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Have you ever seen a shadow out of the corner of your eye or felt like someone was standing behind you watching and when you turn around no one was there? Or maybe they were! In this episode TruthSeekah speaks with Gregg Prescott of iN5D about different vibrational dimensions, the beings that live on them and how they affect out reality. Can they contact us? Can we contact them? Should we contact them? And everything in between.

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Ladies And Gentlemen Boys And Girls Were Back Another Exciting Podcast Of The Mythicist Podcast I’m Here With My Friend Greg Prescott What’s Going On Man Hey Brother Thanks For Having Me On Yeah So We Had To Work Out Some Bugs I Think We’re Back I Think We’re Good Just To Let Everybody Know We’ve Never Talked Before This Is Organic This Is The First Time Getting To Talk To You Man So Excited To Have You On The Show Been Hearing About You For Years Running Kind Of In The Same Circles We Mentioned Kelly In The Raw You Know That’s A You Know Kind Of A Mutual Friend Seeing Some Of The Content That You’ve Been Putting Out With In 5d Comm And This Huge Esoteric Metaphysical Spiritual Database That You Guys Have Built Over The Years And It’s Kind Of Like If You’re Searching Terms About Spirituality Third Eye Meditation Your Site Comes Up So It Definitely Is A Database With A Wealth Of Knowledge There And So I’ve Been Reading Some Of The Articles For Years So It’s A Pleasure To Have You On The Show Finally Get A Chance To Talk To You Man Welcome Thank You Brother So To Talk A Little Bit About The Topic It’s Kind Of Hard To Pick A Topic Of Like A Title For The Show Before We Do It Like Afterwards You Can Kind Of Go Back And Say Okay We Talked About This We Talked About That We So We Got To Kind Of Get A Name For The Show That’s Going To Get People Or Whatever So I Picked The Name Talking About Explaining Dimensions Because In 5d Which Is Your Your Your Head Or Your Vision Right It’s Talking About The Fifth Dimension Right Yes And I Told You Through Chat On Facebook That Like I Definitely Understand The Different Levels But It Gets You Know Second Third Fourth Fifth Some Say It Goes To Eleventh Some People Say It Goes To The Housings Right Of These Different Levels In Dimensional Planes Of Existence Where Beings Exist In Different Vibratory Levels Consciousness That We Can Go There That Where Everything That We Do We’re Affecting Those Levels As Well And So I Believe That Would Be A Good Place To Start Man Talking About The Different Dimensions Okay Well Starting Out You Know If You Think Of The First Dimension As Just Being A Straight Line That’s It A Line Okay Real Simple The Second Dimension You Can Look At Putting Four Lines Together To Make A Box Okay But It’s Just Four Lines Together It Has No Depth Or Space That’s Where We Go Into The Third Dimension Where You Have The Box But It Has Step Third Dimensional Box A Cube So That’s Where We’re At Right Now But The Third Dimension Is Basically The Way I See It Is Thought Emotion And Effort Will Bring You Manifestation Okay So It Takes The Effort The Extra Effort And We’re Starting To See That Right Now You Know The More You Put Into Your Thoughts And Intentions The More You Can Manifest What’s The Thoughts The Effort The Emotion That It Takes To Manifest Thanks I Have You Watched The Secret I Read The Book Definitely Yeah It’s Huge I Mean It’s Everything If It Wasn’t For The Secret Inside People Wouldn’t Exist Okay And Know That I Watched The Video One Time And On The Video It Said That There Was This Guy They Saw This Guy Going Out To The Mailbox And He Opens Up The Mailbox And He Pulls Out All These Bills And He’s Shaking His Head He Applies The The Secret Which For Those Who Aren’t Familiar With That Are Listening Wrath Right Now It’s The Law Of Attraction And So What You Put Out There To The Universe Comes Back So What He Was Doing Initially Was He He’s Going Out To The Mailbox And He’s Thinking Oh My God There’s Going To Be Bills Here And Everything Of Course That’s What He Manifested So He Flies The The Law Of Attraction And He Goes Out To The To The Mailbox And All Of A Sudden Instead Of Bills He’s Getting Checks I’m Shaking My Head I’m Thinking You Know That’ll Never Happened But As It Turned Out It’s What Happens It’s What’s Happening With Me Right Now All My Girls Are Being Paid Online And You Know Whatever Receiving The Mail Are Checks So There Was Another Example That They Gave And This One Anyone Who Knows Me I Can Attest That About This They Gave The Example Of Going Out To A Parking Lot And Envisioning That Your Parking Spot Is Available Here And Waiting For You Yeah And What I Do Is I Envision That Three Spots Are Available There Are Always Best Spots Good That Way I’m Getting One Of Them And One Of The Spots I Go To Is At This Little Beach Here In Florida Called Crescent Beach And It Only Fits About 25 Cars So I Envisioned The First Three Parking Spots Being Available And I Could Go There At Perhaps You Know Twelve O’clock On A Saturday And I Know That Somebody’s Pulling Out As Soon As I’m Pulling Up And That Spots Going To Be Available For Me I’ve Taken So Many Pictures Of Getting That Best Spot On Any Particular Day It Just Is Mind-boggling So This Is Where We’re At Right Now We’re Heading Into The Fourth Dimension Where You Still Have The Thought And Emotion But The Effort Is No Longer Needed You’re Just Manifesting So When I Go To This Parking Lot I Know That Those Spots Are Going To Be There The Effort Is Not Even Non-existent So We’re Merging Right Now Into The Fourth Dimension And Subsequently Into The Fifth Dimension Where You Still Have Thought An Emotion But It And Manifestation But You Know Excuse Me In The Fifth Dimension You Just Have Thought And Manifestation The Emotions Got So Your Thoughts Equal The Manifestation Okay And Then When You Go Into Sixty It’s Instant Manifestation And Then From 70 On Who Knows Like You Said It Could Be Twelve Dimensions Nine Dimensions 2120 Dimensions So Now Is Absolute So Whenever You’re Speaking About These Dimensions These Are Levels Of Consciousness That We Can Walk On It’s Just What You’re Talking About Well They’re Dimensions That I Consider Um Perhaps I What You’re Saying Is You Can Walk On On Them Oh Well There’s So Much Just In Your Consciousness Like Okay I’m Vibrating It Started Dimension Right Now And This Is Where My Face Level Is This Is Where My Belief Is Things Are Coming To Me There Is No Effort And That’s What You’re Talking About Right That Is Something We Can Attain Yeah Definitely Definitely Right Now And What I Do In Fact We Just Had A Conference Here In Sarasota A Psychic Conference And I Spoke About How To Open Up Your Third Eye I Have An Article On In 5d About That As Well As A Youtube Video On The Inside The Youtube Channel Anyone Can Open Up Their Third Eye And A Week Or So I Give Them A Maximum A Week And Your Third Eye Will Be Open But It Takes That Effort And What I’m Finding Is A Lot Of People Aren’t Don’t Have The Time You Have A Start Would Be Effort Done It’s Not That They’re Not Necessarily Willing To Put The Effort In It’s Just They Don’t Have The Time To Put The Effort In Yeah I Found What It Seems Like Man Is Like There’s A Negative Force Out There Some Type Of Ill-will That That Wants To Make You Busy I Don’t Know If It’s The Ego And It’s It’s Manifesting Like This Is The Part Of Your Trial That You Have To Kind Of Prove Yourself To Get To To Make Sure That You Want It To Make Sure That You Want To Get Out Of The Slump To Get There But A Lot Of People Man That Busyness Is Crazy I Can Attest To It In My Life Of Being At These Different Levels Of Vibration Where Synchronicities Are Happen Happening Angelic Contact Is Happening Just Everything’s Beautiful And Then You Fall Into A Slump Where Like You Manifested All This Stuff And Then All Of A Sudden Is Gone And You’re Depressed I’m Like Wow What Happened Like I’m Not There Anymore So It Is This Battle To Stay There To Walk There You Talk A Little Bit About That Definitely What Happens Is That Every Second Every Minute You’re Controlling Your Own Destiny And What’s Happening Is There’s Going To Be These Setbacks But What Universe Is Trying To Tell You Is That Okay Time To Readjust Time To Head In A Different Direction Understand What’s Happened Up Until That Point And Then Understand See What Happened And Where Its Leading You Because You’re Constantly Getting Signs Here That Are Pointing You And In A Different Direction And Where You’re Supposed To Be At All Times So You Know Just Keep Listening To The Signs Look For Signs Outside You Know Yeah I Say A Flock Of Crows Will Fly Over You And Crows Are Very Metaphysical Spiritual Animal Or A Flock Of Hawks Or Whatever You Know Look At All The Signs That Are Going On And See Where That Those Signs Are Leading You Because Every Day You’re Being Pointed To Your True Divine Purpose For Being Here There’s A Lot Of People Who Look At Themselves And I’ve Been There Too I’m Saying From Experience With It They Look At Themselves In The Past And They Say Like I Wish I Was As Spiritual As I Used To Be Or I Wish I Was As Close To God As I Used To Be And So Their Memories Of Their Past Outweigh Their Current Experiences And Hinder Them And Almost Plagued Them Like Man I Used To Be So Happy I Used To Be This I Used To Be That Um And People Want To Go Back There But I Was Talking To Some Brothers Today And It’s Kind Of Like Don’t Try To Go Back There Because If You Was To Go Back You Would Almost Neglect Everything That You’ve Learned From That Point To Where You Are Today So Learn From All Of The Mistakes And All Of The Setbacks And The Things That Got You Off Course Learn From That Stuff To Build A Better Tomorrow And Manifest Tomorrow Right Um What Would You Say About That When People Just Look At Their Past Like Man I Was I Was Spiritual A Year Ago I Mean I’ve Done It Too Man I’ve You Know I Went Through This Crazy The Prayer I Cut My Hair Off Man I Had Long Hair And Dreadlocks And There Was That Those Articles About The Spirituality Linked To The Hair Dude Like I Felt Something When That Happened Man I Kind Of Went Through A Little Slump Myself Can You Speak On That Yeah Definitely Well You Know What Delores Can And Talks About Is One Of The Things That Is The Easiest Thing To Do But We Overlooked So Often And It’s The Power Of Forgiving Forgive Yourself For Anything That You’ve Done In The Past That That May Have Not Been In Your Your Own Best Interests Or Humanity’s Best Interests We’ve All Made Mistakes None Of Us Are Angels Here On This Planet Right Now But We’ve All Made Our Mistakes Learn How To Forgive Yourself Love Yourself And Realize That It’s A University Basically You Know And We’re Here To Learn And Grow From It You Know The Rosicrucians Have A Saying That Your Goal In Life Is Not To Be Happy Happy Happiness As An Emotion Your Goal Is To Experiment Experience As Much As You Possibly Can And Within Those Experiences You’ll Find Happiness So I Always Thought That That Was A Really Interesting Think Way Of Looking At Life So Just Get Out There And Enjoy Life More Importantly To Ground A Lot Of People Have A Hard Time Finding The Time To Ground Themselves You Know Living Here In Florida It’s Quite Easy Because It’s Beautiful Out All Year Round You Know The Change Of Seasons Are Highly Overrated This Far As I’m Concerned Give Me Summer Every Day Of The Year But I Can Go Out There And Be Barefooted Yeah You Know Even If You Live In The Northeast Or Northwest Or If You’re In Snow Or Whatever Find Time To Get Out There And Appreciate The Nature That’s Going On You Don’t Have To Be Barefooted For That You Can Still Sun Gaze You Can Get Out There Bundle Up If You Have To You Know Get Out There And Appreciate Nature The Snow That’s Falling And Where You’re At Because Everyone Is Exactly Where They Need To Be Right Now We’re All Anchoring Down The Energies And It’s Kind Of Like You Know If You Have Like Little Spots Of Light All Over The Planet Cumulatively We Light Up The Planet So Everyone Is Anchoring The Energy And Is Exactly Where They Need To Be Right Now That Might Change A Week From Now A Month From Now A Year From Now But Right Now You’re Exactly Where You Need To Be Keep Holding That Light I Believe That Man I Believe That When I Start To Get Frustrated About Young Same Circumstances In Situations But You Know What I’m Right Where I Want To Be There’s A Scripture In The Bible That Says The Steps Of A Righteous Man Are Ordered By The Lord Right And I Believe That No Matter Where We Go Like If It’s Good Or Bad Or We’re Going Through Trouble Times Man I Believe That There’s A Lesson In It All And If We Could Try To Make The Best Out Of It Right Versus You Know Playing The Other Side Where We Could Just You Know Just Get Discouraged And You Know Disgruntled And And Hurt And Things Like That And We Start To Relive The Herd And They But You Know Thought-forms Coming On Mining It And Get Planted And Become Strongholds And Things Like That So Really To Fight Against That Stuff And Stay Vibing At Those High Levels Man Like But What’s What Helps Keep It Consistent I Know You Said Grounding Is A It’s A Big Thing What Are Some Of The Things – Like The Spiritual Practices Such As Like Meditation And You Know You Know Sungazing Like You Said As Well Mm-hmm Also You Mentioned That I Have A Meditation Pyramid Over There I Should Turn Around My Computer To Show You My Dog Is Underneath It Right Now He’s Chillin Yeah Yeah He’s He’s Hanging Out There And He Loves My Meditation Pyramid He’s Looking Back At Me Right Now But That’s One Thing That I Find Is It’s Funny Too Because There’s There’s A There’s A Picture On The Internet If You Type In Pyramid And Deer Somebody Had A Meditation Pyramid Out In Their Backyard And A Deer Just Innately Understood The Energy Of That Pyramid The Copper Pyramid Went Out And Laid Down And There’s A Picture Of A Deer Just Laying Down In The Pyramid Now I’ve Got This Pyramid Here My Dog Is Constantly Underneath That These Animals Know The Energy They Sense The Energy They Feel A Calmness That’s Underneath There So And I Feel It As Well When I Meditate Under Its Own It’s Wonderful Thing To Have What’s It Made Out Of Copper Copper View Yep And It Cost Maybe I Don’t Know 150 Dollars Something Like That But It Was Worth Every Penny That’s One Of The Things I Do I Also Get Out I Like I’m Fortunate I Lived Two Miles From The Number One Beach In The United States And I Like Getting Out There And What I Do Is A Walk Of Gratitude And I Walk Down To The End Of The Beach And There’s A Seawall At The End Of The Beach And That’s My Reminder To Give Thanks And The First Thing I Do Is Say I’m Sorry If I Don’t Say This Enough Please Forgive Me It’s Basically Called Ho’oponopono And It’s Four Tenets To It I’m Sorry Please Forgive Me Thank You And I Love You So I Go Through My Posse Is What I Call Them And That’s Creator Source Universe Spirit Guides Guardian Angels Friends And Family On Both Sides Of The Veil Galactic Neighbors And Friends Higher-self Mother Earth And My Spirit Guide Tamara Specifically But I Go Through And I Express You Know What I’m Thankful For And Tell Them All That I Love Them And I I Thank Them For Their Unconditional Love Safety Protection Guidance And I Promise To Listen With Open Ears Mind Eyes And Heart To The Guidance And Every Day I’m Listening So I Do That And Then On The Walk Back What I Do See It’s Kind Of Funny Because I Work Everyday I Haven’t Had A Day Off Since Force Myself To Go To The Beach To Ground Or Else I’m Going To Be Out Of Balance Now I’m Also A Libra I’m A Triple Libra And A Lot Of People Think That Libras Are All About Balance It’s The Exact Opposite We’re Constantly Seeking New Mallett So I’m That’s Why I Have To Force Myself To Go To Beauties On The Walk Back From The Seawall I Do What I Call A Love Bubble Meditation And What That Is Is That An Envision This Ball Of Energy Around Me And Everybody That Comes Within My My Energy Field Is Receiving Unconditional Love And Healing And I Ask My Posse Creator Source Universe Spirit Guides Guardian Angels Right Down The Line To Magnify That Effect From My Heart And Their Hearts And Expand It Out As Far As They Can Throughout The Planet Galaxy Universe And Multiverse Because Every Thought Is Energy And If You’re Putting That Thought And Energy Out There It’s Got To Be Doing Something To Help The The Critical Mass In The Collective Evolution Of Human Humanity What What On Levels Would You Be Bobbinet At That Is That I Mean Can You Do That At You Know You’re Doing That Daily You’re Probably Walking In Fog Be Well I I’m Actually Doing That Probably In 3rd And 4th Dimension Because The Thoughts Manifest Quicker And Quicker So I’m Putting That Out There I’m Also Doing Something To While I’m On My Walk I’m Telling Myself That All My Codons Are Open In My Dna My Dna Is Activated And That I Can Do Anything So I’m Working On We Only Have On So There’s 44 Codons That Are Turned Off If Somebody Can Figure Out How To Turn On All The Codons In Their Dna They Can Do Anything You Can Manifest Outta Thin Air You Can Tell Teleport Telekinesis Every Ability Known To Mankind And Then Some Would Be Available To That Person That Can Figure Out How To Turn On All Their Code On Sent In Their Dna I Do Have Some Videos And A Couple Articles On In 5d Comm That Show What I’m Doing To Do That There’s A Number Of Things I’ve Been Doing I’ve Been Working On It For Probably Two Or Three Years And I’m Seeing Some Results But I’m Not Saying I Can’t Make Myself Invisible I Can’t Regress In Years Yet Even Though You Know I Turn 60 In Two Years So Kind Of Hanging In There Look Great Man Thanks So Definitely We’re Doing That There Have Been People Reportedly Who Have Been Able To Do That Reportedly Especially Like If We’re Talking About Some Of The Masters As Far As Like Jesus And Babaji You Know Krishna These Type Of People They’ve Definitely Tight Um Capped Into That Correct Well I Guess So You Know That I Can’t Prove That Well If They’re Walking Him You Don’t Say Miracles A Manifestation Like That I Mean Wouldn’t It Be Kind Of What You’re Talking About I Guess Prover Beliee Yeah It Would Be But You Know I I Am Not A Christian And I Have My Questions About The Jesus Story But My Parents Are Christians I Know Lots Of Your Sins I’m Just Using As An Example We Can Aim We Can Name All The Masters And I Don’t Know Em All You Know I’m Saying So Yeah That You Know The Angels The Masters Whoever Like These I’m Just Speaking About People Who Existed Who Are Walking In Manifestation And Miracles Oh Yeah Right I’m Sure That That’s Happened Throughout The Years And You Know Now It’s The Time So They Say That For These Masters To Come Back But Ultimately I Think Like The Hopi Said We Are The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For Why Can’t We Do That I Think It’s The Time Where Our We Can Figure Out How To Turn On Our Dna Is Matter Of Fact There’s A Really Interesting Thing That Happened This Past Week Apparently There’s This Huge Wave Of Gamma Rays That Are Coming And That Are Expected To Arrive On December 26 According To James Gilliland He Said That Gamma Rays Are Seventh Dimensional Energies That Will Help Transform And Consciousness Now Just In The Past Couple Days Or So There’s This It Was Posted By Bp Birth Watch And W7 On Youtube About This Other A Different Wave Of Energy A Dutch Sense Also Had Has A Video On It This Wave Of Energy Is Covering The Whole Planet And Dust Sense Said That He’s Never Seen Anything Like This Before And You Can See This Literal Wave Of Energy Then Run It Let Me Go Put Planet And It Really Coincides With This Dream I Had About These Three Tidal Waves Of That That Are Coming To The Planet But It’s Really Title Waves Of Energy It’s Not Water Mm-hmm What Yeah Yeah Yeah So You Know A Lot Of People Are Talking About These Waves Of Energy And You Know I’ve Seen The Future And It’s Amazing And It Does Involve These These Waves That Are Coming In Something Good Versus Something Bad Right They Always Give You The Dates With All The Bad Stuff Is Going To Happen Every Year But Nothing Happens You Know So It’s Awesome That Now We Have Something Good To Look Forward To That’s Always Exciting Yes Because What It Does Like Even In The Placebo Effect Right Even If There Was Nothing Significant About That Day Even If Nothing Happened The Expectation For You To Kind Of Put Yourself In Expecting Something To Happen And Go And Kind Of Kind Of Preparing Getting Yourself Ready To Receive Okay Let Me Make Sure That I’m Dealing With My Past Junk Everything Is Good I’ll Forgiving My Enemies I’m Walking In Love You Know All Of These Things So I Think That This Expectation For Something Like That To Happen Will Just By Placebo Alone Help People I Mean It’s I Believe That’s What How You Know Faith Works And Belief Works When We’re Praying For Somebody Or Believing For Somebody To Be Healed Of An Ailment It’s You Know Even Though The Symptoms Are There They Seem To Be Sick That We Believe And We See The Things That Are Not As Though They Were And We And That’s How We Manifest It Through Through Thought Through Prayer Through Expectation There’s So Much Power In Expectation I’m Even Even I Think I Think Even With Your Conferences And Stuff Right People Are Coming Expecting Like Expecting Your Empire Nation They Want To Be Around You Did This Type Of Things And You Like You Know Show Me Your Friends I’ll Show You Your Future Once You’re Hanging Around Somebody You Begin The Talk Like Them You Begin To Act Like Them You Pick Up On Their Mannerisms And This Stuff Is It’s Contagious Man It Is It Really Is You Know You If You Suggest That You Know Be Yourself No Matter What Because What’s Going To Happen Is You’re Going To Weed Out Those Who Don’t Accept You For Being Who You Are Now A Lot Of People Know This Already But Before I Was A Webmaster I Was A Child And Family Therapist I Have A Patent Pending That I Wrote That’s Designed To Help Families Who Are At Risk Of Dissolution Children Going Through The Reunification Process And Prepared To Need Of Parenting Classes I Was Doing This Full Time On My Own I Had My Own Business And I Wrote A Program That Was Accepted By The Area’s Largest Human Services So People Were After The Longest Time But I Started Doing I Started Getting Into Spirituality When I Started Learning About The Mayan Calendar And This Was Back In 2007 And What A Lot Of People And The More That When I First Read About The Mayan Calendar Of Course I Saw The Doomsday Website And I Know My God My Daughter Is Only Going To Be You Know Seventeen And Twenty Twelve Or Whatever Number Worked Out To Be And It’s The End Of Their World And All But You Know The More I I Researched That The More I Realized It’s Not The End Of The World So What I Did Was I Put All These Videos Together In A Compilation And Called It 2012 The Online Movie Which Ended Up With I Don’t Know Thirteen Million Views On It But It Showed That This Mayan Calendar Was Not The End Of The World And It’s Really The Awakening Of The World As We Know It So That Was That Was Like One Of The Crucial Points For Many People In This Awakening Right Now And What You’ll Hear Is From Other People The Skeptics Saying Oh Well Nothing Happened In 2012 Really Look At All The People That Woke Up You Know That Began Their Spiritual Journey Don’t Look Where They Are Now How Far They’ve Expanded That And What You’re Seeing And Feeling Right Now Is Totally Different Than What You Felt Ten Years Ago It’s Growing And You Can Feel It You Can Sense It You Have Movie 2012 Enigma By David Wilcock Was One Of The First Ones I Got Into And That They Moved My Head Off Early On Man Yeah I Have Reached Like A Plateau You Know And It Was Like Okay What’s Next You Know And Then Found That And That Mix With Heaven Different Angelic Encounters And Seeing Ufos And Stargazing For Hours And Hours And Hours And I Couldn’t Wait For The Sun To Go Down Daily Because I Was Ready To Go See Ufos And Then I Got To The Point Where I Was Just Asking To See Him During The Day Right I Was Out Calcium At Night They You Know It Could Be A Satellite It Could Be A Plane Could Be All These Doesn’t Let Me See Them During The Day Will You Please Not Send I Would I Would I Would Send The Thought Out There I Would Say It And Then They Would Start Communicating Telepathically Right Oh Yeah Hold Another Level Were You When You First Saw When You Saw Your First Ufo This This Was About 2012 Now To Where It Was Like They Got It Wasn’t One And Then They Left Like It Was Intense Like I Was Going On Every Night For Hours So I Was Um Well I Was Probably Twenty-eight We’re Not 28 29 Yeah 20 Have You Ever Had This Set This Happen To You Where You See A Ufo And You’re With Someone And You Point At Point At It And They Can’t See It Only You Can See It I Haven’t Had That Happen But I But I Have Had To Happen Where They Wanted Me To See It And As Soon As I’ve Seen It They Disappeared Mm-hmm Like It Was There I’ve Seen It I Thought Hit My Mind Oh There’s A Ufo He’s Saying Hello It’s Gone During The Day Do You Have Any Night-vision Goggles I’ve Seen You Had Some Yes I Mean That Right There I’ll Be I Mean Early On I Was Watching So Many Videos And There’s Some Interesting Stuff That People Are Recording These Are They’re Called Ranger Yukon Ranger Night-vision Goggles And You Can Buy These For Like 350 Or So And They’re Okay But What I Have It’s The Atn Generation 3 Night-vision Goggles The Ones Everybody To Have Good Yeah It’s It’s What You Want And The Difference Is Day And Night Room It’s For It Unfortunately They Cost A Lot Of Money I Think I Paid Like 2500 For These Just Saved Up And Saved Up Because I Knew This Is What I Wanted Yeah Exactly No I’ll Tell You What It’s A Lot Better Than Watching Anything On Tv Going Outside With Your Goggles And Your Laser Pack Telling Them To Fire Up One Time And Then Was About Maybe Three Four Months Ago Yeah I’m Facing The Gulf Of Mexico I’ll Back In My Backyard I’m Facing In That Direction And I Look Up And I See This Huge Cigar Shaped Mothership Coming Off The Coast Heading Towards The Mainland And As Soon As I Locked In On Them With My Night-vision Goggles They Disappeared So This Is The Lesson I Learned How Do I Record Them Well I Bought This Little Contraption That You Can Hook Up Your Your Cell Phone To And It Works With Any Cell Phone But Uh What You Do Is You Put The Where You Where You Look Into Right Through Here And It Records Your Ufo Chords It On The Phone Yeah I Was Trying To Run Chords Dude To A Grounder Oh Yeah It’s Crazy So Uh Yeah You Can Actually Record Them The There’s A New Moon The Best Night To Look For Ufos I Think Is During A New Moon Because You Don’t Have The Light Pollution Yeah Many Moons Exactly I Found That Out Organically Too Man Yes On The 21st On The Supplies Winter Solstice We Have A Quarter Moon A Waning Quarter Quarter Moon But By The It’s Going To Be A Great Night We’re Looking For Ufos I Can’t Like I Could Feel It Now Just Remembering The Expectation When All That Stuff Was New Because That Dude That Changes Everything Yeah That Changes Everything Everything When You’re Having You Know Disclosures Happening To Us Everybody Talked About You Know Disclosure We Want The Government To Come Forward I Don’t Think I Don’t Know If It’s Gonna Happen But It’s Happening To Us Like You Can Go Out And Make You And You Can Go Out And Make Contact And Not Not Fear Anything And Have A Beautiful Encounter Of Our Star Brothers So You Know The Ones We Call The Angels In The Holy Texts Like They’re Out There Watching Over Us And They Travel Back And Forth Man And When You Encounter That It Changes Everything Really Done I Was I Was 18 Years Old Or So And At The Time You Know I’m Kind Of Dating Myself Right Now But Uh You Know It Was Legal To Drink At 18 And We Were I Was Living In New York And We Were On Top Of One Of The Catskill Mountains There And We’re Having A Keg Party We Had The Keg We Were Waiting For The Taps So None Of Us Were Drinking At A Time We’re Just Standing Around The Keg Waiting For The Tap And Up Over An Adjacent Mountain Comes Three Ufos In Formation They Stop They Hover And Then They Take Off And There Was Like Seven Or Eight Of Us That Saw And That Was My First True Ufo Sighting And It Just Left Such A Lasting Impression On Me That You Know It’s Always Been With Me And It’s Something That I Want To Keep Pursuing Further And Further I Believe That At Night Many Of Us Go On Ships I’ve Had Numerous Dreams Of Being On Ships At Night And I Kind Of Question If That’s Reality Or Simply Dream Yeah Um Speaking Of The Night Vision Goggles And All That The Some Of The First You Know People’s Work That I Looked Into I Found Ed Grimsley Are You Familiar With His Work Yeah He Was That One Of My Confidence Hos When I Asked You Did You Get A Chance To Meet Him Yes And Uh Los Angeles Awesome Yeah Yeah He Was An Awesome Guy Man I Had Like I Was Trying To Contact Everybody When That When The Service Stuff Was Happening Man I Was Like I Need Somebody To Talk To I’m In The Bible Belt I’m In Alabama Um I Couldn’t Talk To Anybody Down Here Man I Had To Go Online I Had To Find People Who Were Posting Videos About This Stuff And I Talked To James Gilliland I Talked To Nate Who Is The Secretary At The Time Ed Grimsley Talked To Ed On The Phone Man You Know And Uh Interesting Times Man So That’s Why I Love Doing This Podcast And Having These Discussions For People Like Myself Who Are Having Encounters And Who Are Having Who Are Just Studying And Have Questions Man And Nobody’s You Know Nobody’s Answering My Stuff So We Just Put Ourselves Out There Say Hey This Is Our Story You Know If You Have Questions You Know You Can Ask Them You Know We Just Put Ourselves Out There And With That Being Said I Want Let Everybody Know That We Are Going To Open Up The Phone Lines If You Guys Want To Call In You Have A Question Or Comment Or A Ufo Story Or You Want To Ask Greg A Question Go Ahead And Do That The Number Is On The Bottom Of The Screen Scrolling Across And It’s Also In The Description On The Website And The Youtube Video Give Us A Call And We Will Try To Take It Here Close To The End Of The Hour So Um Talking About That There Was A Lot Of Fear For Me Because I Did See Stuff When I Was A Kid Right And So I Would See Ufos And Or I Would See Stuff In This Guy I Don’t Know If It Was You If It Was Ufo To Me But It Would Be Backed By Fire In The Sky Right As A Kid Watching Fire In The Sky At Like Seven Years Old Like That Scared The Hell Out Of Me Right And That Was Like I Was Big In The Monster Movies But Those Did Something To Me Because It Was Just Thought That They Could Be Real Like People Are Getting Abducted And They’re Not Bringing Them Back And Like That Was Like My Biggest Fear So When I Started Having Encounters And Seeing Stuff There Was Just All And Wonder In Me But There Was This Also Be Careful Dude There You Know They Could It Can Come Get You You Know I’m Saying And Uh Did You Did You Encounter Anything Like That Any Of This In The Of The Scary Stuff At All Or Just Even Your Own Fear You Know Getting Over Some Of This Stigma Uh You Know After Having A Stage Three Cancer In 2007 And Facing Death Nothing Scares Me Anymore There’s Nothing To Fear So I Know That One Time I Was Doing And Happy An Article On Inside View I Was Doing This Third Eye Mirror Meditation Where You Sit In Front Of A Mirror You Have A Candle Burning In Front Of You The Lights Are Off And You’re Focusing On Your Third Eye And What What Happens Is You’ll You Just Get Into That Meditative State Where Your Brain Is Basically In The Alpha State And What’s Going To Happen Is You’re Going To See Yourself Change Into Different Forms You’ll See Yourself As A Woman A Man Old Young One Time I Saw This Creature That’s The Only Way I Can Describe It It Had Big Red Eyes Like Teeth That Was Looking Back At Me And I Just Looked At Straight In The Eye And Said You’re Not Welcome Here Go Back Where He Came From Go Back To The Light I Regathered Myself And Went Back To Meditating But You Know During That One Time I Was Doing That Same Third I’m Your Meditation And This Huge Orange Orb Was Just Hanging Out Over My Shoulder And Was Just So Awesome To See And And Observe But As For You Know I Find That When I Was Younger And I Was Also You Know At The Time Watching Horror Flicks Suffer Because My Rats Were Yeah Yeah I Don’t Watch That Crap Anymore Is It Lowers My Vibration No I Can’t It’s Like Watching The News It Makes Me Feel Like Crap Yeah You Know So Is Your Reality Is Totally Different Than What They’re Showing On The News That They’re Like Trying To Create Your Reality When Your Reality Is Totally Against That Stuff You Know I’m Saying And We Created Man Like Nobody I Don’t Know People Who They Show On The News Right I Don’t Hang With Those People My Reality Is Different I Encourage You Know Love And Unity And It’s Always Destruction And Death And Chaos And Then They Show Up With The Answer So It’s The Chaos Out Of Order They Create The Chaos And Then They Create The Order So We Come To Our Rulers Who Are Given Us You Know Food And Shelter And Bread And Water It’s Just Weird Dichotomy That They Have Set Up Man So – That’s One Of The Other Negative Forces That We Have To Rise Against Like I Sent Television Outside Influences That Stuff It’s Powerful Man The Different Music That We Listen To Like I I’m A Fan Of Like Early 90s Music Right Anything 90s And So I Was In The Early Gangster Rap And Stuff And That Stuff Messes With You You Could Try To Listen To It Now But It’ll It’ll Mess With You Man People Cursing And Talking About Killing People And Robbing People Like That’s The Stuff I Grew I Was A Kid I Remember Walking Around The House Reciting Those Lyrics I Didn’t Know What I Was Saying But I Was Talking About Cooking Dope Cooking Crack Because I Was Just Repeating The Song And My Brothers Like Shut Up Man You Know You Don’t Say Mama’s Going To Hear That And She’s Going To Take Take Our Cds Away Now I’m Walking Around The House At Like Eight Years Old Talking About Cook Nope I Have No Idea What I’m The Meaning Of Them You Know I Found That Yeah I Wrote An Article On Music And Spirituality And I I Know Exactly Where You’re Coming From Because I’m Like It The Generation Before You I Grew Up In In The 80s And I Played Lead And Rhythm Guitar In Several Hard Rock Bands Yeah And You Know Some Of My Favorite Songs Don’t Have The Most Positive Titles Like One Song Is Van Halen Song Ain’t Talking About Love It’s The Total Antithesis Of Everything I Believe In Another One Is By Night Night Ranger Don’t Tell Me You Love Me You Know I Love That Song But I Think About How Does That Make Me Feel It’s The Lyrics And I Both Of Those Songs Aren’t Going Out And Telling Anyone To Kill Anyone It’s Yeah What I What I Sense Is What I Feel When I Hear The Lyrics I’m Not Really Listening To The Lyrics I’m Hearing The Flow Of The Melody Of The Lyrics I’m Listening More To The Guitar As A Guitarist Myself I’m Listening To The Rhythm To The Lead Thinking About The Progressions That They’re Doing To Me It’s More Of A Symphony Of Different Things That Are Added Together And What You Get Me As The End Result Is Something That Makes Me Feel Good Regardless Of What The Lyrics I Though And That’s My Message To Anyone That’s That’s Listening You Know If There’s Music That Makes You Feel Good Listen To It It Doesn’t Matter You Know What Yeah What The Lyrics Particularly Say As Long As You’re Not Acting Out On Them Or Graven It Makes You Feel Good Overall Go For It That’s The Funny Thing About Perception And How This Stuff Works Is That We Can Listen To The Same Song Or The Same Teaching And Walk Away With Something Totally Different I Could Feel I Could Walk Away Feeling Great Feeling Good Getting Some Type Of Different Revelation From It And If Somebody Else Takes Something Different Away So If You’re Honest With Yourself And You Really Do Get Those Those Feelings I’m With You On That But I Think I’m With You Too Is Like That’s Something Where We Have To Be Vibrating At A Higher Level To Be Like You Know These Things Shawna Are Me Even Though You’re This Chaos Around Me Like I Can Hold On To The Good And You Know Take Good From Every Situation That That Says A Lot If You’re Honest Now I’m Not Saying Just To Say I Listened To It It Does Bother Me And My You Know Saying But If It Honestly Doesn’t Bother You And You Are There That’s A Good Place To Be The Thing You Have To Also Be Cognizant About Is Words Are Spells That’s Why It’s Called Spelling You Spell A Word And These Words Do Create Spells So You It’s The Energy That You’re Putting Into The Words That I Think Overrides The Spell That’s Being Cast So If You’re If You’re Listening To One Of These Songs That You Know Are Is Deemed To Be Negative But You’re Not Putting That Negative Energy Into It It’s Alright Don’t Worry About It You Know I I Know A Lot Of People Might Say It’s Pollyanna Or I’m Taking The New-age Look At That I Think That’s Bullshit It’s How You Feel Ultimately That Overrides Everything And They Should Bringing If It’s Bringing Good Feelings Man You Know Whatever You Can Do In This Life To To Bring Good Feelings I’m For It Man Whatever Makes You Happy Man It Helps You Get Through The Day Dude I Am For If It’s Not Dragging You Down But Be Honest With Yourself I Could Be Honest With Myself You Know I’m Saying Everybody But Let’s See I Wanted To Ask You Two Because We Vaguely Mentioned It What We’re Talking About The Different Elemental Spirits Maybe The Different Forces That Are Around Us Angelic Beings Higher Consciousness Lower Vibrational Beings Like Um There’s A Lot Of Places We Can Go With That I Mean I Definitely Want To Know Your Experiences With Them But How Do We Like Contact You Know Those Entities How Do We Find Our Spirit Guides Or Our Spirit Teachers You Know Well My Spirit Guide Came To Me In A Dream And I’ve Told The Story I Know If You’ve Heard Of Yet Or Some Of Your Listeners Probably Haven’t Heard It But I’m I’m Originally From Upstate New York In The Catskill Mountains And I Always Had This Affinity To Palm Trees And The Ocean And Didn’t Really Know Why So About 11 12 13 Years Ago I Ended Up Moving To Florida And It Was Shortly Afterwards That I Had This Dream Where I Met My Spirit Guide And It’s This North American Looking Indian Woman Long Black Straight Flowing Hair White Gown And She Walks Up To Me And She Goes I’m Your Spirit Guide My Name Is Tamra And So Here I Am I Can Ask My Spirit Guide Anything In The World So What Do I Do I Repeat Her Name Over And Over And Over Again Tamara Tamara Tamara Tamara Tamara So Many Times That I Woke Myself Up Out Of My Dream So Here It Is Like 3 O’clock In The Morning And I Know That Every Name Has A Meaning So I Looked Up Tamara And Camera Means Palm Tree So It Made Perfect Sense Why I Had That Affinity To Palm Trees In The Ocean It Was Invisible Their Guide But What You Can Do And Anyone Can Do This Put It Out There Ask Your Guides Ask Your Angels Guardian Angels And Be Recognized Contact Me Whether It’s In A Dream Show Me A Sign That You’re Here And Just Put It Out There And I Think That It’ll Happen When You’re Ready For It To Happen I Think You Have To Be Prepared And If It Doesn’t Happen Immediately Just Keep Working On Your Vibration Raising Your Energy Levels And It Will Happen I Felt Kind Of Weird Because I Mean That’s That’s The Approach That I Took As Well But I Can’t Know How I Did Feel A Little Bit Weird Like I Was Begging For I Would Go Out Into The Ufos And I Would Beg I Would Beg Man I Would Beg But You Know You Have Not Because You Ask Not And I Asked For It And I Got It More Than I Could Chew At The Time But I Got It Man I Stayed Out There I Didn’t Want To Move Until I Knew That I Knew That Something Was Out There Something For My Greater Good And I Kind Of Singled It In You Know Any Beings That Are Out There That Are Watching Over Me To Have My Greatest Good In Mind The Angels In The Bible Those Who Are Watching Over If You’re Out There At Least Let Me See You Travel By Let Me See Something Shit You Know Just Say Hello And Then I Would Start Seeing Them But I Would It’s Got To Be Something You Want Though Because I Mean I’ve Been Out There With People Who Go Out There For Vibrations Different They’re Like Ah This Isn’t Real I’m Ready To Go And Stuff I’m Like Man We Just Got Out Here Like Yes We’re Going To Be Real Nice Like If You Want This To Have And Then Again I’ve Been Out There All Night And We’ve Never Seen Anything With People And Then Go Out There With A Couple People And See 12 Ships Back-to-back And Within An Hour You Know You Never Can Tell But Um It’s Kind Of Like When I Was Young And I Would Go Fishing With My Sister’s Boyfriend We’d Be Fishing All Night And We’d Be Like Yeah You Think It’s Time To Go Nah The Fish Are Coming Around They’re Gonna Be Biting Me Wait Wait Wait Yeah You Know You Haven’t Had A Bite In Like Three Hours Yeah No Keep Waiting And Waiting And Believing And You Know I Can Sense That With Ufos There Some Nights I Mean Generally Speaking You Can’t Go Ten Minutes Without Seeing The Ufo With Night-vision Goggles Yeah I’m Nice You Don’t See Any Other Nice You See You Know 10 And 15 Minutes You Know It All Depends But Generally The 10 Minute Barrier Yeah I Don’t Have The Night Vision But I Tried Second Best I Went Out There With Regular Ben Binoculars I Just Took My Binoculars Out There So You Can See So Many More Stars Even With Regular Binoculars And I Would Look Out There And I Would Cease I Would See Ships That I Couldn’t See Without Them Just Regular Binoculars So If Anybody Has That You Can’t Afford You Know The Night-vision Gen3 And See On A Night That’s Close You Know Close To The New Moon Where There’s Not A Lot Of Light Out There Away From The City You Got To Go Away From The City You Know To See All This Stuff But Um Talking About Entities And Stuff More I Love I Love Talking About This Stuff Man With Nature Spirits And Stuff Of Fairies Undines Pixies Salamanders Have You You Had Any Encounters With You Know With Those Well You Know Meditating In The Woods And Things Like That You Know No I Haven’t No But I Have A Friend Of Mine That She Says He Flies With The Fairies And She’s Very Into The Elemental That Yeah I Know Several People That Are Like That You Know I Just Yeah I Kind Of Look At People Though Sometimes And You’ll You’ll See Certain People That You’ll Say You Know What That Person’s A Pixie Or That One’s In The Gnome Family Or You Look At Like That’s Going To Be Years Oh Yeah There’s A Guy Today It’s Funny You Say That There Was A Guy Who Day At Work He’s Real Stubby Stout He’s Large He’s Got A Beard He’s Growing Out He’s Like Okay I’ve Seen You Before Man You Know Yeah Yeah You Can You Can Just Look Like Look At A Person Yeah I Have This A Book On Astrology And How You Can Look At People And Kind Of Tell What Their Sign Is And Here’s A Great Example I’m Not Sure If You’re Familiar With James Hetfield From Metallica At All Just Heard An Amazing Interview With Him With Joe Rogan Yesterday Just Came Out Oh Wow Came Out But Go Ahead But Back In The Day He He Had This You Know The Long Hair And He Had A Beard And A Mustache And A Boyar And He Looked Like The Cowardly Lion Yeah Dead A Lot Of All The Astrology Signs What Sign Do You Think He Was Where Is Leo Right Exactly He’s A Leo Huh And Yeah There’s Certain Features That You’ll Find On Certain Science That Tells You Just By Looking At A Person What Sign They Are Yeah That’s Also Man I Could See That I’m Going To Tell Me To Try That Out And See If It See If It Works Some Of Them It May Be Hard But Definitely The Lion Or The Bull You Know The Ram You Know These These Would Be A Lot Easier The Books Right Here Okay Like I Said Everybody Of You Guys Have Questions You Want To Get In On The Conversation This Is Your Chance We Want To Make This Interactive Give Us A Call I’ll Tell You The Number Is Seven Two Four Four Four Four Seven Four Four Four When You Call In Put In The Id Number Which Is Seven Eight Six Four Three Push Pound And Then Your Id Number Will Be One And It’ll Put You In Queue And We’ll Take Your Questions Okay This This Is The Book Is Called Personalities Of The Zodiac And You Can You Have To Go To The Guys Website It’s Williams Schrab To Order It But It’s Fascinating And It Real Close Ins On There Yeah There’s A Lot Of Personalities Here’s Another One That He Broke Dance Abysmally Action I Love My Books You Can Learn So Much On Your Side You Know Listening To A Video Which Everyone Wants To Do They Want To Take The Easy Way Out And I Do That A Lot Myself Too Because When I’m Working I’m Multitasking I’m Always Listening To Some Kind Of Metaphysical Interview Or Show Yeah At Night I Fall Asleep To Listen To Stuff Like That And Brainy Stuff Happens When You Do That Read Oh Yeah It’s Much Better Than Falling Asleep Watching Tv Yeah I’m Definitely Fell Asleep At Night With Earbuds In My Ears Listening To Manly Pijo Just Going To Sleep Listen Meet You Yeah Me Too Mmm Leafy Hall There’s So Many Great Lectures That He’s Had Wow He’s Just A Whole Wealth Of Knowledge Menaka I’m Starting To Collect Some Of The Older Books Of His And I Just Got One In Today From Blavatsky Now I’m Not Real Big On Her Work I Know Who She Is I’ve Never Read Any Of Her Books But Um I Did Get Her Book The Key Of Theosophy And It Was It Was Written And Uh Well It Was This Version Came Out In 1889 So It’s Like I Was A Posted A Picture On Facebook Like Holding A Relic This Old Piece Of Antiquity Man I Just Like Something About Those Those Older Books And I Think That Reading These Type Of Materials Not Just Listening To It But Taking The Time To Get Quiet And Just Read Does Something – So I’ve Recently Started Reading Again Where I Would Listen To A Download Or Listen To An Audio Lecture I’m Like You Know What Let Me Read Let Me Let Me Slow Down At Least For A Few Minutes Before I Go To Bed And Open A Book And Just Call Myself Instead Of Because I’ll Go 9 To The Nothing Hit The Bed That’s What I Do And I’m Like No What I Gotta Slow Down You Know I Got To Get Back To Those Days Bad Yeah You Know I Just I Just Received A The Anastasia Cedar Series I Think It’s Called It’s A Series Of Nine Books That I Just Received It Today So I’m Looking Forward To Reading That I Just Finished A Book By Tracy Damron Okay I Took A Feathers Which Was Wonderful Highly Highly Recommend That Book As Well But I’ve Got A Ton Of Books That Are In My Bookcase That I Just Thoroughly I Really Love Reading The Dolores Canon Yeah I’ve Alluded Universe Series I Love All The Stuff Like She Said It’ll Bend Your Mind Like A Pretzel And Makes You Think Outside The Box Even Huh Anything That Gets Gets Used To Go Outside The Box I’m All For Because That’s For All The Fun’s At Outside The Box Definitely Definitely Because It Is Real Man And It’s So It’s Real And I Think I Think This Kind Of Ties In With The Music A Little Bit In The Movies Like The Stuff The Stuff We Take In It Shapes All Reality Like Like Listening To Music Because That Talks About This Kind Of Stuff Like At The Time I Was Waking Up I Was Introduced To Different Hip-hop Groups That Talked About Ufo Encounter That That Broke Down Manley P Hall Lectures And Put It In Their Music And I Would Listen To This I Was Listening To It In Music I Was Reading It I Was Watching Documentaries The More And More That I Listened To The Stuff And Was Around It I Found This Stuff Manifesting In My Life And It Was A It Was Beautiful Right So I Think There Is A Big Part About That Of Like What We Let In Or Like What We Want They Ain’t It’s Kind Of An Intention As Well Like I’m Going To Get As Much Of This As I Can And I Want More You Know I’m Saying And I Think That They Can See That Any Sense That And They Know And I Think You Know The Higher Beings Will Show Up For You Because They Know Your Intention Right Let’s Just Like To Love The Law Of Attraction The Secret What You’re Putting Out There Is Coming Back You’re Putting That Intention Yeah It’s Coming Right Back To You And It Works The Same With Love And Gratitude That’s Why I Do That Walk Of Gratitude You Know You Put That Out There You Don’t Do It Though To Expect Accolades Or A Pat On The Shoulder Or Anything Like That But It Just Comes Back To You You Know The More Good You Do The More It Will Come Back At You And Sometimes It Might Take A Little While Some People But It Shows You The Law Of Attraction And How You Can Manifest Instantly Right Now It’s It’s Getting Easier And Easier To Manifest Hasn’t Currently Merge Into The Fourth Dimension And Prepare Ourselves For The Fifth Dimension So What We’re Seeing Right Now Is A Lot Of Manifestation That’s Coming Up On The Verge Of Fourth Dimensional Manifestation And Beyond So It’s Really Exciting It’s So Fast To Cuz Like Man I Remember Going Upon This Little Retreat With A Couple Guys And Trying To Tell The Sovereign For The First Time And Putting That To A You Know We Tried To Tell The Tiber In A Flow Tank And It Was My First Time Doing It And Spent The Night At The Flow Tank Shot Man My Buddy Of Mine Owns One And Did That And We Went And Seen A Healer The Same Day And I Had These Intense Feelings Of Wanting To Be A Healer But It Was It Seems So Far Away It’s Like Man You Never You Can Never Be That As I Know I Want It And Then Like Source Was Dealing With Me Say No You’re Not Going To Be You Already Are And Just Showing Me Throughout My Life Of Like My Intention And The Things That I Do And The The Intention That I Put In My Music Linton You’re Not Going To Be A Healer You Already Are You’re Just Going To Manifest What’s Already Within You Don’t Look At It Like It’s Something Outside Of Yourself That You Want Can I Please Be A Healer No It’s Already Within You Those Desires Are There For A Reason That Strong Urge Man And On That Psilocybin Journey It Definitely Brought It Out And Within A Couple Months Like It Was Something I Really Wanted To Happen And Didn’t See I Couldn’t See It Happening I’m Not Well-spoken I Didn’t Know That People Want To If I Was To Do Guided Meditations I Listen To My Voice You Know These Different Doubts That Would Come In Right That Kind Of Distract You But I Wanted It Man And I Was Speaking And I Was Telling People And Stuff And Then I Started Doing Sessions And Started Doing Open Sessions Where People Were Coming In And People Just Drop Into Tears And People Are Feeling Like God They’re Encountering God While We’re Talking Have Any Sessions And Stuff Man And It’s Like Blowing Me Away That Like Man So It Got To A Point Where I Have To Check Myself Before I Would Do What I Was Like What Are You Doing Like Because Two Months Ago This There Was No Way That This Was Going To Happen Until It Manifested Like Doing Sessions With People It Was Filling Up And I Was Like Oh My God And I Jumped Into It Really Quick There’s Power In That Man That The Whole I Thought That And So That’s Why I Like Knowing The Power There Is There For Good But It’s Polarities As Well It Works For Evil Too I Think That’s Why I’m So Big On Like Being Careful Like Like What Type Of Stuff We’re Entertaining And Stuff Too Because The Mind Is Powerful The Thoughts The Words So Watch How We Use Them Man We Use Them Wisely You Know But I Hope That Encourages Somebody Man That You Can Manifest It You Can’t Make It Happen Like Your Dreams And Desires Like There’s So Many Layers Of Healing To A Like They’ve Never Had Nothing And They Always Have To Serve You Know I’m Saying And It Can Never Be Exalted Or They Would Never Be Trusted With Money You Know Different Things That We Have Even Me I Had To Get Over A Lot Of Stuff Because You Know Thinking That I Was Supposed To Walk You Know The Lowly Road And Be A Poor Righteous Teacher And The Righteous Aren’t Supposed To Have This Type Of Money And Income I Had To Get Over That Those Ungodly Beliefs Man And Kind Of Kicked That Stuff To The Curb And Manifest It And It’s It’s Powerful Man Also I Appreciate You Coming On Talking About This Stuff To It And Having You On Encourages Me Again Man To Go Deeper Under Places That I See In The Future To Try To Manifest It And Do The Work To Get It It’s A Lot It Is A Lot Of Work You Know It Is It Is But You Know What I Think I Think That What You’re Saying Right Here Is Spot-on That You Were Probably A Healer In A Past Life And That You Can Draw On That Because Ultimately Time Doesn’t Exist You Know We’re Locked Into Saturn Father Time Chronos As Ironically Saturnalia Right Now Which Is Week-long Of Debauchery And Whatever The You Know Celebrated By The Pagans Years Ago Years Ago But Um Now This This Time Of The Year Right Now At That Time Doesn’t Exist And If You Were To Go Back In Fact On In 5d If You Look It Up On The Upper Right Hand Corner There’s A Search Box And There’s A Free Past Life Regression Mp3 And What You Do Is You Listen To It As You’re About To Fall Asleep And It Triggers A Past Life So It Would Wouldn’t Surprise Me If In A Past Life You Were Some Kind Of Medical Healer I Said Maybe A Shaman Or Something Like That Sometime Something With Medicine Wouldn’t Surprise Me At All If You Were To Check That Out Said Yeah Give That Let Me Think Is That It’s That Completely Random Or Is It Does It Work Through Your Butt Blood Lines And Stuff Like That Your Ancestry Well For Me I Only Did It Once And It Was A Fascinating Past Life That I Had I Was A Mayan Elder And It Seemed To Be Not I Think It Was In The Area Of Maybe Beliefs Or So But It Was During The Spanish Inquisition And As The Christians Were Parading Through My Village They Threatened To Kill Me If I Didn’t Convert To Christianity And I Lied I Said I Would Well I I Lied To Them Because I Wanted To Pass On The Indigenous Knowledge To My Children And Grandchildren So That Yeah That’s Probably What Led Me To Questioning Quite Everything A Lot About Christianity As Well And Right Now You Know But My Belief Is That All Religious Texts Should Be For Words Love Everyone Respect Everything That’s All You Really Need To Know All That It Boils Down To Yeah Yeah Well You Know I Think I Think I Agree With You Man Because There’s So Many Different Interpretations And Everybody’s Right In Their Own Mind That’s The Whole Perception Thing That I’m Big On Is The Perception Of Light I’ve Been Around A Lot Of Religious Sects And Especially Christianity But The Different Denominations Who Are Like Gung-ho With This Or Going Innate And They They All Have Something Different To Say Man So It Is Hard To To Really Find Out You Know If You Are A Berean Like If You Do Want To Study The Text And I Find A Beautiful Man Just All The Ancient Texts And And Because I Think I Think Whenever I Read It Man It Makes These Encounters That I’m Having Like I Read About Those Encounters In The Bible I Read About Those Encounters In You Know The Testament Of Solomon About Encountering Demons And Encountering Spirits And Fighting Them And They Talk About Ufo And Like All Of The Ancient Texts It Really Everybody Everybody Has Different Things Man You Know I’m Saying That That You Know Draws Them And That They’re Called To But Uh We’re Coming Up On This Second Hour We Do Have A Caller In The On The Line And I’m Going To Bring In The Co-host Which Is Mr. Leo Henry I’m Going To Bring Him In And We’ll Take This Call And Like I Said If You Guys Have Questions Or Comments Feel Free To Call In And Join Us Over At Memphis Sme For The Second Hour And Just Click On Second Hour It’ll Bring You Right To It Thank You Thanks Everybody For Supporting Us And We Will Continue Over There Take Your Calls Questions Comments And Talk Some More About These Spiritual Encounters In A Few Minutes Peace

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