One night while seeking the Lord in prayer with two friends of mine, Matt and Shane, I received a life-changing vision of Jesus. We were in Matt’s living room holding hands in prayer and asking God for a visitation. About two hours into our prayer , something happened. With my eyes closed I began to see a figure walking towards me in the spirit realm. As the figure got closer I knew it was Jesus. I could not make out any details of his face. All I could see was his silhouette, but his presence was so familiar. The silhouette was a being made of a white light with a bright yellow glow. As Jesus approached me, his aura began to get brighter and brighter and with each step I felt more and more of his love until suddenly I was overtaken. Then my eyes clasp shut even tighter and the beautiful radiating white light over took my vision until it was all that I saw. The euphoria was so overwhelming, unlike anything that I had ever experienced. It felt so good to feel God’s love on my body reaching all the way down to my inner being. His love wasn’t the only thing that I felt. I could feel his burden and brokenness toward humanity. His love was coupled with a great sorrow that, while euphoric and beautiful, also felt gut-wrenching and painful. The pain was so intense that I could not stop myself from screaming out at the top of my lungs. While still holding their hands my body slammed backwards to the ground. My whole body was vibrating and Matt and Shane could also feel the energy pulsating through me. They said that the energy was so beautiful that they didn’t want to let go of my hands for fear that they wouldn’t be able to feel it anymore. Matt was a little afraid that the neighbors might call the cops because I was screaming so loudly. I’ve had many amazing encounters in the presence of God, but this one left me changed. I walked away from that night with an impartation and a different perspective. I received a deeper burden for the world and got to feel God’s compassion towards all of humanity.




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