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In this episode of the podcast TruthSeekah speaks with Jordan Maxwell about  The Zodiac, Mazzaroth & Astrotheology In The Bible. Jordan Maxwell currently host the Jordan Maxwell Show and stands as the leading Esoteric philosopher and free researcher in the field of Occult and Religious Reasoning. His enthusiasm for these subjects started in 1959. His work investigating the shrouded establishments of Western religion and mystery orders creates mind blowing reactions from groups of students around the globe. From Astrotheology, Biblical studies of ancient gods mentioned in the Bible all the way to Christianity and the Zodiac. Jordan Maxwell has much to say about the illuminati and ancient religious practices of old.

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Jordan Maxwell | The Zodiac, Mazzaroth & Astrotheology In The Bible

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There Jordan Yes I Am It’s Good To Have You Man Looks Like You’re Good To Have You There’s A Lot To Talk About Thanks So Much For You Know All The Work That You’re Doing And That You Put In Over The Years Tonight I’m Wanting To Talk About What The Scriptures Refer To As The Mazzaroth And I Want To See If You Can Tell Us A Little Bit Of Information About That And What That Is According To The Holy Bible And According To The Zodiac In The Scriptures Yep Well Basically The Word Mazzaroth Is In The Old Testament Book Of Job And Incidentally The Book Of Job In The Old Testament Is The Oldest Book It Seems To Be The Oldest Book In The Bible And Actual Time When It Was Written It Was A Very First One So That’s Interesting The Fact That The Job Is A Very First Book And Age It’s The Oldest And So And The Old Testament God Says To His People Many Times But In Particular One Time It Says Go Back To The Old Ways That Was Interesting The Old Ways Go Back To Do What The Ancients Did Well That Was Astral Theology What The Ancients Did The Old Ways And So In The Book Of Job The Old Way Was Referred To As Mezzo Rod I Think Of Em Azz A Ro Th Mazzaroth And That’s In Job 38:32 Job 38 32 What God Is Talking To Job And Basically He Says Where Were You When I Created The Blessed Pleiades Well That’s Interesting Why Would God Call The Pleiades Constellation Blessed Where Were You When I Created Two Blessed Pleiades And Then He Goes On To Say Where Were You When I Created Mel Roth And Can You Create Mazzaroth In Its Season And So Mazzaroth Assign Others On Ancient Phoenicians Canaanite What We Call Hebrew Ancient Hebrew Word For The Zodiac Any Bible Dictionary Reference Work Or Any Encyclopedia Of The Bible Will Tell You Or Any Good Any Good Library I Mean Any Good Dictionary Period Just Look Up The Word Mazzaroth That’s In Job 38 And All Dictionaries Will Tell You It’s The It’s The Zodiac Oldest Book Of The Bible Job God Is Saying To Job Where Were You When I Created The Zodiac Well When Jesus And The New Testament Tells Us To Pray The Lord’s Prayer Well First Of All That’s Not The Lord’s Prayer That’s The Prayer The Lord Told Us To Pray And So But The Lord’s Prayer Says Our Father Who Art In Heaven Hallowed Be Thy Name Let Thy Kingdom Come And Let Thy Will Be Done On Earth As It Is In Heaven That Is Very Very Interesting In Relation To Mazarin So Back Go Back Over It Again Let My Kingdom Come Thy Will Be Done On Earth As It Is In Heaven We’ll Break It Down Like Like Like It Was Written First Of All Let Thy Kingdom Come Well What Kind Of Light Forms On The Earth Do We Know To Be A Kingdom Fish Or In Schools And Birds Or In Flocks You Know And Lions Are In Prides And But What Is It What Kind Of Life Forms On The Earth Is It That’s In A Scar A Kingdom It’s The Animal Kingdom And So The Animal Kingdom Is What The What The Jesus Are Talking About Let Thy Kingdom Come The Animal Kingdom Well Will You Fight Animals Animals Are In A Zoo So The Study Of The Animal Kingdom Is Called Zoology But Which We Get The Word Zodiac Zodiac Is The Study Of The Zoo Of Animals Because The Ozone Iakh Is Understood To Be A Circle Of Animals So Therefore The Kingdom Of God Is The Zodiac The Circle Of Animals And You Ask Any Six-year-old Child Any Christian Jewish Child Where Is God And They Will Point Straight Out Into Heaven Well That’s What God Is Is Out Happen And So Well Of Course That’s What The Zodiac Is As Out In The Stars As Out And That Happens So Then He Goes On To Say Let Thy Kingdom Come Which Is The Kingdom Of Animals Animals In A Zoo We’re Talking Zodiac And Let Thy Will Be Done Well On Earth As It Is In Heaven So What It’s Saying Is That Let Thy Will Be Done On The Earth Well You’re Looking Up Into The Heavens You’re Looking At The 12 Signs Of The Zodiac And You’re Saying Let That Kingdom Come Well It’s Going To Come What Do You Like It Or Not And Let Thy Will Be Done Well The Will Of The Gods Is In The Zodiac The 12 Signs Of The Zodiac Is Translated To Be The Will Of God And So Let Thy Kingdom Come And I Will Be Done On The Earth Yes As It Is In Heaven Meaning Looking Into The 12 Signs Of The Zodiac Or If You Understand It Correctly The Way Nostradamus Did In A Way They Do Great Theological Minds Of The Of The Ancient World Understood All Of This No We Don’t Understand It Today At All But The Way The Ancient People Understood It That The Will Of God Is The Will Of The Zodiac The 12 Signs Of The Zodiac And Each One Of Those Signs Influences The Earth It Influences Sagittarius Influences Us Scorpio Influences The Earth And That’s Why All The Kings And Rulers And Princes And All The Heads Of State Have Always Consulted The Astrologers Because They Weren’t Stupid We Are Stupid We Did The People Today We Don’t Even Know What We’re Doing However The Ancient Peoples And Especially The Old Way Was To Consult The Stars And There’s All Kinds Of Documentation In The Bible Showing That The Old In The New Testament In The Bible As Nothing More Than Astrology Period That’s What The Old Testament Is That’s What The New Testament Is This Is Why Jesus Is Referred To As God’s Son And We Think Of It As Som Like You’ll Boy Like Your Offspring Your Male Offspring Is Your Son No No It’s Su And God’s Son The Light Of The World Well Of Course The Sun Lights The World What Else In Lights The World Isn’t The Sun And So The Sun Does Not Belong To You Or The Chinese Or Anybody Else On The Earth And As Much As We Are To Think We Own The Whole Universe We Don’t Know Nothing Humans Don’t Own Anything We’re Just We’re Just Like Ants On An Ant Pile And Each One Of Us Thinking We Got The Whole Truth – We Know Everything About Everything But We Don’t Go Back To The Old Way And Understand The Way Understand The Way That The Ancient Peoples Taught And So That’s What I’m Suggesting That Would Be Nice For Us To Do Just For The Hell Of It Is Go Back To The Old Way And And See What The Ancient People Said About Theology And God Etc And You Will Find That There Are All Of The Ancient World Was Far Far Wiser Than We Are They Were Building Pyramids And And Temples And Understood The Heavens And Understood Light Far Better Than We Did We’re And Totally At A Loss For Everything All We Understand Is The Baseball Score And Pea Taxes And Drink A Lot Of Beer And Party And Watch The Watch The Game On Tv That’s All We Know That’s Where Our World Is Then The Mess We’re In Because We Don’t Understand The Esoteric And The Occult World Wisdom And Knowledge And So In The King’s English The Old King’s English The Word Star Which We Spell Sta Are Actually Was Spell Astar A Star 20 Oh Linda And The Old Ancient King’s English A Star Was A Star We Take The A Awful In Your Spell A Star So The Ideal Was In The Ancient In The End The Middle Ages Early Middle Ages The Idea Was Is That If You Don’t Understand The Zodiac In Relation To Your Life And The You Don’t Understand How The Kingdom Will Come On The Earth And It And It’s Will The God’s Will Will Be Done On The Earth Whether You Like It Or Not So If You Don’t Understand The Zodiac Then You Don’t Understand The Stars And If You Don’t Understand The A Stars And Your Life Is Going To Be A Dis House Star And That’s Where We Get The Concept Of Disaster Because You Don’t Understand The Stars You Have No Idea In The World What’s Actually In Fact Happening On The Earth Or In Its Solar System Or In The Universe Or Indian Galaxy We Don’t Have The Faintest Idea In The World About None Of It Because We’ve Lost Track Of Wisdom And Knowledge And In The Place Of That We Put Basketball And Stupidity But The Ancient Peoples Didn’t Have Television And Silly Sitcoms And Bugs Bunny And All The Silly Crap That’s Been Developed For Us To Keep Us Occupied So We Don’t Think Too Much And Dumb Us Down The Ancient Peoples Realize That Understood The Ancient Teachings Of The Wisdom Teachers And So My Feeling Is Always Been I Think It Would Be Better Just To Go Back To The Old Way Like The Scripture Says And So The Old Way Is To Understand The 12s Outsides Of The Of The Zodiac As As Representing God’s Kingdom And All And How Those 12 Signs Impact Us Today So Again If You If You Keep In Mind Jesus Is Referred To As God’s Son The Light Of The World And The Sun And Relation To The Earth Has 12 Signs Of The Zodiac Up There In Heaven That’s What God Is Out There In Heaven Well That’s Where The Sun Is The Sun If He Was Out In The Sky Alone The Sky Is Called Heaven So Therefore The Sun Does Not Belong To Anybody It Belongs To God So It’s God’s Son And He’s In Heaven And Once You Begin To See That God’s Son Who Is In Heaven Course The Sons And Have It When Else Would It Be If Not In Heaven Well God’s Sons In Heaven And He Is Out He Is Our Risen Savior Of Course Is Our Risen Savior The Damn Thing Don’t Come Up With Dead In Three Weeks So All Life On The Earth Is Dependent On The Sun Your Food Won’t Grow And If There Is No Sun Believe Me The Odd North And South Pole Was Nothing Compared To What The Whole Earth Is Going To Be In Three Or Four Weeks If The Sun Dies Out We Don’t Have A Sun The Whole Earth Will Be Covered With Ice So God’s Sun Is Our Risen Savior Why Because It Comes Back Every Morning Thank God And Winter It Dies In Winter To Us In The Northern Hemisphere It Dies To Us And But It Might You Know But Eventually It Springs Back To Life In Spring And Then It Comes Back To The Northern Hemisphere And When It Starts Summer Summer Is In The Constellation Of Leo Leo The Lion And So That’s One Of The Constellations Of The Zodiac Is A Lion Leo The Lion So That’s Why God’s Son The Light Of The World Is Referred To As A Lion Of The Tribe Of Judah So Then You Have All These Silly Silly As Religions Talking About All Of Them Our Leader Was The Land Of The Tribe Of Judah It’s All Sun Worship It’s All Astrology It’s All The Old Way But People Don’t Understand The Difference Between The Old Ancient Profoundly Important Way Of The Ancients Who Is The Egyptians The Ancient Hindus The Ancient World Of 10,000 Years Ago Where The Real Wisdom Of The Universe Was No We Don’t Understand Any Of That Today We Got Religions And Churches And Tv And Tv Preachers And None Of It Makes Any Sense To Anybody Who Is Spiritually Inclined Because There Was Nothing To Religion Religion Is Simply A Business And This Is Why Christianity Has Churches That Are Divided Into Denominations You Know Like Tens And Twenties And Fifties As What We Call Money In Denominations Because Religion Today Is Simply A Corporation It’s A Business And The Business Is To Entertain So The Church Is Is Neck-and-neck With Hollywood Hollywood Is Trying To Get As Many People Into Seats To Make Money To Entertain The People So They Come Up With A Different Sermon Every Time You Turn Around A New Movie A Different Sermon A Different Story Something New So That Everybody Will Come To The Church Or Actually Come To The Theater And Incidentally That’s What We Get Downward D8r From From The Greek Word The Ancient Way The Greek Word For God Is Deal Th Eo Feel So God Is Theö Orthey Th E Which Gives Us Our Word Da Term Our Theology So Therefore Theology Is A Worship Of Do On This And The Study Of Deal Or The Study Of God Theology Is Given To You In A Ta Term So In The Ancient Greek World You Would Go To An Outdoor Theatre To Learn About Theo Or God So Once You You Know The Bottom Line Is That This Is Why Jesus Is Referred To As God’s Son He’s Our Risen Savior Of Course It Rises Every Morning About 5:30 And Like I Said It Is Your Savior But Don’t Come Up You’re Dead And He Had Apostles Of The Followers Of God’s Son The Others The 12 Signs Of The Zodiac The 12 Months Of The Year Which Gives Us Day In The 12 Hours Of Life But God’s Son Had An Evil Brother He Had An Evil Twin That’s That’s That’s The Constellation Of The Twins So What Was God’s Sons Twin Was The Prince Of Darkness Because When The Sun Came Up He Was The Light Of The World But He Had An Evil Brother Who Was The Prince Of Darkness And So We Call That The Devil Well It’s Simply Anything That Opposes Light Is Darkness And So Devil Is Simply Putting Adi The Letter D In Front Of The Word Evil The Right Evil And Put A D In Program To Become Devil In The Same Root Word For God Which Is Good G Ood Take An O An Of Good Becomes God God Is Good The Devil Is Evil And So All Of This Needs To Go Back To The Old Way Go Back To The Beginnings Of The Ancient World And Then You Will Find For The First Time In Your Life How This Stuff On The Earth Really Works And Then You Begin To See That Your Life Is A Disaster Because You Don’t Understand How The Universe Works And But Kings And Rulers And Princes And Presidents They They Want To Know Now That Out Like Us You Know If You Go To Church People Will Ask You Are You A Believer Or How Long Have You Been A Believer Well Governments And Kings Don’t Want To Be Believers They Want To Damn Well Know Well The Churches Don’t Ask You How Long Have You Been On Gnostic Because The Greek Word Gnostic Means To Know Well Nobody Knows Anything In A Church They Go To Church For 50 Years And You Ask Them A Question And They Look At You With A Glassy Eyes They They Don’t Know What You’re Talking About It’s Because The Churches Are Based On The Christian Church Was I Mean How Many People Go To Church And Don’t Even Know Where The Word Church Comes From And Have No Idea In The World What The Word Church Means And Where It Actually Came From Where’s The Same Thing Like How Many People Believe In Jesus Christ They’ve Have No Idea In The World What The Word Christ Actually In Fact Means And A Lot Of People A Lot Of People Talk About The Anointing Jesus Anointed Them And They’ve Been Anointed With Holy Spirit And Have Idea In The World What Anointing Comes From What That Word Means So I’m Just Saying That This Has Been My Life Of That’s The Way I’ve Lived My Whole Life I I Much Prefer Going To The Ancient Records Going Back Into The Ancient Hindu Into The Ancient Egyptian The Ancient Phoenician Canaanites Into The Ancient World Of The Ancient Greeks And Studying The The Mythology Of The Greeks The Romans And Then Into Our Modern Day Into Britannia And To Europe And Then The Development Of Religion Into America And Once You Begin You Know What You That Did That Kind Of Studying It Becomes Overwhelming And In-your-face Apparent That We Are Totally Lost As A Human Race We Haven’t Got The Faintest Idea In The World What’s Going On We Couldn’t Build A Pyramid Today If They Put A Gun To Your Head We Don’t Have Equipment Big Enough To Build The Pyramids With 1,400 Tons Stones And Go Up Go Up 60 Stories Up With 800 Ton Stones And It’s Just Incredible What The Ancient Peoples Knew The Calculations They Knew In The Ancient Egyptian World And The Ancient Babylonian Sumerian The System They Understood The Heavens They Understood The Ancient Concepts Of Life And How Life Developed And You Know It’s Just Amazing How Much We Don’t Know Anymore In This World And The Reason Why Is Because We’ve Been Sold A Bill Of Goods That All You Need To Know As To Do Your Job And Go To College And Get A Work Degree And Get A Degree Which Is A Work Permit So You Can Go Out And Get A Job And The Word Job Goes Back To The Book Of Job Spell The Same Way Jlb Job When Job Was The Whole Story Of Joel Was Nothing But Trouble And Heartache And And And Tragedy And Human Life And The Book Of Job That’s Why When You Go To Your Job Or Your Job There’s Nothing More Than Just Heartache And Work And You Know And So Words Words In Terms And Symbols And Emblems Religions Images Concepts It’s An Extraordinary Story Of The Ignorance And The Betrayal Of The Human Race We Have No Idea In The World What’s Going On But There Are People Who Do And There Are People Who Know Exactly Where We’ve Come From Where We Are Now And They Are Guiding Us Into A Future That We As Humans Have No Idea In The World Where We’re Going But I Don’t Want You Here For Years I’ve Been Talking About This For 50 Years But I Know Where America Is Going On Why Because I Know Where Came From The Matter-of-factness A Star And The Northern Hemisphere That The Ancient Peoples In The Arabic World Call A Mirror A Mirror As A Star System And The Stars In The System Call A Mirror From Which We Get Because It Was Directly Overhead In 1776 And So The Founding Fathers Of This This Country Referred To Our New Established Order And They Called America Because Of The Star Ameri Which Was Over Our Head And So When You Look At The History Of Nations The Symbols In The Occult Are Hidden Symbols And Nations And Peoples Is All Based On Astrology When We Know When The Russian Federation Was Originally Founded Hundreds Of Years Ago Directly Overhead Was The Constellation Of Ursa Major Which Was Called The Great Bear So That’s Why Russia Is Referred To And Represented Symbolically As The Great Bear Why Because Of Ursa Major In The Sky The Constellation Over That Over That Country At The Time Was Founded So On The Over Mexico And The Symbols And The Mexican Of Symbols And American Symbols Over Europe What Do These Words Mean Whether The Symbols Mean Where Did These Religions Come From Where Did The Concepts Come From Where We Got Right Now And We Are We Going It Is One Hell Of A Story Of The Stupidity The Ignorance And How Lost We Are As A Human Race We Have No Idea In The World Where We’re Going And Where We’ve Come From And Adolf Hitler Said If You’re Going To Control The Future You Need To Control The Present And You Can’t Control The President Unless You Know The Past Where We Come From So That’s Why None Of This This Kind Of Material I Talk About None Of This At All Is Found In Schools You Will Never Hear Any Of This Wisdom And Knowledge And Deep Understanding Of The History Of The World And The History Of The Human Race You Will Never Hear Any Of The Skinner School And You Will Dare Never Hear It On Radio Or Television Because The People Who Run This Planet Are A Lot Of Things But Stupid Ain’t One Of Them And They Realize That If You Going To Are You Going To Own The Earth And And Control The Whole Human Race Which You Lost That’s The Bottom Line On Life And Still Be In Control Of Your Business Well They Made Human Life Into A Business And They Control The Business And How Do They Do That Very Simple By Making Sure The Whole Human Race Is Occupied Watching Paris Hilton And And The Lakers And The Dodgers And Drinking A Lot Of Beer And Partying And Entertaining Yourself Give You Plenty Of Alcohol And Make Sure They Have A Damn Liquor Store On Every Corner And They Make Sure They Have Beer And When Whiskey On Every Corner They Make Sure You Have Plenty Of Entertainment On Television And Movies And And All Kinds Of Things To Keep You Busy So That You Don’t Get In The Way Of The People Who Run Your World Because They Know They’re Not Interested In All Not Selling Crap That’s Called That’s Called Bein Entertainment The Music Of Hollywood Is Referred To By Professionals As Plebeian Music Hollywood Presents Motion Pictures Which Are Referred To In The House If You Know Hollywood Not Lived Here For 53 Years Its Plebeian Entertainment It’s Probably At Plebeian Music Plebeian Was An Old Latin Word For The Poor Working-class Slobs The Jews Call Them Did Going The Poor Unwashed Unwashed Masses That Are The Ignorant Public Given Motion Pictures And Television And Music And Beer And Drugs And Sex Drugs Rock And Roll And Music And Just Give Them Anything They Want Give Them All The Entertainment So They Don’t Get In Your Way Because Their Whole Thing Is Nothing You Know All Collectively The Whole Country’s Got Not Kuehl 40 And So They Don’t Get In The Way Of The Donald Trump’s And The Obama’s And The Zulu Burzynski’s And The Henry Kissinger’s And The Masters Of The World Who Live Like Gods While We Live Like Cockroaches So They They Know Keep The People Entertained Make Sure The Men Have Plenty Of Sex That’s Always Good Keeps Them Busy Make Sure All The Women Have All This Materialism They Are You Know And Sex Drugs And Music And Entertainment I Don’t Keep Them Busy So Keep All Them Busy And For God’s Sakes Make Sure The Young Children Who Are Coming In Make Sure They Have Plenty Of Sports And And And They Are And Cage Fighting And Martial Arts And Keep The Whole World Occupied While The Masters Run The Earth And They Rip You Off And Rape You And Destroy You And Put You Into Wars And Violence And Bloodshed And Then They Make You And So You Know The More We Change The More We Stay The Same We Are Still Slaves As We Have Always Been Mankind Has Always Been Slaves And We Have No Power And The Reason We Have No Power And Americans Have No Power To Do Anything And Most People Know That And The Reason We Have No Power Is Because Knowledge Is Power And We Have No Knowledge We Don’t Know Our Butt From A Hole In The Ground We Have No Idea In The World What A Republican Is We Have No Idea What The Word Democracy Means We Have No Concept Of How America Was Founded Knew The People Were And Where The Money Came From And How America Is A Corporation Out Of Out Of India And That The Whole United States Of America Comes Out Of The Hindu India The British East India Company Is A Corporation And Out Of That Corporation Came Another Company Called The United States Corporation And We Have No Idea About Any Of This How The World Works So What I’ve Always Said Is That People Do Not Understand How The World Works But I’ll Guarantee You One Thing I’ve Been Studying This Stuff At That’s Why I Say I’m Not The World’s Foremost Authority On Anything I Know How Much I Don’t Know And But I Do Know How Much The World Doesn’t Know So There I Don’t See Any Hope For A Better Life For America Or For The World What I See As A Light At The End Of The Tunnel As A Train Coming Because The The World We Live In Is Way Too Complex And Way Too Ignorant And Ill-informed And Self-centered And Egotistical And Downright Stupid And And You Cannot You Know And I’ve Been Trying To Educate People For 53 Years By Lecturing And Talking To People And Libraries And And Clubs And Small Groups And The More I Do It I’m On Radio And Then I Get On Television And I’ve Been Doing This For 53 Years And I Can Tell You On It It’s Pretty Much Hopeless Because Trying To Educate The Human Race Is Like Trying To Empty The Pacific With A Cup There’s A Tsunami Of Human Ignorance And Stupidity That Loves To Wallow In Stupidity We Just Love One Of The Great European Economists He Wrote In One Of His Books I’m Trying To Remember His Name Right Now But He Wrote In The Book Many Years Ago That That The People Of Every Nation In Every Time Of History Every Age Of History And All Nations And All All Countries Of The World Humans Have Always Supported A Dictator They Have Always Supported A Dictator They Are Supporting Dictators Today And They Always Will Support A Dictator Because That’s In The Very Nature Of The Human Creature Man And Woman It’s In Our Human Nature To Support A Dictator We See That And Our Worship Of Movie Stars And Donald Trump’s And And Obama’s And And In Jimmy Carter’s And We Love To Be In The Presence Of Power And Famous People While Are Actually The Famous People Are Nothing But Criminals They’re They’re Fascist And Nazi Communist Filthy Degenerate Murderers And Criminals They’re On Drugs They Are Mentally Deranged They’re Inbred They’re Raping And Plunging Behind The Scenes And On Their Drugs And Killing And Planning Murder And Overtaking Ripping Off People And Stealing But We Love It The Humans Love To Crawl On Their Knees To The Emperor And And We Want To Be In The Everybody Wants To Crowd In And See The Queen Mum The Queen When She Rides By Her Gold Chariot We Would Just You Know Wave Our Hands And Try And See The Queen And We Want To Be In To See The Castle When The Prince Gets Married So The More We Changed I’m Always Staying The Same We’re Still The Ignorant Creation That Somebody Created A Long Time Ago And That’s A Whole New Subject In Itself Who Created Us And Where Did We Really Come From What’s Really In The Bible Not What You Thought Was There So Anyway I Can Sit And Talk For Hours Because I’ve Been Doing It For 50 Years And I Realized And I Understand That People Hearing Me For The Most Part I Would Say The Overwhelming Majority Of People Who Hear Me In This World Have No Idea What The Hell I’m Talking About I Haven’t Got The Faintest Idea Where What The Hell Is Jordan Mexico Talking About Hasn’t Got Nothing To Do With Anything Of Any Actual You Know Importance Like Football Or Basketball Or Paris Hilton Getting Late Or Anything That Is Important To Us And They Got Nothing To Do With Obama Saving The Whole World And Being Jesus Christ Has Nothing To Do With With Your Work And Where You Work And The Beer You’re Drinking So You Know In The Basketball Score And The Dodgers Are Playing This Weekend So What Does Jordan Maxwell Talking About While I’m Talking About The Ultimate Conclusion Of The Human Experiment On The Earth Is Screwed It’s Over We Have We Have Come To The End Of An Age We Come To The End Of The Piscean Age The Kali Yuga Of The Ancient Hindus We’ve Come To A Time In The Human History Of The Earth Where All Of Our Bullshit Is Finally Coming Home And God Helped The World For What’s Coming Now Because We Live Like Animals We Think Like Animal We’re About As Ignorant As An Animal And Therefore Our World Is Crumbling In Front Of Us But Pollution Violence Wars You Know Airs Not That Debris The Food Is Contaminated Your Politics And Your Leaders Are All Corrupt The Whole World Lies In The Power Of The Wicked One Like The Scripture Says And There Is Not One That Knows Where He’s Going So I Realize That What I Do And The Kind Of Things I Talk About Most People Are Going To Hear Me And Think The Who Is This Err Had This Old Man Belly Aching About Something But What Goes Around Comes Around And There Will Come A Day When Americans And The World In General Human Race In General Will Begin To Perceive That We Have Taken The Wrong Road A Long Time Ago And Then That Scripture Will Then Apply Where God Says Thousands Of Years Ago You Should Go Back To The Old Way Go Back To The Old Way And Let God’s Kingdom The Zodiac Understand It Understand How The World Really Works One Other Thing I Would Give You An Example Of How I Think The If You Own And I Know That People That Probably Have Heard This Before But I Think It Bears Witness Again That If You Have A Two-story Building And You’re Going To Put A Heavy Lot Of Weight On The Second Floor Like Printing Presses And Heavy Equipment Before You Do That If You’ve Got Any Sense At All You Should Call A Building Inspector And Go Downstairs And Get On A Ladder And Remove The Ceiling Tiles From The First Floor And Look At The Foundation Of The Floor To See What You’re Building On Before You Go Put No Heavy Weight On It You Better Go Downstairs And Look At The Floor And See If It’s Going To Hold That Kind Of Weight Before You Go Building On It So What You’re Doing Is You’re Standing Downstairs You’re Standing Under The Foundation You’re Building You’re Building On So You’re Standing Under To Get Understanding So If You Haven’t Stood Under The World Of Stupidity And Ignorance And Spent Many Years Studying The Occult And The Wisdom Of The Ancients And How The World Works Then You Don’t Have Understanding Until You Stand Under The World That You Live In And I’ve Said Too That If You Are Going To Ship A Box Or Carton Across The The Country You Go Out In The Garage You Get Some Rope And You Can Tie In The Box Up And That That’s Sufficient But If You’re Going To Take That Same Rope And Walk Out To The Edge Of A High-rise Building And Tile Off And Crawl And Hang You’re Going To Hang On That Rope Off A Building Then You Have Better Check The Integrity Of That Rope Before You Go Hanging In Your Life On It So The Point I’m Making Here Is Before You Go Believing Anything You Better Wake Up And Get Out And Get A Brain And Get A Piece Of Brain And Start Looking At The History Of The Human Race And What The Words Mean What The Concepts Mean And Why They Use Certain Colors You All Need To Understand That The White Man System What We Call The White Man’s World Is Europe North East Western Southern Europe Which Is Where We Get Our Word News North East West South In Ews News But When You Understand Where The White Man Comes From His Northeast Western South Of Europe And One Of The Most Important Facts About The White Man’s World Is That Europe Was A Center Of The World But 2,000 Years Rome Has Ruled Europe The Roman Empire Under The Caesars And Then 1600 Years Ago With The Fall Of The Roman Empire Came To Vatican So The Holy Father And The Vatican Is Caesar In Rome You Don’t Think So Watch The Way All The National Leaders And World Leaders And All The Big Shots That Run The Earth They Go And Bow On Their Knees And Kiss The Ring Of The Pope Why Because He Is Caesar Pontifex Maximus The Biggest White Man On The Planet Period Therefore If You Don’t Understand The White Man You Don’t Understand What’s Going On In The World You Don’t Understand Any Of It And One Of The Most Important Symbols In The Old Ancient European System Of The White Man Was A Matter Or The Whole White Establishment In Europe Was Referred To As The Druids The Druidic Peoples Were The White Man In Europe And The Druids Were A Very Powerful Club I Mean As A Big Club And You Ain’t In It And So The Big Club Was The Druid Priesthood They Were The Lawyers The Doctors The Judges They Were The Bankers They Were The Religious Leaders They Were Anything Was Important In A White Man’s World You Know The Members Would Be Of The Druid Movement And One Of The Most Important Symbols In The White Man’s Druid System Was A Magic One Like Maryland The Magician With His Magic Wand Or Magic Wands Were Always Made Out Of The Wood Of A Holly Tree It Was Made Out Of Hollywood I Don’t Know If You’re Getting What I Mean I’m Just Telling You The Whole World Is Ignorant Ill-informed And We’re All Slaves Because Knowledge Is Power And We Don’t Have Any Power If I Made A Point Or Do You Understand What I’m Saying I Identify Low You Work And Actually Familiar With A Lot Of The Terms You’re Saying I Think A Lot Of People Who Were Tuned Into The Show Realized A Lot Of That And I Realized That That That’s Actually What You Have To Do Is You Have To Pull That Chair Out From Under Them To Show Them That They Understand Nothing That They Need To Over Stand It Right Let’s Show Them That’s That That Their Religions Are A Force And That Their Ideologies And Their Doctrines Are The Traditions Of Men Which Christ Spoke Of And I’ve Had A Lot Of Personal Conversations With You Jordan And I Can Sense Your Heart The Fact That You If Anyone Teaches The Teachings Of Christ As They Were Meant To Be Taught And Understood And Actually Believes You Know What The Man Was Saying It’s You And I Think A Lot Of People Who Are In The Chatroom A Lot Of People Who Are Listening They Are The Ones Who Understand That Look We Know That This System Is Messed Up We Know That That They’ve Got Us By The Balls So To Say What Are We Supposed To Do How Do We Return To The Ancient Past Because We’re Looking For A Leader The Pastor’s Aren’t Leaving You The Government’s Not Leaving You We’re Looking For Someone Who Is Going To Stand Up And Be The Standard So That’s Why You Know People You Know We Have People Like You Want To Show People Flock To My Music And The Different The Different People Who Are Involved With It And Things Like That So Where Would You Say Like Starting At Ground One For Somebody Wanting To Get Back To The Ancient Past To Abandon Religion But Not Abandon God Because We Know That There’s A Supreme Ruler Who Rules Us All All Right I Have No I I Have No Problem Whatsoever With The Concept Or The Idea Of God So People Ask Me If I Believe In God I Said No I Don’t Believe In God I Know There’s A God So That’s The Difference Between Being A Believer You Know No Other Church You Know If You Go To Churches People Say Well How Long Have You Been A Believer Are You A Believer And Look Out The Dictionary Christians Are Called Believers But I Am Of The Opinion It’s About Time You Stop Believing And Do What The Federal Government Does Do What The Governments Of The World Do As Bad As They Are They’re Smart Enough To Know You Don’t Run A Damn Government By Believing You Better Know You Better Have Spies You Better Know You Better Report It And Get Get Witnesses To It And Get Your Spies In There And Find Out For Sure So When You Know Something You Don’t Need To Believe You Damn Well Know And I Have Watched History And Been A Student Of History Of 53 Years Of My Life And The Dark Side Of History I Call It The Occult World The Word Occult Simply Means In Latin Hidden And Therefore I Know That Real Wisdom And Knowledge And Understanding Is Hidden Of Course It’s Hidden Talk About Wisdom And Knowledge And Understanding To The Modern Day People And They Don’t Know What You’re Talking About They Never Heard Those Words I Can Talk About You Talking About Pythagoras Or Plato Or Aristotle And They Want To Know What Team Does He Play On You Know What I Was A Basketball Or Is It Bounce A Ball Or Is He Throw A Ball And Then You Find Out You Know That’s What The Life Is All About It’s A Ball That’s Why We New Kids They Tell You Don’t Royal Just Play Ball Being A Team Player Be A Team Player And Play Ball I Don’t Want To Play Ball I’ve Had Enough Of Ball Games Just All That The Human Race Has Is Football And Basketball And Tennis Ball And Soccer Ball And Kick A Ball This Is What You Give Children Iqs Of 40 And Below This Is What You Give Children Is A Ball You Know I Don’t Still The Kids Go Out Play Ball And Then When You Go To Work At Their At Your At Your Work They Want You To Be A Team Player And Then They Call You In And Say You Know What You’re Not Playing Ball So I Understand That’s The Way The Masters Who Own Us And Who Own The World That’s The Way They See Us The Mouse A Tongs They Wanted Everybody To Play Ball You Don’t Play Ball They Kill You That’s What Adam Was All About That’s What Mussolini Was All About That’s What All Of These Fascist Murdering Dictators And Political Pundits That’s What They All About Them Keep The World Occupied And Collect Them All Up Together Collect Them All Together Called Collectivism Get The Whole Country With An Iq Of 70 So That Everybody Will Look Like Everybody Was Sound Alike Everybody Will Like The Same Music They’ll Like The Same Song And And There Pay Money And They’ll All Do What You’re Supposed To Do While The Masters Spunk Their Cigars In The Cayman Islands And Live Like Kings Laughing But The Human Race Go Again We Have No Power Because We Have No Knowledge And Knowledge Is Power To Deny Our I Was Just Thinking Who Died Initially And How We Kind Of Started Out A Lot Of People I Don’t Think Realize That A Lot Of This Is In The Bible And A Lot Of People Think They Think That Would Like The Jews Or The Israelites They Think Of It As Starting It With Moses Or Abraham They Don’t Realize That If You Go Back Umhum Before The Flood Before Noah Enoch Is Like The Patriarch Of Patriarchs And The Book Of Enoch Is Kept From Us And In There It Pretty Much Explains How All Of This Stupid Was Explained To Him Well Look At And They Are They In The New Testament And One Of The Last Books Of The Bible Pickles In Jude Where The Last Books In The New Testament Says And Enoch Also Prophesied Do You Know There’s About 30 About 30 Different Books That The Bible And The Old And New Testament That The Bible Talks About That Are Holy Books About 30 Of Them 30 Different Titles A Book That They In The Bible That The Bible Says A Holy Books That Are Not In The Bible That We Don’t Have And So There Are 30 Different Books In The Bible But We Don’t Have Them And They’re Actually Quoted In The Bible You Know And Then The Book Of Judas Has Enoch Also Prophesied And And You Say Wait A Minute That Christian Is That In The Bible Yes It’s Right There In The Book Of Jude Said Enoch Prophesied Well Where Is His Prophecies Well We Don’t Have That Well Where Are The Prophecies Of The Ancient Peoples That Are The Other Thirty Well We Don’t Have That Well Where Did It Go Ain’t None Of Your Business Just Go And Have A Beer And Go To Church And And Do With It And Drop Some Money And In The End The End In The Church And And Then You Say Wait A Minute Well Where Does The Word Church Come From What Does That Word Actually Mean And Then When You Trace That Now That’s When Things Really Start Getting Interesting Is When You You Know And All Three Of The Major Religions Of The World [music] Christianity Judaism And Islam All Three Say That Their Father Is Abraham All Three Of Them Agreed That Abraham Is The Basis For All Three Religions And Incidentally All Three Of Those Religions Are Referred To As People Of The Book Because All Three Religions Rely On A Book The Quran Or The Bible The Old Testament On The Torah As Always A Book And So When You Get A Book You’re Going To Get Mistranslations And All That Stuff That’s Why God Says Go Back To The Own Way Because You Know Mankind Can Miss Translate Miss Miss Understand Words In Terms And Trying To Translate From One Language To Another But You Can’t Change Nothing In The Heavens You Can’t Change The 12 Signs Of The Zodiac You Can’t Miss Translate They Are What They Are And They’ve Been There They’re Going To Be There And You Need To Wake Up And Find Out That’s The Reason – And So When You Begin To Break Down What The What The Ancient Peoples Understood And What They Knew That It Makes Sense The Bible Says Go Back To The Old Ways So Yeah I Think That What’s Needed In This World As A Reformation You Know We Always Hear Christians Talking About They’re Going To Have A Big Revival A Church Revival Oh My God That’s What’s Needed We Need A Revival Because A Revival You Know The People If You Need To Be Revived That Means You Dead I Mean Just Knocked Out They Need To Be Revived As Our Christian Is Always Having A Revival But The Problem Is They’re Just Being Revived In The Same Old Crap The Same Old Lies The Same Old Man Made Of Caught Religions The Same Ol Stuff And This Is Why People Go To Church But Fifty Years And Not Known Anything Because They’re Not Being Given Anything They’re Not Being Taught Anything Only Getting Is Candles And Singing And Hymns And Dancing Around The Stage And All Of This Pusillanimous Stuff That Humans Do On Stage In Churches And Synagogues And Mosques And They Think God You Know They Tell Me About God I Like What Dick Gregory Says You Know And Tell Me About God God Is Dog Spelled Backwards You Need To Wake Up And Find Out You Are A Very Small Part Of This Earth You Human And The Earth Is A Very Small Part Of The Solar System And The Solar System Is A Very Small Part Of A Galaxy And This Galaxy Is A Very Tiny Galaxy And There’s Hundreds Of Billions Of Galaxies So You Want To Talk To Me About God You Better Go Back And Do Some Homework But You Ain’t Talking About The Same God I Am You’re Talking About An Old Ugaritic Venetian Canaanite God Called Yahweh And Yahweh Was Nothing More Than A Phoenician Canaanite Ugaritic God Of The Ancient Sumerians The Babylonians So I Mean I’m Just Telling You That That There’s A World Of Wisdom And Knowledge That People Don’t Have And That’s Why Our Country And Our Lives Personally And In Our Country We’re In A Mess Because We Don’t Understand Anything And It’s Yeah You’re Right We Need Somebody To To Rise Up And This World Of Darkness And To Bring Some Light Into It But I’ll Tell You What I’ve Been Trying To Do That And All That’s Brought Me Was Heartache And Tragedy And A Loss Of Everything I Don’t Know If It’s Even Possible Because I Feel Like Trying To Save The Human Race Is Like Trying To Empty The Pacific With A Cup You Know The Whole World Is Submerged In A Tsunami Of Self-centered Egotistical Sports Drinking Partying But Somewhere Along The Line The Word There’s Trouble Coming On The Earth Violence And Bloodshed And Murder And Raping And Plundering And Drunkenness And Drug Addiction And Gangs And Drive-by Shootings And Long Lawlessness All Over The World World Is Coming To A Very Bad Place And We’re Going There By Us And There’s Nothing Anyone Can Do About It Because We Have No Knowledge We Don’t Know Where We’ve Come From We Have No Idea Where We Are And Nobody Knows Where We’re Going Why Because We’re Ignorant And We Love It We Don’t Want To Know We’re Not Interested To Know Oh We Got Tv Who They All Needs On Billig All That Old Stuff But One Day Soon Was Going To Wake Out And Find Out And Then At That Time The Wisdom And The Knowledge Is Going To Be Our Premium People Have Got A 1/4 Know Well It’s Going To Be A Little Too Late So That’s Why I Do The Best I Can With What I’ve Got And Believe Me Is Very Very Difficult And You’re Going To Pay A Hell Of A Price To Do What I Did I’ve Lost My Wife My Family Brother Since 1989 I’ve Been Homeless I Sleep On The Floor And I’m Broken I Have Nothing Zero Nothing I’ve No Bank Account Of Credit Cards No Children No Home Nothing I With Them For My Friend Who Gives Me A Room To Live In I Wouldn’t Even Have A Room I Couldn’t Sleep In My Car Don’t Have One And So You Know That’s What That’s What My Work Has Given Me Nothing But Heartache And Tragedy And Loss Of Everything So But You Get What You Pay For Don’t You It’s The Whole Story You Get What You Pay For I Wanted To Know How I Know And I’ve Paid Uphill With A Price For It You Wouldn’t A Little Question That I Always In My Research For The First Couple Years Everywhere I Look Turn Up Sun Worship Is Like Yeah Everybody Knows About Sun Worship But Over The Course Of Last Year I Would Say Just Non-stop It Keeps Coming Up Saturn Worship And I Was Just Curious With What You Got To Say About You Know Ancient Set Saturn Alien Cults And You Know Laurel That They Babies Don’t Get Me Started On That My God We’d Go Up Another Four Hours Just On That One Subject Yeah Saturn The Hot The God Of The Jews The Hebrew Of God You Know We’re Told That The Hebrew Religion Of The Jews Were The First Monotheistic People Now Anybody Has Got More Than 500 Brain School 500 Brain Cells Going In The Right Direction And As A Conda School Learn How To Read Knows A Desilu Turkish On The Face Of It Anybody’s Ever Read A History Book No That’s That’s Ludicrous The Jews Were The First Monotheistic People No Such A Thing Ever Existed First Of All There Was No Ancient Israel And The Jews Are Not Monotheistic Because The Word Mono Means One And Theistic Again Co Theistic Means God So The Jews Were The Worshippers Of One God They Were Monotheistic No They Weren’t Monotheistic They’ll Never Been Monotheistic They’re Not Monotheistic Now And He Never Going To Be Monotheistic And So Mono Means One God Hebrews Leo Or What We Call The Hebrew People Or He Know It Spell H E No.3 Simple H E And O Theistic He No Theistic He No Theistic Means Picking One Out Of A Group So Let’s Say There’s Twenty There Are There Are Twenty Gods And You Looking At All Twenty And You Pick One And So Therefore You Pick One And You Make A Contract With That One God I’ll Be Your Servant And You Will Be My God So Therefore We Could Say That You Are The Worship Of One God Yes But There Doesn’t Mean There’s Only One God No Hell Does Twenty Of Them But You Pick One And So That More And The Dictionary Definition Of Hebrews As They Are He No Theistic They Pick One God They’re Not The Worshipers Of One God Like There’s Only One God No The Hebrews Picked One God And Their God They Call Yahweh And So The Christians They Were The Worshippers Of One God Yeah They Picked One To Call Jesus And They And The Islamic They Picked One Of The Gods Too And He Was Called Yahweh Or Allah And I’m Saying You Know What If Any Of These People Had A Brain It Would Be Dangerous All Of These Words Of The Gods All Go Back To The Old Ugaritic Phoenician Canaanite Ancient Cults Of The Of The Ancient Gods And Nobody Seems To Know That Islam Is Worshipping An Old Ancient Ugaritic Phoenician Canaanite God Who Is Allah Which Is The Same God That The Old Phoenician Canaanite Ugaritic Peoples Gave To The Hebrews Which Is Yahweh So Yahweh As Yahwah And Yahwah Is Yahoo That’s Why You Have The Whole Jewish Thing With The Jewish Gods On The On The Web Call Yahoo Yahoo Is Yahwah Yahwah Are Allah It All Goes Back To And As In Dictionary My God You Don’t Have To Be An Astronaut Or Brain Surgeon To Figure This Out Just Go Back And Look At The Dictionary Lookup Yahoo Or Yahweh Or Allah And You’ll See It All Goes Back To The Old Phoenician Canaanite Ugaritic Ancient Sumerian System Of Gods And It’s All The Same Stuff It’s All A Normal Ancient Gods And Ancient Hindus And My Lord And Where Does This Stop When Of This Stuff And Looking At The Way That People Live That’s Why The Bible Says By Their Fruits You Shall Know Them What Is The Fruit Egde Of The Worship Of Yahweh What Is The Privilege Of The Worship Of Allah What Is The Privilege Of Looking At Worshiping Jesus What Is The Footage You Know There’s A Scripture In The Bible That There’s A Story In The Bible Where People Came To Jesus And They Had Seeds In Their Hand And They Asked Him What Kind Of Seeds Are These And He Looked At Them And Said Why Don’t You Plant Nothing Airhead Why Don’t You Plant The Seeds Water The Seeds The Watch Will Comes Up That Way You Pretty Well Are Assured With What Kind Of Seeds They Are Because If An Apple Tree Comes Up I Guess It Weren’t Apple Seed But If A Pear Tree Comes Up I Guess It Was A Pear Tree So The Best Way To Know What Kind Of Seed They Are As Go Plant The Thing Stupid And See What Comes Up Then You Know For Damn Sure We’re Going To See There Was Well What Is The Seed The Offspring For The Fruit Äj– Of The Three Religions Are The Worship Oh Allah Yahwah Jesus What Is The Old Footage Of The You Know Because Like The Bible Says By Their Fruits You Shall Know Them Well Look At The Fruit Each Of The Three Religions Of The People Of The Book Today Around The Earth Bloodshed Violence A Nog Rafi Drug Addiction Murder In The Middle East Blowing Up Killing People Children Women Running Around Was Completely Covered And Blocked And And And When The Men Ranting And Raving And Screaming They’re Going To Kill Everybody If They Don’t Love Allah And The Jews Are God’s Chosen People That Love The Lord And Everybody Else Could Go To Hell And Everybody Else Has Beneath Them And The Christians Hate Everybody It’s Just A Mess Because Nobody Understands Where Any Of This Come From And They All Have Like The Scripture Says All Mankind Has Lost Its Way They’re All Ignorant They’re All Nothing But A Bunch Of Pagan Silly Ass Religions And What Is The Fruit Egde Of The Men’s Pursuit Like The Scripture Says A Mankind Has Formed For Themselves Teachers We Form Our Own Religion We Don’t Give A Damn About What God Says We Don’t Care What The Universe Says We Don’t Care What The Ancients Knew We Form For Ourselves Teachers And We Call It We Call It Islam And We Will Kill You If You Don’t Love Our God And We Were Raping And Will Marry Six-year-old Children And Six-year-old Girls And Consummate Our Marriage With A Nine Year Old Child And If You Don’t Like It Because All Our Loves Us And We Love Allah And He Loves Everyone And If You Don’t Love Allah Will Kill You We’ll Cut Your Head Off And The Jews Are God’s Chosen People They Love The Lord And They Are The Chosen People Of God And Everybody Else Go To Hell And Crawl On Their Knees Or Work For Them I Was Just Amazed At You Know And And It Doesn’t Seem That Too Many People Are Caught On To What’s Going On Here It’s Just It’s Just Companies And Operations It’s Just Business You Know What Hey Jordan We’ve Got A Couple People On The Line You Mind Taking A Call I Can Imagine Yeah Yeah What You Look At I Would I Would Preface This By Saying Yeah We Can We Can Take People Who Can Take Calls But That Doesn’t Mean I Know Oh Yeah I Asked Questions That Doesn’t Mean I Know The Answer Okay I So If You On The Line I Just Have Your Questions Ready We’re Going To Go To Caller And Northeast Illinois’s You There Caller Hey Yeah This Matt It Is Hey Welcome To The Show Man Thanks Well First Off To Say That I Have A Lot Of Difficult Deep Questions Which Probe Into Some Highly Death Attack Air Ia’s So I’m Sorry If You’re Unable To Answer Any Of The Questions That I Ask Because It’s Difficult There Because Of Us Or Whatever That’s The Case I Completely Understand So Just Say Pass Now I’ll Move On Immediately Also Thank You So So So Much For Your Work I’ve Been Through Most Of It And It Has Helped It Comes If Any Important I Opening Realizations And Deeply Honored Just To Be Sharing Energy In Words With You Over The Phone Tonight No Thank You I Have Three Quick Questions First First Off Can You Give A Quick Reference List Off The Top Of Your Head Of The Different Symbols Of The Old Testament As They Relate To The Different Gland And Parts Of The Body Oh Yeah You Know Man Ap Hall Did The Best Work On That In A Book Called Man The Measure Of All Things As A Big Thick Book That Manley P Hall Put Out That Explains All That So Much Better Called Man The Measure Of All Things Where All The Parts Of The Body Are Relation To Esoteric Knowledge Which Is Applied To Different Races Of People Of Different Religions And Different Symbols He Also Has A Magnificent Book That Basically Talks About This Stuff To Call Secret Teachings Of All Ages You Really Need To Get That Book As An E-book You Can Get It For Free But I Would Suggest Buying It Also As Called Secret Teachings Of All Ages By Manley Ma Nly P Paul H Al L Manley P Hall Was One Of The Greatest Minds The World Has Ever Known One Of The Greatest Teachers Had Ever Lived In Any Era And He Wrote So Many And Presence Of And Incredible Books Explaining All The Occult And Hidden Symbolism And World Religions And Yeah It’s A Very Interesting Story About How Man Is The Measure Of All Things And Though Other Parts Of Our Body The Relation To The Zodiac In Relation To The Symbols Of Government As The Helluva Helluva Studies You Know Anyway But Those Are The Two I Would Say Right Off The Top Of My Head Would Be Man The Measure Of All Things By Manley P Hall And Secret Teachings Of All Ages By Meili P Home Thanks I’ve Already Started One Of Those And I’ll Definitely Try And Finish Go On The Web Also Go On The Web All Stone To Manley P Home Dot Org O Rg Manley P Hall Dot Org And There’s A Lot Of His Lectures For Free Astral Theology And It Will Blow Your Mind It’s All Free Just Go There And Listen To It Just Go It You Don’t Have To Go To Audio Video Or To Youtube You Can Go To Youtube Also A Lot Of Many Halls Lectures And And And Speeches Are On Youtube Manley P Home But You Can Go To Manley P Home Dot Org And As A Whole Series Of About Eight And Nine Ninety Minute Lectures On Astro Theology The Basis For The Ancient World Religion All Of This I’m Talking About It’s All There In Each One’s 90 Minutes Long There Must Be Eight Or Nine Different Lectures On This One Subject Of The Old Way Where The Old The Ancient Way Of Understanding The Symbols In The Bible Whether What They Meant Extraordinarily Brilliant Stuff Like They’re For Free On Manley Beat Paul Org Yeah Another Question Yeah I’ve Been Trying To Identify At The Different Astrological Ages According To Their Prevailing Religious Orders And Kingdoms For A Young Age Of Cancer Was The Age Of Atlantis And The Comet Cataclysm And The Age Of Pisces Has Been The Age Of The Gentile Church Commissioned List Of The Major Kingdoms During The Ages Of Gemini And Taurus For Those The Earliest Hearth The Sumerian And Vedic An Or Was That Gemini Well I Think That The Age Of Tourists Takes Us Back To India Because Taurus The Bull Like The Bull Of The Stock Market And Believe In The Our Probable But The Age Of Taurus Was The Age Of The Bull And A Bowl Has A Cap And So The Hebrews And Their Stories And The Stories Was The Worship Of The Golden Cap And We Know About The Story Of The Jews Worshiping The Golden Cap Well The Golden Calf Golden Is The Son In The Age Of Taurus The Bull The Golden Calf And Then Moses Comes At The End Of The 2160 Year Period When They Were Worshipping The Sun In The Age Of Taurus Which Was At The Time India Was Dominant On The Earth And That’s A Long Time Ago Hinduism India And So Moses The Story Goes That Moses Comes Along At The End Of The 2000 160 Years That The Jews Supposedly Will Worship In God’s God’s Son The Light Of The World And The Age Of Taurus The Bulls A Golden Calf And So Moses Comes In To Bring The New Age The New Age Is The Next Constellation Of The Zodiac And Line Going Backwards And The Next Constellation With Taurus Is Aries The Ram And So Moses Comes To Initiate The The New Age Of Aries From Which We Get The Blowing Of The Ram’s Horn And And And So The Hebrews Were Told In The Bible Rejected The New Age They Said To Moses We Don’t Want The New Age We Are We Been For 2,000 160 Years We’ve Been Worshipping Our God Yahweh He Will Sun God And The Age Of Taurus Well We’ve Come To It Loved The Golden Calf And We Don’t Want In Us New This New Age Is All A Bunch Of Bull Well That’s The Same Thing Today We’ve Got We Got Christians Running Around Talking About God’s Son Who Fed His People Jesus Fed His People With Two Fish And He Was A Great Fisherman And All His Followers Were Fishermen And He Was Referred To As The Great Fisherman And He Bet His People With Two Fish And The Two Fish Of Course Pisces The Two Fish Of Pisces And Now That We’re Getting Ready To Leave Out To Being In 2000 160 Years In Age Of Pisces Getting Ready To Go Into The Next Constellation On The Next To Age And Like The Story In The Bible Of The Old Hebrews They Don’t Want To Go Into The Age Of Aries The Ram And Blow The Ram’s Horn Of The Shofar But They Ended Up Doing It And So No Longer That They Worship The The Golden Calf Now They Were Blowing The Then Blowing The Ram’s Horn The Shofar Because They’re Worshiping The Sun An Age Of Aries The Ram And Then About The Year 325 Ad Came About The Beginning Of The Next Constellation Which Was Pisces Pisces Was A Symbol Of The Two Fish And So Forth Some Sixteen Hundred Almost Seventeen Hundred Years We’ve Been Living Now In The Age Of Pisces Of The Worship Of The Two Fish And That’s Why Jesus As I Said That His Multitude With The Two Fish And Then The Interesting In The Book Of Luke 22:10 In The New Testament Book Of Luke 22:10 The Chosen Signs Of The Zodiac Of The 12 Brothers Of Joseph The 12 Tribes Of Israel The 12 Apostles The Twelve Twelve Twelve It All Goes Back To The 12 Signs Of The Zodiac Were In The Scriptures In In The Book Of Luke 22 The Twelve Came To Twelve Followers Come To Jesus The Sons As Un And They Say Now That You’re Going To Die And This Is The Last Supper The Last Passover In The Age Of Pisces The Fish Where Are We To Go Next And The Bible Says In Luke 22:10 Jesus God’s Son Says To His Twelve Go Into The City And You Will See A Man With A Water Pitcher Go Into The House Of The Man With The Water Pitcher Well For God’s Sakes As Obvious The Water Pitcher Is The Next Sign Of The Zodiac The Age Of Aquarius And So This Is The Dawning Of The Age Of Aquarius And So But Aquarius From What I Have Been Able To Apply Is Not For Another 400 Years We Got Over 400 Years Before We’re Going Into The Age Of Aquarius Because It Looks Like From All Real Scholarly Interpretation Of The Other Ages That Pisces Which Began The Christian Religion The Worship Of The Two Fish Which Incidentally That’s Exactly What Christianity Is It Was The Worship Of Pisces Because The Very First Churches In Israel That We Seen It On Television We Seen It In Magazines And Art And Newspapers When They Found The Old Christian Church Ever On The Earth Was Found In Israel And An Area Where They Were Built They Had A Prison And They Were Going To Build A An Addition To The Prison So They Were Doing Some Excavation And Clearing Off The Land And They Came Across An Old Church That Had Been Buried And It Was In The News And Beautiful Pictures Of It So It’s On The Web And This Old Church Was There Israel They Said Is The Oldest Christian Church Ever Found On The Earth Period And The Old Church On The Floor Was Was The Zodiac And On The Zodiac The Middle One In The Middle Of The Church Was On The Floor Was Pisces The Two Fish Well If That Is The Oldest Church In The World And 2,000 Years Old You Know Whether It Is Theirs Christianity That To Fish On The Floor Of The Church Is The Zodiac Go Back To The Old Ways And So I’m Saying I Don’t Think That The The Age Of Pisces Began Until Around 325 That Would Put The Age Of Aquarius Somewhere About 425 Is 2000 160 Years Long Then 400 Years A Little Over 400 Years Is You Know The Biggest Part Of The Age Of Pisces Has Passed It’s Not Completely Gone But It’s Pretty Much Gone There’s Only About 400 Years Left Out Of 2160 Only About 400 Years Left So I Guess You Could Say That We’re Living In The Last Days These Are The End Times And The Last Days That Christians Talk About And Christians Have No Idea In The World What The Last Days Of I Used To Ask Kids That When I Was Growing Up We’re In The Last Days Yep There It Is The Bible We’re In The Last Days In The End Times The End Times Of What A Sale At Sears Our The Collapse Of The World What Are We In The End Times Of What Is It That’s Ending And If It Ends Will Them Be Something New Of Course It’s Going To Be Something New Anytime Something Ends Is Going To Be Something New Well What Is Ending The Ending Of The Age Of Pisces Christianity Is On Its Way Out The Whole Idea Of Jesus Ultimately One Day Is Going To Be Completely Gone And In Its Place Will Be The New Religion For The New Age The New Age Of Aquarius That’s What Jesus Said Go Into The House With A Man With The Water Pitcher Well What Is The Symbol Of Aquarius If It’s Not A Man With The Water Pitcher And I Would Add To That Remember This That Men Never Carried Water Look Out Any Dictionary Any Encyclopedia On Religion Go To A Seminarian Library And Sit There For Three Weeks And Read About Water Carriers Water Bearers People Who Carried Water Look It Up In The Dictionaries Looking Up In Encyclopedias And Reference Works In The Bible All The Reference Works Will Tell You The Same Thing Men Never Carried Water You Would Be Mocked And Laughed At As A Man If You Carried Water That Was A Woman’s Job And That’s Why Jesus Was Talking To Women At The Well Women Went To To Carry The Water Men Never Carried Water In The Ancient World That Was Never To Be Done Men Don’t Carry Water Well Why Did Jesus They Go Into The City And Luke 22:10 He Says Go Into The City And You’ll See A Man Carrying A Pitcher Of Water Well Men Don’t Carry Water Well What Was He Talking About He’s Talking About Aquarius A Man With The Water Picture It’s All An Encoded Story It’s An Encoded Hidden Occult Story And That’s Why Today The Worlds In A Message Then Because We Take Everything Literally As As Literal History When In Point Of Fact The Whole Bible As An Encoded Of Cult Or Hidden Wisdom Hidden Knowledge Right In Front Of You That’s Why The Scripture Has Jesus Saying They Will Look With Their Eyes But They Do Not See They Listen With Their Ears But They Do Not Hear And With Their Heart They Do Not Get The Sense Of It And That’s Precisely Where We Are Today People Go To Church And Have No Idea In The World What Any Of These Symbols Mean Why Is On A Cross While The Man Is Dying On The Cross Why Has 12 Apostles I Mean In All Of This Stuff Is Very Easily Well-known If You Just Do Some Reading So You Have To Turn On The Tv And The Sitcoms And Bugs Bunny And All The Rest Of It And Start Going Back To School And Learn How To Read And Learn How To Think And Begin To Shut Down All Of Your Enthusiasm For The Government And For The Law And For The Movie Stars And For All The Things Of This World And Begin To See That Like The Scripture Says It Has Jesus Satan Tells Jesus I’ll Give You All The Kingdoms Of The World If You Bow Down To Me I Didn’t Say I Will Give You All The Kingdoms Except For Our Except For Canada And Australia No All The Kingdom In The World Means You To All The Kingdoms Of The World Or In The Hands Of The Dark Prince Of Darkness Or Hell You Don’t Have To Be An Astronaut To Figure That Out All Over The Earth Is Violence And Bloodshed And Lies And Corruption The Whole Earth Is Corrupt There’s Not One That Has Found That Way Not One Is Doing Right Not One Is Doing Correct And The Whole World As Lying In The Power Of The Wicked One He’s Called The Prince Of Darkness And The Prince Of Dark Meat All Set At The Help Of Another World Listen I Can Bore With This Video I Know You Can I Do I Know You Can’t We You Know We Can Take Some Calls Hey Thanks Man For The Calls Man I Know You Got So Much More I’m Going To Open Up The Phone Lines To Another Caller And George I Believe This Is Devon This Is You Daddy Hey What’s Going On Guys Hey Officer Coming Down We Don’t Know We Don’t Know For Sure Very Fun Very Funny Mr. Banks Whoa Hey Bro Hey Brother Knights Wah Hota I Just Wanted To Say That I’ve Been Following Your Work For A Couple Of Years And You You Know I Am Listening To Other Esoteric Teachers And Researchers And This One Teacher You Know Said That Uh You Know When You When You Get Involved In Things Like This You Know The Road To The Wisdom Is A Very Lonely One And You Got That Right Yeah And I’ve Experienced A Lot Of Things That Went Topsy-turvy Because For A Minute I Was I Was Actually Going To Go You Know And Bmv A Pastor And Everything I Was I Was In Bible School I’m I’m I’m Almost 23 I’ll Be I’ll Be 23 And 30 Minutes But Don’t Blame That On Me I Thought My Problem Yeah Oh Good But Uh Like I Was I Was On My Way To Becoming A Pastor And I Just I Just Let Go Because The Person That Influenced Me The Decided He Wanted To Kill Himself And Then A Family Member Um Told Me That He Was Gay And I Didn’t Believe It So I Made A Conscious Decision To Say You Know You Want To Do What Do I Do I’m Really Want To Continue To Stop For Myself And Then A Cake It Came To Me I Was Like No I Don’t I Don’t I Don’t Want To Be Manipulated By By The System And All That I Love God And I Love Knowledge But Belong Forget Pastoring I Understand You Know Yeah Well Remember The Bible Has Jesus Saying The Slave Is Not Greater Than The Master What They’ve Done To Me They Will Do To You Well We Haven’t Happened It And Remember Daisy Said I Am The Truth And The Light I Am Right And The Light Well He’s The Truth And Light Well He Is The Truth And The Light Look What Happened To Him And Therefore I Got Over And Over That The Story Of Jesus As A Metaphor He Said I’m The Truth And The Light Yeah Well Look What Happened To The Truth And The Light Right Right Matt Masterson Are Doe Was Was Killed For It That’s True So So Uh I Have A Question For Ya I Don’t Want To Talk Either Death But I Have A Question For You You Know You Know I Um Um Uh Well Okay I Was Associated With The Last Church Hey And I Am I I’ve Dealt With People That Were Biblically Oriented And You Know You Know When When I Would Try To Teach Them This Stuff The First Thing That Come On It Dame Alice So Show Me Show Me Where It’s At In My Bible You Know Coke A They All They Always Read King James And I’m On What They Call The So-called New Age Kid You Know But But But I Have To Use My Reference You Know Sit There And Then Yeah To Help Them Get A Better Understanding And Then We Can Go Into The King James So My And And Then Out Comes The Arguing I I Even Lost Uh A Christian Girlfriend You Know Because I Wanted To Go Deep Into The Occult You Know I Thought I Listened To You I Was Her Doctor Valachi’s New York From The New Ampion Communities Or Whatever Bobby Himmat Oh No Problemo Bill Bill Valentine’s Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah So I’ve Been Involved In Your Coke Were Almost Going On Three Years Because Because My Because My Awakening Started With You And That Was Best December Of 2011 Well I Mean Let Me Explain Subject To The Audience That When We Use The Word When We Use The Word Occult The Church The Church Has Given An Interpretation To The Word Occult To Mean Devil Worship Evil Child Sacrifice All Kind Of Devil Stuff Right But The Word Occult Is A Latin Word Which Means If You Look It Up In The Dictionary Occult Simply Means Hidden So When You Put Your Hand In Your Pocket Dictionary Definition Says That Your Hand Is On Occult Hand In That It’s Hidden So Anything That’s Hidden The Word In Latin Is Occult So Our Cult Doesn’t Mean Evil Or Bad Or Devil Worship It Means Hidden Well I’ve Been Trying To Tell You For The Last Hour And A Half That Wisdom And Knowledge And Wisdom And Understanding Of The Heavens And Of History And Of The World Has Been Hidden From People And They’ve Been Given Television And Donald Duck And Bugs Bunny Instead And So Real Knowledge Understanding And Wisdom Of Who We Are Where We’ve Come From Where We Are And Where We’re Going Has Been Hidden But There Are People In This World That Are Very Powerful Who Do Know Things You Don’t Know And They’re Not About To Tell You – Like Like George Carlin Says The People Who Are Running This Planet As A Big Club And You Ain’t In It So They’re Not Going To Tell You The Real Truth Like The Movie A Few Good Men When When Tom Cruise Is Badgering The Old Guy On The On The Witness Stand And The Old Guys Have Kids What Do You Want With Me And He Said I Want The Truth You Can’t Handle The Truth Well That’s What I Feel About The World I Live In Everybody Wants To Truth And Everybody Wants To Know The Truth No You Don’t Want To Know The Truth Don’t Give Me That Crap You Don’t Want To Know The Truth And So That’s Why Gemin People Would See Out Of Him To Come On The Scene And Murdering People And Destroying Freedom And Destroying Their Country They Don’t Want To Know What Hitler’s Doing They Don’t Want To Hear It They Don’t Want To Know When Mussolini Came Into Italy The Italian People They Loved The Dictator They Loved The Emperor’s And All The The Papacy And The Pope Riding Around The Popemobile And The Queen Mum Riding Around In Gold Chariots They Love That They Don’t Want To Know The Real Truth Well The Real Truth Is You Can’t Handle The Truth The Real Truth Is There’s Nobody Coming Back To Save You Because There Was Nobody Here To Start With It’s In Encoded Stories It’s Been Encoded And You Don’t Know The Code So You Don’t Understand You Talk About The God’s Kingdom And You Have No Idea In The World What That Means And Therefore By That Route You’ll Know Them Look At The Religions Today They’ll Pull A Bull But Crap Money-grubbing No Bunch Of Goofballs Airhead My God All You Got To Do Is Watch Christian Tv If That Doesn’t Make You Sick Nothing Yeah Yeah It’s Funny That A Lot Of People Who Aren’t Involved In Religion Can Watch That Stuff And Understand That Hey This Is Something To This You Know That It’s Crazy Or Whatever But Hey Jordan Thanks For Coming On The Show Man Thanks So Much For Coming You Know Speaking To The Audience And Everything Definitely Like To Have You Back Again Yeah Let’s Do It And Might Go On My Website Too Jordan Maxwell Show I’ve Got A Podcast You Can Hear Okay All Right Thanks So Much Man The Jordan Maxwell Show Calm Right Oh Bye-bye All Right Brother Yeah So There Was A Lot That Was You Know Said In That Interview We’re Gonna Look You Know We’re Going To Talk About A Little Bit I Want To Go To The Scriptures Right Quick And This Is Something That You All Need To Understand You Know Everybody In Chat Room Listening Everybody Listening On On A Youtube Or Whatnot In The Scriptures In The Book Of In The Old Testament Ecclesiastes Chapter 1 Verse Starting In I Could And This Is Coming From Solomon Who You Know God Spoke To Him And Told Him He Can Ask For Anything He Wanted Riches Well – Anything He Wanted And He Didn’t Want Any Of That He Wanted Wisdom And God Gave Unto Him Wisdom And Knowledge And With The Wisdom And Knowledge He Gave The Other Stuff As Well The Riches He Was A Richest Man In The Wisest Man And All The Earth So Ecclesiastes 1 And 16 Says This Is From Solomon I Communed With My Own Heart Saying Lo I Am Come To Great Estate And I Have Gotten More Wisdom Than All They That Have Been Before Me In Jerusalem Yay My Heart Had Great Experience Of Wisdom And Knowledge And It Says Right Here And I Gave My Heart To Know Wisdom And To Know Madness And Folly And He Goes On To Say I Perceived That This Is Also Vexation Of Spirit For And Much Wisdom Is Much Grief And He That Increases Knowledge Increases Sorrow So If Your Pursuit Is To Know The Things That Others Don’t Know To Know The Things That Jordan Was Talking About To Look Beyond The Veil And And To See The You Know The Inner Workings Of The Matrix Sent To See The Inner Workings Of What Looks To Be This Awesome Religion Or This Awesome Understanding And Then You When You Pull The Curtain Back You See That The Wizard Is Just A Little Bitty Old Man Running This Ah You Know Pulling The Strings You Know Behind The Scenes So That’s One Thing That You Need To Consider We See A Man With As Much Knowledge And Research You As Jordan Maxwell And He’s Basically At The End Of His His Life At The End Of His Career Who’s Lost Everything He Had You Know He Tells You He Sleeps On The Floor Of A Friend’s Apartment Because He Has Given Us His Life To Know Wisdom And To Know Understanding And Just As Solomon Said He Considered It Vexation Of Spirit It Vexed Him It Was Burdensome For In Much Wisdom As Much Grief And He That Increaseth Knowledge Increaseth Sorrow Because Once You Start Understanding All These Inner Workings And Finding Out How The Law Works Finding Out How Religion Works Finding Out How Those Scriptures Is Really Written And Versus How They’re Taught Within The Churches And Things Like That You Become One Who Is You Feel Like You’re Alone Because Nobody Really Cares About The Zodiac Nobody Cares About The Deep Things Of The Spirit They’re They’re Fine With Dinner And A Circus So I Just Want You Know All The Listeners Just Understands Like Are You Seeking After The Knowledge Are You Seeking After The Creation Or Whatever But What We Believe That We Have A Relationship With Creator With The Divine Creator And That There Is A Hope And It’s Not Man Kind Of An End Of The Rope We Believe In The Hope The Hope That Our You Know We Found We Offer It Freely Jordan Has A Lot Of Good Things To Say I’m Glad He Came On The Show We Don’t Agree With Everything He Said We Don’t Endorse Everything You Said But We Let Him Say It You Know So You Know If You’re Listening Everybody In The Chatroom Was Wanting Us To Hear Him You Know Say If He Believed You Know That Christ Really Would You Know Walk The Earth Or Not Or Whatever You Know I Want To Say This Don’t Believe Everything You Hear From Someone Who Sounds A Little Bit More Intelligent When They Speak It Just Because That You See It In A Integral You See It Or You See It Coming From Behind A Pulpit Or You See It Behind A Lecture Don’t Believe It As It’s True I Could Definitely See I Fell Into That Trap Of Hearing All This Stuff And Thinking That Man He Knows All This Stuff And Bosma You Know What Jordan Maxwell Is An Awesome Teacher He Has A Lot Of Good Stuff To Say But Straight Up Daily Anybody Else At Any Other Pocus Man Exactly He’s Off On A Lot Of Things And I Think If We Can Agree To Understand That And Understand That Nobody Has Everything All The Way Figured Out Then I Think We Can Take Out The Pieces Of Our Puzzle Which Is One Of The Show Was Created That’s Why We Gave Him The Platform Not To Confuse Anybody But To Really Just Put It Out There And Take Your Pieces Of The Puzzle Take Some Of His Pieces Put It Together Until We Can Make Some Sense Out Of All Of This All Right And I Think You’re Right On As Far As What You’re Saying About You Know With Increased Wisdom Comes At The Burden And That’s The Same Not Just With Jordan But You See William Cooper Bobby And There Any Of Them Other People Who Who Come Into This Light And Come Start Finding Out All These Different Things That We Don’t See On The Surface Like Wow This Is What’s Really Going On That It Is So Overwhelming And It’s Such A Burden The Only Thing That Was Really Hurt Me And I Mentioned It To You In Our Private Chat Was I Was Like Man You Know I Don’t I Don’t Watch Tv I Don’t Watch The News And My Cousin Was Just Telling Me Today About This Whole Boston Bombing And Stuff And I Just You Know Put Out A Quick Message On Facebook Like Look Man Y’all Don’t Let This Get You Caught Up In Negativity And And Anger And Depression And All This All These Dark Energies Because You Know It Can Do That And But And And When I Was Listen To Him Talking He Does Have So Much Knowledge But I Was Listening To Him Talking It’s Almost Like He Paints This Really Hopeless Picture That There’s Nothing Anybody Can Do There Isn’t You Know It’s Hopeless And And The Truth Is There Is Hope Love Is The Most High Power In And It Can Change Anybody On An Individual Basis And There’s Hope For Any Of Us As Individuals You Know And We Are In A Very Dark Time Collectively We Definitely Are But It’s Not Hopeless For You Or For Me Or For Any Of Us Individually And You Know We Got To Stay Positive We Got Think We’re Going To Think Positive Man Yeah I Mean You Know I Mean It’s The You Know Because This World Is Confusing Babylon Is It’s Confusing This World.this I Mean There’s So Much Information Is So Much Knowledge Out There And Everyone Claims To Have The Right Doctrine And The Right Knowledge And Things Like That One Of The Brothers Said In The Chat Room He Said Um We Talked About This Our Wisdom And Knowledge That Gives You This The Succession Of Spirit And Brings About Confusion And Anna Marks You But There Is A Different Type Of Our Wisdom It’s The Wisdom Of God And Wisdom From Him His Fresh Word That He Gives You His Peace Christ Said My Peace I Give You That No Man Can Give You And No Man Can Take It Away It’s A Lot Of People Out There They Have No Hope That’s Why We See Like Stuff Like We’ve Seen Today On You Know On The News All These Bombings And Shootings And And All This Stuff Like That Man Is Like You Know We Gotta Be A Standard For Some Source Of Hope No Matter What You Believe No Matter What Type Of Esoteric Doctrine Or Christian Doctrine Or Whatever You Believe Because I Really Really Don’t Care What You Believe I Really Don’t I Believe In God And I Believe In Christ And I Believe That He Loves You I Believe That He Came To This Earth And He Walked A Perfect Life And He Was Put To Death And He Died The Death Of A Murderer And He Never Killed Anybody He Died The Death Of A Thief And He Never Stole Anything And That He Died So That We Can Live And That Mankind Is Separated From God All You Got To Do Is Turn The Tv On And See That Man Kind Of Separated From God And Christ Came To Bridge That Gap With – Between Us And God So I Mean That’s What I’m Told It Or Not I Really I Really Couldn’t Care Less It For Everybody Enough Whether You Don’t Believe It Or Not Yeah And It’s There It’s There And And I Could See That If You Know It Was Just Some People Who Believe The Man But I’ve Seen People’s Lives Totally Transformed By This This Gospel I’ve Seen People’s Lives I’ve Seen Man I’ve Seen So Much Stuff Dude That I’ve Seen People Who Couldn’t Look You In The Face Because They Were So Demon Oppressed And Full Of Drugs And In All Types Of Spirits And I’ve Seen People Lay Hands On Them And Spirits Leave Their Body And Then And The People Can Look You In The Eyes And Hold A Conversation And Peace Come Into Their Into Their Spirit And Life’s Breathe Back Into Their Body Man So I Know The Power Of The Gospel And It’s Real And There Is These Esoteric Deeper Meanings Behind The Scriptures That You’re Not Going To Get In Church There’s Also The Quite Literal Meanings That You’re Not Going To Get From Jordan Maxwell That’s Just A Simple Truth I Think That In Your Book You Know That It’s Not Like We’re Just Saying That Ahead Knowledge We’re Saying That Early Even Our Own Personal Experience Dude No I Would Be I Would Be I Would Be Judged Of God If I Didn’t Tell You That’s The Thing Like I Was I Would Miss An Opportunity So I Don’t Want It To Seem Like Okay Jordans Off The Phone Now We’re Gonna You Know Straighten Up Some Things That He Messed Up Whatever The Case Is If You Listen To Any Of Jordan Maxwell’s Interviews When He’s On Other People’s Radio Shows He Does Bring About The Negative For With Them And A Lot Of People They Tried To Speak Hope To Him They Try To Say We Hate The Work You’re Doing Is Good Keep Up The Good Work Keep Up The Good Fight You’ve Inspired So Many People To Keep Seeking Past The Mundane To Turn The Television Off And To Seek The Things Of You Know Of Heaven Or Whatever In The End If He Has For You That’s Also Man He You Know He Was Inspired Me To Do A Lot Of Great Things But He’s Not There No Ollie End-all When It Comes To Knowledge And Information I Mean If You Want To End Up Where He Is Right Now It’s Not It’s Not A Good Place To Be Man I Really Appreciate His Work And Everything He’s Done Everything He’s Doing But Um I Think There’s A Little Bit More To Life Yeah Man Laughter That Love Of Peace Of Power Knowledge And Peace That Surpasses All Understanding So That’s The Thing Is If You Want To Do Global According To Knowledge You Know Even If It’s Fact Or A Little Knowledge That Knowledge Can Drive You Crazy Bro And It Doesn’t Seem To Me Like You Got Peace You Know And And Bible Says That Christ Gives Us Our Peace That Surpasses All Understanding That It’s Not Even To The Human Comprehension That Regardless Of All The Negativity Regardless Of All The Evil This Of All That That We’re Surrounded By We Can Still Have Peace You Know And That’s What Gets Me Through The Day Man Yeah And That’s The Day Man Because There’s A Lot Of People Man Dealing With This Type Of Stuff This Poet Drove Me Crazy It But She Here’s The Thing There’s Crazy People Vicious People It Really Has Nothing To Do With A Religion Or A Movement Because There’s Some Crazy People In The New Age Movement There’s Crazy People In The Occult Field True They’re Out There Okay Exactly But It Transcends That It’s Crazy Christian People It’s Crazy As Anomic People Buddhist People It’s Just People In General So It’s Not Like You Can’t Take Something Like That And Group It To That Religion Or That Belief System Because It Transcends That Manas That’s In Nature It’s The Lack Of Understanding You Know And Still It’s The Lack Of Tolerance As Well Man That Pushes People You Know To These Edges You Know We Can Touch On Next Week’s Show Man If You Want To Kind Of Talk About What’s Going To Go On Next Week Yeah My Waters What The Outside Super Relieved That Feel Super A Lot Better Man That We Just Got To Kind Of Like Share A Little Bit Kind Of Just Counterbalance A Little Bit Because Man I Was Feeling Like Man I Really Don’t Want To Enter Just Standing On That And Just Many People Kind Of Feeling Hopeless Out There You Know Like This Is What It Is There’s Nothing You Can Do About It You Know What Well Yeah Man I’m Really Excited To Get To To Get To Share With You Guys Next Week About My Life Story Cuz I’ve Been On One Hell Of A Ride Dude And I’ve Been Through All Them Deaths I’ve Been Through Darkness And Loving It Darkness And Evil And Addiction And And Just Wallowing In It And All The Way Back Up To The Other Side There Through The Supernatural And Through Coming Into Supernatural Wisdom And Knowledge And Letting That Come Alive Inside Of Me That Light And Love And Peace That I’m Talking About And Totally Transformed Me Just Like You Were Saying And To Where I’m Affecting The World Dude I’m Effecting Other Countries I’m Effecting People All Over The Us With My Words And My Action In My Life There’s An Example And And That’s What That Is For Everybody You Know The Universal Thing Has Nothing To Do With Me Or You As An Individual We’re Just Blessed To Have Been Able To Come Into That Experience And I Mom I’m Planning On Giving My Testimony Next Week Grow In A Way That I Haven’t Given It Before And Opening Up And Sharing Some Stuff That I’ve Never Told Anybody And I’m Kind Of At That Point I’m In You If Christ Transform You And Christ Heals You And Turns Everything Bad Into That Good You Should Be Able To Share That And Hope That It That It Touches Other People You Know And That That It Gives A Light And A Hope For Them So I’m Hoping That Next Week Gum I Can Do That For Something I’m Definitely Looking Forward To Hearing That We Got A Couple More People In The Chat Room I’m Gonna Bring Matt I’m Gonna I’m Gonna Bring You In Somebody Wants To Hear Your Testimony Now You Gotta Tune In Next Week Oh Hey Matt I’m Gonna Bring You In In A Minute And Do What You Said Pray Over Jordan Somebody’s Been On The Line Holding Guest 34 Are You Listening To The Show Did You Have A Question Or What’s Up Yeah Kind Of Like Senior Things With The Pope Are Things That Tat And I’m Kind Of New To You Know The Life Of Christ Listen To All These Things It’s Really Interesting All These Testimonies Man I’m Uh You Know Just Living Day By Day You Know Reading The Word And Just Trying To Do Good And Be A Better Person Um I Think It’s Kind Of Good That You Cleared Up What A Yeah Like I Was Talking About It Wasn’t Really We Really Didn’t Really That’s Not Money No Not The Word Of God And It’s Very Negative And You Know God Is Love Is Positivity We Got To Be The Shining Light The Darkness Which Is The World The Enemies Now I’m Enjoying Listening To The Show Man I’ll Screw This Up Man Thanks For Calling Yeah So I Mean There Is A Lot Of Truth To What He’s Saying Because There Is I Mean You You Got A I Mean You Got To Understand That Darkness Out There Obviously This World Is Dark You Know The Scriptures Even Say That The Whole World Is Under The You Know The Guise Of The Wicked One And You Know Even In Job It Says That The Earth Is Given Into The Hands Of The Wicked And I Think Jordans Just Kind Of Pointing That Stuff Out Man Just Showing Around Yeah It’s Deeper And Once You Think You Have It Figured Out It’s Deeper Than You Even Know Once We Can See The Darkness Then The Light Of Christ Shines For Itself Because Because He Is The Light Of The World You Know He Is The Peace Here The Rest And He Is The The Truth In The Midst Of All That Confusion Well I Mean Uh There Is Darkness And He Did Pointed Out I Mean There’s Hope Yaya Around A Half Now Yeah Not But You Know The One Thing We Got To Focus On Is Just Our Our Patman Our Walk With Christ Just Yeah We Can’t Live Our Life The Way We Want It It’s An Individual Basis That We Essentially We Burn Our Flesh Every Day And We Don’t Mm-hmm Good Yeah That’s True Man Yeah Wish Naman My Name Is Manuel And I’m A Calling From New Mexico Okay Sweet That’s What’s Up Man I’m Gonna Um I’m Gonna Bring This To Mathew Back On The Line All Right I Do Pay Per Call Yeah Yeah Man No Problem Dude You There Matt Oh Yeah Hey So Do You Have Anything To Say After That I Know You Want To You Know Speak You Know Speak A Word Over Him But On Anything Kind Of Nothing Specific Yeah All My Other Questions Are Or Comments Are For Him And Yeah Too Long To Get Into Now Yes Huh But Up Grande If I’d Say Blessing Right Yeah Go Ahead Man All Right Once Again I Apologize I Have Coffee Brain Right Now But Either Way He’ll Get One So Yeah All Right Um Father In Heaven We Come To You Today In The Name Of Your Son Atchoo Hamashiach Jesus Christ And We Ask You To Well First Off We Come And We Thank You For The Enormous Enormous Blessing That Jordan Maxwell Has Been On In Our Lives And In The Collective World We Thank You For All The Information He’s Revealed This Truth That He Has Brought Forth And The Wisdom That You Have Trained Him Up In And We Just Pray That You Would Continue To Shine Your Light Upon Him And To Give Him For Increased Measures Of Wisdom Understanding Knowledge And Light And That You Would Just Bring Him To The Fullness Of The Realization Of Christ And The Fullness Of Of Who Yeshua Was A Physical Incarnation Where That You Would Liberate Him From Everything That Is Holding Them Down And The The Barriers That Are Keeping Him From The Truth We Pray That You Would Continue To Open His Eyes And That You Would Would Poured New Favor And Blessing Into His Life From Unexpected Areas And That You Would Help Build Him Up Again When The Time Is Right And That You Would Give Him Money Place To Stay Are Everything That He Needs Okay That That Would All Shadow In Comparison To Everything That He Truly Need Which Is The Fullness Of Your Glory And Your Son And Afraid That You Would Just Continue To The Unlock Higher Amounts And Realms Of Life Than His Mind With His Entire Within His Entire Being And Once Again We Just Thank You For The Blessing That He Has Been In Our Lives We For The Blessing That There Has Been In My Life And Everyone Else Who Is Tuned In And I Pray To You To Continue To Do A Mighty Work For Him And It’s All In Your Son’s Name Amen Appreciate It Man Yeah So You Know Anybody Listening Man However This Podcast Goes Out If You’re Dealing With Confusion If You Have Questions And You Know About Life In General Spiritual Problems Whatever The Case Is Contact One Of Us On Facebook You Can Contact Myself To Backslash Truth Seekers Truth Sek Aah And Dan You Wanna Give Out Your Information Yeah You Can Give Me A Facebook On Black Flash And Bk International And Bk International And If You Have Any Questions About The Bible About Life And In General You Just Need Somebody To Talk To We A Couple Of Just Regular Guys Who Were There We’re Trying To Figure This Thing Out You Know With You So You Know Hit Us Up Anytime And We Saying We’d Love To Talk To You We’d Love To Pray With You Whatever The Case Is So Thanks For Tuning In To The Show We Will Be Back Next Week To Hear A Dance Testimony Some Powerful Stuff Man And I Guess We’ll See You Guys Next Week We Got Peace And Shalom And I Want To Say A Big Hello Shalom Out To Brother P Was Going To House Holding It Down Holding His Holding His Our Prophet Staff In The Video Shots Out Man Thanks For Holding Me Down Brother Peace If You Want To Support The Show Today’s Podcast Is Brought To You By With Over 180,000 Titles To Choose From For Your Iphone Android Kindle Or Mp3 Player You Can Get A Free Audiobook Download And 30-day Free Trial By Using Any Computer To Go To

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