Jordan Maxwell | The Dark Side Of Religion And The True Meaning of Words

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If there were no Jordan Maxwell there would be no movie called The Matrix. If if wasn’t for Jordan Maxwell you would have no TruthSeekah as you know me today. Back in 2012 I was about to stop doing podcast, stop doing music and battling with trying to get the Christian church to accept me again. I pretended like I didn’t believe in aliens, UFOs or anything that wasn’t held in high regard by the local church. This led me down the path of double mindedness. Feeling in my spirit that I resonated with such terms but couldn’t handle the demonization and backlash from my church peers I found myself going back and forth. But then I had a phone conversation with Jordan Maxwell. Jordan encouraged me to keep doing what I was doing and not try to become someone that I wasn’t in order to fit in with the Church crowd. Well, that was a huge shift for me to keep pursuing down the path of Truth Seeking that I was on that only led me closer to God and essentially closer to Jesus. So, I am thankful for Jordan and his encouraging words. As in many interviews once they are done these days people feel the need to encourage Jordan back. It seems as if he has lost hope. Well, he’s had everything possible come against him, constant death threats and people stealing his work and writing their names on it. It seems like a good reason to give up. But not us. Lets keep Jordan lifted and let him know that he has a family in the entire Truth movement regardless of race or creed and we are very thankful for everything that he has given up only to suffer persecution and great loss. We love you Jordan.



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