Jaishree speaks with TruthSeekah about how to experience bliss during the shift and how you can use this time to create the life that you want!

You can manifest your dreams and create a better world for all humanity during these trying times!

You can choose to go deeper into your awakening or go back to sleep. We choose life! Wide-eyed and hopeful!

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Jaishree Dow-Spielman is a beloved world traveling spiritual mentor, mystic healer, author and yoga educator who empowers teachers, leaders, couples and children to be grounded in sacred truth and sovereign relationships.

She is the creator of the Soul Culture Yoga School, co-creator of the Soul Mapping Matrix on-line digital academy, the author of 2 books, and an adoring mother of a toddler.

Having taught over 10,000 hours of inspiring yoga to tens of thousands, while mentoring and coaching, she wrote her first book, “Discover Your Bliss” as a yogi’s guide to falling in love with yourself, for real and forever.

In 2020 she wrote “Soul Ascension”, a revelation novel for seekers of a new earth paradigm.

Jaishree’s motto is “I have not come to teach you, I have come to love you” and love every soul she does indeed!

Jaishree and her husband Kalānidhi lead Bliss Body Alchemy yoga + sound healing workshops, kirtans, retreats, homeschool empowerment and podcasts.

Their signature Soul Mapping Mastermind Couples work is restoring the vision of coupleship as their clients release anxiety, speak truth, and embody pleasure on the regular while living a consistent and devotional lifestyle.

They have humbly and gratefully led musical events and kirtans with many of the world renown spiritual musical artists, from grammy award winners to mendicant monks living on the banks of the Ganges.

Episode Chapters

0:00 Introduction

6:40 How I Manifested My Dream Home

23:43 Dealing With Trauma For Ascension

46:00 Discerning Spiritual Teachers

57:00 Bakti Wisdom and Shakti Energy

1:02:00 Ascension Is Practical

1:16:00 Gratitude To Work Miracles

1:27:50 Reincarnation In Christianity

1:40:00 Jesus And The Woman At The Well

1:50:14 Outro / Patreon Thank Yous

Jiashree’s Site Here: https://jaishreeyoga.com



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