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In this interview TruthSeekah speaks with Hope Medford of Medicine For The People about spirituality within music and how to tap into that secret trance state while performing. Another topic discussed was the sacred divine feminine energy and why women should be taught to embrace their bodies instead of seeing themselves as shameful. The hand drummer for  world roots rock band, Medicine for the People since 2007, Hope has been playing percussion for almost twenty years.  Her first teacher was Babatunde Olatunje, and she has studied with master drummers in West Africa, Peru and Brazil.  She is honored to use indigenous instruments on a modern stage.  Hope has also facilitated drum circles and taught rhythm classes to over 2,500 participants.  She also has her own solo music projects, and recently released her third album, ‘Bring to Light’! Hope is the percussionist for Medicine For the People; a dynamic collaboration that began in 2008 when she and Nahko discovered a transcendent connection while playing music together around a campfire. Since then, Hope and Nahko have remained the innovative twofold of a band continuously adding new members and  instruments. They began as an acoustic, single drum and horn ensemble and added an electric guitar and drum kit.

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holding it down Alan somebody signed up just the name Alan not really sure who you are but Alan thank you so much for what you’re doing and Josh Austin and in Adam star seed thank you guys so much for what you guys are doing it means the world to me that you guys actually care and want to see me release more music and do more interviews and all this good stuff so without further ado I’m gonna bring on my guests tonight tonight i’m speaking with hope medford from the group medicine for the people she does so much other stuff she is bringing healing through the art through music creativity she is a percussionist she deals with healings he’s an environmentalist she’s a painter artist and she’s a mother she does so much stuff i really don’t even know where to go with the interview so i have my questions that i want to ask so hopefully hopefully tonight we’ll be able to get into some discussion welcome to the show thank you so much nice to be here oh yeah so like I said we’ve been trying to make this happen for a while the time zones are a crazy issue that I have to deal with with podcasts I thought that people all over the world and it’s always trying to pin it down and remember and do the math you know it’s always always funny dealing with it but we got it to work so again welcome to the show yeah totally so that there’s so much to talk about and so there’s so many levels that we can connect on I want to say thank you first of all for the music when I found medicine for the people probably 2014 or so it was when I was going through through an encounter and just having my awakening experience and you guys came on and you know we’re pretty much the soundtrack from my awakening you chivor hall and then had the chance to meet you guys in New Orleans seeing you guys in New Orleans we met there and just connected so I want I want to kind of start there because your music has been a catalyst for awakening for me right and then for so many people maybe there’s tribes and tribes and and and families of people who have been impacted by the music and been taking on spiritual journey talk a little bit about the music being a catalyst for promoting spirituality and and essentially taking people down that path sure yeah great question thank you for bringing that up and um you know the way I see it and the way I feel it is that sound is a frequency right and I guess they even said you know in the beginning there was the word and I feel like that word and that sound is a frequency and it’s a vibration and ultimately I believe were all made of energy and we’re all just a vibration we’re vibrating energy and so we’re made up of frequencies and so the reality is that we all have a biorhythm and that rhythm can be in sync or it can be out of sync and I feel like a lot of time when there’s disharmony or disease in our culture we get out of sync and our rhythms right and particularly and I think in American culture there’s a lot of lack of music and you know rhythmic music there’s a lot of disharmony and discourteous music as well but but it’s it’s overall we see a lot of depression and the American culture I mean they I heard something about 40% of people are on antidepressants um American culture I don’t know if that’s true I hope it’s not but but we are aware of that being true there are other cultures that I spent a good amount of time in where I see music is more prevalent and people are happier and I have to believe that that there is a correlation between those two things I first up as you mentioned you know began as a percussionist and will always be a percussionist at heart a drummer and when I first really started getting more and more serious about drumming I went to West Africa and I lived with a West African family and the is a master drummer and his family the father told me that he would be called 2 households to actually heal people with his drumming and that that was passed on from father to son you know it was a lineage that you were born into being a drummer not just anybody could pick up a drum actually you had to be born into being a drummer and there tribe and but then they were taught rhythms specifically that were used for healing I also know from my own research and I worked as a my own network as a midwife I was actually a licensed and certified midwife for a number of years practicing natural holistic out of Hospital birthing that their ancient birth rhythms that go all the way back to Egypt Egyptian times and so rhythms and drumming and music have been used in powerful rites of passage such a birthing you know the human experience beginning and and for healing from shamans and all cultures around the world so I feel like for myself to bring it home that I never had the intention of being a professional musician and I know plenty of people that do but for me I was always just on a journey to serve humanity in whatever way that was shown to me and that was always my prayer and drumming for me was a joy and a spiritual practice that I did along the way on the side of the other work that I was doing which originally you know started with training as a midwife and attending births and and then I as you mentioned got involved and helped start a non-profit in Portland Oregon where we actually helped start a community farm but that was primarily an education center for teaching people how to grow organic food teaching permaculture as well as environmental and social justice issues and on that land we would bring youth groups out and I would teach drumming out in the garden drumming with nature and a lot of times the at-risk youth that would be interacting with the drums would either be freaked out or really empowered by the use of a drum you know first of all it’s it’s a bit overwhelming to feel like they can have this loud of a voice right because drama scene of such a loud voice but then when they actually are invited into it and a welcoming way that that shows that they’re not going to fail you know creating a very safe community oriented way to get involved in music and specifically with rhythm that that then it turns into an empowerment process and so that has always been the heart of it for me was at that farm is actually where I might not go gosh I guess it was probably 11 or 12 years ago now and the day we met he came out to one of the bonfires we were having under the full moon and I was drumming by the fire and he showed up with max ritenour who’s our horn player and the two of them started jamming along and then within about 20 minutes naka was yelling he’s like we’ve got to do this this is amazing we’ve got to play together and we had our first practice the next day and our first gig that week and I certainly never knew from around that fire that we would end up playing for hundreds of thousands of people and that it would become a job for me but I just always stayed true to that feeling of sharing this love you know through the stage and you know the first times I got on stage I really felt like I it wasn’t me like I didn’t want to be on stage but then my friends had a conversation with me sharing with me the perspective that actually when you’re up there you have the opportunity of sharing a prayer through the music with more people as many people as you know are coming to this and that can hear you and so that ring true for me and I realized it’s all about your attention when you’re on the stage and what you’re doing there with your energy and so I’ve always held that for myself as being a channel and just really opening my energy as a channel and protecting myself in the way that I’m only letting in love and light so I’m specific about how I’m open but so allowing that energy to flow through me and go to the audience and be as he as strong of a healing energy as possible for the people they are present and that’s always been very powerful for me and honestly that journey and that experience of being that channel on stage and with medicine for the people for so many years is part of why I was able to maintain the really rigorous lifestyle of daily touring whenever we connected a couple years ago and I contacted you about you know possibly doing a song together and we did the song our return and there’s a beautiful song III get to this day there’s so many people like that’s their song like out of all my work it’s that song and it’s it’s so much it’s so beautiful cuz it just just the the essence of it just to help you to ground and to return back to to nature to source energy and and really just a focus of nature with that song so thank you so much again for being a part of that but whenever when it whenever I reached out to you for it you wanted to check me out and ensue and see what I’m about what I do and then so you went to my Facebook page went to my website and you’ve seen a lot of a lot of religious articles and no mention of Jesus and things like that so as you want it to make sure that I knew what we were about right and just to make sure that I was cool with it from coming from a religious background at standpoint so studying what would I have and study their comparative theology we start selling that the different streams whether it’s religion or tradition that that’s the same and that’s what I study versus what makes us different like what makes us the same so tapping into music music is a universal language all the religions religion so deal with music in the church culture and culture it there’s a big difference of singing a song about God or author creator I am singing a song to the creators and when you do that you tap in a special place you essentially don’t meditative trance state leave the leave they know to be real and we tapped it to another round when we deal with energy on stairs we love and that seeps through like you’re saying even in the churches in this distributable thing it says it knows no boundaries it just is this universal locked its truth so talk a little bit about the place that you go to like this I love seeing somebody performance always tell me to say you want to engage you work on the crowd that’s good but I’d love to see somebody closed out go there bring it through penis of love and life so talking a bit about that trance state of going in through music okay yeah you know it’s interesting because I think a lot of people have told me about that they say oh yeah you close your you close your eyes or even see your eyes roll back in your head or you know while you’re drumming and it’s funny because I honestly I don’t think I have memory of doing that because I think I’m so in the moment and kind of like I said like spirit is coming through me so it’s not that I can even articulate right now what I was thinking about or what that feels like other than just you know reiterating that that I’m completely open and and really allowing this like bliss to just come through I also you know there’s a part of it about supporting your bandmates right like supporting an energy that’s up there and I’m always aware of what knockos going through and we’re on stage together as well as you know where my other bandmates are so there’s a piece of like holding this as a team or as a crew you know together on stage which is really important to me I really prefer performing with a crew then by myself again because I never felt like the energy is like about me but I feel like it’s about like sure a united front and trying to be as the good of an example as possible of you know how humanity can represent and but yeah the you know the the energy that comes through sometimes it’s uh it’s also it can be depending on the gig and how many people are out there it can also be closing my eyes to focus and like here it I think through my inner ear is what I’m also doing and I’m kind of like listening for what is spirit telling me to play but it’s a it’s a it’s a non intellectual space it’s more of just listening and translating what I’m hearing into my hands and into the rhythms that I’m playing and so I’m actually glad you asked that question because I as you’re as I’m talking I’m realizing that that is part of it is there’s a listening to the inner ear that comes through and you know I remember once when I was in India I spent about ten months in India when I was 21 between my own like spiritual pilgrimage and I went to a place where there was a group called the Sikhs and that’s their religion and they were doing this attunement of the inner ear to hear God better and I was like wow that’s really interesting like they actually they’re literally a tuning their inner ear to hear the divine more effectively and even though I didn’t really make I didn’t really understand it I still thought well why not I might as well try if anything good comes out of it it’ll be worth the effort and and he you know it I think I understand it just a little bit more is just kind of that opening of your own consciousness so that you just hear that inner voice you know whether it’s intuition or it’s actually hearing a sound you know speaking to you but for me I when I’m on stage and I’m going deep with a with a large group you know in front of me I feel like it’s my it’s my coo Liana which is a Hawaiian word it kind of means responsibility but it’s also a blessing you know it’s not it’s not a weight it’s still very light even though it’s a responsibility is what that word implies and I feel like it’s my coo Liana when I’m on stage to respect the audience by giving them my best and and making their time as effective as possible you know by showing up and holding space for the music to come through that my job is to bring through the most healing vibrations that I can and you know that can be very loud and powerful sometimes you know I do feel like because I’m a woman drummer there is a piece that’s important that I show up in my strengths as well as in my subtlety on stage and it’s also my joy because I have both sides to me as you know all of us do in our balanced ways but but as a woman I do know that when I play strong and I play fiercely that that divine energy also can be an inspiration for other women and girls you know young women teenagers are looking for female role models you see women and their strengths and using their voice as you know there’s been you know generations globally of women that aren’t heard equally as men on our planet in our government you know in the media so so it’s always special and it’s always a blessing when we see men and women working together just like you and I are in this interview right now you know sharing space and listening to each other and creating a rim for women’s voices to be heard but certainly has a drummer it’s a really unique role because it’s kind of more unexpected there’s not that many women drummers out there that we see on stage so so I think that’s a piece of it too is I often feel like I’m both playing for the women out there that really look up and need to see other women really claiming their voice and using it in and empower way and all as well as playing for the men that also really appreciate and love and respect that because men want women to be their equals as well I mean that’s ultimately what we all want and we’re just in that journey of creating that and helping each other but but I do feel like this musical journey for me has also been a part of of that piece dealing with the energy and this is something that that I have close friends who have wanted me to look into it and I haven’t really because dealing with Christianity most of us in the South where I’m from we are with the Bible Belt right and so we hear about father God right and we know that aspect of the of the masculine of you know the father who who corrects you but he teaches you he guides you in herself as a father and it’s beautiful too cuz as description a Bible that says that he becomes a father to the fatherless and we have a whole generation of people who were coming up without fathers and understand that the Great Spirit whatever name you want to call it is a divine aspect that will become your father your nurturer but we don’t deal with the Divine Feminine which i think in the christianity term it would be the Holy Spirit which is the loving aspect the motherly aspect so I haven’t studied much of it but I got a lot of friends who are really big into it I was like who not better to have on the show then then hope who is totally you know well-versed in some of this stuff I see some of the stuff that you post and I’m intrigued even my wife’s intrigued some of it sounds far out when we talk about the Divine Feminine or the goddess energy and stuff like that in owning up to the person that you created like these energies and ways for you to connect and and some of it seems out the box from coming from a Christian perspective we got a lot of Christians who watch this show we got a lot of people who don’t claim any religion but I guess if I could I guess go right to it’s something that would seem interesting to talk about the moon energy and about how you know the I guess the woman’s menstrual cycle is synced with the moon and in the Christian tradition we look that’s looked at as like a bad thing the menstrual cycle talked a little bit about that and how that’s something that it’s supposed to be embraced in him and empowered as well you know right okay thank you that’s a great question yeah I appreciate that yeah it’s interesting I’m gonna start with my own journey a little bit so I you know I was confirmed into the Presbyterian Church I have a Christian background but it was a very open-minded one and so I’m very familiar and comfortable with around Christianity and then when I got to be about 18 19 I was invited to like a women’s circle at the full moon and it was a really special place for me I didn’t really know about women’s circles before and it was basically a space where women could come together and hold hands and be peaceful and share open heartedly you know but also talk about what is you know goddess energy just being the feminine aspect of God right so it’s not like it’s one person or something but just that feminine divine energy as the goddess energy and Mother Goddess as being the abundance of the earth you know she who gives life she who births humanity she who gives us our fruits and our foods and kind of celebrates life you know it’s not enough dear take on spirituality like some practices are but more of a celebration energy and then the energy of the Moon being when we would meet you know under the full moon to gather the moon is obviously the whole earth is in rhythm with the moon so the tides of the ocean that move with a rhythm of the moon and a woman’s menstrual cycle is in sync with the whole earth and so and we have to be because we are birthing life life comes through us humanity comes through a woman’s womb so the more in sync with we are with the earth the more in sync you know the next generation will be so the moon is one aspect of that and it’s interesting I feel like you know the moon comes out in you know celebrating the moon is is celebrating in the night time right and celebrating the Sun which is sometimes seen as more masculine as you know in the light and so you one could compare the light and the dark and say one is good and one is bad but what’s fascinating is as you delve deeper you know what you realize is like any yin and yang or black and white they’re both potent and powerful and they actually depend on each other I studied some Buddhism when I was older and it kind of it talks about equality called interdependence and instead of independence right because they’re saying nobody’s actually independent you have to everyone is actually interdependent everything actually depends on each other so like you really can’t have lights if you don’t have the dark right you can’t have you can’t have you know white unless there’s something to compare it to you know something that’s black and so this duality you know is is is critical to have both sides but I think it’s also too easy to say one is good and one is bad whereas you have the opportunity to say they’re both just are it’s just they just are it just they just exist so we don’t have to judge them as right or wrong we can accept both right it’s so anyway the moon energy and being in the dark what that is often holding is this energy of mystery and this energy of inner wisdom intuition those things that are you know the intuition and inner mystery I think are often seen more like feminine qualities right and then the masculine is more out in the Sun and you know really heard and and that and the woman’s quality is more introspective and I would not say passive but I would say you know introspective that deepening within that can happen in the night time and so so for myself you know I have a strong affinity with the moon I love the moon and I love the energy of the moon and I do feel and believe that there is a particular you know power or energy that’s present within the moon cycles if you sync up with them but that’s available to anyone you know man or woman also as you’re talking about the menstrual cycle I appreciate you bringing that up like I mentioned I worked as a midwife for about eight years and I’ve actually attended an assisted with around 450 births bringing in a lot of new life under this planet and my full intention with that work is to make those experiences as sacred and gentle and empowering as possible for both mother and baby as well as for father and family and keeping that a connected holistic experience for the family and I I see birth as the strongest rite of passage that a child will ever go through or as they enter this planet as well as the strongest experience a woman will ever go through allowing a human being to come through her body so that empowerment obviously and that rite of passage begins with the menstrual cycle obviously we have to have that blood that blood is the uterine lining and it’s what the baby grows in if that blood wasn’t there we wouldn’t be able to grow a new human being so um so there is the need to shed our shame around that blood and to look at that is the seed of new life and what a blessing it can be and I know for me together with other women and just to have a few conversation in these circles really awakened that awareness for me of shifting from my period being a shameful time into being this beautiful thing where you can actually offer your blood back to the soil you can put it on a plant and help it grow you can use it to nourish something or at the very least you can do whatever you do but but do it with a consciousness that you’re aware that this is the gift that allows you to be a life bearer on this planet and it’s amazing gift and as challenging as carrying a baby for nine months and then pushing it through your body is which it absolutely is a sacrifice on the other hand it’s I can definitely say it’s the most empowering experience I’ve ever had and and so to see it and to constantly recognize it as an opportunity and as a gift and and yes that that blood is sacred as a result and so I feel like we’ve done a humanity a disservice by talking about this original sin that were all born in and that that is really that is connected with a woman’s body and coming through a woman’s body when actually if we open our mind a little bit further I feel like there’s an opportunity to also see how sacred and sensual experience the part the fact that it’s a part of our part of our body that has the most like sense receptors you know that has the most sensation that it’s it’s actually the most gentle births happen I can say as a midwife when the energy in the room is as when the baby comes out as the energy of when a couple create the baby in their bed together that same love obviously it’s a different quality of it but that that quality of being in love and Cree a life should be the energy that you feel in a room when the baby comes out into the world and that woman should be made to feel that way and be honored for opening herself to bring this new life and letting that experience and that frequency be that high of a vibration for our next generation to come into the world and that it’s our responsibility really to to allow both a mother and a child to have that intimate loving beautiful experience even when there’s challenges in the birth process to still be respected that that’s coming from a sacred place and that a child’s beginning is a beautiful thing that’s being honored so when whenever you and that’s beautifully said so and I’m new to all this but just seeing pieces over here and there so I wanted to get you on to ask you personally because young me you’re an expert and versus reading some stuff online and reading articles it’s awesome having a podcast where I get the people who like I’m saying their life is devoted to this work and this research like I’m people begging me to research Flat Earth and I’m like I’m not really gonna get into it and I had one of the most leading experts in the field come on and then school me on the show on it so I just I it’s awesome that we I you know get to have you on here and pick your brain about it so yeah thank you kind of a two-fold question so dealing with the Midwife stuff would you were you assisting in the delivery or were you working more of like the energy and making sure energy in the room the music soothing and to create in the sacred space or what you’re doing both or what I was definitely delivering babies so my work as a midwife was the complete care provider in the pregnancy doing all of the care throughout pregnancy medical testing as well as emotional support and talking with a family about what would create the the birth room for them in a way that would be as sacred as they want it to be and what kind of music would they want and what kind of you know do they want those do they not you know I am very happy I’m very happy to support people with whatever they want whatever their spiritual belief is or if they’re atheist you know I I see myself as a servant in the birth process to the next generation to that baby that’s coming through as well as you know to the spirit of the parents whether or not they’re fully awakened you know it’s really such sacred energy no matter what somebody’s belief is when their baby comes through it is always a powerful experience that can change people and awaken people in new ways so I was the medical care provider I was delivering babies I was doing all of the testing that they would need to have done if that was necessary although my approach certainly is to have as little testing and interference as absolutely possible I am trained from the national college of midwifery but my approach is also to be as hands-off as possible to allow the natural birthing process as well as encourage a family to be their own labor support there’s some fathers or partners to a woman in labor that want to be the primary support person in that labor process and I love supporting families to be like that and to educate them to have the information they need to do that and I’m still happy to be in the room but hands off and helping just coach from a distance if that’s what somebody is more comfortable with I’m just checking vitals and making sure the baby’s safe and everybody’s fine and I also really love to coach fathers to catch the baby if that’s what they want to do or cut the cord like that’s really important to me to support the bonding of the family I feel like keeping the family together and intact is one of the most important things you can do to support that baby’s life and when parents both when the mother feels the integrity of her own birth process and is not violated or compromised by being exploited through interventions and when a father feels empowered like he has a roll and he is important and he’s connecting with his baby more than a doctor would be I feel like that’s critical for a man to feel his role as guardian and the stewardship of the birth of his next generation and his bloodline then those parents will will have a deeper relationship from with their child from the very beginning and that will benefit that child’s life and their life force I feel like we’ll be stronger like there are so many subtle energies in a birth room I I call it a rite of passage because I feel like particularly the woman and baby there it’s like their energy is on fire they’re so awakened open to for a woman to open enough to let it being through her body is not just a physical process of course and and that baby as well it’s transforming from never having been on this planet to coming through so that rite of passage energetically is so powerful and is so on fire energetically that that it’s a potent time to have as much love in the room as possible to allow that potency to be filled with love and for that baby and that birth to be infused with that love energy is something that you can you can always call on throughout throughout that child’s life that’s that’s beautiful then though I mean even that ending like the first few years I think that I think are so important and it it hurts my heart to see people letting like nurseries and stuff raise their children the first couple years and only getting to see the child at night and stuff like that and I believe even in living in in you know in the West or whatever like you I believe that there are resources there for you to be able to do that if you have to kind of you know not have all the money that you want to have just to stay home with your kid those for at least those first couple years are so important the kind of talking about the birth I wanted to ask you about this so moving in a lot of the spiritualist circles there’s a term that’s used and I want to ask you because you should have hands-on experience we wouldn’t know they use the terms birth trauma and so we as people are dealing with past life regression or anxiety stuff that happen to them in their childhood is do you know if there’s any truth to the whole birth trauma that we have to deal with as adults sometimes yeah great question thank you so I have studied this a bit and I have seen some things that have led me to to yes believe that it definitely exists and my understanding there’s a term that’s really fascinating it’s called limbic imprinting so Li m bi C limbic I believe it’s like the limbic part of the brain that’s like the more reptilian part of the brain so it’s primal there’s limbic imprinting that happens on your brain as you come through the birth canal when you’re born that imprint becomes a bit of a blueprint that follows you throughout your life is what I’ve been taught there’s a fascinating woman who focuses on this and teaches it all over the world and she’s created a movie that’s really brilliant called birds into being earth into being if anybody wants to check it out but limbic imprinting is fascinating and seeing that our understanding that concept really makes you want to again have the most gentle and empowering birth for each child and each person that’s coming in here’s an example so there’s there was one baby that I know that was born and during her birth process she was in a hospital and the doctors had to put or they chose to put a fetal scalp monitor on her head and that actually is screwed into their skull during labor and so it’s a tiny screw that goes in because you can get your pulse onto the top of your head and doctors will use that when they feel like they can’t get the pulse out of the woman Valley because of the position the babies in so after that baby was born for the next two or three years she did not want anyone to touch the top of her head so it’s really fascinating it’s like okay that’s just a physical you know imprint right and you know she had no other reason to have that you know feeling why she didn’t want anyone to touch her head but she had a physical trauma from that experience but there’s also been a lot of research that children as they’re in as they’re being born in their labor if there’s a different interferences right so so say a woman’s having a natural labor process and then a doctor decides to cut an episiotomy and use forceps and pull the baby out quicker than the mother would have naturally pushed the baby out which sometimes happens for emergency reasons and sometimes is overused and has happened when it’s not necessary those those babies often have a harder time finishing projects in their life as an adult so there’s actually been researched that’s shown that surgeon interferences in the labor process create different personality types in adults so I went to one class like that that another thing to look at because it happens quite a bit is cesarean sections yeah so one thing that when people are choosing to have a cesarean voluntarily that families need to remember that in a natural birthing process yes your baby is being squeezed you know through the birth canal as it’s coming through it’s being squeezed right by the muscles the woman’s muscles as it comes out but that squeezing actually squeezes the baby’s chest and squeezes the baby’s heart right it’s squeezing the whole body as it’s coming in through so squeezing the chest actually helps the baby clear its lungs squeezing the baby’s heart is like giving it its first couple pumps to get it going right so that’s what you want when your baby’s coming through because it’s been an amniotic fluid in water the whole nine months it’s never breathed err before so having that squeeze of the chest as in the lungs as it’s coming through is actually helping the baby open its ability to breathe air for the first time I could name a whole bunch of effects like that but those two are probably the most obvious so coming through the birth canal is actually biologically perfect to help a baby be born when it’s when it’s when a woman is cut open and the baby’s just lifted out of the abdomen of a woman none of these biological functions occur and so there is a lack of well first of all the statistics of the baby being born in the c-section are are less healthy than babies being born vaginally because of that right they’re always taking more time to kind of come around and to start breathing into looking as strong obviously overall c-sections can be a very healthy option but the statistics are lower than a vaginal birth even because I know you’re studying that like what about even where that name comes from have you I’m sure you’ve looked into that that’s insane yeah well yeah I mean my understanding it was like a doctor right it was nature it was it was supposedly one of the the Caesars was going through and had an order to yeah cut the women to take their babies out and yeah it’s a you know kill them or whatever and that’s uh that’s insane that we still use this this old you know I’m saying these old yeah that’s right I’d forgotten yeah that’s absolutely right you know and you could keep going in that direction with the conversation just to say also a lot of the modern guy no logical care for women is actually based on work that was developed during World War two by the Nazis on Jewish prisoners that they did a lot of medical experimentation and a lot of those techniques that they came up with are still being practiced today yeah so it’s a serious thing and you know there’s a reason I’m impassioned about the field and it’s the beauty but it’s also there is a lot of exploitation happening particularly in hospital processes that are being overused and the reason why I’ll tell you right now is because it’s a huge money-making scheme and birth is the number one moneymaker in any hospital the reason why is because women are healthy going in they’re not sick it’s not like a cancer patient or somebody who’s like missing an arm who needs surgery it’s a healthy person going in to have a healthy baby and they the will that World Health Organization says 92 percent of all women do not need interventions that they’re gonna have a healthy baby there’s only about a percent of women that really need a cesarean section and you know extreme interventions so all the other women that are getting those things I mean right now they say there’s about 30% of women in the United States having cesarean sections for example so the extra you know 22 women for every hundred that are having these things the hospital is making a huge amount of money off of them and we could we don’t need to talk numbers but you know it’s thousands and thousands of dollars and when things like cesarean sections are being done inappropriately then it often leads to a baby ended up in the intensive care unit for days or weeks and that’s thousands and thousands more dollars so there is a agenda and it doesn’t mean our doctors are bad people they’re good people but there’s just a protocol in a hospital that’s actually created by insurance companies that are not healthcare providers and are not doctors and those insurance companies are run by business people and trying to make a living right so the point is to not blame but to educate yourself and understand who you’re working with and what the agenda and what the intentions there are and that’s big process for me helping women and seeing women in their birth processes when they don’t have the experience that they want when they’re babies perhaps are being taken away from them when they want to keep them together and stay close or when they’re given surgeries when they actually just wanted a few more hours to try to push their baby out naturally but a doctor maybe said it’s time and he has to go yeah to go for the day that’s insane well I hope I know you got a run I’ve enjoyed hanging out with you thank you so much for coming on and it’s just there’s so many more segways and stuff we should we totally should because you know I like to get into some of the esoteric understandings behind it in a perfect Segway would be like talking about how the whole birth trauma thing and because we like to talk about aliens and spirits and interdimensional and stuff like that on here so a lot of people are saying that’s the whole alien abduction phenomenon is people reliving their birth trauma in it and so you you’re laying in a bed you wake up in these people looking over you with scaffolds and things looking over you and understand that it’s trauma from you know from being birth and stuff so that’s a whole nother segue but yeah that’s me you’ll come back on it we’ll have that conversation every Sunday I came with you too so yeah it would be it would be fun to do definitely so everybody go and check out hope Medford you can check out all of her work at Hope Medford com I’m pretty sure you could just type her name in on yeah and Derrick I brought um these are my two last latest CDs this is purify and this one is bringing to light so I got you if you want to check out my music either my two latest so enjoy definitely awesome I still have to get into you latest one bring the light but purify was amazing thank you I gotta get into the new one definitely so I returned is on there so you’ll get to check out the the remix such a blessing fire thank you so much hope it was so much take care peace bless thank you hope Medford ladies and gentlemen medicine for the people sole job good people man had the pleasure of meeting them I want to say coming up seen him in New Orleans got to meet hope it was fun we had a great time and it was when they were still kind of you know making their way up the ranks and we were at the show went where they opened up for soldier on the tour and there were so many people who had no idea who medicine for the people was and they’re like hey who’s who’s these guys that are opening up I was like dude there better than soldier cuz we have we went we didn’t go there to see soldier so it was a blessing for us because after that sure I became a soldier fan so it’s kind of kind of vice versa but it was it was awesome seeing people who traveled to see them because they were like totally you know same medicine tribe from like day one traveling to see them but then seeing all the people who were like blown away because if you’re a soldier fan and you check out medicine for people not even know who they are you’re blown away definitely check out their work and you know we say medicine for the people but and I know they have a like a revolving cast but hope is is such a part of that groove man and to to watch her tap in to the spirit realm and play her drums play the djembe play the percussions and sing man it’s it’s a beautiful encounter and of a lot of people are having their awakenings through their music and a part of that’s influenced and infused into my work so I’ll get those messages all the time where people like dude I listened to your album 333 it took me to new levels and even with the song that we have together I returned we you know we did a collab feature together and even from that song like people just like oh my god I’m taken to new levels I’m in tears listening to your music so it’s it’s awesome that I’m able to facilitate that in the lives of other people because hope and her message and in her music and the same thing with LC OB the lost children of Babylon like that stuff did the same thing for me so it’s so cool to be able to pay that forward and to put out art and and put out work like that that’s just facilitating awakening around the globe so many people are interconnected and so many people in this in this soul table family that we have and we’re connected by spirit and with intention and anything that brings about healing you guys know we’re about that like healing and in healing through music come on I mean you guys know that I deal with a lot of people coming out of religion and out of Christianity and I hope I didn’t scare off with any of the Bible talks um you know I don’t think I did but some people are weird about that but uh a lot of people are coming out of that and they want to make sense of stuff and I’m telling you in the South you started talking about goddess energy you start talking about the Divine Feminine itself that stuff’s not being discussed down here at all so it’s beautiful that that I have a lot of people locally who listen to this and they’ll be able to at least research it after after this you know me even me lit hearing it for the first time there’s like goddess what what is that we don’t you know in the Bible Belt man it’s tough it’s not encouraged to talk about that stuff so I’m glad that there’s an awakening happening I’m part of it you guys are a part of it if you’re listening this far into the show if you’re listening this far you’ve heard something that has caught your attention or there’s something that resonates deep down within you and you’re a part of the family too and so you have questions you have the answers as well within and you want to be a part of something greater than yourselves which which we all are and so with that being said man I’m gonna say again a huge thank you for everybody supporting my work through patreon that’s that’s the number one place to get anything that I put out my music the podcast to get the updates we got you know a special Facebook group that’s only for people who are part of the membership over there and I just put out a new song thank you guys for the con words I’m reading I’m reading in the comment section even as we do this and so there’s a lot of there’s a lot of love for for the new the new music and a lot of love for hope in this chat room as well you guys are awesome but get a lot of feedback on that new song alpha AFF a is the name of the song and you got to hear that you got to hear the full song to actually understand what it means and hopefully I kind of kind of stepped out on a limb there but I think that it was it was done in a really intricate way and we’re struggling over a name and that’s the name I picked and you have to hear the song it’ll be out to the general public sometime next year so patreon is a way for you guys to hear new music before it even comes out to the general public and you guys get access to it there’s a bunch of new music over there so with that being said I’m gonna say peace and Shalom we also have merch available I got a bunch of merch on my website people you know want to support they want to rock the gear we got a bunch of merch over there true seeker calm head on over there basa merch and support the work I love each and every one of you guys so with that again peace and Shalom blessings on top of blessings I love y’all peace well that does it for this episode folks here more episodes of the truth seeker podcast head over to usually Kazakh and if you’re wanting to support the show and get rewards go to our patreon page at forward slash truth seeker

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