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TruthSeekah speaks with Jahn Illuminati Congo about spirituality and living out your dreams. In this discussion the two speak about how they gave up their nine to five to pursue their passions of music and the healing arts. Manifestation is possible and the steps to living out your dreams can be achieved in a very practical way. Once you make up your mind to recapture your dream the Universe / God delights in this decision and helps you to unlock your full destiny. It is a song and dance, a divine journey written in the stars. The first step is to only say yes.

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live show because we run into bugs on the background but I enjoy doing a live show because we open up the phone lines all the podcasts and prose they tell you to record it do your editing and then upload it I do that as well and I can edit that on the back end but I really like the natural show I really like having you guys here with us joining us laughs comment comment sections open chat rooms open this is what we do so thank you guys for joining me this beautiful day I cannot go any further without saying a huge thank you to everyone who is supporting my work via patreon and so this is people who are given month to month different levels of giving anywhere from $1 to $10 $30 whatever you feel whatever you’re able to do this is the people who were supporting me who are funding me to continue to make music to continue to buy beats to continue to make podcast I’m doing this full-time this is what I do I’m walking in that and you guys are enabling me to do so it’s free to listen to the podcast it’s not free to make all of this stuff cost money and like I say even the music so as far as on the music side there is a bunch of new music at backslash true seeker we got new music I just put up a new song yesterday entitled alpha and you have to understand what that name means that title means you have to listen to the song and so it kind of explains everything I don’t want to give it away it’s kind of cool to kind of listen to the song and find out what it means so if you like to check out some of the new music and help support what I’m doing head on over to patreon comm backslash truseq and there’s a couple songs there that aren’t released to the general public featuring today’s guests and you can download those tracks that aren’t released public yet so with that being said I’m gonna go ahead and bring in the guests today a good friend of mine someone who was a huge inspiration I really look at–look up to this guy many of you know him we’ve been working together for a while we’ve done personal healing sessions together we’ve gotten groups of individuals together at my home we’ve rented buildings and had him come through via Skype to lead holotropic breathing sessions conscious connected breathing yoga sessions and it had an amazing time this is somebody I really look up to guys I’m telling you I God my hat is off when we mentioned spirituality or people just being themselves man you’re the first person that comes to mind and I try to name-drop you every chance I get Illuminati Congo welcome to the show brother man it’s good to connect again like I said we’ve been building for a while got some some tracks that when I first got into the esoteric mysticism stuff putting that in my music you were one of the first people I reached out to to get on my album awake in the fire so we connected way back when and then my process my journey there was a point in time where I come out of the Christian Church and dealing with all that knowledge and the backlash that I got from my community they crucified me and then so I tried to get rid of all of that knowledge all of that info stuff and get rid of it and many of you guys seen that I had videos of just getting rid of anything else you’ll be anything esoteric anything that was not Christian oriented John’s seen that video I was burning books with so what’s your what’s your take on that man kind of feel people in on when you when you see as useful as you make it and so I didn’t feel I didn’t feel any type of way about it there was a time when I was in the Christian Church long ago I remember I destroyed my De La Soul tapes this was when I was like seven to eighth grade and it was all all the stuff that I destroyed the sock oh just sent a tribe called quest’s it was it was real easy stuff easy-listening was too hardcore but it wasn’t Christian yeah what some Christian so I was there in in that mode at a time and really I understand is this cycle and a season for everything sometimes you got to get rid of certain information and only focus on what is working for you or what resonates with your heart and sometimes you have to have to explore just that path as it is without any other influences and so I understand that and I didn’t really feel any type of way about it it was confusing you might I’ve seen I see people do it similar things and it’s confusing at times but confusion leads to Co fusion or the integration and so I I just bless it and as a stepping stone young the initiation and learning process exactly man that dude that’s a good word you just said the whole confusion place cuz coming out of the Christian Church like there’s things that we’ve learned and it coming out of that we got to unlearn the word confusion and those circles are bad a bad thing I remember being like him in Bible studies with people and if somebody’s bringing something different that they’ve never heard it’s a little deep even in the Christian circles there would be people who didn’t get it and and and understanding that they would say okay I’m confused they would link that what the Scriptures I say confusion is of God I am not the author of confusion right obviously all things work together we can really tie that in on how you know confusion is a good thing there but they see that as a bad word I’m confused this isn’t of God and their check they check out this doesn’t make sense I’m confused you’re confusing me but until we get to a point that we are confused we’re not going to search for the truth and search for the answer so essentially totally backward to that thinking confusion is a it’s not a good thing but a great thing it can be a catalyst for going beyond the addictions and the contradictions that’s good man so much we can talk about like I said we got it we got a couple songs that we’ve worked on that aren’t released yet I plugged my patreon I mean there they’re there for you guys who want to hear them and there’s so many people supporting you guys I’ve got we’re getting great feedback and I can’t wait to release those tracks to the general public man we did one about the angels two angels among us which is dude I’m itching to get that track out to the public it’s a little piece for the video yeah we step in our video game up man with everything that we’re doing and we’ve been talking about some ideas for some of the songs that we have together even even some of the older ones kind of kind of revisiting them to make them happen it’d be awesome dude if we did something for that imagined Atrix where you you uh embodied pan you know saying we’ll come up you know say came up with that with that with the outfit and everything and I know I know we just said that just for the sake of not for the sake of wearing it but when you listen to the song and the lyrics that you came you came with so just imagine you coming in as an entity and maybe even you channeled those lyrics I don’t know but you came in you say I’m not from this place I’m from inner space so you’re basically coming in introducing yourself as another being and explaining where you came from so my you know my my gears are working uh sigh okay well you know how can we make this happen to be something beautiful and I was thinking man and you guys in the chat room you know I know most of you guys know this song to let give us some feedback so maybe like where we’re finding some ancient manuscripts on pan and we can print out some old works and make them look like old relics or maybe find it and it buried somewhere and we’re reading rituals on how to summon pan and so my verse comes first and maybe we do that in a video and then we do this initiation ritual summon pan and then your verse comes in and you just come in I guess that sounds like good imagery and that’s a beautiful song man everything that we’ve done together not to I say not to puff your head up but definitely the puff your head up you need to be commended man everything that we’ve done together has always been beautiful it’s been amazing and your work ethic when you say you’re gonna do something you do it right and you do it quick there’s never been a time where we got a John on a track for a feature where we had to wait six weeks eight weeks six months things like this he’s got it he knocks it out man so I commend your work ethic all that all the positivity that you bring to the community you have enabled me and encouraged me to seek after my dreams and to see you and it’s a couple people that come to my mind one is Joe Rogan who talks about this all the time about finding what you love and do that and you I think you embody that whether it’s hip hop whether it’s the healing arts and just taking everything that you love and not trying to be like okay I’m a guru I’m a yogi I’m only in this Lane but I do a little bit of it all and and I am who you get man to so to see I think the world envies that when they see somebody walking in there calling and being authentic man so that is envious man and seeing what you have and what you’ve built over the years and your dedication your study your learning and sticking with it consistency dude hats off man I know I’m getting along with him dude but I just wanna I definitely want to say thank you again for just just being you really man that’s encouraging and edifying and I receive it and I ground it and I expand it and it must be a reflection of things in you and ways of you because we can’t really notice things outside of us that we’re not resonating with inside they don’t have so I always tell people that I can’t give anything that I don’t already possess so whether it’s you know going through something and then if you’ve been through a lot of stuff and you kind of get the revelation and you understand how universal law works how calls and reacts works and so you understand that you know whether you’re going through a tough time you know the outcome you know it’s about trusting about keeping perfect peace and seeing yourself through it and really tapping in what we use it you know going into the spirit realm whether it’s through trance state meditation conscious connected breathing these things that you teach and you’ve taught me to bring into my life have totally helped and then so listening to some of your your-your-your newer music as well I want to say your most recent music but you have two projects you have health wealth knowledge of self which that’s what I’m still I’m digging that but then you also have a new one as well called all is Tantra there’s a song when they’re kind of related to the laws of the universe universal law and it’s called the four laws of wealth and that song is essentially a mantra that you know I think words I think words are so powerful man so that song in particular I don’t I don’t know how often you don’t revisit it if you do it live or you teach it to people but man that song is so powerful to us to be able to recite blessings over ourselves and to change our thinking about money and about people wanting to give us money not like how can we hustle money how we try to get money from people but there’s people who want to bless you there’s people who debt their ministry there are blessing so that they can bless others and to align yourself with that you song for laws of wealth as a powerful song man thank you that the four laws of wealth I learned from Leonard or my one of my main teachers and so that song and the other song on that album I’m alive now are both directly from the influence of the affirmations that we use in the rebirthing breathwork community and so I wanted to put ideas a lot of those aren’t our affirmations that are used already some of them are were my own affirmations mixed in and I just wanted a couple those together because ideas are the source of all wealth and the source of all forms the source of all creation it comes from the imagination relating back to the imagined nature’s I also I have other album that I’ve released just recently called a at the same time as all as Tantra called intergalactic okay yes all on there that uh that backs up the same thing I backs up the wealth laws to and it says Jah children are Bobek Stila borrow do what you love and the money will follow with never wallow suffering no wait for tomorrow love what you do and the money will follow so do what you love and the money will follow love what you do and the money will follow so you can love right where you at and the money is gonna come and it’ll you do what you love they go together because you I’ve been in places where I wasn’t working where I wanted to work and then I was like you know what let me love what I’m doing right now so that I can develop the quality mmm-hmm that will serve me no matter what I’m doing that’s being genuine authentic person and and it worked you helped transition from doing stuff that wasn’t really my thing to doing my thing and loving it all the way that’s a big paradigm shift there so I you know I come from the Christian community I know you do too and there’s a couple different streams of thought there but there was a big one that that crept in that was ugly when it when it comes to that stuff was the prosperity gospel and so you have the people like creflo dollar it’s maybe some of TD jakes but there’s a lot of people Eddy long was in on it I mean it was all about it was this thing about getting money and all the focus and attention was on money and using religion or using God to get what you want but what what made it so seem kind of wicked there that wasn’t a purity there it seemed wicked because it taught these principles that those who those who seek after money will never have enough it’s like you never are content where you are so there’s this plate you know once you get this job okay you want the better job once you you know get in this building high-rise you want to get in the main office and they taught these weird schemes on how to do that and how God wanted you to do that yeah so there’s a there’s that there’s that system versus the other side of the the poor righteous teacher in that a man of God a person of wisdom a guru they shouldn’t have any money because money is wicked money is evil you have to sell your soul for the riches and stuff and I think both of those are definitely extremes and I think both of them are wrong but there’s a balance there how do we go from this just crazy I guess we could call an ungodly belief program that’s running there that money is evil that as you as a righteous person shouldn’t be affiliated with the things of the world and you shouldn’t care about those how do we have that right attitude when it comes to money I know your music helps but I mean how do we change our thinking on that well wealth is what we are we are infinite wealth already and so to have a desire and a determination to produce monetary income and and to flourish financially is is a good thing I mean we can go to the Bible and find all types of quotes that would back up the fact that living abundantly fruitful and multiplying is is the way of a source we can also find in the Bible how greed and avarice over ice can actually prevent prevent you from from experience in your wealth because our true wealth is is what seek ye first the kingdom and all good things shall be added unto you and so our first wealth is the kingdom and the Kingdom is not there there it’s not outside it’s within and so what is the kingdom the king for me the kingdom is bliss it is eternal bliss and ecstasy and so if I seek that within how can I find that within I do two things that help bring that within so that what’s out there can can be on the same frequency so I could be on the same frequency as the wealth that I would like to attract out there because there’s nothing really out it’s oh it’s all in and you don’t understand that yeah yeah yeah there’s nothing out there per se that’s more just a perception yeah so the fact that it’s all within us I mean we could go back to the Bible we could use the Bible all day under the poor all things are pure yeah and so wealth is is pure money is pure well so what makes a relationship with money harmful that’s when you don’t have a relationship with the kingdom with the kingdom of love compassion imagination the kingdom of presence that what’s the presence that is the acceptance the accepting forgiving loving healing presence of source infinite intelligence aka God aka Christ okay you and me when we live in alignment it’s it’s beautiful that you say that because those who demonize the whole money thing they got to understand that it doesn’t say that money is the root of all evil I know many people have quoted it that way but it says the love of money this / infatuation where you’re ready to kludge somebody out of their position to get what they got like that’s that’s wicked to to envy another man’s belongings that you will do harm to him to get it or to do whatever it takes no matter what you have to do to get it that’s evil that’s weaker so the scripture saying is the love of money and I’m sure that word love wasn’t even the word of a Gabbay exactly was it it was the word of lust or Cyrus lay oh yes and because if you can have an unconditional love for money that’s a different thing that’s that’s that impartial view for everything where you don’t attach anything bogus you just view it as it is and that’s what that’s what you and money through true love that’s what it is it’s just what it is doing money through lust then it’s something that we think is gonna help us when money doesn’t help us only creativity love compassion ingenuity that’s what help us so when we’re looking at the whole money thing and I mentioned it a while ago you know they always like preach this this notion that even without saying it like you can never have enough there’s always more get more and get more so we find ourselves in this place that I believe so the scripture says that a godly word says it’s in a Timothy it says godliness with contentment is great gain right so to be content where you are but to still have the ambition to pursue the things that you’re called to do that the dreams and visions that are within you to manifest them like how do we stay and this is this is a this is a little war here like a like a dichotomy how do you remain content I found ways to do it but how do you remain content with still saying okay there’s things that I want to accomplish and I have to work hard so how do I keep that drive and not get stagnant and I’m just gonna stay here to be content but you still have the ambition as well well the bhagavad-gita speaks very well on this is to do your work but don’t be attached to the results of your work don’t be attached to the to the results of what you do but but to do it do we do your best so that’s one one thing that I always use that helps me be content out I have desires I have works and things I’d like to manifest in my life but I’m not attached to the results of those things I’m more so in love with the journey more so in love with the actual doing of it the results are found in the doing of it yeah that’s why I’m content is my heaven my paradise is in the actual practice and that’s that’s one of my main main ways of finding contentment and then also knowing that desire they’ll never be an end of desire as long as people are embodied we’re going to desire things in one way or another and so I I accept that I accept that desire is not bad we talked about doing psilocybin mushrooms and reading The Alchemist and and and those two have something really in common of before us chasing your dreams understanding time how time works if it’s real is if it’s an illusion but there’s an there’s a sense of urgency there to like not to waste it like life is precious don’t waste it the things that you want to do go ahead and pursue them and do them and those two for me have a little fire within me too and to embrace them the now moment which I think I think the other realms like to refer to it as but dealing with that and having a burden not only for yourself but to help other people reach that place as well right and teach them principles practical examples that would that work not theories and and to some some people on outside it may seem like a theory until you get into it whether you get into breath work it’s okay how can breathing help me achieve my goals how can breathe and help me to change my thinking or to be in alignment and there’s so much science and spirituality there but it works but I want to go a step further and just talk about how having empathy and compassion for other people how do you look at people like that because I remember when it was first happening to me and I had I had I had it for me like I wanted to pursue my dreams and I seen them they came back to my vision and the universe aligns with you and teaches you how to pursue them what to do patience okay you have to learn these principles and then I’m gonna open up doors and essentially the universe becomes a teacher God a Holy Spirit prana which works through everything it becomes a beautiful song and dance but to look at the other people so I would see people my bosses at the time when at the job I was working and see them old grumpy knowing that man they had a dream too you know and that they’ve lost and it’s really important that dream and it brought even brought tears to my eyes to like okay when do you when are you supposed to give up on your dreams when are you supposed to say okay I’ve tried long enough and this shit ain’t working like okay let me just bustle into this nine-to-five and be a good employee obviously you’re gonna be wherever you are do it as you’re doing it unto the Lord right but when do you give up on it so it did just crazy empathy where I’m just driving through traffic and seeing the system that’s built where people are going to work where they don’t want to be I’d say and maybe my numbers wrong but I’m gonna say 90 I want to say 95 percent maybe the numbers way off and this may be where I need help to look at people and see them stuck in positions where they don’t want to be where they gave up on the dream like how do you how do you reckon that because I talked with my wife and she helps me with this and she says well you know there’s some people who enjoy working at McDonald’s like it but it brings a smile to their face they love being needed and they’re content there there’s they don’t I almost assume that everybody has that inward drive took create and to manifest like I do how do you reconcile that with everybody else man and know you know who to deal with in things man you know well there’s there may be people who want to do some different things and there’s but everyone is where the based on ways of thinking and believing prior to wear wear them getting to where they’re at and so that that was an experience working at McDonald’s was an experience that that person wanted and no matter who you even if you want to be somewhere else who like oh I hated working at McDonald’s something about you wanted that experience to manifest that’s why you’re there now as far as the dreams go did you give up your dream to do the person give up to work their nine-to-five or to work at a fast-food restaurant sometimes they’re there they’re working towards their dreams and they they’re just doing that 9:00 to happens is when we try to start supporting that with a nine-to-five or with driving with lyft or uber or whatever if we lose sight of what we’re trying to do we can end up spending too much time doing the other thing and not doing our our own thing and it’s it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle searching for a dollar trying to pay the bills there’s so many reasons why people could get stuck doing in things that aren’t there their main Forte of what they really want to do and getting stuck in those things does does sort of prevent the world from reaching its its full potential from my its full potential for harm Oh harmonious relations around the world I feel that everyone has some type of creative spark that King helped bring almost like a utopia yeah I may seem a little idealistic with this view but I just believe in the goodness of people and in the creativity of people and then the uniqueness of people and I see that we have things that contribute that could help with issues that we might not have even that the next person might have never even viewed it that way so how can we help people is by doing what you’re doing by doing what I’m doing about being the best we can be in our own field and like I said loving what you do and doing what you love if we’re in a place that you don’t like love love love what you do there yeah and love is gonna be that that bond that that allows creativity and prosperity and opportunities to come forth that that love will do it every time just loving what you do let everybody know that the phone lines are open we have a lot of people in the chat room a lot of fans of Trucy got a lot of fans of Illuminati Congo I think they go hand in hand man it’s so beautiful but uh phone lines are open if you guys have a question for John Illuminati Congo or myself give us a call if you just want to say hello the phone lines are open for you to do that they take advantage their number is in the description and going across the top of the screen so dealing with that like I call that default like we just kind of get an autopilot and we’re here by default we’re definitely there for a reason to learn because if you don’t learn from that season in that place that you’re in you’re bound to make those same choices and keep taking that test that’s what I call it over and over you’ll find yourself cap I’m not it make McDonald’s but I’m at Burger King or I’m at Hardy so you had these other places which you don’t want to be right and you keep finding yourself in these places where these things are recurring over and over and it’s like okay what’s going on am I just a failure I’m just a mess up like am I not destined to have anything good in my life my father he didn’t have anything he struggled and he didn’t never own anything so people have these ways of thinking and I like how just even in conversation a while ago you went back to the solution of like okay this is how could you mention it just in conversation about how to come out of it in the winter so talking about the ways that we’re thinking and the things that we’re doing over and over even subconsciously or creating this life that we’re living and so that’s that’s default most of us are in that by default we don’t know how to turn it off is it is it possible am I gonna be this way forever but you teach tons of methods and they work about how to retrain the brain to retrain the mind and to focus on the now moment which where all the power is to do that through conscious connected breathing so talk a little bit about the power to retrain your brain to retrain the way that you think and to bring about essentially whatever you want into this reality and make it manifest well I’ll give a quick example based on on my latest creation and that’s me and my lady we just gave birth at home in our tub with no Midwife no nurse no doctors no one all we used was connected breathing relaxation hypno birthing we trained our mind for months before baby came with scenes of pleasurable easy birds and information that supported that we didn’t take in any information from people that supported complicated births or complications or anything of that nature and if we ever had any fears related to those things we would breathe and talk about them and find roots of these fears together during the during the labor we use the breath and I’m not gonna say there wasn’t pain she did feel intense surges are pain but also intense surges of pleasure and ecstasy and our baby came out you know in a wonderful gentle way and births that are usually if you if you look around you’re not going to hear about situations like that happening that easily why because people aren’t using the the power of the breath and the power of the mind to their advantage those are the main powers we have available to us like fuck the religion and the philosophy the ideas and beliefs the breath if you could stop believing anything you believe in right now and you’ll still live stop breathing for ten twenty minutes and see what happens so you can stop believing in thinking all the bullshit you believe in but stop having awareness stop everywhere and you do the awareness is primordial to the thoughts and the ideas about awareness that ideas about life and the breath is before any name we could ever say before anything we could ever do there has to be breath there has to be the circulation of energy which is breath so those two things are the most important to to build with from my perspective and I’ve had most of my greatest breakthroughs whether I’m using mushrooms or cannabis or using no other plant ally just the breath I’m always using the breath if I’m if I’m using mushrooms I use the breath to go deeper if I’m building with the cactus I only take just a tiny bit and the breath is what allows me to really go deep I’ve I’ve healed through the breath myself many times and my son if you can see my big son he I would tell him to come give some testimonies about the laying on of hands with the breath work and how how that can actually heal things immediately I’ve had miracles with that uh-huh so I I’m a devotee of the breath of life I’m a devotee of breath life and awareness yeah and you do seminars you lead yoga and you know people can book private sessions with you through Skype to do it for private one-on-one or to lead group sessions as well we’ve done many and I’m telling you guys well worth it and what he’s talking about is the real deal this is this is the science behind the spirituality and this is it you know what he’s saying has some some weight to it I’m trying to think of a pun what Brad he’s not he’s not blowing smoke so I want it I wanted to talk about too because you touched on birthing and you talked you talking about welcoming your new child and into this realm and congratulations again say it publicly yesterday last night I had an interview with Hope Medford of medicine for the people NACO bear many people know who that group is she’s amazing I’ve got a saw I’ve got a song with her as well but she is actually a midwife and she’s a drummer she’s really big in a percussion she has been to Egypt and she lived in Africa for some time with families being a midwife and I think she said she’s participated in over 450 births so it’s awesome I’m gonna share that interview with you because I picked her brain on some of this stuff and it’s is good but um she’s basically talking about the same thing you are as far as like in in the birth area as far as the energies and she works to set up to make sure everything’s peaceful and the music and the drumming and the candles or whatever the person wants so it’s really beautiful but I want it so she had to she had to go but there was a there was a segue there that I wanted to get into with her so I’ll segue from her conversation to this conversation because you talk about this a lot as well birthing trauma because you talk about getting over trauma childhood wounds and fears and things that were done to us and you know we’ve been the victim of predators and people who had different malicious intent you know we have to get over that we have to learn where to grow through it and be healed from it so childhood trauma birth birth trauma particularly and we talked about we talked about entities in the other realm and kind of give them their their that their do many people are sometimes called having these UFO alien abduction encounters where they wake up in their bed or they wake up on a ship put it this way they’re on a ship and they feel like these weird men these entities looking people are watching over them and they call it an alien abduction there’s a big there’s a lot of info out there that this could be people reliving their birth trauma and being snatched from the birth canal and the doctors and everyone looking at you and they have scalpels in their hands and different utensils and they’re watching you and the big eyes and all in your face and stuff I don’t know if there’s any connection there after you’ve studied that at all but but talk a little bit about that and kind of relate that back to you know birth trauma and what it is and how we’re dealing with it well so first week on the alien theory it’s also possible because thought produces results and thought creates our reality that our birth trauma may have even caused through our thinking actual experiences of those entities through the fear added to the experience so there may it may not just be and like a memory hallucinatory loosen it might not just be a fake memory to say the word I was gonna say but uh it may be more more of a case of actual things being created based on masses of birth trauma dogs now birth trauma happens for just about every bird our baby had the most gentle bird and he still had birth trauma because to pass through that birth and now that’s a traumatic experience you like your head has to go you have the bones in your head are changing and smashing and to go from being supported for nine months without having to do it anything to having to learn how to breathe on your own to learning how to eat when you would beat you were eating through your umbilical cord prior and now it’s time to learn how to eat and digest so there’s a lot to learn so that can be a little traumatic so having the most gentle experience for a new life coming in is very very wise and love but I’ll at the doctors and hospitals they have systems of torturing babies of stabbing them with needles injecting them with poisons cutting off genitalia parts of the genitalia slapping babies manipulating their bodies and in armful ways taking them from the mother cutting the umbilical cord too soon not allowing bonding with the mother and the father there’s so many things that produced traumas at the birth and when the when the child is takes these experiences without having verbal thoughts it forms pre verbal thoughts about things in these pre verbal thoughts can begin to run and sabotage our lives thoughts like me being here causes pain me being here causes women think I I can’t get enough the world is suffering the universe is not a safe place to be and and if you look at religion if you look at the cliches of the world most of them are these birth trauma thoughts and death urge thoughts that have become common beliefs and they’re accepted as wisdom they’re accepted as this this is the way it is this is wisdom but and I mentioned Etheridge because the the only way back to the womb is through death of the physical body and people who are long to give back to the womb and so the death earth and the birth trauma are linked together which are the cycle of birth and death which is the yoga or Tantra systems are said to help break that cycle you think that’s linked to some of the suicides even what we’re seeing in the media now and some of the people that we’ve all looked up to even musically yeah in general just wanting to just want in that release and wanting that escape and maybe they’ve tried pharmaceuticals for that escape and release and it only takes you so far man we’re so without having you know these different techniques and being being really comfortable because we would look at those people and think that they’re successful right but date but within we don’t know what they’re dealing with what they’re going through the contentment and stuff like that so you think that’s kind of probably linked as well to the suicide rates and stuff at least uh the over infatuation with it as well until you finally do it it definitely is I mean I I don’t like to speak with absolute certainty according to the motto that that I use to view the world it definitely is we’re gonna go ahead and go to the phone lines we do have some callers here like I said the phone lines are open give us a call and let us know that you’re in queue we have a call coming in from someone in Texas you’re on the line with loominatee Kongo you got a question yeah I had a question about what would grey Allen saw was talking about earlier could these possibly be for me but manifest you know we’re going to like sleep paralysis they something I struggle with for very long time and just want you guys across patience on that yeah they they are they are definitely thought forms because all all things are coming from a thought and these any entities that maybe be terrorizing us that seem like it’s happening in an astral world or in in a dream world or in something like an abduction that we can’t provide any type of physical evidence for there it’s a good possibility that these entities have took form in the absolute world the astral world is just the world of the mind it is there’s no difference between mind and the astral world and these beings have taken fear they sort of feed on fear and if you saw it or are familiar with it great movie yeah and how it feeds on fear in the same way the astral beings they can actually become tangible but they’re not it’s not like they’re separate from us there’s only one one of us here and that’s the supreme source in many forms and so when we when we’re looking at any type of entity that’s that is still the underlying but basis of it yeah I could agree with that I know Aleister Crowley had written a book before what he said he did some sort of saying so villain Egypt and he summoned something he drew it we called it lamb but later on if you read more he said that it was him it was a reflection of himself it was almost like a self-portrait maybe it’s the negative aspect or something projected forward I’m not sure it’s just something that’s puzzled me for a very long time yeah and and I think the way to make peace with those things is to not offer resistance or any fear does that mean that you that you don’t effectively protect yourself no you can but the the issue is when we seek protection that means that we fear something and if you if you’re seeking protection than that then that fear will will still attract it to you so it’s a very sensitive area to – once we start experiencing actual encounters with any type of entities its it’s not something that I have experience will where I can tell you or tell anyone any type of advice on how to proceed but I do know that more fear is never the solution and usually more more love and compassion and understanding is we don’t want to be loving and compassionate to our detriment those who we speaking with caller what’s your name my name is Manny Emmanuel Emmanuel yeah man thanks for calling brother yeah man we shaded mouthpiece off all right Shalom Shalom oh yeah in the manual just to just put the little information that means L is with us well God is with God with us so talking about that man so much to be said when it comes to entities and and the the astral realm and in those worlds and so essentially anything that you can fathom is real whether we have people who are into many different fields fields that we will never even know exist in our lifetime because we haven’t given it the energy and the attention that it needs to study it in the time and the same for us we know things that others will never know unless we try to communicate it through song and through music and through intrigue and creativity and try to bring life or try to bring those entities out into these realms and some some way that have impacted us and this goes on many different levels thought patterns emotional entities that come through of beings of peace and love and they transmute that and this it gets really deep and I you know I definitely go back to the the the different holy books and ancient writings about how they dealt with them and how they had interactions with it and and there’s I don’t want to really get into too much of it but there’s a lot of detail in one precious book that’s so awesome is uh it’s called the um the Clementine homilies which is the recognitions of Clemente who was a disciple of Peter and Barnabas in from the scriptures and he talks so much about dealing with these entities and how they exist what gives them power and a lot of times these focuses on like the negative stuff we don’t hear too much information about the good ones and how we should entertain them and how we under other Bible says entertain angels unaware these angelic messengers and hosts but so all of this stuff is real we won’t know it unless we study and give ourselves to it or we have a sudden interaction where we’re approached by a being or an alien if someone want to call them and things like that totally real so people who give themselves over to it they find it in the universe is in such a way where you’re talking about creativity of the mind like whatever you’re looking for you’re gonna find it that’s universal that it’s totally real even in the Bible like we was given I gave two to complete opposite ends of the spectrum on the prosperity end of the people who read the Bible and they say that you’re supposed to be rich and blessed beyond measure the wealth of the wicked is stored up for the righteous so all of Donald Trump’s wealth belongs to you like they believe this like this is what they believe you know and then there’s other people who say you’re not supposed to own anything that all righteous people should sign a vow of poverty and not own anything and they in both of these camps have scriptures to back up their belief system and they have followers and it’s a huge thing so whatever you or even in the Bible you’ll find it there’s like white supremacy in the Bible I’ve been around those people who preached white supremacy I’ve been around the Hebrew Israelites who want to enslave all white people and believe that that’s what the Christ is coming back to do to enslave all white people and as you have led into captivity so shall you be led into captivity and these are realms of thinking that you do would not know exist unless you studied it but to that person it’s the real deal so when we’re communicating with entities when somebody is studying fairies and the and in the fairy Kingdom in gnomes in training their eye on how to see these beings and communicate with them and how they operate how they affect our lives people have successfully done this and they’re able to go out and teach you how to see them and how to feel them and see the wind blow through the trees and to make the leaves blow and to get signs from this realm and to the average person that’s far out it’s almost make-believe and so some of the things we talked about or even laughed at by just the lay people who have no concern for that or no infatuation with it and I want to I want to kind of segue it just into talking about if it’s real to you and your experience because I remember reading up when I was a teenager I was into a lot of the dark stuff some of the dark witchcraft on how to put hexes and curses on people I was really big into the Satanic Bible and I would I would do some of the the rituals as far as like trying to summon Azazel and some of the Fallen Angels that were techniques on how to do that I would try to do it as a teenager exploring those realms and it was scary and there was a lot of stuff that happened like I tapped into those realms something touched back but there was another book that scared me more than the Satanic Bible and that was the Necronomicon so we had a version of the Necronomicon that most people can get and we know that the book the the movie Evil Dead is based off of the Necronomicon it has some dealings with that but to read some of the rituals in there and the entities that would come through through these rituals for you to do we were scared to death to try them like it talks about going into the woods and making a blood covenant and cutting yourself and then making sure you’re alone and these beings will appear to you and like it was the real deal but we were scared to death to try it because it was some of it just seemed malicious or whatever right but then the more research you do you find out that HP Lovecraft craft wrote novels and he made a lot of this stuff up and it wasn’t even to be taken serious as something to go out and do but it was just like almost like this really in-depth novel or comic or something it was just that’s what he did but to me it scared me and to me reading that stuff and taking it literal it became real to me even though that this person just brought it out of the ether out of the astral realms and made it up as he went which maybe could be said for all the holy books or all the writings that we have but we have to rebirth everything out of those realms and so just talking about how those things are real to some people and then how they influence us and how we have to go there man people it’s a it it has traces in Murph’s schizophrenia and I dealt with that I dealt with that on a crazy level which is what led me to the Christian Church to try to get some freedom as a teenager man so talk a little bit about that man just about I know you said a little bit about like those things that we fear to not really feed into the fear and not really try to entertain it but there’s something that you’ve helped me with in the past a little bit I mean maybe not even knowing but the notion of demons and evil spirits and from the Christian tradition about how people want to get rid of them and we help people get rid of them and overcome and forgive and move on because a man they could put you in a really weird place of schizophrenia of paranoia and do some really detrimental things but you’ve taught me how to make peace with those entities and to understand that we have to learn from them and that they’re not the bad guys and when we understand the fullness of the tradition of the Bible it even talks about how God allows that these evil entities the Bible says evil angels it calls them that to come and to buffett you and to teach you and prepare you so talk a little bit about that man I know that’s opening up a huge can of worms but there’s a lot of people who just want us to snap the fingers and it’d be gone but we have to learn we have to learn from them in order to kind of graduate to the next levels yeah where we we see them and we experience if there’s a lesson there if there’s something an initiation to be had so those once again I am another you and you are another me that’s for every entity any entity throughout all creation it’s another version of me and I’m another version of it hurt people hurt people hurt entities hurt other entities and how do we stop the cycle of any hurt only with forgiveness understanding and compassion so once again I have I’m not in the realm of doing exorcisms it’s not my thing so I can’t really tell people who who have a lot of things going on in that realm what’s gonna work I have a client who he speaks to me about some of his experiences with beings in the astral realm when he’s sleeping in they’re not pleasant experiences for him at all and all of the things that I’ve said suggestions for him to do or ideas of ways think about it none of that has actually seemed to bring him any more peace or maybe that he has seemed to have a little more peace but he the occurrence hasn’t gone away yet and so I just say that because I don’t have the solution for those things I I have some ideas it looks like one of them entities is outside your window trying they’re trying to creep up right now breath what’s going on oh right reminds me of the old days peeking out the window man Ike is a lot of commotion going on I got dogs out there who what we’re watching over stuff and they’re like barking at people walking in my in front of my house so some Negro number cuz in this man that’s Negroes we’ll go to Comic Con imma stop we needed a small comic relief the comic relief well man I’m not gonna hold you up too much longer dude I appreciate you coming on hanging out with me we have we both have a lot of things in the works I was even maybe even thinking of working on the EP with you man me and you may be putting out an EP like a little fast song deal with just me and you so if that intrigues anybody in the chat room make sure you let us know if you guys would like to hear that man maybe we’ll do something like that in the future but we’ve already got some beautiful songs under our belt man and and together and and separately as well I mean you’re a huge inspiration to a lot of people from the music end and then on just a healing in and I love how they coincide and they go hand in hand so the the aspiration for healing and bringing that into the world is it’s done through the music as well and I remember man going on on the psilocybin journey and I wanted to be a healer like we had we spent some time with it with a Reiki healer and then we went and did a dose of mushrooms and it was like I just had this overwhelming urge to be a healer and want to do it for a living and seeing how this person was being their authentic self and getting paid and doing what they love for a living and I think that’s envious or is for me it really was but in a good way right that cuz I have things I want to do too so the information that comes through is that you don’t so all the things that we want whether it’s money wealth and I think this is what you’re teaching as well that it’s not outside of us and so for me the prayer was God I want to be a healer like what do I do and in the respond that was you already they are you’re doing it through your music you’re doing it to prayer laying on of hands listening to people giving consultations and knowledge and love and it was just like an aha moment that don’t see any of this outside of yourself but see it as it’s already there I’ve already given you everything the kingdom of heaven is within you don’t need nothing on the outside learn to go within and to bring it out and to manifest it and that’s what our music is about illuminated Congo John hooks is music like I said guys do a private session with the student man scheduled us a session or via Skype and you’ll have hands-on practical experience where you learn from yourself in the privacy of your bedroom like we’ve done we’ve done many webinars what we’ve done over the years and in private sessions and it’s been it’s been awesome we got I’ll record it we got a lot of it on tape and some of its online – we got some of that stuff we put together in a documentary and at the very end we do a session with you after a float tank experience and it was a really really life-changing and we caught all that on on tape so kind of give you a website man and just what you’re working on just kind of plug your stuff right here at the end where’s Illuminati : go calm that’s Illuminati like thing that people fear oh like the place in Africa that people don’t really know about but that’s the other Illuminati Congo that I have a new album coming now any day now it’s called 7r with my bridge and Ross arcane and produced by da we ill son and my G the graduate who’s my main producers for Illuminati Congo so that’s what that says out anyone I don’t even no one is but it’s any day any moment but if you hear and if you’re hearing this you can actually hit me up and be like yo send me a CV before they even out officially and I will after you send me that cash that’s awesome man brother you grow in so much one final question before we go I got a no because you’re growing so much and you’re doing a lot of work behind the scenes working on Instagram and creating memes what is the power of a meme and the power of communication because you’re taking these really deep esoteric vast concepts and trying to transmute them in a meme and work and there’s a lot of people responding with to talk a little bit about that for we go we’re living in the mean formation age now the Information Age is done this is the mean formation AIDS and what does there mean it means that people attention spans are very short they don’t they don’t even want to watch the hour-long documentary anymore yeah it’s like all they want is to be able to read something that’s gonna help them either laugh help them get informed about something help them look at things differently or whatever or help or maybe just reinforce they stoop the ways of thinking about shit that they’ve already been doing in the past my my stuff is mainly to make people laugh to give people a little information some they might not know or to think about things in a in a new way I like to some days I’ll be up at just wake up in there next thing you know I’m making a mean and this is like why am I doing this I don’t even know but then I realize I like tune into mass consciousness and be like way to say I’m sort of changing the way that masses of people are thinking about things they’re not believing that physical death is inevitable a few people aren’t believing it maybe maybe a couple of the words I’m saying is helping people question victim mentality question that that there’s something out there that rules over them and not from in here and so that’s why I like doing it I didn’t know it was gonna go go as far as it’s been going on Instagram but I also have aspirations of going much farther I ought to be like the hood Deepak Chopra you know I’m saying I I’ma be that dude eventually I already am in in a sense yeah and I just think it all it’s time to expand more in the memes help that means to go viral so quickly and you can spread some good information really making people laugh that’s my favorite that’s my favorite type of mean like the one the deep ones is cool the ones we info is cool if there’s valuable info but laughter like heartedness that’s according to the comedic philosophy that’s how you answer is the kingdom and that’s the way you stay there and eternal life is with a light heart my ways your your heart and if it weighs heavier than a feather then you gotta learn about light heartedness again yeah I just I just dropped that in my new song that’s available and paid trying you guys go check that out talked a little bit about that but yeah man I think that it’s it’s so important because like some people take themselves too seriously we know religious people and of any sect I mean there’s the zealots who totally they take themselves and their their way of thinking to be the only way of thinking and they take themselves too seriously and sometimes we got to make fun of it sometimes we got to poke fun of it and even the stuff that we don’t even the stuff that we believe we got to kind of make fun of it and mock it a little bit that’s also important one to make fun of exactly I’m making front of roster and look roster deserve to be made fun of because they’d be on some really weird shit thanks give thanks now let me give thanks thanks how about we all give thanks together but don’t tell me after I do a favor for you yeah if Thanks but that’s what I’m saying I made fun of my own yeah it’s funny and I think it think it helps other people to take their guards down a little bit at first at first they’re appalled and we’re seeing that from the comment sections of some of your posts that are being more funny and more laid-back I appreciate it I share a lot of it and it’s a lot of wisdom in it and uh and it allows people not to take you too seriously I had to get over myself of being a spiritual guru and someone that people looked up to for spiritual information and then when I was funny which is a huge part of my personality my family my friends I love to see them smile I will make myself look stupid and do weird dances in my living room for my family just to have them laugh and bring a smile to their face and to see the power and the healing behind that but to like the audience and stuff and to that I’m a regular person and I’m not just meditating all day and I do I have hobbies and stuff that I love to do you play pokemon go over there that’s so funny but uh but I enjoy it man you know I’m saying I I’m a big gamer man you know I’m saying like if people watching her video I’m just I mean this my game room in like weig ain’t me and my wife and my daughter were avid gamers we love it we love that realm and in the lore and the truth a lot of truth in in in those lures as well are we talking about shamanism if you’re looking at those video games and you’re trying to learn about shamanism like a lot of those terms are legit like they’re legit terms that are in all of these video games and stuff World of Warcraft League of Legends like they have abilities and stuff but if you look up the terms like it’s legit if we’re talking about ghosts and in alchemy and potions and stuff dude all of that stuff is in the video game so there’s there’s there’s so much there that kind of it’s either gonna help prime you for knowing how to utilize those things in your life or it’s gonna dead in you to those things where you’re like oh man this dude managed this fantasy world yeah ah so it depends on the type of person as long as you are seeing like yeah this that’s related to this that’s related to this you know you plan your game as as almost an extension of your spiritual practice that’s how I watch my Netflix and watch my athletes as an extension of my spiritual practice it’s weird for me because sometimes it turns off and on or there’s other shows that source energies like okay pay attention to this and there it’s been weird times of I’m watching a totally different movie than everybody else like every almost like when you read the Bible or you read the I’m saying the bhagavad-gita or the alchemists for example all of these people represent different emanations within your own self and so to be watching a movie and that same energy that’s in those holy books are communicating with you through the movie and you and I see a character I remember watching watching a show a long time ago Joe josie and the pussycats or something that’s about a girl band and it was just on TV I was at my mother-in-law’s house it was just on TV watching it and I’m communicating with an outside source okay that represents you and that represents your music career and until you let it go I have to refine some things in you and watch what happens to her this is gonna happen to you I’ll see that person that represents this and I’m like what the fuck is happening and this is taking everything to another level in it and I’ve seen that happen in so many times with uh with with television man and the media in Hollywood and there’s so much everything is spiritual man you don’t change nothing that we do in the in the film what Hollywood is magical in Halle the word Halle that’s a magical word right and if you understand how that want how was used as a wine that is we could get into oh yeah it guy MTV they got they little Hollywood thing going on right now were they talking about Hollywood esoteric breakdowns but they ain’t going into the word Hollywood you see that’s that they need John nigga chime in from beyond guy MTV I am don’t forget us man you got to come back and do a follow-up interview man as long as they let me say nigga you gotta find another word you can’t use that word yeah you could use that that’ll work that’s what that’s what the white people say hello man hey bro thanks for coming on hanging out with me brother a blessing every time and in the chat rooms blowing up man people are just showing that gratitude for you and your music as well so blessings my friend we’ll do it again soon Thank You G all right Shalom Shalom so long our ladies and gentlemen Illuminati Congo my good friend so excited into light and delighted to build with him and to do what we do like I said we got some new music coming out together very soon it will be released to the general public but if you want to get it early and support the work that I’m doing head on over to patreon com backslash true seeker and you guys can sign up and check out all the unreleased music over there and I hidden podcasts other good stuff with that I must say peace and Shalom many blessings to you guys I love each and every one of y’all Shalom

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