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In this episode of The TruthSeekah Podcast TruthSeekah speaks with Tom from Awaken Your Imagination about God being our very imagination and the allegory within the Holy Bible. Toms awakening happened during the time of his life where he was serving locally in an evangelical christian church. Tom shares about how his daughter read a children’s book about a little girl named Madeline who got sick and had appendicitis. After reading the story Toms daughter became terribly afraid in thinking that she too would get appendicitis. Tom as (most fathers would) tried to calm her fears and let her know that it was all in her head and there was nothing to be afraid of. Well, one week later Tom gets a call from the school saying that his daughter was sick with a tummy ache and needed to come home. The pain became excruciating, so they had to take her to the emergency room which led the doctors to find out that her appendix had burst, and she was becoming deathly ill because of the infection spreading throughout her body. Being a man of faith Tom began to pray about the situation as doctors didn’t see much hope and prepared for the worst. Tom began to envision her healed and did not accept anything less than that as an outcome. During this time Tom was led to the work of the Christian Mystic Neville Goddard who taught in his work the power of the creative imagination and backed everything up with the Biblical scriptures that Tom had been studying for years. He began to see the Bible with new sight and started practicing some manifestation techniques that Neville taught in his books. Within a few days of prayer and practice the doctors were amazed that there was now no longer any traces of appendicitis or any infection within his daughters body. All the doctors were baffled and claimed that this truly was a creative miracle. Examining the situation Tom believes that it is possible that his daughter created this physical ailment with her imagination which then came to be manifested in the physical realm. Tom now teaches the same techniques that he learned from Neville Goddard about God, The Imagination and Manifestation primarily through his YouTube Channel Awaken Your Imagination.



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