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In this episode of The TruthSeekah Podcast TruthSeekah speaks with June Ahern about Halloween Rituals and How To Talk With Spirits. Whether we believe in it or not the spirit world is very real and we are interacting with it on a daily basis. June speaks about her experiences as a medium and shares some of the reason why ghosts or spirits get stuck in between dimensions. Many people are having dreams and getting impressions from the other side and if not properly understood this phenomena could possibly cause a person to be disturbed and go mad.

June Ahern’s book tours across the United States are lively interactions as she engages the audience with candor and humor about her writings and life as a psychic medium. Her 1990 debut book, a non-fiction consumer’s guide, titled The Timeless Counselor: A Guide to a Successful Psychic Reading (originally titled A Professional Psychic Reading As Alternative Counseling), was the number one seller by a new author at the 1991 New York Whole Life Expo where she was a featured speaker.

She has been a co-host and guest on radio shows, People Are Talking television program, and is featured in several videos on Youtube. She has written many articles and been interviewed numerous times.

As well as an author June is a professional public speaker, teacher, CHT, and Life Coach. Her purpose is to  assist people to manifest their visions by living with their unique abilities.  She continues to share her psychic talents in a documentary series with The Haunted Bay, San Francisco Paranormal Investigation as seen on Visit Junes Website At

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the show I’m excited about today’s conversation this is maybe always controversial topics that we discuss here and we try to bridge the gap there because there’s like a disconnect between spirituality and religion at times and there’s there’s a disconnect because a lot of people who claim to be spiritual or not but they’re just merely superstitious so we’re gonna be talking about some of this stuff today it’s going to be a good episode I want to give a huge shout out to everybody supporting my work via patreon because this is a listener-supported show I couldn’t do this without you guys so huge shout out to everybody who’s been supporting me from day one you guys mean the world to me thank you for believing in my work believing in my music and this podcast and what we bring to the table believe in community that’s a big part of what we’re doing here so huge shout out to you guys I’m gonna read off a couple names here some of the newest patrons within the last week or so shout out to lip hydro what’s up hydro thank you for supporting the work coming on I believe I know who you are a lot of people change their names to have like to keep track of all these names but I believe I know who you are brother thank you for supporting the work also shout-out to tanita Taniya Tatiana it’s probably Tatiana yeah Tatiana Kim oh thank you for support in Newark thank you for believing in my work oh I always butcher these names that’s just what I do I’m sorry and shout out to everybody who’s been supporting if you would like to please head on over to patreon comm backslash truth seeker there you get access to my entire discography of music extra podcast interviews behind the scenes stuff and also you get access to our Thursday night school of the Mystics which is the community aspect of what we’re building here so Thursday night school of the Mystics the discord community all that stuff which is how we do life really here that’s what it’s about so without further ado I’m going to go ahead and bring on my guests today because we got to dive into this subject it’s gonna be really good there’s a lot going on right now spiritually in the spirit realm media is playing a big role into this television and stuff like that so I’m gonna get into this conversation here so I’m gonna go ahead welcome on my guests June a Hearn jus June welcome to the podcast how are you my friend there’s a lot of stuff going on when we were mentioning this we’re you know coming up on Halloween you know and and in this whole season of just October the weather is changing a lot of mention of death and monsters and ghouls and goblins and spirits and things like that you know should we entertain this stuff should we you know shelter our kids and keep them away although all of these questions you know that we all have genuinely like should we open them up to this what is it about should we participate in Halloween you know we come from a lot of religious circles where they don’t deal with Halloween at all what is the origins come from these type of things I want to get into and really bridge the gap between you know Christianity in a sense and what maybe some people would call secular or pagan tree or something like that right it’s in its into things that are that they’re not familiar with the pastor really doesn’t you know go into this stuff and we’ve been taught to kind of stay away from everything and just be over here in our corner versus partaking in the culture partaking in the festivities in different ways to do that so I want to get into some of that stuff with you if you want start offer to be awesome just to kind of go ahead and give a little bit of background about who you are what you bring to the table we could start there certainly respect everything I received my education and my understanding of spirituality and religion from my background then when I was around the age of 19 I actually was 19 I had a serious car accident and on the way to the hospital I expired for a short time and I went what I believe was to the other side I went to heaven if you will I crossed over and then they brought me back and it began a whole different outlook about life and the world where you’re able to know and see things that you don’t have information about and also then to interact with those that have passed on and so I follow through out of my fear of what was happening I had to find answers why am i happiness why am I having these experiences why do I know these things why is this person a period to me and it wasn’t Pleasant so I cannot say well all this stuff happened and it was great it was not pleasant it was frightening certainly was not really all what my parents wanted for me as a Catholic to talk about knowing things about people and I began to study the tarot cards which was not acceptable either so I had to really look at in time in life you know what is superstition I’m glad you brought that up what is the truth find the truth what is the season all about why do people celebrate it what is paganism and why are people turning to that you know and people do it out of curiosity it’s like everybody wants to be part of something right something different to something I’ll turn into vino correct correct I like that something alternative they may not experience in their own traditional Christian religion and so that’s what people do certainly from the 60s I know how people started going you know it’s a word learning about spirituality in different ways and Buddhism was one of the ways that people began to study so I look at what you said pagans you know paganism and this is a time of history people that were pagan actually meant people of the earth pagan me as people at the Stone people of the earth people were so dependent on the seasons you said yeah and it’s starting to get colder it’s getting darker at one time that meant so much to people they could not survive if they did not pay attention to the weather yeah that was that’s where it really came from was their superstitions absolutely were there are many gods absolutely but if you look at gods and you look at saints it’s the transferring of this power to an actual being because saints were people that lived and were canonized you know all the people so it’s the superstition that begins to it’s the fear superstition this fear yeah sure and I do question everything if someone comes to me and says oh I had these things about house bulls or whatever I’m like uh-huh okay and then I question I may even go to what they’re talking about and I pick it up for myself and I hope to put some sort of reason and logic into it you’ve done some work on a paranormal TV show as well right because I don’t do all this beautiful spooky stuff yeah I look at it I say let’s go in here don’t tell me anything let’s see what’s here and can you back it up that’s what I asked the producer who does a lot of research yeah to find answers to what I have picked up I have gone in and found particular what you call ghosts why are they still there why don’t they move on and I’ve learned a lot you know what I’ve learned a lot from spirits that are not moving on I’m like I didn’t know this before and that’s that could hey I mean that could be hard cuz I’m I’ve been I’ve been thinking about death a lot lately and I think it’s been because of some of the things that that I’ve I’ve been entertaining like I told you before we went live I just watched the the haunting of Hill House great Netflix series great you definitely it definitely brings you to terms with with death and leaving so I’ve been I’ve been in this weird place I know what the Bible says about dying I know what it talks about the afterlife and I don’t think my fear of dying because I still have this little fear there like I’m not I’m not afraid of about what comes and what happens when I get there my fear is like you’re talking about moving on like this this life is pretty fun like it provides us with some really cool experiences I mean animals dog like just the small things man that are so beautiful in just that notion that you’re gonna be sucked out of this existence and not be here and have to move on to another one even if it is beautiful even if it is heavenly and angelic and so beautiful like if it like this is a really cool place now think people take that for granted so I’ve been in this weird place about dying not that the fear of of the afterlife but but the fear of not being able to do the little small things here on the earth so does that come into play when we’re talking about spirits not transitioning and being stuck here and things like that something that keeps them connected to this realm thank you so much this is a beautiful place in the smallest of ways sitting in a bus bench and watching people and kids come and you just beautifully small things are children for me my grandchildren yeah this time of year really is the celebration of those that have gone on before us I will get to what you said those that have gone but it’s a celebration of what you just said that’s the merry part of Halloween enjoying the life enjoying the children in the laughter how excited they get about life and on the other side leaving planet Earth and the spirits that don’t want to that’s what you they there is one spirit I met it up we would call it an Ali but it’s like a throw between streets it’s a small street and he and I asked him don’t you want to move on I was so serious I was going to save the soul and he said why should I have a great time I talk to people like you and I whoa wait a minute isn’t everybody supposed to go to heaven or supposed to go and then I began to understand about dimensions about different people in different space of time and that if you think about our life we actually live in different dimensions as children teenagers young adults and what we thought about his children begins to change so do they all some are suffering some are repeating do you have any friends that go on and on about age of their life when everything crashed for them yeah you get like Oh God will you just be quiet about this people don’t stop at all doesn’t like they make everything about them and about what was me every conversation every sentence has to deal with that it’s kind of weird yeah that’s the spirit it’s that they have not healed you know perhaps I have worked with the police on some cases of unfortunately murdering it’s not pleasant I don’t anymore but that’s the kind of spirits will often hang out here they want their justice they want to stop really you know and I do believe in prayer I’m a very strong prayer I pray more than once twice three times every day so can we pray for them yes why do they stick here well I learned some of them like earth like you just said it why would they want to move on yeah but thank you physically participate in it like you pick up your child and you hug the child you physically participate mm-hmm and only do it from mine mentally so with ghosts and stuff like that like what is it like because we’ve seen like a lot of these ghosts in the ghost reports and stuff most of the time it’s something it almost seems like a tragic loop that these spirits or this even if it is a spirit maybe the energy the vibration is stuck there and it just repeats over and over maybe some was you know someone committed suicide off of a bridge or off of a house a building you there’s like a loop that’s pressed into time where you people can see that you see the ghost that appears the way that they died and and people are able to see that there’s ghost tours that almost hey let me show you this what happens in ghosts appear to people are these impressions what is that is that the physical well I don’t know if we call physical but is that the spirit of that person that’s stuck in the loop are they trying to like you said maybe show people something that they want justice hey I was brutally murdered I died suddenly this is how I died please help me like what’s going on there when we when people are able to see those type of loops and impressions with spirits vibration energy everything is vibrating when you sit out nature is where you really understand what vibration is all of a sudden you feel the plants the flowers the trees the birds the sky and so everything is on a vibrational level and they are repeating the story over and over again and yes are they looking for help well they can get help there’s many that can get help people pray for them and I say to someone you know the best thing to do with that person that hung himself in the room and now you want to make it you know your study but you can’t go in there I do believe in prayer as I said let’s see if we can move them out sometimes you go in with a person like me who converses and says listen I know you’re stuck you really can’t be here you have to stop this energy and move your energy out of here and move it to someplace else unfortunately it just doesn’t always happen it certainly in places where great wars have taken place and many people died on a field when you go by that place you just feel it you’re there and you know you either kind of accept it or you don’t go there and not everybody has that same sensitivity you know they certainly don’t feel it like some of us yeah the Bible talks about it actually being a spiritual gift that caused it the discernment of spirits you’re able to this when there’s spirits or energies around yes what’s the difference between people who really can’t do that in pray for spirits and people that prey upon the living not in this area that that’s one of the reasons that I go out and I talk to people and I say I tell people you don’t really need a person like me if I could give you knowledge and educate you how to live with it or do something about it but don’t rely on other people to tell you too much information about spirits well you know what can we do for them do we all move on to heaven well I certainly know that there was heaven purgatory and hell yeah well some of us get to go if we live a decent life and we’re compassionate toward others and we’re not going to judge others and I think that’s important and some of us don’t quite make it so what does that mean I look at it as here on earth so our spirit we’re spirits what a spiritualism mean it means that to be in touch with the who we truly are the spirit of who we really are you know and certainly if you have a difficult childhood people that have it and then they heal they return to their normal person of who they are the childhood or you know the pureness of who you are so we if you look at yourself as a spirit and you could come back and after you left the physical body would you want to hang around this earth you know that’s what you want to say and you would want to be with your loved ones I know that you have loved ones a family you would want to come and say hello at times or I love you or comfort them that’s the beauty of being able to make that communication but you can’t linger here you don’t belong on the earth physical earth after you leave body so what’s what’s the deal with with Halloween All Saints Day you know the Catholic Church you said it was a holiday for you guys whenever you were younger yeah so what so what’s the deal with that if somebody doesn’t know anything about All Saints Day or honoring the saints and things like that remembering them or praying for them what actually is All Saints Day Oh Halloween is Halloween is All Hallows Eve which is means all holy like Christmas Eve yeah it’s a holy time before the actual celebration so you have a certain ritual and relating back to how important it was for people to understand whether they didn’t go down to their local supermarket and buy food if you didn’t grow it and you didn’t store it or you couldn’t barter for it you ended up having to beg for it so you think about begging this trick-or-treated I’m gonna go and ask you do you have something so I can lift the winter out or you know you relied on charity or what happened is you you start you start your children and your old people it’s really a time of honoring those during difficult times you are willing to share what you have so you can get through the winter or the starving time and that’s what it’s about it’s like saying wow it’s getting cold it’s getting dark do you have some apples and put in storage that you can share my children over here are really hungry my grandfather’s dying and you know even now elderly people die more in winter than any other time of year or sick sick and elderly so what did they equate it to they equated to oh my god here she comes here comes death the banshees they’re coming so in that way they were trying to relate who will die and who will live and they created this whole ritual around well we better honor our ancestors and ask them to help us we’re going to pray to them so pagans you know did pray they prayed a lot and they honored now they may not have done it the way that we would do it as Christians you know they kind of came out of that and so that’s what it’s about All Saints Day is again honoring those who are holy you know and then you have also stated followed All Saints Day in Catholicism that’s that was the three days hello they call Saints and then all souls so where does it come in was I praying praying to Saints because I know like that it comes from Samhain or whatever the case says right so you pray in for them to watch over you protection that type of deal that’s what we pray for st. Christopher you’re going on a trip st. Francis for animals and peace and st. Anthony to find things so you do you’ll find the Saint that you will pray to and so what the pagans did is they took their gods and goddesses and Catholicism came along you had Saints mm-hmm mixing in the blending is the mixing and the blending of our ancestors who lived it a certain way because of conditions yeah all right and then when Christianity came stronger how do you blend the two so people feel natural it feels like a natural flow mm-hmm and so you pick a saint or you play for saints and you you honor them you go – we went to Mass and we would go to Mass and we would do our ritual and that’s what it’s that’s how the to blend it together yeah everything’s pretty much a blend now it’s so funny cause like even even the people who think that um like they have a like a like an original thing with Christianity or like Christmas or Easter or in any type of holiday like it’s borrowed like like everything’s borrowed there’s nothing new Under the Sun it all came from pagan tree I mean pagans were here before Christians pagans were here before the Hebrews and so everything is kind of borrowed down and so you know history kind of you know falls in the lap of the person who won the battles are the one who lived to tell about it and they get to kind of change things up and blend things together so that’s kind of what we have with with Christianity and all of these different you know holy days or holidays or what-have-you so as far as like dressing up and stuff like that is I don’t know if it’s just this sensationalizing of it but like you have the spirits who would go back to the house and supposedly trick a tree so you have a monster or a little creature or whatever a skeleton who somebody dressing up you know kind of playing that role over and over through that just kind of like the veneration of it going to the house knocking on door trick or treat and if you come to the door with candy or an apple or a tree then they take the candy and they go to the next house but if you didn’t give them a tree if you didn’t give them candy then they played a trick on you trick or treat if you don’t give me a treat I’m gonna play a trick and then you toilet paper of the house or throw eggs at the house or something like that right so was that was that something that that to happen though is that like a literal thing that happened do you think because as far as like spirit spirits going back and if you didn’t honor the spirits then they played tricks on you or haunted that house or whatever this is here’s the ritual the ritual is go inside to your house get safe don’t go out because the spirits all the spirits on on All Hallows Eve Halloween night the veil has dropped between the two worlds they get to walk this doesn’t mean all the happy little loving little relative this means all spirits you’re outside and not a very nice spirit sees you then they possibly will trick you they’ll trick you into saying oh why don’t you come with me I love you let’s go over here to the trees and I’ll take you down into the underworld of course it’ll tell you that because they’re tricking you and so why do you wear it costumes you wear costume so you can hide from them they can’t really see you there’s also a belief we used to say what’s your name Baldy Bayne ask me again I’ll tell you the same you don’t give your name to strangers they’re going to use it in some sort of form and we know that now form identity fraud right so dressing up had to do with not making yourself vulnerable to this to the not very nice to the bad spirits so you were a mask and they couldn’t recognize you like let’s go let’s go get Derick this year and take him off the planet Earth well we can’t find it because we don’t know of all these people dressed stop who he is they’re coming to get you so um those evil spirits yeah so talk talking about spirits like is this something that uh that anyone should do is there dangers when it comes to consulting with spirits talking to mediums I’ve seen a lot of weird stuff with like Sylvia Browne over the years some things that she has spoken out over people and they believed it and it’s like almost like speaking curses over people and weird stuff like that and I could see how people you know can follow up under the power of persuasion for one but um is there is there danger with trying to communicate with spirits I mean even a lot of people who are deep into the occult will tell you to stay away from Ouija boards trying to communicate with spirits and things like that just any spirit that’s around I had some bad blood back in the day for trying to open up to any spirit that was around ended up getting possessed actually so there’s also some type of caution that’s there but just because there’s caution just because there’s you have to be careful right that that shouldn’t say not to get into it or if it’s calling you or you’re into it right so should we approach it with with caution and be careful with it absolutely and I say this all the time I’ll I tell I do not like the Ouija board I know my sister I had a very bad experience with it I actually took it put it outside the house I didn’t want it you know at night I just closed the door and said I don’t even want that in my house absolutely and what I say is I do a blessing before I do any kind of my work my spiritual work whether it is a reading privately or going on an investigation I do a blessing to myself I say prayers so that I surround myself with protection and I see people go and what happens just like you said there it you open up and you can get an attachment I actually got an attachment for the first time after it’s a long story but I and I couldn’t believe it I would get one that’s all right that’s the first trick I tell people to educate themself and again that’s why I wrote you know the few books that are two books that I addressed how to talk with spirits and also if you go for a reading this is the kind of thing you do you protect yourself do not just hang on somebody oh you did this or that really does it have reason in your life does that sort of logical to you that’s what I tell people you do not want to open up to any kind of spirit when I saw somebody say go ahead be with me touch me any way you want I went no don’t say that because yes you are attracting all spirits into your whole body mm-hmm so absolutely or you’re right people should not open up if you feel you have a spirit and you want to talk there are some very decent mediums mostly all mediums that I have ever met are good people you may ask them for clarification you may ask them do you pick something up – or what do you pick up and then ask yourself does this sound reasonable to you can you identify with it not necessarily in the moment because most people need time to think about it but do not pluck a bunch of money down on somebody that you have not investigated to find out what is their track record I won’t talk badly about other mediums and psychics openly but yeah I have seen some things on television stuff I just do not like it all with how they present the paranormal spirit world we had we had a guest on here and she brought up this this idea she said that she said she was in a relationship with the UH and I guess in her her worldview it would be like in an alien or an et that communicated with her in the dream realm and they were like lovers and in a relationship is that a red flag if someone wanting to our spirit wants to be in a relationship with with someone I mean not not you know the ghost of your husband or wife that passed but someone who is looking for love in all the wrong places maybe have you heard of that at all people I am very cautious of that because really in a physical like way other than a loved one as you say someone that was important should not be trying to interact physically with you that is an attachment that’s opening up your actual physical body now for those that actually like speak in tongues or those people that communicate voice from other entities if they’ve done the right cautious and they know what they’re doing then there’s a little difference but I have heard of that and I don’t see any good in it and I don’t know this person you’re speaking with so I can’t really say it would certainly raise red flags in my mind like you know more I would probably ask a lot of questions of her yeah yeah it ended it for me and a lot of the viewers as well it was off all fun and games until we heard about that I mean that sounds like a way you definitely will probably get possessed would be you know join in union with the spirit that that type of way and you know so let me ask you so we talked about ghosts you know I don’t know if demons are kind of in that cup as well at times but the the ghosts and demons whether they physically exist or whether they exist in your own mind only to you whether they’re even demons or demons for that matter it exists to kind of help you cope help you get along in that that show well I’m not gonna give away too many spoilers I just encourage people to go watch the haunting of Hill House I want to talk about it but there’s a lot of great concepts in this show but um talking about the the demons or spirits that exist in your mind right and they’re there for you or to help you get through to get over something that person’s voice is always there telling you don’t do this do that or whatever that may not physically exist or may not literally be the ghost of that person but the essence is still there for the individual well it reminds me when you were speaking we learned that there were there was a good a jewel on this side and not evil angel of that side right and so polarity between being human I often look as spirits work through physical people so if you’re calling your angel and you don’t know if your angel is helping you and someone shows up so they show up and they say I hope you’re feeling better or here let me give you something to help you well that’s your angel working through it so on the on the opposite end then do demons work through a living people and why do demons come evil I often call them vampire entities you know they’re they’re here to drain you yeah and you can learn a lesson if they certainly if you come in contact with the vampire entity you’re asking if it’s in your mind or if it’s in your body if it’s in your mind that strong you will create it in your body exactly expecting illnesses so we keep saying well I don’t feel good I don’t feel good I don’t feel good of pretty soon they’re in bed which is it was an I mentally thought I was not really well so they they can’t actually move into your body I’m very cautious about that it really can happen mentally it begins there where do I see my spirits I see him mentally first I don’t want them to show up when they show up even I go so I’m very cautious about the vampire entities and I gave an example before a friend that goes on and on and on and ranging you’re on the phone you think I gotta get off the soria they think those kind of entities they drain you of your energy and they drain you emotionally you cannot cope after a while yeah yeah definitely um well it kind of it’s it’s kind of its kind of similar to like a persona or Topa which is a I don’t know if you’ve heard that heard of that term at all but it’s kind of new to me but these are people who kind of create these entities within their own psyche within their own mind and they give life to it and they talk to it and they nurse it and communicate with it and eventually it starts communicating back and there’s this entity that’s now formed then you create it with your own thought matter you know what I’m saying so it kind of sounds something similar to that make you appear very mentally unstable you do actions your emotions become unreasonable and people around you say gee what happened to you know Mary over there all of a sudden she’s just this different person yeah you know that brings me to something and this is not our topic but I’ll just mention it that’s what I don’t like about drugs I’m not into it I am a child of the sixties so I do get it it’s not like I don’t get them but drugs will open you up to not very good things they will they will open up and I’m talking about drugs like speed or heroin or cocaine you know they open up the psyche mm-hmm the psyche doesn’t have the ability to shut down what is actual reasonable logical ways of living on planet Earth and you kind of you know artists artists have to go to that other realm they can’t always live in recently spin logic they have to how could you create music how can you create anything if you do not go so be very cautious people with someone that you know that’s on drugs and begins to tell you a lot because they are seeing it by the way yes man I’ve got some crazy stories about that it’s so weird too though just kind of relating back is like when we’re talking about spirits I mean alcohol you have wine in spirits and I remember passing by an alcohol store here a liquor store named Bacchus Bacchus is the name of a pagan god of drunkenness and revelry right and so does like the name of the store was called Bacchus wines or whatever wines and spirits and so there’s something there about getting so intoxicated so out of your mind to where you start being able to be influenced by spirits and so I know there’s talks about the spirits that hang at the top of doorways and they like to hang out at bars so that people who are drunk or severely under the influence can’t they don’t really have control of all of their faculties their you know mind is a little unstable they’re just open to whatever they don’t really guard their tongue those type of things and they say these spirits hang out at the top of the doorways and they hang out and they fall upon the backs of people and they go down into there their spirit and so you have these type of entities attached to you hanging out at bars and stuff like that so yes there’s there’s definitely a connection there and I have a I’ve had people who are even friends or whatever but I’m careful man if somebody is uh hooked on hard drugs and I don’t I’m real mindful about who I allowed to speak into my life and I’ve had some weird accusations from people who were like on heavy heroin and and smoking crack and stuff like that but then again they try to be spiritual they try to tap into those realms and stuff but they’re on these hard drugs and they’re addicted it’s that the the different delusions and things that come with that it leaves the person mentally unstable and when we’re talking about demonic possession or or demonic influence I found and I truly believe that they want to get you to a state where you don’t have control of your thoughts or their thinking for you and you you know become a you know middlee unstable you become insane insane and I’ve seen it a lot I’ve I had had to deal with it in it’s about the mind keeping the mind sharp keeping the mine on on guard keeping yourself the spirit of who you are you said right when you set down through the back of your neck well you know your spine is your nervous system right over the spine so they enter right there between the the brainstem there’s a little space of them in your spine and they enter through there they can enter over here and your shoulders I mean I’m always surprised over the years of my work 45 years when I actually see these kind of attachments and I say whoa or when I see somebody speaking they’re out of their mind on crack but they’re speaking in tongues and they’re speaking some stuff and some of it is at this time you know they’re possessed you gotta gotta be careful even in the church circles man there was a Christian ministry down here in the South out of Panama City saw a Christian International and so there was a kind of a training facility place for the Christian prophets and so to teach people how to prophesy teach people how to discern spirits and and to speak into people’s life and be able to pray for someone and be able to feel what that person was going through and stuff and so they would open it up and they would do personal ministry where people would drive to go there for the weekend to receive ministry from their prophets but I knew a guy who was on crack and he was smoking crack and he would go there and he would minister to people why he was on crack and I was like man and it’s about being able to discern those people around you like that’s that’s not good to be able to do that you know and so the discerning is a bit is a big thing man I think we all have to get into and like I remember the guy who led me to the Lord back in the day he um he’s he’s he’s like a very spiritual guy maybe too spiritual you know what I’m saying and so he had someone come to the church and it was a friend of his and it’s like man you guys are prophesying you’re healing people laying hands on people and all of these wonderful miracles that are taking place within your church but you guys can’t discern that you’re just letting your children run around the church and there’s a known child molesters in the congregation and your kids are sitting in their lap and it’s like you guys are so spiritual and able to do miracles but you can’t discern this stuff going on so it really comes down to be able to discern who in what you know the Bible says to know them that labor amongst you and know what they’re doing and know what they’re going through and not just let anybody speak into your life there’s a lot of people who are charlatans there’s a lot of people who are charismatic they’re just really well-spoken and they’re in the churches they’re in the psychic meaning they’re everywhere it’s not just they’re here this it you know it has no you know respecter of persons this is in every field it’s in every religion sin every spiritual Creed and you have those people who are master manipulators and you have to be careful and you have sin and a lot of times they’re controlled by spirits as well yes I can heal people working in the field of what I do I have to daily check and make sure that am I really coming for the better of a person not better for me not how I think they should be but is the person living more joyfully peacefully I love Jesus I’m a big fan of Jesus I think that if we really just kept it simple and followed Jesus path of love and sharing and peace then we would not have so much confusion of what is right of what is wrong because it’s pretty much set down there and for people to lay hands on lay hands on me that you are transferring a healing energy of whomever whether it be Jesus God the Virgin Mary but you’re transferring that energy to the person so if I am in under the influence of drugs or I live a life where I’ve lied and I live a life where I’m cheating I am transferring my energy to you know now you may wish a healing so you fall back and say oh I’ve been healed but have you been healed from judging and lying have you been healed from from that because that’s where it begins when we look out there here the world is a bad place that is some of the problems that I do have with certain religions is that they look into the world with a lot of fear no I can say let me bring the light to the world let me be joyful and peaceful as best I can in this world you know and be aware as you say you know when your daughter or your child goes out you don’t say to your children be afraid of everything you say be be aware that oh is that man or woman standing too close to you and keeps moving move away so I mean I’m really look at fear why do we have to live on fear why can’t we not enlighten ourself in a healing way so yeah there’s a lot of people preying on people using the word religion yeah yeah it’s insane um talking about possession have you have you ever actually had to deal with any any exorcisms or have you dealt with people who were possessed yes yes I always say if I’m scared oh boy because I I don’t get scared of a lot of things what scares me is more of human people in there and their attitudes so I was down in Jamaica I was brought to Jamaica paid to come down you know Commission’s to come down to do some classes and do some readings by wonderful Jamaican people what an experience and one of a man that came to me he was a doctor and he had gone back and forth to New York with his wife to find a cure for her and she had cancer and they cure it but she was they told me she was being attacked by demons and I’m thinking yeah right you know superstitious so I agreed to go to their house in Jamaica now this is July and Jamaica do you know hot it is hot as it is in Alabama probably near the city down to their house with the kind of cocky attitude and because I had never dealt with that kind of possession I walked into that house and I felt like I was walking into a refrigerator it’s recalled I went I said I have to go to this back room they had a room off the kitchen it was like a storage area I opened the door I felt I walked into a meat locker a freezer and I just felt such horrible energy around me and I actually started to fade I’m not a dramatic person so for me having to feel like I’m fainting was a big deal and they had to help me out and they took me to the wife and I literally experienced being slapped like a wet towel my brother used to hit us with the wet food you know wrap it up yeah yeah yeah being pinched and I wish I had taken pictures after I didn’t think about it I actually ended up with bruises on me I could hear these voices exceed to the whole walls and the woman was in bed with mountains of blankets on her and I went to her and I tried to comfort her and I said I will do all I can I said but you know what I don’t have that kind of experience or education you you need to you need to look at leaving the spot I felt it was the area where they were I asked you know anything about spot and they didn’t but I know there was a stream nearby and I have often found that entities can move with water like an electrical current and so I left that was my real first I’ve been haunted by as I say I worked with the police with murder victims it’s not pleasant it’s not for me I really removed myself limits mm-hmm it could be intense and some of the big-name Exorcist over the years I’ve said that you know the the ministry or the life expectancy of an exorcist isn’t that long four years tops someone who really does a profession because the mental wear and tear that it takes for someone who’s going through that stuff that’s something and you have to be you have to be on your P’s and Q’s on you can’t just approach it nonchalantly like there’s no way you go into that it’s mental most but it is also physical during I mean I actually was ill after yeah you actually get so worn down it gets in your nervous system you start having organ problems it’s not pleasant at all I I leave that like this like okay let’s let someone else handle it I won’t know I I give people commute asking me will you come to my house I think I do man I say not me spirits not demons yeah and yeah I mean I mean that’s a good thing to we’re talking about spirits and demons and it’s not just one of the other there’s a whole plethora of entities and elementals and spirits of just vibrational spirits of essences and love and reflection and family so just to say that one communes with the spirits it’s kind of a that’s so that’s a very broad statement what type of spirits what have you encountered what do you deal with you know because we are entertaining angels and angels are ministering spirits that minister and so that you know I’m saying their form of spinors spirits and there’s so many so have you ever had any I guess won’t talk about this have you ever had any encounters with the elemental Kingdom the elemental spirits at all like well it would be some that were over the the elements maybe fairies gnomes [Music] yes fairies fairies the nature spirits leave us you know I don’t really think I have I have people that are very in tune to that I am out nature well before the last eight weeks you know I fractured my ankle and I had surgery so I have not been outdoors like I go out nature all the time and I feel the energy of nature I have not encountered the Daevas the nature and the berries but I do feel the energy around me so no I haven’t had that experience what so you’re talking about helping people with spirits and being able to feel them there’s different ways of feeling them smelling them even can you you know yeah I think they play off of our five senses right and there’s different probably with each sense there’s a way to sense that the spirit right yeah you know mental I have a tendency to be much more in my mind so mental but the other night we were having a spirit communication I had this group about 10 and I kept smelling this you know when you shave wood when you work with wood that’s beautiful smell of it oh this is wonderful and I looked at a woman I said I think that your grandfather’s here and did he work with wood and she kind of hemmed in hard well he did and then later she said well they work to add a sawmill but he quit it to go to something else I said his spirit he was still with wood I could smell the wood I could smell the forest I said he’s outside and often you hear you will hear sounds and that would be like a message to somebody like I’m hearing music like someone who passed on that really liked music or I would smell tobacco I would say to somebody want to smell it tobacco there’s nothing here but our pipe smoke yep ah yeah so then when the smell comes through you know and and so it’s not only what you see is what you smell what you’re here even what you taste almost say to people I’m tasting coffee I’m not really a coffee drinker fitness taste coffee of my mouth I’m like a tasty coffee they’ll say oh my husband II had like four cups of coffee every morning I mean and it’s just beautiful I really love my work in that way and bringing some sort of if hopefully my idea is can I bring you something like comfort or knowledge that’s what I look at it what can I bring you from the spirit world yeah and there’s um I guess when we’re talking about ESP extrasensory perception that you know the different clairvoyant clairaudient clear sentient there’s it’s really cool because I like to study that stuff and then read the scriptures and as you’re aware of that we start seeing Jesus kind of like operating in each one of these and then the disciples being able to hear something or have a dream or have a smell or a feeling or a nudge or whatever I’ll be able to see a vision and be able to heal people from that or be able to help people you know get to where they’re trying to go so it’s been is being able to be sensitive to the spirit realm to help people where they are and like you said it doesn’t matter which spirits I mean I guess starting out for me it was it was you know big on by using that stuff to communicate with the Holy Spirit right then the spirit of that that’s communicating with us through dreams through visions through yeah Holy Ghost right we’ll see that’s funny too because I’ve been a part of circles that say he’s not a ghost it’s not a go so we’re not gonna use that term ghost the ghost is of the you know disembodied spirits so he’s not a ghost we’re gonna call him Holy Spirit and then there’s some circles who get really weird and they they only call a caller they call him him they call it like it’s a they they like they don’t even call them spirit well they call it spirit but that that’s like almost like that’s the name of a person like that’s his name Holy Spirit you know and they talked to him in that type of way but you know different things for different people you know whatever helps them with their relationship so that’s what it that’s what all of its about but talking about ESP in in your book how to talk talk with spirits you you have a quiz in there that people can take to see if they’re if they’re sensitive to those feelings psychic reading without getting conned and find out you know we’re not naturally usually we’re not naturally all clairvoyance clairsentience clairaudience e clairvoyant can I see clear audio do I hear clear since you enjoy I feel most people are into the kind of do I feel you could be very vulnerable maybe in that kind of sensitive feeling everything because it means that if somebody is upset you become upset and you don’t know why so in the test it is asking questions to help you decipher what kind of ESP ability are you stronger in and how can you make yourself how do you grow and be stronger in the other areas and in that way like me I am all of it now I was really clairvoyant in the beginning as see in everything and then I learned how to listen and then how to feel and feeling has to be translated into words it often clears sentient people sensitives they don’t know how to get it up and speak about it they say I feel it but I don’t know how to say it well I would teach people how to bring it up and how to recognize it and say it how to say their psychic impressions so it’s really interested I I just love that the telepathy and we’re all telepathic I mean it’s not like you know somebody somebody can be better at that ability it’s like I look at it at like sewing I’m lucky I could sew a button onto a garment I have friends that can make an outfit in the night where’s that oh you’re gonna sit on I don’t think it’s like well yeah you just do it so everyone has it and we use it all the time and I know you’re you’re married I know you and your wife will say I was just gonna say now oh yeah because that’s how connected you are with your vibrational ways now that’s what love does it raises a beautiful vibrational wave and so until it even when we speak to God or any spirit will be in guidance we are using we’re doing it telepathically you’re aware of it that’s what we can also influence in a positive way hopefully in a positive way our loved ones our community our country by sending out telepathic thoughts that’s part of that ESP and I know I brought a lot of comfort to people that are both taking the test and take in my classes where they don’t like they’re going crazy you know I could tell you I think I better well tell me about it and then then I help them understand you’re not crazy and then some who would do well with a therapist or some other means than I’d point them in that direction yeah it’s really you know and that that takes the discernment of spirits to be able to talk to that person and say yeah you know we need to get you something you we need to get you somebody else versus just entertaining everything or trying to be you know the healer for everything some people need you know those doctors or whatever there’s I think I think that there might be you know you know submit medication that could possibly help people and it’s it becomes weird um because I get those messages too and trying to discern you know where this person is mentally you know how did they get there what you know I’m saying what do they need those type of things and so it’s but you have to be sensitive because like we just said like these spirits want to get you off your rocker they want you drooling on yourself and seeing stuff that other people can’t see but we’re built in fashion that way so if you don’t balance the energies if you don’t if it’s calling out to you you know and you’ve had those encounters and that’s what you want to pursue you have to be able to balance the energies and in and actually do the work or you will go mad it just comes it’s just part of it you know and then there are people who in their brain they have already certain chemicals are not working right or parts of the brain and they do you need that help too to have proper care different from us and I certainly have attracted a lot of people with bipolar and schizophrenia yeah yeah both personally and professionally yeah and has to be very careful when they tell me their visions because they truly are having this experience but it’s hurting them yeah it’s hurting them and it’s hurting their loved ones to watch them because they don’t take care of their body anymore you know they don’t take care of themselves their life becomes hard so it’s as you said sensitive to it there was a man that wanted to come see me without his medication schizophrenic yeah I don’t think that’s a good idea if when you get on your medicine I will make an appointment for you you know even though the medicine kind of blocks some of the information because medicine will do that in the psychic world yeah if I opened up to him with with all of his thoughts then I could possibly even feel like I’m going mad yeah yeah I mean definitely you being sensitive you know and you’re around that person who’s going through there I just we just had someone recently who came around who kind of told me in private that look when I get around people they go they start going schizophrenic it’s like wow to me that sounds like some type of demons right some type of demonic entities that you that um saying that are on you that are messing with other people I mean that’s a thing too with like being able to discern spirits when someone has spirits that may feel intimidating and you get around them you can kind of hear their thoughts that spirits communicating with you if you if you do not balance the energy I don’t care who you are like you that stuff is scary it can it will drive you mad like so you’re having a conversation with someone and you know what they’re thinking as they’re trying to have a so you’re trying to listen to them but there’s this other telepathic almost communication that’s going on without nobody saying a word and you have to focus on what they’re telling you it can get really weird and overbearing and there’s medication and medicine to silence all of that I don’t think that’s the route I think it’s balancing if if finding out how to turn it off and on developing your giftings and abilities like a muscle you know you can get better at it there’s practice and stuff like that but you have to if you it’s not – it’s nothing to play with right these are great examples because it’s nothing hey watch these psychics on TV and they’re doing it we can do it I have to make sure that this is something that you want to do and to get into open those doors that there’s you know there’s it could be done but a lot of people have gone mad in the midst of it and there’s a lot of people who reach out like I said to myself and to you and we have to we have to figure out how to help him because those voices can get loud and you can’t be around people because you’re just so sensitive and you have I was in a place years ago I had to leave I had to leave restaurants there’s this everybody’s talking and I can feel everything I’m trying to focus on my wife and I just I have to go I had to go sit in the car and just pray and read the Bible just cuz it was I was so sensitive and I couldn’t control it and it was just overbearing and scary and not just multiple occasions what I had that I had to do that that’s a very good I couldn’t control it I didn’t know how and if you did not perhaps move into an area where you were able to balance yourself you would read the Bible you would have continued to feel you were going mad pretty soon you just be like I want to be in a room away from everybody yeah and there’s people like that I’ve met them over the years they’re wonderful people many of them are artists yeah get it out through their art and just talk to them and they know they’re being heard I think that’s the important part when a sensitive finds the person like myself who says oh yeah yeah yeah you’re hearing too many voices aren’t you you could hear it you know and just to watch their life begin to change in a more educated way and they can perhaps then go and help another person because I think that’s what we’re here for I think that sensitives are here to help other people if they can you know help other people understand and feel they’re not weird yeah yeah but then with that beacon if that’s what you do hey I help people feel like they’re not weird then obviously you attract the weird and you have to discern through them and some of it can be dangerous I mean I’ve always heard about that stuff and the overbearing fans and I’ve always heard about pastors who would have who pastors who would be married men and women are just like God told me that you’re my husband you know and you’re with the wrong woman I’ve always heard about that kind of stuff and now that stuff’s happening to me you know and these people like overbearing people who would they’re not something’s not clicking like it’s not you know they’re living in a different world you know and it’s not always good and I think that those type of people haven’t balanced the energy and it can get scary man you’ve you know it when that stuff happens and they start messaging faint friends and fans of you and it gets kind of weird stuff that goes on and I mean we have to be careful I’ve been dealing with a lot of them a lot it’s not just one or two here it may in some cases it’s been the majority I’ll say that you know that the majority of people who come to me but I believe that’s help for a lot of people but in some cases it’s just overbearing this like man this is too much you know this is really deep but then you have to kind of remember why you’re in it is to help people and you need it when I needed help I was in a similar place I needed help I needed somebody to talk to so you want to kind of be there but um you had to be careful you saw getting a name for yourself and people what do you think I should do what do you think yeah and then when they give me an answer I can say I look at them psychically and I see where they’re coming from yeah the chakras the aura yeah well you know this is kind of attached so so really coming to me in some ways is like and though I can’t legally said it’s like a therapist mm-hmm that’s where I say to somebody you know what do you have a name of a good therapist because I think that you could really heal through that but there’s times I go right to the heart of it and say you know you’re feeling weak in this area and if you think about it people have come to me with of going to other so-called psychics that have taken them and said I had to give them like five hundred dollars so they light a candle I go well you go buy a candle for a couple of bucks yeah you can like it yourself so there’s the vulnerable during there always be the vulnerable yeah in I was gonna I was gonna bring up the psychic thing too because I mean in and I guess in a way if I mean you’re a psychic medium you deal with the psyche you deal with discerning spirits and helping people get through that I have a friend of mine who who goes under the title psychic and she has a broadcast that we do together every Wednesday nights tap in tune in on blog talk tap into christie lee psychic christie lee so i actually helped with her a lot but people will call in and they just want like that hey man what do i do you know what do you see i you know i want to get with this person and you know and i am I gonna get back with this lover and they it should throw it to me said there do you see anything so it’s just like you have to you know the you know I’m saying the ball is in your court do you want to get back with this person let’s start there so you actually act as a therapist in a sense it’s like first you’re just calling ahead you got the answers let me get it said what do you want I know there are ways we can do it we can go through prayer we can you know different things you can do and activation and things but it’s whatever you want like you know if you want it or not whether you’re just looking for somebody to to speak it out and I mean there’s power in that you want somebody to say hey you want somebody to affirm you and say yes you’re gonna get that marriage God’s gonna restore it you know and that’s where prophesying comes in you’re almost telling the future almost in in that sense but you want to make sure you’re right you don’t want to just like call into somebody you know if somebody’s calling in and they and and they need help and they want to know if this is gonna work out you got to let them know that look the power the power is in your hands the ball is in your court what do you want to do do you do you want that marriage to work out well guess what there’s things to do to make the marriage work out you know there’s things to do to make that relationship there’s things to do to get that job you know people come and they go Jun that thing didn’t happen or Jun that thing happened I says well did you take the first part of the breathing the first 30 minutes was something worried there was looking at all these steps they want me and people forget why our readers called readers they’re called readers because they’re reading your caustic records they’re reading your inner-self they’re reading what you already know that’s that’s there they’re not going to tell you how to live your life I wrote about that in my first book when you go to get the most out of a reading ask a question in a certain way not will I be back with that person you know how do I create loving my loving partner in my life how do I create a loving supportive partner in my life is it this person here can we look at him or her I’m okay well let’s look at that and see what has to be done exactly what you said unfortunately people think that psychics are all-knowing and that is not true I don’t even care for the word psychic but since everybody relates to it I use it I call myself a verbal communication spiritualist but so how are you when you go when you ask a question how do you ask a question who has that ability to look at the big picture not just to look at the end result will I get a job I don’t know how you’re looking for one have you putting applications in there you’re trying you’re probably with I do see a job and it has that you know then you can describe what you see in order to get it you then have to do the applicant yeah yeah an education kind of works Hanahan money yeah I am I started I started sort of burning sage a couple years ago and I had a guy come over to the house and he said do you think that works you think sage you know clears the spirits and stuff like that you think it works I said well I say yeah I do and he’s kind of like skeptic I’ll say yeah because once I started I started you know burning sage I’ll you know I’ll lost a lot of friends like all the negative people kind of away from me and it’s funny it’s funny cuz we’ll go we’ll go to like you know I’m saying the Indian powwow and there’ll be a tent and they’ll be burning sage you know in that you know they have trinkets and sage and stuff for sale and it’ll be nobody in there’s like you might want to put the sage out it’s age maybe keeping all the negative people away way so I wanted to ask you about that sage do you do you do you burn sage do you believe in you know clearing and cleansing before you do anything spiritual like that I know you talk about praying but do you believe in burning sage and in a way that affects spirits and stuff yes again hi master frankincense and people would be like oh I don’t like that as a kid I loved it right away I was like oh man that’s great because you know you look at aromatherapy well look at perfume let’s take it some women and men they decorate themselves with sense to attract right you were to attract animals do it to attract that you sense and how powerful the sense of smell is and how powerful it goes to our minds our psyche it can take us back to childhood it could take us to a favorite time or a person so I do believe it in the power of aromatherapy and certainly people are using it more and more for healing at this time their searches you know and so what does the stage do well it’s made of sweet grass and it’s made of fat that it brings up nature the deepest right we’re back to the divas now and they are cleaning out the energy the air well people go through and they spray their house which I don’t like those sprays at all but they spray I use more natural they spray their house with sets before guests come over as I walk into somewhere I go oh good you spray your house yeah chemical second that’s the same thing it’s not again it’s not that far out and certainly the sage does clean the energy in in a room in a building I do use it I used it the other night when I did a whole ritual for All Hallows and I use the frankincense and the myrrh and you use certain sense for certain reasons yeah someone brought this up about saij and they said they didn’t like it because of this but this was a new idea that I had heard it says that sage doesn’t clear out the negative spirits Said’s kind of like clears out all spirits and then from that point of kinda like a I pushing the reset button so almost like clear in the room and then maybe being able to kind of reset it with your spirit or the spirits that you bring into it or whatever but it was this weird notion that this guy brought up the fact that it would clear out all spirits then of course you know when you’re clearing you have a chance or prayer but you kind of you chant certain words and so you are clearing the space you know but it certainly does clear the space and if anything is clears the psyche of your mind it’s a ritual it’s rich at the end of the day whether it’s just that prayer some people say I don’t need any sage I don’t believe in it I don’t use it I just pray in your mind that prayer is the equivalent of that sage you know it’s that ritual it’s still the power of the ritual and if I do this this will happen or this gets me in the mood or even like coffee in the morning I’m not sure how much coffee wakes me up anymore I did it’s my ritual I just enjoy it in the morning to start the day you know and throughout the day as well you’re just used to those rituals and you know rituals are important because we are physical beings you know mental emotional physical and certain objects physical objects put us in the right mind frame to open up to anything and life is just coffee in the morning I’ve had people say if I don’t have my two three cups I’m not functioning I mean or whatever and I gotta really that’s really not true but it’s true you exactly exactly you know and you know that’s the stuff when people talk about saying witchcraft or casting spells and they say well it’s terrible you know they like candles and they have things and that well it’s a ritual of I’m connecting with things that are physical I’m looking I’m smelling I’m hearing it’s not they’re not bad the objects like a crystal just does a crystal itself does a sage itself because the trocars itself no it’s what you put into does the bible itself i knew people who were just i mean they they felt the same way about their bible like you even see like in a lot of the movies in the Catholic circles were they’re like if they’re doing an exorcism they put the Bible on them or they put the cross on their forehead and they how they burn up and stuff and like that that relic has no power in and of itself it’s just pages and paper or whatever but if you believe that it does and maybe maybe if your belief is strong enough that when you do that something will happen now there’s like it can it can transfer because you believe it so much so when that person’s kind of in limbo they don’t know I look at Jesus even like when he spit in the dirt and made the mud and wiped it in that guy’s eyes and he was healed I don’t think they had anything to do with his spit or the dirt I think it was just an act of faith that if I did this and make something up that you didn’t think I could use to do it and I’ve seen things happen like that with people being healed or whatever the case is or like miracles happening or the spirit of a room changing because someone did something different and that’s usually what it is going outside of what we know to be like this is what it is and it’s only this way and so I think that even this podcast were able to kind of discuss some of the things that people think they have it figured out but there’s this more than one you know way to kind of

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