Ever wonder how did Manly P Hall die? Me too. Jordan Maxwell speaks about his relationship with the late great Manly P Hall and clears up some of the conspiracy theories on his death. Many people believe that Manly P Hall was killed because he was a mason who was revealing too much information regarding secret societies and the occult. There are even rumours as to how he died. One conspiracy is that he was killed in his sleep and they found him the next day with ants covering his entire body. In this podcast episode Jordan Maxwell and TruthSeekah discuss not only the death of Manly P Hall but also his importance in all of our lives. He approached occult research as an historian and showed you the similarities between many ancient paths and schools of thought. In his age and wisdom he did not become bitter in carrying this knowledge but approached the field with grace and all meekness. This is much different from many people who are undoubtedly influenced by his work. Many become bitter and grow in anger with age claiming to be know it alls, but not Manly P Hall. The wealth of knowledge and research that he has left behind is in the thousands of hours of lectures and many can still be accessed today online. The vast majority of books that were left behind as well has left Manly P Hall’s legacy accessible for generations to come and it is in our work that his spirit continues on and stands strong. Manly P Hall continued on until the age of 89 and was still just as enthused about his work and research as he was since the day that he started. As stated, Manly P Hall is most definitely missed and beloved but continues to live on through our work. Check out the video below to hear Jordan Maxwell explain his relationship with Manly P Hall and speak about his untimely death.

Listen To This Episode in Its Entirety Here

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