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The Ancient Way: Secrets of A Relationship With Christ | James Hardin & TruthSeekah

In this episode of the The TruthSeekah Podcast, we are thrilled to welcome James Hardin, one of the voices behind the revered Ancient Way podcast. Join us as TruthSeekah and James take a journey deep into the heart of Christian mysticism and the transformative power of faith.

Highlights of This Episode:

  • Digital Agora: Discover how modern technology is reshaping the way spiritual communities connect and share. James and TruthSeekah discuss the evolution of digital congregations and how they serve as a new-age agora for seekers of truth.
  • Facing Giants: James Hardin opens up about a period of profound personal trials in 2016-2017, likening his experience to facing a giant Nephilim in a dream. This segment delves into the symbolism of spiritual warfare and the power of faith in overcoming life’s colossal challenges.
  • Visions and Prophetic Insights: The conversation turns to the mystical, exploring James’s transition from witchcraft to Christianity and his encounters with the prophetic. Listen as they discuss the significance of visionary experiences and their role in personal spiritual journeys.
  • The Relational God: A central theme of the episode is the relational nature of God in Christian mysticism. James and TruthSeekah reflect on the immanence of the divine in human experiences, offering a perspective that brings comfort and closeness to the spiritual path.
  • Collective Faith: Emphasizing the importance of community, our guests explore how collective faith and shared spiritual experiences enrich and affirm individual journeys. This segment highlights the strength found in communal belief and support.

This episode is not just a podcast; it’s a pilgrimage into the soul, offering insights into the mystical path and the beauty of faith. Whether you’re a long-time believer or just starting your spiritual quest, “Mystical Journeys” promises to enlighten, inspire, and connect you to the deeper truths of life and faith.

Tune in for an episode that transcends the ordinary and invites you into a world where faith and mysticism converge to create a tapestry of profound understanding and spiritual enlightenment.

James Hardin is a creator, director, artist and co-host of The Ancient Way Podcast. James’s story is a testament to the goodness of God, the companionship of Jesus and the transformative and mystic reality of true Christianity. James’s story is not one of personal success or achievement; it is an example of what it looks like to hear God, follow His voice and invite Him into every sphere of your existence.



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