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In this episode of The TruthSeekah Podcast TruthSeekah speaks with John Tussey about music, vibration and the sound of heaven.

John Tussey is an award-winning recording artist – pianist / synthesist, composer, arranger, private music instructor, music publisher and public speaker and has been involved with music ministry for many years. He resides in Pearl City, Hawaii.

He composes and records contemporary keyboard music with piano and synthesizers. Styles range from mellow to majestic piano solos and ambient serene synthesizer soundscapes. The smooth, easy-listening sounds are peaceful, soothing, relaxing and helpful in eliminating stress as well as calming babies and  children. It is also music that helps babies sleep as well as children and adults. This is music from the heart and connects well with the listener. John’s artistry combined with a variety of playing styles exudes a magnetic charisma that has gained him much favor wherever he plays.

John records some of his music with frequencies of the Periodic Table of Elements. People have reported different degrees of feeling the elements while listening. Periodic Table of Elements music is very rare on the Internet and John is thankful to be one who is recording and releasing it. He also records with both 432Hz  and 444Hz tunings as well as the solfeggio frequencies.

John plays for special events, seminars, conferences and churches. He offers “Contemporary Music Theory Seminars.” Please contact him for more information. John does not currently play for weddings and wedding receptions.

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