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Bridget Nielsen speaks on Hybrid Children, Alien Contact, Indigos, Starseeds and more and about how they relate to spirituality. In this discussion with TruthSeekah Bridget also speaks about the different ways that we interact with benevolent E.T.s, fairies and other types of entities and spiritual beings.There are ways that we can tap into our higher self and connect with multidimensional beings on many different planes of existence. Some of these entities we known in the Bible and some of ancient writings as angels. These angels were said to communicate with mankind and deliver messages from God about a specific life purpose or things that were to come in the near future. These angelic beings were known by many names over the centuries depending on religious writings or the lack of. One of the most beautiful things about spirituality and the spirit realms is that there are absolute truths but we all interpret them not according to what they are but rather what we are. This is indeed the fact that someones angelics encounter could also be someone else’s alien visitation. Both streams of thought are true and the beauty is in the one who has experienced such things. Bridget Nielsen also teaches classes and hosts private sessions where she teaches people how to interact with Hybrid Children. These Hybrid Children are a part of a Human / E.T. Hybridization Program where abductees are taken aboard ships to interact with in some cases “their children”. Another topic discussed with the term “alien abductions” and how the term is mostly fading out of people within Ufologies vocabulary. Now we are seeing more and more people embrace the terms like Contactee or Experiencer and their are many how are taking part of the CE5 Initiative where E.T. and alien beings do not contact us but in fact we contact them.


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truth-seeker and/or its affiliates are not responsible for any strange okay and we’re back so one of the things I wanted to ask you about was the hybrid children and I know you said you you had glimpses of playing with the children on ships and things like that where does that come from because you talked about how like a lot of people can make contact and you can play with the children you offer classes and courses and techniques and things like that where people can get involved with these hybrid children talk a little bit about that yeah so the hybrid children were created and are our physical genetic children that were created from one particular program hybridization program from being people that are experiences that have gone up to the ships and so these kids are like a byproduct of some of these experiments this one is going in more of a positive direction hence like these hybrid kids that will eventually come back down to earth and if we make the timeline and reconnect with us and be a part of first contacts so these kids are amazing you know they’re they’re like I guess you could say yo kids don’t you huh yes so they’re like the amazing human kids right now thank you for seeing like that are just like what are these beings like they’re they’re so different than new kids coming in and so they would be like that except just with less barriers of human culture stuff on them so they would they would have more availability and and so yeah we can play with them lots of people play with them like in dream time or on the ships but it is a real physical thing and people lots of different experiences have met them physically and then other people have you know had really profound dream you know communication and memories that have come up so you talk about receiving all of this stuff and having visitation and and everything kind of being founded upon having a childlike heart and yeah not getting too serious at times and keeping it simple and things like that right I watched interview with james gilliland some times some time back where they talked about having a ce-5 and trying to summon ships and trying to make contact with a big group of people and they didn’t see anything and then it was this little little kid who took a marshmallow and he roasted it and he’s waving it at the up at the sky here you go mister mr. spaceman this is for you and when the little kid did it they said this huge ship just lit up out of nowhere and took off and it was like the innocence of this little child that did it and it always goes back to me to like the Bible where Jesus talks about in order to receive the kingdom of heaven you have to become like these little children here which they they just trust they just believe they’re not worried about paying bills they’re not worried about whether next meals coming from like they know that they’re taking care of and things you know and it’s returning back to that innocence talked a little bit about like the magic of returning back to that in a sense many many of us have lost it you know the 9 to 5s and the bills and stuff you know we have to grow up but we never really do that that child is still there talk about the power of kind of going back and and almost recapturing that childlike faith Oh Oh God I mean it’s it’s really like everything and I think like III thought about this a few weeks ago the idea that really all of us you know from age 4 or like school like some people had a fun time you know there were good times but like for the most part it was like a jail cell you were you had to wake up early and go to this thing for like 15 years straight and it was like a prison sentence and then right when you’re done it’s like alright now good luck and it like you’re like thrown into the world and there’s not like and it’s just like this this part of our beings this inner child part just like slowly over time it’s like it’s pushed out of us or it gets it gets like hidden away and so thinking about it perspective like getting that context of like whoa okay we’ve been that we’ve been kind of put away from that that means that we need to create a new space for that part of ourselves to come back so it’s really about being conscious that like that is a part of you and it’s not just a part of you that was alive when you were a child like it is a living breathing part of you that might just be suppressed or pushed out and so really making space for that like just first and foremost just thinking about it and what that would be like and who you were as a kid and then how you can encourage those parts of your spirit to come back whether it’s doing activities that you like doing as a kid or actually going in kind of like we were saying through different healing stuff to get back that that piece of us because that piece of us is that sensitive beautiful innocent part that will that it’s a critical light piece to awakening to traveling these other dimensions to the grand solutions that are gonna help us like it is the like anchor point and like beacon for us it’s something about the whole childlike faith or being a young at heart or whatever when you read the book to alchemists which is like a go-to book for many people you know I’m saying that that book changed my life and everybody I’ve let read it it lights a fire within them that makes them want to go back and recapture their dream and be reminiscent of who they were when they were children right and and it talks about the dream that you had as a kid and what you wanted to be when you grew up and many of us you know we had that stolen from us so now you can’t be that that’s you know dream you know I’m saying the American dream or dreams or for people who are asleep and you have to get a job and you have to do this you have to do that and but it’s the power of recapturing that dream and a lot of times the whole point of this journey this Awakening is so that we can have the power to go back and remember who we were as children we like to entertain people we like to make people laugh and all of that kind of stuff and so the alchemist is a great read for anybody who wants help on their life purpose what am I supposed to be doing in this life type deal and it’s all about having that childlike heart and going back to the person who you were before you gave up before you gave up on your dream I want to say thank you to people in the chatroom this is uh Renee I Bri Lucia I’m not butchered that’s so bad but thank you for the donations and the comments there Renee says research star ports on our stationary flat earth and we are stars search your birthday on the Zodiac zodiac definitely with our constellations and and how that works out under our star signs but I’m gonna formulate this into a question for you not that I’m into it not that I push it people some people are some people are die hard on this and I’ll just ask you Flat Earth theory where do you stand on that have you researched it you know yeah good question well I could say I don’t know I can say that I don’t know I think I could say that I don’t know I do there’s pretty substantial evidence that we didn’t go to the moon but just not going but does not okay us being in a public way going to the moon does that mean Gus that it’s a flat earth and there is no space and I went through this kind of like I said with with Patrick my partner and we were like oh my god like what if there is no space like I mean whether this like oh they it’s flat and you kind of like have to go there and afterwards after I went through that I was like you know what that would suck like I don’t even want a beer it’s just like if that’s actually what it is and my experiences don’t match that like if this is just kind of like it feels like it is some sort of holographic reality of course but like if this is just like the splat dimensional space and you try and exit it and then you like bump up against the wall or something like that just that’s not inspiring and so I’m like you know what my experience is tell me that there is something more out there now whatever the shape of like the earth is I don’t know and there’s a lot of things that make sense like the curvature of the earth and you would have to like take that into account like there’s things that make sense in the matter I know that’s the whole thing you know what that’s that’s the thing with most theories and most religions like if you or most politicians if you listen to it long enough some of it makes sense like they have good they have good points that that you can kind of stand behind I’m like yeah you know what I believe and if you listen to enough stuff and maybe these people are watching hours and hours of documentaries of people who are presenting it really good and they’re sold on it I mean isn’t that how most of us got into like research in the Illuminati or Alex Jones or whatever the case is until we like you know what and we kind of we kind of end up where you just started right right there I don’t know like I don’t know you don’t know you haven’t been there but people are like no I can prove it it’s like oh Lord yeah I don’t know if you can prove it like I know there’s there’s great evidence for it but there’s also a lot of evidence against it and so that it brings me back to like wanting to talk about I wanted to promote things that we can apply to our lives that can make us have better lives healthier lives happier lives not just us but our friends and family as well things that we can actually do to change the lives and well-being of those people people around us and I think that I do think that the et conversation is part of that I think that we are dealing with spirits and entities and dimensions and realms that affect our daily lives and things like that so I guess that would be a good segue how do those things their spirits et’s fairies I know you talked a lot about fairies and stuff as well how do these entities these elemental beings and things like that affect our daily lives even unaware oh god I think that they’re I think that the influence is like crazy that the influence of all these other interdimensional beings I think has a majority like in a way part on influencing our mood our thoughts our actions from various directions with various agendas the more like I get into these kind of in-between trance states and like it’s interesting just places that I like live for it it’s very um lucid I’m like oh my god like there’s so many beams and entities like working and doing their stuff so I think that it’s highly influential and the more that we can become aware of it and work with it and and and be conscious the more that we can be truly aligned with what we want to create I’m gonna open up the phone line so anybody wants to call in if you have a question or a comment feel free to call in the numbers scrolling across the top of the platform and it’s in the descriptions as well I seen some people come and go there but we’re gonna open up the phone lines now if you guys want to call in I’ve got a message here from Emma and you just commented to Emma says I’ve been obsessed with ET and hybrid children for a while talk a little bit about we have these fascinations when we’re kids right we’re going back to the kid thing of these star children or alien movies or whatever the thing we have these these are zealous fascinations as a kid and they kind of go away or sometimes they never go away we just push them to the back but is that is that something they’re do they like communicate telepathically and give you these these thoughts or are they they’re from past lives or dreams things that are coming to us in the dream realm like whether it’s you know people watching Superman and and feeling like they’re meant for something more you know all of these feelings but we can’t explain them we’re just kids going to school you know talked a little bit about that yeah all of the above really everything that you just said it’s like we coming in you know coming in from creation you know into this we come in quite motivated we come in quite clean we come in you know so there’s this there is this inspiration because that’s why we freaking came here to do something so that that’s like okay yeah we come in motivated and we’re like alright we’re ready to go and then and yeah and we have the capacities and the openness and and every way to to make these communications you know with other dimensions with other beans with other versions of ourselves and other incarnations so definitely like different incarnations that were the ones that decided to reincarnate here they can still like tap back into so there’s a lot of communication a lot of stuff happening and and that’s why you got tapping back into the child will tap you back into why you’re even here and and these these greater things going on you mentioned other versions of ourselves that’s a deep one of what the ancient Greeks and I guess even the Romans and stuff believed that like dealing with the the the planets and it goes back to the you know I’m saying the Year month that you’re born of you’re like an expression of that that that that planet it’s like the God or entity that’s affiliated with that planet experiencing itself and it has its own emotions and characteristics and character traits and stuff that you take on on the earth there’s a lot of ancients who believe that I know I know Manley P Hall goes into a lot of detail about that there’s a scripture in the Bible that says that we’re seated with Christ in in heavenly places that were seated in heavenly places we’re talking about different incarnations of ourselves even even here there’s the notion of the higher self of and I and almost with all of this info trying to put it together and see what’s going on trying to make something of it I almost see it as the higher self is like the real you who’s maybe up there in in the planetary alignments on it on another planet watching your incarnation on earth and you can connect with it with your higher self of this being that somewhere else was watching that knows everything you’re supposed to be doing for you that knows your life pass it gets really complicated we’re just trying to make sensitive stuff talk am I making sense to you at all is this ringing the bell yeah yeah I mean the higher-self and however you want to say the higher-self needs the counterpart you have in the higher dimension however we look at it there is definitely a grander consciousness that we are ultimately which is what you’re saying that if we can tap into that then we can stream from that place and we can draw inspiration and we can draw true purpose of being here from that place so yes it’s a like I say it’s pretty complicated we’re just trying to make sense of it all I don’t think that any one teacher any one person or religion has it has it all figured out I wouldn’t follow anybody to their own demise but it that way but I think that everybody has a piece of it man and when we were able to kind of bring our own experiences and then the experiences of the collective to the table put them together I try to formulate it a picture and kind of you know I’m Sam essentially like a puzzle put everything together and see what see what’s happened to see what’s going on and when we talk about religions like I think a lot of people on sects are saying the same thing they just have different ways of communicating that truth then and there’s things that you know he gets into the whole thing of I’m right you’re wrong deal which I try to stay away from that I know that never leads to anything good but it comes comes down to essentially dealing with truth and dealing with religion like I studied pathology from a Christian perspective for years I come out of the evangelical church and I was a evangelist for some years doing Christian gospel music you know and when I got into ufology it was something that called me and having encounters and in having dreams and all of this stuff you know but being very familiar with the spirit realm being very familiar with negative entities that exists on in these planes of existence as well you channel whatever whatever level of vibration that you’re putting out with the things that you’re doing the things you’re watching the stuff that you’re taking in the way you’re treating people like when you tap into those realms you’re gonna deal with those type of beings that’s just how it works and I dealt with those beings early on as a teenager got into Christianity started studying ufology and was led down like the path of all the Christian ufologist people and they all say that aliens are demons like that’s their thing aliens or demonic aliens or demons you’re being deceived these are beings of light that are here to deceive you as a comment in the chat in the chat here it may be the same person that commented on your videos you know I was going through some of your pictures earlier and I seen somebody comment it was like this long thing about the the Nephilim and the fallen angels and things like that right yeah so I’ve dealt with those people and I’ve studied it from that perspective until you just have to kind of look at all the information from an unbiased standpoint and look at the information for what it is and the knowledge and the research without a agenda you don’t say come to the agenda conclusion later but like as you’re researching you can’t go into it already knowing what this is there’s no way that’s why I did all these people are stuck on that they’re right and everybody else is wrong but have you have you had that to deal with any of those type of people at all because I know there’s I know in ufology like that stuff still sells abductions and be afraid these things want to kill you and kidnap you and things like that I haven’t heard that term abduction since I was a little kid we don’t even hear that term anymore it’s UFO contact these and experiencers talk about how like that selves kind of fate phasing out but there’s still some remnants there especially when it comes to religion yeah really good really good points I feel like it’s fading out yeah because um well maybe it’s because humans are actually like okay with not being as freaked out and like traumatized and victimized that would be cool I mean so that’s part of it but I definitely think that these newer generations are generations it’s easy you’re having experiences and having contactee experiences because we are more in the state like vibration we came in knowing that there’s these other things going on whereas sometimes the older generations it was a bit harder cuz it’s like no no this is the reality and then it’s like you get like pulled and yanked out of that and all this stuff’s happening and you’re like wow like it’s for my dad for instance like it was crazy like his his memories like they were so terrifying and that was real for him you know and and the paradigm of control that he created like because of how the culture and how humans were at that time so I think that it’s changed I definitely get those are the only comments that I get that are negative or the Jesus name meets all that stuff like I get those and then I’m like okay those are just well I say and you’re probably gonna get more but you’re gonna win over a lot of people too because they’re gonna have their own experiences that’s that you’re gonna come you’re gonna get a lot more because it’s growing in Christendom now like this is something new for them this is something fresh the whole Book of Enoch and the fallen angels in the Nephilim like it’s it’s been here for a long time but as far as it’s like pastors can preach about this now back when we were studying it and I would say maybe 2010 2011 2012 we were talking about this stuff in churches and they would run us out of churches for talking about this stuff but now the pastor’s are preaching about the Nephilim in the Book of Enoch and all these books taken out so it’s getting more people into it so you’re gonna get you’re gonna get the run over you know the spillover from those people who are who are into that stuff but those who are really seeking truth eventually you got to come to the conclusion of hey these these encounters that bridge is having these encounters that true seeker and these other people have and they could be demonic they sound demonic if because I’ve studied it that way but they could be angelic because if I’m reading the Scriptures correctly and some of the other ancient text sounds a lot like angelic experiences and stargazing and the ancient prophets were stargazers and would have encounters with the beings or angels that came out of the sky and showed up and had union with them and talk to them and and gave them messages for humanity and things like that sounds a lot like angelic contact versus demonic is when we get into the demonic and even the Bible demons are these fallen angels fell they were kicked out of heaven so why are they still flying around heaven because the description says that the sky is heaven so if they were kicked out of heaven but yet you’re saying no they’re flying machines around up there abducting people it doesn’t make sense especially when we go back and read the narrative of these angels who rebelled were kicked out of heaven and then it fell to earth you talk about these fallen angels in these demons they’re there they’re on this playing field they’re on this plane of existence so the ones who are watching over us will come from above from the biblical explanations and even experiences that people are having and just being open with it I think it paints a totally different picture than just everything that we don’t understand it’s demonic and to kind of end this little rant whatever you’re looking for you’re gonna find you know what I’m saying if you research it from everything’s demonic experience and you have an encounter everything is demonic if you reach a researcher from everything’s beautiful I’m gonna learn from all of it I don’t think that God would send anything to me that I can’t handle I’m gonna approach it from that and you learn from it all and not just to demonize anyone or anything you know what I’m saying totally totally I completely agree and I and I I like the Steiner perspective of like a loose of ferric and like the harmonic beings where there’s beings that like are driving you to be more physical and dense like that is their agenda and then there’s beams that are driving you towards like ecstatic bliss like non physicality and like they’re not bad they’re just that’s their dimension that’s they’re like agenda and so it’s like it comes back to balance right is it’s like okay you don’t want to like float away you know and you don’t want to like become too dense into its Calabi and so that’s a nice in-between which is more like other than good and bad you know it’s like more like light and density and where you fall in not in that balance scale and it all it all plays a part like you need both you can’t just be so spiritually minded that you know earthly and good earthly good I like the way there’s a pastor named Todd why he’s really good evangelist he says that I want to be so spiritually minded that I’m earthly incredible right then I’m just so lofty but but it translates you know you’re not a you’re not above the crowd you down there with the people I mean we look at the religious leaders and teachers look at Jesus he was down there with the people you know he did go off and he did his thing he did his meditation and prayer and healing in that stuff but he can’t back down and he dealt with people man and and that’s what it’s about bringing it back to people seeing lives being changed from this information you’re talking about the so like people have questions we have a lot of people watching right now you know like people are into this for a reason it’s not just the fluff it’s not just entertainment but people have questions people have had experiences and encounters with light beings with ships with these past life regressions not even going to a counselor or someone to kind of lead them in the therapy they’re just like in the dream state coming out with all this crazy information and they’re trying to make sense of it they have nobody to talk to so kudos for you for coming out and talking about this stuff and kind of putting your neck out there early on you know you’ve been doing this for a long time you’ve got a huge catalog and a big repertoire of videos and you you go out there I’ve seen some videos are you going out in public I think and thing was in New York they’re just like going asking people about you know how do you feel about UFOs and aliens and things like that so that’s one thing about it when it just we bring it back to you know it’s all practical just bringing it back down to earth even though it is so spiritual is so lofty it’s deep esoteric stuff like I’m into symbology I’m into metaphysics I’m into all of it but if it does if we can’t bring it bring it home then it’s really no good it’s just kind of just kind of puffing you up with pride and knowledge and arrogance essentially and ego but so you’re talking about being balanced you’re talking about being like keeping it down to earth what are some of the things that people can do not to just be so far out there like is their balance because there’s so many people in not only this field but I guess fields that are very similar spirituality New Age even in Christendom and that’s welcome from so many so many teachers and so many people there to not just follow everything that people say and just believe it all right and cuz I really do think some people could be making some of this stuff up like they know that there’s this leeway that they have they kind of know the parameters and in there they can play a little bit so when it when it comes down to like we’re really trying to get answers we’re really trying to make stuff happen and then there’s people who are I guess knowingly deceiving people and I think we rub shoulders with some of these people in in these fields so being so spiritual so lofty but then having I guess a foundation I mean talk a little bit about that that’s a mouthful but I think you could do it yeah I mean I think that that’s the most important thing like we’re in an age now it’s just kind of strange because all this is out there right you can like access like you said any perspective it’s like the dark angels the fallen ones the light but I don’t know that like any reality exists flatterers secret space program like we’re doomed we’re gonna send like all of it category like this and for me like I feel really really grateful that before all this really started coming out and it was like so at our fingertips because it wasn’t you know five eight ten years ago it wasn’t and people weren’t talking about it like this and it wasn’t successful which I think it has it’s like freaking it’s amazing and I got to create my own spiritual foundation before any of before I had any input like I with with like core foundational different techniques and my connection with the earth and my connection with myself and so I think honestly it’s like a return to that or an emptying out of our own containers to see then what lands and so for me and I guess my suggestion would be to do that like to take some to take some kind of like digital detoxes or to take some information Detox’s and just go in went through whatever modality or whatever method to yourself and go in through nature go in through just the simplicity of the child and in that spaciousness see and tune in and feel what lands and and really begin to get a self barometer of your own intuition of your own ways of perceiving so that when you go back in and you’re faced with all of this information and all these possible realities and perspectives that you can you can know very instinctively and intuitively yes that’s for me no that’s not for me so I think it’s like it’s kind of it’s tricky because it takes self-discipline and this this current culture that’s so out there I mean it actually takes like the spiritual and the will to to go to go back figure out who you are what direction you want to go and go back into the Wolves den yeah I’ve been I’ve been a part of a lot of sex I guess you’d call it mainly of christendom different forms of Christianity and Hebrew Israelites and Messianic Judaism and evangelical stuff and came up in the Baptist so like I’ve been in a little bit of all of it and all of them they have good stuff about them right into something that day I held on to I have a lyric from a song I say um I said let me witness like the Jehovah’s let me pray just like the Jews let me fast just like the Muslims I’m a fool but only for you we’re gonna dance like Karris Mattox get in the Bible like we’re from First Baptist judging with the word like just like judge math math is teaching in the street like the Hebrews on the and now I wrote that lyric it’s like after studying all that stuff and like each of them have something that they’re really good at and they do better than the other one and it’s part of like understanding that everyone has something to offer like everything everything that you you’re learning from your demons man you know I’m saying the dark times the ones who kind of bring balance to everything because if you get so heavenly minded you know earthly good and you think you’re better than everyone you think you’re the chosen one and I’m the one here who sent to save humanity and things like that and you kind of have to be brought down low you got to pick up your cross you know that type of deal to kind of kind of humble you and say you know what I’m a piece of it I am the one who sent here but I’m a piece of that I think that you know there’s a lot of us and we have to speak to people who who are here to do that and kind of ignite them they had that fire within them we have to breathe upon that that fire that’s within them to kind of ignite them on their path and to think that any of us can do it alone is a bit arrogant and it’s definitely you know not the way it’s supposed to be so thanks for coming on if we didn’t talk about anything that you want to we got a few more minutes here we’ll we’ll plug some of that stuff but talk a little bit about the courses and things that you offer because we got a lot of questions or comments here in the chat room people are talking about wanting to connect with the children and you have courses I know you just designed something brand-new that you just rolled out at the beginning of the year where people can sign up and and and go through these courses and learn how to connect and things like that talk a little bit about the benefits of of some of the techniques that you offer in the course yeah in the hybrid children course the the big thing is is it’s really like a bringing together of all the things that I’ve learned from them and with them over the past you know like six years and the big thing is is like I do you know intuitive sessions and such but and I can then be the medium and be the in-between conduit but for me and I love that like I love being a seer but it’s really I’m really into empowering people to to have their own experiences like that’s ultimately what I’m doing and so for instance in that course it’s like all the different ways you know all the different techniques that you can do to have your own experience like with your star family with your hybrid children like how do you create like how do you bring that up and you how do you remember and so that’s that’s what that course is about and that’s really what I’m about and that’s what I do like we do retreats several times a year and different sacred sites and that’s the same thing it’s like okay how can I help people activate it’s like bring them to this sacred place feed them like amazing like do this but you know it’s like let’s say you up so that’s like that I think that’s something we can touch on before you go the food thing because I know you’re really big into I guess the vegan diet and things like that there’s food play a part in this um it’s something that I’ve struggled with and from my personal encounters with making contact they they mentioned food I did that I didn’t pick up a lot of stuff but they did mention food they said if you want to keep contact up plants and vegetables and meditation that’s what they told me and from that moment I’ve received that it’s been a struggle it’s like there’s this spiritual battle I’ll go on for two months three months or whatever and then I’ll fall back and then I’ll just beat myself up or whatever but I tied that in to the Bible you know what I’m saying like Jeremiah Daniel these guys would fast for weeks and and while they were fasting they would have angelic contact angels would appear to them two weeks into the fast there’s all this other scriptures that were taken out of the Bible some of the lost books that I’m into the book of lament for one and it talks about how like demons get access to your body by keeping meat like always beat your stomach always having rotting meat in your stomach because this is like always there it’s never cleaned you never detox you keep flesh in your stomach and I’m not diehard on any of this stuff I don’t you know what I’m saying but what would you say is there any truth to some of those connections I’ve made there hundred percent and I actually really like those no I love they’re there yeah it makes it so much more profound than like do it do it three-day cleanse it’s like no but you will you could have it enjoy yeah it’s it’s I think it’s critical and like on my path one of the biggest messages is it’s like get your body intact like get everything operating right so that months that means cleaning and clearing the vessel so not only what you put in it but how to get out of it like before we did this call I went and I did like an hour sweat and like a sauna like cuz it’s like we need to get out all these toxins like the amount of crazy toxins that were in taking in our bodies is insane and so these things these heavy metals and different such things they create different gut flora they create different actually ways of thinking they block certain energies so it’s like even if you want to you might not even be able to physically actually have the muscle infrastructure to have these kinds of experiences so it’s like what’s the first thing you can do you can detox and especially sweat and definitely ask but like let it all move out and then introduce of course like the really clean pure water which most isn’t you know anymore around the world but ideally like spring water and then getting in roots and vegetables but it’s like what yeah it all comes back down to like vegetables and and really like letting that in so I’m all for being what to include then rather what to take away so have more vegetables have more clean water rather than like you can’t eat that because that that’s where it goes bad because like the restriction is where it yeah yeah yeah it’s the thing is like you can’t have this and that’s the first thing you want because you can’t you know that’s that’s done but that’s where this will comes in right because this well that we were talking about and in like okay well what do we listen to what perspective do we take and it’s like that willpower to take to break Oh from all the exciting information and to break away from these habitual comforts of food or whatever and and to end to be still and to be with ourselves and to be present without food without external entertainment or stimulation and what is left like what is there and it’s a scary place at first and your egos gonna freak out and your mind is gonna freak out but then after a bit it’s gonna clean and clear and you’re gonna feel your true soul come in and it’s that’s the beginning awesome so was there anything that we didn’t talk about that you would like to touch on anything coming up and you got going on no you got some retreats coming up and things in the next month or two but uh anything you want touch on yeah retreats coming up so anyone that wants to come hang out with me and tickets in person but as far as anything else not really just I mean uh taking it’s funny that we’re having this we’re on this specific tip today which is kind of like taking this space to return to the inner child and return to this this place of pure contact and remembering that it is winter you know remembering that it is that time to go inside and to reflect and to see what comes so this is like the perfect time to do everything we were talking about seasonally and to tap back into to that instinctual intuitive nature I think is is so important awesome so Bridgette offers retreats that she’s got going on and one-on-one sessions there’s a lot of people in the chat rooms seem very interest did to to book something with you plug your website let them know where they can go to check out all this stuff we’re talking about yeah so you can go to Brigitte Nielsen comm you’re gonna have to figure out the spelling I mean I’m sure there’ll be a link somewhere so you can go to Bridger Nelson calm or find me through my youtube awesome well thanks for coming on hanging out with me Bridgette we have to do it again soon appreciate you thank you so much I love all of your perspectives and everything you’re doing and your sincerity and it’s just really beautiful and it was great can I do with you awesome Bridgette soon okay sounds good all right bye-bye Wow Brigitte Nielsen ladies and gentlemen somebody asked was this Flavor Flav’s ex-girlfriend and she had the same name I think that’s why they were making the connection there Brigitte Nielsen but I think it’s spelled different though she mentioned 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big shout-out to you guys there let’s see Grimm says he wants to to eat vegetarian or try it out but he can’t stay he doesn’t really like the taste of vegetables I’ll tell you this Graham it’s not I mean there’s things that you can do to make it taste good obviously I mean even if you put some like if you stir fry some vegetables and put some sauce on it you know I’m saying you there’s different places you can start but one thing that you you can try to do is actually get into either juicing or maybe a spinach shake put a bunch of good stuff and put some turmeric in it maybe a little piece of ginger a bunch of spinach a banana and then some other fruits like you can put grapes you can put a bunch of strawberries and you can buy the frozen strawberries and put a bunch of that stuff in there drink that for breakfast lunch or even just midday or something and and see the way that it makes you feel because it makes you feel incredible you get high off of it like when you drank it your body is telling you thank you like you feel high off of drinking these spinach smoothies and these spinach shakes so you can get addicted to that and so when you do make a shake it obviously it tastes totally different it tastes like a fruit smoothie if you do a spinach smoothie spinach doesn t really have a taste to it so I’d say start there bro and just fit you see how it makes you feel that’s a great place to start so yep shout out to everybody holding us down we got a lot of people man here watching love I know Bridget shared this out life too so she’s got a bunch of people over here as well so thank you everybody for holding us down I would be man we’ve got a bunch of a bunch of regulars but uh Carolyn Grimm Danny Tamra Adam star seed Brandon Lancaster Matt’s some of these names man I love you guys thank you guys sir for those those are some of the repeat names man you guys are here every time I go live so I appreciate that um speaking about what we have going on as well Thursday night 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you guys look forward to it every week I’ve gotten the messages and this is going to be a hands-on way that we kind of fellowship together and kind of grow in the spirit school of the Mystics access by becoming a patron all right all of that stuffs out the way I said a mouthful I got an awesome show plan for you guys tonight I’m excited I’ve been check her work for a minute now her name’s all over the place any any time you type in anything about ufology anything about Star children star seeds indigo children all of this beautiful stuff you see her name out there so it’s cool that we’re finally getting to connect and uh this is going to be organic conversation we haven’t really spoken before but Brigitte Nielsen welcome to the true seeker podcast ah thanks so much Derek I’m really happy to be a part of this everything that you’re building and creating it was fun hearing about everything it’s awesome connecting to our fan bases together like I’ve built this platform on just four years is nothing it came overnight but I’ve built it for years networking with people and not being afraid to share the platform or it’s you know it’s no longer us for and no more like hey I have to protect my followers because in some circles they’re my investors they believe in me they support me those type of things and you find that a lot when it comes to teachers and speakers and people who have communities but I’ve seen so much growth and so many people coming together through networking you what would you say about that I completely agree it’s like there’s always something new that we all have for each other and like mixing the communities is the only way to really like expand so this like exclusivity doesn’t doesn’t really promote and go towards what we’re actually wanting to do so I’m totally a fan of that that’s one thing that it always turns me off too when I see those people who were just like hey don’t listen to this person even if I don’t agree with the work this has just been something that’s kind of come up over the years but even if I don’t agree with the work at this point I’ll just try to point out the good that they’re doing versus hey stay away from him he believes this he’s into this this type of deal but I find that a lot with a lot of big-name teachers and stuff but I think that what we’re doing it in in the grassroots is working I mean we see we see a lot of people coming together a lot of people doing interviews on their own channel spotlight spotlighting other people’s work I was just on Project Camelot Kerry Cassidy had me on there that was a huge to see you know yeah to see her reach out to someone like me you know pretty cool line I enjoyed it well someone like you is great like that’s the point is it’s like the valuation right now is is be alike the how big is your following and that’s like not a proper it’s not actually accurate you know because there’s so many other things that go into what creates the the size of the following and just algorithmically so to social evaluate based on that doesn’t work and so I think that it’s really good to yeah keep that conversation open that everyone has something to give no matter figures long you know yeah yeah it’s awesome so tell us a little bit about bought yourself there’s people watching who have no idea who you are they haven’t heard your story they’re that they’re new to to your presence talk a little bit about what you do and why you do it oh it’s kind of fun like new like hello I am a person who let’s see where do I even start um I’m just a I guess you could say like a star seed someone who’s more empathetic sensitive and I was remembered a lot of my incarnations from other planets from other times on Earth’s etc etc and I just remember a lot of my greater being and that has just funneled its way into just being one of the foremost things that then I share though on how to do that but also like what is going on in the world right now especially pertaining to ETS and and star connections but really across all boards so that’s a general it’s all it’s all it’s always hard especially when people ask about your story you know how’d you get into this those type of things it’s like which part do I share like do I go back from the beginning and save cuz all of it kind of plays a part at which part do I share do I share about the star children do I share about the contact or I share about summoning UFOs or my interest in music and you know I think in your case art and food and all of these things that you’re creating or bring it to the table as well it’s not just just one thing that I’m known for you have all all of these things you know so when it when it comes to I guess maybe the supernatural or dealing with ETS and stuff like that like what was your earliest experiences that you remember as a kid like what were some of the things that that we’re going on in your life if anything right so when I was a kid there was a lot of kind of missing time strange situations but nothing too too much that alluded to it at the time there were strange things more when I was a teenager if I was like something’s going on here but once I did a regression I guess that’s like seven years ago or something now I remembered all that was going on when I was a kid which was being on spaceships being taken by different extraterrestrial groups for different things different programs which was amazing and I actually really enjoyed it when I was a kid and it could be various different things me playing with other kids on spaceships doing kind of telekinetic telepathic kind of game stuff or it could be just me as a part of the overall system of what these different ETS were doing to help remind me and teach me so it was very interactive so in your waking life and like your day to day did you remember any of this at all or was this kind of through the regression like this whole new arena just kind of just exploded and you’re like wow I’ve been living two lives almost you know through the regression really yeah everything came out but there were there were there were clues when I was a teenager like um I thought that I would like was pregnant like all the time but I had never even had sex yet and stuff like that had like kept on coming up and so it was very strange and and even when I just started getting into my spiritual journey a few years before the regression and all of the et stuff started coming up I was doing I did too haven’t shared this actually it just came up with a friend yesterday and I remembered but I was doing shamanic regressions to meet my ancestors because I was doing a lot of ancestral work and one of them that I went to meet my female ancestry I I didn’t have very many like I wasn’t online searching alien stuff for anything it was I was very clean in the category and I regressed I guess I self progressed myself in the shamanic journey back to actually remembering like these I ended up at this like Crystal Palace with these aliens and they were like all women and they were healing me on this table and it was so foreign and weird like as I was in it I was like these are my ancestors I’m like what is this like I didn’t even understand but it was new and it was kind of cool and so I came out of that and I was like that was just weird I don’t even know what that was and it went on and it was really powerful and deep for I mean like a good half hour or something and so that was actually the first first experience that I just realized that I had it’s weird moving around in some of those hypnotic states whether it’s going into Kundalini Yoga or some deep meditation or psychedelics for that matter but you always get these weird glimpses I think for me just like a lot of times when I’m when I was a little kid when I was sick like when I get the flu or get really have a fever I would always go back to these weird memories that were just so foreign and it was something that it would actually ignite them and it happened again recently and I can’t pinpoint it I don’t know exactly what was going on but it’s this weird place that you go to where everything’s a little bit slippery like a lot of times when you’re in those states you’re getting a lot of pieces and glimpse of just a minute or or a revelation will come to you and then it’s gone and then another one and I think you’re trying to hold on to whatever you can so and I’m sure I’m sure you said like when you was a kid you had little glimpses of stuff like that and and little times where it was just like a loss and time and things but so the the of regression is that that’s like a pivotal thing that you would I guess recommend to a lot of people who were wanting to get into this type of field or wanting to know you know who they are where they come from life purpose and things like that yeah definitely I mean I think you just keyed in on them like the different ways entry right like entry into the remembrance and it’s like okay it’s like a that looks your path is it’s just like going into deep states of trance whether it’s through shamanic journeying sober or like you said Kundalini Yoga like meditation those kinds of things you can definitely get there I’ve gotten there or just a deep regression so it’s it’s kind of like which feels resonant because I think well obviously psychedelics will get you there really fast and you have no control over it so but I think and it could be any of them it just is which one draws you and the regression thing can work for people absolutely and it can not like some of the time it she’s like it was on my mind I don’t know I didn’t go that deep so it depends on like if you’re someone that can go into a trance pretty deeply quickly like I am able to then then it’s good but if you’re a person that’s like you don’t remember your dreams and it’s kind of hard to take Tom yeah it’s like maybe you need something a little bit more potent so what was um what are some of the experiences I guess maybe some of the earlier ones I know cuz there’s a lot of the stuff you’re talking about and many people are resonated with it they’ve experienced it there’s stuff that I can’t even explain I’m teaching the stuff and I can’t even explain a lot of it right it’s part of it it’s okay to say I don’t know right alright so what were some of the things that that you’ve experienced whether it was as a kid or even now that you know something is going on that maybe when the other side kind of crosses over into the physical reality whether it’s I know you’ve been to a lot of UFO conferences and you’ve been speaking a lot as well have you been to any of these events where you go out and you make a ce-5 contact or you have some life-changing encounter and meditation and a being appears or something like that was there any of those experiences that like they crossed over into this realm you know right right that’s a good question yes in some of them like one one example that for some reason it stands out to me more than anything is I was camping alone in Utah in the middle of nowhere which people tell me not to do and I actually was woken up in the night and I was fully awake and I was levitated through my tent like up to a ship so I was like fully consciously awake fully levitated like up – oh shit and that was that was really cool and profound but as far as like connecting with beans and stuff I mean there’s certain times where we have like retreats and where we’re all in the same proximity so it’s kind of like a conference I guess would be but there’s certain retreats or certain times where I’ve lived in community where it was like unanimously everyone woke up the next day and was like what just happened that we remember being like on the ship together like some stuff like that happens but as far as like meeting them in the flesh in person I’ve had a mantis appeared to me in the corner of my room and materialized as far as any other materialization there was the slippery in-between that was pretty much like a DMT journey but it entered into this reality where I fully saw contact like how contact first contact is going to take place and that was extraordinary and changed me forever so not as many as like the full physical meetings but very slippery in between realities what about the ships have you had encounters with them so you know I’m saying stargazing out there camping I don’t know if you’ve ever you know done the ce-5 initiatives or anything like that have you had any of those encounters with stargazing yeah I have um I have well one of them like I was walking down the street and like I saw a ship and then I was and then I had like missing time and so stuff happened to me in that case and that was just broad daylight but because I lived in Sedona for so long which is just like it’s a nice CT dimensional gate yeah there was the sightings like all the time and and people would be like oh what’s on the backyard and everyone like run or you know run out there and like see the zipping and different things and the flashing happening for me it for some reason it doesn’t my experiences come in a different way and it’s it’s I don’t know it’s it’s entering into this realm in a different fashion like not as much as a ship but it’s turning in and like okay you better be ready because we’re gonna you’re just gonna shift realities so it’s it has a different own language and feel to it in the way that I experience but there are but the effects of it crossover you know and I’m sorry when you are in tune you start seeing stuff manifest or crazy synchronicities are almost like you feel like you’re being led by a higher power like everything like all the relationships emails like everything just Alonza everything that’s on the television like you’re being led by higher power talk a little bit about that like with with the contact I believe like you know these synchronicities come and people see in representing awakening in angelic contact and things like that talk a little bit about how the synchronicities are kind of linked in with contact oh yeah I mean it’s it’s like I guess the synchronicities are really like validation that all of this non-physical magic is truly happening like I think that’s that’s really what it is because there’s moments where you’re you might be interfacing with some interdimensional being which is what happens a lot and you might be like feeling like this energy and like what’s happening or like certain activations but it’s harder to believe that but then when you see like an 11:11 or like this person said the thing you were thinking about or you know like it just starts to sink and I think that shows the creative potential that we have as being like creators of our reality too so it’s not only is it like this this validation of this greater thing happening but I think our creation part in it and and that we are like our reality creating it yeah when we’re seeing these signs or these dreams or whatever stuff starting to make sense or whether we pull something out of the dream state in it man here I mean there’s this there’s so many stuff that happens or you follow the signs in the dream or whatever in even for me like having a lot of sightings or whatever ice I started writing down every sighting that I had early on I was like you know what I’m gonna write this down and then eventually you kind of start rationalizing it or explaining it away even though it was like this monumental in kind of like well what if it was a plane what if it was just a star what if it was a satellite those type of things and even like writing down all the detail having this awesome experience so I think that that’s where the synchronicities and stuff come in because you can’t explain that stuff like what you’re thinking what you’re saying is coming out of the television or you think a thought and somebody says it so many different ways that synchronicities happen in people’s lives and I saw I think it is the confirmation or you are on the right path I always see it as breadcrumbs because like a lot of times you know I’m saying the information coming through isn’t the most profound when a synchronicity happens you know I think early on I would listen to David Wilcock and he would say pay attention to the information well somebody information it’s just like it’s not profound but it’s just like that knowing that hey I’m watching you I’m with you we got this type deal you’re on the right path you know totally I love that it really is that knowing energy that just keeps you propels you forward keeps you in that certain state and frequency so that when that next profound thing happens like you are ready and available to receive it and I really like the two things that you’re saying about one documented I think that’s like a really important thing because then one you can see I think the mind is like well nothing’s happening to me or like I’m not having any dreams through encounters and it’s like but if you write everything down you know like over the years you’re like holy crap like this is insane you know so I think that’s so important and then it is so strange how these crazy like life-changing experiences can be questioned you know like I had that tumor I’m like that it that can be questioned but like how am I like did I really love with you through the day and it’s like when I did that I wrote it down and then I texted my partner and was like I levitated through the tent like I want to document that this was true so that when I questioned it later like I don’t you know I have that validation so I really yeah that’s interesting yeah cuz I and it doesn’t even matter how profound it was like with time in with you know I think for me it was a good thing because like I’m wanting to prove myself wrong you know I want to make sure legit because I’ve been out there after having a couple encounters and been out there stargazing and I see a plane headed my way and it’s so bright it’s like here’s another one’s over this is the airplane and then I’ve been out there with friends who are freaking out because the airplanes coming I’m like no don’t don’t get excited just yet let’s make sure before you start celebrating let’s make sure that we know what this is or whatever the case is so about documenting and actually writing it down and for me my music as well like like I’m able to look back like I started writing this type of music back in like late 2011-2012 and then some years separated from that you know maybe 2014 I’m like I don’t even feel like I wrote I don’t even feel like I wrote that it seems like somebody else so it’s it’s almost like a like a time capsule as well when you go back and read the articles that you wrote or the material you put out and and try to get in that same head space and hopefully it’s a place that you come from a place of where you’re gonna be learning definitely but a place of where you still are on that vibe or you want to get back to that because I’ve been there were synchronicities were happening every day and then I get to a place where I’m depressed and I haven’t tapped into the divine realms at all I haven’t had anything awesome happening I’m just in my day-to-day life and my nine-to-five it’s wearing me down and you’re like man what happened and I can go back and read that stuff or or listen to the music and like man there’s greatness inside of me like there’s more to come let me tap back into it because that that’s not another person that was me and it kind of almost used the music in the writings and things as a time machine and kind of time travel back to those those places you know that I love that cuz it really does and I think that we were kind of like taught there like everything was gonna happen on December 21st and then right after that like we’d all ascend like it’s just like we’re good you know and it’s it’s a long-term thing like this transition I think that’s something that’s maybe a little bit more challenging for our generation and the younger generations because we’re like instant gratification culture and it’s like okay slow and steady you know and it’s like these things come in waves and to remember like you said like have some time capsule that you document in your specific way that then carries you on those droughts you know that waters that like synchronicity plant like during the drought to get you to the next point oh yeah you know what the and like I always relate everything back to the scriptures because I come out of the Christian evangelical background and so my mind always goes back there and that’s what they would do they would like to have a victory in the Old Testament and and then they would build a monument so when they came back to that place they saw that monument and he’s like you know what when all my enemies were coming against me I reached down and I defeated my foes in that statue that pile of rocks there reminds me of my last battle that I won that I fought and then it’s the same thing with us to be reminded and even with like trinkets and necklaces and things like that that they would wear amulets and stuff it was a reminder like they would write the scriptures down and where I’m around their neck so that every time they looked at it it reminded them you know I think us with tattoos and things were look we look at tattoos or sacred geometry and things like this around us it reminds us maybe a Catholic or Christian would have a cross of Jesus right and when they’re feeling low they’re feeling defeated they look at the cross and it reminds them of their victory or where their hope is that and stuff like that so that’s awesome about put writing something down creating something that reminds you of where you were at what head space you were in almost creating an altar no matter where you are in the presence of your enemies type do you know I love that that’s like that’s such a good point and like if we think about even just like them ancient cultures like documented right on cave walls are like okay let’s document the changing whatever it is catastrophe the the et contact like they documented it for themselves and they documented it for us and I think like what you’re doing here with the podcast and everything and what I’m doing it’s like we’re documenting it’s digital documentation and we can go we go paint on the cave wall I mean that would be cool yeah and that’s one thing too because like I don’t like to UM when I do my podcast episodes I like I don’t like the number I’m like the majority of people in in podcasting they’ll start off and like this is episode 1 this is episode 10 whatever and keep going we’re almost we’re like 80 something right now and so I don’t want to number them because I feel like people who are newcomers will see the number like if I’m gonna listen to a podcast out and you have 700 podcasts I don’t want to go listen to number 25 like I want to be there like what’s going on in your life now current events I don’t want to hear about like news from six years ago or whatever the case is and talk about what was in the media

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