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James Gilliland has been having open communication with Aliens and seeing UFOs for over 20 years and has since become somewhat of the spokesman for open E.T. contact. James founded the ECETI Ranch in Trout Lake, Washington at the base of Mount Adams where James and other initiate contact with extraterrestrial beings and aliens. At ECETI James Gilliland and friends have seen hundreds of UFOs over the years that they say communicate telepathically sending information about spirituality and Earth changes. These alien beings have been with us since the beginning and are presumed to be the creators of mankind as some ancient texts have suggested. Many people have traveled from all around the world to visit James Gilliland and ECET Ranch and many have left with their lives changed forever by having a spiritual awakening at the Ranch. James not only focuses on the cosmic disclosure efforts at the Ranch but the much bigger focus is spirituality with a wide range of influence such as Qi Gung, Yoga, Mantras, Meditations and other Spiritual practices. In this interview James Gilliland speaks with TruthSeekah about how contact with alien beings brings about enlightenment. Long gone are the days of fear mongering about alien abductions of alien greys taking people against their will. A more clearer picture is how many refer to themselves as experiencers and even welcome these encounters with UFOs and benevolent E.T. beings. After leaving the ECETI Ranch many people describe their encounters with UFOs and Aliens as being angelic likening their experiences to a religious encounter. For some this is hard to grasp but the more studying that is being done is suggesting this very thing. That what we call aliens are actually angelic beings who traverse the skies and come from what we call heaven. We have covered this extensively on the TruthSeekah Podcast and have found this scenario to fit side by side with almost every sacred narrative and ancient text. Not that God doesn’t exist or aliens are the Prime Creator but exploring the plurality of even the word God which when translated in Hebrew is elohim meaning more than one. The picture that is painted here is Creator God sent his angelic messengers full of the Holy Spirit to seed humanity. God is the essence of ONE that is ALL but has many functions and servants and in this case the elohim being his angelic messengers. Even within the Book of Enki the Anunnaki speak of their Prime Creator whose essence is ALL and WITHIN ALL. Gilliland | Contact Has Begun | Enlightened Contact With Extraterrestrial Intelligence

James Gilliland | Contact Has Begun | Enlightened Contact With Extraterrestrial Intelligence

Download – iTunes SUBSCRIBE On iTunes – Android James Gilliland is a minister, counselor, an internationally known lecturer, best selling author with the books, Reunion with Source, Becoming Gods, and The Ultimate Soul Journey. James appeared in Contact Has…

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truth-seeker and/or its affiliates are not responsible for any strange phenomena that may occur during or after listening to this podcast which may include the following heightened senses of awareness psychic abilities UFO sightings alien contact time loss out-of-body experiences ringing in the ears ESP lucid dreaming increasing chronicity astral projection telepathy stronger intuition levitation miraculous healings and on remote viewing please be advised – a simple decision [Music] what you [Music] to stand when I don’t be come you are now locked into the to think about gaming live at UC cacao to the paranormal esoteric and all paying spiritual and now your host truth seeker ladies and gentlemen what’s up this is the true seeker podcast were ready for this next episode I’m excited about it got a special guest for you guys tonight james gilliland there’s a good friend of mine man somebody who I look up to I try to mention his name as much as I can dealing with spirituality ufology things along those lines when I first started this podcast it was called The Awakening podcast and had a couple episodes under my belt and had the privilege to have james gilliland on my show and it was one of the biggest shows that I’ve done and it was so funny because talking to him for the first time I was like a little schoolgirl just talking I was nervous I had trouble formulating sentences and I was just so honored to have him on just for doing so much research and listening to his work and just hours and hours of stuff so I’m privileged to have him on again and I think that was the back in 2012 and we’ll get into that a little bit too but that was in 2012 when I first started podcasting so I’m excited to speak with him tonight I haven’t talked with him since so this is going to be good quick update we’re gonna be doing for the patrons everybody who’s supporting we’re gonna do something a little bit different I’m gonna be taking one of the podcast away I’ve been doing like three podcast a week and so we’re just going to take one and we’re going to turn it into essentially in online school of the spirit so a lot of people are wanting to get into activation they wanted to get into a community and try to make some of the stuff tangible in their lives versus just hearing about it so what we’re gonna do is one day a week probably Thursday nights we’ll just have just a community come together where we just share stories and experiences and try to teach you guys how to activate these giftings and callings and abilities that we’ve been talking about on the show for so long and so much of its just theory we want to be able to equip you guys to go out there into the world and see change with being able to sense things that’s going on in people’s lives to bring about change and stuff so Thursday nights we’re going to be doing that it’s going to be the online school of the spirit if you’re supporting our patreon you’ll have access to that that whole membership head on over to patreon comm backslash true seeker and there you can sign up to give and unlock a bunch of special features and we also have unreleased musical that I’ve been working on a lot of music and it’s available over there on the patreon thank you from the bottom of my heart everybody who has been supporting you guys me in the world I’m excited about speaking of 2018 we me and James was kind of getting into a little discussion you know before we went live and I was like hold on we got we got to hold that and until until we go live because it’s too good and we’re gonna talk about that james gilliland welcome to the show brother how are you doing great thanks for having me on the show man it’s good to see you again brother yeah yeah you too I just want to say you know I put my pants on one leg at a time like everybody else so I want to talk to ya I always tell people you know it’s like you know when you start worshipping things outside of yourself you know you’re diminishing your own God connection or sphere of creator connection and and that’s going on so much right now it’s it’s kind of sad that needs to to come to an end but people are figuring it out you know and they’re you know they’re realizing that the real connection is is through themselves yep and it’s being authentic and that’s something that exactly even though cuz it’s something that you didn’t do you haven’t painted yourself to be this big guru or try to portray yourself in a certain light or an image you’re just James you show up what you see is what you get I watched a video just a while ago of you and Peter jamming out playing music and just having a good time I know just being dudes bro so I think I think I think that’s a big thing too because that was a hurdle for me to get over because people you know we talk about these deep esoteric subjects and having you know these different interactions with ETS and aliens and things like that people look at that as being so spiritually advanced but we’re just down to earth so where is the connection there because your fans want you to be this Jesus figure when you’re like I kinda am but I’m a regular dude to you know how do we join that together yeah it’s really excuse me it’s real important to realize that you know what I do is I teach people to lead themselves and to make their own personal connection with creator spirit you know whatever you want to call it and and that’s so important nowadays and you know because I was kind of gifted a drowning hand oh it’s blew me wide open and a few other near-death experiences and things like that but that also accompanied you know probably thirty five years of intense study and initiations with Yogi’s and Lamas and things of that nature you know but eventually it’s one of the lamas I love what he said he said the reason they’re so in few few enlightened people on the planet is because it’s so damn simple you know and he said yeah I say get out in nature meditate focus on love and joy and bliss until you become it he said that’s the key and he said there’s just so many distractions and and the outer world is is is such a controlling situation where they’re always tried you know keep your nose to the grindstone you know keep you busy keep you chasing that American dream you know and happiness through external circumstances and and you know you look at a lot of the music and and the TV industry and things like that it locks you in the first three chakras you know survival sex and power yeah you know where’s the heart you know where’s the higher consciousness and energy and luckily there are people in the industry is now starting to bring this information out and they’re they’re doing higher work and you know telling people to stand in their own divinity and you know you know be authentic like you’re saying and you know respect respect your own your own being you know it’s it’s like you know this PC correct thing is so ridiculous I see this and it’s just another big mind-control trip you know they want to get everybody you know on it controlled you know on the same page and and it’s you know it’s just another big mess but you know like you’re saying your real power comes from being authentic that’s true man because once you finally do that people envy that as I hold on this guy he’s laughing he’s smiling he’s crying he’s distraught you’re just being yourself and other people have this this this shell this exterior layer of this person that they have to pretend to be and I had to go through that with my fans and they want me to be this supreme esoteric guru which I guess in the case I am in a sense but then in a sense I’m a regular person too and both are okay it’s not like I can’t show you the regular side who was cheering for the Alabama football game last night you know so enjoy joining the two men you know exactly you know it’s like people put me up on a pedestal you know you know I burp and fart and tell bad jokes and have a wicked sense of humor sometimes I but I usually use it for you know teaching and helping people but you know I tell you there’s this weird concept that people don’t think that’s not God yeah the exact no I mean it’s like it’s like well wait a second maybe that if God’s omnipresent that’s God too you know it’s like they they have like had this one woman sent me this email just a little while ago and I was talking about you know all the stuff plaguing the planet right now and I was talking about you know the pedophilia stuff the satanic worship all that stuff and and she’s going well I’m totally I’m totally disappointed with you you know because you’re not enlightened or you wouldn’t talk about this stuff you know you’re doing fear porn and I said well actually I’m not in fear you know at all I don’t I’ve already died a couple times that’s not I said and and basically you’re afraid to look at these things and and I said you’re trapped into Stanford University program in my control program where you’re supposed to see everything is good and everything is love and if you look at the dark side then it’s you and so don’t look at it don’t address it and they have all these programs a lot of the New Age teachings I unfortunately I have are like a half-truth you know they don’t cover the whole thing and you know and I told her I said you know being enlightened means to be in knowledge of all of it both sides of the coin and you just can’t look at one side of the coin and and deny the other side even if it’s within you you know and and we’ve you know we’ve done you know I’ve had past lives I have full memory of my past lives I’ve done I was a Viking warrior I hacked off heads you know I was a road bandit here in Mexico I’m in Mexico now you know it’s like I’ve done a lot of things and I’ve also been Yogi’s and llamas and things like that and flew spacecraft and everything else you know so so but you know we have to look at all aspects of ourself and if we’re still carrying energy around the ones where we had wounds and traumas and things like that we need to own it you know and heal it and the more you know yourself the more you have compassion for the people that that are acting out these roles you know that are stepping outside of universal law you know so it’s important to to you know to look at both sides and and again if you’re trying to be something else you know if I’m trying to wear white robes and sandals and snow all the right thing and MP celibate you know and and don’t eat meat and you know how they have all these rules it’s like poking rules yeah yeah yeah I mean you’re not being authentic you’re you’re being something else you’re not being true to your soul and you’re not aligned with your soul and the more your aesthetic the more aligned with your soul in the more your gear in your power so you know people need to break out of all these programs you know and you know look at your dark side own it feel it get the charge out of there you know focus on universal law and basically just focus on creating heaven on earth it’s really that simple when it comes to like having having all these experiences and all these encounters and stuff and you know they kind of I don’t know I don’t know about you but it almost seems like for me all my work now is doing is built upon like these foundational encounters or foundational experiences and stuff do you still see as much activity or they’re still as much of a hunger to kind of get the information out because you know I know especially whenever whenever I reached out to you in 2012 which was whenever so much fear stuff was out there the new movies coming out about these evil aliens coming to abduct people I think it was the Fourth Kind had just come out and you put out a newsletter talking about man I’m just growing weary in well-doing and I wrote you about that and do are you still as hungry for it you still have as many encounters with the spirit realm and and entities as you did as as I’m saying day one or you just kind of yeah still sharing those fundamental truths that you learn from those days well it’s even more so I made it expands you know people when we have a ship come over and power up and I see everybody get excited you know they go if they go this never gets old for you and I said you know what does it get old is the other people getting excited and waking up that never gets old for me I’ve just done more and more research and then I find I get so much information from the higher dimensions and flames and then then I do the research and then find out everything they’re telling me and the experiences and the beans that I’m seeing on the other side are actually in history and they’re in ancient history you know and in order to take a walk on the wild side you know you’ve got these feed line beans and lying beans and things like that and then you go to Egypt and you see these statues of segments and sphynx and you know all these other things going on which actually this the Sphinx used to be a lion and some king decided to put his head on it you know to carve it out later but but actually these are all recorded throughout ancient history and they’re all part of our history and them you know on the real story behind the origin of man the Anunnaki all of that stuff is is is in the Sumerian texts you know the tablets it sits on walls it sits in Australia Gosford glyphs it’s the whole history of the earth is written in Australia on the Gosford glyphs and it talks about you know the the basically the knuckle dragger the Denisovan man that was here evolving naturally when the ship’s came and then they added their DNA and and they needed a worker force and and they had they’re trying to save their planet because when it looped around the Sun it would lose its a lot of its atmosphere and it’d be a mess so they’re putting you know gold dust in their scar just like like these other idiots are putting putting aluminum and barium and all these toxic things you know in the sky instead you know and you know through the geoengineering but you know it’s it’s the same thing only they were doing a little smarter you know I would love to be inhaling gold dust yeah strontium and a whole host of other biologicals you know like toxic molds and things like that that plane went you know so so it’s a you know it’s a there’s there’s a lot going on in our ancient history when you we really as humanity really need to know their origins we need to know where we came from and it’s it’s kind of a complicated story because there’s more there’s much much more going on then then it’s not just one thing it’s a multiple of things that are happened in the past so so we so basically we had these these ancient leery ins very tall people came they found the Denisovan man they jumped him up you know they got the gold and this actually started in Australia not in Africa and and and then there they went to Africa and the African what’s it really interesting is that the gold in Egypt actually came from Ballarat Australia and that really messes up a lot of their theories and almost everybody has Aboriginal G means we all have Aboriginal genes all of us do in the genome experiment we found that out and that goes back to the the you know the Denisovan man and the uplink that happened there but we were not just that because there’s been several terraforming processes colonization processes that happened on the earth and people had to start over to to pull shifts and other cataclysms and great wars and things and so we’re a big mix of mainly 12 major star nations that were involved in terraforming the earth and bringing their plant and animal and they’re on their human genetics too as well here and and as well as the the earth man that was developing naturally so and he’s been up and that’s been upgraded several times I should say man woman I should say both but we’re just a big mix and that’s what the genome experiment has brought out that that there’s so much alien DNA there’s so much plant life and animal life that was brought here it didn’t evolve naturally all of this is showing up in the you know and the geological records you know who built the great Bulls in the past that we can’t build today hey you know there’s some very advanced beings that came here and they’ve been coming going for a long time it’s insane too because like we’re still finding new plant life and new insects and all of these things that they’ve never you know saying categorized and it’s really interesting that you bring that up one thing I wanted to make sure that we touched on which I briefly spoke on I’ve been podcasting for a while I probably started like around 2011 and it was just often or never consisted I’ve been consistent for almost a year now of just podcasting and making sure that I have a schedule but I’ve been off in on since 2011 2012 2013 all that stuff and when it was really deep the David Wilcox you know the 2012 enigma Mayan calendar all of that stuff there was something that happened in my heart this this spiritual awakening and it seemed it seemed to kind of grow in the lives of people around me and you see an interest in these sub these esoteric subjects and the third eye and spirituality and things the kind of a re-emergence of it but then we’re talking about 2018 or even more like I’ve been podcasting since that time you know I’ve gotten messages and I’ve gotten respect and response and stuff but twenties last couple months I haven’t been doing anything different James it’s I’m just showing up and being authentic but my inbox or is blowing up something’s happening in the hearts and lives of people around here yes yeah you were talking about how that we may not be in and with the whole Mayan prediction as well you want to talk about that a little bit yeah well actually there is a there’s a lot of mistakes being being made that people are using the Gregorian calendar to tell us what time it is and trying to adjust that to the by in Czech calendar and I mean you’ll get a lot of lot of heat when you start talking about this and I was talking about it in 2012 and I said you know Marc Anthony didn’t become Caesar for five years and they were keeping the calendar according to the Caesars so you know there’s leap years and other things and there’s there’s a we’re at least five years off you know with the Gregorian calendar so you know if you if you take those those five years those those and then add them to 2012 you know you 2017 would actually be you know because you’ve got five missing years and would be 2017 would actually be 2012 and so it’s December 21st 2017 is when everything is really is supposed to hit the fan and and you can see right now I mean it’s hit the fan there’s no we are undergoing that one of the biggest shifts that humanity’s experienced right now and and it’s happening on every level the a NASA has has realized that we’re going through an extremely energized place in space they finally admitted it the cosmic rays are off the scale the gamma rays you know x-rays all the other rays are just going nuts and we the Sun is reacting to this you know with it’s it’s activity and it’s been going off like crazy so you know the Sun is the driver the Sun is the driver for climate change and everything else things heat up first because of the Sun and then you get the methane release and the greenhouse effect and everything else so man man’s addition then this is going to upset a lot of people but man doesn’t really do that much to the planet I agree that we definitely need to start bringing out the feuless energy technology and cleaning up the planet but at the same time you know a volcano does a lot more you know to the atmosphere then then then man does yeah you know and if they just allowed the earth to do her thing and stopped all this geoengineering when the earth heats up actually that when she eats up there there’s more earthquake and volcanic activity but it creates a cloud cover and more moisture gets into the atmosphere and she defends herself she’ll clear you know she’ll get through these times naturally if these other guys knock off what they’re doing they’re making everything’s 10 times worse it it doesn’t make any sense okay we’re we’re gonna save the earth by killing it you know you know we’re gonna poison we’re gonna dump so much aluminum that all of you trees and gardens and everything are not going to be able to bring up nutrients you know we’re gonna put so many heavy metals in your system that you’ll never you know be hitch hitch or optimum health again and we’re going to turn your blue skies into a gray toxic mess in the entrance of saving the planet and this is the most this this is being done by psychopaths you know these guys have not thought this out at all but but you know the main thing is that the nice thing about now is that we’ve been under what they called the draconian grid or the Archon grid that’s been running the planet and and it’s that’s coming to an end that grid is being torn down there’s a fifth dimensional grid taking this yo you there James played well are you still with us yes okay you okay yeah so I don’t know where did we cut off did it’s talking about the grid right there just for a second yeah yeah okay so well yeah so that grids coming down there’s a new grid taking its place and the earth she’s expanding as well she’s she’s evolving ascending and so you’ve got the earth descending you’ve got this universal law this fifth dimensional grid pressing in and the higher dimensional beings behind it the source itself behind it and then you’ve got in the middle you’ve got humanity that has to you know go to the next level you know we have to go up to the up to the next level to – you know – we have to rise to the occasion basically become frequency specific to the earths ascension process if we’re going to stay here and and that’s what people are undergoing right now it’s like this the old draconian grids been torn down a new ones taking its place the the days of tyranny are coming to close because those people that are focused on domination and control of others and enslaving the planet and destroying those guys are all imploding there that energy is a very heavy dense energy and their worlds are coming to an end you know that’s that’s collapsing right now and when you get into the darkest aspects of that and and this is going to upset some people you go into the pedophile satanic worship child sacrifice stuff that’s that’s the darkest level of that on the planet but you also have other energies above that you know you have non-human influences and that’s why there’s so much in humanity on the planet because these are non-human influences so all that’s being cleaned up right now and you know we just need to pull away you know don’t support the Beast don’t you know unhook your wagon from the Beast because it’s about ready to go off the cliff you know and start creating heaven on earth and you know work you know work along with with universal law basically just so that everybody know we’re gonna be opening up the phone lines the numbers scrolling across the top of the screen as well as in the descriptions on all the social media platforms and web sites so if you got a question for James or myself feel free to call in we’re making ourselves available to answer any questions that you guys have so make sure you take advantage of that we’ll be taking calls here shortly I wanted to go into a little bit about this whole recent NASA or the government releasing this footage of this UFO or whatever that thing was that was inside of that fighter pilot and then they’re finally like no we don’t research this stuff we’re not into space exploration or aliens or nothing like that then they admit that they’ve been spending all of this money on UFO and alien research I know what’s coming and I think we have a similar idea of what’s coming but if you want to vocalize man what do you think that whole thing is with what NASA and the government finally coming out trying to be trying to try to give disclosure about these UFO phenomena and what’s taking place yeah that that’s a mess you know the same people you know they have a new star yeah you know they’re putting star power behind it you know to get this out but it’s the same people involved as the old disclosure and and what sad is that I mean there are some really good people like you know Michael Salah and Alfred Webber or doing they’re just closure to some but everything else you know they’re bringing out that you know some really tough information but you know there are a lot of posers and a lot of other stuff going on and you know the same group is trying to keep it in the past you know Roswell things like that keep it nuts-and-bolts yeah and and keep you in fear you know it’s it’s all bad and even there’s some saying it’s all good which is also totally irresponsible because it’s not all good but you know the bottom line is that you know discloser why not disclose all of it you know we have we’ve been undergoing a transdimensional war we’ve won that part of it now it’s coming to earth and the cleanup is happening on earth there’s a huge amount of positive influence coming in and help that’s coming in right now that they’re not addressing they won’t address that you know you’ve got the plate in zero on counts of light the Arcturians and drama dens and and syrians a whole host of other beings that are coming to help liberate the earth you know from these other forces you’re not hearing anything about that and and they’re not you know they’re they’re keeping it to their you know are they real you know that’s their key parties are they real you know it’s like my god you know how long are we gonna do this you know it’s like you know they they had a big fly over Texas they had a bunch of ships fly over Texas which is really interesting and they did a poll on the local news there and 99% of the people believe that UFOs are real in this poll now they did times seeing in polls a while ago and they were like that there is a government cover-up in UFOs are real so I mean disclosures happen the people already know you know this is a reality there are some people living in the dark ages that we want to make it all demons make it all not real or doesn’t it or say it’s all the secret space fleet you know the model you know it’s these things have been coming here before the secrets basically it existed you know so yeah i think i think the thing the thing that sets it apart especially people going out making contact for themselves is that the secret space program don’t communicate telepathically with you yeah and tell you about yourself and and communicate right i had some of these guys i won’t mention his name cuz but they’re on the old disclosure think some of these guys and they’re at the ranch and they flew one of those craft over the ranch and and everybody got exciting go odds its triangle ship it’s a UFO you know there’s one of those tr3 though and and then they then they flew another thing over and it was a real stealth jet that looked like a kind of look like a UFO and and both times they’re tried to set me up you know and and this thing came in and I looked at it and I said it’s not a UFO yeah you know and they got really upset even the people that they’re seeing really said I want it to be so bad yeah and I said I’m sorry it’s not a UFO and they go why and I said there’s no consciousness there Joe I said I said I’m not getting any any skits any signals nothing from these guys you know whoever’s on that jet or that plane is just a regular dude you know a regular guy and and so sure enough we found out later that it was you know it was like kind of a bit of a setup but but we’ve had other ships come in that came in and everybody’s getting excited I go this isn’t good this is not a good one no yeah it came in I could feel the energy around this thing and there was I probably fifty or sixty people watching this come in and then we saw a huge blue flash in the sky and this ship just turned into powder I mean there’s nothing and and I found out later from the other guys they said that that was you know reptilian ship and they said that they dealt with it with the same energy that it was coming with the same intention it was coming to do harm and they dealt with it you know you know was coming for deadly force they dealt with it with deadly force you know so it it’s a universal law kind of they can they can interact you know and so you know the way you deal with the negative ones is you make friends with a positive one you know exactly and that’s what cause like I get you know coming out of religion and I deal with a lot of people who are coming out of religion and I’m patient with a lot of them and so a lot of it is demonic to them you know if you meditate demons will inhabit your body things like that yeah you know I’m saying they want to know how can I be sure it’s like well you need to get in contact with the beings of light those who have your best interest in mind right and and if you do that then you you have nothing to fear and because love cast out fear and in their scriptures upon scriptures even for those who are in that to understand that that love conquers all and love is it’s greater than in any darkness and so when it when it comes to having your own encounters and stuff I’m just I’m just afraid of what I’m not I don’t think I’m afraid of I just know what’s gonna happen I know that eventually they’re gonna sway this whole UFO thing that they’re letting out and they’re letting the cat out cat out of the bag when disclosures been happening on the ground level I know they’re gonna they’re gonna sway it for the bad and say that we’re you know they’re gonna create this new al-qaeda this new /yeah a threat that we need to you know come together and you know fight against and you know bring about these new laws and these new you know taking away our rights and things like that they use all of this stuff to do that you know yeah these I tell you what they’re controlling the narrative basics is what they’re doing but you have to be careful with and there’s nothing to fear about the ones coming it’s the ones that have been here and they’ve been here for a long time ever since the beginning they’ve been here since the original Anunnaki you know the Fallen end and off-year part of it there’s malevolent greys involved in it and some reptilian serpentines and some other hybrid type of beings that are involved but those are all being cleaned up right now and they’re being cleaned up by the benevolent ones and you know people want to really do the research these beings are all throughout the Bible they’re all throughout the Vedic scriptures you know you read Ezekiel I’ll tell you now this is going to be a hard one for some people in Ezekiel they have a shiny disk comes out of the firmament it has bronze feet like calves it has fire brimstone coming out from underneath it when it lands it sounds like a thousand rushing rivers yeah what is that I mean that’s pretty obvious that’s a ship you know and it when it lands out of it come cherubim with wheels within wheels with flashing lights all around them those are the little shuttlecraft that come out of it and then this man that they call God supposedly steps out and orders six men with their shattering weapons to destroy all the men women and children of Israel and and they do they lay the whole place to waste and then he orders a man dressed in white linen to reach into the bowels of the cherubim pull out hot coals spread them around the city and henceforth anybody who comes there will die a hideous death their hair and fingernails will fall out and they’ll be food for the Raven and the Beast okay the white linen is probably a radioactive garment and the khat coals are most likely some kind of radioactive material and and that’s what happens you know your hair and your fingernail falls out and you die you know and so and but you know if if we’re looking at this from a superstition point you know from a superstitious thing we’re not going to understand what really happened there and that’s the origin of the wrathful God and so in the Old Testament you have this wrathful God that was a genocidal maniac basically that was the jealous wrathful you know you should fear God and everything else and then you have Jesus showing up and he says I bring a new covenant an all loving all forgiving God a whole new image and and that’s where people are really struggling with this because they’re afraid of becoming toast by doing the wrong thing yeah because of this old thing that happened in the past historical thing and this is going to be a really hard pill to swallow for people but almost all of the bearded gods were these ancient ancestors they were they were the bearded gods were the Anunnaki the Greek gods all of them were the same beings some were very loving and serving and some were self serving in some retirements and and they had their turf wars between themselves and and that’s a lot where a lot of the religions came from and I’m not saying these books are incorrect they they are historical accounts of things that happened but we have to evolve and look at them with what we know now to really understand what happened to past because he also had this there’s a prophecy they said they’ll show come a great one that’ll bruise the head of the one who bruise the head of man and they’re talking about Jesus who came with the good guys and through these other guys out you know and kicked him out and then you know and again he keeps speaking of an all loving all forgiving God and and he also says the temple is within that God is within you you know it’s closer than the hair on your head and you know everything he talks about it was making your own personal connection you know and getting rid of the fear that fear of being you know punished and killed and all that others you know all the fear and guilt and the words you got to drop that program because that keeps you from making your own personal connection which is pure love and joy and bliss you know that’s that’s basically what that connection is good stuff brother let ever I know again that the phone lines are open I’m going to take this question from the chat room this is a ginger says great to see this duo and and this is this is for you and I we’ve already discussed this on the last podcast but we can go over it again it says what type of lasers have you guys this discussed using two signal crafts how are they used and can either view direct us to a recommended source to find out more ginger yeah you know what I get I have a friend in Japan that brings these lasers and gives them to me all the time you can get them on wicked laser wicked lounge yeah yeah and you’re not gonna hurt the ships you know by shooting lasers about them they’re they know what you’re doing and it’s not so much the laser it’s the intention these these are extremely telepathic they’re very spiritually and technologically advanced beings and it’s about your intention you don’t really need the laser but you can you know shoot the lasers say hey we’re over here you know just let them know that your physical representation of your consciousness yeah we just connect it it’s like exactly yeah yeah and that’s basically what it is but you know just about any laser work but it’s not so much the laser it’s the thought know that and by shooting the light your intention is to connect to that ship you know and they get it they pick it up and they respond I’ve had I’ve had some beautiful encounters with the green lasers and I put some of it yeah music to a signal et’s well my laser beams you know music and they’re like they’re like talking to me so hey you know I really do that like that’s I didn’t just put that in there you know so it’s funny when people come back with the lyrics what did you mean by that and then it then I get to show them your videos of you going yeah yeah so you know put it in the music videos and stuff too it’s great you’re doing that because I always say the same venue that’s ensnare people can treat people oh yeah and and the same thing it’s like the Internet can totally free people you know by bringing this new information out so that even through the word you can through the word bring people back you know that got confused by the misuse of the word you know yeah I remember I was like you know years ago I was just I was kind of turned off by the internet like I used the Internet but I was turned off because I seen Facebook and I seen social media in in the early stages of what it was doing to our kind we’re totally different now everybody’s changed like it was it was taboo to play on to be on your phone at a table and now it’s like everyone does it you know so I was I was upset with that because this Facebook of this global web was mimicking the global brain in this one consciousness that we’re all we’re all always connected you can walk in the room and feel what your brothers and sisters are going through spiritually like you can able you can feel that and now we’re always connected via Facebook and it was just like a mockery of it you know what I was so against it because you know but now I guess we have to work with it now right yeah it’s kind of like a lot of people don’t realize that a lot of the technology we have right now is is just to take over the failure of the spirituality yeah I’m not doing our spiritual work you know so and that’s that’s a problem you know that we’re dealing with but the you know like you’re saying you know a cell phone do you really need a cell phone you know I know who’s calling me before they call me and and you know people connect with me and then I call them they go god I was just thinking about you and I said I know you know so you can use it but you don’t really need it you can actually transcend it but you know right now I I think it’s just like money and things like that it’s the accept to the exchange of society right now so so we have to use it to we can use it for good or you can use it for negative you know and hopefully there comes a day when we won’t need money you know that will transcend that and be like the other higher to me shall be inspect yeah it’s a tool just like it just like anything else and they can be used for good or bad you know research yeah yeah itself my just in your message after yeah I just send it you know when things come to me it just goes right goes in one hand out the other it’s like I don’t you know and I’m not attached to it and I don’t really care about it and a lot of people think there’s there’s something crazy with me you know because I’m always just passing it on but I said hey you know the more I passed it on the more comes and that’s been the truth all along it’s like the more year in service mode and helping others the more comes to you I’m gonna jump to the phone lines here take one of these callers we have a color from New York caller welcome to the show who we speaking with this is Kara in Long Island hey how are you hey I’m good thanks um I have a question uh what do you guys think about the fact that maybe technology is being withheld from us or the truth as being withheld because we seem to weaponize every technology we discover and maybe that’s what’s being withheld for you know responsibilities reasons yeah definitely well you know what’s the truth of the matter is we have all the technology we need right now for feuless energy we have healing technologies we have this thing called the 24 hour soldier where a soldier can give his arms and legs blown off and they they put them in this thing and it regenerates them we have amazing technology that’s already on the planet but again like you’re saying it’s been it’s been withheld and it’s used within the you know the black budget projects and things like that and I think that is going to come to an end here this this next year and all that’s going to be start being released I know where some of this technology is and especially the fuel is energy technology and things like that and I’ve been instrumental in getting that ready to be released and and so and some of the healing technology as well so that’s one of my missions is to bring this out and especially the healing tech knowledge ease and you know we have these magnetic light tables that you lay on these tables and they actually create a communication with your third party which is your perfect it’s it’s like the perfect your perfect self or what do you mean call it the perfect imprint it creates a communication from that level right straight into your physical cells and rebounder and reprograms everything there’s a lot of oxygen therapies coming out you know Water Technologies crystallized oxygen which is amazing you know cancers anaerobic it hates oxygen you increase the blood oxygen and raise the pH and cancer can sit back sit right out of your system so yeah all that stuff’s available I’m wondering if if they’re there they’re worried that everyone’s going to live forever kind of thing and then we’ll run out of places to park you know what do you do a lot of planets out there that can sustain life much more than we can imagine yeah and you know it’s really not a problem that the problem is consciousness it’s not overpopulation the problem is consciousness because if you’re literally if yeah if you’re aligned with the land you can have a lot of people together and you can build things you wouldn’t even know they were there and maintain that the natural aspect to it and there’s a lot of ways of doing that we have the land we have technology now to drill the wells to build the homes that are sustainable and you know the feuless energy and everything else there’s there’s no problem with that the old our biggest problem that we have is this cabal and these guys that have been siphoning trillions of dollars and with heli with holding all these technologies from the people and that’s being changed as we speak and these people are being rounded up and their assets are being taken and putting back into the Treasury and you know they found like five hundred almost five hundred fifty trillion dollars missing you know with the Federal Reserve and these other guys well you know can’t imagine putting that back into the Treasury and back in the infrastructure and taking care of poverty and homelessness and everything else that that’s going to take care of a lot of problems and then you also have this this mass wealth it’s going to be earmarked for humanitarian reasons that the Chinese elders are releasing as well that we have to get these other guys out of the way so they can’t divert it and and steal it like they have been in the past and that’s what we’re doing right now so we’re going to go through some really big changes and they’re really good and this this tyranny program and the gross uneven dispersal of wealth and all this stuff is coming to an end here and it’s going to happen very quickly yep there was some hours probably good night thanks man appreciate you calling and thank you there were some whistleblowers some years ago who and we’ve totally seen it since then which we’re saying that whatever you’ve seen in Hollywood whatever you see in the movies just know that we already have that technology if you can think it we have scientists that have already created it and there’s that so much stuff I mean I remember when they were talking about guns that shoot around corners there was a movie that came out years ago with I think it was like I was one saying like Ben Affleck and Angelina Jolie or something but they were they were like these special detectives and they had guns that they would hold to the wall and it would shoot around corners and then several months after that came out they started showing this technology where they had guns that would actually do that like these mirrors and they’d hold it up to the wall and it would shoot and hit the target perfectly and there’s just so much technology that whatever’s in the media whatever’s in the movies they’ve already got the stuff and we’re so many years behind I’ve heard it said I don’t know if this is true probably but I’ve heard it said we’re fifty years behind whatever you see in in the movies that we have years ahead of that technology minimum yeah minimum we have probably way more yeah yeah yeah we have we’re actually developing ships right now in the black projects that are jumping dimensions right now I think one of the problems with them is that the pilots they get on these ships and they also they have like a near-death experience and they when they start jumping dimensions and they come back and they don’t want to work it they don’t want to be a part of the program anymore you know so it’s it’s gotten but no we have we have I’ve held a device in my hand that’s as big as the small pie plate and it had nine coils and it each coil put out 25,000 watts and was ice-cold and that’ll run a town basically and so and we tried to kill it I mean we hooked it up to all these power strips and we put the biggest load we could on it with everything because we couldn’t stop it so well that stuff’s on the planet right now and you know we have technology too you could drop this device down and this device will actually run on water it’ll take even sewer water purify it it’ll come out crystal clear auction aid with crystallized oxygen in it and the the toxin stuff is burned off and creates energy and actually drives the it drives the device provides all the energy you need for the whole town yeah that would that’s that’s a game-changer right there you know you just drop it in the village BAM everybody’s hooked up you know and peer walk I think it’s crazy that like in the mainstream we we hear about this stuff a little bit but that’s it you hear about it you hear about these different things that they have created machines that they have created where they can burn off plastic like old plastic and recycle plastic and use it as fuel but then they don’t do it and there’s all this waste that they can use to make fuel out of you hear about it but then but then they don’t do it it’s insane I’ll tell you I tell you what here’s an entry thing because it’s really hard for people to wrap their head around this but you have to take it in baby steps basically so first of all you go hey guess what did you know that you could run your car on water that there are splitting water and you could run your car on water and then you know guess what you know what you don’t even need water you could use these feuless these generators and build charge your batteries and you can run your electric car and go forever you never have to stop for fuel and then you could take the next step you know what you don’t even need batteries you know you could put this thing in there and it’ll run your car without the batteries and and now you can go for ever you can drive the tires up your car and then the next step would be guess what you don’t even need tires that you could actually beam up you know your car you could shift if frequencies on your car and you could jump and be in Australia for breakfast and come back to France for dinner and do whatever you want you know that’s total freedom and that technology we already have today but people it’s hard for people to understand that that they’re still thinking oh get out if I could just get that water technology you know and and you know and and and some people don’t even realize that man yeah yeah they don’t even realize the water technology is here you know and you know a lot of people don’t realize the lot of ships and things like that now are actually running on water they’re not running on diesel and that’s kind of a hidden thing oppression talks about a bit you know they don’t need all these major ships and vessels out there and things like that that military stuff doesn’t even be they don’t need diesel anymore jumping back to the phone lines we got a caller from looks like it says Pine Crest Pine Crest California caller from California who is speaking with hey what’s going on Derek yeah I’m calling him from Brightmoor I just wanted to ask james gilliland a little something how you doing james gilliland I’m a big fan oh thanks doing great so this is somewhat of a problematic question and I I’m trying to figure out how to how to put it out there I’ve been following your work I’ve been falling a lot of people’s work my what is it LA Marzulli grande Hancock’s workers and Anakin’s but this is going on the darker side of things what do you think about what Michael Heizer is pushing what stitching is wrong dot-com moreover all of these debunking youtubers that are very popular right now that are debunking everything la Marzulli people like you Graham Hancock Irv and Donna cans pushing out and moreover the way they’re diligently shooting down ancient aliens what are your thoughts on that and I’ll take my question off the air I wish you guys the best yeah many blessings and I can’t wait to hear what you think god bless leo thank you yeah it’s like you know some of these guys like I know la Marzulli once was saying that you know we’re opening gates to demons and things like that a long time ago I think he’s changed his position now I’m not sure but they come from a religious background and and again that’s this Fox thinking of you know there’s God and then there’s the devil or Satan and then there’s angels and demons and Heaven and Hell and it’s a very narrow scope of things and they try to they have to fit things within their program of their belief system and things like that and some are breaking out of it more and more and and a lot of the information has you know it has some truth to it and then it has a twist at the end and so you have to use your own discernment on these things but and you know it’s with ancient aliens I I know those guys and I’ve talked to him several times and and I said you know you guys why are you still anchored in the past I said it’s happening now and erich von daniken all these guys I’ve had face-to-face conversation with him I said you know you guys what’s going on I go why I said it’s happening now we’re having contact now all the people you talked about our back they’re here now the temple builders everything why don’t you cover that and and they just said we’re only interested in antiquity we don’t care yeah you know and and it’s sad you know because because they’re you know they’re in a way they’re giving you some truth but it’s a half-truth why not bring the whole truth out the sad thing is for me man is like because I think that’s why my shows flourishing my show is doing really good right now James I think it’s because I I come from the religious background and I’m not afraid to address it and speak as an authority and I’ve been on both sides so when I came into ufology it was under Lynn Marzulli and so many other names you know I’m saying I’m alone all of these guys from back in the day studying their work and everything that they don’t like Christians and probably all religions or people demonize what they don’t understand if they don’t understand it it’s not of God it’s not in the Bible which maybe it is in the Bible you just haven’t found it yet and that’s that’s the that’s why I approach it from and and so I started studying under these guys and everything was demonic aliens were demons and then I found work and then I found David Walker then I found Greer right so you guys open up a whole new realm of understanding as people who may be approached it at the time I thought from a room that was unbiased you didn’t have an agenda you just looked at the information you looked at the text you looked at the experiences that people were having for what it was and that was beautiful so that’s why I migrated from the Mars release to you guys and fell in love with your work and then recently like a week ago a friend of the family contacted my wife and myself and said that uh Lynn Marzulli was gonna be in town and he’s coming to a church here and thought that we would be head over heels to go and I’m just like as like my wife I said hey you want to go she thought you’d be invited I’m not going to that like I know you would think I would want to but there’s like an agenda there like there’s an agenda to capitalize even off of the mainstream with the whole UFO phenomena now and I can just see them now talking about it yeah you know NASA just revealed the UFOs and these are demons you know and my god it turns my stomach I can’t be really I can’t be around that stuff I don’t know you know the NACA body talks about this and there’s temple walls in Egypt and they show the levels they show all the levels and they have the lower levels of and they show disfigured humans and people that really you know did a lot about things you might say in the lower levels demonic type creatures they have creatures that look just like greys and reptilians you know the old statues have Mary stepping on the reptilian you know Michael stepping on the reptile this is all it’s all there you know it’s there if you do the research and you know that the Fresco’s all all these ancient frescoes have UFOs in them it’s undeniable it shows beautifully since being baptized baptized and this pugio posted in golden light above above Jesus being baptized and so it’s all there but you have to get out of the programming do your own research read the Bible read the other scriptures keep an open mind it’s not the devil’s not going to and God’s not going to punish you for doing research you know exactly the research get educated and and my thing is that when you when you know the true origin of man it goes even further than that who created them you know and I’ll tell you something Nihal led with who was an advisor to the Pope he’s a very good friend of mine and he had access to all the catacombs and all those ancient texts and everything and he just came out with a new book called saving jesus and i really suggest a lot of christians get this book and to understand the real research the real history of jesus but he talks about the origin of god the wrathful gods and he talks about a greater god that created them and in the true the true interpretation of Genesis it says in the beginning the father of all fathers created the gods who created the heavens and the earth and Elohim the name for God has always been plural yep so so what are they saying here you know what are they and I’m just saying I’m not trying to tell anybody how to think just do your own research yeah it’s all there and and it goes and then go get the Lord’s Prayer in airman oh my god this beautiful little different it’s so beautiful it’s a whole different different and it’s cosmic in nature it’s much more expanded yeah it’s so when we really do the research and I bring that all the time I go here’s here’s the original yes so be there yeah in Arabic listen to this and you people go oh my god you know they talk about oh cosmic birther you know and and it there’s there’s you know that the whole image of the bearded God goes back every religion has their bearded God the Greek gods the Jewish all those guys Jehovah the wrathful you know was one of them and then you have Yahweh the all loving all forgiving and hard time understanding this but they’re they’re different beings they behave differently and we need to understand the real origin and it’s going to be a hard pill to swallow for some people but we have to go back ultimately who created them mm-hmm you know where did they come from did they have did they have a mother you know what about the house of Mary you know which was bigger than Jesus’s teach broop you know his disciples there was a house of Mary the Divine Feminine that was actually bigger and that’s where he hung out all the time and and his teachings were always he said you know the temple is within year or all God’s children of you know of the Most High what happens when you grow up you know yeah when you grow up you expand to become one with the one consciousness that encompasses all consciousness that is within everybody and that’s what I and and you know he never taught too you know you should not the fear and the guilt and the unworthiness that’s the old program then we have to you know and that’s what controls the masses yeah it’s something that when you know those those people who come from that dead understanding the Christian realm they love to talk about demons I love to talk about demons like I’m down for that I have a lot of information on them exactly I’ve seen I’ve dealt with them they exist but it’s like they would rather talk about the demons then talk about the angels like if we can’t have one discussion without the other why is there a demon around every corner but there’s not a helper spirit there’s not an entity of love and of light that’s here to assist enough and to help why can demons manifest and contact people why why do you get uncomfortable when we talk about the angels are doing that and that the whole story of ufology from a biblical perspective ties right in with angel angel ology and all of these different types and in rankings and the scriptures talk about the hosts of heaven which is talking about the fleet’s of Yahweh yes these chariots of fire attack five tonight skies I mean it’s all in there and it’s beautiful so they get uncomfortable when we start talking about yeah the Angels and I don’t know what you see lighting we saw talking about the Angels you know I think was Elijah ascended in a fiery chariot you know and he used to go to the river Chebar and talk to the lights that came down from the sky you know all that stuff is in there and you know it’s so interesting I see over and over when you really understand this and read the ancient scriptures you’ll find it’s all in there they’re replete with experiences but you have to read them with an open mind you can’t apply the old superstitious Dogma to it or you’ll never understand this and I mean it’s it’s there’s so much in there it’s just unbelievable that that I can’t believe they’re missing it you know they’re you know there’s a big difference between going to church and having somebody tell you what to think versus doing your own research that’s what I’m saying yeah I say don’t have somebody tell you what to think yeah and then start asking questions you know and I think maybe that’s why my podcast is doing so good right now maybe because that it’s not like hey take my word for it I’ve been to hell and back I’ve got the scars to prove it trust me this is what happens like yeah I am doing that but I’m saying you can do it too like it’s for you to encounter god it’s for you to have your own mystical experience these so there’s people and I don’t know if you’ve ran into them I’m sure you have who have had contact with ships and and they’re telling the truth but their story is that they’re the chosen ones and they are the one to bring this information versus the story I think the narrative which you go out and do ce-5 encounters where you’re saying look this is for everybody if you want to know bad enough it’s here for you it’s all you do is look up simple is that’s what you got to do take the time and do it so people kind of get caught up in the whole Messiah Complex of yeah yeah that’s a lesson for a lot of people too because maybe yeah maybe you have to deal with those thoughts maybe those thoughts have even your mind maybe there was a point where it crossed your mind that you were the one that uh sure in something big I don’t know if you’ve had that to deal with those you know there are be that they call faker spirits that will come in and they’ll do flattery and they’ll tell you you’re the chosen one when everything but they’re teaching separation yeah and you got to stay humble you have to stay humble because when you’re humble you’re in service and when you’re in service you’re connected but you get into your self service and you’re the chosen one and then you get into all that nonsense they got you the other side’s got you and and and I see that happening over and over again and I see that with with so many people in in spirituality and you apology as well yeah and they’re in it for all the wrong reasons and and that’s gonna you know that’s going to come back and bite them in the butt here real soon before we go I’m gonna hold you up too long James I wanted to ask you about the whole thing with like they were seeing you guys had footage and pictures of this type of not portal but some type of opening and what does it Mount Adams yeah it was opening and closing and getting smaller and smaller and and then there’s all of this footage in this these experiences you guys have had of ships coming out of the mountain and then things like that what what what all happen with that well there it’s a base and they live underneath Mount Adams just like Shasta and Tetons and and the volcanoes and things yeah yeah they’re Mexico they’re there under the oceans their every word they’re based all over this planet and some good ones were what the benevolent ones are here and some ones that were negative we’re here – the good news is the benevolent once you’re cleaning out the underground ones that the negative ones and we’re on we’re doing a major cleanup process but where we are it’s a benevolent Stargate and we have you know the benevolent ones come and work with people and the Inner Earth there’s a huge massive cavern underneath us that these ships come in and out of and the last one we film was too big to go inside the door it was a mile wide and so I had ad to park outside and so we got that whole thing on film but yeah it’s these are the times you know we’re unifying we’re unifying with the greater family of man they’re bringing back universal law this is what all the prophecies have talked about the dark hearts are imploding and you know the age of tyranny is coming to an end and and you know this is what all the prophecies talked about you know the Mayan prophecies everything this is the ninth way if unity consciousness is coming through and and we have to rise the occasion before we part ways James if somebody’s listening to this and they’re into it they want to go to the next level they want to make contact I want to know that something’s real what’s something that people can do tangibly to maybe have proof what can they do to have their own encounter well you know basic we have all the information at the website if they want to do the research they can go to e city org or ESET e Stargate on the YouTube channel and see that but mainly just get out in nature and meditate and focus with your intent on connecting with the benevolent ones the more spiritually and technologically advanced beings if you put that intent out there and you meditate on that eventually you’re gonna create that reality but be specific you know like set set some ground rules you know and you can call on Jesus or Buddha or Mary or Quan Yin or whoever you want you know to watch over you know get your watch angel there if you need to to make sure that you are working with the benevolent ones there was a time where and I know it stuck out to me because when I was just coming into meditation you talked about going into deep meditation and communicating with beings and then I think it was your sister came home and there was a ship hovering above the house yeah making contact with you yeah yeah I thought I was talking to like angelic beings and things and they said actually we’re on a ship and I go okay I’ve lost it you know and and I’m gonna go out and dig and find some trees or something and I didn’t get to front door and my sister and her friends came up banging on the door and they said you see it and I said see what and there’s a big light ship hovering right over there over the ranch so a lot of people think they’re being contacted by angels and things and it could be like a fifth dimensional ledian or six-dimensional Orien counts of light beam or the Andromeda char mythologically known as Archangels there they have magnetized light bodies and they’re eight to ten foot tall beam so it’s a big universe out there you know and it’s it’s just not Heaven and Hell and got in the devil it’s much bigger than we can imagine yep yep James I appreciate you hanging out with my brother we got to do it again soon man thanks for coming right thanks for having me on the show and you know be kind I don’t think I could say is create heaven on earth and stay within universal law and be kind to each other that’s all that’s all we need to do to turn this planet around I said you heard the man check out his website East Eddie Doric stands for enlightened contact with extraterrestrial intelligence make sure you guys go check out the work the videos all of this stuff tons of videos I’m telling you this is what got me this is this is why I’m doing this podcast this man right here dude you mean the world to me you really do I appreciate your work I really do man from the bottom of my heart thank you bro oh thank you too for bringing this information out it’s so important right now hi James good night brother all right good night Shalom Salaam peace there it is ladies and gentlemen james gilliland he said he ranch and I mean it it’s not just some type of flattery like I’m doing what I’m doing because of because of that guy blame him don’t blame me right man when I was having my experiences years ago back in 2011 2012 found his work you know looking up at UFOs and looking up things like that and it there was one video as a video by a guy named prophet Yahweh I don’t know if that rings any bill I’m trying to get him on the show prophet Yahweh but uh he went out there and summoned a UFO for the news station news stations went out there his older black guy goes out there and puts his hands up in the air and he says he’s able to summon UFOs on command by using the Hebrew version of the Bible so and I’m having these weird studies in the Bible about UFOs and about angels and having encounters and pique my interest in found that video in this guy’s the you know the new school kept captures it there’s this orb that comes into focus and they film it and it blows everybody away at the news station there’s like oh wow this has worked whatever he’s doing something work there’s no they checked the flight schedules there was not supposed to be anything in the air at that time and uh that video blew me away prophet Yahweh and that just took me a little bit deeper and deeper in my studies you know and then guess what reading the scriptures and studying and studying studying I went out and I tried to summon UFOs I went out there and I read the Hebrew version of the Bible and I studied the scriptures and started making contact and I started having crazy encounters like this dude I’ve seen on the internet prophet Yahweh was that do – L was that I don’t know I have no idea but I know that after watching that it built my faith to go out there and do that then I was led to the work of Patrick cook rest in peace who man Bible UFO calm the biggest online database of UFO paranormal and spiritual experiences in the Bible he that website Bible UFO comm it doesn’t exist anymore you can find it on the back web or whatever like the pages that were archived and I’ve tried to put some of it on my my site because his wife deleted everything once he passed which was just a couple years back and but his work and he’s just showing you all of these scriptures about spirits in the Bible different spiritual interactions that you never heard about of different prophets encountering spirits that you wouldn’t have known unless it was given to you in this context like this is what this is and be able to read it you’re like oh my god this is insane babbu UFO calm was amazing and so all of that stuff was foundational for me and then having those experiences who am I supposed to talk talk to about it my pastor you know my my friends I try to freak while out so I put it in my music we sought to the fanbase did sorted my own podcast I made sure that like when I went to Bible studies and I went to church that I wasn’t talking about this stuff with people because I knew that it would freak people out so I come home I get on the internet and let’s do a podcast and I interview people and I get people on my show who were doing this stuff and I talked to james gilliland then i remember reaching out to him and his staff and i got in touch with nate at the time who was one of his assistants and when i needed somebody to talk to those guys were there like just to make sure I wasn’t losing my mind just to make sure that I wasn’t going crazy that these weren’t demons who were contacting me from another dimension to deceive me or something like that and it helped me make sense of everything james gilliland his humility that he brings to the table it’s like no other and he’s been blacklisted he’s been looked over he’s been all of that stuff by some of the bigger stations and stuff he’s been scheduled to be on coast-to-coast am and he on the phone waiting and they never put him on for like hours you know like he’s been there so we talked about that stuff man and I really appreciate his work so what you know and I haven’t talked to him since 2012 since I started having my awakening and kind of going to those next levels so it was such a blessing to have him on like I said just gonna touch on some of the things that we have coming up I guess I want to do one night a week we’re gonna do online school of the Spirit School of the Mystics where we just get into it where people need prayer people are going through a lot of stuff that they can’t explain they need somebody to talk to I make myself available but it’s gonna be on on an even deeper more intimate level with people there’s there’s so many of you guys that I see the potential in but I hear your stories and I hear what you’re going through and I know what comes next we have to be able to formulate a game plan for you we have to create a safe environment for you to try to test out your spiritual abilities in your gift of prophecy your gift of healing your gift of dreams and visions and intuition and empathy we have to create a safe environment for that that’s what I’m doing Thursday nights the school of the Spirit um it’s gonna be available for people supporting on patreon and I don’t know if I’m we’re gonna do it through discord or zoom video chat or what but we’re gonna make it available I’m talking to Adam Starseed he’s gonna be helping me with it as well you already know christie lee and in her show she’s gonna be promoting it and she’s gonna be in with it Danno Leo I’ll be talking to Leo about it Leo called in from Woodhaven there earlier appreciates calling Leo there’s Nicole there in the chat room all of these people are going to be a part of it Nicole and Chris and it’s gonna be good we have to create a safe environment that that’s what that’s where I came from I came from a place of it was okay to try and it was okay to fail it was okay to mess up and we would we would try to prophesy we would try to pick up energies and moving the spirit of this sermon on one another and and it was okay to mess up there was a grace there and we learned and I learned how to use it then it then guess what in those safe places I’ve been able to go out into the public and do it and what we were doing in our home meetings I was able to go out and do it in Walmart I was going able to go into the doctor’s office and do and have our confidence in a faith that allowed me to go out and do that so we’re gonna do it online school of the Spirit I’m excited about it and it’s just trying to formulate because I have all these people support and I get all these messages and I’m able to see like the next level for a lot of people but I just have to be able to go into a way of like have you have this confidence in you like I can be confident in you but for you to be confident in yourself and kind of take it to the next level we’re gonna do it online school little spirit I’m gonna do it on Thursday night so we’re gonna do this and uh Carolyn and and Nicole and Matt are all commenting Matt says when’s it gonna start it’s gonna start very soon in the next few weeks you’ll definitely be notified Carolyn says I always wonder about the powerful kind being felt that’s my home at a particular time it wasn’t too benevolent energy beings heard you to Carolyn because you you there’s I’ve been hearing you speak about energies and being empathic and intuitive and there’s a place for you so we want to create a place where because you guys are needed every single one of you guys who are listening you are needed there is a place for you you’re not forgotten you’re not in you’re not alone right maybe that’s what that’s maybe that’s why this podcast is doing so well right now it’s just a place where you just know that hey I’m not alone I’m not the only crazy person here true secrets with me there’s a there’s lots of people listening to this show on the back end on the iTunes and in podcasting there’s so many people listening so many people reaching out we have to formulate something all I’m doing is trying I’m trying to get the vision I’m trying to make it happen and I thank you guys for being patient with me I think you guys for supporting me to do that to be affiliated with what we’re doing a dollar a week a dollar a week you know what I’m saying I think anybody can do that just to help us pay for this stuff and to also let us know that you care about it you head on over to patreon comm backslash truth seeker I’ve been working on the website working on new music as well so I’m staying really busy trying to get all this this info out there and the gears are turning there’s so much to get out still working on the stuff I promised I’m still working on the teachings that you guys are waiting on the whole Jezebel thing I haven’t forgotten about I’m almost done with it I have so much going on we’re gonna talk about we’re gonna address that – being single minded with a thousand visions we’re gonna address that mess many of you guys that’s why but you’re putting your hand to the to the plow and and one thing and you’re good at it and then you there’s this other thing and then there’s this other thing I’m good at oh but I love this and you got your hands in 17 different things and you’re a jack of all trades would essentially become a master of none so we’re gonna talk about focusing in on what works keeping keeping the faith staying on the path and moving in the spirit of consistency authenticity and excellence that’s what’s working guys it’s working totally is that’s what we’re doing 2018 I don’t know if it came across as well but he was talking about 2020 18 was essentially according to the old calendar 2012 that were just now coming into the new energies I don’t I can’t vouch for that I’ve done the research in the past and there’s many people who believe that I will say this there’s a lot of people who are waking up right now there’s a lot of people who are having these encounters there’s a lot of people who have questions there’s a lot of people fed up with status quo there’s a lot of people who know that they were put here to do great things and they have no idea how to get started this is what we’re doing the school of the Spirit ma’am true seeker calm all right there’s gonna be access links there as well as just go to the patreon and uh and get plugged in with the community there as so much stuff I don’t know if you guys are familiar with discord get familiar with that that’s a chat program that we can use to communicate and it lets us know who all is online and it’s really cool this cord is dope and it’s synced up with patreon I like that I know Brett Stacey’s listening we’ve been chatting on their building and discipleship and just encouraging one another I’m gonna make sure I’m not forgetting anything okay there’s another arm people want to know how you know how they can support there’s many ways that you guys can support this show and support my work and what I’m doing obviously by the music share the music get the music out there share the podcast share the episodes all of that good stuff but financially join patreon you get rewards you get exclusive content all kind of stuff I’m trying to make it as interactive as I can also I’m partnered with a website now who is giving me a kickback for everybody I send over there if you want to buy crystals you want to buy sage you want to buy books and all of these things it’s essentially an amazon portal but go to smudge yourself calm smudge yourself calm smudging with the with sage my room is littered with sage right now from my daughter and here burning it earlier so smudge yourself calm there you can buy sage copal resident incense frankincense tear it cards like there’s all kinds of stuff whatever you want you can buy it through that portal and I get a kickback they support what I’m doing smudge yourself calm go check it out that being said there’s you know there’s so many ways you can support and I’m gonna do a video on just how you can support and even for people who can’t support financially like there’s there’s that to discuss as well there’s there’s free memberships that you can sign up that they give the the podcast to kickback all kinds of stuff and I’m gonna do a video explaining ways to do that but yeah my stream schedule is now posted on the website true seeker com go there and at the top you’ll see the screen stream schedule and it’s when when I’m going off so you can plan it I try to do it I usually try to do 10 a.m. or 7:00 p.m. and so some of the future interviews that I have planned right now are coming up another big thing I’m partnering with some some really big big names out there I’m been asked to be a guest on Project Camelot that’s a huge portal just like james gilliland when i first started out we ran into project camelot videos and they want me on this show that i’m gonna be doing an interview what Kerry Cassidy I’ll be sure to share that out when I go on her show I just did another interview with our friends over at the system is down podcast that was a great interview he shared that and as soon as he shared that that interview man so many people left his uh his his uh his group man cuz like the information he named the video opening your third eye defined Jesus and uh that that just you know mess people up but um yeah I’ve been doing a lot of interviews lately ready to do a lot more on joy talking about this stuff so many ways to support we’re gonna keep doing it had that Jordan act Jordan Maxwell interview had the james gilliland interview I got stood up for two other interviews the last two days but we’re not gonna talk about that but I’m gonna be interviewed by Whitley Strieber the man who wrote the movie commute wrote the book communion which was turned into a movie played by his role was played by Christopher Walken I’m gonna be interview about that movie scared the mess out of me as a kid there’s an alien scene in that movie that scared the mess out of me I’m gonna be interviewed by Whitley Strieber I’m excited about that man that’s that’s uh that’s a dream come true really right you who who who would think about that as being like a seven eight-year-old kid nine-year-old kid watching that movie and then you’re gonna be interviewed by that guy when you grow up like the person it I don’t know synchronicity is beautiful life is beautiful I’m also yeah Kerry Cassidy’s gonna be on my show too so with returning a favor I’m going on her show she’s coming on my show we’re gonna do it you guys let me know if I should sell these things these stickers the little truce to get stickers for you guys who are watching on video those of you guys who are listening on the podcast and I’m holding up this little truth-seeker sticker I don’t know if you guys have seen and I got them on my facebook you got to follow me there so anyway all the good stuff Adam so happy you decided to join us Adam I just talked about the school of the Spirit gave you a shout out talked about us working together to formulate something people in the chatroom seemed really interested in the school of the Spirit and that’s coming together and we’re going to do some deep and deaf and depth teachings but a lot of it – I just want to just show up I just want us to show up just say hey first of all to meet one another you know so like the fans are meaning that’s cool right and then to take it to the next level and and just see what happens we just it’s the community this is all it is reading these comments – motel is tell them tell us I’m a not butchered that name it says I need Black Tourmaline yes go over to the website smudge yourself calm I’ll put it in the show notes as well I’ll share it on my facebook smudge yourself calm if you buy anything through that portal through that I get a kickback and they support my show thank you guys I love each and every one of you and we’ll do it again soon trust me I’m excited tomorrow night I’ll be on Christy Lee’s show doing that you guys can call in for healing and and prayer and all that good stuff follow me on Facebook if you have no idea what I’m talking about I share all these links constantly Shalom Shalom peace [Music] that does it for this episode folks to hear more episodes of the truth seeker podcast head over to Jessica calm and if you wanted to support the show and get rewards go to our patreon page at forward slash truth seeker [Music]

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