Indigo Moon joins TruthSeekah in this amazing conversation about how tangible the fire of Jesus is on the Earth right now. God is waking up many people in the New Age movement and setting the captives free!

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Revival is happening in the New Age community! They are experiencing the tangible presence of The Holy Spirit and the depths of God’s unconditional love! Many in Christianity have given up on people who are counter cultural and think outside the religious box. Fingers are pointed at them, they are ghosted, made fun of and simply excommunicated for being different. God is redeeming and restoring His spiritual giftings and abilities unto the Church that the majority of Christian denominations have given away.

You will find that many people are in this community because they and their gifts were rejected by the mainstream church. They are seekers, people who are not content with “playing church” or simply repeating dogmas. Their tears and intentions have not gone overlooked, and God has taken notice of their cries. Jesus is showing up to many of these people because their hearts are open to purity and truth. He is telling them that the harvest fields are full and ripe for the gathering. People are hungry and searching for the real deal and Jesus is showing up saying “Here I AM!” with his arms wide open!

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