but it just means that the love of God in Yeshua will win them over that’s what I believe it will win them over not force them but it will win them over and that is the the beauty of the gospel and so people say well if you believe that then there’s no reason for evangelism I’m like well you don’t understand the love of God because there’s more reason for evangelism now get out there with the true message of the gun yeah let’s get the true message of the love and and what this did for my wife and I when we finally you know came to this realization we went through and we looked at you know all the different scriptures and talked about Hell and you know in the eternal torment and all this that’s like man you know again they chose the words that fit their paradigm because when you look at the interpretation especially in Revelation where talks about you know fire and brimstone it’s like no that’s a beautiful thing when you look at what it actually says in the Greek it’s talking about this you know refining process that God is going to refine you and help you achieve that that perfection that is in Christ and there’s just going to be a beautiful thing that’s going to come out of that at the interpretation and most English Bibles just slaughters that just slaughters because they put it in their paradigm okay again back to what it’s done for my wife night it is now allowed us and I just love this that I can encounter and engage with somebody who’s Hindu who’s Buddhist who’s you know Islam it doesn’t matter and I can love on them and love them knowing that eventually we’re all going to be in the same place too and we’re all going to see each other and you know for who we truly are you know in Christ and that yeah it may be a hundred years day and very likely for many of these people it may be on the other side of the veil but we will all be there and then I could love them and not feel like I have to change them on the spot yeah because that pushes most people away but now instead I get to engage with them and just love on them and that’s what will change people I can just love on them I love it yeah and I you know like I know they’ll say well if you love them tell them the truth and yeah but you know the thing is they’re well ready or willing it’s just gonna push him away but let them like you said experience the fact that you are walking it out and actually living it and just loving on them yeah for sure I mean you know I think on this this podcast I’ve interviewed a lot of different people from all walks of life and I hope I didn’t I think I have given given you know the wrong misconception to a lot of people that I agreed with it for some reason they just believe that just having the conversation I mean you’ve gotten about having me on and Martin had he’s in chat Mart and I’ve had me on or was on my show and people hate you believe in everything that guy bullet believes in like what does that even mean like because I had a conversation with them like so there are I think that there’s a right way and a wrong way to engage in the spirit realm and with different gods and deities and demons and angels there’s a right way in the wrong way so just to say that we love those people and they can have fruit I do believe in a right way in a wrong way and so we have to make sure that we show the example that we teach the truth in love and and we bring correction in love and and things like that too so that there’s a right way and a wrong way to do it in it but but to teach that it’s in love and it is with the three plum lines I believe that that’s my foundation and so yeah it’s just being open and you’ll find you’ll find that a lot of those people whether they name the name of Christ or not they’re looking for the truth and if you’re looking for the truth the the truth is found in the person of Jesus Christ and he is love that became a person and and and those who are really looking whether they are converted on the other side of some belief or they get converted now man I want to be an example and I want to I want to be open and honest and and live my life to the the best way that I can that beckons them to want to be a part of what I got and not trick them into being safe not when some intellectual battle with them and win them over man but to show them that you know just to bid them to taste and see that the Lord is good and he wants a relationship with them and there’s nothing that separates you through that from that would through a relationship with Christ because what he did on the cross yet all of us yeah and in no way shape or form am i trying to advocate that you know if you’re dealing with somebody and it doesn’t mean you need to engage with them where they’re at and what they’re doing you know that you may be showing them a greater level of love by by just engaging with them in love but when it comes time where they want you to engage with something that you know that’s not something father wants me to do that you can just gracefully graciously bow out and and not condemn them not judge them don’t have to but when they’re just by you bowing out it says a ton you know will say a lot if you’re showing them love and then at this point you’re like but I’m not going to participate just participate with you in that it doesn’t have to be a mean ugly battle it’s just simply yeah I’m not you know I’m not gonna do that you know my where I meant that’s not going to be good for me and and that ideally hopefully that would open up another dialog and they may ask you why and you may have a more gracious way of saying what I just said that actually opens it up for dialogue yeah so that they can begin to but you they need to be hungry they need to be interested in what you have because if they’re not interested in that you just come up against a wall you’re not gonna do them any good you’re not gonna do yourself any good in trying to you know beat them over the head until you’ve beat them into submission to the gospel yeah I also think the conversation is a little bit different with believers versus unbelievers – right you know so there’s some believers who were already in Christ and even though they do things a little bit differently that are uh that are you know they’re still good whatever we don’t agree on everything but they’re in Christ and so it gets the water gets a little bit muddy because there’s unbelievers what I believe are already in Christ because they’re walking in love so I think that that validates them because they bring forth the fruit that shows that they’re walking in love in the spirit and you know that there’s no law against that against love but but there are some Corrections on you know I think I’m gonna just gods and just rituals and things like that that I have to be a little bit vocal on especially now you know we have people in our community that I’ve seen who’s like hey I’m gonna try this you know oh no don’t you know could they think that we’re cool with everything just because I interviewed somebody that has a different belief or philosophy but I will say you know and I’ll just be open and we’ve talked about this like and I talk about a lot like my interaction with you Karina even Chris Carter and just seeing like some of the next stagers Martin even how accepting and inclusive you guys have been for me you know what is it maybe a year and a half two years now I don’t even know you know from our first interactions and how accepting and how you want it to know my story and you cared about me that did so much for me and and really has allowed me to be more vocal in my faith and not have to like use other words or use new-age terminology I like the grace that I can because it all means the same thing there’s a great step and I still have a mission and a mandate upon my life to reach out to the people of which I came from which was that community so that’s there but definitely since I’ve met you guys and I’ve been a lot more outspoken and and getting some things you know more on tract about my faith and the way I operate just because of you guys operating and there was no no interaction where y’all tried to convert me or even tried to correct me you know you guys just shit walked in love and peace and honored me where I was and saw you were able to see me like Jesus saw me which is huge and in just that by itself you got and there was never a correction never sitting down hey maybe change some of this for some it wanted me it it made me just examine myself a little bit more and make sure I was a little bit more clear on my message just as the own internal work I don’t even know if you guys I know you meant to do it because you’re walking in love and love you know does that and so for me lately I’ve been doing a lot of shows even the last you know too much or so and it was just a snowball of things and but I’ve been doing a lot of shows having a lot of Christians on my podcast and talking more about Jesus and bringing some correction they’re bringing some teaching and edification it was just a natural process that happened but at the same time I don’t want to what do you call it um self-sabotage and just like really undo the hard work and the things that I’ve built with this platform to be able to talk to people who disagree people who from your different backgrounds and stuff like that but um but just you know you guys it just it’s changing it’s contagious if I if I can say that contagious to be open honest and authentic in every level and it’s allowed me to do that and I know that that’s helping other people for me being authentic about my walk with Christ and I’m at the mercy of whatever my guests want to talk about so if it’s a if we’re talking about Jesus look I’m going all in if we’re talking about the spirit world and ayahuasca look we’re going all in we’re just I’m open to the conversation this is what the platform it’s done but yeah you know commending you guys for just being yourselves and and honoring and it’s just done so much well I appreciate that in you know all I can say is that again the unconditional love of that finally permeated every cell of my being and I would even save the next Agers that are walking in it that that love coming out in unconditional love towards you and toward others I that to me is what will change the world is that we don’t we don’t you know yes there is a place of judgement for us and so on and so forth but most of our Christian judgment has been condemnation it’s not been a righteous judgment where we’re judging people to life no you know we’re usually slamming people and trying to kick people while they’re down but rather to to just you know be able to like you said I actually admire you so much you know Derek because you have got a show where you get to interview all these different people from all these different walks of life spiritual walks of life and and you’re doing what I would love to be able to do I just know that you know what God has given to me you know ask her father and what he’s given to me is a is a you know a different platform a different group but I still honor your platform and your group and your conversations because you’re doing some of the deep work that I would so love to do I would still love to be able to engage and and you know talk to some of those people I keep asking father it’s like hey you know right down the street from me or you know several psychic you know places you know come in and get hit your palms read and read and all that it’s like I just want to go in and sit down and talk with them I just wanted love on them and just you know not try to convert him unless they’re open you know if they’re asking questions okay here we go but if if not I just want a loved one I want them to see and I’m not gonna be shy about yeah I’m Cristiano following issue mode and if they know that and then they see me loving on them that’s what’s going to cause them to ask questions and be interested not if I come in there with the Bible verse and start you know throwing stuff shut it now shut it down this is abomination I shut it down yeah I mean you know the UH you’ve got to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves we got to be tactful in our approach and that’s something that I’ve done and even becoming all things to all men so that I can win winsome that’s really become so true for me and to even have that conversation to the person who’s going on an ayahuasca journey hey let’s talk to the person who’s in students steeped in religion and thinks everybody’s going to hell and only a few people get into the kingdom hey let’s talk you know what I’m saying and just like nothing is off the table for us just to have a conversation if anything sons of sons and daughters of God should project themselves in those areas in the in those arenas so that you can hear it from a biblical or a Christian perspective if you will verses like you’re looking up this stuff and and there’s no Christians talking about it you’re in trouble my friend because the New Agers those people who hate God as people who hate Christians who hate Jesus and hate pastors and they’re there will be quick to disciple you and quick to tell you about whatever it is you’re googling at the moment my goal is that when you google it you’re gonna find a believers take on it and you don’t have to abandon your faith to look outside of your faith you don’t have to abandon your faith to look outside of Christianity as a religion but you know that that there is a grace there for you to explore as a son and as a daughter and that God has put those desires within your heart to know the truth and to seek after it and to know it and not feel like you have to abandon Jesus or Christianity because that’s for some reason that’s what we fell it’s like hey if you’re not with us you’re against this kind of thing and we we don’t want you here if you believe that or we don’t want you here if you are listening to that kind of stuff you know as a grace to it and it’s life-changing it’s amazing love it hey I see Martin from the flying penguins is on here he’s been making comments and just you know he’s another guy that just has a great heart he’s opened I mean he’s right right right in the same vein as we are I just honor you Martin flying penguins and I’m sure there’s a lot of other people that are out here that are that are in the same place and just you know just keep sharing the love that’s what’s gonna change the world that we share the love and stop beating people and you know just just love on them this little thing even Martin so like uh the guy entrustment this is no judgment to the person so Martin shared the interview because he came on the podcast and he shared it and then somebody was like hey man I don’t know if you want to be and you’ve got it too right a lot of people have gotten this is you know part of it but I had on officiated going that podcast with true seeker he’s got he interviews witches or he interviews whatever and I don’t know what you what they say but um how he how Martin responded to that it was like a make or break thing for me just to like you know what I’m saying like even if he didn’t know I seen it or whatever the case is and and it’s how you respond man that really you know we’re gonna be tested we’re gonna be tried there’s gossip there’s backbiting there’s bitterness there’s you know all kinds of stuff but it’s really how we respond to that and to see how he responded in love at the end of the day how much let just little things like that have an impact on people’s lives and we’re all our lives and I’ll walk in our ministry is a collection of that stuff you know and us having little impacts on people in the add up it adds up people start asking questions and they want to know and they there’s so much darkness man there’s so much you know anger and hostility and right and wrong in the world that people are looking for truth in as believers in the one true God I think that we have the answers that they’re looking for so we would never want to reject them or or turn them away but just walk in love and it’s man it’s contagious it really is it is you know I love Romans 12:10 you know in the English standard translation I think it is our version ESV it says to outdo one another and honor and like man if the world just took that one verse just that one verse if the world everybody just took that one verse since and let’s try to outdo one another and honor how would that change the world that would be so so incredible I’m getting information on this side saying my internet is unstable is it am i coming through there or it’s a little choppy but I got I got the alert – who knows you know how these inning it is but you’re good though you’re not you’re not breaking up so the audio is great Adam Starseed bass as its dad okay yeah I don’t see on Facebook Facebook yeah you know I’m always roughly there anyway yeah I’m good to see you man I’m gonna have him on the show oh snap I’ll always reference this uh interview from I think we’ve got a pretty big leg time Billy Graham and Robert Schuller did you ever watch that I know I talk about a lot a lot of people seen have you seen that short interview and he talks about the body of Christ and how there’s say the interview with Billy Graham and Robert Schuller have you seen that I don’t know that I can okay well the it really helped me with uh being a morning inclusive and with it talks about how God has a people for his namesake all over the world and it may be involved in other religions and it may not even have heard the name of Jesus but they’re part of the body of Christ because they’re walking in love and they have something within them that just cries out for more for God whatever they know to be God and but at the end of it he says there’s a wideness in God’s mercy it’s more it’s there’s it’s expensive it’s it’s more inclusive than we’ve thought you to explore that man really is that I think it’s a mystical encounter with the Lord all and of itself yeah no I agree with that yeah well sure what the Internet’s doing here but uh I don’t know if you want to keep going I’ve got other stuff to share but what would you like to do um we can keep going if you want so how to reconnect you want to try to jump out and jump back in see if that helps yeah yeah let me try that all right I’ll go through some of these comments here for a few minutes just till you come back fine people says love you guys [Music] people quote my lyrics on here Shelley says it definitely takes a certain character type to engage in these ways but responding in grace and love is for all for sure yeah you know a lot you know but I will say there’s a lot of people who look at what we do as something like extraordinary extraordinary that it takes a certain type to engage in love and things like that but that’s for all to know I mean God has called you to such a thing and it’s not for everybody but I think I think evangelism is for everybody now what type of people group or whatever that you know your call to that’s I think that’s a on an individual basis Clinton says in a spiritual way I like to help people see the truth that’s why I love your motivation Derek I learned a lot from your songs Thank You Man you had a podcast I try to articulate some of the stuff that’s in the songs right and knowing how deep and much how much information go into those songs and I know that a lot of people know who I am and listen to this podcast because of the music so weird cuz I don’t even really promote the music too much anymore I just out there and just like I just hope that people find it you know and and resonate with it and so I mean I still still make it it’s just uh there’s a lot of people know who I am and what I do because of the music and there’s a lot of people who don’t know the music they know who I am because of the podcast and and they don’t know anything about the music so which is interesting I like to kind of marry the two together oh he says he’s in the waiting room things for zoom just wanted to automatically update and do this waiting room stuff man I don’t know why okay you look better hell yeah okay you bet his bet I’m doing I do here look okay you watching me on another video right okay okay yeah so who’s gonna go through some of these comments right here Adam says yes we have to unite somehow the body of Christ needs to unite somehow real talk love will unite us but we have to live in love and love and mature within the love amen there’s different layers to it man you know definitely yes Oliver says mystic mind things we haven’t talked about are we still lagging we still have some lag time yeah go ahead you start it and we’ll just have to keep that in mind that there’s gonna be a few seconds delay and we’ll just try to okay just you know a few of the things I’m gonna switch gears again here but I just love the limitlessness of God because now these are my own experiences so if you’re not a heaven Walker man I just encourage you to begin that process you know Gina and I have the course called ultimate impact that basically teaches people to begin engaging father in the heavens it is so so powerful to me it is more real than this world that we’re living in right now and in that process you will your frequency is going to change you’re going to begin to be you’re gonna absorb the frequency of heaven and that love and it’s going to begin changing you and so anyway I just encourage that so one of the things though that we do say is do not take your experiences and try to make them into a doctor in other words I cannot take my experience and try to superimpose it on to you that would not be good that would be wrong because God may be leading you in a different path and if someone said I saw in the chat earlier as well as you know in Scripture it says that there there’s coming a time and I believe we’re already stepping into it that all will be taught of the Lord so if you have an intimate relationship with the father he’s going to be taking you down the road that you need to go with him and that it would be wrong for me or anyone else to try to take my experience or my belief and try to superimpose it on to you and tell you that you have to do you have to do this this way you have to experience it this way because there are a lot of people out there trying to teach that you got to go through all these different protocols to step into the heavens and if you don’t do it right that you’re going to get kicked out yeah and I’m like wow that sounds like a vation according to works again yep but just go ahead no I would say I want to I just echo that and you know and I’ve thought about that cuz I’ve been I’ve told that and you have to receive a mandate to bring people into the heavens but my mind just goes straight to the scriptures spirit and bride say come he says come just come I’ll get great my things to show you and have an encounter for these people you know yeah yeah and so so these are my experiences you can take him or leave him but they resonated with me and I really loved what he shared with me but in my process of trying to understand God which we all kind of do that we want to understand father we unbeliev but part of the reason that at least myself and I think many people want to understand God is so that we can if we if we think we can understand him then we can kind of get him in that box where we feel comfortable and can control him and so to speak and it’s like man we’ve got to let go of that because God is so far beyond that he is limitless and that we as we’re stepping into this next stage we have to come to a place where we become comfortable with the uncertainty of the mysteries of God because he’s going to want to just bring he’s bringing himself to us in in ways that are so far beyond what he’s done in the past that if we keep wanting to try to understand him before we can move to the next place or whatever we’re gonna miss out on so much so just coming to the place where we are comfortable with the uncertainty and step into the mysteries of God within and go through the experience we don’t have to try to figure it out we don’t have to try to understand it so that we can you know you know again put it in a box so that we feel comfortable or put it with a book yeah yeah you know in that and again putting it in a book and saying well this is the way you got to do it is like oh my goodness this is the way we did it sounds better right yeah yeah and so so here’s what I experienced is what one of my points where I was trying to understand God and it’s like you know there are some people in the earth realm that will say there’s 11 dimensions and then there’s some that will say there are 63 different dimensions some will say there’s 365 different dimensions and I’m like wait a minute if God is God and he’s sovereign and he’s limitless I think he could have as many dimensions as he wants and I’m trying to fathom this and understand it and I’m having a conversation with father in the heavens and he says yeah there are unlimited dimensions and there are unlimited realms and he’s and I’m thinking okay at least I got that I got there’s unlimited dimensions there’s unlimited realms okay and then he says and then there’s unlimited words and things that you do not even have words for yet that are still unlimited it’s like the unlimitedness goes beyond unlimited you know it’s just infinite it’s kind of like Buzz Lightyear it’s to infinity and beyond it just keeps going and going this is our God you know and I’m like wow he’s really exposing to me his limitlessness and and they’re still you know parts of me that are trying to figure out little pieces of God like you know why you know what’s health you know and and things like that when he’s wanting to help us understand he is limitless and He loves us unconditionally with that limitless love I think that God is willing to take us as deep as our faithful and our belief will allow and even if that belief is just a Kickstarter to take you deeper to show you things that you never fathom but uh having that that that grid that that more is possible that all things are possible for him that believe the all things nobody can tell you what that what those all things are you know because there’s things that we’ve already seen and been been privy to that uh even though we’ve had no grid for you know and nobody believes but there’s just way more you know what I’m saying and so just having a heart to understand how those realms operate you know and it’s a bit different now I’ve you know I have fun just engaging now but there was it there was a time when all my learning and awakening was going on that I was just like man all this was brand-new and when something’s new for you man you know I was stargazing and you know seeing angels and all kinds of just far beings and stuff every day it’s I engage differently now I’m not outside till 3:00 in the morning every night anymore there was a point where I was you know and uh but uh as long as you can have the grid and so there’s things that build that grid for you there’s conversations like these to onto your testimony and what what is possible what God did for her Gil and visions and stuff that he is also willing and open to do for anybody else who will seek Him in that way and so that’s why testimonies I think are important that it’s building people’s face to go out and try it and even to to resonate with people again who may feel Margit maybe feel marginalized because they’ve had some type of supernatural encounter but there is no Christian grid for it you know or just grid in general so it’s really helping people when we talk about these experiences and encounters because if you can believe it you can receive it you know and a lot of what we’ve been told faith works that if I can see it I can believe it show me and I’ll believe it but as I listen if you can fathom it if you can dream it up you can encounter it and that’s just there’s no there is no limit to the depths of God’s love and that’s the the love is what fuels the faith you know it’s a love for him a love for creation to know how it works the spirit realm the spirits the angels and so that for me it’s been a vehicle like the the you know the love is the fuel that fuels the faith which is the vehicle and the scripture says that you know yeah I’ve seen crazy far-out stuff and I know that there’s more but I just and you know trying to articulate that and how it uh how we can share it with people in a practical way and how we change lives you know and I think that’s one of the things that we you know have to come to grips with is that there’s always more you know when I was in my pastor it back in the 90s I I thought that I had all the truth you know that you know and I came out of that and moved into things of the Spirit and my wife and I you know wow this is it but then we moved into a greater level anyway just it just kind of kept leveling up kept leveling up and each time we’re thinking oh man this is it we finally arrived and finally we’re at a point of realizing again not as limitless and and there’s an infinity of different levels that he will take us into and so now I’m just like I’m gonna enjoy each level that he has me on I he has me on a level right now and I’m enjoying it and I’m not putting limits on it and just waiting for the next no not looking for it because I want to be in the moment and enjoy what he’s got me in right now but just knowing that and there’s a next and there’s a next and that’s why we call it next agers verses what if some people call it the final age or something I came up with what they were calling it but the thing is it is a next age it’s not it’s not even the the the last age you know father has so much more for us we’re just stepping into the next stage where again I believe he’s leveling up humanity to start walking in the spirit in ways that we never have or becoming those mature sons that the Bible talks about the creation is waiting for a man one thing I did want to ask you about because I’m I’m probably bigger on the solo stuff than I am on the group stuff but both are needed and I enjoy both and I feel like you guys are really big on group ascensions where does how important is it for us I feel like you go by yourself and then when as long as you’re going in you got revelation you know how to navigate the Lord imparted something in your spirit and then when we come together collectively that even turns into a vehicle for us to ascend into his presence and into the heavenly realms how important is it to do this daily by yourself verses week to week with a group or you know in in religious terms sent from Sunday to Sunday but you don’t do it at home you don’t worship at home you don’t you know spend time in the father’s presence is it or is it even important to do it by yourself I feel like it is I yeah I think it’s more important it’s key I mean that without that I mean that’s your that’s your intimate time with the father that’s you know we talked about going to the garden of the heart going to your garden the garden of your heart with the father or with fully spirit or with Yeshua and it’s just intimate time and that is where I believe we are changed and the reason I believe it is because that’s where I was changed now that may not be the same case preferably but I am so changed and raptured when I’m in that place in the garden with the father now sometimes he’ll take me out of the garden and we’ll go on some spectacular trips and you know experience some crazy wonderful stuff but it’s with him or it’s with you or to his holy spirit and sometimes there’s some other hosts of having that no one will take me on journeys but it’s that encounter in the heavens that changes me and how I’m being changed as I am being expanded in my love and I’m being expanded in you know just my my understanding of of him and again it’s limitless this so we’re never going to but to me that if you had to choose between group or single absolutely go for the single because again that’s your personal encounter with the father now moving over to the group’s though I love the group encounters because something that father kind of showed me was that you know you’re you are a gate and you are a portal into the heavens into the kingdom you yourself are you know because you know Holy Spirit lives in you and it’s through Yeshua he lives in you Yahweh lives in you in you you are a gate into the kingdom and so we let our light shine because the kingdom is shining into us you know from the kingdom into this realm and that’s how we let our light shine but you are a gay you are a portal and that when you and I get together you know it’s one portal and now it’s you two portals but this is what father showed me if we bring in a third person it goes exponentially it goes to four portals and then 8 and then 16 it’s just the magnification so that’s why so many people will say it’s so hard for them to do it on an individual basis but they can do it in a group so the group may be important for some people to kind of get started you know because they struggled to do it on their own but going into a group that’s why it is easier as far as you know my understanding is that it’s easier because that group dynamic you know opens up a wider portal it’s so much easier to engage now the beauty of it that I love when we engage as a group is everybody in the group that is in that in that group they’re there for a purpose and what father begins to do and I just love this because it has never failed I took it back one time because actually some people were actually didn’t know they weren’t engaging with father they were just throwing out their own stuff and and and like this isn’t going anywhere yeah but when people are receiving from the father it’s just beautiful because it creates a mosaic each person has a piece of the puzzle and then when they share their piece of the puzzle that mosaic begins to take form and before we’re done with the group ascension we see this beautiful picture which is the message that the father is wanting to give to that group for that time yeah for now yeah I’ve been I’ve been a part of those with you guys and they’re definitely beautiful but then again I’ve tried to do something with you know whether it was unbelievers or people who just weren’t at that level and then you get other you know but when it’s one I mean you got something you got teach people they’ve never done it you know what I’m saying they don’t know so yeah there is a new you know mikata is still inclusive when it’s dad and it’s like trying to block people out or you can’t step into the heavens cuz you’re not a Christian or whatever again spirit and bride say come man he’s willing to reveal himself to you and even with my meditation my throne room when like the testimonies and stuff that that I’m getting back and a lot of them from people who aren’t what we would call a Christian or whatever like then they’re just having these encounters with the Lord and in the throne room and it’s uh it’s amazing you know I’m blows me away so we just got a you know we have the ability to change the atmosphere for people to step in today yes this is this is something interesting we can kind of go there Adam what star she wants to know have to ask he says why does guild choose to say Yahshua instead of Jesus trigger I mean it triggers people yeah we some people might I just come to realize I want to say it carefully but my understanding is Yeshua is his Hebrew name and the Hebrew scholars that I’ve spoken with that’s the name that they have that’s the name I most hear is yes Yeshua and then you know same with Yahweh now there are I know there’s been documentation coming out that’s kind of new new new revelation but it’s coming from you know solid evidence that perhaps it’s not Yahweh but it is Jehovah and the thing is does God get hung up on it if you don’t say the right words are you gonna be kicked out no not at all so it really is preference I just feel like that is the issue his name I mean the way I think this will trip a few people I think but when I’m engaging with the Trinity I there is Yahweh but I call him father because that is more intimate for me Yeshua is Yeshua and Holy Spirit azeema and this is where people might get tripped up but EEMA is Hebrew for mother and if you do look in the Hebrew Ruach as a feminine word and you know that ya as on earth as it is in heaven it’s like if there’s not a mother and a father and a child in heaven then why do we have mother father child in the earth if the earth is a reflection of heaven and so you know it’s like Chris Carter he uses the term it’s kind of funny it’s like it makes more sense than the Holy Spirit would be mother than otherwise you’ve got you’ve got father son and strange uncle watcher gathers okay so the lgbtq may be right then and you know I don’t believe that but you know but it gives credence to it when we give this male dominant Godhead as the figure for what is supposed to be reflected in the earth it makes to me it makes a lot more sense that that Holy Spirit would be feminine and again in the Hebrew Ruach is feminine you get to the Greek it’s kind of neuter I was actually just I just didn’t interview with Brian Simmons yesterday and he confirmed that even in the Greek I guess that it can be feminine and so anyway and you get to Latin Latin totally changes it to male and so again you’re looking at a male dominant Society who is now taking and redoing the scriptures and all of a sudden Holy Spirit becomes male it didn’t used to be that way Shekinah I think is another she kind of gory you know that was something that we used a lot Shekinah if I understand correctly is also feminine so there’s a great deal of information that would indicate that Holy Spirit would be the feminine side of the Godhead am I going to argue that in you know beat people over the head with it know if people are interested in hearing that don’t want to know it that’s fine but that’s my road yahweh yeshua and EEMA there is no father without the mother so sure yeah I mean that’s it I use all of them I use a lot yeah I found myself sometimes calling them Yaesu that’s a name that comes out Yaesu and I know that’s like yeah from kind of a derivative of the ISA a little bit that’s in the you know before we had the J’s for Jesus or you know I’m saying yes ooh but I use all of them I use Jesus I use Yeshua Yeshua which is a really intimate name for me yeah Shia or if you want to break it down to Yasha yah and God for me a lot of people say Yahweh and I use I use all of a man I use Yahweh I use one of the closer ones for me as a a higher a higher meaning I am that I am so and he in basically I am that I am and I will be whatsoever I will be transforms into God to be whatever you need for that moment man for that situation that season I’ma be that god I’m gonna be that strong tower I’m gonna be that provider I’m gonna be that warring father that you need I must speak up for you in this season you know and that’s I’m gonna show up for you as that absolutely and then that’s the thing if God were that concerned that you got his name right and why would he give you so many different ways to name him or call him you know the names of God in the Bible or just there and like you just stated they’re usually giving us an indication of what is needed in that season and I’ll just go off the radar here for a minute and just say that in my encounters in the heavens when I you know go into the heavens there was a season where you know I was going in and having communion with with Jesus Yeshua you know every day multiple times and we’d have communion in the spirit and all of a sudden for some reason Yeshua started to appear to me and he looked like Bob Marley and they were like what what in the world you are so off you’re welcome but here’s the thing I was in a season where I was you know engaging I mean I had a lot of things going on I was you know battling some stress and so here comes Bob Marley who in my mind and then my understanding you know here’s a guy make just it’s not pop Marty he’s not Martin Rafi but you know it’s just somebody looks like it’s the image of this laid-back chill person just just chill and that was the message to me first like six months he appeared to me looking like Bob Marley and just the message was chill relax and that is again like you were saying is you know the different names of God represent different aspects of his character that he brings and it’s what we need for that time yep I’m with it the name is the character the name is it’s not the pronunciation you’re calling upon the character and all who those who call on the name of the Lord shall be saved so in some of these weird sacred name groups you know if you don’t have the right name then you’re calling upon a demon or you’re calling I remember being her I remember getting so far into some of that theology when people started saying that I was like oh man I gotta check out bro and then seeing what it did to my own life and my wife for real my wife she it would hinder her from praying because she didn’t know what name to use I couldn’t say Jesus cuz we’re calling on Zeus couldn’t say even with the whole you know saying Yeshua and Yahshua there’s a whole debate on who’s which is the right one and man look you causing these little ones to stumble man it’s really simple you know what I’m saying you’re calling upon a spirit you’re worshipping Him in spirit and in truth and he responds to the name Jesus he responds to the name Yeshua Yahshua a higher Yahweh the creator of heaven and earth and he responds to those names for sure yeah well it is clear I think in Romans chapter 1 that there are some who never call on the name of Jesus and and yet the encounter the the frequency or the love when they look into nature and they just know that there’s a god and they submit to that didn’t need any name at all and they just simply engage with that and so I mean here’s the thing is is we are saved through Yeshua period okay and or Jesus and it doesn’t matter you know if if whatever you’re talking about whatever you think about involves being saved through Yeshua and or Yeshua fuck this forget it that’s not what the scriptures are saying we are saved through God alone through Yeshua Jesus and and what I’m seeing a lot of today especially in the heavenly realm is there is a lot of stuff coming out to where it seems like the bar to get in keeps getting raised it’s like it’s Yeshua plus you got to do this right Plus this Plus this Plus that some like no and I love it cuz I laughed with Jesus they showed me a picture and he said and it’s like you know high bar that you got to jump over you know instead it was it was sitting on the ground and says yeah people are tripping into the kingdom you don’t have to jump the bar so you just got to get to it and you fall over in fact you don’t have to get to the bar we’ll come to you I’m with you man I you know I does a couple there’s a few things that I look out for and it’s usually the people who own exclusivity to things or we came up with it or Menace up its ancient boats to think that like it came out with this one teacher who made it popular or put some some names and terms out there that we’re all using it you like man that when we look back in history that’s the interesting thing is the fact that like we feel like we’re coming into a lot of new stuff man and stuff is old they’ve been doing this they’ve been traveling the heavens they’ve been you know leaving their body they’ve been encountering angels like and there’s texts that were taken out even got to go to them just stick to the 66 if you really dig man you find some crazy out-of-this-world encounters within that within the scriptures man they give you a plumb line or a frame of reference or a grid for some of these experiences and to act like you own any of them that’s where I I began to ask questions myself and see like people are holding on to I call them the gatekeepers you know and then when you bring other people in they try to hold on to it or sell it or you got it you have to do it this way and that’s when I asked questions myself you know I don’t know about calling people out but I do it draws a red flag for me oh they’re doing it wrong this is the only way we were given this mandate in 97 and I put out a book on it and if you do it other than this and you’re not doing it right it’s like come on dude nope it seems to me that goes back to the indication of that that type of thought process is wrapped up in I have to be right yeah and where does that come from it comes from an insecurity where does that come from not loving yourself and you know so it all comes back down to spend the time with Yeshua y’all way God spend the time with him so that his love for you permeates you so deeply that you are in love with yourself as much as he is and that will change a lot of things just really I think that’s what why that stands out to me because that’s where I came from and similarly to use the same type of spirit that of the more people that we can convince to believe this way validates something that we just may not really believe ourselves you know and that definitely comes from the whole debating thing and trying to convince people and even in the whole spiritual free hippie Christian movement there’s a lot of that still going on so you know that in it and we can identify because we used to operate out of it so yeah yeah that’s good we know the harm that it can do so I’ll say that yeah yeah well let’s go ahead and plug plug some of your stuff man the ultimate impact that you got going on in kingdom talks which you know the talk shows and interviews that that you’re doing as well for people can get involved and check that stuff out too yeah yeah so Kingdom talks Mediacom you can pretty much find everything there we’ve got what we call the easy buttons try to make it as easy to get to the things that we think are important on the website as possible but one of them is the Katey communities that’s actually free so everybody that’s kind of not everybody but people that are walking in this movement we invite them to come it’s free there’s different groups with different it’s kind of like a social media thing but you don’t have to worry about getting kicked off and we talk about all kinds of stuff there and you’re welcome to it then there is the ultimate impact which we were just that to me you know Edina my wife and I we have said many many times over and over that if we had to let go of everything and we could only keep one thing it would be the ultimate impact because for me the ultimate impact it is helping people what I call cross over cross over from the church age into the kingdom age it’s helping them learn how to step into the heavens it’s helping them to understand who they truly are you know I believe the ekklesia the government of God is going to be so critical in this age to come that we need to understand who we are that we are the government of God but we’re not to govern on our own Jesus didn’t do anything unless he went to see what the father was doing so we teach you how to step into the heavens to see what the father’s doing so that you’re doing that because so often good Christians good intentional you know good Christians with good intentions are so often praying against or actually combating what God is actually doing and and when we go into the heavens it’s like we get an education really quickly find out that father’s doing something different where you know we thought we needed to be doing this because we’re good Christians we’ve been Christians for 30 40 50 years that we know what to do well we go to the heavens and find out father’s doing something different and that we want to cooperate with what he’s doing we have seen that probably 80 90 percent of all the issues that we do deal with in the physical realm if we deal with them in the spiritual realm first they will take care of themselves and we don’t have to do much of anything but then there’s times where God doesn’t want us to do something in the physical realm and so we’ll do that but it’s just an incredible change to go from church in a box to the open church in the heavens where we are all engaging and Jerry this is cool because we’ve been actually getting our groups to start practicing engaging in the heavens with one another outside of our group time so in other words this is an assignment that I gave people and we’re starting to do it it has just been absolutely mind-blowing but go to you know in our groups we tell everybody go to each person in the group during the week in the spirit and give them a gift in the spirit and then each person then therefore is going to also go and receive a gift from each person write it down write what you give and then also write you receive and I can say that the very first indications of this that just I mean it just I’ll just say it’s freaking crazy it’s really good because somebody gave me a very specific tool box if they described it and the thing is they had no clue this that they described to me the the tool box that is in my heart that was my father’s toolbox in the when I was a kid and and that they described that very tool box to me and I’m just blown away anyway it’s just if you tried it in the past and it didn’t work again we’re stepping into a whole new age a whole new era and as we’re stepping into this father is releasing new spiritual technologies that are allowing us to step into it might not have been ready for it before I mean there and there were people that were doing this but now it’s for everybody yeah we’re stepping into the age it’s for everybody you can step into the heavens and here’s one other thing do not get caught up on the idea that you have to see whether you have to hear you have to feel you have to smell you have to taste those are all five senses of this physical body don’t limit yourself to that in the heavens it is unlimited in the ways that God can communicate with you when you step into the heavens you may receive stuff and you may just not have language for it and that’s okay that alone being in the heavens is going to change your frequency it’s going to change you into a more loving person and you’re just going to it’s it’s gonna be incredible so there you go that was my soapbox good stuff man yeah I’m with it and uh you’re stepping into the next stage and I really like um I really like a lot of the the NLP people who are really like showing the science behind the spirituality you know what’s going on in the brain when you do something like this and creating the new neural pathways and changing your how you respond to an experience that you had and you know removing thoughts and replacing them with thoughts of love and I really for that’s the thing of love to step in and do that and Jesus is loved and he’s able to step into our past present future and move things around and shift things and I really think that that’s what happens when we step into the heavens or step in even into worship you know different levels of worship you know I think that’s how I enter in usually it’s true with just worship worship getting into the gates to praise and thanksgiving and I was stepping into the courts and so it’s beautiful and the spirit and bride say come he bids and he bids us all to come he’s looking for people who want to come who want to hang out and I’ve always had that image that God’s just like me who wants to hang out and it’s just like hey I’ll hang out with you you know and shut the door when you pray go into your prayer closet and spend time with the creator of the universe and it will show you Jeremiah 33:3 great mighty things that you do not know and cannot find out any other way except going to him spending time in his presence Gil appreciate it man thanks for coming on hanging out with me you know we’ll do it again love you everything you got going on brother thanks so much for everything you do love it love you love you people blessings so long Shalom caret Gil Hodges ladies and gentlemen with Kingdom talks Kingdom talks good brother got to meet him most of you are probably seen that the image of this this interview and I got to meet him a couple months ago and he did a retreat not a retreat it did a conference and uh Mississippi and that’s pretty close to my neck of the woods actors about four or five hours away but for I was away probably and went up there to meet him for the first time and man he was so welcoming him and his wife Adina and really loved those guys and vouched for what they’re doing walking in love and walking in the spirit and peace and unity man come on it’s contagious and uh what they’re doing is gonna blow up what they’re doing is catching on because it’s love there’s no law against it it’s good stuff so yeah man thank you guys for hanging out with me interesting – I wanted one of these comments so while go the gothic mystic Joshua says that through prayer you were getting some some names of God or some interpretations of some things that you were speaking in tongues and beginning to interpret them I thought that was really interesting some of the stuff that you were saying through tongues and prayer that you interpreted I definitely been doing that and it’s really interesting some of the words and stuff that come through when you write them down or you look him up on google translate remember I did that years ago and some of the messages that come through and I do that in some of my sessions when we do one-on-one sessions with people I will go in and I go in really deep and we just connect in the spirit and I go in and get messages that come out in tongues and I write them down for people and we try to interpret them in and some really interesting stuff comes out so it’s really cool there’s some remember I did we did some breadth work two weeks ago and I just went into this thing where like I when I get into really deep levels there’s a lot of chanting that comes up out of me and I just kind of the Holy Spirit just speaks to me and begin chanting some stuff and wrote those words down there were syllables and I wrote them down and it was it was a praise that came out of me I looked it up what it meant in Hebrew and there was some some Hebraic praises that came out and I wrote him down and you know one of maybe put him to some music or something like that man something that we can kind of enter into I really believe what’s cool about these experiences and in ways that we engaged in in them that they create a portal in a doorway as well for us to enter back in through it like we’ve we’ve been into this dimension we’ve been into this portal we know what it what it brings with it we know how to get back to it so that once we go there in the secret place by ourselves I believe we can take people with us years ago in the early 2000s there was a mother and a son who would come and minister and they were travel and they I remember she said they pretty much just recreate their living room experience so her and her son were just enter into God’s presence and there would be shown great mighty things and have these beautiful out of the this world experiences with the Holy Spirit and and then when they would travel and go to different churches to minister they just say hey we’re just recreating what we do in the living room and we’re just gonna allow you guys to come with us and so I remember that just being this this almost an entry point to be able to recreate encounters and take people with us and what I do want oh my god our meditations as I go in with the Father and I have an encounter and but it’s really interesting because I’m in the encounter and I’m writing it down as I’m what I’m seeing and I’ll ask the Father something and he’ll translate it to me and and I’ll be I’ll see pictures and what I’m seeing and stuff and write it down and then I’ll recreate it and it’s working like people are going in and having these encounters in the spirit for themselves and going into the throne room of God and it’s just this formula of what worked for me at least in that season and it’s a it’s a path to the Father’s heart it’s a portal you know and when we can create that when we can articulate that where others can get back to the Father’s heart that way it’s like leaving breadcrumbs I’m going in I don’t know how to get back and I’m gonna leave these breadcrumbs and I’m a following back or other people can follow me in and so I’ve done that with those guided meditations I think that every time that we go in in the spirit I trust and believe that even if it’s something new you know a gill was talking about doing some of the ascensions for the first time we can take people with us if we’re leading it that other people can go so I’m trusting that people are following me and and definitely help it helps in you look in people having their own encounters no matter where they are we do that with people all over the world which is really cool and just to read the the the testimonies of people were going in encountering the father I uh I wanted to show a friend of mine after the interview the other day it was Daniel Lovett I wanted to show him some of the throne-room encounter meditation because I was describing to him but I said let me just let you hear it so I’ll let him hear some of the encounter mmm the guided meditation and there’s voice actors there sound effects it’s not just me doing a goddamn it it’s immersive so I let him hear it and then we’re talking over zoom he closes his eyes and he kind of goes into it alright let me I wasn’t planning on playing the whole thing just a clip so he closes his eyes and he goes into it I was like well let me close my eyes and go into it and I closed my eyes and uh just and I know what’s coming up I know everything like I wrote it I edited it you know it’s a lot of work but still I close my eyes and I go into it and I just begin to weep man I’m taking into the throne room of God I think there’s a piece of me that’s an expectancy for that person knowing the power of creating that portal that’s gonna lead them to an encounter with the Living God like all of that it’s kind of playing in my mind just creating this beautiful experience and I’m just in the throne room myself and I close my eyes and I’m taken immediately to that place and it’s beautiful and I know that we have the power to do that to recreate that see there’s other things that we create that are portals as well that are that lead them to other places outside of the heart of God you create gossip you create backbiting you create envy murmurs all of these things and it leads them somewhere else it’s a portal if they follow your gossip if they follow your bitterness they’re gonna end up somewhere else it’s a portal that’s a means to an end so us as being created in the image and likeness of a Creator God we have the power to create so all of our art people are talking about my music here shout-out to you guys my music is a portal it’s a means to an end it’s an encounter it’s a journey it unlocks things within you there’s prayers there’s mantras there’s all types of things embed it within that audio and so it creates a any encounter for you as well so the meditations the music everything that I create my book is a portal like anything that I’m creating I understand that it has the power to bring you to a new place spiritually unlock some things in you that uh that that is a responsibility that I have whether we’re creating anything else there’s so much other things that we’re creating that is demonic is out of bitterness and envy and it’s gonna lead people down a road of bitterness and envy if it catches on and if it takes root so with that being said understand that you you have the power of life and death was within in the tongue we have the power and the ability to create experiences for ourselves and for others and so anything that we create anything that we do that we give account of everything that comes out of our mouth out of our mind out of our imagination it returns back to you you know I feel like when I go into the presence of God and I’m and I receive waves of His mercy I receive ways of His grace that’s that’s my I reap what I sow I’m creating encounter for people to go in and say when I go in look I needed myself I need another wave of your grace I need another drink from your Fountain of Life and so because I’ve been faithful to kind of keep doing that and creating realms where other people can go in and encounter God it just builds it for me and for you and it’s a testimony I’m not new to my own horn this is for you to what you’re creating storing up treasures in heaven it comes back to you press down shaken together and running over man the more that you give the more that you receive and it’s just a law you know you ain’t even got it you don’t even have to expect to receive just let it come out of you flowing open and honest let it flow man so whatever you create a man be mindful be tactful why is the Serpent’s serpent as cunning wise wisdom got one right up on you ain’t even seen it snuck up on you why is this serpents but harmless as doves that’s how we’re supposed to be in this realm thank you guys for hanging out again if you want to support work head on over to my patreon it unlocks so much really cool stuff it’s a membership site you get access to different things at different levels and different tiers the meditations I got a couple new even with the meditations there’s some prayers that I’m doing so like prayers against anxiety prayers against fears and like they are meditations in and of themselves they’re there they have meditation music and they’re looped so you can close your eyes and really just kind of go in to that those experiences so some of those are being uploaded to just a little cool downloads for you to experience and they’re powerful affirmations bible scriptures that you know faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God so when you put on a meditation like that that’s only the scriptures there’s meditations that are only the scriptures being spoken over you that are about spiritual warfare or about abundance or about healing or whatever it is your faith faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God so being able to create that experience for you and tap into it man it’ll change your life it will unlock some things within you as well so thank you guys for hanging out check out everything that we have at the table that I have so much that I’m bringing that it is even hard to mention everything so just go to the website true seeker com and yeah there’s so much free stuff as well so with that being said peace and Shalom thank you guys for hanging out really enjoyed it I love y’all we’re gonna do it again very soon yep peace peace [Music] well that does it for this episode folks to hear more episodes of the truth seeker podcast head over to truth seeker calm and if you’re wanting to support the show and get rewards go to our patreon page at forward slash truth seeker [Music]




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