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Everyone remembers The God Warrior Marguerite Perrin from ABC’s television show Trading Spouses. Yes, she was The God Warrior Lady that had somewhat of a breakdown after being placed in a home of Wiccans and forced to participate in Solstice ceremonies and psychic readings.  Many people had a good laugh at her breakdown when she got back home to her family and tried to tell them of her traumatic experiences.  Her rant about the demonic practices and witchcraft quickly became a viral sensation.  I had the chance to meet her at her home in Louisiana when she invited me over for a cookout. I thought I’d be in the presence of a hardcore bible thumper, but in the end she turned out to be a laid back, fun loving, mother enjoying her life and family. Many of us have been pushed to the edge, but to see how she is able to laugh at all of the scrutiny and internet jokes shows us how we shouldn’t take ourselves too seriously.  All in all I had a great conversation with Marguerite and look to meet up with her soon and share some more stories.

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Yo What’s Up Guys On This Episode Of The Podcast I’m Speaking With Marguerite Perrin Of Abc’s Show Trading Spouses Yes She Is The God Warrior Lady You See All The Memes And All The Sound Bytes And Things Like That It’s Been Going On For Years Ever Since The Show Aired Probably The Most Popular Episode That They Had On That Show And I Actually Had The Chance To Meet Her About Ten Years Ago When I Was Doing Gospel Rap Music I Went To Louisiana For A Concert And I Called Her Because Her Number Was In The Phone Book I Looked It Up I Wanted To Get A Picture I Wanted To Get An Autograph And I Called Her She Said That She Would Meet Up To Do It And I Called Her Like The Next Day To See If She Would Meet Up After The Concert And Instead Of Come And Meet Me Some Somewhere She Invited Me And My Friends To Her House For A Cookout And It Was Like Wow So We Get There And It’s The Same House From The Television Show Trading Spouses And It Was So Surreal We Walked Inside We Got To Meet Her And Her Family Everybody Who Was On The Show Really Crazy Time So We Talked About That And We Talked A Little Bit About Just Catching Up About The History Of Where She’s From Ponchatoula Louisiana That’s Why I Grew Up At And I Was A Little Surrounding Cities So We Kind Of Go Back Into Some History About That And So Yeah I Hope You Guys Enjoyed This Episode The Sound Quality Was A Little Bit Bad So I Tried To Do Some Editing Because There Was Some Overlay On Our Conversation So I Would Finish A Question And She Didn’t Hear Me And It Would Come Through Later And It Would Lag So We Were Over Talking Each Other A Lot I Tried To Do Some Editing So Hopefully You Guys Can Understand What’s Going On I Hope You Guys Enjoy It And Subscribe To The Podcast Peace Truth-seeker And/or Its Affiliates Are Not Responsible For Any Strange Phenomena That May Occur During Or After Listening To This Podcast Which May Include The Following Heightened Senses Of Awareness Psychic Abilities Ufo Sightings Alien Contact Time Loss Out-of-body Experiences Ringing In The Ears Esp Lucid Dreaming Increasing Chronicity Astral Projection Telepathy Stronger Intuition Levitation Miraculous Healings And All Remote Viewing Please Be Advised To Listen Enjoy A Decision [music] What You [music] [music] Chauncy [music] Spiritual Ladies And Gentlemen Welcome Back To Another Exciting Episode Of The Truth Seeker Podcast I’m Excited To Be Live With You Guys Tonight And That’s One Thing About The Podcast We Go Laughs So That We Can Over To Open Up The Phone Lines And If Anybody Has Any Questions Any Requests Or Anything Like That You Guys Can Call In The Number Is Streaming Across The Bottom Of The Screen On All The Platforms And It’s Also In All The Description So If You Have A Question For Me You Guys Want To Call In I Get Messages From You Guys All The Time Throughout The Week So If You Guys Want To Say Hello Call In Tonight Is The Night To Do That We Are Available So Gonna Have An Awesome Podcast Tonight As Always I Love To Speak To Interesting People And I Like To Mix In The Message Of Spirituality And Awakening And Religion And Things Like That We’d Love To Talk About These Topics On The Show So Tonight It’s Gonna Be The Same Thing We’re Gonna Be Covering The Same Ground And Tonight’s Show Is A Little Bit Different We Got A Special Guest And I’m Gonna Go Ahead And Bring Her On And We’re Gonna Be Speaking With Margaret Margaret Perrin From Abc’s Trading Spouses Aka The God Warrior How Are You Doing Marguerite Oh Yeah Down Here In The South With All The Humidity And The Mosquitoes Right It’s Terrible Yeah That’s One Thing About Going Up North I Like It Even Just A Couple States Just Going Up North It The Weather Just Feels A Hundred Percent Better Even Just Going To Like Atlanta Or Something It Feels Totally Different Than Being Down Here Alabama Louisiana Mississippi So I Want It To Be Before We Get Into The Interview And We Get Into The Discussion Tonight I Wanted To See If You Remember Me Because It’s Been About 10 Years Now And I Come I Called You Up And Wanted To Get An Autograph I Wanted To Get A Picture With You In An Autograph I Had A Concert In Louisiana And I Went Down There To See My Family Because We’re Originally From Ponchatoula As Well And I Went Down There And I Hit You Up And You Invited Me And My Friends Over For A Cookout I Was Doing Kristen Ralph I Didn’t Know This Until Writing I Know It’s Terrible Terrible Terrible Now That You Say It It Like That’s The Evening Yes I Remember Now So I Came Over To Tell Me That Yeah You Gave Me A Cd Yeah Music Yeah Yeah Yeah We Actually Played That To Do Some Across The Floor Warmups One Year So There’s Our Second Year Here So We Did Use That I Didn’t Know That Was You But Nice To See You Again I Know I Look Totally Different I Look Totally Different It’s Been It’s Been Over 10 Years Yeah Cool It Would Have Sucked If You Did It Would Have Shocked About Hey You Don’t Know No I Had To Tell My Husband Barry He Did Because He’s Got A Great Memory And When He Saw You While Ago He Never Said Nothing So He Doesn’t Remember You Either You Look You Look Different Totally Different Got Away Yeah She Still Likes Oh God Oh God No I Was Gonna Say We Had A Good Time Hanging Out With You That Day I Was Telling My Friends We Were Coming Over To Meet You Yeah That Was Like That Was Like Fun Mom Yeah We Cook For You That We Cook Yeah We Yeah You Guys You Guys Had A Cookout And We Come Over There Tore It Up I’m Still Living In The Same Place Yeah Well We Same House Same Everything It’s Just Uh We Actually Have A Have A Dance To Go An Hour Away From My Home Meal A Little Bit In A Different Direction Barry He Was The Came Over He Came Over And He Had The Cd And It Was Like I’ll Bet You’ll Remember Me Now That Just Brings Back Memories He’s Sneaky He Didn’t Tell Me That Yeah Do That Again Definitely So I Was Telling All My Friends That You Know We Were Going Over To Meet You And Nobody Believed Me Because Everybody Had Seen The Show And As I Do You Know We’re Going Over There To Hang Out We’re Gonna Go We’re Gonna Go Meet Her They’re Like No We’re Not And If We Pull It Up In The Driveway And It’s The Same House From The Tv Show And They’re Like Oh My God We’re Actually Here So Yeah Funny Because One Of The Camera People Upstairs In The Bedroom Well The First Show Well You Know I Kind Of Like Scared But She Put Scared Camera Girl Okay So When We Did The Second Show She Came Back So I Have Heard Her Name Autographed In My House So It’s Kind Of Cool Actually I Ran Into I Just Got A Little Note From A Guy That Was One Of The Camera Crew Guys And He Was Gonna Be In New Orleans And He Said Haven’t Seen You In About 11 Years You Remember That I’m The Mormon Guy That Was In One Of The Production Crew Back In Boston And I’d Love To See You Again So Anyways Little Pleasant Surprise I Had You And Him In The Same Week So It’s Kind Of Cool Yeah That’s Awesome So I Wanted To Kind Of Give Everybody The Back Story That Basically I Got When Was Over To Hanging Out With You Talking Just Picking Your Brain About The Whole Experience And A Lot Of People Don’t Know You Know What Happened On The Back End Cuz People See It And A Lot Of People Got Inspired That You Took A Stand You Know There’s Like You Know What She Wasn’t Having It All Of This Stuff Going On She Took A Stand But I Was Shocked To Find Out At The Time Day You’re Not Even Really A Super Religious Person That You Were Just Kind Of Pushed To The Edge And You Grab To You Know What You Knew To Be True And And All That Came Out So Like A Lot Of People Watching That Religious Fanatic They’re Probably Thinking I I’ve Always Had God In My Life I Was I Was Baptized Catholic But I Go To A Non-denominational Church I Got All Churches It Depends On Where I’m At All Visiting But I Was Not A Bible-thumping Religious Fanatic I’m Pretty Open And I’m A Little More Tolerable Than I Would I Came Off And What It Looked Like On The Show I Don’t Really Particularly Line Up With Life Per Se Religion And Like I Don’t Know I’m I’m Just Me And But I Do Believe In God I Give Him Praise For Everything That Has Happened In My Life And I’m Giving Him All The Glory For Like Bad Times And Things That If I Didn’t Have Him I Would Have Never Made It But I Was Like Oh My Goodness This Is Gonna Be A Religious Thing Why Did You Kick Me Why Didn’t You Just Put A Preacher’s Wife Or Someone That Was Well-read And Equip The Bible I Mean I Was Honey The Person The First Shows That I Went On He Actually Was So Well-read He Could Like Quick To Kabul He Was Uh I Mean He Just Yeah He Knew A Lot Of Things And So It’s Like I Was Uncomfortable It But I Am I Didn’t Let Them Know How Uncomfortable Some Of The Situations That They Wanted To Put Me In That I Would Be I Wasn’t Gonna Go I Was I’m Just Not An Astrologist I Just Don’t Do Those Kind Of Things Okay Not That I’ve Never Not Done It I’ve Done It Before It’s Not Like I’ve Never Done These Things But I Just Felt Uncomfortable And And I’m One Of These People I Don’t Like To Be Pushed If I Don’t Wanna Do Something I Don’t Wanna Do Something And So God Just Kind Of Revved Up In The End I Did Feel That Way And I Felt Uncomfortable And I Do Stand My Guard And Once I Once I Step Foot And I Say I’m One Thing I’m Gonna Stick To It So I Worker There If You Don’t If You Don’t Like Staying For Something You’re Gonna Fall For Anything So That’s Kind Of Me Yeah And They Were Just Trying To Put You In These Weird Scenarios In These Worth Situations To Try To Get A Reaction Is I’m Uncomfortable I Had To Tell Them I Didn’t Want To Do Something Oh They Got The Reaction That I Mean I Guess That’s What I Mean That’s Why They Had The Ratings That They Had Yeah I Just Wasn’t Calculating Enough To See It All Play Out I’m Just Like Gullible And Believing In It And I Really Honestly Felt Bad For The Guy I The First Guy That I Went With Because It’s Like Everything Was Already Planned And So It Looked Like He Planned This And I Was Like So Angry Wouldn’t Cuz I Was Like I’m Not Having Anything To Do With This And He Didn’t Really Have A Choice Because It Was Already Set Up You Know So I Kind Of Felt Bad For Him But He Was A Really Nice Cool Guy I’ve Talked To Him Since Then And I Didn’t Talk To The Wife After The First Show So Many Years Later It’s Been Recent Years In The Last I Would Say Three Years That I Actually We’ve Talked And And We Become At First The Second Husband I Don’t Care Been Able To See Him Again He’s Out There Do You Watching This All I Ever Want To See You Again I Pray For You Still So Tell Tell Us A Little Bit About The Filming Process Because I Was Shocked To Kind Of Find Out That Abc Came In And Rented The Vacant House Next To You Guys And Let The And And That’s Why They Kept All Their Equipment And The Film Crew And Everybody Stayed In The House Next Door Right They Like Get A House That’s Close And They Like Stay In There Like All Night Overnight But What You Don’t See Is That No One Actually Stays In The House With You So If There’s Conflict Like I Had Conflict On The Second Show We Stayed Up All Night Or Healing And Talking And Arguing About Things And When Camera Crew Came In The Morning We Were Just Sitting In The Living Room What They Didn’t Know It Was A View Later Well We Have Been Arguing All Night Long So It’s Not Really A Like Comfortable Situation Okay Not The First Husband The One You Know The First Husband It Wasn’t Like That We Went To Bed We Did Things And I’m Saying We Went To Sleep And It Was Like Normal And He Was Very Even Though We Disagreed With Each Other He Was A Really Nice Cool Dude Okay He Just Was A Nice Guy And But The Second Husband Just Was Very He Hated The Color Of My Skin He Hated He Knew Who I Was When I Walked In The Door I Didn’t Have Any Idea Who He Was And He Was Just Like We’re Southern Hospitality So It’s Like We Even If We Don’t Like Someone They Come Over You Still Make Them Feel Comfortable I Wasn’t Treated That Way The Second Show I Was Not Treated That Way The Neighbors Were Really Wonderful And Gracious To Me But He Was Just Very Of Ugly Ugly To Me So I Don’t Know I Guess He Thought In His Mind He Was Thinking Oh They’re Putting You With An Opposite But He Wasn’t Necessarily My Opposite They Put Me With Him Because They Knew That I Was Outspoken And I Would Speak Up To You Don’t Kill Me Okay Getting A Watered Down Version Of Me At His House But On Religion Religion Something You Just The First One I Know I’m Getting Y’all Mixed Up Because I’m Saying First And Second Show Because I Did Two Shows Yeah The First Show He He Didn’t Even Push Anything On Man And It Made Me Look Like I Was Pushing Like Going To Church And About Well I Did I Wanted To Go To Church That Day Because I Was Like Uncomfortable And I Felt That Was My Comfort Zone And So I Did Change Everything And We Went To A Church But I’m Not As Closed-minded As Everybody With Like I Would Come Off I’m Definitely Like Matter Of Fact I’m Kind Of Like A Free Spirit I Don’t I’m Not Really Judgmental Of What Others Believe I Mean I Had A German Exchange Student That Lived With Me For A Year And He’s Been Back Ever Since And He’s Actually Atheist And And He Lived In My House And He Comes Back And But He You Know He’d Go To Church With Us He Do It As We We Did But I Wasn’t One Of Those Things I Didn’t Convert Him He Hasn’t Changed He Would Do It Too Like Because He Kind Of Considered Me Like Another Mom But He Did Say Oh Boy Margaret If Ma If My Family Saw You In That First Show They Probably Wouldn’t Let Me Come To Your House Okay So It’s Like Anyways It Says It’s All Good It’s All Good It’s New Years Later It’s All Good Oh Yeah So Whenever Whenever We Sounded You Were Telling Me About Some Paranormal Stuff That Actually Did Happen Behind The Scenes That Didn’t Make It Onto The Show Some Creepy Things That Were Going On In The House Can You Talk A Little Bit About That Yeah My Room Like Three O’clock In The Morning There They Had A Heatwave In Boston And Then Are There Conditions There Every Day It Is Like Always Cool And They Had A Book Rock Flips In A Window And Just Because It Had Gotten Hot The Heat Wave And They’re Talking The Morning I Hear Bail And I Woke Up And It Was Like The Head Lighting Down In The Room And A Little Bit Of The It Was Smoking A Little Bit Of The Carpet You Know Like Have Been Smoking A Little Bit Of The Sentence So Anyways The Guy That I Was Just Talking About A Few Minutes Ago He Was The Camera Crew And They’re Like In The Garage With Camera Crew And So I Like I Got It To The Camera I Said Look Somebody’s Got Coming Here Right Now I Woke Up And There’s Like There’s Some Little Smoke Going On In Here And I Am On Third Floor This House Okay Freaks Out Up Here So That Was One Thing So It’s Kind Of A Little Bit Different Um A Little Bit And Then On The Way Home What You Don’t See When You’re Going Home Is That I’m Flying Back In The Head Like A Delayed And So It’s Bad Bad Weather So When I’m Getting Back It’s Like 1 O’clock In The Morning So It Looks Like Everybody My Family’s Up And Waiting It’s Not Quite Like That It’s Like I Want To Talk In The Morning My Granddaughter Was Definitely Sleeping So The Way You Cut At It I’m Like If You Don’t Cut At Me Like Some Like 100 Pounds Also Let Me Don’t Take The Honey I’ll Take It Off My Character But So That Was One There Was A Couple Things There’s A Lot Of Different Little Things So Afternoon And Funny Because I Couldn’t Go Yeah Go Ahead You Good No I Was It’s Funny Because Some Of The Things I Said I Didn’t I Was Like So Serious About Everything I Will Say It And It’s Like Now It’s Got To Be I Went To New York And There Was A Show That Where They You Had My Sound Bit So What Things I Say And They Made It Into A Drinking Game And I Was Like Wow Gurgles And I Can’t It’s Like Eggs And Like Tada I Guess Cuz My Gap I Say Things Totally Different I Think It’s More It They’ve Made Songs And Different Different Little Things And Then They Like Quoted But They Don’t Tell Me At First They Wait Wait Today Like Talk To Me While They’re Like We Don’t Want To Freak You Out But I Want You To Hear This Hear What My Phone Does And They’re Like My Voice And I Like He Was Saying That You Know Yeah Yeah Anyway Yeah I’ve Actually The New Intro That I Made For The Podcast I’ve Got Some Your Clips In That As Well It’s Classic Man It’s A Classic Classic Yeah I’ll Send It To You Yeah You’ll Be Able To Hear When We’re Done Like Cuz It’s Gonna Be On The Intro But Its Fiscal It’s Cool Um So After The Show Everything Kind Of Changed For You Right You You Know Small Town Of Ponchatoula Louisiana And Then You’re Being Flown Out To Boston You’re Being Flown To See Jay Leno You’re On The Jay Leno Show The Tyra Banks Show Talk A Little Bit About This Well When They Called Me Up I Thought Was A Joke Okay Y’all Like Jay Leno What Okay So They Flew Me Out There And They Had Somebody I Don’t Know Where He Was It’s A Young Guy They Called Me Up And They Said Hey There’s This Dude And He Made This Bobblehead Of You Do You Want He’s Like Making Money Off Do You Want To Like Shut It Down And I Was Like What No He’s A College Student Oh Why Would I Shut It Down He’s If He Can Make Some Money Off Of That It’s No Different Than What What The Tv Show Did I Mean Come On They Made Money Off Of Me No Let Him Do So And It Sold I Don’t Know What It Was Like 969 Er And A Doll I Don’t Know What I Remember A Bobble Head That He Just Made Out Of Nothing To Me When You Press A Button It Would Be Things That I Would Say And It Was My Voice So Everybody Bid On It And I Heard A Lot Of Different People Bidding On It And Then Jay Leno’s Staff Bought It From Someone And They Actually Brought The Person That Had Bought It But They Bought It From On The Show But It Was Like A Private Thing Because She Wanted To Meet Me And Then She Said She Was Just Compelled Dot Tolling About This This Bobble Head And She Did That Was A True Story And I Was Like What 9-under She Said I Know My Husband Alma She Was A Truck Drivers Wife Okay It Wasn’t Like She Had A Big Job Of Something She Says No I’m Telling You Else Come Fail To Do It Because I Saw Something Like My Heart Went Out To You And I Wanted To Give This To You Because I Thought You Supposed To Have It But Jay Leno Bought It From Her She Got Her Money And Then He Gave It To Me On His Show And Tyra Tired Was Scared Of Me At First I Think Okay Like I Mean She Was Like Oh She’s Beautiful In Person And Once We Broke The Ice We Were Like Jay Leno I Think He Thought I Was Gonna Be Stuffy And When I Get Nervous I Say Crazy Things And So I Was Pretty Like Radical Whenever I Like When I Was On There With Him And Matter Of Fact He’s Gonna Be On The Coast And I Haven’t Seen Him In All These Years That I’m Gonna Go To Coast And Go See Him This Show Oh Yeah But Uh Who Is In A Green Room And That Night It Was Called Esther Night And So Is Alanis Morisette Myself And Um I’ma Graces With Roseanne Barr So Roseanne Barr Went Past The Room And When She Saw Me She Started Screaming Oh My God That’s A Crazy Woman You’re That Crazy Woman And I’m Like When I Recognized Her She Had Blonde Hair And She Had These Shades On And She Had Lost Like A Lot Of Weight I Knew She Was But The Voice Of Course Still There And I Looked At Her And I Was Like Never In A Million Years Would I Think You Would Recognize Me And I Wouldn’t Recognize You And Besides That You Called Me Crazy You Know One Of The National And She Said You Know What You Know Years Ago That Was But That’s What She’s Remember Her God People Say That She Said Also Well I Guess We Were In The Same Boat Because People Don’t Think Remember My Clips And My That’s What I’m Gonna Go Down As You Know So Anyway It Was An Interest In Meeting I Got To Do Some Really Wonderful Things I Got To Go To A Celebrity Texas Hold’em Tournament At The Palms And That Was Interest And That Was Its Really Interests And There’s A Drag Queen In New York That Like Did An Act Of Me And Share And That Candis Cayne She’s Like A Famous I Didn’t I Know Anything About This I Was In New York And She Invited Me There It Was It Was A Wonderful Beautiful She’s Like A Highly Clean Beautiful Woman And That Was Interesting And But You Know The Biggest Thing Is Even Even The Gay Community They Their Question Would Be They Uh They Feel Like They Can Ask A Religious Question To Me So People That Maybe That Would Not Be Reached Like Think That It’s Okay To Ask Me Questions And I Guess That That’s What Kind Of Guy Did This Crazy Show Or Whatever That I’m Able To Relate To Maybe People That Would Be Unlikely That Would Not Go To Just Like To A Feature Or Something And They Always Want To Ask Me You Know My View On Religion And The Gate That Was One Of The Big Questions The Gay Community And How I Feel What Do I Feel And I Just Believe That God Loves All People And That’s Between That Person And God And That’s Just It Might Not Be The Politically Religious Thing That People Are Supposed To Say But That’s Just How I Feel In My Heart That’s What I Speak So Never Thank You That I Made A Water One Yeah The Biggest I Guess The Most Hurtful Thing Is The Hardest People That Were Like Very Very Just Just Really Strong And Very Judgmental One Of The Christian Community The Christian Community To Me Was Just Not They’re Very Hard And Very Critical Just Just Terribly Critical Instead Of Being Like Embracing You Know They’re Ready To Just Like Count You You Know And So I Learned A Lot I Did A Learn From That Show I Mean It Was Just People That You Would Not Even Think That Were Just Like Embracing And Open To Hear What You Had To Say Whether They Believe You Know Agree With You Or Not I But It Was Those Christian People That Were Ready To Point The Finger And Like Say Something About What I Said We’re Like The Most Critical So Anyways I Learned That That Was Like A Interesting Thing So It’s Like I Just Take It With A Grain Of Salt You Got To You Got To When I Met You Was My Was My Daughter Cool Alive When I Met You She Was My Daughter Mm-hmm He Was Like Hello From Heaven Today Because It’s Like I Meet Very Few People That Medicine The Show And Actually Met Ashley And So That Was Like Yeah Yeah So I Have Had A Lot Of People Call In And Or Try To Get In Contact With Me And They’ll Say You Know And It’s In It’s People That Do Not Have God In Their Life And I Do Understand It And They’ll Say Okay God Warrior Because I Didn’t Give That Name To Me People Gave That Means Meet God Warrior Since This Happened With Your Daughter She Died How Do You Feel About God Now Do You Still Believe In God And Do You Think Because He Allowed This To Happen How Do You Feel Differently And I Guess From Being Out In The Public And Year Out There It’s Like Especially What My Stance On My Stance And How I Felt I Really But I’m Like A Lot I Was Mad I Was Mad I Was Mad At God I Was Mad That’s Where I Was Mended Everything And Then Putting Him In There It’s Like You Always I Was Getting Hit With These Questions And Then Crazy Things He Would Say Crazy Crazy But You Get Them You To It So I Can Just Tell You I Definitely God Carried Me Through That I Don’t Know How You Don’t Die The Moment Things Like That Happened To You But He Definitely Was There And He Had My Back And He Held Me When I Couldn’t Even Like Deal With Anything So My Faith Has Grown Stronger Through Through Debt Death And Pain So I’m Not Saying What My Bad Days Still But You You Live Because You Don’t Have A Choice And I Wasn’t Going To Let Even Death Of Something So Painful Still My Choice So Anyways A Woman Call Me Up And Said Hey We Have A Dance Studio And I’m Like Do I Look Like A Dance Teacher Do I Look Like The Epitome Of Whatever I’m Like Oh You Know What If Abby Lee Can Do It I Can Do It She Said God Took Me On Hand The Studio Over To You And I’m Like Are You Keep I Said I’m Not The Dance Teacher My Daughter Is Not Here I Have A Younger Daughter And She Said No You’re Supposed To Do This I Didn’t Have But A Weekend Decided To Do It And So This Was Two Years Ago We Opened The Studio I Wish You Could See It Because I Would Give You A Tour It’s It’s A Beautiful Studio And I’m Telling You I’m Sitting Here Right Now Talking To You And I’m Going This Is Definitely A God Thing Because There’s No Way This All Would Have Happened Because Barrett Went After Him A She’s Death Barry And I Both Quit Our Jobs We Stopped Working I Closed The Studio We Were The Rock Bottom Like Totally Just Did Not Do Anything In It Like We Really Just Didn’t Really Have A Lot Of Zest For Life At That Point And If You See The Recital And And What We Did What I Did And What We Did We Put On In This Little Franklin To Aaron Of Louisiana We Put As Closest To A Broadway Show As We Could Possibly Do And It Was Wonderful So We’re Touching Some Lives Us In Different Ways Even Had Your Music Search Across The Floor I’ll Have To See You Guys I Think I Think You Hit The Nail On The Head Though I Think I Think You Hit The Nail On The Head It’s Just As This Being With This Attitude Of Gratitude Even You Know To Thank God For The Good Times Rejoice And The Good In The Good Times But Even In The Hard Times As Well Whenever The Rain Comes And To Still You Know Have That Faith To Still You Know Keep The Faith To – For Him To Help Get You Through It I Mean It’s Only Gonna Hurt You To Kind Of You Know Get Bitter And And Get And Get Mad At God Or Whatever And Try To Do It By Yourself And Kick Them To The Side But Whenever You Can Be Thankful And To See Him In The Hard Times Man That’s What It’s That’s What The True Faith In The Christian Experience Is Truly About Tell You After This Show It Was Like I’m Like I’m Like Kidding You It’s Like I Had The Good The Bad The Ugly And We Were Just Getting Like Bombarded With Like Positive Negative All Different Types Of Things I Mean And Then After Ashlee’s Death It’s Like I Did I Mean I Totally Grew In Faith I Had To I Didn’t Have A Choice And It Came To Town No One Can Really Talk To Me Because I’m So Strong-willed That’s My Italian In Me I’m All Over The Place But It Was Like It Came A Time That It Was Just Me And God And As Quirky As The Show Was God Placed Different People In Mahwah My Life And It Was Like And It Put Me In A Position Where It’s Like People That I’d Touch Would Not Have Been Most With Some People That Would Have Never Ever Like Related To Like Watching Some Tv Evangelist And Take Somebody Radical And Crazy Or Whatever And I Had I Have In A Small Way Touch Some People Okay And If They Were Looking At Me And Seeing How I Wasn’t A Crumble I Have To Ask These Deaths Actually They Were Like The Empowerment Of How It Helped Me To Get Through Because I Didn’t Really Want To Talk To Anybody That Like Knew Me Or Knew Me I Didn’t Want I Didn’t Want Someone To Feel Sorry For Me So It Was Those Strangers That Were From The Show That Would Contact Me And They Would Say Look I’m Really Sorry About Your Daughter I’m Sorry About Your Daughter But They Had Questions About The Show And So They Still Ask Questions Of The Show And It’s Like It Was Those People That Helps That God Placed In My Path It’s Really Weird How God Has A Domino Effect In Your Life Who Would Have Thought A Crazy Show Reality Tv Show Would Put Me In A Place Where I Meet Strangers And They Were What Had Me Get Out Of Bed After Her Death More So Than Even Friends And Family That I Was Close To Because They Didn’t Know Her So I Could Like Have A Separate Thing Of Talking About It Wasn’t Painful To Talk To A Stranger Personal Yeah Definitely Yes Yes Yeah I’m Sorry For Your Loss She Was Awesome Person And I Was On It Was It Was It Was Awesome To Meet Her And And You Know Your Entire Family That You Welcomed Us Saying Just To Hang Out Man With You Don’t You Didn’t Even Know We Were You Didn’t Never Know Who We Were And You Invited Us Over For Freaking Barbecue Me And Some Weird Guys You Know Yeah Like I’m One Of These People I Come Outside The Box You Know I’m Not One Of Those People That Like Plain Vanilla Put It Like This My Friends I Could Not Have Reporting With All My Friends Because My Friends None Will Like Each Other Because They’re All For What Explains It Yeah But I Just I Just Do Not Like Hoity-toity Play I Mean I’ve Done Those Things I Was So Much Rather A Barbecue With Like A Total Stranger Coming And Just If There’s A Park Bench And I’m Sitting On It And There’s With Me I’m Gonna Who They Are Though Anyway I Love That I Love It When Y’all Came And Did That And You Weren’t Scared Of Me You Change People Are Like I’m Really Not Like Yeah That’s The Weird Thing Because I Think A Lot Of People Think That If They Met You And This Is Just From The Show That You’re Gonna Sit Them Down And Corner Them Off And Starts Quoting Bob You Know Bible Scriptures Just From The Show But Then We Whenever We Met You You Like Southern Hospitality Down-to-earth You Didn’t Mention Anything About That We Had To Kind Of You Know I’m Saying Pick Your Brain You Know Saying Just To Get You To Talk About That Stuff You Know I Mean I I Mean You Definitely Know Me Call My House That That God Is Present There I Mean Right Now You When You Came I Didn’t Have This On The Wall But I Took All Ashley’s Costume Costume Jewelry And I Made This Huge Crosses With Broken Mirrors From Her Sans Studio It’s Really Cool And It’s On My Wall But It’s Like It’s Not Like I Am Like You Know Battles And Look I’ve Had Every Ton Of Them After The Show Every Common Denomination Came To My House And Had To Come Pray With Me Somebody Sit The Mormons Came Two Days In A Row Okay And Family Like After Like All Like Look People Are Sending You Out Here For A Joke Well I’ll Tell You What You Come Back Here Tomorrow We’re Gonna Have Dinner We’re Gonna Sit Down And We’re Gonna Talk Okay And So So Even Whoever’s Out There That Sent Those Mormons To My House Something Great Came Out Of It Because I Made Every Year It Became A New I Have A Whole List Of Different Mormon Guys That Come To The House Over The Years That Was Meant For Like To Be To Be Sarcastic And Funny Like To Save Me And It Wound Up Being A Wonderful Thing We’ve Had Some Great Friendships Form Out Of That So Yeah Whenever You Were Talking About The Drag Queen Show And Whenever We’re Over There You Told A Story About Going To The Bathroom I Think That’s A Drag Queen So I Want You To Talk A Little Bit About That Cuz That Cracked Me Up Oh My Great The Drag Queen Show Me Well They Had This Guy And I Can’t Even Thinking Name Which Part Do You Tell Me Are You Talking About Not To Go From Clear Off Oh My God Oh My God No You Were Talking About How You Went To The Bathroom And Then You Were In You Were In The Bathroom And Then A Bunch Of People Like The Gay Community Just Knew You Were In There And Came In There They Were All Up In There And I Was Like I Mean It Was Just Like It Was The Most Craziest Thing Cuz I’m Thing On In There Incognito Okay And One Of The People That They Are On Can’t Give His Name The Famous Person And My Daughter As She Was With Me That Night Um Yeah They All Came To The Bathroom With Me It Was The Most Craziest Thing I Was Like What Is The Deal Here I Thought Was It Immense But I Didn’t Know If I Was A Men’s Bathroom Women’s Bathroom I Know What Was It Everybody Was In The Bathroom It Was Like I Was Like I Don’t Know What We Supposed To Be Doing Here But We Not Holding Hands And We’re Not Singing Kumbaya Okay So What Is Going On Here It Was A Little Bit Think About But It Was Anyway It Was A Great Time Actually This Person Her Name Is Candis Cayne And She Came Up To She Came Up To Me Before The Show Before She Was The Show Story And She Said Listen I Don’t Want To Offend You But I Do Do You I’m Gonna Do A Thing And I Don’t Want To Offend You In Any Time Oh I Am Not Offended By Any Means And They Sort Of Laughter They Said She Got On The Microphone And She Has Yeah She Brought Her Husband Here And He’s Holding On To Her For Like Dear Life Cuz He’s Uncomfortable You’re Not Sort Of Lansinoh Like That That Is So Not True So Funny Just Funny Innit She Did This Big Thing On It It Was Really Nice And Then Later I Find Out Many Years Later She’s Dating With Jenner And I Don’t Know But With Caitlyn Jenner Yes This Is A Famous Person And I’m Like Oh My Goodness At Me And She’s Dating Um Dinner So I’m Like Okay This Is Pretty Caitlyn Jenner So I’m Like Okay One Day Maybe I’ll Fear Again But Uh It’s It’s It’s Been An Interest In A Little Life I’m Not Saying I Would Ever Trade Again Now I’m Not I’m Telling You Keep What You Got That’s What Tell Everybody Keep What You Got Not Even For A Week Not For No Man Imani Just Keep Your Chat Don’t Even Like Trade Mm-hmm I Wanted To Ask You Too Because Whenever This Happened I Think Myspace Was Big At The Time Like That’s Where The Internet Was And It Was Myspace And So Like You Know I’m Saying The Internet Has Changed So Much Within The Last 10 Years In Like So People Have Access To You And So Talk A Little Bit About The Crazy People Like In Your Inbox And People Trying To Message You Or Trying To Call You And Things Like That Like Me I Was One Oh No I Have Had Some Crazy Moms Like They Had Something This Morning And This Person Keeps Like He Was Like Oh You Are You Big Gap To The Woman I Really Like You Something I’m Like Right What Is Wrong With You Are You Sick I Mean Like But He’s Serious Okay You Know Like I’m Thinking He’s Just Like What Crazy Stuff Okay And I’ll Tell My Husband I Said Look At This Message And He Goes Tell Him You’re In Church Right Then Later I Have Had Well I Have A Group Of People That Would You Come And They Would Call Themselves A Sunflower Kids And I Would Drop Some Flowers At My House Every So Often And I Never Met Him And Over The Years It Was Like They Would Come Into Town They Would Just Leave These Flowers And Write A Note Hey We Just Want To Sing You So It Was Just So Sweet I Finally Got The Needle And I’m Over And They Just Hop And I Happen To Be There And I Said Hey Let’s Go To The Let’s Grab Breakfast Somewhere So We Went To Have Breakfast And I Didn’t Know What They Had Put Us On Alive And Then They They Laughs They Lived In In Lafayette Somewhere Else And Tell Sweets Somewhere Else Anyway So Um My Husband Goes Oh My Gracious They Had Went To The Bathroom In Miles And They Were Videoing Inside My Bathroom This Is The God Ward Is Faster On The Internet I Was Like Oh My Grace It Was Crazy But They Were Like Precious But They Were Funny And They Were Like We Don’t Want To Alarm You And I’m Like Okay And So They Started Reenacting And That The Entire Show Maybe One Of Them Was The Other And I’m Like Thank God Y’all Didn’t Show Me This The First Hour That We Um Put A Bit A Little What He Pgp Over Here And Then Another Time I Thought Well This Is Not In Box But I Was I Went To A Britney Spears Concert I Brought My Granddaughter To A Britney Spears Concert And I Was Just Up In My Seats Okay And It Was Doing The Interview A Little Intermission Part I’m Standing Up There With A Friend With My Granddaughter And All Of A Sudden This Group Of Girls It Was On The Ground Floor Started Screaming Like I Mean Like A Movie Store Or Something And I’m Whoring Around Cuz I Think Of Britney Spears Behind Me Okay They Were Like Children Come By You Like They Acted Like I Had Bodyguards Or Some See About You And I’m Like I’m Looking For Hammy Everything About Me They Like Recognized Me And It Comes Running Up The Aisle Sort Of Laughs And I Was Like Oh My Graces I Said They Thinking That They Coming Over Here Take Pity Prevent That All Of A Sudden Was Like A Mosh Pit Of Young Girls And Abercrombie Guys That That’s Not My Aides That Like Kind Of Like Like That Kind Of Thing Funny But I Like Really Like Because It Was Like They Took It Lightly They Didn’t Take It So Seriously So Serious Like Looked At The Look That Ohm Is Religious But They Actually Got Me You Didn’t Say They Understood And They Weren’t Like Troubled By Anything Anything You Know When I Look At I’m Like I Don’t See Nothing Wrong With What I Said Yes Louisiana’s Pepra Man Southern Louisiana State Yeah How’s Your Life I’m Doing I’m Doing Great I’m Still Living In The Same Spot In Alabama So Uh All My Family’s Down There And In Ponchatoula Still You Know My Grandmother Lives Right Down The Road From You Everybody They Still Over There So I Wanted To I Guess Play A Game And It’s Just Something I I Just Thought Of And It’s Gonna Be Cool It’s Gonna Be Cool To Me Just Because I’m From The Area So This Is What I’m Gonna Do Cuz I Used To Live In Like Every City Around Ponchatoula I Lived In All Of Them I’m Gonna Name The City And You Tell Me The First Thing That Comes To My All Of Their City And These Are Places That I Live That I Just Want To See What You Say Okay Ponchatoula First Thing First Thing Comes A Month Ponchatoula First Thing That Comes About Man About Ponchatoula T Yeah First Thing That Comes To My Man Up Strawberry Festival My Daughter Was The Strawberry Festival Queen And We Have The Best Strawberries We Have Um Chocolate Dipped We Have On Fried We Do Strawberry Strawberry Beignet Strawberry Beer I Love Strawberries And We Have A Alligator Hard Hide Case It You Know Katie’s In The In The Tail I Don’t Think Anything Of It Okay But Everybody Like You Have An Alligator Like In The In The Middle Town Yes Yeah We’re Known As The Antique City But We Don’t Have As Many Antiques Anymore And If You’ve Ever Been To Polish Cafe He Has The Best Best Greevey Breakfast Is All Of Them Yeah That’s Like A Renowned Place And They Have The Best Strawberry Daiquiris Let’s See We’re We’re You Know A Bunch Of To Love The Word Concepts Allah Means Like The Moss The Hanging Moss And It’s An Indian Name And Most People Don’t Pronounce It Right But You Can Tell You From There Cuz You Say It Right People Like To Say Pocahontas And Everything Else Yes It’s A Quaint Little Town I Would Just Grab It Kyle I Like It Looks Like A Little Norman Rockwell Painting It’s Its Small Town Oh A Man Shacks Right There Alligator Form And So It’s It’s It’s That’s Punch Of Tula All Right Go Back What Do You Go Do You They’re Like What Is The Thing Like Is It There’s No Work When You Go Back To The Okay Yeah And I’m Mateus I Don’t Know If You Remember This But You Should My Mind Always Goes Back To Dnr Do You Remember Dnr Down There By The Church On Highway 26 Yeah They Had All Some Ice Cream Shakes When I Was A Kid Man That’s What I Remember I Used To Live On Thibodeau Road Mm-hmm So I Used To Live Like Out Valley I Live In Town Um But You Know What About Half Oh Do You Ever Like Did You Ever Like You Almost Got Beat Up At Haho Yeah Yeah Pussies Will Listen But See What Do You Say That Would See My House Was Bootsie’s House Oh Wow That Wasn’t You Built That House Well He Lived In That House And Boots Oh Man Yes But She’s Has The Best Red Beans And Rice My Husband Said Anyways I Don’t Really Happen Yeah The Best Definitely The Best Boys Definitely Your My Um My Grandmother Used To Own Club 22 Devar Oh Yeah Yes Right There By The Milk Yes Would We Have New We Have A Couple New Things That Are In Town Locker Rattles Didn’t We Have A Locker At A Nail They’re All Yeah Yeah I’m With There Yeah Gasps And We Had Never Walmart Now Huh And That Crazy They Try To Not Get It Yeah Yeah We Have It In Robert We Have Like A New It’s A Fancy Campground And I Went To It Had The Pleasure We’re Going To It This Past Weekend And It’s Really Really Nice But I’m Not A Camper But It Was Beautiful So If You Ever In Ponchatoula And Then Of Course A Man Shack They Have Middendorf’s It Has The In Fact In Catfish My Sister Worked There For About Eight Years Or So Yeah They Still Have Really Well They They They They Redid It They Redid A Lot Of Things And It’s Really Nice And I Don’t Know Did You Ever Go To Tin Lizzies On The River Like In Where All The River Where That You Go Listen To Music And Out There You Get In Trouble Crosstalk Yeah Yeah Where There’s Wonderful My Sister-in-law And My Sister Have Camps Down There And So Yeah The Prop Stops Ah It’s All The River Everybody If You Don’t Know What It Is Like You’re Playing Holy Lord It’s These Rings Ringers And You Throw Them Into These Three Holes Well That’s Like A Big Deal Like For Um You Know They Have Holy Board Tournaments Down There Mm-hmm So Just Good Oh Crazy Fun Yeah It’s Totally Different Man It’s Totally Different Down There And So Okay So Hammond What’s The First Thing That Comes To Mind A Half That Was A Lot Of One Words I’m Sorry I Was Mean And I Think Of Southeastern That’s Where Our College Is There’s A College There So It Grew Through With The College Town Hammond I Would Say Hammond High So It’s Like We Were The You Know Home Of The Tour Of The Tours And I Was A Hammond Tornado What Do I Would Also Think In Hammond Hammonds Wrong We Have Them All There So It’s It’s Not Far Away So Mr. Omar I Missed All Of My Indoor Mall I Didn’t Swear I’m Always Going It’s Not Like That Anymore Never Get A Corn Dog At The Monitory Gate Over There What Do It There’s A Place They Don’t Have That I Know Do You Mean You Were Definitely Old School Now You Said The Fried Cheese You Remember That Yeah Yeah That They Used To Have What Else About The Old Mall I Was We Were Thinking About So That You Could Walk Them All And Like Exercise By Walking In The Mall The Hammond Square Was Fun You Say Have Like Sock Hops Inside Like Open All Night But Nope It’s Not The Same Anymore Definitely Not The Same Anymore Waiting Hammond Still There That Yet There’s Not Really Well The Brown Door You Remember The Brand Or The College Bar Is Still There Yeah Or The Crescents Mm-hmm And Then There’s Mariners That It Has The Best Chicken Wings But That Might Be Since You’ve Been Going What About Tommy’s Pizza You Know About Tommy’s Pizza I’m Not Sure And That Right Off Well Well That’s What I Think I Want Up What About Have You Ever Heard Of The Devil Circle In Hammond The Circle Over There By The Supposedly Was Amazed That Was A Pentagram By Over There By The College You Know What You Know They Were Also Known That They Were Like Saying That There Was On You Like Some Witchcraft Going On And Hammond Or The Tall Benny It Somewhere Like They Had That They Had It Something That Was One On Then We You Know We Had That Charge Six I Went To That Church I Went To I Went To That Church Yeah Hosanna Hosanna Assembly Yeah Well That You When That Happen That Was Hot He Same Time I Was Doing The Show So All That Was Going On At The Same Time So It Was Like That’s How Long Ago That Was But Yeah That Was Right There Yeah That Was That Was Terrible No Terrible That Was Crazy I’m Guessing Us In Hammond One Thing That We’re Definitely Going Back To Hammond Every Year Now For The The Festival What Is It Um The Renaissance Festival In Hammond Yeah We’re Gonna Go There Every Year Now It’s Amazing Well You Have To Like Like Text Me And And I’ll Meet You There Oh It’s In An Amazing I Love All Of It It’s Wonderful And They Have Some Great Crafters Out There And It’s So Authentic And It’s It’s Just Interesting It’s A You Never Have A Chance To Grow Into It Every Year They Keep Adding More And More And More You Were To Go Work There’s A Lot Of People That Come In Just To Work It I Wish You’d Stop At Night I Wish They Did Stuff At Night Because It’s All During That Day But That’s All The Entire I Think Yes Like Six Or Seven They Closed Down But I Figured Like You’ll Be Get Crazy At Night You Know Yeah Mm-hmm It Probably It’s Like In A And They Don’t Really Have A Whole Lot Of Security Kind Of Things That Aren’t Paid For Security So That’s Probably Why It’s Doing The Day Yeah But It Is Really Cool Some Of These People They’re Authentic Garb Is Just Absolutely Beautiful Mm-hmm You Know You Can Buy A Lot Of Stuff There Too I Love That That’s The If I Can Eliminate Awesome It’s Really That’s Really A Cool I Forget About Because It’s Like What Is The Months It’s Like A Certain Months And It Runs Into Strawberry Festival Right Yes November November Yeah Yeah It Works For A Little While But It’s Really What That’s Really Like Nice That’s Nice That’s Definitely Something To Go See Yeah People Forget People Forget About It Because It’s In Like A Little Occluded Place And We’ve Been Doing This For Years I’ll Go How Many Years Than Been Doing It But It’s Been There For A While So It’s Very Interested What’s So Cool About It As We Went To The Renaissance Festival Here And It Was Cool But They Like Rent Out The Fairgrounds And It’s Just They Just Have Boosts Up At The Fairgrounds But In Louisiana No In Hammond Like They Have Property That’s Just For That And All The Structures And The Rods And Everything Is Just For That That’s Why It’s So Cool Man Stays There It Stays Around It’s Stationary We Have Another Thing That’s Here Are It’s It’s One Of The Churches At Christmastime They Do This And It’s Like I Can’t Even Think Which One It Is But It’s Like You Get On An Open Bus Cart Thing And They Take You Through But It Was It’s Like Reenactments Of You Know Just Different Things That Are Going You Know Like The Bible Kind Of Things But It Was A It’s A Live Thing And So It’s Like They’re Singing Their Caroling They Do It All Comes Again In This Herb Your Hot Chocolate And They Do All Kinds Of Old-fashioned Things And It Is Grown Like I Mean I Think Having Gone In A Couple Years But Because It’s Like You Got To Wait In Line For Like Hours But Anyways If That’s An Interesting Thing That They Fault Here And It’s Kind Of Similar To That Because Everything That They Have Or Like It’s On A Piece Of Property Where It’s All Stationary And They Just Keep Adding To It So But Yeah Now That Renaissance Festival Is Known People Come From All Over To Come To It So I Never Went To It’s A I Can’t Think Where It Was It’s Somewhere Right Here I’ll Be Vienna A Reenactment Of Like The Civil War And So Those People The People That Like Do That They Also Are The Same People That Do The Renaissance Things So It’s Like They Do All Kinds Of Things They Even Have Like The Turkey Legs Yeah Here All The Things That They’re Making And Cows Thing To Do The Jobs Really And Then They Have Like Though You Know The Jowl Seems More Like The Kids That Make Make-believe One More They Like Let Them Get On The Thing That’s Kind Of Like Oh Yeah I Think That’s Dangerous But My Daughter Did It Last Year But It’s Very Kids Love I Love It There You Know I’m Saying They’re Making And I Love How They Take All The Vegetables And Like The Turnips And They Make Like They’re Dying Things It’s Like It’s Very Educational Yep But You Know Like Diane Like The All The Different Colors From The Vegetables And Things Like It Making The The So So Homemade So I Love It Because I Like I’m All Into Like The Oils And In Senses Yeah We Got A Stop We Gotta Stop Talking About It I’m Ready To Go Back Okay Springfield What About You Paul Springfield You Know I Think A Chitlin Sees I Don’t I Don’t Really Know Stops I Have Family That’s From There And My Family That Was All My Mama Says We’re Like Like Outlaws And Like They’re Like Oh Yeah So You Ready Yes You Have Some Fighters Okay So It’s Good That You Have Family That Are Front Foot In Springfield Um Springfield They Have A Great You Know A Great School They’re Great Teachers They’re A Very Small Very Community That Definitely Stand By Each Other I Don’t I Don’t Really Get To Springfield That Often But I Have Family There Mhm And Actually With The Holden Holden High School For One Year So Uh I Know Hold Rockets And It’s A Little Small Town Too But Very Close-knit Hungarian You Know It’s Are Like A Little Hungarian Church And In That Area And So It’s It’s Just Really Really A Little Quaint Place I Think I Think That No Independent I Think That Um Springfield Mate Made The News Years Ago During Hurricane Frederic I Think That That Graveyard Right There When The Hurricane Came Through Huh Those Those Caskets Came Actually Came Out The Ground Remember That Yeah Yes Yes Town That’s Another Thing That People Don’t Realize About Louisiana Is That I Guess We Take It From For Granny Because We Have Cemetery You Know People Come In Like Go Look At The Cemetery Tours Cuz We Have Caskets That Are Above Ground Because You Know The Sea Level One And It’s There Above Ground They’re Not Like In Anything Or Underground And So My German Exchange Student When He Came Here He Was Like Whoa He Wanted To Go There And He Didn’t Know Anything About Snowballs He’s Like What Is He So He Like Loves Snowballs Oh Yeah Drive-through Daiquiri Shop Nobody Believes This Here Nobody Believed This Year I Don’t Know I Don’t Understand It Either Because Because My Uncle Used To Drive Through With A Van Full Of Kids And He Bawled The Kids Daiquiris We’re Like 11 12 13 Years Old He’s Buying Everybody Daiquiris I Don’t Understand It Either Yeah But Uh What About What About B To Coke Cuz I Used To Live And Be The Co Down Cc Road Everybody Everybody I Mean Those Those Are The Most Deal Everybody Need From Bedico Or Just So Down The Herb I This Is So Funny Because I I Don’t Really Know Much About Btk So All I Know Is When I Went To My Husband’s Class Reunion A Guy Came Into The Class Reunion And He Didn’t Have Any Shoes On And I Was Like Who Is That And Everybody Said He’s From Be To Come These Races Are Abused And I’m Like Okay And You’re Like No It’s Just Like A Good Work Country Boy And Just Good People Good People What Do You Do What Are You Doing Bedico There’s A Beauty Coach Church I Went To What Yeah And I Know That On Someone That’s Like That My Husband’s Out There From Beauty Coat But I Don’t Know Much About Bbk Yeah It See The Church Of Drugs You Got It All You Pink Yeah Yeah Yeah It’s One Of The Other You Go To Charity Do Drugs That’s Like I Go To Church Man Everybody There Cuz It’s So Weird It’s So Weird We’re Psych Everybody These Are Not Doing Drugs In Charge Yeah I Don’t Know What’s Going On But Yeah If They’re Doing Drugs And They Get The Church Then It’s Okay Yeah I’ve Done It I Did I Did Smoke A Lot Of Weed Before I Went To The B2 Coach Urge To Play Basketball Years Ago You Should Be Legalized Prop Yeah I Mean If We Got On You Know Alcohol Is Illegal Totally Totally Definitely Yeah One Of The Other I Mean You Know If You’re Gonna Legalize Alcohol Then You Know Yeah Have You Ever Been To The Boat Parade In Mandeville That’s The Veil That’s A Veil Yeah Yes And That One They They Actually Have A Place That They Show You How Like They Have Different Boats That Have Made It’s Called Something Boat Museum And They Have Weddings There But The Madisonville Boat Crate Is So Much Fun I Actually Like Going There Even More So Than Going To Mardi Gras For That Boat Parade Yeah And Then They Have Like All The Different Little Seafood Restaurants In Madisonville And It I Like Madisonville But Madisonville Has Gotten To Be So Expensive To Live It So It’s An Expensive Little Area But It’s Really Nice There The Beautiful Like Library Yeah I Like Madison Beale I Do Appraises That’s The Only Thing I Could Think I Was About Right Yeah Yeah I Mean I Remember I Remember Going When I Was A Kid And Then We Moved Away And So I Wanted My Wife And Daughter To Go So We Just Made The Trip Got With My Family And Went Down There Just For The Boat Parade From Alabama I Just Went To The Beaupre It’s Awesome Yeah And Then Yeah Now They Have Like A I Like You Know They Have The Pet Parade For Money Do You Ever Get Down Here For Money Growing All Because There’s A Lot Of Kid Things That You Can Go Do That’s Not Like City City That Um We Just Did The Madison Thing It’s Really Nice My Daughter With My Youngest Daughter Yeah My Daughter My Youngest Daughter Was A Saints Cheerleader For Years So We’re Still Big Saints Fan And Yeah And Then Independence What About Independence You Ever Been Independence Yeah I Go There A Lot I Actually Deliver The Italian For Yeah Yeah Yeah It’s Kind Of Secluded A Lot Of Woods A Lot Of Woods Highway What Is It A Highway 55 Runs To Therefore D Is It Dance Studios In Frank Hylton Have You Ever Been To Franklin The Washington Parish Fair I Don’t Haven’t Haven’t Been That’s Something You Need To Come Down To Because That’s A Huge It’s Big It’s It’s It’s Big And It’s It’s They Get A Lot Of Great Bands They Get A Lot Of Great Entertainment And They’re Known For Their Watermelon And It’s Like An Old-timey It’s And Their Fair Is Stationary – It’s Not Like A Normal Fair It’s An Old-fashioned Fair But That’s An Interesting Thing To Go Do They Like Let You Eat Sugar Cane And Do All The Old-fashioned Things Back In The Day Of Spinning Cotton And I’ll Cut It So If You Like The Renaissance Cut So You Would Like The Washington Parish Yeah Definitely Well There Was So Much Fun Speaking With You Marguerite Awesome Catching Up With You Thanks So Much For Coming On Hanging Out With Me Oh I Got Your Number Now So You Know Next Time We’re In Town I’ll Text You Maybe We’ll Go Out To Eat Yes But Tell My Husband Hey I Like The Way This Guy Talks I Like His Voice I’m Uh You Gonna Have To Come And Do My Obituary One Day My Few Me That Crazy Woman Did Over The Years Anyway Well It’s So Nice Seeing Ya I Didn’t Know You Were Doing This I Think This Is Really Good I’ve Been I’ve Been Doing This Off And On Probably Since 2011 But I’m Just Starting To Stay Consistent With It The Last Probably Six Months Now Just Consisting Every Week Make Sure I Do Right Here I Should Take It But I Kind Of Like Like Nobody’s Gonna Do He Might Put Me On The Spot I Know You Have Yeah You Know You Don’t Even Know Who These People Are I’m Sure I’m So You’re Probably Nervous Yeah I’m Sure You’re Probably Nervous Wondering You Know What They’re Gonna Stalk About And Yeah And I Felt So Bad Because I Forgot About The Timing The Date Him When I Saw That On Your Thing Saying Oh It’s He Didn’t Show Oh No I Got The Fix This Already Man Mmm I Would Have Done That I Was Like I’m The Studio’s Like Really Just Like Had Me Swamped But On Anyways I Hate That I Really Hate That I’m Like Oh Please Tell Them I’m Sorry So Yeah We Made It Happen Anyways Oh We Got To Do I Do This Again Therefore Do Something Fun Something Something Soon On Anyways You Looked My You Look Crazy – Really You Look Good Thank You I’m Holding My Weight That’s For Sure Next Time You See Me Maybe I’ll Be 110 Pounds And I Look Like Give Me More I Needed You Something I Can’t Say It I’ma Get Online And Go Don’t Go Public And Say Okay I’m Starting This Diet And Maybe It’ll Make Me Be Accountable But It Ain’t Happened Yet I Am Not Motivated Yeah We’re Just Talking About All This Okay I’m A Friend Serious Yeah God Bless You – Hey Marguerite Perrin Ladies And Gentlemen It Was Awesome Like I Said I Had The Chance To Meet Her And We Hung Out With Some Friends Over There For A Full Day At Her House And It Was Fine Man Cool Cool Person Down-to-earth Cuz I’m Thinking I’m Thinking That We’re Gonna Have Like This Discussion With This Religious Zealot Religious Fanatics They’re Gonna Quote Bible Scriptures And Put Us In The Corner And You Know The Bible Says This And The Bible Says That But It Was Fun Hanging Out With Her She’s Really Down-to-earth Person A Person Man And It Just Shows You Though Like The Whole Trading Spouse Has Hurt Her Breakdown And Her Blow-up It Just Shows You That Like When A Person’s Pushed To The Edge Man And You Just Go In That Fight-or-flight Mode And And Just Being Pushed And Pushed And Pushed And She Just Finally Couldn’t Take It Anymore She Finally Blew Up And It’s Awesome That She’s Such A Good Sport About It You Know All The Memes And Everybody Making Fun And Things Like That On The Internet It’s Cool That That She Still Has Her Sanity You Know She’s Still Able To Function And In Life And She You Know I’m Saying She Has A Good Life She’s Enjoying Her Life That’s So Awesome Man So I’m Definitely Gonna Hang Out With Her Whenever The Next Time I Go To Louisiana I Go There Pretty Pretty Often So We’re Definitely Gonna Get Up And I’m You Know I May Go Live On Facebook With Her Hanging Out You Know Who Knows But Um You Guys Got To Hear Some History Of Louisiana And And You Know Where I’m From Ponta Tula Hammond B To Co That Whole Area Definitely All Those Things We Talked About Are Like Amazing Man It’s What Makes That Area That’s What It’s Known For Man Like People Who Are Listening Like All Over The World And Down Here In The South Man It’s It’s Different Man There’s Nothing Like It The Southern Hospitality The Food Is Out Of This World Like She Said In You Know In The Middle Of Ponchatoula There’s A Big Cage With An Alligator In It And Tourists Come To Get Out The Cage To Go Look At The Alligator He’s In The Cage He’s Ever Since I Was A Little Kid We’re Sitting There Looking At This Is What You Did You Know Your Parents Take You To Go See The Alligator And It’s Just Insane It’s Just Totally Different So You Guys Get A Chance Definitely Go To The Renaissance Festival I Tell All My Friends Every Time They Post On Facebook And Stuff That They’re Going To The One Over Here In Mobile Cuz It You Know This One Where They Rent The Fairgrounds Out I Said Look Man Don’t Go To That One You Gotta Take The Trip It’s A Two-hour Drive From Mobile Take The Two-hour Drive And Go It It’s Like You Stepping Into Another World I Know People Live For That Stuff It’s It’s Awesome So Man Definitely Check That Out A Few Guys Were In The Area At All So Thank You Everybody For Support And Thank You Everybody For Hanging Out And Like I Said We’d Love To Talk To Interesting People And We Just Had A Awesome Interview Or Just Conversation Man With An Interesting Person Man Somebody Who Sweet And Really Fun Her Family Her Husband’s Really Cool I You Know Meet Him Me And Him Hung Out The Whole Time To Over At The House And All That Good Stuff He Was There I Don’t Know If You Guys Seen Him But He Come Over There At The Beginning Berry So Thanks Everybody For Holding Us Down Everybody Who Supports The Show Must A Month Via Patreon Thank You So Much You Guys Are Awesome If You Want To Support The Show And Get Rewards You Can Get Perks You Can Get Unreleased Music Extra Podcast Things Like This We Got So Much Stuff That We’re Releasing On The Patreon Page So Go To And For Any Amount Of Month That You Want To Give You Can Sign Up For A Dollar Ten Dollars Twenty Five Five Dollars Whatever You Want To Give To To Help Us Support And Run The Show Man It Would Mean The World For You Guys To Do That So From The Bottom Of My Heart Thank You Guys So Much For Doing That Thanks Everybody For Hanging Out In The Chatroom Chat Rooms Open And Right Now On On Youtube So Thinks About Everybody For That New T-shirts Are Coming Out I Just Finally Found A Manufacturer Who Will Print The T-shirts As They’re Ordered Somebody Who’s Not Gonna Charge An Arm And A Leg For It So Go To My Facebook Go To My Website True Sega Calm And We Should Have T-shirts Available Now So The Classic Lcib Seek Truth T-shirt Is On There I’m Trying To Find My Design For The Golden Teachers T-shirt I’ve Got The The Jesus Higher Consciousness Stone Date Theory Shirt I’m Think I’m Gonna Put A Black Version Of That Up Up There And Just A Whole Bunch Of More Cool Stuff Now I’m Able To Get These Designs And Print Them Now So It’s Gonna Be Awesome So Thanks Everybody For All The Love All The Support Make Sure You Subscribe On Itunes And On Android I Always Say Amazon For Some Reason At The End Of The Show I Always Say Subscribe On Amazon But It’s Android I’ll Get It Eventually So Check Us Out There Shalom Shalom Thanks For All The Love And All The Support It Really Means A Lot I Enjoy Hanging Out With You Guys Peace Peace That Does It For This Episode Folks You Hear More Episodes Of The Truth Seeker Podcast Head Over To You Think Accom And If You’re Wanting To Support The Show And Get Rewards 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