Hybrid Children

Hybrid Children, Alien Contact, Indigos and Starseeds | Bridget Nielsen

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Bridget Nielsen speaks on Hybrid Children, Alien Contact, Indigos, Starseeds and more and about how they relate to spirituality. In this discussion with TruthSeekah Bridget also speaks about the different ways that we interact with benevolent E.T.s, fairies and other types of entities and spiritual beings.There are ways that we can tap into our higher self and connect with multidimensional beings on many different planes of existence. Some of these entities we known in the Bible and some of ancient writings as angels. These angels were said to communicate with mankind and deliver messages from God about a specific life purpose or things that were to come in the near future. These angelic beings were known by many names over the centuries depending on religious writings or the lack of. One of the most beautiful things about spirituality and the spirit realms is that there are absolute truths but we all interpret them not according to what they are but rather what we are. This is indeed the fact that someones angelics encounter could also be someone else’s alien visitation. Both streams of thought are true and the beauty is in the one who has experienced such things. Bridget Nielsen also teaches classes and hosts private sessions where she teaches people how to interact with Hybrid Children. These Hybrid Children are a part of a Human / E.T. Hybridization Program where abductees are taken aboard ships to interact with in some cases “their children”. Another topic discussed with the term “alien abductions” and how the term is mostly fading out of people within Ufologies vocabulary. Now we are seeing more and more people embrace the terms like Contactee or Experiencer and their are many how are taking part of the CE5 Initiative where E.T. and alien beings do not contact us but in fact we contact them.


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