In this interview TruthSeekah speaks with Hope Medford of Medicine For The People about spirituality within music and how to tap into that secret trance state while performing. Another topic discussed was the sacred divine feminine energy and why women should be taught to embrace their bodies instead of seeing themselves as shameful.

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The hand drummer for  world roots rock band, Medicine for the People since 2007, Hope has been playing percussion for almost twenty years.  Her first teacher was Babatunde Olatunje, and she has studied with master drummers in West Africa, Peru and Brazil.  She is honored to use indigenous instruments on a modern stage.  Hope has also facilitated drum circles and taught rhythm classes to over 2,500 participants.  She also has her own solo music projects, and recently released her third album, ‘Bring to Light’!
Hope is the percussionist for Medicine For the People; a dynamic collaboration that began in 2008 when she and Nahko discovered a transcendent connection while playing music together around a campfire. Since then, Hope and Nahko have remained the innovative twofold of a band continuously adding new members and  instruments. They began as an acoustic, single drum and horn ensemble and added an electric guitar and drum kit.