For example, one of the common teachings of the religions is that there is one God. Below are just a few examples of how all the religions support this idea:

“Hear O Israel, the Lord is our God, the Lord is One.”
Hebrew prayer

“Allah is One.”
The Koran, 112:1 (Islam)

“God is the One Alone.”
Ancient Egyptian epitaph

“The One is Lord of all that moves.”
The Vedas (Hinduism)

“Mazda, the One Alone.”
Zarathusthra, founder of Zoroastrianism

“And Allah has said: Take not two gods. He is only one God.”
The Koran, 16:51

“The origin of everything is Brahman.”
The Bhagavad-Gita (Hinduism)

“One thing we know. There is only one God.”
Chief Seattle (Native American)

“The Kikuyu believe in one God, Ngai, creator of all things.”
East African Tribe

“A study of ancient Egyptian religious texts will convince the reader that the Egyptians believed in One God, who was self existent, immortal, invisible, eternal”
Sir Wallis Budge, historian

“All Lenape (Indians) questioned so far unite in saying their people have always believed in a ‘Mani-to,’ in short, a Great Spirit.”

“Then Vidgdha Sakalya asked him: ‘How many gods are there Yajnavalkya?’ He answered, ‘as many as are mentioned in the hymn of praise to the Vishve-devas, namely, three hundred and three, and three thousand and three.’ ‘Yes,’ he said, ‘but how many gods are there?’ ‘Thirty-three.’ ‘Yes, but how many gods are there?’ ‘Six.’ ‘Yes, but how many gods are there?’ ‘Three.’ ‘Yes, but how many gods are there?’ ‘Two.’ ‘Yes, but how many gods are there?’ ‘One and a half.’ ‘Yes, but how many gods are there?’ ‘One.’”
Brihad-aranyaka Upanishad, III.9,1


While each religion has a different name for God, it is clear that they all speak of one God. It is not surprising that they have a different name for God, since they were formed in different languages, at different times in history, and by different cultures. But if we look at how God is described, rather than what God is called, we see the stong similarities. This is just one example of a teaching that all the religions share. Many other teachings are discussed in the book, in a similar way. The teaching is discussed briefly, and then examples of quotations from religious scriptures are shown. – Gary L. Beckwith



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