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In this episode of The TruthSeekah Podcast TruthSeekah speaks with Gina Gardiner about her new book “Thriving, Not Surviving”.  Gina talks about the importance of spirituality within her life and how she at her most vulnerable moment used her biggest obstacle to become her biggest stepping stone in life. Setbacks are a slingshot and can be used to propel us into our next season and level of progress towards our destiny. The journey is more important than the end or the start and I believe that every place that we arrive at on our journey it’s for valuable lessons to be learned. Many people have their switches set to default, and we have been programmed on how to simply survive when indeed is our God given right to THRIVE. Thrive in every area of our lives, thrive and prosper even as our soul prospers in the levels of finance, health family and so on. Gina is a best-selling author who teaches her clients how to live their best life now and take advantage of the blessings in the Life by changing the quality of the thoughts.

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things spiritual the authentic self how to live in that how to bring that into fruition to dreams and things that you have for yourself so we’re gonna get into some of that stuff here shortly I want to say a huge thank you and shout out to all the patreon supporters like I said like I say every time I could not do this without you this is a listener-supported show and I really appreciate you guys so I’m gonna give a quick shout out to everybody supporting on patreon and so some of the latest patrons that we have I’m gonna go ahead and call their names out for this week shout out to Russell Bell thank you for coming on board Connor Smail smiley I always pussy these days I’m sorry but Thank You Connor for coming on Cameron Galloway think you cam we’ve been friends for some time following my work thank you brother for coming on and supporting and Isis gate thank you as well Scott Rutherford Blake snap all of you beautiful people thank you for becoming patrons and you guys are my enabler 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activation where we can hear that inner voice that inner guidance of the Holy Spirit and in a safe environment to speak that out and see if it means anything to anybody so we’re pairing off into groups and doing that and it’s been a whole lot of fun so if you’re looking for people to build with every Thursday night 7:00 p.m. central by becoming a patron at any level you get access to that as well backslash true seeker without further ado I’m gonna bring on today’s guests miss Gina Gardner how are you I’m great thank you very much and you I’m well you’re joining us from London the UK oh okay okay I got I got you now okay you kind of we had a little blip there for a second I think we’re good so yeah you’re joining us from London in the UK so power of the internet or or lack thereof at times but it’s 10:00 a.m. here central what time is it where you are it’s four o’clock in the afternoon four o’clock in the afternoon making it happen well um you’re talking about the authentic self how we can fulfill our life’s purpose and there’s different tips and techniques that you’ve developed over the years to actually how we can do that or bring that into our life or bring it into manifestation if you will we’re gonna go through some of that stuff but first let’s just give a quick background on what you’re doing what you bring to the table and how you got started so I’ve been in the business of empowerment in various ways of well over 30 years I was the principal of a large school for and just before I became the principal of the school had a serious ski accident and the result of it so I ran my school mainly from the wheelchair I’d learnt to walk twice as an adult following failed back surgery syndrome but the great gift that came out of that was creating a different way to develop leadership in the pupils in the staff with parents which relied upon people recognizing their own their cool but look and empower people to be truly they’re genuine that sounds like much having okay the Internet’s kind of messing up a little bit we’re getting stuck here a little bit with the feed so you’re teaching people how to find their true purpose how to feel more confident where does that does that tie into spirituality for you absolutely for me because if you are if you recognize your spiritual power then in order to do that you need to recognize that you are enough just as you are that you can have the confidence of recognizing that if you choose to you can tap into universal knowledge that you can recognize that we are truly connected and for me all of that starts with self having the confidence to be truly genuinely authentically who you are and recognize that you have the most amazing power if you choose to step into it the me is the start of spirituality the spiritual journey but it then that if you like acts as the conduit to the spirituality is all about connection connection to each other connection to the natural world connection to those things beyond this world that most of us only dream or okay so we’re talking about the authentic self or that person that we want to be what what is that is that something that is it a divine right as humans that we are you know we have these superpowers or whatever the case is or is it what we’re that person we’re wanting to create deep within those things we want to say or we want to express both we feel limited or we’re you know nobody will accept us is that what it is is like learning to be able to speak your truth and feel confident is that who we are I think the answer is yes and it’s also more so when we come into this world there’s tiny children we have a sense of war and Wonder we believe that the universe and people are intrinsically good and we have no sense of limitation to babies don’t think does my bottom look big in this nappy they’re just people and they explore the world and I think as parents and teachers and other people have an influence that we forget we we move away from that absolute understanding that we are joyous fulfilled human beings and for me the spiritual journey is all about learning and if you like it’s fuck going full circle and learning again that we are truly amazing beings if we allow ourselves to be that if you are genuinely in your power it’s not about having dominion over somebody else my power doesn’t mean that I have to diminish your power we can both step into our true genuine power and collectively be stronger than you and I think one of the big problems for the modern world well for the world are going back through history is that people have believed that you can only be powerful if you make somebody else that’s true yeah and for many people what they believe they have no voice that that what they have to say is of no account because there’s somebody else who’s of more account and I don’t believe that we are any more important or any more powerful than the next person but we are intrinsically we have the capacity to step into a power which is far bigger than you might imagine unless you are open to receiving that sense of confidence about yourself and for me as I say it starts with recognizing that you are enough you don’t need other people’s approval or permission you don’t need other people to tell you how good you or how you need to develop things and it’s not about being perfect it is about recognizing that in those imperfections in those vulnerabilities that we have the capacity to grow so for example Superman when they first actually created the figure he had no weaknesses and people didn’t get it people didn’t warm to him and so they created his vulnerability around kryptonite and suddenly he became accessible somebody that we could relate to and for me strength and power comes in recognizing our vulnerabilities and recognizing that we there are areas of personal or professional development that we need folk we confuse to work with but that doesn’t diminish who we are in a sense that strengthens who we are because life is for me a lifelong journey a lifelong lesson in terms of how we can be even better you mentioned interacting with the spirit world right is the supernatural with your understanding are there other entities spirits angels guides something like that that want us to succeed that are here to help us that are almost rooting for us to become authentic self I believe there are and for many people these manifest in different ways and for me it does to sort of levels of you like one is the opportunity to be still enough to commune with our own inner wisdom which can tap into universal consciousness and I think we live such busy lives that’s so so frenetic there’s so many distractions that for many people being still enough being confident enough to listen to that inner voice your gut feel for is one way that people describe it that we lose the capacity to tune into that universal consciousness and you know people will talk about my guides or my angels or that they have experience of people who have passed on and who who they have access to or other tourette other beings from other places I’m very open to that I I believe there is more in this world that we can ever understand and I’ve had a number of experiences that have led me to believe that being open to what opportunities to come being tuned into the fact that there are entities call them what the energy is call them what you will that are outside ourselves gives us the most amazing opportunities now I don’t want to make this pink and fluffy and woo because for me I think that’s done is a huge discern I feel that that you people can dismiss people are those who who are pink and fluffy about spirituality the nice spirituality comes with a huge responsibility a responsibility that we take our actions or lack of them or are our words that you know are very being we are responsible for how we turn up in the world and for me a lot of who I am my purpose is about the service and so honey in it and of itself is great but it’s what you do with it time is wonderful but it’s what you do with it and for me and when you’re being in your flow in your your in your real power it’s about helping yourself but also using that to help others yeah that’s what I was gonna ask you so you know for one time you know for one I guess for one aspect to be true the opposite has to be true as well if there are those loving entities God angels Christ those type of powers then there must be you know that the opposite as well the dark forces in the you know negativity in in the world I think that they coexist for you know good reason to kind of give us contrast of those different perspectives or those different areas of our lives yes fucking was dark if you didn’t see light exactly horses give us choice we have absolute choice in terms of what we do or say and for those things over which we have no choice for example I have to use a wheelchair although I can now walk short distances but I still have a choice about how I deal with it how I react to it so my wheelchair instead of being a thing of lack for me it’s my chariot on fire it allows me because I was going full-speed either – I wouldn’t be able to do so people many people think that I’m a victim to this that you know I he or she has to make me happy in order for me to be happy but of course if you hand your emotional well-being over to somebody else you have to put up with what they give you if you take responsibility for your emotional well-being then you can choose to be happy or not or you can choose to be angry or not and you can choose to manifest those emotions in whichever way you choose to in a positive constructive way or in a less constructive way so I think that for for those of people who are aware that they are on a spiritual path I think they have in a sense the advantage of recognizing that everything is a choice and that you can choose to do those things which actually you know intrinsically are wrong and are going to have a negative impact on the world or on the other people all you can choose not to and sometimes that’s the difficult decision because the right decision isn’t always the easy decision is it it’s almost like you use the things that were almost like the bricks that the universe threw at you as stepping stones to get you to the place of your full potential to get you to your place of your destiny even right so there’s a lot of people we’ll have you know a lot of things set them back but it’s almost like I kind of coined the term that setbacks can act as a slingshot to propel you where you’re supposed to be in life and so they’re supposed to be that resistance there right as far as like you know in weight training you have to lift heavy stuff you have to have you know some resistance even with the slingshot you have to pull it back and there’s that resistance there that that seem like you know oh you know I’m saying woe is me you can easily you know play the victim but that’s not gonna get you anywhere but when you use that it can move you from one level of existence to the next and learn how to use everything in your life not just the good stuff but the good and the bad as that whole spiritual alchemical process to get you what you need to be spiritually and physically in the physical reality – right you’re kind of dwelling in both we’re not just high and lofty all fluffy spiritual stuff we have to interact with family members and you know saying be productive citizens of society and things as well right I think it’s really interesting how many people fear failure for example or fear things not going well and yet that’s where we learn most isn’t it when things all everything’s going beautifully and there’s flow there’s not a great deal of learning going on it’s not a great deal of development and I think the human condition is is that out of you know steel is tempered by fire and I think we are tempered by experiences and it is our choice whether we give in and think we’ll woe is me I can’t manage this or we choose to use that as you say as a stepping stone as the the slingshot to actually take us to greater heights and for me I think there there’s always a gift even in the most difficult of circumstances if you look there is a gift of learning and I’ve worked with thousands of people now people have been abused people have been through the most terrible situations people who have suffered bereavement of loss of different sorts and yet when they pass through that stage and they actually discovered looking back that they they have grown and accepted and gift well for me gifts that come out of that in terms of strength and resilience and insight and empathy now I’m not suggesting that you would put yourself voluntarily into those situations but when they come up you have the opportunity absolutely to to see these as a way forward or to close you down and to become the victim is there we’re talking my spirituality was how much higher intelligence do you think that almost some of the stuff is set up like a test to prove that you really want it that you’re worthy of that calling that you’re going to persevere that you’re going to make the right decisions and you know because we all have these dreams these desires and things but it’s almost like you can interact with it right it’s almost you know synchronicities and science and symbols and things are happening that there’s some type of intelligence that’s almost mapping this out for us eventually a lot of us come to that understandings that hold on this is by intelligent design and I’m interacting with the universe and things are lining up for me not against me and so some of the scriptures from the Bible and the other holy books are kind of making sense that you can interact with you know the entire universe with your mind and you kind of feel like this is a school and there’s some a teacher that is giving you these tests in these lessons and once you pass it another door opens and you can kind of graduate and go to the next level and level so there’s like this higher intelligence there does that make sense to you at all it makes sense I mean there are so many people putting out so many theories about know is that this grand design is it karma is it that you make your your your situation yourself one for me the number of times that things have happened in my life or with clients where at the time it seemed like the end of the world and that you rail against it and you think this is horrible and yet with hindsight when you look back on those situations you then start to recognize that actually what came as a result of that or another opportunity that came that you wouldn’t have had if you’d taken the first road opens up something which is much bigger and much better and that’s happened so many times that I believe that that there is a divine and whether it’s a plan but I think I think intrinsically the universe is a very protective and and positive thing and if we give ourselves the opportunity to be open then there are more opportunities that will open up rooms and if we start to see this as the universe has got a vendetta against us and the worries me and you know why is it I have all of these terrible things happen and there is no doubt in my mind that when you are open to possibilities possibilities happen that if you focus on the negative you focus on the stuff that’s not working in your life you appear to get more of it you get more lack whereas if you focus on the beneficence the and you have gratitude for your life and what’s in your life I mean even the simple activity of collecting gratitudes during the day can recalibrate the brain and so life starts to feel much more enriched and much easier than when you’re focusing on the stuff that’s not going right so is it a divine intelligence that’s using us like a chess board is it a universal plan that we’re all fitting in I don’t actually know and I don’t know that it matters really I think for me it’s about recognizing that if you are being authentically genuinely your best sell and that includes being open to possibilities not closing things down because they’re uncomfortable then amazing things happen and to to say to your listeners is having the confidence when you know horrible things are happening in your life that you will get through it you’ll have the strength you’ll develop the capacity and through that you will be stronger and that you will go forward into your life in a much better place I believe it um maybe this piggy backs into the next question but you have a lot of people who are on the spiritual path and they’re very spiritual you know and they you know there’s you know no limit on the things that you can explore through spirituality and there’s a lot of people who are really good at that but when it comes to having impact on the earth and being able to maybe run a business or be or you know be savvy to fulfill their dreams and things like that there’s kind of a disconnect there and I wanted to kind of maybe see if this is where it ties in that but you have the five secret pathways to happiness success and fulfillment is there does that is that a vehicle from you know some of these different exercises and things that you have from the spiritual aspect of what I want what I desire and then kind of bringing that into manifestation is there like a practical way that people can do that because I think people get stuck I think the five secret pathways looks at how you can become a strong spiritual being for me it’s about developing the spiritual matriarchs and patriarchs those people are going to take control I think one eat the issues is that for many people who are on a spiritual path they think that they cannot be worldly you can’t be spiritual if you’re charging you can’t be spiritual if you’ve got a business and actually that’s a belief I don’t not one I subscribe to I don’t you know if you go into a shop and you buy a loaf of somebody’s made that bread and you pay the value for that and for me people having a successful business but one which is built on spiritual lines are completely at one with one another I think there’s a lot of of toffee spoken about in order to be spiritual you’ve got to be poor wearing a loin cloth sitting on the top of the mountain but the same time for me yes I want my business to be very successful but for me that’s because then I want to be able to utilize that money to create the infrastructure to get to more people and to be able to support those people who can’t afford to pay in order to do that my resources are finite but I do believe that for example what I would do with people adds enormous value it helps them live their life it much more richly so they too can be more successful individually within a relationship professionally and so on the other thing about spirituality I think that we’re getting into a situation in some areas where I’m more spiritual than you because almost taking over in some areas from organized religion you know where you had to have wear the biggest hat in order to be the best shout the loudest entered some things and I think that’s dangerous I think that spirituality is not about being better than it’s about being your best self yeah it’s about it’s not a competition I can remember very early on in my spiritual journey I went to a course and I had visualization Envy because when they were doing guided meditations people would talk about you know I can see a red Indian and he’s wearing a great big headdress will my red Indian sitting on a donkey will my red Indian sitting on a donkey that’s sitting on a giraffe and I see gray folgen be very good a great and initially I was really threatened by that yeah but what I’ll recognize is that I’m somebody I have a knowing things pop into my head I don’t see things I don’t feel things don’t hear things I just haven’t knowing what I recognize is that’s my way of doing things it’s not better it’s not worse it’s mine and for me spirituality is not about being in competition and I would like to think that you know as we grow and we and more and more people join and in this spiritual journey this spiritual movement that they will recognize that it’s not about and I’ve got to be better than you in all of you in order to feel good and that’s why for me it starts with feeling good about yourself first and the spirituality follows on after that mmhmm yeah you’re not supposed to judge by appearances side I know like over the years there have been some people that I’ve kind of looked up to because of their material that they’ve put out and I and I still glean from the material but once you meet those people you kind of find out that their character and personality it doesn’t match the material which is kind of weird right so you know it’s some circles they tell you not to meet your your idols and the people that you look up to because you’re gonna be let down or you have this idea because that’s all you’ve been listening to were these songs and reading material that these are highly spiritual people who only wear the you know the you know the cloth and the cloaks and all they do is fast and pray and meditate and things like that when you find out that these are regular people you could be let down and there’s this Gnostic notion though that we’ve that we’ve you know seen that we’re not supposed to enjoy life that we’re not supposed to be happy or have fun or be silly or be human you know they think that every conversations supposed to be spiritual and you know I couldn’t disagree with you more for me spirituality is about being joyful it’s about being free or particularly around things like the natural world and about how amazing people can be the me spirituality is about light and being playful and recapturing that you know the young the absolute amazement that little children have about the world they’re curious and they’re creative and I believe that’s what we’re destined to be too and we’re being truly spiritual mm-hmm [Music] was the power in finding a tribe finding people who think like you people who have the same goals in mind who were after the same type of who said that you are the some of the five people that you spend almost most of your time Lee but I think for me being part of a tribe and that’s one of the reasons why I’ve set up the Thrive tribe is that having a safe space which is non-judgmental where you can be challenged but not knocked down where people will support you and celebrate with you who will who are wanting to be the best they can be and also are prepared to help you be the best you can be for me that’s an environment that’s nurturing and growing it’s like putting a plant into soil that’s well fertilized and got plenty of sunshine and plenty of water so it can grow at its optimum level you try and do this on your own you can grow but I think when you get together with like-minded people particularly if they’re like-minded but they’re not they’re not exclusive you know there are some groups you know you’re a people like people like them that’s not what I mean by having a crop round you it’s about having an all-inclusive tribe but where people recognize that being judgmental about yourself about others is not part of what’s what’s done you have a lot of stuff on your side about the a theory of self-sabotage different people do this in a lot of different ways I’ve dealt with it in the past and I don’t know what it’s what it stems from but you want somebody is building something they’re branding their becoming successful they’re getting friends a lot of people will just pull the plug and undo all that and start over and didn’t do the same thing whether I mean I’ve seen people involved with ministries people starting business selling stuff I mean it just kind of can take over every area and aspect of our life or whatever and then they’ll be comfortable and then they’ll pull the plug and just tell everybody off or run everybody off or whatever the cases where the self sabotage come from I think it’s quite a complex issue for me the first two places to look at are you fearful of failure or are you fearful of success and many people are as many people are fearful of success as they are a failure if I will people still like me and I believe that rejection is often at the core of I need to stay safe I need to stay the same otherwise people will reject me they’ll think I’m arrogant they’ll think that I’ll be separate so for me they’re the two big strands around self-sabotage the other thing is that I don’t deserve and so they’ll start to be successful and then what I mustn’t get above myself because I don’t deserve it and so things are going too well so I don’t deserve it so I better do something that fulfills that prophecy that I don’t deserve and I you know people sabotage by giving up before things are successful by not getting started or because they believe that things have got to be perfect before they move on rather than good enough and this applies by overeating keen using drugs shopping sex all sorts of ways of actually keeping themself limited and at the heart of that I believe that by keeping themself limited they think they’re going to keep themselves safe but it’s an illusion because in reality many people who self-sabotage end up with the very thing here so for example within relationships they sabotage the relationship because they don’t want to commit or they don’t want get too close or they don’t try getting out there and getting into a relationship because they fear being hurt and they end up being lonely which is the very thing that they are frightened of in the first place I’ve um I’ve seen where you have a lot of people who are creative self-sabotage without even knowing it because there will be really good at like I said branding or building or you know starting something but they’re so creative that their mind is always coming up with new ideas so once they’re working on this and they’ve put all this time effort and energy into it they’ll leave that and then find this other idea and then they have another idea and then three months have passed and they’ve actually neglected the first thing even though they you know meant to see it through and then they’re juggling aound it with my life and a lot of people who have who are just really creative just coming up with ideas it’s pulling them out to either you know but it’s about being consistent so not having good consistency can lead to self-sabotage as well small actions consistently taken are what get you a sustained success the grand gesture then does it but I think all of us to some extent of guilty of the you know the new bright shiny thing is to have more value than the routine stuff that we have to do and there’s no doubt if you if you’re setting up a business there’s some blooming hard work to be done and often it’s on days when you don’t feel like doing it you’ve got to do stuff that you don’t like doing now if you’ve got the money you can afford to get other people in to do those things that you don’t like doing but they love that’s the right but many people you have to go through the pain of doing the things you don’t like doing in order to create enough revenue to then start surrounding yourself a team of people who do like doing it and that’s the ideal isn’t it if you’re not a detail person find somebody who loves detail if you’re not a finisher you’re a creative then work with somebody who’s not creative but actually likes to see things through to fruition and so some of it is about creating partnerships that work because you’ve got a balance within it yep and like I think a lot of people life I think like attracts like and I’ve seen that I’ve got a I’ve got a you know a neat audience a neat tribe but most of the people in my tribe or people just like me they’re they’re into the same things I’m into they’re good at the same things I’m good at not all of them but a lot of them and so we kind of would be unbalanced because I’m I have all these people who can do what I can do good and building a good team and building a good tribe you need someone who’s good at the stuff that you suck at like there’s somebody who loves to send emails there’s somebody who loves to organise events there’s someone who loves to do graphic art or do your handle your web design or whatever the case is to get all of these people in in your circle to help you not work against you but people who are good at the things that you’re not and that’s where you find that you’re a strong team that’s well rounded when you when you find that but a lot of times those people are just into the same things you are at first you know and I think that’s again the strength of the tribe is where you can actually work to recognize your strengths as a tribe and to look at well okay as a tribe are we rounded do we have of what we need and if not there there are going to be any number of ways where you can bring in the expertise or that support and using the wealth of the tribe to look at your connections now who do you know who is really good at event-planning that you could invite to co-opt into the tribe you may not be a core member in the sense that that they would naturally find their way actually have got the same core values as I think that’s really important but actually have a different skillset and one of the most successful businesses are successful because they’ve got such a breadth of experience and I know when I was running as interview and a point in order to fill the gaps I didn’t want people who were like me I wanted people who were better than me at whatever in order to have that well-rounded team that it was successful has been evidenced by the number of height marks we got us in school but you don’t start off like that you have to start from where you’re at and work your way towards them that’s illusioned yes I think that could kind of play into the self-sabotage too because you have a lot of people who were scared to have people who are better than they’re mad things because they’re a threat that’s the whole thing with the building a tribe or creating content having material or having a book out or whatever the case is because there’s always someone who knows more and you feel like if you have that person around then they could possibly take your audience with them and I’ve been a part of religious orders and groups and stuff like that where it was seclusion and you had to keep everybody to yourself type deal and I’ve had that kind of you know I’m saying fight against that in building what I’m doing because I’ve seen what happens when you do that right and so that’s a definite way of self sabotage as well I agree with you but that’s why having the same core values is so important they can be have a very different skill set be a very different approach but if you’ve got core values which say I wouldn’t put I wouldn’t dream of poaching your people you know I’m I’m here to support and to grow the the tribe with you I’m not here to cherry-pick and to and to see what I can get out of it and I think that’s why it’s so important that the core values are right because only then do can you trust that somebody’s not going to come in and and behave in a way that will be did you point people who were no better than me at the whole range of things well I can’t be good at everything so I wanted the best IT teacher the best maths the best English the best of everything my job was to grow them to coordinate them my strength was in bringing them in and helping them develop and to work together so I think it’s having the the courage sometimes to say that person can add value to what I’m doing and I’m going to take the chance that they’re better than me at doing whatever and certainly in terms of Technology I’d never got going if I had to be limited to what I could do I needed people who had much more expertise and creativity and vision than I would ever hang up mm-hmm yeah you really have to trust your discern is what uh Rene Ruiz are saying in the chat there’s a lot of opportunist to a comer come around you and they’re there for what they can get you know and you know it’s also possible to put fail-safes in that you know you don’t open the door and let them right in that you actually get to know them and you give them a little bit and then so I I don’t think being this is being spiritual is not about being everybody come in and do what you like I that goes back to me that you can be discerning you can be a good business person that you can do it with compassion and heart and true spirituality it does not mean you’re a pushover in fact the fans quite the opposite because when you really trust your instincts and you trust your gut and you allow yourself that space you can learn to be a cure Utley discerning about people in a way that if you don’t give yourself that time then you have to wait for the evidence that they let you down mm-hmm let me ask you this so about whenever people are starting to become successful right you have a lot of that people whether it’s your tribe whether it’s your friends whether it’s your family too once you start to become successful you got a lot more eyes on you there’s more income coming in your building you’re you know you’re on the road to to fulfilling your dreams and those people who are with you as the water rises sometimes they can’t go with you to the next level there’s a lot of jealousy a lot of I deserve it more than you deserve it I’ve been a better steward of this and that I’ve been at it longer there’s a lot of stuff we’ve dealt with but there comes a time where you know everybody can’t go with you to those higher levels how how do we survive that purge and when do we know it’s coming whether it’s like back by 8:00 and weird stuff that kind of kind of comes – I think a lot of people have to deal with early on okay I don’t miss a single answer to this I think a lot of it’s how you take people with you and money is an interesting one it for me it’s just a form of energy and so I think a lot of the difficulties come when people have early success is that they start to be different to how they have been which is why for me being your genuine self being authentic has to be something that starts at the beginning and carries right through and if that’s the case then I think what you’re talking about is less less likely – and I’m not saying it won’t but it’s less likely to happen because you have been genuine with those people all the way through and you’ve taken them with you and so the ideal thing is when you engage people in the process and they see that by engaging with you that they also are part of that success and if you couldn’t do that then everybody wins the challenge I think is when people are not necessarily being authentic and there is that sense of division which then people become jealous and when people become jealous or feel that they’ve been badly treated that they not be well-served than all sorts of negative fallout happens so there’s a lot of people out there who don’t know what they should be doing they’re just kind of existing they’re kind of on autopilot they’re I think kind of talking about just being on default you just exist or at a job because they felt out an application they’ve been there ten years they don’t know what to do they don’t know you know they you know they may have passions maybe they gave up on their passions they don’t know what they didn’t want to do with their life what is it what is it where is a good place for them to start to actually find their purpose or say because you know that people are just existing they want to help they want to get involved they want to do something other than what they’re doing right now but they don’t know what that is I think the first thing is to be curious many people I’ve worked with around finding their purpose come and say I need to know what my purpose is I need to know it now and I suggested them that actually in the first instance it’s being curious about those things which kill you up those things that give you a real buzz and identifying them and maybe things that you’ve done in the past but they also could just as easily be things that you have not yet experienced and so in the first instance to just be to experiment and be curious about what there is out there don’t give you drop up but but experiment outside your job in your free time until you find something that gives you huge satisfaction and many people see things very much in black or white I’ve got it either do this job I hate or I’m going to do something that’s truly fulfilling yeah I would suggest that for many people that they can you know they don’t want to give up the income that their job gives them at the same time they feel that their whole of their life is unfulfilled and I would suggest well in the first instance look for fulfillment out of your work and sometimes that’s enough all you start to find fulfillment outside your work and then you gradually do part homework that pays that basic bills and that you grow the things that give you joy alongside but I think people who want very often want an instant fix you know I’ve got to find it now otherwise I’m not succeeding when the reality is that this is a journey yeah and finding your true purpose you’ll know when you have it absolutely know that that’s what you’re meant to do but along the way have some fun be playful be light-hearted about trying different things and seeing what works for you and then if you can make a business out of it brilliant but if not you could have a very fulfilling life and do your job they’re not mutually exclusive I think we’re in one of the best times now because you know through technology and through actually having the world at your fingertips like we can like we have people all over the world listening to this right now in every country and me and you or you know I’m actually communicating yeah we’re talking we’re talking from you know it’s almost dinner time for you so you know but there’s just disconnect there for a lot of people because you know maybe it’s because they don’t feel like they should have money they’re unworthy they shouldn’t be having fun there’s a disconnect there and even for me like now I’m doing podcasting and in music and graphic art full-time those are things that I’ve done for free for years and I because I love doing it I love to create I love to do that and now I’m doing it full-time there had there was a disconnect for me as well you know and there’s people who think music should be free and you know I’ve done I’ve actually gone into done concerts where I’ve paid to get there you know and now people pay to bring me out so having like that connection there to where you can do what you want for a living or make a career or something get creative with it and to be able to do the things that you love to do for a living where you’re not having punch in a 40 50 60 hour workweek wishing you weren’t there thinking about your hobbies in your dreams and your goals like what can you to turn it to turn that in to that um but you know being able and open to receive payment for your services for your time for your books for your energy whatever it is and actually bringing it to the table and creating it there’s a quote that says you know those who do what they love for a living they never have to work a day again in their life it’s so surreal once you get there like I’m being in that hustle and bustle and from doing all of these jobs that you don’t want to be there you kind of feel like you have to be there versus now I get to wake up every day and do what I love I’m still in dreamland when it comes to that and I’m over a year into this and it still feels like it’s not real is that is that possible for everybody should they pursue that I know we just kind of discussed it but you know we live it we I think we’re living in a good time where it becomes more possible at least right I think it’s absolutely possible I I love what I do and I’m a good age where many people would be retiring I’ve got I just setting up been setting up another business I’m no intention of retiring why because I absolutely love what I do gives me a huge buzz can everybody do it well there’s the rod because a you’ve got to give yourself that the opportunity to find out find what it is that you are going to enjoy that much because if you’re going to give up everything else you don’t want it to be well I thought that was it but actually three months in I’m bored with that I don’t like them so you’ve got to be really clear that this is your passion yeah and then you’ve got to be a bit brave because letting go of the know letting go of something which which you know you might not like but actually brings in you’re enough money to live on takes some courage but also I think it takes you’ve got to be committed to it and even if it’s something that you love nobody’s gonna open the door and throw a shedload of money in it you you’ve got to work at it now you can enjoy that work and choose to enjoy that work and I’m reminded of you know I’ve done a lot of Anthony Robbins stuff and I was at one of his courses and he was talking about the fact they’d gone to India to an ashram and you’ve got your keep free if you worked and he was put in on the job of washing up now he’s a big guy old many of your listeners will be familiar with him six-foot-seven I am I mean when he stood next bill chair my eyes were leveled his knees I mean he is humongous and he was in this tiny little shack washing up millions and quite literally a million plates and the first day he was miserable because he wasn’t tall enough it was very hot very smelly and he resented the fact that he had been given the job of job of washing up when he went to bed that night and the bed was about 18 inches too short for him he talks himself and said you know this isn’t this is I can choose three weeks of misery or I can choose to do something in a different way and the next day he got up and was determined to make that the best day ever so he went in in a great mood he was singing and joking with everybody everybody had a fabulous time the day went quickly yeah he was still doing the same job and I think that’s true of us all whatever job we’re doing if you do the best you can do it’s to say to my staff you know it doesn’t matter whether you’re a cleaner you’re cleaning the toilets or you’re teaching the most able students if you do it in the very best where you can then you’re gonna do a great job and you’re going to get a sense of satisfaction and I would say to your listeners that you know whether it’s in the job that you’re doing that currently you don’t like that’s your choice but if you’re gonna do something else recognize the fact they can have to commit to it and you’re gonna have to put some effort in in order to make it work for you that doesn’t mean you don’t enjoy it my work I work very hard I work long hours but I love it mm-hmm that’s your choice isn’t it it goes back to that gratitude like you were talking about it to begin and be thankful that you have a job because there’s a lot of other people standing in an unemployment line who would love to take your place you know yeah and so that whatever it takes to be in the moment to approach every part of your day with an attitude of gratitude being stuck in traffic okay you know try to find a way to be happy there whatever it is these things that kind of set us off or push us push our buttons or you know trigger us we need to understand that it’s triggering me for a reason and I need to find out why I’m so easily offended why you know whatever it is and try to get past that hurdle so that we’re not you know just being pushed around by our feelings and emotions or whatever we can be very mission minded goal oriented and not have any little thing set us off that can self-sabotage you know doing little things like that and I really do think it comes to approach everything what’s the attitude of gratitude those jobs that you don’t want to be at you got to do your best until you’re gonna get the next out what if you you just complained and you grumbled all the time but you’re waiting for something better to come but all you doing is complaining and grumbling and griping and getting into it with people you’re probably gonna carry that with you to the next job or you’re probably gonna be stuck in that job a lot longer that’s what I found out you’re the common denominator in every bit of your life and if you gripe and moan you’ve got to live with you and moreover so is everybody around you so you know you can create misery wherever you go if you choose to or you can choose to create a sense of lightness and possible for positivity too and that’s your choice that’s good stuff well Gina I appreciate you coming on hanging out with me if you want to go ahead and plug your links where people can check out your website because you really do have a nice and so for people who want to check it out check out some of your courses and things that you have that’d be awesome you got a bunch of really cool books and stuff as well you can go ahead and do that thank you so my website is HTTP only and then the little – – new comm so genuinely – you calm there’s also an app a free app genuinely you that people can download and access all of the resources you can download a free digital version of my latest number one bestselling book thriving not surviving the five secret pathways to happiness success and fulfillment you can download a free TV series there are thirteen programs in this series and you can download those from free for free from my website join the fried tribe it’s a monthly membership it’s a like-minded group of people who are supportive there’s interactive coaching there’s an interactive Facebook loads and loads of result can tap into and there’s a structured sequential program for personal and spiritual development within that on the website you’ll find all sorts of things and I you would love your listeners to let us know where they’ve come from send me an email if you want a 15 minute free consultation then you can sign up for that through the website too so it’s genuinely – EUCOM make sure you guys go over there and check out all the really cool stuff that she has on a website well Gina thank you for coming on hanging out with me I really enjoyed it we’ll have to do it again my absolute pleasure thank you very much and I look forward to it I am a friend good day to you Thank You Gina Gardner ladies and gentlemen good stuff I love it I love it I love it man she’s been featured she’s putting in work man I mean hanging out with true sicko when she can write BBC Radio reader’s digest ABC NBC KOB 4k kgu in she’s been a The Wall Street Journal I think all types of of men you got to create something man it’s so easy just to sit there man it’s so easy to kind of wish for something greater or just like sit by passive or whatever looking waiting for opportunity trust me like in the music realm there’s so many people who are waiting for that record deal or waiting for that producer TIFF to see their YouTube video and say oh this guy has potential let me pick him up I don’t know why maybe that’s how it used to be and they know they got something good that they can share with the world but a lot of people are waiting by passively they’re just wanting somebody to put them on and like I’ve been saying you got to create something man this lady has a lot of stuff man a lot of books a lot of videos logos man she’s been everywhere like you got to do something with with your time you wanting to create something you wanting to brand something we’ll do something you don’t know what to do something do something whether it’s a podcast like you don’t know where to start you got to do something create your logo send your email by the domain little practical things that you want it that you need to do to start your business to create that life for you want that that you want for yourself I believe everybody should be looking to do what they love for a living like I can’t I can’t I can’t express the gratitude that I have I try like I just start crying if I start thinking about it it’s so crazy man Jonathan Santiago plant the first seed brother you’re on your way man you keep doing your thing man keep doing don’t give up don’t you know you’re doing a podcast well do it every do it like like be consistent consistency is key let them see you let them know that you’re there start telling people there’s a big gap to have that idea to have those visions and then you got to start telling people even before it’s here you got to start telling people your vision and start claiming it and speaking it into existence and knowing that it’s coming and get people ready look what I’m doing so there’s a big fear because the people are afraid of the opinions of men they’re afraid of being told no that be they’re afraid of being mocked ridiculed or laughed at with their ideas that they’re trying to bring to the table I mean it’s so funny like like we’ve been you you have people who laugh and scoff and make fun of your dream and and they’re sitting there getting they have the punch in at a clock that they at a job they don’t like and you know and if you’re spending that much time there it’s a big deal if you’re spending the majority of your life at a job that you don’t like you can change that first of all change your attitude and make sure that you’re thankful that you even have a job let’s start there start with that attitude of gratitude use it as fuel to the fire to get you where you want to go because you’ll find yourself in a place where you’re complaining at a job that you prayed for you ask God for you’re at a job you’re in a position and now you’re complaining about a blessing that God has given you but yet you want something else that was the problem with the prosperity gospel they were never content they always wanted more always wanted more find that vein and stay on it man find what’s working fine what’s was happened what’s what’s helping you get through the day find what makes your heart tick I even talked about that when like finding like choosing your spouse don’t find the person that you can live with the person you can put up with or just a good person find that person you can’t live without and and make that your spouse right find that job that you would do for free when you can find that your hobby your job and then turn it into a full-time income trust me it’s not going to automatically replace the bills it’s not you’re probably gonna have to like downsize and downgrade usually the transition is that comes through a step of faith stepping out to prove that you really want it a lot of times it doesn’t come where you like okay I’m gonna easily transition into this – Tom it doesn’t if it does glory to God but most of the time it takes an huge step of faith to step out to create that life that you want for yourself nothing comes overnight consistency definitely pays off doing something over and over again just staying consistent with it building something because you start eventually you got all this stuff you got to start somewhere I think we’re pushing 200 podcasts right now I started with one two three four or five eventually now I can look back got a whole arsenal of podcasts of YouTube videos of songs man I’ve got a nod I look back I got over 200 songs like I had to start with one eventually they add up I had to create a logo had to create a website now I have a logo and a website and 200 songs and videos and all of this stuff and I’ve kind of got this stuff that I’ve been branding and pushing for years in its art staff you start somewhere nobody’s just gonna give you anything whatever it is but approach it with an attitude of gratitude man and like I said hard work always pays off man I’m really uh in a place that I’m enjoying right now and it’s still like I said it’s still kind of like a dream man and there’s so many quotes and songs about being able to do what you want for a living and then not even and not never have to work again and in your life it seems so far had to reach for so many people though right oh yeah a true seeker did it yeah everything lined up I was consistent and I was probably it I didn’t give up it’s probably the only thing I’ve done different than you I didn’t gave up I didn’t give up you gave up a long time ago recapture that dream man don’t give up stay with it don’t pick don’t be a jack of all trades and a master of none find something that you do do it good do it well stick with it a jack you do a lot of you do a lot of stuff meteo curly you know I’ve been there kind of there a little bit now just because the fact that I’ve done everything myself like I need it to shoot my own videos I needed to record my own songs I needed to create my own website like I learned how to do all that stuff myself I didn’t have the money to spend to go pay people to do it so I learned how to do it myself well I can do it for free and now stuff that I’ve done for free and I’ve helped people I’ve built my own website and book my own shows and all of this recording and stuff now I get paid that stuff not as a price on it and sometimes there’s people who there’s that disconnect you got to get past it stuff that you would do for free but now you’re charging for well it took you years to find that stuff out but look at this there’s people who are blessed there’s people who are unknowing it to give they have the Ministry of helps there’s people who can’t do what you’re doing it’s people who can’t get out there and do it but they’re willing to support you they’re willing to to help fund what you’re doing I’m seeing that out the out the woodwork too and that blows my mind and I’ve talked and I feel feel I feel a certain type of way of saying this but like some of my music like the album 333 and all of this stuff man I’ve been supported by older white women who I don’t who probably really don’t like rap music but they see the impact on it and they support it right you there’s people who want to help there’s people that’s their ministry that’s their job is to help you but what are you doing you got to do something are you helping people are you reaching out that’s everybody who’s they got their hands out they want something they’re looking for something they’re looking for mention they’re looking for a retweet but you ain’t never helped nobody look to whom much is given much is required you have to be a good steward with whatever you have no matter what level you are just start now you got to maintain it don’t let your giftings and your talents bring you to a place that your character can’t carry you trust me when I was talking about meeting your idols or the people that you look up to a lot of times I wish I wouldn’t have met these people right you meet them and you’re let down like I’ve been I’ve had like the people I looked up to on like a music level steal money from me finally met them you know and I who it’s bad a lot of people man a lot of like big-name people and stuff they just man they’re just not good in business right don’t do that keep your hands clean in your heart pure protect your name and protect your integrity protect your legacy it’s going down you can do it man whatever it is whatever it is man and like I said like I remember like which I started doing all like one on one consultations where I would lead people in guided meditations and we do energy healing and I’d spend a lot of amount of time with someone to do a private consultation and and I started charging for that I started charging for my time and there was a bunch of like people in the Christian community who are like oh you you you’re charging for to pray for people you’re charging to pray and all of this weird stuff that these people have this disconnect with and they don’t feel because they did stuff that they do for free right they think it’s all supposed to be for free like everything just supposed to be a handout I get messages from people almost every time that I that I upload a video of my song from that’s available on patreon like it gets a dislike because people feel like that I should put it on YouTube for the world for free and you have two paths to pay for everything else have to pay for the beat have to pay for the graphic or I had to pay for a lot of that stuff when I start branching out because I’ll do a lot of that I have to pay for that stuff but yet you deserve the song for free and you did not put in on this man you got to put in on a man you got to help somebody man it’s so funny people I’ve gotten messages people are mad that I charge from my music music is an art form it’s supposed to be free it’s an expression it’s great well it wasn’t free to create sir sir it was not free to create some you know it is crazy man but it’s always about you like we’re talking about bringing it back to the authentic self it’s about you knowing who you are being authentic bringing it to the table and I’m telling you it’s gonna make a lot of people uncomfortable they’re uncomfortable around somebody who’s not cocky but confident you know who you are it’s gonna make a lot of people uncomfortable as you move up levels and levels not everybody can go with you not everybody can hang the people in your boat with you they’re paddling against you they’re hoping you fail but yet you’re promoting them they’ve never I’ve never helped you right oh no um I shared this video earlier I’m gonna play it hopefully it’s not copyrighted I won’t get pulled off YouTube but I’m gonna play this clip right quick I listened to it this morning right I’m gonna share this so let me see you on YouTube bah bah bah let’s see it’s not on YouTube is on Facebook so okay here you go you can see it hopefully you can hear it I’m gonna play this listening y’all are gonna stop saying you are peoples friends when you do not support them when they start businesses when you’re and start businesses and drop music and open online stores and drop books and merchandise and start a podcast supporting them just like support them do you support these celebrities you don’t know cuz when Beyonce drops y’all go buy it when Rihanna drops y’all go buy it I bet y’all got cardi b’s album I bet y’all got the me gold album so when your friends drop things support them financially support your friends who are starting businesses hello support people man real recognize real man you got to support people that’s the funniest thing to me it’s kind of offensive but you got people in your corner who who are not helping man it’s so weird like I’ve started patreon I’ve probably had patreon for maybe two years or so now maybe a little bit more and I got complete strangers bro from all over the world supporting my work but the people that I have closest to me they haven’t even joined like this was my attempt to to step out this is my attempt to bring this to the table I don’t know how much I might have in my bank account they got just weird excuses I don’t know if I have five hours I don’t know if I have $1 like okay I’ve been there too but guess what that’s not a good place to be that’s not a good place to be to know to not know if you’re gonna have five dollars in your account we need to talk or you need to go you need to go to jinhwan genuinely – you calm and speak to miss Gina that’s not a good place to be to have all of these people in this really we’re from all over the world supporting me believing in my work but the people who say they do you ain’t seen them they just say it oh I know yeah yeah when you rise in yeah I’m with you hold on you did not put in on this man you’re not helping you’re not help while I help another way love about this is the way I need you to get help need you to give I need you to help a dollar a dollar one dollar man you can’t do a dollar I’ll give you money if you need it it’s a dollar man $5 $10 trust me I have people all over the world literally all over the world supporting I’m elated I’m blown away but it makes you think twice about the people who are so-called in your corner rooting you on but they’re not helping they’re ready to eat from your plate but when I sign we sign work ethic we all grind you got to do something man no matter who you are as facts could you support you you carrying dead weight in your circle you carrying dead weight everybody’s different I get that you can’t you got to stop letting people ride off your coattail man I’ve done it man y’all know about people in mobile who wouldn’t have had a chance without me let’s say that and and I’ve put them out and I’ve done a lot of stuff a lot of carrying and in the audience knows who they are these people but I don’t get the same love back from them you know I don’t know what it is man maybe that’s the self-sabotage thing would you want you want to help people you know you only fuck you carrying people or whatever I enjoy helping people oh man no matter where you are but there’s there comes a point where you got you helping people who won’t help themselves man you trying to help people see that’s the the bad thing about being a visionary that’s the bad thing about being empathic and wanting to help everybody is you’re a seer you can see the potential in people that they can’t see in themselves that’s a good thing but you you’re seeing this potential in people to a date they don’t want they don’t care they don’t want the likes of it they don’t want nothing I don’t want nothing to do with it you’re seeing this person not as they are but the person that that they can be it’s prophetic it’s a gifting but it also be a curse it’s a ferrous smeller says Illuminati Congo for a good talk on your show I’ve already had a I’ve had Congo on here we did an episode it was really good I’ve done two I’ve done two episodes with him what one is posted though the other one was a really old one years ago when I was under a different name the awakening I love Illuminati Congo imma just jump for some questions here Ali says word I’m learning its truth Chris garner says that’s why I don’t have a circle anymore yeah man is this you know eventually man binary watcher says that’s because you’re a watcher and it’s a curse yeah it’s a cursed man but you have to you have to look at it and see how it can be a blessing in disguise you know and you can help people and I’ve helped a lot of people and and we all have right but um we got to stop helping people who don’t want it you know you’re trying to like you should like trying to give knowledge trying to bring people to church or whatever it is whatever you’re trying to do to help people that the person don’t want the help they’ll use you though they’ll show up quick with their hand out but they just didn’t put nothing in the pot diamonds in the rough ER and they says ain’t putting nothing in the pot it don’t take much it don’t take much just do something and be consistent with it that’s it I’m gonna just take some questions if anybody has any questions anything that I didn’t touch on today anything you wanted to share just let me know I’m gonna give it about a minute or two to see if anybody has any questions and I’ll try to jump to that other than that man I’ve really um I was kind of a few minutes late going into this interview well at least I sent her the link kind of late which because I’m like I went back to something that I started I’m working on something right now um and I just I’ve just been writing working on pretty much a guided meditation which is going to be an experience taking you into the presence of God through the throne room through entering in through the tab tabernacle being almost being scripturally sound in the layout into viewpoints and in the expressions in the feelings and the things that were around taking you through the tabernacle into the throne room into the Holy of Holies being in the presence of God so I’m working on that right now and I touched it several months ago I started it but I’ve just been like I said those creative people have all those different ideas and I have a bunch of those things where I started and I didn’t finish so I went back to that a while ago and the Lord spoke to my heart last week you know so this was a word that I shared in the School of the Mystics it was for whoever would receive it but it was as you write it down more is gonna come you don’t know where to start just start I don’t know where it starts somewhere as you start as you start writing things down being vocal all the other stuffs gonna keep coming out of your belly shall flow rivers of living water it’s gonna keep coming and I started writing this morning and then I couldn’t stop I was immersed into it in this visual and God speaking say this to him say that it’s gonna be beautiful man so hopefully that is something that I can finish pretty soon and get that out for you guys I started on it several months ago just came back to it it’s just flowing so I want it to be done right but hopefully that’s gonna create a experience like we can easily pray we can easily tap in but it’s gonna I’m wanna do do sounds and not really the visuals the visuals is gonna be you going in with your eyes closed taking this journey but I’d like to add sound effects and things like that through it as you’re going into this visual experience through the throne room of heaven it’s gonna be good someone’s asking crypto donations in the future of fun right is the future of fundraising man I know then have a lot of people hit me up about crypto man like I don’t really know much about it man supposed to be people to millionaires in crypto but I don’t even know how that converts over the real dollars or buying stuff so I don’t I don’t have that set up man sorry about that I do have a PayPal binary says I have a question how exactly do you want people to help you mister true seeker ma’am there’s a lot of ways but um there’s one way that I’ve put up now and I’ve been kind of vocal about it on the show and now haven’t really had I’ve had people flirt with the idea but nobody actually be in a place where they can do it and I’m willing to pay people to help me like with this I need snippets made out of the podcasts you know what I’m saying like I need people who are one familiar with the content I tried to pay Indian people to do this from different websites right and they were just making random clips for me they didn’t understand the content I need people to listen and say oh that would be a good snippet or listen to the Jordan Maxwell interview and say oh man that’s a good clip because like a lot of people don’t have time to sit down and listen to a three-hour podcast or a two-hour whatever a lot of people don’t have that time but they do have time to sit down and listen to a five-minute excerpt or two men at a ten minute or whatever so I need people to create video excerpts from the podcast and I’m willing to pay I’m you know I’m saying willing to pay per per clip or something right if it’s gonna help is it’s gonna promote and things like that so if anybody is able to do that and you want to do that and I will teach you how to do that you need a computer or a cell phone and you need time it takes time to listen and into okay from the Kundalini I’m gonna make a clip and I’m gonna call it Kundalini in Jesus three minute clip by ya okay from 10 minutes to 17 minutes you thought about this and make video clips out of it to kind of promote the podcast that takes a lot of time that’s off it’s almost a full-time thing and it’s in and of itself and so like we’re talking about finding people who can do the things that you suck at it you know I need I need help with that so anyway that’s what that’s one thing I need help with everything else just kind of comes with the territory about just kind of being vocal sharing and you know getting it out to people there’s a big one but as far as like physically what I need help with that’s what I need help with and out like I said I’m willing to teach somebody but you need to have time you know you need to have time to do it a lot of people don’t have time to try to find time so but some people have time on their hands so it the one with who have time on their hands the person who just watches YouTube videos and it’s in a position where that that’s what they want to do if you need the program I can send you the programs and all that kind of stuff anyway you have not because you ask not that’s what I need help with and I’ve I’m just asking for help and so email me pick me up get at me on disk or whatever it is whoever can help with that that’s what anyhow work and it allows me to create you know I’m saying more content versus going back in and doing doing that um which that’s content in and of itself to actually go back and create something that didn’t exist the snippet maybe a new thumbnail bow you have a video snippet sometimes the snippets get more views than the actual interview right so it’s just about being tactful reaching out to people using keywords being interesting those type of things so yeah that’s what I need help with anybody who wants to do that hit me up but yeah again man think that thanks everybody for the support I don’t I don’t feel like that it’s old you know I’m saying and I hope me being just talking about this is just me being open I’m saying you got to look at the people in your circle you got to look at the people supporting you their people want to support you or whatever you’re building like I want to support you especially if you in my circle and I do people in my circle they I give them free council free advice this is how you do that you want to do a podcast hey do this fix that stuff that I would charge other people for so it’s about having that squad that group of people that you can build with and each one reach one is so helping people get this information out man helping people young saying love on people set them free with truth you know whatever aspect it is that you bring to the table we can cover more ground together so that’s what it’s about about building with your tribe and we have technology in place we have discord we got a lot of really cool stuff where people can stay in each other’s business man day to day you know what I’m saying and then really do life together that’s what it’s about so the discord app is there we do the School of the Mystics on Thursday nights all that info should be in the description if you’d like to check it out so yeah make sure y’all do that so again thank you guys for supporting man we’re coming up on the end of 2018 2018 has been a blessing created a lot of really cool stuff helped a lot of people and plan on continuing to do the same things continue continuing like I got new music that’s about the drop it’s a bunch of new music already on patreon but it’s getting closer to be to being done and I’m gonna probably try to shoot videos for some of it and work on new stuff we’re gonna get this content out I’m right in the midst of writing a book which it’s gonna be good I don’t know how long that’s gonna take but it’s coming doing the book doing some guided meditations and stuff and just trying to find creative aspects and ways to get this info out making videos man a lot of people have been touched by you know some of the videos that I’ve made we’re just kind of explaining some topics and inputting videos and you know I’m saying visuals forward to of that stuff gets a lot of traction so people want more of that and I’ve got some ideas so I’m gonna keep working keep doing it and not looking back so if you want to help get plugged in with me somebody’s asking Jeremy pickers asking what’s your email truce Sika seven at Yahoo hit me up a true seeker seven at Yahoo if you want to talk to me join the discord I’d rather it’s easier I’d rather talk to you in discord than email you know what I’m saying I rather talk to you on the phones in text messages you know guess what I do you know you’d be sitting there for 20 minutes going back and forth in a text message and something we can say in three minutes you know what I’m saying so that’s just mean you know where all that stuff’s there what that I’m say piece of Shalom we’ve got some more exciting shows planned for you guys coming up this week and yeah I hope you guys enjoy peace and Shalom [Music] well that does it for this episode folks to hear more episodes of the truth seeker podcast head over to juicy calm and if you’re wanting to support the show and get rewards go to our patreon page at forward slash truth seeker [Music]

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