Judy Messoline was made famous by being the lady who built the first UFO Watchtower in Hooper Colorado. Judy went out on a limb and created the platform to see spaceships and essentially UFO sanctuary without even having one sighting. Since its conception Judy and friends have seen well over 100 strange lights in the sky performing bizarre aerial phenomena not created by human ingenuity. Later in the interview TruthSeekah and Judy speak about the spirituality behind the E.T. contact and how these beings seem to communicate telepathically with individuals who are seeing craft.

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that you can get for supporting the show and you get access to my entire discography new music before it even comes out and chat rooms and message boards and all that kind of cool stuff so I want to thank everybody from the bottom of my heart for supporting their this is what I’m doing full time now and I could not do it without you guys the podcast is free to consume but it’s not free to create so thank you guys again from the bottom of my heart I want to thank the newest member we have now last night I believe it with Kathy Collins LOX thank you so much she’s been following my work for some years now and she’s now a member of the community so thank you so much for your support it means the world you guys know that on this podcast we talked to everybody all walks of life all faiths I just like to have interesting people on the show and talk about their stories have interesting discussions and today is gonna be this exact same thing somebody very interesting so I’ve been following their work and ran into her work through the Vice documentary so was watch laying in bed watching Vice on on YouTube the other night and seen this documentary this interview of her work and what she does and it’s going to be a very exciting episode so today’s guest is none other then judy Meza line Judy welcome to the show how are you thank you I’m great how are you I’m doing really good thanks for coming on and spend a little time with me hanging out talking about your story alright so Judy is in Hooper Colorado and I guess what she’s noted for right now all the documentaries the interviews and things like that is talking about the UFO Watchtower and she has a website which is UFO Watchtower calm so talk a little bit about that what is that a UFO Watchtower um I moved to the valley San Luis Valley in 1995 to raise cattle but from the time I’d moved here all I heard were UFO stories from the locals and I just giggle and say we need a UFO Watchtower and every thinking I would ever do it I struggled with cows for four and a half years because they don’t eat sand real well and it got to the point I just didn’t have the money to feed them anymore so I had to sell the herd I was working at the gas station up in Hooper and one of the farmers was in one day and I was telling him about my dilemma I said I had to sell the cows but I don’t want to sell my land and he said well you need to put up that UFO Watchtower you’d have fun so I did it’s a dome building has a platform that goes around it when you get up and the platform’s only 10 feet high but when you’re already at 7600 feet you don’t need to be much higher but it gets you up up off the lay of the land and when you get up on the tower you you’ve got a we’ve had a hundred and forty five UFO sightings from the tower since we opened in 2000 I personally have seen 27 of them and just phenomenal and you have to think about it from the standpoint from I had never seen anything prior to opening I never expected to then we started having the sightings and I’m going oh my god what have I been missing out on but we’ve had daytime sightings as well as nighttime and we’ve seen actual ships as well as the strange life so it’s it’s been quite the experience I’ll tell you that my can’t believe that this is been going now for 17 years it has just blown my mind and I said where did the time go as I’m reading your bio here it’s talking about what kind of got you interested in some of this stuff was watching a lot of TV watching the television show sightings and watching x-files and and then hearing these different memes and things that are going on in the television shows or even in the music and the movies and stuff you start to put you know things together and it almost seems like these people who are writing these movies or writing these shows they know something that we don’t and when we pick up on this stuff and start putting the pieces together we start finding out that they were onto something so is it something about the location because you kept hearing about great sand dunes San Luis Valley and things like that is there something about the location that you believe is special yes they’ve had documented UFO sightings in the valley since about the 1560 the conquistadors wrote in their journals what they had seen there’s there’s all kinds of ideas of why here some says the spirituality of the valley the Native Americans consider the valley floor sacred they wouldn’t fight on the valley floor they’d have their peace talks on the valley floor some say that they’ve there’s an ET Base over in mount Blanca it could be there’s lots of activity over there and we have actually seen planes flying into that that mountain so I don’t know what’s in there but maybe someday we’ll find out others say it’s the vastness of the valley because it’s so large and not highly populated I was reading a magazine from Great Britain and it said that the majority of their sightings was where there were hot water wells that makes sense to me because we have the geothermal water from one end of the valley to the other so what somebody would need from another world with the deal thermal water I don’t know unless they’re following the fault line which that makes sense as well mm-hmm so talking about a UFO Watchtower and creating almost a UFO sanctuary like this special place that you can come to to have an encounter to meet with the divine because I know you guys tie spirituality and with it which is so beautiful when I sort of have in my experiences going out of sky watching and seeing craft and seeing ships or what we could call it ships that seem to be alive and seem to morph and change and travel back and forth from what we call heaven to earth and seeing all of these things that just blows your mind when I started having these encounters I had a crew of guys over here and we went to work on my backyard and we cut down all the trees so that I had a clear view of the night sky in my backyard and essentially created my own UFO sanctuary that we can go and meditate and watch this the sky and you know try to make contact essentially asking for a sighting so that’s that’s what kind of you know I’m saying drew me to you work as well as like okay you actually did it you built it you took the time to do that and it’s awesome that you’re doing it and you actually let people come in people come in and stay I know you guys do bed and breakfasts and stuff like that as well right correct we have a campground and I’ll tell you what’s really been cool about this whole thing is that we have found that people who have had experiences they can come and talk to them with us we don’t make fun of them you know where if they go to the general public and try to say well I saw such-and-such and somebody old say what were you drinking or what were you smoking you know and we don’t do that we have we have very open minds and we hopefully want people who come to have an open mind as well now personally I think that that the people from another world I think they’re in a different dimension than we are and that’s why they can pop in and out at will and whether that true or not I don’t know but it sure makes sense why how they can be there one seconds on the neck I get this notion from just studying the way things work and in the world and the government and stuff like that and seeing in seeing videos from outer space of laser beams being shot from Earth and being shot up at the stars or at moving objects in space and then those objects will turn around and leave when a laser beam is shot up at them very compelling footage I get the notion that and I want to say if you agree with this that some of these ships when they come in you know the government doesn’t want us to see these guys or they will try to send I’ve seen I’ve seen UFOs during the day and they were there they told me to look at it was some telepathic communication that say hey look over here this is where this plane is flying I look over and we’re a jet was flying was right towards a UFO that was just posed there a sphere in the middle of the day as soon as I seen it I said is that a UFO it disappeared it let me see it and then it left I had this feeling that do you that the government doesn’t want us to know that they’re there and doesn’t want us to make contact do you have any information on that no but I really feel that you’re on the right track we’ve seen them as well in fact I saw one one time it was following a deadline er and the silver orb appeared behind the jetliner and was bouncing off the jet stream and all of a sudden it’s gone you know it’s the same when you make oh you call the media and you say hey we just had a UFO sighting and boy they they put it on their their news test and everything and then you never hear about it again and I think I think these folks are hushed up by the government the government doesn’t want us to know what’s going on which is kind of a piss because if in fact they are there and if in fact they are trying to help why why does not the government why don’t they pursue that I don’t say to let them help yeah that that really is the dilemma and if they if they are the good guys cuz I really believe that the craft that are out there are the good guys like every interaction I’ve had the people that I’m involved with and people who are going out pursuing contact of the fifth kind the ce-5 initiatives to go out in an open field to meditate and to pray to get oneself prepared to have an encounter and a lot of people do it does take time you have to wait and just like fishing almost like I think if you go out fishing you can’t just kind of you know cast your reel in and pull something right back out it’s kind of the same thing and I like to relate it to fishing because there’s so much there’s so much out there in space just like if we was to look at the ocean of all of the different beings all of the different creatures some of that we’ve never where were discovering even after the Hurricanes washing these weird-looking space creatures onto the ocean onto the beach from the ocean which we’ve never seen before and there’s all types of stuff out there so when we look into the ocean it’s almost the same thing as gazing into the heavens where there’s all types of beings spirits and entities and angels and things like that that are spoken of in the holy books like if we’re talking about angels rankings there’s orders there’s the Bible calls that the hosts of heaven and the hosts as the armies of heaven in the fleet and they travel and I’ve seen so much stuff out there and and a lot of times you’ll be out there stargazing or looking for UFOs and you you’ll be you’re be looking out there for just a light or something to make contact with and you’ll see something totally different like what are some of the things that you’ve seen that maybe it wasn’t a UFO maybe it was a spirit maybe it was an angel but it looked different versus just a light in the sky what are some of the different things you’ve seen well we’ve seen the orbs that are down in front of the tower and we see those DUHS quite often and so what are they they say that they’re an energy so what kind of energy you know we’ve seen them oh we had some campers report last summer three different times of seeing these green figures illuminated in the green light running through the place we had a paranormal group come and they stayed at the B&B and they went over to the tower in the middle of the night and they said that they saw a figure illuminated in the green light standing out there well they thought I had put something out there because I do that i i decorate things around the place and I hadn’t put anything out there they came back the next morning to see and nothing was there so again there’s some kind of an energy there and I think they are trying to make contact we have a garden in the front of the tower and they call it the healing garden and it’s a place for people to go and meditate and relax and kind of get into themselves I’ve had psychics tell me that we have two large vortexes there and they described a vortex as a portal to a parallel universe or an opening they spin and they’re full and but they also said that there are two large beings there who protect the entrances to the vortexes but they are also there to help so if someone goes into the garden and ask for help with their life whether it be financial spiritual or whatever their to ask for that help there has been phenomenal results we have one woman who swears to God that the garden healed her cancer and if it did oh thank God hallelujah ya know the other thing that the psychics told me is that we have a Christ ship under our under the tower under the dome and I really believe that because when you get so many in and there’s been thirty thirty-five psychics in who have all said the same things you start believing it and you know my grandson said to me one day I had to run up to the post office and he watched the shop for me while I was gone and he said grandma I saw an alien come out of a hole there and I got a hole hey it’s the kid’s imagination right well I went over and sure enough there was a hole and there was an area where something could have come out of it so do I believe and all this stuff you betcha you know it’s taken it took some time to get used to it but I’ll tell you something there is definitely something over there under that Tower and they say that it’s the Palladian and they are protecting me and I totally believe that there’s a lot of a lot of people who are skeptics about it they don’t believe and I think I really do think seeing is believing I think that makes a lot of sense just I think there’s an inward knowing to though before you see it almost like you you kind of went out on a limb and created this facility this this sanctuary without even having the encounters out there so almost like if you build it they will come and that’s so true because people are skeptical they you know they don’t believe you you sound crazy you’re talking about seeing UFOs and then did I just hear you say that you’re telepathically communicating with receiving messages from these beings or are these ships and so that sounds even more crazy right so but I truly believe if you build it they will come if you go out there and you spend the time and your intention is pure and you want to see a craft if you want to see the angels I believe a hundred percent that they will show up that it’s not an instant thing I think going out there sometimes taking hours sometimes I think that that’s almost to kind of prove that you really want it like how like how bad do you want to know and if you want to know they will show themselves to you is that kind of what you’ve seen of skeptics come out there and haven’t seen anything oh yeah and the skeptics you know I get lots of them but once they have seen something then it seems like they have been opened up within themselves and I’ve you know we tell people to go out in the garden to feel the energy and and I’ve got folks who say well I’m a skeptic and I don’t believe in this stuff and I tell them just open yourself walk through the garden and feel the energy that’s out there and nine times out of ten every one of them are self something so yeah if if you want it you have to want it and you have to have be open enough in your heart to accept it what were some of the sightings that you’ve seen and I know that I know because I’ve went out that’s been minute much time as well and you’ve seen a lot at this point and so in the beginning it everything’s new this so it’s different stuff coming but then it’s like okay I’ve seen it and you have to keep the newness alive you have to keep the newness of it there but what what are some of the think the sightings you’ve seen that kind of made you know that this is real versus seeing lights in the sky of them parking and in space and then changing directions and things like that what were some of the things that you saw that you absolutely believed after that we’ve seen the cigar-shaped one and that one just moved really quickly in front of us it was 11 o’clock at night we had over a dozen people there everybody thought my granddaughter and I were coming back from Del Norte evening it was about 5:30 and over by Mount Blanca there was the circle of light just going around in the circle and then the big beam was shining down on top of it and I said to her I said you watch that I’m driving I can’t pull over he was only able to watch it for another few seconds and then it disappeared well it reappeared about 15 miles to the north and some kids coming home from poolside so again what the heck was it you know I don’t know if you’re familiar with Kenneth Arnold but he was a pilot and they did a painting of him in 1947 showing the chips that that he had seen and the lady who runs my BMD Candace he saw the same one here here two years ago over by Mount Blanca well then I had a gentleman come in from he lives in Fort Garland and he came in the following week and said that he had seen it on his property there at the end of last summer I had a family come in they had property in first Ireland and they saw four of them on their property there so whatever it is it’s still around you know and it’s amazing how many different shapes there are of UFOs that have been seen we’ve seen what looks like a satellite coming across the guy I mean traveling just like a satellite then all of a sudden the dang fool things stop satellites don’t stop the one that we watched is sat there for a few seconds and then it went straight up one night it looks like a well I kind of thought maybe it was a shooting star and I’m watching it come down it got below the peaks of the mountains and then like it lost its momentum and it started to float well I’m thinking that maybe the downdraft from the mountains would have done that but the downdraft from the mountains didn’t shoot it back up into the sky and that’s what it did so you know there’s there’s lots of things I mean we watch we’ve watched these lights going really fast and just stop they’re not supposed to stop I’ve checked with the Air Force guys that came in you know can our plane so real fast and just stop and they said don’t even think about the plane doing it the g-force on our bodies our bodies would blow up so if this has been pretty amazing I have not I’m in the south I’m in Alabama I want to come up there I’ve got a lot of friends up there but I definitely want to come up there and see you guys Oh have you ever seen a fleet like more than one at one time or some traveling together yes and and what’s crazy is you’ll see them going together and all of a sudden one in the middle just changes directions and goes the opposite way and that’s not normal they it’s really interesting to see the self because there’s a lot of people who actually captured us on footage have you ever had anybody or do you guys have night-vision goggles and have seen anything with that y’all tried that yet no we have we have people who taken pictures we have people who have taken videos and they’re pretty amazing does the one video I’ve got these folks were camping and they saw this light and they started a video in that and it was just dancing all over the sky plane don’t stamps all over the side yeah yeah that’s that’s the weird thing where you know it’s not a satellite were there changing speeds and one shootin out in front of the other it’s almost like they’re playing a little bit you know that they want to be seen they know they’re being watched almost like dolphins essentially you know just that really playful spirit about them and I don’t think that they’re here to harm us I think they are here to help us but until we are ready for the help I don’t think that’s going to happen and I said what if what if they would make themselves known on earth what would people down here do they go grab a gun and shoot at them you know I mean yeah both they would panic and maybe that’s why the government is trying to keep it so hush-hush I don’t I don’t know I’ve talked I’ve talked to people who if aliens are real to them and they call them aliens we I don’t think they call themselves aliens put it that way but if these beings exist then it would let it said they would lose faith in their religion and in their holy books and things like that and there’s almost a fear that if aliens exist that maybe they did create humankind maybe there are the angels of the Bible things like that and there’s a hysteria there even from like the religious community I have many conversations with people but then on the opposite for me it doesn’t make me doubt my religious beliefs but it enforces them to say no it’s not a fairy tale like there are actual angels out there that exist and they travel back and forth from heaven to earth and if you want to you can see them in transit and they’ll come and say hello so it almost reinforces my belief in the spirit realm and in God and and of my core beliefs and stuff you know I do know and if you read Ezekiel let’s talk about Ezekiel’s wheel what the heck were they saying you the Book of Enoch yes it was the Bible why you know I get lots of religious folks in and and we sit and discuss this stuff but I’m not there to change anybody’s beliefs or anybody’s mind I’m there to listen and and if I can help to help you mind taking a phone call not at all okay so phone lines are open if anybody has a question for Judy or myself you guys can call in we do have a caller here from Northwest Arkansas hello Colleen air yeah okay well you talked about it yes all right thing I’m sorry Marc and Elena’s right I’m gonna have to mute you for a second turn your audio down on the computer because it’s feeding back and I’ll bring you right back in just turn your audio down on a computer I’ll bring you right back in and we’ll try it again yeah Northwest Arkansas what’s up brother how you doing a lot on your songs and we have been communicating a bit for the partically both at you and you know general Baptist yeah we just did that interview a couple days ago show you called in during that show or no no but you know I’m jamming with you on your song thanks so much man do you have a question for Judy but in the UFO encounters anything yeah I could say that and I’m not a normal human being myself and I’ve actually been held trapped by the government as we speak but I am is waiting for my dear it’s richer so I can escape okay give us a call back whenever Judy’s off the air man we’ll go into a little detail about that appreciate you calling ma’am yeah a lot of people have had encounters a lot of people have had experiences some people are scared to talk about them I do think that’s the reason why I do this show in general we cover a lot of UFO topics here but spiritual topics that people have nobody to talk to so there is a show here there is people who make themselves available to answer questions and just let people feel like they’re not alone it’s like you were talking about people think you’re on drugs I know how many times I’ve heard that where I was doing podcast from and I was still involved in a lot of religious circles and I would go around these people or go to meetings and they would say what you said I want to know what you’re smoking what were you on what I want what you have and it’s like nothing like I’m being quite honest you know and you can you don’t have to have anything and that was one thing that when we would go out and I would have my own encounters and I would try to take groups of people out who were intrigued to want to go out and that’s one thing I told them was like you know they want to drink beer they want to smoke herb or whatever I’m so okay you guys can do that but not out here let’s don’t give any room for that because people say y’all were just drinking and smoking and doing drugs and we don’t we want to make sure this is real you know what are some of the expressions on people’s face when they see this stuff for the first time or people just having their whole lives changed when they had these encounters I think so it certainly gives them something else to think about these sites all the troubles of the world you know but they can’t get over what they seen and then they try to rationalize what it was and which I did the same thing but there was no rationalization you know no excuse for it no so once once to get through their mind that possibly there is something else out there besides just us and I’m certain that there is something out there besides have you ever seen any activity with the constellations because I’m sure you guys have a great view is there any cuz I mean I’ve heard people say that they see them traveling like the Big Dipper but like these beings or UFOs will travel and almost outline them or they’ll I’ve seen them go into star systems and disappear a lot of activity with Orion are you guys noticing anything with this with the constellations like they’re doing the dots to God but anyway I had a guy call me one night he said Judy are you watching the triangular one up by the moon and I said what triangular one up by the moon and he says we’ve been watching it for three nights get outside with your binoculars and look I didn’t need binoculars I mean it was sitting right there hmm that there for two more nights and then it does Bannock but yeah you know we have seen some really strange stuff and again with the constellations you can see these objects moving in and out and in and out somebody tell me somebody show me proof that they are there because I’m yes something’s going on like you said weather and that’s what gets me because so you know you always try to rationalize it like you say you’re trying to make sense of everything okay so let’s say it’s the government let’s just say it’s the government testing out this this new equipment or interstellar travel or something you just seen you know back engineered craft it takes an it takes it on another turn when I bring up the telepathic communication that they’re communicating right and that just throws the whole wrench into that for me or or satellite I don’t think it a satellite is going to communicate a thought or an idea or an awe of creativity or a spark this interest in you what are some of the stuff that you’ve seen is there a message there is there like a impression it’s almost like they want us to return to the arch to be creative to enjoy life to love one another like these are the messages that we receive when we see these crafts and stuff are you picking up on stuff like that I don’t know if it’s a voice or just an inward knowing that you get from seeing these ships they say I’m certain they’re trying to get us to love one another and spread love and peace throughout the world and if we can get some of this horrible stuff out of our society you know everybody should open their heart they should have respect for other people they should have respect for themselves but they they need to get some violence out of society and once that happens then maybe just maybe we’ll get to have contact I don’t think everybody’s waiting for government disclosure there’s people who have rallies and meetings that want the government to admit to what’s going on I personally think that disclosure is gonna happen through the people people like ourselves who are making contact or having visitations and it starts there and it just progresses but what do you think about the government actually coming out making a statement about it do you think that that will ever happen or anytime soon well I just don’t know I said I hope it happens in my lifetime but they not you know it’s like um Hillary Clinton said you elect me on opening the UFO FILES Obama says before I leave office I’m opening the UFO FILES well that still hasn’t been done you know the Prime Minister of Canada he publicly said the United States has been working with extraterrestrials hurry hon why can’t they tell us that they’re working with this you know are you familiar with Sylvia Browne yes oh yes yes well she wrote a book called the secrets and mysteries of the world in there she talks about extraterrestrials and she says that they look just like us and they’re already walking amongst us and maybe they’re already here trying to get things settled but will it happen I’m ready for it to happen I had a young man in and he said that his grandfather was the chief investigator for Project Blue Book have you ever seen Project Blue Book sorry I’ve seen documentaries yeah pretty but but where they they’ve got all of this dialogue going on in there they have blacked out sentence after sentence after sentence so you really didn’t get anything out of it but he said on his he said his grandfather could not discuss what was going on with that and he said his grandfather was on his dying bed and said to him you believe it it’s real so that’s what happens with a lot of these people they won’t say anything until they’re about ready to die you know but the government has such a control yeah I had them a group come and visit me from the Navy missus in a year ago and 40g studies group is what it was called and there was I think seven of them who came they told me that I couldn’t video and I couldn’t take pictures and they wouldn’t be there but I think the one I think he had a camera in his sunglasses but anyway the the commander of the Coast Guard whipped out his cellphone and he showed me a picture of a UFO coming out of the ocean I have heard that story from others who have visited the towers so many times and so you know they they all knows something that we just don’t know and I’m ready for them to be on the up enough and let the American public know what the devil is going on people say well what you’re seeing is drones they didn’t have drones 17 years ago you know they say it’s hot-air balloons baloney I’ve seen a hot-air balloon I just I want to know for a fact what the heck it is I want to know I had a guy in and he was an air traffic controller and he said that he gets six to eight UFO reports a month from the pilot and he said he’s not permitted to document that why you know why not yeah there’s like yeah I mean that’s the thing too like here’s the whole thing even with NASA with the Hubble like you could see some awesome pictures of stars and solar systems and things with with the Hubble and if we’re going out and we’re seeing things with the naked eye like you said without binoculars and then you use binoculars you can see so much more and then people are using night-vision goggles military-grade and they’re seeing so much stuff outside of the atmosphere and doing all types of aerial phenomena but NASA has never picked up anything on the Hubble this is how you know something’s going on that they’re not releasing this stuff you can go out and have your own encounters with the naked eye but NASA is like we don’t know maybe you know they won’t say anything that’s that’s how I know something’s up we can go out there right now if we wanted to and take the time even during the day that’s when he gets real right when you have the night the night vision what the night encounters and then they start happening during the day so it’s not just lights it is the cigar shape ones and the orbs and things that are showing up so but I encourage people if they’re intrigued just to go out there and do it for themselves if they want to know you can know you know I think that exists for everybody I think the Vatican has from what I understand this really high-powered telescope and it’s supposed to be one of the best in the world from what I have heard but they finally came out the Pope came out and says it’s okay to believe in aliens yeah I remember that yeah sure he wanted to baptize them and I said well I’m game can you get them to come on down so we can pipe yeah it was awesome when I remember that was a lot of in a lot of new sources in the UFO community ate that up when he came out several years back and was talking about UFOs and it doesn’t go against our beliefs or whatever and they may need to be redeemed in stuff as well and share the gospel with the aliens and stuff it’s pretty pretty funny but I somebody knows what’s going on and I don’t like it so I don’t think they’re gonna tell us so I think it’s up for us to do the research and to share our stories on shows just sit like this one and everybody has a piece of the puzzle and it kind of bring it together and see what fits and see if we can make a picture out of it and and try to find out what’s going on and really you know I think how we can benefit our lives and that’s really what I’m concerned with like how can you know UFO contact help us out today help me in my day-to-day and I think that it encourages spirituality creativity intrigue all and wonder and love and all of these feelings and emotions that you get when you have a supernatural encounter is essentially what it is and I love it now chasing you know those those first encounters that I had ma’am I’m doing work right now that is built off of encounters from 2012 you know and I’m still talking about them and doing research and things like that and essentially trying to take it take a little bit further as we come upon the end of the show talk a little bit about funding and how people can help you guys build how you got help keep you guys in business and what you offer and everything that’s there like how are you guys able to stay afloat and continue building what you guys have because it’s a really beautiful facility everybody definitely needs to go to the website as well that’s UFO Watchtower dot-com I know she has a book as well that crazy lady down the road she has a book available and some other t-shirts and products and things like that but talk a little bit about how people can can get behind you guys and help and even come out and visit we always take donations so and those can be sent to post office box five to two super Colorado eight one one three six but most of the funding comes from people who come to visit I charge a nominal fee for them to come in and and get the information two dollars a person or five dollars or Carlos and then of course we have the gift shop and that helps a whole lot but it seems like the UFO Watchtower has finally come into its own the last couple of years thank through the media who have been really plugging this for us and and if anybody is really interested they should go look at that vais video nice did a marvelous job come on down to the San Luis Valley in southern Colorado and Sia’s we’re on the cosmic highway 17 I got some friends up that way I’m definitely gonna send him your way the vice documentary was awesome they did it justice sometimes vice can be divisive vice divisive sometimes they can be divisive of painting people to look silly or to look crazy or let’s make fun of this person but they really did justice to your story and and promote it what you have going on like I said to build the entry getting all into Wonder Man this is interesting and and there’s a lot of other people on there as well with similar stories and I got a friend of mine who vice came out and did a documentary on them as well Brandon Barth Rob and I had him on the show too really cool and seeing how many followers he got and people checking out the work after he they went live on Vice can you talk a little bit about that experience I who set that up for you did they contact you or was there an email saying like how did that work out for you and how was that whole experience they contacted me and anybody who wants to do an interview that’s what they have to do I don’t go out searching for them yes this has brought so much interest the media just eats it up and so thanks to them I don’t have to do a lot of advertising now another one that’s a good one is roadside America and then of course the local TV stations here in Colorado and they’ve all they have not made fun of me at all now at the beginning when I first started this the radio personality just drove me nuts and it was all fun you know so but that that pretty much has got no words and now we have posters taking it serious and I really appreciate it well thanks for coming on hanging out with me we’ll try to send some people your way definitely go there and purchase the book and if you guys are looking for a retreat a sinner you want to make contact it’s it helps to get with people who are already making contact and they know what to do the protocols and things like that it’s you know there’s there’s a lot of serious work that goes into it it is a lot of spiritual work and and I’ve seen a lot of documentaries where people go out to see a UFO and they get with different communities and different people and they go out and they have a you know they see UFOs but they have a life-changing experience with the spiritual side of it and the work that goes into it and I’ve read your work I’ve read some of the people that you guys aren’t involved with and seen footage and videos of you guys doing the spiritual work in the prayer and the meditation and stuff like that in the garden that you guys have and it’s just so beautiful keep up the positive work and the energy and thanks so much for coming on to hang out what May I appreciate it thank you thank you Judy bye bye bye Julie Judy misalign ladies and gentlemen got it right yeah make sure you guys go check out her work if you guys are this far into the interview you’re still listening there’s got to be some type of intrigue there right I think I did it justice as far as I’m using those words that’s what it that’s what it was for me the intrigue the creativity everything that you see coming from my way at this point was birthed from some really amazing supernatural encounters with UFOs and just to kind of address a little bit the whole UFO community and stuff like that from the religious standpoint man okay I still catch a lot of flack from my Christian friends I have a lot of Christian friends who were still in the church or trying to be accepted by the church community and things like that and they can’t be themselves right I have friends who smoke marijuana who drink almost on a nightly basis but they would never let their Christian brothers and sisters catch them doing that ever like they know that it did chop their head right off and so I really love being myself and having in other people who who are just comfortable in their own skin like John Illuminati Congo like the caller mentioned we interviewed him last week and he’s a beautiful brother but to see somebody in being them their authentic self and and it drives you to envy men to do what they love to do for a living and to pursue the passions that they have and be okay with it it says it says so much and I want to preface that to say that some of my friends who were in the church realm who are into drugs or into alcohol and different things like that and there’s nothing I’m not downing your time I’m downing it because they point the finger at me and say that you know I’m like yeah I like a lot of what true seeker talks about but the whole alien things I don’t get I don’t get the infatuation we’re aliens aliens could be demons aliens could be this and so I think we’ve done the research I think we were pretty pretty well-versed in the scriptural references of supernatural encounters with angelic beings to know that they take many shapes and forms and like I said earlier aliens I don’t even like using that word I you I use it in my art but I don’t even like using that word but because they don’t call themselves aliens hey what’s your name oh we’re the aliens how are you know it doesn’t work like that not at all whether they’re from a certain star system which how do we know that the angels aren’t from another star system I know that there’s so much information over the years from other prophets and people have in their own encounters gazing into the heavens and seeing things moving in and out of star systems Orion I’m so intrigued with Orion every time I’ve stargaze and then seeing craft or beings we might not even be craft I know a lot of times they’re they’re actual beings you know not nuts and bolts ships like these are beings there’s so much footage of of these things morphine and changing shape in the in the air and in outer space and some people have some really crazy footage man and it wasn’t even it’s like a ship that just morphs into another ship or something it’s just crazy stuff I don’t even know but I do know that the Scriptures talk about that the Seraphim and she mentioned the Book of Enoch earlier the book of enoch talks about that the angels of the Most High are as a flame of fire they’re made out of the fire of God the word Seraphim itself is translated the fiery ones or the fiery serpents in the Book of Psalms it says that the Lord maketh his ministering spirits his warring angels as a flame of fire so that kind of reiterates what Enoch is talking about and Hebrews repeats that the book of Hebrews so talks about these fiery beings Enoch talks about they have the ability at will when they’re in heaven and they travel at the speed of light or faster than the speed of light they look like fire and as they will they can come to earth and take upon the appearance of men and Hebrews talks about like she was talking about as well looking like people Hebrews says that we in we entertained angels unaware we don’t even know it we’re having interaction with angels messengers is what the word angel means they come with a message with a spirit with a vibration with a thought-form and all of this stuff is it’s beautiful and there’s just different layers man we look at the different hierarchies of angels if we don’t even talk about aliens just keep it angelic keep it biblical if that’s what you want to do we can do that and if we but if we do that then there’s so much mystery and intrigue but I think that they’re interlocked I think that we are able to go out and see angels traveling back and forth it tells us that in the scriptures it tells us that I believe it’s Jeremiah I want to say that talks about the angels traveling back and forth and it talks about them answering prayers and carrying prayers and all types of roles that the Angels do and they operate in Enoch goes into a lot of detail about it the Book of Enoch is minted of in the book of Jude in the Bible and you guys have heard me say this before but my intrigue is like I’m a biblical theologian I get into the scriptures I’ve studied them for years I know them in and out and there’s just and I don’t know I’m like an expert like I have to quit studying there’s just so much every time you read it there’s something new in those scriptures and you get a deeper understanding if you don’t study the et phenomena if you don’t study Enoch you’re not gonna understand the Bible you’re not the Bible isn’t one book anyway the Bible is many books in letters and writings that were collected and put together into Bible biblio or the little book so many books put together letters collect it from church sent to charges and collected to put in a book so there’s other books that are mentioned in the Bible and I’ll need to do a probably a show on this or just a teaching just to kind of give you guys the references because I have all the research I have everything printed out and all the studying this is early stuff for me being able to do this and so to understand that the book of shamaya is a prophet it’s mention of in the Bible the book of II do the Prophet the book of the Wars of the Israelites the book of Jasher the Book of Enoch all of these are quoted by prophets and quoted by sages and I’m interested in what was in those books the book of Giants all kind of stuff mentioned up in the Bible I could show you this stuff I’ll probably do a video on it so with all that to be being said it’s like it gets deep against the weather we’re tracing it from a biblical perspective or not if you even follow that narrative but I know that I know it’s getting popular now like the Book of Enoch is very popular now remember some years ago when we were getting into it it was like a stay away from that book but now they teach it in in many churches like you know I remember seeing several years back and it was so awesome because I am a Benny Hinn fan I do appreciate a lot of Binney hand Binney hints teachings about the holy spirit and spinning intimacy with God and things like that so I remember watching an episode of I don’t know if it’s this is your day whatever the name of the TBN show is with Paul Crouch who’s like the founder of TBN he he had Benny Hinn and they were just having a conversation and they were talking about angels and talking about demons and stuff and Benny Hinn to begin to go into the Book of Enoch on his show any blue Paul Crouch his head off Paul was like Benny I’ve been saved for 47 years and I’ve never heard this information and Benny hands let you up it’s taken out of the Bible he’s like dropping knowledge on him and everybody’s got their jaw dropped in the audience in hilarious man but I was like oh yeah I got a kick out of that he was born a head off with some of this deeper esoteric knowledge about the spirit round so if you’re looking to study how spirits operate if you’re looking to study how to have power and authority over them you got to go to e not you have to to understand the Bible you gotta you gotta understand you know can’t leave it out because the early church understood it the early church understood the testament of Solomon and all of these apocryphal works the the Apocrypha even that was like 14 books that were taken out of the Bible that were used in the 1611 King James Version like it literally was part of the King James we didn’t they took out 14 books I’ve got the 1611 version as well with all of these books in it some beautiful stuff in there some debatable stuff some stuff that they can’t rationalize so they took it out and threw it out but with that being said about the books that talk about these angels to talk about these heavenly encounters there are some books out there that I believe were created to deceive people whether we’re talking about a lot of the Gnostic texts we’re talking about even the you ranch a book like I want to believe the ranch a book is real but my spirit turns when I read it’s just so I could man I could feel the intention behind it and the wording they’re trying to word it to sound like the Bible this is saying anyway that’s my spiel on the books that’s my spiel on on Christianity and the UFO community and stuff like that they you know they say it’s all demon so I wouldn’t even I don’t even entertain that stuff anymore that’s definitely if you just because you don’t understand that you demonize they call it demonic man I can’t deal with that no more maybe years ago we could have dealt with that not anymore so anyway I hope you guys enjoyed this episode I love talking to interesting people especially I mean this lady built a UFO Watchtower on her property it’s this big platform and they got this big dome and creating a sanctuary man like I said I did that and my property went out there and we had a bunch of people we worked and cut down trees and we had big trees in the way and my father-in-law was out there with me I was like I want that tree gone oh no let’s leave that one said no cutting it down because you couldn’t see you cut the tree down and it would open up I got this big circle in my backyard while I would just go out there and just stargaze and spend nights laying on on sheets looking at the Stars and once the weather cools off again I’m gonna be doing that again very soon I missed those times this even is conversation with with Judy uh it uh that intrigued and that want to get back out there and make contact again and once you you make contact and you know that something’s going on you start having these encounters it shows you like how focused you are on the things around you and the things of this world when all you had to do is look up to make contact all you had to do was look up and you can see this stuff during the day I know it’s dangerous for me but when I was seeing at like when I was a truck driver man like oh that’s when I would have light encounter I would pull over on side the road and just gaze for a while as well early hours of the morning and see stuff but I’d be driving I’m looking at traffic and then I’m looking up I’m looking at traffic and I’m looking up you know while I’m driving I’m traveling the country you know so with that being said I mean there’s so many even like um entertainers and notable people who have had encounters who like to talk about it Muhammad Ali had one of the coolest quotes about UFOs he said that he would go out in the early morning jogging for five in the morning before the Sun comes up and he said you can see them like they were playing tag in the morning sky playing and tagging and you do see a lot of activity right before the Sun comes up you do see a lot and you know there’s some awesome quotes out there people have seen some awesome stuff so with that I’m gonna say blessing Shalom man thanks for hanging out with me love you guys make sure you got support on patreon if you want to support my work or what I’m doing at any level now more than ever I really do need your help I need your help to make this stuff happen and you guys are coming out of the woodwork support and I’m blown away really AM people coming out of the woodwork giving a little bit got a lot of people giving a little and so it’s just stacking up and just people are helping and I appreciate everyone head on over to patreon dot-com backslash true seeker and picking the level of giving you get free not free music but you get my entire discography it cost you 100 bucks to buy all the albums anyway just go there sign up and you get to download it all and you get unreleased music people are asking me true sequel when you’re coming out with new music once the new album brother brother was a new album coming the new music is already out so I’m patreon patron com backslash true seeker with that I’m gonna say piece of shit oh my god bless each and every one of you guys [Music] [Music] that does it for this episode folks to hear more episodes of the truth seeker podcast head over to gsync accom and if you wanted to support the show and get rewards go to our patreon page at patreon.com forward slash truth seeker [Music]

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