Indigo Prophet Tarek Bibi

The Path of the Healer | Indigo Prophet / Tarek Bibi

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In this episode of the TruthSeekah Podcast TruthSeekah is joined by Indigo Prophet aka Tarek Bibi as they discuss The Path of the Healer.
Indigo Prophet has a new album dropping entitled Ascension 777 and we talked about the writing process and creative efforts that went into the album. We also went into a little detail and both recited our verses from his song 7 Generations which I am featured on. On the road to healing you have to come to terms with some of the character flaws, triggers and hang ups that keep tripping you up in life. The best way is to deal with them is as early on your journey as possible so that they don’t overflow and spill over onto other areas of your life as well. I believe that the darkness exists to show us how marvelous the light is and without it we do not understand the contrast between the two. Also, there are things that we learn from the darkness and in the valley that we will never learn on the mountain top and these lessons are critical for our own spiritual development. We also discussed addictions and instant gratifications that people have and the harm that they cause as well. Pornography, food, gaming and shopping are just a few that many people face; those are on the surface but getting down to the root cause of the addictions is where we will find true healing.