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I was privileged to have the first Jordan Maxwell interview of 2019. Jordan Maxwell exposed the Illuminati, NWO and the secret elite that are ruling the planet. During the interview I try to get Jordans reaction to some things going on in current events but Jordan Maxwell always responds with a resounding “I Don’t Care” when it comes to the social issues of our day. In fact Jordan is obsessed with ancient culture and its impact on society as we know it. Jordan comes off brash at times when it comes to religions around the world especially Christianity and the catholic church because of the immense research that he has done over the years. Whenever you open yourself up to “Know The Truth” it is hard to go back. I will say that it is possible but it can be very hard and the research that Jordan has done has caused him to not want to look back. I have had Jordan on The TruthSeekah Podcast several times now over the past few years and every time he comes with some truth that is usually a hard pill to swallow.

I don’t not take EVERYTHING that Jordan says and run with it as gospel truth,

but he does give you other angles to approach concerning religious research. I believe that a part of his scrutiny comes from the fact that the catholic or universal church has kept the rituals of the pagan cultures of antiquity and have tried to white wash or Christianize them and lay claim on the ancient truths when in fact they are stolen. Many people on their pursuit of truth eventually wind up here looking at all the holes in the story of that which passes off as modern day Christianity. When the seeker eventually finds out that December 25th (Christmas) wasn’t really Jesus’s birthday or the fact that Easter has nothing to do with Christ they usually start digging deeper. I mean, what does bunnies laying eggs have to do with Jesus anyway? Bunnies don’t lay eggs. As you begin to look deeper you find out that these practices and rituals were stolen or plagiarized from the other pagan nations. But the more research that you do you find out that that stuff isn’t even Biblical. Scoffers and people who try to debunk Christianity or the Bible jump on these things and try to say “See, I told you it was all a lie” but those things again are not even Biblical. Even Jordan Maxwell and his Zeitgeist material which got really popular with the release of the documentary by Peter Joseph took a huge swing at this stuff passing Christ off as just another risen savior that was stolen from the other religions. But again when you do the proper research the claims that Jordan Maxwell and others have made have nothing to do with Jesus at all but have everything to do with what happened to Christianity once emperor Constantine got a hold of it and mixed all the religions together under the catholic church. So now those who are “In the know” can still venerate the ancient gods of antiquity through the rituals that were preserved through the catholic church.

The very word Catholic translates to Universal.

This doesn’t change or debunk anything but it has caused many Christians to question or abandon their faith because of a well put together documentary or lecture. There’s something about a person who speaks from a place of authority or as an expert on the subject even if they have no idea what they are talking about. In studying hypnotism and hypnotherapy one of the main tenants is to be confident that you can help the person or in this case teach. Even if its wrong yet you explain it with confidence and as a truth it is much easier to win over the crowd if you “seem” to know what you are talking about. I believe that is largely the cause when it comes to the subject of the Zeitgeist because there are other documentaries such as Zeitgeist Debunked or even The Zeitgeist Challenge where they offered a ten thousand dollar reward from someone who can prove the claims made by the Zestiest and yet no one has stepped up the plate or won the money. There simply are no scriptures, writings or books that prove any of this and many of the claims that were made and dots that were connected were dismissed and laughed at by some leading scholars from within the other religions. They were far stretches and embellishments at best. In several interviews that I’ve had with Jordan hes trying to debunk the Bible or Christianity moreover as it seems, because

as a person who believes in God Jordan Maxwell has a special place in his heart when it comes to Jesus and the scriptures.

I can see this as well and try to get him to open up a little more about it and sometimes he does and other times doesn’t. So much so that in one of the last interviews that I did with Jordan Maxwell people in the comment section were confused because he spent the majority of his time talking about how magical the Bible was for those who truly understands it and how the story of Jesus and what happened to him is what happens to all who try to live a life of Godliness and stand for the truth. The comment section went crazy on that interview because it was the first time that they heard Jordan speak about the Bible in a beautiful way.

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that affect the way that you think the way that you operate as a human being and you don’t even know it so we’re gonna get into a little bit of that with my guest today Jordan Maxwell good friend of mine and excited again to speak with him and have him back on I can’t go any further without saying a huge thank you to all the patrons who are supporting my work via patreon everybody who has partnered with me we are listening to supported show and cannot do this without your help so again thank you from the bottom of my heart I’m gonna give a quick shout out to some of the latest patrons within the last week we got two new people who have jumped on board with a shout out to Robbie Bowen shout out to Jeremy Smith thank you guys for coming on board believing in the work if you would like to support head on over the backslash true seeker there you get access to my entire discography of work with just ten plus albums you also get access to the School of the Mystics is something which we do every Thursday night and so if you looking for community looking for people who believe similar things and ideas and you want some people to roll this stuff off many of you guys are out there by yourself you’re just watching YouTube documentaries and rolling this stuff off and you’re going crazy you need somebody to talk to you’ve come to the right place our discord chat is popping with a bunch of like-minded people so if you’re looking for people to resonate with make sure you check out what we’re bringing to the table and that’s enough of that we’re gonna jump right into this interview I’m not gonna hold them any longer my good friend Jordan Maxwell Jordan how’re you doing man I think okay we’ll find out soon enough good stuff always a controversial issue with you all the time every time you you like to get the chat route up say everyone has something to say about it and it’s always intriguing you know it’s always a popular podcast when I have you on and you have a way of ruffling people’s feathers but it’s a good thing right to kind of show you know what you really believe in and try it test it and see if there’s any validity to it right well I mean I’ve always understood that when the student is ready the teacher will appear he’s like Here I am today all over the world people are now in darkness they know they’re in darkness they know that they don’t understand how the world works they know that they’re being lied to and deceived and that criminals are running the world and the world is being run by criminals that are murderous bloodletting criminals and so people are waking up or now they need a teacher they need someone to help them to understand the world they live in and so in the Bible the Apostle Paul says in the New Testament that we are we have a war not against flesh and blood but against principalities and the world rulers of darkness that word world rulers of darkness is cosmocrator us it’s in a Greek word which means world rulers of darkness Cosmo Crutcher as’ and it’s interesting word because it implies that the darkness that the world as in is being ruled over by certain people certain people are keeping us ignorant and ruling over us in darkness so that we are totally in the dark as how the world works what is going on it was coming and what has happened in the past we don’t know so we’re all in the dark if you’re in the dark that means you don’t know what you’re doing you’re bumping into walls you’re bumping into all kinds of stuff you don’t know what’s going on the Apostle Paul says we have a war not against flesh and blood but against the principle these of this world and the world rulers of darkness the cosmic ray chourus does that word have to deal with the cosmos obviously that’s right that’s right world is cosmos and Crutcher us as rulers world rulers as implication is world rulers of darkness the people who are in power who are lying to you and that my god you don’t have to go very far to figure that one out just listen to the world community of politicians and religious leaders they’re lying through their teeth they’re making millions of dollars off of us because we’re all hurting everyone’s looking for for some kind of a peace and they’re praying to God for peace and the more they pray the worse things get because we’re praying to the wrong gods and the whole idea is that the more we change them always they the same people are the same today as they’ve always been for thousands of years ignorant ill-informed unread and not caring and they don’t realize that there’s just a handful of people on the earth who know what’s going on and you’re causing the problems and they’re doing it purposely and like Dickman like George Carlin said is a big club to people who run this world it’s a big club and you ain’t in it you ain’t in it so they want to make sure you stay ignorant and ill-informed and unread and stupid so that’s why they’re dumbing the American people down that dumbing us down because they don’t want you asking questions they’re tired of the poor unwashed masses want to ask questions of your superiors they don’t want you asking any questions you just do what you’re told to do or drink your beer and watch television stay out of the way and your masters will run the world for you you don’t even begin to realize how much power you have as an individual all you got to do is stand up and say no we’re not gonna buy it anymore that’s what I did a long time ago I realized a long time ago how much people don’t know and I don’t want to be a part of the world I live in I want to I want to know what’s going on I don’t want to believe anything this way I have so many churches churches are nothing more than corporations their business that’s why all churches are divided into denominations like twenties and tens and fifties and hundreds denominations as it is a extraordinary story about how we’ve been misled and deceived purposely by people who are empowered today who don’t want you to know I know I’ve been doing that for years I’ve been trying to educate people as to what’s really going on you know about of the worlds right of the world rulers in the worlds rulers and in some scriptures that says that God or wood or Yahweh whoever created the world’s plural Utama world rulers is this more than one of these different entities that could be that rule over different planetary systems or whatever yeah as a matter of fact in the Bible in the King James Bible in the very first words in Genesis says in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth but that’s not exactly correct well you know that’s not what the original says it doesn’t say that in the original scriptures because in Hebrew which is actually a Phoenician language of Phoenician Canaanite language there is in fact no such a language as Hebrew we say that but with what we are actually actually the case is that there is a Hebrew people and they speak their own language which is a Phoenician Canaanite language and therefore the people who are not Ebru say that the language at the Hebrews are speaking is Hebrew no it’s not Hebrew they are Hebrew but they’re speaking Phoenician Canaanite the same thing like in America today in America we speak America no it’s not American you are America were just speaking English so here’s a big difference there so that’s why today so many people misunderstand religion and theology and and what’s going on on the air politically and politically you have to keep in mind if you want to study how the pollak Papa litical system works it’s referred to in colleges and universities as political science it is a science a science means you can prove it back and forth every time it’s always the same as a science to it so politics is a science a political science there is a way they have been developed to control the human race thousands of years ago it’s been known by people who are ruthless tyrannical warlords they know how to control the people and today it’s a political science on how to lie to and control the world of mankind and that’s what we are involved in today all of the lies and deceptions of religion government secret societies criminal organizations criminal societies by God the whole world as you know than is living in darkness it’s just an incredible story does the name Marjoe Gortner ring a bell to you I marked oh yeah he was out preacher from the seventies yeah from the seventies yeah he was he was phenomenal I remember watching that documentary on him where he was doing all the read and raving out the stage and people were loving him and throwing him money and putting giving him money and then he would go into the motel that night which is with his partners and they would have bacon some cases full of money up and out in the bed they got plenty of money why cuz they’re telling the people what they want to hear yeah that’s a secret most people don’t know mm-hmm people today will always support what they want they will not support what they don’t want you know people not everybody but most people will buy clothes that they want to wear they won’t pay money to buy clothes they don’t want to wear they will go to restaurants so order food they want to eat not what they don’t want to eat people will not pay money to support anything they don’t want yeah they will only support what they want and so that’s why there’s so many different people in the world who want different things that’s why there’s so many different clothing stores I have all kinds of clothes why because there’s all kinds of people and some people want this guy clothes some people want that so you have all kinds of clothes but people who want to chore and choose what they want to wear well you have the same thing in restaurants you’ve got all kinds of foods there are all kinds of restaurant but people who want different kinds of foods so if you’re gonna cater to the public you need to give the public what they want and so in religion and theology is the same if you’re gonna run a church it’s a corporation as a company so if you’re gonna be successful in the church you give the people what they want people want to hear what they want to hear they don’t want to hear what they don’t want to hear very simple and the one thing that history has taught us that people generally speaking do not want to hear and that is the truth they’re not open to hear the truth yeah they’re somewhat to hear what they want to hear not what they don’t want to hear the one thing they don’t want to hear is Jordan Maxwell telling them what they believe to be true is not true man let me give you an example let me give you a classic example when I was like eight or nine years old in Florida where I grew up I was growing up in the Catholic Church my whole family were Catholic and in the Catholic Church when you get to be about called a confirmation service that little children go to and as for children it has to confirm that you are a Catholic as a confirmation service for children in the Catholic Church and and and so we were told in the Catholic school the day before and nuns told us that tomorrow night at the church for you children is going to be a confirmation service and the bishop will be here everybody in town will be and will be here because the bishop is coming and he will be here and there for tomorrow night after the service is over and you confirmed a Catholic if the bishop asked you he might want to ask you that if you have any questions he would try and answer that maybe he won’t but he could ask you if you have any questions you he will try and answer them now if the bishop does that you remember you don’t have any questions you keep your mouth shut you know no nothing you don’t ask nothing you don’t know nothing so keep your mouth shut if he asks you so the next night after the service was over all the girls said on one side of the church and all the boy said on the other and the bishop when he was through and the service was over he said now that you were confirmed Catholic I will as your Bishop I will try and answer any questions that you might have about your religious beliefs and so everyone knew all the kids knew you don’t have any question so I stood up I wanted to make sure the nuns and everybody in the church it was crowded make sure everybody knows who I am I stood up so there’s no misunderstanding and I said yes bishop I have a question I said my father works with torches like a welder I said and I played with torches he’s let me hold torches before and I said my question to you is if I was holding a torch and it was on fire and if an angel appeared to me if an angel appeared to me could I put hit him with the torch would it burn him and would it hurt the angel if I hit him with the torch and he said no and I said why not he said well something to the effect that fire as a natural phenomena you have to have a wood or plastic or paper or something that will burn because fire is a natural thing on the earth and I said I understand that but can I burn an angel is didn’t know you can’t burn an angel I said why not he said you can’t even see an angel much less burn an angel and the reason is because angels are spirits and you can’t burn a spirit that’s so if you can’t burn the spirit no you cannot burn a spirit I said well then why am i concerned about going to hell when my spirit will burn forever if I if you can’t burn a spirit I don’t know it doesn’t make any sense to me why I’m not going to hell the burn my spirit will burn forever if you can’t burn a spirit and so I realized then that adults do not know what’s going on here is a man who’s called a bishop II never thought about that most people won’t wonder what in a world with that question they’d never heard of such a student question like that and so it occurred to me that so many people do not know what’s going on they have done no research they don’t read anything they don’t question anything and therefore they don’t know anything and so I learned a long time ago don’t listen to what people are telling you do your own homework do your own thinking I’m not I don’t consider myself to be one of the common people I’m not common I’m not a member of any community you know we have the gay community the black community the word has community communism I’m not a communist I’m not a Marxist Leninist this is what we got going in America today we have a Marxist Leninist communist philosophy in our government the Democratic Party is nothing more than a communist operation in America because all communist countries think about it all communist countries going back to the 1950s all communist countries are always referred to as the People’s Democratic Republic we have today the People’s Democratic Republic of North Korea the People’s Democratic Republic of Cuba the People’s Democratic Republic of China the People’s Democratic Republic and this is why America today has go all over the world to spread democracy democracy is 47 white men hanging one black that’s democracy the people have spoken 47 to 1 so what you’re gonna do about it that’s democracy is called corporate democracy it’s not a people’s democracy like in ancient Greece as a corporate democracy and so democracy is nothing more than coming in as a Marxist Leninist Soviet Communism democracy to hell with democracy I do my own thinking I’m not a common man I do uncommon things I think for myself and I don’t buy what the corporations are putting down I don’t buy into religions and cults and secret societies and government I don’t give a damn about your so the courts and all this so-called law there is no law in America there’s only was a judge says idiot yeah there’s nothing chiseled in stone called law in America there is no law in America in the Bible that talks about the book of Revelation there will come a time when they will come something called the man of lawlessness the man of lawlessness is a term used in the book of Revelation a man of lawlessness the implication is that there will be no law and I used to think is when I was younger what do you mean no law by God you go to a law library you’ve got nothing about thousands of books full of laws where the most law-abiding people on the earth no matter what you do you’re breaking a law and so we mean we’ll all us now I understand now that I’m older I understand the scripture which says that and the last days will come a man of lawlessness we are a lawless country we have no laws in America and how to understand that correctly as to when you go into a court the judge will explain to you we don’t care and this what the law book says so don’t bring a law book into this court the law is whatever I say it is when I say something that is the law whatever I decide that’s what the law is it doesn’t matter what the law written down is there is no written law we don’t care about the written law we decide whatever it is I want to do whatever I say it is that’s what the law is and so you know you can show me all the law books that say you are right now don’t care I’m sitting here the prison anyway cuz I don’t like it I like your looks I’m gonna teach you a lesson there ain’t no law the law is what I say it is yeah and so therefore the cop will he stop chewin and when he stops you in the car what he comes up to the car you’re not gonna tell him about the law he is the law he’s carrying a gun you better wake up and find out he is the law I can kill the science and and not even suffer consequences that’s it and if you want to tell him well the law says he don’t care what damn what the law says he’s not here to help to officiate over the law just gonna throw you in jail and you talk to the judge tell him what the lawyers so therefore in America you don’t have our rule of law you have a rule of criminals the entire superstructure of Western Christian civilization is a criminal empire all over the world we are the law why because we got the guns that were bigger than you so when we decide we want to go into another country and do something we’re not asking you we’re telling you that’s what we want if you don’t like it then we’ll send the Marines in and you wish to hell you two never been born you’ll kill all of you well bomb your place out and kill people across the board to teach you a lesson we’re not asking you for anything we’re telling you because there ain’t no law there is no international law that protects nations that protects the people bottom line is there is no law and law is what is said by the people in power it’s the Golden Rule he who has the gold makes the rules yep going back to you know the false prophet type deal and the people looking for you know paying for what they want spending money for what they want I remember when I was I found out about false prophets and then looking at some of the guys on TV in and the big-money guys or whatever and I’m studying false prophets and seeing what they teach versus what the Bible teaches and I’m back in I begin to kind of like you know blog about them and put their references in my songs about the false prophets leading people astray and I was mad at those preachers I was mad at Benny Hinn I was mad at Creflo Dollar I was mad at these guys but then as you keep reading the scriptures like tell you that it doesn’t matter who’s up there that the people like you said the people will find someone to tell them what they want to hear so the people are the ones paying those people the pastors to be up there they’re given their money every week because they’re telling them what they want to hear so the people see them I would say that they are being propagandize we say that these preachers are propagandized people but remember propaganda does not deceive you propaganda helps you to deceive yourself you are buying into it you you look at these silly-ass preachers with their diamond rings and their effeminate haircuts in their jet planes and their seven million-dollar mansions and they’re out there doing their tap-dance on the stage and entertaining you with all kinds of silly ass bullshit that they call religion and telling you what you want to hear so that they will make millions off of you they’re telling you what they were what you want to hear and they know it and they know what they’re doing is lying to you and they know that they figure you’re so stupid why bother to tell you just tell them what they were tell them tell the people what they want to hear in the church and they will support you and this way you don’t have to go to work you can sit in your 7 million dollar mansion and fly around the world and have your girlfriends and your boyfriend’s and you know how to yeah you don’t have to live like the common people these people who are preachers on television they ought to be put into prison and beaten into prison yeah and nothing more than a bunch of criminals and scavengers ripping the people off a lies and deception it’s an incredible story where theology comes from and what religion is really all about give us a little bit of info on the steeple that’s in the church I know you got some info on like the phallic worship and things like that the steeple and even pulling in energy and things like that to kind of keep the people lulled you have any info on that Oh heaven just as so much out there I don’t even know where to start sure he’s in default if you look up the word in section of encyclopedias church steeples of steeple as a male erection as a that’s why we call it has been erected as church steeple was erected the erect it comes from the word erection so a church steeple is a male erection okay and therefore that’s why I’m Washington DC you have the Washington Monument which is a obelisk an Egyptian obelisk look it up in a dictionary osya Egyptian army all phallic is an erection and the male phallic which we call the Washington Monument whereas an erection is connecting to the female ovaries or what we call the Oval Office the Oval Office is the female ovaries and so the Washington Monument as the male erection connecting to the female Oval Office of Cyrus modern day religion so much of modern day religion Christianity Judaism and Islam all come from the same source most people do not know that because they don’t study theology for 50 years I’m just telling you what the truth is I don’t care how you accept it or don’t accept it or don’t understand that don’t want to hear it doesn’t matter I’m just gonna tell you what the truth is about time so I told you the truth Christianity Judaism and Islam all three come from the same root it’s Hinduism go back to the Hindu religion in ancient India and you will begin to see all the stories that are talked about in Judaism and Christianity and Islam all can be traced back in history to Hinduism the hindus came up with the idea of a messiah the egyptians picked it up from the hindus and they perfected the idea of a messiah there is no such a thing as a messiah and there is nobody coming back to save you nobody is coming back to save the world nobody’s ever come back to save the world and the reason why is because it’s very very difficult to make a big comeback when you’ve never been anywhere to start with and so you ain’t gonna make a big comeback because you’ve never been anywhere to begin with and so therefore jesus is not coming back because it was never here to start with it’s a story the Bible is called though their holy the Holy Bible is called the greatest story ever told it’s a story it’s an encoded metaphor it’s an encoded metaphor symbolic story that’s telling you something very important right in front of you and you don’t see you don’t even the metaphor yeah so what on the on the a phallic symbol instead of staying on that a little bit I’ve heard you mention you know if you want to become a pastor you want to become a missionary you have to go to a certain school and it has to do with with with that as well right that’s right if you want to be a minister in this world today you better go to a university is called a seminary as they’re there is there something in that we’re missing you’re going to a seminary to become a minister why because their religion is all about sex drugs and rock and roll it’s all about sex everything to do with religion is Cole kated in the concept of sex and we call Jesus the Messiah he was anointed and as a term that’s usually Christianity and and all the pagan religions was to be anointed well anointing has to do with sex the sex between male and female the sex period was referred to by the ancient world as anointing and this is why today even in England today when the Queen our King is anointed to be king it’s a religious ceremony in the church and the the Archbishop of Canterbury the head of the English church will take a silver spoon that’s because the royalty of born with the silver spoon in their mouth and he will take a silver spoon into a bowl of oil collect up the oil in the spoon and pour it on the head of the woman and after he sports a head pour the oil on her head she is referred to as have been anointed by God to be the queen that’s the anointing is pointing oil on her head why is it called anointing I thought Jesus was anointed I thought the Messiah is anointed no anointing was used by all the ancient the rulers of the world to become a king or ruler you had to be anointed point oil on your head so therefore when you say jesus the anointed our Jesus was anointed no anointing means sex because in the ancient world before males had sex they would lubricate their their of male the male erection was oil yeah and so that’s why they were anointed and so the kings would anoint all the young women are there to tell he was a big anointing he was the anointed king pouring oil on the head of the penis for sex that’s where it comes from it may sound silly but that’s exactly yeah there’s a lot there’s a lot of idea has to do with sex anointing I want to let everybody know if you guys want to call in and ask a question I do see a lot of questions in the chat but I’m trying to do the the call in feature just call in and we’ll put you through the Jordan Maxwell we got them for a few minutes tonight and we’ll try to take you on and I just want to make sure it’s working too so if you guys want to jump on here make sure you take advantage of that while we have them tonight um wanted to ask you a little bit to about synchronicity have you ever have you had any increased synchronicities lately I know a lot of people like when you’re on that path you start seeing the numbers the signs the flight calls lining up are you still seeing repay and number I am continually seeing that’s what I do that’s what that’s what I call myself doing it’s called pattern recognition is what I do I see the patterns of bullshit everywhere I can see it I can see it’s the governor postive legend yeah I can see in government and religion and all over the world as he lies in government or the same kind of lies in religion the same kind of lies in education and law enforcement it’s all lives it’s all a bunch of lies so I yeah I do that do see a lot of synchronicity and it’s it’s strange how that happens I do believe that there is a great spirit I do believe in God so to speak but I done that I understand what the word God means God is simply the word dog spelled backwards and this is why we have church dogma because as the dog spelled backwards is God and it’s a fascinating world when you get into theology because the very word for God in the ancient Greek world was the t-h-e thee was a word for God and so we if you’re gonna study God it’s called theology ecology is a study of something like my biology the king terminology ecology means a study out and therefore theology is a study of God because God is th e their foil and I ask you you say you’re working for some man I say I work for the federal government work for the president therefore I work for the man you’re working for a mint the you know you have a car yeah I have a Maserati I got the car and so what we emphasize aware thee it has to do with the Greek understanding of God it’s the highest you can get as thee and so thee is God so the study of God is called theology and therefore in the ancient world people in the ancient Greek where would go to an open-air see ate her and it was a place to learn about God in ancient Greek that’s what we have today is a theater it’s called the gods show people go to church and as a CA to everybody pays in citizen seat and they’re entertained with the movie they’re entertained with something holy and it makes him feel very holy and it makes him feel that they’ve done something important and so they’re going to a CHR to learn about theology and God never realizing that the church is nothing more than a corporation like I said it’s divided into denomination it’s a business it’s a business to just control you as a way of controlling the human mind and I’ve gone all through this for years I’ve talked with all the experts over the years and this is why I always try and say well these on each radio show I am NOT the world’s foremost authority on anything but I’m I am a just an ordinary man pursuing extraordinary knowledge I’m fascinated with all the dark lies and deceptions of the world I live it I want to know I don’t want to believe I want to know for sure I don’t want to believe anything the government doesn’t want to believe they have things called CIA which is central intelligence agency they don’t want to believe that you’re alright they want to damn well know they’re gonna listen to your conversation they’re gonna watch where you go where you spend your money and they have all these different social networks on the web so they can see what you look like they can know where you live they can hear what you’re saying so if they want to get rid of you they’ll know exactly where you live don’t know who your friends are they’ll know what you look like you know your family they know everything why cuz you told them yeah Here I am here’s what I believe well you know am I going to the store when you go into the bathroom they’re tweeting about it texting it that’s right you know I’m on vacation with the family you know all of this kind of they know that you’re nobody’s at your house those kind of things that’s right that’s exactly right it’s all to control you they don’t care about you they don’t give a damn about you government doesn’t care about you it’s caring about the investment this is why if you’re gonna drive a car in California you have to have you have to have insurance and you have to buckle yourself up why do you have to buckle up to drive a car it has to do a commerce look up the word commerce commerce you think means business no commerce is if you look it up in a law dictionary commerce means sex as a commercial thing as buying as a as a buying seller’s market Commerce and the law book means sex look up the word Congress Congress we have a United States Congress look up that word in a law book it will tell you Congress comes from a Latin word for sex there’s Co rest and there’s Congress Congress means sex so therefore you’re doing business with sex that’s why if you’re gonna get married you have to have our marriage license because it’s a business if your business thank God it’s none of my business it’s your business but whatever but whoever you’re married your business none of my business but the problem is is that if you get married and it doesn’t work out you’re not going to God you’re going to court and you bring your house and your money and your car and everything else you think you own because you’re going to court all right why because it’s a business the whole thing that’s why you have to have a license to do business as a business license that’s why you have to have a license to be a minister it’s just a business you got to get a permit from the federal government to allow you to be a minister of the Lord be king why because it’s all based on government control it’s a big story have you know have you kept up with what recently happened to Alex Jones being de platformed and pulled from all the social media sites and had every everything told him and just kind of wanted to you know deep platform him and they said it comes from the 1984 book there was a there was a term that was used that it pretty much just uh you know he erases that person’s memory off the internet and all this place not yeah it was called persona non grata so non grata I first heard about it in relation to the Soviet Union when the government the Soviet Union decided they don’t like you anymore you’re not a good communist just thinking too much you educate yourself and it’s not thinking too much therefore you’re no longer a member of the common people you’re starting to think like their leaders you’re starting to get in the way because you think too much and you talk too much and you’re causing the common people to start questioning things so they will put you to death and the way they did in the Soviet Union under communism you became where they call persona non grata Prasanna is your name that don’t exist you don’t even exist it don’t even bring his name up that’s the same thing in the Jewish religion there if you do something against the Jew he will actually have a ceremony and the ceremony is too as to commemorate your death as an actual ceremony that Jews perform which celebrates your death that you’ve died officially and therefore you’re through you’re out you mess up one time in Judaism and you’re out you know persona non grata your name don’t even exist don’t even bring his name up so if you need help forget it ain’t nobody around here knows who you are they don’t want to tell so go go off and die somewhere they’ve kind of done that with the history books and stuff as well right and changing the history and all that never happened this is what happened yeah well history is written by the victors whoever is a victor and in any war will write the history and they’ll tell you it from their viewpoint what happened they won’t tell you what the real story was if he remember won won the war yeah owns the printing press that’s why we say history is his story is his story yep whatever he said happened that’s what it was because he was a victim so it’s his story Oh what we call history mm-hmm and I like what Napoleon said history all lies that we have all agreed upon budget wise it with all the greed apart so that’s the history it’s not what happened but that’s the history that we’ve all agreed upon sounds good we all agreed upon it so we’ll say that’s what happened in history you have a caller here from the friend Devon four called from the 404 you there hey hey Devon um Devon called in the first time I interviewed you Jordan and it was back in 2012 so Devon is on that recording as well Devon welcome to the show man you got a question yeah I do I do have I do have a a question I was out of one hour first of all hi mr. Maxwell hello there Devon nice to talk to you oh right nice to talk nice to talk to you as well I had a I had a question I was I was watching a video on YouTube I think it was yesterday or something one of my one of my youtube subscribers had had did a video on and he was he was talking about but he was talking about he was talking about the rings of Saturn disappearing and the second the second son appearing and coming the D III just wanted to know if you if you have any information on that do you know anything about it yeah Saturn was our original son the original son and the ancient and prehistoric world was the planet Saturn from what we can tell of the ancient world and the symbols and things that the ancient people wrote they talked about the Sun having rings and they called him Saturn Saturn was the name of the planet which they gave to a God there was a God in Rome called satiric and today Saturn Saturn is the god of the Jews today the Jews worship the planet Saturn so when you go to a synagogue what you’re doing is you’re going to worship the planet Saturn most people don’t know that most people don’t know and most Jews don’t know that they are going to worship the planet Saturn but it’s all there if you just do their homework you’ll find out the Saturn is the god of the Jews today and we know that Saturn existed many many many thousands of years ago but according to that knowledge that we have of the age in a prehistoric world the planet Saturn was much much closer to us than is today the the solar system we have today is not the solar system we had ten thousand years ago or twelve fifteen twenty thousand years ago it was different Mars is not where it is today Jupiter is not where it is today the Sun is that where it is today it was totally different and so back to that time many many countless thousands of years ago the planet Saturn was very close to us extremely close so that people living then would go out in the evening and they would see one half of the sky was the planet Saturn that’s how close Ephraim was to us it would dominate the sky and with the Sun hitting veteran and reflecting off of Saturn it would hit the earth and so we thought the Sun was Saturn we call it the Black Sun the hidden Sun and today the Saturn the planet is called the Black Sun and the symbol for the planet Saturn is the color black this is why judges wear black robes rabbis wear black robes Catholic priests wear black robes and then and when you label the symbol is symbol for the Nike sneaker the window Saturn is on you I remember you taught me that yep it’s very interesting to wait things are put and put right in front of you but you didn’t see him it never occurred to anyone to look there to question why we have certain symbols and emblems and if you go back to the old Phoenician Canaanite encyclopedias about the Phoenician Canaanite language you will find that the planet Saturn was referred to as L e l L was the planet Saturn go look it up in his dictionary L was the god Saturn with the gun and the Jews called him the Lord of the Rings there you just L got Jews in Hollywood who are making one of the Rings so l is God in Hebrew today L is God and L eccentric so when you hear the Jews talk about God the word for God in Hebrew in the end the Phoenician language which we call Hebrew the word for God is L and L is Saturn that’s why the Jews on Saturday Saturn’s day they go to Temple this is why have a temple that God should the planet Saturn in the temp L tip L as a house of God the house of El L is saturon what about the cop oh the kaaba in islam the the black stone that’s being worshipped said to be even come from Saturn is that correct that’s a public amount of space I think it came from Saturn and so that’s why the Kaaba and Saudi Arabia is our square black building because that is this that is the astronomical symbol for the occult world the in the occult world the people who really know the subject of occultism saturn is always pictured as a black square and this is why today you have so many people building you know public buildings which are black squares the Kaaba as a black square and the Islamic right Islamic followers they march around the black square some of the guys seven times the a circulant circle and circled the black square why because we have rings around Saturn that’s what the Islamic do they ring around Saturn they don’t know that they’re worshipping the planet Saturn and then nobody tells them and so we let them do whatever they want to do let them worship whatever they want to do whatever they want to do because they don’t know that ignorant ill-informed that unread they don’t know yahwah is the same as allah i love the god of islam is the same as the jewish god yahwah and hebrew is yahwah and and in arabic is how long and Allah and yahwah is the same God it’s a moon god so the Jews will moon worshipers and that’s why today it’s interesting if you go on my website go to Jordan Maxwell my website you’re hearing my voice saying it so don’t ask me is this really your website you’re hearing me saying it my website is I’ve been on your website before I’m familiar with it Jordan Maxwell is my website nothing else anything else is not my website Jordan Maxwell show com if you go on Jordan Maxwell show com you will see a little banner that says Jordan Maxwell Research Society you click on that and you can join you can join my research society in which I have all the pictures documents all the materials that I’ve been talking about for years it’s all on there it’s not all on there yet because I’ve got thousands of articles on videos and audio tracks and documents and white papers and research papers and all kinds of stuff and pictures galore showing you what is really going on and there’s only so many hours in the day that my webmaster can work on my website so it’s not everything is on there yet but it’s all going to be on there hopefully if I stay alive long enough I’m feeding him stuff all the time and he’s putting it up on my website so if you want to follow my work and find out what’s actually going on in the world and find out all the lies and deception to you you’ve been told go on my website – Jordan Maxwell show and join my research society it’s all right there the page I’m a member of it a lot of good stuff a lot of good stuff hey thank you for the call Devon um Jordan Christie wants to know Christie folks in the chat and she says she thought that Satan or Shaitan is where we get the understanding for Saturn is that is there any any connection with Satan in Saturn I think that there’s the and Protestant Christianity they have made a connection I don’t really think that Satan and Saturn have much to do with each other not really but I think the church has propagated those ideas you know if you take the word evil and put a D as in David put a D in front of the word evil becomes devil yeah and take an O out of the word good and the root word for good take an out of good becomes God God is good and the devil is evil just words terms and words and so you need to understand that theology is a study of God and when you find out what God means that where it came from and what the word church means people tell talk about going to church and to talk about Jesus Christ and have no idea in the world what Christ means have no idea in the world you wouldn’t use that word Christ if you knew what it meant and you wouldn’t use the word Church if you actually knew what church meant and where it came from amen I’m not as know ya know it’s interesting where these words have come from Church comes from the Scottish from the people of Scotland if you’re going to if your Sunday Sunday morning if you’re Christian you go to church but it’s in England England it’s called Church within Scotland you don’t go to church you go to Kirk ki R K or K e RK Kirk and Scottish is Church in English and so that’s why you have a Captain Kirk on Star Trek Captain Kirk is Captain Church he’s captain of the church Kirk is Church in Scottish and therefore the church is taking you where no man has gone before that’s right they’ve been taking you for a long time and you’re still taking you and so when you begin to see where the word Kirk comes from it goes back to the time of the Crusades back in the 13th century when the Council of church and of Hope sent out what we call the Crusades the Crusaders when the Knights Templars and they went into Jerusalem to kick out the Islamic world and take over Jerusalem for Rome and so the Knights Templars who were the soldiers that the Pope sent in the the the Knights Templars soldiers learned a lot out of out of the Middle East they learned a lot about how the Middle Eastern people eat what they eat what they wear what their thoughts are how they believe what they believe how they wore how they do fighting so the Knights Templars or the armies that the Pope sent in to kick them Islamic out the Knights Templars learned a lot about the Middle East so when they came back to Rome they brought back with them all kinds of ideas and spices and drinks and concepts and ideas and one of the most important ideas the military brought back to Rome was the story of a goddess her name was Circe Circe was a goddess in the ancient prehistoric world the ancient world and the Middle East Circe was a goddess it goes back to the ancient Greek goddess Circe and Circe was a goddess who was able to according to the story of the ancient Greek goddess Circe that was that was believed in in the Middle East they got it from Greece Circe was able to be called she was a goddess so she was a mother she was called mother Circe mother goddess and so Circe and the Middle East becomes work in Scotland becomes Church in England so we have Mother Church no his mother Kirk as mother Cersei Cersei gives us outward circle and so it was a three-ring circus while the Son Holy Ghost the three rings and so Cersei was able according to the ancient people Cersei and mythology was able to hypnotize people she would hypnotize them with magical spells and bring the people into her home and when the people came in she would lock the door behind them and then she would magically take away their minds take their minds from them so they would be mindless and then she would feed off of them she would eat them she would make up into animals and make them and then she would eat them and she would feed off of the people that she brought in with magic well that’s exactly what the mother church has done she’s fed off of the people she brings people and magical spells and all these wonderful wonderful stories and all the candle lights and the chanting sounds very holy and the people come into the church and to the theater and they are sucked into and they fell for the story and now they are feeding Mother Church mother Cersei they are sending him money to mother Cersei giving her you know willing down the house and they give their cars their houses their money to the church so she’s feeding off of the people mother Cersei mother Kirk or Mother Church so if you’re going to church just remember as the worship of a goddess call Cersei mother Cersei mother church mother earth now so what about those who would who would either believe this or teach this but they do it openly versus hiding it or shrouding it with hey you can worship Jesus but really were worshipping these Babylonian gods through the same name you know the same rituals just different names what about the ones who are like okay we understand this is how energy works we understand how this system works we’re not gonna hide it but there’s a lot of people embracing some of the mysticism of music and sound and and some of the stuff the ancients had like they understood how the gods work they understood the alignment or the planets and they built their churches and monuments and structures to channel that energy and for them there there was no hiding it it was up there for the people until the dogma and all the other stuff came so what about people who um who are trying to figure out how this the music works and and try to use it for their own good and their own no I guess you I’m saying spirituality what about that well that’s that’s what the Bible says in Jeremiah 6:16 HUD says to the people in the Book of Jeremiah in the Old Testaments Jeremiah 6:16 God says to go out go out you people and look up at the heavens and go back you’ve taken a wrong turn he said to the people you’ve taken a wrong turn you’re wrong go back to the old way way is where the real truth is is in the old way yeah and so the people were told by God go back to the old way look it up in Jenna and Jeremiah 6:16 what is in that way there you’ll find rest that’s right there you’ll find rest and you’ll get what you’re looking for if you go back to the old way well that’s important because the very word jesus said i am the way and the truth and the light i am the way but what you don’t know is if you go to encyclopedias or religion and do the research you will find in the ancient world the zodiac was called the way because it was the sun went on its way and went through the 12 signs of the zodiac so the Sun was on his way and so the zodiac became known as the way and therefore the original Christians were worshipping the zodiac and so they would call people of the way and Jesus said I am the way when Jesus is God’s Son s you and Sol and Jesus had Joseph had 12 brothers and 12 tribes of Israel that 12 is a 12 signs of the zodiac for going through the 12 signs as 12 apostles 12 followers and so Jesus represents he’s they’re high and away and the light well that’s what the Sun is the way in the light so zodiac is the way goes so God says go back to the old way the Milky Way always the zodiac you got to understand what you understand what the word God’s kingdom we hear all about God’s kingdom nobody has up till now ever figured out God’s kingdom is so obvious that nobody saw it it’s been it’s been around for thousands of years God’s kingdom we humans put other life-forms on the earth in two particular brackets we call birds or in flocks fish are in schools cows are in and herds you know yeah what’s the word the idea is we put animals in two different for an animal and the ancient Greek was zodia was a zoo this is what we have today animals in a zoo because zodia logical as a word for animals and animals are in a zoo and so when you have a zoo full of animals the animal kingdom the zodiac comes in the word zoo you know the act as the animal kingdom and that’s true because the animals represented in the signs of the zodiac and the zodiac as I said was always referred to by the ancient Romans as the way the Sun goes on his way he’s going through his way and Jesus said I am the way and so and Genesis 1:28 in Genesis the first chapter was a God created the earth and he created the bright light for the day and the lesser light for the night and all the smaller lights he for the night and then it says in Genesis 1 and he created the stars also that’s interesting he would say he created the lesser light for the night and not bright light for the day which is a Sun and the moon and all the smaller lights for the night and then it says and he created the stars also I thought the smaller lights at night were the stars no no stars is something that the word stars in that ancient scriptures meant the astrological constellations were called the Stars and this is why the ancient world were able to navigate around the world the seafaring ships allegiant world would be able to go all the way around the earth why they’re navigating by the Stars they could read the Stars and know what direction they’re going into so the ancient world said and this is in in the Middle Ages during the Middle Ages in Christianity said that if you don’t understand these stars and the word star was astar a star as the way they spelled it back then in the Middle Ages today we dropped the a and just say STAAR but the way it was spelled back in the earliest Middle Ages was astar a star and so the the church basically said if you don’t understand your life in relation to the a stars then your life is going to be a dis s star and this is where we get the word disaster which means a disk a star it’s going to be because you don’t know how to read the Stars your life is going to be a mess you got to really screw up your life if you don’t understand the influence that the Stars have on you your life will be a dis a star and so the kingdom of God is actually the zodiac is the kingdom of God and it says let there let these let the light be for a sign as in Genesis 1 and let the light the Stars God created the stars that said let them be for a sign look up the word in the encyclopedia for in the Jewish encyclopedia for stars let the stars be for a sign look up the word sign and it will tell you that word is old th earth which in Hebrew means the zodiac so God is saying he created the stars know the stars on the zodiac constellation and then God said let the stars be for a sign well that’s what we called the zodiac the signs of the zodiac and we’re told then the last days we’re going to see signs in the heavens you can see signs of the heavens all the time as are all 12 signs are in the heavens yeah signs in the heavens and therefore were told in the book of Revelation that in the last days it will come a terrible catastrophe on the earth and that there will be signs in the heavens well of course they’re 12 signs into heaven and you’ve heard that song Christians have sung for hundreds of years and my father’s house are many mansions that’s a misunderstanding of the words go back and read the original and what it says is in my father’s abode or many houses not my father’s house are many mansions no mention is a word for a zonie illogical sign they will call mansions so when you hear a Christian singing on my father’s house are many mansions no it’s incorrect as correctly as in my father’s abode where does the father a boat in the heaven so in my father’s abode are many houses yeah 12 of 12 houses of the zodiac so the zodiac is the kingdom of God and unless until you The Stand asked ours your life is gonna be a disk a star you don’t understand how the Sun works the moon you don’t understand the influence of the moon on the earth the moon draws the oceans of the earth anything is powerful enough that pulled the Pacific Ocean to it has got to be powerful why because it affects water on the earth well your seventy-six percent water does the moon affect you on the new moon we say that a full moon you’re a lunatic you gray you act crazy on a full moon why because the moon is pulling the water in your body it’s pulling you like like the ocean so the bottom line is I’m just giving you a heads up that God’s kingdom is that as the understanding of the zodiac and of the stars and the constellations there were 12 sets of curved stars called the the 12 apostles the 12 Brothers of Joseph the 12 tribes of Israel there was no 12 tribes of Israel 12 astrological signs and this is why in the in the painting of the Last Supper you have Jesus sitting in the middle and he has six on one side and six on the other and the painting by I think it was what was the Pater it wasn’t Michael and wasn’t the great inventor what was his name the inventor and the Middle Ages Bohr my mind’s getting old I don’t know I have too many things on my mind but if you go back to the original picture of the 12 vs da Vinci you go back integrally the the da Vinci painted that the the Last Supper and you have Jesus in the middle and six people on the six on each side of him and their six on each side are divided into groups of threes so the first group is three people sitting together the second group of three people sitting together Jesus and another two sets of three people sitting together while those three represents the three months of the year that’s why you have Matthew Mark Luke and John spring summer autumn winter the twelve months of the winter and the 12 months of the year is the 12 signs of the zodiac of the 12 months and Jesus dominates the 12 signs of the zodiac so the bottom line on if you want to understand theology of religion you need to go to my website and go to Jordan Mexico and then join my messages of the world a hidden world that we live in what the words mean what the symbols mean what the law is where the government comes from what our banks when is no where is the world that we live in where did it come from where did all these ideas develop the kind of thing I’ve been doing all my life and I can sit here and talk for days about the subject most people have never heard about have no idea exist and most people are not interested they’re just not interested in the occult world I am I want to know who the government really is I want to know who’s running the planet I want to know I want to know all my life and that’s why when I was a kid my dad would have friends coming over and after dinner we the kids would be told go out and play ball which was a translation you know you kids get out of here with adults want to talk about stuff and you kids get out and go out play ball I don’t want to play ball I told my dad I’m not interested in playing ball I’m a man I want to hear what you were talking about I want to hear what you guys are talking about when I’m out playing ball I don’t want to play a ball I’m not a team player I want to know what you’re talking about I know you want me out there’s at you I don’t hear I want to hear I’m not stupid so I learned a long time ago that adults do not want you hearing what they’re doing they don’t want the guys that run the planet and run your country they don’t want you knowing what they do it well I want to know and once I find out I want to tell the rest of the world was really happening in America it’s really estranged this country and who we are and where we’ve been and where we are now and therefore you now all know where we’re going you know where we’ve come from you know where we are now that’s two point and they this is why the you know when you walk into a church they all have pointed arch doors and pointed arch windows the pointed arches of the female and so you going into a mother church or going into your mother and so that’s why the church has windows with porches it’s a female it has to do with symbolically sex and drugs money and music sex drugs and rock and roll that’s what religion is all about the cut the control of the human race and people do not know anything about it they love it they love going to church they love going to synagogue and never really never realizing why is it in Israel synagogue Oh spell s i n while outside of israel and smell sy n has a big difference between s i and asked why in and why is it spelled differently because of Moses Moses was a leader of a lunar cult Moses was a moon worshiper people don’t realize that Moses there was no Moses Moses was the name of a spirit that was leading the people of the ancient world into mood worship the moon God was called Allah and so today in Hebrew so-called Hebrew language God is yahwah yhw H yahwah yahwah is allah yahwah and allah as a moon god of the ancient arabic moon god I mean I can sit here and talk for the next you know and we’re starting to have some problems with the stream so I don’t want it to mess up on you so well go ahead and start it there one thing just touch a really quick but as you’re mentioning the moon and mention in Moses a lot of the ancient or just older pictures of Moses he had horns well always those picture with horns yeah it comes to his word halo write the word halo when horn is like interchangeable or something right well halo was something else that has to do with Saturn looks like a canoe with horns it Moses was a leader of a lunar cult believe moon cult the worshipers of the moon they followed Moses Moses led the people and a moon cult it’s a big big story I’d love to sit here for hours and tell you but I’m getting too tired I hear you thank you for hanging out with me Jordan I really appreciate it and we’ll have to do it again and I appreciate everything that you contribute to to me and to everyone as well I know they all feel the same I’m reading a lot of comments here in the chad and everybody is really appreciative of the work that you have brought to the table and you’re continuing to fight the good fight and keep bringing the information out so thank you again brother will catch up off the stream and thank you so much for hanging out with me for this little bit let’s do it let’s do it we could always do it again it’s up to you you know where I am let me know if you want to do another show we’ll do it we’ll make it happen brother thank you so much you have a good night you too good all right Jordan Maxwell ladies and gentlemen with my stream cutting in and out on me I don’t know what the deal is with this stream it’s just acting really weird my Internet’s really good I don’t know what’s going on YouTube has been really weird talking about the Illuminati which is in the title there’s a lot of references to other phallic symbols and words used in the YouTube picks all that stuff up man and so they’re really picky about what goes forth and so man that’s really strange man I think we got some I think we got the good meat of the discussion though but I’m talking about the zodiac going into that and then going into the Moses thing which is very interesting but I’ll say yeah look that up look up type in Moses and look up any old pictures any ancient iconography of Moses he has horns it looks like the God pan or something right what is that the lunar cold it’s insane a lot of good stuff that was brought forth a lot of a lot more questions I had for him we’re talking about spiritual warfare and talking about these the war of the worlds’ or whatever other the people who are ruling over the world fighting the principalities in high places those type of things very interesting when we get into I asked him before we went live about space force I was to ask them has he covered that he didn’t even have an opinion it was like he is not concerned with politics and anything going on right now in pop media or a government he’s just concerned with the ancient world and he’s very vocal about that so we didn’t talk about space force but I asked him about it before we went live but talking about space force and talking about UFOs and aliens and those type of things like who is Agri Casey said that the Battle of Armageddon will be fought in outer space and then we got space force and then we’re hearing about these different Jordan talking about these rulers and that rule over darkness and we war against these principalities in heavenly places well the heavens are is above us when you look up you’re gazing into the heavens so it gets really interesting so again thank you guys for hanging out with me Jordan as everyone’s saying in the chat Jordan is a true og he really is man and he needs he needs to get all the credit that he deserves and you know I definitely would not be doing what I’m doing if it wasn’t for the likes of him I’m you know I’m trying to work with him on some things and you know try to keep his spirits up man he’s a you know I think he has a lot of information to share with people and so if you’re new to my podcast go ahead and click that subscribe button I’ve got several interviews with Jordan Maxwell I’m sure we’re gonna do more we got two interviews with Santos Bonacci man you name it they’ve been on the show probably like Michael Heizer we’ve talked about all this stuff so there’s a bunch of episodes in the past Laura Eisenhower I mean just so many names I could just go on and on and on about the different episodes that we have in the archive so make sure you subscribe to the channel and hang out with us here we go live every Tuesday and Thursday and then we do impromptu episodes as well like this and I’ve been doing a lot of impromptu episodes episodes as well I’ll have my patreon like to support join the family you can go over there and join for as little as $1 a month anything that you’re able to do will help keep this show on the air and help us keep moving forward and what we’re trying to bring to the table so with that I welcome Carlos you just subscribe just put out my new album entitled colors so that’s available to on patreon or on all the different podcasting well music platforms you can check it out there also disturbs that we’re gonna do a birthday stream Thursday night 8 o’clock central I’m doing a good do a special birthday stream the whole stream will look different I wouldn’t be taking donations and probably you know taking a couple shots with you guys so if you guys want to have a cup of drinks with me on my birthday I want to hang out with my stream and have a Q&A anything you guys want to ask and nothing is off-limits it’s gonna be very candid we’re gonna open up so that’s gonna be fun I don’t know how it’s gonna go I may open the phone lines where you guys can call in wish me happy birthday all that good stuff I’ll be taking donations and all that stuff trying to raise money for the stream for my birthday and it’s gonna be fun so it’s gonna be an experiment too so I’m looking forward to that and with that I’m gonna say peace of Shalom I love every single one of you guys and if you need anything hit me up check me out at my website true sticker calm if you would like to book a private consultation one-on-one session with me you could do that now available at my website true sticker calm I got a lot of different stuff available that I’m moving in that direction helping people consultations counseling advice all that kind of stuff one-on-one so if you’d like to do that truth-seeker calm everything’s in the description discord memberships all that stuff with that I’m gonna say peace and Shalom thank you guys in the chat everybody hanging out with this Grimm sticks his head in here again I seen you a while ago give it a massage just calling out some names real quick just cuz I love y’all ally Graham Kristy Lee Grimm Christie folks stormy days Gio Danny Guerrero what’s up my brother let’s see keep going through here Katherine Mars how are you it’s been a while Lanie’s world lanes world jai pereira man shout out to everybody hanging out with us here John Santiago my brother so many people so many people and then so many new people too they see that name Jordan Maxwell and they they click the link so thank you guys for joining the stream like I said click that subscribe button and we’ll take this relationship even further share secrets with one another Brandon Higgins love you brother Dumbledore love you you’re great great man just reading the chat here love y’all we’re gonna do it again Thursday night join it’s gonna be one for the ages call you pastor brother Wayne might show up we may do a prank call I may call your mom we may call your pastor whatever I don’t know Thursday’s gonna be fun it’s my birthday man let me do me I don’t want to spend it with y’all peace of Shalom I love y’all good night [Music] well that does it for this episode folks to hear more episodes of the truth seeker podcast head over to Jessica calm and if you’re wanting to support the show and get rewards go to our patreon page at forward slash truth seeker [Music]

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