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Jordan Maxwell Gets Angry After Being Called A Helena Blavatsky “Fan”


Interview kind of takes a turn for the worst when TruthSeekah mentions that Jordan Maxwell is a fan of Helena Blavatsky
Jordan Maxwell currently host the Jordan Maxwell Show and stands as the leading Esoteric philosopher and free researcher in the field of Occult and Religious Reasoning. His enthusiasm for these subjects started in 1959. His work investigating the shrouded establishments of Western religion and mystery orders creates mind blowing reactions from groups of students around the globe. From Astrotheology, Biblical studies of ancient gods mentioned in the Bible all the way to Christianity and the Zodiac. Jordan Maxwell has much to say about the illuminati and ancient religious practices of old.

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Jordan Maxwell Gets Angry After Being Called A Helena Blavatsky “Fan”

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information things like that there’s so many videos exposing him and I think quite frankly Jordan Maxwell has seen a lot of this work and he’s grown tired of it so when I asked him about Blavatsky I asked him I said he was a fan basically saying you know you’re a fan of the work and he didn’t like when I put put those words together he didn’t like me saying that he was a fan of Blavatsky and he kind of blew up and kind of set the record straight a little bit but I will say that Jordan Maxwell is from the Gulf Breeze / Pensacola Florida area and there are two roads that cross when you crossed the roads and you crossed Jordan and Maxwell Street that cross I thought that was interesting being in the city that he’s from I asked him about that in a private meeting I had with him and he didn’t really go into much detail about it but anyway check this clip up awesome we have some questions coming through in the chat room and I want to make sure I ask some of these some fans are here and they want to know your opinion of levansky because they know you’re a fan of her work and what what does her work mean to you I’ve got a fan of Levitsky but when I am in front of an audience and somebody brings her up intellectually I know who she is I’ve read her work and so I am bright enough to understand what she was saying where she was from huh culture and what she was doing nobody said I loved her and I was following her but I’m not stupid I know exactly what she was doing I know precisely what she was saying and I understand it and so I’m just trying to be honest well the last time anybody was honest they got nailed to a cross so when I hear the word Blavatsky I first of all understand she was not stupid the scripture says that the demonic world there’s a scripture very pertinent that says the sons of this world are the sons of this world of world system are wiser that the children of life meaning the people who run this planet are far far smarter than you will ever be so if you think you’re going to do battle with the Prince of Darkness you better go back and do your homework because you don’t have what it takes you’re not smart enough to deal with the powers of darkness well how to cope in Iran we do that now Jordan more than enough like if we can’t do it on our own strength how do we heal how does it no not at all the very word faith today if you understand the word faith and Christians do not they have never understood the word faith today Christianity talks about faith I like what Rodney Dangerfield said about faith he said faith is that wonderful quality these are not my words this Rodney Dangerfield said many years ago faith is that wonderful quality that allows you to believe something that you know it bullshit so when you talk about faith faith is sect the word faith has actually translated credulity credulous meaning did you believe something that’s why if you go to a new church the Christians and that sure we’ll say are you a believer and we have books and Christianity talk about the believers house of faith and the believers book of faith believer believer means you don’t know anything you’re ignorant ill-informed unread and downright stupid and that’s why you’re crawling on your knees trying to stay alive and are being left at mocked by the Illuminati masters of this world who will laughing at you and mocking you and placing you in a position of slavery why cause you’re stupid you’re ignorant LLL inform that you love the lies you love the lies the sex the entertainment the beer you love your sports you love the world and yet Jesus the scripture said the world was not worthy of him so when you are interested in talking about Blavatsky then you better know who she was and what she was doing so my position on Blavatsky is very clear I’m not a follower of Blavatsky but I’m intellectually aware that when somebody is saying something I don’t care who they are if it’s the truth and I know it’s the truth because I’ve already proved it and I see it as truth I give them their dare do ya Levesque you said many things which were absolutely flawlessly true it doesn’t mean she loved the God she loved God and she was holy and righteous no nobody said that I just said there are certain things she said which are true and intellectually I understand what she was saying because I’ve read her work but you give me any damn name I am intellectually interested to know what people are doing I want to know what they have said I want to know who’s financing them I want to know where they’ve come from I want to know and the only way you’re going to learn anything is if you stop Oh what’s the word pontificating because you know I think it was Isaac ethanol said I can no Plato it was Plato who said I can understand when a child is afraid of the dark what I can’t understand our adults who afraid of the light and that’s why today I understand what Blavatsky was saying and many things she said were true it doesn’t mean she was from God it doesn’t mean she was holy and it doesn’t mean I’m following her but intellectually I’ve read her and a lot of things she said were true so if you want to talk about Blavatsky let’s talk about Blavatsky what she said and what was absolutely true so I am NOT a follower of Blavatsky I’m not a follower of anybody in this world but I do admit when I see something which is true and someone says it was then it was true that I don’t mind admitting it I’m free and open know the truth and it will set you free so I’m not afraid of offending God I’m afraid of being stupid and religious and bigoted and ill-informed because why because propaganda does not deceive you propaganda helps you to deceive yourself if you enjoyed listening to this podcast segment be sure to listen to the entire episode by clicking this video to your right also we are on iTunes you can download the mp3 versions as well be sure to subscribe for future episodes 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