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Jordan Maxwell is pretty much the Godfather of esoteric research and has dedicated his life to getting this information out to the masses. This interview goes into the subject of who the elohim are according to the Bible.

The elohim are a race of angelic beings sent by Creator God to create and seed humanity on earth.

 This goes against much of what mainstream christianity teaches but this understanding makes the stories in the Old Testament make a lot more sense. The word Elohim is plural meaning more than one and hence we see angels having conversations between themselves in the book of Genesis several times about going down to interact with humanity. Then, in Genesis 18 and 19 we see that they actually came down from their high places and interacted with Abraham and his family. This is just one of the notions discussed in this episode with the focus being on breaking down the true meanings of words. Many of the words we believe mean something in particular when you go back to the word origin especially to the Greek and Hebrew we can many times see the meaning of these words even flip. This is something that Jordan Maxwell discuss in depth on this show and other who we’ve had on in the past as well. Michael Heiser being one that comes to mind who although presents some beliefs that are a little contrary to Jordan’s in the greater picture of it all actually backs what Jordan is teaching. The understanding of the gods of the Bible. Who are they, what happened to them and back to the main point, what does god even mean. In the episode that we did with Michael Heiser we go into a little more depth about that word origin and its meanings in the King James Bible. Yes, meanings. The word has several different meaning depending on how it it used in the scriptures so we have to go back to culture and context.

The word God can mean the Creator God Yahweh, the divine council of the elohim, elohim plural meaning angelic beings as well as speaking about ghosts and spirits within all within the Bible

but the only word we get in english is god. It throws a wrench in the system but opens the Bible up so much to understand the messages within the stories that are trying to come across through the texts.

If there were no Jordan Maxwell there would be no movie called The Matrix. If if wasn’t for Jordan Maxwell you would have no TruthSeekah as you know me today. Back in 2012 I was about to stop doing podcast, stop doing music and battling with trying to get the Christian church to accept me again. I pretended like I didn’t believe in aliens, UFOs or anything that wasn’t held in high regard by the local church. This led me down the path of double mindedness. Feeling in my spirit that I resonated with such terms but couldn’t handle the demonization and backlash from my church peers I found myself going back and forth. But then I had a phone conversation with Jordan Maxwell. Jordan encouraged me to keep doing what I was doing and not try to become someone that I wasn’t in order to fit in with the Church crowd. Well, that was a huge shift for me to keep pursuing down the path of Truth Seeking that I was on that only led me closer to God and essentially closer to Jesus. So, I am thankful for Jordan and his encouraging words. As in many interviews once they are done these days people feel the need to encourage Jordan back. It seems as if he has lost hope. Well, he’s had everything possible come against him, constant death threats and people stealing his work and writing their names on it. It seems like a good reason to give up. But not us. Let’s keep Jordan lifted and let him know that he has a family in the entire Truth movement regardless of race or creed and we are very thankful for everything that he has given up only to suffer persecution and great loss. We love you Jordan.

Jordan Maxwell currently host the Jordan Maxwell Show and stands as the leading Esoteric philosopher and free researcher in the field of Occult and Religious Reasoning. His enthusiasm for these subjects started in 1959. His work investigating the shrouded establishments of Western religion and mystery orders creates mind blowing reactions from groups of students around the globe. From Astrotheology, Biblical studies of ancient gods mentioned in the Bible all the way to Christianity and the Zodiac. Jordan Maxwell has much to say about the illuminati and ancient religious practices of old.

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Ladies And Gentlemen Welcome To The Truthseekah Podcast. I’m Your Host Truthseekah And We Are Here For Another Exciting Episode I Got An Awesome Guests With Me Tonight. Before We Get Into The Interview I Gotta Say A Quick Thank You From The Bottom Of My Heart To All Of The Patreon Who Are Giving Over At . So You Guys Are Helping Me Pay The Bills Month To Month To Help Run In Fund The Podcasts And The Music And Everything That I Do I Want To Say A Deep Thank You For That Because It Totally Helps Every Little Bit Helps That You Guys Are Doing Some Of You Guys May Know That I Just Was Fired From My Job That I Worked At For Eleven Years Employed And Was Let Go For Really No Reason But Something Happened On The Job And I’m Not Gonna Go Into Detail But It Really Was Something That Wasn’t My Fault And Was Was Let Go For Animosity Reasons So Anyway They All Know What I’m Doing With The Troops Movement And Sticking My Head Out There And Talking About Some Of These Subjects And Some Co-workers Know About What’s Going On And Stuff And It Really Didn’t Look Good So Anyway I Was Working In For 11 Years Just Got Let Go And I Feel Like It’s The Universe I Feel Like It’s God Calling Me Into Full-time Ministry Essentially Or Getting The Message Out There Doing My Music Full-time And Moving Into A Place Like A New Season Of Doing This And I’m Trusting God I’m Believing And Things Are Happening So With That Being Said A Huge Thank You From The Bottom Of My Heart Everybody Who Is Supporting Everything That I’m Doing At If You Want To Support Go There And You Get Rewards You Get Unreleased Music Extra Podcasts And Things Like That So Once Again Thank You Guys So Much It Really Means A Lot Man And I’m Excited About What’s To Come So Without Further Ado We Have My Good Friend Jordan Maxwell Welcome To The Show Brother Well Thank You For Having Me I Appreciate It If It Wasn’t For You There Wouldn’t Be Many Of Us Doing What We Do And I’ve Talked With You Some Years Ago When I Was Hesitant To Keep Doing Music That Talked About Aliens In The Occult And In Angels And Things Like This I Was Demonized They My Christian Friends Made Fun Of Me I Caught Hell They Called Me A Devil Worshiper And I Was Gonna Give It All Up I Wanted To Be Accepted Amongst My Peers But Then I Had A Phone Call With Jordan Maxwell Who Encouraged Me To Keep The Faith Keep Doing What I’m Doing And Don’t Worry About Pleasing Anybody Else But Do What’s True To Me So Everybody Who Is Fans Of My Music And What I Do It Wouldn’t Be True Seeker There Wouldn’t Be So Many Other People Without The Likes Of Jordan Maxwell Man Thank You So Much For Being Here Well Thank You Thank You And Just Remember What The Scripture Has To Say About The New Testament Story Of Jesus He Came To Enlighten The World And He Ended Up Because Of His Friends And Because Of The Situation He Ended Up Being Nailed To A Cross And He Said What They’ve Done To Me They Would Do To You And If You Were A Part Of What They Are If You’re Part Of Them And You Run With Them And They Will Love You And You Loved Them And Everybody Will Be Happy But If You Want To Follow What The Real Truth Just Remember What They’ve Done To Be They Would Do To You So A Story Of Our Lives Right That’s It That’s The Name Of The Tune The War Between Light And Darkness So You Want To You Want To Run With Your Friends And You Want Friends And And To Be Accepted Then Just Open Your Head And Take Your Brain Out And And Continue To Drink Your Beer And Do Your Parties And Your Skateboard And All The Rest Of The Nonsense That Children Are Into But If You Want To Grow Up And Look At The Real World You Really Live In Where You Gonna Pay A Price What They’ve Done To Me They Would Do To You Well It’s True That’s The Promises So Like When I Was In The Christian Church They Used To Give Us Bible Promised Books With All These Awesome Blessings That That Are Positive Affirmations That The Scriptures Say About Us But The Promises Are The Persecutions The Promises Are That All Who Live Godly In Christ Jesus Will Suffer Persecution Why Are The Churches Being Persecuted But It’s People Like You Who Are Man That’s Right I Mean I’ve Lost My Wife My Family I’ve Lost Everything I Own I Have Enemies That Steal Everything I Own I Have People Who Belittle Me And Public And And Marginalize My Presence On Earth And Call Me Names And Belligerent You Know Condemnation I’ve Just Opened Up A Can Of Worms For Myself But On The Other Hand There Are Other Important People In History Who Have Come To Enlighten Their Fellow Man And Died As A Pauper Hanging On A Cross And So I Understand It’s It’s You Want The Name You’ve Got The Game You Want To Go With The Flow And Be Like Everybody Else And Everybody Else Is Gonna Love You I Can’t Tell You Him For Truth Then Just Beware That You’re Gonna Pay A Price I Can’t I Can’t Tell You In The Christian Circles Like Coming Out Of That Mentioning Your Name Sharing Your Work Which Was So I Opening And Amazing For Me We Got Demonized Just For Being Affiliated With You We Got Demonize For Being Affiliated With You And When We Mention Your Name Even Now In The Christian Circles They Still Like Oh My God They They They Don’t See The Connection But For Me Jordan I See A Connection With You With The Person Of Jesus I Feel Like That You Resonate With Jesus I Don’t Feel Like You Hate I Store You’re Out To Denounce Jesus I See You As One Who Was Walking In The Footsteps Of The Master I Don’t See You As One Who’s Out To Persecute Believers And Things Like This I See That We’re On The Same Team Yeah I All I Am Doing Is What Is What I Saw The Scripture Said That We Should Do I Should Confront Evil And Expose It And Have Nothing To Do With It Yeah No I’m Not Sure What Happened Okay It’s Alright Hold On Let Me Bring Up My Volume Again Okay I’m Where It Was Before Okay Can You Hear Me Yeah I Can Hear You Okay All Right We Should Be Good I’ll Actually Be Able To Piece All This Stuff Together Hopefully At The End And This Was Something That The Last Time I Talked To You I Was Having Problems With Youtube That’s Where We’re Streaming I Was Having Problems With Youtube My Channel Got Pulled And We’re Talking About When You Share This Type Of Information To Choose The True Nature Of Reality In The True Spirituality They There You Get A Target On Your Back Even From The Leftist People Like Youtube And Some Of These People Talk A Little Bit About That I Have My Whole Channel Pulled With All This Content Well That’s No That’s Just Prophecy Being Fulfilled Mm-hmm I Mean Jesus Said That They Had Listened To Me They Would Listen To You Well They Didn’t Listen To Him So They Nailed Him To A Cross And Spit On Him And Beat Him Until He Finally Died So He Said What They Would Do To Me They Will Do To You What Is Your Arm Relationship With Jesus Once It’s Like So What Does Jesus Mean To You Spiritually You’re Gonna Have To Turn Your Volume Up I Can Barely Barely Hear You What Does Jesus Mean To You Specializes Jesus To Me And I’ve Only Been Looking At Theology And Religion For Some 56 Years I’ve Traveled The World And Studied All Over The World Theology And Religion And So I Understand The Story But It’s The Story Has Been Mistranslated And Misunderstood From Day One And So For Me I Understand That Jesus Was A Metaphor Whether The Man Himself Ever Lived Anna Is Not Important It’s What He Said Yeah It’s What It’s What Happened Is A Metaphor It’s A Symbolic Story And This Is Why The Bible Is Called The Greatest Story Ever Told It Is The Greatest Story Ever Told Why Because It’s The Only Story That’s Ever Been Told The War Between Egrets Evil Darkness Lies And Deception Or The Truth And The Light And The Truth And The Light Has Never Ever Been Loved By The People Remember That Scripture In The New Testament Where The The Governor Of Judea Can’t Remember Exactly But I’m Reminded Off The Top Of My Head That The The Group The Great Ruler Called All The People Together In The Town And Brought Everybody Together And He Said According To Your Custom I Can Release One Prisoner Each Year So Today We Have Barabbas On My Left Who Everybody Knows Is A Criminal And A Thief And A Liar And That’s Why He’s In Prison Because That’s What He Is As A Criminal And Then On May Of Right I Had Jesus Of Nazareth They’re Both Prisoners So According To Your Custom I Can Release One Each Year So Here They Are Which One Do You Want And The Scripture Says With One Voice There With No Dissension With One Voice The Whole Of The People All Together Said Give Us Barabbas That’s A Symbolic Story What We Call A Metaphor Simply Stating Of Something Very Simple When The World Of Mankind Your City Your Country Your Town Your Family Your Church Would You Get All The People Together And Say Here Are The Lies Deception And All The Pretty Things That People Like To Hear And Here Is The Real Truth Which One Do You Want What Was One Voice Everyone Said Give Us Barabbas Meaning It’s A Symbolic Story To Tell You That When People Are Confronted With Lies Deception That They’ve Been Asleep All Their Life Have No Idea What’s Going On They’re Not They’re Not Ill And They’re Not Informed They’re Not Spiritual That Are Religious But They’re Not Spiritual So It’s All Kind Of Religious But They’re Not Spiritual And So When You Finally You Finally Come To The Point Where You Are Now Faced With The Question Do You Want Barabbas Who You Know Is A Liar And A Thief And A Criminal Or Do You Want Jesus The Truth And The Light Everybody Will Say No Give Us Barabbas So That’s Telling You Something The People Of This World Do Not Want To Hear The Truth They’re Not Interested In Truth They’re Interested In Their Own Particular Religion The Arabs Don’t Care About The Jews The Jews Don’t Care About Christian And Christians Don’t Care About Anything All They Know Is They Got The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth And Everybody Else Can Go To Hell That’s The Same Thing Al Qaeda Says Yeah That’s The Same Thing Isis Says That’s Where All Of These Religious Bigots Religious Frauds I Mean Would You Watch All Of These Shameful Infantile Tv Preachers Jumping Around As Stages And Spitting And Throwing Up And Falling Backwards Dancing In Circles And Making Millions Of Dollars Off Of The Gullible That’s Prophecy Being Fulfilled Phil Have You Here In The Last Days Have You Ever Had Any Run-ins With Some Of Those Guys Back In The Day Some Of The Televangelists And Big Preacher Is The Pope Catholic Boy Have I Ever Any That You Can Recall Any With Benny Han Or Some Of These Guys No None Of Them Because None Of Those People Will Talk To Me Or Even Come Near Me Why Simple They Know That I Know Yeah They’re Not Gonna Bring The Subject Up To Let Me Undress Them In Public They’re Not About To Thank You We’ll Just Say Jordan X Will Worship The Devil And That’s It Well Yeah Because They Know Where People Start Venturing Over To Some Of The More Or Just Asking The Bigger Questions Let’s Just Go With That Ask Better Questions Because Jesus Says That If You Ask You Seek And You Knock He Said That The Door Will Be Open For You So They Don’t Want You To Ask The Bigger Questions About Reality About Aliens About Spirituality Yeah They Wanna Keep It Where They Can Control You It’s Very Very Sad Oh It’s A Cult Christianity From The Fourth Century On From About 325 Ad Christianity Was Codified Into A Religion When Before Original Christianity Was Based On Spirituality And Spiritual And Understanding Of The Universe And Of The Dark Sayings Like The Scripture Says That Jesus Spoke In Metaphors It Says Without Without What’s The Word That Is Used Without A Metaphor Jesus Didn’t Speak Yeah The Scripture Says That He Spoke In Strange Ways Saying Was Understand It And But When You Now Would You Look At Religion And Christianity Judaism And Islam From About The Fourth Century From About 325 3 3 32 Today It’s All Corporate Business We’re Talking Money Sex Drugs And Rock And Roll Business Has It Got Anything To Do With Spirituality With A Man Named Jesus Or The Pursuing Of Wisdom And Knowledge And Understanding And You Know And There’s A Scripture That Talks About The Fact That Children Came To Jesus One Day And The Apostle Says No No No Don’t Don’t Talk To The Master Leave Him Alone And Jesus Said No Unless You Come To Me Like That They Are Children Of The Kingdom That’s A Metaphor It’s A Symbolic Story Saying Unless You Are Humble Yes If You Like The Pharisees And Proud And Arrogant Because You Have The Truth You’ve Got The Truth And You Got The Caesar On Your Side And All The People Love You And They Worship You And Kiss Your Ring And Send You Money So On But If You Are Like The Pharisees Jesus Said Yeah On The Outside You Look Holy And You Sound Very Holy But On The Inside You’re Nothing But A Full Of Dead Men’s Bones Yeah Because I’m On Except Revathy Why Because By Their Fruits You Shall Know Them So Look At Today’s Christianity In America It’s So Divided All Christian Churches Hate Each Other Paul The Apostle Said You Should All Speak In Unity No No Churches Speaking Unity Jehovah’s Witnesses Say Catholics Are Crazy The Catholics Say That Jehovah’s Witnesses Or The Mormons Are Crazy And The And The The Jews Said Arabs Are Evil The Arabs Say Christians Are Evil Everybody Is Calling Each Other Names Everybody Hates Each Other Or By Their Fruits You Shall Know Them So As Far As I’m Concerned I Would Rather Live My Life And Suffer The Consequences That The Great Teacher Taught And And No I Don’t Suspect Or Think I Know And That’s The Difference That Not Interested To Hear People Who Have Themselves A Communication With Spirit And Understand The World They Live In The Church Is Not Interested In That Yeah The Church Wants You To Know That They Are The Authority They Are The Pharisees In The Sadducees Yeah And He And The Writers And They Are The Scribes Well Scribes The Word Scribe Is Because They Write Scripture Scribes White’s They Scribble Scripture That’s Where The Word Comes From So The Pharisees In The Scribes Were The Scribes Were The Holy Writers People Who Write Holy Books And The Pharisees Were Lawyers So Today With Us That’s The World We Live In Lawyers And Churches And Corporations And The Goofballs Who Think They’re Holy And They Write Their Holy Books Hundreds And Thousands Of Holy Books And The People Today Because Of All The Holy Books Have Been Writing Written In Christianity Today People Don’t Know What Is Going On Christians Haven’t Got The Famous Idea And The World What Is Happening Why Cuz They Got Six Hundred Thousand Different Holy Books And All These Wonderful Spiritual Books You Find In And And Religious Bookstores But Nobody Cares To Hear The Real Truth The Bottom Line Is Is It’s A Religion It Has Nothing To Do With Spirituality And Then Basically As A Metaphor Religion Is Saying To God Give Us Barabbas We Don’t Want To Hear No Truth In The Life Nail Him To A Cross So By Their Fruits You Shall Know Them We Are All Very Religious And Today We’re We’re Looking At The Inn Of Civilization With Lies Deception Bloodshed Drug Addiction Gang War As Corporate Corporate Criminality Children Being Raped And Murdered Women Their Marriages Are Breaking Up By Their Fruits You Shall Know Them Now That’s Why Jesus And That’s Why The Scripture Scripture Says Come Out Of Her My People If You Don’t Want To Suffer What’s Going To Happen You Better Get Out Of Her My People You Didn’t Say All Of You Buddhists And Hindus You Have Better Come Out No He Said Come Out Of Her My People What Is Her Babylon The Great Yes What Is Babylon The Great Babylon Represented Religion Religion Corporate Money Sex Power Kingship All The Dirtiness Of A Human Society That’s Babylonian Babylonian Was Was Dirty From Day One And This Is Why If You Read The Scriptures That Come Out Of Babylon Like The Babylonian Talmud And The Babylonian Religions Of Phoenician Canaanite Sumerians Then You Begin To See That The Whole World Is Lying In The Power Of The Wicked One The Entire World And Those Handful You Know He Didn’t Jesus Didn’t Have 46 Million Followers He Only Had 12 And Those 12 Died Horrible Death So The Metaphor Or The Symbolic Story Is If You Are Interested In The Truth You Gonna Pay A Price For What They Have Done To The Master They Will Do To You And Now All Of Us Said You Begin To See Wow This Is Not This Is Not Fun Anymore No And It’s Gonna Get A Lot Less Fun As You Go On You’re Gonna Wake Up And Find Out In The Whole World Is Lying In The Power Of The Wicked One Let Me Let Me Ask You That Jordan You Say Fun Has It Been Fun At All Though Like Some Of The Like The Experiences That You’ve Been Privileged To See Is It More Of A Burden Or Do You Or Are They Precious To You At The Same Time Oh No No First Of All I Have Had Extraordinary Experiences Spiritual Experiences That Are 9n Darker Oh But They’re Not Called Supernatural That’s A In That’s An Incorrect Term We’ve I Grew Up Hearing That That There Was Supernatural Forces No Supernatural Simply Means It Simply Means It’s Natural But It’s Very Natural So It’s Supernatural The Correct Term Is Praetor Preternatural Preternatural Means Not Of This World It Does Not Fit In Anything You Know Of Reality Yeah It’s Pretty Natural Not From This World And So I Have Had All Kinds Of Preternatural Experiences In My Life And I’ve Had Nothing But Heartache And Tragedy And Belligerency And People Tried To Destroy My Name My Life My Life’s Work And My Reputation Why Because I Want To Know The Truth And The Real Truth Is Is You Don’t Want To Know Why Cuz You Can’t Handle The Truth Why Do You Think They Put That Kind Of Stuff In Movies You Know So What A Sign I Understand Now What’s Going On In The Country The Country Of America Is Finished It Started Off A Long Time Ago Based On The Concepts Of Christianity Look What Christianity Has Allowed America To Become Today In All Churches And All Churches And That’s One Of My Big Things I Talked About Is Words Where Do Words Come From You Put An S In Front Of The Word Word It Becomes Sword Once You Begin To Look At The Etymology Of Words And Terms And Concepts And Phrases That Are Used You Will Be Shocked To Know How Far Down The Rabbit Hole You Really Are When You Talk About Going To Church People Have No Idea In The World Where The Word Church Really Comes From And When You Find Out And When You Do The Research Like I Have Because You Want To Know And When You Find Out What The Word Church Really Means And Where It Actually Came From Then You’re Not Gonna Want To Go To Church And When You Find Out What Christ Means Jesus Was The Christ But When You Find Out What The Word Christ Means You’re Not Gonna Want To Have Anything To Do With It Once You Wake Up And Start Doing The Research And The Hard Research Of The Etymology Of Words In Terms You Will Begin To See Religion Has Destroyed The Human Family And That’s Why All Religions In The World Like The Like The Master Teachers Said The Whole World Is Lying In The Power Of The Wicked What He Didn’t Say The Whole World Except Philadelphia All The Whole World Except Mobile Alabama No The Whole World Including You Period End Of Sentence Well That Means Then That Nothing In This World Is Going To Help You To Understand God Because God Is Simply The Word Don’t Spell All Backwards It’s Just A Business So Once You Begin To See What’s Really Been Going On All Of Your Life And You Bought Into It And Never Realize The Real History Of The World And Where You’ve Actually Come From And Where You Going With You Like It Or Not Then You Will Begin To See What Christianity Was Really Like Oh Wake Up Is A Huge Difference Yes Out Of Her My People There’s A Huge Difference Of The Spirituality That Jesus Practicing That Paul Preached Versus What We Have Today People Like To Talk Down On On Paul And And Say That’s That’s Religion I Don’t Believe The Bible Those Things But We Get Into Some Of The Experiences That Paul Had This Guy Was Taken Trips Back And Forth To Heaven Hearing The Voices Of Angels It’s Being Able To Sense Spirits In The Spirit Realm Talk A Little Bit About That Because I Know You’ve Had Some Of Those Those Encounters As Well They Saved Your Life Yeah And It’s A Continual I See It Every Day I See Things Happening Because I Have Eyes Like Jesus Said Do You Have A Hires Of Understanding Because He Said The Master Teachers Said That You Have Eyes But You Do Not See You Have A Years But You Don’t Hear And With Your Heart You Don’t Get The Sense Of It So You Could Go Out And Babble On And Babble All You Want About Your Religion But You Have Eyes That Do Not See And You Have Ears That Do Not Hear And With Your Heart You Don’t Get The Sense Of It You Don’t Know What’s Going On You Think You Do But Then We’re Told That Satan The Great A Poser Of The Truth In The World Is Called The Prince Of Darkness Why Is Why Is The Satan Referred To As The Prince Of Darkness Because Simply When You’re In The Dark You Don’t Know What You’re Doing But If You’re Sound Asleep And You’re Very Tired And You’re Dead Tired And You’re Sound Asleep Someone Slips Into Your Bedroom Quietly And Flips On A 600 Watt Bulb Right Next To Your Head With Your Sleeping Flips On A And Your First Reaction Is I Don’t Want To See This I Other Can’t Deal With This It’s Too Much Light What People Who Are Phil What Like That Jesus Said That You Are A Light Unto The World But If You Truly Are A Light The World Is Gonna Say I Don’t Want To Hear This This Is Too Much Why Because He’s Two Brilliant Brilliant Is A Word We Use In Relation To Intellectual And Spiritual Enlightening Month So If You’re A Truly Enlightened It’s A Spirit People Are Going To Say I Don’t Want To Hear It It’s Just Too Bright For Me He’s Too Bright I Don’t Want To See The Truth I Don’t Want To Hear The Truth I’m Perfectly Happy Being Sound Asleep Because I Trust My My Religion And I Trust My Religious Leaders The Scribes And The Pharisees And The Sadducees And I’m Happy With Them And They Have The Truth And They Know Everything There Is To Know And I And They Love Me And I Love Them And I Give Them My Money And They Give Me The Bow And We’re All Very Happy And Now You Come Along And Flip On A 600 Watt Bulb In My Life When I Was Sound Asleep That’s Not Funny That’s Not Funny At All You Make Enemies That Way Why Cuz You Woke Me Up Our Sounds Of Sleep And Happy And Delighted And Now You Woke Me Up With Light We Don’t Want The Light Give Us Barabbas We’re Not Interested In Truth We’re Not Interested In Spirituality Well I Mean The Scriptures Are Replete And All That Kind Of Thinking Telling You You Know If You Think You’re Holy If You Think You’ve Got The Truth Yeah Well One Day You’re Going To Die And When You Do On The Other Side You’re Going To Find Out Son You Never Had The Truth This Is Why The Scriptures Says That That Jesus Said Get Away From Me You Workers Of Lawlessness You Live New Me So When You Die And You Go Before Your Creator And Say Oh Look At Didn’t I Do This In Your Name And Didn’t I Buy The The Church And I Paid Money And I Give Money To The Church And I Fed The Poor And The Bible Says That The Great The Great Master Jesus Said I Never Knew You From Day One I Never Knew You You Ain’t Never Been And My Presence When The Day You Were Born So Go Back With All Of Your Friends In The Church That You Didn’t Hear Me I Said Get Out Of Her My People But You Didn’t Listen Because You Have Hires That Don’t See And Ears That Don’t Hear And A Heart That Does Not Get The Sense Of What’s Going On Here So If Though If That If This If Satan Or If The Devil Is The God Of This World Then Anything Dealing In This World With Your Friends In This World With Your Job In This World With Your Position In This World Satan Is The God Of This World Period End Of Sentence Thank You And Goodbye It’s Over So If You Are Accepted By The World And You Have A Big Congregation Of Thousands Of People And You Fly Around In Your Jet With Your Boyfriend’s Girlfriend’s No It’s True I Know With Your With Your Effeminate Haircuts In Your Homosexual Lifestyle And You Live In The Lap Of Luxury You Are Having Your Price Paid In Full Now But Your Ass Is In Trouble When You Pass From This World That You’re Gonna Find Out The Scripture Said All That The Nations Worship Our Demons Devils And Demons Yes So Other Wars Are That’s What All The The Markings In The Badges They’re All Sacrifices To The Ancient Gods Of This World Moloch Bail All Of These Guys Are Still Thriving Off Of The Worship And Off Of The Bloodshed I Know You Mentioned The More We Change The More We Stay The Same I Know You Mentioned The Bloodthirsty Gods Of The Other Nations And Stuff And And How Everything Is Dealing With Bloodshed Like All Like It’s So Funny Because When We Talk About Christianity Like A Lot Of People In The Truths Movement And The Spiritual People They Like I’m Past Christianity I’m Into You Know The Mayan Religion And The Mayan Culture But They Don’t Look How Like These People Were Doing Human Sacrifices And Just Nasty As Well You Know All The Ancient Nations Would Would Sacrifice And Offer Blood To Their Gods Of Course I Mean The Mayans The Aztecs They Would They Would Take A Human Sacrifice Remember A Human Sacrifice Take An Ordinary Man And He Would Live Good For A Year The Way It Worked Was That The The Sacrificial Lamb Would Live Good For A Year Everything Would Be People To Live Like A King And Then At The End Of His Time Of Being A King He Wouldn’t Be The Lady Laid Down On A Platform On A Pyramid And They Would Actually Cut His Heart Out That Would Cut His Chest Open Reach In And Pull His Heart Out And Offer It Up To The God Of The Sun The Sun Got So And So The The Sun Was Referred To As The Son Of God And So They Were Given Their Heart To The Son Of God I’ve Given My Heart To The Son Of God I Prefer To Give Somebody Else’s Heart There You Go My Yeah Here You Prefer To Keep My Heart Where It Is It Keeps Me Alive We’re Gonna Give Somebody’s Heart To God Let’s Give Your Heart Instead Of Mine So Once You Understand That Though This Area Of The Body Where Your Heart Is And Remember It’s On The Left Side And Left In Latin Is Sinister So Once You Give Your Heart To God’s Son The Light Of The World Of Course The Sun Is The Light Of The World And Once You Give Your Heart To The Gods Sun The Light Of The World He Is Your Redeemer He’s Your He Said He Would Come Back He’s Your Risen Savior That’s What The Sun Does Every Morning It Comes Up It Returns And Just As You Have Seen Him Go Away On A Cloud He Will Come Back On A Cloud That’s What The Sun Does Air Ahead It Goes Away Every Night On A Cloud And Every Morning See If It Doesn’t Come Back On A Cloud So The Whole Story Of Jesus Has Been Put Into A Metaphor Yeah And So Today The World Has Bought The Metaphor So Of The Arabs So Have The Jews So Has The Whole World Is Lying In The Power Of The Wicked One So We Have Some Questions Coming Through In The Chat Room And I Want To Make Sure I Ask Some Of These Some Fans Are Here And They Want To Know Your Opinion Of Levansky Because They Know You’re A Fan Of Her Work And What What Does Her Work Mean To You I’ve Got A Fan Of Lubezki But When I Am In Front Of An Audience And Somebody Brings Her Up Intellectually I Know Who She Is I’ve Read Her Work And So I Am Bright Enough To Understand What She Was Saying Where She Was From Her Culture And What She Was Doing Nobody Said I Loved Her And I Was Following Her But I’m Not Stupid I Know Exactly What She Was Doing I Know Precisely What She Was Saying And I Understand It And So I’m Just Trying To Be Honest Well The Last Time Anybody Was Honest They Got Nailed To A Cross So When I Hear The Word Blavatsky I First Of All Understand She Was Not Stupid The Scripture Says That The Demonic World There’s A Scripture Very Pertinent That Says The Sons Of This World Are The Sons Of This World Of World System Are Wiser That The Children Of Light Meaning The People Who Run This Planet Are Far Far Smarter Than You Will Ever Be So If You Think You’re Going To Do Battle With The Prince Of Darkness You Better Go Back And Do Your Homework Because You Don’t Have What It Takes You’re Not Smart Enough To Deal With The Powers Of Darkness Well Hide Up With Hope And Run Did We Do That Now Jordan More Than Enough Like If We Can’t Do It On Our Own Strength How Do We Feel How Did It Go Not At All The Very Word Faith Today If You Understand The Word Faith And Christians Do Not They Have Never Understood The Word Faith Today Christianity Talks About Faith I Like What Rodney Dangerfield Said About Faith He Said Faith Is That Wonderful Quality These Are Not My Words This Rodney Dangerfield Said Many Years Ago Faith Is That Wonderful Quality That Allows You To Believe Something That You Know It Bullshit So When You Talk About Faith Faith Is Sector The Word Faith Has Actually Translated Credulity Credulous Meaning That You Will Believe Something That’s Why If You Go To A New Church The Christians In That Church Will Say Are You A Believer And We Have Books And Christianity Talk About The Believers House Of Faith And A Believers Book Of Faith Believer Believer Means You Don’t Know Anything You’re Ignorant Ill-informed Unread And Downright Stupid And That’s Why You’re Crawling On Your Knees Trying To Stay Alive And Are Being Enveloped Out Mocked By The Illuminati Masters Of This World Who Are Laughing At You And Mocking You And Placing You In A Position Of Slavery Why Just Stupid You’re Ignorant Ill-informed That You Love The Lies You Love The Lies The Sex The Entertainment The Beer You Love Your Sports You Love The World And Yet Jesus The Scripture Said The World Was Not Worthy Of Him So When You Are Interested In Talking About Blavatsky Then You Better Know Who She Was And What She Was Doing So My Position On Blavatsky Is Very Clear I’m Not A Follower Of Blavatsky But I’ve Intellectually Aware That When Somebody Is Saying Something I Don’t Care Who They Are If It’s The Truth And I Know It’s The Truth Because I’ve Already Proved It And I See It As Truth I Give Them Their Their Due Yeah Lã©vesque You Said Many Things Which Were Absolutely Flawlessly True It Doesn’t Mean She Loved The God She Loved God And She Was Holy And Righteous No Nobody Said That I Just Said There Are Certain Things She Said Which Are True And Intellectually I Understand What She Was Saying Because I’ve Read Her Work But You Give Me Any Damn Name I Am Intellectually Interested To Know What People Are Doing I Want To Know What They Have Said I Want To Know Who’s Financing Them I Want To Know Where They’ve Come From I Want To Know And The Only Way You’re Gonna Learn Anything Is If You Stop Pull Out What’s The Word Pontificating Because You Know I Think It Was Isaac Antonov Said I Could Know Plato It Was Plato Who Said I Could Understand When A Child Is Afraid Of The Dark What I Can’t Understand Our Adults Were Afraid Of The Light And That’s Why Today I Understand What Blavatsky Was Saying And Many Things She Said Were True It Doesn’t Mean She Was From God It Doesn’t Mean She Was Holy And It Doesn’t Mean I’m Following Her But Intellectually I’ve Read Her And A Lot Of Things She Said Were True So If You Want To Talk About Blavatsky Let’s Talk About Blavatsky Of What She’s Said And What Was Absolutely True So I Am Not A Follower Of Blavatsky I’m Not A Follower Of Anybody In This World But I Do Admit When I See Something Which Is True And Someone Says It Was Then It Was True That I Don’t Mind Admitting It I’m Free And Open Know The Truth And It Will Set You Free So I’m Not Afraid Of Offending God I’m Afraid Of Being Stupid And Religious And Bigoted And Ill-informed Because Why Because Propaganda Does Not Deceive You Propaganda Helps You To Deceive Yourself So I Asked A Question In My Life What Was It That The Pharisees The Sadducees Were Doing That Caused Jesus To Rant And Rave About Them What Was It That They Were Doing That Caused Jesus To Hate Them So Much Well First Of All Such A C’s Was A Religious Order And They Were God’s Chosen People Well That Alone It Turns Me Off To Start With And So Second Of All The Pharisees Were Lawyers Well Lawyers Have Built The The Worthless World You Live In They’re Only Interested In Money And Your Corruption And Power They Don’t Give A Damn About Truth And So The These Scribes Well As I Said The Scribes Reads They Write Scripture And So The Scribes Write The Scripture They Scribble Scripture And So These People Who Write The Holy Books That You Can Read You Can Find In Any Christian Bookstore And All The Christian Seminaries And You Better Look At That Word Seminary Because It Comes From Semen Nary You Better Watch Out You Better Wake Up So Once You Begin To See What Religion Read Is That Where It’s Come From Then You Look At Yourself Look At Your Personal Life In This World And You Tell Me That You Are Highly Intelligent And Filled With Light Because Jesus Said If You Filled With Light Light From A Hill Don’t Put A Basket Over It Let The World See The Light If You Are A Follower Of The Light Let’s Do Let The World See You The World Is Not Interested To See The Light It Was Sound Alseep That’s Why God Says Get Out Of Her My People If You Don’t Want To Suffer With Her Because All Of These People Going To Churches They Love The Lord And They Love They Love Their There There Are Particular Members Of Their Church They Don’t Want To Hear The Real Truth They’re Not Interested Not Your Family Not Your Friends At Work What They Have Done To Me They Will Do To You Why Because For The First Time You Are Waking Up To The World That Is In Darkness The Entire World Is Lying In The Power Of The Wicked One Get It So Once You See That Christianity Is A Metaphor It’s A Symbolic Story That Has Been Told From Day One Christianity And The Conceptual Ideas Expressed In Christianity Go Back Tens Of Thousands Of Years And And Of All That We’ve Been Told About And As Growing Up As Christians All Of It Was Wrong All Of It Was Not True None Of It Was True And That’s Why Today By Their Fruits You Shall Know Them Look At The Fruit Of Jove Your Life And The Life Of Your Friends And The Life Of Your City And The Life Of Your Country And The Life Of The World Look At The Life We Humans Live By Their Fruits You Shall Know Them We Live In Violence Drug Addiction Gang Wars Raping Sex Drugs Music Rocket Rolled Demonic Depravity And The Illuminati Masters Of Organized Crime Are Doing Just Fine And Real People Who Care About Spiritual Things They Don’t Know What’s Going On So They They Have Something They Call Faith And It’s That Wonderful Quality That Allows You To Believe Something That You Know Ain’t True So Christianity Needs To Understand What The Word Faith Actually Means If You Go Back To The Ancient Greek Word Faith And What It Meant It Doesn’t Mean The Same Thing Today At All It’s An Incredible Story Are You Still There Yes I’m Listening Joy And I’m Trying To Get That Off All My Working As Well Yeah No I Just Want To Make Sure When Are You Guys Still Rolling Mr. Roman Today People Say They Have Faith Faith Means Today You Hope And You’re Praying That God Will Do Something For You And You Just Know That He Will And You Just Have Faith That He Will And You Just Just Have Hope That He Will Step In To Do Something For You And So We Have Faith No That’s Credulity That’s Hoping I Don’t Hope About Nothing I Know That’s A Big Difference Between The Hoping That Something Will Happen And The Lord Will Do Something For Me And Then When You Wake Up In 96 Years Old And Find Out You Never Knew Nothing And Jesus Said I Ain’t Never Knew You From Day One What Didn’t I Do This For You And Didn’t I Feed The Poor Didn’t I Give You Money And Jesus Said I Never Knew You Period So Get Out From In My Face I Never Knew You Why Cuz You’re Not A Spiritual Man You’re A Religious So Just Because You’ve Killed A Lot Of Jews And You’ve Now Come To Heaven You Know There’s No Here Airhead I Never Knew You At All There’s Nothing Holy About You They’re Just One More That Should Have Got Out But You Didn’t So What Faith Actually Means Give You An Idea Of What The Greek Word Translated Faith Actually Means To Give You An Example Is When You Get Up In The Morning You Stand Up When You Get Out Of Bed You Stand Up But You Did Not Look At The Floor You Did Not Look At The Floor And That’s Important Because That’s What The Word Faith Means You Got Up And Just Knew That The Floor Was Going To Be There So You Don’t Even Think About It You Just Get Up But There Could Have Been A Hole There And You Fell Into It Could Have Been A Lot Of Broken Glass There But You Didn’t Look Could Have Been Filled With Nails And Razor Blades And Cetera But You Didn’t Look You Just Got Up And Everything Goes Finally It’s Always Been That’s What Faith Means The Correct Understanding Of Faith Is Know The Truth And The Truth Will Set You Free And All Of A Sudden Would You Give Up Everything In The World When You Give Up All Your Religious Beliefs All Of Your Bullshit That You’re Into And You Trust The Great Spirit To Guide You And You Ask For Help From The Divine World From The From The World Of God You Ask God For Guidance Then All You Have To Do Is Just Get Up In The Morning And Just Go Do Whatever You Do And Just Realize That No Matter What You Do Someone Is Watching You And Will Guide You And For Some Reason All Of A Sudden You Just Kind Of Know What To Do And May Have Better Be In The Right Place At The Right Time And Somebody Else Got Killed And Then You Just Happen To Be In A Car Going This Way When When Something Happen That Way All Of A Sudden You Begin To See Your Life Is Kind Of Tected And You’re Beginning To Find Things That You Didn’t Know Existed When The Evil And Something Happens You Happen By Chance To Just Be There And Just Gone That’s Because You Are Now Having Faith Meaning You Just Go About Your Life You Got Up In The Morning It Didn’t Even Look But There Was A Floor There Why Because The Floor Has Always Been There So You Don’t Question If It’s Gonna Be There Well The Same Thing With God The Great Spirit Has Always Been There And It Will Always Be There It’s Just You Don’t Know What’s Going On So You Give Your Self Over To The Spirit World To Give Yourself Over To God So To Speak And Then Watch What Happens To You All Of A Sudden You Start Learning Things You Wondered Ever Knew Before You Started Meeting People That Were Enlightening You Because When The Student Is Ready The Teacher Will Appear You Ask Knocking It Will Be Open In The Seeking You Were Fine Ask And It Will Be Given It’s Not Something You Go Out And Read In A Book Go With All Your Holy Books In This And The Christian Bookstore Ask And It Will Be Given So Seek And You Will Find Ask And It Will Be Given So If You Don’t Go Out And Do Your Homework And Find Out What You’re Really Doing Then You’re Just Following The Prince Of Darkness And So When The Day Comes For You To Die Just Remember If There Is A God On The Other Side That’s Going To Judge You You’re Gonna Look Like Out Dope And You’ve Got To Stand Before The Divine Presence In The Universe And Say Well I Don’t Know I Thought I Was Doing Right I Gave Money To The Church And And I Went To Church Every Sunday And And I Used To Go Every Night And Talk To The Preacher And Give Them Money And I Did The Best I Could And Jesus Will Say I New You They’d Never Been A Day You And He Ever Had A Relationship Ever You Yeah Out Of Here Why Because You’re Just A Highly Religious Person Who Was A Fool You Bought Into What The Whole World Bought Into You Brought It To Why Because You’re Too Proud And Arrogant Self-centered Egotistical Know-it-all Pompous And Arrogant Like The Scribes And The Pharisees You Didn’t Come To Me As A Little Child Open To Hear The Truth And Wishing To Follow The Truth And The Light That’s Not You You Arrogant He’ll Inform Ignorant And Now You Before Me Get Out Of My Face I Never Knew You You Be I Don’t Wake Up People People Hear You Saying That Jordan And It Sounds Really Harsh But They Don’t Know The Messages You’ve Got The Death Threats The People Come In To Visit You And Secretly Filming You And Doing Youtube Videos And Stuff Like That So I Think We Got To Look At It In Context I’ve Seen The People Try To Get Rich Off Of Your Name And Weirdos Like Mental Patients Who Have Videos Of You And Crazy Stuff They Don’t Know Flaw I Have Two Major Character Flaws That Have Caused Me Nothing But Heartache But I Admit Them They’re My Personal Character Flaws One As I Try And Be Honest And The Scripture Says And The New Testament Don’t Give Pearls To Swine Don’t Give Pearls To Swine Because They Will Turn Around And Use It On You So You Know People Say Oh I I Love That Preacher Because He’s So Honest He’s Not Honest He’s Gay He’s Mentally Deranged And He’s Got A Twenty Five Million Dollar Jet Hey Man I Mean He Lives And He Lives On Millions Of Dollars And Pays A Hundred Thousand Dollars For And For A Mobile Home So His Dog Can Have Air Conditioning Yeah There’s Nothing Truthful About Him And Then Every Now And Then You’ll Find Out One Of These Holy Rollers And The World Who Love The Lord And We Find Out They’re Criminals They Got All The Boyfriends And All The Money And Now They’re Involved With The Mafia They’re Involved With Organized Crime You Have No Idea In The World What Is Really Going On In The World You Live In You Bought Into It Some Callers On The Line I Don’t Think You’ll Be Able To Hear Them Just Because The Way We Got The Phones Patch But I’ll Let Them Ask The Question And Then I’ll Relay It Back To You Which I Did Yes So If You Guys Are Listening On The Phone Line And You Want To Ask Your Question Have The Question Ready Jordan Won’t Be Able To Hear You But I Will Ask Him The Question So Believe We Have A Caller From Northwest Arkansas If You Can Have Your Question Ready And We’ll Go With It Carla Who We Speaking Away In Arkansas South Central About Colorado Hey Yeah What’s Up We’re Speaking With Yes Maddie Yeah Well It’s A Pleasure To Be On The Show Yeah No Doubt Jordan Can’t Hear You But If You Let Me Know The Question I’ll Ask Him Right Quick And You Can Listen Online Yeah No Worries So Basically My Question Sites From Religion Was I Think One Of The Biggest Tools That That Lead The Illuminati Of This World Have Against Us Is Using Fear Is A Paradigm Of Controlling Us And Believing That We Are Too Stupid To Get Beyond This Problem And One Of The Biggest Tools We Can Use Resources Is Love Love Destroys Fear It Destroys Hate And They Have Taken That Away From Us Okay So So What Do You Want To Ask I Basically Want To Ask Him What He Thinks About Donald Trump’s Divide And Conquer Between The People I Personally Think That One Of Donald Trump’s Biggest Things He’s Done To The People Is Divide And Conquer Them Further And Use Fear To Get Us All Control I’m Addy I Will Ask Him That And You Can Listen On Hold Alright So It Was Pretty Much A Two-part Question First Of All Donald Trump Divide And Conquer What’s Going On With Donald Trump First Of All I Don’t Care About The Mundane World I Live In So I Don’t Care Who Caesar Is Today And Who The The The Great Leaders Of The World Are Today I Don’t Care About That I’m Smart Enough To Know That We Live In A System And The Scripture Very Clearly Says Over And Over That Satan Is The God Of This World Period End Of Sentence Nothing To Discuss Therefore Whatever Happens On A National Or International Scale And Politics Politics Is Simply A System By Which Men Have Put Together Institutions That We Call The Police Department That Sheriff Insurance Companies And Banks Educational Colleges And Universities Government And Laws And Money And All Of These Are Man-made Systems And If You Don’t Understand All Of Them And Understand How They Interconnect Then You’re Going To Be Worried Sick Over Who’s The President And What’s He Going To Do And What’s Gonna Happen To Us At The End Of The World And And Is Russia Going To Attack Us And The Scriptures Says You’ve Got To Hear All Of These Words And All These Things About Wars Here And Wars There And You’re Gonna Hear About The Preachers And All The Clergy And All The Holy Rollers And All The Imbecilic Morons Who Are Going To Church And Preaching All These Ridiculous Stupid Stories Why That Keeps You Agitated That Keeps You Concerned And Worried And The Reason We Know That It Works Is Because Today If We Completely We Confront You With Actual Facts Of Life You Have No Idea What We’re Talking About Why Because You’re So Concerned About The President Of The Vice President Or What The Senator Did Or What China Is Gonna Do I’m More Concerned What God’s Gonna Do I Don’t Care About You Know American System I Don’t Care About The Chinese System I Care About Truth Yeah And Who We Really Are All Of Us Including China The Russians The Africans And We Ourselves In America All Mankind The Scripture Says Lies In The Power Of The Wicked One So The Reason Why You’re Concerned About Government And Concerned About The The President And Who They Really Are What They’re Really Doing Is Because That’s Who You Are You’re A Child Of This World I’m Not A Child Of This World I Did Not Come Here To Be A Child Of The World I Live In I Came Because I Have Something To Do That’s How I’m A Teacher I Think I Think That’s Jesus 101 My Kingdom Is Not Of This World If It Were My Servants Would Fight And His Kingdom Is Not Of This World Donald Trump Would Not Be The President Of Jesus Or Caesar You Know I’m Saying He Didn’t Bow To Caesar So His Kingdom Was Not Of This World And If You Are A Child Of Light You Would Not Concern Yourself In The Affairs Of A Poly-tree Coffee Cart I Didn’t Say That Scripture Said Exactly Exactly 101 Jordan’s Just Repeating What Jesus Said Y’all I Mean Come On He’s Just Saying The Same Thing It’s Awesome And I Love It All Right So We Got Another Caller Who I Guess He Couldn’t Hear While Ago So We’ll Go Back To Arkansas I Believe This Is Hunter You Got A Question Hunter Yeah All Right I’m Well Brother How Are You So Catholic You Partner First Off I Want To Ask Jordan What Is He When Hands About Aliens Do You Up Posting All That Happy Even If He Does Really They Exist To Know That If They Only If They Have Only Certain Forms They Come In Different Forms Okay Let’s Start The Stop There I’ll Go Ahead Ask Him This Hi Jordan Aliens Ufos Entities Are They Real And Do They Come In Many Shapes And Forms Aliens Are They Real You Ask A Six-year-old Christian Child Do You Believe In God Well Everyone Believes In God All Christians Believe In God Well God Is Simply The Word Dog Spelled Backwards So What You Need To Do When You’re Talking About Aliens Or Spirits Or Ufos Or Anything Is To Describe Your Terms When You Say God What Do You Mean By God When You Say Aliens What In Your Mind Are You Thinking When You Say The Word Alien Because What I Have In My Mind Might Be Different Eating So We’re Talking About Apples And Oranges Maybe So You Need To Define Your Terms When We Talk About Aliens As I Said You Can Ask A Six Year Old Christian Child Where Is God Is God Is God From Here As He From Alabama Or From New York Or The Word Is He Live Well A Child Will Lead Them A Child Will Say God’s Up There He’s Out There Well Yeah But If If He’s Out There In California Is What This Area Of The Sky But If He’s In China And He Says He’s Out There That Means He’s Out There In Space So Out There Simply Means Not From This World God Is Pretty Natural Not Of This World So Therefore If He’s Out There That Means He’s Extraterrestrial He’s Not From Here Because He Was Born In Alabama Are Born In Mississippi Then He Would Be Terrestrial He’s From Here He’s Not From Here He Created Here But He’s Not From Here And So You Need To Understand That When You Say Extraterrestrials It’s The Same Idea That Is Has Talked About In The Scriptures About Demons And Angels And Devils Do You Believe In God Yes Where Is He He’s Out There Always Extraterrestrial Yes Do You Believe In Angels Yes Then Where Do Angell’s Reside Where Are They Oh They’re Out There With God Oh They’re Extraterrestrial Too And Not From Here No So When All We See Angels Are Out There Where That Are The Intelligent Oh Yeah There Are Lots More Than We Are Yeah Well Of Course They Are That’s What They’re Not Here People Used To Say To Me All The Time And I’ll Still Get It People Will Say If There Are Extraterrestrials Why Don’t They Come Down Here And Show Themselves And Talk To Us And And Communicate With Us To Which I Always Say Look At I’m Human Like You Are And I’m Ashamed To Be Seen With You And Company You’re So Damn Stupid So I Don’t Want Assists When They Came Down Genesis 18 And 19 Which I Know You Love Those Chapters They Came Down And What Did The People Try To Do To The Angels That’s Right They Tried To Rape Sex With Them Have Sex With Them Ultimately Kill Them Or All My Ex Homeland Security Or Go Get Your Shotgun And Kill Them Or Capture One And Sell Them To The Circus Or Something You Know You Add In Everybody And That’s Why The Spirit Entities Who Come Down Look At Let’s Go Back To Square One The Bible We Know Today The King James Bible Is Accepted By Christianity As A Very Legitimate Scriptures But It Has Over 5,000 580 Typographical Errors Which Does Not Include All Of The Translational Errors Yeah So Let’s Go Back To Square One To Understand God And The Angels And Extraterrestrials Go Back And Look At It For What It Says First Of All In Genesis 1:1 Is Mistranslated Why Because The King James Translators Were Very Good With The King’s English But They Didn’t Know Pot About Hebrew Or Sumerian Babylonian Scripture They Didn’t Know Those Those Ancient Terms And Words That Came Out Of The Ancient Middle East From Tens Of Thousands Of Years Ago They Were Great With The Kings English But Poor With Hebrew And Even Less With Greek But They Did The Best They Could And They Were Very Good But They Didn’t They Weren’t Perfect So Go Back To G Into The Book Of Genesis Because It Comes From The Word Generate The Beginning This Is What Was Genesis Of The Generated Truth In Genesis 1:1 Is Mistranslated And Has Caused So Much Trouble To Christians All Of The Christian Life Because People Didn’t Know It Was Mistranslated That Says In English In The Beginning God Created The Heavens And The Earth But That’s Not What It Says In The Phoenician Language Or In The Hebrew We Call The Phoenician Language Hebrew No There Is No Hebrew Language There Are Hebrews To Speak Phoenician So If You Want To Be Technically Correct Hebrew As A Phoenician Language Which Gives Us Our Word Phoenicia Our Phony Phony Comes From Phoenicians And So Once You Understand That The Original Scriptures Were Written In Phoenician And The Hebrews Speak Phoenician But We Call It Hebrew Know Hebrew Speak It But It’s Not A Hebrew It’s Like In America Here In America We Speak American No It’s Not American It’s English You Are American But You Speak English Well They Immoral But They Speak Phoenician It’s A Canaanite Religion It’s A Canaanite Culture It’s A Canaanite Language So Go Back To Genesis 1:1 And It Says In The Beginning God Created The Heavens And The Earth No It Doesn’t Say That In The Ancient Hebrew Or In The Confirmation Language Why Because In The Ancient Languages What We Call Hebrew God Is Spell Ii L L Is God But If You Go Back To The Original So-called Hebrew And Look At What It Says In Genesis 1:1 You Will Don’t You Will See It Does Not Say In The Beginning L Created That Happens In The Earth Well What Is The Site Well If You Just Bother To Read It And We Can You Have The Time You Might Want To Do Some Research On It Like Jordan Maxwell Has Only Been Doing This For 50 60 Years Go Back And Look At The Hebrew In Genesis 1:1 And It Says In The Beginning Elohim Created The Heavens And The Earth Not El Elohim Which Is A Totally Different Word Well What Does That Mean That Means God No It Does Not It’s E Elohim Elohim Elohim Simply Is A Plural So It’s Like Taking The Word Carci Ar And Adding Apostrophe S Yes Totally Different Now It’s Not The Car Now It’s Cards More Than One So Now You See That Elohim Is Gods More Than One I Didn’t Write The Bible I’m Just Telling You What It Says In Hebrew So In The Beginning Elohim Created The Heavens In The Earth A Correct Translation Is In The Beginning The Gods Created The Heavens And The Earth Yeah Well That’s Blood But No That’s True Wake Up Get Us Go Back To School And Learn How To Read And Learn How To Think Because Schools Will Teach You What To Think But They Don’t Teach You How To Think So Get Rid Of All Of Your Religious Ideas And All The Things Your Great-grandmother And Grandmother And All Your Friends At The Church Taught You And What They Believe And Do Something You’ve Never Done Before Do Something Really Interesting And Strange Get An Education Learn How To Read And Start Thinking For Yourself What Does The Scripture Actually Say It Doesn’t Say God Created The Heavens In The Earth It Said That God’s Created The Heavens In The Earth Well That Begins To Make A Little More Sense When You Will See In Genesis 1:28 Where It Says God Is Creating Adam And Eve And Not God The Gods Are Creating Adam And Eve And The Gods Collectively They Said Quote Come Let Us Make Man In Our Image And Our Likeness In Quote Many Years Ago Back In The Early 60s I Remember Talking With Rabbis And The Very Important Rabbi In America And He And I Had Conversations About The Sevens And He Said Yes Means Many Gods Yes It Means Many Gods Yes Well Then You’re Saying In The Beginning The Gods Made The Heavens In The Year That’s Correct According To The Language And Then We See That The Gods We Say In The Rabbi Told Me That’s 60 Years Ago The Scripture Does Not Say That God Created Man There Is No Place In The Bible In The Scriptures In The Ending The Old Testament That Says God Created Man It Doesn’t Say That That’s Your Idea That’s Your Religion You’re All Kiter Ignorance That’s Not What The Scripture Says Weather What Does It Say It Says That The Gods More Than One Said Come Let Us Speak Man Well There It Is It Said That God’s Made Man No That’s Not What It’s Saying Read It Correctly The Scripture Says That God’s Said Come Let Us Who’s Us God’s Talking To Himself No The Gods Are Talking To Himself And They Say Come Let Us Make Man In Our Image After Our Likeness Because He’s Already Here But Let’s Come Let Us Make Him In Our Image And In Our Image And Likeness Let’s Make Him Look Like Us So Therefore We Say Well God In Genesis 18 Along With Many Other Scriptures God Comes Walking Up With Two Men And Abraham Runs Out And Lays Down And Says What Is My Lord Say To His Servant And Then You Find Out That That Abraham Is Talking To The Almighty Creator Yeah But He Looks Like A Human As A Matter Of Fact He Said Under Their Trillion And I Am But Gonna Beer With You Yeah Dinner With You So Is That God Was It Says God Is Adam In The Cool Of The Evening It’s One Of Any Talk With Him So Once You See That What The Scripture Is Saying Is That God Looks Like Us No Not Really We Looked Like Him He Looked Like What He Looked Like To Start With But You Have Now Been Made Into The Image And Likeness Of God So We’re God’s Children We’re The Children Of God Why Because You Were On The End At All.i Cave Dwelling Animal Of Some Kind Millions Of Years Ago And Somebody Came From Out There Well That’s What God Is That’s What The Angels Are And So Somebody Came From Out There And Came To The Earth And Saw Us And We Had Nothing More Than A Just A Hybrid Animal That Science Today Calls A Hominid We Were Some Kind Of A Strange Upright Walking Bipedal Creature That Walked Up You Know Looked Like Us A Little Bit But They Were Hairy And Stupid And We Call Them Cavemen Or Neanderthals Or Whatever You Want To Call These Creatures Thousands And Thousands Of Years Ago Tens Of Thousands Of Years Ago And So Somebody Came Here And Saw These Whatever You Want To Call Them These Hominid Creatures And Said Hmm Come Let Us Make Man In Our Image After Our Likeness Let’s Trust Breed And Take Some Seminary And Put It Into The And To Put It Into The Female Creature Just For The Hell Of It And Let’s See What She Gives Birth To And So She Gave Birth To Later On Something That Was A Cross Between The Hominid Creatures That Were Already Here For Millions Of Years And Some New Creation But It Was Just An Experiment It Wasn’t Perfect Because Who Came Here They Weren’t Perfect They’re Just Smarter Than You Are And So They Created A New Creature It Still Was Until Their Liking Because They Didn’t Look And Act Like Them Completely So They Worked With It Again And Recreated With Dna And Put It Into That Hominid Creature And Eventually It Came A Different Kind Of Creature A Little Bit Better And You Keep Doing That Until One Day The Gods As They Look And They Act And They Think And They Procreate With The Female That They Find Here Eventually There Our Equal And Now What Happens We Now Look Like The God Who Created Us And So You Say Well Yeah But There Were Extraterrestrials That Look Like Us Of Course There Are Extraterrestrials That Looked Like You That’s What The Scripture Says They Said That God Said Come Let Us Make Man In Our Image After Our Likeness Not Make Man Men’s Already Here So Then You Get You Now See That We Are Made In The Image And Likeness Of The Gods This Is Why In The 10 And The Israelites One Of The Commandments Is I Am The Lord Your God You Shall Not Have Strange Gods Before Me Go Back And Read It Correctly It’s Not Saying I Am The Only God In The World No I Am The Lord God Your God There Are Lots Of Other Gods And Lots Of Other People Around Crazy People There You Got The Al-qaida’s And They Love Yahwah Allah Or Whoever They Owe Some Moon God You’ve Got All Kinds Of Strange Creatures Out Here Worshipping All Kinds Of Gods And Now We Know What They’re Doing Because All Of Us Are Here Watching All The Gods Are All Watching What These Humans Are Doing Am I Going Over Here Oh He’s Got People Where They Call Jehovah’s Witnesses And They’re Worshipping Him And This Other Guy None Of Us Like But He’s Got A Bunch Over Here Called Mormons And They’re Worshipping Him And Then We Got Some Other Really Goofy Doing Ones Among Us And They’ve Got Something Called Al Qaeda And They’re Worshiping It Allah And All Of Us Gods Are Just Laughing At The Humans Because The Humans Don’t Know What They’re Doing So To The Israelites God Says I Am The Lord Your God And I Will Not Have Strange Gods Before Me That’s The Same Thing A Guy Is Telling A Girl That He’s Going Steady With I’m The Man In Your Life Yes There Are Other Better Men Out There Far Smarter Far Wealthier And All You Know They Could Do All Wonderful Things But I’m The Man In Your Life And I Won’t Have You Having Other Men In Your Life We’re Going Steady And Getting Married So I Am The Lord God Your God So Therefore We Understand The Hebrews Were Not A Monotheistic People We Say The Hebrews Were The First Worshippers Of One God No The Word Is Not Mono Mono Means The Worshipper Of One God Know The Word Correctly Is He No Go Look It Up In A Dictionary A Spell H E No0 Theistic He Doe Theistic Is Not Monotheistic He No Theistic Means To Pick One Out Of A Group So If You’ve Got 14 Gods All Of Them Are Equal But I Particularly Like The Way You Dress And The Way You Talk So I Want To Be With You And Then You As The God Says Alright I Am The Lord Your God I Don’t Care About The Rest Of These Guys Yeah But From Here On Out I Don’t Want To See You Talking To Any Of These Other Gods And Calling Them And Ask Him For Anything Cuz We Have A Contract You Pointed To Me And I Accepted So Now You Are My People And I Am The Lord Your God Not I Am The One God No I’m The One You Picked Is Even Though The Impala Is He The One True God As He Claims The One True God Which Means Mirror One That You Truly Picked That Doesn’t Mean He’s A True God No No He’s The One True One That You Picked And People Will Say Well What About This Garbage Oh God No That’s Not True That’s The One I Pay Oh Well Then He’s The True God That’s Right He’s The True God The One You Picked Not Then So He Didn’t Pick You You Picked Him All Right So Then You Say Oh Well That If That Means There Are Many Cards No That’s What The Apostle Paul Said There Are Many Gods And Many Lords You Better Wake Up And Find Out Which One You’re Worshipping Airhead We Got One Last Call I’m Gonna Try To Get To This Call Caller In Indiana Who We Speaking With All Right Hey How Are You Who Was Speaking With A Truth Seeker This Is Cathy Hey Cathy How You Doing And Doing Good I Have Two Questions Okay And What Is About The Neg Well It’s About The Hidden Scriptures Stefan They Were Buried You Know Yes Yes About Shi’a And From What I’ve Gathered From What I’ve Studied About Him It Makes A Lot Of Sense And They Were Hidden And You Know I Don’t Know If You’ve Studied Them At All Or I Was When I Asked Okay Let Me Ask Him That Your Opinion On The Nag Hammadi Scriptures Yeah Before Just Before The Dead Sea Scrolls Were Found I Think It Was Just Before And I’d Be Very Just Before In The Little Town In Egypt Dead Sea Scrolls Were Found In The Middle East But In Egypt There Was A Little Town Called Naja Mati And Some Some People Were Messing Around In Caves And Wandering Around Looking For Something And Looking For Something To Buy Or Sell Or Whatever And They Found Some Scriptures In A Container And He Dug It Up And They Started Bringing These Scriptures To The Authorities That They Found And So They Found Them In A Little In Town In Egypt Called Naja Mati And So They Became Known As The The Naja Himani Manuscripts Or The Naja Hammadi Library And So There Was Scriptures And In Egypt And Those Scriptures Talked About Jesus But The Jesus They Were Talking About And We Know When They Were We Have An Approximate Date When The Naja Hammadi Manuscripts Were Written And They Would Have Been Written Easily Hundreds Of Years Before Jesus The Christ Appeared On The Earth Hundreds Of Years Before We Found Scriptures In Egypt In A Little Town Called Nagamani That Talked About Jesus And Jesus Did This And Jesus Did That And Then This Happened To Jesus And Jesus Said That’s A Lot But The Church Doesn’t Want To Talk About That How Come Those Scriptures Hundreds Of Years Before Jesus Found In Egypt Called Nadja Muddy But You Don’t Talk About That What’s Going On Here How Come Jesus Is Being Talked About In Scripture And Nagy Hammadi Egypt That You Didn’t Tell Us About As A Matter Of Fact You Didn’t Mention That There Was Dead Sea Scrolls Either Did You And What’s Really In Them And That’s Why You Will Not Allow Us To Look At The Dead Sea Scrolls Because Of What’s Actually In Them Well Today We Finally Have The Dead Sea Scrolls In English And We Have The Nagy Hammadi Manuscripts In English But The Church Doesn’t Talk About Them Because Not Because They’re Not Important It’s Because They Don’t Fit The Things Which Are Said In There And The Nahji Many Manuscripts And Which Are Said In The Dead Sea Scrolls Don’t Fit What The Church Has Been Telling Us Get It So Therefore The Church Besides We Don’t Want To Touch But We Don’t Talk About That Nagamani Pagon Tree We Don’t Want To Talk About It I’ll Bet You Don’t I’ll Bet You Don’t Want To Talk About It Because If You Go Back And Read And Acknowledge How Money Maintenance Scripts Talking About Jesus And Then Figure Out That 200 Years Later Christianity Has A Has A Story About Our Man Named Jesus No No It’s Even Earlier So That That’s Why I’m Just Saying You Need To Do Some Homework Before You Go Believing Anything You Need To Know Don’t Believe Just Know When You Get Up In The Morning You Put Your Feet On The Floor Without Even Looking Just Talk To The Great Spirit You Know You Don’t Have To Go Through No Rituals And Burn Candles And Fall All Over Yourself And And Belching And Following Us On The On The Floor And Act Like A Fool Like The Tv Evangelists A True Spiritual Man Communicates With His Creator Spiritually Like Jesus Said Go Into Your Inner Room Shut The Door Turn Up The Tv You Don’t Know What God Is But They Damn Sure Not On Tv So Turn Off The Tv Turn Off Your Radio Turn Off Everything And Go Into Your Inner Chambers And Shut The Door And Talk To God We Talked About That Very Simple Because He’s Been There All The Time You Just Didn’t Know It He’s Been Watching You Playing The Fool All Your Life And You Think He Doesn’t Hear You Like The Apostle Paul Says The One Who Made The Ear Can He Not Hear Ya The One Who Made The I Can He Not See Well If God Can Hear You And See Oh When From Day One That’s Why When You Die And You Say What Didn’t I Do This In Your Name It Didn’t I Do Know I’ve Been Watching You Airhead For Years I Watch You When You Were Born And Let Me Tell You Something Son You And I Ain’t Never Had A Relationship You Got Your Religion But You Never Stood Up For Truth Yeah You Went Along With All Your Friends When I Told You Get Out Of Her My People But You Just Keep Going To Your Church And Believe In Whatever It Is You’ve Been Told And You’re Being Told By People Who Do Not Have Brains Enough To Find Their Way Out Of A Paper Bag They’re Just Like You Like Jesus Said They Have Formed Speakers From Themselves They Have Formed Teachers For Themselves Have Young Here’s A In Order To Be A Christian Preacher And A Teacher You Have To Go To College And Get A Degree From Caesar What Does That Mean You’ve Got To Go To A Seminary To Get A Degree From The Government Huh When You Begin To Wake Up And Find Out You Don’t Need A Degree I Don’t Need You To Pat Me On The Back And Tell Me How Nice I Am And What I’m Doing My God Has Given Me What I Have And Therefore I Don’t Need A Degree Yeah I Came In With A Good Mind To Start With Let Me Give You An Example What I’m Talking About When I Was Like Eight Or Nine Years Old I Was Born And Raised Unfortunately Into A Catholic Family I Never Knew What Catholicism Was I Used To Put Alka-seltzer In The Holy Water Because I Never Rely Understand What’s Going On And Go To This Big Place Called A Church And They Tell Me All Kinds Of Strange Stuff And I Don’t Know What They’re Talking About It Doesn’t Make Any Sense To Me Well I Was In Catholic School I Was About Eight Or Nine Years Old And The Nuns The Word Nun And You And N Is A Fish In Hebrew Hmm So The Nuns That Would Tell Us In School The Day At The Day Before We Were Going To Be Confirmed It’s Called Confirmation And So The Nuns In The School Told Us That Tomorrow Night At Church There’s Going To Be A Special Church Meeting And You’re Going To Be Confirmed It’s Called Confirmation And You Children Are Going To Be In Church And The Bishop Will Be Here And The Bishop Will Ask After After The Service Is Over The Nuns Told Us The Bishop Might Maybe Not But He Possibly May Ask You Children If You Have Any Questions And He Will Try And Answer Them For You As Your Bishop And So If That Happens The Nun Said If That Happens And He Asks You Just Remember You Do Not Have Any Questions You Keep Your Mouth Shut You Don’t Have Any Questions Will Tell You What You Need To Know Will Tell You What You Need To Believe You Don’t Have Any Questions Get It So The Next Night After The Service Was Over And All The Girls Said On One Side Of The Church And The Boy Said On The Other And The Bishop Was There And After The Service Was Over And We’re All Confirmed Eight Years Old The Bishop Said Now That You’re All Confirmed Catholic While I’m Here I Could Possibly Could Answer Some Of Your Questions Because Your Children And If You Have Some Questions About Your Faith I Will Try And Answer Them Well All The Kids Knew You Don’t Have Any Questions Stupid Keep Your Mouth Shut So I Stood Up I Wanted To Make Sure That People In The Church Knew Who I Am So I Stood Up And I Said Yes I Have A Question I Said My Father Works With Torches Like A Welder If I Had A Torch And It Was On Fire And If There’s An Angel Standing Next To Me And I’m Talking To This Angel With A Torch Could I Hit Him With The Torch And Would It Hurt Him Would I Burn Him And Hurt Him If He’s Standing Here And I’m Talking To An Angel And I Hit Him With The Torch Would I Hurt Him And He’s A Well-known And I Said Why And He Said Well Because Fire Is And I Remember Him Saying Something To The Effect That Fire Is A Natural Phenomena Something You Have To Have Wood Or Plastic Or Paper Or Something To Burn It’s A Natural Phenomena You Can’t Burn An Angel And I Said Why Can’t You Burn An Angel And He Said Because You Can’t Even See An Angel It’s Nothing Physical There It’s A Spirit Entity You Can Even See An Angel Much Less Burn One And I Said Why Can’t You Burn A Spirit And They Said Because There’s Nothing There To Burn You Can’t Burn An Angel You Can’t Burn A Spirit And I Said As A Nine Year Old Well If I Can’t Burn A Spirit Why Am I Concerned About Going To Hell Well My Spirit Will Burn Forever If He Can’t Burn A Spirit And Nobody Seemed To Have Ever Thought About That A Little Nine-year-old Kid Yeah And The And Everybody In The Church You Could Hear And Feel It The Church Would Say Whoa What Was That All About I Never Thought About That Well Of Course You Haven’t Thought About That I Thought About That Not You Why Because I Came Here To Be A Teacher I Wasn’t I Wasn’t Born Because I Just Happened To Have Been Born No I Was Born To Be Who I Am A Teacher Yeah And I Caused You To Think And I’m Bringing Light To You And If You Can’t Handle On The Light You Don’t Want To Hear The Truth I Understand You Don’t But I Do I Understand You Can’t Handle The Truth So When You Go Back And Look At The Scriptures It Doesn’t Say God Created The Heavens And The Earth The Gods And Then The Gods Who More Than One Plural Said Come Let Us Who’s Us We’ll Come Let Us Make Man In Our Image After Our Likeness Here’s Another And Genesis 9:1 In Genesis 9:1 I Think It’s 9 1 Could Be 6:1 But I Think It’s 9 1 Where The Scripture Says In Genesis After The Flood The Flood Of Noah’s Day After The Flood Has Seceded And The End The The Ark Came To Rest On Land God Says To Noah And His Three Sons And Their Three Wives As A People Noah And His Wife And His Three Sons And Three Wives There Are Eight People Who Went Through The Flood And The Scripture Says That God Said Go Forth Multiply And Replenish The Earth So I Called The Rabbi’s Many Years Ago When I Was In My Teens I Went To The Synagogue’s And Sat And Talked With Them And This Is 65 Years Ago I’m 77 Now Almost 77 Now And I Asked Them Is That A Correct Translation Of Your Language In Genesis 9:1 Where God Says To Noah Go Forth Multiply And Replenish The Earth Is That What It Actually Says In Hebrew And He Said Yes That’s A Correct Translation And I Said To Him And My Late Teens I Said The Word Esri Plena Shhhh Go Forth Multiply And Replenish Read Means Do It Again And The Rabbi Said Well Of Course They’ve God Had Millions Of People On The Earth And He Decided That They’re Worthless And He Wants To Get Rid Of Them So He Creates A Flood It Is All Over And It Kills Everybody Except 8 People Well If God Wants People Like Him That He Created His Image And His Likeness Then Of Course The Word Would Be To Replenish The Earth Go Forth And Do It Again All The Ones That Were Here Before I Got Rid Of Them So Go Forth And Replenish The Earth I Said Fine Now Let Me Ask You Something In Genesis He Says The Same Thing Go Forth Multiply And Replenish The Earth What Does That Mean That Adam And Eve Were To Replenish The Earth And The Rabbi Said Of Course The Bible Is Only Talking About Our Pacific Time In Our Life And The Earth In This Particular Dispensation Of Time There Have Been Highly Intelligent Civilizations On This Earth For Millions And Millions Of Years But We Never Told You That Did We The Government’s Never Told You That We’ve Have High Incredibly Profoundly Technologically Advanced Societies On This Earth Hundreds Of Millions Of Years Ago And You’re Not Supposed To Know Nothing About That So God Is Saying For Our Time To Adam And Eve Go Forth And Multiply And Replenish The Earth Again Why Because All Of The Ancient Civilizations Have Been On The Earth For Hundreds Of Millions Of Years Ago They’re All Gone So I Want To Start A Whole New Operation So Go Forth Multiply And Replenish The Earth Again So Once You Begin To See What The Bible Is Really Saying You’ve Never Been Told The Real Truth But If You Go Back And Look At The Mining The Mining Company Is Saying South Africa And Rhodesia And The Central Africa The Mining Companies That Have Drilled Down Like Off The Coast Of England And The North Sea They Will Drill Down Into The Ocean Going All The Way Down To The Bottom Of The Ocean And They Hit The Finally They Finally Hit The Bottom Of The Ocean The Floor They Begin To Carve And Cut Into The Earth’s Core And As They Cutting Into It With Diamond Cutters They’re Cutting Into The Earth All The And What’s Inside Of That Pipe Is Now Starting To Come Up And So Eventually The You Know The Land Will Find That Come Up In The Pipe And Start To Start To Overflow As They Go Deeper And Deeper And Deeper And When They’re Going Way Down Deep All Of A Sudden You See Handmade Artifacts Trinkets Rings Strange Markings Strange Artifacts They’re Coming Out Of This Stuff Under The Ocean Handmade Artifacts Which Imply This Earth Is A Lot Older Than We’ve Told You There’s Something Going On Here And This Universe That You Are Not Privileged To Know About Why Cuz You Can’t Handle The Truth When You Find Out What God Really Is And You Find Out What The Scriptures Are All Really Saying And Not What The Church Tells You They’re Saying And Paying Some Guy To Preach To You And He Doesn’t Know Any More About It Than You Do Therefore The Blind Lead The Blind And Both Of You Fall Into The Pit Mm-hmm Well I Wasn’t Telling You You Need To Do Some Homework And Back Up Because What You Believe It Just Ain’t True And You’re Gonna Be Shocked When You Find Out What The Real Truth Is And Nobody Is Gonna Like You Well That’s What Jesus Said If They’d Have Listened To Me They Would Listen To You Is There Any Is There Any Encouragement Out There Or Do You Tell Them To Turn Back Now Whatever You’re Seeking Whatever You’re Trying To Search After The Truth Terms Only Encouragement I Would Say People Say Well You Know I Hear This All The Time When I’m Doing Radio People Will Say Well You Know The World Is Waking Up Yeah You Know People Are Waking Up And That’s Encouraging I Said No It’s Not Because That’s What Prisoners Do When You’re In Federal Prison Like Pelican Bay And And All Of These Federal Prisons That’s What The Guys Do Who Were In Prison Every Morning They Wake Up But They’re Still In Prison And Ain’t Going Nowhere So The Light At The End Of The Tunnel Is A Train Coming Because One Day We’re Going To Meet Our Creator One Day You’re Gonna Have To Stand Before The Divine Presence In The Universe And For The First Time You’re Gonna Find Out What The Real Name Of The Tune Has Always Been And Then Symbolically It Will Be Able To Say To You Get Away From Me You Workers Of Lawlessness I Never Knew You You Ignorant Lll Inform Dim-witted Goofy Ass Crawling On Your Knees Worshipping The God Of This World Who Was The Devil The Prince Of Darkness I Never Knew You So What’s The Unity Get With It With The Intent Is It Anyway I Said Y’all Mart Any Courage Our Heart Is On The Left Side Before We Got Left Side Of Your Body As Where Your Heart Is And Left And Latin Is Sinister That’s Why The Bible Tells Us Your Heart Is Treacherous And You Can Know It Why Cuz It’s On The Left Side And Left Is Sinister Yeah Wake Up That’s True Well I Have God I Have Jesus In My Heart No It Calls Solar Plexus So Law Means The Sun Is Represented Symbolically In Your Chest It’s Called The Solar Plexus Well When They’re Gonna Cut You Open And Pull Your Heart Out And Give It To God’s Son After You Win Not Som Well Jordan I’m Having A We’re Out Of Time Here I Appreciate You Coming On Hanging Out With Me The Comments Are Going Crazy Jordan You Could Just Imagine But The Comments Are Going Crazy I Mean It’s A Little Bit Of Everything People With You Telling You To Keep Going Let’s Keep Here I Want More More Other People Are Very Upset They’re Very Ticked Off At You For You Know Busting Their Bubble Of Their Religious Ideology And That Kind That Kind Of Comes With The Territory But Yeah I Appreciate You Coming On And I Want To Have You On Again And Get Into Some More Dialogue With You I I Know You Know You Can Go And Go And Go The Whole Thing That I Appreciate About You Is That When It Comes To The The Person The Person Of Jesus Man I Really Feel Like You Resonate With Him But I Feel Like Religion And Everything That Is That The Vatican And What We Know Christianity To Be Today Is Satanic It’s Totally Satanic In Jesus Would Oppose It And I Believe You Feel That Way Too But When It Comes To Right When It Comes To The Jesus Of The Book I Feel Like I Feel Like You Have A Lot In Common With That Person Well Thank You I Appreciate You Jordan We’ll Do It Again Soon Man Thank You So Much That’s Quite All Right And Thank You It’s Up To You I’ve Always Here I Know Your Brother Thank You So Much Man Bye Buddy All Right Shalom Jordan Maxwell Ladies And Gentlemen Wow The Comments Are Going Crazy As Always Right As Always I Got A Few More Minutes If People Want To Call Them With Some Questions Or Whatever So Much To Be Said They’re Somewhat And I’m Reading The Comments The Whole Time People Want Me To To Debate Jordan And I’ve Said Them I’ve Said It From The Beginning Like I’m Not Gonna Debate Them He’s And He’s An Older Man I’m Not Gonna Sit Here And Argue With This Guy About His His Truth His Experiences If I Agree With It Or If I Don’t People Want To Know If I Agree With It Some Of It A Lot Of It I Agree With A Lot Of It A Lot Of It Do I Agree With All Of It No Not At All There’s So Much When We Quote The Bible And Quote These Things You Know I’m Not Gonna Debate Him And It’s Just Not What I Do On Here Man If I Had To Clear It Up At The End Like I Did Last The Last Time I Had Him On I Debated About Even Releasing That Interview Because It Was Just Kind Of The Same Thing And My Goal Was Like Going Into It Is To Try To Pull Some Some Encouragement Some Hope Out Of It Cuz I’ve Heard Him Do It Man I’ve Heard Him Talk About His Angelic Encounters And Demonic Encounters And That Stuff Intrigued Me So Much And I’ve Sampled His His Work Throughout My Music And Things Like That But Sometimes He Just Sucks All The Air Out Of The Room And It’s Kind Of What Tends To Be Happening A Lot Here Lately As He Gets Up There In Years And He Recently Had A Heart Attack And He’s He Suffered A Lot Man People People Are Stealing From Him I’m Still In His Work And Plagiarizing His Work And Stuff So He’s You Know He’s It Feels That Way For A Reason So As Far As You Know The Hearts Of Men Being Deceitful And Wicked I Believe That I Mean The Whole We Just Look At The News And What’s Going On Man But I Believe In Lightworkers I Believe That There Are People Here Who Are Tired Of What’s Going On In The Government What’s Going On With Religion And All Of These Things I Believe That People Want The Truth And I Believe That The Truth Is You Have This Negative Heart Is Deceitful And Wicked Heart Will Quote In The Scriptures Jordan These Quotes Or Scriptures Jesus Said That I Will Take Away Your Heart Of Stone And Give You A Heart Of Flesh So Here We’ll Give You A New Heart He Said I Will Put My Spirit Within Your Heart Which Cause Fourth Album Father Right So These Are The Promises We Talking About Spiritual Warfare And Ways That You Can Fight There Are Many Ways To Fight The Battle Is Not A Flesh And Blood The Battle Is Spiritual The Bible Says That We War Against Principalities And Wickedness In High Places How Places Of Government Schooling All Of These Things And Hollywood All Of Us Wickedness And This Is What We Live War Against Us What We Fight Against Oh I Can Offer Some Hope You Know I’m Saying I Found Hope And In Jesus And I Man I Wonder If There Was Like A A Certain Time Where Jordan Like Live Dinner See When He Talks About Jesus Man There I See A Little Glimmer Just A Little Glimmer In His Eye Man When He Starts Talking About Christ And And And In The Teachings Of Christ And Following And I Know He Sees His Story In The Person Of Jesus – Right Those Who Have Been Persecuted Spoke All Manner Of Evil Against All Of These Things That Jesus Said Would Happen To You If You Follow Him Those Things Have Happened To Jordan Those Things Happened To Me Happens To Most Of Us Listening But I Do Think That There Is Hope For The Future And I Do Think That If You Guys Are Listening Almost Two Hours Into This Podcast That You Guys Believe In Change You Guys Are A Part Of The Solution And You Want To Know The Answers And We’re Begging Him Do It Help Us Like What Can We Do He’s Like Design You Could Do There’s A Lot That You Can Do Man There’s People Who Are Waking Up Daily There’s People Who Are Suffering From Addiction There’s People Who Are Suffering From Oppression Mental Illness Or Whatever That Can Be Changed That Can Be Set Free That Can Connect With Their Creator That Can Connect Through The Person Of Jesus Or What They Know To Be Jesus And So So There’s A Lot Of Truth To What He Sam It Don’t Get Me Wrong So Not Believing In Jesus Or Believing In God Or Having Faith In God See Faith Is Usually Something That You Can’t Prove Or Can’t See What’s Even With The Scriptures Call It Was The Hebrews 11 Talks About What What Faith Is And So There’s A There’s A Place Where You Leave Faith And You Go Into Knowing To Knowing God And That’s That’s Something That Nobody Can Take Away From You Nobody Can Take That Away From You That No Matter How Much That Is Challenged No Matter How Much People Come Up With Evidence And Stuff That Comes Against It Your Personal Experience Your Story Nobody Can Take That Away From You It’s What You Know To Be True And You Know Because You’ve Had An Encounter With The Living God And So That’s Why We Preach All The Time Have An Experience With Christ Have An Experience With The Holy Spirit And Obviously Jordan He Hasn’t Had That He Talked About The Speaking In Tongues Or Whatever You Know The Falling Out That’s All Like A Byproduct Of The Baptism Of The Holy Spirit That’s What Happens When You Get Filled With The Spirit When The Spirit Of The Living God Enters Your Mortal Body Whether That’s Through Kundalini Awakened Awakening Through Meditation And Just Getting Going To Church And Getting In A The The Baptism Of The Holy Spirit Like That’s A Life-changing Experience When You Feel That Energy Into Your Body And You Connect With It And All The Wrong That You’ve Ever Done All The The Negative Stuff That’s Been Done In Your Life All The Words That Have Been Spoken Over You Your Whole Whole Life You’ll Never Be Nothing You’re Not You Know You’re Not Gonna Add Up To Anything You’re Worthless You’re Stupid Those Things Spoken Over You You Believe It It’s There And Then It’s Washed Away In An Instant And You Feel The Power From On High You Get Filled With That Fire That It Says The Baptism Jesus Talked About A Second Baptism We Talked About This On The Last Podcast Which Was Really Good Me And Dan Oscar Pinsky That The Path Of The Christian Mystics So Make Sure You Guys Go Listen To That One But You Get Filled With This Power From On High And Everything Changes Everything Becomes Real Right So I Love Jordan Maxwell He’s Awesome Even Even Up To This Point You Know I’m Saying In His Life It’s Usually That It’s Usually In People Are Asking For Prayer For Pray Pray Form And Things Like That We Definitely Do That Even In The Last Podcast Hunter Hunter Says That Um In The Comment Section You’re Saying That This Dis Jordan Maxwell Seems Different Than The Last Jordan Maxwell That You Heard No It’s Almost The Identical Interview Almost Like Two Hours Almost Of The Same Identical Stuff And This Is A Lot Of Stuff That He’s Been Just Been Talking About Over And Over Again And It Shocks You And Stuff And If Outlet I’ll Let It Go Because Religion Is Satanic The Religious System That We Have Today Yeah There’s Some Good And There’s Some Good And Everything Right In The Religious System In The Church Structure Right But For The Most Part Christianity That We Have Here In The West Resembles Nothing Of What Jesus Practice And What Paul Preached It’s Totally Different From From The Holy Day I Mean So Jordan Has A Lot Of Stuff That’s Right So You Basically Have To Be A Berean You Have To Study To Show Thyself Approved You Can’t Just Take Everything That Jordan Says You Can’t Take Everything That I Say Or Your Pastor Says Or Whoever You Got To Take It And You Have To Match It With With What You’ve Experienced I Believe Experiences Is Huge Some People Don’t Like To Take That Into Consideration Experience I Think Experience Issues A Huge And So What You’ve Read What You’ve Learned What You’ve Experienced And See What Do You Believe And I Think It’s Awesome That Our Beliefs Are Challenged Right I Think It’s Awesome People Think It’s Scary People Were Asking Me To Cut Him Off Because The Some People May Start Believing Some Of The Fallacies That Were In There That Jordan Was Speaking On I Think It’s Good To Have Your Beliefs Challenged That’s How You Know That’s How You Prove What You Truly Believe I Can’t Tell You Man There’s Been So Many Times That My Faith Has Been Shaken And What I Believe And Having To Bring It Back To The Drawing Board And I’m Here Man Like I’m Still Here I Still Believe I Still Know Who God Is I Know That Presence I Know That Beauty It Permeates My Life And That This Is Why I’m Here Why Are You Here Why Are You Still Listening To This Podcast Right So I’m Not Even Want To Argue With Jordan I Respect That Dude He’s An Elder And I’m Doing What I’m Doing Because Of Him No Matter What You Believe Who He Is I’m Doing What I’m Doing Because Of That Dude When The Church Turned Their Back On Me And Told Me That I Was A Devil Worshiper And They Told Me I Was Dis And All That And And And All This Kind Of Stuff I Didn’t Know What To Do I Kept Trying To Go Back To The Church I Kept Trying To Go Back And I Kept Trying To Say I Don’t Believe In None Of This Y’all Received Me I One Of Those People To Receive Me And And And All Of That Stuff And I Was I Was Going Back And Forth Double Minded Double Minded Man Is Unstable In All Of His Ways And It Was It Was A Phone Call With Jordan I’ve Had Many Phone Calls With Jordan He He Talks Just Like That He’s No Talk He’ll Answer Your Question Maybe But He’s Gonna Talk But Um He Encouraged Me And There’s A Little Audio Snippet I Took An Audio Snippet Out Of The Conversation Where He Just Encouraged Me To Keep Doing What I’m Doing And He Started Promoting My Music On His Page And On He’s Had Some Some Campaigns We Can Use My Music As The Freakin Soundtrack For His Campaigns And Stuff And Many People Know Who I Am Because Of That Guy So I’m Grateful For Jordan Maxwell Even Though We I May Disagree On Many Things But You’re Never Gonna Find Anybody That You Wholeheartedly Agree On So Yeah You Need To Examine Yourself Like Jesus Said Examine Yourself To See Whether You’re In The Faith I’m Gonna Take Some I’m Gonna Take Another Call Here I’ll See You Uh Generic Assassin So I’m Sure I’m Pretty Sure That’s You On The Line One Thing I Do Want To Touch On To What Kathy Was Asking About The Then I’ll Come Body And The Gnostic Gospels And Stuff Like That You Want To Know My Take On It It’s I’ve Actually Got A Blog That I Wrote Up About It And It’s It’s Entitled Should I Read The Gnostic Gospels As All Its What It’s Entitled And It’s Just My Opinion I Wanted To Do A Blog Because So Many People Asked Me My Take On The Gnostic Gospels And And All These Other Books And I Kind Of You Know Give My Opinion And It’s There So I’ll Put That In The Show Notes As Well So You Can Check That Out There Are Some Books That Were Taken Out Of The Scriptures That I Fully Resonate With Teacher You Can Feel The Holy Spirit Speaking And Moving As You’re Reading Them And Some Of Those Other Books That Are In The Non Commodity Texts You Read Them And You You Can Tell Man You Can Tell That They Are Forgery Like There’s Some Cool Stuff And You Can Pull Some Good Stuff Out Of It But It’s Like You Can Tell Somebody’s Trying To Copy What Was Already Done In The Scriptures Right So That’s That’s One Thing I’ll Say About That And There’s Some Of Those Even In Thomas Or Whatever There’s Some Beautiful Quotes In Thomas But I Don’t Feel Like It’s Inspired At All I Don’t Think That’s Actually Thomas’s Book And Put It That Way Anyway If You Guys Want Some Encouragement And You Want To Feel Better There’s A Heaviness Over You Right You Can You Can Go Back And Listen To The Last Episode That I Did Was Dannika Penske Trust Me It’s Like One Of The Highest-rated Shows That That I’ve Done And This It Was A Beautiful Episode Go Back And Listen To That One But With That Being Said I’m Gonna Go Ahead And Say Peace And Shalom I’m Gonna Go Ahead And Get Off Here And I’ll Say A Quick Blessing Over You Guys And I’ll Pray A Blessing Where Everybody’s Going Through I Told You Guys At The Very Beginning That Um You Know Where I’m At Right Now In My Faith And Personally I Was Just Let Go For My Job Like Three Days Ago Unexpectedly I Worked At This Job For Like 11 Years And Out Of The Blue Was Let Go For Some Crazy Reason And They Really Didn’t Give Me A Good Reason Why I Was Let Go But Uh Something That Everybody Does Everybody Gets Away With I Mess Up One Time And They Just Told Me Under The Bus But Uh Anyway I Took That As A Sign From The Most High To Pursue My Art To Pursue The Podcasts And My Music Full-time And And I Have A Lot Of Stuff That I’m Able To Do Online Where I’m Able To Make Money I Do Websites And Stuff On The Side That Doesn’t Come Through Often But I Do Make Do Though So I’m Hoping That That Will Supplement Income So If You Want To Support What I’m Doing You Can Go To Patreon And Give Anywhere From $1 To 10 15 Whatever You Feel Led To Do And There’s So Many Of You Guys Over There Doing That Man Grim Its Supporting Hunter Support And Man You Guys Are Awesome It Means So Much That You Believe In Not Only Me But You Believe In My Family As Well I Have A Wife And Daughter Who I Have To Support And We’re Stepping Out Now We’re Stepping Out In Faith And It’s Now Or Never So I’m Gonna Try To Do This This Music Thing This Podcast Thing Full-time And Trust The Most High That He’s Gonna Provide Right So Thank You Guys So Much So Go To Say A Quick Blessing Over You Guys And I’ll Pray Over You Lord I Thank You For Everyone Listening Right Now Wherever They Are In Their Faith Whether They’re Questioning In A Wrestling In Their Bodies And In Their Minds Who You Are Of What You Are If You Even Exist At All God I Just Asked You To Meet Them Where They Are Right Now Even Though They They’ve They’ve Heard Of You They’ve Heard Of The Opinions Of You But That You Would Meet Them That You Would Encounter Them Where They Are Where They Would Have An Experience With You If They Would Encounter God And Even In This Moment Right Now From The Top Of The Head To The Soles Of Their Feet I Ask You Just To Touch Them Just To Breathe Upon Them With Your Ruach Ha’qodesh Right Now In Jesus Name Lord Give Them Peace In Their Spirit It In Their Life And In Their Situations Lord Let Them Know That You Are The Lord Of Their Life That You Are What They’re Looking For Wholeheartedly That You Are Truths We Search For Truth When You Are The Truth God I Ask You To Reveal Yourself To Them In A Mighty Way In Jesus Mighty Name Thanks So Chris Wants Me To Lift Up Jordan Will Do We Will Do God Thank You For Jordan I Thank You For All The People That He’s Influencing And Even That Jordan Is Even Dropping Breadcrumbs For People Just To Enter Into The Truths Almost Like Alex Jones That People Are Just Entering In Through People Like Him And Then They’re Just Searching For Truth And They’re Asking The Bigger Questions And Guess What Somebody’s Watching The Jordan Maxwell Interview And They Found True Seeker They Found What We’re Doing What We Have To Bring To The Table So Strategic People God I Ask You To Bless Jordan I Ask You To Reveal Yourself To Him Through Grace And Through Mercy And Just Comfort Him God In Jesus Name I Let Him Know That You Love Him That You Care For Him And Put People In His Life Even I Pray That Whatever I Said In The Interview God Would Touch Him And Just To Let Him Know That He Is Loved That He Is Not Forgotten And That There Is A Hope That Is Found In You God I Thinking For My Relationship With With Him And I Ask You To Strengthen That And Bless Him And Bless Everybody Listen It Right Now Jesus Mighty Name It’s The Real Deal Y’all This Is The Real Deal It’s Theories I Don’t I Don’t Deal With Theories And Conspiracy Theories Anymore We Just Deal With Truths We Just Deal What What We Can Apply To Our Life That’s Going To Help Us In This Walk In Its Existence What We Can Apply To Our Life In Our Day-to-day To The Function And To Prosper To Really Enjoy Life To Really Experience The Kingdom Of Heaven On This Earth And That’s What I Asked Him At The Very Beginning Do You Enjoy It I Know It’s Rough Man The This Walk Is Hard This Walk It Gets Rough It Gets Lonely At Times But It’s Well Worth It It Is Well Worth It Guys I’m Telling You If You Buddy Has Any Questions Man Feel Free To Ask Me Drop A Line In The Comment Section Make Sure That You Go To Itunes And Subscribe There And We’ll Be Back With More Podcasts So With Me Doing This Full-time I’m Gonna Be Doing More Podcasts So We’re Gonna Be Doing This And Taking Your Phone Calls Laughs Thank You Guys So Much Peace Peace

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