Some say angels some say aliens but further study shows that the two just might be a lot closer than we have been led to believe. Many theories surround the story of creation but breaking down the translation of God and gods in the Hebrew Bible paint a picture of extraterrestrials who interact with and are responsible for creating mankind.

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Summoning UFOs | Vehicles of Heaven | HomeboySauce

Summoning UFOs | Vehicles of Heaven | HomeboySauce

by TruthSeekah | Jun 10, 2018 | SpiritualityTruthSeekah PodcastUFOs and Aliens | 0 commentsDownload – Listen In iTunes In this episode TruthSeekah and Homboy Sauce speak about Summoning UFOs. What are they? Aliens, angels, demons or maybe time traveling humans from the future? The conversation is needed to truly get to the bottom of these experiences…

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