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Everyone remembers The God Warrior Marguerite Perrin from ABC’s television show Trading Spouses. Yes, she was The God Warrior Lady that had somewhat of a breakdown after being placed in a home of Wiccans and forced to participate in Solstice ceremonies and psychic readings.  Many people had a good laugh at her breakdown when she got back home to her family and tried to tell them of her traumatic experiences.  Her rant about the demonic practices and witchcraft quickly became a viral sensation.  I had the chance to meet her at her home in Louisiana when she invited me over for a cookout. I thought I’d be in the presence of a hardcore bible thumper, but in the end she turned out to be a laid back, fun loving, mother enjoying her life and family. Many of us have been pushed to the edge, but to see how she is able to laugh at all of the scrutiny and internet jokes shows us how we shouldn’t take ourselves too seriously.  All in all I had a great conversation with Marguerite and look to meet up with her soon and share some more stories.