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Sacred energy breath work is a very powerful tool for humans to experience heightened states of consciousness. John of the Holy Breath appears as a guest on this episode of The TruthSeekah Podcast to talk about a new type of spiritual breath work that has recently been discovered.
JOHN OF THE HOLY BREATH is an ordinary man with a lifetime love of God. Inexplicably drawn to breathing at a young age, he spent 40 years with increasing awareness of the direct connection of the breath to Spirit. After decades of conscious practice, the Holy Spirit suddenly completed the effort and revealed its relevance. The Spiritual Breath is a tremendous gift, now at hand, for all humankind.

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I’m a welcome on my guest John Patton

from the holy breath Institute John

welcome to the podcast brother how are

you I’m good thank you

this is a exciting topic and interesting

title the gospel of this spiritual

breath in the sacred breath of Christ

and you talk about finding Christ

finding God through the sacred breath so

I’m interested to dive into the subject

matter with you so welcome to the show

thank you

give us a little bit of background about

who you are what you bring to the table

just kind of give the listeners just so

there’d be a little bit familiar with

your stance and you know I’m saying the

point of that you’re coming from sure so

I the the gospel of the spiritual breath

was written as a as a response really to

an experience I had with the Holy Spirit

maybe about three years ago so going

back I worked on the spiritual breath

for about 40 years so I’m almost 70 40

years of my life I worked on this thing

that I didn’t I it it appeared to me to

have a connection with spirituality but

I didn’t really know you know when I

started out I didn’t I just had a sense

of that there was something there so you

you stopped my video yeah it was pause

I’m trying to ask you to start it again

okay it was like a

there you are we’re good okay so do you

want me to back up how do you want to we

just keep going that’s fine that’s fine

so the so I spent about 40 years on this

I I had a way back when when I was in my

guy who is his handle if you go with dr.

breath he wrote a book called dr. breath

he was a an interesting guy but I

learned this technique from him which

was at its essence it was about

breathing without control and he was a

choir instructor he went on to be the

the coach of breathing for the I don’t

remember the year 68 now I do 68

Olympics you know where the track and

field team in Mexico City won I think

the most gold medals they’ve ever won

and he was their respiratory instructor

so he had a sort of interesting career

and so I would practice his techniques

and then I became like his protege and I

would when he would go on vacation I

would take care of some of his patients

in New York he had a wide range of

patients all the way from opera singers

to COPD patients so I was I was deeply

immersed in his conception of how

breathing worked and just to give you a

sort of short explanation it was

strengthening the diaphragm through

making sound on a relaxed exhale so in

scientifically it set up an air column

of resistance that would strengthen the

diaphragm now like you know it sounds I

know we’re going to we’re talking about

spirituality but it does have to do with

the with the diaphragm and I know mo

people are not familiar with how the

diaphragm works in its structure but

basically it’s a domed shape muscle and

tendons that that cuts your body in half

it sits below the lungs and the heart

above all the abdominal organs and you

many many of us have probably heard the

instruction to breathe from your

diaphragm but that’s a nonsensical

instruction because you have no

conscious control over the diaphragm in

other words you can’t move it like you

can move your bicep or your tongue or

any anything else

now you can affect it you know you can

squeeze in your abdominal muscles but

even that is simply it just sort of

moves a diaphragm around but it doesn’t

affect it in fact it probably weakens it

so it’s a tricky thing how do you affect

dive the diaphragm so that was the

platform from which I started that way

from which I began and and then but then

I had an unusual experience I won’t go

into it was just the circumstances were

I was in a sort of strange environment

so I had to his oh I should say that his

his exercises were a sort of counting

out loud on the exhale so I was in a

apartment that I had rented I was a

consultant and I didn’t want to make

noise I didn’t hear the neighbors were

so I just decided I would practice

without making noise and then but then I

had an experience I said wait a minute

this shouldn’t have happened because of

the the theory that your strengthening

the diaphragm by making noise on the

relaxed exhale so what’s that noise

sound like oh it was a clever thing he

worked out over time which was simply

counting from one to ten so it would be

a it would be sort of a lot of the rise

every day and I don’t want it so it’s

sort of mindless but you were making


and you were sort of there are a few

different syllables in there but that it

was just a count from one to ten and

everyone would develop their own sort of

pattern of doing that but the and and

hit they’re still he has died and there

were there are still some people around

who I think teach his approach but what

happened to me was so profound that on

that very day I simply stopped his

approach and said no there’s something

else going on so then I spent about

thirty years trying to figure out what

was it that was changing using and and

what you know what tech now what

technique was there now you know thirty

years a long time and it was so it’s

hard to describe how it evolved other

than I just I had a in instinct to stay

with it and I did you know probably an

hour or two every day for thirty years

on top of the hour to the ten years

prior to that so it was now to to be

clear about it all at the same time I

have a spiritual approach I’m doing you

might call it meditation I would call

spiritual exercises across those forty

years and then now I feel mm-hmm you

know you know why was I selected for

this I think it’s because I was both I

was I was dumb and persistent because

ever for the longest time I didn’t

connect the two so I had this sort of

well it was sort of breathing that then

there were spiritual exercises and that

only at one point did I at some point I

don’t remember when I said oh geez maybe

I can combine these two and then I did

and then at that point I started the

number of spiritual experiences sort of

out of body type experiences that that

that I started having accelerated and

not only did they accelerate but they

were they were experiences what I would

call above above the level of soul so

now let me let me sort of heal so make a

point because that’s a that’s an unusual

concept but the and in the in the title

of the book or the subtitle you know

it’s the path to the Christ and the

father so I began having these

experiences that were the path to bother

above the Christ of the Christ is really

when you look at the soul really the

soul is is the office of the Christ it’s

you know it’s not Jesus but it’s the

it’s the element of existence that he

sort of perfected and and and ushered in

the the Gateway for us to achieve that

and and now what’s happened is that it’s

been made available to us to go beyond

that level of the soul to what is in

what is in in essence our essence that’s

a bad sentence but it’s true you know

our essence is not the soul it’s the

pure soul is the soul is what we

experience this realm through but it is

not our home so so I started having

these this sort of acceleration of

experiences above the soul and then and

and all that was great and I I wouldn’t

be here I wouldn’t have written this

book if I had not had the Holy Spirit

come to me and basically tell me this is

almost verbatim but the but it was that

the that this is the

scientific approach Christ and the

father I actually got in a tussle with

you know look I’ve never I’ve had this

experience with the Holy Spirit twice

and it occurred within two weeks I think

because again I was dumb and I didn’t

quite get what I was being told but when

you have that sort of isn’t it’s a

really very unusual experience and I I

doubt it will ever happen to me again

but you certainly remember it well they

just interested to hear well you know

it’s a it’s hard to describe spiritually

but you know it just sort of it’s a it’s

a knowingness and the sound is really

it’s like James Earl Jones except you

know magnified you know a hundred times

then it comes from everywhere you can’t

pinpoint it yeah and so then I got in

this tussle because you know they said

to me that this was the you know the

path to the you know to the Christ and

the father and I said no I said no don’t

know the the the way of the Cross is

this is what what I said the way of the

Cross is the past and and they said no

who repeated it I said no and then you

know it’s sort of biblical the third

time I gave up you know I repeated it

but then it was you know sort of

pronounced in with finality so what type

of believer were you before that what

were you involved in a specific type of

church or anything like that well I was

I had a spiritual teacher who’s who’s

now he’s he’s transitioned you know I

used the I say transition because I

still I have probably I have experiences

with him every couple weeks you know so

he remained

my teacher and you know I don’t want to

in a way I mean we can come it look it’s

your show we can come back to it I would

sort of I’m just taking knows we could

stick we could stick to the story on the

book at first but then we’re gonna have

to revisit some of this stuff but it’s

good I’m with against – so we’re gay

he’s an unusual guy you know spiritually

so he was I mean it starts to get in you

know this you know the spiritual stuff

can get awfully whoo and and and one of

the things I like about the spiritual

breath one of the really one of the

maybe them almost the most profound

thing about it is that you so your

physiology changes now let me I’m

getting a little lost here because you

don’t want to it is ultimately a

spiritual practice so it’s not it’s not

something that so it has a strong

spiritual element to it mean that there

is the there’s an aspect of the holy

spirit that is working with people who

are practicing the spiritual breath and

you can’t you can’t separate those so

it’s not as though and that’s the

spiritual element of it that there’s

this thing called the living breath the

consciousness which is working you know

so there’s a standard sort i say

standard in spiritual terms there’s a

standard call initiation if you will but

but what that is doing is just setting

up the the the energetic relationship

between you and this and and the lbc if

i can call it that the living breath

consciousness which is an aspect of the

holy spirit

so you if one is a practitioner of the

spiritual breath you can’t you can’t do

it without that connection because

that’s the connection that’s working on

your karma and and which is kind of

critical in helping you you know helping

you progress so again I’ll come back to

the physical but on the on the spiritual

side I mean what you’re what you’re

learning to do is to live and and and

freely walk in your spirit in this life

so you don’t have to die to do that so

this is a you know this is a phenomenal

thing I mean I don’t know there’s not

really anything else one you know would

want to do and yet you can’t you can’t

do it without spiritual support I mean

believe me it’s it’s kind of freaky and

scary you know to do this walking in

your spirit you know so sort of in a

sense leaving your body but you’re not

really going anywhere but but you are

going into your spirit so I don’t I

don’t want to act like this is when I

say scientific that it’s devoid of a

spiritual connection now having said

that that the really neat thing about

the spiritual breath exercises so your

physiology is changing and to give you

an example most people the average rate

of respiration how fast you breathe

which is measured in in breaths per

minute is about 15 maybe 16 breaths per

minute so for for me it’s probably two

or three breaths per minute and the only

way that that can come about is if your

diaphragm has been strengthened and the

coordination of your breathing shifted

changed so

with what I’m so if you if you look at

the to the the spiritual aspect and then

this physiological aspect as what is

unusual and new and fantastic is that

you you now have a mechanism for

measuring spiritual progress so you can

feel this once you get the hang of it

and I don’t want to it it’s a difficult

thing to do it’s difficult to stay with

it because it’s weird it’s a bit

uncomfortable at first and it’s just

it’s very count is almost

quintessentially counterintuitive what

you do now by the way I’m not gonna go

into how you do this it’s not that

difficult but it’s just not we couldn’t

do it and and it’s not to be done until

it’s part of a spiritual practice

believe me you can’t do this unless you

you have an intention to move your

consciousness to into spirit it just you

couldn’t it it would be impossible as

far as I can tell to do it so the so all

right so you have this feedback

mechanism so which is really very cool

because the what I what I’m saying which

is itself unusual so I you know there’s

there’s when it said that this is

scientific there’s there’s three basic

laws that have that have surround the

spiritual breath and you know one is

that that is a spiritual pattern of

breathing exists so that itself is a

bizarre concept really so one you know

what does it mean that there’s a

different pattern of breathing and so

what I’m saying is that the the

diaphragm is extraordinarily changed in

its in its motion and it’s and its

strength and and that’s what I’m calling

the spiritual pattern number one number


I’m saying that this the exercises are

what brings that about that’s number two

and number three that when this comes

about you are a Jew when I say this when

when the spiritual breath is fully

developed you were then at a point where

you are walking freely in your spirit so

if that all is true the I’m saying if

it’s true putting myself in the shoes

the listener I know it’s true but no one

else does so you have if that’s true

then you back up and in the the physio

there’s physiological change and

physiological change you can feel so now

you have a way of measuring your

spiritual progress and it’s and it’s you

and you alone so this is what is to me

is is fantastically cool is that is that

you don’t you don’t need to go to

somebody to you don’t need to go to me

or and or some other teacher to tell you

that you’re progressing because you know

it you know it in your body so the

another way of saying it would be is

that the the the this process of the

spiritual breath is his his resurrection

in the body of the spirit now you know I

look is this is as I said it took me 40

years had this experience with the Holy

Spirit and then I had you know another I

was sort of given the would be called

sort of a teaching mantle if you will

about a year later and it’s going to

take a long time for this to become for

people to practice it I don’t say it

I don’t know yet but my my sense is that

that having gone through this that it

would take somebody maybe a third of the

time that it took me now I don’t know a

lot of people might think oh I got I

don’t have 15 years but I say well well

you know what else is there to do you

know I mean what are we here for if not

to you know evolve our spirit evolve our

consciousness to the point where we can

walk freely in our spirit I mean that’s

the goal of life isn’t it yeah there’s a

there’s a bunch of people in chat who

would like to toriel’s or demonstrations

before we get into that and we can get

into that whenever but um so a lot of

different breathing techniques there’s a

lot to be said about breathing right now


it gets the body into a relaxed state

you can change your breathing patterns

to enter trance state if you if someone

is exploring meditation simply clearing

out the mining and trying to and

actually setting that intention to go in

does a lot but when you combine that

with these different breathing

techniques like you’re saying it it

really kicks start

that’s that spiritual experience that a

static experience that we have with the

Holy Spirit which is the Ruach which is

breath I mean all the cultures talk

about the you know the breath of God the

pranayama the lifeforce chi energy

that’s moving animating all objects is

the holy spirit and you can have that

encounter with the holy spirit and

explore the breath the question I have

because a lot of these breaths are

speeding up your breathing the fire

breath conscious connected breathing

holotropic breathing where your breath

you can get high and have an encounter

just off of your breath it’s beautiful

because you don’t need anything outside

of you your fearfully and wonderfully

made you’re talking about the power of

the diaphragm everything is within so

you can go within to experience God you

can go within to experience the holy

spirit a lot of these different

breathing techniques and patterns are

sped up anything that kind of took me a

little bit was the

you said that you slow down your

breathing right so those breasts within

the myth in the minute is it exploring

each breath you’re talking about maybe

taking two breaths per minute is it

taking that breath being mindful and

exploring that breath to kind of

kickstart that experience with the holy

spirit or how does that work with

slowing down the breath well it’s it’s

this is look we’re now entering is a

very difficult thing to talk about

because you you almost have to

experience it but here we are and I’ll

do my best

the the the main characteristic that is

different from all other approaches is

that this is one where you are not

controlling your breathing in the least

which which is an odd concept so but you

know look it mean at a spiritual level

isn’t that one of our main goals is to

give up control to give it up to the

divine and this is this is the main

aspect of this is that you are not you

are not controlling your breathing so to

answer your question more specifically

in terms of exploration

the exploration is really in

consciousness and and above it’s really

it’s a it’s above the body it’s a weird

thing you’re not you’re not you are not

controlling your breathing with this

approach you’re you’re letting the

breathing come but but it all I can say

is that there’s no control involved I

mean that’s the best way I can describe

it it there is no control which is a I

mean I appreciate the confusion

listeners might have and nothing I can

do but it is what it is and there’s no


I’m trying to understand that so that’s

just is it is that I mean so with it

with with the practice to kind of get

there to kind of lose control like

there’s a place that you have to get to

where you can lose control or to not

focus on your breathing or to slow down

your heart rate or whatever the case is

right yeah exactly right and and the the

the way you said it there’s a place you

have to get to and so the techniques are

designed to get you to that place but

it’s a very difficult place because you

are times it feels like you’re drowning

I mean I thought wow you know as

somebody who is sort of I’ve you know

I’ve been I’ve gotten myself through all

this it becomes blissful I mean it

becomes very very pleasurable so the

that’s just that there is at the

beginning you know you might say a steep

learning curve but you’re you know what

metaphysically you can look at it and

say that that the technique kills off

the ego so you you you can’t do the ego

will not survive this process because

you are you’re really transcending it

you have to move in order to do this you

have to move your consciousness which is

kind of cool so that’s why it really is

a only a spiritual approach so you’re

learning to move your consciousness

higher really out of your body and as

and I myself I having having

accomplished this I still am I to me I

think it’s it’s it’s kind of bizarre a

bizarre concept that you can use the

body to resurrect your spirit you know

but that’s that’s what goes on with the

more practice anything like that gets

easier with Tom right like I said you

were able to explore it a lot faster I

mean just being conscious of the breath

you saying that there’s really no

control over but it is something that we

would have to maybe use the techniques

and things like that

trol it because you know our nature is

to breathe like we have to breathe so

there has to be some control over the

breath to whether you want to change

your breathing pattern or you want to

breathe less and explore that breath so

is it all is it almost like holding your

breath or just be exploring that silence

there and just almost well you know no I

look i everything you’re saying is you

know these are natural good questions

the your your there is control in the

sense that yes you are doing something

and but what you’re really trying to

avoid control of your breathing so you

you reach a point and this there’s an

interesting point of in breathing where

and even even for me at this point where

you you have to give up anticipating

what the next breath looks like so an

anticipation is kind of a tricky thing

because and it’s a form of control

anticipation because if you can

anticipate what’s happening you know you

in a sense you reduce fear and and

because this is this is a fantastic trip

into the unknown and and so part of that

is is that as the diaphragm is improving

every every step of improvement is a

breath that you’ve never felt before

so you cannot anticipate it so you

always are at this point where you are

fighting with your ego to control the

breath or let the new unknown breath

occur so that so that if there’s control

it’s just the control is to remove the

ego from blocking what would be a new

breath and so now

we’re talking what I say new we’re

talking about you know sections of

muscle fibers and and and neurons

you know gradually adjusting how they’re

firing and stuff but but it’s real and

and it occurs and again I apologize this

is very difficult to talk about as you

can imagine so yeah ya know there’s a

lot of different studies about the

breath in and you’re talking about

people being ready for it I think that

uh if people are watching this episode

are listening to this podcast I think

that they’re at least interested in and

judging by the comment section a lot of

people want to know more and a lot of

people are talking about examples even

myself as you’re speaking I’m trying to

stop breathing or just trying to not

focus on the breathing which it gets

scary right you feel because you’re so

used to breathing so this slow down

breathing or exploring the gap in

between what would that look like if

someone was to try it for the first time

if you want to give an example of even

doing it and uh you know what’s a safe

safe space to do this as well versus

someone listening to this while they’re

driving or whatever the case is well you

know one thing one thing that people

might not expect is that it’s done lying

down you know on your back you know

Kriya yoga which is the you know the

yoga of Yogananda Paramahansa and and

those folks is you know sitting up and

so this the basic element is is that

you’re lying down and you are but then

again at that point you’re well let me

say let me say this and perhaps it would

help in the book I talk about

consecrating prayer so and and and I

discuss how the the spiritual breath

exercises are really come under

consecrating prayer so you so you first

have to be calm

to creating yourself to spirit you know

so it’s a it’s a holy event experience

and and and you’ll never never pull this

off if you if you don’t have that and as

I mentioned you need this connection

with the living breath consciousness and

aspect a teaching aspect of the Holy

Spirit and that was very intentional

it’s not just some random thing to do to

to create a spiritual experience it is

intentional about Christ and God right


and I think a lot of people listen and

already kind of approach it with that

that understanding as well right so

you’re trying to so who you are is the

is the is the is the part of your beam

that can move to the Christ and the

father so so unless you can do that your

your who are in a state you are in a

letter state so you’re trying to figure

out how do i I know that I know it’s in

there somewhere right and you’re so

you’re trying to figure out well how do

I essentially how do I change my

vibration of my beingness to to get

there to to have the you know to to well

that that you’re changing your vibration

so that you your awareness and your

ability is such that you can move to

your spirit to the Christ and then then

there are levels you know there are 27

levels above from Christ up to the

Father and so you’re learning to do that

and it just so happens that with this

approach the the the assist is come is

going to come from your breathing but

your focus is on the consecrating prayer

so your and it takes a lot of effort to

to change this pattern so one thing I

wanted to add about

so that if you think about it so I’m

talking about a new pattern so you have

an existing pattern and then you have

this new pattern so your one way of

looking at as you are changing the old

pattern to the new so you tried it

you’re trying to change a very very

deeply ingrained pattern of breathing

which we all have you know none of us in

a simple way would be to say none of us

or few of us are born wanting to

meditate you know I mean you know for I

know for me and I think for most people

you know those first moments of silence

were like you know they were difficult

you know how do I do this how do I stop

my mind and and yet this is just like

that I mean it’s it’s a similar process

it’s not natural except the weird thing

is is that then the breathing becomes

much more natural than the old pattern

because it’s and so oh and I want to add

earlier you said you slow down your

breathing really what’s happening is the

you know the rate of respiration is

slowed down but it’s because the

diaphragm it’s its movement is has been

improved and and that’s because it’s

been strengthened than the pattern has

to change I don’t know if you know but

in in most people the diaphragm with

this huge organ you know that goes from

you know it attaches to all your ribs

and around your back so it’s quite it’s

it’s I think it’s about the size of two

pieces of paper you know regular

eight-and-a-half by eleven paper and

that’s roughly the size and the the

amount that it moves is in most people

is if you stuck a pencil under those two

pieces of paper that’s how much the

diaphragm moves which is which is

nothing I mean you know it’s a it’s a I

mean it’s and so once you if you imagine

that’s what now that’s not the only

thing moving air in and out because

we’ve all developed

a bad pattern of breathing in the with

the upper chest shallow breathing you

yeah if you see smokers you know they

have their shoulders are raised and and

that’s all because they’ve they’ve

basically sort of worked against the

diaphragm and then in order to breathe

they have to use these accessory muscles

of respiration so the so – to get the

diaphragm to move more is what’s going

on with the spiritual breath exercises

but in a way it’s not more is is not

that difficult

because it’s so little now because we we

basically well we never think about

breathing you know and and and and

there’s no there’s no real way to

improve it I mean exercise certainly

helps and you know thinking about it

consorted help but you know I know there

was a study in Sweden a few years ago

this ycf you might be 20 years ago but

they took some Yogi’s who said they had

learned to slow down their breathing and

measured them and what they found out

was that they had simply learned to

tolerate more carbon dioxide in their

system so they had sort of they were

sort of putting themselves to sleep in a

way you know so kind of the power of the

dopamine release exactly you know a

trance state let me ask you this though

so for those who are like big on the

scriptures and stuff do you have any

revelation that you’ve gotten over the

years out of the Bible or any other of

the sacred texts about the breath about

the power you know I’m saying I know

there’s a lot in there but is there

anything that that you know in your

years of studies that kind of stood out

to you about the breath within the

scriptures well no and I’ll tell you why

I say no I mean in the book I go through

there are several chapters on the

breaking down the first commandment you

know love the Lord thy God with

all your heart and soul and mind and


but the and the reason I do that is is

that I is that I don’t think it’s a I

don’t think it’s correctly translated

and for example you said Rua and the you

know the soul the word soul in that you

know in the in the typical translation

is it’s the word that’s used in the

Hebrew Hebrew is nephesh which is not

they didn’t use rule which would be the

typical your you know the meaning of the

typical word that we use for soul now

how why it got translated as soul I

don’t know but Ruach is a much more sort

of it has to do with kind of the life

force so you know I go through those the

you know the the the typical translation

and now I’m applying it to the spiritual

breath in as much as that this is a

first commandment endeavor you know how

do I love the Lord my God you know how

do I do that and now even the word love

is I think it is not correctly translate

because you know this goes back to the

Hebrew I don’t like II yeah the whole

love thing gets really deep yeah a lot

of different words for that one word

love that we have yeah and the Greeks

and and I think it’s and I say it’s

better translated as consecrate so that

you are you are consecrated yourself to

the Lord it’s not it is not a you know

it’s it’s the doing doesn’t it’s not

it’s not that you have an emotional I

love God it’s that you one of you what

have you done to demonstrate that which

is to you know I think what we what we

need to do is these sorts of spiritual

exercises that get us out of our eco and

into our true spirit so even my other

comment to your question about you know

what do I find in the in the Bible the

it’s best I can tell and it’s gonna not

gonna sound very humble but the the best

I can tell this is this is new this is

not it’s not I don’t think this I have

spiritual experiences that I that I

won’t go into the tell me that this is

new so it hasn’t this is just this is

newly dispensed if you will and and so

it’s not it’s not like you know did did

st. Paul know about this no you know did

Jesus know about it so not at the time

so you know the only in Revelations

which I love the I mean I think what

we’re you know we’re talking about this

is the the New Jerusalem but I’m not

saying that the breathing the spiritual

breath exercise they’re not the New

Jerusalem but it it is the path to that

you know that it’s because you’re living

freely in your spirit I mean and that’s

grace you know that’s the that’s the

concept of grace to be able to live in

this world and and yet walk freely in a

sense resurrected it’s a lot to get into

you have a lot of different laws as what

you call them outlined in in the book

that actually goes into detail about the

scientific method the virtuous cycle but

I like the fact that you said that this

is like a sacred holy communion it’s

just not something to be approached

nonchalantly like it is intentional as

you go in to kind of meet the Father and

being led by Christ it almost sounds

like this is like a type of gate that

you enter to do that through the breath

right and experiencing that one thing I

wanted I wanted to touch on before we

get off of here and in the next few

minutes or so the fact that you were

talking about being led by your teacher

having different visitations from the

the one who came before you we’ve been

exploring that a little bit here

definitely looking at some of the

different yogic traditions about your

your teacher never leaves and there’s

different techniques and things that you

can learn to commune with the teacher

that you know was here with you we see a

lot of that stuff even with like Star

Wars and and ended in the different epic

sagas of qui-gon jinn and stuff like

that like once they’re gone there’s

techniques you can do and I’ll talk

about it it’s in the movies because it’s

a little bit of nuggets of truth of that

kind of stuff hidden within sci-fi and

things like that but in in the

scriptures there’s this this thing we’ve

been exploring about talks about the

great cloud of witnesses right in how it

was we’re surrounded by these these

different teachers who have come before

us and there’s a lot of people who have

had claimed to have visitations by Moses

Enoch Elijah these type of people Jesus

even but we see in the scriptures where

I believe Jesus Jesus kind of understood

this as well the first time were able to

kind of follow Jesus almost with the

camera of what he did when he went away

to pray to commune with the father which

he would take him hours there was no

five-minute prayer and hey I’m bad he

would go for hours to commune with the

father the first time we really got to

see what happens was with the Mount of

Transfiguration where the disciples

followed him up and he was literally his

clothing changed and he was meeting with

his you know passed on predecessors was

it our Enoch and Elijah I believe it was

or Moses Elijah and and so I thought

that was very interesting to see that in

the scriptures there and then it’s kind

of sprinkled out eastern thought in

general so if someone wanted to do that

right so we kind of have to be careful

with like tiptoeing with trying to

conjure the dead or trying to speak with

departed spirits or whatever the case is

but there’s I think there’s this place

that kind of needs to be explored even

for those who are Christians or

believers who are kind of biblical base

there’s some there’s some truth to that

so I mean what was it like the first

time you experienced something like that

and how has it become a practice of

something that you do to continue to

learn through that well you know there’s

a lot there the you know as I said

earlier I would not have written a book

and and I wouldn’t really have been

trying to teach anyone if I hadn’t had

this experience with the Holy Spirit but

I never sought it you know I never

sought it it was not a goal so look I

look I’m nearly 70 years old I’ve I’ve

been around spiritual people my whole

life so I mean since I was a young man

anyway and so I kind of know how they

know a lot about you know the approach

but I was never one to I never wanted to

be a teacher you know I never it was not

a goal of mine or it was not a goal of

mine even to conjure spiritual things

you know I was not I didn’t want to

counsel people I didn’t want to like I

didn’t overtly want to have like cool

spirit I didn’t you know I don’t want to

channel anybody I wasn’t I just I just

wanted to save myself basically and and

that was always what it’s trying to

figure out wow this must be doable how

do I do this and then and then I worked

in silence for 40 years because I

thought I had I thought I just had this

glimmer that this is going to work and

so now I’ve had you know I’ve had many

as I say spiritual experiences but and I

think that the reason perhaps I was

given this was was simply that that I

was not seeking I was not seeking

anything but salvation and for myself

and then and then once this happened to

me as a it was like oh shoot I know I

gotta go all right I got to go teach

this now and it’s very just even you can

tell there’s a there’s some weird things

about this difficult you know it’s if

to teach and in my experience a lot of

people have gotten lazy as they’ve

gotten older so and this is not this is

nothing for anyone who is lazy because

it it requires a sinuous work

particularly at the beginning as to you

know what do I say I think you’re asking

me you know I know there are folks who

don’t you know think that well there’s

only one life and you know you you go

and then you you know Jesus takes you up

and you know that but you know to me I’m

I don’t think that’s that’s a correct

view at all so that the that the we have

a spirit we’ve you know we’ve been here

as souls we’ve been here many many


you know same soul picking up new bodies

as we you know have experiences and we

knock our heads against the wall again

so I but maybe maybe you could ask me

something I don’t think I’ve answered

your question

well virtual experiences well would do

spiritual experience in particular of

communing not with the dead but you know

I think more of the living but communing

with your your past teacher what would

that oh oh well see that that came about

naturally again I didn’t ask for that

I said through one of these breathing

exercises experience experiences though

of exploring that and then this comes

well no more it more it comes in that

would look like dreams you know more is

more comes you know we all basically you

know at night we all leave the body I

mean let’s just start there so and where

do we go and that’s well that’s one of

the reasons you with this living breath

consciousness this aspect of the Holy

Spirit it’s it’s it’s at that time when

your your karma is sort of handled sped

up that’s sort of saying that’s that’s

when that kind of work takes place when

you’re when your consciousness has been

released from the body and

and and so you know so most of the time

my experiences are that but there you

know look I’ve been doing this for like

you learn to differentiate you well

what’s a dream and what’s a spiritual

experience you know so but you know he

as a matter of fact you mentioned

revelations that this is just kind of a

funny weird thing but the the right

after my teacher died like a week later

he came to me and I was I was looking at

I was studying revelations and and he

and he pointed out an actual verse

chapter and verse to me and said you

know you’re looking at that wrong and

now the funny thing is is that I wrote

it down right you know I was told I was

looking at this wrong but I didn’t tell

but I forgot to write down what was

correct you know it’s kind of so when I

went back and looked at us oh shit I

can’t I don’t remember what what I was

told but anyway do you know if this

would be something similar to other

people talking about how you know maybe

they didn’t have a specific teacher but

they still get those influences in the

dream state people are talking about

receiving messages and the dreams and

all this kind of stuff and so something

similar to where the ancestors would

contact us in the dreams and and tell us

different things about our lives and

about our path and you know who we are

well you know I’ve heard it said that

the that the physical world is about ten

percent the size of the spiritual world

so it’s you know it’s the spiritual

world is so big it’s very difficult to I

mean all of these experiences can be

true you know so I wouldn’t III can’t

there’s nothing I almost can’t comment

on it because they they can all but but

in terms of intention I’m very wary of

of wanting anything but that which is

pure and and for my from my highest good

you know and and that’s been what’s been

in my heart

the whole time and so I’ve never wanted

I don’t want to contact anybody that’s

not God you know what I mean it’s you

know I don’t want to mess with that yeah

that’s the beautiful thing always teach

that as well like people you know they

want to know how to contact angels or

beings or the you know the past loved

ones or whatever the case is and you

know elemental spirits we’re talking

about this spirit yeah and there’s a lot

of different creatures and entities that

exist out there

so I think we have to be careful but not

I don’t want to stifle exploration like

say hey everything is wicked everything

is evil but I really think that kind of

like what you’re saying is that it’s

about the path of virtue that if you go

through Christ that gate right and ya go

to the Father right anything that comes

through that portal anything that comes

through that gate if you approach it

with love and kindness in your heart and

you want to welcome those experiences

that are gonna benefit you to learn

whether if it is an angel if it is an

interaction with the Archangel Michael’s

or different light beings or whatever

the case is I feel like if you’re on

that path of righteousness through the

Holy Spirit and through God that we

shouldn’t be afraid of anything and I

think that whether you are communing

with the dead

whether you are communing with another

spirit or whatever if it’s through that

vein I think we’re okay

and I think we should want to have those

type of encounters if it comes through

that like that’s the pre-work the

prerequisite when anybody comes to me

and they want to go straight to the they

experience how do I community spirits

how do I have spiritual authority it all

comes through this you have to kind of

get that relationship right with God and

that journey in that heart pursuit and

whatever once that’s right it’s open to

the universe to anything that’s that’s

what I teach right

I wouldn’t teach just going and looking

through these other concepts without

having that that relationship with God

with the Holy Spirit

first amen and through that it opens up

you know I think the best spiritual

experiences right right it’s not like

these other traditions or these other

ways are just more intriguing or they

have more knowledge I think if because

we’re literally talking about the God of

the universe that created everything

that created the dimensions and reality

in your mind and these vessels and our

breathing our body created all that so

commune with that you’re good whatever

that leads to that’s wisdom laughing I’m

with you a lot of good stuff do you have

a website or something that you can sure

the website is holy breasts holy breath

org holy breath org the the hope

exploring the the breath and having

spiritual encounter through that is it’s

beautiful and I think that we’re just

barely scratching the surface wim HOF is

really big right now so in spirituality

holotropic breathing in the hole he’s

teaching exploring the breath and being

able to be able to withstand crazy

temperatures that you that you shouldn’t

be able to to stand with the body

slowing the breathing down speed

speeding the breathing up all of these

type of techniques so it’s kind of

becoming a little bit more sexy right

now exploring the breath so I think a

lot of people are into it and this

definitely approaches it from a

different perspective so I guess before

we go is there any type of maybe

examples for those who who would like to

try to explore that breath with you that

you’re talking about that I know even in

the book you talk about it but it’s

something about hearing it or seeing it

visually to kind of know what it looks

like to kind of see it versus read about

it is there any is there any starting

places and I know you said that this is

like a lifelong pursuit but a lot of

times we can have that experience at the

beginning that just like hey lets us

know that there’s something to this I’m

on the right path let me continue to

explore this let me continue to add this

to my prayer life essentially right is

there any any any techniques or anything

like that that you could show us kind of

going into that No

the look I don’t mean to disappoint but

it’s it’s not it’s just yeah I don’t

know it’s it’s you know it’s like do you

in the East you know initiation tones

are are taught you know the whole

radhaswami tree are you familiar the

radhaswami tradition a little bit I’m

not an expert but I understand so it’d

be like you know so it would again I’m

just please don’t be offended I’m just

I’m trying to express this neutrally it

would be as though as you asked me well

you know what are those tones like you

know these are like initiative tones and

there’s a when it’s done there’s a

sacred you know relationship between you

and the tone and the teacher and you

know so it’s in a way I can’t

it says I’m sorry but I can’t its it I

don’t know how to give someone a sort of

initial experience okay I don’t know I

mean what the experience looks like for

you though cuz there’s a you know I mean

is it something I mean what would it

look like for you to go in that someone

can maybe try to emulate we have to kind

of you know a lot of us learn from

experience and seeing other people doing

it and then trying it ourselves and so

there’s like we’re talking about these

other breathing techniques there’s a lot

of tutorials out there there’s a lot of

it’s in it’s in you know I’m saying the

Kabbalah how to turn the body into a

light body how to turn yourself into a

merkava using by location there’s a lot

of different techniques I know we talked

about slowing down to breathe in breathe

in once or twice per second but there’s

really no once it no I mean per minute

I’m sorry yeah but that but there’s

really no oh you just have to get the

book well no even the book is not gonna

do it you know I mean when I teach

people I do it you know hands-on show

them I lie down this is what I do let me

see you do it

and so it’s so

it’s done that way but it’s also done as

I mentioned there’s a an anchoring we

which you could you could call an


I prefer anchoring but it’s a it’s a

spiritual ceremony if you will I mean so

this is and that’s why I keep saying

this is ultimately and basically a

spiritual practice and you now

but again the fantastic good news is

that is that an aspect of the holy

spirit is available to you I mean I mean

this is this is you know and and look as

far as I know this is this this this

gateway from above soul well to soul and

then above it on to the Father this is

all new this is not this is sort of you

know this is shake the heavens a type of

thing where it’s been it has not been

available to us before and it is now so

you know it’s not it’s this is not

trifling and and and but it’s also not

easy but it is instantly available but

you just have to put your you know if

you will put your butt on the chair do

the work but it’s it’s free and good

thing about it

that’s the good thing about it John I

appreciate you coming on man I’m excited

to explore this book a little bit and

some very interesting outlines that you

sent me and I’m interested in it we’ll

have to we have to do this again brother

thank you for look I’ve really enjoyed

it I’ll be happy to do it again all

right John god bless brother all right

god bless you thank you John Paton

ladies and gentlemen exploring the

gospel of the sacred breath chat y’all

need to calm down chat chat is going

crazy right now chat needs to calm down

chat very interesting this is something

new right it was something new then and

nobody knows it

how do you practice it what does it look

like this is you know I could show you

some breathing techniques I can I don’t

know what I don’t know what that was

honestly but um you know he’s got a

whole book on it the gospel of the

spiritual breath and so he’s got all

these new laws and he calls it he

actually calls it the new law and so my

personal beliefs you know I kind of I

believe that this is something that he

said Paul or or Paul didn’t know what

Jesus didn’t know it they understood the

power of the breath they understood the

power of conscious connected breathing

holotropic breathing the Bible goes into

a lot of detail about entering trance

state right these different heightened

states of states of consciousness where

were able to experience the Holy Spirit

where we’re able to experience God

through the breath for the Holy Spirit

is breath and so there’s something that

Jesus understood when it comes to breath

inand it comes to the Holy Spirit Jesus

the Bible says he breathed upon his

disciples and they received the Holy

Spirit they received that activation if

you will when he breathed upon them now

what does that breath look like is he

literally breathing upon them is he just

speaking to them in the power and

authority that’s in his breath as he

spoke he breathed upon them to receive

it I’m not really sure probably all of

the above right because we understand

the power of spirit the power of our

voice and in a power of encounter and

binding and loosing and those type of

deals that all deal with the breath but

I talk of a lot about especially in my

meditations where we’re exploring God

being as close as our next breath there

comes a place and obviously I can’t

teach this techniques I don’t even know

if he can but

there comes a place where you understand

that experiencing God experiencing the

Holy Spirit through the breath you get

better at it conscious connected

breathing conscious exploring each

thought it’s something that we all do

and if you don’t you’re gonna die if you

stop breathing so conscious connected

breathing there comes a place when you

understand that that you get better at


entering trance state that you get

better at mindfulness especially with

the breath the breath is so important to

me and then when I go when I move into

my prayer life when I move into trance

state it starts off with an attitude of

gratitude of just being thankful for the

breath the two things my heartbeat and

my breath I start there

it seems minimal it seems something

everyone has but I’m thankful that I

exist that I can claim myself on the

earth the breath I mean we can explore

that as far as the breath of God the

breath of the Holy Spirit once you

breathe you understand what the Holy

Spirit is how did with that encounter

feels like there’s a place at the top of

the breath now there’s many different

aspects to this but there’s a place at

the top of the breath when you breathe

in and if y’all want to do it this is

the technique we can try right just

taking that deep breath and at the top

of the breath as you release there’s

this little tingle there’s this euphoria

where you can feel the Holy Spirit

it’s that cleansing there’s times you

can feel that that little euphoria

engulfing your whole body that’s a fire

even the Hindus believed that there’s a

a flame within us and when we breathe in

there’s breathing techniques to kind of

ignite that flame there’s breathing

techniques that fanned the flame of the

holy spirit to engulf your entire body

to feel that ecstatic euphoria it feels


it’s cleansing other techniques as you

breathing this can just be you’re just a

regular breath but you are conscious of

the breath of when you move into

visualization a technique that you can

do is what I like to do is breathe in

through the nostrils but when you

breathe in imagine a ball of white light

just so you’re conscious and you can

follow it imagine that light the breath

in itself cleansing the Holy Spirit

which is breath cleansing going up as

you breathe in through the nostrils up

to the brain through the head coming

down the back of the spine and see it

travel all the way past all of the

chakras cleansing them out coming back

up through the diaphragm and releasing

it through the mouth so through the

nostrils up going down that white light

cleansing going down coming up and

releasing it out the mouth into the nose

cleansing coming down releasing

breathing in whatever you need peace of

God rest of God presence of God

encounter blessings anything that you

need what do you need imagine it coming

in cleansing going where it needs to be

imagine the breath going in and actually

healing your body because the breath can

heal the breath when we talk about wim

HOF I was watching an interview actually

yesterday or the day before or they were

talking about how exploring those breath

through holotropic breathing that you

can get high off of your breath that’s

all you need and it’s as beautiful as

you don’t need anything that they’re

selling you you can go within the Bible

says the kingdom of heaven is within you

that you can explore the breath body is

fearfully and wonderfully made we’re

we’re just scratching the surface I

don’t think this is new like you were

saying I don’t think you know he’s got

something new if you want to explore

that check it out

you know but I thought but this I’m

um I want something that the ancients

had something that we forgot right I

think that this is something a lot older

than us a lot older than religion but it

when we see little places little pieces

of it in the Bible in other holy texts

exploring the breadth a lot of other

techniques um there’s different counts

and so I know I’ll just show you guys

some some of these as well so man

breathing in through the right nostril

so you’ll take your left pointing finger

hold it over your left nostril and

breathe in and release it through the

other you’re gonna switch and release it

to the other these are different

techniques that you can do to enter

trance States and there’s different

breathing techniques with it you have

the fire breath which is a really good

one I like to kind of do that there at

the end though but I’ll just show you

what that is the fire breath is just

really breathing in fast through the

nostrils you can switch this up you can

you could do it through the nostrils or

you can do it through the mouth as well

but just the fire breath would be it

gets really hard to do for me because I

I’m very much a pattern person be my

pattern and my rhythm gets off

eventually but you can work your way up

to this one this is the fire breath of

just going in going

and then you can do we could do like a

four count but well let’s see we’ll do a

ten count

so we’ll do a ten count breathing fast

like that but on the tenth one we’re

gonna breathe in all the way so do you

want to breathe it all the way in and

then release all the way out do it again

going into trance state going into

purifying the body it’s good to not have

a lot on your stomach it’s good to if

you can fast before trying to do this

not having any meat or not having any

anything in your body besides water

that’s something good as well to

approach it to kind of have that

cleansing the temple before you go in

you want to make sure that it’s

something when you do these these

spiritual practices and stuff all of it

for me it comes through the scriptures

when it talks about walking in the

spirit there’s techniques to walking in

the spirit the word walking translates

there – cadence there’s a cadence

there’s a rhythm there’s things that you

can do to walk in the spirit there’s

things that you can do to experience the

aesthetic realms of heaven on earth and

and it’s getting our body in tune it’s

getting our mind in tune and these

techniques exist to help us just as we

experience the fire breath with that you

can you can do that there’s a similar

one you could do with your mouths open

with your tongue sticking out and it’s

almost like a you’re it’s almost like a

dog panting but sticking your tongue out

I know it looks funny I know it sounds

silly but try it in the privacy of your

own home I don’t know about if I would

do this one you’re driving if you’re

feeling drowsy while you’re driving I

used to do this a lot and uh because I

would drive for hours and with little

sleep those breathing techniques into

the nostril in through one

out through the other it goes in in it

you imagine it cleansing and it does it

cleanses you out but it actually helps

to wake you up as well I’m trying to

think that I wasn’t prepared to kind of

go I was wanting him to kind of go into

detail but he didn’t so uh even with

those like working your way up to the

fire breath I know I showed you that but

just do that I would suggest doing that

at the end do some of these other ones

at first even with the uh as far as

doing the four count like the fire

breath but a lot slower but only do it

in the four count as well so we’ll do

that into the nostrils are going and on

the fourth one take that big one release

it and on the fourth

it’s a bunch of these different

techniques you can try it through the

nostrils most people do it through the

nostrils but you could do it through the

mouth as well I like to combine it

coming in through the nostrils and out

to the mouth that’s just personally what

I like to do but as you do it and if you

have spiritual music on you don’t need

those things everything helps man if you

have those tones which he was talking

about all of that stuff kind of helps to

kind of set the atmosphere there’s

different frequencies that kind of get

your body in tune if you’re listening to

tones if you’re doing a guided

meditation all of these things are part

of the practice and so there’s different

things that you do but as you’re doing

it it’s about mindfulness it’s about the

intention the breath with intention it

moves on okay that’s the whole

meditative state the trance state breath

with intention moving on to your words

understanding the power of your breath

there that your words have intention

your words have power be careful what

you speak on be careful what you answer

to be careful what you entertain because

you understand the power of the breath

breathing upon something speaking life

into something life and death is in the

power of the tongue there’s something


the breath the vibration the spoken word

comes into agreement with those thoughts

that we have in our mind and within our

hearts you can thank these ideas you can

have great ideas you can have a great

vision all of these cool things that you

want to happen that you want to come

into fruition but they just exist as

good ideas write them down there’s power

in that and then there’s power even

moving past the writing down but

speaking it out speaking to the things

that are not as though they were that’s

the definition of faith in in in the

book of Hebrews and speaking it out and

that’s how you created the power of the

focused mind in the focus breath when

everything comes into alignment

exploring meditation just through trying

to clear the mind it’s very hard it’s

very hard that’s a good place to start

trying to clear the mind but then when

you add that breathing to it when you

add the breathing techniques to it it

enhances it and it takes it to the next

level somebody was saying in chat I

think it was Sheldon talking about how

when he’s going to sleep he focuses on

the breathing and it helps him to get to

sleep a lot quicker focusing on the

breath as you’re sleeping it it

definitely helps for me my mind races a

lot I have all these crazy ideas and I’m

really waiting thoughts of the day I’m

doing things that I’m supposed to be

doing while I’m asleep right the

evaluation of the day like that’s what

happens when you go into the dream realm

and God speaks to you God opens up in

seal its seals instruction for us that

happens in the dream state and a lot of

times I’ll do that laying on my pillow

and so but if you focus on the breathing

it will help you slow down to mind and

where you’re not focused on all these

other things these are the ideas these

ideas you have coming up for that for

those who are real creative it can be

really hard because the mind races but

focusing on the breath

to kind of slow down and be present in

the moment even with your head laying on

your pillow

going into the dream state to facilitate

lucid dreams you have to be mindful you

have to go into that wanting to remember

the dream wanting to be lucid in the

dream wanting to remember wanting to ask

certain questions and pull things out of

the dream state you can do that part of

it is with your head on your pillow

laying down and being mindful of the

breath and going into the dream state

these are just techniques and things

that I’ve done that I’ve applied and it

I think the sooner that you try them out

the better because I did meditation for

years without doing the breathing and

once you add them together when you just

add everything man you got aromatherapy

you can you could like copal resin you

can you can light frankincense any type

of aroma that gets your body relaxed in

the scriptures they would go through the

temple and they would burn frankincense

and other types of herbs and stuff that

got the body into more of a relaxed

state what they’re talking about

crystals in the chat people are talking

about using crystals there’s different

crystals that you can use that get your

body and to more of a aligned state

different crystals do do different

things I mean there’s a bunch of

documentaries there’s people are using

crystals to block EMF waves to them and

they’re you can do it with the EMF

reader the microwave all of these type

of things there’s different crystals

that you can apply so just applying all

of it crystals aromatherapy as far as

your incense all of these things that

kind of get your body into a trance

state we talked about crystals I mean

just look at the ancient Hebrews how the

priests would would wear these ‘if odds

with twelve different crystals on them

and I believe that the crystals and the

emeralds and things like that get your

body into that state a lot of times you

can feel it when you’re actually just

holding the crystals they get your body

into that trance State Sheldon’s in the

comment section says myrrh seems to be

very grounding and focusing

using a meditation often Murr I have

have frankincense here it’s really

interesting how when we look in the

scriptures how that’s what the you know

I’m saying the gift of the prophets they

brought Jesus frankincense and myrrh

when when he was born

right so hey your prophet you’re gonna

be going into those realms this is what

you’re gonna need

it’s very interesting when you you look

at the research in the scientific

studies behind copal resin when you look

at the frankincense and how it gets

really deep I can’t even explain it how

deep it is but you’re you’re able to to

breathe in the different aromas from a

lot of these resins and your brain

receives it differently than just any

type of regular smell and it’s something

about frankincense it gets really deep

but um shoot all of this of the tones

there’s different tones in meditation

music that make you feel a certain type

of way the 432 pitch the concert pitched

in from 440 to 432 changing you it makes

you feel a certain type of way there’s

different tones and vibrations and it

can get as complicated as you want it if

you want to focus in light colored light

the angels of the green light there’s

different angels that correlate with

light there’s angels that correlate with

sound as far as pitches I’m working on

some some I’ve been working on some some

actual guided meditations but I’ve been

messing with the music as well doing

some some guided meditation music and

just exploring these chords right and

and there’s a chord that correlates with

each chakra and they agreed upon a chord

for the heart chakra understanding that

the the sacred heart is is the F chord

and so listening to the F tone and

focusing on the heart each one whatever

you need that work man when you combine

all that stuff together you got

the sound you got the smell that’s

really permeating all of the senses and

and you’re able to kind of achieve

trance state a lot faster and you can

you can actually go in a lot deeper too

so the different breathing techniques in

it that in and of itself without

crystals without music you don’t need

any of it you can explore each of them

by them you know I’m saying by ourselves

you can explore the smell you can

explore copal resin you can explore Palo

Santo wood which this one I have is

pretty burnt but this is here and my

that’s pretty bird but I got a little

Palo Santo sticks as well burning sage

explore all of it by themselves see what

you like see what resonates with you and

then try combining them together and

just see it do it and see what happens

Astrid says do these angels correspond

with the chakras to just like light and

sound there’s a lot of teach teachings

out there that that say that they do

correlate with each chakra but with with

the light and with the sound and with

the planets they do if especially if

you’re if you’re going out to make

contact with those angels to play that

sound – I mean the whole once you study

the power of the green light the green

light beans which I talk about a lot of

my music of having those encounters in

meditation with these angelic figures

who show up in green light Sheldon says

just gave my sister some sage told her

to pray over herself and give herself a

sage bath good stuff yeah so exploring

the breath there are examples that you

can do I wasn’t prepared I didn’t have

all my notes out or anything it’s just

kind of going off ahead knowledge and

some things that I practice when we go

in but doing doing that with a guided

meditation exploring the breath

guided meditation into tones that’s what

I like to do when I go in so a lot of

times you can have a youtube video set

or you can have your own songs on your

playlist set up to do that guided

meditation if you don’t have any I have


available on my Gumroad page the link is

in the description but some of the new

ones that I just did but doing that

guided meditation and then exploring the

tones to be able to take you and let you

explore that’s something that was some

of the things that people were saying

about moving forward with the guided

meditations that I’m doing is just to

give them some time to explore versus

moving because it was very visually

oriented and it was less of playing

around in the spirit when you’re having

those encounters so mom was it was kind

of fast I guess the case is amazing

about 20 minutes 17 minutes but um the

people were saying to give them time to

play but that for me is always at the

end right you go through the guided

meditation the visualization and then at

the end you are your body is relaxed

you’re separated you can go within and

and the guide we’re talking about

visualizing the light and I always talk

about this but there’s you know usually

when you go in you get all those

thoughts out of your head eventually a

light shows up for me and I know it does

for a lot of people and it’s usually

shows up in the third eye a lot of times

if you focus your intention up you can

see the third eye flickering it’s a

light purple white yellow red just

flashing real right bright for me it’ll

start moving it starts to move and I

feel like as I follow it with my psyche

with my consciousness and my eyes closed

I feel like it takes me deeper into

trance state almost like it’s

hypnotizing you with a pendulum or

something but it’s allowing you to go a

little bit deeper into trance State and

to try to go through that light to try

to enter in try to follow it it’s gonna

move but try to keep focused on it and

try to enter in through it now there’s

different levels of going in to Tran

state there’s different levels of going

into those deeper levels sorry auditor

notification I got some other stuff

coming I’m going to be interviewed on

somebody’s podcast right after this but

there’s different levels and that’s one

thing that I kind of explored in the

meditation when we’re looking at the

holy temples in the Bible and we look at

the holy temples of the body there’s

levels there’s the outer Court where

just people just show up they’re just

they’re you know they’re kind of a part

of it but kind of not they’re on the

outer courts they show up but then

there’s another level where you go a

little bit deeper and you enter in

through the gates to the holy place and

then you move in to the Holy of Holies

which is called the most holy place in

the Bible and that’s these are different

levels that were able to kind of go into

and experience God is you know I’m

saying very much at a church service –

you get all these people who show up

there they’re clapping they’re listening

to the music that’s one level but the

next level – people who are actually

going in to the trance state they got

the hands up they’re listening to the

music they’re in trance state communing

with God and then you’re able to to go

in a little bit deeper to where nothing

else exists it’s just you and God and

you’re traveling those realms through

trance state and we used to do it in

church you know when you do that for 45

minutes straight you’re going to enter a

trance state you know when you’re

listening to music when your hands are

up as to receive and your eyes are

closed and you’re going into meditation

for forty-five minutes you’re gonna

enter trance state this is what happens

so you can experience that at church you

can experience it at the privacy of your

own home or with a group of people group

of friends learn some of these

techniques that I shared check out

John’s book it’s kind of interesting or

whatever I don’t think it’s nothing the

Bible says is not that new Under the Sun

I think that uh I really believe and in

revival I talk about visitation sparks

revival the rest is left with in denial

having that visitation they knew

something that we we didn’t like when we

look at the profits of all when we look

at Jesus we look at the disciples these

guys were very spiritual the Apostle

Paul talks about leaving his body and

traveling to the

heaven it was so powerful so profound he

didn’t even know if he took his body

with them it felt so real he thought

that his whole body travelled to heaven

but he wasn’t for sure he said it was

either my body or my spirit I don’t know

he heard things he’s seen things that is

not permissible for men to speak on the

different languages the different tones

if you’ve been in that state you know

that those scriptures become a little

bit more real as they did for me but

there’s a lot of different stuff with

that when you’re talking about the

trance state a lot of people and uh a

lot of people believe that when the

Bible talks about the trance state and

it calls it it calls it a trance that

God just pulled them out of their body

for this one time to share this message

with them I really do believe that it’s

intentional I believe that we can go

into our prayer closet which is the

prayer shawl right which they called the

prayer closet in the Old Testament why

would it be going in you’re going into

your closet it the Bible says when you

pray go into your prayer closet get

alone and so they actually had their

prayer shawls that would pull over their

head and go into the prayer closet what

is this blackness entering into that

state of darkness it’s powerful and

again the possibilities are endless what

you want to experience what you’re open

to experience and especially if it comes

through God like that’s there should be

a no-brainer

you know entering into that gate versus

trying to find another way in where you

can kind of go around God or bypass God

like what’s the intention there where’s

the hurts you know what I’m saying but

with God all things are possible for

them that believe if you believe it I’ve

experienced it and I’m nothing I’ve just

touched scratched the surface man and

I’ve experienced so much but exploring

the breath breathwork I’m gonna do some

more of that I’m gonna do some more I’m

I do private sessions where if someone

would like to learn some of those

techniques and and and do it on a

one-on-one session I have some packages

available where we can do it together

and lead you in the private guided

meditation in a trance State and stuff

so I’m doing that I’m gonna be doing

some more group stuff to some more group

stuff online where we get together as a


Thursday night school of the Mystics

it’s good but it’s more of a hangout so

I’m gonna have some other stuff coming

up where you guys can opt in to where

it’s just going to be focused on that

here is the intention we’re going to be

going through it and so they’re gonna be

more of them

I guess encounters that we have together

which is going to be intentional some

people are driving some people are you

know I’m saying it’s cool to the mystic

school of mystics it’s fun for what it

is but there’s only so deep you can go

when trying to go into trance States so

I’m working on some stuff right now man

I’m if you guys are subscribed to the

email list and follow me on all my

social media you guys would definitely

get notified when that stuff comes out

but um even just as I mentioned that

everybody says yes they’re in so uh good

stuff so thank you guys for hanging out

with me again check out all the stuff

that I have to offer thank you guys

again for supporting me via patreon like

I said this isn’t this isn’t I’m not

able to do this without you so thank you

again from the bottom of my heart I

don’t think I don’t take any of this

stuff for granted and 2019 is we’re

gonna have a lot accomplished and I hope

that you are ready whatever you’re

looking for now it’s the time to do it

whatever you been preparing for whatever

you been believing for get ready Thomas

take those steps and I’ma I’m working on

so much right now it’s kind of hard to

get it all out man

because I’m kind of divided in a few

different things that I’m working on I

want to be able to do it on the

entrepreneurial level where I can help

people step out into their calling

financially you know I’m saying where

people people can do that find ways that

they can make money off of what they

love to do for a living like that’s one

aspect that I feel called to the others

is the healing arts where we’re actually

going in and having

and really essentially I think the two

go hand-in-hand because it’s about

hearing from spirit hearing the voice of

the Holy Spirit what the Spirit is

speaking for you what season you are in

but I think collectively we can go in

and I think collectively if you’re

listening to a podcast about this and

listening past the breathing and all

that stuff whether you’re just listening

as a you know I’m saying a scoffer or a

you know someone who’s just showing up

that’s one level but the other level is

we’re talking about people who are

interested it’s not for everybody the

fact that you’re showing up and you’re

interested in it means you’re ready the

fact that you’re seeking out however you

thought you found this podcast episode

whether you googled it and it came up or

whether you’ve just been riding with us

for a long time I think you’re ready so

if you are buckle up because 2019 it’s

gonna be the year of that all this stuff

comes comes together for you now is the

time whatever it is and we’re gonna be

approaching it on every level I’m really

getting candid about different different

ways to do it and I got a whole course

that I’m working on that’s gonna show

you how to produce a podcast how to

create a website and how to bring this

stuff into fruition because it’s

spiritual it’s spiritual but if you just

if you just in the spirit all day and

you don’t figure out how to do this

stuff on a very practical and you’re

gonna miss it and those people who are

doing it practice there’s people who are

doing it practical who aren’t spiritual

and they’re successful you are spiritual

and practical at the same time you’re

gonna be even more you know it’s those

out there who literally are so spiritual

minded that they’re no earthly good you

got to be both it’s about balance we’re

gonna do that man what it is you’re

supposed to be doing 4:11 what it is

you’re supposed to be doing to bring

about your best best life what you want

to do what are you doing now you have to

figure it out it’s between you and God

but once you have that vision then we

can talk if you need help getting the

vision I can help you even now

where are you what are you listening to

this ad if you’re a lot of these

podcasts I do I’m talking to young Derek

young troops ago driving the truck

cutting you know I’m saying we’d eat in

the ditches doing all of these jobs that

I’ve done to kind of get me to where I

am now and I did some really degrading

jobs to uh to make an income for my

family right did some a lot of hard work

a lot of people are okay they’re like

there’s people who are good cutting

grasses people who are good working at

McDonald’s have you ever met those

people they’re freaking awesome you ever

went to a restaurant or McDonald’s or

whatever you eat at and you have those

people who are just excited to serve you

they’re just excited to be there

they’re good you’re good there there’s

things you could do on the side side

hustle the things that you don’t say

that’s your 9 to 5 what is your 5 to 9

and learn how to turn that 5 to 9 into

your 9 to 5 but for me what do you think

I’m speaking to the people out there who

were who were on that job daydreaming

about something else you’re on the job

doing whatever you do for a living to

make an income but your your mind is so

I’ve always been like that

I’ve never when I met I was in those

ditches we’d eaten like I’m thinking

about you know what I’m doing when I get

home I’m thinking about my next song I’m

thinking about different you know what

I’m saying I can’t wait to do it for a

living but it seemed like something that

was so far away until you find out that

there’s practical ways to bring it to

fruition there’s spiritual ways to bring

any fruit into fruition it’s all on

God’s timing but it’s about how long it

takes you to learn the lessons and they

start applying some of the universal

laws universal principles to your life

but you start seeing your faith in

action everybody has some some measure

of faith it’s given to everybody a

measure of faith

some people have extraordinary faith but

when you have that faith in action then

you start seeing it helping people you

start you know so it’s not for everyone

but if you’re that person like me you’re

on the job I don’t know what you’re

doing if you’re in account if you’re in

accounting if you’re driving a truck

there’s a lot of people driving trucks

listening to this podcast I get the

messages they’re doing what I used to do

they’re driving the truck and I just

they want something I mean when you’re

driving a truck you got I mean you’re

always in your thoughts man just driving

down those long highways you know but um

you don’t know what you’re supposed to

be doing do what you’re daydreaming

about only on the job if it’s a passion

not crazy foolishness right if it’s your

passion it’s the things that you keep

going into the the thoughts that keep

coming up and as I look back man I was

never content on a job and then was

never about the money

it’s about keeping the lights on and

like something I had to do or something

you have to do so many people are

working to fund a pension you you’re

working to retire I don’t think that’s

living I really do believe in being

mindful and being conscious and with

with that that’s like turning on

autopilot until you retire working

through the days eight hours here twelve

hours here ten hours here 40 hour week

existing you’re paying you’re earning

money to pay for the car that brings you

to work which is like 200 $300 a month

then you’re paying for the gas then you

got to pay for you paying for all this

stuff and you’re funding to hold on man

this is the stuff isn’t adding up

life is too precious life is too short

to be stuck at a dead-end job of some

you just there by default

you’re at that job because you filled

out an application because you needed a


now you’ve been there five years now

you’ve been there ten years six years

twenty twenty years however long it’s

been you like this wasn’t my plan

this isn’t what I dreamt of as a child

that’s what it is

what would you dreaming of as a child

what did you want to be I know they

asked you to ask all children what do

you want to be when you grow up did you

tell them a truck driver did you tell

them I’m McDonald’s employee whatever

you’re doing if you if you’re content

look godliness with contentment is great

gain that’s what the Bible says

godliness with contentment is great gain

I believe that I believe that there’s a

contentment there but if if you’re just

stuck you don’t want to be here this for

you there’s techniques there’s things

you can do to bring it to fruition

I believe it I believe that we’re

supposed to enjoy life man I was a

zombie man I I’m a different person now

it is insane and in there’s something

that I did not just like you it seemed

like something so far away I mean these

light bills who who’s gonna pay the

light bills who’s got a wife and the

daughter who goes to private school and

its funding and I mean all of this who’s

gonna pay for this stuff how am I gonna

earn a living doing that there’s

practical things that you can do to move

yourself a little bit closer into that

don’t be scared you should be a little

bit scared you know your vision should

scare you but there’s things that you

can do them to you I’m saying to move

into that man and you can start a

YouTube channel those of you watching

live or watching us on YouTube do you

get YouTube will pay you if you can get

an audience how do you get an audience

you provide for a need there’s a need

there and you can fill that need the

niche of spirituality of you know

friends topics even

Christian Christian fringe or whatever

you want to call what I do I have no

idea but um there’s a little market for

it right there’s not a lot of money in

it but if you can get views YouTube will

send you money every month here’s this

little thing I got check this out

I got this little this little phone here

telephone it’s a smart phone it’s really

smart you could do a lot with this thing

if you have one of these a smart phone

or the compact us to the Internet and

you you have no reason to be broke you

have no reason to be working at a –

stuck at a to be stuck at a job that you

hate not you’re just here temporarily

got a you have to be mind if I’m just

passing through I’m here for a little

while I got dreams don’t give up just

following man you could these cameras on

these phones are amazing you can start a

YouTube channel about anything if you’re

filling a need what is it let’s just

think be silly

there’s some weird channels out there

man that people are YouTube sending them

money every month and then you have

different ways to you don’t saying

monetize your platform and to put

together an eCourse and stuff DIY stuff

let’s just start a channel what do you

love to do I love to bake

start a YouTube channel baking cookies

you love to bake show people how to do


you got some interesting ideas DIY

that’s one thing like it gets crazy

you could do a channel on how to wash

how to bathe dogs the best way to get

your dog clean and you just explore that

more and more and more it gets crazy

people into some weird stuff y’all

there’s some crazy niches out there

you guys are into some weird stuff too

you can you can start a YouTube channel

that’s a starting do you just start

there there’s the world is at your


it really is you’re gonna have to like

even if you’re already in your niche

like you there’s ways to expand SEO SEO

search engine optimization organic

traffic which is the best traffic people

googling stuff there’s ways to to get

what your podcasts your videos to the

top of the rankings that’s my goal with

this podcast is to get in front of new


organically well I don’t have to pay to

do it when you Google Jordan Maxwell I’m

one of the first results for somebody as

big as Jordan Maxwell that’s intentional

that was a goal I wrote that down it

came to pass when you google Jason


these are mystics these are people who

were at the top of their fields when you

google their name you’re gonna see my

face that was intentional what what will

happen if you become intentional Wow

what if you have a goal you write it


a vision what our action is merely a

dream you have to be intentional moving

forward create it draw a picture I got I

did it I’m re-evaluating them hitting

goals views financially the fight is

definitely a part of it don’t see your

spiritual so we don’t talk about money

you better talk about money money is

exchange of energy whatever you have to

offer filling that need men knowledge

and experience so many spiritual healers

like you know coaching calls you’ve been

through a lot you have wisdom that has

taken you a lifetime to get

tests that have taken you years to go

through to find out that you can help

people one-on-one calls just cuz you

struggling where money doesn’t mean

everybody else is just because you’re

struggling with money as people who are

anointed to give there’s people that’s

there calling to come to come along side

you and partner with you and fund your

vision you got to believe that speaking

into existence learn to prophesy over

yourself I do it I’m seeing the fruits

of it the fruits of my labor you have to

do it I’m getting some stuff ready just

to kind of show you on a real more pride

I’m talking about this you know I wanna

I want to be able to take you guys down

through there man and just just imagine

if we lived in a in a world where

everybody got to do what they love for a

living even if it is some kind of weird

capitalistic society that we’re in now

but everybody got to be honest and to do

what they love for a living

yeah people mad he just they man Mondays

I use Jesus data that feeling in my

chest I used to get on Sunday evening

God I gotta go back to work into a whole

week what about those who are working

seven days straight they don’t get off

day it might as people working may get

two off days a month

some people are content with that they

love it like some people are gifted and

they love framing houses there are some

people who love working at McDonald’s

those people are beautiful men they’re

good now everybody doesn’t have the same

Drive everybody doesn’t have that Sunday

evening damn I got to do something man

how many more years I got I’m stuck you

just feel stuck man not everybody feels

that there’s people okay a lot of my

friends who I thought were coming with


to these levels they’re okay they’re

cool they’re good I wasn’t I’m not it’s

just I’m not built that way

that’s not my destiny and you have to

ask yourself is this my destiny was I

created for something more you know what

deep down within

if I’m speaking to you if not we might

somehow the power of breath and the

power of the spoken word

yeah it’s resonating with you I’m

calling it out of you

I’m making you jealous you need to be

jealous you need to be jealous that you

can that you can’t get up every every

day and do what you love for a living

and to it because that jealousy will

move you to a place where you put that

faith in those dreams in action when you

listen to this situation when you listen

to somebody who does Park you compile

cast for a living I don’t get paid off

at a podcasting app so I’m thankful for

patreon but once you you uh reach a

certain level and and listeners on the

podcast they pay you good you got to get

to a certain level and I’m not there yet

but once you get there they it’s a wrap

when you could put ads on your podcast

like on a podcasting app they pay you

really good I’m not there yet the

YouTube money is pennies it really is

but it’s something eventually you get to

a place where YouTube pays your light

bill okay

the YouTube money just pay my light bill

okay now there’s other things that I

have to offer I have t-shirts I have

merch I’m putting this stuff together in

a whole course and you guys pray for me

that I’m able to get it all out and

articulate it in a way to get it out but

I’m I’ve already started and I’m I’m

pretty much going on the back end to

show you how I do everything how I run a

podcast like this how to get the SEO how

to get the number one search result

wouldn’t you want that the number one

search result for how to open your third

eye I don’t get number one for that you

have to be really big but I I’m on the

first I’m I’m up there there’s other

niches you don’t have to do spiritual

niche whatever it is within you man that

you want to do it’s music

I mean it’s putting ads on your stuff

you you would make a lot more money

doing something like


insurance auto insurance if you even if

you’re not into it

but you’re just an entrepreneur use

something like that to fund what you’re

into right maybe what you’re into is not

gonna pay a lot there’s other websites

insurance ads like spirituality and and

its type of niche or whatever they don’t

it doesn’t pay a lot at all it’s enough

you know it can be it can be more

especially with the more people the more

views and so but if you’re into if you

did a blog on auto insurance just to do

it they’ll pay you $15 per click if

somebody comes if someone like I’ve put

ads on my site and then I’ve taken them

off I don’t I’ve got I’ve got my stuff

that I want to to get out there right

versus in Google Ads or whatever your

search engine is or whatever your

website is about it’ll serve you those

type of ads if you do an auto insurance

or injury lawyers lawyers and insurance

if somebody cliff I put an ad on my site

somebody clicks it I might get three

cents a dollar if I’m lucky if you do

insurance you they’ll pay you $15 per

click what if you got it what if you got

ten thousand uh hits per day on your

website and and five people clicked it

and that’s about as much to pay for how

much you make per day if you can focus

and generate that traffic you got to

start somewhere it doesn’t come well you

got to build whoever it’s for men

whoever it’s for the tools are there

there’s a lot of stuff you can learn for

free on on YouTube or books or courses

that you can purchase I’m gonna show you

years worth of information and I’ve

learned not gonna hold anything back and

so if that’s what you want it’s gonna be

available and I’m gonna take people

under my wing I’m gonna mentor them

and we won’t stop until nothing but the

dreams come true true it’s possible it’s


whatever it is I’m telling you many you

are there now you’re agreeing with me

you know what it feels like but you know

the struggle you know the hard work you

know the anxiety the fear it all plays

part it’s all like these monsters in

these giants that you have to fight in

your epic saga

it’s your David fighting Goliath your

Moses coming down from the temple from

other mountain and seeing all your

friends and family and people worshiping

the golden calf hey come come worship

the calf with this bro or ship the calf

what is that calf to you that calf might

be locked into your nine-to-five forever

you gotta go overthrow that thing turn

to the other gods that come up in your

heart these things that pull you away

from your calling you know what you’re

supposed to be doing but you feel stuck

it’s time to shake that thing man anyway

I didn’t mean to go off on that tangent

but I know it was for somebody else I’m

reading in the comments people saying I

so needed to hear this and thank you and

someone recently found you via search

engine that’s what it is man search

engine SEO search engine optimization

free traffic you can see how many ork

when you have a website especially with

WordPress you can see how people get to

your website and SEO organic traffic is

the best traffic it’s free it’s because

they’re looking up something and your

site has enough info enough pictures all

kinds of things that kind of weigh into

that that you come up front and guess

what since I understand that I rank high

if not first for a lot of Jordan Maxwell

searches a lot of Jason Westerfield

searches a lot of Brandon Barth Rob

searches a lot of busy bone from bone

thugs-n-harmony searches a lot of people

are not listening Margaret Perrin Ikey

you guys would be surprised how much

organic web traffic I get from the

interview I did with Margaret parent it

wasn’t the best

interview it was more of a personal

conversation speaking about things from

the city that we’re from but the God

Warrior she’s not the lady at the on the

intro I interviewed her I’m friends with

her but I get the number one number one

search traffic for the YouTube video and

for my website those are two or and

you’d be surprised and how man that that

videos got to be over ten years old as

far as when she was big when trading

spouses anyway there’s still like tons

of people googling her and you don’t get

it she doesn’t have a website you get me

that was intentional it’s still

intentional today whoever’s looking up

gospel of the spiritual breath you’re

gonna get me hey it’s practical man

there ways out there for you to make it

happen to get you you may have the best

niche you might have the best album the

B maybe the best painter but if you

can’t get in front of people’s eyes stop

that kills me I know I talked about it

last time but I got all my friends who

do music man and and they got awesome

albums seven people heard their album

and guess what I try to tell them look

keep promoting go on a podcast fine ways

get creative pay for ad revenue on a

website ain’t studying at a ready to

write the next album you get bored when

you’re creative you just your mind you

keep moving you’re creating all this

beautiful stuff and then you can’t

promote it you have no way to get it out

there to people that hurts me I hope it

hurts you it’s not good it’s not good

man if it’s something of value it

deserves to be in front of in front of

people and there’s ways to do that with

that being said I love y’all you know it

is what it is and I enjoyed a lot of

this podcast and it’s just kind of weird

at some points but anyway the breath is

powerful y’all explore it God is as

close as your next breath and

the truth so with that I’m gonna say

peace and Shalom I got a bunch of stuff

coming up about to being on another

podcast as soon as I could offer this

one I don’t think it’s live dough but

I’ll let you guys know if you sign up to

my website go to my website truth seeker

calm and sign up for my email list and

you’ll get notified for everything if

you’d like to support and partner with

me patreon there’s a bunch of perks in

it for you a lot of good stuff coming I

love y’all

shout out to everybody in the chat

holding me down I’m reading y’all’s

messages Fred Lynch Chad look each room

I’ve drawn my passion Astra at home

sauce Chad

all of y’all I see the messages and

stuff so many blessings to everyone god



that does it for this episode folks to

hear more episodes of the truth seeker

podcast head over to juicy calm and if

you’re wanting to support the show and

get rewards go to our patreon page at forward slash truth seeker


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