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pronounce it brother I want to say thank you for supporting my work as well man you’ve been a patreon patron for several months as well believing in my work helping support it financially brother thank you publicly for supporting my work as well thanks van we’re gonna get it in today man there’s a lot of stuff to talk about a lot of stuff we have in common part of the your story is where you started off at which is a great place to start talking about coming out of the Christian Church being a minister being a servant someone who is you know agreeing with that whole doctrine and ideology and like to talk about that mindset that that it gives you you know and then what you have to kind of break free from in the end and those things and hear about your journey because there’s a lot of people there there’s a lot of people listening who are still in church a lot of people wanting to come out or to feel like God the Creator is calling them out of church but not away from their relationship with Christ you know what I’m saying that’s a weird thing to rationalize or to kind of make sense of it’s like you know because the the church realm will try to tell you that because you don’t go to church you’re not a part of the church which that’s a lie right and so what that does to you psychologically man when people push you out and stuff and then come in you know on your own and finding out who you are what you are bringing that to the table man that’s your story that’s my story and a lot of people listening but I want to tackle that today so welcome to the show again and if you want to go ahead and give people a little bit of background about who you are what you bring to the table man let’s start there [Music] anyhow pretty much spent most of my life like a lot of us did in the 70s and 80s kind of living it up living out high school dropout at fifteen lived a hell of a life up into the point when I was pretty much saved by God from my own misery at the age of twenty-one and soon after that I spend about the next 16 years in the church very devoted back in the late 90s I mean it was pretty it was pretty off awesome it was what would Jesus do move in and just fish and all that stuff you know everything was labeled and it was actually very trendy so I got hooked up into that and as a musician I was pretty much wrapped up and most praise and worship teams I was at big buddies program gospel for Asia compassion international raising support for kids kind of really spent a lot of time in church in late 90s meaning Sunday morning Sunday nights Wednesday nights Friday night singles groups it was pretty pretty much all I did while all the rest of my friends were still living her life going to jail drinking and doing a lot of things that I kind of removed myself from so it was different but I was the one who was actually bringing them to church and sometimes it was a pretty awesome experience to take some people that you wouldn’t imagine going and I had just enough cool to get him there so God used me in those points and did you keep any of them there yeah yeah sure I mean I personally didn’t you know that yeah I got him in the door so yeah it was a where you know even I used to go before I met my wife and stuff like that I used to go to the rescue missions and I’d actually pull up in front of the rescue mission Sunday mornings in my 88 Iraq and I just filled my car up whatever we’re working getting I’m taking the church after church I was that guy taking the homeless person that walked in for lunch pretty much even though I was slightly righteous because of the program I captain to and the people I was hanging out with I always had the heart and when people needed help when they need people that either had deeper issues and stuff like that I was usually the one that they called to kind of come in because I don’t know they considered me the messy person more or less not messy as in a living but messy as in background yeah now I was able to deal with and relate a lot more to people that were really in dire straits so with with all those years put in it was you know I was plugged in for good and it felt it felt good but it’s strange because a few years prior to more or less being removed from elision religion permanently which was around 2012 11 I just felt Drive and I was doing everything I could I mean missions trips like I said I would do at I would do sponsorship with compassion or heart afire you know I was I was the guy behind the booth raising getting children sponsored even to one day at my small church of like hundred fifteen people the one Sunday we had eight kids sponsored and when gospel phrase you got back to me they were like I kind of flaked out I like something to Derick prior to being on here get a little nervous always been a performer so it’s kind of funny that I put myself in that situation being a little uncomfortable in front of crowds but kind of just dropped some James on the people at church and some other scriptures that were really hard hard for me to actually look people in the face and say it and I kind of shake and I swore I was gonna pass out at the moment but at the end of the day there was a kid sponsored and all the Lord agog me I was just so excited about it so it’s sometimes we get into situations where it’s not easy to kind of put the fire in people’s hearts but I’ve always been that person and I appreciate God using me like that never never easy but in the end I feel stretched I feel better so that kind of takes you up to my experience within the body at the time but I mean I was fully active like I said I mean big buddy programs praise and worship missions and like I said I mean weekly I would go to two or three or four different churches in my town just to be a part of the body whether we were handing out free free Christmas trees or walking around neighborhoods praying with people and stuff like that so I was well wounded you know today it’s like a good foundation um yeah it was I would say this man it’s like I struggle with Christians well I do and I don’t meaning that I love everyone so I can’t say I can’t put anybody below me with that it just I know where I came from I know what I learned and I came through it and it’s one of those things that I’ve accepted and it’s not something I expect everybody else to accept and when I sat in church I mean know if you’re a fear death fear god they’re not going to do much more than show up every Sunday and that was the thing that kind of really always drove me nuts knots in the body not not many people working everybody’s just kind of showing up just so they can be part of the club what was your initial like salvation experience did you got saved yeah yeah how you had I love this story and I’m sorry for my kids while they’re watching this video mine was unique because did a lot of hardcore drugs never breached heroin that so a lot of drugs back in the day I didn’t go that far not that what I did was good I actually was on LSD one night when I was 21 years old and I had a call experience where I was in my apartment by myself and no windows were open her doors were open or anything like that and wind came through my house like I’ll never forget it was on a back end of an abortion was a girlfriend and I kind of hit a spot where I did so many things wrong in my life I hate that point where it was the first time I life I didn’t feel like I had the right to make that decision I made a lot of mistakes but I didn’t feel like I had right to be ever well to take away life and it just shocked my whole being I was one of those people even before I found God that I don’t live in a life but when I drove home from these parties and these events late at night 3 o’clock in the morning I’d be like slumped over my steering wheel crime you know I couldn’t figure it out Oh always looking for something but you know I grew up I mean I can call myself a Satanist but I mean we do all kinds of crazy stuff King Diamond was my favorite band back in the day a lot of wicked stuff I would entertain and I did not respect God whatsoever not whatsoever so when I got hit with that with that unveiling that night it was almost like just like the pall and you know I don’t really follow the Politan teachings anymore but it was like the scales are ripped off like the reality was so real I was just so taken back I couldn’t get a church quick enough or two God quick enough I was this like somebody tell me somebody help me because it’s I I’ve been touched and I know what to do with it yeah some reason now the reality is real and I was moved money if you felt that mighty rushing wind come through did you feel the euphoria like the Holy Spirit like you would feel and I did I did but I didn’t know what it was yeah first time occurrence you know I mean so I was kind of overwhelmed but I knew that something was way bigger than me and I was willing to find out what it was and after kicking it for kicking literally kicking it for 20 years and denouncing it and being away from the guide said that’s enough my son it was a humbling experience but it was my wake-up call and you know the people that were out around me ex-girlfriend I even went back to at the time and she was like hearing about it because so it was huge feeling and you know back in the day was taught through other Christians that were closest to me and stuff like that you know you’re born again and all that stuff you know wasn’t of you and your new creation in Christ you’re not responsible for that and you know for many years in the church I I did kind of that’s not me I didn’t take credit for the best part that happened once I became enlightened and moved in the spiritual movement I don’t really like using that word too much but was the fact that I started going back and being responsible for everything I didn’t the bullying the just outright ignorance the way I treated people I had to be accountable before and what I realized later in life was the Karma that I suffered suffered through as a Christian or as unbeliever as a Christian the revelation in itself right her suffer I gotta fight one time when I first got married some guy hit our car and I pulled I don’t fight anymore like last night I was like 18 19 so I’m not running around fighting people but anyway some guys there a car and I jumped out of the car he was trying to flee a scene and he couldn’t get out and so he came up to me knocked me out cold unconscious I woke up they won’t even call an ambulance because there was a thing in our town called music fest they just thought it was a drunk brawl well I was playing pinochle with my mom that night I didn’t drink so more like what I’m trying to say is I stood up got my wife’s car sat there and I haven’t reflected on the time that I beat someone up in gym class in baseball and I was like fair enough let’s get to the hospital so I’m the same there’s just key points in my life that you know I had to walk through it you can’t escape it you’d be a fool to actually run away from it it’s all fair and actually it makes you who you are and I’m glad for and that’s what I mean about four or five years ago I felt like that cycles finally leveled out stopped and yeah I don’t deal with the climatic part of life anymore that’s um if we’re looking at it as if there’s somebody watching who’s a Christian there in church and you would think that Christianity is like the pinnacle of devotion of doing good works of creating good karma you know putting out good good stuff out there you know and even what we call the the sanctification process of this inward cleaning out making amends with the past and stuff and deliverance ministry and all this stuff just kind of wrapped in with Christianity in spirituality you went deeper than what you’ve was introduced to like hey Jesus got your past it’s all good give it to him like when you got into more the spirituality you went deeper as far as making amends with the past and speaking healing or that inner child or stuff like that one point about the Deen saved finding God on microwatts LSD what I realized back in the day was God makes us exactly where we’re at it took a long time to realize that and a lot of people don’t think God would go to the trenches or God will go to the slums God is the trenches God is the slumps he delivers period so with that being said it’s like you know the scariest point after that was kind of what you’re just mentioning was actually leaving the church and I had enough experiences with the Holy Spirit and God in my life that I didn’t want to lose that and I was scared that you know by seeking like I like Jesus asked us to I was curious I guess you’d say that you know how is this gonna work for me now because I’m kind of outside the bounds but yet I see it all over the place that we were meant to actually not as much be taught as we were to seek ourselves because when you’re taught you learn man’s ways no matter if it’s good pastor or not I mean I watched Charles Stanley through and through and through and through I watched him a couple months ago and I was totally disgusted by the message that I used to enjoy because one of the messages was someone that wasn’t a Christian or didn’t receive Jesus as their Savior if they were talking to a God it’s not God and I was just yeah I’m just like okay you know because think about it how many different faiths and religions all over world and so anyway it was just one of those things that I had to come out from and all the better for it but it hasn’t been easy I’m just glad I’m to the point where I am right now yeah it wasn’t exactly easy but I had to keep kind of you go through a dark night you I’m sure you went through a dark night I mean I definitely did like like you’re talking about doing drugs and being a wicked evil person and all the demons and all the negativity that surround it with that I was in there like really dark witchcraft and making pacts with spirits and stuff as well I got possessed was in a really crazy place losing my mind all of that stuff when I was coming out of Christianity as far as like in that transition of being someone who’s known and people loved I mean you to you’re in worship bands you’re doing evangelistic work and all of this kind of stuff and you’re falling away if you let them tell it you know so being being somebody who you know everybody liked and loved to versus on the other side now you’re getting into you’re asking too many questions you’re getting into Gnosticism you’re asking you think everybody goes to heaven any if you say anything that goes against what they believe you get a target on your back I went through like the dark night coming out of that was almost darker than going through the demonic possessions and stuff that I went through as a teenager of just you know everybody forsaking you all your friends you know your people look up to you now they’re calling you a devil worshiper you know all this kind of crazy stuff put up with there – right there singing a song still today I say yeah it’s one of those moments where you gotta choose God or two people then I chose God yeah so you would say that God called you Oh God you followed God you didn’t just mess up and get into wickedness or get into occult material and you got lost in it you say that the Holy Spirit God Christ led you down the path that you’re on right that book right there changed my life forever it’s amazing to what I held up was the shack there we go when you take God and make him a black woman it changes everything in its simplicity i sat there nights reading that book just crying that that’s it right there that’s what moved me towards Gnosticism and everything else because I had so many chains and restrictions on God picturing the the the man in the seat the white anglo the white man in the chair you know sitting in the seat holding his hand over the people and stuff like that and when I read a book that kind of turned everything upside down it didn’t matter what was really written in the book it was my heart that received it and I just sat there and literally cried for days because I just couldn’t believe that I put such limitations on God and had an ideal that man created within my mind that I followed and it just think it’s broke and fell apart and that’s what I had laughed you know and I really didn’t know where to go so I just kept I kept working at it and learning and the nagatomi scriptures followed closely behind the Collbran really blew my mind they started building everything but most importantly I’m a hermetic today so that the teachings of Hermes really enhanced my Christian beliefs honestly that’s the crazy thing too is when those other beliefs maybe even solidify some of them up like deeper truths are there because I think in Christianity we think that that’s all original most of the stuff that all in Jesus were quoting like that was nothing original like their most of the time they’re quoting the Old Testament and then when we get in deeper the Old Testament louder comes quoting other works from the other nations who were around at that time as well as so far as the architecture the quotes the wording the stories all of that stuff so to go back to find something that solidifies that truth even deeper of reading the seven hermetic principles and then reading the scriptures and as there’s essences that you pick up on the light man okay that’s the universal law the Bible saying that this is saying that that’s saying it okay there is all they’re all in agreement with different wording different phrasing but the spirit in essence is there yep the same with you know might have to help you with this term here of the bhagavad-gita lucky the yellow in the Vedas yeah way man Christ before Christ Jesus before Jesus you know I read it and I was totally amazed on what I received from it so you know and that’s my whole thing God is universal every way the way you see God the way I see God the way those listening right now see God it’s seriously personal there is no two people that see God the same even even in church at five hundred people who hear the same message every week and go by the same doctor and everybody has a little twist to their faith that the other person can’t understand or doesn’t see eye-to-eye on yeah so you know it’s just it’s the fact that people what bothers me on that is that people feel like they can tell you how to believe how to see God and how to worship God that I don’t understand anymore and don’t get me wrong Derek I was there dude I was that guy after getting up at 7:30 8:00 to go do worship rehearsal before church in the morning and if I saw someone jogging along the side of the road you know I mean so I I was self-righteous and legalistic myself and I’m glad it was because honestly it has my mouth shut and I don’t say much I was there I remember well that’s what I want I want to ask you two because one of the things I’ve got a friend of mine who’s given us life over to Christian evangelism like he’s like determined to win his whole city to geez right and he’s doing a really good job at trying to do that that’s what God’s called him to do that’s his passion and I’m friends with them he doesn’t agree with what I do but um we talked about being a universalist or you said you do if we talk about being a universalist right there’s this if God’s gonna save everybody right if you even believe that and I can maybe get complicated because that’s there’s even the whole hell concept was stolen anyway from other other traditions as well so but the majority of Christendom believes in Hell or claim they do this does you know the lake of fire eternal punishment being a universalist or one saying that Jesus died for everybody or God loves everybody it takes away the urgency to win the lost like these people are lost we have to win them and there’s an urgency because if they die tomorrow they’re gonna perish and burn forever being a universalist and I’ve listened to call up you know early carlton peterson stuff and even listen to the christian evangelist who are against jesus dying for everybody because they know that it’s going to silence them it like takes away their only thing not that god’s goodness can lead men to repentance but god’s wrath and god’s anger that he wants to destroy you type heal and so will god saving or god loving everybody it takes so they say it takes that away it doesn’t if you approach even the gospel from a universalist point of view it’s not something that god is going to do or jesus is going to do but he’s already done and we’re just here to proclaim the wonderful work of what Christ has already done for everybody so that there’s still the urgency there that people are now living in hell they’re not going to live in hell they’re now living in hell and we have we have the ticket to get them out now not later but you just said to kind of go with that notion a little bit that it kind of silenced you a little bit of your eat Avenger Avenger evangelistic approach because obviously you came from that it’s me too I’m not I don’t want to debate I don’t want to judge I don’t want to point fingers because I used to do that so there’s that reminding of the nasty old Christian that I once was but obviously it hasn’t silenced you that much you’re writing books you’re still getting information out about God the idea of God where were you now with wanting to tell people about God I mean is that with when I came out the back end of this I realized every when I was when I was a Christian actively mauled in the church everything was everything went bad was Satan’s fault everything it was good was done when I came out of that Satan doesn’t exist to me man go on from my map and you know what it’s true man you know where Satan was the whole time you’re right inside me man got the opportunity to play him yeah so when I realized that and started working on that part of me I stopped blaming things that were supposedly outside of me like I didn’t have control of and you know what I have a lot more control in my life these days would be a god of course because I live for God and my witness is I had the books of course that’s great but my witness is my personality my character your life my life man and I have a night general yeah I’m in there I’m doing I took the same things that I enjoyed we still sponsor kids from one child from compassion for over 15 years now improve my wife’s from Peru so that’s cold connection we sponsor families out on the res in South Dakota Pine Ridge Reservation grandmother raising seven eight kids grandchildren of her own with her kids in the house too so I took from that’s a really cool part man I used to pay for heating an electric at a church and Bill’s out-of-body you don’t I mean and then of course they they do take money towards missions and people going away and public things don’t I don’t want to take away from that yeah every month now man my money just goes direct to the needs of the people period and I don’t need other people to tell me where the needs are because I have a good enough heart to look for my family that’s a revelation in itself and the freedom that all I get I’m like okay I you know the money that I would spend on tithe because it just kind of goes to the building fun or what and then it gets down to the bottom and those needs are sometimes met and I don’t know I’m just saying I’m just saying if you was to take that money that you pay I know think about it close every church this Sunday close all that money that all the people would have spent put it on a table and let it go out to the world to the near the people it would be solved in one day it’s just a deal of elation oh just like a and I would encourage people do this if you’re paying in tithes if you’re funding a ministry or something maybe one month if you want to keep doing that that’s good like I said if the but they should make it you know if we don’t you know this money goes towards bills if you enjoy the building you enjoy what we have here it takes money so that that is legit but take that money yourself and maybe go out to eat and pay for a couple who are just sitting down across from you on the other side you don’t even know they don’t even know that you’re gonna pay for their meal like guys we started doing that and just doing practical stuff like hey we can actually see where our money is going out and impacting people now we can fund other people’s ministry or whatever the case is so it’s not we just I was writing a check to the church and yeah you do share part in that because whatever that church is doing you’re a part of it so you’re a body there but when you can personalize it man it was just like I didn’t I never had fifty extra dollars to go out to eat and say hey I’m gonna buy these people’s meal and not even tell them that I did it we’re just gonna walk out and you know I’m saying and and pray over it you know I’m saying hopefully God will you know you never know like that could be that couples like last fifty bucks that they wanted to go ii-in spin time together and now it’s taken care of it could be an answered prayer I’ve seen God do that in my life and in being obedient with listening and asking God what you should do with your money right versus just one of the funny experiences I always remember my head was there’s a section in my city where the people would stand well it wasn’t a normal corner I think that’s why it kind of caught me off guard but I gave my last 20 bucks to them and I had to go to my mom’s house so it’s like I’m always I’m always living in the moment man if somebody’s needs more important than mine I’m there you know I mean actually they are because with my wife and kids I have one blessed I have no needs whatsoever so it’s easy for me to look outside and see the needs of the people and that’s why was my wife and I we we look into the youth we sponsor three Native American schools st. Joseph’s Red Cloud and st. Labre on South Dakota and Wyoming native hope I have a connection with Standing Rock getting out there and stuff like that yeah I know your host the language that was a big part of it too bro in fact all 2011/12 was when I literally found out about the Native Americans and their plight and what we did to her than any real life well that’s that’s one of my with the great spirit and I when I went out there and realized that they’re serving the same god man and they don’t call him Jesus you know what I mean and the great spirits upon them beautiful people well more evolved in advance and most of us Europeans are mentally with their thinking you know so it just changed me yeah it was a big part of my awakening to is going back to the powwow but when I first got saved I went to the powwow they’re chanting on drums and acting like chickens and got feathers on and I’m like very sensitive cuz I just came out of witchcraft right and I go to that I’m like oh I gotta get up out of here man these demons out here and so we your perception changes like I went there like man they’re chanting the gods and invoking spirits of the chickens and stuff you know we gotta get about here and then I went back several years later when God started doing a deeper work in me and I’m going there and I’m just in tears and feel the Holy Spirit moving through the air and just bringing me to tears and showing me this is all they have left it’s just like this one day a year where they we get to share it with them and open it up but man these people were loving peaceful people that were overtaken and and just the whole spirit of that but that that was a big point of my awakening but before we get too far off because I know we’re not off everything we’re taught such a lot is good but let’s get back to the whole phase of exiting the church because you read The Shack so and I wanted to say about the shack there’s a lot of churches that work we’re actually backing that book and promoting it but then there was a whole pushback from the Christian community another side saying that it would it would lead you into other faves or it would do to you people what did to you so there were people warning people to stay away from it you read the Shack you got into the other scriptures other texts you started seeing God in everything how did that start coming out in your speech to get a target on your back and things like that to kind of be like we don’t want you here anymore type deal in church I started in 2011 so in early 2012 I started going to a new church and it’s kind of ironic because the sound person was an atheist they would open up with Bob Marley or Tom Petty hats piercings all over the place different colored hair yeah it made me feel at home but yeah it’s not it wasn’t what I was used to so this is the body I was in at the time that I got pretty much asked to leave so what what I did and what I wanted people to know was I was blessed by the Kolbert when people ask me well no people don’t ask me when I tell people fire grab one book what book would it be it’s the Colburn it blew me away Egyptian academics 1500 it actually he tells about the Egyptian side of the Exodus and that also goes into the druids early maybe 200 to 500 AD seee and the book itself was hidden for many many years so when I read it I needed I wanted people to know about it so I put it in the word enosis and pieces along with Enoch revelation the epic of gilgamesh and Hermes pompom a dress but I wanted people to know the colburn it then seemed like it was known so my first version of the word gnosis was literally the Bible sighs and I did create it like a Bible with a lot of Jesus throughout but I pulled a lot of the Collbran out hopefully to get people’s I guess there’s still maybe some controversy about the book itself where it came from I mentioned to you I’ve been in and out of Freemasonry but one of the reasons why I got into Freemasonry was because supposedly for eight hundred years the Freemasons protected I understand the story correctly but it made me very interesting cuz I felt like I owed somebody some gratitude for serving the book for me without it being destroyed like so many other books in history so the Colburn was a huge huge huge part of Taunton so why do you in charge you you you you were just writing the book you wasn’t being vocal you wasn’t going mad was starting everything was like I was changing my Bibles I had the original Bible like the first Bible you know I mean was 1611 what what he said the 1611 Bible I have it on my shelf but I don’t want to run away we come up with the epochal ran it is it the Anderson Bible or something like that I’m not sure a lot of I know some people listening probably are saying out loud right now yeah it’s not the Apocrypha and it very important to know the original Bible a bunch of them I’ve got the 1611 do have that which the 1611 version has the fourteen books that were taken out and considered the Apocrypha okay part of it don’t know much about it though but the thing was it has the Epistle of Barnabas in it and the Shepherd of Hermes of teaching the twelve oh sorry you two might be the gospel of the holy 12 yeah yeah I started going to church and Bible studies was something different I lay down on the table and people started looking at me different okay I kind of slowly did it without being over yeah I just wasn’t pushing anything on anybody I was curious on how it related and if I could sit down with a different book and get the same message or have the same message so it has all the original books in the Bible but it has like the Catholic Bible more or less the other text you know the original texts that were in so this supposedly is the original New Testament and it was times like those that I slowly started kind of evolving but like I said it wasn’t I don’t know I wasn’t contingent come from what you once the book was out of what yeah well what happened was it’s so strange because the pastor I was with that time didn’t up dying from cancer and I was serving him he had plenty of people to help him and the only reason I say that is because I had my kidney my left kidney removed through many surgeries and you know I show but praise and worship was JP drains out my back literally stuck in my cargo pants you know and if you looked and see the blood kind of go up to tubes and stuff and I be in praise and worship on Sunday I’d be up there on stage playing my bass very much part of the whole I didn’t want to be removed from my ministry and with that I was serving the pastor because he was going through chemo and he was pretty young somewhere around 5055 so and I was part of his Bible study as housing it was a small group so more or less he had another gentleman taking me out to lunch to talk to me about my book kind of privately behind my back and I caught on to it after a second me at first the guy made it sound like he was interested when they do that hey man wish I knew uh book you got yeah they use this this other guy to kind of age what I was doing so I gave it to the pastor because I wanted to be real with him I said you know here’s my book check it out you know let me know what you think so I was being upfront wasn’t trying to hide anything I even had designers working with me for a book of Enoch that I was going to be doing myself really cool artwork and when when everything hit the fan that dude was like you know pay me my money back felt like he made a deal of the devil the pastor got together with me very similar instances yeah more or less he pulled my wife and me into the office but he didn’t speak much it was the assistant pastor who took over the church that was doing a lot of the talking and it was more of him that ended up making the call if he asked me I I think my pastor kind of dinked me because we were supposed to go see the Dead Sea Scrolls in Philadelphia they were on a tour and at the Bible say he’s like hey why don’t all his guys go down and check out the Dead Sea Scrolls in Philadelphia so you know he was open and stuff I knew that but there was something else the people at the church loved me my wife were very outgoing we were this specific church we were last ones in and the last ones out kind of thing so we were just very able to get along with we liked talking to a lot of people being transparent as much as possible too in that part but we were a threat because if I just you know didn’t talk to many people and I was just kind of sitting there and writing a book I doubt any of this would even happen but because I had people working for me was very much involved I guess they thought it as a threat yeah so the question just came down to you know is Jesus God they’re sitting there and I just said no man he’s not not to me he’s not yeah Jesus Jesus is God you better believe it that’s the right way to say it but I can’t see man as being the Great Spirit we are all and Daud with something that is bigger than us and God resonates through everything and everyone and I’ve read enough text whether people believe in him or not by Jesus and he’s not preaching that message even in the Aquarian gospel you held up one of my favorite quotes is Jesus is like what does it matter to me if you’re saved or not and I mean that’s totally that that’s a mind crusher for Christians in the body you know so to me jesus is my god because that’s how I found God you know I mean it’s my entrance it’s my door it’s my yes don’t worry yeah yeah yeah Christ consciousness you know I hope nobody gets my terminology wrong today it’s just and I even struggle with that because you know being hermetic and stuff like that I was like well okay you know I’ve read books that said he didn’t exist what was the same purse and you know it’s just a shadow of an another guru from years gone by stuff like that and I’ve gone full circle and even spoke to my wife about it that like I walked the path the hard path and I think you and me spoke about this too a little bit so the teachings of Jesus is up like that that’s my bread and butter man yeah it’s what resonates with me it’s who I want to be well Jesus and some of the prophets and some of those other texts and other people in Egypt and in India they spoke about something called the way I’m a follower of the way even some of those early transcripts of Jesus says that I’m the way the truth in a life some of the earlier translation says I am of the way I am a follower of the way the truth in a life like that that’s the path I’m on and I know people who say you know a lot of people get caught up with the term Christian they’re not a Christian because if I say I’m a Christian it’s so fun to hear people ask me that you know you’re a Christian and or like the core tenets I would say yes but as far as any of the doctrinal stuff no not really you know I’ll disagree with the majority of it but I’m a follower of Christ and so a lot of people have kind of adopted I’m a follower of the way the way meaning a path that Jesus was on or a way meaning the path that Jesus set whatever the case is people are in here asking about John D Allegro and Christian mushroom call and if Jesus existed and stuff there’s a difference between no tell me there’s a difference between Jesus Christian or early biblical Christianity and a Catholic Church some people apply people like to kind of tie that together like they think Christianity is like the Catholic Church or whatever but if you’re following Christ like as far as from the earliest manuscripts of the Scriptures maybe if some of the other texts you’re talking about definitely the books that were taken out and stuff more of a spiritual path they took those books out but it’s different it’s not talking about following Christ is not really Catholicism right you’re not even close to that right yeah not that I’m against it at your own path or whatever but it’s just not the same thing when we mentioned the path of Christ or the church or whatever the case is a lot of people don’t know that for you know in Christianity we know there’s a very big distinction between the two we’re not that we’re not Mormon we’re not this we’re not Jehovah’s Witness we are evangelicals we’re not Catholic Catholics as a false religion but some you know people on the outside they just kind of lump everything you know although thirty anity stuff together right I remember how they would be my wife was raised Catholic she’s a beautiful woman I won’t have it any other way and I’m so glad when she didn’t know where to go or what to do she ended up in the Catholic Church and it saved and preserved her for me through all the trials that she went through but I just remember a lot of Christians are like you know damn kalus ISM and you know it’s all a bunch of garbage and honestly you know that’s what Kris ideal of Christian the originated with faucet I don’t care it’s part of the tree so you can’t really sort of baby out with the bathwater it’s a long chain so it might be evolved but you know it was gonna hurt I mean it wasn’t there first but I mean it was no you know the first post you know I mean that’s amazing too because being you know being a brother and going through masonry and stuff like that King James you know creating the Bible and sticking it all together way you did it’s only a 400 year old thing so I you know everybody’s like this is the Word of God and you know this is what stands and it’s 100 years old I know all the other texts are a thousand years old and some are even older you know but still it’s like if they look into who created and why you created it I don’t know man is that same person that created it I went into into the Brotherhood and you know they don’t they don’t believe in Jesus besides a great prophet you know I mean so it’s just interesting when people don’t do their homework and I don’t look at the history of what they’re believing they’re pretty much just kind of living on the coattails of others and at times lot somebody here um Belle Starr says that King James wrote a book about demons – he wrote a book on demonology I don’t know if you’ve read it I wonder I want to read it I haven’t read it yet but uh there’s um it’s kind of hard to read well have found some PDFs online yeah he actually wrote a book on demonology it’s accredited to him no I know I’ve heard some wicked stories about the man himself and I remember a little bit when I first found out about it but I never really went after it more to find out who the man King James was but I do know a little bit to know that it’s supposedly a rough history all those guys you know they sent over here and the image that we have for Christ is rapists and molesters and all kind of crazy stuff but let’s talk about this though because there’s something there we talked about a while ago you you don’t know what Jesus is who he is if he really existed you you say that because it’s the truth because you don’t have any proof you can’t physically sell yeah he’s real like I had dinner with him or whatever you you can’t prove it right so to say that foot for without the shadow of a doubt that Jesus existed his name was Joshua ben Yosef there’s all of these records there’s all kind of stuff disproving that stuff as well so if we’re into gnosis if we’re into studying right and and there’s people who say he’s just a fairytale he’s made-up he never existed but here you’re talking about you file you’re following the path of someone who never existed I was on a podcast with someone who was we’re talking about this the similar thing and he was asking me okay all this stuff debunking Jesus and what do you say it’s like something is there like when you pray to God the Great Spirit something’s there it responds to Jesus it responds to Great Spirit I’ve had it bring me back to the nomadic way of weaving like it responds to a broken spirit and contrite heart of looking up to heaven and saying god I need help right and I think most of those religions or spiritual paths or holy men have kind of come to the same conclusion of going within praying and meditating and connecting with something within you that is outside of you and within at the same time as above so below with the Creator that responds in answers to Jesus it’s one of the names I can’t say it’s the only way now like I haven’t like that’s my way it’s the way that we were introduced to God or the Creator was through this path right and there’s something there and you know what changed me too one of the things the first part isn’t just be Jesus sent his disciples out to forgive sins it’s in the Bible you don’t I mean it changes the whole dynamics of what the church stands on because if Jesus is gonna send his followers out that they can actually go out and forgive sins yeah all right why the cross I know the cross I know the Egyptian cross I’d know the cross it’s all good but what really changed me was that the Scriptures narrow is the gate and a few find it you know um there’s billions millions they’re all over the world you don’t I mean narrow though real narrow and only a few find it in one day after reading it hundreds of times I was like what and then the point of you can even do greater things than these so if he exalt Jesus and he’s gonna look me in the face and tell me that I can’t even do greater things than him I’m on board take my hand teach me how to do it make me like you you know I mean so it’s just like you you so many exalt Jesus is God fine II say you can do even greater things so if he said that you can do even greater things than God where you stand that’s what changed my life yeah that’s it yeah that’s a big one it is big it’s a it’s a big one what the Christians – it’s like they’re kind of like I think what they did with you is something that they do a weed we have done is they like start breaking everything down to figure out what they don’t what you don’t agree with that goes along with them okay what about Jesus will see God and if you was to say yeah they was okay what about tithing it’s God gonna curse you a few ties no he won’t curse you oh you know they try to keep going through this checklist and they’re like okay this is what we got him on right cuz I’ve been taught I’ve talked to the the Christians or whatever in the path who were doing that to me and they’re like the whole Jesus is God thing versus Jesus is the Son of God and I’m saying you know I’m blading like I don’t think he’s God man I think he worships the father he showed us how to worship the father he is the son of God showing us the way he prays to the Father he’s not schizophrenic God did not leave the throne and become a man as we’ve taught in youth group left his throne in heaven and became a man he was tempted in every way it’s like that I don’t think that’s it’s not happen you know and but they were wanting me to say that Jesus was God versus the son of God I said look he’s the expression of the father’s the image of the father he’s made in the likeness you don’t I’m saying I’m good I’m okay with everything else but fought but saying that Jesus was God it’s okay there’s the there’s the we can’t walk together because can two walk together unless they agree and you don’t think Jesus was God I’m like man I’m real I’m just quoting the scriptures as they’re written the son of God in design say everybody.welcome until you have a voice so you have an opinion until you have a you can’t have an opinion have you heard applet I put this at the end of one of my songs if you heard um Billy Graham talking about how Jesus because you were talking about the path or whatever and there’s all these millions of Christians and you indent earlier you said a lot of them just show up they’re just there just show up 10% is kind of a narrow road right so Billy Graham talked about um Jesus having a people for his namesake out of every religion they may not even have heard the name of Jesus but there’s still followers of Christ they may be Hindu they may be Muslim Benny I’m not been here um I just said his name Billy Graham said that and I’ll put it at the end of one of my songs have you heard that quote my song well it’s at the end of syncretism okay thank critism yeah that’s at the end and it’s pretty powerful that was part of the awakening to is like our powerful Derek thank you sir I love them words are great they sure and do a great job and it was part of the revelation man of just understanding that Billy Graham the greatest yeah sure event evangelical preacher of our time who’s won the most people to Jesus and done the good work fought the good fight at the end of his life when everything is almost done he’s getting to the end of his life just putting out statement saying God has the people for his namesake out of every religion who they don’t even know he pretty much said they’re Christians and they don’t know it well you know the stories when like Spanish conquistadors came into Mesoamerica and stuff and Sarah putting people at the edge of this word and saying you know accept Jesus or die more or less they would tell stories on what their witness was and the Native Americans would be saying we know them we know him we know who you speak about without even knowing who Jesus was because it was the same person that they believed in without the tag of Europe I mean that’s just kind of a roundabout way to say it but there’s so many stories about you know people being told what to believe and they’re like we’ve believed it all along it’s not a new message or new savior to us you hear about it all the time and many of the different religions and the stories throughout the world of kind of the Crusades you know when people are forced to believe in something and they’re like well we believe it but it’s just not you know you’re it’s not you’re Jesus or you know the way you’re presenting it but we’ve known for quite some time about this they’ll say well that’s another Jesus that’s not a different one the different one that was that was even that was even kind of deep for me I talked about like um my daughter trying to lead her to Jesus at like five years old okay there’s this pretty you got a pretty good ask Jesus into your heart you know and trying to do the same way that that I came to God trying to she had no idea what I was talking about she’s like I already know Jesus like I already have them in my heart what do you I said you got to pray this prayer and ask him to come in ask him to forgive you Michael Rd I already know him you know I’m saying is the innocence of a child it blew my mind I was like no you have to you have to pray this prayer to know what he did for you on the cross and ask him to come in like I already know him what are you talking about a little kid she couldn’t understand it maybe when life kicks in eure know she already knew there’s a there’s it because there’s an innocence there right maybe when life kicks in and things like that and you can understand what’s goals and that’s why my daughter’s were baptized when they’re young but you know they dedicated sorry their baptism if they choose it that’s up to that man you know I’ve seen people come in get baptized and live a hell of a life and I mean in a bad way and other people that say the sinner’s prayer thing always bothered the heck out of me I was around some Jesus called people I love that term that thought the sinner’s prayer saved everybody you say these words and you are going to heaven but you got to say it man yeah just so now and move like a devil the rest of the day it’s all good because you said that prayer it’s just so bunk man you know it really is but yeah like I said it depends who you’re with and who you were brought up with in church but it was kind of my mystery well let me ask you about this too is that what the whole church thing is like you you came into it being a musician playing on a worship team and stuff like that and a lot of people if they don’t know any better they get run through the wringer because they have a talent you come into the church and you can play music get him up there we need a we need a bassist get him up there now you’re in a ministry now you have to walk this narrow road now you have to keep a standard that we don’t even hold ourselves to but if you falter off the road on this pedestal now that you’re on you’re gonna be in trouble but we heard that you were doing this we heard that you were doing that and I’ve seen people who come into the church with was a talent and they throws them up there yeah good performer they’re good sure first though piano saying I’ve seen him jump straight I’ll say this sure though I went into a church what one of my old churches someone would come in fresh off the street and a pastor was looking for a youth pastor and he’d call him out you the future used pastor random people in there like me he’s like just given roles to people because they were just building the church and like you’re this you’re that and then he wouldn’t Jack them up because they would become the youth pastor he’d say hey I need somebody lead to youth and I feel like God said it was you and go by and they get him in there right there’s just a visitor at this point maybe two three weeks in and then now they have to leave Bible studies and lead the youth and they do something that the pastor didn’t like or the leadership didn’t like and then they cut their head off like it was a girl who the pastor did that too and the pastor they seen a picture of her on Facebook where she went to her class reunion and had a glass of wine at hurt in her that somebody shared it on Facebook I pulled her to the side you can’t be doing that we’re gonna have to let you go I he’s taking these people who or if you want to call them baby Christians or whatever but they just throw people up in these positions and stuff and when they fall man when you go through that if you quit playing guitar you’re not though you’re not the dude anymore you’re regular member you just go back out into the congregation you don’t we’d like we can’t really use you man it’s it’s mess a lot of people up I’ve got friends dude who are in my book psalmist their psalmist when they play the stringed instrument something happens yeah and they’ll and they won’t touch it anymore because they’ve been hurt by the church they’ve been on leadership they’ve been great worship leaders and then crazy stuff happened with you know going through in the pastor didn’t care about them they just cared have taken say hey would you still need you to do these songs or I don’t care about your pornography addiction I need you do these songs you know all of this kind of stuff oh hey don’t don’t pray don’t talk about grieving over your sin and fasting and just play these songs and it’s like it’s just a mechanical thing and it’s messed up a lot of people yeah yeah yeah it’s a shame man I always say I overshot the church because even the church I was asked to leave you know it was okay to have an atheist in the sound booth but God forbid somebody that was actually following the shoes of Jesus in the footsteps of Jesus and going out to seek all the knowledge that we can you know and that’s another thing too and there’s so many knowledge gurus these days you know I think the gnosis thing it’s not I’m building my business upon it it’s all good but it I’m thankful that God has my heart man it’s always been a heart issue with me and the knowledge does not work if your heart isn’t sure and I’m learning that and knowledge is good but if it’s not applied it’s just rubbish so it’s good you know but if you don’t apply what you know it’s just it’s it’s worthless and because you know I knew so not a good practical knowledge to write again I practical like how like okay what does that benefit you that this is the way that works or that’s the way that that unfolds or what that system or that hierarchy is how are you is it is it helping you or is it making you paranoid when you go out in public you stick to yourself I know those people to super smart people biblical knowledge Infowars and Alex Jones knowledge like they’re really good but the you know it gets them to a place where they just just withdraw you know what I’m saying yeah the lucky thing for me is I know the Bible better and most pastors so I mean I I don’t want those people I can’t give you the verse but I can quote it from kidding and it’s usually on my heart it’s been engraved in my heart so I use it’s been very useful and resourceful for me and that’s why it’s like you know I can’t I would say it’s like kind of kicking your mother if if I’m gonna say Christianity or the church is of no use because it is cuz I’m here you know what I mean it’s the path I took but yet when it came time to grow beyond that original foundation elementary yeah yeah yeah and you know that’s what it’s meant for man it’s you know get people in and you know so when I decided that there was something bigger and the Holy Spirit and Christ was telling me go bigger go better and I I did but other people didn’t understand yeah yes I’m here I I had a close friend of mine who has who has stuck with me this whole time there’s only a couple people who have stuck there and God for those people yeah I’ve been a couple but um even they’re like one of my friends he was like and I just I just think you got you got tired of the Bible man you just you just he said he said I think you got bored with the Bible as they hold on that wasn’t the Bible saying it’s not boring that’s not why I started reading the lost book they’re like I’m trying to read the books they took out and would see and understand why they took him out like that’s something the Bible was boring like this so much wisdom the Catholic Church and Christians or Crusaders trying to burn everything else and destroy everything else so there would just be one book what was so wrong with all the other books what was in them that actually made sense and elevated people of the brute east you know obviously there it was a threat to their religion and their what they were trying to do so I mean it’s a shame so much of it is lost it’s it’s it’s it’s a it’s a business and when you threaten that business you get a target on your back you know like you did with the with the church like yeah oh so it’s like you can’t keep going there because when they’re gonna ask you about Jesus or ask you about what books belong in the Bible or whatever it when that stuff comes up you’re gonna be a threat you know just like all that stuff sorry I just like people questioning the Bible or questioning any any just doctrine man I’m just with the doctrine stuff like if you just disagree with anything the whole timing thing I mentioned a while ago they a lot of them preach tithing as a means of control to get your money they put you under bondage and say that God’s gonna if you don’t give your 10% God’s gonna find a way to take it from you they that’s what we were taught coming up in church and so every time we had something bad happen we thought it was God taking it because we weren’t able to pay that the tithe the 10% so here you are being liberated from that or had come to a different understanding in the Bible that that’s not true I know the pastor said that but it’s not true you can’t go around doing that like give to Caesar what Caesar and give to God what God yeah definitely it’s how they keep the building up yeah yeah and that’s a good principle like I said if you believe in that building you know I I do miss praising worship as it is that’s probably what I miss most I really don’t miss the fakeness of the whole thing and not everybody is you know that’s for sure there’s a lot of beautiful people so it’s but it’s when people start telling you what what your path is what God wants from you and what to believe that’s where it just gets a little rough so but I can twist it a little bit here on the word enosis because my introduction on the book actually goes into the the Giza Plateau puma punku koba techie in Turkey and the city the guides in Mexico Quixote wakhan and you got was the demons brother yes so you got all these these buildings all around the world and if when when you read the introduction you realize that these buildings were actually more or less what we consider to be nuclear reactors that we use today power sources of ancient so when you actually take the God of the Old Testament and make him one of these beings coming down from the sky it changes religion man okay you know what I mean I that I use scripture in the word enosis that you know this is a part that I love they say that Satan was in the Garden of Eden right beautiful cherubim when I read the word when I read the Bible it says that God was in the garden with Adam it changes everything when you realize that what man perceives is God is just something a little bit more intellectually above us that we couldn’t comprehend that’s why I’m a hermetic with the all and being able to separate these image of these beings that kind of created religions on earth yeah well actually they didn’t create a mandate sort of that’s what changed a lot for me when I started realizing that something happen so let’s talk about these beings real quick though are these these beings you’re mentioning from all of my study there you go he’s holding up a picture of a surfer people listening on the podcast it’s got an alien on this is Giorgio sukul Oh an alien so these gods or these entities or whatever from all of my studying from having encounters you know this part of the study and that’s part of the experience I’ve come to understand when we’re talking about suka lo with all my ancient aliens we’re talking about the reactors we’re talking about the Bible I believe in the I believe in those beings are they good or are they bad are they is it the Sumerian literature that they’re here to enslave humanity or is there because even then like the entities believed in like they had a creator as well yeah of course and what I call economy I call them the elo the yell of God sending the Creator gods the little gods or whatever you want to call the workers whatever they are to create us to genetically modify it so however scientific you want to get with it but there was an essence I believe that I believe we call them the angels right we call them angels when we see them and we interact with them as well still to this day I do believe in the bad ones I believe that the earth is run by the government which are bad people or or seed the seed of the serpent yeah it gets into reptilian stuff maybe but that’s a biblical term the seed of the serpent that will fight against the sons and daughters of God which I believe are the ones who are filled with the spirit what is your view on aliens angels good bad demons because like I said the Christian version most christians agree to those pyramids you were talking about and those plateaus were built by fallen angels who were channeling demons I don’t believe that I don’t believe that by any means but you just dedicated it the two books now no but that’s what Christians like that’s their explanation for all of this stuff we’re about to go into no devil going ahead thousands of years to plant something before Christ came don’t get it wrong there’s plenty of Christians for I said they’re going what I heard these tales about you know Satan moving ahead at times to make things seem like they were that way so people would be confused I know I’ve heard I’ve heard that too yeah yeah said well have you and you even hear that on the other end though on the other end that the stories that are written of you know the story of the hero’s path or whatever that Jesus is plagiarized from the other cultures and all the other stories and the Bible is kind of a ripoff of all of this stuff taken and put put together in one book um I’m in the astral theology from a Christian perspective I say crit Hutton II stop using that word I’m not a gnostic though because there’s things in the in Gnosticism that I don’t really agree with and I’m not a exactly so I’m just like of the way but here’s a book here the glory of the stars the Bible is astrology the Bible is pure astrology is beautiful astrology it paints the stories of so many characters that we that we go through we play the part in the role of those characters and I believe that the the zodiac is telling the story of Christ is tell Amin we look at the you know saying the Magi who are the stargazers or the seers were the first ones to show up and know where the Messiah was to be born these were stargazers these weren’t the kings and rulers or the priests these were stargazers who showed up you know so everything kind of works together there by no we’re jumping all over the place but go back to these beings man what are you who are my books I use scripture to kind of build up my idea I am totally cool with the beings because if we were modified you know thank God and the same thing it’s like is it Jesus or Michael said that he went more or less cast accusations against the devil I think it was Michael when he was the Archangel Michael when he was having he was being held back at one point he was trying to get somewhere sorry I’m okay yeah yeah that’s it yeah that’s talking about he was he was with standing maybe this is the same point he was withstanding the Prince of Persia yeah yeah anthropology that was uh battling him in outer space yeah I’m totally cool you want to know you know cuz even an agnostic the negative me it talks about Shaitaan is a chaton I think I’m saying all right sure Tom look on I seem to be the playoff of where the name Satan came it is that’s worse from yeah yeah exactly so you know you have all these players early in a day more or less less like Coble techie days the Easter Island days Lantis days lumeria days you have all these players that are forgotten because of the flood the flood obviously got rid of just about everything to start anew so you had these beans that came down you know have obvious obviously been in living in other civilizations for who knows how long the Sumerian tablets talked a lot about Mars being the way station and coming here so when you see the buildings and you think about way man was seven thousand years ago five thousand years ago these things are just completely impossible I mean I love when people try to wrap their mind about having these five ten 70-ton rocks coming down on barges on the river and how they’re placed inside the pyramid yeah like a pyramid was built around these coffers I think that way just astronomical you know it it’s impossible its vibration it sounds it’s music it’s Pythagorean teaching it’s learning to take these things it’s a knowledge that we don’t know and it’s not that we didn’t know five thousand three thousand years ago but whatever it was you know you have toast with the Ibis head you have the Matadors you have these half beats and it talks about it in the Bible and it talks about it and Enoch and all that were you know they were kind of messing with the creation and all kinds of beans were kind of made up you got it in Greek mythology it’s all over the place I prefer to live in that world actually probably was pretty cool but it’s you know to me it’s pretty cut and dry plain and simple that least through the Christian Bible you’ll the Old Testament and stuff like that and these guides and the players were these beings they might look to a higher being through the book and the teachings don’t get me wrong but because they had to come from somewhere to write I mean what’s that I said because if they’re created beings they have to have a creator as well right they have to come from somewhere and that’s that’s who I think I think we’re just learning more about whatever that is every day and it’s that’s what blows your mind and that’s a good place to be burst of saying I got it all figured out this side is it was just this is it you know every day I know I love the timeline when like the Old Testament was written around 600 BC in captivity in Babylon okay so it was it was all put together then but it was definitely it was brought together in that captivity where the Jew the Jewish God brought them into captivity into Babylon now that’s 600 500 now something happened cuz you have Plato talking about it you have Pythagoras talking about it okay and then something happened but if you look at the Mesoamerica is in America at that same time when these gods seem when God got quiet you know Chris I got quiet why don’t we hurt here from a more except through the Jesus standing of 30 years um and Paul when God got quiet I’m very sure that whatever these beings were or whoever they were died was part of the Babylonian patois Pantheon and in the Jewish who walked them how to Egypt and stuff like that it’s very interesting that all these Mesoamerican cultures ships Nitza to t OT wakhan I can’t say fukuko because that seems a little bit older but talking about the Nazca lines talking about Peru talking about Bolivia all these nations started rise at that same time that right after the captivity a Jewish people and it seemed like the gods disappeared from the eastern hemisphere yes that’s one of the things that I want to put together in in a coming book because it seems like when it stopped in the Middle East it started in the Americas because they’re stories about Magellan coming to the Americas and a female giant that they had on his ship I think there’s two of them if I understand the story correctly the size was I came every size but 15 feet 20 feet or even bigger so these things were around whether people won’t believe it or not shifted from one side one side of the earth to the other side of the earth until something else happens because even the Toltecs you know which are kind of like they were spiritual people in Mexico you know certain Olmecs these people just disappeared gonna mean Easter Island and whatever was there you know it was a big deal that’s the rapture man they were taken out of here buddy yep no doubt so it’s just I like putting those pieces again Oh something happened that shifted where it seemed like the people weren’t willing to deal with it or worship it anymore so they tried going to a new people and it lasted for some time maybe another thousand two thousand years I’m just curious put those pieces I’ll actually be going to Chichen itzá with an ext on eight explorations in expeditions in November so I’ll have some more stuff coming out with that so it should be pretty cool Wow things like I got written down here I know we can just keep going to keep going it up and I’m good as long as as long as you are you just let me know great um so let’s see what it was all right let’s just let me go universe all right you mentioned you like the New Testament the teachings of Christ following Christ and stuff like that but you mentioned you not into the Pauline epistles pretty much anymore yes libyans I’m like I like I like Paul I think I think he was a pretty spiritual dude we’re talking about taking trips astral traveling to heaven you know and in what about Peter though this Peter fall in that category with you or just Paul cuz there’s B and I say that I want to preface that because there’s I like Paul there’s some people against it Pauline Pauline Christianity where they exalt G all over Jesus not into that some people say Paul is the Antichrist like there are I don’t know if you’ve ran into that like they’ve run they got they got it mapped out pretty good too if you’re open minded it’s really convincing about how he’s changing what Jesus said and adding this to it and all types of crazy stuff so they say was Paul a disciple or a deceiver and a lot of people think he’s the Antichrist I’m not going down that road Alex I happen to like Paul but you don’t look at it like that right okay you’re not going that far okay then Paul mentioned Christ more than he mentioned the name Jesus he was a Christ bender wasn’t he you know what I mean didn’t he use the name Christ more than Jesus I’m not sure about it more either or I’m not really sure okay all right it’s something I was reflecting on earlier and I just wanted to get back to but yeah so oh no I mean you have the Gnostic teachings of Paul – which are pleasant I’m there’s a lot of good things in it but I think the issue with me is Christianity yeah following Jesus or following Paul exactly I’m with you on that yeah so that’s it okay yeah okay I mean I would never want to disrespect that you know what I mean heart I love workers in the field man so you know my um yeah it’s pretty um pretty I forgot what I was gonna say it’s not about Peter I don’t know it’s like Peter when you talk about the food coming down that’s deep yeah kill and eat and stuff like that you know my family’s like half vegetarian and honestly dude it’s just like people can do what they want all I know is I’ve had strokes I have bad health because of anxiety and stuff like that and I decided to be more the only thing I haven’t really gotten away from his chicken yeah but we’ve become more vegetarian so it’s just like you know I just member a lot of Christians always using that scripture to justify the long huh breaking the law and Eden unclean out oh yeah yeah you know I’m saying so but I’ve just learned that you know as humans were them you know when you go all the way back to the beginning of the Bible it talks about the larger beans the sons of God starting to eat man and eating the animals and Oh God so if it appalled God back then why one what changed you know I mean it seems like we are more bent for a natural diet it’s you know I’m coming to that revelation I’m coming I’m coming there – it’s still a it’s it’s a process it’s the process like we actually did we were messianic Christians for like eight years and what we’re trying to get out of Babylon and one of the thing was things was eating according to the law you know whatever God said not to eat so that scripture came up a lot trust me hey you guys you don’t want bacon why well cuz God said don’t eat it and we’re just trying to stick to that diet oh yes he did he brought him down in a and a blanket and said take a knee but if you get to the you know I’m saying to the bottom of that story like it kind of interprets itself that was symbolic like those unclean animals were symbolic for people or beasts and it was for Peter to bring the gospel to the Gentiles he wouldn’t be around Gentiles they called them dogs you know I’m saying they looked at him as like second-class citizens and he wasn’t gonna go to them he had a dream where God said take and eat he’s seen all of the unclean animals that Jews do not they’re not that’s they’re not even considered food God and I’m with that I don’t think God created that those especially unclean animals to be food like they are the garbage disposals there’s a cleanup crew you are what you ate scratch that you are what you eat ate and and that’s in your blood and they hold nasty and bugs and all kind of crazy stuff within their skin so I really do believe in that but I’m at the point now it’s like my struggle is isn’t about if I eat a shrimp or piece of bacon my struggle is getting all the meat out whatsoever you don’t saying it’s like cuz we taught that for years and we have people who now eat kosher because of things we taught and then they’re like yeah you got you got to get back on Co shows like I’m trying to get back on vegetarian like that’s the struggle now like I mean Kurt Cobain said it’s okay to eat fish though yeah because they don’t have any feelings around it and doing better and I think they enhance your your walk with God your thinking process this is my favorite story from standing rock roll easy-peasy man show up at Standing Rock pitch a tent next to the hoop a drive from California walk up eating an apple one morning look at the fire that they have nicely made dug into the ground and finish was my Apple and I threw the cordon of fire and the chief at the time reached writing the fire and pulled the core out and looked at me and said it’s all cool man but fire sacred and it just blew my mind because I didn’t realize so many things that I was missing that like every extension of ourselves is sacred so you know kind of with the whole food thing it’s just it’s a tough one man you know I mean we’ve come so far and have been kind of lied to about a lot of things so we’re trying to trying to figure it out again and I think every side saying this is right no that’s right don’t need anything you can eat this I do better I feel better you know yeah that’s what you got to go with what makes you feel better your body is functioning better like I said if you’re gonna read your Bible and you think you know if you’re gonna throw me out for one truth why aren’t you paying attention the other truths actually you know 1st or 2nd chapter in the Bible where it says that the beans starting to eat each other you know and Enoch too you know so he knocks a dead ringer to me man you know it is in the Bible they just don’t know it is a deep one man is the one they needed to hide from us and there’s actually scriptures in the Old Testament that says that some of these books will be kid and it will be revealed at the end towards the end of the age they’ll come back there’s other books where it talks about that God will seal the knowledge and those who were learned in those who were studied and they won’t be able to understand it it is to the lowly it’s to the those who were unlearned God will give the revelation of the book that’s where we are that’s what’s about spirit it’s not about I got all these books I’ve done the research he’s this he’s dad he never existed he was a mushroom whatever why are we going to these people yeah why are we going to these people who don’t have a relationship with him and we’re letting we’re letting him you know we’re letting them tell us about him yeah I know him I know him let me let me tell you about him I know him a little bit I you know I know go into all the other nations but that’s one thing that’s cool about Jesus though is that the other nations reference him all the other books the Hindus yes Jesus came here and he was he was he learned for 20 years and they have a shrine built to mother Mary and say that’s where she died and he’s mention of in the Quran all of these other stories and all these other religions they all give veneration at least to say that he existed it might not say he was the son of God and the prophet of God but they say they know he came here he taught our people he learned under some of the gurus like that he’s in their stories right yeah and that’s one of the reasons why I wrote the Aquarian we wrote the query God so I am the first author to retransfer the original texts from 1906 oh that’s because I I started I actually started reading the the introduction last night and I was kind of I was kind of wondering so you you rewrote everything just kind of just kind of changed the wording and kind of translate hundred and eighty eight chapters all nothing was paraphrase and more or less it was just verses so I just learned that I wanted to create something that people even my grandmother can sit down and enjoy to read so I really turned it into a novel but I mean it’s taken from the Akashic records in the late 1880s through about 1900 now is he is he the originator of the Akashic records was he just someone that tapped into it no you see the first one that kind of coined the phrase you know um you could be onto something there you know that yeah I’m not rooster I know what the consecrates are but I’m not real I don’t know who was the guy who came out telling you how to do it is that he was one of the first I’m gonna miss the term again doctorate used medicine what do they called no yeah yeah felissa he’s one of the first ones so that’s what really makes this author really interesting to me him and his dad were also trying to create a one-world church in the United States they are the first ones I forget the name of the movement it’s in the introduction but more or less they were trying to get all the churches underneath one roof to be one people which again amazes me so when I read the Aquarian gospel people will question well it’s not authentic the guy had meditated and got visions to playback the life of Jesus and I say I look at the character of the person and I say he’s worth following he’s worth looking into because that’s what as a person and then the accordion gospel goes into the missing years and really the teachings are unbelievable but best teachings I’ve ever read and that’s why I said I don’t need to get behind the occurring gospel and make it a matter of fact some people you know already came to me so and so don’t think this authentic I’m like old leather or not what I say this thing oh they’re gonna say that about every text though yes you know because they’re saying that about enoch and a powerful enoch is they say it about the bible yeah sure they almost didn’t include Jude in it because Jude referenced Enoch in the Bible like all of these things of like yeah there’s only a certain amount of text that were found so they’re not people every book even the book that the Christians are reading today who weren’t inspired the council got together people who weren’t inspired got together to tell you what books are inspired by the Holy Spirit [Music] though as far as copyright is concerned there’s some books that are not well known out there I do see some references to sacred texts calm in here there’s some books on there that aren’t well-known how does that work with to take his work and and get the copyright on and be able to make edits and kind of kind of I’m saying reprinted and still have his name in there something does that work the cool thing about this actual work real quick my second book was going to be called in the light of gnosis and it was specifically all the teachings that Jesus said I know [Music] Clady here which is from New Zealand awesome gospel love it to death and all the teachings of Jesus I was put in one book and the Aquarian gospel was sort of like the core of this book it was a big book and then right when I was getting ready to kind of publish it something hit me and it was all about the Aquarian I got rid of everything else the Aquarian gospel was never copyrighted because it was printed in 2006-2007 I’m sorry 2000 1906 1907 copyrights came out in the 1920s so it was never protected and anyway it’s over a hundred years over its publication but you know I find the first publication of it and I’m asking the book because there’s a text and in general that I’m really into I don’t know if you know about it the recognitions of Clemente yeah great great great book is you have an imprint print version that’s another one he was a disciple of Barnabas yeah [Music] deep stuff about demons and how they operate and but so did I answer your question no it was never copyrighted because we didn’t have copyright I mean you go online and Amazon and put the Aquarian gospel and you’ll get like 20 or 30 of them because you were allowed to put a new cover on it take the text and sell it period what I did was put a cover on it rewrite it I think well I think people are doing that with Clemente cuz I tried to hit a dude up who did that I was like bro I need you on the podcast man like you we got to talk about this book and he’s like he wouldn’t do it and I’m like I don’t think he and this was some years ago when I first read it I think you just put a cover on it and put it out on Amazon to download for $10 versions of the original I’m the first one to well that one we’re discussing copyrights I mean that’s one thing about the Bible and all the different translations and versions there’s and so many of them and the reason there are is like the the rod parsley Bible the Benny Hinn Bible the creflo dollar Bible they all have their own Bible but in order for them to be able to sell it and reprint it they have to make so many changes to the text they can’t just put their name on it do a little commentary like they have to change so many words that’s why like and from the front from you there’s a lot of people tell you that the King James took out di dine and dine in the New King James but there’s so much that’s that’s changed from those earlier versions and the reason they do that is so that they can get a copyright on it and sell it and they’ll change they’ll change it up and you have the message my daughter like was she goes to a Christian school and they had to learn John 3:16 I’m listening I’m like what the heck are y’all readin did it to the message and there was a big backlash against the message that the New Agers and people wrote that bout that version but it was just so like weird man John but they just trying to make it too plain and stuff never did stuff no I can totally relate to you as you can see in the word gnosis I revelation underneath the name indigo geo scribe which is Greek for mystical interpretation of ascribe but I took I took the books in Revelation and put them in proper order meaning that like the falling the following away also what I call the Atlantis in Revelation we’re about the you know a lot of people think it’s today about the the ship fairing country that all the nations wept when they saw her destruction you know whenever you need to live in her again to me that bothers to me revelation is and someone told me just way back in a Bible study in the late 90s that said you know Revelation is past and I looked at the dude and I laughed in this one and I’m like don’t tell the others ok trouble you know you came here with me and then you know 10 15 years go by and I’m like a lot of the revelation I think it all of those man he’s you know so I took parts of Revelation and move them into a right order of things is what I call them even with Enoch when I rewrote Enoch in there and it’s very pleasant and very easy to read I took out the teachings of Noah and that were mixed in with the texts and got everything on a proper timeline the first half of Enoch is all I care to read anyway what’s that the first half of Enoch is all that’s the sad thing is like in my book the word gnosis at the end of Enoch it goes into this I think it’s a scribe because you can tell from the writings of Enoch and also at the end or it’s just like this judgment Hellfire it comes out of nowhere and to me it was a text that was written that had Enoch on it and passed along with someone else’s view at the end now it isn’t the word enosis I’m not happy about it but I wanted to keep the text together I don’t want to damned anybody um you know I’m just like that so only love can do that and drown people Christ man you know that’s one of my biggest Saints and damnation has never saved anybody and there’s a cross on Jesus back only love can do that man so like I said with Enoch that wanted to keep the whole because I had a problem with this came out in my first book my first publication I took revelation and I got rid of the introduction and the end where it says anybody adds to or takes away from any of these texts will spend an eternity in hell and I cut it because it was the end of a letter and if you were adding to it ya know and I said this is where like my brother I haven’t spoken to since 2000 oh yeah young Tommy found out that I changed the text and removed so I was like you know what it wasn’t that important I was just trying to show the whole text without what I thought was another scribes input at the end because why would God or Jesus threaten anyway I saw it so when this happened with my brother kind of criticizing me for removing something I made sure in the next version of the word gnosis that I kept everything tight and I didn’t move so it just made sense I didn’t want anybody to think I had something up my sleeve that I was trying to remove or add something it just it makes sense other than that everything is you know politically corrected there’s a there’s a weird transition there when you start venturing outside of the Bible as a Christian like okay what can I get into okay now a lot of people getting in the enoch years ago when you were getting into this it’s more accepted not you you’re liable to go to church in your pastor quote enoch now well sure you know even like ten years ago it wasn’t though like i had people like it wasn’t good the quote enoch in churches or talk about the Illuminati or fallen angel to really get into the stuff that’s now it’s it’s memes it’s everywhere now but when you finally cross that threshold of getting into those books that they tell you to stay away from they’re forbidden books of the bible oh is forbidden fruit here i’m not supposed to know this type you stop exactly what that’s one a description that’s one of the things that say you know go ahead and read it and all of its inspired it was in there once man find out what it said specially like I said and then Dan and then Jude you know reading the book of Jude Jude quotes Enoch okay well let’s go read Enoch gets quoted in the Bible and you’re really knock and then you find out you get a kind of game plan about what was to come or how these demons operate or whatever then you start reading the Bible breaking it down even more and you start finding if eg and I’ll just say this there’s a program called East sword there’s a lot of Bible program so you probably do this even with Google but type in in the Bible like a Bible search book of type in book of and you’re gonna find maybe hundreds of quotes in the Bible that says as it is written in the book of the Wars of the Israelites as it is written in the book of shamaya the prophet as it is written in the book of II do to prophet as it is written in Enoch hold on who is shamaya who is II do the Prophet as it is written in the book of Samuels a seer hold on like who are these who is II do who is shamaya and where are their books the Bible quotes it the Bible is quoting these these other texts that cannot be found only a few there’s a few of them that the you know Jubilees and there’s a bunch of them that were inspired in and were around that aren’t mentioned but let’s deal with the books that are mentioned Enoch is one of those books Jubilees is one of those books the Sun as it is written in a book of Jubilees I think it is the Sun Stood Still there we get that story about the Sun standing still I believe it’s Jubilees and um there’s a lot of stuff in there just opens you up so it’s not about getting bored with the Bible it’s about being fascinated with the Bible it’s quoting these other texts why what does it say why did they take it out and it just snowballing and say man you know and you have to it opens the door but to have that in front of you and okay this kind of scary is venturing out and I don’t know if I should read this my pastor said no you know that kind of stuff you know book of Jasher our Christie says yeah book of Jasher I said you leaves well Jubilees and Josh are both books yeah but um when you actually know and you go back and you start looking at the way David spoke and Solomon spoke David you know the God doesn’t delight in sacrifices well isn’t that your culture you know and even with Solomon there’s a there’s a black magic book I tried to read and it was the same time I kind of was going through my face yeah getting into the Collbran and the other books but I couldn’t read it and I still have it but it was it was a very dark oh do you think it was by Solomon though a lot of times you’re fine I do think that there are books out there that sure this one was authentic okay well I was I put it down I started reading and I was like this is kind of black I might read it today and maybe I’ll see in a different light because I I mean that’s good that’s good to know too because as we’re talking about the Book of Enoch and how beautiful it is and how powerful it is as people are going to try to find it and they’re gonna find the keys of Enoch right and they’re gonna find these magical spells written up in their keys of Enoch on how to summon angels and all this stuff in the same thing within ya the key keys of Solomon have the keys of Solomon in the keys of Enoch I haven’t read either one I know what’s in them I’ve only read pieces it’s different for you guys listen it’s different than the Book of Enoch and the testament of Solomon yeah both are definitely go hand if you want to understand the spirit realm if you want to understand the Bible you need both of those books yeah I’ll say that what authority like you really do there’s terms and phrases and demons that are mentioned that they’re only mention of in those books and Jesus is talking about them openly and we don’t have no reference point but those books yes that’s because religion more or less did not want us to know that we were here due to a creator of God and that you have influence and you can communicate with those beings like if you can communicate with the beans God if you can communicate with God I mean that was their thing you can’t communicate with God you have to go to the priests and he communicates with God for you have to go to your past year to go to you leadership go to your elder but Jesus his whole thing was like look I’m ripping all this veil down I’m tearing up which I’ll trying to build keeping people away from their father and I’m going to I’m gonna bridge the gap between you and the Father you have access to him through what I’ve done what I’ve shown you what I’m you know the the work that I’ve laid out and that’s what he did he tore down he told the veil that separated mere men from going to their Creator and that’s like people are saying like you know Jesus is like for control and they wrote the Bible to control us like best you know saying that’s straight liberation tearing down the wall that you have to go to a pastor you have to go to a shaman or like ever trust me there’s times for that right we need those leaders we need shamans we need priests at times in our lives someone who is in tune with the spirit prophets preachers teachers evangelists we need those people who are seasoned but you can just look within and go straight to the Father and that’s what they’ve taken out of the books that’s what they’ve taken the angelic contact that you can there’s books by angels supposedly the book of Gabriel some deep stuff in that on if you’ve checked that out but there’s some really interesting stuff that they’ve taken out and all of it is to take the power away from the individual and give it to the church you give the power to the church that you have to submit to the authority you can’t go to God like that kind of stuff we have we have a torch to carry you and I and many of other of us others and those listening we have an aggressive youth right now meaning that we’ve come through I was born in 73 man I came out through to 70s and 80s did the religion phase and stuff like that and I learned a truth man and we carry a torch and we’re meant to be the same character that we have studying and loving and abiding within and I think we hold the responsibility of passing that on to other generations because honestly you know the church is declining seems like that’s to be I hear kids say moving there’s power yeah yeah and I think there’s an all of us kind of that are listening here because I know a lot of us have some more ideals there’s something bigger and better going on that it still can be a community like that same with your class on Thursday nights you know I mean I I so look forward to plugging in and being a part of it I miss the fellowships and the Bible studies and the teaching exactly you have to replace it I met with somebody this week about being in the Rostker oceans coming out of the masonry I like the initiations I like symbolism I love and I find out most this ritual yeah and most of its online teaching which is great but I do personally like the the church setting you know I mean meaning that you get together brothers and sisters and you know can hold each other’s hands and pray can tell deeper into things get some real spiritual movement within you know where you are I am also you know and yeah that part I want us to people like you and I be able to grow and expand upon and you know give people a place to go other than telling people to get the heck out there’s a fire it’s like we need to be able to create something that brings people in it makes them feel welcome you know having um not by me on religion out of it but by having fellowship yeah it’s tricky because I’m doing that now 100% doing that and it’s still tricky because even in those circles you had a leader I may be an overseer I’m not a I’m not that I’m an I’m not at the top of the pinnacle I’m helping create this stuff but there’s other people who are coming there’s other people this is how our hierarchy really works in the body of Christ is sideways there is no one there’s no pastor we all look up to him know so a lot of the guys who have done that a lot of teachers and preachers and gurus and shamans we can name them they’ve built a community but the community is around them and I’m trying to consciously you know step away but be there but like I’m not the guy you know what I’m saying yes I’m orchestrating the things are running it but it’s not about me being the teacher and I’m consciously doing that so you can’t say that oh you guys you have all these followers I don’t have I don’t have any followers like if you if anybody sees anything good in me it’s because of what Christ has done right it’s because that I’m connected and tuned in and they have to tune in if they’re just listening to this as the knowledge part as a spectator I really believe that they’re doing it wrong if they’re not going to they don’t all have to do the work themselves they don’t all have to get get in the enoch they don’t all have to stargaze and see that like they don’t all have to do that that’s the of learning from one another that we’ve done that we can bring it back and we can share it openly and give them the power as well but it’s really interesting in creating the community where because it’s easy to be put on a pedestal it’s easy and I’ve got people who have done it and they’re drunk off of their own praises I’ve been there as a Christian rapper like in back in the day and applauses of men are intoxicating so I’m conscious of that moving forward man and it’s beautiful and it’s possible you know what I’m saying we’re in a really good place man and and thank you for believing in it and everybody listening there’s a bunch of people listening live become hitting Chris borrowers are saying what’s up to you he wants to let you know he’s watching and he’s telling you to hop on discord this cords a chat client that we use to get in conversation and prayer and just lift each other up when we’re having a bad day and have questions I need an encouraging word like it’s a chat program with through text and also voice chat too and it’s like it’s creating that community so if you’ve got a few minutes jump on there there’s a couple people in conversation they throw in ideas about the Bible about that but the Gita about other whatever it is we don’t have it all figured out you know what I’m saying that we’re okay with that it’s things that you stand upon things that you know but it’s a look I always say run from those people man run from the people who say this is like they have an answer for everything like they got it all figured out they’re lying they are lying to you I can tell you some things that I’ve I’ve encountered that they know nothing about and not saying it about me because the next person they know things that I don’t know and it’s about coming together and understanding the true spirit of unity that’s what it’s about coming together with all of our experiences with all of our pieces of the puzzle this things we don’t agree on there’s things that we’re gonna butt heads on or whether but that’s cool like it’s if it’s if it’s not worth dying over it’s not worth losing a friend or being an asshole over like I’m not gonna do it right I’m a walking grace and peace and let’s build together unless it’s dangerous stuff or whatever the case is that that people are bringing to the table um that’s my rant about community and from the body from the church for many many years for those almost 20 years was mainly relying on my relationship with their God Jesus when I didn’t when I didn’t subscribe to that they didn’t want anything to do with me I I was you know able to be thrown out that’s what I’m sure you deal with it to everyone it’s kind of died down but I would have people check in to messenger every once in a while yo man there you go staged you know yeah Jesus you know and just like just if somebody comes up to me today anybody and they’re they ask me that question I will say no but I will say no because that’s what they want to hear that’s what they want to know that’s all they’re relying I’m an enigma though I love being and like like like a whole enigma I’ll talk the good talk like they know that I’m like I can I’m like you I know the Bible better than them that’s why they did that’s why they never came to us bro do you know that because you know what better they’re intimidated they were scared to bring bring correction to you because you would have handled them with the scriptures you know I thought we’ve had to put up with that that’s a part of being a that’s a harsher judgment that your judgment for being a teacher being someone who’s studied as part of it they turn force how ghosting they used to call it excommunicated from the body your ghost it just stay away from don’t talk to him he’ll fade away you know that kind of stuff but I’m it’s hard you know people have people are going through it we went through it and there’s so much just to say about it man and if that’s owned if that’s the only reason this show exists it’s for a really good reason but to help people who have been excommunicated or people who like to have a beer and they love Jesus oh no no you can’t drink brother you’re a drunkard drunkards won’t inherit the kingdom like and they get rid of you and you’re just like you know because you believe something different and you’re okay with that you’re authentic and you got excommunicated and kicked out you know like there’s so many people bro this show caters to those people which are people who were in the church who love God with all their heart mind soul and strength they love God and love Christ with everything but they’re different but they’re outcasts but they hear spirits but they see aliens but they love you know Marilyn Manson I don’t know whatever it is like they’re different it’s something that doesn’t shift with them so they’re not part of the body they’re you know made fun of all kind of little weird tactics or whatever it’s for those people you can be whoever God created you to be you can like that stuff and as long as healthy good stuff we don’t want to promote you know people being okay with bad stuff that they’re it’s stuff that’s killing them right we want to help them and then on the other hand its it caters to people who are into the New Age who are into gnosis but there’s something more I’ve studied all the gnosis I’ve read all the books I’ve done it all true seeker what is it that you had that I don’t have what is it bro I’m doing all the stuff okay okay you get it let me show you what it is and I can pray with that person to receive the Holy Spirit to receive the infilling of Christ and had that personal tangible relationship where it all becomes real it becomes real and all the knowledge and everything clicks it makes sense like I’ve been a part of that that’s amazing I this is why I keep that’s why I put up with the ridicule there laughing oh you guys are channeling aliens you guys are you know you guys are going outside the Bible because you’re tired of the Bible and all just stuff over the years I’m being funny but it’s it’s very hard but it’s worth it it is always worth it and that encouraged people to keep on keeping on no matter like it’s gonna be worth it in the end it really is if you don’t give up and you’re faithful and you stick with it yeah 18 years in the building and five six seven years outside we haven’t been to church in two or three years now well actually more well I mean physically we went for Christmas last year which I used to sit in the pews and scoff at all the people coming in at Easter and Christmas I have never liked even though I was alive and passionate and doing so many ministries in the church I still went to church for that filling I didn’t have the one-on-one relationship that I do with God today yeah it’s amazing I I I sit here with you I walk around I Drive around I am constantly the modern philosopher a lot of people meditate I haven’t completely got there yet I think on my feet and I talked to God while I’m constantly moved in all things and it doesn’t have to show up a praise and worship it doesn’t have to show up a sermon it doesn’t have to be in a body my life with God is becoming just what Jesus asked him when he kind of portrayed he just walked well he was the image of the Father you seen me you’ve seen the father yes that’s what my name is and that’s where my faith and my walk have got to these days I mean it’s beautiful I mean I anybody else I kind of kid with my children about it sometimes but that’s really died a couple years back I I’ve seen the glory um I have nothing left here except to give myself to other people you know what I mean I don’t there’s nothing else I need and I’m just I’m not holding on anything anymore and it’s just so beautiful where I’m at and I can have my tea my Jesus my teachings and you know love God love the Great Spirit love Allah love whatever you want to call them worshipping the same one sadly enough and with all the deficients you know and as children we just need to be able to serve humanity and be there for each other and it’s just so lost because there’s so many denominations and divisions and it’s that’s why I feel blessed on a writer because I have these two books I wrote so one day my great-great grandkids are gonna be like what did grandfather sins are write about and I feel like I’m doing my family line a favor by enabling them to see something that not everybody would bring to them yeah and I tell my kids all the time if anything ever happens to me I don’t you say my books I actually say the co-worker happens to me please do me a favor and read to Colburn yeah beyond blessing so you have to suffer it’s it’s the path man it really is and I I choose we were talking about it way early in the conversation about you know not the same there isn’t heaven or hell so to speak that we find those things within ourselves I the Hermetic teaching is what I always feel good about is literally good returns – good yeah I had returned some bad man you can’t fake it you know I have things I do I struggle with and I think about if my life was the flash before my eyes what would I see did you know did I serve that I loved you know it’s very is really simple it’s not judgment it’s not criticism it’s not hating people I don’t believe what you believe it’s humanity and moving on from this earth plane man and hopefully you get to write that you know if if you choose you don’t come back you know a lot of people came back and people don’t believe in that but we have a larger I just think I just want to get it right man you know I really do it’s yeah at the end of the day I’m with you on that you know at the end of the day over at all it’s all love and you helped cuz you got you got a look you know I’m saying 50 years from now 60 years I don’t know how much longer we have you know not promised tomorrow but you want to be able to look back and say okay did what I’d did I do something that matter did I contribute did somebody who’s having a bad day a bad life that did I help them whatever it may been a beautiful song in my case that takes them on a journey lets them know that God hasn’t forgot about them let them know that there’s more to life than just whatever you know through these podcasts whatever whatever I mean that’s just something but to be a friend you know I’m saying to be a good father a good husband and just learning what those things are and being the best that you can be and when you do mess up you mess up and you know that you messed up that’s for you can you can learn you don’t have an and and you know saying you can evolve and be that better version of yourself I do think that that’s gonna last what else is gonna last what else what else can we do the brain I know we could try to go go big or go home I think I think I’m going big I think you’re doing contributing something pretty big pretty significant it has the power to shape the world one person at a time you know those type of deals but I think it’s I think I think that’s what’s what in the end is gonna stand at love man whatever is built upon love I don’t care what religion what it sounds like what it looks like as long as it’s love revelation speaks about that about you know what revelation what remains is the goal yeah the what hay and stubble being brought up yeah I always I do too yeah as a stroll just like the Space Shuttle man being burnt up to a saying wow yeah yeah yeah so to me it really makes sense you know and you know love is the key and I know that it’s cliche but it doesn’t matter man it’s it’s it’s what keeps me alive it’s what keeps tears rolling down my face when I can’t quite comprehend the wickedness of this world yeah actually it’s kind of funny because me and my wife just got the Green Mile this week here watch it yeah yeah I haven’t watched in a long time because even as tears try to come out of my eyes right now I god to take my sensitivity away because I couldn’t talk to people even at school when I got in fights it’s like I beat someone up and I’d get in principal’s office I’m like why do you do it and I just crying so when I watched The Green Mile the one night back in like 2000 and I went outside of my mom’s house had a cigarette and said God please please please please take these tears from my face I can’t talk to people I can’t witness I can’t I can’t I just didn’t feel like I can function being so in that situation and honestly dude 17 come and go I people die I have some really weird situations Tate would cry it doesn’t even get close to my mind because everything’s temporal time is something else bro like time adds this way of dealing with people and changing people you know and knowing I guess maybe time brings it into perspective that you don’t live forever in this flesh here it brings things into perspective it heals in and time is something else man I hate you know I love change and stability but I hate to see hardships and people struggle and people in time just beat people up and and I think that you know the foundation that we have and in its practical you know it’s not just in theory it’s not just conspiracy theory or whatever its truth it’s like stuff you can it’s going to help you be a better person and it’s gonna help people and that’s what matters man it really does the post recently but you know I haven’t known about the Palestinian in his real situation because being a Christian I was wrong so anyway just real quick talk about times and moments in life back in May I became friends with several Palestinians that were reaching out like the Lakota did with Standing Rock they started reaching out to people that they didn’t notice a hate or something going on here we need help man the world needs to see this and there was a moment where there was a widow of the age of 20 that has a three-year-old daughter her husband was actually killed in 2014 war conflict over there so she was actually living with her husband’s family and if you I don’t know enough about it and I don’t want to get into it but I imagine that woman in this household of her husband’s family and she told me so they don’t care if I live or die so she’s living in her ex-husband’s in well her husband’s house with his family and her daughter and I said to her I said amen what can I do if you can go would you go she said yes it was a time I quickly got out to Facebook I had the money to cover it but I love getting people involved too there’s a lot of people I do want to do good works and it actually worked I got a good amount of contributions but it cost about $1,100 to get her and her daughter safely across the border now I do have other families that we sponsor out in South Dakota monthly so I did have to take from that to take care of her but it was a it was a moment in time she’s now living in giza with her mother’s family and bombs are being dropped on her head every night even a roof came into one night when I was talking to her so it’s just a moment in time and when you see these people suffering it’s like you gotta have a heart to get in there and help them you know and I didn’t know what to do like I said I could have done it I could have done it myself but I chose to you know get a few friends involved and you know some did come through and it was a blessing hope you’ll turn it’s all good it’s my ministry God put on my heart you know I mean so that’s where I work so but it’s at that moment in time you can change a whole lineage you know in one person in one family just by rescuing and it’s just it was a it’s beautiful to be a part of now we just talk and it’s weird for her as a Muslim to talk to a man an American but we do you know I mean they’re like brother her she considers me her dad now there’s a song out right now it’s a Christian song by michael w snow it’s by um Matthew Matthew west and the song starts off it says uh talking about he’s shaking his fist at heaven God look at all the wars look at all the starving children look at all the poverty violent some of the stuff why won’t you do something about it like that’s the song I want you to do something about won’t you come down here and stop all this stuff he says I did like I created you I sent you to go out there and to and I’m saying help these people in be about the gospel says like to God and be the hands of feet hands and feet of God that we are God’s workmanship in Christ Jesus created to do good works to go out there and that’s the fruit of your hope and that’s the you know the the faith in action it proves what you believe vs. theory yeah you believe Jesus is God reads the Son of God out of my face with that I just go out there and be Jesus quit debating about who he is what did he mean did he exist whatever whatever there’s a time or place for that but you have to be him man man he became God to me that’s the way I saw it so when I took him off and I Jesus came and he became God’s me wouldn’t do that really change with me I became a man I became God yeah I just see that it’s all great but honestly I I don’t have any reservations for my success I really want to become successful that I can help other people and you have my money to help families around the world connected and Kenya now definitely have the Palestinian connection Honduras as you know going down into crew and out in South Dakota it’s just like there’s so many people we can choose to help or be there for and you know you can do if you could do all that by yourself man just imagine like people you know they want to help they wanna they want to get involved but they don’t think that just they don’t think they can do anything their voice isn’t loud enough for their they don’t have enough money you know I always talk about the fact that I’ve got the front they dude who led me to the Lord and their little group of people that they still run with they learn this weird Prospera gospel stuff and they believe that God wanted them to be another yeah they’re supposed to be the wealth of the wicked has stored up for the righteous and God created them to be millionaires it just the transfer hasn’t happened yet you don’t have to work for not the building not to use the gifts he’s given you you just have to wait on it God’s gonna set you up they believed in and he was always talk about how they wanted to open up orphanages and feed the hungry and do all of this this stuff whenever they won the lottery like they believed that they was gonna win the lottery or this somebody a pastor would call them and say hey we got fifty thousand dollars they just these weird face things that kind of go on in the church or whatever I remember I used to think that the pastor was gonna step down and ask me to preach one morning or something out of the congregation there’s a lot of people believe that it’s probably never gonna happen and it’s people like waiting on these weird ridiculous things if you want to preach go you know go out and preach do it like share it share your story you don’t have to wait for permission anymore you know what I’m saying but they weren’t wanting to wait on help to help people when they win the lottery it’s like if God can’t trust you with the few he’s not gonna make you ruler over more that’s a principle to be a good steward well what he’s already given you you want to feed the hungry like you could do that for like five bucks on like Wednesday’s like sonic has a special where they sell twenty five cent hamburgers and we would go up and we get a big bag of hamburgers and we gotta feed it was like two or three people and we do that together but they’re like yeah man what God blesses me when I win the lottery I’m gonna help the homeless and we’re gonna feed the orphans and widows and it was a be the hands and feet of Jesus like if you’re not doing it now he’s not when you you’re not gonna do anything when it gives you that money you gonna pay bills and pay your debts and all that kind stuff but if you’re doing it now if you’re busy if he comes back and finds you working we’re like the parables talked about that’s what he’s supposed to be doing you come back y’all in here having Bible studies and like debating each other right come back later we’re busy but anyway we’re getting kind of sentimental here we’re talking about the route behind what we do and stuff and it is very sentimental because we’ve put up with a lot of stuff in order to come out victorious on the other side but going back to the book I just got there was one thing that I wanted to ask you about and just kind of bring up the notion about the Aquarian gospel and this is about another man’s revelation through meditation through prayer whatever having these encounters with Jesus and receiving information from the Akashic records which we can tap into ourselves like you said and he comes out with this just this good work telling people how to do good deeds and be a better person and tap in and stuff like that there’s a lot of people who come out with this book so we uh someone in church would see this a hip you know like you said hey man that’s another gospel bro they bring in another gospel then jesus warned us of that Paul warned us of another gospel these type of things but if we look at Paul if we look at Joseph Smith if we look at Muhammad you know and all these other people they all had these encounters with white light with angelic beings who were given who received their calling who received their message and they a lot of Christians one of like lump Paul in a different category as Mohammed or Paul in a different category as Joseph Smith but essentially he’s riding on the back of a horse and has an encounter with a white light who eventually says was Jesus and we have those encounters we write books inspired by similar encounters what’s the difference why like you know can you see the similarity they’re recognized one but not the other it’s always been because this is what it is or this is the Word of God or they were told such it’s like they accept it but someone else comes in with a similar idea and it’s not the same thing people do it all the time you know and one of the great things about the Aquarian gospel I think it’s a synopsis of all the gospel scare I’m pretty sure it’s the best gospel that’s ever been written period it’ll tie all the other ones together with the missing years China has him going into Greece and it all makes sense it really does it brings joseph of arimathea in as his uncle as the rightful man being his marries brother to bring in when Joseph died he was the next father in line the uncle whether way are you saying that Joseph was used as his father no wait oh you mean Joseph Joseph yeah probably sounds good I’ll buy ya I’ll save my favorite gospel though um not my favorite gospel I’m sorry my favorite line and I’m probably gonna do this book too because I have already done it the gospel of Marcion where the Gospels Luke has come from starts out within the year of Augustus Caesar bla bla bla Jesus came down into Jerusalem it’s my favorite line I’m fine with that too I’m fine with John what Jesus coming down I like that yeah yeah yeah so so let me just back that up a little bit all right okay more with Jesus coming down then you know a flesh birth but it’s all good mm-hmm like I said I don’t I don’t need to really honestly I don’t need to figure that one out right now so it’s interesting I’ve studied it on both sides and yeah got some good stuff on it um well I mean we talked about his father he called Joseph his father everybody everybody said Joseph was his father but their view at but Joshua when you asked me a question I was thinking biblically and how it’s yeah I say that because like that’s uh when you if you was to bring even that thing up let’s just take that right that revelation of Joseph of Jesus Joseph being Jesus’s father go to churches and tell him that see what happen is of course at that doing in Romans it talks about that Jesus is the seat of from the seed of David according to the flesh a seed we know what the seed is it’s demands man sperm you had to see and uh into so many instances they never coming at revelation and doing a lot of studying and you vocal about that like that’s a that’s a no-no yeah you know what I’m saying is little things like that um we’ve gone over about two hours and 20 minutes I’m cool with that a little bit one last thing that I had I wanted to ask you because we talked about before we went live but um you’ve been taking a lot of trips lately got a lot more trips coming up one of the trip someone to ask you about you just went to contact in the in the desert I just want to say lucky it was cool [Music] they were a trip for me man I spend half the time in Joshua Tree National Park and the other time hanging out with Giorgio and Erich von däniken they’re just the forerunners of this move in Samaria yeah so it’s all cool man you know there was something else going on out there that has warned about and I didn’t like Greer now Greer wasn’t there no [Music] come on who’s the biggest guy a guy David Wilcock yes thank you yes there was a cult David Wilcock fan base cult out there yeah yeah yeah I know a lot of people get into it stuff like that I used to I’d used to until bucket feet I’d used to he took it too far left oh we’re going good and all these guys and it took it too far left man yeah it wasn’t until the second lecture that I had some groupies next to me and how they were just ecstatic and like I swear I was at a concert or something like that I realized there was something else going on and I know a lot of stuff that he talks about but the way he presented it was not far-fetched but just like matter of fact everything was a matter of fact it wasn’t even speculation here and I realized this crowd and group if it keeps going that direction it won’t be appealing to me but with Giorgio there and von daniken and stuff like that that’s who I went to go see you know it was awesome the people are really good it’s kind of like getting out of Woodstock not completely you you it was it was a mixed group but the first night I came in Thursday and Friday the people were just so plus something changed when the groupies came in you can tell there’s just something different it’s all good he played a huge huge role in my awakening I mean I found can’t and I loved a lot of his work and um but like I said the whole he went way someone he was talking about he’s gotten real arrogant someone says in the chat yeah somebody else is talking about Greer here and I said I won look at Greer you just know Greer I followed Greer’s work early on too but then you know he went too far left man and and Greer taking that little thing saying it was an alien and it probably an aborted fetus like all kinds of crazy stuff and they’re just taking it far left as they can and the quarry good thing is what done it for me and he’s a he’s a big name because work Hawk vote for him and kind of raised him up it just gets so far out there it’s hard to believe like we’re trying to find truce right with truth seekers right like who’s telling the truth and he’s making it up as they go there’s a lot of those people and they’re really good at it you know definitely on to like the conspiracy theory end of it you know Georgio and Eric are about the ancient sites and it’s about physical stuff versus theory from who we are and who these gods were and they can take you places that you can actually discover and learn for yourself and you know kind of what ancient aliens mostly does the show and it brings you into being a part of it because they don’t know it all they can show it to you but they’re learning to and they write books and they you know they bring it in front of you and try to help explain what they understand from it but they’re kind of bringing the ancient civilization I think if we know our roots and we know where we came from and how powerful we truly are it’ll change humanity forever we’ve been held down and crushed by religion for thousands of years now and it’s time we all stand up and be like me it’s time it’s time it’s time for our children’s sake I mean that’s the biggest thing I don’t want my children go on to this world the way it’s set up I think we’re very powerful individuals and I’ve learned the training my brain over the last five to six years to be a beautiful person to be a good person and do better without sitting in church every Sunday and reading your Bible I get it you know so it’s just like now it’s just in me and I am the person that can change the world here yeah and I think we all have that potential and some of us are leaders and some are some unless they’re servants and I’ll tell you I make a heck of a lot better of servants and I do a leader because if someone else is doing the harder part of the work and they need someone to serve and finish the job dude I am old everybody has a place man and and like knowing what you’re good at plain you know I’m saying playing To Your Strengths and knowing what your and getting there doing it yep exactly it’s a team bro so Bobby I Love You Man because it’s just like you know I know how I found you I spoke about is intriguing to me because I waited awhile and then when something didn’t look right I’d open and now here you and I are sitting you Dovan win the controversy here we’ll find this dirt juicy get exposed let’s look at isn’t always good sometimes I just feel bad for people it wasn’t like that with you it was like I don’t like following people I never did I can walk me side on I can be with them but so when I saw what you’re doing it was so creative and so you’re doing so much I couldn’t wrap my head around it because of the person showing it to me and then when I had an opportunity to remove that person and just look at you I saw Derek and I wanted to know Derek because I was like wow look look what this guy is doing man he’s out there getting busy so creative and it’s just I’m impressed man there’s not a lot of people like you out there and even your humble things I want to show my wife last night again I think I did all right I like that picture yeah man it that’s that’s crazy no you know I want to know more man I’m totally intrigued because to me it’s like you’re wow you’re like if it looks the way it looks you’re one of the greatest success stories I know well you know I’m saying and we’re still early what’s out and we store early in yeah we are just getting started bigger things coming man beautiful yeah dude that was in you know saying thank you by the way right and of course me and of course um uh you you actually went to another event recently you went and seen the Oz man himself right how was that was that your first time seeing him and how was that mr. Black Sabbath wasp concert somewhere in the 80s or 90s so that was like the closest they ever guy and I never saw a Z and I like you me talk to the side I was totally anti secular Rebecca st. James Church Mullins exactly I’ve seen it I’ve seen it Becca maintains all the stuff you know so going back I’m 45 now so right around 40 I went back to my roots and went and saw Testament and anthrax on my 40th birthday of my sister and since then I’ve been slowly getting my feet back and what what the difference is I used to go to these concerts and feel dirty generally oh my god these are all losers you know people getting drunk and doing their thing doing drugs and whatever else and you know I’ve ripped people apart well now that I’m twice born and threw the religious part of it Wow dude the things that I enjoy about this music in these bands I can walk into an honesty concert and it was a clean concert most of us are old I was actually young exactly yeah so but it’s just like I can enjoy what I enjoy him and what I want to receive and everything else just kind of I don’t rip apart anymore actually so it’s a bed of flowers really it’s really changed my I went better than Aussie did I want to go see panic at the disco back in July so on like daughter drugged me to it Philadelphia dude I’ve never met performer like panic into disco and I watched these kids I mean dude think about it average age about maybe 16 17 um 20,000 screaming girls almost the Slayer the one guy walked through anything God loves Slayer he shirt a little bit but they blue they blew me away you want to talk about performer he’s such a performer he doesn’t have a fan and I learning about them that was a concert that was he doesn’t have a band no no no my wife and daughter are like diehard panic fans my self is just going to tracks well he I guess maybe the band has been with him through one or two I’m with my daughter can fast track me a lot better because I’m still Duke is saying to man he could do like yeah songwriter dad songs down he’s a song right he’s out of the pan but I mean he can go from the drums to see a note to the guitar star maybe not to sorry I’m not gonna say that to his voice a lot but he is he’s like he also a performer and he came out of religion and that’s why I am so interested in Brendan is because he talks about his mom and his songs a lot he talks about religion and this was the pray for the wicked tour and whatever happened and his angle it’s really awesome it’s really cool and that’s why I’m kind of like bouncing in his direction because that night I don’t go out too conscious himself like that I’m sure you have one of those concert mic set you just never forget I mean it was so amazing that I wanted to go to DC or Buffalo to school I got tickets here to go see I need to breathe okay Kristin well I don’t know they’re really Kristin anymore they get mainstream success I think they still Christian go and see down but yeah man but even with Ozzy I mean the similans civilizations there with the cross the whole concert you know I mean it’s like it’s his theme and you know the old black songs and things and know when you find probably how did he do though like was it was it current it wasn’t cringy is he’s good know thing is I know from either his wife or someone else that he has to have a monitor in front of him with his music so I know he’s going through that too that he just can’t get up there and sing like most sometimes he 70 enemy 70 this year he just needs to kind of go back and more or less he’s doing karaoke nobody he hasn’t lost his touch I stated to play flying high again or over the mountain really yeah well they played collie though man I dig out up man dude that song he did was uh Lina Ford is that her name Lita Ford is that her name yeah the song he did with her I think that’s her name beautiful song yeah esoteric photo I took of Crowley when he got on I didn’t I did a little bit of the video but I took a picture of his background I put it on Facebook dude it was the most esoteric image I’ve ever seen in my life man it blew me away and people are going gaga he spoke about it was just it was powerful dude it was glowing it was it was awesome and I’ll send it to you later in case you missed it but yeah it was awesome it kind of shocked me I wasn’t ready for it and I saw and I was like yeah forever yes Jeffrey’s in the chat jeff naylor even yas man cometh man even the odds man knows God we let go some kind of yeah he knows there’s some good some of that good stuff man and yeah it’s all about the nostalgia man like going there and feeling like dude I just I just went back 20 years or 10 years or whatever it is like we went my wife got me tickets a few years ago now to go see Powerman 5000 an orgy in Atlanta and I was I’m like that hard nu-metal corn and cold chamber those guys oh yeah it was awesome yeah it was awesome to see those guys they started listening to him when I was 13 you know and finally getting to go see them I was gonna go see Manson and Rob Zombie in Atlanta but Manson hasn’t even been showing up to the majority of his shows at this point and he’s just it’s kind of sad though that’s was when I know cos like it’s kind of sad to see Manson where he is now he’s overweight he’s some performances are good sometimes he’s half drunk you know understand it just seems kind of it’s kind of sad to see because if you look at old Manson from 93 versus Manson now like that was something to appreciate now you can look back on it and just see the performance and the Alice Cooper esque stage performance that now he’s just like which a lot of people they’re showing up collecting checks and just running through their material and they got random people playing their instruments and you know it’s something about that that the nostalgia for me definitely but a creative aspect behind music and creating stuff and bringing it to the table we wouldn’t see Metallica as well and uh and out that’s that was amazing I mean it just put out their new album and it’s just yeah that was all the time we’ve seen I’m Metallica tool so I was crying at the tool concert bro cry offs that they’re crying dude they got a they got this on parable that’s talking about spirits having a conversation before they come to earth and agreeing to this dis life and coming out here into being I’m saying incarnated and it’s like to catch you in your pain and your hurt and failure and stuff you go through is like be okay all the pain is an illusion we are eternal beings we’re gonna go back to where we came from and it’s like just the beauty of that a crime and it’s beautiful good stuff Manor is awesome dude manage new stuff with a perfect circle oh my god Maynard’s new stuff with a perfect circle that he’s put out the new stuff you heard it most of it’s about Jesus most of it’s about Jesus and it’s good stuff man I got us I’m gonna send you send it to you oh man I’m gonna send it to you and for those of you guys who are listening to songs I’ll just say this cuz I’m not gonna send it to everybody but uh talk talk buy a perfect circle and disillusioned and it’s a couple more but talk talk and dissolution go back there listen to those and then send me a thank you letter those are beautiful songs good stuff cool well it would mean wings ooh oh I just got this in this is a king Chris Webber bro I got I got a couple jerseys in there Kings right I got a couple jerseys in there and those jerseys I got like three jerseys I’ve got over the years for Christmas and stuff my birthday and stuff and they’re like a hundred dollars apiece right I love jerseys and it’s even with the jerseys it’s nostalgia because I was our best ball fan when I was a kid hundred hours a piece you got this one for China from China so we came bucks everything looks yeah I mean it’s kind of Nike it’s white it’s fake it’s not even real it took me like two months to get it in the mail oh really it’s worth a lot more just get the imitation for 17 versus paying a hundred for the authentic energy perfect yeah well I’m glad people know if you want a Jersey they’re only 17 bucks I’ll go and get you one man heck come on bro let everybody know where they could check out your work man and check out your books and online pretty much so so it’s kind of hard not to find even eBay ethic so anyway yeah it’s it’s the word gnosis in the Aquarian gospel now on Facebook I do have the word enosis it’s kind of I started in 2012 so it’s kind of just been like my storefront so it’s not just for the word gnosis it’s for all kinds of spiritual blessings a lot of Collbran Colburn’s about half the stuff I post on there and it’s also the Aquarian gospel same with the word of gnosis calm that’s the main site that you can order both books from the word gnosis calm also got a book trailer in there that an ext helped me with and kind of all things gnosis for me I’m building upon this what I started so you know hopefully there’s many more so I got a lot of things I’m working on right now it’s kind of why I haven’t been working on my Facebook page and trying to get some physical things done t-shirts I got a clothing line I’m starting I’m doing car emblems for said of Jesus fish I’m doing the Eye of Horus and know thyself and a few other things to kind of create help create a movement kind of like ship old because I was all part of the Jesus Movement in 90s so I learned and I’m gonna use the things that I learned to kind of prosper the gnosis movement so that’s kind of what I’m doing minute what’s up everybody make sure y’all support his work go check him out and I tell him true Sikh ascent you yeah the whole the whole arm discount for that I’ve got a whole bunch of the Jesus fish bracelets in there a couple years ago up bottom I wanted one because there’s like no like I said nostalgia you know I wanted one so I bought a couple packs of them and I just got like if I got about 40 or 50 of them different colors and I’ll say a story about that right quick the whole jesus fish thing like when I got born again I was going into my freshman year of high school and I was going to a new school I moved and I was just around Christians for the whole summer got saved got born again and was wearing the Jesus fish bracelet went to school I went to school and this girl was like showing me attention the first day of school hey he had a Jesus fish bracelet on I had one on too but I was hanging out with all the druggies and stuff in high school and and then she asked me you know what does that mean for you WWJD I said we want Jack Daniels and I just took it off as like sorry Lord yeah man high school Tom’s no I hear you buddy here but I broke well uh I appreciate you coming on man and I will have to do this again soon man awesome leaving soon great great conversation almost three hours bro I know what’s up with that that’s how that’s how long they all should be but I one of the guests I had on a couple weeks ago I try to do at least an hour and I did like 25 minutes with them and it was like I was just out of I didn’t had nothing to talk about how it was I got into a lot of it man we touched on a little bit of everything Coleman yeah no that’s I haven’t even heard of that book until until you told me once 101 is 40 know why I love the gospel 80 because when did when the it states in here that the disciples couldn’t stay awake when Jesus was in the garden they were all drunk from the wedding in Iraq hmm it’s interesting it makes sense watch and pray I mean they can never stay awake I will say this though cuz I’m not tied these two guys I’ll talk about a couple times the fact that Jesus is always going away to pray hours on end right what is he doing on dirt during that prayer time and then we see the first time that like a camera goes in there with them to see what he’s doing when he when he prays and it’s uh was it James John and Peter I think it was the amount of Transfiguration where he’s going upon a mountaintop to pray they came with them so we have someone to kind of write down what they seen is he sucks communicated with Moses and Elijah appeared to him out of a cloud and his face changed and his clothes changed and he like transfigured in front of them and I think that was going on every time he went away to pray I wouldn’t have no reason not to think that you know well just like the desert exactly yes well I always said well who is out there writing for he was never first person I guess well there’s um there’s this notion – I don’t really scribe to it but they say that Satan wrote a lot of Genesis it’s written of from the perspective of the this being this reptilian being in the water watching Yahweh create everything like the earth was formless and void and I guess the water or however or the darkness was here I don’t know but they say that Satan transcribing like it’s watching Yahweh creates landmass and put humans in it and so this entity is written it I don’t believe that but there’s our people who approach you for that angle yeah interesting ideas like to touch it man and uh just kind of uh who knows that we don’t know you know so I’m okay with the surfing I like this winged serpent about him I don’t know what it is but I’m gonna figure it out I’m reading a lot on it and actually my trip to Chichen Itza supposedly and the XD’s gonna reveal a lot of things to me so maybe after I get back from Mexico we can hook up again December January and yeah he’s a cool dude man he’s a cool dude we’re supposed to we were supposed to do some stuff together but we never did but he’s a he stays really busy yeah yeah yeah well maybe soon then he sees the modern Indiana Jones and he’s just awesome he’s like you and I just like last you guys the same he’s doing he’s doing some cool stuff man he’s doing a lot of stuff you know comes from a pop Leibel scene and all that stuff so yeah I really am encouraged and I’m encouraged by people that grab a couple different things and kind of live life you know reaching out and trying to do everything they can stroking as many chords as they can yeah yeah yeah just I mean I’m saying judging their heart and their intention being able to feel that it’s coming from a pure place that’s always plus um Christy Lee says hello Christy leaves watching lähde she actually is the one who left this book over here for me to check out she thought she thought I would like it so he left your book over here he’s hanging out there but yeah everybody’s hanging out they really enjoyed you and I want you to come back on so we’ll do it again after your trip maybe man let’s do it we had a really good discussion here I’ll enjoyed it definitely man it’s been awesome my brother you have a good one man blessings of Shalom you too brother taint Zinser ladies and gentlemen go check him out I got his books some really cool stuff in there the Aquarian gospel Jesus to Christ part of gnosis um it’s so funny like yet like like-minded people that that this podcast went was enjoyable good well I’ve had some good good guests on here lately but it’s better I like even at the end like just being able to be a be a dude at the end and just talk about music and talk about things that we like I love that too I love is having a lot in common with people and and being able to go many places where it doesn’t all have to be spirituality doesn’t all have to be Bible or all Jesus or whatever the case is but we can talk about music we can talk about art video games whatever it is man no and just be okay with it so yeah really enjoyed it we’re right under two hours now again you guys for listening hanging out thank you guys for all the support thank you Tate for being a supporter he’s a patron as well um thank you it means the world that I have people that believe in me you know and who are able to support or as little as a dollar a month $5 $10 whatever you’re able to do I think each and every one of you guys for all the support it really doesn’t able me to do this um couldn’t do it without you you would like to support head on over to patreon comm backslash true seeker there you’ll find my full integrity of music working on some new stuff tit right now probably when I get off of here I’m gonna start writing I’ve got some more music that I’m working on and there’s unreleased music on the patreon as well so you get a lot of cool stuff get access to the Thursday night school is a Mystics and all that kind of stuff yeah Kristy Lee said should say conversation instead of an interview yeah it should is you right because I get to talk if I’m just interviewing them then I don’t get the talk and some people come on and won’t let me talk and that kind of sucks when we do it almost you know hour and a half interview and I can’t you know I can’t really talk I like to talk to write I’d like to kind of get some ideas out or pick their brain or when I ask a question I’m able to pull other questions out of it and I’m like I’ll write it that’s what I’m doing writing stuff down that I want to go back to that we didn’t discuss and that’s why we’ll having so much in common we could just go and go and go and I say let’s get back to this like we’ve talked about this we got to finish this story and try not to let too much time pass by before we go back and jump to that those questions I’m back to the same stories though it’s good stuff um also let everybody know who’s listening if you guys want to catch us live I will be at Shanti Fest in Tallahassee Florida September the 22nd 2018 if you would like to come and see me perform there it’s only $5 at the door full-day event we’re also doing a live podcast I believe that I’m gonna be interviewing John Love who is the guy who’s putting it on first met him at further fest some years ago 2015 I think it was and hit it off there we’ve been Facebook friends ever since and just been a cool person to build with so I’m gonna be interviewing him I think I think my people who ride with me yeah I got people that’s gonna meet me out there Kristy Lee will be doing some guided meditation and group healing after the yoga session in the morning so I got a bunch of people coming up there with to meet me and chris is gonna be there and Nicole y’all be prepared to do an interview I may have the interview one of you guys cuz he said he may be a little bit too busy because he’s setting up the event for him to sit down for an hour may be almost impossible so be ready be on call to do it interview maybe both of you guys I may interview both of y’all or something man but you know we may do that given good microphones that find out how to record it we’re gonna do it this will be our first live podcast we’ll be at the event so the podcast is at 3 o’clock p.m. and then the concert is at 9:30 p.m. so 5 dollars get you all that and a full day of yoga hippies dancing music glassblowing all kinds of cool stuff ready to meet some of you guys too so also November the 2nd right now we’re planning something at the lacy house it’s gonna be in Mobile Alabama it’s the same place that I did my album release party so we’re gonna be doing another concert event there so if you guys would like to get info on that it should be up on my website true stay calm and stay updated on all that cool stuff so all that being said I’m gonna say peace of Shalom thank you guys for everything really enjoyed this you guys are awesome [Music] [Music] that does it for this episode folks to hear more episodes of the truth seeker podcast head over to truth seeker calm and if you wanted to support the show and get rewards go to our patreon page at forward slash truth seeker

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