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JC Johnson, considered by some to be the “Indiana Jones of Cryptozoology,” founded and leads a group of dozens of enthusiastic and determined researchers focused on a variety of strange and mysterious creatures in the Four Corners area of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah. This group’s research includes Bigfoot, giant snakes, living dinosaurs, werewolves, dagons, giant birds, pterodactyls, centaurs, Native American “Skin Walkers”, and other cryptids frequently reported in this wild and remote region. Johnson has been a professional river and outdoor guide for more than 20 years. His experience, knowledge, attunement to nature and undying faith make him a driving force in the field of Cryptozoological and Paranormal research.

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local books that they teach you about in school but people have actually reported seeing these creatures and footage on YouTube of people spotting creatures and things like that so tonight we’re speaking with a guy who not only researches the topics in this field he’s not just a YouTube researcher or he doesn’t just read books this guy actually goes out on journeys in quest to go to places that other people just dream about going so tonight we’re speaking with JC Johnson and JC are you there I am here and dream about going or have nightmares later exactly yeah yeah there you go typically what we end up on is situations where we’ve been referred by law enforcement or something of that variety and the thing with law enforcement if they could prove that the Sasquatch robbed a bank and kidnap some people then they could expend time and effort and resources on something of that nature but that’s not how law enforcement works so we do get a lot of referrals from law enforcement and Navajo Criminal Investigations and even the Rangers the Naville Rangers most of what I do typically is in or on the Navajo Reservation whether it be in Colorado Arizona or New Mexico that’s pretty much the hot spots right now if you will as far as the strange the bizarre the unusual we use the term cryptozoology or cryptozoologist a lot of people hear that term they have no idea what it means it might be the first time hearing that term can you give us a little bit of detail about you know what that term means or where the word comes from cripple is the Latin word for unknown zu as in zu as in let’s go to the zoo and look at all the animals ologist is the study so cryptozoologist that would probably be more of a cryptologist the study of the unknown because some of the things that we thought were animals are animal-like actually turned out to have some human origins many times removed but the fact remains we do have some human origins especially with the furry people so what’s one of the most recent cases that you’ve been on I’ve been following your work and seeing that there was some a couple really interesting situations that you asked a good actually come out too can you give us some some details about some of your latest work yes we just got the video of yesterday and then Alana Strickler from phantoms and monsters went into a little bit more detail I talked with him today on the phone for a while and supplied him with some more information but it’s the YouTube video if you want to look us up JC Johnson on YouTube or you could type in crypto four-corners youtube I think you’ll link up either way but this was an ultra terrestrial investigation and I would lean toward that and I don’t typically roll or fancy myself to something alien as far as coming from another world or something of that nature I don’t cozy up to that these guys are kind of like here with us they’ve been here with us for a very long time and they came down here with the Oh Gees of heaven some time ago and they’re still here and they’re still working whatever it is they’re working and thank God there’s still enough salt and light out there to repel some of the things that they’ve been up to what type of ETS or entities do you think you guys were dealing with that they were seeing they were actually seeing craft is that correct yes they were seeing craft and then typically your round UFO type deal but it was turning so we’ve got a you know a saucer shaped entity turning with a light scheme going on and talking about the lights the way the lights lit up the home and one two little cracks in the walls I mean they didn’t know they had these cracks in the walls until these lights came through so just intense intense light like we’ve probably can’t duplicate it with our technology but their technologies can push these lights through and push these colors through and everything else and it wasn’t just lights coming in through the cracks through the shades to the shades through the windows and things of that nature there’s color schemes coming in also coming into these homes that they’re witnessing and noticing and what is entailed and what is involved with these color schemes we don’t know we don’t understand that and we don’t know what kind of an effect they had under people I’m really concerned with this last case potentially that they had some lost time in talking with the main male witness he’s really sketchy on a few hours after they went over to the main house they’ve left the Hogan went over to the main house they sheltered in place and were you know fairly well armed and at one point the ak-47 he was holding in his hand became extremely hot he had to put the rifle down and he wasn’t actually firing any rounds at that time the weapon itself became extremely hot where he couldn’t hold it he had to put it down so obviously whoever was out there working whatever hocus pocus mumbo jumbo they were working they have concerns about having firearms so that’s something to keep in mind and these things have been around for a long time and there’s so many different clusters and variations and varieties of these ultra terrestrials that it’s a book it’s a free book to even begin to classify and categorize all of what these things are yeah I mean I would agree with you what would have you to believe that it was an ultra dimensional or extra dimensional beings not necessarily ultra dimensional I think ultra terrestrial and they come up out of where where they come up and can come out of and they come out and in our realm they conduct themselves as they well unless we stops there quick whatever they come out here and conduct themselves as they will and they did that evening with with his family and actually it’s a small community out there at one point we’ve got some Navajo grandmas Madonna’s coming out and shaking their fists and yelling at the crafts go back where you came from leave us alone you don’t belong here this is our world this isn’t yours that type of understanding even with the old folks but once again with the Navajo culture you’re not going to have this old lady go on and again a video and talk about it in the domaine I’ll go away if you talk about these things whether it be a mini t-rex whether it be a Bigfoot whether it be a collared lizard or snake woman or something of that nature if you talk about it it will come back that’s their concern so uh-huh the overall essential mindset is not to talk about these things again and thank God for these younger generation they want answers they see things they don’t completely understand them and they want to know what it was that happened to them or they want to know what it was that they saw and that’s usually when we get contacted I find it kind of interesting as you say that these are beings or entities that have been here for very long and then when we’re talking about the Navajo people of the Native American people in general we know that the legends in the myths that they passed down say that they were seated here they came from these beings from the star that what they call the star people and you know a lot of them have them they pass it down to oral tradition so there was nothing like this that was linked back to this when when you guys were speaking about and none of the elders mentioned any things like these are our ancestors or something like that well you know there was a thing with with the others out there is even the medicine man that they contacted he couldn’t help them and he walked away from the whole situation it was too otherworldly for him or too mother dimensional and I hate to use that word I really do because when things are here they’re here all the time and they operate with us they might be able to cloak themselves they might be able to hide themselves to a point but I’m fairly well convinced that everything that’s here with us now is here with us all the time regardless of where they take their time outside or where they hide out so that’s what got a little bit confusing for our witness and getting out there I mean they were just so happy somebody showed up and there was someone you talk to and you know number one you tell the weather hey good relax I mean don’t relax but relax I just want you know you’re not alone these things happen all the frickin time you don’t read about them in the newspaper you don’t hear about it on television but you’re not alone and and you’re not the only one who’s had this happen it happens all the friggin time yeah just we don’t always get the information especially on the reservation a lot of people wouldn’t share what happened to them they would just keep it to themselves and not talk about it for fear that whatever it was would come back yeah that type of deal so if you talk about the yet so you know you might come back and bother you yet so being the furry people the Sasquatch Bigfoot if you will if you talk about Jana Clichy skinwalker something that nature then they’ll come back and bother you those things like that and that’s really enamored in the culture and that’s what we have to break to so breaking through some of these barriers has been a real challenge over the years but we’ve had some successes and for that and a lot of the people who come forward I’m grateful and I hope in the end they’re grateful too because we can all come to a better understanding of all the nasty Witchiepoo and ultra dimensional interdimensional all terrestrial things that are going on have you tried to make contact with uh lasers or flashlights or anything like that in the night sky in this area if they’ve been having these regular occurrences well typically if I had something you know of a craft and if it just flew over the people’s house and they described a craft or something of that nature I probably hook up with like Nouriel Hayakawa or Ronald Ruger he worked on all the Apollo systems that went up to the moon he worked on the spy satellites he worked on Skylab so you you know your aerial phenomenon if it didn’t touch ground what gets me involved and this is flush it’s the ground flush hits the ground and leaves footprints and flesh hits the ground and gets beat up by the uncle and I do believe the uncle subdued one of these little bioengineered grey alien thingies whatever they are I do believe he ship did one and once again I would encourage everyone to watch a video or take a look at the phantoms and monsters article today that was published and gets a war insight on this but I you know this is when there’s a physical encounter that’s when I get involved when there’s flushing blood on the ground typically that’s when I get involved if you’ve got an aerial phenomena I’ve got all kinds of people to hook you up with I can’t catch a flying saucer I can’t jump in an f-16 and take off yeah catch an aerial phenomena so I’m glad you get to see that I love the way you describe the craft the windows whatever the hue the lights the glowing whatever I’m really glad you got to see that I’ve got people to refer you to but when something takes flush one something becomes flesh and it’s the ground that’s when I get involved okay and that you know we’ve done some really weird investigations like the nightstalker investigation I’m fairly convinced this is something that is a gargoyle and I’m fairly convinced this is something demonic that has made a client at some point in time for this young woman but the deriving situation and the factor is this thing took flesh I’ve got its footprints we have partial pictures of it and again comma that is the deciding factor when I get involved is when something takes on flesh and touches the ground that’s what I get involved I don’t do spiritual things I do not do ghosts unto you I don’t go after the hocus pocus mumbo jumbo but if you take on flesh that’s when we get involved in the tent room people want to know where they can go to see the video footage and the picture something the game cam um the actual night soccer game p.m. photos have not been published and it’s just partials you just see part of the leg what is interesting in these photos and actually I would talk with the proprietors of the photos what’s interesting the eye shine the reflection back from the flash on the game camera the eye shine is up in the window above easier novel elder and tracker and he was doing the line of sight deal with where the camera was and where the eye-shine is and it’s actually taller than 9 feet well but great-great the glowing eyes I mean it’s really unnerving to see that and it’s really unnerving I you know to to be the people in this situation to have to deal with this thing or these things because actually turns out that when there was a one big one and we had cheap town out there doing the tracking and we couldn’t explain the way the corn was knocked up because the corn was not done in three in four directions and Leonard Leonard regulations oh that that’s the impact that’s where they landed so they kind of glide in and they’re in the ground and a fairly incredible species kind of drop in so they’re dropping on on top of this corn and that’s why the corns knocked down like this I mean you had several nights of dropping into this corn and knocking the stalks down and he also made mention that there were two small ones in one large one that would you know the small ones would stay at the perimeter of the field it was the large one it was walking up to this young lady’s window what’s been some of your cases where you’ve you’ve been honest a sight and you run into some some some evidence and you say wow this is the bread and butter this is why I do what I do what has been some of the most compelling evidence that you’ve seen to kind of back up your work when I there’s not the only real satisfaction in the end is helping people and even when you will go back to Len and Dan and myself travel in the country as researchers a lot of these folks would be out there for six eight months even a year before we could get to them and the first thing we would have to do is calm them down be a psychiatrist and make them realize hey this is going on everywhere you’re not the only one of a blonde you know so I like to helping people aspect because typically law enforcement game and fishin some of these other entities as I explained earlier if you can’t prove Bigfoot robbed the liquor store and shot somebody you’re not going to have police hours and powers and resources be and put towards something that happened to a family someplace they’re going I haven’t could help elsewhere and that’s typically what happens with stuff that we get called in onto and you don’t just be very caring and loving and try to help people to understand what it is that they’re dealing with that’s the best thing we can do and we do everything out-of-pocket I mean we’re writing bad checks to get out to these places and Hawking opening I’m just really compelled especially when we get these referrals from law enforcement I’m very compelled to get out and get with these people as soon as possible well so what I mean what’s one of the you know the the situations that you’ve been out to where maybe almost kind of spooked you in a sense that hey this stuff is real there was something here or there is something here well let’s just go back to the furry people Sasquatch Bigfoot as you may as you will I call them the furry people because the mitochondrial DNA in all cases that’s human origins many many many times removed but they are people and there’s some really good ones and there’s some really bad ones just like us mm-hm and the really bad ones all hang out together so you don’t want them hanging around your house or your neighborhood because you know they pack up birds of a feather flock together but I’ve seen probably over the years eight of the furry people that you could put in the police lineup and I could identify them and tell you where I was where they were what I was doing what they were doing and that type of description I’ve been close enough to them to feel the breath and body heat on my back and spin around with a flashlight or a spotlight and there busting gosh’ never seen anything moved away these critters to my goodness they’re fast what was the terrain that you seen this it was it in the forest or desert or wherever was you actually was the place we call border camp on the San Juan River and we had one come true earlier and that was a last commercial trip my partner I tried to do back in Catholic hey let’s go hi hi and you’ve got people down there you know they’re paying you to take them out on their vacations and you tell them that these things are down there and this could possibly happen and they look at you like you’re from Mars so I mean that’s not a good way to spend your vacation terrified and that was a lot of time we did a commercial trip but yeah this this one was actually sitting on a limb or probably squatting on a limb about four feet above the ground on a cottonwood and he jumped down off the lemon I missed him in my life and I’m so glad my spotlight didn’t see his face as close as I was to this limb because I would have had a heart attack right 10k but came up behind me shadowed me and then took off but he was just came right up on me like I said like I could feel its breath flowing down on my back my back my head like that and it’s body that’s how close it was but it came right up on me you actually mentioned the miniature t-rex beings have you had any you know run-ins with these entities I haven’t had one personally but I’ve just I’ve gotten lots of reports and people talking about them in each erection it might be something more along the lines of a Velociraptor that’s that’s my feeling because they were packing together they’ve been seeing three and four and five and six together at a time in a pack and that’s something I wouldn’t want to run into the dark now there are many t-rex’s so be it I think it’s an umbrella description because they called River dinos especially the Animas River Valley and this is a Caucasian thing that’s going on in addition to denying Nabal and even hopi that have been seeing these creatures for years and they they really do some like a pack reptile or relic ripped out whatever they are but three to five feet tall there’s a lot of road crossings too and whenever you mentioned a while ago you mentioned the biological engineered ETS or beings do you think the government’s explain a role inside I know I would sorely surely hope that you know and I know where your compass is pointing and my compass is pointing this in place and I would tell you this we are a fallen planet we are so God has other planets he’s got other places you know this wasn’t the only place now we as a species are very unique and that caused the war in heaven because of who we are what we are and because we were going to have free will this goes way back but going you know going ahead with us the concerns would be that we’ve been here as humans for quite a while but there was some different things that happened early on and this probably was literally if you would the planet of the age we’ve got Denisovans we’ve got an ecology of these different types of humanoids who aren’t directly human and they have you know we interbred with Neanderthals we know this we’ve got the DNA record it they gave us red hair and bad teeth thanks thanks a lot you know as far as the other things what happens I and I do believe this and some of the research that goes really big I think what happens in the garden that is the special experiment with Adam and II we’ve got the X chromosome being introduced and that’s the new and improved variety that’s new and improved function as far as what we are and he said to be fruit multiply our Creator be fruitful and multiply well it was to spread the X chromosome and get the X chromosome out there it was an improvement on the earlier manufacture of us for what we were I’m sorry I probably drifted away from your question but I wanted to share that yeah I mean I think I think you give us some background you don’t answer the question so I guess what you’re saying would also you know go with what we would probably call in biblical terms the serpent seed that’s well you know it potentially I have it you know we can get into the dissertations over whether or not Cain and Abel was able Adam son and Cain was the product of the Luciferian situation I don’t know I I am more along the lines not so much of a reptilian situation but to look at some of these people at perfect peace with being demonic possessed that is very disconcerting for me and there they are at perfect peace yeah and their light goes on and turns off and goes on and turns off and back when I didn’t know what the hell I was doing and I’ll never do it again I did delve into some exorcisms and delve into that and I I had no business doing what I was doing and I paid the price for that and in some situations you would and I called maggots you know you’d remove a maggot from somebody and obviously that maggot was probably going to take pretty good care of this person this is my house I’m hanging out here and I like eating filet mignon I like drinking fine wines whiskey and just another way so I’m going to help this house that I meant become very successful and it does happen and you see it all the time now when they’re finally done with you something ghastly and horrific it is going to happen to you it remove some of these maggots from people they come back weeks later and go you know what my girlfriend left me I lost my job whatever this thing was you took on me was half of what I was and I’m hanging on half-empty and they’re pissed at you so I mean I did something wrong I really did and I I don’t think I made people fully realized in in the end they would really have that maggot back inhabited their temple their home they would rather have that thing is that’s half of what they were and they don’t realize that until the maggots gone yeah that’s in the I expected that you know people you know people don’t get into when they try to like you were saying and I guess in your situation approach it lightly okay I’m going to cast out a demon I’m going to help this person but you the person has to really deep down know that they want help you know what exactly doing you know and I wish years ago when I did these things that was better versed in God’s Word and better versed and scripture and better powered by the spirit I really do and I’m really sorry I did what I did and I paid the price for that but I do have some excellent demonologists that I I would consider my friends that I would love to work with and I do work with him a David Prince is one of them and he’s found in Scripture he has started in Scripture and he’s tied to God’s worth before he goes out and does these works and he has the demonologist and that’s something I’m not going to approach again nor get anywhere near any of that so you know are you more concerned of the help you know for the health of others who were actually getting the maggots out of or for your own concern whenever you’re dealing with this you’re drawing all this negative energy right back to yourself and you you were actually helping other people but becoming the target as well I brought these things out times it would pass through me and I would pass them on but all they would do is float and if they go out and float to gonna find somebody else I couldn’t send them away in a dark dry places I didn’t know what the hell I was doing I had no business doing I do it and I really feel concerned like like you hear these guys on these different programs of hey man like we’re gonna go kick some demon ass yeah and I really worry about that because they have no idea what they’re getting involved in um it’s not something to be taken lightly I definitely tell you that anything dealing with the spirit realm it’s not to be taken lightly um no matter whose side you’re trying to work for if you kind of work for the you know on the good side and to help people there’s so much preparation that the majority of churches or the majority of people who even look into this information do not even know where to begin to tell a young person where to you know taught you know I’m saying how to take the proper precautions and walk it in this field because there’s a lot of stuff that’s uncovered and it’s not you just go praying for people or taking demons out of people and didn’t live in a normal life it doesn’t work like that no it doesn’t and you can’t take away something without replacing it exactly get it that way too and these people I didn’t have anything to replace yeah what I was taking out of them and you know that ended friendships and and you know another time I was at this lady’s house and she’d been having creakings and bumping and banging and all kinds of things going on and she’d heard that I was doing something something of this nature all of it we had dinner and I I saw this mist come down the stairs I didn’t say anything mm-hmm and I waited and I watched the mist and then she put on some food for the cats and I saw the mist to go inside the cat’s while they were eating and I’m saying the same thing on Skid Row with a bunch of passed out people drunk off their asses excuse my French but you see these myths popular them they’re jumping in and out of these incapacitated people enjoying the peace and serenity of complete kid knocked out by booze in the same entity you see these cats and you see the mystical into the cats they’re enjoying the pleasure of these cats eating they’re enjoying what the cats are doing they’re becoming a part of the cats because they’re a null and void mist a spirit a disenchant I’d just didn’t disenfranchised spirit and you want me sick so anyway so I got down to the Amida matter talked to the lady she had an uncle who had molested her and blah blah blah and I went to the wall and she showed me his picture and he was a Korean War Colonel and medals if there was you and everything else but as she was growing up he was not a good uncle to her it was very bad man to her and had passed away and I go I think it’s him but I’m not sure but I I think it’s him whatever this thing is I’m going to grab it up I’m going to bind it up in one of your upper rooms upstairs not yet and I found this thing I put up the room and I shut the door and I sealed the door and you could hear the couch is turning over you could hear all kinds of holy mayhem going on in this room and she goes what do we do now and I said I don’t know and I contacted preachers and pastors and friends and people in the faith and they would not come help me know what to do and her husband finally got home and he heard the circus going on in this room and went and talked to his pastor dispatcher said oh that just can’t be real don’t worry just open the door and get he went back and he let this thing out but I didn’t know what to do I didn’t and that’s why I don’t mess and things like that I will pray for you I will pray with you but be nice doctor family one of the last things I did other than stay in continuous contact with them as I’m not Catholic but I have a Catholic priest who is a Bigfoot investigator who’s been on expeditions with us and I love him dearly and I don’t love his parent company but I love him so I brought him out to pray with the family and bless the house and bless the family I mean anything I can use or put into use that it’s useful I will do that one of the other thing was father Malachi Martin if I’m Santa right was really big into the field of exorcism and they say that the people who were who actually make that their life’s calling they don’t last too long they only do it for a couple years and they have to pull out of it hey I understand I do entirely could even Charlotte yeah like I said it’s not an improbably with we talk about a lot of you know things like this it piques people’s fascinations whenever we’re speaking about a lot of this stuff but definitely want to reiterate that it’s nothing to play with you know any of it now if you’re gonna fly with us go get the proper training and the versed in God’s Word and be covered in the pluck my god don’t mess with it I think I did um the only thing I gleaned you’re probably gained from any of this is what I would call my spidey senses hmm and that’s the only thing that was something that stuck with me to this day is my extrasensory situation when we’re on the field or I could pretty well tell you what’s close by and what’s going on yeah and that’s something that you know I ask God to take all these other things away because I didn’t want to see these things anymore and I didn’t want these things popping up out of my table hey what’s going on buddy yeah didn’t want that but I opened myself up today when you make the invitation when you make the invitation guess what shows up everything laughing Joseph John give it just once it’s good to be covered in the Word of God and know that you know whatever’s out there that you have some type of safety net or some type of source of good you know I’m saying the one who like created everything and they made everything okay this is it it is but it’s been temporarily managed by Lucifer and you have to imagine when Jesus was tested for 40 days and 40 nights and he shows Christ from my place all these kingdoms he said all these can be yours if you just prostrate yourself before me and what should be disconcerting to anyone who studies any type of scripture Christ did not argue his ownership because that’s who owns this rock right now and he’s running amok and his time is short and he knows it and everything that he’s doing every disgusting evil horrible thing that he’s doing is just to prove a point and I want you to imagine but they’re the Angels had a real problem with us and there was war in heaven a third of the angels are actually there down here and then down here in this realm this solar system as you will as you may the kind of stuck here with us you know we made it up to ours you know we’re going to get out a little further oh they’re stuck you’re with us now they come down here with the technology of heaven and don’t think they’re not using it and don’t think they haven’t been using it since they got here because they have done but keep in mind they were the third that’s it this isn’t we don’t liked it right here and it was because of us and keep in mind another third of them are probably sitting on the fence about us and keep in mind another third of them are is following orders hmm so in the end God’s creation err I call this project Jesus we are professional sinners that’s about it and we are the curiosity of angels and this is a unique experiment in free will because everything else in the universe that is created is hardwired to be doing what they’re doing so this freewill is the curiosity of angels and their salvation is the curiosity of angels also one thing I find it kind of funny is what you’ll see is when a lot of people in Christianity or a lot of people in church when we talk about demons it’s okay you know everybody has a demonic story or a demonic encounter of some sort you know especially dealing with a lot of Darkness a lot of people coming out of addiction and bondages and things like that you know they’ve been dealing with some type of demonic force and then when they come out of it you know this usually the struggle or battle or this or they see the light you know and so it’s okay to talk about this nasty demonic stuff in demonic encounters but when we start talking about the flip side we talk about angelic encounters and those beings that are sent here to help us and to watch over us and guide us and show us signs and simple help and things like that sometimes that’s more taboo than talking about the demons well it we have to realize too that a lot of us most of us have somebody looking over us watching over us and my guardian angel gets over time and I hope he gets all kinds of vacations and citizens oh yeah you know I’m grateful for that and I know in a lot of these situations that are horrific you sleeping out there you go wait wait this happened in and you can’t you’re camping out there you’re going to spend two or three ninety three three nights out of it you’re insane we’ve got a we would have to be on location and I got on location with some of these situations that happen I mean we’ve got to be there you’ve got to be out there put yourself in the same situation that the victims and your witnesses were and get on location do it and I know God’s there if God wasn’t there guiding me guarding me I would not go does not touch it would have nothing to do with it yeah I don’t think it’s worth it you know when we’re talking about angels and demons – we’re talking about UFOs there’s a lot of misconceptions and the Christian Church I guess for those who look into these subjects they want to mostly call everything demonic if it’s a UFO it’s demonic if it’s an angelic being in the sky it’s demonic it’s not angel as a demon you know I’m saying so those who can discern the fruits of the activity or the spirit of it to know whether it’s angelic benevolent or malevolent if it has our best interest in mind and you have a lot of people who are having the monic encounters where demons are showing up in their room and things like this and they’re saying that it’s aliens you know it’s aliens pinning them down to the bed and doing experiments on them and stuff like that so therefore anything that has to do with UFOs angels flying from this planet to the next planet or back to heaven which is recorded of in the Bible and we see quite often if you spend any amount of time under the stars with an open mind for a lot of period of time at least at least I have I don’t know but you know think I think the the demonization of anything that you don’t understand is a big letdown for me you know one other that’s why we need to look into everything everything every case every situation every scenario is probably going to have a different outcome or at least something to look at other than something else so this latest investigation I’m calling what happened an ultra terrestrial situation and I’m saying that because one our victims and our witnesses had contact with the State Police or contact with this Universal Soldier due to whatever nobody took them aside and said shut up don’t talk about this bla bla bla they didn’t get a visit from the men in black or something of that nature it was what it was and was reported for what it was so I’m saying that this was you know our superior intelligence to what we are and not to terrestrial and I’m not saying extraterrestrial I’m saying altered Restless this is something not entirely earthbound but they’re they have the same constraints that leave you and even astronomers as they’re looking further out into space when they get really way out there it becomes two-dimensional and you go back to Revelations and John says he saw the sky the heavens rolled up like a scroll and that will probably happen one day and we’ll look out there and see a lot of that was a wonderfully painted curtain wrapped around us it’s not as big as we thought it’s not as immense and massive as we thought it was something else yeah this I think we only having what it says in Corinthians that we see important and we know in part that we don’t have the full scope of things a lot of us feel like we do we feel like we know it all but I think we think everybody has a piece of the truth everybody has something that they can contribute to help us see the bigger picture you know I agree I agree entirely and that’s why we need you you know Jesus said safety you will find so you can do front kick you know keep knocking keep knocking the doors gonna open keep after know sometimes you closes doors it’s time to turn around go the other way it close the door for reason but in everything the essence is to keep seeking and you will find keep seeking and as long as people keep coming to us for help I guess we’ll keep going out there that’s really the bottom line yeah no one else is going to help them you know your Yeats away send you the ein ticket Your Honor we’re writing bad checks to get out to these locations in the first place I mean everything’s out of pocket there’s no money in this we’re broke we had a bunch of money we probably wouldn’t be working for the almighty that’s the way I look at it yeah we were well yeah with everything we needed and a big RV and you know everything we ever wanted ever needed I I guess we wouldn’t be working for the all my better off we’re broke and he gives this little avenues and little pieces of help here and there it’s better that way yeah that means you got to walk my faith in not last night you know walking by faith absolutely and I’m going to go out there without the face I really wouldn’t I wouldn’t touch this and to crawl back in the cocoon state you know I could go work at Walmart and just turn a blind eye to everything I would rather be awake and aware to everything that’s going on right now we’ve got geoengineering going on above us and it’s going to give us all friggin early Alzheimer’s the aluminium the barium it’s horrible and people are waking up for this thank God thank God people are starting to look up look up what’s going on look what they’re doing to you you Overlord your over masters you’re dumping tons and tons and tons of stuff that your body can’t even process daily and you’ve got all the saloons I’m throwing up in your medulla oblongata and your brain and it’s not going anyplace there’s not a real good aluminum detox out there I’m sure you’re jumping on open coals you know burn me up to a crisp bye guys kettle yo Kevin what’s going on it’s horrible horrible and you are well aware of you know I I don’t even want to call it New World order that’s more of a cover that’s something else the Luciferian influence to bring in and usher in the end times because the end times and here’s what happens with those who are involved with the lucifer ends there’s like kill everybody kill them all now leave us about five hundred and fifty million people to be our servants and our pleasure and our slaves and so forth what everyone else has to die get rid of all them get rid of everyone except this five hundred and fifty million and we’ll have a party and you know what us getting cast down here it was a big misunderstanding you know actually Lucifer liberated Adam and Eve from the garden liberated them that’s what he did you just you misunderstanding the whole concept here that’s what really happened and these people believe that they do and if you read in the Book of Enoch I think Enoch like holding the hands with one of the Archangel I think was Gabriel and he’s writing on everything and he’s got a little pencil out writing something down and the angel looks over Adams you guys weren’t even supposed to write you weren’t even supposed to write you were what you were Testament enough that’s what you were supposed to be you weren’t supposed to aspire to anything else other than what you were but now that you know good and evil there we are now you have it yes there’s a lot to it there’s enough people listening to this show who have seen things and they want to know more they want to hear somebody’s voice come across this podcast that makes them feel like they’re not alone that they’ve seen similar things that they’ve heard similar voices and seen things that go bump in the night as well and that’s what the shows about us what’s getting you on here is about for people who have seen creatures or entities or spirits or have dealt with anything like this you know to make them feel that they’re not alone like you said and to bring some forth you know some kind of healing force as well just let them know that their sanity can still be intact they can still try to live a normal life and that these these other realms of existence do exist and it’s okay it’s quite normal it’s actually more unnatural in this world that we’re living in now we’re not in anybody out there if and this is not a conversion ceremony or situation but I’ll tell you this oh you should be hooked up with the dude that made this rock could be hooked up with that guy and you should be hooked up with his father you should be hooked up with the trio the Father Son and the Holy Spirit that’s the author’s in this rock and the one who paid the ultimate price came down here and flesh to separate us we do as we did as we are to have the human experience and suffer for us and pay the price because before that all the atonements had to be paid in blood and sacrifice yes and that’s not a foreign concept either I’ve had different New Agers on here and they can’t fathom that understanding of the blood covenant or the blood atonement but they but they blindly follow you know the Mayans or something like that and their spirituality and they didn’t know they dealt in blood covenants as well you know why not in a we don’t you got to be really concerned about any culture that thrived on human sacrifice you’ve got to be really concerned about those cultures yeah even we get into the Anasazi out this when the Anasazi are not whom and what the historians say where they were Aztec Inca type outposts over a period of time over several hundred years that were out here and they were from South America Mexico they were you know they were not post and they practiced human sacrifice and cannibalism some really nasty ugly horrible stuff and the more we dig up at Mesa Verde which is up in Colorado and it’s a great big ruin out there they’ve only got through probably a third of them I thought I realized but I mean we’re digging up flush farts and fat pots and really disgusting things that involve human sacrifice and a lot of cannibalism so there was some really nasty looking things that went on and if you talk about you you talk with Leonard down by the time the Danang got out here which is actually about 880 750 lot earlier they found the practices of the Aztec not the ethic the Anasazi detestable and they ride them up and ran them back down into Mexico and the random off you know and you would have popular archeology and popular opinion that the Kamala V’s the Anasazi Zinn some of the ancient ones who are out here simply assimilated into the Zuni and Hopi that’s not what’s in there all tradition and on back that up in their old tradition so they either kill them or they got run off back down to South America Mexico I’m going to open up the phone lines so anybody who has a question for JC or myself or you just want to call in with something to add the phone number to call is seven two four four four four seven four four four you’re going to enter the call ID which is seven eight six four three pound and your pin number will be one so if you guys want to call then ask us a question or just add to the discussion you’re more than welcome to do so JC we’re talking about that the blood cut of attention those who are sacrificing human to doing human sacrifice the scary thought this scary thought and there’s a lot of evidence that can really back this up but the scary thought is what if our leaders the ones who were running this government this country are descendants of those who practice these human sacrifices and what if they’re still continuing him to this day and I’m not talking about on a one-on-one basis you know finding someone kidnapped and they were sacrificed to a satanic cult I’m not even talking about that I’m talking about on a large scale of planned disasters and planned Wars so that all of these souls would be offered up to appease the gods whether you get over the fact that you know Cheney and Bush and even Obama as a cousin we do have a bloodline would you have a bloodline farmer many times removed there’s a bloodline involved and leadership in this country from John F Kennedy on and probably for that we know john f kennedy’s probably the last real president that we had and when he was going to out these rascals in these secret societies they kill him they had a you know that’s our last real president because i mean it was really severely on his mind to expose these secret societies and everything else it was really strong on his mind it they whacked him yeah anybody else you know gets stands up make some nice they get like they get silenced they get a virus that kills them in 24 hours or they get a cancer that you know they’re done in about six to nine months with her out of commission and they will take you out of commission they will get you they will find you they will kill you yeah it will stop you they will silence you they always do they always have hmm and i think the worst death you can die is to die not knowing creator yes the worst i think i think i think what gives me hope because a lot of people get scared or lose hope in this and i think what gives me hope is you know retribution in the end that that these people will have to pay that they do have to answer to somebody that you know that they are not the gods of this world that they are not the supreme leaders that there is a higher power that if if they don’t have a bow in this life they will definitely bow in the next life you know and i think i firmly believe that and it gives me some type of peace knowing about the injustice that are going on by these people who like you said or demonically possessed and they don’t care about it then it’s very natural to them and some of these people were talking about our our government leaders I agree agreed and they’re fully in cooperation with some of the dark entities and that’s why I do worry and I’m in a book with Tim Buckley put a book out some years ago underground alien bio lab at Dulce and I share a chapter in this book with Nouriel Hayakawa but I’m with some different groups and we do have some people who’ve been abducted and once they called on Christ they were returned and that’s what you need to tell us who you are and the occupants of the cross it will work fallen angels were fallen angels they’re doing something they’ve been doing something with with us for a long time we’re source of food you know just like back in the days of the giants and the Nephilim and the sons of Smallin and I do believe with the human ancestry of some of the furry people actually probably all of them they’re an offshoot of the Nephilim the last of the Giants with over successive generations they’ve become feral and that is some natural selection at work and let me explain how natural selection works if I’m a long-tailed monkey born on the Savannah I’m going to be eaten because that big long tail on the Savannah is going to slow me down but if I’m a long-tailed monkey born in the treetops that tail is going to serve me so I will pass on my DNA to the next generation so when you’ve got someone born particularly hairy and furry and it aids to their survival they’re more likely to pass on the DNA to the next generation so when we’ve got a feral situation with the Giants that’s basically what we end up with with the Sasquatch and Bigfoot as you will they’re a feral giant over successive generations they’ve adapted very well and some of them and like I said the DNA study involved in the Sasquatch genome study with dr. Melva Ketchum and several other scientists and PhDs have been their name to this study that over 110 samples from the United States and Canada come into this and all the mitochondrial DNA s were African Asian Native American Germanic human human mitochondrial this goes back to the original mother if we took your DNA today and tested it for your mitochondrial we would go back to your original human mother and find out who she was and then would expand from there and that’s how you test the mitochondrial so in all cases we have human mitochondrial DNA in this study we share so many chromosomes with chimpanzees or so many genes the permit chimpanzees or whatever eighty-four percent of our makeup is in bananas do we come from bananas no but the same building blocks out there but when you’ve got actual human origins involved with the mitochondrial DNA then that’s very interesting mm-hmm well Jesse I’m going to open up the phone lines now we have a caller I’m going ahead and take this call I guess thirteen who’s been in the Ted how’s it going welcome to the show hello Jason Johnson and truth-seeker thank you for having me ah I want to just touch on some a quick matter that I experienced when I was younger and hopefully have you guys brings some light to it because it’s been something that that has been plaguing me for for many years even into my late adulthood so um I don’t know can you guys hear me clearly are getting real well thank you brother okay perfect awesome JC Johnson again I appreciate your your work you uh your insight into into your cryptozoology and truth seeker thank you for having me again appreciate you or two better so I got a question a comment I got to make when I was a freshman in in high school I experienced one of the the worst things that I’ve ever experienced in my life and it stuck with me you know to this day I think where I’m going with this is that high schools for the school systems from what I’ve from what I’ve noticed are breeding grounds for a demonic possession and what I’ve noticed is there’s a lot of lost youth that are practicing pagan and and witchcraft and practices that are not not aligned with God that bringing in negative entities so I personally had an experience with one individual who I became friends with I didn’t know this individual was whoops practicing witchcraft Luciferian practices of bloodletting and other other sacrificing practices and I what I slowly learned as I as I as I grew in this friendship was that he was trying to bring me over into the dark side and I’ve always been a god-fearing Christian I was raised Catholic then I turned to nondenominational so I mean I I had a good footing in my beliefs I knew what was happening but I at the time I didn’t want to acknowledge it I couldn’t believe that what was happening was happening so where it really really hit me hard was one day I was invited to his home and the individual created a this was at night created up I guess I want to say like a loose is very impending a circle with the star in the middle of it yeah and he basically what he did is he cut his his wrist a little bit and he threw some some blood onto that pendulum and he had some little some I want to say some some typos dolls like a stuffed teddy bear and like a GI Joe figure in the middle of it and what had happened was he did some type of demonic chant of some sort I don’t I don’t know what language it was and to this day it’s bothering me but what ended up happening is these things came to life they started to move around and at that point I was just I knew what was happening I knew that this was going to lead to something that was going to harm me harm my spirituality harm my spirit but I was somehow put into a trance or like I was frozen because I was just in such shock by what was happening and I feel that he had some type of control you to a certain extent with what then with the what the I guess the demonic forces that he was manifesting where were in him and he brought me into his apartment and from there when he started to do another chant but this time it was in the bathroom and with the lights off at that point I was frozen I didn’t know what was happening I just knew that he was chanting something demonically in the bathroom and I could see I couldn’t see anything I all I knew is that key was in there and with his brother and his brother was holding the door closed and they were chanting something in the bathroom and something happened in the mirror where I saw something manifest in the mirror that was trying to attack me now the whole time uh I took my my you know my Christian side comes into to defense and my heart starts praying praying like God help me what do I do in the situation how do I fight this all how do I defend myself and something happens where like did I just get this jolt of adrenaline and I push it I push his brother away from the door and the door was locked and it wasn’t locked from the from the outside of the inside the door was not the type of door that has a lock on it it was forcefully locked through some type of force or spell to the point where when I tried to open it it opened a little bit and it would close itself I managed to open it enough to the point where I could run out to the living room and from there they he had another friend at the door that was trying to stop me something happened why is this surge of I was just energy came into me and I pushed him out of the way I went running home I I’ve never ran so fast in my life I went running home and you know as days passed by the they kept seeking me they wouldn’t leave me alone and something happened where I was manifesting angels to protect me so people would come into my life at this point in time that were coming to protect me homeless people people wise men that that were just randomly coming into my life I didn’t know how this was happening I just know that they were educating me to build protections against them one of these wise men that it was just a homeless person on the street you know told me a prayers told me of how to perceive in my mind to block these negative forces by creating golden baubles of spheres around my around my being to stop attacks you know negative attacks but it was this battle throughout high school to push these people away because they didn’t want to stop you know they wanted to get me no matter what to this day I want to keep it as short as I can these people are still trying to get me in whatever ways they can I don’t know what it is that they want from me but I see them in all my walks of life in my you know in college I see individuals who are we trying to attack me in my day to day life there’s individuals that are that I feel possess the same force that them yeah this is not that’s not it’s not it’s not people it’s not individuals it’s you know it’s um uh spirits men yeah yeah they were use different people as well hey you know you say that why I bring healing to this and I you said that you said quote unquote we need to bring huge people that have gone through this and instantly something triggered in my mind and said you know I need to call you guys to let you know what happened to help me make census and bring you me to it okay so JC Johnson and true secrets you can just give me a perspective on this and what is happening to this day well I would love to be that add me on Facebook and then yes we’ll get together and we’re gonna pray and I would never do the same thing with mr. truth-seeker do the same thing have some problems whether to see we’re on a truck i all about two stickers on my facebook he’s kleezak oh close friend she’s been helping me more than he even knows with his music and his presence but I’ll leave it at that Jason Johnson I definitely got to add you know get together we’ll talk we’ll pray and I’m glad these homeless people can do because they’re angels so that makes me feel a little bit better being nearly homeless and yes doing you know doing the work that we’re doing and just like I said you know if we were fully functional and equipped I guess we probably wouldn’t be doing God’s work it’s just the way he works he works in mysterious ways but why don’t most people why did his homeless people come out of nowhere to help reached why wasn’t it you know a posture or they were seven probably they were angels my friend do angel said they help you and whatever wanted word there were angels and once again I’ve been in trouble and I couldn’t have pastors help me because I didn’t wrap your mind around what I was involved they probably minor on it and they came out of an orthodoxy they came out of some type of training some kind of book learning everything else and you know they did not have the training to deal with what we were doing with whatever I think you know that right on right on the head I agree with you completely these these perspectives and things that are happening are way beyond even people who were close to God in the scriptures in church you come to them with I and I’ve come to many postures to approach them and tell them how do I post it and it can never wrap their mind around it they’re like they they’re they’re just so perplexed by it I think a lot of this is kind of an assumption I’m making here but a lot of the postures that I have cost time lists they don’t have the training to deal with these types of me so this has been something more like I’ve had to turn to individuals that have no training and they’ve given me better perspectives then then people have been in the pastors and the leaders in the churches homeless the pastor’s side I would relate to with the ones who were filthy and a Bandhan on Skid Row have been down in the dirty deepest darkest places of mankind yeah masters that I relate to yeah and ones who aren’t afraid to get dirty and afraid to understand and not be drawn in or taken over by any type of phenomenon or anything else we think that’s the ones they relate to the ones who are down in the trenches and that’s if you’re going to be a man of God you’re going to get dirty yeah get filthy that’s a man of God getting filthy yes that’s where I should now hear elected by the fil but yeah Megan very if you want wheat I mean we can go ahead and pray man we can go ahead and lose some angelic assistance and you know in that area I preach that so much I’d appreciate that so much wholeheartedly with every fiber in my being at a priest at all right Randall huh y’all go ahead and start JC if you want to pray or you just want to UM Santa agree with me that’s fine either way okay I’m working and you start not finish all right Everly father we thank you for the testimony guy that’s going to come forth we thank you for peace over our brother right now so where the confusion is and where the anxiety is and where the worry is we right now we cast down all those imaginations all those spirits and all those thoughts we cast them down and we command them to bow at the feet of Jesus no worry no doubt no fear all of it must bow right now at the feet of Jesus and we speak nothing but peace love and understanding father we thank you for your Holy Spirit the comforter you said that the comforter will lead us into all truth so I pray that you leave my brother into the truth right now that would that which he is seeking that firm foundation which you have given him in his faith even as a child that you lead him back to that truth to know that when all else fails when all this else is confusion and nothing stands that Jesus is still standing that Jesus has never left that he has planned his path perfectly and has ordained his footsteps to be way supposed to be in life and he’s supposed to be on this phone call and tonight to experience true freedom and peace in the name of Jesus the name that is above all names all principalities all wicked spirits or demonic forces must bow and must render their attacks useless at the feet of Jesus for this one is claimed by the blood of Jesus and we thank you Father for our brother pray that you continue to strengthen him in the power of your might and that you father you bless the works of his hands and everything that he’s doing we’ll be blessed and no more harassing thoughts no more schizophrenic thoughts about people looking at him or spirits chasing him or spirits trying to rear their heads up in and come forth as familiar spirits we rebuke them right now and we lay a siege to your attacks right now and no more familiar spirits we just renounce those right now and we believe in true freedom which comes through the blood and forgiveness of Jesus forgiveness comes only through the blood of Jesus only through Jesus not through Muhammad or any of these other pagan gods but it comes only through Jesus and we come in that name and we preach freedom and that mighty name father thank you for everything that you’re doing father continue to strengthen him so touch him right now the top of his head to the soles of his feet to let him experience that bliss that comes only through knowing you a true intimate relationship of knowing you all attacks severed in Jesus name Amen amen – idea another to add my god and then thank you sir beautiful whoo place just dismissed this with reassuring feeling that I get from this from this prayer from being able to tell you guys this story I you know I Worth can put it into perspective how appreciative I am of you you too and you know being on this phone call tonight if you are amen a lot of times they you know lurk in the shadows and that’s why when the Scriptures talk about that if you want to find forgiveness and you want healing that you need to confess these things to one another so you’re confessing it you’re it’s it’s hiding in the shadows you don’t want to tell people you feel ashamed that these things are going on but when you confess it to a brother and you bring it to the light then it has nowhere to hide it has to confront the light yeah and it has to go yes another thing on that note I saw that you guys continued conversation I just kind of want to leave it off on a subject that I think JC Johnson might know a lot about is shadow people and impossible you know creatures that roam the night because throughout these years I’ve seen and I could I could you know take up a lot of this conversation is talking about that I’ve seen these things in the night I’ve seen these creatures in shadow individuals the corners of my eye and I know you may think this may be some type of you know schizophrenia some type of disorder but whole heartedly I just feel like there’s something else there thankfully through this prayer you know it’s brought a lot of a lot of protection but I guess when I know is it’s JC Johnson knows anything about that undeniable video of shadow people yeah undeniable video have I seen them myself you know every now and everyone’s going to catch something out of the corner of the Rhine and I’ll tell you this if we could actually see what was going on all around us all the time we would lose our minds importantly and I’ve actually kind of been in that position at one time after I delved up into the naughty things dealt out into the things I should have messed with had any part of for a long time I got to see these things and finally the good Lord removed these things from me so I wouldn’t see them anymore because I don’t want to see what’s going on around me 24/7 I don’t want that curtain open so I can see behind it I want the curtain closed I do want some benevolence of peace and mindset in my present condition I don’t want to see it if you saw was and a lot of these people that go insane lose their minds they’re seeing beyond the other dimension they’re seeing during that curtain yeah you got to be able to be honest – yeah I don’t want to see that anymore now do I want some extrasensory perception in cases yes yes I do thank you lord I’ll take that I don’t want other brothers more than that’s about as far as I want to go Oh rather a secret looted to the point that it’s really important to just I don’t know if you are alluding to this in the prayer as well and what you’ve been saying is acknowledging these these things give them power would you agree to that ability speaker no acknowledging them um it I mean it can I mean it just depends on how you’re acknowledging them if you’re if I mean if you’re entertaining them or if you’re acknowledging them like hey I need help i need help i don’t want to see these things anymore and then when you acknowledge it like that then we can deal with it then you can bring it into the light and whenever you’re talking about these shadow people mostly in every single case it’s all demonic is this not this there’s never been a pleasant conversation with the shadow person or something like that it’s usually demonic entities whether you’re dealing with Ouija boards or black mirrors and that’s why you said you’ve seen some type of spirit in the mirror you know because these things can project you know awful light and and make you know and um saying kind of been the smallest part of an atom and been light and that’s exactly what we’re seeing with shadow people I’ve had several you know run-ins with them you know saying myself as a child and every case it was demonic man so hold on to that prayer and hold on well like I mean really do it like like really I will make you know make tonight a pivotal moment to not entertain or not wonder and to know that that God has your best interest in mind anyway at map on Facebook and we’ll get together after I try it’s good I have you’re in regular in here and I will definitely add you because I have any nominations and so forth you know once we reach out to somebody we don’t turn our backs we don’t move on we don’t move along or completely involved in every one situation every positively situation you can go look at 44 or 45 investigative videos short of a couple people we’re fully involved with everyone from start to finish that’s where my heart is and we don’t walk away we don’t we don’t abandon we’re involved from start to finish that’s how we rank you to what we do thank you JC Johnson brother true seeker for for directing so much good intention my way prayer and thank you for hearing my my Testament my story and bringing some peace to it I want to thank you guys and I want to let you guys get back to your your your amazing conversation so on that note I’m gonna add you Jacy Johnson by the true seeker thank you again for allowing me to be on this that’s called yeah thanks for coming in man god bless you brother Todd West y’all thank you right yeah like I said just um you know you can rewind this you know this podcast and listen to the prayer again and just understand that you could feel God’s presence anytime you feel the UM saying the darkness coming up just listen to the prayer turn on some worship music music that glorifies God and you know there’s a scripture that really stood out to me when I was dealing with my demonic encounters when when I came out of some really heavy witchcraft was James 4:7 which reads submit yourselves to God resist the devil and he will flee and that scripture right there just gave me a glimpse of hope that if I submit myself to God and resist the devil he will flee and you know that scripture helped me through a lot of hard nights and in a sense I kind of look at that scripture as a formula about your life and what’s going on if you have trouble trials and and you know things going on in your life that if we look at James 4:7 and we see submit yourself to God first of all make sure that you’re submitted to God and everything that you do your heart your mind your intentions are pure and clear before yourself and before God submit yourselves to God resist the devil when you have some type of temptations and stuff like that come on just resist it show a little bit of resistance and if you’re submitted to God and you resist the devil it’s going to flee now it’s not it’s not saying that it’s not going to come the Bible doesn’t say that that there wouldn’t be any weapons that will be formed against you but it’s is that that no weapon that is formed against you shall prosper it shall not harm you it’s going to come close you’re gonna have to deal with it but it’s not going to harm on me you’re going to come out of the other end with victory so James 4:7 man look it up in the scriptures and get that in you submit yourselves to God resist the devil and he will flee amen amen amen look once again it doesn’t mean you’ll be fully insulated free of troubles it’s not gonna happen every day is going to be trouble especially if you’re trying to walk down a path of truth and you know like I said I’m a professional Center I am I don’t draw any wages from that but I am a professional Center and I recognize my shortcomings daily I do I do and I think that’s part of the relationship the Creator is recognizing your shortcomings daily and going to creator daylian you know I’m you know I really messed up here can you help me with that stand and he does he does you know you can trust these things and in our brother who just called in um after all these years he still has remnants they put a mark on him they put a brand on him they did it won’t leave them alone and you know the evils not gonna leave me alone I’ll I’ll get out there every day that I can bring after things and especially if you take on flesh I’ll be out there after you there’s some benign things out there and there’s some innocent things out there and there’s some evil things out there but overall if you take on flesh and harass people I’m gonna come look at you I’m gonna come with me I’m gonna come explore you I will I’ll be there there you have it ladies and gentlemen we’re going to go ahead and wrap this show up we can go on for hours but these storms are coming and my Internet’s going in and out in and out so I’m going to try to piece together this podcast and make it presentable for everyone to listen to it’ll be all carved on YouTube and you’ll be able to access show there I will put JC Johnson’s links in the description where you’ll be able to find his Facebook and links to find his websites and videos as well so is there any any final words you want to add man as we wrap the show up thank you thank you so much for having me on and everyone out there thank you for hanging on until they actually got on there tonight god bless you all right so with that we’re going to say peace and salome and we’ll catch you guys next week peace peace if you would like to sponsor the show or appetizer lathis this podcast you can do so by going to www.assist.org you can do that also by going to mythos astronomy and become a monthly supporter we appreciate your monthly support[/et_pb_toggle][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][/et_pb_section]



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