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James Gilliland has been having open communication with Aliens and seeing UFOs for over 20 years and has since become somewhat of the spokesman for open E.T. contact. James founded the ECETI Ranch in Trout Lake, Washington at the base of Mount Adams where James and other initiate contact with extraterrestrial beings and aliens. At ECETI James Gilliland and friends have seen hundreds of UFOs over the years that they say communicate telepathically sending information about spirituality and Earth changes. These alien beings have been with us since the beginning and are presumed to be the creators of mankind as some ancient texts have suggested. Many people have traveled from all around the world to visit James Gilliland and ECET Ranch and many have left with their lives changed forever by having a spiritual awakening at the Ranch. James not only focuses on the cosmic disclosure efforts at the Ranch but the much bigger focus is spirituality with a wide range of influence such as Qi Gung, Yoga, Mantras, Meditations and other Spiritual practices. In this interview James Gilliland speaks with TruthSeekah about how contact with alien beings brings about enlightenment. Long gone are the days of fear mongering about alien abductions of alien greys taking people against their will. A more clearer picture is how many refer to themselves as experiencers and even welcome these encounters with UFOs and benevolent E.T. beings. After leaving the ECETI Ranch many people describe their encounters with UFOs and Aliens as being angelic likening their experiences to a religious encounter. For some this is hard to grasp but the more studying that is being done is suggesting this very thing. That what we call aliens are actually angelic beings who traverse the skies and come from what we call heaven. We have covered this extensively on the TruthSeekah Podcast and have found this scenario to fit side by side with almost every sacred narrative and ancient text. Not that God doesn’t exist or aliens are the Prime Creator but exploring the plurality of even the word God which when translated in Hebrew is elohim meaning more than one. The picture that is painted here is Creator God sent his angelic messengers full of the Holy Spirit to seed humanity. God is the essence of ONE that is ALL but has many functions and servants and in this case the elohim being his angelic messengers. Even within the Book of Enki the Anunnaki speak of their Prime Creator whose essence is ALL and WITHIN ALL.



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