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Illuminate is a Christian Hip Hop artist who’s passion is to see the broken made whole through the same loving grace that he found through Jesus Christ. Join us as we speak to him about his testimony about how God brought him out of a life of sin and darkness. We will also have the phone lines open to take calls for questions and prayer.

TruthSeekah does weekly podcast and have open lines for testimonies and prayer. We also interview people who have awesome stories of how Jesus saved them from a life of sin. Our focus is building disciples and equipping the saints of God for spiritual warfare. We are live every Monday night at 7pm Central with a live community chatroom and open phone lines.



FB_IMG_1432292584043Illuminate (Nathan Bartlett) was born on September 25, 1981 in San Pablo, CA; he was raised for the majority of his childhood in Richmond, CA. and other surrounding cities in the San Francisco Bay Area. His father David was a drummer for the famous funk & soul group “Tower of Power;” he was introduced to heroin through the music industry; he battled with addiction for 27 years. Illuminate’s mother, Catherine was raised in San Francisco and East Oakland in a number of foster homes, juvenile halls and children’s shelters. She also battled drug and alcohol addictions for a number of years. Young Nathan Bartlett was introduced to life in this environment. God began to call on Nate when he was 12 years old at a summer day camp at the First Baptist Church in Richmond and in Youth Group at Valley Bible Church in Hercules. Even at that age, he was drawn by the lure of the world and the lies of the enemy. He felt compelled to join a gang and began the dark journey into a world full of lies, deception, sin & darkness. He had the chance to be a successful athlete in high school and get a college scholarship, but he instead chose to drink, smoke, party, & rebel. These decisions led him to repeated incarcerations in juvenile hall. It was during this troubled time that he began rapping. He recorded his first secular release at seventeen years old. Tragedy struck Nate soon after when his father was found in a motel room, overdosed on 12591941_1548819515433808_1040835389_oheroin. Broken and lost, Nate’s aunt and cousin invited him to Victory Outreach in Richmond CA. It was there that he surrendered his life to Christ for the first time.Eight months later, he backslid further than ever into a life of sin. He got deeply involved in the music industry, dealing drugs, gang banging, using drugs and pimping. Nate became addicted to powder cocaine, alcohol, & ultimately, sin, until August 19, 2009. Nate was sitting in a prostitute’s living room in Hayward CA when he saw a skit on the internet called ‘Everything’ by LifeHouse. As he watched that skit, he felt as if his heart was breaking. The Holy Spirit invaded that apartment and Nate began to weep in the presence of God; he knew the Lord was calling him. He lifted up his hands to the Lord and surrendered. “Lord I can’t do this no more without you,” he prayed in desperation. It had been nine and a half years since he had turned his back on God and he knew this moment was a life or death decision. Without any hesitation, Nathan Bartlett chose life and rededicated himself wholeheartedly to Jesus Christ. FB_IMG_1427884940257 Once he had decided to serve God, Nathan checked himself into a men’s home in Hayward CA.He never wanted to relive his past as Nasty Nate, so he deleted the masters of his latest secular project that was almost ready to release. He was working with famous artists like Fabolous, The Game, Snoop Dogg, E-40, Baby Bash &Tech N9ne to name a few but he wanted to have nothing to do with the music industry or rap music ever again. As he strengthened his walk with the Lord and continued to mature in Christ, he received a prophecy from a Pastor. This pastor said that Nate would once again rap, but this time He would be a voice in the wilderness for the Lord. Nate would have a worldwide music ministry that would set the captives free. Gangsters would put down their guns and bandanas, drug addicts would lay down their pipes & their dope and major musicians would walk away from their secular record deals through the music Nathan would do through the Lord’s ministry.Nathan Bartlett (Illuminate) is now in active ministry, leading many souls to the Lord truly living a lifestyle of Evangelism. He is an ordained minister and heads up Illuminate the World Ministries where he oversees other music ministers, is also part owner & CEO of Outsiders Clothing Co. & Outsiders Music Group. He is happily planted in the San Francisco bay area at his home church Living Hope Christian Center in Emeryville, CA. This is a personal message from Illuminate; “I lived in darkness for so many years and I have firsthand knowledge of the street life and gangsta mentality and cause of my past and how intimate I once was with sin and darkness, I am able to expose the lies of the enemy that I once believed for so long. I realize my life is not my own and I will continue to do everything possible to help lead everyone to Salvation and a better life through Jesus Christ and expose the lies satan and this world have been telling us all since birth. The streets have nothing good to offer and I will let nothing stop me from telling the truth. Thank you for your time. God bless you and always remember that Jesus loves you with all His heart and today is the Day of Salvation!”
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[music] [music] Won’t You Come [music] Won’t You Come [music] [music] Is Faintest And When I Don’t Be Don’t You Come [music] One You Are Now Tuned In To The Encountering God Podcast Streaming Live And Encountering God Net This Podcast Is Designed To Help You Grow In Your Relationship With God And Encourage You On Your Christian Walk And Now Your Host TruthSeekah Ladies And Gentlemen Boys And Girls What’s Up I’m Your Host True Seeker We’re Back With Another Exciting Episode I’m Excited To Speak With You Guys I Have A Awesome Guest With Me Tonight We’re Going To Be Getting Into Some Awesome Questions We’re Going To Get Into Some Testimony I Guess We Titled This Episode The Testimony Of An Ex Hustler We’re Going To Be Speaking With Nathan Bartlett A K-8 Aluminate Representing Hog Mob So Christian Rapper He’s Got An Awesome Testimony Man I’ve Been Working With This Dude For A While Doing This Website Some Graphic Art And Designs Like That So We Kind Of Been Building The Relationship I Thought When I’m On The Show Man Let Him Tell This Testimony Of What Jesus Done In His Life So It’s Going To Be An Awesome Show I Wanted To Give A Shout Out To Everybody Who’s Been Supporting Via Patreon Hold Me Down Month After Month You Guys Are Awesome And I Always Say I’m Going To Give Shots Out Every Episode At The End Of The Episode When Somebody New Comes On I’m Just Going To Shout Out Everybody Supporting Right Now I Got A List Of Names I’m Going To Run Through Them Right Now At The Beginning Of Episode Just To Tell You Guys How Much I Love You Guys You’re Awesome Give A Shout Out To Dano Moriah Justin Taylor Aka Grimm What’s Happening Christie Christie Lee Chris Chris Bars Hayden We Got Paul Garrett’s Benny What’s Happening Benny Christian Sue Lim Cindy Smith Cindy’s Awesome Man Cindy’s Been Like An Awesome Financial Helper When It Comes To The Music In The Ministry And If She Didn’t Like Go Above And Beyond Helping Me Out With With When I Did My Mom My Fundraiser To To Raise Funds For 3:33 That Album Might Not Have Happened So Huge Shout Out This Cindy Smith Every Time I See Her Name Thank You So Much Gerald Andrew Andrew Mendoza Subbro Devin Wells Michael And Uh Jamie Ruckman Your Card Has Been Declined You Got To Update That Card Jamie Agia Shout Out Brother Now I Mean Thank You Guys So Much You Guys Are Awesome To Help Me Pay For The Stuff All The Stuff Costs Money It’s A You Know I’m Saying Just A Little Bit That I Get Each Month From From Doing This From You Guys When You Guys Help Out So I’m Trying To Put New Music Out There Working On New Music Some Awesome Stuff That I Can’t Wait To Release Is Something To Give It Out There For You Guys Who Are Supporting On The Patreon You Guys Have Been Listening To The Music You Guys Know What’s In The Works So We Got Watchman’s Album Coming Out The Ascension It Is Pretty Much Done I Just Got To Do Some Mixing And Mastering On That Then We’re Going To Be Shooting Videos To Do The Pre-ordering Promo And You’re Probably With Within The Next Month Going To Going To Start Seeing Videos And Stuff Because We’re Like Pretty Much Dealing With That So We’ve Been We’ve Been Working On That Thing For Like Two Years So Thank You Everybody’s Been Patient And To See That Happen So You Guys Have Got To Hear Some Of The Stuff On The Patreon As Well With That Somebody Sneak Peek Stuff We Did Wear A Sling And And It’s Going To Be On There As Well So Thank You Guys Everybody Supporting Patreon So If You Want To Support Go To Seeker Going To Give A Bunch Of Stuff Away To You Guys You Get Access To Free Music I Got A Couple Cover Songs On There I Covered Limp Biscuits Counterfeit And Oddity Baco Chambers So Some Throwback You Know Such A Fan Of Backing Up My High School Year So That’s On There For You Guys To Listen To Backslash True Seger It Means So Much And We’re Going To Be Doing Extra Podcasts They’re Going To Be Going On There Only Further Supporters So It’s Got All These Different Levels Of Of Giving And It Means So Much Thank You Guys Alright So That’s Out Of The Way I Want To Bring On The Guests I Got A Bunch Of Stuff I’m Gonna Address Here And I Don’t Know If I Should Wait To The End Or Do It Now Or Maybe We’ll Do It Together Because I’m Sure He Could Be He Can Give Some Some Some Godly Advice On Some Of These Issues Man So Some Stuff We’ve Been Dealing With Man Through Social Media And Stuff Like That So We’re Gonna Get Into It But So Without Further Ado Nathan Illuminate What’s Happening Buddy My Brother Was Going On Man Hey Welcome To The Show Brother Thank You My Brother Good To Be Here Man Yeah Man I Got I Got Some Topics I Want To Want To Touch On Um We’re Going To Go Into That A Little Bit Later But First Let’s Hear Just A Little Bit About Your Story Man I Think It’s Always Awesome To Speak On Testimonies Because What God Has Done In The Life Of Us Of You Of Me Of People Out There Who’s Been Touched By The Hand Of God He Can Also Do That In The Life Of Those Listening So Testimonies Build Faith Man Let People Know Where You Came From It’s People Like That Struggling Man Let Him Know Where You Came From Man Um I Grew Up In Richmond California In The Bay Area Um I Myself Am A First Generation Christian In My Family My Parents You Know Did The Best They Could You Know Mom’s Was A Waitress My Dad Was Actually The Drummer For The Band Tower Of Pi Where My Father Was A Musician Pretty Much His Whole Life Since He Was But Unfortunately Man He Ended Up Getting Hooked On Heroin In That Industry Man So Mom’s Was A Waitress Who Ended Up Becoming An Alcoholic And Getting On Meth Pop’s Was A Heroin Addict So That Was What I Was Born Into In Richmond And In A Bay So Uh That They Split By The Time I Was Three So You Know Moving With Moms From Pillar To Post Staying With My Nurse And With Friends I Mean You Know How That Goes Well When You Living In A Ghetto And Everybody Is On Drugs And Alcohol Uh You Know And I Just Put This Out Here I Don’t Share Too Many People Bothers Feel Led By The Holy Spirit Today Because God Set Me Free In This Area But As A Child I Was Molested Numerous Times By Different People God Set Me Free From That You Don’t Understand Because When You’re In The Dark Places That’s The Stuff That’s Happening Behind Them Closed Doors So Why It’s So Important That Parents Are To Be Present And In Their Child’s Life And Know What They Kids Are Doing And Not Just Have Him Go Off To The Side Or Just Pleading With Whoever You Can Because You Don’t Know What’s Happened To You Bates You Don’t Excel So Anyway So Getting Past That By The Age Of Twelve I’m Gang Banging In The Streets Um You Know I Was Never The The Hardest Kill In My Herd Or Nothing Like That But I Was The Only White One On The Block So I Had To Prove Myself You Know What I’m Saying So There Was That Um By The Time I Was 18 My My Father Overdosed On Heroin Was Found Dead In The Valero In Room 111 I Had Crushed My Heart Broke Even Though I Wasn’t Serving God And I Was In My Sin Man That’s Just Like I Felt Like A Part Of My Soul Left With My Father’s Man So Alcohol Wasn’t Doing It No More The Trees Wasn’t Doing It The Women Wasn’t Doing It Hills Wasn’t Doing It My Aunt And My Cousin Were Going To Victory Outreach In Richmond And My They Had Been Praying For Me And Ministering To Me For Longest So I Gave Got A Try And On The Railroad The Lord Met Me Only Like For Real And God Revealed Himself To Me Back Then Like And I Was On Fire For Christ For Like Six Months But I Didn’t Surrender Everything In My Heart To The Lord I Still Had My Own Desires That I Wanted To Pursue And Do For Me To Have Fame As I Was Already Rapping Back In The Day So I Back Slid For Nine And A Half Years In Rojo In Those Nine And A Half Years On Me I Started Getting Waiting For The Gangsta Rap Um Not Just Selling Cocaine But Snorting Cocaine Selling Meth Using Meth I Mean You Know Trees Was Elementary Or Whatever You Know What I Mean But I Became An Alcohol Became A Cocaine Addict Dude I’m Popping Sitting Doing A Half Ounce Of Molly In A Weekend You Know What I’m Saying So Like I Was Just Trying To Numb The Pain I Was Trying To Self-medicate In Any Way That I Could Bro I Even Became As Low As Pimping Bro Had No Morals At All In My Life Um So Kind Of August 19 2009 I Was In My Prostitutes Living Room And I Woke Up That Morning On The Night Before Bro Like I Was Literally I Know When You Feel The Presence Of Evil How You Really Feel That There’s A Demon Present And You Feel Fear Crawl Up Your Spine That’s The Feeling That I Felt And I Knew Because I Was Back Slidden To Call On The Name Of Jesus So I Had A Pistol I Had A Banger And Everything But I Know You Couldn’t Shoot A Demon Bro So I’m Spooked You Know What I Mean Uh I Start Praying I Put The Blankets Over My Head You Know What I Mean I’m Not Gonna Front But The Next Morning I Wake Up On Me I Go Look In The Beer I Wash My Face And I’m Looking At Here And I Didn’t Even Recognize Who I Was I’m Like Man Who Have I Become God I Don’t Even Know Who I Am Anymore I Go Out Find A Laptop Up You Know Scrolling On There Whatever Probably Bout An Hour Later I Come Across This This Girl Send Me A Message On Facebook And At That Time I’m Thinking Yo This Is Either Enemy Trying To Set Me Up Or This Could Be Some Work Cuz I Was Family Right So I Look On Her Page You Know Remember Back How You Could See The Youtube Videos On A Myspace Page You Didn’t See What It Was But You Just Seen The Youtube Video Yeah So I Click Play On The Youtube Video And It Ends Up Being A Skit About The Lord Uh And It’s My Life House Everything And As I’m Sitting There Dude Like Literally By The End Of That Skit Homie Like I’m Sitting Back Like This I’m Like Up Like This Glued In Bruh Bawling-crying Snot Hanging From My Nose On Me Raise My Hands The Guy Was Like Lord I Can’t Do This No More Without You So That’s When I Reached A Render My Life To Jesus Christ August 19th 2009 And I Haven’t Looked Back Amen Those Are Some Times Man When You Feel The Presence Of Evil Right Um Do You Still Feel That At Times Maybe When You Go Into Some Of Those Uncharted Territories Or You Haven’t Felt You Do I’ll Be Allowed To Say I Have It It Doesn’t Happen Often I Mean For Me Because I Was Back Slidden I Used To Always Wake Up Couldn’t Move Couldn’t Talk Couldn’t Breathe Getting Held Down Even Sonic Kind Of Gasped Out Jesus You Know What I’m Saying That You Say Oh To Me When I Was Back Slidden But Ro So Now There Be Certain Times And It’s Not Like When I Go In And Be Like Trembling With Fear Or Anything Like That But I Can Feel The Presence That Identity Homey And I’m Like Yo Egg Everybody Right Now Pray And So We Come Together Because I Mean Even Though Yeah We’re We’re Men We You Know We Look Like This And We’re Big Of A Masculine Homey This Battle Is Winning Us To Be Wrong No Don’t Make Me Go Head Up Toe To Toe With A Demon Brush It’s Not Gonna Happen It’s Happy Real Man So Yeah That Does Happen From Time To Time In Certain Places But Not Everywhere So Was It Like An Instant Transformation Did You Get Saved Get Filled With The Holy Spirit And Never Look Back Is That What Happened Or Was It A Gradual Thing That Some Things Try To Pull Y’all Because You Know There’s Like A Lot Of People Who Kind Of Hit Rock Bottom But Didn’t They Struggle Man To Get Up And They Fall Back Down Or Was It Instant Man Do You Like Drop That Old That That Old Man Behind And Have Never Been To Song Never Look Back Homie It Literally Grow Like On The Real Like The Lord Removed Every Single Desire To Drink To Smoke To Snort To Empty Thing So Like Okay So I’m Living With My Process Right And All Of That Goes It To The Point Of Where It Grow Like I Couldn’t Even Post Her Up No More On Me I’m Wondering Like What Am I Gonna Do I Called My Partner Who Had Gotten Saved Four Years Prior Right Just Instantly Remember This Number He Still Had The Same Number I Talked To Him And Fall On The Phone For Like A Half Hour And A Half Right And Then I’m Like Yo What Am I Gonna Do I Can’t Keep Living This Life Then I Don’t Want To Go Back Home To The Hood Row Where I’m A Target To Hecka Hoods You Know What I Mean Because I Was A Rapper And We Were Active And Everything Else So I Was It’s Like Man What Do I Do You Know What I’m Saying So I Didn’t Want To Drink Didn’t One Smoke Couldn’t Post Her Up But She Still Had Regulars So She Was Coming Back To The Crib Giving Me The Money And Bro Like I Had To Put It In A Dresser Drawer And Not Even Have It On Bro I Got It I Wanted No Part Of That Life I Remember I’m Like Maybe Five Days Because I Was There For No Longer Than Six More Days Barber Like Maybe The For The Fifth Day I’m At The Barbershop And I Still Had A Pistol On Me Right And I Remember Talking To My Partner The Same Enough That I Called My A Bro Like Is It Wrong If I’m Strapped And He Was Like Well And I Was It Was It Was An Honest Question Back Then You Know What I Mean He Was Like Well I Mean I Believe That God Can Protect Us Bro So I Wouldn’t You Know You That My Okay We’ll Call It In So From That Day On I Never Carried A Gun Again You Know What I’m Saying So It Was Just Like It Was I Was Innocent But I Was Whatever There Whatever God Wanted Only Like I Was Willing To Get Rid Of Anything Like I I Felt Like I Didn’t Even Look At A Woman Homey For Like Six To Eight Months Bro Like I Was In The Honeymoon Mode But Um Yeah Um Bff Stumbles And Falls Up You Know Wait You Know Thought Like Okay Let Me Try You Know Thinking I Could Drink Again Or Let Me Go You Know What I Mean Like These Things Happen Right I Haven’t Walked Us Ass In Free Singing With Angels Everyday Life You Know What I’m Saying Like Nah But God Did Remove Every Desire But Over The Years On Me If You’re Not Careful You Know When You Compromise A Little Bit It’ll Take You Further Than You Want To Go Yeah And You Know Be The Biggest Thing Being That You Know Sin Separates Us From God Period Bro You Know What I Mean So If It’s A Little Bit Of Sin It’s A Lot Of Sin It’s Gonna Separate You From The Lord Nick And Harden Your Heart Man And It’s In Those Times When Your Heart Is Hardened That You’ll Make The Decisions That You’d Be Like Dang I Can’t Believe I Ever Would Have Done This Again Yeah I Mean That’s The Thing But Like I Got People You Know They Laugh At Me When I Say It Man But I’ve Been Man I Gave My Life Back To The Lord I Got Saved Into Uh 1998 And I I Fell Away For About Two Years And Rededicated In My Life At My Rock Bottom Full Of Demons For Going Schizophrenic Talking To Evil Spirits All This Kind Of Stuff In September 7th Of Mm Yeah My Life Back To The Lord And Was Healed Delivered Man Set Free Went Through Deliverance And All This Stuff So I I’ve Been Doing This Thing A While Right Um But I’ve Noticed Men Never Say Never Right I’ll Never Do That Again It’s Almost Like You Tempt In The Lord It’s Lord But You Probably Rather Say Lord If Your Grace Will Sustain Me Help Me Get To It If I’m Tempted Or I Will Be Honest With The Lord To Be Honest With Brothers I Am Tempted But Grace Help Me Get Through This Because I’ve Seen Mighty Men Of God Fall Man I’ve Seen Mighty Men Of God Who Were Delivered From Meth Crack Cocaine Alcohol Addiction Pornography All Of The Isms Banned And They Were In The Industry Serving Beautiful Life Beautiful Families Man And One Day Something Happens Man It’s A Delicate Faith That We Have Man It’s This Place That We Walk In And A High Calling Such A Beautiful Mighty Anointing But It’s Delicate Man It Is Delicately We Have To Treat It We Have To Treat It Like The Scripture Says Those Who Have A Delicate Faith It’s Just Weakened Faith In The King James People Look At That That You Know What This Is Weakened Faith But It’s A Delicate Faith Because Man We Were Talking At A Prayer Meeting Other Day Was Brother Was Talking About How It’s So Easy For Him To No Matter How Far He’s Gone He Can Always Pray In The Holy Ghost Is Right There With Him He Could Feel The Presence Of God No Matter What’s Going On The Strongest Trials And Temptations Or Even His Own Personal Sin But I’m Saying He’s Like So He’s Almost Like A License To Sin I Whoever Ate This There’s No License Of Sin Even Though You Feel Like You Can Sin And God Still Loves You He’s Still There We Carry An Anointing That We Have To Be Protective Of Man Because Even Though You You May Fall Sometimes Man It Takes A While To Get Back Up Are You Walking At The Absolute Levels Man You’ll Fall And You Fall Into The Depression Sometimes Even As Ministers Even As Ministers Of God That The Pressure May Sit In For A Few Weeks A Few Weeks You May Not Read About It May Not Want To Pray But You Still Looked At As A Minister And Stuff That’s Why I Just Want To Encourage Everybody Out There Who Are Ministers Who Are Struggling You Know I’m Saying Fighting The Spiritual Battle Be Open Be Transparent Before God And Before Your Brothers Man Because We’re Here For One Another To Lift One Another When We Fall In Those Areas Men Don’t Always Feel Like You Have To Be The One To Bear Someone’s Burden You Know What I Mean Because We All Need To Be About Our Burdens Bore With One Another If You Know What I Mean Because That I Don’t Think That I’ve Seen Take People Out Like None Other Is Pride Bro When I’ve Noticed It And I’ve Seen It Happen Even In My Own Life Before When I’ve Looked Down Upon Somebody For Doing Something Wrong That’s When I’ll Find Myself One Day Doing That Same Thing And Then I’ll Remember How I Looked At That God Or Forgive Me There If Not There There Before Your Grace Go I You Know What I Mean Because We Look At Other People And We Quick To Point The Finger At Them But It’s Like Homie You’re Just One Decision Away From Doing Something Just As Bad If Not Worse Decision Man That’s Why Like I Move Like In A Couple Of Different Circles I’ve Studied On In A Lot Of Circles Man And Uh I Have A Lot Of New Age Of Friends And I And Stuff So They Are On This Enlightenment Movement Like We Can We Can Reach These Levels And We Can Almost Become Jesus And Become Christ And It’s It’s Almost A Perversion Of Christ In Us Is The Hope Of Glory Christ Out Of Us Like The Manifestation Of That Glory That’s The Truth But There’s This Perversion There That We Can Walk In These High Levels Or Whatever And That’s Tempting To Get There Because Sometimes You You’re On A Spiritual Plane Where You’re So Close To God Stuffs Happening And Left And Right But The Whole Thing About That Is Like You Said In An Instant Man One Thing Man You Owe A Woman Get Too Close To You Yeah Somebody Have Have A Bag Somebody Whatever The Case Is Every Like You’re Saying The Enemy Knows What It Takes To Draw Each One Of Us Away He Knows What It Takes We Got It We Got To Be Careful Saying To God It Is A Delicate Faith And It’s No Time To Play Like Playtime Is Over The Anointing Is Dead The Power Of God Is There For You To Move In Those Levels With Without Measure Right Now You Don’t Have To Wait You Want To Go Through Testing Right Now If You Go And Preach The Gospel Pray For The Sick Miracles Will Happen Guaranteed But To Walk In That Calling Man It’s Delicate It’s A Highway To Holiness Like The Scripture Says Man And That’s What I Pray That God Will Keep Us On That Highway To Holiness And Not Be On This Ups And Downs And Falling And We’re Down For A Couple Weeks And We’re So Powerful For A Month Or Whatever The Case Is I Know So Many People Like That Been There Myself Man But Thank God That Watches Even Heal Ma’am You Know What I’m Saying Like The Lord Wants Us Even Keel He Wants A Steady He Doesn’t Want Us Up And Down And Up And Down I Remember A Mentor In My Life Told Me That And When I Look Back In My Younger Days Of Serving Christ If Know You Can Be Emotional Home Before You Learn To Get Your Motions In Check And The Lord Doesn’t Want Us To Be So Emotional Man You Know What I Mean Really Really Fast To Me Touch Them Some Real Quick A True Seeker He Was Talking About Holiness And Walking In These Measures Of Anointing And He’s High Corn Internet Which Is Amazing Right But I’ll Never Forget I Read A Book By Rick Joyner Called The Final Quest Him In Every And It Was Every Believer Needs To Read That Boat Bro And There Was One Part In There Speaking About The Most Beautiful Thing In Heaven Which Was The Cloak Of Humility And But Then I Said That How Your Armor The Shiniest Your Armor Will Ever Be Is When You Were Just In The Presence Of Christ So Just Us Like As Ministers When We’re Up There On The Platform At Stage When We’re In The Presence Of Christ That’s When Our Armor Will Glean The Brightest And If We’re Not Careful It’ll Blind Us That’s Why We Got To Put On That Cloak Of Humility Yeah You Know What I’m Saying I Found That That’s Birth That Is In The Prayer Closet Is In The Sense Of Chambers Of The Lord You You Never Graduate From That You Never You Never Graduate From Turning Off The Tv And And And Opening Up The Scriptures And Spending Time Not Just Reading But Worship Music Getting In Man Talking To God And Then Let Him Talk About To Listen And That’s That’s Where We That’s Where The Powers Burst You Know What Was The Quote Men Who Can Kneel Before God Can Stand Before Men And I’m Telling You And It All Measures Up Whatever You Want Is Burst On That Carpet Telling You Hands Down You Never Graduate From That And Many People Who Have Pride Come As Quick Cometh Before Fall I’m Tell Man I’ll Never If I Stay On That Carpet And I Keep My Flesh In Check In And And And Lay My Desires Before The Lord He Man He Makes Away Every Time Amen Every Time We’re Good We’re Good He’ll Whisper In My Ear He’ll He’ll Open Up My Heart Speak Things To Me Burdens And Strongholds And Stuff Sometimes You Can’t Find Nobody To Pray Pray For You You Need A Touch From God Instantly Man You Come Off That That Carpet I’ve Come Off My Personal Prayer Carpet By Myself Vibrating Under The Holy Ghost For Two Three Days After That From Just An Encounter With Jesus You Know That’s What I Thought Out Guys The Secret Place Get Him Back Intimacy Intimacy That’s Opposed Because I Heard One For One Preacher Said He Said Man You Know People Nowadays Well Well Three Years For Thirty Years Of Ministry When Jesus Prepared 30 Years For Three Years You Know What So True Come Here Yeah So It Does Man And Any Of Us Who Walk With The Lord Or Have Been In Any Kind Of Ministerial Experience Man Well You Know That You Can Operate In It Without Being You Can It’s Scary Yeah Because You Learn New Ministry In The Flesh Dude And If You’re Not In The Spirit Homey But It It’s Dangerous Because You’ll Go Further And Further And Further From The Heart Of Christ One Thing The Lord Showed Me Was That The More You Chased A Ministry Letter The Further You Get Away From The Heart Of Jesus Yeah But If You’ll Just Stay Seeking After Christ The Lord Will Promote You And Exalt You Before Everybody Man You Don’t Have To Do It Yeah You Know The Meeting Like Oh Yeah It Was Rough Get To Know Him And Make Him Known And That’s All Yeah People Are Chasing A Platform People Are Chasing A Microphone Man And I Think We’ve All Been Here We’ve All Been There And That’s Holy Not Where I Said I Would Encourage People To Check Out The Ministry Of Todd White And He His His Ministry Is Birthed In The Street Going Into Walmart You Know I’m Saying Praying For People Seeing Seeing People Saved And And Just Just Out In Public They Just They Go Out In Public Man And God Touches People Let That Be Your Middle Base Because Anybody An Amazing Look Anybody Can Stand Stand Up With That Mic That Was My Biggest Conviction Back In The Day Was I Can I Could Preach Up A Storm But Talk About Jesus All I Want But Coming To The Stranger Or Like The Person Taking My Money At Mcdonald’s Like Can I Tell That Person Because I Can See It In Their Eyes You Know I’m Saying I Can See That They’re Their Soul Is Crying Out For Me To Tell Them About Jesus Amen Because I Have What They’re Looking For And You All Do If You Guys Are You Guys Are Christians If You Guys Were Born Again And The Spirit Of God Is Living Within You You Have The Answers That They’re Looking For They’re They’re Searching Far And Wide Some Of Them Don’t Know We Get Offended And Try To Go Back And Forth With These People Like It’s Some Type Of Fleshly Intellectual Battle Man It’s A Spiritual Battle And We Have What They’re Looking For They May Not Know It But We Do So We Have To Carry That With A High Price Yeah That’s Also You Say That So Well Because That’s One Thing Is That I Remember I Remember Coming Out Of Mcdonald’s One Day And I Remember Seeing Somebody And How Men Were Like My Heart Wasn’t Pricked For Them And I Remember Walking Back To The Car And Being Like Lord Break My Heart For What Breaks Yours I’ve Gotten So Busy In Handling Everything That Now I’m Not Stopping For The One Yeah And That’s Not Hey And You Know Well We Need To Be Honest With Ourselves Especially As Ministers Man So Many People Try To Paint Their Lives Like They Got It All Together And Everything Is Doing I’ll Make No Mistakes Like We Need To Be Honest With The People I Go We Don’t Make The Right Decision Every Time Only We’re Not These We’re Not The More Christ Is Only I Fail Him Daily Bro But It’s His Holy Spirit In Us That Makes Us Want To Do Better That Makes Us Want To Seek Him More That Makes Us Wanna You Know What I Mean Answer The The Call To That One Because It’s Like Bro We Have The Key To Eternal Life I Remember One Pass That’s Only One Zombie Said Dude If You If You Knew Somebody Was In A Forest And That Whole Forest Was On Fire I Wouldn’t Want To Tell That Person Yeah I Was Like Well Yeah Only We’re In This World And The Forest Is On Fire So We Better Tell Everybody That We Can You Know What I Mean So You Know Not I Just Want To Encourage People Man To Pray For Bonus Because Man When You Speak The Holy Spirit Will Respond To That Man I’ve Seen More Miracles Happen Outside The Four Walls And I’ve Seen Happen Inside The Four Walls That’s Real Because Wants To Make Himself Known He Wants His Glory To Spill Out Into These Streets And Not Just You Know For People To Celebrate It Inside These Four Walls Man Yo That’s What That’s The I Mean That’s The Proving Ground Really Man That That’s Something That Uh A Lot Of People Can’t Do But We’re All Called To Do It People Like To Say Well You Know I’m Not Even Jealous I’m More Of A Teacher No I Drew It Out Got Friends Who Tell Me That All The Time You Know That’s You Know That You Know That’s Your Call You’re More Than Two Guests Yeah Separate You A Christian Man You Supposed To Go Out There Make Disciples Of All Nations Man You’re Supposed To Go And That’s That’s What We’re All Called To To Go Out There And Tell The World The Gospel To Go Preach The Gospel Into All Nations Man And That That Is The Great Commission And That’s For That’s For Believers To Go And They Know It Nobody’s Exempt From That The Scripture Says To Do The Work Of The Evangelists And To Go Out There And Do It Wherever You Go You Know What Did Jesus Say He Said Pray Not For The World But For The Ones That You Have Given Me Out Of The World And Then So You Don’t Like We Like Someone Else Has To Have This Big Picture Of These Stages And Record Labels And Record Deals And Full-time Ministry And All This Kind Of Stuff But We’re You Know Neglecting The Family We’re Neglecting The People At Walmart The People At The Bank Whatever You Ask God Man Wake Up And Ask God To Train Your Ear To Hear What The Spirit Is Saying To The Churches And I’m Telling You He Loves People Man And Ask Him I Mean Just Just Just So Simple Man Just To Walk In And The Prophetic You Can Walk Into These These Places In Public And Just Ask The Lord Say Lord How Do You Feel About That Person What Would You Say About That Person And He’ll Tell You He’ll Speak To You Because He Loves Them He Loves People And You Know Um Take Risk Yeah Taking Out You Have To That’s Mighty Jason Yes Ma’am That’s Right You’re Not You’re Not Gonna Bat A Thousand Anyways Period So You’re Not You’re Not Even Gonna Hit The Ball Unless You Swing The Bat Basically And Take Some Risk Man Ask The Lord Man Like You Know Lord I Remember Praying For It For The Gift Of Word Of Knowledge And I Remember You Know Being Afraid At First To Kind Of You Know Speak To People When I Felt It But Then It’s Like When I Started Speaking And It Was Right On And It Was Accurate It’s Like Yo Lord You Answered My Prayer But Had I Not Have Taken Some Risks And Went In Okay This Sounds Super Random Right Now You Know What I Mean It Said That To The Person And They’re Like Oh My God How Do You Know That I’m Like Man I Don’t Know It God Knows It And He Loves You He Wants To Set You Free You Know What I Mean Because The Lord Wants People To Know Him More Than You Want Them To Know Him You Know What I’m Sam Don’t Be Afraid To Take Risk Me You Don’t Have To Have A Word For Everybody Don’t Be One Of Those Weirdos You Know What I’m Saying But Like Literally Real Talk Man Be Like Hey Lord You Know What I Want To Be Your Hand Feed Today God What Do You Go For This Person Yeah And The Lord Will Say Something Because You Know The Lord Wants Them To Know That They’re Loved Yeah You Know What I’m Saying This Whole Thing Is About Love Everything In This Is About Love And He Wants To Be His Children To Be Restored To Him See Helluva Man Yeah Since I’ve Given You The Ministry Of Reconciliation Reconciled A Little Back To The Father Yes That’s Our Ministry Reconciling Them Back And And That’s To To Do The The Cross To Christ And Uh That’s That’s All Of Our Job So Definitely Be Encouraged In That Man There Was Um And Instance I Wanted I Want To Kind Of Touch About You You Made A Post About Some Shoes That You That Were Given To You It’s God Or Whatever And It Calls A Aaron On Instagram And On Facebook And I Think You Got Some Messages And Stuff Would It Would I Happen With Some Some My Shoes That Were Given To You Okay With The Weirdos I Was Just Speaking About I’m Just Playing Oh They’re Out There Man No Don’t Man Now Brother I’ll Get Into That A Minute We’re Gonna Go Ahead Go With Just Okay Oh No The Homie Him The Homie Happened Left Me With A Very Easy As Man And I Got Messages From People Uh Telling Me That Uh What You Call It That Homie You’re Not Even How Can You Wear Those You’re Not Even A Real Christian Yeah And They’re Like Those Jeezy’s Are Blasphemous I Hit The Brother Back I Said Hey Man I Said A Pair Of Shoes Is Blasphemous Like Where’s That In The Scriptures You Know What I Mean So I Can Understand Where They’re Coming From Kay I’m Not Gonna Just Bash Them Like That Because I Remember It And I’ll Be Honest And Open To You Right Now So There Was A Show That I Had Dipped With The Homie Social Club And I’ve Never Seen A Fern Rocking A Pair And I Was Back Then I Was More Religious Back Then This Is A Couple Years Back And I Was You Know I Wasn’t Looking At Kanye Like He Was A Lost Soul I Was Looking At Kanye Is Just Being The Instrument Being Used By The Enemy You Know What I’m Saying I Wasn’t It But Then I Seen On This Last Tortoise Pablo Tour I Seen A A Video Where This Dude Is Basically Spilling His Heart And You See That He’s Affected By This Industry Homie And He Starts Basically Speaking The Real About These Companies And He’s This Nd3 Trying To Monopolize And Take Over Everything In Brainwashing This And That And I’m Like Yo Man This Dude Is Hurt It Was Hurt Right Now So It Changed My Perception And My Outlook So I Started Praying For This Brother So When The Brother Asked Me Is I Yo I I Didn’t Like The Shoes The The First Ones That Came Out But I Like The Newer Ones That Came Out Right So The Homie Was Like Y’all Wanted To Bless You Like Man For Show So I Would Have Done If I Would Have Been Like Nah I Can’t Receive That Blessing Because These Religious Folks I Would Have Done A Disservice And Blocked Another Brothers Blessing Then Yeah We Can’t Live Our Lives Tripping Off These Religious Folks Anyway And I Was Just Talking To My Boy Brian Trejo On Saturday Like A Bro We Can’t Have Anything Bro Like People Like Wait We’re Just Not Supposed To Just Have Anything Cool For Our Family Oh You Think I Want You Just Like That Dead In The Dirt With Two Together Misty We Talk Never Laughs People Are I Didn’t Say I Didn’t Say The Word Weirdos You Said It And I Got Robert Moore Here In The Chat Room Just Owen I’m A Weirdo Weirdo Nation No It’s Kind Of Robert Moore Yeah Weirdo Play In The Song And In The Chat Round He’s Definitely The Homey But Uh Um Yeah Dude They’re There They’re Out There I’ve Been There And I’ve Been Closed To That As Well I Had Just This Guy Years Ago Man He Was Uh You Know We Were Doing Street Ministry And Putting Videos Up On Youtube And It Inspired Him To Go Out Here Esop Man I Love What You Guys Are Doing I’m Going To Go Out Put The Videos Up Man I Love What Y’all Doing You Know We Search In Our Home For Anything That Doesn’t Exalt God Any Secular Music And Burning That Stuff Getting Rid Of It Idols And Stuff Like That Man And Equal It Got Crazy Like Any Statues Of Angels Any Pictures Of Jesus Like We Don’t Everything Away All That’s Idolatry And You’re Like Weird Level Of Holiness Man That God May Be Called He May Be Calling You Too I Can’t Lie And Say It He’s Not Calling You To This But They Had I Had A Brother Who Actually And He Thought You There Out There Man They’re Totally Out And They’re Not Just In The Christian Community Let’s Get That Straight There’s Black Nickel It’s A Whole Nother A Whole Nother Show But There’s A Lot Of Churches That Debt Or Like Incubators For These Weirdos And They Kind Of Give Them A Platform And Give Them A Place Totally A Whole Nother Show But It Ties In But Anyway This Guy He He Wrote Lecrae A Letter And Says I Love What Y’all Are Doing I Love Y’all’s Ministry But Why Do You Have To Wear The Houston Had Why Can’t You Just Wear A Plain Hat I’m Not Against A Hat You Can Wear That Your Hat Backward Borders That Have To Have A Basketball Team Logo On It And He Like Sincerely Got That Bennett Paper Wrote This Letter Sealed It Up Put It In The Mail To Him Prayed Over It Lord Tell Him Not To Wear That Hat You Know And All This Stuff Man And It Gets Too Weird Levels Man I Got To A Place Where I Was Contemplating Wearing Scrubs Like The Level Of Holiness I Really Yeah Bankers Out You Know I Wanted To Just What I Didn’t Want Have Anything I Didn’t Have You Know I Don’t Want To Have No No You Was Gonna Go You Was Gonna Get The The Canvas Dashiki Probably Man Because I Was Running With The Uh With The Hebrews Delights There For A While So That Would That Way Yeah Or I Hope You I Know A Couple Of Them It Wasn’t Too Far Off We Just Want To Let Everybody Know Why You Guys Are Watching Right Now That The Phone Lines Are Open The Numbers Scrolling Across The Bottom It Should Be On The Website On The Youtube On The Facebook All That If You Guys Want To Call In Join The Conversation Ask Illuminate A Question If You Guys Need Prayer We Are Opening Up The Phone Lines For Prayer We Believe In The Power Of Prayer And Spoken Word Over You Guys So Hit Us Up The Number Is There So Calling It Any Time We’ll Take Your Calls We Got Somebody Who’s Been Holding From California Too So We’ll Take A Call Here In A Minute But Uh Yeah Man That That Opens Up A Lot Of Cans Of Worms And I’m Going To Go Ahead And Touch On This Because I Took Some Notes Today That I Wanted To Kind Of Do Some Ranting On And Touching On But I’m Going To Just Tie You To This Part And I Do Say It Isn’t It Is In The Christian World Man There’s A Lot Of Them Their Levels Of Holiness Or At These Weird Levels You Know Gets You Nowhere Like There’s No Such Thing As Christian Rap There’s No Such Thing Crystal Rap It Can’t Rap Rapping The Gospel Cannot Coexist You Know Light And Darkness Can’t Dwell Together And Like People Are Really On A Tip Like That They Really Believe In Their Mind That Gospel Rap Is Demonic Or Gospel Rock Or Skillet You Know All These Bangs Or Whatever And People Are They’re This There’s Weirdos Out There Trust Me I’ve Been In I’ve Been In The Um All These Movements I’ve Been A Part Of All These Movements I Know People Who Are In Every Religion On The Face Of The Planet Yeah I Know People Well In It All And In Each And Every One Of Them There Are Crazy People They Are Crazy People We’re Just Lucky That Our Our Faith Doesn’t Condone Violence Right We’re Lucky Yeah But The Same Spirits That Are Getting People To Do All Kind Of Crazy Stuff Man It’s It’s The Same Spirits Out There Were Just Lucky Man That We Don’t Have A Lot Of Violent Movements Here That You Know I’m Saying There Are Those Violent Movements Who Use The Bible And Use The Quran And All These Types Of Scenes And They Do Preach And Teach Hatred Off Of It Right So Those People Are There Too But I Had This This This Lady I Got I Wrote A Couple Things Down This Is Recent Stuff This Label A Fan She Would Call Into The Podcast And Just Talk And It Got Weird Cuz She Was Like The Only Why Colin In Every Week So We Take Her Call And Stuff And She Was Reassuring On My Music And All That Kind Of Stuff And Sharing The Podcast Ozzy Yeah We Got A Supporter Anyway She Wrote Me This Long Message Professing Her Undying Love To Me And She Knows I’m Married Right And And Then She She Has My Phone Number She Got My Phone Number Off The Internet And She Starts Texting Me And Says That The Illuminati And The Masons Had A Meeting And Told Her That She Was My Queen That We Are To Be Together And My Wife Is Not Really My Wife And All This Stuff And She Really Believed That Like This Is A Crazy Person Who Needs Mental Health Or Needs Jesus They You Know Needs Deliverance We Say Like That Um That Was Just One Case I Had To Try To Cut This Lady Off On Every Kind Of Tires I Have Different Ministers You Know There Are People Who Are Involved In Ministry Their Wives Have Secretly Hit Me Up Professing Their On Undying Love To Me It’s Weird I’m Happily Married I’ve Been Married Since I Was 17 Years Old I’m 33 Years Old Man Happily Married Praise God He’s On That Amen Bro Um I Get Messages Some Dude Hits Me Up From Time To Time On Facebook And Tells Me He’s The Archangel Michael And He Wants To Know Do I Believe Him I Said Well Show Me A Sign And You Showed Me Then I Believe You And You Know You Got Showed Me Apparition Do Something I Just Can’t Take Your Word For It You Know And Yeah There’s Another Guy Who Hits Me Up And He Wants To He Wants To Meet Through Portals In The Spirit Realm Me And Him Go Travel Through Portals And And Meet And Hang Out Me Him And Another Guy I’m Like What That’s Not That’s Not Happening It’s One Lady Hit Me Up Said That She Was My Mom From A Past Life And She’s Just Watching Over Me And I Said Oh I Said You Know I Don’t Really Believe That She’s Like I Am You Don’t Need To Make Fun Of Me Son I Said I’m Sorry Mom These People Need Jesus Man So So I’m At The Point Now Like I’m Just Tired Of Just Giving People Half The Truths Man I’m Just Trying To Give Them To The Gospel Man Give Them What Can Save Them What Can Change Them At What They Need Is Jesus There’s People Who Are You Know I’m Not Making Fun Of Them There But They Need Help Man And They’re In Your Churches No They’re In Your Churches Yeah Yeah And Their Prophesy Loving People And Praying Over People And All Kind Of Stuff Man It Let Me Let Me Let Me Let Me Add To This Rhythmic Fast Man Any Movement Any Kind Of Movement There’s Always Gonna Be Some Weird Folks Following With It And That Doesn’t Necessarily Represent That Move Yeah But The People Want To Be Involved In That The People Want To Be Included With Bro Like Man Okay So I’ll Just Keep It A Hundred Bethel Right Amazing Ministry Up In Redding California I Went There Myself It Was Blown Away At Just How Easy It Was To Hear And Connect With The Lord They’re Broke Yeah It Was Amazing But Then During Worship I Seen A Chick Grabbing The Stage Dropping It Like It Was Hot Yeah You Know What I’m Saying So It’s Like People Like I Guess They Call Them Like The Shaba Shakey’s Like The People They’re Doing The World And Stuff Like That Right Like Me I’m Like Come On Yes We Yeah But With In And In That You Know What I’m Saying Like Bro Every Movement Is Gonna Have Some People Come To It Want To Be A Part Of A Book But Like You’re Real Talk On Me These People Like They Need Deliverance On Me They Need Mental Help There’s People That Are Schizophrenic Like They’re Real Talk They Might Need Some Medicine Homey Or They Need The Lord To Deliver Them From This Actually I Know People That Were Schizophrenic That We’re On A Gang Of Meds That God Has Delivered Them And Now They’re Straight And King You Know What I’m Saying But Like It’s Not A Joking We’re Not To You Know Look At It Like It’s A Game But Also Don’t Give That Any Attention Because The Enemy Always Wants To Cause Distraction So When It’s The Enemy Homie Don’t Play No Mind Stay About Your Father’s Business And Keep Them Over Be Careful Man These People They Come Up With All Kinds Of Stuff And For Bit For Like Baby Christians To Get Caught Up In With The With These People Um It Can Lead You Down A Crazy Road Man You Start Believing With These These People That Are Doing Is Saying I’ll Put It This Way Man When I Was Whenever I Came Out Of The Occult When I When I Got Born Again In 2000 And God Came Back Into My Life Rid Me Of Demons This Is What I Did Short Testimony I Was So Full Of Demons Here I Was In And Out Of Trances That It Was Like I Wasn’t Doing It Myself Like I’d Be Watching Tv And It Would Suck Me Into The Spirit Realm And I’d See All These Spirits Flying Back And Forth And They’re Talking And I Couldn’t Understand Them I Come Back In My Body I Open For Breath Crazy I’m Crying I Need Help And I Had Been Filled With The Holy Spirit Two Years Prior To That So I Knew That There Was A Peace And I Would Put On Benny Hinn I’ll Turn The Tv On And He’d Be Praying For People There Falling Out In The Glory Of God Falling Back And It Just Peaceful Look On These People Face And I Watched Him We’d Be Smoking And My Brother’s Wife’s Like Man Turn It Off That’s Fake I’m Like Nah Man It’s Real Man I Used To Be There I Used To Do That Man I Used To I Used To Get In The Presence Guy That’s Real Y’all And I Just Got To This Weird Place Where I Called Out To God And I Got Rid Of All My Idols Threw Everything Away And Told My Girl Gave Her An Ultimatum Said Looking Either Serve God With Me Or We Get We Split Up Right And She Was Crying God Threw Everything Away Man Posters Cds Books Idols All Of It Do It All In The Garbage Bag Chunk To Everything We Own Man And You Know She Said Well How You Know How Can I Believe In Jesus I Don’t Believe In Jesus So If You Can Believe In The Goddess And The God Of The Moons And The Spirit Entities And Animals If You Could Believe In That Stuff You Can Believe In Jesus Just Give It A Try And If Two Weeks Passed By And Our Life Isn’t 100% Better Then We’ll Go Back To Serving These Other Gods Let’s Give It Two Weeks So She Said Okay We Prayed Together Man I Got I Was Coughing Up Blood Every Day It Was Wild Stuff Man And Hearing Voices Singing Spirits And Shadows In My House And I Opened Up The Phone Book And I Called All The Churches I Can Find I Saw New Assemblies Of God Non-denominational Those Are The Churches You Want Right Who Believe In You No I’m Saying People Going Through Deliverance And I Call And I Left A Message On All Dance Machines Hi I Believe I Have A Demon I Need Prayer Can Somebody Help Me I Just Called To Him All Right The Next Day One Pastor Called Me Back And I Said Hey I Believe I’m Filled With Demons And I Need Prayer Can You Help Me He Said Sure Give Me Address I’ll Come Over To Your House The Pastor Came To My House He Prayed With Me And My Girl And Then He Came To Pick Us Up For Church After That Bible Study Church And I Was Feeling Better I Had Given My Life Back To God I Was Feeling Better But I Was Still In This Weird Haze Man I Would Go There I Would Feel Like I Was Dreaming The Whole Time And The Lord Was Just It Was Just A Long Hard Road Man To Kind Of Get Where I Needed To Be And Um So He Pick Us Up Bring Us To Church All That And Then I Moved Away About Three Weeks Into That Moved Away Moved Back To Alabama So This Was In Louisiana Moved To Alabama A Couple Months Go By We Go Back To Visit Family We Go To Visit That Church They Have A Saying Hey Brother Derek’s Here Everybody You Know He He Came To The Lord Tell Your Story Help Me Stand Up They Clapping All That Set Back Now It Was A Charismatic Church They’ll You Know Go Around The Church Seven Times And Shout And Jericho And Her Dancing And Tambourines Regular Pentecostal Church They Are They’re Weirdos They Were Totally Weird Of The Pastor’s A Weirdo Children I’m Sorry But It Was A Weird Place But Most Of Them Are It Didn’t Seem Nothing Different About A Year Went By And We Went Back To Visit Family We Wanted To Go Back To The Church I Go To The Church To See What Time They Uh They Open For Service And All The Numbers Were And Times Were Scratched Off The Glass They Was Great You Could See The Traces Where They Scratched It Off And Then They Had All The Windows Were Had Um Aluminum Fall Over All The Windows So This Is Weird And I Said Sir Had A Sign On The Door Service By Invite Only Oh This Is Weird Let Me Try To Call Them So We Go Home Getting A Phone Book You Know I’m Trying To Find The Churches Number They Won’t Answer At The Church So I Call People With The Same Last Name As The Pastor Like I’ve Really Wanted To Go Back Right And They’re Like Hanging Up On Me Don’t You Ever Call This Number Again We’re Not Affiliated Hang It Up Hang It Up Was A Man What’s Going On So We Didn’t Get To Go A Year After That My Mom Comes In Town Into Alabama Visits Us For My Daughter’s Birthday She Said Did Y’all Hear About That Church I Used To Go To It Said Now What Happened She Said It Was All Over Cnn Cnn What Happened The The Pastor’s Were Having Sexual Intercourse With The Children And They Were Doing All Animal Sacrifices At The Church I Said What She Said Yeah Teachers Sheriff’s Officers Police Officers People Up On Like On Like The Mayor’s Council And Stuff They Were All In On It They Would Bring Their Kids To Church And Swap Their Kids Out At A Church And They Were Killing Animals And Cats And Paints Pentagrams And Banging Them All Over The Church It’s A Whole Thing Going Online Was On Cnn It Was So Weird And I Read The Story And They Said The Way He Would Get People Is He Would Find People Who Were Struggling With Drug Addiction And He Would Go Pick Him Up And Bring Him To Church And Build Rapport With Them And Bring Him Back And Forth I’m Like Wow He Was Covered To Pick Us Up Break It Us To Church If You Don’t Say Anything Like I Was Like Man Um So It To Their Appearance Man It Looked Like A Regular Church You Don’t Know What’s Going On Behind Closed Doors Man That’s Why You Got To Be You Got To Be On Your Game Man Like We Talked About This Weird Stuff Going On The Church Sometimes It Starts Out With Little Stuff Like That Man Just Little Bitty Stuff And Then But I Don’t Know Where That I Mean My Mind Can’t Find Where That Moves And Escalates How Did He Get Nick Yeah Right I Don’t Know And They Were Like Bringing Their Kids And They Had Rules Like You Could Do Whatever You Want Just No Bruises Do Not Bruise The Children And Manny Brah I Went To School With Some Of Them Kids And Stuff And I Didn’t Even Know Nothing Like That Was Going On Man It’s Crazy Out Here You Got To Be Careful Man You Got To Be Careful There’s No Telling Who You’re Dealing With What You’re Dealing With You Got To Be Walking In The Spirit Of Christ To Be Able To Discern What’s Going On I Was A Baby Christian He Could Have Took Advantage Of Me It Something Like That What Happened I – Told I Wouldn’t Over The Scream So They Lucky I Didn’t Find I Would Have Screamed On Him Like Your In Advance But That’s A Smile You Don’t Know Who You’re Dealing With Man And It Stuff Happens All The Time This Isn’t No One All The Isolates Isolated Incidents The Stuff Happens All The Time Man People Getting It Message I Mean You Hear It That People Don’t Want To Deal With Christians Because The Catholic Church And What’s Going On With That Whole Thing And They Always Use That As The Standard Or Something For Christians That’s Nowhere Around What We’re Affiliated With And Stuff Man But Um Just Got To Be Careful Out There Y’all It’s Deep Man I Made It Out Um Well Now That’s A Baby Christian Man You Only Know What You’re Taught You Know What I Mean So You Know If Something Doesn’t Feel Right Search The Scriptures Ask Other Christians Man You Know What I Mean Like People Yeah Yeah Ask Other People Like The Only The Only Dumb Question Is A Question On Ash So What Was You Gonna Say All Muslim Said We’ll Go Ahead And Jump Into Some Of These Phone Calls I Got This Call To Spend Here Since The Beginning From Central California A Caller What’s Going On We Speaking With Hey How’s It Going This Is A Christopher Christopher What’s Happening Man You Got A-you Got Hearing Yeah Yeah Yeah Now I’m Just A First-time Listener First-time Caller Um I Do Follow A Brother Nate On The Facebook And Uh You Know I Just Had A Quick Question Um You Know I Was Out There At The The Event You Guys Had On Saturday And I Heard Brother Brian Saying Something About A Five-fold And You Know Like I Could I Could Do This Research Myself But I You Know I Was Always Going Down Facebook Earlier I Think That There Was This Uh This This See This Um What Is It Called Here Again What We’re Doing Facebook Laughs So Uh Yeah This This This L Of Tuning In Thing And Uh This Whole This Whole This Whole Get Down That You Guys Are Doing Right Now You Know I Just Figured Itune In I’m Not Ask A Brother Nay Or Even Possibly You If You Guys Could Just Kind Of Explain To Me What A Five-fold Is Or If You Guys Know Anything About That Yeah Totally Yesterday And Also A Ministry Um You Could Find It In Your Bible In Ephesians Chapter 4 Starting In Verse 11 But They Said He Gets Going To Be Apostles Prophets Pastors Teachers Evangelists Right So Those Are The Five Offices So The Apostles The Builder The Prophet Is The Seer The Pastors And Teachers You Know Obviously The Pastor He Shepherds The Flock The Teacher Teaches The Flock And The Evangelist Is A Soul-winner So That’s Why He’s Saying Five Po But They All Work Together They All Work Together Um So Basically What I’m Saying Is This Man Is It That You Should Be Going To A Five-fold Believing Church Because It’s A Biblical Church It’s A Bible Based Church They Teach What The Word Says So I Mean It’s It’s Pretty Simple Man I Don’t Think I Mean There’s A Lot More That We Can Get Into But That Would Take So Much Building On Your Interpretation Of It And Just A Foundational Level But Just The Foundation Of The Church Is The Apostles And The Prophets Yeah Like It Says In Ephesians 2:20 So You Know Nowadays The Pastor Is The Most Celebrated But It’s Actually The Least Spoken Of In The Scriptures But I Truly Believe In The Fivefold Ministry And The Power Of The Holy Spirit Man Manifesting Through The Fivefold Ministry You Want To Go Touch On It Derek Are They All Work Together Like You Said And It’s Beautiful When You See It Definitely You Know The Way That The Church Is Set Up Now With One Man Running The Entire Show Or Even Having Deacons Under Them It’s Not Supposed To Be Like That We We You Know We Do A Lot Of Home Meetings And Stuff And We Can Tell When We’re Sitting In A Room Full Of Believers And We All Have Our Different Offices And Yeah I’m Saying The Prophet Can Kind Of See Where A Service Should Go Or Where We Should Go Next And In Here You Know I’m Saying The Song Of The Lord What Type Of Music We Should Play You Know I’m Saying Whatever It Is And Then Kind Of Move In That Area That’s One Thing Like The Prophet Is An Is A Neglected Office And Many Of Our Churches You Know I’m Saying Like A Lot Of You Know You Know Baptist Denominations Don’t Even Acknowledge This Stuff They Think It’s Dead It Died With The Apostles But I Believe It’s Alive And Well And God Calls Apostles Two Apostles And He Calls Prophets Not The Prophesy Because You You May All Prophesy But A Prophet Is To Restore The Foundations To Say Hey We Were Going This Way But We’ve Kind Of Veered Off A Little Bit Let’s Get Back To Where We Started Let’s Get Back On The Goal So All Of These These Offices Are Needed For Like A A Living Body Right A Living Better And The Apostle Apostle And A Prophet Are Always To Be Hitched They Should Always Be In Agreement The The Prophet Seat Sees And Submits That Word City Apostle And See A Possible Job Whether To Accept That Word And Lead In That Manner Or To Reject It But The Apostle And A Prophet Should Be Hitched Together The Apostle Is The One He’s The Builder Man A Lot Of Times The Apostles The One That Lays Lays On The Hands And People Will Receive The Gifts Of The Holy Spirit Um Apostle And A Prophet Man Think About This If It Says That They’re The Foundation Of The Church And They Are The Least Spoken Of Or Accepted Today You Don’t Think Satan Might Have A Little Hand In That I Think He Does Yeah Because And Yes Fivefold Is The Proper Way A Sharp Should Be Set Up In All Five Offices Should Be Working Together In Harmony And It’s A Beautiful Thing That Help Answer Your Question Chris Yeah Yeah It Does I’m Over Here With Put My Notebook In Hand To Right Now So Again It Was A Asians Chapter He Said What Chapter Four Yeah Ephesians Chapter Four Speaks Of The Final Fold But If You Want To Look At The Foundation Of The Church Go To Ephesians Chapter Two So Faeces To When It Comes To Jump Or Funnier Okay And I Thought There Was A Possible The Apostle The Prophet And What Were Two Other Three Evangelist Pastor And Teacher And You Said A Preacher Last Teacher Teacher Oh Teachers Like A Teacher Okay Yeah Preachers In Their Teachers Okay Freaky Prey Okay So Preaching Is Proclaiming The Word Of God Teaching Is Explaining The Word Of God Okay Okay Yeah Yeah Like I Like That Okay Yeah You Know Just A Quick Question I Have For You Guys Them Another Thing Is What I Could Just Get Some Prayer For Myself And Amaya I’m Trying To Do A Better Job Of Raising My Son And I Wanna You Know I Just Like Been Really Like Feeling That I Should Be Teaching Him And Raising Them In The Right Way And And Exposing Them To The Truth Um And He’s A Young He’s A Young Child He’s Going To Be Turning Eight So You Know I’ve Been Kind Of Like Weary On The Things That I That I Do Introduce Him To As Far As The Truth Cuz Um You Know Some Truths Are Just A Little Bit Too Heavy To To Tell Him Right Away But Um Yeah We Could Just Get Some Trip I Could Just Get Some Player For That You Know That That Everything Comes At The Right Time And I Know That I Moved Back Up God I Know That I Move On God’s Time Mm-hmm But Um You Know Maybe Just Just Some Prayer Pray For That Amen I’ll Pray And Then We’ll Meet Lee Honey Hurry That’s Fine Father I Thank You For My Brother Chris God I Thank You For Him And His Family Lord I Thank You That You’ve Called Him As A Mighty Man Of God Lord He Wants To Lead His Son In The Ways That He Should Go You Said Raise Up A Child In The Way That They Should Go And When They’re Older That’s Still Not The Part But God I’m Asking Yes To Lead My Brother Chris In The Way That He Should Go God And That Facility Just Flow From The Head Down To The Feet God And Then Down Through His Son God I’ll Ask You To Bless His Loins God Bless His Generations Lord His Family’s Lot I’m Asking You Lord For Just A New Revelation Of Who You Are A Greater Understanding Of Your Grace And Of Your Love And Your Piece Lord That Expands In All Areas Of His Life Lord Give Them A Fresh Touch Right Now God Let Him Know That You Love Him Right Now God Bless You So Jesus With Your Precious Holy Ghost Lord Stir Him Up Fanned The Flame Right Now God Of What He’s Called To Do Father God Let It Burn In His Heart With A Passion In A Zeal For You In Jesus My Son Jesus Might In Jesus Name Amen Not A Minute Awesome Brother No Brother Thanks For Calling In Man Much Love Brother I See You Next Year Salaam Salaam Brother Thanks Forever Oh My God Bless Oh Thank Heaven We Got Blessed Lou Hey Man We Got Another One From Northwest Arkansas And Then We’ll Go To North Carolina Pretty Shot Up In North Carolina Northwest Arkansas We Got A Call On The Line What’s Going On We Speaker With Well Am I On Joe Arkansas Was Having Who-who’s Figure With What’s Up Illuminate We Might Recognize His Name They Call Me Honey Hughes 8800 Fuses North Shore Soccer So How You Guys Doing Tonight I Recognize The Voice What’s Happening Brother How Are You Man Whatever No Not Much Just Days Also Chilling Out So Just Saw Yes Yes Tonight First Time Coming I’ll Show Longtime Listeners Of Your Both Love The Music So Awesome Brother Man Look What’s The Lord Doing In Your Life Right Now Hunter Ah Right Right About Now Everything Is We Kind Of Don’t Study To The Most Part About Three Four Months Ago My Fiance And I Got A Brand New Apartment Because We Had Been House Hunting Well Apartment Hunting I Should Say Because Um The House We Were Living In It Was Owned By My Fiancã©’s Ex Husband At The Time She Was Supposed To Gotten The House And Divorce People Was Ever Firewise Except Decided To Foreclose On The House So We Had A Pretty Much Track Up Move In Like Two Weeks And So For The First Couple Months We Were Staying In Hotels And Then We My Co-workers At Work Said They Got Someone Run Out An Apartment Come Over Filled Application And We Get The Place So We Ran Over Like That Day I Forgot The Apartment On The Spot Two Weeks Later We Started Moving In And We’ve Been Here About Three Four Months Now In Our Brand-new Apartment Be Thankful For That Journey Man Those Those Are Beautiful Tom’s Brother The Struggle Is Awesome He’s So Goodness Yeah I Really Tested The Relation It Really Has A Relationship Between Me And My Fiancee A Lot Of Sleepless Nights Because We Also Work Overnights Too And So That That Puts A Strain On The Relationship Sometimes To Conflict With The Job And Stuff Cuz We Have Some Coworkers Are Just Devils Members Taking Over Them So It’s Like Gossiping And It’s Buttery Petiolate Oh Man Yeah Hunter Quick Question Yeah What’s Up When Is Your Fiance Gonna Become Your Wife Brother You Guys Got Plans On That You Guys In Free Premarital Counseling Um Not Counseling We’re Just Um We’re Not Wanting To Like Pray We’re Not Want To Do Like A Big Old Fancy Wedding Or Anything Just Cuz Money Issue Because Of Where We Work But We Are One To Eventually Want It To Be Like Otherwise For Dad We Just Want To Surprise Someone They’ve Taken With Us To The Courthouse Just Pyramid To Do It At The Courthouse Is What The Idea We’re Doing We Love It Set We’re Not That We Don’t Have A Date Set But Which As We’re Driving We’re Trying To Figure Out How Exactly It Works Down Here So But It’s Really Soon Though I Get I Promise You That Really Really Soon Okay Whether You Already Know Where I’m Coming From As A Pastor Brother You Guys Shouldn’t Be Shacking Up Brother Without Without You Know Me To Make Sure That You Guys Make Sure You Guys Make That Happen Okay Make That Like A Priority On The List Oh It’s Up There Don’t Worry Okay Oh Okay Awesome Alright Alright So The Question I Want To Ask I Got This One For Illuminate What A Question I Got Is Um When It Comes To A Bolita Music Object Inspiration From In Regards To A Christian Hip-hop It’s Like I Originally Started With Lecrae And All Them Guys But Then I Start Getting A Juice To You Eliminated And Seven And Pyrex While Joseph Mcsweeney Now Before Mele Pyrex I Was Able To Relate To You And Seven And All Them And Get An All Got All You Guys In Bryant Rail More Than I Could To Look Pray Because Even Though Like I’m Just A Middle-class White Guy I Didn’t Grow Up In The Hood Or Anything I Just Felt Like I Can Relate You Guys Seems Like You Guys Getting Through The Struggle With It You Guys Are Able To Get Out Of It And I Feel Like I Go To My Own Personal Struggles Like Everyday And I’m Always Having To Fight And So What That Ties Into Is A Lot Of I See A Lot People They Dog On The Former Hustlers That Become The Christian Hip-hop Evangelist Saying That Because They’ll Still Keep The Appearance It Will Still Have The Tattoos And All That Other Past Life And People Are Like They Shouldn’t Be Doing That They Shouldn’t Have The The Mean Mug Appearance Still They Put It Like Because If They’re So They Say So Truly Say They Should Be Casting All That Aside What What Do You Say To People Who Who Tell Who Say Stuff Like That To You Um I Actually Um Well I Smile With A Lot More Pictures Than To Be Honest With You If You Get Around Me I’m I’m Pretty Happy Dude I Got The Joy The Lord Um Now Uh You Know Something Like That But You Never Know What Somebody’s Uh Yeah Conviction Is Or You Know Brokers Like To Be Honest With You Like My Brother Seven He Doesn’t Like Taking Picking Ro And Like Seven Doesn’t Like Take A Picture So Whenever Were Torn Are Doing What We’re Doing I Come On Man Let’s Hurry Up And Get This Over With So It’s Not Something That’s Like A Joy To Him You Know What I Mean But I Think That Me Personally Well I Got The Joy Of Jesus So I’m Gonna Show It If I’m Not In The Smilin Mood I Might Not Smile The Most I Might Just Like Iv Stuff But Just Look On My Face You Know What I Mean I Haven’t Smiled In Every Picture I Probably Won’t Smile In Every Picture But I Think That It’s Wrong For Anybody To Judge Somebody For Doing Something That They Think They Should Do Where Does This Say In The Bible That It’s Unbiblical To Not Smile You Know What I’m Saying Like That’s Just A You Know A Matter Of Opinion Bro But I Would Encourage Christians To Smile And Show The Jewelry Of Jesus Because I Don’t Think People Want This Jesus That We Speak Up If We Look Angry And Upset All The Time You Know To Me And I Want To Help Ses Yeah I Will Add On To That Hunter Uh I Will Say To You And To Many Other Young Christians Out There Who Are Watching This Or Watching Illuminate Myself 7 Whoever That Don’t Fall For We Have To Look Like Them To Win Them You Know Because I Know Because You Don’t Have A Lot Of Tattoos You Don’t Have A Lot Of Piercings And Stuff Like That But You Hang Around People Who Do So Don’t Fall For The Trick That If I Look Like Them Then They’ll Listen To Me The Truth Is That If You Have The Holy Ghost Then They’ll Listen To You Walking The Power In The Anointing So It’s Not What We Look Like That Wins People Or Lets Us To Be Accepted In Circles Or Whatever If You’re Doing Hip-hop Talent In It Plus Anointing Man Talent Plus Anointing Work With That Don’t Worry About Getting All The Tattoos And And And Feeling Like You Know Maybe One Day You’ll Look Like This Artists Or You Look Like Sonny Frumpy Od And Stuff Like That I Got Caught Up On That Totally Man Years Ago But That’s That’s Totally Not The Lord Man The Lord Can Use You And Will Use You Even Greater Man If You’re Just Authentic And Just So Full Of Him And Not Have Your Mind See I’m Going To Tell You What That Does It Actually Puts Strongholds In Your Mind Where You’ll Be Going Around Fantasizing About Looking Like Something Else Or When I’m Able To Get The Tattoos Or When I’m Able To Do This And It Kind Of Takes You Out Of The Present Moment To Be In This Now Moment Of God Using What You Have And Who You Are Now Which Is The Greatest Moment Of All Is This Now A Moment That We Have Right Now It’s The Only Moment We Ever Have And We’ll Never Get It Back So Don’t And That’s Why Christ Said Be Anxious For Nothing Don’t Be Too Far Ahead And Seeing Weird Visions Like That Man Be In The Moment Be Full Of The Holy Ghost And You’ll Have What A Lot Of People Don’t Have And You Have What They’re Looking For A Man I Want To Bless You With That Dude Yeah In The My The Reason Though My Whole Purpose Of My Whole Last Album Authenticity Was To Promote Authentically Being Yourself Just Be You The Best Person You Could Ever Be Is You Because If You Get Around A Cat That Was Like A Real G The Worst Thing That Somebody Could Never Do That Never Was Is Try To Act Like One Is They Can See Right Through It So Just Identically Be You Roby Be The Person That Loves Jesus Because Even Me That I Come From A Rougher Street Background When I Get Around A Christian Who Is A Square But Like They Love The Lord And They’re Unapologetically Themselves Like Well I Love That Even More Than Somebody Who Comes From Where I Come From You Don’t Have Bro You Don’t Have To Go Through The Struggle To Love Christ Grow This Love Jesus And Authentically Be Yourself Man Yeah Yeah I Can Understand That Because There Were Days Like I Used To Buy Them Like 25 $30 Shirts Because It Was Like A Guy Had The Shirt From The High Popularise The Only Time I Tan We Thought Ever Thought When I Was Just Wearing Outside Was Like Are People Noticing The Shirt Doesn’t Make Me Look Cool And I Find Myself Like It’s Like I Don’t Have A So Sure See Unfortunately Long That Stole For Me Several Months Back But Fortunately I Fortunately I Find Myself Just Being More Comfortable Is A $5 $3 T-shirt Or More More Being Just In Like This Feels Like It Just Feels Like This In Myself You Know Yourself And The Only Pair Of Pants I Have The Only Pair Of Pants I Had I Would Say Bike Would Be The Maintaining Would Be The Red Skinned Jeans Again The Only Reason I Got Them Cuz The Red And I Love Rocket Regs That’s My Color So Also Brother Rocket Man You Ain’t Awesome Not All Your Sales Were For The Elastic They Would Not Be Fitting Me That’s All I Got To Say About The Clothes That’s What Some Hunter Preset To Common Man We Good I’ll Brother Have A Blast Night Ma’am Yeah Alright Just A Couple More Things I Could Say Before I Go Real Quick For Dram All Right Well First Off I Just Wanted To I Wanted To Thank You Both You For I Contribute To My Album I’ve Been Working On I Just Wanted To Express That And Say Thank You To The Both Of You For Contributing To That And Then And Number Two Sec It Was If You Don’t Mind I Do Have A Couple Prayer Requests Okay Okay Alright First Off Uh Of Course I Got Me And My Fiancee To Our Relationship Would Either Grow Through Christ As We Move Farther Along As We Stick Our Steps Day By Day And Hopefully Me Until We Get Better More As We Say Are Those Valves Which I Really Look Forward To Doing That’s No Worry Lily That Will Happen Number Two Number Two Number Two Would Be For My Music That God Speaks Through Me That The Words I’m Writing On The Paper Are Not Just My Own But It’s God Speaking Through Me On That And The Number Three Three And Well Three And Four Guy The Same Thing Is I’m Is The I’m Currently Looking For Better Employment Right Now Because As I Said The Environment In My Current Working I’m Is I Healthy One Has Gone To The Point With The Devil Stream So Suicidal Thoughts In My Head This Is Only Because I’m Close To This While Back It’s Almost Every Night I Just Want To Pull That Trigger And I’m Taking All My Willpower Not To Half The Time So It’s Like Just Pray For Me On That As Well All Right Well Let’s Pray Father God We Just Come Before You In Jesus Name Even You Praise Honor And Glory Lord Thanking You God That You Are Just Master Of All God And Lord I Thank You For Hundred God Thank You For The Love God That You Have For Him God That You Place Within Him Father Thank You God For The Passion And Love That He Has For You Got In For Your People Father God I Just Pray For This Relationship You Can Say God I Pray That You Would Be The The Rock Guy That You’d Be The Foundation They Would Continue To Build Upon Your Truth God That You Would Be The One God That Continues God To Lead Them Closer Together Father I Pray God That Uh Their Wedding Would Be Beautiful And It Would Be Soon Father I Also Pray God That Uh That You Would Give Him The Words That You Want Him To Speak God That Is He Is Uh Putting This News Together God That He Would Be Glorifying You God That It Wouldn’t Just Be Him Speaking To Be You Speaking Through Him As Your Vessel In Your Oracle Father And Also Lord We Just Bind God Every Attack Of The Enemy On Us Right Now Father God We Cast Down The Spirit Of Suicide God Any Strongholds God Anything Causing These Thoughts Right Now Father And We Pray That You Would Open Up Um Just Uh Just Open Up A Door For Better Employment God But Even More Than That Father God I Pray That You Would Strengthen Our Brother Hunter Through This Right Now God That He Would Realize That He Has The Victory In You To Endure And Persevere Do Anything Father God That He Never Has To Take His Life God That That Is Not A Way Out Father God But Lord You Are Strengthening Him Through This Struggle Father God So Let Him Be Focused Upon You God Let Him Be Focused Upon Your Spirit God God Pray That He Would Be Able To Fill Your Holy Spirit God In These Dark Times That Let Him Know That You’re With Him Father God And Then Open Up Another Door For Employment God And I Bless Him And His Future Bride Father And All That They Do In Jesus Name We Pray Amen Amen Amen Guys Thank You Very Much Free Time I Love You Both God Bless Brother We Lied On Her Hot Taste Out Yet For The Kingdom Peace Peace He’s Also Man Yeah He Needs More Sun Yeah He Needs To Go Ahead And Release That Album Man Muchas We Dropped The Collabo Papa With Two Years Ago Now I’m Ready To Hear It Ready To Promote It For Him Totally Would You Said As Your First Time Talking To Him Yeah I Had Never Read Only Like Type To Email Yeah But I Had Did It Looks Warm So That’s What’s Up Man That’s A Good Brother You Had A Spirit Of Suicide Man That’s Something That We We Have Dealt With And We’re Dealing With And We Look At Um Chris Cornell From Soundgarden Just Passed Away What Was It Thursday Thursday Morning From Suicide He Hung Yourself In Is That Right Hung Yourself In His Hotel Room The Lead Singer From Soundgarden And Audioslave Man One Of The Greatest Voices Of Our Generation One Of The Top Problems Top Three In My Book Man He’s Up He Is Up There And You Know Depression Spirit Of Depression Spirit Of Suicide Mixed With Pain Pills And And Crazy Medication Overdoing It Which I Think I Think Our Next Caller May Be Able To Speak On That Caller From North Carolina Who We Speaking With Is It Rose Hey What’s Up What’s Up Or What Up Bruh On A Serious Note Man I’m Killing Speaking About Suicide And Depressing Man Oh Wow Yeah And It Is This Real Real Man Um Something When He Was Actually Talking About That I A Situation That I Had Saw On Facebook Actually Came To Mind I Don’t Know If You Remember Recently Uh This Teen Couple They Might Have Been From Chicago Or Detroit I Can’t Remember But They Were Really Like Popular On Social Media And The Girl Killed Herself And Then The Boy Followed Up And Killed His Self A Few Days Later And It Went Viral And People Were Just Obsessed With The Fact That Oh They Were So In Love They Both Killed Yourselves She Killed Herself In Himself Cause He Can Hammer Yeah I Was Like And I Was Like Wow I Just Offer What It Was I Was Like Wow That’s Deception Of The Enemy You Know That That’s That’s The Spirit Just Traveling Through Facebook And Social Media Like Wildfire Is Not Even You Being In Interacting With That Spirit That Spirit Is Traveling Via The Wave Of The Internet You Know What I’m Saying I’ve Never Seen A Suicide Travel Via Social Media But They Glorified It And And I’ve Noticed Lately In The News I’ve Seen Kids Killing Themselves At An Alarming Rate Yeah Little Children That’s Crazy Eight Year Olds Eight Nine Year Old Hanging Their Cells Bullied At School Or Their Parents Wings Then And I Really Do Feel As If There Is A Strong Depression And Suicidal Spirit On Our Country Right Now And It’s Real I’ve Been Through It Last Year I Had Maybe Two Or Three Times Where I Was On The Verge I Had A Gun In My Mouth Last Year I Tried A Overdose Last Year I Tried To Over To Get Take Several Uh Pain Pills And Go Drive My Car I Wanted To Die Last Year You Know And And Not Thinking That Uh I Just Wanted To Escape Right Then I Was Having The Worst Year Of My Life And Uh Anybody Who Might Be Listening Is Going Through Something Like That Just Hold On Because I Went From Having The Worst Year Of My Life To Snap Of A Finger Having The Best Year My First Gun Talked About It So So There’s Anybody Out There Listening Right Now That Might Be Battling Depression I’m Telling You That I Could Do It Just You Just Hold On You Don’t Give Up It’s Never Worth Giving Up You Know I Talked To A Friend Of Mine That I Went To Iraq With Out Of Killing Himself Of The Night And It Trained Me It Drained Me Emotionally And Spiritually And I Started Feeling Down The Next Day Yeah I Started When I Was Like Oh No No No Let Me Pray Let Me Go Pray About This You Know Contagious You Might Not Even Know Who You’re Entertaining And What You’re In Training Man But It’s A Pain It’s A Spirit Thing And That’s Nothing Is Is Worth Taking Your Life Over Nothing Especially Especially When Ministers Men People Who Are Like Involved In Busting Up The Enemy’s Kingdom Like You Have To Be Table With Other Brothers Man You Have To Have Somebody To Talk To When You Have Those Crazy Thoughts That You Just Can’t Go Public About You Have To Yet You Have To Go To Somebody In In Private Man Especially Ministers Because You Have A Target On Your Back Man You Praying For A Dude Or I’m Saying Talking To Somebody Out Of Killing Themselves And Then You Have An Overwhelming Sensation To Kill Yourself The Next Day Like That’s Totally An Attack Of The Enemy That’s How He Works Man And That’s Why We All Need One Another Our Hierarchy Doesn’t Go Like This It Goes Salaries We All Are Absolutely Accountable To One Another Each Each One Of Us I’m Not Greater Than Anybody I Need The People Who Just Got Born Again Like I Need Them We Need Each Other Man About Amen Amen You Got Anything Out She Went Uh Brother Yeah Loom Net You Can’t Hang Way Out On That Bro My Um My Uncle Yeah Recent Killed Himself Um My Uh My Dad’s Brother Back Before I Was Born Man He Was So Depressed Man That He Uh Went In A Garage Man Out Of Old School And Let The Exhaust To It So He Was Writing A Suicide Note And I My Dad Told Me This – My Dad Broke Down Crying I Never Forget It Was Like Man You Could Tell When He Got Towards The End It’s White And Got Less Legible And Less Legible Until You Seen Just The Scribble Across The Paper Man But You Know Suicide Is Never The Answer Because All It Does Is Create More And More Pain Yeah You Know What In Like Dude My Whole Family Still Hasn’t Healed From That Like His Not Everybody In My Family Is A Christian So You Know I’m Saying Like My Grandparents My Aunts And Uncles Like There There’s Still A Gaping Wound In Their Heart And Soul From That And Um Yeah Definitely Is As Ministers We Have To Be Real We Have To Be A Half A Support System We Have To Have Accountability – What About Be Able To Be Honest And Open And Because Dude Every Day I Would Feel Like A Christian Let Alone A Minister You Know What I’m Saying A Certain Day Some Brothers Like Man You Could Miss Me With All This Right Now And That Old Me Wants To Rise And If I Don’t Kill To This Flesh Bro And And Make It You Know Line Up With The Spirit In The Word Of God Bro Then I Couldn’t Be Doing You Know Dumb Stuff Just Like Everybody Out There Is Doing It Man We Wake Up Every Single Day With The Uh The Choice Are We Gonna Serve God Or Serve Self You Know What I’m Saying And It’s A Conscious Decision Every Day To Serve God To Take Every Thought Into Captivity Man And Cast It Down Yeah So Um Any Anybody Listening To This Dealing With The Spirit The Suicide We Just Want To Pray For You Right Now And Um So Father God Right Now God We Just Come Against The Spirit God We Come Against The Slide The Enemy God That That Is Going To Be The Answer To Help Anybody Escape Any Feeling That They’re Feeling Guy That Is Alive From The Pits Of Hell God That Will Not Solve Anything That Will Only Make It Worse Father God So We Bind And Rebuke This Demonic Spirit We Cast It Down God We Just Pray A Fortress Around Their Minds And Hearts Right Now God That They Would Only Be Able To Hear Your Truth God Silence The Voice Of The Enemy And All Of Their Lives God And Show Them God Who They Are And You Got On What They Have To Live For God Let Hope Arise Let Joy Arise Die Let Them Know That They Are Loved So Father Guy Right Now God Holy Smeared Do What You Do Best Sweet Through Home Sweet Through Heart Sweet Sweet Their Minds And Do Some Demolition Work And Rebuild It The Way You Want To Done Father In Jesus Name Amen Angle And It’s Also It’s About Hearing The Voice Of The Lord And Like Understanding That When Jesus Says That My Sheep Know My Voice In A Stranger’s Voice They Will Not Follow A Stranger Speaking So In Those Times When You Hear Something Like The Suicidal Urges And You Feel Like Go Ahead And Do It Man You Been Wanting To Do It You Should Have Been Done This You Shouldn’t You Know You Hear Those Voices They Speak Like That That A Perfect Time To Understand What The Enemy’s Voice Sounds Like Hold On That’s The Enemy’s Voice You Can Learn It Rebuke It Stand Upon The Word Of God The Promises Of God And Then When That Voice Comes Again In Other Situations Look At That Website Cus This Fool Out Whatever It Is You Hear That That Voice And You Can Learn It To Discern It And Follow The Voice Of Our Father Versus The You Know I’m Saying The Voice Of The Flesh That Wants To Let Me Go And Give In You Know You’re Just A Human – You’re Just A Human – Let Them Let Them Stand Let Them Have A Piece Of Here Your Mind I Get It All The Time And I I Follow Sometimes Man I Fall Sometimes I Give My Peace Of Mind You Know So Brother The Three That Are Talkin You Ain’t The Only Her Brother Way It’s A Little Brother Whining All Of Us Man Lives And Everyone Of Us But You Know What I Want To Tell That You Guys Friend Something Uh Your Fan Um These Are Two Genuine Guys Uh As To Where You Might Stumble Across Guys Were Not As Genuine And I Know So Many Christian Hip-hop Artists On A Personal Level Way Beyond Music I Have To Acknowledge That They’re There There’s A Lot Of Actors In This Genre And Act In This Culture But I Just Want Your Fans To Know As Someone Who Knows Both Of You Fairly Well That Both Of You Are Genuine Men And An Genuinely Have A Heart After God And Genuinely Have A Heart For God’s People You’re Not Just About Making A Dollar You’re Not Just About Making Getting Famous Or Having Fans You’re Actually Genuine People That Care And I Appreciate That I Appreciate That Because Last Year When I Was Going Through My Little Thing I’m Talking About Illuminating Like Us Illuminate Out He Refused To Live Because He Told Me No Worth Images Like I Like Me And I’ve Got Him Some I’m Dropping I Drop The L-bomb And All That You Know Saying He Was Like No No No We Not We Not We Don’t Handle Dislike Men Of God And He Just Wasn’t Happy To Be The Next Person That Contacted Me When I Was Already About To Explode So He Called Something Went Even His Fault Yeah But He Cares Enough For Me To Not Cuss Me Back Out And And Throw Me Away You Don’t I’m Saying Though He’s A Demon Got There For Me Ain’t No Saint And I Just Want Y’all Fans To Know That That Are Listening In That You Guys Are Genuine I Know Both Of You On A Very Personal Level And I Know Music Level But On A Personal Level And I Appreciate You That You Learn To Well For Doing Man Yeah The Feeling’s Mutual You Know Human Oh Yeah Ah But But You Know I Did Have A Question Man I Couldn’t Got Its Own Home I Know Social Media Is A Very Powerful Tool And And The Crazy Christians On Social Media You Know The Ones That Don’t Faith That Don’t Have Profile Pictures They Just Have Scripture Like Dark Endeavor And Majestic Background As Their Pictures Don’t Know Who The Furtherance Is Flesh Yeah Yeah They Turn So Off I’m Talking About God On Social Media That I Don’t Talk About God Who I Used To Because Even If I Just Said Something Just Simple Like Something Simple That They Can Find The Argue That’s Not How Jesus Jesus Uh That’s Not How God Performs Miracles And They’ll Argue Down So It’s Like God You Know And They Seem To Come Out Of Nowhere You Get Thirty Friend Requests For Me Because You Commented On Somebody Else’s Post Yeah And So I I Quit Talking About God As Much On Social Media I Went Back To Being More Funny In And Uh Joking Even Though I Don’t Joke Really Like Crazy Dirty Nasty Jokes Could I Went To More Secular Style Joking But Since I’ve Done That I’ve Gotten More People To Reach Out To Me And There I’m Coming In Despair Reaching Out To Me Eating The Fine Christ And I’ve Been Able To Leave More People To Christ Since Stepping Away From That I Don’t Know If You Want To Call It A Facebook Christian Community Type Deal And And I Just Want To Know You Know Cuz Sometimes About About It With It You Sometimes I’ll Post Something About You Know Jesus I’m Always Gonna Post Something About Jesus But Sometimes I Battle With Him I’m Not Talking About You There’s No Identified I’m Also Wrestling With A Lot Had More People Reach Out To Me It Seems Like They Feel Like I’m More A Horrible Man No Nurse Appeared Yet I Got It Ya Know Let Me Touch On Everybody Fast When I First Got Saved I Had To Have The Christian T-shirt I Had To Wear The Christian Had Had To Have The Christian Everything But Now I Was To The Point Only Where A Christian Is The Very Core In Essence Of Who I Am You Know What I Mean So People Are Looking For Real People While They’re Looking For Genuine People And Not Looking For Somebody Who’s Gonna Put Up I’m Saying Just Only Just Focus On That Like Role Should I Should You Not Put Up Scripture That’s Not What I’m Saying At All But I’m Saying Like Be Yourself Be The Real You Let Your Personality Shine Through You Know What I’m Saying Don’t Just Be Holier Than Thou So You’re Like Literally Your Act Like You’re Unapproachable Because People Look Like Regular People Bro That Aren’t Like That They’re Not Attracted To That Brother Actually Turned Off By That It’s Be The Real You Bow That’s True That’s True And I’ll Say This Because You Know I’ve Struggled With This This Has Had I’ve Talked To Both Of You Guys About This That That’s Turned Me Off When I Try To Start Posting Christian Stuff And Then They They All Come Out The Woodwork Or It Was The Enemy Though The Whole Time Because Like Clockwork It Would Happen Man And It Would Put Me In This Weird Little Place I’m Like You Know What Y’all Keep It Y’all Keep Y’all’s Little Religion I Don’t Want Nothing To Do With It Like It Had Me Like That But Where I’m At Now And The Season That I’m In And I Think This Is A Safe Place It’s Like I’m Done Debating Debating Is Over We’re In A Season Of Declaration We Just Declare The World God We Declare The Truth Of God And As The Oracles Of God And We’re Not About Facebook Debating And That That Leads Nowhere Declare The Word Of God And That’s It Just Share It We If You Wanted To Debate You Could Have Called Me Five Years Ago When That When That’s All I Did Was Debate You Lost Your Chance But Now We Just We’re Moving In Signs And Wonders Were Spreading The Gospel That’s All That’s About All This Debating And Well Will You Shelby No I’m Not We’re Not Doing Anymore Sorry We’re Declaring The Word Of God Yeah Yeah Dan Changed In Opposite I’d Encourage Anybody Listening Phil Don’t Get Into These Facebook Debates Because It Is Crazy I Had A Guy Selling Me Yesterday That Steve Verdict Is Doesn’t Preach From The Bible And I Said I See In His Church Everyone The Man Doesn’t Not Preach From The Bible You Know What I’m Saying And Then They’re Telling Me I We Horrible You Know He And I Just I Just Said Man You Know What I’m Just Gonna Troll Them And Play With Them A Little Bit But I’m Like Dude Come On And That Push You That Lets You Know Like It They Can They’ll Come Tomorrow And They Illuminate Cells Crack Cocaine And If That Person Was That They Would Affect You You See That Person Ballistic You Used To Be Like Illuminate Just Saved A Eleven Hundred Orphans They Won’t Care No They’re Gonna Stick To Their Guns That Illuminate Tail Crack Yeah Where You Gonna Do Is Moving I Can’t You Can’t Stop Hurting People Don’t You Get What Feeding People At Home Beaten Just Want Negative Energy But You’ll Never Be A That’s It You’ll Never Be Able To Suffice That Because They Just Want To Have Some Negative It’s Not You Actually Scoop You’ll Switch Topics Of Negativity For You Exactly Yeah Well Really One Issue They Gonna Have Another One All But You To Here You’ll Never Please I Got Guys Who Are Friend Me Because I You I Use Mcdonald’s As An Example Of While Ago Brother You Feed Your Child Mcdonald’s And They’ll Like Unfriend Me And Say I Don’t Hear From The Lord Because We Eat Mcdonald’s Every Night And I Had A Biscuit The Other Day You Know I’m Saying Like That’s How These People Are So We Can’t You Can’t Get Caught Up On All These People’s Tangents And Stuff We Just Out Here To Teach And Declare And The Prophesied The Truth To God Over People And If They Want To Deal With That That’s The Spirit Of Debate And If Only To Have Honor If They’re Doing It Now They’re Out There Doing The Work Of The Ministry And Doing A Certain Type Of Way And It’s Working Then We Could Talk Then You Go There Are People That Have Yeah There Are People That Are Like Asshole That Are Called To Apologetics You Know Some People That Do They And They Do It Well Me Personally Um I Could Do It A Little Bit But I Don’t Feel Like That’s My Strong Point You Know What I’m Saying So I Will Sharpen You Know Will Sharpen Each Other With The Word But If You Want To Get Down Into Like Just Downright Debates Into Where It’s Just Gonna Be Pointless Imma Have To Let You Do That On Your Own Umbro Because That’s Not Profitable To Me That’s That To Me That That Now Has Become Constructive Yeah And I’m Not Going Part To Ignite Yep A Nine Point Nine Times Out Of Ten It’s Non Salvation Issue That Has Nothing To Do With With Salvation And People Being Saved In Finding Christ If Something It’s Strictly Religious Opinion You Know It And It Is Never God’s Love That Is Hey Oh That’s The Bad It’s Like It’s A Little Just Just Little Contentious Stuff Like This Like We Got A Comment Right Now From Brendan Schroeder And He’s Saying This To Illuminate He Said Luminate That Water Bottle Been Empty For Thirty Minutes And You Sitting There Still Taking Sips Of That Water It Be Empty For Thirty Minutes Who Said That Somebody So Rightly Tyrone If You See You Take A Swig Of The Water But In A Minute Man Down To How I Would Savoring The Last Of It But God Isn’t What Where That Came From But See Like It Is That Really The Water That I Drink You Know Nothing Of My Sister Oh Yeah I Won’t Have To Run One More Thing Back It Up Okay Well Go Ahead Now I Was Gonna Say I Love You I’m Looking Forward To Seeing You Uh What This Weekend Man What Was Weekend Come Yeah You Me And The White Rat Saturday We’re Going To That Uh Cave Onstage I Don’t Know He’s A Christian Comedian We’ve Had Tickets Today So We’re Going To Be There I’ll Be Back Late At Night But I’m Still Come Through The Hotel But Uh The Second Thing I Wanted To Talk About Um I Can Write Comedy Really Well You Know Exactly I’ve Got Some Funny Stuff Cooking In My Head And I’m Constantly Being Told I’ve Seen These Some Famous Face With People Stealing My Joke And That I’m I’m Just Torn Because It’s Like I Want To Do Comedy In A Sense Sometimes But Then I’m Like The Stuff That I I Know And That’s Really Funny Isn’t Necessarily Christian So How Do I Go About Doing Comedy But Still Being Able To Bring Glory To God You Know You Understand What I’m Saying You Understand Man Yeah I’m Not Think I Think With That One Bro That One Is Um Everybody Comes Down To A Conviction Issue But If You Want To Do A For The Lord You’re Gonna Have To Ask The Lord To Give You Strategic Ways To Tie It Back Into Him Because I Do Know This Comic Up In A Bay Named Dennis Gaxiola And He’s Held Some Funny Stuff In It At The End Like Man No Side Of Freak So He Brings It To An Altar Call You Know What I’m Saying So That Can Be The Gloria God – So Man It’s Asked The Lord To Give You A Strategy Or To Show You How He Wants You To Use That Gift For Him Ro And Allow Him To Birth That And You Tied In At The End Man Because You Do Have Some Funny Stuff Brother Like I’m Saying Like All The Able All These People I See Doing Stuff And Somehow They Blew Up Viral And Their Quality Sucks And It’s Not Even That Funny Some Of Them Aren’t Funny But In Their Millions Of Views I’m Like Every Time I See It I Think Of You Man That’s The Lord Dude That’s The Lord Every Time I See It I Think Of You I Don’t Think Well Hey Let Me Try That I Think Of Robert Moore Every Time I See These Videos Get It Cracking Yeah Brother Wayne Told Me Don’t Miss Your Collar You Gonna Miss You : Hey Look I’m Gonna Tell You All Of You Following God Luminate You’re Doing A Good Job One Thing I Got Against You All The Time Y’all Were Black Oh You Go Where Is It Black You And Dayton Both Of You I Love You All The Time We’re In Black And Blue Star By The Way Men Of This Life Son Yeah Hey You Know What Almost Got You Though Almost Because We Used To Do This On The Little Podcast We Did If I Was Going To Record It Ahead Of Time Its Help We Got A Caller From Shreveport Louisiana Caller Go Ahead Didn’t Have It Play Through While We’re Sitting Here Telling Ya That’s Funny When That Like We Did That When Me Robert Was Doing Our Little Podcast That’s Funny That Was Funny Because I’m Interacting With I’m Chewing A Whole Lot Wayne Wait Um Funny Man I Tell You Yeah Yes Well Yeah There’s Room For That Man There’s Room For That But It’s All About Authenticity So Don’t Be Somebody You’re Not If You’re Not Funny Don’t Be Funny We’re Funny Dudes You Know We Cut Up All The Time We Did A Podcast Where We Were Just Cutting Up For Two Three Hours Straight So Totally It’s Well My People Think We’re So Serious All The Time And It It Kind Of Hurts The The Image Of Like I’m A Holy Man And I’m Always Walking In The Spirit And Alright Now We Tell Jokes We Laugh We Make Fun Of One Other Lovingly Like We Have Fun Man You Know I’m Saying Ooh My Pastor Is Act Like Does Actual Stand-up Comedy Yeah Like He’s Hilarious Stop But He Is Anointed Man Of God Apostle You Know What I’m Saying Like Well Everything That We Do Doesn’t Have To Be This Sovereign Divine Move Of The Lord You Know What I’m Saying Like Well It’s Okay To Have A Personality And A Gift Proto To Make People Laugh That’s The Gift In Itself Man Because There’s So Many Things Going On In This World Homie Like Bro We Need More Laughs More Stuff To Make Us Laugh Yeah Almost Allah Nelson Laughter Is Our Medicine Right And Result And Why Are You Can’t And While We’re On That You Know I’ve Been Noticing Guy Doing Things With Secular Rappers Why Okay Chaps You Got 25,000 If You’re Going Crazy Yes What You Won’t Break Them Down Into Worship Yeah You Know And I’ve Been Seeing That A Lot Of People Been Knocking It But I’m Like Yeah I Realized The Gospel Is Being Preached Two Lost Souls By The Master Yeah He’s Gonna Find A Way Man If The Church Were Coming Out Of The Church Now I’ll Do It He Gonna He’s Gonna Use The Rocks Out There Ma Rocks Will Cry Out Yep All Of Creation Man Is Groaning And Waiting For The Manifestation Of The Sons Of God And So If We Don’t Do It He’ll Find Somebody Or Something That We’ll Hear You Hear He’ll Do It But Yeah That’s A Blessing Chances Doing That That’s Awesome Man And Even Some Of The Celebrities Coming Out Like I Wanted To Do It Just The Whole Thing On Like All The Celebrities Who Were Born Again And All The You Know Like Alice Cooper Dave Mustaine Dave Mustaine From Megadeth Like Man All Of These People I Lit Up Brian Had Was From Corn Field E Field Is So Many People Man So So Many People In That Line Of Work Who Are Christians You Don’t See A Lot Of Christian Actors Right Athletes There You Go Athletes Yep Yes Gang Of Whoo Mm-hmm All Right Robert We Got One More Call Brother Thanks For Calling In And We Will Let You Soon Brother Here All Right Brother Han I Love You I Love You Ladies Amen We Got Another Call From California Caller From California Who We Speak Of It Kiyo Brillante Beyonce Was Hannah Man Welcome To The Show Breathe Please Girls Good What’s Called All Their Natives My Big Brother Man And Uh Holding Me Down For Covell Mini Um Tonight I Had A Question Man I Had A Question Um I Was Just Kids And This Open For You Know Is Open For All Course Um I Was Curious To Know Like As Far As You Know Like When You First Became Saved In Your Walk Where Like Did You Ever Go Through Like A Series Of Like Spiritual Oppression Cuz I Notice For Myself Of My Walk Like I Was I Got Saved At 16 But I Recall I Was Having A Conversation About That Before Was Like You Know You Can Get Saved And Still Not Necessarily Not Award And Still Be Walking Lost You Know And So Now That I Feel Like God Has Been Touching My Heart Within The Last Couple Of Years And I’m Wanting To Give More Serious Of Notice Certain Polls On My Myself Mentally Physically Any Respira Man Like Just Bois Desires Are Closer To God I Feel Spiritually Oppressed As If Like My Old Identity Is Trying To Remind Me Of What I Was Versus Why I Am Now And So Did You Ever Go Through Seasons Of Dealing With Stuff Like That Well When I When I Came To Christ Man Like By The Grace Of God Like I Was Able To Jump Straight Into Community And That Really Helped Me Out A Lot About Being Surrounded By Kids Growing So We’re You Know When When I Was Might Have Had These Thoughts Or Whatever Like They Would Establish Me And My Identity In Christ Well Um I Mean Yeah Rohui This Flesh Will Never See Heaven So We’re Going To Battle This Flesh To The Day That We Die Bro Literally Our Spirit Nurse Always Was Heaven Bro This Flesh Will Never See Heaven Dude So It’s Always Gonna Have To Be Something That We Are At War In It’s Contrary To The Spirit And Then There’s Different Atmospheres You Stand Like This Like How You When Saul Got In The Atmosphere Of The Prophecy Sort Of Prophesying Well If There’s Other Atmospheres That Are Ungodly Then That Means That There’s Other You Know Dark Spirits That Are More Welcome There That You Know Have More Than Access That Fiery Darts At Us Or Oppress Us Or You Know So You Know It’s About Creating And Cultivating A Godly Lifestyle And You Know Devotional Time With Lord Have An Atmosphere Filled With The Holy Spirit You Know Have Some More Shitty If You Live With Somebody Who’s Not Saved And And They’re Still Allowing You Know Some Darkness Cracking Off Rope You Don’t Have To Allow That In Your Room You Can Have Some Worship Music Playing And When You’re Gone Cultivate An Atmosphere Yeah Yeah You Know What Yeah So It Would Be It Really Wanted To You Know Being Proactive Because It Is A Battle We Are In A War Be Proactive With Yeah That Now Man So Yeah I Was Definitely Helpful Man I’m Gonna Definitely Start Playing More Worship For Sure That’s Actually What I Had Told You Earlier This Year When My Grandma Had Passed Away Man Like I Was In A Season Where I Was Praying And I Was Playing Music Mas Playing Worship Music And I Literally Started Praying And Then All That Stuff Started To Happen In Addition Atmosphere Like He Was Talking About So I Think Here That Again Is Kind Of Confirmation I Need To Go Back To That Yeah I Had Jobs When I When I Was Coming Out The World And I Was I Was Involved In Deep Witchcraft But Anybody Who Was Involved In Drugs And And Stuff Like That You’re Totally Involved In Witchcraft But Uh I Was Coming Out Of That Stuff Yeah And Even Walking As A Christian For Four Weeks Maybe Even Months I Would Get I Would Have These Weird Schizophrenic Panic Attacks Like Being In A Crowd Of People And Like Have To Leave Out Of That Crowd And Go Pray Like I’d Be I’d Have These Weird Deliberate Acts Where I Felt Them Wanting Me Back Man And I Just Real Feel Uncomfortable In My Body And I’d Have To Get Down And Put That Worship Go On And Open Up The Scriptures Start Reading And Praying To Have That Spirit Leader Much Like Saul When The Evil Spirits Were Oppressing Him And It Was It Was The Worship Music Of David That Caused Them Spirits To Leave And So We Be Going Through Trials And Tribulations And Battles And You Start Feeling Weird Like That And I Tell I Felt Like An Antidote When I Put That Worship Music On Get In The Presence Yeah And Uh And Watch God Yeah Yeah I’m Saying Dude I’m Saying Do What He Does And Watch Some Spirits Leave Dude And That’s That Totally I Had To Do A Lot Man But As You Keep Walking It Kind Of Gets Easier And Easier And The Lord Begins To Shift Your Battles You Kind Of Conquer That That Land Of People You Get You Kind Of Conquer Those Yeah Uh Amalekites You You I’m Saying You Defeat Them And Then The Lord Is Going To Show You Another Hill Another Battle And Another Victory And Another Place For You To Walk In And A Place For You To Dwell And Sin And Set Up A Monument Of Remembrance For The Lord And What He Did For You There And He Brought You Out Of That Land It Happens Man And So There’s Changes So You Know I’m Saying The Devil’s We You Know We Were Fighting With Ten Years Ago When I Fighting With Them But One Of The Hard Things Is And You May See This To Illuminate Sometimes It’s Easy To Forget Where We Came From And We In The Church World And We’re Doing The Church Thing But We Forget About Okay And That’s What I Do I Try To Put Myself In Their Shoes Okay When I Was There And What Was Going On Okay I Was At A Place Where I Needed To Hear This Needed The Simplicity Of The Gospel I Didn’t Need A Biblical Theologian I Needed Just Slider Love On Me I’d Say Hey God Loves You Man Oh You Know You Don’t Believe It But He Loves You So Much Like Those Little Little Things Dude And That’s All It Takes Sometimes Man To Open Up That Door You Know To Speak The Word Against Over People Speak The Truth That’s What Prophet Sign Is Is The Clear Word Of God And That’s The Truth You Don’t That Doesn’t Like That In Your Ear God Loves Everybody If Everybody Right Sing Good Luck In That Man Yeah And I Think It’s Interesting That I Feel Like What Are The Key Things That You Said That Stuck Out Was Like Declaring The Word Of God Over People But I Also Think Too Is Also Important For Me To Start Speaking The Word Of God Over Myself Which Is What I’ve Been Hearing Lately Too Because Um You Know Friend Of Mine Attaches Recently Reached Out To Me And I Was Tell Her How I Would Like Struggle With Certain Mental Things Or Deal With Anxiety And Depression For Pakistan And Uh She Was Just Sharing With Me She’s Like Yo Like You Need To Be Nicer To Yourself Because You’re Always Listening To You And It’s Like Why I Hear Stuff Like That I’m Like Okay Some Stone In The Spirit Was Speaking I Think You Don’t Say Like That Usually Was Them Like Trigger Must Be Like That I’m Like Okay Some Like I Was Supposed To Hear That And So I Have To Remind Myself That I Need To Be Nicer To Myself Is I Can’t Really Be Kind To Anybody Else Unless I First Learn How To Love Me With The God With The Love That God Given Me You Know And So I’m Learning That And Um I Think You Just Kind Of Like Reaffirmed It Again Like You Know Just Being Able To Declare The Word Over People Declare The Word Even Over Myself Because Face Knows My Hand Right Here My Water God So You Know Like If She Takes Taking It Back To The Word I Think Yeah It Was A Iiii Got Some I’m Gonna Send You Well I Seen A Matter Of Fact About Dr. Marshall I’ve Seen Him Do A Series Or A Little Thing On Self-talk Because He’s Actually Like A Psychologist As Well Too And We Have Self-talk That Our Own Psyche That Our Own Subconscious Speaks To Our Self Bro So I Have Something There Was Like My Key Thing Though I’ll Send It To You I’ll Email It To You Broke So You Can Be Conscious In A Way Of This And Start You Know Training Yourself You Know To Not Receive The Negativity Because Bro We Just Have A A I Don’t Know Why We Do It Robot We Just Produce And Reproduce Negativity So Easily As Humans Grow So You Know If You’re Conscious Of It And Write Like This And Do This It Will Help You Get Better And Yeah It Does Say That Love Your Neighbor As Yourself So If You’re Not Loving Himself Right You Can’t Let Your Neighbor Right Came On Over Exactly Exactly So Yeah Man That’s That’s Real And It’s A Trip Because Always Up On That Will Use Mengual Was At The Retreat Was Seven Everybody Um And I Was Asking Them I Was Like Yellow So What Is It With Depression Man Because I Feel Like I Struggle With This He Was Like When You Find Yourself In A Month Under Motor Depression You’re Basically Idolizing And Worshiping A Soul And A High When He Said That I Did Totally Understanding But He Was Like Think About It Like This When You Start Focusing On Your Own Uncertainty And Your Own Problems Above The Goodness Of God You’re Basically Worshiping Yourself Because You’re So Focused On The Negative And You’re So Focused On You That You Can You Only Have Room Enough In Your Heart To Let God In And When He Said That It Kind Of Stuck With Me And Then It Didn’t Change The Fact That I Was Still Struggling With It From Time To Time But When I Started To Think About That Little Nugget That He Gave To Me It Started Making Me Start It Started Making Me Think About It A Little Bit More Like Okay Well I Need To Start Focusing On Me So Much I Need To Focus On God And Then I Need To Focus On Other People And Then Monies Would Be Met In The Mister Day So I Was Like Man Like God’s Powerful He See The Intro It Says It He Will Keep Him In Perfect Peace Whose Mind Is Stayed On The Lord Man You Know What I’m Standing So Like A Tree Instead Or Like He Will Grant You Perfect Peace So But Uh But I’ll Email Those To You Grow A Little It’ll Sure Amen Yeah Okay Fan Hey Coleman Webb Y’all Pretty Much Thanks For Calling Arise Funny Yeah The Scripture Says That As A Man Thinketh In His Heart So Shall We Be Yep That Rule We Got One More We Got Time For One More We Got A Knock Out A Lot More One More Here We Go Look We Call It From California Who We Speaking With Yo Give Me One Second All Right Callie Representing For The Homie Nate So I Glass At The Cut And I See My Homie Nate He Said Give Me One Second I’ll Be With Y’all Right What’s Happening Man Who Was Figure With Hey What’s Going On Man – Santiago I’ll Over Here Choke Down Yeah Yeah Been I’ve Been Listening Man In A You Know Just This Is Really Really Great To See My Plight My Gl Here You Know Lady Doing The Same Um I Kind Of Always Husband As A Call To Be Honest So I Know You Guys Are Talking On Some Serious Subjects But I Just Personally Want To Let Them Know That Us Say You Know We’re All Watching And I’m Saying And You Know I’m Definitely Proud Of Them You Know Every Move He’s Been Making You Know And Keeping Everything All Right With You Know With Them Is Going And I Mean Yeah I Don’t Really Have No Question Anything Like That You Say This Is Santiago We’re At How We Know Each Other You Know It You Know Dangling Is Red Letters Mel You Know That Okay For Show I Mean Every Strike Yeah Okay Oh Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Oh My Dog What’s Up Family Oh Oh Okay I Want To Switch Names On Me Now And This Is My Dog And For Mellifluous From Boilie No Pro Iq For The Gospel What’s Up Man Or You Won’t Okay Young Brother Man Straighten It Up Okay Yeah Now I Know Who It Is Okay Yeah Man How Are You Family Man Yo You Know I’m Good Man I’m Deep In I’m Saying Like I Said Man I Was Just Really Um I Seen Your Post And I Was Like Man Let Me Listen To The T Nonsense Movie At The Obvious Right Now So I Was Like Yeah Listen Come There You Know Ben I Please But I Just Really Good Dish It’s A Really Good It’s A Really Good Feeling Sir It’s A Really Refreshing Feeling You Don’t Be Able To Watch You In Them The Way You Conduct Yourself And I’m Saying As Well As You Know You Know I Keep Our Eye Out On Everything That Goes On Man So You Know You’ve Been Very Consistent Line And You Know Just Today I Met You I Know You I Knew You As A Ruin And I’m Saying But The Great Part About It Is That You Know That Now I You Represent The Real One You Know Some Up You Me So Uh So I Don’t Owe You Nothing And Every Chance And I Mean I Met My Brother Wasn’t Check It Out I Was In The Victory Outreach Men’s Home When I Met My Brother I Was Not A Brother I Was Freshly Freshly Shaved Bro Like Not Even Saved Four Or Five Months Probably When I Met My Brother Man So We Go Way Way Way Back He Seen Me When I Was Still Extremely Rough Around Aston A Man Yeah Nasty Looking Still Coming Off Of Your Brother But Um A Bro Well On A Side Santiago Grub We Should Uh I’m In Socal Now Rodgers Got Married Home Yeah I Live Down Here In Oxnard We Should Live Yeah We’re For Real Yeah You Don’t Even With That We You Know With That As Well Man You Know That’s Part Of Me You Know Saying Uh You Know I’m Proud Of You Young Man And You Know And Everything That You’ve Been Doing It On Someone So Uh Thank You For Word Thank You Do Me A Favor Bro Shoot Me A Message On Facebook A Son Well Shoot Me On Blind Bro So We Can Stay In Touch Well For Real I Prefer Will Do Okay Good Good Hear From You On The Show All Right Brother Love You My Real Group I Met I Said That Was Young Broke Young Pro Pro You Know Young Pro Okay Went By Young Pro Okay So He Had A Little Like Id For The G Which Is I’ll Die For The Gospel So Him And His Brother Young Pro And His Brothers Dj Tech They Rock Would Like A Cat A Lighter Shade Of Brown And I’m Really Really Tough Man But They’re There Christian You Feel What I’m Saying What’s Up Um Great Brothers Men Great Brothers Yeah I Met Him Without Super Just Coming After Freshly Being A Goon So Man So Good That’s Awesome Man Dude Thanks For Coming On The Show Brother Let’s Pray Out One Last Time Man Anything That You’re Feeling That That That In You Know If You Know If There’s Anybody Out There Who Was In The Same Situation You Were They Still Struggling They Making Excuses Say A Prayer Man Well I Just Want To Let People Know Even Right Now Before We Go Into Prayer Like Real Talk We Started For God That I Meet You Right With You’re At Man Um I Used To Have To Feel I Used To Feel Like Man I Go To Church When I Get When I Get It Together Yeah When I’m You Know When I’m Doing Better I Feel Like Not I Don’t Work Like That Man You Come To Christ As You Are And He’ll Handle It From There All You Have To Do With This Come And He Handles The Rest Like For Real So Man Just Father God We Come Before You In Jesus Name God And I Just Wait For Anybody Listening To This Guy That Is In A Place God Of Stuck Feeling Mundane Whether They Don’t Know You Or They Do Know You They Just Feel Like They’re At A Standstill In Life God And They Can’t Get Past It Father I Pray Right Now God That You Would Flood Their Heart With Hope And Peace God I Pray Lord God That They Would Cry Out To You God Even Tonight And Father God And That You Would Respond To Them Personally God That They Would Feel Your Holy Spirit Manifest God I Pray For The Baptism Of The Holy Spirit In Their Life That That You Father God Would Remove God These Desires Got These Worldly Desires Got These These Things Now They Are Contrary To Your Will For Their Life God And Let Them Know That They Are Loved And All They Have To Do God Has Come As They Are And You’ll Accept Them Father And Then You’ll Start To Take The Rest From There It Is A Process That Salvation Is Instant But Sanctification Is Going To Take Us The Rest Of Our Life So Helpful Not To Focus On Themselves So Much Helping To Focus On You And Allowing You To Do The Work In Them So If That’s You Guys Right Now You Just Want To Accept Christ Repeat After Me Say I Come Before You A Sinner In Need Of A Savior And Lord I Need You I’m Open Coming To My Heart Be Lord Of My Life And Reign In My Mind My Will My Emotions In My Life In Jesus Name Amen Amen And There It Is There It Is And If You Prayed That Prayer Make Sure That You Contact One Of Us Contact Nate Yeah Personally Contact Me Whatever It Is Let Us Know Man We’ll Put Some Material In Your Hand We’ll Pray With You Over The Phone Talk With You About Your New Life In Christ Man And We’ll Do This Thing Together Nate Thanks So Much For Coming On The Show Brother Thank You It Means A Larger Honor Definitely Gonna Have You Back On But You Know I’m Saying We’ll Do Some Roundtable Discussion With Some Other Artists As Well Yet And You’re Saying Well Then Really I Get Into A Mess So Thanks For Coming On I Will Speak With You Soon Brother Yes Sir I’ll Let You Owe Me God Bless Well Your Man God Vast Peace Amen Oh There You Have It Ladies And Gentlemen Nate Illuminate That’s What’s Up Good Brother Whoo So That Brings Us To The End Of The Show Like I Said I Want To Say A Huge Thank You To Everybody Again I See A Lot Of You Guys In The Chat Room Now Who Wasn’t Here At The Beginning I Gave A Shout Out To Everybody Grim Gave You A Big Shout Out At The Beginning Read Through All The Patrons All The Supporters If You Want To Support What We’re Doing Help Us Pay For All Of This Cool Technology That We Have It Cost Money I Have To Pay Like Monthly Bills On Using All Of This Technology Stuff But If You Want Help What We’re Doing We Got Some Cool Perks For You Got Some Music Going To Be Releasing Some T-shirts And Stuff Like That As Well You Can Download My Full Discography That’s Unreleased Music It’s Not Even On A Project Yet I Got Like Six Songs Or Something That’s That’s On There Go To That’s Go To Eff Sign Up Five Ten Dollars A Month Whatever You Can Do It Means So Much So If We Have A Lot Of People Doing A Little Bit Man We Can Pay All The Bills Really Easy So I Think You Guys For Believing In Me We’re Going To Be Back Here In A Couple Days I’m Probably Gonna Try To Go To Two Shows A Week And Changing The Format Around Man I Had So Much Fun Doing This And Uh I Have A Lot Of Notes That I Didn’t Get To May Do That Friday Evening We’ll See What’s Up So Thanks For Hanging Out With Me Guys I Love Each And Every One Of You Guys You Guys Are So Awesome God Bless

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