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In this episode of The TruthSeekah Podcast TruthSeekah speaks with Tom from Awaken Your Imagination about God being our very imagination and the allegory within the Holy Bible. Toms awakening happened during the time of his life where he was serving locally in an evangelical christian church. Tom shares about how his daughter read a children’s book about a little girl named Madeline who got sick and had appendicitis. After reading the story Toms daughter became terribly afraid in thinking that she too would get appendicitis. Tom as (most fathers would) tried to calm her fears and let her know that it was all in her head and there was nothing to be afraid of. Well, one week later Tom gets a call from the school saying that his daughter was sick with a tummy ache and needed to come home. The pain became excruciating, so they had to take her to the emergency room which led the doctors to find out that her appendix had burst, and she was becoming deathly ill because of the infection spreading throughout her body. Being a man of faith Tom began to pray about the situation as doctors didn’t see much hope and prepared for the worst. Tom began to envision her healed and did not accept anything less than that as an outcome. During this time Tom was led to the work of the Christian Mystic Neville Goddard who taught in his work the power of the creative imagination and backed everything up with the Biblical scriptures that Tom had been studying for years. He began to see the Bible with new sight and started practicing some manifestation techniques that Neville taught in his books. Within a few days of prayer and practice the doctors were amazed that there was now no longer any traces of appendicitis or any infection within his daughters body. All the doctors were baffled and claimed that this truly was a creative miracle. Examining the situation Tom believes that it is possible that his daughter created this physical ailment with her imagination which then came to be manifested in the physical realm. Tom now teaches the same techniques that he learned from Neville Goddard about God, The Imagination and Manifestation primarily through his YouTube Channel Awaken Your Imagination.

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it’s gonna be really good I want to say a huge shout out to all the patreon supporters everybody supporting my work via patreon who makes this podcast doable you are the enabler so I want to give a quick shout out to some of the newest patrons we have within their last week or so shout out to Cameron Galloway Connor Smail Russell Bell Scott Rutherford Blake snap Chad Thursby and bin wean Benjamin wean what’s up guys supposed to shout out to Jonathan Thomas who became a patron – I’ve seen his name come through the other day and I didn’t see the last name it just said Jonathan and he told me last night at a family gathering that hey I just became your patron so my brother-in-law Jonathan who’s a good friend of mine became a patron as well so shout out to him and his family for supporting – that means a lot so yeah if you’d like to support it head on over to patreon comm backslash true seeker there you get access to my entire discography of music 200 plus songs as well as a bunch of new music that I’m working on now every time a songs done it’s immediately uploaded to patreon and there’s a bunch of new stuff there already that’s unreleased to the general public you get access to it thereby becoming a patron you also get access to our Thursday night school of the Mystics hangout sessions that we’re doing every Thursday at 7 p.m. central it’s good stuff special shout-out to Benjamin wean a again and brother brink as well Adam brink for supporting at the light body level also Chris Barse Lightbody diamond body all the good stuff you guys Rock if you want access head on over there check that stuff out I love you guys so with that out the way let’s just do this let’s just start this day off like this right let’s just start this whole podcast off just in an attitude of gratitude man there’s a lot a lot of different things going on a lot of stuff happening to people setbacks failures people are discontent where they are in life and there’s a bunch of different things happening and I’m even reading here in the chat already someone’s even said I feel like God hates me right there’s just different things people are dealing with stuff man this is real life so I’m gonna do this just so we kind of have our focus and intention set first thing let’s start off I want you to grab your right hand everybody take your right hand hold it up place it over your heart wherever you are even if you drive and drive with that left hand wherever you are if you just wait a second with the hand over the heart you can feel a little thump a little vibration that’s your heartbeat that’s gratitude that’s grace we’re still alive our hearts are beating so we approach this day with gratitude because we have grace that we’re here to make something happen on top of that let’s just take a deep breath in through our nostrils breathing the peace of God the rest of God exhale peace with that the breath the heartbeat we have our hands or feet our eyes we can communicate thoughts and ideas with that we can create whatever we want we’re made in the image and likeness of a Creator God who has blessed us to be here and as we speak to the things that are not as though they were we have the power to create that stuff so I want to bless you guys today whatever you want to create those dreams and desires whatever they are begin to speak to the things that are not as though they were and see your situations changed I’m bringing on my guest today this is Tom from Florida Tom welcome to the podcast brother I love your channel man I love what you’re doing man I’m looking forward to connecting with you today brother welcome to the podcast thank you so much likewise I feel the same man happy to have found you in the world that’s for sure yes man look what you’re doing like attracts like and we find our tribe we’re gonna say there’s a singing you know my vibe attracts my tribe in the level that I’m vibing on I’m gonna find those people right I love it who at the same level in the hood was talking about before women live like there’s a lot of people out there who feel like they’re alone they don’t have anybody to talk to nobody understands them and we all kind of have been there right but you know we start talking to people we’re open about our situations if we hold that stuff in we can definitely feel that way but once we start talking to people we find out quickly let that’s not the case there’s other people going through that stuff – we just got to be open and honest about it so that’s what I’ve seen with my Walkman I guess you’re starting out there like have you seen that at all yeah you have people like new people checking you out through your YouTube videos and stuff like that 100% well first of all as part of the journey I mean we’re here to fulfill Scripture and part of what we’re gonna talk about today is the radical what for me was a radical understanding that the central figure of the Gospels is actually us so Paul’s gospel was Christ in you and part of the journey is being led into the desert so it’s the Spirit who leads you into the desert a place of loneliness and so that is part of the journey so if you feel alone good news you’re fulfilling Scripture that’s the part of the story that you’re playing that has to be played and when you return from the wilderness of course you know the story Jesus was led in the power he returned in the power of the Spirit he certainly wasn’t alone he’s the light of the world he’s in all right he’s is and from His grace we’ve all received so we’re the farthest thing from being alone although we do feel very lonely at parts of the journey and that’s okay it’s purposeful it serves a purpose yep definitely man before we go too deep into that I want to explore that with you but before we go too deep into that go ahead and give people a background about who you are what you bring to the table and your background where you come from from the Christian evangelical church and things like that I’d be awesome yeah for sure I’ll try to keep it short I do to preface it by saying this by the way I’m not here to try to convince anybody of my beliefs or my platform or I’m literally playing the part of the story where we bear witness right you can’t help but tell what you’ve experienced and and so that’s what I really want to do today with bear witness which to me are some very radical profound life-changing things and as you know when you taste of some of these next-level things you can’t help but want to share it with others right I have my wife sitting next to me in the next room we go out for a date night if I have an incredible dessert you can’t help up you’re like babe oh my god you’ve got to try this thing it’s like we’re made for that Koinonia the Bible calls that fellowship we’re sharing the reality together with so I guess that’s really what I want to preface first by saying I’m here to do that but where I’m coming from I guess I’ve always had a keen sense of the invisible around the spiritual realm from the time I was a little kid I just remember being aware of angels being present and whatnot and being raised in the church so it had a religious slant to it an unusual mix I would say because my mom was Catholic so for family unity sake I went to a Catholic Mass every week and so I had that kind of principles instilled in me but my dad was quote/unquote born again through the charismatic renewal which was actually a bunch of Catholics back in the 70s who were being filled with the Holy Spirit the gifts of the Spirit were operating there were these priests Catholic priests who were literally holding underground meetings in the basements of their parishes who were filled with the Holy Spirit people being born again this was called the charismatic renewal for those that don’t know back in the 70s so that was my dad’s aside so I’d go to Catholic Mass on Sunday and then my dad would take me to these you know spirit-filled type meetings and I was educated from a young age and witnessing I mean stuff that I couldn’t deny that was in the realm of the miraculous I’ll never forget I grew up with real severe allergies and asthma and I remember going to this it was a guy’s house he was an Episcopalian we’re one of those types of mainline denominations something like Episcopalian he were the out the robes you know with the colors and all that stuff but the guy was spirit-filled he would operate in words of knowledge he could tell you things about your life and only you know God would know and so I remember going up for prayer with my dad in his prayer line he was pray for the sick at every service and I was scared to do is like me I don’t want to get up in front of everybody I might have been you know nine ten years old but I had this wheezing problem all the time it sucked you know carrying an inhaler all around going my friends houses with animals I couldn’t breathe you know all that kind of stuff and so the guy prays for me dips his thumb and some oil and does the sign of the Cross on my head and I remember closing my eyes when I breathed in it was like I was breathing in warm air and I saw in my mind’s eye what looked like the best way I can describe it would look like like camping lanterns like the old kerosene camping lanterns have little sacs in them and they glow and they light up when they glow I saw that in my mind’s eye like this glowing sacs that I related to my lungs and for the first time in that I can remember I breathed in deep and full and clear and I said hey I can breathe normal he said we’ll do it again breathe as hard as you can and I remember I could always force myself to ease on purpose like if I breathed out real hard like like that I could make myself wheeze on command anytime and I’m trying to wheeze and I can’t and I’m like I think I’m here and I never going home to my mom he was always kind of skeptical there’s always some tension there right because my mom has an interesting story she was very jaded on that side of the church she I was in had a couple severe life-changing things a couple miscarriages before I was born real bad a bicycle accident she had to have reconstructive surgery on her face and somebody in the church listen this Derick somebody out there is gonna relate to this I know somebody in the church told her this well you must have some kind of hidden sin in your life yeah yeah I don’t know no I don’t know the exact conversation they said that God would do that or God would allow that but there’s that kind of a concept that is absolute trash right but she she bit the bait of that she took that offense and so there’s always been this kind of tension on that a side of the Christian streams versus the Catholic anyway I remember going home to my mom he was always real skeptical and jaded about this time I said mom look I’m healed and I’m never running around the yard in circles you know look I’m not wheezing issues just looking at me with her eyes kind of bugging out like that you know so I said that to say these were some of my early Christian experiences growing up went through kind of I guess stereotypical rebellious teenage years got heavily involved in drugs my best friend years later ended up overdosing and dying from that so I’ve you know I’ve been the blows of life as well and did what I guess we would call in the Christian Church rededicating your life to the Lord towards the end of my college years graduated with a business degree but when all-in was wanting to really serve the Lord and I became a youth pastor and so I spent you know the next decade and a half of my life in various forms of full-time ministry on and off until we get to it we’re gonna talk about today which is a radical paradigm shift on that really deconstructed all of my faith as I knew it and it’s being reconstructed as we speak and I’m here to tell a part of the story part of it yeah up to this point what has happened to my life it’s the story being written right where all our books are still being written yeah yeah we’re to say we’re living epistles man we don’t say there you go and so that’s awesome man so this revelation that you had was did it did it start off with this book that you read but by this philosopher it did do you want me to jump into how the turning point happened to the meat of it to get your audience’s attention because I think some people’s attention by the way I heard you say in one of your podcasts that this is a judgment-free zone and so thank you for that kind of a safe space and I encourage those listening as well to just enjoy a cup of coffee with us relax and listen what I had to say before they jump to conclusions because especially those of us that love God and we love the Bible we love our viewpoints that way we thought we’ve knew we’ve understood I want to I want to encourage them to also just be open to consider and trust that Spirit of God who dwells in them to lead them in the truth because it is very challenging some of the stuff that I’m gonna say so I’m gonna just share it as I myself have been challenged so this is actually a year ago to the date this time last year my daughter Kylie fell ill where she almost died and this is how it happened listen this still blows my mind it still gives me chills it’s all I tremble almost when I when I tell this story still so my daughter was seven at the time went to my mother’s house for the day my wife and I got a little break from the I have three kids love them to pieces but as a parent you loved that time away sometimes right maybe I need that healthy space and so the kids are away for the day they come back from Grandma’s and Kylie is just shaken to the core something’s wrong and I’m like what’s wrong you know did you get a fight with you know her sister sometimes they go at it did you get her I mean what happened and she wouldn’t really talk about she’s like trembling like this little bit she’s almost like chewing on her nails like this if she’s never like that she’s usually pretty carefree and chill she’s a sensitive type though she’s real sensitive to stuff so anyway she didn’t want to talk about it while my mom was dropping them off my mom left I said what what happened hon she goes well grandma read the story of Madeline to me she’s holding the book there so she was excited about the little Madeline book she like skipped the look she gave my mom gave her the doll like the little children’s doll that accompanies it and if you don’t know Madeline is a famous children’s story about this little girl who’s an orphan raised by nuns by the way or a nun with other orphans and she ends up bursting her appendix and going to the hospital and all the other kids are a concern for her and she ends up coming home and everybody rejoices and they’re all okay and they all went to get appendicitis like Madeline did because she was brave and she overcame it that’s that story in a nutshell so my daughter comes home very shaken because she’s afraid that that’s gonna happen to her which I immediately almost laugh it off like oh ha ha you know it’s just a cute little kids sense of humor or imagination you know and I’m trying to shake it off with her to show her it’s a light thing Oh baby that’s just you know you’re imagining it’s just a kid story that’s not gonna happen to you and I’m immediately encouraging her with truth right and what usually works but she can’t shake this thing off she goes to bed that night still under this what I almost call an assumption that this is gonna happen to her so now I get more serious about it like because I understand the power of fate that come actually as I evolved through my Christian walk really um I come probably from what they call the Word of Faith background of charismatic streams later into like the prophetic revival came reclaim and those type of things for sure yeah as there’s a lot of scriptures that I learned through that I understood hey the power of thought the power of the word the power of your fate that creates the worlds right so now I’m like hey listen let’s make sure we nip this in the bud here and so we pray and that usually I can get her out of that state the next day she’s still bothered by this thing the long story short is one week later I get a call from the school nurse that they were going to send Kiley home from school she was having stomach pain and I thought oh I’m here in Florida the stomach flu goes around you know in the winter every every year so they call crap I hope it’s not the stomach flu I hate that thing so she comes home by that afternoon she’s throwing up take her to Urgent Care they tell us that she’s constipated they do an x-ray you know it’s constipation and it’s all the pressure built up she’s not passing stuff through it’s coming back out the other end I’m like I didn’t even know that was the thing they treat her for that that doesn’t go away by day two now two and a half it’s excruciating pain and almost like the light switch went off I looked at my wife like that she looked at me and we just immediately knew like that intuitive parental knowing appendicitis and I instantly thought back to this whole Madeline story which happened not even a week ago maybe six seven days prior and I’m thinking to myself how bizarre that is and no it can’t be but I don’t have time to process all of that thinking because my little girl is in terrible pain many parents watching that know when you see your kid in that terrible of a pain is just it’s the worst thing ever feel like you can I mean yeah yeah you feel powerless to do it and Here I am praying the whole time so those two days I’m deep in prayer for her man and nothing’s happening you feel a certain level of frustration like what’s wrong with me that I’m not I don’t have enough faith you know for her or maybe simultaneously God where are you that you’re not healing my little girl or see we’re kind of fragment and I’m like well maybe it’s just the devil the devil is really coming strongly against me am I supposed to be binding am I supposed to be loosing might we go through all these I think we start doubting ourselves in a certain area so these are all my internal kind of struggles which I just try to be very vulnerable and transparent about you know as I come here online to talk about these things which I did it for a long time but I feel like it’s important to because I think it will help others as it helps myself even in talking about it honestly but I said that to say I’m going through all these inner turmoil but at the same time you don’t have time to think about it too much I’m whisking her off to the emergency room and lo and behold they do the ultrasound and other tests and they confirm it she has an enlarged appendix she has appendicitis and I’m like oh my god are you kidding me like just now the bizarre factor is really starting to kick in like this is real man like this thing that she imagined is actually taking place so here’s a short version of the story I’ll tell it to you in the next couple minutes if I can so I’m gonna get beyond talking about some even more incredible stuff so long story short they can’t operate on her it requires a pediatric surgeon they whisk us away to Orlando which is the closest Children’s Hospital which is like an hour drive from us by this time is to 3:00 in the morning ambulance ride it’s serious right where my wife’s going with her in the ambulance I’m coming home to get all my bags and stuff so we’re gonna be staying there for a while rush off to Orlando to meet them there about the same time long story short she ends up rupturing her appendix by the time they get there so that the appendix had burst which if you don’t know and I didn’t know too well except that I know that it’s real bad but it’s it’s bad news when it’s infection just spewing all through your abdominal cavity in there and adults have died from such a thing when it gets out of control so here’s my seven-year-old little girl right fragile little thing and I’m just like I’m in the next level now of like stress you know prayer it’s a very very in probably a most intense moment of my life to date really no one got them in for this kind of a fight which is upon me so they go in to do whatever procedures they need to do they try to drain the site right and drain the infection and pus and whatever is in there out of there they pump her full of antibiotics actually thread what they call an arm kick not just an IV but it’s like a souped up IV in through the bicep vein and they thread it right above her heart so that those antibiotics get pumped into her heart and immediately dispersed throughout her body that’s going on for days and none of it is working the infections not getting better her white blood cell count is spiked way high and I’m like dude this is bad but there’s that small part of me that would refuse to accept you know a worse outcome I won’t even I wouldn’t even allow myself to conceive in the possibility that she might die in the midst of this thing like it wasn’t an option for me so I’m fighting for my girl right the doctors are amazing over there god bless them but they became good friends in the midst of all of that and so is there in that really intense place where I’m not eating I’m not sleeping it was like a force fast I’m having some real powerful spiritual type of stuff happening late one night I’m laying there not sleeping in her bed with her just kind of cuddle up next to her side wires hooked up all over her and I’m browsing online I think I was looking for a good like relaxing meditation music for about a year I was very deep in meditation really deep going within I should say to as a preface that I was very deeply meditating in Paul’s gospel which he calls the gospel thinking very deep on what he’s actually talking about that Christ dwells in us that anybody who’s joined to the lord is one spirit with the Lord what do that means for there to be no separation between us and God if he’s the light of the world and the light of men what does that really mean you know I mean that he’s the one who’s in US and so uh I was very deep in meditation going within Jesus saying the kingdom of heavens within you by all the things I’m sure you’re from you and your audience are familiar with but it’s kind of rather a revelation area I guess from um Revolutionary four years really steeply getting into those things for myself because I didn’t hear anybody else speaking those things not in the churches I was going to I actually had left my churches during that time because of that it was just contradictory stuff that wasn’t driving with what with you know God was speaking within my heart so there I am in the hospital bed I’m looking for some good meditation music I like binaural beats you know stuff like that sometimes and so I’m looking for that and I read one of the comments that mention this guy neville goddard and this person wrote this comment was such an authority and I don’t even know what they said except that connotation was that you must read neville goddard and that if you’re finding Neville it’s on purpose something along the lines of when the student is ready the teacher emerges have you ever heard that kind of a quip I mean it was almost that kind of sense like who was this Nevel guy why have I never heard him and I just felt like this drawing like I got to look him up so I started googling around on him he’s labeled as a Christian mystic philosopher type he passed away back in the 1970s so I opened up one of his lectures all of his material is free online and this is what blows me away Derrick in the very first opening lines of the first lecture that I read he says very point-blank Lee that Jesus Christ spoken of in the scriptures is your own wonderful human imagination that this is the mystery that’s been kept secret through the ages that Paul has been trying to tell us and the ancients who wrote scripture were trying to tell us that imagining creates reality and I about literally fell out of the bad man I mean it hit me like a punch in the gut if I would have read that at any other time yeah I don’t know that I could have handled Hey but here I am actually experiencing because we’re talking to our family about it was so real about how my daughter’s imagination had created this thing we’re talking to the doctors about it the best surgeons in the world as far as I’m concerned at Nemours Children’s Hospital I’ll give them a shout out their incredible cutting-edge technology and science and knowledge that they have we’re talking to them about it and they’re just like oh yeah well that’s what you know autoimmune diseases aren’t psychosomatic like on a subconscious level they understand that that’s what regulates all the processes in your body it’s a marvel and so certainly you can impress upon your subconscious whatever you can impress is what you’re going to express and so certainly you can give yourself you can work yourself into a sickness or a disease so it wasn’t even that shocking to them but they were equally as I would say weirded out by it being confronted right in their face as a case was right in front of them that they were experiencing that so I said that to say that’s how I found Neville and it changed your life man just seeing how God was as close as your thought life and he was your thought you thought life and Jesus was your imagination it changes everything man with with this type of revelation as you start reading the Scriptures everything changes stuff begins to make more sense that you know I’m saying if we just kind of skipped over in the past or whatever you have more clarity as you’re reading so with this I’m saying deeper revelation of God of Christ what did that start to do as you were going to church yourself because I know you said you had some people who you really looked up to some people who were mentoring you and things like that and yeah and I think even some people that you raised up and then you tried to share some of this information with them and it wasn’t well-received right for sure well let me back up before I get to that point because I had to test it for myself right and so I had to measure against for me the Bible was always the measuring stick like is it in the word can I accept that mhm whether that’s right or wrong that’s just my own own are you still there with that do you still try to do that yeah yeah and never will say the same when you read a lot of Neville he’ll tell you that the Bible is word of god and there is no other but it’s been taught and misunderstood yeah and he brings out this beautiful psychic what he calls the psychological and spiritual hidden meaning of the Bible that is not historical record right it’s not the historicity of the Bible as has been taught it’s actual salvation history it is actually Redemption history how all of its characters and stories are states of consciousness that we will experience upon our paths in our journey so I’m gonna get back to that in a moment but yeah yes go ahead yeah we’ve set it up so when we measure against the word for myself and tested in the proving level says it’s just test it it will prove itself in the testing right the principle or prove itself so I had to test this so I’m in the hospital I’m reading this I’m reading about how Jesus Christ is your own wonderful human imagination he’s pulling out stories like Jacob and Esau who if your listeners who don’t know the story Jacob was called the smooth skinned lad Esau was the hairy one and so now I was talking about well how the hairy one represents your spiritual I’m sorry you’re a physical world your sense ruled man judging by the outer appearance of thing of things and so Isaac who was the promise of God his name means laughter he’s blind he’s old and age and Neville says this isn’t one of the first lectures I’m reading there and I’m trying to decide can I accept even though he’s talking about imagining creates reality and I’m living it can I really accept that though Here I am a year later and I’m still digesting it on the deeper levels right it’s an ongoing kind of thing so in the early stages that I’m like can I accept this and so the very first Bible story I’m reading is about how all these characters are you these are different qualities of your own mind that you might employ in order to see the creative power of God manifested in your world and that’s what these ancients were trying to teach us through Scripture so all these different characters are ourselves so Isaac is the blind one and so he equates that later in time to Jesus a story about when you pray you go into your closet and shut the door behind you and your father who sees in secret will reward you out in the open well he says that’s blind Isaac you have to become blind when you’re a blind person you can’t see your physical world you can’t see your physical senses so he says you have a problem well there’s my daughter laying there with wires hooked up all over and deny I’m literally touching I’m laying next to her the intensity of the physical world as it presses you in was with its problems Nevel calls them the furnaces of affliction that you’re gonna go through the furnaces in life but we have this what he some eights as the law that this is the actual law of God that’s being taught now to outer observance of keeping laws the 613 of them in the Old Testament even the one that Jesus tries to sum them up and in the new but the laws actually that imagining creates reality and this is all what all of Scripture is been trying to teach us so here’s blind Isaac I first have to become blind to my physical world if I want to give birth to a manifestation Isaac wants to transfer a birthright the right for something to be born so what does he do in the story he sends Esau hunting Esau is the hairy one Esau represents that which is my physical circumstance well here’s my daughter so he says you have to send that physical thing hunting by becoming blind to it I would draw my attention from it so what Esau is hunting he’s not in the picture here comes Jacob the smooth-skinned lad who Jacob translated in Hebrew means the supplanter one who supplants and so the mother of her hearing the whole story tells Jacob to go prepare a kid she’ll cook it to his liking and he takes the skins and he places it upon mostly you know the story I’m sure but he puts the skins upon himself and he goes in to see Isaac and Isaac says this it doesn’t sound like you Esau but come close that I might feel after you and Paul says the exact same thing later in the book of Acts you feel after the Lord in whom we live and move and have our being so Isaac says let me feel after you my son and he feels with his blindness now there I am in my prayer closet I’m denying my physical world and a feeling after the thing that I desire to supplant whatever is happening in my physical world and in doing so he transfers the birthright to Jacob and when he saw comes back in he’s upset about it as he should be Isaac says what I have done I can’t undo he’s transferred the thing it’s been done it’s a devil teaches that feeling is the secret when it comes to imagining praying and we’ll talk more about some of these techniques and principles but this is the first lecture that meaning about you have to feel into the thing that you desire by withdrawing your attention from your physical problem placing it on the end result of what it is that you want to realize can you go right to the end God who calls things that be not as though they were can you go to the end of a thing and actually feel yourself into it and so I tested it right there in that hospital room I closed my eyes and withdrew my attention from everything even my own daughter even the sensation of laying in a hospital bed and I put myself in imagination back at home in and I just did whatever came most natural to me that’s the whole thing about this you can trust your sense of intuition that spirit of truth is in in you so just most naturally I just imagine I’m in my living room and there’s Kylie with me that was the start of it that implied what is it that implies that you now have your wish fulfilled right and so she’s home well that implies she’s well she’s not gonna die in number one okay so I have that what else would make it more so that she’s well and even in her optimal state that she and the highest ideal that I can conceive of while she’s happy her face is aglow she likes to dance and so there I I just imagined her spinning and twirling around doing some ballet moves for me in the way that my heart just swells with joy and love for her at watching it I put myself in that scene and I completely lost myself in it as if you read more of never when we talk about as well he talks about can you abandon yourself completely this is called the law of identical harvest in the same way that God imagines us as his creation and completely abandons himself and commits to suffice himself upon us I am crucified with Christ Paul says that’s the only crucifixion he ever spoke of he was crucified upon joined to United to his own I am this Nevel cause of that your I am mist in the same way God commits himself and Cleaves unto us that’s what he says right and Isaiah I the LORD am your huh I am your husband so when Paul talks about a woman leaving the father of the man sorry leaving their father and the mother and cleaving unto his wife and the two become one flesh he’s not talking about husband and wife and we’re blessed when we take it on that level on the physical level but this is where Neville brings out this beautiful spiritual and psychological meaning Paul says nonetheless speaking mystery concerning Christ in the church so he’s the one who’s cleaved himself unto us and the two have become one flesh so in that law of identical harvest can I likewise create from imagining let’s make manifest in our image can I completely abandon myself and crucify myself and feel myself into this imagining sorry are you there yeah can you see my light yeah I got you sorry my camera blinked out first like a great I mean that’s awesome bro it’s beautiful like it really changes the way you see the scriptures as well like when we look at Jesus and this was something that was you know something kind of powerful for me where Jesus is in the temple teaching they’re doing a Bible study he’s reading all this stuff to everybody and he says you guys know this stuff is talking about me right and they like you know I’m saying scream blasphemy whatever and we pretty much run them out of the temple right I feel the same way when I’m reading the scriptures and we tell people you know this is talking about me right and you too it’s talking about us when we read this story we’re reading our stories in in the scriptures and so it becomes a lot more clear why Jesus said that not that it was just about him it was about him but we are in him we are you know I’m saying having that same encounter as well having those same experiences there’s a scripture here that’s really good too I’m gonna read the scripture it’s a Galatians 4 24 I’ve started at 21 said this is Paul speaking he says he says tell me ye that desire to be under the law do you not hear the law for it is written that Abraham had two sons and this is what you’re talking about yes it’s written that Abraham had two sons the one of the bond made and the other by the free woman but he who was of the bondwoman was born after the flesh but he after the free woman the one of the promise which says right here’s the key these two are two covenants the one from mount sinai which gendereth to bondage which is agar and he goes on to a little bit but it’s really key right there he says which things are in allegory these are signs and symbols written down in story form to teach you a deeper truth that Jesus always spoke in allegory he spoke in riddles in dark sayings or parables that you had to search to find out what it was talking about and it’s not just to take it at face value oh you know there’s just you know there’s just giant named Goliath who’s trying to kill everybody let’s let’s destroy them wait who is Goliath in in your life what is your Goliath that curses the name of your God that blasphemes the name of your God all your friends are scared of them nobody is willing to slay that Goliath but you like what is it to you who is the the golden calf in your life what are the things that you’re aimlessly bowing down to on a daily basis that you need to repent from and get out of your mind get out of your heart those idols and things like that so it you know people read it in especially Christian Church for face value like it’s a history book like they’re going back to kind of read through history and try to find the Ark of the Covenant or try to find these old temples or where King David is buried in these type of things and they never find it they have to kind of attend the truth and hey hey well there’s this mountain with uh you know some salt to the top and it proves the flood or you don’t saying Noah’s Ark because they found a case you would at the top of a mountain they just they’re trying to you know find whatever they can to validate that story when in the end the only validation for those stories is a life transformed the person who is doing taking the principles out and applying it to their life and changing their life and in fact indeed changing the world by doing that that’s April and you know how many people don’t even know that verses in there about all of that being an allegory work is challenging is that Matthew’s Gospel begins with the genealogy of Jesus which begins with Abraham whose allegory and David and then Jesus and so that’s a hard thing to understand that Jesus’s name is literally the exact same translation as Joshua in the Old Testament in Hebrew which translated is Jehovah saves and when he do a word study on Jehovah which Neville breaks down beautifully in his book freedom for all which I highly encourage everyone to read maybe we can link that below for your free readers at some point or your viewers but Jehovah broken down in Hebrew is Yad hey’ve of hey that’s the Hebrew characters which is translated I am so Jesus is I am and you’re exactly right when you read the Bible and you feel like it’s relevant for you that’s because it is all about you and Neville takes that to the nth degree based on a lot of his mystical experiences which for me quite frankly are hearsay I can learn to accept them and study them out for myself I haven’t experienced everything Neville has on that level but he gets very deep into the wonder of pre-existence and the fact that we’ve always been he calls us the brothers who have always been that he’s God is the one being who fragmented himself into the multiple units that are us only to be regathered together but enhanced by means more individuality and that’s the Elohim I know you had a guy on doing a word study on Elohim once it’s it’s really the compound unity of Yahoo that’s new together here’s here’s the Marvel we together as humanity make up the one person Jesus Christ the Lord his own and individually we are the fullness of him that’s the mystery of it in Colossians 2 it says in him dwells the fullness of the Godhead bodily and you too are complete in him so the mystery that Nevel brings out is that God gives himself to you as if you’re the only one to awaken as the father he actually says Jesus is the father he is the Jehovah of the Old Testament but the manifestation of its fullness being realized in man bodily hmm in order to raise us so we’re all sons so it’s Psalm 82 which is arguably the most challenging Psalm in the Bible where he calls us the sons of God all of you he says you are the sons of God all of you nevertheless he will die and fall as men Oh Prince so the one man fell as the many he christen crucified himself upon the body of humanity so Nevel says he couldn’t just pretend that he created man or pretend that he imagined a man he actually had to feel himself into and actually become man and that’s what Jehovah means on its non syllable don’t take the syllables it just means Jehovah exists or God exists the eternal existent becoming one he actually became you and in order to do so he had to give himself amnesia so Jesus says nobody takes my life from me I lay it down of my own accord God actually died he actually died by forgetting that he’s God in order to give himself to you so that he could raise himself in you as you and the two become one flesh that’s Paul’s gospel over and over again there’s a couple comments here in in the chat um talking about that it’s both it’s not purely mystical and it’s not purely historical but it’s both everybody has a different stance on that me personally I look at the Old Testament for the most part to be all allegory right these signs and symbols there’s no way you can write a history book in every minut detail of that history of George Washington is symbolic magical and esoteric about not only me but everyone in the world in the creation of the universe he woke up and went and got some bread he did this and just have these little details in there that are full of esoteric mystery and in Christ the mystery is revealed so I definitely look at the Old Testament as allegory right but there’s some there’s some things in there that are like there is it’s hidden to explain something else right but we’re not when I read the New Testament I can’t prove it I don’t think any of us can prove it that’s why this is a faith game I can’t prove it I tend to read it as it happened physically right as it’s about to fold that it is about being sealed and revealed at the same time in Christ to interpret it that it is about us and about that not that it did physically happen but when you read it in interpret it you read it like it does right where do you stand as far as because some people say it’s all a fairy tale every single bit of it’s made up I kind of feel a little bit more like some of the New Testament things happen right or is it do you think it’s all made up yeah it’s a good question I think that all ends run true to origins and that’s a quote from Neville also I don’t take credit for that but it’s just a universal law in nature and in spirit so if the origin is God and there’s nothing but God in the beginning God created that’s the premise of the entire book and so in the beginning there’s nothing but God and from God all that’s made is made which by the way is your imagination reference in Scripture without him nothing was made that was made and so we are living in a world of all imagination I’m looking at you and your surroundings your creeks you’re surrounded by things that were once only imagined everything in the whole world exactly that you can observe as once only imagined so you’re literally living in imagination well without him even Colossians 1 calls us he made all things visible and invisible well if he made all things visible and imagination made that and on this level that is God imagination is the God in man and you and I are all imagination yeah but I said that to say all ends are untrue to the origins if in the beginning is nothing but God who is imagination and God created then even the New Testament for me because the genealogy of Christ himself begins at Abraham whose allegory now you you quote this this I think this will help some people you quote out of Galatians if you put things in a linear time chronological timeframe Galatians is the first book of the New Testaments it was written approximately 48 AD to give you some context the Gospels Matthew Mark Luke and John were written between 70 to 90 AD John being the last John’s the most mystical of all of them written about ninety eighty mark the earliest around seventy eighty s to get some context for 20-plus years the only reference to what we’re talking about is through Paul’s letters the first of them being Galatians that you read out of and in the very first chapter Paul is literally the first person to utter the name Jesus Christ the world had never heard of such a thing before so Paul’s the first so get the context of that first of all that Paul was the first one to utter the name Jesus Christ and he says right in the beginning that what I am Telling You you can read in I encourage everybody to fact-check please if I ever miss Chloe or give a wrong idea I want to know as well I want to grow I’m constantly learning and growing so by all means I encourage people to fact-check along with me as I have right so he says right in the beginning that what he is telling us did not come from flesh and blood it did not come from the traditions of his religion it didn’t come from another man he says this revelation came by Jesus Christ and then he goes on to say this in that same first chapter so this is important the very first New Testament letter right four hundred years of supposed silence and here it is God speaking through a man an enlightened man an awakened man God who had awakened in man and he says this in due time it please the father now you can pull apart all of these verses and get revelation at the pleasure of the Father he twelves and permanent pleasure man ecstatic and joy unspeakable fuller more increasing in due time it pleased the father to reveal his son and you can read it right in there in me he says whoa there he was he wasn’t a being on the outside and one of the reasons I love nevels so much as he breaks it down that simply over and over again in almost every lecture it’s as simple as if you are praying or thinking of a God on the outside you have the wrong God you have an idol you have a God made with human hands because he’s the God within so Paul says that this Jesus Christ this being who was the creator who made all things that exist is the actual being who dwells within him and do time it pleased the father to reveal the son in me he says and then he didn’t confer with flesh and blood right he didn’t talk to anybody about it he was so secure and what it is that he was experiencing he went on later to equate the only name of God the name of God is not Jesus Christ which sounds like blasphemy to some but God only says his own name through the entire book is in Exodus to Moses this is my name forever who should I tell them sent me got you tell them I am has sent me right Moses here is that the burning bush hears the voice he says Here I am well that’s the God before you say I am Derek or I am Tom you say I am that’s God right your pure awareness of being your pure consciousness so Paul says I am crucified with Christ it’s no longer I who live but Christ lives in me he had a sense of crucifixion and joining a union was in the name of God that I am God we’re taught that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God right so I can’t read the Word of God like be still and know that I am God I can’t read that out loud without saying I am God doesn’t say be still and know that He is God well if I were to read that out loud that would put him as the being outside of me that he has got no it says we still don’t know that I am God that’s a very challenging thing man and Neville’s brilliance he said he says well test me by this so this is all the stuff that was flipping my lid man when I’m in the hospital and he says well test me by it and so even though I sentence a life that was on it like we could perceive life right though where should who else has the words of life right you can’t perceive life that’s in the word I’m perceiving that it’s erupting within me but yeah I don’t know if I can really accept this thing I’m afraid it’s God gonna get mad at me is this blasphemy is this I have a devil am I being deceived right these are all the real honest thoughts that go through our minds and stuff so Neville says test him by and I did and I did that imaginal act to my daughter just to finish that story and three days later day one the white blood cell count started to come down they – it came down more enough and day three against all odds it came down enough where they released her from the hospital on none other than Christmas Day morning so it was Christmas a year ago 2017 that she was released and they were like just be prepared to stay in here through Christmas through the holiday like it was that bad of a thing and there we got released and it was one thing after another after another with what we would call me caracals never calls are just using the law and manifesting the power of God that’s it man I feel like we are you know there is a law there is universal laws that we’re here essentially playing the game we’re playing the game of life and there’s rules to this game the rules are the universal law we’re put here and most of us don’t know it but it’s when you are able to explore the rules and you know how to do it you know most of us have to find out ourselves we don’t listen to the teachers or we don’t have that you know I’m saying people are instilling that within us so we have to find out ourselves but once you find out the rules you’re able to test them and say oh this I’ve seen that in in prayer right just calm me we know that prayer changes things and you know we believe in the stuff but as I started studying some deeper esoteric knowledge about vibration and the power of thought and creative mind and if I think and I believe and I speak it out in creating and stuff even in church I begin to go into prayer circles and start to see a lot more miracles and manifestations and and people being healed and people receiving the baptism of faith and the Holy Spirit and things like that because I believed it and in the past I would go to those same circles and pray and in doubt or hope pray with the hope that God would heal or hope that there would be this person would encounter the glory of God and nothing would really happen or it would be hit or miss but believing expecting and knowing it showing up totally changes everything and it’s because I understood it through studying through practical experience that look this imagination thing is very big and so just really been studying the depths of being made in the likeness and image of a Creator God and we are little creators we are little gods like I used to hear that on TBN by some of the prosperity God we’re little gods no we’re not he’s the only God I’m dirt I’m nothing I’m Baba Baba but understanding the power of the spoken word of the creator of mind if we believe it in our hearts and confess it that we create it as we speak it man the same breath the same prana lifeforce that God created the universe with that same breath is that we’re sharing this experience together this is the Holy Spirit the pneuma the breath of life right it’s there that’s what’s really beautiful about it when you try and you find out that this stuff really works man it’s it’s it’s so beautiful um there’s a bunch of people in the chat just uh really feel moved by your story people already want to know your website they want to follow your work so it is very much well-received so we definitely we’re gonna put your link in the description but I guess you I’m saying right quick we you know I guess in the middle here you can go ahead and you don’t saying give a shout-out to your YouTube that’s what you’re doing everything yet right yes all this started happening in me and as you said you know I wasn’t really well-received by my former Krishna circles so I took to YouTube started a channel called awaken your imagination so just search for me on there I’d encourage you to start with episode one as I call it which really tells the story that here about my daughter who by the way later in when she came back to the hospital to actually remove the appendix because they can’t remove it while it’s inflamed still they gotta wait six weeks for all the swelling and whatnot to go down listen to this we go back six weeks later the surgeon comes out and visibly shaken and I’m like what’s wrong doc is everything okay like it was like that like there’s something noticeably off she was oh no no everything’s okay she sent my wife and I down she goes I don’t know how to explain it so I’m gonna show you she took a little piece of paper and drew like this little semicircle like this she goes this is the colon and I should do a little peninsula thing hanging off of the semicircle she goes well this will be the appendix there’s a big blood vessel that flows through here and I normally have to sever this and suture this up and there’s damage around the colon from the rupture and I usually have to do all this work she says the entire site was covered with beautiful scar tissue and your daughter’s appendix was not there and I was like what do you mean it wasn’t there she goes well so they put a little camera in his house she knew this they put a camera in through her bellybutton to inspect before they actually go in to do this surgery she would she said well we moved the camera around and your daughter’s appendix was just laying there in the abdominal cavity I had Auto amputated itself is the only description we can give to it and she says I’ve never seen it in all my years of surgery and I used to teach surgery in Santa Fe and she says so I don’t know how to explain it and I said well you don’t have to doc she’s had a lot of Prayer you know towards her she goes well a miracle then out of her mouth she called it a miracle and it was very surreal man it was a very surreal thing so I didn’t know what to do with that because it was and if we have time I’ll tell more miracle stories if your people like hearing about that but it was so overwhelming that’s when I started this channel because I felt this compulsion to bear witness as I said I have to tell somebody about it because it is that phenomena felt like a fire shut up in my bones as the Prophet said I had to tell it somewhere and it wasn’t really accepted in my church as I tried so yeah you can head over to awaken your imagination I love to see you guys over there for sure and hang out another judgment-free zone you know another you still don’t know some songs and everything too man don’t stop that I know you were kind of feeling kind of weird about it to some extent man but you’re definitely unknown it to lead worship brother don’t don’t ever stop there some people get into like the whole analytical and it’s all about the knowledge in in the in the words and breaking it down that they move away from some of the traditional stuff or some of the more spiritual stuff of the face but definitely don’t move away from that y’all check out some of his his music on the page as well it’s really good yeah one of the scriptures – we’re talking about the I am and which is really deep to explore a higher a char a higher I am that I am and I will be whatsoever I will be the names of God is just so beautiful but that I am when we start talking about the name of Jesus and you it’s proven like it’s common knowledge that’s not his name his name is not Jesus okay well it was Yeshua or Yeshua or Yahshua or yeah how was shy like there’s so many different schools of thought about what the name of God was and then eventually after all the arguments well it really doesn’t matter his name yeah well what if what if someone calls him almond well the Bible calls him almond what if the Bible calls him Krishna these other names come into play oh now it matters his name first instead of it rather but now said there’s something foreign outside of your realm of thinking now his name matters right so but the name in itself is the character is the expression as the essence of God that’s what a name is the name isn’t a pronunciation or whatever the case is but the scripture says before Abraham was I am and people think that that’s Jesus saying that that he was or whatever that he was I am or whatever but he’s letting you know before all of that stuff was the I am at the beginning of time that created everything and out of it was everything created before Abraham was I am it’s beautiful man when we explore the depths of that name that’s exactly right and you beat me to I like to I think of it as the name is the nature of a thing as is the Eastern Hebrew thought in mind and it helps you understand the essence of that the spiritual nosov that versus our Western mind which yes tries to get the analytical descriptive term right oh is it Yeshua Yeshua you know and us trying to really define has nothing to do with that it’s the nature of the thing his name is I am Jesus come he says the eye is imagination that’s what he says that God is all imagination yep someone’s here in the chat home sauce says when in doubt say Immanuel God with us that’s a good one too right absolutely yeah and and and the radical thing is to say that he’s near would imply separation but there’s no separation there’s only this continuum of God himself it always and always has been in however will be you have to understand that so that’s all consciousness almost a fad I would call it but it’s not a fad it’s consciousness its awareness but it’s still God he believes your breath I told you about that meditation I’m working on and I finish it with this experiences as its closest your breath to explore the depths of God with each breath with with each breath just to be grateful and just to be mindful of it right turn off autopilot you know I’m saying default and and really understand that in him we live and move and have our being have you ever heard of a teacher by the name of Kate Fairchild no there’s a lot of people who want her to come on the podcast I’ve reached out to her several times and she just kind of gives me this nonchalant answers but she really she’s a she’s a preacher and she really breaks it down in the I’m saying that the Scriptures being a thing of the mind and it is about the renewal of the and everything being yes the spiritual warfare that takes place in the mind and speaking of spiritual warfare I kind of wanted to ask you about that a little bit too because yeah we like to paint the pictures of the angels and the demons and the ILP’s in all of this evil stuff which I believe that those different levels of vibration exists like there’s entities that are dark and if you’re entertaining dark stuff you’re gonna be entertaining those entities same thing with the higher vibrational frequencies if you’re thinking about lofty things and doing good deeds and practicing alms towards God you’re going to be on a higher vibrational frequency with angels and things and you can experience those realms um but to break it down a little bit deeper when we’re talking about spiritual warfare in the Bible Paul Jesus they always relate it back to these strongholds in the mind in these imaginations that exalt themselves above Christ or against God and to take captive of all of these thoughts and to hold them in in in line with the supremacy of Christ of what God says for your life or what the scriptures say that these are ungodly beliefs these thoughts do not serve me they’re gonna tear me down they’re gonna put me in a bad mood I’m gonna speak to the things that are not as though they were so spiritual warfare as demonic and entities and realms comes to be as simple as thought forms in ideas that take place within our mind what is your experience dealing with the spiritual warfare aspect of it now in this the side of it well you said it rightly when you’re talking about us seeing miracles in prayer and it’s unto you according to your faith yeah right faith just work since that’s the way that the worlds were created faith and that works for the negative as well in the case in point with my daughter giving herself an appendicitis which by the way when I went reread that story of Madeline this little girl spent 10 days in the hospital in the story we spent 11 and I didn’t know that she ruptured her appendix in the story but my daughter did the same ruptured her appendix just crazy parallels but I saw yes you create your reality your imagination creates your reality if everything in the beginning is God and all ends are untrue to origins then there’s nothing but God in the world and we struggle with that because we think of all the wickedness in the darkness that’s in the world we’ll read Isaiah chapter 45 which is very challenging where he says that I am the one who wounds and I’m the one who heals and makes alive but I’m reading of the darkness that I create the evil why dropped oh yeah that was the devil he’s supposed to do that but see this is the God on the outside mentality it’s much easier to blame a God out there or to blame a devil out there then they take responsibility for my own thoughts and imaginations as you just quoted beautifully in there anything that exalts itself against the name well the name is I am so anything that exalts itself is outside of myself I needed to bring into my own cap into my own obedience anything that exhausts itself the name is also the nature well we know the nature of God is what the fruits of the Spirit is love and joy and peace and goodness and patience and all the beautiful fruits right all the all the petals begin to unfold of the very nature of God as Christ begins to unfold within us who Paul personifies by the way as the wisdom of God in first Corinthians chapter 1 and the power of God he says that’s who Christ is he’s the wisdom of God you know and the power of God and he’s all love so we know what his nature is like so yes I’m taking every thought captive that exalts itself against that nature Satan translated in the Greek literally means accuser yeah adversary adversary accuser condemn err so anything that exalts itself so I have shifted my belief personally this is this is just me again I’m not telling people what to believe but to search out the matter for themselves if in the beginning is nothing but God and he created all that is and all ends are untrue to that order there’s nothing but God in the world yeah in the end yeah so you got to make sure you’re right with God I kind of coined the whole thing with James 4:7 which was the the scripture that got me out of a lot of bad stuff when I was in deep dark witchcraft submit yourself to God resist the devil and he will flee submit to God on every aspect every level now I believe in spirit to what I believe in thoughts believe in entities and thought forms and ideas and we create entities through tapas and thought forms that’s a whole nother story I believe in that stuff but it’s this song and dance this warfare it’s all taking place within the sovereignty of God it’s in God everything is in God get right with God if you want that stuff that to leave if you’re if whatever you’re dealing with submit yourself to God you’re not submitted submit to God on every area every exact every front submit just something got resist the devil this stuff you’re doing you shouldn’t be don’t do it stop it submit yourself to God resist the devil so some resistance to the adversary that speaking against your destiny that’s speaking against your peace is speaking against your joy show some some resistance and he will flee this whole thing is God God you got to get right with God man and if whatever it is it’s the oneness arm so you really got to understand that because like people end up moving to this Gnostic idea that that was a different God they end up separating the God of vengeance in the god of Wrath in the God of love and they said well that was a different God and so there’s this Gnostic understanding that we just attribute all the good stuff to to one God and all the bad stuff to the other God who were at war maybe the other God was Satan which some say a Yahweh was a vengeful God he was to destroyer God or whatever they tried to compartmentalize it with two different you know I’m saying this duality of these gods fighting but it’s all in the oneness man every bit the light the darkness the Creator the destroyer he holds it all everything said that’s the true sovereignty of God since fourth demons evil angels all type evils wicked spirits all come from the one you got to understand that if not you’re gonna be in this weird place of schizophrenia and that’s God that’s not God that’s God that ain’t and that’s what the Church of stuff we see that this is good I don’t this doesn’t bear what bear right with my spirit those type of things really need to understand that man well don’t let a double minded man think he’ll risk anything from the Lord will very double-minded so Jesus says if your eye is single your eye let it be single your whole body is flooded with light you’ll see there’s nothing but God it was you all of along so can I submit to God in that can I submit to God whose name is I am can I submit to that because when I do if I can that’s really been the work that I found out there with all the stuff that I’ve you know been seeing manifested things I’m still believing for the things I’ve been learning the real work is within can I really accept these sayings can I really accept the essence of what the Bible is telling me can I accept the teachings of Nevel and as I encourage hopefully your viewers to dig in and read for themselves because if I can then I find all power is he all powerful well he is that’s the being who’s in me Who I am is he all knowing is the omniscient well that’s the being who’s in me is if I can submit that and accept Who I am absolutely the devil will flee will find there is no devil there is no accuser those voices of accusation are the only things that I need to dismiss out of my mind and yes I do believe by the way your imagination is that powerful that in these deeper levels of consciousness I think of it all as a consciousness continuum there’s no separation is really if you study the Kabbalah which I heard called in one Christian Church some kind of a cult they have no idea what they’re talking about Kabbalah literally is the Hebrew word for to receive it’s the oral tradition of the Hebrew characters and a symbolic meaning right and it’s hidden meaning which is beautiful there’s understandings it’s the sanctification process to me man it’s a it’s a magnifying glass upon the sanctification process as the Kabbalah for me it’s beautiful stuff but their understanding that keep remaining mind you Paul was called a Hebrew of Hebrews so he understood it very well when the light bulb went off he understood he wasn’t fighting against some physical person on the outside called Jesus that’s why that’s when he was persecuting the church this is revelation went off that that Sun was in him he saw Christ and he saw that he was the being who was in him and so their mind very much understood that even the physical world of matter that we can observe from the tiniest of the subatomic realm all the way out to the farthest reaches of galaxies in the universe and multiple universes for all we know is really just like the outer form of conscious of spirit its spirit on the lowest level of vibration to where it becomes opaque and so that’s essentially what God done in creating he lowered his own vibration to the point of opacity and that’s you and I and all of the created universe so I don’t say some people call the universe is God I think of it more as the universe is living in a lie but more the garment that he wears as are you and I there’s only one being in the world and that is God it’s beautiful man so we’re at this point now so you’ve introduced some some new ideas for some common knowledge some people feel this way some people you you are confirming some things that they feel deep down that they’ve tried as well but didn’t for some other people this may have been like a hard pill to swallow now what if it’s all in your mind Jesus is made-up it’s all taking place it’s a fairy tale that’s not real now what now what do I do as far as spiritual warfare moving forward in communion with God what does that look like what are some of the basic principles like how was that changed for you from being a worship later being a youth pastor a servant to where you are now like the are you still all of that did that change or what does it look like good question and I just want to clarify too in saying something’s allegory doesn’t mean that it’s made up or make-believe per se rather there’s a deeper hidden meaning to be discovered and so I do believe in the reality of Jesus Christ that he is the ultimate identity of who we are and that this is our story of what we’ll discover and we have to discover it through experience and I think an answer to your question what we’re learning is that the things that are once believed are going to be experienced and then they’re becoming known and that’s really the essence of faith it’s a knowing right it’s a unseen reality and so Paul says in Romans the things that are seen were made from that which is unseen and so these things have to become a knowing and so I think the answer to your question is what’s next is to test it for yourself don’t take my word for it don’t take your word for it certainly don’t take up preachers behind a platforms word for it let it all be things that provoke you perhaps to discover within yourself and take Jesus at his word that this kingdom number one doesn’t come an observation that it doesn’t come look it’s Luke 17 somebody says the Christ is here or there no the kingdom doesn’t come that way he’s not out there he says the kingdom of heaven is within well that’s God himself there is nothing but God so what’s within so I would say number one go within commune with your own self upon your bed inquire within your own heart and then number two I would say read some Neville for yourself because I believe this guy is speaking the truth and test it for yourself does imagining in fact create reality is imagination the God in man and I say test it for yourself try it even if you don’t have to subscribe to all of the Bible being allegory you don’t have to have all of the theology down can you test it in a very simple manner can you take your typical Crayola it’s as simple as this what is your desire what is it that you really want and for some people that can’t even decide that so Neville gives them his famous ladder exercise which maybe I’ll give here this might be fun if some people watching this right now would actually try this for themselves and then report back and see what happens I’m having people report back on my youtube channel actually watch this my best friend from Pennsylvania can’t accept Neville to him it’s blasphemy his wife is even more so very like whoa this is the devil kind of stuff and is you know at that stuff stuff man like this is tough stuff this is part of the drawing the line in the sand don’t think I came to bring peace right I came to bring a sword so this is some of this is sword kind of stuff in your life what do I am I can I really commit myself to something that I believe in despite all else so this is Neville famous ladder exercise which I encourage my best friend to do and as I get off on rabbit trail sometime remind me to come back to my best friend and I remember to till the end of the story but even if you don’t know what your desire is this is what Neville does yes people imagine climbing a ladder so this is how you get into that imaginal state that realm where you can create as God and test yourself test your own imagination test me by this the Lord says number one immobilize your physical body become blind Isaac Jesus taught us to pray if you can accept my words accept Jesus’s words when you pray go into your closet right don’t be like the Pharisees who raised their hands love to shout and be seen by men we don’t have to preach about that going on in the church today it’s obvious to see that happening in the church all over the place yeah namely those ones that have rejected me and we can talk about that if you want because that rejection is part of the story as well being rejected and called a blast shit it’s a part of everybody’s story you got a story at some point that’s the hero’s journey which is the scriptures which is the story I love that I like that so pray like Jesus to take Jesus’s words if nothing else when you pray go into your closet and he says shut the door behind you that’s shutting the door to your senses to your physical world you’re going within where the kingdom dwells within us he said and you pray to your father who sees in secret and think about he’s doing all these wonders and it’s later on in the story after all this that disciples are asking him to teach them how to pray he’s not saying anything on the outside he’s just doing this stuff so there’s another key to showing us that this all happens within us it’s an internal thing so that he’s there finally like hey man what’s going on teach us how to pray and we all know the story the Lord’s Prayer what our father he’s our Father so the number one command what’s the greatest commandment he’s questioned here o Israel which translated in Hebrew the man who rules as God that’s what Israel is it’s not a remember this is the historicity Xanax it’s not a horrible place Israel became a nation in what 1949 so just just take that into your thought were you thinking about this this will help some people to think of it as Charles Dickens writing his great classics the guy lived in London so he’s writing about Evan easer Scrooge in the streets of London all real physical places you can go and visit today but there was no weapon ease or screws it was the character that he created to highlight a deeper hidden meaning truth so yes there’s a physical Jerusalem in Israel but Israel translator really is the man who rules as God’s ook here o Israel Peters name translated by the way is hearing or listening he’s the first disciple to be called all the disciples names have a meaning qualities of mine in this becoming of the fullness of Jesus Christ in the earth here o Israel the man who rules what you want to rule as God is real the Lord our God who as I am so it could be translated the I am who is our I am is one I here o Israel the Lord our God is one that’s the greatest commandment when they questioned him so he teaches us to pray our Father there is again he’s our Father well the father as I am our Father our I am who arts we’re in heaven which is where within all right so this is how we test it we go within immobilize your physical senses go within just do your best Darrell this isn’t it the most enjoyable thing in the world I found out completely relax go within is very blissful and it continues to ever deepen and then Neville has you test it this way imagine in that relaxed place that you are climbing a ladder and go up one rung at a time actually see the back of your hand as vividly as you can give it all of the tones of reality you have five physical senses right David had five smooth stones that he slayed Goliath an opponent in his way you have imaginal senses you have spiritual senses can you in imagination see the back of your hand and climbing the rung of a ladder put your first foot on the bottom rung of the ladder can you reach up and grab the next ladder and go through it as methodically as you can until you reach the top of the ladder what you’re gonna find is we have short attention spans Neville likens our attention until a life-giving watering hose whatever your attention is given towards as what you give life to is what you give reality to you talk about negative thoughts and entities and beliefs and demons and then Satan out there if you conform to that you accept that you consent to that you believe in that you imagine that you are gonna create that within your own subconscious and it does appear to be an objective reality when you dream or sometimes when you pray I’ve seen it happen yeah but you’re the one that’s creating all of that stuff so what you’re gonna find is when you’re trying to climb a ladder you’re gonna begin to wander and you start getting frustrated with yourself so come back to that place of non judgment right we love John 3:16 for God so loved the world but we stop there the next verse is but he didn’t come into the world in order to condemn it or to judge it so have that place of non judgment when you realize you’re off on a rabbit trail and your thoughts thinking about something else simply without judgment without accusation don’t call it good or evil just come back and come back to a place of imagining a start over climbing the ladder so Neville has people do this three nights in a row in what he calls that state akin to sleep I call it a Twilight sleep you’re in between waking and sleeping your subconscious is most impressionable in that state completely relaxed upon your bed before you drift off into the deep climb the ladder keep bringing your attention back until you can get all the way to the top of the ladder giving it all of the tones of reality that you can and you will feel a sense of relief Neville says that relief is the most keenly felt sense of all of the human senses you imagine your kid being out late at night is past midnight they’re not home on time you’re freaking out about it you’re on edge you’re good in your teeth you’re about to call the cops and then you hear the door the front door open well you have that sense of relief that is faith that’s what Hebrews says we labor to enter into the rest this is the six days of creation this is the work can i labor to enter into the rest this is Joshua his name is Jesus marching around Jericho it appears he’s on the outside of a huge walled city but can I reach that seventh day that place of rest can I actually become Rahab who’s the harlot a harlot is one who does whatever is asked of her it receives whatever is impressed upon her by men can I actually be the spy the harlot and impress upon myself she dwells in the heart of the city so this is Neville’s technique can you go within the heart of your promise to see yourself actually in the scene actually living in the end of your wish fulfilled can you climb the top of the ladder and actually feel that sense of relief ah I did it and then he says just use a simple phrase like a lullaby to yourself thank you Father or isn’t it wonderful or it is finished and feel that sense of relief and actually allow yourself now to drift off to sleep in that state because them States it’s a state of consciousness as are all these characters in the Bible so he says do that three nights in a row and I’m gonna encourage your your viewers to do it now if you’re a painter and you climb ladders every day anyway I want you to imagine holding a tennis ball or a baseball or some familiar object that you know well that you can recreate in your imagination because that’s the way your mind works it relates it to something else you’ve experienced in life can you give it something vivid as I did with my friend who’s a realtor he climbs ladders for house inspections and stuff so I had him imagine a tennis ball same thing give it all the tones of reality it’s a good practice can you feel the weight of it can you feel the fuzziness of it with your other imaginal hand don’t move your physical hands just an imagination completely relaxed can you fall asleep three nights in a row as if you’ve accomplished that thing vividly and that’s the exercise Neville gives people and he goes even to the extreme to say in your waking consciousness right on a little piece of paper and remind yourself that I will not climb a ladder intentionally try not to do the thing that you imagine so as to demonstrate Jacob and Esau even when he saw returns he returned to your physical sense world world and he complains about the fact that it’s his birthright Isaac says no what I’ve done I’ve done he’s given that thing a right to be born it’s gonna show the power of God in your life the power of imagination can you believe that that same power that created all that is is the being that you are that’s what this exercise serves to prove in the practice and by experience and that’s my long-winded answer here question of what does come next what comes next is test it for yourself are these things true is God really my own imagination test it and watch what happens and there’s reports you can Google around Neville just Google Neville Goddard let it sorry Neville Goddard latter experiment there’s a couple reddit posts there’s a good subreddit related to Neville related stuff of people sharing mind-blowing stories of how they’re climbing a ladder my own best friend doing the tennis ball one watch this he did the tennis ball one I checked in with them three weeks later hey Aaron how’s it going buddy with the tennis ball we kind of joked around with it a little bit cuz he still thinks I’m kind of crazy with all that part of it but we love each other a good friend loves at all times right so a true friend you know thank God for him he’s one of my friends and so we talking about stuff honestly will joke with each other about stuff like that and I was like nope no tennis ball yet you know and I’m like oh hang in there well watch this three months later see we don’t recognize our own harvest when it confronts us all these imaginal acts all these thoughts that we consent to all these assumptions that we have are Sonne into the field there’s a reason Jesus talks about the Kingdom of Heaven like a field but we know now through quantum science which I know you’ve had some guests on talking about stuff like that this unified field right the kingdom of heaven is likened unto that these seeds do not recede into your past they’re planted into the field and they will spring forth and you’re gonna encounter your own harvest we’re experiencing today the results of our own imaginal activity right now we’ve forgotten that we’ve done it a lot of it is when we’re off in the deep in sleep where we spend a third of our life which job says by the way job is our story it’s all of our story again which says that while we sleep and deep slumber befalls us God seals their instruction upon us so think of it as I’m sewing these seeds into the ether of the Unified Field however you want to conceive of that field of the Kingdom of Heaven and people will actually be compelled to cross a bridge of incident so as to bring forth your own imaginal activity yourself included so we think we’re doing things of our own volition you’re actually not in that sense it’s challenging that’s a challenging concept anyway I stood that to say so I asked Aaron this was now three months later so I’ve asked him a couple times in the immediate weeks nothing was happening I just kind of let it go I heard in my own imagination as Neville did for others I heard him telling me of how he did hold a tennis ball so that was that’s as simple as that that was my only prayer Derrick it wasn’t we peeing on the threshing floor it wasn’t between porch and altar crying out oh god it wasn’t with prayers and fasting it is none of that it is as simple as an assumption can I discipline the Peter my sense of hearing can I hear the sound of a friend’s voice as Mary that’s a state of consciousness Mary heard the angel tell her that she would give birth to Emmanuel there’s your shoutouts here if you are mentioning him Annie well she’s gonna give birth to that divine being within herself well that’s you and I giving birth to the Word of God if that’s his name the Word of God in Revelation he’s the word of god wearing the garment of that’s dipped in blood well that’s you and I we are the garment dipped in blood you cut me and I bleed he’s the word of God within us and in that law of identical harvest in a microcosm we’re giving birth to our own creations in the world so we’re creating as him I even say as little creators as the creator for there’s one and only creator that’s good yeah and so is my this is two weeks ago now so this was probably in August maybe late August I did the tennis ball exercise with my best friend two weeks ago I asked him because he gets busy with life I get busy with love you don’t get the be like by the way buddy how’s it going with the tennis ball thing kind of like jokingly lightheartedly and he goes oh my god dude I was like what now I’m interested I know that tone right you know the tone is tone to somebody’s like what tell me he goes dude I’ve been having this terrible back pain and I finally went to the chiropractor and you know what the chiropractor told me to do go get some tennis balls and stick them behind my back cuz I’m driving around all the time on showings for people and I’m sitting in my desk all the time and put tennis balls behind my back he goes dude for the last two weeks I’ve done nothing but sit against tennis balls and his mind was blown because he said I literally didn’t even realize you know that I had actually held a tennis ball if I wouldn’t have told him he wouldn’t have even equated the fact that we even spent so much time going through the whole imaginal acts together holding in tennis balls kind of coaching him through all that kind of stuff and even following up how’s it going with tennis balls and yet when it confronted him he didn’t recognize it that’s how short of a memory that we have that’s the power of it man the power of the creative mind and uh that’s where synchronicity comes into play that’s what confirmation comes comes into play deja vu those type of things someone saying you know that’s what they’re talking about in the Matrix movie right yeah all of that like where did they get that from do you think they made that movie up you think that’s original script you think Star Wars is original you think they got that stuff from somewhere and George Lucas will tell you that he got it from the hero’s journey which is Joseph Campbell like there’s interviews we say I took the ideas which he takes it from the Bible in the bhagavad-gita and all these other books about the journey that we go through and persecution and the whole story of the cross even that’s what I want to ask you a little bit about – so we get some clarity cuz some people who maybe for more of a traditional standpoint let’s just say that’s not it’s probably not the majority listening right now but there are some people who are kind of concerned that with all of this III me me me if I do this if I visualize if I do this let me show you what I can do right that’s a lot of red flags for a lot of evangelical Christians we know that and so there’s the track check kind of mentioning that it’s all about what I can do what I can do what about the cross what about Jesus going to the cross had taken upon the sins of the world and giving glory for what he did where does that come into play with the eye right if because obviously I mean it kind of makes sense though if Jesus did that for you it means nothing if I don’t put my faith into what he did like if I don’t believe that and accept it he did that for everybody every one of us in the chat everyone listening but it’s just the level in the degree of faith of which you or I believe that he did that in what that means that revelation of that glory what it means to me in my life what does that mean I can do he said well if you believe anything shall be possible to you if you believe it you could say to this some of y’all don’t believe that somebody I think you stuck at a dead-end job some of you are thinking that you never find a lover in your life you’re always gonna be alone what does that I mean for you what do you believe so it’s different levels of faith that we approach what Jesus did on the cross which goes before beyond the cross to the Lamb that was slain before the foundations of the world let me hear you testify a little bit about where does the cross come into play for you now yeah that’s easily one of the most challenging things I’ve had to work through in my own mind as you’ll find this very much becomes about that as you test these things for yourself and they prove themselves in the testing it is like an upheaval within your own self and that is the process that’s what Paul says Christ is being formed in you and so the lamb slain from the foundation from the world is this ancient Hebrew mine understanding their theology which by the way Spielberg and all these guys telling these stories understood I believe and they’re gelling different allegories of the realm when you see it when you become enlightened in that sense which by the way is an ongoing thing I don’t claim to have arrived asmall says I’m still pressing home hand towards the mark right but they understood in that theology that there is nothing but God and he laid himself down he actually became us only so that he would raise himself up again so Jesus says nobody takes my life from me I lay it down right and so there is no other glory to be given except to his name which is I am forever so I want to be clear that there’s a difference between thinking of a concept of me which I would liken unto the Sun when the Bible talks about the Son of God that’s really the I am conceiving himself to be something pure unconditioned awareness conceives of himself to be something and that’s what becomes experienced in your world and so that’s what Neville talks about a lot it helps really give form and shape and understanding into and it’s really what Paul was telling in his own way who again was called a Hebrew of Hebrews and geela this is showing you how to walk this stuff out right he’s showing you like the Word made flesh let me show you what this looks like right absolutely that’s exactly it so again keep in mind now Paul’s Gospels I’m gonna answer your question about I want to build up to it in a bridge so it can be most I think palatable for people and taste it rather than just thrown out as pure blasphemy but keep in mind now so 20 years or so in the world the only gospel which Paul is so bold as to claim is the gospel and if anybody teaches any other including an angel let them be accursed so he says this I don’t know anybody after the flesh even though I once knew Christ Jesus after the flesh I regard him thus no longer and in that very first letter of Galatians the earliest of them he goes on so we have Galatians man so the Christ was in him and 2 he talks about his revelation of I am crucified with him well there’s the crucifixion the joining – that’s the hay in the yard hey Bob hay of the name I am it’s a I’m sorry it’s the valve the yad hain vah VA is the hebrew character for joining and nailing and uniting together through which healing is the secret so he understands the name of God that I am crucified with Christ and it’s not I who live and then he goes on and here’s to address those more what I call the fundamentalist Orthodox Western minded Christians which I grew up under to start Galatians 3 now he calls them foolish number 1 so don’t be offended by that because I’m addressing myself remember I’m only speaking to another as I’m speaking to myself there’s only one being in the world right when I give a cup of cold water to one of these little ones Jesus says you’re doing it to me yeah not metaphorically ice on them you’re actually doing it to me market is only one being in the world so to hurt somebody else is only hurting myself that’s the beauty of the Golden Rule but he’s balls all still very bold so he’s correcting them as he was himself deeply corrected right it’s hard to kick against the goads so he calls him foolish you foolish Galatians who has bewitched you there’s a sense of being be wish you talked about coming out of witchcraft it’s a twisting or of your version of truth and so whose be wish you he’s caused you to come under this spell and what we’re finding if people are very much afraid while I’m gonna lose my mind I’m gonna go insane a fragmented if I accept this teaching no actually you find yourself you find that he doesn’t give you a spirit of fear because in him there is no fear he’s perfect love which cast out off deering man but he’s given you a spirit of power well that’s Christ in me personified he’s the being in me he’s personify his power so he’s given me himself in power what love who is guy God his loves we know that and what a sound mind so he likens the spirit unto a sound mind so Paul corrects anything that’s not that what you find is you’re becoming D hypnotized when you come into this gospel which is the one and only gospel so you foolish Galatians who’s bewitched you did you receive this spirit by the hearing there it is the disciple called Peter you’re disciplining your sense of hearing can I hear correctly filtered through the Word of God through the truth of God through the Spirit of God who dwells in me who jesus said will lead me into all truth I don’t need another man to teach me Hisle all be written upon my very heart does it get more intimate than that you said it earlier we are the living epistle we are the living letter so I’m filtering it through the Spirit of Truth an inner witness you can trust that audience watching right now you can trust that you’re trusting your very self because God’s not fragmented or divided there’s no tissued he wears the seamless robe right a seamless robe of consciousness so his correcting fragmentation he says did you receive this spirit by the hearing of faith that’s what we’re talking about today can I accept this unseen reality I’m simply aligning myself to what’s already a reality I’m coming into truth I’m coming into clarity I’m coming into sound mindedness I’m coming into all the fruits in the spirit the nature of God himself did you receive that spirit by the hearing of faith or by the works of the law he says which to them the works of the law is the keeping of outward observances you who began watch this you who began after the spirit are you so quickly now trying to finish after the flesh in other words are you so now returning to some flesh being called Jesus Christ who dwells outside of yourself in our 3d section of time and space are you so quickly trying to return to some being who’s called Jesus he’ll live 2,000 years ago because he calls you bewitched if you are now that’s a strong pill to swallow but watch it it doesn’t get any more clear than second Corinthians 13:5 for me back check it examine yourselves test yourself so here’s the test that’s why I say just test for yourself examine yourselves to see whether you be in the faith but we have lots of different versions of the faith out there but Paul again is very bold this is the faith guys if anybody preaches any other gospel don’t believe them mm-hmm examine yourself to see whether you be in the faith do you not know do you not realize so it’s a realization something that’s becoming real in you what we’re talking about Derek is recognizing something as I did in that hospital room with my daughter I recognized something I recognized words of light I recognized an understanding I didn’t have before but we’re transcending that right now some of the her medical kind of stuff can I go from a recognition into a realization through experience and knowing through what I think some of the things I’m saying not all of it some of the esoteric stuff Neville talks about in the realm of the promise he talks about a very clinical type of being born from above being born out of his skull Jesus Christ is crucified where in Ghana Calvary both translated me in the place of the skull so my own I am that’s my own sense of awareness and being is a place where he’s crucified that I am crucified with Christ so we come to finish that verse now in 2nd Corinthians 13:5 examine yourself to see whether you be in enough faith do you not realize there has to be a realization experience do you not realize that Jesus Christ dwells in you so it’s a very spiritual thing which doesn’t make it fairytale doesn’t make it fancy it makes it the most real thing in the world actually the most spiritual things are the most substantial tangible real things in the world and also the most practical so they ask you a question that crucifixion has only occurred upon the cross of humanity itself very specifically where Neville pinpoints it within your very own skull within your imagination that is the Jesus Christ and the only Jesus Christ spoken of in Scripture because all of ends run true to the origin that the origin is nothing but God and it’s all vision all of the so Paul taught them this morning till night it says later in the book of Acts s all he wanted to talk about and he taught them starting at Moses which is the revelation of I am and the prophets who was all vision you read the book it’s all vision even from the beginning when he created Adam do you realize that it never says that Adam never woke up that God put Adam into a deep sleep but Adam never woke up all of this is the dreamer dreaming his creation into what we think is a some kind of a separation from God but all even what appears to be physical matter is the dreamer dreaming all of this told Christ be formed in us and we wake up awake awake o sleeper well that sleeper is the dreamer within us who is Christ himself and when we awake we find that he’s not another that the two have become one he’s actually enhanced himself and expanded himself by becoming us and so we all dwell together as the Elohim the compound unity of God and we’re all brothers together all of us some of us have just forgotten and some of us like my or just remembering we’re just waking up somewhere along this path of awakening that’s true awakening that’s good stuff man there’s a bunch of work out there on it too as far as the crucifixion being something of a symbolic nature or something that’s happened in in in the heavenlies or whatever before the Foundation’s out of the world I truly believe in you know I have a lot of people on here we’re talking about Astro theology like that’s a big one about the stars are telling that these different stories in allegory as well right this allegory with the stars I believe you know they even the stars in the stories that are written up in the stars are telling his story that is talking about this whole whether you want to call it the UM saying the birth of Christ and the gospel and things and that’s why the saying the wise man the stargazers and the Magi were the first ones to so-called appear at its birth right because they were following the Stars everything speaks about this not just those stars not just nature creation every single thing is about God is about this consciousness and when we created in the way that we perceive it and stuff man so it’s this this whole song of dances is uh you know saying very beautiful and we have a part in it we’re not just watching it like we have a part in it you know we’re the operand power that’s the wonder of it all as you are the operant power of your experience here and to boil down that theology in the essence is there’s nothing but God in the beginning we were all brothers already to begin with who chose to come here to chose to have this adventure to chose to put ourselves through the furnaces of affliction just for the pure joy of breaking its bonds and arising again only more enhanced because of the experience and that’s the marriage piece of the land we’re gonna enjoy sharing those experiences forever in infinite love all of us beautiful stuff brother well I enjoyed this episode man go ahead and plug your channel again man let people know where to go to to find you work because I think you’re gonna have a lot of new subscribers after this yeah I appreciate that on that awaken your imagination it’s my youtube channel you’re welcome to email me if you have questions awaken your imagination at I’m happy to spread the love however I can I certainly don’t pretend to have it all but such as I have I’m happy to give I’m happy to do it yeah I give unto you that’s the thing man just make sure you stay away from people who claim to have it all figured out right you know what I’m saying and and so that’s one thing that you got you got a respect about people that’s all you can tell the cult leader really quick they have it all figured out absolutely separation they’re trying to separate them from others you know it’s nothing to do that we’re all together as one yeah there was uh people asking you know what you know I’m saying why can’t these churches come together in unity why those churches next door to each other why is this the net won’t you know why can’t they come together because they’re their little Colts as well in me they’re you know I’m saying little businesses and it’s bad for business for them to come together like what if their members leave you know if faithful tithers what if they go to your church and so you have to get out of that that’s definitely going on probably all churches men that’s that you know I’m saying even if it’s a small church you don’t want your members fellowship and add another Church and you know this is it’s so weird man it is so much like enough witchcraft really and manipulation that’s that’s going on in the churches and stuff man what is uh I’m sure you’ve had tons of revelation of stuff and doctrines and things that you’ve believed over the years that God has set you free from that may have had you in bondage or like you know me probably the one of the first things we were talking about is that God is punishing you because you did something bad so you have these does these things come upon you because you’re in sin or whatever the case is like these different theologies and stuff and so you know it like I said we don’t have everything figured out man we’re just trying to make sense of it all nobody does but that’s a big one though the whole I’ve been I’ve been studying that because I understand like like where do we move forward in spiritual warfare from this point because understanding that God’s got everything a lot right it got it’s everything is God so when you’re going through that stuff those different seasons in the wilderness and all this kind of stuff you know people want to be preyed out of it right if you’re hey I’m dealing with so-and-so I need prayer I need to be at God I need to leave this season right and you know I’m saying they come to a prayer warrior somebody who believes that they have the power of creative mind and thought and God hears you and you can move mountains and things they want prayer so they come to you but it’s a quick fix versus okay why am I here like what is God trying to show me in this season that I need to change because I’m allowing these type of people in my life I’m putting myself in these self in these types of relationships instead of learning from it all people want to get prayed out of a situation that’s it that’s a beautiful part of this song and dance to is being moving by the spirit of discernment and kind of know which battle we should fight and what season we can pray out of and which one is God trying to teach us something to learn I really believe that man but it moves from you know the whole and I can guess I can call his name but here’s someone who comes to mind but it’s a Todd white thing that that everything in any type of sickness is the devil or whatever we need to rebuke at all or whatever I believe you know in in your situation man that sickness changed your life yeah in a sense may I say as scary and terrifying it was that sickness was a blessing right those dark times of me almost going schizophrenic dealing with demons and hearing voices in the scariest time I would never wish upon anyone ever that’s right I thank God daily I thank him for that because I would not know the contrast of his love and of light and darkness in his mercy so God is speaking through everything he doesn’t only speak through the good you don’t put the bat on the devil and somebody God is in it all every single bit of it when we understand that man we understand that get it get it right with that one you know what I’m saying get it right we got a brother he’s the fourth man in the fire let me see the fourth man in the furnace of affliction with you then you come out man enhanced yeah it’s good stuff oh well brother I appreciate it we have to do it again and let’s catch up after this as well man would love to thanks for having me bless you guys watching and yeah we’ll do it again thanks brother thanks again Shalom peace yeah Shalom Baba good stuff ladies and gentlemen brother Tom from Florida is what he wants to go by awaken your imagination on YouTube if you typed it in you’ll find his stuff some really powerful stuff man exciting you take the power back you giving your power away to the devil you’re giving your power away to things that you have no control over but guess what you have control over your own body you have control of your mind are the things that you submit to God submit yourselves to God become a living sacrifice sacrifice your mind you will your emotions give it to God man you don’t like what you have right now and give it to him he’ll refine it do the refiners fire and give it back to you made beautiful and that’s the process we do it like it’s not just a one-time thing that whole you know presence of the Holy Spirit and getting in that sacred union with the father that’s a daily practice and there’s no one time it’s be being filled man and it’s just for me it’s moving to different levels of faith so some people would you know they see the stuff and get confused and it’s just big words and all of these different ideas you’re introducing it scares people right but for me it’s helped me on my personal walk and I know I’m just throwing it out there because we’ve not pinpointing stuff but each teaching man about faith about the mind about the miraculous it does something for you didn’t you step out in faith and you try it for yourself like people get puffed up on knowledge and and that’s what I’m trying to say okay what now how do I apply this what now moving forward now that I know that now that you’ve introduced these ideas now what okay I could do that this is what and he was he was saying Neville has a lot of things that he says to do but moving forward how do I apply it to my life that’s what like all of the different theologies and ideas and stuff like that it’s all good it’s fun or whatever people get caught up in it but if it doesn’t affect your life and your day to day it really means nothing at the end of the day and so practical experience hearing faith comes by hearing hearing by the Word of God once you hear it then you move out and you try it you try it just try it like all this stuff with the law of attraction I’ve seen people even comment about that the law of attraction the secret all of these esoteric popular New Age stuff or whatever a lot of that’s in the churches like they it shocked me to watch the movie the secret which is based off the book and then we were talking about the Word of Faith Movement in a charismatic and how they just like adopted all that stuff I knew all of that stuff from the churches or whatever but it’s when you try it a little bit deeper so okay let me try this so you know they try to tell you like you know the secret in law of attraction to get the job that’s good the position you want in life the new car you want your house that you’re gonna move into all of these tangible things right if they even talk about a popular scene who’s talking about the you know getting a parking spot at Walmart or your grocery store I’m gonna visualize that I have that that open spot at the front and I’m gonna drive right up to it and there’s people who swear by it they do that every time they have the the spot closest to the door me when I pull up the Walmart pulled up yesterday with my daughter there’s all this traffic all the way to from the door and I just pull into the first one I see it man look while y’all still waiting in line I’m gonna walk it just beat ya’ll in that says that gets me but anyway you look at it for little things I did I’m gonna I’m gonna manifest the opening slide that’s how fun you need clothes God cares about all that let’s get that straight God cares about all of it if you care about it God cares about it but moving from that tangible stuff from the house from the cars from the family to the whatever moving from that use it for that definitely that’s that alchemy right but your spiritual life healing prayers use it for other people the spirit of expectancy not from what you can get from God but let me see what I can give let me move from what I can give what I can offer people I started doing that man I started doing that and over the phone with people I remember you know years ago I was doing a lot of shows with Kelly coffee I was on her show a bunch and um and me and her talked off the air and she was talking about uh you know people want to know if you’re available for private sessions of healing and stuff and I’m like Kelly like it sounds fun I would love to do it but my only fear is like when I’m in the room with you and we were into laying on of hands and I can feel the energy and like I’m able to get into it like we have home meetings or if you go to churches and prayer meanest things that you can actually feel the spirit when you’re there um long distance over the phone I’m kind of scared like I won’t be able to tap in she’s like well let’s just try it I have some pain in my body I’m some pain in my neck see if you can send forth that healing move the energy around see if you can do that it’s okay so we just practice over Skype I think it was and I didn’t she’s like immediately felt that that warm sensation come upon her I just spoke it move the energy speak spoke peace and blessings she immediately felt it she’s like oh my god I can’t believe it and it built my face right over the over the phone over the computer whatever yeah I just started taking that with me there would be people you just start speaking to the stuff to see the creative miracles that a guy called me I believe is from Australia or on the phone he’s on the other side of the world on the phone three-way because I look man I have I have this issue going on what my legs I’m not able to move my legs correctly because I have nerve damage I have this stuff going on with my legs I said look you want to be healed let’s pray let me let me speak a blessing over you you said yeah and I didn’t pray hoping I prayed knowing that it would be given to me according to my faith I can join my face with his and tell him look this is what’s gonna happen build up the spirit of expectancy look man when I when I pray you’re gonna begin to feel this you’re gonna begin to feel your legs get warm and your nerves are gonna fuse back together and I just began to pray over him and speak it over him and just declare it as the finished work of what God has already done that God it is not God’s will for him to be sick for his leg and then he started crying he started wailing his legs started shaking he started getting movement back in his legs over the telephone across the world not because I but I knew it like as I’m speaking I’m over I’m on the other side of the world talking to his nerves right now and I do that in Jesus name stuff in Jesus name I command you right now nerves come into obedience under the knowledge of God he sent forth his word right now God would thank you for your word that you’d simple with your word and heal him he started crying a shaking he started to be able to move his legs again man there were other times and places people listening a good friend of mine who’s now he listens to the podcast but he hit me up man and he said Derrick I’m listening to your podcast and listening to your music and I meditate I’m in a spirituality you know I’m in all this stuff but I don’t feel like I have what you have what is it and it’s a brother I’m glad you asked I’m glad you asked I believe with the baptism of the Holy Spirit right I think this is what you need brother I don’t care what it is I want it I need something I need something real tangible in my life that’s okay and I explained to him about the gospel and about how you know who Christ is and things like that and he believed it and prayed for him and when I prayed I knew that he was going to have an encounter with God now when I speak this the Holy Spirit is going to come upon you and you’re gonna be able to feel this tingling sensation and the guy at the time was struggling with pill addiction and we prayed for his pill addiction that it would leave that God would fill him up with his Holy Spirit and it would be just so overpowering in euphoric that it would just burn out all of that stuff with this love all of the addiction all of the doubt and the worry and the fear and it happened because I believed it what would happen if I didn’t believe it like if I didn’t take that understanding and that knowing into those prayers I’m glad I did it with it versus doing it without obviously we don’t know but I’m pretty sure that if I didn’t believe it and I just nonchalantly God thank you for him just ask you to heal I mean Jesus name Amen you know Amen I don’t know if anything would have happened but I can’t end it for him and you have that ability to there’s nothing about me it’s about your faith and believing God seeing the miraculous and then knowing God for yourself knowing what is possible knowing that you can say to this mountain be thou removed and it will be cast into the sea without faith it is impossible to please God do not be led of your own understanding but understand that greater receive that lives within you than he that lives in the world you are a player you are co-creating with the Father you are God’s workmanship created on this this earth in Christ Jesus to go forth and do good works what are good works healing blessing speaking peace Jesus went forth and did good works and casted out every demon in cities that was his good works what are your good works go forth and do that know who you are in Christ man know that God smiles upon you and there’s people here in the chat I’ve seen you already talking about you know God hates me God does not hate you God doesn’t hate you but I wanted I’m gonna I’m gonna challenge you just in this this is truth God doesn’t hate you but I want to challenge you with this instead of typing that kind of stuff in a chat obviously your you got going through some stuff God loves you you got a plan for you to bless you to prosper you but I’m gonna ask you this just do this in an act of faith start speaking out blessings upon your life not not God hates me God loves me God has blessed me he’s got great things in store for me he’s gonna heal people through my podcast through listening to my podcast chains are gonna begin to fall off for people he’s gonna begin to take people as he listens to my music and deeper revelations of his glory people are gonna encounter the weighty presence of God through my music as they listen just begin to declare these things create your reality shifted even early in the morning create your day god I thank you for in come new levels of income I god I thank you that you have given us the ability to gain wealth as your word says I believe you and man phone call the fuck God I believe the phone is gonna ring and and people are gonna people want to be a part of what I’m doing people want to serve people want start creating that stuff and guess what this are showing up falling into place how’d you do it brother how’d you do it you did it people say I’m using black magic now that’s white magic it’s white magic understand that you can do it too you doing it regardless you’re doing and don’t even know that you’re doing it you need to be conscious of it man barb says bless it bless it bless the breath be thankful you’re not even thankful you have no gratitude but you want you just want one one serve man get out there and help somebody man I’m telling you it is a game and you better understand the rules you’re gonna be affected by it you’re gonna be serving and in and being in places do you did don’t want to be always takes you further than you want it to go it always keeps you longer than you want it to stay but you can change it work with God versus working against it and that’s all I just been trying to tell you that’s it I don’t know website I don’t I really don’t understand what you’re talking about I’m reading the chat here he says true seeker you say and do all these things but you do not understand but not your understanding about faith but then you say you have to reach in and draw from mystical ideas and resources yes the mystical ideas and resources are Christ is it the Bible says that that the mist what we just got finished and I went half talking about the mystery revealed the entirety of Scripture is Christ in me the hope of glory that’s the mystery it is a mystical experience all of this is mystical it’s mystical in it it’s called it the mystery the mystery is a mystical experience with Christ that union becoming born-again receiving the Holy Spirit it is emotional it is mystical it is hard to explain ask the Apostle Paul ask the Apostle Paul to try to explain his mystical encounters he said look like I can’t even do it he said I see anything just not permissible for men to even speak about I can’t even if I try but why are you telling us Paul it’s a mystical experience every day is magical man so I mean it is Magic Man Jesus was Jesus did magic man he did white magic look it up see what the word means guys don’t even know what it means I’ll tell you that these miracles that he was produced at least the the Pharisees thought it was magic put it that way the Pharisees said he was doing it by the order of bezel bub which is the Prince of demons so they rebuked him because they seen all of this this power in this ability that he had and so they equated it because they didn’t understand I wasn’t with their terminology right it’s all it’s all it’s all a game with the terminology when we’re dealing with religion right you have to say the right words and say well they want to make sure that you repeat this stuff the same way that they wrote it and that’s why you going to a church they got a statement of faith and this is what we believe Jesus is the only Son he was born of a virgin can you repeat that if you don’t never depart from that look what they’re doing in the Catholic churches you ever depart from that when they they christen you they slapping you in it y’all seen those videos of the Catholic priests baptizing them kids and dunking them and slapping them upside the head that’s the warning that’s nothing compared to what you’re gonna get if you leave the face don’t never depart from this it’s scary stuff man it’s scary home saw says we all have the power of interpretation and in discernment some do some don’t you know but we do have the understanding that um you know that us as teachers as sharing this information I do understand that I’m going to be judged to a higher standard so I do nothing of my own accord so it’s good stuff it’s up to you it really is I don’t know everybody’s I mean I’m speaking to so many people right now and like everybody’s in a different place but then again I always have to go back and understand that I’m speaking to myself three years ago I’m speaking to myself trying to make sense of things I’m speaking to myself eight years ago ten years ago that’s all I can offer I can’t not nothing else just truth for me like I can’t that’s all I saw I can relate with I’ve this is what happened to me I want to be that person that I need it when I was going through that stuff that’s a good place to start be that friend that you want it to have in your life the things that people have done against you that hurts you that cuts you deep down and you’re still not really over don’t do that go forth and do good deeds to do good works become that friend that a friend would like to have those who have judged you quickly and just cast you aside don’t do that that’s not good it’s not fun it’s crazy man we need each other this is what it’s about I guess it would be a good time to plug my discord as well if you guys are looking for community man and there’s a whole bunch of people who who feel the same way that you feel and who have had very similar experiences whether they be mystical experiences whether they have been experiences where you have just tried to be open and honest with who you are and you’ve been judged for doing so and kind of been kicked out of congregations or misplaced or whatever the case is or if you’re just kind of new to this whole god thing as well there’s people who are there everybody’s coming at it from a different perspective and the beautiful thing is we have a community with without discord in our school of the Mystics and things where everybody can kind of bring those ideas together bring them to the table and say look let us sit down let us reason let’s try to make some sense of this in the end what I study is called syncretism man it’s it’s studying religion it’s studying life philosophy and seeing what makes us the same versus what I’ve been taught to study and see what makes us different what separates us and in the end we’ll find out that there’s more that we have more in common than we have against each other in the Bible says that can two walk together unless they agree let’s try to find some things that we can agree on and let’s build on top of that it is about love I believe Christ Jesus is a the manifestation of love that became a man and dwelt among men I believe that so with that I must say God bless and really enjoyed this episode today some really deep dope concepts not to say that I agree with it all I mean I don’t agree with all of anything that I love my guests but I lot of it man my brother brought some really good stuff to the table and I encourage you guys to go check out his work man go deeper test God God said test me God said it test me and see if I won’t do a thing on the earth test me and see that’s between you we all are at different levels of understanding we are all at different levels of faith and belief some of us are being held up by the faith of others some of us are making it in just by the grace of God and through the prayers of our families and things like that some of us are holding up our families through prayer through sanctification with that i’ma say again god bless if you want to check out my website my patreon all myself I have to offer head on over the truth seeker com truths SEK 8h comm link is in the description there’s a bunch of cool stuff become a patron today well let’s just listen or support it I’m also doing private sessions again so this is something that I’ve kind of stepped out in and doing private one-on-one sessions where we do energy healing where we go into the spirit guided meditation all of that kind of stuff if you would like to speak with me on that behalf I’m available for systems on my website almost done with this this new guided meditation that I’m working on man I’m really excited it’s my first one that I’m recording I’ve done some private private guided meditations in the past but this one is recorded and I’m just I’m I’m excited about it and I’m I hope it comes out the way that I want it to it’s going to be an interactive guided meditation like a fully immersive experience so I’m working on it it’s recorded it today before this episode and hopefully it’ll be out very soon and to really go in and encounter the the presence of God through the power of creative mind to the power of thought and ideas in the fact is if I believe it then I receive it I can visualize just like if you experienced that stuff in the dream state in the mind it’s just like having it happen in real life it really is and that’s a whole nother that’s a whole nother chat but I think when people talking about DMT and things in the chat so we’re gonna we’re gonna explore that stuff some more so again I appreciate you guys rocking with me true seeker com backslash true seeker peace and blessings to everybody no matter where you are in this in this walk I love y’all peace [Music] that does it for this episode folks to hear more episodes of the truth seeker podcast head over to juice seeker calm and if you’re wanting to support the show and get rewards go to our patreon page at forward slash truth seeker [Music]

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