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In this episode TruthSeekah speaks with James Robor about listening to the voice of God that is speaking to the hearts of each and every one of us. During the interview James gives and overview of his new book entitled God Is Talking, Are You Listening? Throughout the discussion James gives a synopsis of each chapter going depth of ways that each one of can learn to hear the voice of God. God speaks through the Holy Bible which is inspired directly from the Holy Spirit but there are many other ways that God speaks to his people today. One great way for us to learn how He speaks is to look at the examples left for us within the context of scriptures. God speaks with a still small voice at times, with a inward nudging or knowing that is referred to as a “quickening” within the Bible. He also speaks throughout creation. The scriptures are littered with texts about how God speaks through the elements, the sun,moon, stars and even says that the heaven declare or speak of the glory of God. This brings us back to the topic God is Talking, Are You Listening? We must simply be still and know God but many of us find ourselves too busy to be quite for a moment to let God speak and He has been communicating with us since the beginning. It is said that if you cannot see God In All then you cannot see God AT ALL. This is very true, during prayer we find ourselves pouring out our hearts to the Lord about our needs, our wants and even bring request to God on the behalf of others. Many after they have made their needs known end the prayer and go on about their day. Prayer is intended to be a two way street. A conversation with our creator. Prayer is where we talk to God but meditation is where God is able to speak to us.



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