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In this episode TruthSeekah speaks with James Robor about listening to the voice of God that is speaking to the hearts of each and every one of us. During the interview James gives and overview of his new book entitled God Is Talking, Are You Listening? Throughout the discussion James gives a synopsis of each chapter going depth of ways that each one of can learn to hear the voice of God. God speaks through the Holy Bible which is inspired directly from the Holy Spirit but there are many other ways that God speaks to his people today. One great way for us to learn how He speaks is to look at the examples left for us within the context of scriptures. God speaks with a still small voice at times, with a inward nudging or knowing that is referred to as a “quickening” within the Bible. He also speaks throughout creation. The scriptures are littered with texts about how God speaks through the elements, the sun,moon, stars and even says that the heaven declare or speak of the glory of God. This brings us back to the topic God is Talking, Are You Listening? We must simply be still and know God but many of us find ourselves too busy to be quite for a moment to let God speak and He has been communicating with us since the beginning. It is said that if you cannot see God In All then you cannot see God AT ALL. This is very true, during prayer we find ourselves pouring out our hearts to the Lord about our needs, our wants and even bring request to God on the behalf of others. Many after they have made their needs known end the prayer and go on about their day. Prayer is intended to be a two way street. A conversation with our creator. Prayer is where we talk to God but meditation is where God is able to speak to us.

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think what we’ll probably get to to sum everything up is that God has been speaking the whole time it’s not about what we can do to get him to start speaking but God is speaking so we’re gonna go through some of the ways that we can quiet down and hear his voice trust me this is gonna be a good show thankful for all the patron supporters man thank you guys for supporting my work enabling me to do what I’m doing here everybody in the chatroom right now give a shout out to you guys if you want to support my work head on over to patreon comm backslash true seeker if you believe in what I’m doing and if you can support it any level of giving even at a dollar a month would be awesome you get a lot of perks by doing that you get access to my full discography of music I got 10 plus albums with music on there all the new music that I’m recording as soon as it’s done it’s uploaded to patreon you get exclusive interviews and bunch of really cool stuff you also get access to our Thursday night school of the mystic sessions which is the community aspect of the podcast so we come together and really talk about what we’re gonna be talking about today how to hear God’s voice and we practice that we practice hearing God’s voice so if you want to do that in a safe environment where it’s okay to ask questions it’s okay to learn and grow together where nobody’s gonna judge you or you’re not wrong for for not being right on or something like that it’s a really a fun experience for us to grow together and hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit speaking to us and through us so Thursday night 7:00 p.m. school of the Mystics you get access to that I’ll be by becoming a patron so backslash true seeker a bunch of cool stuff over there thank you guys for the continued support it really means the world to me thank you guys so without further ado I’m gonna go ahead and bring in our guests for today this is James rhobar James welcome to the show brother how are you I’m good today yeah your book very interesting I got a chance to breeze through some of it the the title in itself of it entitled this show God is talking are you listening I mean there’s a that you’d add in itself we could unpack a lot of questions and we’re going to I’m gonna ask you some questions I’ve got some stuff even written down here that I want to go into God is talking are you listening but before we get into the subject matter let’s just give the listeners a little bit of background about who you are what you do and where you come from if you don’t mind sure so I put all my social profiles that I’m first the son of God that’s first and foremost that’s the known who you are and then I’m a father and a husband second and so that comes in for anything and everything else I do and then besides that I’m a minister I’m a Christian author and also you can say an aspiring entrepreneur I’m kind of working on some business things on the side so I got a lot of different things going on I’m originally from Indianapolis Indiana and excuse me my voice just a little weak today sorry about that but anyway about well back in 2004 I met my wife who’s from Finland I was actually in the Army as a chaplain assistant I was serving over there on the Defense Language Institute in Monterey California and so I met my finished wife actually in a Bible study there and we decided to you know get married and live our life together and so I came here to Finland actually I live in Finland Wow and then I don’t know if I told you then I didn’t know yeah so it’s so nice interesting a surprise maybe so I’m actually seven hours ahead of your actually so yeah I live in Finland I’ve been here since kids together and not too long after when I came here we actually started a ministry together here that we’ve been doing for pretty much most of time I’ve been here it’s called Kingdom glory ministries and so we’ve been doing a lot of different events mostly small but some of a little bit larger I don’t know if you heard a David Todd Berlin from Lakeland revival we hosted in here for the revival tour some time ago and we just done different stuff prayer meetings a lot of different things but I’ve been preaching since I was 18 years old I went out right out of high school I started preaching and I’ve been pretty much to ministry some level or some capacity ever since so that’s like a row quick summary the last 25 years so I have a quick question man like what is the culture like as far as church culture is it very similar to the u.s. I mean is you know what’s what’s the differences or if there’s any I know the condition of the human heart is the same wherever you go but church culture and the way things operate is it pretty much similar country in itself it’s not about five million people so it’s much much smaller and that definitely affects things you know if you go to some Island versus New York City in terms of a country it’s a small country and and then also that this the people in general are a bit more quiet and just in general so you definitely see that in the churches you know the services are more quiet and the people are a little more reserved and and and then they’ve talked about terms of like charismatic churches you know we’re holy spirits like really moving I would say less than two percent of the population with following the net so you’re a real minority in terms of a kind of holy spirit now there are some couple larger organizations there’s the Pentecostal Church of Finland and then there’s the Free Church and there’s a few others and but I would say that there’s been some lost you know you almost kind of see it a little bit in the Methodist movement you know the Memphis started out as the premier movement of its time but you I don’t know if you necessarily would say that nowadays you know so there’s some of that here but I actually have a Facebook group called God is in Finland and one of the things I like to say is that God is in Finland and no matter where you go God is there it doesn’t matter what everybody else is doing God is there and I like to focus on that and and there are definitely some good churches here for sure there’s definitely a community of believers and there’s actually quite a lot of opportunity really spiritually I mean there’s a lot of people coming here to Finland from the state’s you got people from Bethel just all kind of people coming here mission trips and stuff so overall yeah hey James your mics cutting in and out a little bit I don’t know if it’s a move in or the cord or anything like that but uh sometimes it’ll be good and other times it’s going in and out but yeah man that’s awesome bro because the cool thing about God hearing god working with God following God is that you know we want numbers like we want you know saying the more the merrier but it says where two or three are gathered there I am in the midst of him so if you was to do a prayer meeting or an event you can have a powerful encounter with God with just you and to other people I mean you can have a powerful time by yourself but when two or three are gathered there I am in the midst this what he says and some of the most powerful times have been with really close brothers so we can just open up with and can and and confess and stuff and I’ve been able to get things out that we’ve been holding in or we can pursue God together in a righteous pursuit that we don’t get any kudos or pat on the back for being in a social environment we’re just here with one mission at hand which is to seek the face of God and to push to pray until something happens and some of those beautiful encounters man have been two or three people gathered and it have shaped a foundation of my life and when and why I’m doing what I do that’s the beautiful thing about God and having an encounter we talked to a lot of different people from different spiritual backgrounds and I mean I talked to people who you know have traveled to Peru and ayahuasca and traveled you know to have those encounters and you know all of that stuff is is good for the person wherever they are I’m not against any of that but it comes back to the simplicity that I don’t need anything that I can just be in my room and make time to pray get with God in meditation and in prayer and he’ll speak to my heart um I’ve had encounters just with Jesus man where I’m vibrating and shaking for days I feel the glory all over my body for days you know and and that’s the beautiful thing that we don’t need anything outside of ourselves that God has given us everything that we need that we are the temple that we can go in and commune with our Father in the Holy of Holies are going within and prayer so that’s the beautiful thing about what we’re doing we don’t have to force anything we don’t have to make any anything up but uh teaching people to hear the voice of God say what do you do after the encounter how do we walk it out how do we follow these encounters so that’s a good thing man I want to kind of kind of jump into some of these questions for you in I want to start off with your promo like you did a promo for your book with you you got you got like I said you got a book by the same title as this show God is talking are you listening so you did a promo and it was really cool yeah because you go on on YouTube and you have the video on you it’s just like a cell phone video and you you got the microwave on there’s stuff going on in the background you got a basketball game on turned up really loud and you’re coming with the message hey I want to talk to you today I got something to share with you in the background it’s going crazy there’s noises in the basketball game and chanting in the crowd and stuff you say hey I got a really important message for you you’re trying to deliver this message and you want to talk to the viewer but there’s something on your heart you want to share but they can’t really hear you that well they can hear you but they hear everything else as well so and you turn off the microwave you turn off the TV and you give this perfect analogy of how the voice of God is trying to communicate a very special message with us at all times but we have all of this stuff going on we got the TV we got the games we got life we got the bills sometimes the bills are louder than God you know all of these things speaking at the same time then it’s when we begin to turn off these little things and get in the the stillness or the quiet that were able to actually make sense and see what God’s trying to say to us man so that was an awesome promo you did if you want to unpack that a little bit more to be awesome well that’s kind of cool to get the feedback from that house my mic no you good yeah okay yeah I was kind of wondering because that was a little different you really see promos like that too much you know but I just like you know I need to do something you know and I just I just had that idea and I I think it does kind of illustrate that really the main point of the whole book and the microphones oh yeah you good so the the main point of the whole book and actually why the whole book was ever written was really that point right there see what happened was Suzanne I was going through a season like many people sometimes were you kind of wondering where’s God and why don’t hear him how come he’s not talking to me you know and so I was in a church meeting and I was kind of feeling like this and God just kind of reached out to me and he spoke to me and he said hmm it’s not my responsibility to make it abundantly clear to you and what I got from that it took me a while to understand what he meant by that and what I understood was is it’s like it’s not God’s responsibility to turn the microwave off it’s not his responsibility to go turn the TV off if I’m doing something to block his voice that’s not his responsibility to turn those things off that’s my responsibility to quiet the noises so that I can hear him because the thing about God is when he talks he speaks clearly God God is not the author of confusion so he doesn’t have to change something that he said because it was confusing and now he needs to make it more clear to you when he speaks he speaks clearly and if it’s not clear to you it doesn’t mean that he didn’t speak clearly it just means that you need to do something so that you can understand him that’s why Jesus spoke in parables because he only the people who had a relationship with him would understand him but those who did have relationship with him would understand him you see and so you can’t understand like God’s voice if you’re not in the word because when he talks it not make sense to you but if you’re in the word every day when he talks to you it’s going to make sense to you so I just got the message from God like hey you know I’m talking you know but are you listening you know so and I just got the inspiration to write this book and you know it’s been a really great journey for me I mean I already knew a lot about the prophetic and hearing God’s voice but going in and studying it and trying to present the information in a simple clear way that’s somebody who didn’t know anything about hearing God’s voice that they could take my book and by the end of the book they would have at least the basic understanding how to hear God’s voice and why there hearing his voice that that was my goal for this book and then that’s why I wrote the book because I wasn’t hearing God’s voice and God’s told me what I need to do I can start again hearing his voice yeah and yeah and something like that is uh it’s universal for all believers and I think there’s something some outline and things like that in the scripture for me when it comes to that like I’m really good at multitasking well I like to think I am doing multiple things at once and I can juggle all of this stuff right um but when it when it comes down to the relationship with God in that communication process I really look at it like the relationship with the spouse I mean we’re even the Bride of Christ and so this this relationship like you’re in a relationship with a human right I mean why would you do it any differently so if you honor a relationship with a partner or a friend I mean being able to multitask like my wife will be talking to me and I’ll have the radio on and I’d be in a middle of a phone call and I’m talking to my wife at the same time but I can do it and I feel like I’m good and I can get the message but it’s part of that relationship it’s like she’s like turn turn that down I’ll talk to you when you’re off the phone like I want your undivided attention like you know understand so it’s part of that of honoring God or being able to listen to clearly hear because even though I’m I think I’m good at it I’m gonna only ain’t going to the pieces that I want to hear you know what I’m saying and it’s gonna be a little bit distorted because my friends in my ear and I’m listening there’s a lyric and I’m trying to have this conversation and that’s how we most of us approach our relationship with God is that we’re trying to juggle all these things and it even opens up the door for like you don’t say meditation for me that the topic of that because I really feel like approaching God I think we’re supposed to get it you know stop thinking about the cares of the day or what we’re gonna eat tonight and all of these things and so like in a practice of meditation and prayer with the father or going into worship or anything like that I’m really keen on emptying out my thoughts and getting all those things out some in it it’s debatable in Christian circles are like oh if you empty out your thoughts you open up yourself for possession I’ve heard people say that but if we’re having a conversation out if I’m what I want to talk to you I want I want to have your undivided attention as well I don’t you know if you’re you’re thinking about what you’re doing tomorrow or what you’re gonna eat this evening or whatever I don’t really have you there so to get all of that stuff out the way and I think it’s a level of intimacy to really focus on God and hear what God has to say for us like I said it’s parallel with our relationships with our spouses and friends you know not and it said that prayer is when we talk to God right but meditation is when God talks to us it is a conversation it’s a two-way street most of us will go to God and we’ll present him with all of our worries in our baggage and hey we pray for our friends who’s going through a rough time and then that’s it and they’re done but the most powerful times I’m talking about those encounters that I’ve had with Jesus man eat with friends and small communities there’s this place where after you pray after you worship after you get in where you sit in silence just for a few minutes and I’ve seen powerful things happen whether it’s a message that comes forth in tongues but it’s like okay we’ve done our thing let’s just be quiet let’s just tarry and in our mind we can’t have dead air like having a podcast or video show dead or dead air is not good but in in that sense of this communication with God you have to be still and know that I have got to sit in silence and let God speak man and I’ve seen the power of God just just let him do his thing be quiet for a minute I know you I know you could do it I know you’re eloquent I know you got the words I know you know how to lead a service and direct the traffic of the Spirit or whatever but just be quiet and and see what happens man and like like a tornado man like Almighty a mighty rushing wind as the scripture says man comes through and God comes to and moves on on people’s hearts man changes lives in silence so that’s beautiful brother and then I totally agree that that we have to quiet ourselves and but you know one of the things I talk about the book too is God speaks in many ways and you don’t necessarily have to be quiet and that’s one of the things I talk about is to look for his voice everywhere you go so when you’re watching a movie when you’re listening to a song and you’re talking to a friend when you’re just welcome to the forest like it you will hear clearly [Music] what I think is that you will hear him more often than the other times of the day the more you take that quiet time to be with him you see so when you develop that relationship then you will hear him you hear me I can hear you just maybe tap the mic or something that’s yeah I know it’s just I can hear you and on the podcast and I can do some editing but uh we can still hear you just kind of low mic so now I hear you good it’s it’s weird it’s doing this weird like equalizing and like noise gate or something you don’t have no noise gate or any effects on it do you I can hear you good now it just kind of goes back in and out but I’ll be able to do some editing in the end so we could just keep going yeah man that’s that’s powerful too you know and I’ve got that written down because I did I did hear you say that about God speaking through everything right and you give the analogies throughout the scripture I mean man there’s just so many about God speaking through symbols speaking through stories you know I believe that you know the majority of the stories in the Old Testament are encoded with something for us you know that we can apply to our lives and that’s God speaking through the word and through analogy and through parable and things like that through in david and and you know facing your giants in you know as movies titled out facing your giants and how to do that I think King David is a perfect example of that story of how we face our fears you know and the things that looks like there’s no way we can we can overcome you know and in the same steps and things that he did to stand against this Giants we can do as well um but but talking about that like God speaking through movies that’s a big one music nature you know movies is a big one like once you are awakened what you feel with the Holy Spirit like it’s kind of hard to watch movies the same way again I remember and it gets into some weird deep stuff but I’ll when we watch movies the majority of the times I’m watching a different movie than everybody around me like the relationship I have a guy like he saw it’s naming people in the movie like a character will come and he’ll give me insight about who that is in my life or something right and it is just it’s crazy man like okay this is the Holy Spirit this is you and this fight in battle is like when you fight the Holy Spirit and I’m like in these idols and things that you’re trying to keep from God because you want your will and like I’ve been able to watch movies man and and it’s just I’m watching a different I’ll be fighting holding back tears because we’re able to hear God speaking through everything and he’s like changes the whole narrative and uses everything to speak to us and so it it comes up it comes up a whole deeper level and even if you would break that down for people like even synchronicities and stuff like that it may not have as much power for them but it’s a really a personable thing where it means something for you in that season whatever you’re going through god knows it and if it’s just that if you’re trying to run from God and he’s using a movie there’s no way you can go to get away from his presence that he loves you and he’ll chase you down and I mean you know for that relationship if I can’t have you no one else can type deal you know um but I think a lot of people on here like to hear about experiences personal encounters with God what are some of the ways that God has spoken to your heart through movies if you have any examples or whatever that’d be awesome to watch so it’s like there’s a lot of different movies I have really touched me I’m trying to think of the name of this one movie about this guy who was a abandoned as a child and he when he grew up he was in the Navy and Denzel Washington was in the movie I’m trying to think of the name of it and he had these problems and in the Navy he’s behavior problems and he went to counseling and and then he eventually went and searched out his biological parents and that really touched me because uh my my parents divorced when I was nine and uh when I was nine my father told me I wasn’t really his son and I had always thought he was so like kind of connect related with that and the same message they came in the movie I felt like giving me the same message you know yeah so I think that you can’t underestimate God’s ability to reach across anything the point I especially want want to make about this is that when people are not listening to God and when they’re not taking the time to be quiet to hear his voice and if God truly wants to speak to them then what he basically has to do is he has to go where they are and he has to speak through what they’re listening to so if they’re on their phones he has to speak to them through their phone if they’re watching movies he has to speak to them through their movies you see God God will use anything anybody anyone anyway you know I mean think about all that he did for us you know Jesus did for us you know to eternal salvation so for him to speak through a movie is like nothing for him that’s for us this might seem like a big deal it’s like well God touched me or actually even in sports there’s certain Sport figures like Michael Jordan really inspired me like like his motivation and his will to not give up you know I think God used that I think God taught me important life lessons through the people that I admired as a young man God used them to help build a foundation and me you see so sometimes God speaks in direct word or sometimes God is doing something in your life and it’s it’s like a life message just like something that it’s not it doesn’t come for a few words it comes through something that God is doing in your life and when it’s all said and done there’s a message that comes out of that you see and so God is talking that he’s talking in many different kind of ways and I think that that’s one of the big points that I try to make is you hear a lot of teaching about being quiet but if that’s the only time you hear from God if you have any time you hear from God is when it’s quiet ya know yeah definitely man any any time that you try to put a you create a formula I mean there there are formulas I believe but anything we say like this is it if you want to hear God this is the only way like he’ll be he’ll blow your mind right he speaks through everything you say speaks through nature he speaks through friends music movies and things like that the thing about the silence though I think it’s good for us in this culture is the fact that everybody’s so busy you know I have friends and and people who talk about like they don’t do the quiet time don’t give sit in silence because they have the notion that I’m always talking to God I talk to God to all throughout the day you know everywhere I’m going I’m always praying under my breath or in relationship and I am to like that spot I’m consciously aware of my relationship with my father and uh in us there’s beauty in that but there’s something special about the the secret place man is something special about getting intimate with God where I could be doing a podcast I could be writing a song I could be doing laundry but I’m gonna put this time aside and spend it with my father it’s almost symbolic for the wedding chamber but with the spouse to go to the bedroom with the spouse and become intimate and really know their heart and and I can multitask and I can have the conversation with you and I can do this but to really devote this time I think it’s something special man I really I really do think it’s something special there so it’s a little bit of all of it it’s not just you know the this is the only way or that’s the only way I think it’s a little bit of all of it is learning the way that the ways that God speaks to us and if it becomes a lot more fun when you’re out in public and random conversations God is speaking to you through these conversations and through people and through signs on billboards and all of this kind of stuff when you become so sensitive that you can hear him speaking through everything so I guess it kind of leads to an another topic of like do you think that we get better at hearing God’s voice like there’s levels to it and stuff so of anticipating God’s voice and anticipating God to use us and things like that do you think that there’s levels and we get better and do we graduate like can he if we can hear him speak in here then it’ll open up more opportunities to use us because we can hear his voice in these different places that people there can’t hear them or something absolutely I mean I totally agree with everything you’re saying I mean it’s right on it’s not one or the other and I think I would like to you know restate but I said earlier is that the more you will hear him in the quiet place the more you will hear him in the not quiet place yeah so it’s not one or the other but you definitely need this secret place absolutely there’s no question about that and I think that that’s where you you actually where you start is the quiet place is the secret place I think the point is is there people are very busy they don’t got three hours a day that they can be quiet you know there’s busy moms I mean there’s nurse single moms working two three jobs yeah hours to go to the secret place they got like an hour maybe if they’re lucky so they got to get everything that they need in that one hour and then after that whatever else God has for them they’re gonna have to get it when they’re at work when they’re doing the laundry when they’re changing the diapers and the point is is that God don’t have to stop talking to you when your secret place time means he can keep on talking to you but absolutely you need that quiet place that quiet time absolutely and if they answer your question are there levels yeah absolutely there’s levels I mean I mean you got people who don’t know anything about the prophetic just learning then you got people who they got the basics down and they’re practicing but you know they hit and miss and that’s okay I’m the first one to tell you to hit and miss because you ain’t gonna hit all the time you know that the greatest batters don’t hit 100% like in base I’m not even a big baseball fan but I know like if you bat like thirty percent that’s pretty good I know I’m more of a basketball thing yeah if you shoot like good so you’re like a good basketball player if you shoot 55 percent from the field now a gallery can be get better than 55 percent but anyway a lot of people are afraid you know to miss they’re afraid to get it wrong you know I think that’s unfortunate because there’s a lot of perfectionism in the world and there’s a lot of things that you can get perfect but trying to figure out God is it’s a lifelong journey it’s a process and sometimes you your honor and sometimes you’re not but I think there definitely are levels and I think that it’s just like anything else that the more you work at it the more you study about it the more you listen to other people talking about it I mean I have found for myself at the more just I listen to prophetic teaching the more I go to prophetic meetings that the more meetings that I watch where the culture is prophetic so it’s not just getting to a level and then you’re there it’s also about cultivating it yeah because in reality it’s really God speaking through you if you’re prophesying some it’s something that God is doing through you so it’s actually not really he doing it you’re just the channel that he’s doing it through and so all you have to do is just release yourself and yield to him which you know is it’s easier said and done but but I think that is something that’s worth pursuing for sure and I think that it’s it’s something that we can admire in those prophets those people who have went to those higher levels you know we can appreciate what they’ve done because they sacrifice together and we can learn from them you know yeah that’s a good thing too man it’s just not to be I’m descending about it because we would think that everybody like okay if you want it do it three hours a day you know what I’m saying everybody could do it like you’re right man the fact of the matter is everybody can’t do and they rely on people who do and that’s not a bad thing you know what I’m saying it for I’m I’m more along its I have to remind myself this because I’m like okay well I’m nothing special what I do you can do whoever wants it whatever you want you can do it if it’s within you and you want to cultivate that relationship and be so sensitive to the Holy Spirit and receive messages and all of this kind of stuff anybody can do it it’s true but like you said it’s not everybody’s calling to spend that much time like as people somebody some people’s calling is to be a mother who’s spending hours a day with with the children I mean I look I’ve had people in the past say stuff about my wife or whatever like he’s not as spiritual as you or she’s not on the same level if my wife was doing what I did and in in spending as much time doing this stuff you know nobody would be with my daughter to do her homework you know did the chores and things like that that she does she complements what I do you know what I’m saying so it’s how all of this stuff works together with complementing one another and so that the years in the study you know it’s not a bragging right thing you know what I’m saying um it does take years the anointing does cost and everybody’s not going to pay that price maybe they’re not called to pay that price but to really show up in the role that you play in their life whatever that may be whatever you can impart whatever you can share or encourage them in their walk but the truth is I don’t think we are special I think I think we are special everyone’s special but I don’t think it’s something that that nobody else can obtain I think that what the levels were talking about her for everybody there’s some people or profits or spiritualist who will say that you know it’s only for a chosen few and you have to you have to be chosen by God that’s true but they’re chosen by God is an inward calling I think you know it you know what I’m saying I think that you know your role I think you know your calling in your dreams and what God has placed within you to show up and to complement people where they are to help them where they are whatever level that is it brings it to a new more fun place because you don’t have to pull them up to your level you’re able to see as a seer someone who moves in a prophetic to see where they are and how you can help them maybe get to a level that you’ve been that’s a huge thing of us going through the testing and the trials and hearing God’s voice and not hearing God’s voice and lack of and things like that that were able to compliment them wherever they are so that’s beautiful to to always be conscious it’s like okay there I mean some people’s not gonna do the work some people are gonna fold under pressure that’s not their calling so to try to put our calling of being so sensitive to the prophetic realms on other people I guess that’s a that’s putting burdens on them that they’re not called to you know do I am I making sense there that’s a big one though I mean that could be the hardest part because we try to imitate Christ but in the means we’ve Church culture we’ve been imitated others in the way they do it and think that that’s how we should do it in things you know and that’s the process in my opinion a lot of teaching in the past at least has been like just do this or just figure that out and it’s not always quite as simple as some teachers and preachers make it sound to be like like knowing who you are I’m 43 years old I’m still learning about myself it’s not like you can go read a book and then you know who you are you go to the conference and then when you’re done I Know Who I am now I mean you have to learn who you are not just I mean even if God told you you would only know it on paper you see so but you wouldn’t know who you are by experience so I know that I like to play basketball because I have played basketball right I’ve went out there and I’ve done it and I discovered that oh wow when I do this I enjoy it and it’s fun but I had to go out there and I had to do it and I had to try it and that was the only way I ever knew if I would ever like basketball and if I was ever good at it and I think that’s what a lot of things you discover something about yourself you have to learn about you have to process it and then you have to figure out how far you’re going to go with it because something I like Mike Murdock says enough you know teacher Mike Murphy yeah he says just because you eat a banana I don’t mean you got to buy a banana plantation right so I don’t got to buy a whole banana plantation just because I’ve bought a banana right so I can do something I can try something I can experience something and I don’t got to be married to the thing and I think that’s also everybody’s not and furthermore I think that everyone that has a prophetic ministry doesn’t necessarily have to be a prophet exactly you can be prophetic but not necessarily have a ministry you can be called to have a prophetic ministry but not necessary called to be a prophet and then not everybody is called to be a national prophet or international prophet you know there’s levels of Prophet so where I’m at in my life I consider myself as a prophetic teacher teacher teaching as my gift that’s what I enjoy to do as well I’m gifted to do and I also know obviously writing a book about God is talking that that the idea of hearing God’s voice on being around other prophetic people but that’s an important aspect of me but it’s not the biggest part of me but it’s something that I know will always be a big part of me and what I do in my ministry I couldn’t imagine myself of being in a ministry I can’t it’s a lot of Hell so we have a lot of people in the in the comment section they wanna they said to mute the movie you were talking about is Antwone Fisher yeah okay so if anybody wants to go back and watch that movie man there’s some I want I’ve talked to people in the past home sauce is a good friend of mine he’s in the chat talking about this but I think I’ve talked to him about this like wanting to do an episode where I talk about some of those movies where you know God is speaking or they have this really deep wisdom about hearing the voice of God or or I mean even some of the deepest of angels and stuff like that that are encoded and embedded within these movies I want to like do whatever so where I talk about it but then again I don’t want to ruin it for the person like part of the magic is them experience experiencing it for themselves and not being taught I remember years ago you might have taken the analogy of the movie ants and they played it at church as a Pixar movie from like early are marching in a row in the carry and stuff food and all this and then something falls a drop of water falls in the middle of them and they stop in the ants are panic and freaking out where do I go what do I do oh my god it’s like some of you guys went and when adversity comes and hard times and suffering comes this is how you act you know what I’m saying you start freaking out and wondering wondering where’s God and stuff like that so the teachings and analogies and stuff man are throughout everything and I think you do become you get better at hearing God’s voice so you can do different levels it’s it’s communication man like a like a friend he saw a stick I’ll stick with you closer than a brother you know he’s like a best friend and yeah I think he wants to hear about your day I think he wants to know about the inner workings he already knows it but it’s part of being vocal and sharing that intimate out of you with your father and in the Holy Spirit as well and you kind of grow in that and then you become where you go you’re on a telephone conversation and God tells you to pray and the persons about to get off the phone and you ain’t prayed yet and about to hang up and then you pass a billboard that says just pray everybody we’re gonna go ahead and pray out before we get off of here I want to bless you you know what I’m saying like little things like that that I’ve seen throughout my life and it’s like being able to see God in all and then there’s a there’s a quote that says if you can’t see God in all then you can’t see God at all you know we’re talking about the music a lot of people listening to music to worship God I mean it’s a very powerful tool to get alone or get all corporate worship for that matter but using music to worship God to get in the spirit but I’ve heard a fasted music in the past you know and saying okay no music just because I’m obsessed with music I love music and and I want to make sure I can worship God without music and I’ve brought that to friends they freaked out that’s the way I worship God I could never fast music and I’m my bro if that’s the only way that you worship God is through music and we got we got bigger problems here here you know what I’m saying so it’s like it’s being able to to use all of it to hear God to commune with God and I honestly bro I really that the more you study that concept it opens up to literally everything the good the bad the ugly dry places the valley the wilderness like God is speaking through everything and through our enemies you know what I’m saying he’s trying to teach us things like I look back at my past and I ought to talk about my past a lot in demonic possession and being in the occult and stuff like that really deep and I was in a really crazy place but at this point I wouldn’t trade that for anything because there’s lessons that God communicated to me through experience like you’re saying that I can read 80 books and I’ll never graps that understanding of God’s love for me that he’s willing you know to go wherever I go to reach out to me they there’s nowhere I can in a lot of those times of seeing God in movies and stuff have been in different levels and sometimes it’s been running from God or having idolatry in my heart you know the the the deeper we grow with God he exposes every area so if you’re holding on to something too tight if you gotta let something go even for a season like God man he picks you apart man and it’s for good reason it’s not cuz he don’t want you to be happy it’s not that he wants to withhold something good from you it’s because he has something better you can’t let go of something good in order to receive what’s great and a majority of it’s like that is that we’re holding on to these things tighter and closer than we’re holding on to God and in all those situations those scenarios have played out in those movies and things like that and the dreams even in the dream realm of God’s speaking and having you know symbolic things in the dreams and and being able to understand the symbolism of not just having a bad dream or a dream that I was being attacked by a wolf or an alligator or a tornado to understand look that tornado represents my idolatry my whatever it is you’re going through your porn addiction whatever it is like it’s represented within the psyche and God uses all of it to speak that’s I really do think that’s what we everyone can be there eventually we will and it becomes deeper it becomes deeper of this you’re never alone God’s always watching he’s always speaking it’s a commits a communication process again it works both ways and so think people growing in levels and for us to be unless the thing when you never arrived and I think I’m deep I think you’re deep I think there’s a lot of people listening who they you know they resonate with what we’re talking about I guess everyday thought but there’s people who are deeper you know what I’m saying there’s people who are deeper used to fathom that you know I’m saying it’s so it but that’s a good thing it’s never I haven’t arrived a place it’s this journey that I understand that how God is speaking to me man that’s good this gives us something to look forward to as well I I think as deep as your mind can go as deep as your spirit wants you to go think you can go there if you can imagine it if you can fasten them it you can you can embody it and walk and walk in it I don’t think there’s any limits to God man I really good stuff you know one of my favorite scriptures is that the scripture says that God is exceedingly and abundantly able to do above all that you can ever ask or think so that that’s a powerful statement if you think about it what it means is whatever you can imagine in your mind God is not just able to do more than that he’s exceedingly and abundantly able to do more than that yeah there’s no count but with four beyond our comprehension that the Bible is basically saying that we we can’t actually fathom how awesome he is and what he’s able to do and the point is that he can speak to us in in any kind of a way um you know there’s the song that says oh love is all around you you know love is not going outside your door so uh I don’t know if that’s even a Christian song it doesn’t matter that’s this with this the topic though that God can use whatever he wants to use you know but actually God take that song and communicate a message to me that that because the Bible says yeah and God is knocking on your door so he’s all around you these is everywhere and he’s knocking on your door yeah man that’s that’s a deep revelation you know what I’m saying that really is to understand that God is love and no matter that every good and perfect gift comes from above anything good anything noble anything true in your life is a part of God and because everything is a part of God I even think the dark times are a part of God you know what I’m saying I think that everything that we go through he is the author and finisher man that you nothing happens by mistake and he uses all of our everything for his glory or even if we call us it upon ourselves now we can get into that but he uses it all and he speaks through it all we were just talking about this the other day on our school of the mystic session that using secular music man I mean there’s so many secular songs that um that God speaks through and you know and people want to everybody has their way of Iturbide say well that you know that person was supposed to be a worship leader but they were making music for the devil but it just comes out I’ve heard all kinds of weird theology behind it but it comes down to the fact that that song wouldn’t even have been birthed if that person was living a different life or whatever we look at Morningstar ministries you speak about the prophetic I mean they’ve been known for taking secular songs and remaking them and using the same courses they I mean they did a lot of Beatles stuff a lot of seventies music I was huge in the Morningstar back in the day and uh yeah just the message a lot of this stuff is universal you know it but in Christendom we kind of had this weird thing about the messenger we exhaust the messenger over the message you know what I’m saying and it really comes down to the message of love of acceptance of knowing who you are in Christ and and finding out and exploring the depths of that like I said I don’t think we’ll ever reach a pinnacle I think it continues to grow it’s we’ve exposure we’ve experienced things that are some people may never experience that’s deep man and they don’t have to though that’s another thing to be okay with that you don’t have to go and show them these great mysteries and revelations of the kingdom that God has has given you because you asked I think that’s the you know ask seek knock and as as far as your mind will allow you to go god uses your imagination he uses your thoughts I mean the whole battle of good and evil in demonic possession and entities and all of this stuff is a battle for the mind of ungodly beliefs and stinkin thinking and false realities and things like that that we’ve accepted and lies about ourselves that we’ve thought to be truth you know what I’m saying we get to the bottom of that stuff it all takes place within the psyche and there is no there’s no limit to that and that’s that should encourage you because once you feel like you’ve you’ve hit a plateau that there’s still greater levels man and and I don’t know that that’s that even should be the pursuit but it’s there to know that whatever you’re seeking you can find it and that’s just the laws of the universe that whatever you look for you’re gonna find if you look for the good in everything you’re gonna find it if you look for the bad and the devil and the evil and everything demonic and all of this up you’re gonna find it it’s there whatever you’re looking for you will find and so that’s part of communicating with God I’ll say what does the scripture say you say if we want to hear what God’s saying we can always go back to the word and the scripture says hey whatever whatsoever is pure whatsoever is good whatsoever is noble think on these things entertain your mind with these thoughts for a reason you know what I’m saying because we’re gonna begin to see that it’s going to shape the way that we’re able to perceive ourselves God our brothers and sisters in the world around us and we can see people like God sees them and that’s always been my biggest prayer is God let me see these people how you see them don’t don’t let me get away from my judgments and how I feel and my bigotry and all of what I think how it should be let me see these people how you see them and then we’re able to move into a state of compassion and we learn and we grow from experience and it just gets deeper and deeper and deeper somebody mentioned the sanctification process and that’s really it I’m just going these deeper and deeper deeper levels with God where you go as deep as you want to go at the end of the day if you want to hear his voice close than a friend you want to hear him you want to know his heart beat like it’s there it’s available without shotover doubt you know when you’re talking I’m getting revelation it’s like you’re you’re mentioning things that either think okay maybe I should have not like when you talk about God speaks to the pain I didn’t really talk about that much in my book but it’s true like God doesn’t just speak through the movies yeah I could speak in the movies with the sad endings too and God can speak through the pain and the sorrow and I think he does is not just he can I think he I think actually that’s what he’s trying to do yeah that’s what accounts the most man yeah he’s he’s not trying to hurt us right he’s not this evil god it just gets the kid watching her suffer he’s preparing us and he’s taking us through something you know Davis oh yeah though I walk through the valley yeah and it’s not yea though I walk to the valley it’s the valley is not the point it’s it’s I’m walking through the valley because there’s something on the other side that God has for me and I mean he wants to teach me in the valley because there’s something on the other side that I will need to learn in the valley before I can truly appreciate understand that I wouldn’t be able to unless I walk through the valley so I mean that’s that’s a really good point right there right that guy doesn’t just speak through the good things he thinks he speaks to the pain and the suffering and things like that and the mistakes I mean more I talk about a more excited I get about it because it’s like when you realize how much God is is he actually really talking when you understand how creative he is and how much effort he puts to communicate to us you know it’s really mind-boggling really when you think about there’s this God who created the whole world and there’s 7 billion people in the world and he’s going to actually take time to craft the special message just for you and he’s going to go out of his way to get that message to you I think that’s powerful yeah man definitely um talking about there’s so many different places we can go I just want to make sure I keep them because I don’t want to open up something that’s gonna think it’s a long time to unpack but understanding God speaking through the good thing and we can hear the voice of our Father and the scripture literally says that my sheep know my voice this is Jesus speaking my sheep know my voice in a stranger’s voice they will not follow part of learning to hear the voice of God is learning to hear the other voices – and and being able to discern which is which and which is a good idea you have a lot of people and this this really I’m studying this I’ve got some teachings and stuff I’m just really deeper there’s a lot of people who God told me this God told me that and they supposed to get a pass you know what I’m saying because the Holy Spirit who are you to question what the Holy Spirit told me um and it’s contradicting things that God is telling other people what God told me this and he told you that and it’s bringing up a schism and a conflict between us somebody’s lying one of us is lying or one of us has missed a mark or one of us is there’s something to that and I don’t we don’t have to really unpack that too much but understanding when the enemy is speaking I believe in God’s sovereignty to a level that I understand that God uses the devil God uses every circumstance and situation I don’t think that there’s something that happen like you know what I messed up I went down this road for four years and but if we learn what well you know what caused us to go down that road the entities we were dealing with the heartache we cost other people like you learned from that stuff and God uses that to build character in you so that when you’re you have a big ministry or a platform in that same temptation or folly is coming you’ve already learned because you’ve been down through there and you’re not gonna make that mistake again that’s how you learn from those situations and I think that God orchestrates that stuff man that’s the beauty and sovereignty of who he is but understanding that you don’t have to all at every pitfall you don’t have to be blown around by every wind of doctrine just to go down through there and learn now there’s times and seasons for all of this stuff I think but you don’t have to fall to the tricks of the enemy and to compromise and selling yourself short and maybe this is a hold another book for you cuz it’s kind of the you know I think for one thing to be true I think for your book to be true in this in this concept we’re tackling for God to speak to us I think the opposite has to be true as well I think that there has to be places where the enemy is trying to speak into our lives and trying to lie to us and deceive us and you’re not good enough and the fee your broken your has been you used to be a powerful man of God now you’re you fallen you know what I’m saying all of these type of things man that that we deal with you know I’ve not deal with even to this day like I still have to prophesy over myself and over my vision and stay true to the path that God has called me to I have naysayers I have YouTube commenters like all kinds of stuff that comes with the territory but you have to know your vision and if it’s see it through and it’s nobody else’s job to do it they’re here one day they’re gone the next and that will preach in itself but understand the man the voice of the enemy do you do you have any experience with that with understanding the voice of the enemy speaking to you and how to discern between the two ways if you’re hearing from God or not and so it could take a while to go through all that there’s like a self-check you can’t just assume that you’re hearing from god yeah as people who think like that man because that was the every movie it’s just the end of that particular scene you know you know it’s always second at all just because things went good for them what if they made part two maybe in part two he’s yeah you can’t take too much one of the things I talk about in the book is that that the number one thing is in agreement and that’s a pretty easy one because all you need to do is is this do some research and you can confirm most things just do the Word of God you know what good sound biblical principles are you know that can take care of a lot of things right there no that’s good man yeah no that’s good you know that part too and so I learning from your own mistakes is always big but you can never you can never stop there you have to learn from the mistakes of an of others and I think that I think there’s a proverb on that of being able to you know I’m saying watch somebody a fool fall into all of these temptations and troubles and trials and things like that and if you respond the same way or you pursued the same things probably gonna have a similar end so like we were saying if there’s if that’s true if that’s his fate if you smoke crack every day you’ll start robbing people you’ll start like there’s there’s fruit in consequences that comes with every action and decision that we make so you don’t have to go out there and learn from from that when you present it and this is a blunt but if you presented with smoking crack or drug drug use or alcoholism whatever it is you can look at someone else’s life who’s been down through there in that path and you can say no I don’t I don’t want that for myself you know what I’m saying I want something something something something better something greater from for myself for my family for my kids and you don’t have to actually go down through there to learn I think that’s part of the whole alchemy of it all this week we learn from our own mistakes but we can learn about watching others and other people fall into dangers and temptations man um you know with that with with the allegory and the meanings behind that I have a lot of people who have seen my story and they learn from the experiences I mean that’s why we’re doing this type of podcast as to let people know like look this is what’s working this didn’t work please don’t do this if you do you’re gonna fall into a pit if you do these spirits accompany this lifestyle or whatever the case is and I have a lot of friends who who have learned a lot by watching my life and pitfalls and and the good things as well and seen me get back up and they true to who I am and and if you do this or if you I’m even in church culture man I have friends who and they it’s hard for them to be a part of a lot of it too because you have to be someone else a lot of times like if you believe something else or you whatever you’re gonna you know people are gonna respond differently you know not to go into a lot of detail but I have friends who to this day they say look man I’ve seen what happened to you and I don’t want that to happen to me man you know what I’m saying like they’re just straight up with it and in that’s wisdom though this wisdom to learn from everything not just the good not just the bad not just what happens to us but what happens to people around us you know it’s it’s whatever seeds you’re sowing you’re gonna reap eventually you know that’s that’s Scripture um I have one more question man I just want to get your take on this this is something that I’ve been addressing on a few different podcasts you know I do a lot of different spirituality and talks with people of all walks of life and uh so I’ve had a chance of people when we use the word God there’s a lot of people in spirituality who don’t like the word god I think because it reminds them of church or biblical principles that maybe they’re running away from you know what I’m saying this type of understanding but I like to term god that’s just a term obviously his name’s not God I mean we refer to I mean that’s a is the word God is used referring to all types of things in the Bible that isn’t God you know and that’s a whole nother study in itself but to use the word God I think it’s for us of a father figure it’s more of a personable thing that a God who like we’ve been talking about having a conversation with the creator and him speaking back to us as we’re in prayer and things and hearing the voice of God speak to us people want to use terms like Source Energy the universe lined this up and like I said I’m cool with those words I can resonate I think God is all of those words honestly but it’s something personable about God and I guess in hearing the voice of God in conversation format not just being influenced by nature I mean that’s part of it of the way he speaks but in an intimate way what why is that important and unpacking that that God cares about you like why would you you named your book God is talking are you listening can God talk what are some biblical instances that God actually cares you know that you’re going through this hardship that you’re going through this trial those type of things so I preference it that way because I’ve been having this conversation a lot so do you have it would you unpack that a certain type of way of God being personable and caring what kind of father doesn’t talk to his children you know I would argue that you’re not hearing the voice of God then you don’t either II don’t have a relationship at all where it’s a very very immature very weak relationship just like you would say any child that’s never hearing from their parents you know on a scale of 1 to 10 how would you rate that relationship not very high so God has always wanted to talk to us and he I mean if you think about Adam and Eve he talked to them all the time and when we go to heaven we’re gonna be there right there with them when Jesus was on earth he was talking to disciples all the time he was teaching them like the idea that God would want to talk to us I don’t know why it’s so strange to people in many churches it is you know it’s like when you start getting people prophesying and say God told me this then they get all weird it out and they think we’re something wrong with you I mean well why is that strange can I ask you a question like why is it strange that we would think that God would want to talk to us you know to me I think it’s just a strange concept I know I know you understand this I know you’re trying to do you’re trying to put it in perspective with your listeners and stuff because it is a common issue I mean there are a lot of churches that are very prophetic and they’re not yeah that’s funny because I was preferencing that not even about churches you know I’m saying but you’re right I mean there’s a ton of churches who think you know they believe in you know I’m with the Costas a shit cessation ilysm which is or cessation which is that the gifts of the spirit died in that that was a seals book and God doesn’t God only speaks through the word and there you and you know that which is perfect has come next which is the Bible they believe and if you want to hear God speak read the Bible that God doesn’t impress putting impressions on your heart I mean the whole job of the Holy Spirit is to teach you there was the Holy Spirit teaching is it still comforting if so how does that feel is that our relationship so there’s a lot of even Christian churches who don’t even believe in I think they think that that conversation is heretical you know what I’m saying that God still speaks today you know they think that the book is closed but obviously that’s not the case and I think that they think that you know I’m saying miracles are done away with and God doesn’t heal that God doesn’t oh it’s almost sounds like he doesn’t care you don’t I’m saying it kind of implementing that but if you want the answer is just go to the Bible and that’s it but it’s not a personable relationship but I honestly think that the majority of those people who believe that come from the place of where the scripture says that D signs shall follow them that belief and it talks about asking out demons healing people performing miracles all of these supernatural feats will accompany the believer and they haven’t seen that in their life but they’re saying if I’m not walking in this and this isn’t operating the best way to explain it is that it doesn’t exist right I really think that a lot of them come from that but it’s funny though because I it’s not funny it’s actually sad but I was preferencing from like a spirituality mindset but it really comes back to the church as well well I mean the church if the church fails then we’re in a sad place and and the church has failed in many ways but there is still a remnant there still they Church of Jesus Christ that still is alive today but if you took those people away if you took us away those who actually believe that God’s peace and this would be literal hell on earth because what you see is people going out and shooting a bunch of kids up in a school they are people who have never experienced the level god oh and they have been raised by people who have never experienced the Loden ground and they’ve been surrounded by people they have never heard the voice of God and so if you’re not hearing God’s voice then there’s there’s other voices talking and they’re gonna try to get in your head and it won’t be hard to do if you’re watching solo and you know all these horror movies they I mean you will hear the voice of the enemy if you’re allowing certain sounds in your ears and you’re letting certain influences come into your soul if you’re gonna hear that voice and what’s that voice going to tell you what’s that voice going to lead you to do he might lead you to go out and shoot a bunch of people or or maybe not so bad he might just lead you to shack up with somebody and never go to church anywhere and you know maybe get high and then call yourself a Christian he might lead you to do that I know what he wanted you to do is to teach people how to hear the voice of God to teach people about the love of God and what he won’t do is he won’t teach you how to heal people and set people free from demons I mean the devil is not going to teach you how to do that and that’s why you see churches and you’re right that’s not just churches because there’s all kind of people in the world but ultimately there is one Lord there is one faith there’s one baptism of all you know Jesus Christ is the way and you know another thing and one of my favorite scriptures too is Jesus says apart for me you can do nothing so I’m why do why would we think we could accomplish anything especially in the spirit room when the only true spirit why would we think we can somehow accomplish something apart from him when Jesus said his own mouth that apart from him we can do nothing you know I know it for a lot of people it’s more about experience because if you’ve never actually been around somebody who’s actually heard the voice of God then it’s just a theory and it doesn’t mean that they don’t believe it it’s just it’s like there’s people if you ask them do you believe God can heal people do you believe God would raise somebody from the dead they would say yeah I believe that I believe God can do that well have you ever seen it no do you know anybody no have you ever been in a meeting No so in theory they believe it but they haven’t actually seen it experienced and when you actually see something you actually experience it it just changes you and now you’re no longer believing it based on your own experience and and your experience is what’s going to ultimately change you and just reading the Bible alone you know I can’t just read about in the Bible that corniest got saved and you know I can’t just read about that he got a vision I need to have it for myself you know I can’t just read about the day of Pentecost I need to receive those of her for myself yeah you see me yeah especially man was like you don’t send a new age and stuff too because they’re doing it they’re healing people they’re removing negative entities and unclean spirits off of people like do they get to have all the fun you know what I’m saying like no it’s not it’s not you know I’m saying so those people who are in those type of churches or congregations children are having it encounters children are having experiences with God with entities in their room in the middle of the night like that stuff is still happening man that stuff didn’t it’s not a fairy tale you know what I’m saying like these churches would like what do we do those people don’t get to have all the fun it is something very real and if the church Shh doesn’t address it which a lot of them are trying to especially the charismatic ones but if they don’t address this kind of stuff then well they don’t have the answers there then they’ll run to someone who does and the new-age community will embrace them with arms wide open you know what I’m saying is so we as believers that’s why I’m doing the work I’m doing now you know what I’m saying I’m trying to give you a biblical looking at some type of biblical reference to a lot of the spirituality and he’s and things that even kids are experiencing whether it’s demonic whether it’s godly whether it’s angelic or whatever and have some type of biblical reference or frame or the problem there is that a lot of the churches would just demonize anything that they can’t really accept shua lies in the Bible or they can’t say this is it and they can’t put a finger on it some of this stuff is weird you know what I’m saying it when we get into the deep runs of the prophetic and understanding angels and spirits and impressions and stuff like that I really believe when the Bible says that the Spirit of the Prophet is subject unto the prophets you go to a pastor and say hey guys this is going on in my life they’re not a lot of them I gonna know what you’re talking about you need to go through someone who has the experience a prophet who has been there who knows how hard it is it’s some of these dreams and visions are not like cookie cutter on Sunday Church stuff some of it is of like whatever you’ve entertained the movies God uses that stuff man whatever you’re entertained we’re talking about like hearing those voices and seeing and repeating those visions it’s garbage in garbage out God can use whatever is in our life whatever we entertain that stuff’s gonna come back up but the music that we’re listening to it’s gonna come back up that’s why we’re supposed to listen to good decent uplifting music that helps us watch try to watch good movies that uplift us and help us and thank God that God is moving through Hollywood and I don’t know if those people knew it when they were writing these movies or God just has his way of using all things to bring himself glory because he is in all things I’m not really sure how that works but it does work so that’s that’s the thing about it about just being able to see God in all of it and entertain the good stuff versus the bad and you know we have to we have to we have to we have to step up as a church man and people who bear the light of Christ and really go places that you know we were told not to go or places that other people were scared to go I found there’s a lot of people there they have questions that God loves men you know and in every circle there’s people in the New Age circles there’s people in Islam God has to send people I think into those those realms man to reach them within speak their language or call people out of it and then send them back with however he does it he does it definitely but gods hardest for Humanity for every single person noting it and that’s he loves you regardless of anything man so brother it’s been a good talk go ahead and let everybody know where they can check out your book where they can purchase your book let them know where they can check out that promo video as well on your youtube channel because it’s a cool little video guys make sure y’all check it out support this brothers work go buy his book share the links with everybody where they can do that easiest thing is just go James Robert and it’s changed and there’s a link to my youtube channel from there and of course we just go to youtube type the name James Robert you can find that video there and then same with the book you there’s a link that goes to Amazon from my website or if you want to just find me straight from Amazon you can just type man named James Robert has been Derek and thank you for having me here and be nice to you know maybe sometime I’m actually going to be in the States that was so I do better get back from time to time and I’m gonna also go back and watch some of your old shows I mean just discovered you know a little while back man this is really interesting god I hear he’s got some interesting stuff here and I just appreciate the opportunity to come and share and I hope that once you’ve listened that you’re encouraged that God does speak and he he is listening to you as well that’s a whole nother subject [Laughter] [Music] yeah brother thanks for coming or we’ll have to do it again soon and uh a lot of pee you know the the information did not fall upon deaf ears I’m just looking in the comment section as we’re live a lot of people are resonating with what you’re saying and being open before God so that’s good and then on the podcast and people listening on the podcast you already know that his word does not come back void so if you’re teaching biblical truth it’s not falling upon deaf ears man appreciate you for coming on dude we’ll do it again soon man thank you so much all right so i’m salaam peace James Rober ladies and gentlemen yep good good interview man I mean it opens up so much so many doors for discussion about uh God speaking to us and God using everything and you know that’s that’s definitely what I believe we’ve seen it happening with movies like he’s talking about unpacking God using everything if you can’t see God at all you can’t see God at all it’s about listening to his voice honing in on his voice and following that voice still small voice you know um shout out to everybody holding us down in the chat room Christy man I see Christy sitting here Christy folks he’s saying her story in the chat man there’s some deep stuff man said God called her out of a life of addiction and sin and said that she heard God’s voice speak the loudest when she was shooting cocaine in her veins and said that God called her out of that once she heard God’s voice she never looked back said it if you don’t stop doing this you’re gonna die in Sochi gave her life to God then left the city and has been changed ever since a powerful man powerful testimonies man that God is is willing to reach down to speak to any of us wherever we are and and you know I have a very similar encounter counter to that of God speaking through substance or going to use substance and warning you you know what I’m saying this not everything is good you know I’m saying so just because there’s grace doesn’t mean that we can go out and do these type of things but I want to touch on something real quick just to let everybody know kind of an an announcement for those of you who don’t follow me on Facebook and things like that cuz obviously I’m the most active on Facebook I don’t discord – we’ve been having some really good conversations on discord through chat a lot of us are having conversations throughout the day a text messaging and there’s also voice chat on discord if you want to contact us throughout the week and just stay in community discord is a perfect way to do that so that link is in the description you can download it on your phone and you can download it on the computer as well so when I have free time I jump in there and hang out with everybody but that’s the community aspect of it as well um but I wanted to touch on let everybody know that I’m gonna be doing a music video here soon and for those of you who want to be in the video you can we’re gonna be doing a video to our song I am which is on the new album seer so if you haven’t heard that song you can go to youtube and just type in IM c or true seeker and it’ll come up and if you want to be in the video we’re gonna try to put all of our fans submitted videos so if you want to record yourself singing the song trying to do as much as the song as you can whether it’s rapping the verses or singing the hook the hook is very simple you don’t even have to actually sing it you can lip-sync it lip-sync sing it and send it to us that way but we’re gonna be putting together a video with all of our fans in that song so that’d be really cool I posted just the idea on Facebook and had a lot of people respond how to overwhelming response so we’re gonna do that I’ll put the info on my website so you go to true Seger comm check over there I’ll put that info at the top we’ll probably give it about a month or so just a couple weeks for people to submit it or maybe just to the end of the month they’ve got about 17 18 days or so to do it I think that might be enough so if you want to be in the video we’ll give you the chance to do that you can use your cell phone all that cool stuff so that is something that we’re working on let everybody know too that thank you for the donations and everything because I’m now caught up on the podcast we’re only like just a few days behind so that’s how it should be and after tomorrow or the day after after this week we’ll be caught up like we’ll be in front a day so you won’t be listening to this on the podcast to end and hearing information that was from three weeks ago it’s gonna be in real time for you if you’re listening to these shows as they come out huge shout out to everybody listening on the podcast and the numbers are still increasing we got the number one spot on iTunes for a couple weeks straight under top podcast and it’s still continuing to grow the numbers are increasing man it’s very encouraging and so welcome all the new people who were hanging out there’s something that you guys resonate with here so it’s really cool to to meet all of you guys everybody reaches out whether it’s through patreon or through discord or facebook Messenger chat all that stuff it’s really cool seeing all these new people so hanging out James is in the chat now guys make sure y’all follow his channel you can right-click on his name if you’re listening live you can go to his channel and subscribe make sure y’all watch that video I really enjoyed it too man it’s about personal relationship it’s about growing with God going in God hearing the voice of God speaking and getting deeper and I really want to put the emphasis on it’s like whatever you can imagine whatever level that you see in your heart because we see I mean we have dreams and visions of healing people right and it can become a reality healing people here in God speak to us moving in the spirit whatever vision that you have for your life that you can obtain that and walk in that so with that being said I think we’re pretty much caught up on other so there’s a lot of cool stuff happening new interviews just up with Philip J watt with the mad magic podcast I was on his show and it was really good Chris Bosh told me he told me it was really good I went back and listened to it and it was a good thing because I was able to open up more than I usually would on I guess this podcast just because I was product with some questions and stuff and stuff prod is not a good one he asked really good questions that was able to get me to go into depth about the psyche about God about the gospel and many things so you hear some stuff on his show that you probably should hear so make sure y’all go listen to that episode as well just type in true seeker Philip J white mad magic podcast that’s on YouTube and all over the place look it up it’s good stuff really good so with that being said I’m going to say peace and Shalom I will be back live Thursday I’ve been busy been working on a lot of stuff here and working on some websites for some people some some pastor friends of mine and some artists and stuff so I’ve been busy with that also still getting ready to finish up some of these teachings and stuff as well that I’m doing so if it’s gonna be out there soon I’m gonna read through some of these questions Chris bosses just stay live ah thank you for the ago I passed the comment but they said they just started listening to my music and found the podcast and they’re grateful so yeah thank you for the support thank you for hanging out with me if anybody has any questions let me know and I’ll try to answer them if not I’m gonna go ahead and get off of here I’ll go live Pablo with a Q&A I’m thinking about doing that on maybe Mondays I don’t know we’ll see but uh there’s some things that I like to address that uh more interactive with the community aspect of it than just on the podcast so with that I’m gonna say peace and Shalom man I think you guys would do it again very soon Thursday even the long Shalom peace [Music] [Music] well then does it for this episode folks to hear more episodes of the truth seeker podcast head over to Jessica calm and if you’re wanting to support the show and get rewards go to our patreon page at forward slash truth seeker [Music]

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