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James Gilliland is a minister, counselor, an internationally known lecturer, best selling author with the books, Reunion with Source, Becoming Gods, and The Ultimate Soul Journey. James appeared in Contact Has Begun, His Story, The History Channel, UFOs then and Now, UFO Hotspots, ABC, Fox News, BBC Danny Dyer Special, Paranormal State, ECETI Ranch a Documentary, and the new movie Thrive have all featured James and ECETI which he is the founder. He has appeared on Coast to Coast, Jeff Rense, and to numerous other radio shows to mention also being the host of, As You Wish Talk Radio, and Contact Has Begun, He is a facilitator of many Eastern disciplines, a visionary dedicated to the awakening and healing of Humanity and the Earth and teaches higher dimensional realities from experience.

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Hub For All Things Spiritual History Your Host TruthSeekah And You’re Now Listening To The Awakening Tonight We’re Going To Be Speaking With James Gilliland Of The East Steady Rants I’ve Been Following James Has Worked For Probably About Three And A Half Years Now Checking Out Some Of His Videos On Youtube And And Taking On Some Of His Documentaries That He’s Been Involved With And He Has Some Really Interesting Footage On His Site And Some Awesome Pics And Some Different Information That He’s Been Featured On There’s Like I Said I’ve Been Keeping Up With Him For About Three And A Half Years Been Looking Forward To Talking With Them Ever Since You Can Check Out His Website At ECETI. Org It Stands For Enlightened Contact With Extraterrestrial Intelligence We’re Going To Be Talking About That Tonight What Does That Mean And We Want To Get Feedback From You Guys If You Guys Have Questions And Comments We’re Going To Be Taking Calls In A Little While So I Believe Without Further Ado We Have James On The Line Are You There James I’m Here Hey How’s It Going Brother Good How You Doing I’m Doing Great Man Just Got A Phat Cup Of Joe Going And Some Lotus Incense Burning Ready For Some Conversation Tonight Man That’s Good Excited Like I Said I’ve Been Following Your Work For About Three And A Half Years And Checking Out A Lot Of The Footage And Stuff And Really Being Drawn To It And Having My Own Experiences As Well And Really Whenever Somebody’s Having Their Own Experiences They Just Look For Somebody That They Can Reach Out To And You Know Relate To Somebody They Can Talk To And When I Started Seeing Crafts Over My House And In In Different Parts Of The Country That I Was In And Seeing These Crafts And I Was Led To Your Website And It Was Trying To Contact You And I Actually Got Ahold To Nate And This Was Probably Like I Said Three And A Half Years Ago I Talked To Nate And He Actually Talked With Me And And Gave Me Some Info And Stuff And Some Different People I Can Talk To And Some Different Resources So It Was A Big Help Reading The Articles That You’ve Posted And Keeping Up With Your Work Can You Explain A Little Bit To The People Who Are New Or You Know Not That Familiar With Your Work And You Explain A Little Bit What You Said He Ranches Sure First Of All I Think It’s Most Important That People Do Have Their Own Experiences And Then And Then That Way They Can’t You Know It Can’t Be Dismissed You Know Whore Or Dismiss It You Know A Lot Of People Even Dismiss It Within Their Own Minds Even After They Have The Experiences But It’s Much More Important Not To Just Listen To What Somebody Else Says Is But For People To Do Their Own Research And Have Their Own Experience And Then You Know Come From A Place Of Enlightenment Versus Just You Know Going Just Throwing Stuff Out From The Armchair You Know It’s Like An Armchair Investigator But Basically We’re We’re All About Or More About Empowering The Individual And Enlightening People To The Vastness Of Their Being That They’re Not Just A Body And A Personality That They’re Really A Multi-dimensional Being And You Know We’ve Been Around Forever And When We Start Realizing That You Know There’s Oh God I Think That What They Find Something Like 50 Million Earth-like Planets Recently With The New Telescope And It Was Two Hundred Billion Suns In This Little Milky Way Galaxy Alone And There’s Over Five Hundred Billion Galaxies Out There And We’re Just Talking Third Dimension You Know Let’s Just Let’s Go Into The Fourth Fifth Sixth Seventh Dimension On Up You Know It’s A I Think It’s Basically Insane To Think That We’re It You Know That Were The Only Intelligent Life You Know In The Multiverse But With That Being Said You Know People It’s Perfect People To Understand But This Has Been Going On And It’s Beginning Of Time And Even Before That Before Time As We Know It And You Know Like The Genesis Didn’t Just Happen Here On Earth It’s A Story That Goes You Know Billions Of Years Ago Into The End Of The Past And There Are Beings You Know Summer 100 Some Are Thousands Some Are May And Some Are Billions Of Years Older Than Us And They’re Extremely Advanced Beings And They’re Very Spiritually Advanced And You Communicate With Them More Through Telepathy And And Innocent Vivat Ii And Things Of That Nature That’s How You Make Contact With Extremely Advanced Pain Yeah I Definitely Want To Talk About That A Little Bit More Later On About The Telepathic Communication That A Lot Of Individuals Are Getting One Of The Documentaries I’ve Seen Was The Bbc Presentation Of Your Place With Danny Dyer I Thought Personally That It Was An Awesome Representation Of Not Just Seeing The Craft And Everything But Whenever He Came He Had A Spiritual Experience And Said You Know He Kind Of Bit Off More Than He Can Chew He Thought He Was Coming Just To See Some Craft And He Had Up Having A You Know A Personal Awakened And I Thought That Was The Best Representation That You Could Give Can You Tell Us A Little Bit More About That Documentary That Was Film You Know We Had A Lot Of Fun With Danny While He Was Here And You Know He’s You Know I Know He Yet Called Himself A Cockney Something I Don’t Know It From But Bloke You Know You Know Coming Here And He Said You Know I Haven’t Really Don’t Know Much But I Just Wanted To Really Want To Investigate Ufos And Things Like That And He Goes I’ve Been All Over The World You Know Looking For These Ufos And He Did He Went Everywhere And He Didn’t Really See Much Of Anything But We Came Here He Said He Was On Ufo Overload Because We Just Showed Him Ship After Ship After Ship And And It Was Quite Experience For Him But Watching His Transformation I Thought Was Very Important Because Here’s A Guy That Kind Of Came Out Of Social Consciousness And Kind Of Steady Consciousness The Fast Life And Things Like That Went Through A Huge Energetic And Spiritual Transformation And Then To Prepare Him You Know So He Could Actually Have These Experiences So It’s A Lot Different Than Just Seeing A Light Flying In The Sky When When You When You’re Sensitive And You Connect With These Beings There’s An Energetic Connection That Happens And Sometimes You Have To Be Prepared For It We Have To Rise To The Occasion If We’re Going To Be You Know Working With Very Spiritual And Technologically Advanced Beings Every Time I’ve Seen Craft You Know I Went Out And Seen Them It’s Always Get This Feeling Of Self Empowerment And The Self Better Man It’s Like If You Want To Continue This You Need To Take Care Of Yourself You Need To You Need To Meditate More You Need To Eat Better You Need To Stop Doing This And Stop Doing That A Lot Of People Are Seeing Ufos I Mean They’re All Over Youtube People Haven’t Increased Sightings Every Day Whether It’s Ships That Are From The Earth Or From Our Government Or If They’re From Another Galaxy Another Planet Plasma Ships Light Ships Whatever What Can You Say About The Spiritual Empowerment As Far As Spending Time In Prayer Spending Time And Meditation To Actually Increase These Chances Of Seeing Them Or Actually Being More Receptive To Them Through Prayer And Meditation Techniques It Is Very Important To Have A Spiritual Component To This Because People Don’t Realize You Actually See With Your Brain Your Eyes Are Picking Up Billions Of Bits Of Information And They Have The Capability To See Into Other Dimensions As Well But What We Do Is We We Siphon All That Out And Our Brain Chooses What We See You Know What’s Useful To Us And That This Has Been Proven Over And Over Again But You Know There’s Stories About It When The First Ships Came You Know To The Americas You Know And They Couldn’t See Him They Couldn’t See The Ship To Work Out The Harbor Because They Didn’t Have Any Reference Points But The Shaman And Knew They Were There And And Pretty Soon They Started You Know As They Got Accustomed To It They Started Peeing And And They’ve Done Tests You Know With Cats Where They Raised Cats In A Room With A Whole Bunch Of Horizontal Bars In Them And The Other Cats And With A Room With A Bunch Of Vertical Bars In Them And When They Switch Room The Cat You Know That Were Raised In The Horizontal Room Couldn’t Even See The Vertical Bars And Kept Slamming Into Him You Know It Wasn’t Part Of Their Reality So If It’s So Important To Realize It The Better Sane Is That I’ll See It When I Believe It Versus I’ll Believe It When I See It When You Talk About Making Contact Whenever You Hear The Term Contact Has Begun People Want To Know What You’re Making Contact With What Have You Seen That You’re Making Contact With I Mean Because A Lot Of People As Soon As They Hear They’re Going To Think You’re Channeling You Know Demons And Things Like That Is A You Know There’s A Real Negative Condensation That Goes With It I Mean Are We Talking Beings That Actually Live On Another Planet Are We Talking Angels Are We Talking Fairies I Mean Or Just A Little Bit Of All Of It Yeah If There’s No Thing Contact Comes With Enlightenment And If You Go Into All The Old Vedic Scriptures You Know Even The Bible Is It’s Very Clear There You Know There’s Frescoes All Over Europe With Undeniable Biblical Saints With Ufos In Them So You Know This Has Been Going For On For A Long Time And You Know There’s Cave Paintings That Are Seven Thousand Years Old With Ufos In Them So So This Is Like An Ongoing Thing And So Now We Have To Get To The Nature Of The Beings You Know And It’s Hard To Explain I Mean This Is The Whole Book In Itself But To Understand The Vibrational Continuum Is That There Are Beings That Are Pretty Gross And Disfigured And And There Is Ugly As Their Consciousness You Know In The Astral Level You Know That Mess With People Some People Call Them Demons And You Know Devil Open Or Whatever You Know There Is There Is A Level Where There Is That Going On And You Know A Good Example Is Let’s Say The Astral Level Or In The Fourth Dimension On The Lowest Levels Of The Fourth Dimension You’ll Have Some Really Creepy Things Going On And Really Controlling Manipulating You Know Malevolent Entities But As You Move Up Into The Mid-level She’ll Have You Know Everyday People That Have Crossed Over They Just Don’t Have A Body And And They’re Hanging Out In There And Then You Get To The Higher Levels In The Astral Level You’ll Have Teachers And Guides And People That Help People But They’re Still Stuck They’re Stuck On The Wheel Of Reincarnation Because They Have A Cultural Or Religious Belief System That Excludes Others And And They Haven’t You Know Mastered Judgment Or They’re Not In Unity Consciousness They Don’t See The Creator And All Creation Yet So You Can Get Information From These Beings And Help From These Beings But They’re Limited But When You Go Beyond That In The Fifth Dimension That’s When You Get The Enlightened Being And Some People Could Actually Actually Relate To The Fifth Dimension As The Angelic Or Christ Consciousness Is A Lot Of Different Names For It Everybody Has Every Culture Has Names For It But But That’s Kind Of Of What’s Going On And And So It’s Very Important To Learn How To Heal Nc- Influences How To Maintain Yourself Authority And To Have You Know Friends In High Places If You’re Going To Go Playing Around In These Higher Dimensions So Basically If You Live In A Somewhat Negative Lifestyle And Doing Destruction Patterns In Your Life And You Try To Cross Over You Try To Go Into The Ether Or Whatever You’re Probably Going To Experience And Some Of The Things That You’ve Been Entertaining Correct Pretty Much Yeah It’s That Your Consciousness Will Magnetize You To The Plane That You That You Resonate With So If Somebody Is Very Angry And And Controlling And Dominating And Fearful Or Whatever You Know They Haven’t Healed Their Past Or Release The Past You Know They’re Going To Go To A Level That Resonates With Their Frequency And Their Frequency Would Be The Sum Total Of The Attitudes Emotions And Beliefs You Know That They’re Holding Onto When They Cross Over So It’s Kind Of Perfect System If You Really Think About It It’s Like You Know You’re Not Going To See These These Really Messed Up People Get Into The Higher Dimensions And Make A Mess There And The Higher The People That Have A Loving Joyous Life Of Service You Know T-man In The Earth They’re Going To Go To A Higher Level With Those Of Like Mine Are Hanging Out So They’re Not Going To Have To Deal With The Low-level Stuff Either So It’s Quite A Incredible Set Up And Out Of The Way The Way This Is All Set Up I Got An Email From You A Couple Years Ago It Seemed Like I Know It Was Just The Same Time As The Movie Came Out Of The Fourth Kind And I Got An Email From You You Were Basically Talking About How Hollywood And Everybody’s About This Fear Stuff And People Are Making Money Off Of The Fear Selling You Fear Controlling You With Fear And It’s Totally Not The Agenda That You’re Pushing And How It’s Basically You Know Taking Over Ufology In A Sense So People Like You You Know Whenever You Stick Your Neck Out There To Say Hey They’re Not All Bad You Know We’ve Had Some Some Awesome Enlightened Contact With These You Know Entities Or Whatever You Want To Call Them So I Got The Email From You And It Was Saying Kind Of Like You Was Wanting To Kind Of Just Focus On These Spiritual Aspects Of The Kun Lun And The Spiritual Work Instead Of Focusing On The Ufos I Think You Were Kind Of Distracted Or Whatever With That Can You Talk About That A Little Bit What You Went Through Well Yeah It It’s Basically What’s Going On It’s Very Sad That Most Of The Ufo Community Is Is Highly Infiltrated And And If You Go And Look At A Lot Of The Board Members You Know That Are In You Know Ufology That Are You Know Major Conference Holders And Talk Show Hosts And Things Like That You Really Look Into Their Background And You’ll See That They Have Either Some Kind Of Military Intelligence Background Or You Know Some Of The People On These Boards Are Card-carrying You Know Cfr Members Their Council On Foreign Relations In Bursts And So You Know They Bring Money Into The Equation And And It’s Called Controlled Opposition So So It’s Like They’re Going To Feed You A Little Bit At A Time But With Information They’re Going To Be Giving You Is Mainly Going To Be Focused On The Dark Side You Know We We Should Be Very Scared We Should Be Very Weird They’re Coming To Slice And Dice Us And Turn Us Into Human Pilaf Or You Know They’re Going To Control You Or You Know All This Stuff And So You Know They’re Going To Experiment On You Abduct You And And That That Is The Major Focus We’re In The Big Picture That’s A Really Small Part Of The Pie Of What’s Really Happening Because The Vast Majority Of It Of The Contact Is Benevolent There’s There’s You Know A Couple Regenerate Groups Out There That Have Been Causing Problems Which Are Being Cleaned Up Right Now And But The Vast Majority Of It Is Benevolent And And The Only Threat They Bring Is A Threat To Those Who Have Enslaved Us Through Dependency Or The Worn Diseased Prophet Ears And Things Like That You Know That’s The Only Threat That That They That They Are And Because You Know Basically They Have Healing Technologies Beyond Imagination And You Know Energy Technologies And Natural Forms Of Of Healing The Autumn Can Just Do It With Consciousness And Energy And You Know They Have Felis Energy Technologies And They’re Peaceful You Know They Live By Universal Principles You Know And Universal Law So I Mean They’re A Threat To The War Industry And The Pharmaceutical Industry And The Oil Industry That’s The Only Threat Because You Know If We Were To Align With These Beings And We Would Have The Template For You Know Universal Peace And Brothers History Love And And Freedom And Prosperity For Everybody They Live Under Unity Consciousness Or Universal Law And They See The Creator And All Creation But They Don’t Separate Into Cultural Or Religious Programs And War On Each Other And They Don’t Destroy Their Environments And Then You Know It’s All It’s All Service-oriented Because They Don’t See Except They Don’t Play The Separation Game That We Play Down Here Yeah I Think I Think That Moving The Fourth Comm I Didn’t Watch It Because I Was Having My Own Experiences And I Did Want To Throw That Into The Equation Well I Had Some Friends Who Watched It And I Just Seen The Spirit That It Brought With It A Lot Of Fear And A Lot Of Different Almost Like Some Type Of Demonic Possession Type Of Going On People Being Abducted And Beat Up And You Know All This This Crazy Stuff That It Was Trying To Push In It Really Did Into The Consciousness Of The People Actually Had Some Friends That I Talked To Who’s Seen Him And It Was A Time Out You Know I Was Having A Lot Of Experiences And They Were Just Freaked Out When I Started Talking About Ufos Or Trying To Show Them Some Or Something Like That Because They Seen The Movie And They Didn’t Want To Have Nothing To Do With It They Said That By Just Watching That Movie They Opened Up Their Lives To Some Different Demonic Encounters By You Know Just Simply Watching This Fear-based Movie I Just Wanna Let Everybody Knows Listening It That The Writer Of The Movie And Directors And Everything Came Out And Said That The Movie Was Fake I Mean All Of It Was Set Up I Mean It Was Hollywood And They Actually Marketed It Like It Was Real Experiences And You Know Real Footage Of Them Were You Know Working Cases Where People Who Has Been Abducted You Know Yeah And You Know Is Probably They They Probably Got You Know A Huge Huge Budget To Do That You Know They Probably Had That All Covered You Know By Certain One Certain Agency Or Whatever And Make A Movie Like That Because They Put Like Millions And Millions Of Dollars Probably Even I Wouldn’t Be Surprised If It Goes Even Further You Know To Make Movies Like That And It Is It’s All About Keeping People In You Know In Fear Keeping Them From Expanding Keep Them From You Know Making Their Own Contact And Find Out What’s Going On And Keeping Them You Know In In The Enslaved Their Dependency Program You Know One Of The Movies That Did It For Me When I Was Younger Was A Fire In The High You Know Dillon Stuff You Know Travis Walton Being Abducted And Beat Up And Having These Experiments Run On Them I Don’t Know If You’ve Listened To Some Of His Latest Interviews About What He Says About That Now But Here You Know Has Taken Story On That Whole Experience It’s A Hundred Percent Polar Opposite About What They Portrayed In The Movie Exactly And You Know I’ve Talked To Him Before And When I Was On The Circuit I Was Doing A Lot Of Fox In The Ufo Committee For I Found Out How Convoluted It Is So But The You Know I When That Movie First Came Out You Know I’d Talk To Him About He Said That’s Not At All What Happened He Said You Know Basically What He Told Me Is What You Know Is His Fault He Ran Up To The Ship And Ship Powered Up And The Magnetic Fields Or Whatever It Drove It You Know Just Knocked Him On His Butt And Stopped His Heart So They Just They Picked They Went Whoops You Know They Didn’t Realize It So They Picked Him Up And Healed Him Basically And Then Dropped Him Back Off Yeah And Amazing Yeah And That Was That Was The Story Basically And He Did Talk A Little Bit About You I Woke Up On A Table And They Were Putting Me Back Together You Know And And He Lit Me And You Know There Wasn’t The Resin Body Parts And All That Other Stuff Going On It Was A Very Pretty Clean And Sterile You Know Illuminated Experience Was Not That’s Amazing Yeah That’s Amazing What They Can Do You Know With That Whenever You Sell The Rights To Them And Then They Take It And Run With It You Know I Had A Choice Before I Won’t Even Say You As It’s A Very Well-known Person In The Industry But It Was Like Four Four Three Hundred Thousand Dollars Sitting On My Counter For Them To Head Take The Movie About My Life And You Know All You Have To Do Is Sign The Rights Away And I Said Well I I Want To Be Able To Make Sure That This Movie Is Done Correct That It Says The Real Story Which Is As Fascinating As You Know Truth Is More Fascinating Than Putting All The Rapid There You Know And And So I Said I Don’t Want It To Turn Into A Fear Suspense And And Shoot A Map And I Knew That Was Where They Wanted To Go With It They’re My Problem I Said I Don’t Know I Said There Were Suspenseful Special Moments You Know With Black Helicopters And And Followed And Chase Scenes And Stuff Like That That I’ve Experienced Now You Could Add That In There But In Most Of The The Contact Was All Just Just Awesome It Was Just Blissful And Incredible And Very Powerful Messages About What We Need To Do You Know To Clean Up Our Environment And Our Planet And Clean Up Our Consciousness And No Key To Peace And Things Like That You Know These Beings Almost Sound Angelic You Know When You When You Talk To Them And And So I I Wouldn’t Do It I Said I’m Not I’m Not Cashing The Check I’m Not Signing The Papers You Know And They Said No Way We’re Not Not Going For It And I Said Fine Yeah Especially You Know It’s More Important That To Tell The Truth I’m Not I’m Not A Real Material Person I Don’t Really Care You Know It’s It’s Much More Important To Get The Truth Out There And Let People Know That There Are These Beings Waiting To Assist Us But We Have To Rise To The Occasion Yeah Believe You Know These Are The Same Beans That Are Mentioned Up In The Bible In The Other Holy Books Coming Down From Hell Yeah To Help Mankind Out When It Talks About The Us Let Us Make Man In Our Image And The Word God And The Hebrew Bible Is Translated Elohim Which Is Plural Means More Than One So And It Just Let Us Make Man In Our Image Or Church Doctrine Will Tell You That The Us Is The Father Son And The Holy Spirit But If You Really Read In The Context We See The Us Mentioned Again When They’re Talking About The Tower Of Babel And Then We See In Genesis 18 And 19 Where The Us Came Down Which Is That It Was The Lord Capital L Ord The Lord God Yahweh Came Down With Two Other Beings So And They Actually Came Down That Was The Us That Was Mentioned Of They Actually Came Down And Went And Had Lunch And Ate With Abraham And I His Wife And Everything And Then You Know Went On To Do What They Had To Do Now I Think It Is Mentioned In The Holy Books That These Are The Items When You Look Into The Sky When You See Those Lights You Know Those Are The Seraphim The Fiery Ones That Are Mentioned Up In The Scriptures Yeah If You Wanna Marry Chariot You Know They Talk To The Lights At The River Chebar You Know They There’s All Kinds Of Things In There You Know Ezekiel Is A Very Good One In There Because It Talks About How You Know A Shiny Piece Came Out Of The Firmament You Know It Had Bronze Feet Like Calves It Had Fire And Brimstone Coming Out From Underneath It And When It Landed It Sounded Like A Thousand Rushing Rivers And Then You Know Out Of It Came Two Cherubim With Wheels Within Wheels With Flashing Lights All Around Them You Know And You You Look At This Nowadays You Go Boy That Was Was A Big Ship That Landed You Know It Sounded Like A Thousand Russian Rivers And Had Bronze Feet You Know Had Metallic Legs You Know It’s Very Obvious But If You Go Further Into That Story You’ll Understand What Really Happened In The Past Because Because Out Of The Ship He Told Six Men To Go And Destroy All The Men Women And Children Of Israel And With Their Shattering Weapons And So If You Go Into A City You Know With The Shattering Weapon I Mean People Go Well That Was Probably A Hammer Or Something Like Texaco It Sickening Don’t Go Into A City And Destroy It For The Hammer You Know That Weapon Was Pretty Nasty Which Brought Some Kind Of A Sonic Weapon Or A Lazy Blazer Or Something Like That And And Then After This Minute I Told A Man Dressed In All White Linen To Reach Into The Bowels Of The Cherubim And Pull Out Hot Coals And Spread Them Around The City Well And Then It Said Henceforth There’s Anybody Who Comes There Will Die A Hideous Death Their Hand Finger Nose Will Fall Out And They’ll Be Food For The Raven And The Beat So Read That You Go Wow Some Guy In A White Garment Protective Garment Grabbed Hot Coals Running Around The City And Everybody Died Of What Is Obviously Radiation Poisoning You Know So If You’re Going Wait A Second Now Now This Is The Old Testament And So You’ve Got In The Old Testament You’ve Got This Jealous Wrathful God Who Seemed To Be Flying Around In This Massive Ship That Forced People To Worship Them And Children You Know – It Was Just Unbelievable You Know That He Went To The Land Of Milk And Honey And They Destroyed All The Men Women And Children Bash The Kids Heads Out With Rocks And Rocks And Things Like They Did Incredible Well This Is The Old Testament And This Is The God Of The Old Testament And That’s What People Don’t Understand Is That There Was Another Prophecy Where They Said There Shall Come A Great One That Will Bruise The Head Of The One Who Bruised The Head Of Man And That Was Yeshua You Know Ben Joseph And There Was Other There Was 12 Other Masters And Yahweh That He Was Working With And They Came And They Kicked Out Is This Other Being That Was The God Of The Old Estimate And Now He Brought A New Covenant With It Which Is An 11 And All Forgiving God And And That’s What People Don’t Understand Is That There’s Actually Two Beings That Were Involved There And And It Goes Back Deeper But I Don’t Know People Are Ready For This But I Mean There’s More Information About This But Yeah It’s Split Christianity Down The Middle Because People Have This Jealous Wrathful God Nobody Can Appease No That’s Going To Punish You And Whatever And Then They Have An All Forgiving All Loving God You Know And Jesus Said I Don’t Judge The Nor Does My Father Judge Me Go And Sin Don’t Worry The Insane You Know Forgive Yourself And Move On You Know Don’t Keep Making The Same Mistakes You Know So It’s A Whole Different Story But Unless People Know The Truth Of What Happened Back And They’re Going To Be Split In Consciousness They’re Going To Be Afraid Of God And At The Same Time Try To Love God And Connect With God And It Just Doesn’t Work Yeah We Definitely See That I Mean A Lot Of You Know I Think I Just Found Bliss And Really You Know Because I Came Out Of The Religion Of Christianity And I Found Listen I Was Just Loving God And Knowing That He Loves Me You Know And The Simple Fact Is If Anyone’s Going To Call Himself A Christian I Would Think That They Would Produce The Fruit That Christ Bore The Love Apiece The Humility You Know The Forgiveness The Long-suffering You Know You Know Those Type Of Things So Whenever Somebody Comes Up And They Have Those Fruits Which That’s How Christ Told Us To Judge By Those Fruits That’s How I Judge Tree But I Don’t Judge Somebody By Them Coming Up Saying You Know Hey I’m A Christian This Is My Local Church All You Got To Do Is Hang Around Them For A Little While Because Eventually That True Colors Are Going To Show Eventually You’re Going To Partake Of Some Of Their Fruit And You’ll Be I Tell Is That Fruit That Jesus Bore Or Is It Fruit Of The Flesh Which Is Minton Up In The Scripture Which Is Envy Wrath Hatred Fits Of Rage Outburst You Know Not Being Able To Control Yourself These Type Of Things Are The Fruit Of The Enemy And I Mean There’s A Lot Of People Involved In The Religion Of Christianity I Mean Any Religion Whether It Be Dealing With The Islam Or Anything Like That Who Produced The Fruit Of The Enemy Or The Fruits Of The Flesh Is What It’s Called And A Lot Of People Who Are Outside Of Christianity Producing The Fruits That Jesus Said To Bear So That Right There Once I Started Judging People By That And Kind Of Just Just In Situations By That To See If They’re Doing What Jesus Said Do Because There’s A Lot Of People You Know Actually Keeping His Commandments Which Is Love Way Better Than Anybody Preaching It From A Pulpit And That Right There Kind Of Makes You Scratch Your Head You Know It’s Okay Exactly I’ve Always Felt That It’s All About Frequency And You Know Love And Joy And Bliss And Service To Others And Things Like That That Really Raises Your Frequency And If You Live A Life Like That You’re A Man Mean You Know A Really High Frequency And You’re Also Going To Go To A Very High Plane You Know When You Cross This One And You’re Also A Tuning To These Higher Dimensional Beings As Well So It’s Really All About Frequency But Unfortunately A Lot Of Churches Teach Fear And Guilt And Unworthiness And Separation And Really That’s Antichrist Consciousness It’s Not You Know That’s The Real Antichrist When You When You Are Diminishing Somebody Or You’re Creating A Separation You Know Or Fear Or Guilt All That Separates You From The Source And You Know Whatever Name You Want To Give It I Always When People Give It A Name Like Yahweh Or Jehovah Or Things Like That You Know These Beings Do Exist And The Elohim You Know Is Plural It’s God’s There Are Godlike Beings Out There But We Have To Ask Who Created Them You Know Do They Have A Mother Where Do They Come From And Get Beyond That Into The End Of It You Know I See God Is The One Consciousness That Encompasses All Consciousness On All Planes And Dimensions Throughout The Multiverse In It It’s Just Pure Bliss And When You Access It Yeah I Mean I Think It’s Kind Of Funny That Whenever You Look Up The Root Word For Religion You Get The Word Bondage And This Has People To Fight Against Each Other And And Every Time It’s So Crazy Man But It’s A Process That A Lot Of People Have To Go Through And Hopefully Whenever They Go Through Them On The Other Side They’ll Be Able To Help People Come Out Of That So That’s What I’m Doing Now I’m Just Trying To Help People Come Out Of The Bondage Of Religion You Know It’s Crazy It’s A Deep Trap So Many People Who Are Involved In It And I Mean Obviously You Know I’m Saying Just Look Around I Mean I Get I Was A Christian Minister In The Church Since 2004 And Then Really Started Having These Experiences And Stuff And Studying It Through The Bible And Started Talking About Them And Then I Was Called A Satanist And You Know And I Was A Christian Minister Or Whatever People Started Demonizing Me For Talking About This Stuff And Pointed Out In The Scriptures And Stuff So It’s Real Crazy You Just Got To Understand That People People Demonize What They Don’t Understand You Know And He’s Gonna Yeah And I Can Why It’s Unfortunately It’s Like What What They Know Is White And What They Don’t Know Is Black Or Is It Good Or Evil And And The Unfortunately The Universe Doesn’t Work That Way You Know There’s There’s Gray In Between And All Kinds Of Other Levels So You Know Some Of You That’s What I Think About Too Is Some People Out There Is Like I Don’t Expect Everybody To Be Like Jesus You Know We’re Mary Or The Other Masters At Least Try You Know You Know You’re You’re Going To Fall You Know And You’re Gonna You’re Going To Make Mistakes And Everything Else But The Thing About It Is If Everybody Was A Carpenter Down Here All You’d Be Doing Is Building Home – No With No Plumbing Or No Electricity Or Anything Else So Yeah You Need Diversity And Yeah It’s Just All About Being Kind To Each Other And Eventually Transcended All Religious And Cultural Boundaries And To Unity Consciousness Just Being The Creator And All Creation It’s Really That Simple But That’s Really Hard When You Have A Change On You That Actually Or You Have Goggles On That Make You Filter Certain Information A Certain Type Of Way When You Look At Something You See Something Negative Or Whatever The Case Is You Know It’s Yeah You Know It’s Really Hard Just Take Universal Law Or Universal Principles And You Can Apply That To Everything And And Basically You Know It’s All About Universal Peace And Brothers Mystery Love And And Freedom And You Know Abundance For Everybody I Mean Those Are The Basic Universal Principles And Just And Unity Consciousness Seeing The Creator All Creation Or The Law Of One Or The Sacred Circle Of Life Whatever You Want To Call It But You Just Apply That To Everything And You Can Just Start Throwing Out The Garbage And And The Limitation And It Pretty Much Is That Simple It’s Just All About Candy Kind Each Other In The Planet Kind Of Going Back To The Abduction Phenomenon I Personally After Listening To A Lot Of Lectures And Stuff Over The Last Couple Years I Haven’t Heard The Term Used To Any Cases Of Recent Maybe In The Early To Mid 90s People Were Talking About Abductions And Even Before That But Now Whenever I Hear Anybody Talk About Ufos Or Having Contact It’s Usually They Call Themselves A Contact Ii Or A Ufo Experience Er You Know I Don’t Hear The Term Abduction Anymore That’s Because It’s Phased It’s Pretty Much Phased Out They There Was A Group Here People Call Them The Grave You Know That Struck A Deal With The Government And That Was Way Back In The Day And It Was In Exchange For Technology And They Said You Know We Need To Snag A Few People And Do Genetic Experiments And And They’re A Dying Race Basically And So They Bred Emotions Out Of Their Race And They’re Just All They Care About Is Knowledge And That’s Why They Have Big Heads And Real Spindly Body And They Screwed Up In Their Evolutionary Process And So They Realized That Their Atrophy And They’re A Dying Race And So They’re Trying To Breed Emotions Back In Into Their Race And So They Were Using Our Genetic Stock You Know In Trade For Technology And They Weren’t Too Cool About The Way They Were Doing It You Know It’s They’re Just Messing Out A Lot Of People’s Free Will And Things Like That But That’s Kind Of Phased Out Now And The Higher Benevolent Ones Are Here Now They’re Saying No More And The Government Is Very Involved In That Too As Well So They Learn Learn From Their Mistakes And Realized That That The Beings They’re Working With Weren’t Honoring Agreements And Took Way More People Than Were Expected And A Lot Of Problems Came Out Of That I Also Want To Talk To You About The Mountains A Lot Of Information About Mountains I’ve Seen A Lot Of Your Videos With Lights Coming Out Of Mountains And Ufos On Top Of Mountains And Things Like That Whenever I Look In The Scriptures I See Jesus Going To Meditate Well You Know I See Him Going To Pray And He Goes It Actually Says He Goes Into The Mountain And He Goes On Top Of A Mountain And When We Whenever We Look At The Hindus And The Buddhists They Go Into The Mountain To Meditate For Hours And They Go On Top Of Mountains To Meditate For Hours And Then We See Footage Of These Different Lights And Spirits Or Whatever The Case It Is Some Of The Stuff You Are Showing I Mean What’s The Connection There Well A Lot Of Times The Mountains Are Our Areas You Know They Go They Always Talk About The Wilderness And And Nature Doesn’t Judge You You Know You You’re Away From All The Psychic Turbulence And All The Other Electromagnetic Turbulence And Everything Else And You Get Up In The Mountains And Air Is Clean And Fresh And It’s Just A Really High-energy Place To Go That Supports You Know Your Own Evolution Your Own Spiritual Evolution Nature Is Just Awesome If You Can Get Out In Nature As Much As Possible But That’s Pretty Much What It’s All About And On Top Of That You Know A Lot Of The Mountains Have Bases Within Them And They’re Not What You What You Think They Are If You Could Go Into Them You’d Be Amazed At All The Different Beans That Actually Live Within Interior Some Of These Mountains What’s Some Of The Techniques That You Can Suggest For People To Do If Somebody Hears Us Talking About This Kind Of Stuff And They Want To Know And They Want To See They Want To See Ufos It Piques Their Interest They Want To Make Contact With The Angelic But With Some Stuff That They Can Do Because A Lot Of People Get Discouraged Because You Know They Hear These Conversations And They’ve Never Seen Anything So It Makes Them Doubt We Talked About How Somebody Can Have Their Own Experience And Then They Would Know They Wouldn’t Have To Believe Someone Else’s Work Because They Know For Themselves What Some Stuff That People Can Do Before They Go Out To An Open Sky Or A Field Or Anything To Actually Look And See Yeah First Of All I Just Want To Cover This Place A Little Bit Is That Is That We We’ve Had Like Triple Phd Boeing Engineers And Lockheed Engineers And Air Force Base Commanders Pilots And Air Traffic Controllers All Kinds Of People Have Come Here And Have Seen The Ships And Then They Know It’s Real So If People Are Still Doubting It You Know It’s Been Going On For 25 Years Here And That The Evidence Is Just Overwhelming For Any Reasonable Mind There’s Still That You Know The Skeptics And The Paid Debunkers And The Other People Out There But Evidence Here Is Just Overwhelming So That Should Help Them Just To Realize This Is A Possibility This Is Going On You Know Just By The Caliber Of The Witnesses The Second Part Is Once You Realize That This Does Exist You Know And You’re Curious About It One Of The First Things That I Would Recommend And I’ve Always Done This Before Any Spiritual Practices Is To Learn How To Heal Unseen Negative Influences And And How To Maintain Your Own Your Own Energy Chanel And And So Because You Know There’s No Thing Just Because You’re Dead Doesn’t Mean You’re Enlightened And Just Because You’re An Et Doesn’t Mean You’re You Know They The Vast Majority Are Benevolent But If You’re Going To Play Around In Those Dimensions That You’d Better You Know Have Some Tools Under Your Belt So The First Thing We Teach Here Is Is We Teach Deep Meditation Techniques But At The Same Time We Teach Ways Of Of Healing Unseen Negative Influences And Maintaining Your Own Self Authority And You Know One Of The Best Ways Is Just To Have Faith And And Make Your Own Personal Connection With No Spirit Creator God Whatever Name You Want To Get It Give It Or If You Have A Master You Know Like Jesus Or Buddha Baba Ji Or Mary Or One Of The Other Masters Is To To Always You Know Bring Them Into Into The Situation You Know Neck With Them And Get A Good Connection Going With Them And Then Once You Have That Connection You Can Use These Tools And It’s A Very Simple Way Of Clearing On Seeing Negative Influences Once You Understand This Practice And It’s A Lot Of That Like Oh Unforgiveness And Things Like That Well Basically What You Do Is Like A Power Tool You Plug It Into The Higher Dimensions You Know And And Then You Just Welcome Sabine’s When You Start Feeling Something Ugly Or Bad You Just Welcome Them And Love And Light You Tell Them They’re Healed Ins The Given Lifted And Enlightened You Can Tell Them They’re Filled And Surrounded In The Christ Light Of The Christ Love And Then Ask The Beautiful Many You Know To Take Them To Their Perfect Place To Remove Them If You Have A Stubborn Stubborn Ones You Can Just Say You Know Look You Know Are You Of The Light Do You Come In Name Of The Christ If Not You Know Leave Now Look You Know And You Have To Be A Little More Firm With Them And They Do They Have To Go When You Invoke The Presence Of These Higher Bands They Automatically Either Heal Or Leave You No I Think They Get Out Of Your Space Yeah That’s About The Same Thing I Did I Went Out And I Would Go Out And Do That And Just Talk To God Really Just In My Prayer Time Just Looking At The Stars And Want To See Something And A Lot Of People I Guess They Would Have Concerns And I Guess It’s Only Moral I Guess You Know They Have These Concerns Is Like Okay So What If You’re Going Out There And You See These You Know These Ships Or Whatever And You Don’t Know Who’s On It And You See Something That’s Actually Talking About People Being Abducted And Things Like That So What Do You Do That’s Going To Discourage People From Going Out I’ll Definitely Say This In The Scriptures Jesus Said That Whenever You Pray He Said If You Ask Your Father For Fish He’s Not Going To Give You A Serpent If You Ask Him For A Loaf Of Bread He’s Not Going To Give You A Stone And If You Along With The Creator And You Go Out There And You Say Okay God Or Whatever Name You Call On I’m Asking You To Show Me Your Divine Messengers Your Eloheem Your Seraphim Whatever The Case Is He’s Not Going To Accidentally Send You A Demon Or Send You A Negative Entity To Actually Pick You Up An Abducted It Don’t Work Like That And I’m Saying It From Experience I’ve Had Some Amazing Sightings That’s The Thing That’s Kind Of Kept Me Saying Whenever A Craft Comes Down Real Low And The First Thing You Want To Do Is Panic But Just Know That You Know If You Ask For Something Enlightening You’re Something Positive He’s Not Going To Send You Something That’s Going To Abduct You And Beat You Up I Mean That’s Just Not It How The Creator Works Now That’s A Good Point Because We Say The Mind And What You Seek Is The Mind In Which You You Connect And So The People’s Minds Are Full Of Fear And Aggression And All These Other Energies On Furniture Which Hollywood Puts Out You Know That’s Going To Create Some Serious Problems And The Higher Beings Just Are Going To Take The High Road They’re Not Even Going To Contact You So So We Have To Feel The Fear You Know And And Release The Past And Things Of That Nature But It Is It Is Important That You Know But Somebody Asked Me About Here There’s Been Contacts Happening Here For Probably 500 Years Because The Yakima Nation Knows All About The Beans They Have Their Legends Kenneth Arnold Lost Sight Of The Ships When They Landed On The Western Slopes Of Mount Adams And He Coined The Word Flying Saucers Back In A Lot Of Contacts But In Most Of The Cases The People Ran When They Saw A Ship Or Saw Something Going On They Ran You Know They Hid And Begin It Didn’t Walk Out And Check It Out And Go Well Okay Who Are You You Know Why You Here And And That’s Something That That We Do Is That We Heal The Fear And Clear Out The Old Wounds And Traumas And Wrong Conclusions You Know From Past Experiences And And So That Way We Can Greet These Beings You Know On The Same Level Versus Running Away In Fear And Which Which Really They’re Not Going To Participate In If You Have Fear And If You’re Aggressive Or Things Of That Nature You’re Arrogant You Know They’re Just Going To Take The High Road And They’re Going To Stay Up High But If You Lose The Fear And And You Send Love And Joy And Bliss Out To Them And You Make In Your Sincere You Say I Really Want To Know I Want Contact I Want It In And State You Know I Want The Nevolin Contact I Want Somebody That’s Going To Enhance My Life To Help Me Understand You Know The Greater Universe Or Wherever Else Just That’s Some Real Clear Intention Before You Do It And That’s What You’re Going To Get Yeah I Totally Agree I Think There Should Be Everybody’s Pur Anyway You Know Everybody Who’s Going To Seeking To Know God And To Know About Him Is Asking For Help You Know Well We Got A Couple Calls Here You Mind Taking A Few Calls Oh No Problem Alright We Got A Call Coming From Georgia Not Sure Who This Is You There Go Get Yo Yo What’s Up Derek Hi Hi Jane Hey Ton Oh I’m Doing Great She Does Like It On Tacky Oh Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Actually I Have Um I Have A Spiritual Contact My Awakening Was December Of Last Year And I’m Just I’m Just Gonna Be Real Short About A Couple Of Experience Actually Week Three Experiences Although I’ve Had More Um My My My My First Expect My First Encounter Was When I Found Out That I Was A Um Shit That I Was A Star See And You Know That I That I Came From Different Planets And I Got My My Third Eye That Was The First Chakra That Was Activated And Um And Uh I Was Told I Was From Bit Serious And You Know When I When I When I Started When I Started Channeling It It Didn’t Freak Me Out But It Did Make Me Nervous A Little Bit And Then And Then Like The More I Kept Thinking The Bottom And And The More I Got Comfortable Uh Listening To Darrell Acre Channel Best Shot I And I Started Listening To Listening To Some Of The Things He Was Saying You Know I I Started To Feel More Comfortable And Then Like Memories And My Akashic Records Like Me When I Was 17 When I Was A Christian I Remember But I Used To Always Talk To God And Ascended Master Issa As A Teenager When I Was A Christian And Everything And So Actually My My First Encounter One With Passion And I’ve Had Two Lucid Dreams My My First One Was When Was When Him And Wife They Were Both Sitting On My Bed I Can Feel Their Their Feet And Everything On My Bed And Then I Said Because I Was Dreaming But I Was Up So I Said That Best Shot Is At You And He Said Yes And I Think Give Me A High Five A Nice A Nice Flat Behind But I Mean I Can Literally Fill His Hand You Know So So That Was Awesome And I Can Hear Uh On Iman Talking To That Shah And She’s Looking At Me Too And Just Smiling And Um And The Endless And The Second Time My My In Cairo Up With That Shah Was Uh When He Was Sitting On My Bed Again And He Was Asking Me Something But I Couldn’t Remember What It Was And Then When I When I Started Getting Involved In With The Syrian Um I Actually Found Out That I Have Stealing Impaired Syrian Brothers And Sisters That They’re My They’re My Family Biologically In A In A More Of Extraterrestrial Set If You See Every Seen The Movie Avatar Yes How’d You Relate To That I I Love That Movie Okay I Love It They Exist Those Beings Exist And A Lot Of More From For That Sector They’re Serious And They’re Fine Oh I Believe You Because My My Um My My Mother My Syrian Mother Her Name Is Tuwana And Like Sushi She Comes In Business Me All The Time And Then And Then Jaw And And Jonah They They Come And Visit Me All The Time Even My Syrian Brothers So Yeah So It’s Like It’s Like When I When I Get Uh I Just Communicate It From My Mom My Family And Like They Make Me Upset They Always Come In My Bedroom To Give Me Comfort Yeah You Know You Know So I’m So I’m Always Happy And I Even Have A Girlfriend But From Another Planet But That’s Anna That’s A Different Story And Then There Was One Time Where Um My My Up My Grandmother On My Mom’s Side She She Passed Away And I Was Almost To A Point Where I Was Going To Give Up You Know Esotericism Uh You Know They Feel Call I Was I Was I Was Just Gonna Give Up You Know The The Traumatic Science And And Astro Theology And Everything And I Was Just I Was Just A Brother Drop It Until One Day I Thought I Felt The Presence But I Didn’t Know What It Was And I Found Out It Was Her Because A Friend Of Mine Was Helping Me Channel Her And A My And My Grandma Said That She Was Proud Of Me Um Because I Was Becoming An Authentic Man And That She And She Loved My Heart And The And The Only Thing She Wanted Me To Do Was Treasure My Mom Because In My Grandma’s Own Words She Loved My Mom Loved Me Dearly Yeah What’s Interesting Is That When People Cross Over They Find Out That The Universe Is Much Bigger Than They Thought It Was And It’s Much More Diverse And It’s Not Just About You Know People Getting A Cloud In The Harp You Know It’s It’s A Lot Much Bigger Than It’s A Lot Bigger Than That And A Lot More Diverse And And They’ll Come Back And They’ll Tell You Boy I Had No Idea You Know How How Fast And Awesome You Know The Other Planes And Dimensions Are The Heavens Are Well You’ve Had Some Experiences Like That James You’ve Seen A Lot Of Different Beings I Know You Tell One Story About You Were You Were Walking And One Appeared Next To You And Started Walking Besides You Talking With You Or Something Like That Yeah I Was Walking Out Having Kind Of A Telepathic Conversation With One And And You Know You Always Questioning When That’s Happening You’re Kind Of Going Okay You Know My Am I Really Talking To Somebody Or Am I And It Was A Beautiful Information About You Know Just How We Need To Just Keep Loving Each Other And Stop Judging And And You Know On The Planet And Take Care Of Our Planet You Know On Things Like That And That They’re Very Concerned About Us And Everything And All Of A Sudden She Just Phased In And She Was Walking Right Next To Me And She Had A Real Tight I Have A Bluish Silver Jumpsuit On Almost Like A Spandex Very Beautiful You Know Blond Hair Nordic Looking And And Then She Just Kind Of Phased Out Again But I Just Went Whoa Yeah Where I Was Interesting And She Just Showed Me Herself For A Minute And Then She She Kind Of Vanished Again But I’ve Had A Lot Of Encounters Like That Where Where They Will Drop In From Another Dimension Just So I Can See Them And Know That They’re There And Know That They’re With Me And It Helps Me To Help To Reinforce The Telepathic Contact That’s Going On Let Me Ask You This How Do They Feel Whenever You’re Tryna Make Contact When You’re Trying To Live A You Know Set Apart Lifestyle And You Do Have These Negative Things In Your Life That You’re Doing Whether It’s An Addiction Whether It’s Drinking Your Drugs Or Whatever You Know Your Addiction Is How Do They Feel When We Keep Doing These Things Over And Over Are They Are They For The Most Part Rooting For Us To Overcome Like The Negative Things In Our Life I Mean Do They Stick Around Whenever We’re Doing Something Bad Or How’s That Work They’ve Pretty Much Mastered Patient Or Thought It Wouldn’t Be Here Because They Would Have Given Up On Me A Long Time Ago I’m Sure Some Other Stuff I’ve Done As Duh Yeah I Think About That It’s I Asked One Of The Beans That Her Name Was Blechy And She’s A Plate Ian And She’s About Two Men Years Ahead Of It In Evolution And You Know She’s Come Back In Time She’s A Master Teacher That At Seniors Advanced From Us And You Know I Asked Her Like The Role You Know We Must Look Like Monkeys You Know See You Compared To You And She Said No No We We Have We Understand Our Past We Know Our History And We Just Don’t Look At You That Way We Just View Is As We’re Like Your Elder Brothers And Sisters You Know Coming Back To Advise And Guide You But We’re Not Here To Do Everything For You But We’re Just Trying To Get You To Make The Right Choices And Go In The Right Direction You Know Inspire You And It’s All In There I Asked Or Two It’s Really Interesting Because I’m Very I’m Like A I’m Like A Archaeologist Or I Would Say I’m Trying To Get The Right Word But I Was Digging Into The Or You Know I Made A Lot Of Psychology And Things Like That And So I Said Well I’m Trying To Understand What Would Happen If We Connected You Know If We Were In A Relationship And Kind Of Go So You Know I’m Not Going To Happen This Is Episode And And So I Wasn’t Offended By That I Go No I’m Just I’m Trying To Understand The Dynamics On On What Would Happen Because I Mean You’ve Transcended You Know Jealousy You Know Fear All Those Those Programs You Know Of Blind People And And And You’re You Know You Beyond That You Just Love Unconditionally And You Know I Understand You Know How And Thence We’ve Got A Conversation About It She Said Yeah It’s Just That Your Culture Your Cultural Training Or Whatever Or Indoctrination You’d Have To Let Go A Lot Of That Because Is That Within Telepathy In A Telepathic Society There Is No Line And There Is No Jealousy And There Is No You Know Love Is Love And We Don’t Have All The Boundaries That You Have To Deal With And So She Said You’d Have A Lot To Overcome And So It Was A Good Is A Really Good Understanding About That On How Our Culture Works Is Is There’s So Much Of It Is Based On Fear And Control And Contract And And It’s Not Free And It’s It’s Long It’s Just The Whole Thing Is Based On Fear And Controlling Somebody Else Truth Because Of Fear And I Mean Contracts To Give People To Be To Live In A Certain Way That Might Be Fairly Contradictory To Their Soul And Their Soul Evolutions Though It Was Quite An Understanding You Know On Culture Versus Our Culture You Talking About The Telepathic Communication I’ve Had The Contact For A Couple Years Now And I’ve Received Messages Telepathically Can You Explain A Little Bit How That Sounds Or How You Would Get Them To Me It’s More Like That Still Small Voice That You Get Almost Like A Knowing Or Like Almost Like You’re Talking To Yourself But It’s Like The Intuition In A Sense But It’s Coming From Somebody Else Can You Kind Of Go Into Detail A Little Bit About You Know How That Sounds And How You Should Respond If You Hear That We Explained It Perfectly Yeah Usually What Happens To Me Is I’ll Get A Strong Feeling Like And Then My Ears Will Start Ringing And Then It’s Almost Like An Opening In My Inner Ear Like A Like An Expansion Like A Whoosh Or Something And I Go I Go They’re Here You Know The Ships Are Here And My Body Reacts To It My Left Side Start Really Tingling When The Pleiadian Is Coming In Or You Know Then If T Andromedan So There’s No Ryan Counts Of Light And Those Guys If They Come In My Right Side Starts Starts You Know Activating So Most The Plating Energy Is Feminine You Know It’s More Of A Matriarchal Situation There So It Usually Comes In On The Left Side And Most Of The Contacts Are Female In The Beginning Because There’s Reasons For It If You Have This Really Powerful Male Being Up Here Before You Most People Take A Defensive Stance You Know And It Freaks Them Out And They Go Ho What Was That You Know And They Freaked Now But It’s This Total Beautiful Loving Female You Know Peering Next You You Know People Are Not As Defensive Or Not As As And They’re More Apt To Listen You Know Or Or Can They’re Not They’re Not So Fearful When That Happens So Most Of The Contacts And They Began Here Female And And So And It Is The Energy I Feel Is I Just Started Getting All Blissed Out Or Feel Tingling On The Crown Or The Third Eye You Know And Just With The Platings Come You Get Real Giddy You Know The Energy Gets Real Giddy Really Really High And When The Brahmins Come In Or Mythologically Known As Archangels Because They’re Eight To Ten Feet Tall And They Have Magnetized Light Bodies They’re Huge Pins And They Come And Boys Just Like Down To Business Energy You Know It’s Not It’s Loving But It’s Very Very Like Get On Get On With It You Know And Of Energy But They’ll Have Different Energy Signatures And The Telleth Is Just Kind Of A Direct Knowing And More Of A Feeling Than Than Hearing Words You Know And And You’ll Feel Fit You’ll Get Something Like A Kids At My House And Best Get To Do This And Also You Get This Huge Energy Hit Like Yeah You Know Go That Direction You Know And It’s More Like That Well If I Really Spend Time And Sit In Focus I Can Get A Lot Of Information You Know With Them But I Have To Get Into Meditative State And They Use It You Know The Best Place I Get Information Believer And I Was In The Bathtub Yeah Because You’re In A Nice Warm Water Conducts Energy It’s A Very Safe Space And I Can Get Onto Really Deep Meditation In The Bathtub And That’s Where I’ve Had A Lot Of A Lot Of My Experiences Or Go Out In Nature Like Sitting Up Next To A Tree Or Something A Lot Of People Having A Lot Of Different Synchronicity Things Going On In Their Life Have You Seen That To Be Connected With The Ships As Well Like Maybe That When Once Close By Or Anything Like That Or They’re Trying To Tell You Something When You See The Synchronistic Stuff You Should Pay Attention To The Base Rings Bring People Together All The Time And They Bring People Here They Guys People Up Here A Lot You Know For Get Understanding Of Who They Are And What There’s Our Family Is Quite Know Why They’re Here And Things Like That And And They’d Also Really Tell You Tell You What You’re Supposed To Do Or Things Like That They Don’t Work That Way You Know There’s But They’ll Give You Insights You Know As To As To Who You Are Why You’re Here And How Why The Things Happen To In Your Life And How They Prepared You For Where You Are Now And They’re Very Good At Healing The Past And Letting Goble Wounds And Traumas And Things Like That So That’s What We Focus On Mainly Here Teaching Techniques To Make Your Own Contact And Also Healing Techniques To Know Heal Any Wounds And Traumas And Wrong Conclusions And Past Experiences And Then Help People Make Their Own Personal Contact Once Walk To Remove Okay All Right We’re Going To Take Another Call Um Leave A Call From Illinois It’s Is This Matt It Is Hey How’s It Going Man Be Good I’ve Been To The Challenges Thanks Add Three Quick Questions First Off How Have Your Views And Beliefs On The Origin Of This Berkeley Genetic Strain Of Humans Changed And Evolved This Context Again In Your Life As Far As Dna Shifts And Patterns I Just Mean Like The The Origins Of Human Okay Yeah I Have A Different View There’s You Know People Have This Ditch In View Where The God You Know Came Down And And And They Manipulated A Knuckle-dragger You Know To Create A Slave Race And Things Like That But That’s Only One Part Of The Story Because The Earth And Colonized Many Times And And She’s Gone Through Attic Lessons Where People Had To Start Over And No Major Major Super Advanced Very Spiritually And Technologically Races Have Been Here On The Planet No They Built The Pyramids And Things Like That Which Weren’t Done With Slaves As Much As They Want You To Believe At And Very Over Much Older And They’re Finding Pyramids Below The Pyramids And And Even Older Cultures So We’ve We’ve Come And Gone There’s Been Many Star Nations That Have Been Here On The Earth That Have Created Colonies Atlantis Some Of Lemuria Were Played In Colonies Their Move That We’re Here You Know That Happened After The Anunnaki Came And Did Their Thing And Then The Cataclysms Came And Wiped Out Most People But You Know You Hear Those Stories In The Bible Where The You Know The Sons Of God Saw The Women Of Man To Be Fair And Took Him His Wives And Things Like That So The Word Were A Real Mixed Phonetic Soup Down Here Of The Star Nation And The Anunnaki And And The Neanderthal Guy That Was A Knuckle-dragger That Was Jumped Up To Work A Real Diverse Genetic Soup Down Here As Well As All The Plant Life Do An Animal Life Here As Well A Lot Of That Was Brought In From Other Other Star Nations And You Know That The It Just The Old Programs Are Taught In School About You Know Random Mutation And Evolution And Stuff Like That Just Doesn’t Add Up When You Look At The Diversity That’s Here And And The Timelines And Things Like That Before I Go Into The Next Question Do You Have Should Know Any Of Those Plants Or Animals That Are Not Native To This Earth But That Were Brought In From Other Systems Like You Know Any Offhand We Are One I Take An Interest Story I Was Told I Connected With This Being And Her Name Was With Tomarã­a And I Go I Go White I Go You Have A Name Of The Flower You Know And She Said My Dad Created That And So And These Beans Are Thousands Of Years Old And She Said That That Her Dad Was Anchoring With With Genetics And Making The Different Types Of Tomarã­a Tree And The Flowers And Things Like That Thousands And Thousands Of Years Ago And And You Think About It You Go Relay Second These Guys Are Living You Know Know It Depends On Their Their Evolution And This Is A Fifth Dimensional Being You Know That I Don’t Know How Long Their Lifespan Are Going And She’s Played In You Know I’m Just Going This Is All Tying Together Now Why I’m To Understanding Why She Would Have A Name Of An Earth Flower When I Heard That I Questioned It Right Away I Said Well Why Would You Be If You’re From The Plate Is Why Do You Have Name Of A Flower Here On Earth And You Know So So That I Think The Plumeria Tree Is One There’s Probably All Kinds Of Things That Have Been Brought Here And Tinkered With And And The Different Varieties Of Things Have Been Tinkered With I Couldn’t Be Specific On All Of Them Oh Um What Are Your Best Recommendations For Trying To Get The Attention Of Unidentified Craft And To Attempt To Get Into Land And I I Think The Best One Is To Set The Intent And And Meditate On That And Put It Out There That You Really Like To Connect You Know With The With The Benevolent One Now Be Real Specific About It And And Focus On Love And Joint Bliss And Send It And Dispute Them You Know You Could Be Specific And Say I Want To Meet You Know The Benevolent Pelagians Or Or The Andromeda Or Whatever But You Have Connections On A Soul Level That You Have Family Groups That You Might Be More Connected Into The Plate Into The Sirians Of Their Experience Or One Of The Other Groups And So You Know If You File Your Find Yourself Staring At The Pleiades Or The Orion System Or Something Like That You Might Be More Connected To Those And If There’s A Lot Of Bad Thoughts About Orion You Know If It Says Everything Negative Comes From A Ryan Ryan’s A Huge System And There’s A Lot Of Different Races There And The Delirium To Actually Colonize That System A Long Time Ago Which Which Are Basically And So There That One Of The Root Races That Go Throughout Ryan But There’s A Lot Of Wars In Orion And There’s A Lot Of Stuff That Happened There With Some All Grades And Reptilians And It Didn’t Turn Out So Out Of All The Various Crafts That You Have Experienced Them They’re Putting The Ones In Higher Dimensional Trips What Is The Approximate Ratio That Being Artificial Mechanical Metal Craft And Movable Organic Creations Or Or Even Higher For Spiritual Pure Spirits To Chariot You Have The Higher Higher Beings Use Ships That Are Either Living The Ships Are Actually Conscious Themselves And They’re Organic And That Allows Them To Move Through Dimensions And Jump Dimensions Just Like You Know Our Bodies That Are Actually A Ship Itself And We Can Take This Body And That’s You Jump Dimensions With It And And People Have A Hard Time Understanding That But Lamas And Yogis Been Doing That For A Long Time They’ve Been By Locating And You Know Jumping Dimensions And Things Like That But The And Those Ships That Are Just Here Energy And There’s Energy Beings On Them Their Ship There Are Magnetic Light Ships And The Beans Have Magnetic Light Bodies On Them And Then Their Ships That Are Just Pure Consciousness They Actually Create The Ship With Their Own Consciousness And There Might Be Several Beings Together They’re Creating Kind Of A Merkabah Ship Though Most Of The Things We’re Seeing Here Are The Higher Dimensional Ships That We Are Seeing Everyone Smallville’s We Have Photographs Of Ships That Are Metallic And They Have Antennas Off Them And One Ship We Saw Would Look Like A Aircraft Here It Was Just Massive And It Was A Golden Alert Light Know That At All These In Array Of Antennae On It But Yeah We’ve Seen Everything Here We’ve Seen Pyramid Ships Cylinder Ships Is Every Color You Like Purple Ships Pink Ships The Green Ship You Know Just Ships With Just Regular Flashing Lights On Them All Kinds Of Stuff Is Going On Here Hey James Have You Seen Any Of The Ships Or Spirits Or Whatever You Want To Call Them I’m Not Really Sure I’ve Seen Some Stuff That Kind Of Looks Like A Phantom I See When They Kind Of Resembled A Stingray Slide All These Are Use I Could Measure Images At Dave Schrader With After Dark Radio I Think It’s Called After Dark Radio Came Out Here And He Was Blown Away And We We Saw This Ship Fly Over Us That Ripped Like A Stingray And It Was It Had The Fins Like Undulating It You Could See Through It And Yeah Exactly What I Seen Yeah Anyway It Was Definitely A Living Organism But It Did It Look Like A Stingray And I Have No Idea Who That Group Is Or What That’s About But It Was Pretty Much Know Was Always Yeah How Long Did It Stay Around Was It Just Like It Like A One-time Thing Or There Was A Guy Go By Came Right Over It And Yeah I Had The Exact Same Experience While I Was Seeing Some Other Craft Yeah And I Still Haven’t Even Looked Into That I Should Actually Ask What What That Was But We Looked Very Organic It Looked Alive Uh-huh It Kind Of Resembles I Guess Somewhat Under There’s Like A Black Pyramid Video On Youtube Hovering Over A City And You Can Kind Of See Through It Kind Of Resembled That A Little Bit It Was A Lot Smaller But It Was It Was Definitely Interesting And It’s Definitely You Know It I Kind Of Caught Me Off Guard Because I’m You Know I’m Looking Basically Out Of The Atmosphere And Then It’s One Right Above The Trees You Know Flying By You It’s Kind Of Creepy But Need At The Same Time Yeah Yeah If We Are Whipping Back Engineering This Stuff For The Germans Have Been Doing It You Know A Long Time Ago Probably I Would Say Maybe Even Before The 30s Might Even Be In The 1920s And You Know They’ve Built Some Pretty Pretty Clunky And Clunky Craft You Know Who Knows Where They’re At With It Now But The And So You Know We’ve Been Back To Near In Substance The Since The Forties You Know We’ve Been Doing All Kinds Of Stuff So You Know This Technology Has Been Around For A Long Time And We Have Our Own You Know Space Fleet And Black Black Projects And Things Of That Nature And What’s That Is Knowing That We Have That Technology And Allowing Astronauts To Go Up On Firecrackers And Then You Know Explode And And Then Allowing Secureauth To Be In The Condition She’s In When We Don’t Need To Be Burning Fossil Fuel And We Haven’t For A Long Time And You Know People Don’t Understand This You Tell People You Know You Could Run Your Car On Water And They Look At You Sideways Like You’re Not And Now That Technology Is Just Now Finally Coming Out You Know Where They Can Split Water And Run The Cars And That’s That’s Now Pretty Much You Know People Have Been Following It I Think There’s A Guy In The Philippines That Actually Has An Engine You Know That That It Were On Water And Another Guy Has I Think A Magnetic Motor That He Doesn’t Need Anything So That’s Going To Come Out But You Know People Can’t Have It With The Fact That Hey You Don’t Need Gas You Don’t Need To Go To All These Wars And Guess What You Don’t Even Need Tires Because Most Of This Stuff Is And We’ve Had Anti-gravity And Counter Gravity For A Long Time And We Have The Technology To You Know Get Up Here And Just Go You Know I’d Say I Think I’ll Have Breakfast In Australia Zwip Over There And Then Come Back And Be Back Before Noon You Know So That Exists Right Now There’s No Reason Why We Should Be Driving Around In These In These Gas Belching You Know Polluting Vehicles Smashing Or Send Each Other On The Highways And Know And Things Like That Yeah There Was A Guy On The News Locally Who Actually He I Built A Um A Motorcycle That Actually Ran Off Of Water And He Said He Did It For Under Two Thousand Bucks And Anybody Can Do It And It Was Actually Showing It On The News Locally In Alabama Wow Definitely Out There You Know It’s Not That Complicated And Once You Have The End Lot Of It’s About Using Frequency To Split The Water And Once You Understand The Frequency And You Can Split The Water Then It’s Very Easy And It Doesn’t Take A Lot Of Power To Split The Water But The Old Way Of Doing It Took Too Much Power To Split The Water So It Wasn’t Feasible But They’ve Come A Long Way With That One That’s It That’s Kind Of A Dinosaur Technology What I’ve Seen And Actually Held In My Hand You Know I’ve Held Technologies That You Know I Had Something The Size Of A Pie Plate That At Nine Coils And At Each Quote Without 25,000 Watts And It Was Counter Gravity And Also And Actually Tried To Get That Out There’s Video Of These Machines Running And Everything Back In The 90s And I Played It At The International Ufo Congress And Things Like That And Our Life Just Went To Hell After That I Mean We Were Threatened Families The Inventor His Families Were Threatened You Know Lab Was Brought Up And It Just Got Real Ugly Let Me Ask You This I’ve Been Seeing On The News Out Here Lately A Lot I’ve Actually Got A Laser Pointer And I Know You Got Pretty Nice One – I’ve Been Seeing On A News Here Lately That People Have Been Getting In Trouble For Using Those Those Are Laser Pointer Shooting Them At Helicopters And Stuff And They’ve Been Coming Down To Get The Gps Coordinates And Calling The Police Station And People Have Been Getting Arrested For Sonny Knows Laser Pointers At Aircraft Yes I Am Of The Right Oh Yeah That’s Bad News You Shouldn’t Do That You Should Like Here We Have Lasers Here But We Use Them Very Discriminately And If Something Has Any Kind Of A Blinking Light On It Whatsoever And We’re Not Going To Be And We Don’t Shoot Anything Active That’s It Wrapped Itself We Actually Surround It You Know Do A Circle Around It And And So It Yeah There Should Be Some Discretion You Know Definitely There Because You Could Blind A Pilot Or A Passenger Or You Know It’s Not Not A Good Idea If Somebody’s In The Market Is There Any Certain One They Should Get Because I Know There’s So Many Of Them Out There And Don’t Really Know Which One To Get Some Of Them Are 10 Bucks Some Of Them Are A Thousand Oh Yeah You Can Get A Good Laser For Under 200 You Know If You Shop Around And Just Look At The Milliwatts On It You Know Wicked Laser Has Them One Of The Things A Lot Of The The Homeland Security Is Snagging These Lasers When You Buy Em In China And Try To Bring Them In You Know You’ll Get A Little Note In The Box And Thank To The Laser Homeland Security Yet Oh Man So I Guess You’re Out Of China Then Wicked Lasers Yeah Most Of The Lasers Are Coming Out Of China Okay Well Yeah I Mean There’s A Lot Going On A Lot Of Different Things We’re Seeing In In The Heavens Which Is The Hebrew Word For Sky So Saying Heavens And Sky Is The Same Word Let Me Ask You This Have You Ever Checked Out The Work Of Patrick Cook With Bible Ufo Calm And Wine His Website No I Might Have I’m Not Sure He’s Been Around For A While Yeah Yeah He’s Done A Little Bit Of Stuff On Ancient Aliens Definitely Is A Biblical Theologian You Know Basically Got A Blackballed From The Religion Aspect Of It And Dissipation Of Suffering Ufology And Stuff Yes A Bible Ufo Calm He’s One Of My Favorite Researchers And I Just Found Out That He Passed Away In November Yeah Right Now Yeah Everybody Listening Just Go Check Out His Website Bible Ufo Calm Anybody Who Wants To Look It Up You Know Have Anything As Far As Ufos And Psychokinesis Telekinesis And Things Like That That’s Actually Mentioned In The Bible He Has An Awesome Website Hundreds Of Pages On There And It’s Awesome Sighted Definitely Just Wanted To Plug That You Know What I Don’t How Much Time We Got But There’s A I Can Tell You A Really Quick Story That Happened To Me That Shift In My Life Is My Father Passed Away A Few Years Ago And He He Was Came Out Of New Mexico And He Told Me Of An Incident Where A Ship Landed Right On The Highway In Front Of Him And And Just Sat There For A While And And It You Know Nothing Really Happened They Just Got Out And They’re Standing There And And Everybody Was Watching It And And Then It Just Took Off And He’s Point Ufos Out To It But He Was A Dentist You Know And He Didn’t Want To Lose Credibility And Things So He Just Never Talked About It Others But He Told Us About It And My Grandmother Was Involved In Roswell And Things Of That Nature So They All Know That Was A Really Vent You Know Down There She Knew The First Responders And The Sheriff’s And When They Saw The Ships And When They Came Back After That Experience She Said They Couldn’t Even Hold A Coffee Cup And They Were White As A Sheet And Their Hands Were Shaken And She Said That You Know That Doesn’t Happen When A Balloon Comes Down But She Knows The Risks Re And And But We’ve Had It In All Of Our Lives But You Know Not Not Really Pressed On Us Or Anything Just Open To It But When He Died His Last Words Believe It Or Not Were Beam Me Up And In A Fifth Long Tip Breath And He Said Beam Me Up And Then He Was Gone You Know And So I’m Sitting There Going Why Would He Say Why Would He Say Beam Me Up I Go I Go This Is Bizarre Yeah White Now And Like Beam Me Up Scotty Always Had A Sense Of Humor Kind Of But You Know I Went Outside And I Took Pictures Above The House And I Got The Film Developed And There Was This Beautiful Turquoise Light Ship Right Over The House When He Crossed Over And And So You Know I’m Just Going Wait A Second You Know Maybe Heaven Might Be A Lot More Complicated Than We’ve Been Told And You Know Maybe On Another Dimension That You Know He’s If He Went To Another Dimension Where He’s In An Energy Body Or Light Body Or Whatever Else And He Could Be On That Light Ship And I Really Started Kind Of Thinking About This Go On You Know And It I Had To Start Realizing That You Know Maybe The Angels May Not Be You Know Just Wearing Wings You Know And Ropes You Know Maybe They Have Light Ships You Know Maybe The Other Mansions You Know Of God We Don’t Know Over The Other Kingdoms Fight Might Just Be Some Extremely Advanced Beings That Have Extreme Technology As Well And And Work With Create You Know If It’s The Energies Of Creation And Maybe They’ve Mastered A Lot Of Those Energies They Also When You Keep Expanding The Sab You Keep Having These Experiences You Have To Kind Of Drop The Old Program Of Light And Dark Or Evan And He’ll And And Just You Know It’s Just A Lot More Vast Than That And A Lot More Expanded And And There’s Just A Lot More That Goes On In The Other Planes And Dimensions Than Just You Know What’s Floating Around On A Cloud With The The Harp To Me That Was For The Hell Out Of May Be Honest With You Yeah There’s Some Yeah There’s Some Some A Different Footage Of Nasa In Space Of Just What Looks To Be Like Different Lights To Shoot In Every Direction Some Of Them Are Going Stopping Making 90-degree Turns Happening Speeding Up And Doing All Types Of Crazy Things And I Mean There’s Hundreds Of Them In Some Of The Videos One Of Those Are Just Energy Ships Or Light Ships Full Of It Out There Spaces You Know Full Of It There’s There’s Beings Walking Right Alongside Of Us And We Don’t Even Know It They’re Just Outside Of Our Ability To See Them You Know They’re During A Different Position And The Electromagnetic Light Spectrum And And We Can Just See A Little Smart Portion Of Visible Light But They’re Our Own Eyes But There’s All These Other Things Happening Right Alongside Of Us That We Just Don’t Have The Ability To See Remember I See That Video I Totally Get A Sense Of Those Are Living Entities Those Are Spirits Of The Angels Or Whatever Even In You Know Enoch It Talks About The Angels Being Made Out Of Fire And It Says As They Wish They Can Come To Earth And Take On Bodies For Themselves As They Wish And Even In Psalms And Hebrews It Says The Lord Makes His Ministers As A Flame Of Fire So When You Look Up In The Heavens And You See These Fiery Chariots You Know Going Back And Forth In The Sky You Know I Can’t Help But But But Think That They’re Living Entities And They Are The Angels Or They Are The Departed Spirits From Earth Either Or You Know Or Make Sure I Was All Connected There’s You Know Beings That Here They Just Phase In And Out And We Had A Japanese Monk Here That He Was Very Adept And He Spins You Know He Does 21-day Retreat No No Food No Water In A Cave Is To Heighten His Ability His Spiritual Abilities And We Came Here To The Ranch And Actually Took Some Incredible Photographs He Took A Photograph In The Self-mastery Class Of Merry Appearing Right Over The Group And He Didn’t Know Who She Was In And I Saw Him Take The Picture And I Seemed Going Oh He’s All Excited You Know And I Go Are You Ready To Get You Know And I Went Back And I Looked And I Go Oh My God You Know It’s On The Website And And Then He Got Pictures Of These 12-foot Tall Feline Being Like Six Dimensional Feline Beings That Appeared And And He Got A Photograph Of Kuan-yin And One Of The Beans I Work With Which Is An Ascended Version Of Ezekiel Actually And Who Ascended He Actually Stole Merged With The Feminine Energy By The Name Of Cassia And And Extended To The He’s Like A Seventh Dimensional Being And And So I Asked Him I Said Can You Meditate And Ask Ezekiel To Come To You And Take A Picture Of Him And So He Did You Got A Picture This Huge Golden Ball Of Energy With Wings Coming Out Of It And And You Know And He’s Out There Just Laughing And Laughing And Just All Blissed Out And He Showed Me The Picture So So But What’s Interesting Is That You Know We’re Actually Getting Hard Evidence Of These Higher Dimensional Beings Appearing To Us And And And During Some Of The Transposon Release Sessions The Counseling We Do Here We Can Actually Now Videotape The Energy Of The Beans Coming Into The Room It Looks Like A Golden Tornado Of Light You Know And Everybody’s Body’s Pixelate Out And Turn White Turn Into White Light And That’s On The Website Too Yeah Seeing It That’s Amazing One Thing I Wanted To Ask You The Hoaxers Have You Ever Had People Contact You And Try To Tell You That Stories Or Whatever The Cases And They Would Just May Be Doing It As A Prank Or Trying To Pull One Over You Or Sell A Book That You Just Knew Was Not Legit Oh Yeah A Lot And You Can Feel You Know You Can Feel The Energy I Had I’ve Had People Actually Corner Me In An Elevator And Just Try To Sell Your Experience Or Their Book And Right Away My Inner Sensitivity Buttons Were Just Gone It Does Not Feel Right You Know This Isn’t Really And Then Later On There Proven To Be A Hoax Yeah They Wanted Me To Sign On To It And Support Their Work And I Just Said I’m Sorry I I Said You Know I That’s Your Experience And I And I Totally Whatever Going To Come Out Of The Experience Is Good For You But It’s Not My Experience So I Can’t Really Say It Happened Or Didn’t Happen Because I Didn’t See It It Was Not My Experience And They Got Really Upset Me For Not Promoting Their Book And Not Signing On It I Just Said Well I Haven’t I Haven’t I Can’t Yeah I Can’t Say It Happened Or It Didn’t Happen You Know I Did Happen To Me Well Just At Least Put Your Name On It Yeah Yeah Already Four Words For People That I Do Believe In You Know That I Do They Were Really Sincere And Their Service Oriented People And Trying To Help You Know Awaken Humanity Nears And And So I Have Written Some Forwards For Certain People There’s Somebody In The Chat Room And He’s Mentioning The The Caller From The The Tape That Exposes Area 51 And I Think He Summit The A Frantic Caller And I Think He’s Talking About The Coast-to-coast Episode Where The Guy Called Our Bell And Was Calling From A Pay Phone And Said He Was Being Chased By These You Know Calling Government But They Were Really Ets And They Were Out To Destroy Mankind And Everybody’s Screwed And Things Like That And It’s Funny Because Actually Before We Came On The Show Friend Of Mine Send Me A Band Link Of A Band And They Were Sampling That And And Has Actually Been A Couple Bands That Did It Our Tool Did It You Know This Other Band He Sent Me But You Know Just Everybody Listen I Want You Guys Know That That Was Proven To Be A Hoax As Well That Was Fake Yeah You Know A Lot Of People Like To Push They’re Like It’s Just You Know Crazy Thing And I Think I Was Something True But Yeah The Guy Came Out I Was Actually A Hoax That Was A Joke Yeah What Times Are All Of Stuff On My That’s Just Cutting-edge Things Yeah And I’ll Put It Out There But I’ll Put A Disclaimer On It And I’ll Say Look You Know This Is What’s Going Around The Net We’re Going To Look Into It Yeah But You Know We’ll Get Back To You And Then I Get All This Hate Mail You Know Like Photos That’s The Stuff That You Know And I Can’t Give You And I Go Hey You Know We’re A Newsletter And We Need To Put Out What What’s Going Around And And And We’re Going To Do Some Research On It And And A Lot Of Times What Happens Is People Will Do The Research For Me And Show Me Where You Know Where This Was Hoax And Things Like That But I Mean There’s Some Really Good Focuses Out There That That You Know It Looks Really Legit And Real And A Recent One Was In Japan Whether They Had This Footage And It Looked Good All The Way Up Until The Ship Landed And The Gray Got Out Of It And We’re Standing There And Then You’re Going To God This Is It Just Doesn’t Seem There’s Something About It You Know That Doesn’t Feel Right Yeah And Sure Enough You Know That I Guess It Turned Out To Be Somebody Was Trying To Make A Movie Or Something Let Me Get Let Me Get To Take On The The The Ufo That Was Singing Over The Temple In Jerusalem Oh Yeah Yeah That Was Definitely Real And Then A Lot Of Ugi Came After That And That’s What They Do Is That They’ll Have Real Footage And There’ll Be A Lot Of Witnesses And Things Like That And Then Then They Flood The Youtubes And Whatever With Fake Ones Just To Muddy The Water To Bury A Real Event But I’ll Tell You What Really Happened There Is That There Are Some Dean’s And Therefore Serious That Came In And They Actually Changed The Whole Frequency Of That Area And In That Area With The Wailing Wall And The Dome Of The Rock And Everything It’s So Steep And Religion And Separation And The Old Images Of Fearful God And You Know Wretched Suffering And All That Just That Nonsense That Creates Separation The Heavy Old Program That They Had To Go There And Had It Totally Change The Frequency Of The Area And And Set A New Template In There And That’s What All That Energy Was About The Ship You Know When Is When Those Energy Bursts Were Going Off The Ship They Were Changing The Frequency Of The Area And Unlocking All That Old Old Program That’s Keeping People You Know In Separation And Warring And Things Of That Nature We Got Some People In The Chat Room But They Want To Know What Do You See In The Future For America Why That’s A Tough One If We You Know People Need To Realize That There’s Two Americas And And There’s The United States Corporation America Which Is Which Is A Mess I Mean They They Are Just There To Control And Dominate And Extort And And They’re Just They’re Not In Our House That’s Good And Then There’s The Republic The Original America And And If We Can Restore The Republic And And Get Out Of This You Know Uniform Commercial Code Or Ucc Program And Get Back Into The Common Law We Can Really Make Some Huge Leaps And Bounds And And That Is Being Done On Other Levels There’s A Lot Of People Working On That Legally Trying To Do That Legally They’re Really Trying To Push Us Into A Civil War That The Powers Would Be One Civil War They Want To Create The Chaos You Know Because Our Chaos Comes Their Program You Know So So That You Know They Have That Problem Reaction Solution So They Create The Problem We React To It And Then They Come In And Solve It You Know So I Would I Would Be Very Leery About I Mean I’m Totally I Believe We Need To Maintain The Constitution And The Second Amendment And We Need To Get Rid Of That Nda A You Know That Where They Can Grab You Anytime Anywhere Indefinitely And You Know You Have No Rights Whatsoever It Need To Get Rid Of The Patriot Act And And All Of These Things That Are Unconstitutional And You Know Restore A Right To Privacy And Our Right To You Know Freedom Of Speech And Our Right To Assembly You Know They Can’t Just Keep Bringing Out The Agencies And And You Know Beating People And Resting People For Assembling And Keeping Their Voices You Know All We Have To Go Back To The The Original Bill Of Rights You Know And Those Are Divine Rights No That’s Not The Constitution That Gives Us Those Rights It’s Greater And We Need To Get Back To Like I Was Saying Universal Principles You Know Under Universal Law And And And Then Things Are Going To Look Great But You Know As Long As The The Banksters Are In Control And If They Keep Going Down That Road It’s Not Looking Good At All You Know Unless The People Have A Huge Awaking And That’s What I Kind Of See Happening I’m Hoping For Or An Evolution Yael Versus A Revolution And If We Do Have A Revolution I’m Hoping It’s A Peaceful One And That We Can Do It In A Way That That’s The Highest And Best Good Of Everybody I Think It’s Really Going To Come From A Higher Power With Some Help That’s Actually After Change Because Of The Guys Who Are Running Things Now New Old Older Guys It’s Just Not A Good Thing Right Now And Now I Think For A While I Was About The Uh Peaceful You Know People You Know Rising Up Peacefully And Things Like That But I Really Think That We Kind Of Seen All We’re Going To See Of That With The The Whole Occupy Movement People Coming Together In Unity And Peaceful Change And Things Like That And We See What Happened The Cops Come In At 2:00 In The Morning When Everyone Else Sleep And They Were Coming In If They Beat Everybody Up And Spraying With Pepper Spray And Smoke Them Out And Get Them Out Of The Town Squares And Stuff Except When It’s In The Bigger Spot But I Think That’s Like The Biggest Rally For Change We’ve Seen In A Long Time And Just How That Came And Went So Fast And All The People Who Was Involved I Mean You Had Bankers You Had Police You Had Lawyers He Had Doctors Everyone Was Involved With That Saying Look You Know We Need A Change In A Way The System Is Going Now You Know We Need To Change It And It Caught The Media For A While And It Seemed Like You Know A Good Thing But Then We See How The Media Took It And Actually Spent It And Said These People Have No Agenda They’re Just Hippies Everywhere And Nobody Knows What They’re Doing There Is No Leader Laissez Blase And Just Kind Of You Know You Know Kind Of Demonize The Whole Thing And I Think That Was Like The Closest Thing That We Were And Are Going To See As Far As A Peaceful Protest Or You Know The Rise Up You Know It’s Going To Happen Again Again I Tell You What’s Going On On The Higher Levels Is That There’s Grids You Know Grids Of Consciousness And Energy And The Old Tyrant Grid Whatever You Want To Call It A Three Dimensional Grid That If They’ve Been Running Is Just Falling Apart And And The Tyrants Are Not Frequently Specific To Where The Earth Is Evolving Going And Their Program Their Grid You Might Say It’s Holding Their World Together Is Collapsing And It’s Imploding In On Itself And What Am I Having Physical Problems And Just Dropping You Know They’re Having A Heart Attack Because Their Hearts Are Constricted They’re Having All Kinds I Have All This Anger And The Livers Are Failing They’re Having All These Serious Problems Right Now Because They Can’t Even Maintain Their Physical Body You Know With The Pressures That Are Coming In And There’s Is There Is A Huge Alignment Coming On With The Practic Plane Or Galactic Core You Know Which Is What The 2012 Thing Was About But That Was The Beginning I Mean The Energy Started You Know Basically On 12/12/2012 It’s At The Beginning Of A Massive Shift And Evolutionary Leap That We’re In Right Now And It’s Going To Get Real Crazy Up Till You Know This Summer There’s Going To Be A Lot Of Earth Changes And Things Of That Nature Happening Very Quick And A Lot Of Social Economic Changes Though It Is With This Ninth Wave Of Unity Consciousness Coming Through It’s Exponential It’s Getting Stronger And Stronger And The People That Are Not Aligning With It And Rising To The Occasion Are Not Are Basically Not Going To Be Here And It’s By Their Own Choice It’s Nobody Punishing Them Is That They’ve Just Chosen You Know Not To Go With The Program And I Don’t Think I Think Some People Didn’t Choose To Suit To Walk This All The Way Through They Just Came Here For Certain Lessons And Some People Chose To Do You Know Walk This All The Way Through And Help As Many As They Can And So On A Third Level There’s All Kinds Of Things Going On But I Just Don’t See Any Possible Way That That This Old Guard Is Going To Continue Or Business As Usual And The Separation Game Is Coming To An End And This 50 Leaders Greed And Unbridled Greed And Lust For Power Wealth Is Imploding On Itself And It’s No Longer Fashionable You Know The People Used To Look Up To Politicians Now They Just Just Shake Their Head And Just They’re Not Buying The Light Anymore Yeah You Know So Telephone Yields Relative I Mean Is Increasing And People Are Waking Up And It’s Because The Old Grid Is Going Down And The New Higher Consciousness And Energy Is Coming In And And All These Higher Dimensional Beings Are Supporting That And Behind That And We Have To Do Our Part Here On The Earth You Know As The Ground Crew It’s Now We’re Going To Be Done Forth But It Is Part Of Our Evolution To Join The Rest Of The Universe In Peace And And To End You Know This Reign Of Tyranny I Believe We Have Another Call Area Been Online For Men And See If They’re There On This College From Eastern Ontario You There How’s It Going Yeah What’s Up We Were Speaking With My Name Is Tyler From-from Petawawa Ontario I Was Going Dollar The Other Question Games Yeah I Was Just Wondering Like Oh Uh If Your Galactic Sources Had Anything Specific To Say To Humanity Right Now Like Do They Have A Message For Us Or Like Are They Just Kind Of Watching From Upstairs Kind Of Thing Yeah It Kind Of Like Get On With It Yeah They Want Us To Move Basically Yeah Yeah They’re Like Cosmic Cheerleaders And They’re Sending Us Inspiration And And Their Are Helping Us Quite A Bit In Ways That We Don’t Even Know Of I Mean They’ve Been Blocking Kill Shots From The Sun They’ve Been You Know You Know Kind Of Chilling Out To Major Earthquakes And Fault Lines And And They’ve Been Doing A Lot That We Don’t Really Notice Us To Mitigate You Know Some Of The Changes Huh I Didn’t Know That The Sun Was Damaging You Always Hear That The The More Coronal Mass Ejections Is Like An Energy Boost For Us I Didn’t Realize That It That It Had Any Negative Effect Well Too Much You Know Of Anything And And When People Aren’t Ready Can Can Cause A Problem But You’re Right You Know Any Kind Of Influx Of Of Energy It’s Going To Assist The Planet But You Know It’s They’re Kind Of Trying To Get As Many People Through As Possible And If We Had A Kill Shot It Would Kind Of Of Really Put A Damper On Evolution Here Right Just One More Question Of This The Talks Of The Critical Mass Point Being Hit And Talks Of Heaven Having A Green Light Do You Know Anything About What Will Happen If We Hit If We Hit Critical Mass So Definitely We Are Moving In That Direction And I Think I Think There’s Going To Be A Tipping Point Where Everything Just Goes And Oh Yeah With This Done With The Old World And And You Know I Don’t Know How That’s Going To Turn Out Is I Think It’s Going To Be Different For Each Individual Because I’m People Are Actually Going To You Know Be Blown Into The Fourth Dimension And Take A While To Get Through That Other People Are Going To Be Going Straight Into The Fifth Dimension It Just Depends On Your Frequencies On How You’re Going To Adjust To This Energy But That Alignment With Galactic Plane Is Happening Right Now And The Cosmic Ray Index Has Gone Off The Scale And We’re Getting Hit With Huge Solar Flares And And We’ve Got About About Five Hundred Bursts Of Energy Like Gamma Rays And All These Other Rays Hitting The Planet Right Now When It Used To Be Maybe Fifty A Day So It’s Up To 500 Though So It’s It’s Undeniable We’re In It And I Think You Know Let’s Say Somebody’s Living Along The Coast And And You Know Mother Nature’s Just Decides To Break Loose You Know On One Of The Fault Lines There Their Experience You Know Might You Know Their Ascension Might Be You Know Floating To The Surface And Then Keep Going From There No Another System That’s That’s Living In Nature You Know And Higher Elevation Is Going To Have A Different Experience You Know So About Choices That We Make And Our Frequency Is Is How We’re Going To Experience This Shift Thanks To Time Man That Was That Was Awesome Are You Welcome You Know It’s Funny What I Was Hearing From One Of The Masters Said Some Of The People Are Going To Be Hit By A Brick And Others Are Going To Be Hit By A Feather Yeah It Depends On Your Frequency And I Think Bryce Is Are Going To Get Hit By A Brick Here You Know Roof Hahaha Did Thanks So Much For Everything Man That Was Awesome Are You Welcome Anything I’ll Call Them In Totally Man Peace Are Brother Yeah James Other As Awesome As Good Call On The Man Skew This With The Spirits Or Work That You Guys Are Doing At The Ranch Can You Tell Us A Little Bit About The Importance Of Breath Work And As Far As Getting Into Meditation Or Is There An Importance To It No There Really Is There’s A Lot Of Technique A Lot Of Them Come Out Of The Yoga Practices That Can Have You Know There’s A Fire Breathing And There’s All Kinds Of Different Breathing And And We Have Learned Quite A Few Through Practice Of E Gong And Things Of That Nature A Lot Of Techniques Like You Know Mystical Familiar With The Airbender Series And Things Like That Where You Work The Elements So Keep That Here We Teach A Lot Of The Growth Techniques Here And We’ve Been Doing That For Quite Some Time So I Think I Think All Of That Out Of Those Practices Like The Gong And Yoga And Breath Working And Just Getting Out In Nature As Much As You Can And You Know Meditating Is They’re All Helpful And Just Have To Choose It’s Like You Know When All When Everybody’s Going Up The Mountain They All Take Different Paths They Don’t End Up At The Top You Know It’s The Same Way So There’s There’s Many Paths Up The Mastership Just Choose One And With Me I’ve Chosen Most Of Them Remember I’ve Got Most Of The Pattern And And With With A Lot Of Different Cultures I Studied You Know Native American Spirituality And I Studied If You Know In From India I Did Yoga For Like 11 Years And And Study With Yogi’s And I Study With Llamas And You Know You Know Studied All The Different Ways And What I Found Out Is They Just I Had Different Names For The Same Thing And Everybody Comes From The Same Stores And Everybody Returned To Him The Same Person That That’s Pretty Much Bottom Line You Can’t Get Away From That Yeah I Think There’s A Reason Why You Know A Lot Of These Stories Repeat Themselves Whether It’s The Story Of The Savior Who Came And Died For His People Then Had The 12 Disciples Was Crucified Was Baptized Well Actually Walked On Water Had Power Coming From The Hem Of His Garment And All These Things Cannot Do A Lot Of Different Customs I Think There’s A Reason For That And Not Only That I Think You Know There’s A Scripture That Says In The Last Days I Will Pour Out My Spirit On All Flesh And I’m The Christian Church You Know We Understand What We Would Call You Know The Breath Work And Things Like That We Actually Understand That As Being The Holy Spirit When That Intense Joy Comes Upon You And That’s A I Important You Know In The Christian Church And You Know That’s What A Lot Of People Call It But It’s The Same Thing As What’s Called The Kundalini Which Is Coming From India It’s The Same Power In The Same Experience That You Have You Get Filled With This Immense Joy And Cleans Up The Things On The Inside Of You That You Know You Can’t Physically Touch Whether It’s To Hate The Bitterness And Stuff And It All Gets Taken Away By This You Know What’s Called The Fire The Fire Of The Holy Spirit Of The Fire Of The Kundalini And It’s Called Different Things In Different Parts Of The World You Know They Are Tarnishing Story You Know You Talk To Nate Here And I Don’t Think He’d Mind I Share It But He Was Here And We Were Doing When He First Got Here We Were Introducing Him To What We Do And Everything And And So We We Were Doing That Trans Person Relief Session With Them And And Actually The Main Teacher And Guide Was Jesus Who Came In For Him And And I Thought I See Jesus Standing There In Front Of Him And He’s Actually Having Fun Man Jesus Right Behind Him Energetic And I Stayed His Being And He’s Just Like Moving His Hands And Doing These These Movements And I’m Going Holy Smokes You Know And I’m Watching Him Holding His Hands Like Mudras And Everything And And Nate Just Flying All Over The Place Going Home Like God And This Energy Is Going Through Him He’s Having All These Like Incredible Openings You Know It’s Just Amazing Experience And Then And At The End Of It Of Them You Know It May Sound Brass Was Like I Go T-shirts Right He’s Practicing Me Gun You Know This One Year Gun And And Then And So It’s Funny Because What Happened Is Is That If You Trace Back The Origins Of Yi Gong In These Ancient Forms They Go Back To Egypt And And That’s His Origin And He Went Through The Eat The Mystery Schools He Went Through All Mystery Schools Went To India Went To That You Know He Learned From All These Masters And Pot You Know What He Knew Is At The Same Time So It’s Kind Of Interesting When I Saw That It Tied Everything Together Bet The Last He Was Standing Behind Him In Spirit And He Was Holding The Mudra For Fire Istanbul For Fire And He Was Just Holding This Energy And They Was Just All Just List Out Going Oh My God You Know What Is This And Then So I Go Wait A Second I Thought About It And Said You Know In The Book In The Bible They Talked About You Know John The Baptist And He Said There You Know She Come A Grey One You Know And He’ll Baptize Through Fire That’s It Not Not By Water But To Fire In Spirit And So Here He’s Using This Energy The Spiritual Energy And He’s Holding The Hand Signal For Fire And You’ll See A Lot Of Statues They’re Carved Where He’s Standing There With His Hand Up And His Fingers Are Together His Pointing Finger And Thumb Are Together And He’s Holding This Position And It’s The Mudra For Fire Spirit And And So It Has Ties In Together When You Understand All The Different Cultures And You Understand The Ancient Practices At All It All Comes Together But Unfortunately Religions Like To Separate Things And Cultures Like To Separate Things And Then And Then Then Fight With Each Other Over Your Ages And Doctrines And Books And Things Like That But You Know In The End It’s All One Exactly Once You Can Move Past The Religion And Move Past The You Know The Titles And You Know Your Perception Of It You Know We’re All Looking At The Same Thing We’re Just Calling It Something Different According To Our Belief System Or What We’ve Been Taught And Told You Know That All Produces The Same Substance If It’s A Experience That You Know Moves You Closer To God And Closer To Nature And Closer To Your Brothers To Be The Best Person You Can Be Then I Think That’s A Good Experience I Can I Can Grant It With My Like Native American Brothers I’m Part I’m Part Cherokee And My Great Grandmother Was Cherokee Yeah Well I Can Go Sit With A Tibetan You Know Or And I Can Do Meditation And Prayer With Them Or I Can Go Hang Out With These Llamas And The Yogi And I Can Be At Peace By All These Places And Actually Participate In Have Incredible Experiences And You Know In All These Places And That’s Really Where We Need To Get And Wonder About Of That Then We Can Start Joining The Rest Of The Universe Because If You Can’t Handle The Diversity Here You Know With The Different Skin Colors And Cultures And Religions If You Can’t Master That And It Peace With That How Are You Going To Do That You Know In These In These Other Realms Where Things Don’t Look Anything At All Like Us And Both Of Them You Know So You Know You’ve Got To You Know Get Your Self Mastery Going Or You’re Not Going To Be Able To Handle You Know Some Of These Other You Know Dimensions And Experiences Yeah I Totally Agree I’ve Always You Know Kind Kind Of Held On To That From What You’ve Said Much Far As Having The Judgment Or Attitude Of You See A Spirit Or You See An Entity Or You See An Alien Whatever You Want To Call Them That Looks Different Not To Be Afraid Or Not To Be Offended You Know Because Kind Of Like Planned On The Whole Racism Thing Or Just A Judging Somebody Because They Look Different You Need To Try To Accept Everybody For Who They Are And What They Are I Want To Ask You To I Know A While Back I Heard You Mention That You Guys Were Going To Try Maybe Set Up Some Type Of Video Conference With With Some Of The Spiritual Work That You Guys Are Doing Where People Can Participate From Their Own Home Did You Guys Ever Look Into That At All Y’all Doing It Yet Yeah We Did That We Had We Did A Lot Of Meditation Earth Healing Meditation And You Know Healing For Japan And And Actually Worked With Khan You Know Who Works Over There He’s A Monk Over There In Japan And And And Other People We Kind Of Orchestrated You Know Together And And You Know He Asked Us To Send Him As Much Help As Possible You Know Possible To Were Working With Monks Over There At The Same Time But We Did Do A Lot Of That Our Time Has Really Been Pent Up Lately Just Dealing With Legal Matters On For Because There Are Certain Elements That Are Doing All They Can To Close The Ranch But That’s That’s Coming To An End You Know We’ve Actually We’ve Actually Lend Ourselves With Divine Province Which As It’s A Very Powerful Organization And Become Ambassadors And Have Driver’s License The International Driver’s License And We We’ve Totally Moved Out Of This System Completely Because That Was The Only Thing We Could Do Because The System Would Not Accept Us Any Way Whatsoever And What You Know Our Local Boys Are Doing Everything They Could To Close Our Doors For Really No Reason They Have You Know There’s No Complaint There’s No Injured Party They Have You Know This Type Of Pristine Environment Everything Is Working Perfectly We Have Environmental Impact Reports And They They Pass With Flying Colors There’s No Reason Whatsoever For Them To Continue To Harass Us But They Just You Know They Create Problems Were Non-existent And Because We Aren’t Just Baptist You Know We Were A Big Red Flag So We’re Having To Deal With Those Matters But I Think You Know This Week We’ll Probably Have That This Next Week We Have One More Those’ll A Court Appearance On Tuesday But I Think That’s Going To Be Nipped In The Bud And Then And Then We’re Done But Then We’re Going To Put A Lot Of Energy Into Into That Type Of You Know Get In Getting The Message Out And Getting Know Getting The Two Radio Shows You Know Goanna Have To Share Radio Shows Right Now That We’re Doing Out Of Here Which I’m An Outreach Thing But You Know What More People Asking Them That We Got Some People Asking In The Chat About Some Information About Coming Up To The Ranch Are You Still Taking People If They Want To Come Up And Experience A Terrain We Are But We Had To Go Because Of The Legal Problems We Had To Go Private We Couldn’t Be Public Anymore And That We Had To Change Things Just To Stay Out Under Their Wing And So Now We Are A Private Ranch But People Can Get A Private Invitation You Know By Emailing Or Calling Us And And And Then They Have To Go Through A Little A Couple More Hoops Just To Just Because Of The Legal Problems That We’re Having Before I Was Open To Everybody I Feel Here Come Up Have Your Own Experience You Know And It’s Caused Me A Lot Of Problem You Know As For Some Reason This Society Doesn’t Really Found On People Just Being Loving And Kind And You Know Allowing And You Know Helping People Have Their Own Experience And The Alien Here There’s The Some Reason Our Powers Would Be Now And Take A Dim View Of That It’s Very Unfortunate Man I Appreciate All The Work That You’re Doing Like I Said I’ve Been Following Your Work For Probably You Know Three And A Half Years Now Ever Since I’ve Been Having Experiences And Turning People Onto Your Work And Everything Your Videos So Definitely Keep Up The Good Work I Appreciate You Calling In Yeah Definitely And You Know I Love You Work Too And I’ve Watched A Lot Of You Here The Videos That You’re Putting Out And Everything Else My Name Is Awesome You Know Keep Up That Keep Up The Good Work You’re Definitely Divinely Inspired Hey That Means A Lot Man I Appreciate I Don’t Know If Nate Showed You But Did He Show You The One That I Used From The Coast Of Costa Parents I Used A Little Sample Of You At The End That He Happen To Show You Them I Did Yeah I Thought It Was Great And You Know There’s You Can Try Take Something Off Of This Interview And Perspective Oh Yeah Definitely Man Definitely Looking Forward To I Mean As Part Of The Art It’s Amazing And It’s Touching A Lot Of People From All Walks Of Life Whether They Listen To Hip-hop Or Listen To Conscious Music In General They Can Understand The Message And See The Visuals That I Use And Stuff In A Touch Spot So You Know You’ve Inspired Me To Do My Art Man And I Hope I’ve Inspired You And Helped Inspire Everybody Listening So Thanks For Calling It Yeah You Definitely Have And I Know You’ve You Can Open The Eyes Of A Lot Of People And Actually Coming From A Religious Background I Think That That’s Very Commendable And Quite Courageous To Break Out Of That Box And Realize That There’s Just A Much Bigger Story Going On Yeah It Isn’t It You Know I Mean It Was Hard It Definitely Was Hard Doing It Um You Know Having My Own Experiences Knowing It To Be My Truth And You Know Wanting To Share It And Then I Mean But Then I Reached That Point Where They Were Like The Same People That I Was Actually Inspiring To Go Out And You Know Be Street Preachers And Things Like That That We Used To Do And I’ve Inspired Those People In Those Same People Who Looked Up To Me Turn Around Saying Hey You’re A Devil Worshiper Now We Can’t Listen To You You Promote James Gilliland You Promote Your Maxwell Luciferians And It’s Like Oh Man And I Just Kind Of Hit That Point Was Like Man Do I Want To Be Known You Know I Was A You Know A Noted Person In The Community And Things Like That You Know Talking With The Youths And Things And Now I’m A So-called Devil Worshiper Is This How I Want My Legacy To End Or Whatever You Know So It’s A Real Hard Transition But So Like I Said Thanks For You Know You’re Doing Everything That You Do And You Know Sticking Your Neck Out There And To Be Poked Fun And Made You Know Made Fun Of And All This Kind Of Stuff Because You Go Against The Agenda They Want To Push Fear And Unbelief As Well But You’ve Definitely Inspired Me And It’s A Bunch Of People In The Chat Listening So I Know That They’re Here For A Reason So Like I Said You Know I Just Have To Just There The Weather At They’re Doing The Best They Can That They Know And Unfortunately They Are Pushing Fear And Guilt And Judgement All The Things That Jesus Warned Us Against And Told Us Not To Do So I Mean Here You’re Being True To Your Heart And True To Your Soul And Working Straight From Spirit And Letting That Come Through You And They’re Doing The Exact Opposite So I Would Have To Say That You’re Much More Aligned With Jesus In Christ Consciousness And I Would Say They’re They’re Pretty Much Doing The Antichrist Thing So It’s With My Finger That Somebody There’s Three Fingers Pointing Back And Yeah You Know You Can’t Blame You Can’t Accuse Others That What What You Yourself Are Doing And And Still Walking Integrity Yeah Well Like I Said Man Is An Honor To Talk To You I’ve Been Waiting To Talk To You For A While I’m Glad You Had The Chance To Come On Definitely Like To Have You Back On Again I’m Gonna Give Your Website Out It’s East Setting That Org Dot Org Ec Eti Org You Guys Can Go Watch Videos Or Pictures Of James And He Said E Ranch And Of There’s Actually Awesome Picture Of James Doing A Tibetan Meditation And You Can See I’m Actually Leaving His Body And See His His Astral Field Around Him It’s A Pretty Amazing Picture And He’s Got The Pictures Of Of Marion The Different Light Beings On There There’s Also Some Videos On There I Want To Talk About Where He’s Seen These Orbs Flying Around Over The Children And In The Field And A Huge Orbs Flying Everywhere It’s Some Pretty Awesome Stuff He’s Captured On Video So Definitely Go To East Seti Org That’s Ece Ti Oregon Check Out His Work In Its Videos You Guys Are Going To Eat Study Stargate On Youtube And There’s Some Really Good But Or Gated Massive Light Ships Flight Over Some Awesome Stuff Well Thanks For Calling James And We’re Going To Go Ahead In The Show Alright We’re Going To Have You Guys Back If You Would Like To Sponsor The Show Or Advertise On The Mythos This Podcast You Can Do So By Going To Con Sponsor The Show For More Info If You Would Like To Support The Show Financially You Can Do That Also By Going To Melissa Stata Me And Become A Monthly Supporter We Appreciate Your Monthly Support You

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