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Levi O’Brien was made famous from his role in the documentary Jesus Camp. The documentary follows Levi and other children during their experiences at a charismatic christian youth camp. The film gives you an inside look at children being taught to fast, pray in tongues and receive prophetic words for random strangers. The film also has undergone much scrutiny and critics say that the methods taught in the summer camp were militant and fundamental extremism. In this interview TruthSeekah speaks with Levi about how the film has impacted his life and if he still believes the principles taught to him at Jesus Camp.


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You [music] [music] Won’t You Come [music] Won’t You Come [music] You [music] These Faintest And When I Don’t Be Won’t You Come [music] I Swallow With You Won’t You Right Now Locked Into The Truth Seeker Podcast Trimming Lot And You Think Ah Your Source For Spiritual And Inspirational Music Teachings And Media The Show Is Designed To Help You Grow In Your Walk With Christ And Advance The Kingdom Of Heaven And Now Your Truth Seeker What’s Up Ladies And Gentlemen I’m Your Host True Seeker We’re Back With Another Podcast I’m Excited About Tonight Looking To Get Into Some Good Conversation As Always You Guys Know That We Bring On Guests From All Types Of Walks Of Life To Discuss Spirituality And Really Just Some People Who I Think Would Be A Good Conversational Piece So I’m Going To Be Speaking To Tonight Levi O’brien Which I Guess His Name Was Made Famous From The Jesus Camp Documentary We’re Going To Be Speaking To Hell Man He’s Got Some Some Awesome Stories To Tell And We’re Gonna Hear About Where He’s At Now What God’s Doing In His Life Is He Still A Believer What’s Going On With Him So First Off I Want To Give A Huge Shout Out To All The Patrons Everybody Who Supported Me Month-to-month On Which Means You Guys Believe In The Podcast You Guys Believe In The Music And In The Work That We’re Doing Putting Out Into The World And I Cannot Do It Without Your Help So Thank You So Much You Guys And I Want To Give A Special Shout Out For The New Patrons That We Have Within The Last Week It’s Growing Every Week The Podcast Is Growing The Numbers Are Growing And The Supporters Are Growing So Thank You So Much So This Past Week We Have Two New Ones Ian Scott I Want To Say Huge Thank You To You Man Thank You For Connecting With Me On On Facebook And Anton Rodriguez Man Thank You So Much As Well For Supporting The Show And Just Giving Me All The Feedback About The Music I’m Glad That You Guys Loved It Stick With It Stay Tuned Man We Got More Stuff Coming And I’m Excited About Everything I’m Excited About The Future What God Is Doing And I’m Excited About Tonight Man This Podcast In Particular We’re Going To Get Into Some Good Stuff Because One Thing About The Jesus Camp Documentary I Watched It Several Years Ago I Think It’s Been Out Almost 10 Years Now And A Lot Of That Stuff Hit Home Like A Lot Of The You Know Walking In In The Spirit And Being Taught This Type Of Stuff That You Know I’m Saying Use Camp And Use Group And Stuff Like That And The Documentary Was You Know I Thought It Was Good Um But You Know There Are Some Some You Know I’m Saying Critiques On A Lot Of Stuff Happened Man I Remember Seeing Bill Maher And And All Of These People Kind Of Give Their Opinion On It And Scrutinizing The Stuff But I’ve Got One Of The Kids On The Show Tonight Guy I’m Gonna Go Ahead And Break Up My Guest Cuz I Know You Hear Him Laughing In The Background Levi O’brien What’s Up Man Hey How You Doing Derek It’s Gonna Be On You I’m Well Man Thank You For Joining Me On This Show Brother Sure So A Lot A Lot Of Scrutiny A Lot Of Stuff Went I’m Sure You Caught It Like Crazy Man I’m Sure There’s All Kinds Of People Who Were Lashing Out Or Reaching Out Or What Man Talk A Little Bit About It Man For Like People Who Have No Idea What Jesus Camp Is What Was It What Was The You Know The Name Of The Youth Camp And All That Stuff Let I Guess Kind Of Feel People In On The Documentary Itself Sure Well The Documentary Was Filmed By A Secular Film Crew So It’s People You Know They Weren’t Necessarily A Christian They Had A Basis Of Christianity In Their Life So They Weren’t Brand New Necessarily To It But They Came In And Wanted To Find Out More About Kids Who Were Encountering God And Specifically Kids Who Were Preaching And Like Speaking Out Because Another Documentary They Had Done Had A Kid In There Who Was Like That And They Were It’s So Sparking Interest In Them Well Then They Found A Lady Named Becky Fisher Who Believed That You Know She Believes That Jesus Wants To Pour Into Kids And Wants To Work With Kids In The Same Way That He Does With Adults It’s Basically The General Idea Of What Becky Fisher Wanted To Do So She Wanted To Train Kids How To Pray How To Hear From God How To Pray For Healing Just Things That We Believe As People Who Believe In The Bible That Happened In Our Lives And So The Film Crew Found Her And Then I Was Just One Of The Kids Who Happen To Attend A Conference She Was Holding And Then There Was A Camera Crew There We Didn’t Really Know Anything About It When We Were And So When We Arrived They Kind Of Just Picked People Out Of The Crowd That They Thought Were Pretty Passionate Seem To Really Believe This That Spark An Interest In Their Mind You Know You With Them They Were Interested And So They Selected Me Out Of The Crowd And Said Hey We Want To Kind Of Follow You Around See What Is Your Life Like Why Are You Here At This Conference And Then Go From There So That’s Kind Of The Basis Generality Of The Film So So So You Know You Basically Show Up At A Conference And Yeah I Mean Ha I Mean How Old Were You In This When This Film Was When This Documentary Was Filmed Great Question I’m 25 Now And When This Was Filmed I Was 12 And 13 So It Happened During Both Of Those Years In My Life I Mean They Took 365 Hours Worth Of Footage And Broke It Down So It Was Over The Span Of A Few Months And So I Was 12 And 13 Here In The Filming And We Went And It Was It Was A Little Surprising To See Cameras There Like It Was Like Okay Well You Know This Isn’t Necessarily Why We Came And I Don’t Really Think We Fully Knew What We’re Getting Into Yeah But It Ended Up Being A Positive Experience For Me But Yeah Dude That’s I Mean That’s Something Else You Just Show Up To This Youth Revival Type Deal Cranked And In And It Just Out Of The Blue You’re Almost A Celebrity Now I Mean It’s Kind Of Bouncing Out Of The Blue So You Were Just There To Worship God To Learn About Jesus And Things Like That And These Guys Got A Like A Whole Camera Crew Feeling Everything And Just Kind Of You Know I Guess Documenting What’s Going On And A Lot Of The Stuff For Like People Who Don’t Know I’m Assuming It Was I Guess You Can Call It Charismatic Right It Was It Was It A Charismatic Church Okay So Kids Are Crying Kids Are Getting Filled With The Holy Spirit Little Kids Are Getting Touch Kids Are Praying For Abortion To Be In For God To Show Mercy Upon America To To Bless Our Leaders And To You Know That You Know People Would Come Off As Drugs And Just And So It Seems Weird Because We See Adults Doing That I’m Out And Praying For This Stuff And Fasting But When You See A Little Kid In Anguish Crying You Know Out To God To End Abortion And And It Seemed Genuine The Men Like The Kids Were Crying Tears You Know Streaming Under Their Face And And So When When They Played That That Was Almost Like The First Time Mainstream Secular America Got To See Like What It’s Like On The Inside Almost Like Got To See The Prayer Room Or What Goes On Behind Closed Doors Essentially Out At A Church Like That You Know Yeah In A Way It Was I’m Sure For A Lot Of People It’s A Culture Shock Yeah I Mean It Really Is How Passionate We Were How Invested We Were You Know I Mean That That’s Kind Of It’s Basically It’s A Culture Shock To People It’s Surprising And But For Us It Was Something That We Had Come To Know Over The Course Of A Couple Years Leading Into Yet And I Wasn’t Our First Experience With This Presence Of God And You Know We Were Kind Of Raised In It And Surrounded By It With That Being Said That Doesn’t Necessarily Make Us Very Different From Just Ordinary Kids Mm-hmm I Mean Like People Look At It And They See The Way The Movie Was Filmed And We Seem Like Such A Secluded Part Of Society But Honestly There Are There Are Millions Upon Millions Of People In America Who Have At One Point In Their Life Experienced Those Types Of Things In And Out Of The Church Honestly In And Out Of Going Down To The Church On The Corner I Mean Just In Their Own Living Room And Then With Friends Or Praying In The Streets Things Like That Mean They’re They’re Experiencing At Some Point They’re Like Millions Upon Millions Of American Christians And Non-christians Even Have Experienced This Type Of Thing So It’s Not As Exclusive As It Looks And That Make Sense Yeah Yeah So Um I Remember Years Ago 1998 To Like 2002 Maybe We Should Go To The Brownsville Revival I Got Born Again With The Browns Of Florida And Same Type Of Deal Maybe We Just A Church With Thousands Upon Thousands Of People Come From All Over The World To Go To This Church Because There Was An Outpouring Of The Holy Spirit When People Would Come In People Would Walk Into The Building And Feel This Angel Strong Sensation The Presence Of God People Would Walk In And Begin To Start Weeping They Would Feel A Presence Over Them Without Nobody Touching Them A Lot Of People And They Would Fall Out And Jump Onto The Power And Glory Of God So We All Wanted To Be In The Main Sanctuary But There Were Overflow Rooms Because There Were Thousands Of People They Couldn’t Get All These People In The Same Story So You May Be In A Like A School Building Next To The Church That Was Part Of The Church Of Schoolroom And Classrooms And Have Monitors And Projectors In There And The Glory Of God Was Just So You Know Just As Strong In The Overflow Rooms As Well Which Was Good I Remember Going To The Bathroom Right And It Was Like The The Children’s Area They Had All That You Know They Had Be You Know I’m Saying Had All The Kids Together And I Was Walking To The Bathroom I Walk Past It And I Heard The Sounds Similar To What I Heard On The Jesus Camp Documentary Kids Passionately Pray A Holy Spirit Interceding For America Crying Out For The The Fire Of God To Fall And Change People’s Lives Who Were There And It’s Taught Me As A Man It’s Like It Was So Passion I Was Like I Want To Go In There With Those Kids Man Those Kids Know How To Play Man Those Kids Are Addison And And And You Know Saying Their Hearts Are Pure And They’re They’re Praying That Stuff And I Think The Scrutiny From The Secular World Because This You Know They Really Don’t Know How To Judge This Stuff When It Was As Far As You Know Saying In A Spiritual Sense But I Think The Scrutiny Comes Is They Kind Of Think That They’re Taught To Do That Or We’re Trying To Make Them Do A Certain Type Of Thing Or Teach Them I Know A Lot Of It Was About You Know I’m Saying Politics And We You Know You Got The Kids Praying For George Bush And All Of This Type Of Stuff So They Tried To You Know Saying Throw In The Political Side To It So I Think I Think A Lot Of The Scrutiny Was Because Politics Were Mentioned But I Seen That Interview With Uh With A Becky Fisher On Good Morning America And They Asked Her About It And She Had Her Cell Well Man On There When It Went When They Were Trying To You Know Pin Her Up And You Know I’m Saying Say You’re Teaching These Kids What To Think And How To Feel And All This Kind Of Stuff Man So What’s The I Mean You Know I’ve Seen It Happen I’ve Seen Kids Fall Out Under The Presence And Gloria God But Like What Were Some Of The Big Things That What Happened In There With These Kids Giving Their Life To Jesus And Then Turning Into Prayer Warriors And Stuff Absolutely Now I Got It Man I Got A Few Things On That Specific Topic Obviously I’ve Experienced In My Own Life And Then I’ve Watched People Who Have Never Walked Into Church A Day In Their Life Experience The Same Thing Yeah You Know I’m Saying I Have Watched The Spirit Of God And And The People Who Experience It And Feel It React The Same Way As Somebody Who Grew Up Like I Grew Up Or Just In Whatever Situation In Life I Mean You Know I Mean It Believes This Thing Bleeds Over Into All Sorts Of People In Areas It Works Everywhere But I Think One Thing That When People Are Thinking About The Holy Spirit Or Experiencing The Presence Of God Some People Who Are Listening Derek Might Go Like What What Is That You Know They Look At This Kid Who First Of All They’re Saying Man He’s So Innocent He’s Being Made To Do This But They Have No Reference Point Maybe For What They’re Experiencing You Know They’re Going What Is This Presence Of God You’re Talking About What Is This Fire Of God You’re You’re Saying Oh You Know On The Speaker Right I You Know On This Podcast What Is This And One Of The Best Ways I Know How To Explain It Is Well First Of All It’s Like Okay We Don’t Have To Train Somebody To Feel Fear You Know I Mean Like We’ll Have To Train Anybody To Even Feel Like Joy Either You Know They Get A Gift On Christmas Or Whatever They Think Santa Claus Is Coming You Don’t Have To Train Somebody To Feel Those Things Because Your Body Was Designed To Experience That Your Body Was Designed To Experience Joy It Was Designed To Experience That You Know A Fear Things Like That All Those Types Of Things It You Know You Weren’t Necessarily Trained To Know And Feel And Experience Those Things And It’s The Same Thing With The Presence Of God Is You Are Actually Designed To Experience And Feel God’s Presence It Feels Like It Feels Like You’re A Puzzle Piece And For The First Time In Your Life Yours Placed Exactly In The Time And Space You Were Meant For I Know A Lot Of People Who Have Never A Single Moment In Their Life Felt That They Have Always Felt Out Of Place They Have Always Felt Misunderstood They Have Always Felt Like Something Was Missing They Have Never And You Can’t Fake That You Can’t Fake That Moment Or That Experience That Goes This Is Exactly What I Was Made To Do No More No Less This Is It This Is Everything And So When You’re Watching These Kids Experiencing That Kind Of Presence Of God May You Start Crying Or You Start Laughing Or You Just You Just You Can’t Keep Standing Because That Presence That’s That Peace That Overwhelming Just Experience Of God Just Kind Of Comes Over You Mm-hmm People Are Funny Man Christians Are Funny We Go To Right I Mean Seriously It’s Looked To Me Their God Thing You Know Uh But We Go To A Concert And What Do We Expect We Expect An Experienced Man You Expect Music To Hit Us In The Pace You Know Who I Hear It Loud We Want A Good Show We Want To Laugh We Want To See Something That Impacts Us You Know Yeah When We Go To A Movie We Want An Experience When We Go To Church We Don’t Expect Anything For The Most Part Yeah Most People They’re Walking Into Church They’re They’re Not Really Expecting Anything When You Now Add The Holy Spirit And You Now Add The Experience Of God To It When I Walk Into A Church I’m Expecting An Experience I Am In I’m Expecting An Encounter With God I’m Expecting To Feel Like That Puzzle Piece That’s Right In Its Spot Mm-hmm You Know I’m Walking In There Ready Me For Atisha You Know To Get To Know My Father To Get To Know The Presence Of The Lord Because He Designed Me For It And And So I Mean I Guess A Couple Of Things I’m Trying To Say Here Is You Know You Watch These Kids Who Have Such Innocence Like You Were Talking About A Moment Ago We Got You Know As Young Kids And Things Like That There Is Such An Innocence To It And People Can Almost Get Offended By Hate Your Stealing Away Their Innocence By Making Pride That’s What I Could Say Yeah That I Think That Was One Of The Big Accusations I’m Saying You’re Teaching Them About Death And You’re Making These Little Kids Think About Eternity Nine Years Old Eight Years Old Like I’m Saying You You’re Like Taking It From One That Was One Of The The Big Things That People Were Talking About Well Here’s The Thing I Mean Do You Remember Being A Kid That’s That’s The Thing I Gotta Say To Those People Who Criticize That Type Of Thing Do You Remember Being A Kid What Was The First Time You Saw As A Man As A Boy What Was The First Time I Saw A Naked Woman On A Tv Screen Or On A Show Or Pop Up On Something Or See This Yeah Oh Yeah Always Um You Know I Mean I Can’t Pimple I Don’t Remember Foley By River I’m Young I Mean We’re Experiencing And Being That So Many Things Are Being Thrown At Us So Fast The Element Of Innocence Is Really Gone Quick And So It’s Like So Many Things In The World Knows That They Knows That It Knows It Can Grab You Young And Take Your Life Before You Even Had A Chance To Defend It Know And So That Presence Of God Trying To Work Towards Kids To Get Them A Chance To Experience Love To Experience That That Goodness And That Life And That Peace In The Lord Somebody Working Towards Kids In That Fashion Should Not Offend People You Know Sandra With How Much There Is Out There Trying To Steal Away Their Innocence You Know If God Is Protecting That Innocence Yeah Because What They Were You Know Teaching Them Worse Was To I Guess To Be Angry Up Or To Have A Burden For For The You Know I’m Saying Justices In The World Whether It Is People Who Were Addicted To Drugs I Mean That’s The Type Of Stuff That’s One Thing That Becky Was Pointing Out That You Know That It Was Stuff That We Should Be Angry Over And Yeah I Know Your Kids Do Need To Learn About This And Kind Of Be A Voice Of Reasoning In Their Schools And In Places Like That Manning Kind Of Go With The Glory Of God Essentially Man And And To Have Their Lives Changed And Change The Lives Of People Around Them Um It Was So It Was So Weird Because There’s A Lot Of Weird Charismatic Stuff That Happens In Churches And Some Of It We Could Say Public Or Some Of It We Bear Witness With Maybe But Then Other Stuff Were Like I Don’t Know About That Most Of The Stuff On Jesus Camp Seemed Legit But What Did It For The Viewer Was The Music That They Put Behind It And The I Mean Who Gave These People Permission To Come In And Do That And Then To Make Those Edits Like That Because I Think I Think The Whole Power Was That As Far As Like In The Secular Arena What Their Scrutiny Was Just Totally With The Editing Putting This Scary Music Behind It And Intense Music Behind It Was Just Weird How It Was Edited And And Dude That Says A Lot Like With Like What You Can Do With You Know Say The Power Of Sound And Visuals And Plans Altogether Man It Totally Changed The Meaning Of Everything Essentially Yeah And Like I Previously Stated I Mean You Take 365 Hours Worth Of Footage You Broke It Break It Down In 86 Minutes You Can Tell Who Basically Whatever Story You Want It Town Yeah That’s A Lot Of Footage You Know I’m Saying That’s A Lot Of Editing Down We Had Some Moments Where Um Even One Of The Film Crew Members I Prayed For Her I Was Again I Was 12 At That Point I Prayed For Her Back She Had A Back Problem And She Ends Up Getting Completely Healed Okay This Is One Of People Filming The Documentary Right On Camera I Prayed For Her Back She Gets Completely Healed She Was Like 32 And When She Sixteen She Got In An Accident Since That Time She Had Back Problems Back Pain Severe Back Pain Couldn’t Do Like A Cartwheel Okay She Goes Home That Are To The Hotel That Night And Does A Cartwheel For The First Time Since She’s That Type Of Thing Me And You Derek You Know We’ve Experienced Some Of That Stuff So That Supernatural Wow That Could Not Have Happened Outside Of God Doing It Home Basically The Reason I’m A Christian Today Seeing Those Types They Don’t Know Don’t Ya It’s Oh Right The Actual Experience Of God Not Just Being Told About Him But Anyways You Know We That Happened To One Of The People Filming The Movie Again A Secular Person They’ve Already Kind Of Come In With Their Own Bit Of What They Want To Do And Hear This Amazing Thing Happens They Get It On Camera It’s Nowhere In The Film Yeah You Know Because Really The People Who Filmed It And Then The People Who Edited It We’re Not The Same You Think So The People Who Edit Never Met Me Never Met My Family Um And They Already Had Their Own Bent Like He Said They Actually And In Fact That Music Was The Second Version Of That The First Version Was Even Worse And We Said No There’s No Way Wow There’s Way We Will Let You Show That One And And So They’ve Kind Of Backed Out And Did It And Redid All The Music And I Mean And It Was Just Kind Of Like Okay Fine I Guess There’s There’s No Win Here You Know Um So Let Me Let Me Let Me Let Me Talk To You Cuz I Want It I Want To Talk About Some Of The Things That You’ve Went Through Maybe Even Psychologically As Far As Like Having All This Attention On You As A Young Man Do You Share Walk In Places And People Know Who You Are Is A Killer This Type Of Notoriety That Comes Behind It Um What Are Some Of Your Experiences As Far As Like With The Negative Side Socially Depression Feeling Like You’ve Been Made Fun Of In Front Of The Entire World And How That Feels Like What Are Some Of The Things That You’ve Experienced With That After The Release Of The Of The Documentary It’s A Great Question Because There Was A Lot Of Criticism Yeah There Wasn’t Like Resisting Me Get On The Youtube Videos Of It There’s A I’ll Just Comment After Comment After Comment There Was Um I Gosh What Is The Website Came And Think Of It Now But Basically Like A Chat Room That Had Like I What Do You Want To Do To Leave I O’brien From Jesus Oh Crap Room In Like All Sorts Is Just All Sorts Crap Right And But For Me I Don’t Know I Think It’s Mostly Just My Personality Type Not Necessarily A Spiritual Guide Type Thing Just My Personality Type Is Just Very Like Entrepreneur Entrepreneurial Kind Of Like Hey I’m Calling For It This Is What I’m Doing If Don’t Care If This Is Why I Think It’s Right Like Let’s Go Yeah I’ve Always Just Kind Of Been That Way And And So With All The Criticism And Stuff I’m Like You Know What These People Don’t Know Me I’ve Criticized Me Too You Know What The Movie Was Filmed I Was Like I’ve Criticized Me Too Yeah Like I And So It Was Kind Of Cool Seeing All The Criticism And The Things Like That When People Would Actually Meet Me Or When They Would Actually Reach Out Through Facebook Or Other Outlets And Actually Contact Me Boy They They Really Back Down In Their Criticism And Then They Would Almost Be Like This Is Not What We Expected Yeah So It Was Actually Kind Of Cool To Have That Shock Factor Nobody Really Expected Somebody To Come Out Of That Film And From That Camp And Be So Mature I Mean Just Simple Things Like Work A Job Really Well You Know What I Mean Like Dude Well In Life And And I’m Married Now And Doing Really Well Honestly I Just Had My 25th Birthday Two Days Ago Oh Yeah Yeah Man Hyper Brad Thank You Thank You Yeah And So It Just It Was Actually In One Sense Like Yeah There Was A Lot Of Criticism That Could Have Affected Me I Mean I Think It Was Partly The Personality Thing And Partly I Understood I’d Have Criticized Me Too You Know I Mean But But Like I Don’t Get It Take You To Come To That Realization Cuz I Because You Don’t Say I Know The First Yeah When You Start Reading That Stuff You’re Hey Wait Man What Hold On Guys You Got It All Wrong You Know And They’re Just Tearing You Up On The Chat Rooms And Stuff And I Know You Can Feel That Especially Insensitive To The Spirit Man Being So Sensitive And Being Empathic Be Nice It’s What’s Going On Man Like Yeah That’s Kind Of How We Are The Spirit Guide Is Part Of It Because You’re You Seen It And Then I Realized Who I Would Be Without The Spirit Of God I Look At People In All Sorts Of Walks Of Life Man And I’m Like I Would Be Worse Than You Honestly If I Didn’t Have The Experiences With God That I Have Had And So It Creates In Me A Compassion And That Developed That It Pretty Young I Mean Basically Right Out Of Jesus Guy Knew I Knew Everything I’m Doing Right Now And Everything That Has Made Me Well Known And And Things Like That Well It’s Just Spirit Of God It’s Not Even Really Me You Know And So I Knew Man Like I Would Be You I Would Be You And I’d Look At These People Who Are Talking To Me From Their Experiences In Life And There’s Telling They’re Not Mad At Jesus You Know They’re Not Actually Mad At Me They’re Mad At Some Experience In Their Life They’re Mad At Their Parents They’re Mad At People Who Honestly Truthfully Made Bad Decisions Did Wrong Things You Know They Had Experience In Their In Their Life That Led Them A Certain Direction I Look Out And I Go I Would Be You If I Had Had Your Experiences But Now From This Moment Now I Look At You And I Go There Is Hope I’ve Watched People From Every Walk Of Life Man Every Walk Of Life Experience The Presence Of God And Radically Change I Mean I Go To A Great Church Now Here In Kansas City Called World Revival Church It’s An Awesome Awesome Places Actually Birthed Out Of Brownsville You’ll Have To Look It Up Okay Well It’s Technically It Was The Smithton Outpouring And It’s Still Going On Over Here They Called It The Cornfield Revival Because Those In Little Know Worker But Anyways This Is Years Later And It’s Still God Is Moving His Presences They’re Kind Of Like At The Brownsville You Were Talking About It’s Happening Every Week And So I’m Watching Still To The Stages People Again From All Walks Of Life All Different Cultures Experiencing That Presence Of God So I Have A Hope For Them And So When People Are Watching This Thing Part Of Their Criticism You Know Is Like Oh Well You Are The Way You Are Because Of Your Experiences And I Yeah I Agree With You So Now Let’s Go Find You Some New Experience Let’s Go Find You Yeah Some Better Experiences So You Can Get Out Of That Depression So You Can Get Out Of That Addiction So You Can Get Out Of That Mess You Don’t Know How To Get Out Otherwise You’re You Would Yeah Gotta Get Out Of This You Would So Let’s Go Find You Some New Experiences And Let’s Just Type Of Stuff Like This Man Do That That That’s Awesome Man Because When You Went Through That It’s It Seems Like It Didn’t Last Long And It Seems Like You’re Just Kind Of You Don’t Sound Like Like A Water Just Kind Of Um Saying Brushed Off Of You Man And So That That’s Awesome Dude That I Didn’t Send You Spiraling And And Like You Know I’m Saying Doubting Faith Cause Like I Said What Like What You Know When I Reach Out To You For Some Reason I Thought I Watched An Interview With You Were Saying That You Gave Up On God And You Don’t Leave That Stuff Anymore But Yeah You Know I Was Trying To Find The Same Videos And I Couldn’t Find Them Like You Know What I Think There Might Have Been Somebody Else So And And So You Know I’m Saying You Don’t Have To Say Any Names But Other People Man Like What Are Some Of The Experiences Experiences That That You Know That The Other Kids Kind Of Underwent Like Like What’s The Fall Away Rate Cuz Because My Smoke Detectors Gonna Oh My Wife’s Getting Shot Yeah So Like Like Uh You Know Saying Some Of The Other Kids What’s The Holloway Right Man Are They Still Walking With The Lord The Some Of Them Who Were You Know Kind Of Notable In The Diaper Bag Message Boys And That’s The Thing Is Like They Look At Me Like I Had No Choice They’re Like Oh You Just You’re Just A Lover Of Jesus Because Basically You Had No Choice Listen Man I Mean All You Got To Do Is Look Up The Statistics You Know Saying All You Gotta Do Is Look Up The Fall Away Rate From The Church Today And Even Hit Even People Who Grew Up Knowing And Encountering The Holy Spirit There’s Still A Choice There’s Still A Decision That You Have To Make You Know And Say No This Is Who I Am Or This Is Who I Am Or And So I I’m Just Kind Of Shooting In The Wind On This A Little Bit But From The People That I Personally Know Probably About And Another 25% I Mean They’re Serving Jesus But Maybe Not As Wholeheartedly There’s Probably A Good 50% We’re Like Hey This Is Who We Are This Is What We We Know It’s Right But Yemen You Really Have To Cultivate Daily That Desire For Jesus It Doesn’t Just Come Up Out Of Nowhere Yeah And So It’s A Joke It’s A Joke To Say They Owe Your So Passionate And So In Love With Jesus Because What Your Parents Did To You I Don’t Say Joke – Same In You Know It You Cannot Force This Type Of Devotion This Type Of Love Of Desire You Know I’m Silly You Cannot Fake That I’ll Force That And So You Can Force People To Archaically Up Not Archaically But Monotonous Ly Do Things Sure But You Can’t Force Somebody To Have A Pure Passion And I Think That Was What Set Me Apart In That Film Is People Went Whoa That Kid’s Passion Level Does Not Match In My Head You Know He Got There Cuz It’s Pretty Yeah That’s Something Beyond That Yeah And Him Because I Experienced The Holy Spirit I Experienced God Young At 9 I Was 9 Years Old When I First Got The Holy Spirit And And It Was Something That Was Amazing When I Was Young I Was The Type Of Kid I Loved War I Love War Movies I Love I Love The Fight I Love You Know I Mean I’m Out There Fighting On Playing The Video Games I Mean I Was All About War And When I Experienced The Presence Of God This Is A War If There Is A Battle Between What God Is Trying To Do In Your Life And What Darkness Is Trying To Do In Your Life And Boy And Some Something In My Head Just Click With That And I Was Like I Get It I Get This You Know I’m Saying Like I Get This Warfare Mind So I Get This That There Is A Battle For Repose I Said I Want To Be A Barbash And People Are Fighting That Every Day And I Don’t Know If They Realize It Yeah Man What Were Some Of The Encounters That You Had As A Young Man Like As Far As Like When You Gave Your Life To Jesus Like How Did Did Did You And That Whole Experience Happen Did Did You Get Fun In The Spirit As Soon As Soon As You Came Into The Faith Or With The Rain Question Like Yeah Okay Ask Those Types Of Things And Our You Know Thinking About Their Own Life When They Asked Him They’ll Don’t Know Years Old I Was Like Basically Like Hey I Wanna And I Said It In The Film I Got Saved I Was Five You Know And I Kind Of I Prayed The Prayer I Accepted Jesus Into My Heart But Really There Wasn’t Really Any Change I Mean That Was When I I Guess Prayed This Prayer Made Soon For You Yeah Like Okay Are You Sure And And I Kind Of Did It And It Kind Of Comes Across As The Film That That Was My Experience But Really For Me My Experience Was When I Was Nine And I Was Nine Years Old And We Had A Teacher In Our Church Who Was Just Kind Of Working With The Kids And He Had This Bucket And He Had His Bucket He Had A Little Heart Taped To The Front Of His Bucket He’s Like Hey This Is Your Heart And He Had Like Video Games In There And He Had Like Dolls And All This Stuff That You Know We Liked Playing With His Young Kids Whatever In This Bucket And Then He Goes Where Where Is There Room In Your Heart For Jesus He’s Like Because Basically He’s Like If You Want To Experience More Of Jesus You Got To Make Some More Room For Him Not That You Can’t Have These Things In Your Life But They Can’t Be First He’s Got To Become First Kind Of And I Was Like Okay I Mean Make It Worth It To Me And So Then He’s Talking About Like You Can Pray For People And See People Get Healed You Can Make Things Happen You Can Change Your World In With The Presence Of God That’s What God Wants To Do He Wants To Make The World You Know A Better Place And Do Good Thing I Mean Why Do We Watch Movies For Those Types Of Elements Yeah You Know We’re Watching Superhero Movies For Those Types Of Elements We Have Something Innately In Us That Wants To Be A Carrier Of Good To People And So That Was Really Connected Within Me And I Was Like Man I Want That I Want Jesus I Watch Ange The World I Want To Bring Light You Know I Mean I Want To Make It Change And So I Just I Remember I Stood There And I Had My Hands Just Kind Of Stressed Out Because He’s Like It’s Like A Present It’s Given To You Like A Present God It’s Just The Present And So I Had My Hands Out And I Was Just Like Asking God Like God I You Know If You’re Real Come Into Me You Know If You’re Real Let Me Experience Your Presence And And Then Just Again I Was Nine Years Old And I Just Felt Basically Just Peace And Joy Basically What It Was It Was Completely Outside Of Just The Norm Is Just My Regular Just Everyday Who I Was And So I Knew It Was An Experience Of God I Was Experiencing Something From God And Um I Mean That For Me Was This Start That For Me Was Like Okay There’s More Out There Than What I’ve Experienced Real You Know Something Yeah Yeah Like The Other Side Is Real Once You Know That There’s Something More To This Existence Than What We’ve Been Experiencing Or What We’ve Been Told Was Real And Even Essentially To Like Watching Those Hero Movies And Stuff To Know That That’s Real Like There Is A Hero Out There And There Is Someone Who Gives Us Abilities And Powers To Heal The Sick To Raise The Dead To Tread Amongst Serpents And Things Like That So We Do Have That You Know Superman Encounter Where We Have These You Know Essentially Abilities To Go Forth And Start Doing Good In The Earth Or To Use Those Same Abilities For Evil As Well The Same You Know I’m Since Write The Whole You Know I’m Saying Superhero Versus The Villains And Stuff And Like Life’s Like And You Can Use It For You Know This I Go I Guess Like The Force Good Or Bad Like All These Analogies Man Which Is Real And You Get Filled With The Fire Of The Holy Spirit It Bursts Things Inside Of You It Unlocks Dormant A Special Abilities Many People You Know Try To Use Those Abilities For Selfish Gain Or You Know I’m Saying To Talk To The Dead Or To You Don’t And Communicate With Demons And Things Like That When We Can See Into The Spirit Realm And Move Around Operate And So That’s What’s So Crazy About It It Is Something That We You Know We Do Long For And That’s Why It Is Powerful To Start Speaking To The Kids About It Um Saying Let The Kids Know At A Young Age Look Spiritual Warfare Is Real There Is A War For Your Soul There Is A War For Your Mind They Want To Sell You Things They Want To Program You A Certain Type Of Way So You Need To Know Who You Are Created In Christ Jesus To Do Good Works So That You Know Who You Are Because If You Don’t Know Who You Are Then They Can Tell You Who You Are That’s Why So It’s So It’s So It’s So Powerful That We Are To Know Thyself Man And To Know Who He Created Us To Be And We Are Blessed We Are More Than Conquerors We Are The Righteousness Of God Created In Christ Jesus To Do Good Works Man And To Know That Not To Believe It Not To Think About It But To Know It And To Walk On This Earth And Declare It And That’s What We See You Doing With Your Life And What What God Has Called You To And So To Kind Of Speak To Some Of Those And Experiences And Encounters Man What Some Of The Stuff That You’ve Seen In Obviously Getting Filled With The Holy Spirit Like That’s Number One Get That Peace In The Midst Of A Storm That Peace In The Midst Of A Failure And Distress And Worry But Peace Comes The Power Power Man But What’s That Thing Let’s Talk About Let’s Talk About There Do The Supernatural Is A Very Real Realm And Your Book It And Let’s Talk About Nightmares Okay And I Mean I’m Reading About This Stuff Of People Experiencing They Can Feel This Weight On Their Chest They Feel Something Choking Them In The Middle Of The Night And I Remember Being Young Myself And Experiencing Some Things Like That I Mean Even To This Day People My Age Are Experiencing These Things Weekly Almost It’s It’s Kind Of Rampant I Mean I’m Not Gonna Say Yeah Like It’s Not Everybody There’s A Whole Niche In The New Variant That People Look Through Happen To Italy To Connect In That Spiritual Realm I’ll Tell You This First Of All You Don’t Make A Counterfeit Three Dollar Bill Nobody Believes You Makin Counterfeit One Dollar Bill Even Two I Guess But Five Ten Hundred You Know I’m Saying The Enemy Does Not Make A Counterfeit Of Something That Doesn’t Already Exist There’s No Point You Know Nobody Would Fall For A Bakery Dog But No And So With This Stuff Man With That Spiritual Stuff It’s A Counterfeit Of The Real And I Think Me And You Were Kind Of Talking About Before We Started Here But Um So You Know Dreams At Night I Used To Have A Repetitive Nightmare When I Was Young Repetitive The Same Dream Very Scary Very Visual Very Like It Was Beyond Just Dreaming It’s Affecting My Actual Body You Know I’m Saying Like I’m Feeling Things Sensing Stuff Stuff Is Happening At A Very Young Age I Experienced Those Types Of Things And When I Got Filled With The Holy Spirit It Ended Yeah Done Never Had Him Again Yeah But I Have Seen A Lot Of Kids Especially Kids From Dysfunctional Homes Kids Whose Parents Are Not Doing Well And Stuff Like That Seems To Come Down From The Head Down It Comes Out That The Parents Are Doing In The Room Over And You Had Sleeping In In The Next Room And You’re Doing Things That Are You Know Burst Out Of Voodoo Essentially Or Things Like That And Man I Remember Having That Stuff Like Having Those Crazy Nightmares As Well And Having A Sleep Paralysis And All The Stuff That Comes Along With That Waking Up With Something Sitting On Your Chest This Is Something That They Drew Pictures Of In The Ancient Days Man This Is Something That’s You Know I Think It’s I Think It’s Mentioned Of In The The Testament Of Solomon Which Is A Book That Was Taken Out Of The Bible But It Goes Into Detail About The Incubus And The Succubus Coming Upon Children And Getting Them On Men In The Middle Of The Night To Do Sexual Acts With Them Like This Written Of In The Holy Text And So I Remember Having Those Dreams And Watching Tons Of Scary Movies As A Kid That Where It Would Happen So Frequently For Me That I Would Find Ways To Wake Up From My Dream Like I Would Be Getting Chased By Monsters And They Were Trying To Kill Me And I’ll Be Terrified And Panicking In My Sleep That I Found Out The Way To Wake Up Was To Kill Myself And So If We Were By Water I Would Jump In The Water And Try To Swim To The Bottom To Know That Maybe A Minute Into It I Would Drown And Wake Up Out Of My Dream But The Monster Would Try To Come In And Pull Me Out The Water And I’m Trying To Fight To Get To Kill Myself In My Dream Or Be Running From My Jason Or Freddy Krueger Or Something Which Was The Big Horror Guys When I Was Young And I’d Be Running From And I Would Dive Headfirst Into A Rock On The Ground Trying To Wake Up You Know And Did These Different Techniques That I Found Out To Do Because Those Nightmares And Dreams Were So Rampant In My In My Life Man And Uh And It’s It’s It’s Uh It’s A Supernatural Man To Wake Up And You Be Having Those Dreams And You Wake Up And There’s Being Standing Over You In Your Room And Like Satanic Demons Like I’ll Tell You It’s Worry About A Kid I Was Working As A Counselor At A Totally Separate From Jesus Camp And Everything I Was Working As A Counselor At A Camp For Kids Whose Parents Either One Or Both Parents Were Incarcerated From Their Prison For Life And So They We Had These Kids I I Had Group Of Kids Who Were 69 Mean Another Counselor Were Over Seemed Like There Was Different Counselors Over Different Groups We Were Sleeping Out In A Wagon Out In The Woods And Um And You Know It Was Like It Was Pretty Rustic Man I I Don’t Envy That Like I Don’t Envy That At All But Anyways So We’re Out There And And There’s About There’s Six Of Us And We’re Laying In Our Cabins And Stuff Inside This Covered Wagon Deal And And I’m About Ready To Go To Bed Everybody In This In The Wagons Asleep And I Had Given My Flashlight To Another Little Kid Because He He Was He Lost His Or Something Needed To Go To The Bathroom Or Whatever So Again Everybody’s Asleep I Had Come In Late Because I Was In A Meeting And Things Like That Came In And I’m Laying Down I’m Almost Asleep And I Hear One Of The Kids His Name’s Andrew Nine Years Old And I Hear Him Just Scream I Mean At The Top Of His Voice He’s Going Levi’s The Snakes Are Trying To Get Me They’re Trying To Get Me They’re Trying To Kill Me Help Me Help Me I Mean He Is Screaming I Can’t I Can’t Express To You The Sheer Terror And Agony This Kid Was Yelling The Voice In The Terror And I Of Course I Shot Out Of It I Reached For Where My Flashlight Should Have Been It’s Not There Not Like Scrambling I’m Like Little Herself That By Stand Up And I Look Around The Wagon Everyone Is Asleep No One Has Stirred No One Made A Sound Honestly And I’m Like I’m In So Much Shock Because I Would Have Woken Up Not Only Our Wagon But All The Wagons Around Is You Know What A Welcome Okay It Was So Loud So Violent Sounding And I Was Just Like In Shock For A Second In The Cave Realities I Mean He’s Asleep He’s Asleep So I Walked Over I’m Kind Of By The Presence Of God I I Kind Of Tap His Shoulder He Wakes Up And God Starts Speaking To Me And I Said Andrew Do You Have Do You Have Bad Dreams At Night He’s Like Yes Yes I Do And He Kind Of Had A Bad Attitude Most Of The Camp Okay Up To This Point It Was Got A Kid You Had To Work With Hard On You Know And So I Said Come Here Andrew Let Me Do Something So I Took I Say Do You Have Jesus In Your Eyes Like Yeah I Have Jesus In My Heart I Said Did You Know That Jesus Can Get Rid Of Those Things For You Once And For All You Never Have To Experience That Again Never You Have That Power He’s Like I Didn’t I Didn’t Know That Say I Said Andrew Repeat After Me You Know Dude You A Simple Prayer I Just I Repeat After Me Telling Hey Darkness You Have No Hold On Me Dreams You Cannot Take Over My Dreams Like That I Am The Lord Basically I’ve Done You Repeated After Me Simple We Weren’t Yelling Nobody Was Crying Like Wasn’t Super Crazy Went Back To Sleep He Slept Through The Whole Night Which Was Rare For Him He Would Wake Up Frequently And Things Like That And The Rest Of The Camp He Was My Best Kid His Attitude Change He Completely And He Had No Anger Problem Yeah I Know Paying Attention Problem Yeah I Mean It Was Just Like A Whole Different Kid You Have An Encounter With God Man He Had An Encounter Was So Simple We Have That Power Through Jesus Light Meets Darkness Every Time It Cannot Content But People Don’t Realize The Power They Have Yeah They Don’t Realize That You Are Made As A Human Being To Be That Light Bearer You Can Connect To God That Presence Got Invited In And Man That Darkness It Has To It’s Not Even A Contest It’s Not Even An Equal Battle You Know People Like In This Equal Battle Between Life Darger’s Eating It’s Not At All It Gives Games And Yeah And So You Know People Are Experiencing These Terrible Things And It’s Like Man If They Only Knew Who They Could Be Yeah With Jesus Let Me Ask You This Man Because In The Church Room I’ve Noticed In The Past And Maybe It’s Fringe But A Lot Of Churches They Like Talking About Casting Out Demons They Like Talking About Oh There’s A Demon Riding This Person Or I’ve Seen A Demon One Time Or I Had A Dream About A Demon Or A Demon Showed Up Or Whatever And It’s Okay But When We Start Talking About Angels Like Okay An Angel Appeared To Me I’ve Seen I’ve Seen A Being Walking To My Room Which Was Lovely And Told Me To Seek Jesus Or Whatever The Case Is Like Why Does It Why Is It Kind Of Get Weird When We Saw It Like We’re Okay With The Demon Encounters But When It’s Encounters About These Angelic Beings Approaching Us To Like We Should Be Expecting Those Encounters As Well Because They Happen Like Have You Had Any Encounters Like That Man Yeah I Think We’re Still Are We Still Connecting By The Way Yeah We Should Be Yep Okay Nice Screen Kind Of Change But Anyways Yeah I Mean I Totally Hear What You’re Saying On That I Think For Me And It’s It’s A Problem Of Focus They Have A Problem Of Their Focus Mm-hmm Um They Are Not Focusing On The Right Thing Okay You Got This Whiteboard All Right It’s A Whiteboard There’s Nothing On The Whiteboard I Take A Marker Right Take A Black Marker And I Put A Little Dot On That Whiteboard And I Tell You What Part Of This Whiteboard Do You Notice You’re Gonna Tell Me The Black Guy You Know What There’s A Whole Huge Whiteboard That’s White And Clean And Nothing Is On It And All The Focus Goes Right To The One Blemish To The One Dark Spot And It’s Honestly It’s Kind Of Natural To Us To Do That We Criticize Our Our Own Lives You Criticize Other People We Kritis We Have This Drawing – What’s Wrong – What’s Not Right – Darkness – – Those Type Of Things It’s A It’s A It’s A Matter Of Focus And So For Me Man Like You Gotta Focus On The It’s The Light Is So Much Bigger Yeah You Had That King That Jerusalem Was Surrounded And Elijah Says God Open His Eyes So That He Might See And Then He Looks Up And There Was That Angel Army Above Them Like So Much Ten Times Greater Than The Army That He Could See Natural Or Whatever We Have This It’s A It’s A Lack Of Focus We Always Think The Devil Is After Us Why Do You Think You’re So Important That The Devils After You Yeah I Mean The Devil Can Only Be After One Person At A Time Why Is He After Only You You Know Say Like You’re So Important Yeah But What I Found Is The Devil Isn’t Even Are They Messing With Christians Because Most Of Them Are Messing Up Their Own Lives Yeah They’re Messing Up Their Own Lives With Their Own Confusions And That’s A Whole Nother Topic But What I’m Saying Is It’s A Lack Of Focus They’re Focused On The Wrong Thing And They Got To Turn Their Eyes Towards That Light Towards What God Is Doing Um I Think Partly It Has Been A Mistake With The Church And Christianity That God’s Not Necessarily Doing That Much You Know That God’s Not Doing A Whole Liar That’s What They’re Thinking Is And But Me And You Derek I Mean I Think We Know God Is Up To A Lot He’s Doing Some Amazing Things In People’s Lives And Around The World In My Own Life And We Got Put Our Focus And Attention On That Mm-hmm Totally Matter In Its What I Know What You Spoke To Earlier What Was So Powerful We Kind Of Just Passed By And I Kind Of Passed By Because Of It There’s So Much We Can Say To It About Going To Churches And Going To Meetings And In Heaven Like Expecting Something To Happen Expecting God To Show Up Expecting People To Get Healed – And And And And – So To Speak To That Man The Power Of Expectation The Power Of Expectation We Look At People All Throughout The Scriptures We Look At The You Know The Woman With The Issue Of Blood That She Knew She Expected That When She Touched Jesus To Him Of His Garment That Power Virtue Would Flow To Her And Heal Her Yes And And And Who Was It The Guy Who Kind Of Tore The Roof Off And He Lowered The Guy Down Through The Roof Because They Knew That If They Could Get That Roof Off And Get Him Closer Close Enough To Jesus He Would Be Held They Knew If Jesus Spoke The Word Of Healing That Their Kid Wouldn’t You Know Be Dead Anymore Be Deaf Or Blind Or Ridden Or Demons It’s The Power Of Expectation Man And Essentially There’s Something That’s Called The Placebo Effect And There’s Power To It That If You Know Something’s Working Or You Believe It The Work Then Guess What It Essentially Works For You It’s Working Right If You Believe It And So The Whole Thing With The Demons Those People Who Study And Research Demons And Research That Stuff And Expect Them To Show Up Guess Guess What They Find Absolutely Find Demons Everywhere They Go The Same Way With The Angelic Realm And Angelic Orders To Be Open For Them To Be Open For An Encounter To Be Looking For Something Like That To Happen And And Then Therefore You Become More Susceptible For Those Situations To Happen And Stuff And So That’s What Is About About Like Walking In The Spirit And Anywhere You Go Whether It’s At A Church Or You Go Out In Public Or Something Like That To Be Lacking For A Move Of God And It Always Happens It Always Happens Every Time I Would It And Here’s The Thing To You Sometimes It’s Not It’s Not Necessarily The People’s Fault And It’s Not Even Necessarily The Church’s Well I’m Not Really Laying Blame On Any Specific Part Here I I Guess I’ll Explain It Like This Like You Have A Stove You Know This Stove I Have A Gas Stove Um I Know This Stove When I That’s A Bad Example Let’s Use The Ones That Have The Metal Rims That Heat Up Okay I Know That That Stove Is Supposed To Heat Things Up And When You Turn It On Boy It Gets Hot And I Do Not Want My Hand On It You Know If I Don’t Want To Experience Getting Burn I Don’t Touch That That Metal You Know I’m Saying I Don’t Touch That Thing That’s Getting Hot But Here’s What’s Happening Is People Are Walking Into A Church That Should Be Getting Hot And They’re Putting Their Hands Close To It There’s No Heat They’re Touching It And It’s Cool It’s Cold They Know In The Back Of Their Mind Hey This Is A Stove Yeah It’s Supposed To Be Making My In Ah You Know It Should Be If I Touch That It’s Going To Burn Me But They’re Touching It And It’s Cold It’s Cool And You Can’t Keep Walking Up To That Stove And Every Time You Touch It Expecting It To Be Boiling Hot If Almost Every Time You Touch It It’s Cold And So People Are Walking In A Church Maybe When They’re First Got Saved They First Experience That Presence Got Man They’re Gung-ho And They Expect When I Touch This Thing It’s Hot I’m Experiencing Something Something Is Happening When I’m Touched But They Keep Touching It And It’s Cold And They Touch It Again It’s Cold It’s Kind Of Surprising Like What’s Happening They Touch It Again It’s Cold You Know I’m Saying And They Do That Enough Times Well Now They Their Expectation Is Just Coming Down Down Until They Expect It To Be This Is Just What It Is I Know This Is A Stove I Know It Should Be Doing Something Else I Know This Is Church I Know This Is Where I Should Be Experiencing God But I’m Not So I’m Not Really Expecting To Know You Know You Had The Man You Had The Man He Was A Tax Collector He Was The Romans Didn’t Like Him Even Though They Used Him The Jewish People Didn’t Like Him Because He Was Taking Taxes From Him He Couldn’t Go Like Just Serve His God He Was Walking Into The Temple The One Place On The Face Of The Earth That Was Supposed To Offer Salvation To Everyone On Earth And There Is Nothing For Him He’s Tearing His Clothes Crying Out To God Like Ah You Know Just Not Frustration There’s Nothing Here Working For Me The System Is Broken This Is The One Place I Should Be Able To Go To Experience The Salvation Of God And It’s Broken And Jesus Met That Man Jesus Used Him In An Example And He Experienced His God And Things Like That But And So You Gotta Actually Counteracted It With The Pharisees Who Then Thought Their Lives Were All Great And Okay And They’re Working In A Broken System And Like You’re Going Nowhere Yeah You Know Your Scope Is Cold There’s Nothing Happening And So You Know I I Have That Compassion For People Who You Know Like Man I Can’t Expect God To Come Down I Don’t Expect Things That Because They Can’t Touch That Stove That’s Cold Yeah It’s A Problem And You Know We Need People Who Have That Fire Of God In Them Again Who Have A Desire Who Expect The Presence Who Believe In Healing Not Just Say It But Pray For It You Know Actually Pray For People For Healing Actually This Stuff Your This Stuff The Bible Believe That God It Wants To Do The Same Things Now They Did In The Bible You Know I’m Saying Like Man And When They Get Around People Like That They Go Wow That’s Hot You Don’t Say That’s Well That That’s An Experience That’s Something That’s Happening Yeah And Then They Come To Expect It You Know Yeah Oh You Gotta Find Some People Like That In Your Life If You Want To Really Grow In The Presence Of God It’s Very Difficult To Do It On Your Own Yeah It Is Man But It’s Out There Man And There’s A Lot Of People Waking Up There’s A Lot Of People Who Were Stepping Out In Faith And Are And Cheer You Know You Know People Walk In Like Wait Great Example I Love Todd White I Don’t Know Exactly Here Kick It Man Todd Why Definitely Todd Why It’s A Huge One Dude And There’s A Lot Of Other People That They’re Featuring Too Just A Lot Of Independent I Think It’s Some Lifestyle Christianity Is Posting A Lot Of Independent People Who Have Just Seen Who Have Actually Documented It And Just Have A Camera Going Whenever They’re Out There Okay Um So Yeah We’re Gonna Open Up The Phone Lines Anybody Needs If Anybody Needs Prayer You Know I’m Saying We’re Here For That And If You’re Going Through Through This Stuff If You Need Somebody To Talk To If You Need If Like If You Feel Stuck In A Situation Or You Know You Wrestling With Some Things And You Need Prayer Call In As And Would Definitely Agree With You Nate Yeah Questions Man About The Bible About His Life About You Know I’m Saying Anything That He’s Been Through So The Phone Lines Are Open The Phone Number Is Scrolling At The Bottom Of The Screen Or It’s In All The You Know On The Website On Youtube Facebook All That Good Stuff Everywhere We’re Streaming Live Seven Two Four Four Four Four Seven Four Four Four So Give Us A Call Call Id Seven Eight Six Four Three Pound It’ll Put You Right In Queue We Do Have A Caller Here From South Alabama Is What It Says I’m Going To Take That Call We Do Have A Special Caller Who I Got I Got Somebody Lined Up For You This Is It’s A Surprise They Said That They’d Call So I Don’t Know If This Is That Person Or Not But We Got Somebody From South Alabama Hoo-wee Speaking Where You Align With Us Uh Louisville Hey Brother Liu How Are You I Feel A Spirit I’m Here My Revolution Riding Up With It By Taking A July Foul Wow No That Is I’m Still Just Broke My Soul I Like What You Said I Still We Broke It Need To Rekindle The Fire The Jeremiah Revolution Rising Up With It Yeah Call Yeah Luo Man Thanks For Calling My Yurt Armor-bearer Levi’s Levi’s The Armor Bearer Or Do You Gonna Use One I’ll Really Up You Really Spoke An Amazing Word Over My Life Liu And I Have We Have Remembered That For A Long Time What I Believe I Believe I’m Living It Out I Believe I’m Stepping Into Everything That You Said Over Me When I Was 12 Years Old Oh Yeah Can I Get A Number Two Oh Wow Right About That I’m Guessing He’s In The Drafter Lu Brother Luke Called And Take Care Frank I’m Here He Calls It 14 Of Them That’s Awesome Hahaha Look At You Man You Smoke Over My Life And You Said Where’s A Kid With The Rat Tail You Called Me Out Of The Crowd You Called Me Up There And You Said You Said What’s Your Name I Said Levi Here Like Levi Got It Written A Book Of Your Life But When You Turn 13 I Was Three Days Away From Turning 13 You Knew Me From Nothing I Was Three Days Away From Turning 13 You Said When You Turn 13 You’re Going To Go Through A Test And You’re Going To Pass That Test And In Your Teenage Years You’re Going To Be Known As A Man Of God A Man Of Prayer And Then In Your 20s You’re Going To Shake America For God And Lou I Think That All Of That Has Happened In My Life Up To This Point I’m 25 Years Old I Got Five More Years Left I’m Feeling God Stirring In My Life So Many Good Things And And To Speak Into People And To Do Things For My Generation And That’s What It Is Good To Hear From You Why Were You Afraid I Was Feeling From The Lord Calling Off The Warning With You Yeah Yeah That’s What It’s About Oh Man Good Talk It’s Good To Talk To Your Friends Good Talking Good Uniform Yeah And Good To See That God Is Using You So Many Great Weight Yeah Absolutely Yeah I’ve Never I’ve Never Changed My Mind I Experienced That Presence Of Guy And God Has Stuck With Me I’ve Never Changed On Mind I’ve Just Grown In That Maturity In That Faith And I You Know I’m Grateful For People Like You Angles And Sewed Into Me So I Get So Much To Catch Up All Right I Would Love To Catch Up Sometime That Would Be Awesome I Gotta Go Wiper : Ah Sad Skippity Calls Listen To That Call There’s A Voice A Guy Calling And There’s A Wife Call You Guys Oh Wow That’s Crazy Wow Also Man Lou Engel That’s Crazy Man Yeah I Was Having A Little Bit Of A Hard Time Here And I Don’t Know If I Was – I Was I Was Able To Hear Him But It Was Kind Of Low He Can Go Back And Listen To The Broadcast As Well You Still There Luke Okay Believe He’s Gone Yeah You Had To Go With His Wife I’m Sure Man Well Crazy Yeah Um Yeah He Was In The Documentary As Well Right Yeah He Was In A Portion Of It And He Pulled Me Out Of The Crowd And Spoke Over My Life As Has He Ever Spoke To Uh You Know That Whole Situation Has He Ever Released Any Statements Or Contacted You Guys Well Here’s The Thing He Was Just Kind Of Like A Random Guest Visitor He I Think He Would Just Happen To Be In Town And Becky Got Ahold Of Him Or Something Yeah By There She’s Like Hey We Got A Bunch Of Kids Here Is There Something You Could Save These Kids You Know Is There Something Will Open Up A Spot For Me And He Came By And Spoke And And Then He Called Me On The Crowd And Spoken In My Life And I Mean I’ve Never I Really Never Really Spent Much Time With Him Saying You Know Like Before Or Sense Or Anything He’s Just This Awesome Man God Who Just Pulled Me Out Of The Crowd And Spoke And Again He Said We Were Gonna Go Through A Test When You Turned 13 I Was Three Days Away From Turning 13 I Was Like Who Is This Guy You Know Obviously God Is Speaking Through So That Was An Amazing Moment Personally In My Life So It Was Really Good To Hear From Him Again Yeah That’s Awesome Man I’ve Been Promoting It And Stuff So It’s Awesome I Guess He’s Seen It Um Wow Um I Wanted To Ask You Too Man So We Still Got The Phone Lines Open Anybody Want To Call In For Prayer Or Yeah Want To Join The Conversation Be Sure To Do That Um Becky Fisher Um What Was Her Whole Deal Um I Guess I’m From The Beginning And Do You Have Any Weird Feelings About You Know That Whole Situation Well Who Becky Fisher Was In The Film Yeah She Was Man She Was Somebody Who Just I Think Really Connected To The Fact That Hey These Kids Are Being Taken Off Like So Many Things Lou I Think A Loose Still There Oh Anyways L Don’t Be Hungry So Becky Fisher She She Was Just Being Impacted By Hey These Kids Are Experiencing So Many Things From The World We’ve Got To Get Him Experiencing Some Things From God Too And I As A Young Kid I Was Really Inspired By Her Because Everyone Else All The Adults Just Basically Like Hey Go To Your Back Room And Do Your Own Thing But Becky She Was Like This Adult Who Was Like Hey We Want You To Take The Microphone You Know We Want To Hear From You Is Doing Things In Your Life You Can Again You Can Change The World You Know That Type Of Stuff And So Whatever They Sow Is Into You When You’re Young Kid When Somebody Who Is An Adult That You Look Up To As A Young Person Is Giving You That Kind Of Attention That’s That Impacts Your Life I Mean That Inspires Me Today To Come To Pay Attention To People To Young Kids To Pay Given My Focus Give Them My Attention I Mean It Really Impacting More Than We Really You Know What Man I Used To Do That Because I Was In A Band I Was In A Couple Bands Back In The Day I Did Uh I Played In A Couple Metal Bands And At The Very End Of My Set We Played This Breakdown It Was Really You Know What A Breakdown Is Just Like Everybody Hitting The Chords At The Same Time Gookin Gonna Go Into The Gun Is Real Easy Stuff But That’s What Everybody Loves It Like Everybody Like Smashing And Dancing And All That So We Would Play This Breakdown At The End Of The Set And It Got To A Point Where I Would Like Find Somebody In The Crowd To Give My Bass Guitar To To Let Them Play Them You Know I’m Saying The Last Breakdown And People Would Kind Of Fight Over Who Was Gonna Who Was Going To Do It Like Everybody I Want To Do A Man And So All You Know All Of My Friends Were Fighting Over Who Want To Play The Breakdown And I Would Try To Find Some Kid Man You Know I’m Saying I Was Trying To Find A Kid Out There Who Was Just Into The Music But Somebody Real Young But Hey Man Come Here And I’m Gonna Give You My Base To Just You Know Follow The Guitar Player With The Rhythm You Know And They Would Play You Know Play The Last Breakdown Or Something Just Like I’m Saying Seeing Little Stuff Like That Knowing That It Would You Know I’m Saying That They Would Remember That For A Long Time I Remember Going To Shows And Then The The You Know If There Was A Band Up There The Lead Vocalist Would Hold The Mic Out And Let People Scream Into The Mic And We Grabbed It With Screen And I Would Remember That Stuff Being A Part Of The Show And Stuff Man So I You Know It Says So Much When You When You’re When You Have A Stage Where You Have A Platform And Then You Kind Of Show Some Attention For Somebody Else And Just To Let Them Know Like Hey Man You Know Saying You’re Part Of This To Essentially Men So I Guess Becky Kind Of Doing The Same Thing For You I’m Sorry You Guys Let You Guys Come Up And Share And I’m Saying Your Side Own Stuff You Know I Don’t Have Really Anything Negative To Say About Becky She Was A Great Lady Is A Great Lady I Still Know Her Day She Came To My Wedding Which I Got Married Like 10 Go Now And Yeah Absolutely So We Have Me I’m Not In Contact With There All The Time Right We Definitely Have No Heart There’s No Hard Feelings At All No No In Fact I Mean She’s She’s Somebody That Helped Me Become Who I Am Today Even Just Aside From Jesus Camp Just Aside From All That And No Film She Changed My Life Just Who She Was And And Giving Me An Avenue To Start Experiencing And And Using What I You Know What God Was Doing In My Life Spraying Over People And Things Like That Really An Awesome Lady And Still Does A Lot Today By The Way Sure Kimmy Not Female Yeah Yeah Kids In Ministry International Is All Around The World Man And There Are Young Kids In Every Culture In Every Area Who Are Experiencing That Presence Of God In That That You Know That You Were Seeing The Kids In Jesus Camp Experiencing So It’s Very Good I’m Fully Supportive Of Her And What She Does What I’m Happening With The Church After That Because I Thought I Seen Some Stuff That I After That The Church Shut Down Or Something Like That But From All The Scrutiny So There’s There Is A Church And Lee Summit That We Met For At A Conference Hmm With Becca Fisher And Part Of The Film Was Filmed There Then There Was A Camp Up In North Dakota Hmm That Was Kind Of More Like The Camp Although It Really Wasn’t A Campus Like Cabins And Stuff Like That But Um And That Camp Started Getting A Lot Of People Just Camp And Stuff Like That Being Things Like That Uh You Know Spray-painting Things On The Walls And Stuff Like That After Jesus Camp Excuse Me Had Come Out And So That Camp Had To Close Down I Don’t Know If It’s Reopened Now When I Think There’s They’re So Far Separate From That Now I’d Be Fine But The Church Itself The Church That We Did The Conference Here In Kansas City And Not Still That’s Still Here In Doing Just Fine I Don’t Go To That Church I Go To Again Why World Without A Search World Of Our Church Is Completely Separate From Jesus Camp As Well Really No Connection Just Where I’m Attending Today So What Are You Doing At The Church Are You Are You Want To Staff Or You Want Leadership Or What Yeah I Went To The School Ministry There For Three Years And Graduated From The School Ministry And I Was Working There For A Little While In What Was Called The Network And So That Was Connecting Pastors And Leaders From All Over The World Who Wanted To Be Connected To That Church That Was Their Avenue For Doing So We Did Credentials And Gave Out Licensing Not Gave It Out But Yeah Licensed People And Different Things Like That And In Product And Resources We Did Conferences I Was Helping Those A Bunch Of Conferences Every Year Why I Have Since I Just Recently Actually Moved Into More Just A Just A Regular Job At A Place That Well I’m Like A Customer Service Rep In Another Place And Can Pay Pretty Well Though And So Part Of That Is Just My Marriage And Where I’m At In Life Right Now But My Heart And Desire Is All Over And All For Ministry And My Church Here And I Absolutely Love It And Love Want To Be Doing Things For God Of Course You Can Be Doing Things For God In Any Job Mom But Yeah So Definitely I Was On Staff And Things Like That But Now I’m Doing Something Else For Right Now Do I Do Um You Get Asked To Speak Often Because Because Of The Whole Jesus Camp Thing Or Do You Get D Do Interviews And Stuff Like That A Lot Or Is It Something Some Of That And There Was Some Of That And Things Like That But I Knew In Me I’ve Got To Grow And Mature And Who I Am In Jesus Before I Do Anything With This And And So When I Went To That School Ministry Here In Kansas City Nobody There Knew Who I Was Nobody Had Any Reference Of Jesus Camp No But I Came In As A Nobody And I Served Man óskar Oh My Gosh I Would Set Up The Table For Classes I Would Be There Early I Wanted To Help Do This You Need This Line Run Underground For This Electricity In This Building I Dug The Hole Like I Served And I Gave And I Gave That Poori Out And I Took It On My Shoulders And I Looked At You I Worked It Because I Knew I Knew I Had To Man God Jesus Came He Was A King But He Came As A Servant And I Knew I Would Not Be Able To Have An Effect In Ministry And With My Life If I Didn’t Learn To Become A Servant If I Didn’t Learn To Put Jesus In His Place In My Life That God You’re First I’m Second I’m Not So Great You’re Great And So I Went Through Years Of Of Just Serving Guy Going After Him And Growing In Just My Relationship With Jesus Outside Of Anyone Knowing Who I Was Outside Of Just Like Oh I’m Doing This Because People Are Watching Me Outside Of All That I Just Grew In My Love And My Devotion For God And Like Even This Morning Man I’m Waking Up I’m Reading This Psalm I’m Praying Over My House I’m Praying Over My Life You Know Just The Daily Stuff I’m Just Because I Love Jesus Because I Love Him And I Think You Know Now I’m Starting To Reach A Point Where It’s A Crossover Point Where I’m Gonna Start Doing More Speaking And Things Stuff With That Being Said I Have Done Some Plenty Of Speaking I’ve Done Some Conferences And Things Like That Here And There But I Think More And More God Is Developing More Towards Doing That So Do You Have A Website Or Anything Or What’s The What’s The Best Place People Can Contact You If Somebody’s Watching This And Say You Know What I Love I’d Love For You To Come Tell Your Story Or You Know Have You On An Interview On A Podcast What’s The Best Place For Them To Contact You I Mean The Same Way You Did Man I Mean I Easy I Am To Find On Facebook There’s A Lot Of Levi O’brien’s But Yeah That’s The Best Way As Of Right Now We I Wish We Had Guardi Gotten It Started But Me And My Wife We’re Gonna Start A Youtube Channel And Start Talking About God And Start Talking About Those Types Of Things In Fact Another Friend Of Mine Literally Asked Me Yesterday Says Dude Let’s Get Together Start Making A Podcast Stuff As Well I’m Like I’m Listening To This One And Seeing Everything You’re Doing Loving It Matter If You Need Any Help Meeting To Help Us Let Me Know Man Ah If You Need Any Help Let Me Know I Can Point You In The Right Absolutely Derek I Can See You’re Doing It Really Well And I Would Really Like To Talk To You About It Some More So But Yeah These Things Definitely I Think There Was That Time Of Development I Knew I Can’t Just Step Right Into This After Me Developed A Little Bit A Lot Of People Man They Have That First Encounter With God There’s Like You Know What I’m Ready For Ministry Man I’m Ready Shoot Out There And Win The World For Jesus Lino You Got To Go Through Boot Camp You Just Had It I Just Gave You A Taste Of The Glory Now You Got 15 Years Ahead Of You That You Got To Get Ready George Yeah You Got To Go Through The Little Shop You Got A Circle Got A You Got A Scrub Toilets I’m Saying Total This Is What They Call It You Know In Church You Don’t Shine That Sweep That’s Where You Start Out Cleaning Toilets In The Church Man Just Serving People That You Know What Though And I Know We Hear That A Lot Yeah We You Know We Need To Serve And Serve But Many More Leaders Need To Serve Man Like It’s Even Me Man I You Know It Just I Kind Of Get Back To This Place To Where I Was Kind Of Like A Celebrity Locally And You Know People You Know Having Me Out To Come To Events And Putting You In The Little Rooms And You Got Your Little You Know They Got Two Little Plates And Pizzas And I’ll Let You Stay Back Here Everybody And They Kind Of Serve You And Stuff And Doing It So Much Of That It Kind Of Gets To Your Head In The End You Know Then You’re Getting Paid For Forward And Stuff Like That But Then It Kind Of Gets Back To Okay Like It’s So Humbling To Serve Because That’s What Jesus Did And He Said That The Greatest Among You Is The Servant So For Me Humbly I Could Say That But Most Of Our Leaders Man I Would Love To See A Lot Of These Big Name People Get Back To Just Serving And Just Being Down There With The People You Know And Most People Really Truly Add That Impact That Really Touches Lives And You Study Them And You See The Ones That Really Affected History They Have All Had That Story Of Going Through The Grind You Know At The Bottom Fighting Their Way Through Nobody’s Gonna Let Nobody Here’s The Thing I Mean I Got Proc Sight Over By Lou Engel I Was In Jesus Camp All This Stuff People Looked Up To Me You Know There Was An Impact Of The World And Things Like That No One It Was Very I Say The Biggest Struggle Probably Wasn’t All The Criticism It Was Like Uh Can I Out Do That Can I Reach That Point Again Yeah Yeah I Am I Really Gonna Make It To Where People Are Proc Sighing Into My Life That Is The Struggle Right There Yeah And I Think You Got To Realize That Your Destiny That Fight Other People Are Not Going To Fight That For You You Know You Have To Do It You’re The One Who Wakes Up And Read Your Bible You’re The One Who Listens To That Worship Music Yeah I Mean You’re The One Who Goes And Reads That Book Who Picks Up That Commentary Who Gets With Jesus And Spends Time Alone With Jesus God Jesus Had All These Crowds Of People And He’d Leave To Go Be Alone With God He Knew At That Time And So You’re The One Who Asked To Make Those Things Have That Daily Grind You Know I Mean It Looks So Big It Looks So Beautiful It Looks So Great Like It’s Just Gonna Fall In Your Lap And Fall In Your Lap You’ve Got To Fight For It You’ve Got To Develop You’ve Got To Keep Working At It And In Fact The Movie By The Way Just Really Random Maybe Seemingly Random The Movie La-la-land I Think Does An Amazing Job About Two People Getting Married And Trying To Balance Their Vid Like Dreams And Goals For Life Okay I’m A Wreck Tonight Majesty No I’ve Never Seen It Well I Write It Down I’m Really Big Into Movies In A Lot I Liked It I Liked Out The Element I Think Art My Generation People Our Age Honestly Are Really Struggling With That They’re Like Man If I Have A Dream I Can Just Go Get I Just Got To Do It Like Everything Else Comes Second I Just Go And Bla Bla And Like Then You Got This Other Person Who’s Like Hey I Have A Dream And I Can Just Go Get It I Can Just About How We’re Gonna Pay The Bills How Are We Going To Boats Run After Our Dreams And Still Be Together How Are We Gonna And You’re It Really Plays Really Well With Balancing Those Types Of Things Are Our Age Group Yes You Need Struggles With That Yeah Definitely I May Need To Check That Out There Me And My Wife Are Kind Of In The End That Boat Now Where We’re Both Have These You Know These Different Areas And Directions That Were Going Separately Because It’s Different But We Kind Of Kind Of Bringing Them Together And Trauma And Essentially Trying To Mesh It So Hopefully That Speaks To That I’ll Be Awesome Yeah So Once You So Mana Does He’s Like The Element Of The Film Really Talks About Um I Basically Got Compromised You Got A Compliment Okay So Some Of My Work This Message Of Me Here On Here She Said I Told You I Wanted To See It But That Was A Big Note From You Know I It’s A Problem Look Like A Chick Flick I Was Like Now We’re Not Gonna Watch That We’re Gonna Watch Mad Max Fury Really Listen I Am We’ll Admit It’s Not Necessarily Gonna Be The Greatest Film You’ve Ever Watched In The First 30 Minutes Of It Will Make You Want To Turn It Off Okay Telling You The First 30 Minutes Of That Movie Is So Slow And I Felt Like I Was Watching A High School Like I’m At I’m Watching High School Kids Just Singing On A Stage Yeah It Was Lame And Slow First 3 Mins But After That Just Let The Storyline Just Develop A Little It Gets Good And Then The Elements If You’re Really Watching It For Those Elements Of You Know Balancing Those Things In Your Life It’s It’s A Good Film So Just Make It Through Those First 30 Minutes There Don’t Turn It Off I Will Do I Will Because Levi O’brien Told Me To And Me And My Wife Will Watch That A Bit Excellent Where We Watch Death Alex Did So Hey Man I Got A Um Like A Way That People Can Help Support The Show Is We We Have A An Account With Audible Audible Trial Comback Slash True Secret People Can Go There And Sign Up And Get A Free Audiobook And So I Always Try To Plug A Book And I Talk About Books That Kind Of Help Me Kind Of Helped Me On My Spiritual Path One Of Them I Don’t Know If You’ve Ever Read This But One Big One For Me Was The Final Quest By Rick Joyner Have You Ever Read It And I Have Not Not Read That What’s A Book That That’s That’s Kind Of Stood Out To You And Your Spiritual Walk With The Lord I’m Texting This To My Wife Real Quick Final Quest By Rick Joyner Oh Yeah That’s A Must Man Definitely Okay I’m Gonna Look Into It But One I’m Actually Reading It Right Now Again I Should Say There Man There’s A Couple I Could Really Mention Danny Silk A Guy Named Danny Silkies From Bethel Has Some Of The Top-notch Christian Books Today Mine Okay He’s Out At Bethel Church And He Wrote Um One Of The Books Called Keep Your Love On Is A Amazing Just Like Changing The Way You Think Book It’s It’s Called Keep Your Love On And It Will Just At The Very Like Fabric Of Who You Are You’re Gonna Go Like I’ve Got Changed Some Of The Things I’ve Been Doing Another One Is Called The Supernatural Ways Of Royalty And I Want To Say That’s Bill Johnson Who Wrote That Supernatural Ways Of Royalty Is Another Book That Really Changed Affecting My Um Big Bethel Guy But I Not Necessarily Like I Know I Like Beth I Love Their Music And I Love Lot Of Teaching And Stuff In It And Things Like That But I’m Connected To A Really Great Place Here In Kansas City – I Get A Lot Of Great Things From But Their Books The Book I Have Not Read It Yet But The Book Culture Of Honor By Danny Silk Is Like On My List In The Next Book To Read Because Danny Silk And Chris Balaton Have They Ma’am Telling You They’ve Got Some Great Great Stuff Um So Those Two Guys If You Want To Look Em Up But But Anyways I If I Can Narrow It Down To One The Book Keep Your Love On Is An Amazing Book Keep Your Love Home By Danny Silk Oh Yeah Definitely We’ll Check That Out And See If It’s On Audible Too So People Want To Support The Nanny With Me People Wanna Support The Show Go To Backslash True Seeker Pick Up One Of Those Books For Free You Get Your First Book For Free I’ve Been Listening To A Lot Of Audiobooks Here Recently – Been Getting A Lot Of Books Under My Belt Because I Like To Read But Sometimes I Don’t Get A Lot Of It Done But Having The Audiobooks On I’m Not I’m Getting Like Books Under My Belt Like Yeah I Read That Right There That’s Pretty Cool Man You Can Have It Awesome Have It Going But Um It’s Good Yeah Do We’re Coming Up On The End Of The Show Is There Anything That You Wanted To Talk About That We Didn’t Speak On Anything That God’s Doing In Your Life For You Or You Feel Led To Speak On It’s Good Man I Think I Think By The Way There Is An App Out There Called Be Fierce Okay It’s By Another Guy Who’s Been A Big Just Effect In My Life I Love Him His Name Is Dustin Smith There’s A Lot Of Worship Music But He Has An App Out There Right Now Called Be Fierce And It’s Just Got Like Daily Devotionals Specifically Geared Towards Men Um And So You’re Reading These Daily Devotionals And Just Being Inspired By Other Men To Get In That Word Of God To Get Into Some Time Alone With Him I Think It’s A Big Epidemic Today That People Are Not That They’re Not Experiencing God You Know They’re Not Getting In To The Word Of God They Don’t Really Know Where To Start And So I Would Start Somewhere Like That But I Want To End With Just People Hey You Know Get In That Word Of God If You’re Really Interested In This If You’re Really Interested In Experiencing Some More Whether You’re Christian And You Just Want Some More Whether You’ve Experienced In The Past You Want To Kind Of Get You Know What Is It’s Really About If You’ve Never Experienced It Get Around Some People Who Truly Love God Who Truly Love The Lord And Have A Passion For Mucal You Can Tell Those People You Know I Mean You’re You You Never Have To Guess You Know If I’m A Chiefs Fan I’m A Chiefs Fan I Love The Chiefs I Love The Royals On A Kansas Ii You Know Kansas City You Never Have The Guests You Never Have Any Guests I Love Jesus Yeah You Know Those People In Your Life Who They Love Jesus Go Get Around Those I Would Encourage You Get Around Those Types Of People Start Making Some Time In Your Day To Pick Up That Word Got Start And Songs Start Reading Some Of The Psalms Or Something Start Asking God Hey God I Want To Experience You In My Life Just Begin Small I Mean It Seems Small But Everything Small Everything Is Small As Though Everything That Was Major That’s Built In Life Was Built In Small Steps And So Man Just I Would Say That That Would Be The Number One Thing That I Want To End With A Getting That Word Of God Whether You’re Getting Back To It Or You’re Getting Into It For The First Time Hey Get It Make Time For Jesus In Your Life And Just See What Happens Awesome Man So I Know You’re Praying Man We Pray Before The Show And Those People Who Are Listening Who May Be On The Fence Maybe They They Believe In Jesus They Might Not Have A Relationship With Jesus They May Know Of Him They Might Not Know Him You Know They May Have Not Had That Encounter Man Pray For That Person Listening Right Now I Don’t Care Where They Are Was It A You Know Driving In Their Car Headed To Work If They’re On The Job And They Don’t Know About This Jesus Amen Pray Blessing Over Them That God Will Encounter Them Where They Are Right Now Yeah Lord I Just Speak Who I Speak Over These People Anybody Who’s Listening And Gonna Be Listening God That You Would Invade Their Life That Right Now They Would Start Feeling A Piece A Piece From Your Presence God Just An Overwhelming Piece Just Coming Over Them Just Flowing Down Just Flowing Down Into Who They Are Into The Deepest Parts Of The Hair Of Their Soul Of Their Mom They’re Hard God That You Right Now Would Just Invade Their Space There Right Now Lords You Would Come In And Begin To Move Inside Of Them And Begin To Speak To Those Areas In Their Life And Begin To Speak Into That Destiny And The Life That You Are Calling Into That Hey There Is Something Better Out There There Is Something More Than You Have Experienced There Is Something More Than You’re Living Right Now There’s Something Beyond The Depression There’s Something Beyond That There’s Something Beyond The Darkness You’re Experiencing Right Now Now You Speak Right Now That Love Of God Would Begin To Invade Your Life That Your Your Love O Lord Would Reach Right Into Their Hearts Reach Right Into The Place That They Need It Most And Begin To Bring That Light And Begin To Bring That Goodness In Life That They Would Start Breathing In That Fresh Air In It Oh Man And You Would Just Bring In Some New Things In Their Life And Start Setting And Place People In Their Life Who Are Gonna Lead Them Back To You God I Pray To Everyone Listening There Would Be Moments This Week Of Some People In Your Life We’re Gonna Lead You Closer To Jesus That You’re Gonna Run Into Someone This Week That Will Lead You Closer To Jesus That Will Help You Reach That England Honor With God That You Desire In Jesus Name Now I’m Just Crossing I’m Just Beating Hey Brother Whatever You Feel Brother’s Over Man Thank You Man It’s Awesome Man I Just Wanna I Just Want To Agree With You Too Man Yeah Wow So If That’s You And You’re Listening To This Man You Felt Something From That You Felt Of Taking The Hold On There May Be Something To This Jesus Thing After All Man I Want To Tell You That Jesus Is So Beautiful Man That He Cares So Much For You That God Is Looking For A Relationship With You And He Is He Has Bought That Relationship With You Through The Person Of Jesus Christ For Jesus Going To The Cross Taking Our Sins Upon Himself That We Can Become The Righteousness Of God Through Christ Jesus Man The Scripture Says That That He Became A Curse So That We Might Be Blessed So Anybody Who You Kind Of Feel Like You’re A Curse You I Feel Like Bad Things Have Just Been Following You Right Now In Jesus Mighty Name God I Ask You To Bless Them Lord That They Are More Than Conquerors Through Christ Jesus Even Now Let Them Feel That Fire Of Your Holy Spirit Which We Talked About From The Beginning God We Honored You Lord With Our Lips And We Honor You With Our Hearts God That You Will Meet Our Friends Where They Are Right Now In Jesus Mighty Name Lord Let Them Know God That You Love Them And That You Have A Plan And A Purpose For Their Life To Bless Them To Prosper Them And Lord God That They Can Run To You With Their Problems They Can Run To You With Their Stress And With Their Worries And With Their Doubts And Their Fears And They Lay It At The Feet Of King Jesus Lord I Thank You For Them And Bless Them And Keep Them In Jesus Mighty Name Thank You Lord Amen Brother Thank You For Coming On The Show Man It Has Been A Joy Man This Has Been Awesome I Thank You For Inviting Me Reach Out To Me Man Anytime You Have Anything To Say Any Any Time You Want To Come Back On Do The Platforms Open We Can Do Some Roundtable Discussions With Other People As Well Man Do Something Uh You Know I’m Saying Just Something Interactive For Everybody I Don’t Stay In Touch Yeah Definitely Enjoy Dance I Was Speaking With Your Man So Thanks For Coming In Whatever Feedback You Get – If You Get Some Feedback On Some Of This Stuff You Know Let’s Do If There’s Something Somebody’s Thinking Out There Maybe We Can Come Back To Something Like That If There’s An Idea Or A Thought They Have You Know Maybe Some Time We Can Come Back To Something About One Of Those Things – Oh I’m Sure There Will Be Definitely Brother We Will Yeah All Right Derek You Have A Good Day Sir All You Think You Too Brother Thanks So Much For Coming On Absolutely Man People Right So Long Yep Levi O’brien From Jesus Camp Ladies And Gentlemen If You Guys Haven’t Seen That Documentary Go Back And Watch It Definitely After Hearing All Of This Stuff You Got It You Got To See It He Was Just A Little Kid When They Filmed It What’d He Say It Was Like 12 12 Years Old I Think He Was Whenever They Filmed It And A Lot Of The Stuff You See On There It Seems Really Extreme With The The Music And The Backdrops And The Lighting Setup And All That So Like These People Knew What They Were Doing When They Came In There I Do Find It Weird That He Just Went To A Random You Know Use Camper Church Revival And He Become A Celebrity Out Of It Just Showing Up As A Kid Man You Know He Didn’t Plan For None Of That To Happen Man He Just Showed Up In It All Of It Kind Of Fell In His Lap God Works In Mysterious Ways Dawning So Yeah Thanks So Much For All The Support Everybody Like I Said You Want To Check Out Those Books You Can Download Your First Audio Book For Free At And It Supports The Show We Get A Kickback On Everyone Who Signs Up You Don’t Have To Spend Any Money Just Sign Up And Download Your Audiobook I’ve Been Listening To Them For A Couple Weeks Now And Really Really Digging The Audio Book Thing Also To Thank You Again To Our New Patrons And Everybody Supporting Every Week Through Patrons If You Believe In The Show If You Believe In The Music Please Support There Any Amount That You Can Do Would Be Awesome There’s Different Levels Of Given And Different Rewards And Perks We’re Going To Be Doing Some Private Podcasts That Are Just Going To Be For Patrons Only On There They Got A Whole Bunch Of New Music That I’m Just As Soon As I Record It I’ll Put It On Patreon And You Guys Get To Listen To It And Getting So Much Feedback From You Guys And Have A Fun Interacting With My Circle Of Friends Over There My Circle Of Trust Man I’m Showing You Guys New Music Before It Gets Out There To The World So Awesome And Thank You Guys So Much For Supporting It Means So Much So We Will Be Back Wednesday Night I’m Going To Be Speaking With Tim Freak He Was Just On Freeman’s Podcast Talking About Consciousness And The Nature Of Reality And How To Stay In The Now Moment And How To Bring All Of Your You Know How Your Your Your Mind Kind Of Wanders And How To Kind Of Bring It In And Focus On Creating The Life That You Want For Yourself Man And You Do That In The Power He Does He Seminars Where They Just Sit Down And Kind Of Kind Of Get Into Meditation And Just Focus On The Now Moment And He’s Kind Of World Without Man He’s Got A Couple Books Out I Say A Couple I Think He’s Got Like 80 Books Out He’s Got A Crazy Number Of Books But It’s Going To Be An Awesome Show Wednesday Night So Make Sure If You Look If You’re Watching This On Youtube If You’re Watching This On Facebook Be Sure To Go And Subscribe Over At Itunes If You Have An Iphone Itunes Android There’s A Link On There It’ll Bring Up All Kind Of Podcasting Subscribe To Us On Itunes And Give Us A Like In A Subscription Over There It Would Mean So Much Thank You Guys We’ll Be Back Wednesday Night Shalom Shalom

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