Justin Paul Abraham

Justin Paul Abraham and TruthSeekah | THIS GOT DEEP!!!!

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Justin Paul Abraham and TruthSeekah share what the Spirit of God is doing in their life. Such a beautiful conversation, full of the goodness of God.

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Justin Paul Abraham and TruthSeekah share what the Spirit of God is doing in their life. Such a beautiful conversation, full of the goodness of God. Justin Abraham has learned what it truly means to be a vessel for God. He is an open channel for the love and beauty that all reside within the Father and has been made manifest through his son Jesus Christ. Vessel, Chanel, Door, Portal, Way, Entrance, Conduit, Course, Gate, Opening I believe are all words that describe what Justin is for God, and that’s just one aspect. As for being a channel or an open door for God to flow, God has a wonderful way of meeting people right where they are at, and Justin does the same. It seems rare, and we can easily put Justin on a “special” pedestal (and he should be), but what makes it very special indeed is that he is not alone when it comes to people who have learned to abandon themselves to the love of Christ. In fact, the very thing that makes Justin special is that neither does he want to be the only one! Justin has partnered with people who honor love over “having the right doctrine”, because he knows that LOVE itself IS the right doctrine. This is the way, the truth and the life which is hidden and uncovered, lost and found in Christ. The way, the truth and the life…. what kind of life? Eternal life. When we die? No, life eternal, now. To know God, to know Christ, to know love, and how much you are. It’s truly amazing. It’s not just good news, it’s GREAT news!

During this podcast session with Justin Paul Abraham, it was as if God was speaking directly to me through Justin… and you know what? He was! But he was also talking directly to you also!!!! And by reading the comments, I know this to be true also. When Justin would speak, it was as if Jesus was speaking. Whether talking to me as a friend or talking to me as a disciple, either way. When he spoke words that were life, I could feel them to the very core of my being. I could do nothing but cry. For me this wasn’t anything new, Justin wasn’t telling me anything I’ve never heard, it was resonance. It was confirmation. Its was synchronicity. The very language of our creator, which is not heard audibly with carnal ears of flesh, but heard and interpreted inwardly with the ears / resonance of the heart. For people who watched that session and saw me in tears, it seemed like something special…. and again, it was special to me. But, it’s been happening for years and intensifying as my heart stays prostrate in a position to be taught, to be amazed, to be corrected. I’m not special, Justin is not special, heck, Jesus is not special…. unless you get “it”. Get his love, as much as you can carry, give his love, as much as you can give.

They asked each other, “Were not our hearts burning within us while he talked with us on the road and opened the Scriptures to us?” Luke 24:32

Justin Paul Abraham is the founder and co-director of COBH Ltd in the UK. Justin Paul is a futurist, transformational coach, popular speaker and author, known for his joy-filled, expanding teachings on KAINOS (new) creation realities, meditation and union-prayer. His bestselling book “Beyond Human” has been translated into several languages. Justin has travelled extensively speaking at retreats, conferences and schools. He lives in the WALES UK with his four children and his inspirational wife Rachel Abraham.

Check Out Justin Paul Abraham and His Work At https://www.companyofburninghearts.com/



Meditation Bundle


Meditation Bundle

[/et_pb_text][et_pb_code _builder_version=”4.17.4″ _module_preset=”default” hover_enabled=”0″ sticky_enabled=”0″][/et_pb_code][et_pb_toggle title=”Toggle Justin Abraham Transcript” _builder_version=”4.17.4″ _module_preset=”default” hover_enabled=”0″ sticky_enabled=”0″]welcome to the truthseekah podcast i got my friend justin paul abraham and one of the cool things that i love about doing these podcasts in a particular way is that many times the first time that i talk to somebody it’s it’s caught on camera like you guys get to sit in on a conversation that me and and my guests would have and there’s so many beautiful conversations that i’ve had over the years and and uh the same is to be said today welcome everyone justin paul abraham to the true secret podcast brother been a long time coming man how are you thank you truth seekers really good to be with you man good to have you good to have you um i’m definitely familiar with your work and your bliss and things that you’ve you’ve sprinkled and been talking about for years or or coming into my into my circle in my realm to look up and one of them being like the the saints of old the catholic saints and and their ecstasies and their encounters and um that’s kind of come full circle for me at the beginning of the year and beginning to hear you mention them and then be drawn to um remembering them the remembering word is a very beautiful word that i’ve been studying today um your work is amazing you’ve encouraged so many people to to drink of the lord to taste and see that the lord is is good so i commend you man for what you’re doing and many people our hearts are ablaze because of your devotion and answering the call man uh glad to have you here bro thank you that’s very kind i want to appreciate you and what you bring and you know who you are and and the realm of love that you walk in you know i get a lot of invites to go on stuff but i don’t actually go on a lot of things because um i have to feel that frequency you know and you carry that frequency so i honor you thank you for what you’re doing yes sir yes sir i’m i’m with you um it’s good stuff um make sure we got there’s people here hanging out with us in the chat so if you guys post questions and comments a little bit later we’ll we’ll get to them with this in the chat make sure you guys share this out too because there’s somebody on your feed that that needs to see this they need to see um love coming together loving people um the deep beauty of god manifested and articulated in in speech the the really deep mysteries of god made simple and the simplicities of god made deep as well which is i think what we both do um so really excited to dive in with you i want to talk about the catholic saints i want to talk about a lot of that stuff um and those definitions and terms and what they mean to you and that kind of stuff but first of all for anybody in my audience who who don’t know who you are what you do what you bring to the table just kind of give an overview who you are what you do and then we’ll start there okay i know you always start with that question it’s a tricky one isn’t it because when we’re in this realm of expanded consciousness and awakening into light and a new age the next age um you know the divine jesus is channeling so much through us through revelation love joy that we don’t really even know what we’re going to be doing next because there’s an expansion happening so what i bring to the table right now is spiritual technology how does the spirit realm work how do we enter into higher consciousness states how do we enter into awareness and awakening and union and then from there exploring this new creation life and um exploring the cosmos exploring in heaven and exploring the divine exploring creation and the sacred dance and exploring the capacities we have hidden within us such as remote sight cardiognosis which is another word is a christian word for telepathy engaging interfacing um walking with angels engaging mysteries you know there’s a lot of stuff going on so i’ve written a book about it called beyond human and i’ve been doing podcasts for like 12 years and those podcasts started off as just me talking to a few people in a room and i didn’t expect them to grow like they did and they just expanded and and you know the lord spoke to me god spoke to me and said release and you will increase if you he said i’ll show you the power of a creative life and he said if you give away the idea you have and someone else can do what you do it will make you grow into bigger and bigger spaces because as you release you will increase so we just started giving away our staff and we funded ourselves for the first couple of years and then i got loads of just people finding it through friends they would tell friends we didn’t have a marketing team or strategy we still don’t i don’t really do any of those normal ways of getting out there it was a suffering joy-filled surprise so now you know i’m still primarily a contemplative mystic so i don’t i’m not working hard trying to generate business or whatever else i want to engage the mysteries of the next age and i guess what i’m bringing to the table is the desire to create a better world so it’s not it’s not even like church focused it’s not even it’s bigger than that it’s about everything everywhere being changed for the good of everyone and the age of light wisdom and love where technology will look like magic we’ll walk in union and live our frequency will open up and we’ll be able to sense each other we’ll be able to engage animals nature creation weather entry into cosmic awareness multi-dimensional awareness and awareness of what we are as a species and how we interface and merge and blend into the divine and how we function as a representative of the divine and so it’s very big it’s very broad but it’s also very simple so even in all of those things i try to make it ultra simple because i believe it is simple i believe it’s just in the same way you go to school and learn to read and write and all these other things we’ve got all these spiritual capacities in us already embedded in us we were made from breath and body and that breath is already in us the sparks in us um in him we live and move and have our being but when we become aware of it we’re transformed by the renewing of our minds so the problem is the way we think is determining the world we see so if you think you can’t move in those realms if you think you can’t see healings or move moving the prophetic or oracle spirit you won’t because you are a gate and a door and you shut that capacity within yourself so repentance for me is is being transformed it’s returned to the high place repent penthouse pent up um hey in hebrew which means return to the breath or being returned to being so for me i’m i’m helping people come into synergy with the trueness of who they are and getting rid of the angry god version of christianity getting rid of the gods always urgent everything’s always you know a crisis i don’t believe that’s what the divine is like at all um you know you think even how long it took the lord to shape the galaxies and this planet he’s totally the most kind gentle patient being you can ever encounter so i’ve tried to communicate these incredible truths from a place of intoxication joy pulling people in rather than hitting people with a stick i don’t think hitting people with the stick works is never worked that’s why god got rid of it in the old covenant it’s like i’ll try this with you guys bang bang bang it didn’t really change them they just debate because of the stick so he said now i’m going to show you the real way i function which is love and jesus came and showed it he showed it and opened it up for everyone to realize that they’re included that we’re all participating and he included us by his own choice and loves us that god so loved the world he didn’t love a section of the world he loved the whole world and one one translation says he he hugged it to himself he embraced it to himself and now we’re back where we’ve always wanted to be so we as a species are discovering truth the truth will set you free so that’s kind of where i’m coming from and i’m always open to change i don’t feel like i’m an expert because when you go into these limitless realms you know everything you know is a dot and i’m okay with that because actually i’m not fighting for my thing i’m absorbing limitless love and limitless life and going from glory to glory so yeah it’s it’s it’s fun i love it i’ve been doing it for about 17 years and uh i’m really amazed at how things are really changing now like things have kicked into a totally different dimension now the conversation’s changed you’re part of that we’re we’re like coming out of a coma you know as a species so it’s an exciting time to be doing this that’s so good man so good coming out of a coma um like i’m reading about you know christ going around and first of all calling his 12 calling the disciples and waking them up hey i know you’re a fisherman but you were put here to fish men like not catch fish to feed your family but you’re here to clean and catch fish and we’re gonna i’m gonna teach you how to do that spiritually so that’s not what you were created to do you’re in a you’re in a daze you’re you’re under um you’re in a coma the word there is uh it’s a beautiful word um um hypnos that’s hypnotized yeah special but you settled for fishing let me show you let me show you you got a piece of it but let me put you over here hypnose the children of god are asleep and the idea of a sleeping giant wake up wake up you hear us call you remember who you are he’s revealing the idea listen of we mentioned remembering i remember the uh when you look up the definition of that word remembering i just looked at the definition on like webster it talks about like the word to to bring into remembrance is to remember what we think is dead like a ceremony of the dead of at least what we think is that there is no there is no death in the kingdom there’s only life but it’s a remembering of maybe a family member remember the the prophets remember a covenant that your forefathers forgot remember the saints of old remember saint teresa of avila who you think is dead what happened listen what happens when when christ says do this in remembrance of me because there i’m no i’m not dead i’m with you where two or three of you are gathered in my name in my remembrance i’ma show up and i’m gonna show out i’ma heal you i’m gonna heal your land i’m gonna heal your emotions i’ma heal your trauma i’m here to heal remember me what i carry what i represent the beauty of attention and what we remember and i’m i’m remembering these saints for the first time i’ve never i don’t these are brand new to me um yeah but i’ve noticed wild stuff i’ve mentioned it as i remember them and you i’m sure you can attest i’m starting to have the encounters that they wrote about i’m starting to to experience or i have experienced it but i didn’t know how to articulate it because i didn’t know that they wrote it down in a book uh about angels showing up to them and coming at them with a flaming dagger of god’s love and they experienced it and began to scream with agonizing pain because of the the the beauty but the terror and the majesty and the love like all at the same time i felt that but to hear people’s stories and remember what what can you say to like remembering jesus remembering those who came before you the great cloud of witnesses they only exist in your in your cloud if you remember them and if you can remember them you if you you can receive a prophet’s reward the reward was a for me as a portion of god’s spirit what they carried that now i can tap into it as i remember your story and as it’s honoring let me honor saint teresa of avila let me let me remember and honor anyone let me remember and honor bob larson hmm it’s beautiful it’s you know the way works for me even when you talk about it i kind of go into it so if i go go quiet and there’s a delays because my brain catches up to the fact that i’m see for me this is an open realm it’s an open reality and even just talking about it i sense it i taste it it’s it’s not even just a crime it’s not yeah go ahead it’s not even an intellectual thing it’s literally an enveloping and what we honor we attract and what we honor life flows through honor and when we put a value on something we see the treasure that it actually is these saints and all of these people that have journeyed on this earth before us they love us that’s the reality they absolutely love us and we are not alone and we are never alone you know we’re encumbranced by such a great cloud of witnesses and it’s beautiful and you know so easy to access is just by enjoying it enjoying it like you are now like the tears i consider and teresa of avila did she considered them to be a manifestation of bliss you know and i i’ve cried many tears and she said the tears attract the river and the river attracts the rains and you become this watered garden this garden of beauty a tender heart and tender love and that is the way of the saints the way of the saints was the way of love and the connection that we have for them you know maybe people on the call right now if they if they just stop they’ll feel it because the reality is there isn’t a single person that’s ever alone we are one human species all connected in oneness separation is an illusion and even quantum physics shows there’s separation you know some physicists believe that when the big bang happened it was all entangled at the beginning so you know if you had physicists teaching this so when when it expanded it looked separate but really we were all entangled from that oneness from that instant flash of love and light so yeah it’s beautiful and like if people just like tune into this right now they will feel it because the the presence of love the divine yeshua jesus is always there the saints are there angels are there and they’re so gentle that you just gently open to it and you will realize you’ll taste it you don’t have to think it you know the natural mind can’t receive the things of the spirit so i don’t process god here i taste his goodness and love and let it just be there without trying to figure any of it out the saints i interact with them and i don’t try and figure it out the angels and then the conversation happens from within it the the conversation happens from the heart scape from the center of our being from the overflow of the heart not the mind but then the mind becomes filled with knowledge and illumination comes to it but through infusion not through rational trying to figure it out and that’s how a lot of scientists got their inventions musicians got their songs yeah even modern day people like you know someone sent me a video michael jackson the other day and he was talking about how he would get this knowledge you’d have to write it down he’d get the beat he’d come to him the song would come to him the construction of it because we’re in this beautiful dance all the time the trinitarian embrace the great dance is happening continually working its way throughout everything and everyone when you see that you you see a a very different reality you don’t see a world that that’s broken but you say it’s good it’s good you see a cosmos that is good intrinsically good because it’s come from the good god we get the word god from good in english you know it says in scripture that god is the happy god the gloriously happy or blessed god and it’s the overflow of joy that creates all these relationships because god is a community and the goal of the trinity is inclusion that’s why creation exists is for inclusion inclusion with everyone everywhere you know there’s this one verse in ephesians i love where it says that jesus was raised up above all the heavens so he could fill everything and be everywhere so the essence of christ fills everything everywhere he’s the all in all when you start to see this the wonder and rest and joy that all of it is connected whether you’re doing music art i’ve been painting this week just for fun because that’s what the divine dance is doing in me right now he’s not getting me to do anything but enjoy this life that he’s given me in its many forms you know and when we enjoy life we really glorify god that you know by enjoying him we glorify him and by enjoying the world and everything that’s been created but the saints are a part of that you know they have so much to share with us so much to give to us and not just the saints but other beings that exist like the spirit of wisdom the spirit of wisdom is a very powerful feminine being that’s bigger than the universe she was created before before this universe and she exists as part of the first works of creation and she wants to help humanity navigate into the age of light into the age of wisdom into the age of immortality into the age of life expansion cosmic awareness and ecological and energetic abundance so she wants to help us and is intimately reaching out she stands at the pathways and says learn from me i want to help you you know in in the in proverbs it says she delighted in the sons sons of god she delighted in the children of men she played and delighted in in this creation that’s here right now so there’s those beings as well to remember we know them and psalm 22 27 says all the nations will turn and remember so every nation every person is going to begin to remember their authentic genesis their genesis isn’t the story in adam it’s a divine story that even supersedes that our authentic genesis is in christ christ is the blueprint and reality of our design he reveals god’s mind made up about humanity that god is for us it’s a radical breaking through of every separation mindset that we have even the way yeshua was born in a stable with animals shepherds kings who were magi as you know they were the new agers were there the shepherds were there the animals were there all these people were there and that was a picture of him what yeshua emmanuel is doing drawing all of us back together back around this gentle being this tender being which is love a baby and the innocence and purity and magnetism of love that is what’s going to transform the human heart like it says in scripture is the kindness of god that leads us to repentance and you know i think a lot of christianity has been hijacked by roman the roman empire in ancient times and then the english kings and different empires and roman power and i think a lot of what we think is christianity when you look at the history of it it’s not christianity at all it’s our religion our our traditions been hijacked by empire and i think one of the things that you’re doing and i’m doing is we are just walking away from it we’re not trying to fight it and we’re keeping our love on but we’re not looking back because we’ve seen the way of love the way of mystical grace the way of beauty the way of tenderness and that world is beautiful that world everyone’s powerful in that world everybody’s free in that world everybody has a voice you know even the word ecclesia which is the word where we get church means eck means called out kaleo to have a voice so even what jesus wants to create is not a building it’s not a religion it’s not an institution it’s people who are called out to have a voice an expression a flow a beauty that together is unreal unreal so yeah we can enjoy it brother it’s good that you felt that and it’s good that you stopped see that’s the key of being a mystic a mystic has to realize when wonder is happening and embrace the wonder you know not push it aside the wonder of a baby the wonder of a song the wonder of a beautiful meal the the wonder of marriage the wonder of of life and the wonder of the presence that comes and the wonder of the saints coming close to us to mentor us and help us a mystic is a person that chooses to live in childlike wonder they see the miracle in everything around them that even all of this is miraculous the existence of this planet and who we are is a miracle so we are people who live in wonder i don’t want to get into talking mode so if you want to ask me some questions that’s fine i’m just sharing my kind of philosophy and good yeah um so i have to look i obviously wanted to look up wonder um in hebrew you know then people many people have been asking me about this song i’m playing in the background i don’t know if it sounds familiar to you but i had it i had it made but it’s uh it’s a good song but the song is wonder by a man by amanda cook so people like what song is that how how can i download it and it’s a beautiful song beautiful backing track i had it made but the actual song’s even better go listen to amanda cook’s song wonder that’s the song for those who didn’t know but i looked up at least one of the hebrew words for wonder and it’s uh um a miracle by implication a token or an omen a sign and a wonder um many of these words even letters we’re finding now that the hebrews in the mystics they engage these as living living letters as almost angelic beings that wonder was what wonder had a place at their table the yeah the all no wonder that they that that they carried it was a marvel marvel is is one of the same words for wonder and the people marveled at the at the miracles of jesus they marveled they were left in awe they were astonished you know and um that word also is used with a different you know the word marvel and wonder it’s also the same word in greek that’s used for bewitched when someone would use spiritual technology when someone would use things and do it to trick people they would use a different it’s the same wording in greek there but it’s the word we get in english is to be which because you you tricked as jesus would would perform a miracle which was out of love and restoration other ones other people would do it to be seen and so you you did you copy that you learned how to do that so that you can trick people or get people to pay attention to you and that’s that’s all of that it’s the same thing same word but it’s the position of the heart why did you do that why’d you do that because you want to be seen well if you did like be honest with that that’s cool like if you want to be seen be honest with with it but but but get it out of you you know but but be honest i’d identify it so that it can be taken out of you that was paul or peter and and um uh simon the sorcerer who saw them laying hands on people and they received the holy spirit he’s like hey he just responded to the gospel and he was a he was doing signs and wonders but they were false but he said i wanna i wanna do what you guys are doing i’ll buy it from you i have money and i was just contemplating on it a while ago like i don’t even think that there was a bad thing that he wanted to buy it because he wanted to sow into it like he understood that if you honor a prophet that you could receive a prophet’s reward listen let me support let me sew in let me partner with you and i want to learn it and they rebuked him they didn’t rebuke him because he wanted to learn it they rebuked him because peter discerned his heart he said you’re doing this because you want to be seen you’re doing this because you’ve been hurt and you need to be proven right you need to do miracles you need to gain power even that seems right for the wrong reasons so the next question next the next idea i’m going to throw at you the idea that we all have to deal with and there’s a place where these two meet but it’s the head knowledge or gnosis understanding bible knowledge antiquity knowledge all of it you’re a man of understanding you read you cite sources you give glory right you’re not you’re not just hey spirit man whatever’s there like you you’re a man of understanding but it it joins somewhere where it has to come out of here and it has to drop down into the heart space so that these two become one and they meet halfway did you ever were you ever in of like knowledge for the sake of knowledge or just so much into like book smarts or having to be right to be right like having to learn or teach the scriptures out of acceptance or how much you know or has it always been a place of like i’m it’s always been hard i’ve never been tempted because you are a man of understanding most people who haven’t they stay there but they don’t have a lot of they’re not learned men you know so these two fight with gnosticism gnosis versus like hey i just want to rest in his in his goodness and whatever i learn i’m going to take it to there to see if it if if if it’s good yeah yeah it’s beautiful i mean like we’re in such a beautiful presence right now so i love knowledge but and i read a lot and i study but it’s like the lamp of the inner being illuminates my consciousness so that that light shines into the knowledge so that all although i’m processing knowledge it’s like a sec there’s a primary source that’s infusing what i need from that knowledge so it’s drawing out truth it’s drawing out understanding it’s drawing out revelation it’s difficult to explain how it works and i’m struggling for language here it’s like i used to have a really busy mind and my mind would pull me out with these ecstasies it would pull me out of the realm i was in so over time the lord helped me to live from within here not here and this part of me is like relaxed sitting back it’s not trying to figure anything out even this conversation it’s there it’s observing it that the core of who i am which is a being of light which is entangled and enfolded into the divine which is limitless in capacity is becoming the governing entity of my nature so that is like where i’m flowing from and growing from um it’s hard to explain it really is um i’ll sometimes have an encounter an experience in the spirit and i’ll get so much knowledge in a moment that it will take me a couple of years to unpack it conversations and even in like even this is kind of crazy but even in like seconds sometimes like i can have like a second it’ll come to me and i will know a trend that’s gonna happen in the news or i will know if this person’s telling the truth or i’ll even know a lot about a person you know one time i walked past a person and made contact with their shoulder as we walked through a door and i knew loads about the person it just went boom like that and it comes from within it’s it’s an inner knowledge because learning takes time so it’s not like it doesn’t come in a normal way it’s come in a different way where it’s almost like it’s like a beam of light that it infuses you with truth but i still do the practical part of studying so like if i look at the words like you are i’ll engage it i look at the hebrew letters or i’ll taste it i’ll get whacked off it i’ll maybe i’ll even stop because the presence comes and i’ll let it sit on me and what i find is i find all of these connections happen and it’ll trigger off all these other thoughts science spirituality futurism scriptures and it’s like a network forms and then i created talk from that network and that’s kind of how it works for me like no truth is ever separate from another truth so all truth is enfolded into one another and all of it’s entangled and funneling in this this dance so it’s like the music plays and that’s the music of the saints that’s the music of the angels or some type of angels because there are many species many languages and many dimensions and many fold in layers of the angelic but you’ll know oh that’s the sound and frequency of the angel that works with me and you’ll have knowledge in that frequency you’ll have knowledge in that presence even when you feel the presence of a person you’ll have knowledge or when you’re in a place you’ll have knowledge you’ll go to a city or a country you’ll you’ll sense it it’s learning to turn into it because it’s all there it’s all there and i’m not an expert on this believe me i’m not i have days where i can be switched off but more and more over time i want to be awake i want to be away and i want love to be the compassionate flow that comes from me when i started teaching in the early days i would hammer religion and what i mean by religion is where people are dogmatic nasty mean i would hammer it and that doesn’t work that doesn’t change the human heart so now i don’t engage i go into wisdom and i release the frequency of life the energy of life and let that dismantle those structures and that’s a much more powerful way of doing it i’ll literally see sometimes it ripple over people hundreds of people and it’s the frequency of of the divine activating and they’ll be joy pockets and angels will move in saints will be moving the the angels associated with that that church or business that will be active and you’re you’re sitting in this gentle embrace enfolded in it in rest because it rest is the fastest speed in the universe rest is beyond light speed you can enfold the universe and go through into other dimensions and places in the stars through the government of rest but when you try and push and you try and do this and try and do that it shuts it down because you actually enforce the structure because you’re believing an inferior reality so when you rest in him and he rests in you you have the capacity to live in limitless abundance in simplicity like jesus said my burden is easy and light now a lot of traditional christianity’s put more and more burdens on people i guess what you’re doing and i’m doing is taking them off saying you don’t need that you don’t need that be free be like a child don’t be afraid because perfect love casts out fear and even your mistakes are enfolded in the dance to produce wonder to produce restoration and awakening and growth so you know one time the lord said to me i’ve got accidental insurance cover on your life even your accidents are covered they’re all part of this this growth so i don’t really like have battles with people over scriptures or anything what i do is i invite people into the mystery with the knowledge that i might be wrong i’m okay with that because because every one of us has got degrees of deception right now because if we if we were fully undeceived or fully aware we would be glowing right now we would actually be transfiguring like jesus because the word for be transformed by the renewing of your mind is the same word is transfigured metamorphosis is the same word so there’s not a single person right now well there are some but we won’t maybe talk about those i don’t know but you know most people are not transfiguring i’ve had moments i’ve had flashes but we’ve got a long way to go even all we know and and this might offend people i don’t mean to offend people but even the scriptures is just a slither because it’s the earth book where the dispensation of of messiah’s message to the earth to this species to this planet so it’s actually a very small element of the divine unfolding so even that is just limitless because there’s mysteries in it but even that is partial even that is still small compared to the substance or what i call the dimension of the one which is the trinity which is god the source the being which is unlimited you know so anyway i don’t want to confuse people what i’m saying what i’m trying to say is it is simple you just enjoy that union you enjoy the light and you find incredible things happen like but read your bible too absolutely i love my bible but it it’s got to the point where like it i’ve read it and it encodes itself in me it’s strange not only does it encode itself in me i’ll be able to encode multiple translations of it in me and i’ll be able to access them and connect them together and it’s like it’s it’s infused knowledge but i love my bible i love it but i’ll maybe stay in one area of it and that one area will open up lots of other dimensions in it it’s it’s beautiful i love it i’ve got lots of translations of the bible and i love all the different translations yeah there’s so many mysteries and so you know where where i’m at it’s all a mystery but hence the i will give you the knowledge to understand the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven word kingdom we know is the realm is celestial realm spiritual realm i’m going to show you how this works and operates unto them they don’t understand but i’m going to because you want to know nobody care i was even contemplating the word esoteric like it’s a scary word for some people true secrets into esoterics or whatever or like these scary words just like reason is esoteric is not because it’s like bad it’s esoteric because nobody cares nobody cares about the things that that you care about nobody cares how do angels operate nobody cares does like how does this this does this word remembrance open up or does it just mean to think about is it that simple or is it or there’s some is it something to where jesus is again do this in remembrance of me or if you remember me in front of the people around you that are intimidating that are scary that are judging you if you remember me in front of them i’ll remember you in front of the angels like what is that let’s stop there stop there i’ll remember you i will before we jumped on this call i was telling you how nehemiah at the end of his prayer he says i remembered that i was the lord’s cupbearer was the king’s cup holder i was the king’s the light i now remember that this is who i am this is why i’m here yeah what happens when jesus calls your name when you when you start to remember and that starts to unfold i’m not my job i’m not how good i am at music i’m not how much money is in my bank account i’m something greater i’m not even me like i’m i existed before remembering you had to be remembered you had to be a member you had to be part of a oneness and then you fell or cast out of that oneness and you were separated but to remember is to who christ is listen i’m bro this is come here little sheep i’m coming after you i’ll leave the 99 for a moment to come and get you and i’ve done it for you you’re gonna remember who you are i’m gonna restore the love that we had before you came here restore remember replenish i’m gonna redeem you i’m gonna redeem you you were you were deemed righteous you were deemed holy you were deemed beautiful until you believed a lie nothing’s changed you just believe their report who has believed our report this idea of remembering restoration i’m gonna restore the love that we had i’m not i’m not who i think i am i’m definitely not who they think i am i’m learning i’m unlearning that’s the the the level of deception that is every day every breath every moment every tear that tear was it was unlearning man i thought i was only this i thought his beauty was that i thought this another wave of his mercy he still loves me he hasn’t given up on me wow why those whatever is coming out of your heart that’s not supposed to be there that’s to remember so that you can see him clearly even paul said as he saw jesus and he was blinded and he couldn’t see and then it was that scary scales fell from his eyes and he can see i can see clearly jesus prays for the the uh the blind man and he prays for him to look up in a receive sight do you see anything what do you see i’m working with you i’m gonna how i’m gonna terry i’m gonna hang out for a little while what do you see now because he was moved with compassion what do you see i see i do see things i see i see men but they’re kind of like trees okay you don’t see them for who they really are yet you still see new agers you see black people you see white people you see this you see or you don’t see people for who they are let me pray for you again i’ma work with you i’m going to terry i’m i believe in you man i’m not giving up on you and and we see things as we are as a tree and whatever we say they become you said that at the beginning this is this this is that this is this what is that it’s a man that looks like a tree no that’s not what that is it’s whatever look in the mirror what do you see how many of us have these issues i mean these voices of insecurity that tell us things as the ego as the satan or whatever says hey you’re you’re this or you’re that you’re this or that my favorite prayer before i pray for anybody before i think about a contemplative situation it’s very simple father what would you say men have said this and they say that and i would say this like i would give you this wisdom this is what i would do father what would you say and separate myself from me for a moment wow tell them i love them tell them i forgive them tell them that there’s there’s greatness inside of them like this is jesus god this is what he this is his everyday to see people not as though they were but for really who they were and to restore that love this is he said this is eternal life john 17 that you’ll know how much you’re loved what is eternal life guys what what is eternity well when we die and we go to have no that’s not eternal life eternal life is heaven inside of you to know how much you’re loved and there’s layers layers layers layers layers of how much we’re loved because however much you’re hated that’s a deception you’re deceived you didn’t know that there was grace to cover that that there was love why you were yet sinners christ died for you oh like in in like now like what he’s going to do with what he did 2000 years ago no no no before that before when before before the foundation of the earth he was the lamb that was slain in the cosmos in the heavens like god thought of you when when he set this whole thing up like he and and now you’re remembering he remembered and as you remember you will be remember man come on this is the beauty of simplicity this is these are simple terms remember remember me uh do this in remembrance of me listen when you remember something happens man yeah it’s about union because even communion where you’re taking that remembrance you’re eating you’re being you’re one remember is connectivity it’s connection it’s realizing that you’re a part of a bigger thing and you belong that you belong so all the nations will turn and remember they will know and even that passage you quoted where eternal life isn’t is knowing god the father and jesus christ that word no there’s you and you already know this it means intimate engagement it’s the same root word as marriage it’s not an intellect just an intellectual thing it’s i am so one with them and they are so one with me where do i begin where do i end and where do they begin and end and remembering even in the communion is like i’m in him he’s in me i’m his body i’m hidden in christ christ is hidden in me and when you see this enfold in this entanglement you you just experience deep joy deep peace deep love deep because you know that all the separation was just an illusion it was never true in the first place you know it says in scripture we were enemies in our minds you know god has never ever been our enemy for god so loved the world we were his enemies in our thinking and what god has done is dismantled every idea of separation every idea until the echo that goes through all eternity is that god is for us and the way he wins us is not through wrath or fear or control or manipulation is through gentleness it’s through love it’s through a gentle embrace and an invitation into the sweetness of the breath into meditation into oneness into love and kindness and you know if i was to describe god i once had a time where the father actually came into the room in a form that i could engage with and the way i would describe him was i felt him coming before he came it was like the aura and presence of gentleness it was like gentleness in his most wonderful palatable intoxicating form and i was taking communion when this happened and he stood in front of me this being of light and put his hands over the communion and blessed it and immersed me in kindness immersed me in gentleness that is why he’s called the good father he’s called the father of glory and jesus said everything i do i’m doing because he’s already doing it he’s already on the cross he’s already healing the sick he’s already running after everyone trying to find you looking for you in all the crap trying to find the real authentic being of light that you are you know jesus is the light that lights the heart of every man his spark his essence in him we live and move his breath is in everyone he will never leave us or forsake us you know he has set his affection on us and there is nothing that can separate us from that love nothing so what i’ve done is i surrendered to it because i tried drugs i tried i tried different lifestyles i tried to fill that vacuum and in the end holy spirit came and just inebriated me and i cried and i cried and i cried and i cried but i found what i was looking for and my the rest of my life since then that was when i was 18 has been an unfolding of love and i i have an addiction a compulsion a tenderness towards the divine where i can’t ever get away from love it’s like paul said the love that christ has for me leaves me no choice it presses me on every side it is the spring of every action and this love is saturating us right now even through having this technology this clothing the things that we’ve got the clean water that we have love is invading every single day the world’s improving it might not look like that in the media but the kingdom to the increase of the kingdom which is the ecology of heaven love joy and peace it is growing the media focuses on all the negatives but every day people are getting clean water education human rights new technologies electricity every day people are learning to read for the first time every day healthcare is expanding surgery is growing dentistry is expanding clothes and all these things we buy are cheaper than they’ve ever been energy technologies are growing cures are coming on the earth cures for cancer cures for dimension dementia cures for aging and you know it says in the last days this is the last day’s word the last days of the old way of seeing when i say last days the last days it says we will tremble at his goodness so we’re coming into a time when we’re trembling not because of terror or anything like that we’re trembling because we’re overwhelmed by love we’re overwhelmed by mercy we’re overwhelmed by wonder that we start to see that everything’s a miracle the fact you even exist that i exist is a miracle and we even contain within us the hydrogen from the big bang so even your body is made up of the parts that that universe expansion of love and then you realize wow where can i go from your presence like it says in the psalms where can i hide from you you’re everywhere and you are love you know it’s beautiful once you see it you you’re hooked for life there’s no going back really you know that you become a mystic because a mystic all a mystic means is someone that believes they can have a relationship with the divine being someone who loves the unseen as well and believes they can access it and it means someone who is who believes in searching out mysteries and mystical secrets and it also means somebody who’s found pleasure who’s found the source the wine cellar is open and you’ve tapped in you’ve tapped in and i think in this generation i think what one of the things the lord wants to do is restore the mystery the mystic the wonder the joy the sweetness the wine the party the dance the frequency the song the radiation of love until we are we vibrate with it we we sound like it we act like it all different though there’s one thing i’ve learned about god even in heaven and i’ve been to lots of different heavens because the word heaven in bible is hashem i mean it means heavens and they’re all nested dimensions um god doesn’t force people to think the same even there they’re all growing very naturally and we’re all going to continue to grow god is not a control freak he is actually he is dance itself one theologian says the the god doesn’t just dance god is dance you know and the bible’s full of this wisdom says when she co-created with them at the beginning it says she plays that’s the word that’s used sat jack rejoiced but it’s actually the root word she played she danced she made colors she made frequencies and you know god didn’t even want to create alone so it says when the earth was created the sons of god shouted for joy so celestial beings were included the stars spoke everyone was included everybody who belongs and that is what is so intoxicating you know richard rower the franciscan says a mystic who is is a person who can see god everywhere when we can see god everywhere we can be blown away by it you know like even when we see evil there’s the wonder that god’s god is still sustaining creation that god refuses to give up love that god refuses to stop reaching out it’s a violent beautiful incredible love that even like satan whatever saying is is sustained by love that’s the irony of it you know if god wanted to zap him and get rid of him he’d be gone but he’s part of this unfolding this training this this releasing this growth into what we’re going to become which is something this the bible says we don’t even know what we are says but now we are sins of god but what we will be we don’t know but when we see him we’ll be like him because we’ll see him as he is so even what we’re tasting now is just it’s the appetizers it’s the nibbles and even this is getting me drunk even this is getting me whacked oh this wine it’s brilliant and you’re feasting and the saints are there and the angels are there and celestial beings the sons of light and all these dimensions and the lord saying hey you ain’t seen nothing yet people if you could see who you are in a billion years you would have no fears today you’d have no identity crisis you’d have no i no crisis over who you are because you would see the logic of love unfolding throughout time and space and that’s one of the things i love about being a mystic as well is god allows us to see those timelines and he opens it up so we realize richard rower calls it deep time we start to see deep time and we know like um julian of norwich said that all is well and all shall be well it is well and you enter into this perpetual wellness and that’s what eternal life is is the word everlasting is perpetuity which means you’re in a perpetual state of life it’s a beautiful spread strand of gold and strand through space and time anyway over to you buddy i don’t want to get into like preaching mode or something on this one listen we do all the modes man i love it so good man i think i mean you know i i’m i love what you bring and i and i you know again like i said this is just my where i am you know and i love it but i’m disappointed with anything i love see that’s the thing about truth like truth doesn’t need it doesn’t it keeps no records of wrong you know it doesn’t need to be right like no your your truth may it even if it’s the exact opposite like i don’t it doesn’t need permission nor does it need validation it doesn’t even really need you to to stand up for it it’s beautiful when you partner with it and do it but um that you mentioned the beauty and rest this bible says the servants of the lord must not strive listen it’s it’s not it’s not by power nor about might but by my spirit saith the lord like there’s but but there’s a familiar sound when when when truth is vocalized and i wanted to focus on or just ask you with your movement and mine and there’s a in the church age with whatever that is like in in this mystical chrysocentric stuff um there seems to be a lot of um people who will say i say just just older people older men and women that are tapping in like i went and seen dr o uh a year ago and uh yeah cool to hang out with him there um at this church and you think about the young young bucks who like carrying the anointing and just head first in it there’s a lot of old old ladies you know and they’ve been in the church realm but they’ve been waiting to hear the truth vocalized and articulated we’re not convincing anyone of anything i’m not here to change your mind and that’s like when that’s rest no this is what i experience this is what i encounter and then the people are hearing it and they’re like wow yeah me too they’ve been in church their whole lives and it’s so beautiful just to see all of the different age groups in generations and and people who have been waiting the bible says that the the entire all of creation everything have have been waiting and is waiting for the manifestations even on a that’s on the you know um macro but on the micro listen your family is waiting like everyone is waiting for you to line up and and and to be who god has called you to be to find out what that is hear your song and then sing it and and i think we see it in that older generation that that’s coming in and and how thankful they are that that they’re finally they’ve heard every preacher under the sun and they’re married to christ they love christ and they have their portion and their revelations but it’s like who’s going to carry that torch and bring us to the the next phase and i just find that very beautiful with uh the different mystical christian uh ministries that are um you know waking up the sleeping giants man it is beautiful it’s one of the mysteries that we’ve forgotten in the western world there’s an experiment that’s gone on in the western world where we’re the first culture ever to forget eldership now the elder the wise person of the village was an essential part of every culture throughout history you sat at their feet you listened to the wisdom that they had and one of the things i think’s been restored to the west right now and you’re seeing the trend because a lot of older people still you know look at music rolling stones you know um you know people like paul mccartney tom jones really old people people are going to like all these events in their droves because we’re beginning to recognize the agelessness and the wisdom and that comes with age and a lot of these people come to my events too because they’re at the point where they’ve let go of ego they have let go of trying to do it their way they’ve fallen upwards that’s the term richard rower calls it where you you fall at words and you let go of being being you know egotistical and you start to see the big picture the the beauty deep time your place in it and you’re open to it and you could sense it you could smell it and taste it so one of the things that i believe has been restored in our generation is eldership not eldership in a controlling way not eldership in an old-fashioned way but the wisdom of people who’ve walked and been and experienced and i think that’s something this this culture is now awakening to it’s a culture where we realize we’ve had it wrong we’ve we’ve had the wrong we’ve got it flipped upside down now you know this is i’ll quickly tell the story but i was in australia doing a meeting with all these people and there was this woman there in her 80s she was like i don’t know if she was like 86 or something she was an amazing woman she was so hungry she drove four hours to get to the meeting she was there early now i was standing and talking and all this presence was breaking out over the crowd they were all standing up and moving it was beautiful i saw a face lifted up to heaven and it was shining and i could see she was in an ecstasy i didn’t know her well or anything but i decided to walk down off the stage and give her the microphone and say what what can you see now she could have said anything at this point but i just knew this was a divine moment she was going oh i’m not here i’m in heaven and her face was shining she was going oh oh and i was just i was feeling it i was we were everyone was pressing in we were all standing up all the chairs had been taken out and we were just feeling this old lady as she was like engaged in the heaven and she was having an out of body experience right there and then she was having an out-of-body experience and um sorry getting a bit wow blown away by it right now i’m feeling it right now and her face was shining she looked up and she said oh oh i see something and i was thinking what what did she see she was going oh oh i see something and then she said it’s the elders she saw the elders of heaven you know it talks about in the bible that round the throne are these elders these beings we don’t even know what they are and they started to come into the room their presence started to come into the room and it was amazing and and i had a massive download at that moment and the lord said he wants to see all of the shadow on earth of heaven so what we honor here will come down when we honor angels it comes down when we honor the saints they come down when we honor the elders they have space to function so what will it look like to have a culture where eldership is restored the wise people are restored the the sages the oracles that’s what we’re coming into now in hebraic moses started at 80 you know when he 80 is the number pay which means voice the voice that speaks and i think we’re going to see more and more life expansion and more and more people coming into their best days even in their 80s 1900 because this realm is ageless you know paul said this i no longer see anyone in a human way he said you know and even the bible says i’ll pour out my spirit on all flesh old and young male and female on everyone everywhere so i think these elders that walked in these pathways are going to go into super expanded states regenerated bodies we’re going to see more and more cures for aging because we need eldership for where we’re going next the western world needs it we need it because we’re coming into the age where we can’t do it without each other it’s an age of harmony it’s an age of oneness and you imagine like people’s life expansion going to hundreds and hundreds of views and you get to sit with them and have a coffee with them and hear what their life has been like maybe walking hundreds of years because that’s the technology that’s opening up if you look at the medicine and david sinclair and telomere technology nad plus all these new technologies are coming to expand lifespans we you know even in time magazine it said you know people being born now will probably live to 150 other people have put it even longer we really are coming to an age where we’ll have these amazing people that have walked you know imagine you uh truth seeker if you if you stay on the earth for a couple of hundred years how much you could impart how much you could share what it’d be like to sit with you and talk with you as you share all the things you’ve gone through with yahweh all the journeys all the encounters all the realms all the things you’ve innovated all the music and sounds and new technology you’ve developed all the lyrics and the chemistry and the alchemy of sound that you’ve created you know that is where we’re going so i think there’s something beautiful on agelessness and we can’t keep seeing people through a human lens because we’re beings of light so like i said paul said i no longer look at anyone in the flesh the flesh isn’t who we really are it’s hosting us but we are something beyond human we are something much much bigger than that that’s good the the infinite wisdom the infinite possibilities the infinite abundance that exists within and around each and every one of us on every level of it whatever existence is whatever life is to tap into that um you know many many people in the new age circles and stuff they bring up the term like akashic or whatever like where all the memories this place where this cloud if you will it’s kind of interesting that the morphogenic field theory there’s like a meme or whatever where like moses has the tablets and it’s like he’s the first one that down coming down from the mountain he’s the first one that downloaded from the cloud he went into the cloud and got a download like these places that remember everything and uh as you know and many of you maybe encounters or studies angels there’s angels of remembrance there there’s angels or that their job is to scribe to write down the deeds and write and bring into remembrance these things um i’m just i’m kind of kind of stuck on that word which is which is very beautiful but um who you are what you need to remember infinite possibilities that reside within you sitting in that like you said you get a download that’s like take you months years to unpack callings bliss like healed trauma healed past healed family tree in a moment that that that literally generations are going to see for it’s going to like hundreds of thousands millennia because of the work that you did you tapped into this thing that is resonance it’s that there’s there’s ripples in it it’s not just you you’re tied in and tapped into something bigger the bible talks about having the the book of life and having your name in that book and um and to be remembered everything that’s ever existed and ever happened listen when we start engaging with that it’s uh strange but for the first times you know these we call them downloads you know and downloads are great they’re awesome that the ancient um um greeks called it an epiphany an epiphany where a god or an angel a divine being will come into your midst and impart knowledge or or you know most of this isn’t new some of us know you mentioning new technologies but many of the same technology was heavenly and existed a long time ago that was forgotten so you got to be reminded from that cloud you mentioned michael jackson who says listen i woke up and there was a song in my head he called his producer in that video he said he’s like three in the morning hey we need to go into the studio now there’s a song i need to record it i need to write it down we’ll go at seven we got a session booked at seven we’re gonna get up early early start no i have to go now the interesting part of that he says i have to because if i don’t then prince who’s connected to the same cloud prince will hear the song and he’ll record it and he’ll write it like this is how much he knew that this information is coming but it’s like who’s going to contemplate it who’s going to unfold it who’s it talks about like the lord the presence of the lord is going throughout the earth to see who he can use i i love thinking about samuel asleep and he hears a voice calling his name in the middle of the night um nights have been strange for many of us right now what’s happening in the in the in the watches of the lord right it’s very strange so to be able to talk about this stuff openly um samuel woke up and he goes in and talks to his elder levi did uh eli i’m sorry uh did you call me did you call my name three in the morning no i didn’t go back to sleep i could’ve swore i heard you go back to sleep it’s okay okay i thought i heard you goes back to sleep he hears the name again samuel he wakes up i thought i heard you you can’t tell me you didn’t just say my name it’s not me it’s not me i promise go back to bed wait wait wait the next time you hear it just say speak lord for your servant hears you got my attention who is that who’s trying to get my attention because it could be the lord and he’s sleeping and it happens again and next time that response to that that sound birth something in him that he was willing to be used because he i’m sure he was tired you could roll back over go back to sleep you need a couple more hours of sleep we’ll do it tomorrow if it happens tomorrow night i’ll do it i’ll do it tomorrow night that is what you’re able to carry your container your vessel we want more more more hold on your hands are full already you got so much going on now wait wait let me put some of it down let me give let me render it to god as an offering hey i don’t want this anymore i’m gonna take inventory and my hurt my bitterness my judgment i don’t need that can i’ll give it to you as an offering great let my fire hit it now you can hold more so when you are awakened that was a story thousands of years ago today tonight when you wake up at three in the morning with somebody’s name on your heart with a with a vision with a dream with a with a scripture yes lord speak for your servants listening go go go write the scripture down as you said get it out of you write it down that’s just been so so beautiful because i can come back to it later even if i forget i can come back as you’re speaking i’m writing things down but getting it out of you writing it down inquiring rest that’s wrestling that’s contemplation say all of that to say how many other people are waking up that god wants to use and they they roll over and it’s not really about the other people what about you how many times have you woke up and said maybe tomorrow what is that i’ll do it later you put it off and that very same thing that the lord wanted to speak into the earth right now someone else takes that that message that invention whatever it is and they’re running with it he’s like wow i had the same dream that’s so weird listen dude things that elon musk is doing right now like i was dreaming about when i was a kid like highways that go under the road yeah and things like that of like we can get there a lot faster if there was another highway that goes under or another road they could and he’s literally he’s doing that these are dreams and little ideas that i would think about as a kid but i was a kid i didn’t i at least i thought that i couldn’t do anything but that information those ideas are still out there for somebody who has the ability to bring it into this realm to go from the realm of the imagination the realm of the spirit to see a vision and then to bring it into this world same thing with dreams visions of god of healing or restoration of a of a hope and of a future jesus did it for us so we are to take those same dreams and do that for others don’t don’t don’t look at things as though they are but what they have the infinite potential to be that’s not a that’s not a prostitute guys who was caught in an act of adultery yes it is she we caught her in that no that’s my daughter i love her she’s she she’s only why don’t you guys take up money she’s she’s trying to pay bills she’s gonna be kicked out and put on the streets with her children why don’t you guys take up money and everyone just give her a little bit because there’s 70 of you here if everybody gave a small portion her rent would be paid you know and we look at things and we speak to them by the outward appearance the scripture says that god that that man judges by the outer appearance but god judges the heart he’s able to look at the heart of a matter the heart of an individual and that’s god you know he’s that’s how god does things listen he’s giving you his nature his nature to not judge the things of the flesh not to judge things before their appointed time but to judge them by the spirit so the same things that christ was walking in the same thing that that christ was able to see a person a man with a withered hand couldn’t use it no more hey i still got one hand on i can use it very well i can use it well if if a realm of infinite potential exists christ would look at him and say you know there’s a there’s a realm there’s a timeline where that hand is made hold where you still got that hand where you can actually use it and and make money for your family and do the work that god’s called you to do yeah but i got a withered hand well there’s a realm that exists where it doesn’t stretch it forth and let me see it to be a bridge to be a portal of god’s infinite potential of blessings of abundance of restoration man to all people that’s us man that was christ to you and that’s also christ through you if we get that we got to get it that’s that unfolds and opens any divine mystery you’re trying to study that’s the heart of love infinite potential so good it’s beautiful it’s beautiful man yeah you know we’ve got to dream bigger you know we have to the future belongs to those who believe in the power of their dreams dreams are what create reality and faith actualizes what it realizes so you realize it first and then you actualize that potential and we can change things on a level we’ve never even imagined we can reconfigure matter dna ecosystems weather you know we’re talking about the saints earlier they did this stuff they did wild stuff i mean some of the celtic saints i mean they transform britain and this is fact even when they do documentaries now they have to they put in there that there were miracles but they were even doing group dead raisings from people who were drowned in like the lake like there was a there’s this one state called kieran and um he he like all these guys were thrown in the lake after being killed on the roads the king sent him to to do something he was praying and the the lake drained out and he spoke over the bodies all of them came back to life and there’s even accounts of them raising cooked animals back to life animals have been stolen and cooked and them speaking and this stuff’s happened and it’s actually what’s created the western world is it we are in this christian beautiful history this created freedom democracy human rights education you know and we have to remember that we have to remember where we’ve come from how did we get where we are right now because jesus fundamentally changed the world like the whole world even the calendar is dated from there because the change that went through the whole frequency the morphogenic field even the earth shook when the cross happened because it was shaking the ground the tombs opened so dead people were raised back to life and walked into jerusalem so all the realms blurred the veil was opened the earth shook it was cosmic and its implications now when we see that we see wow you know that’s a realm of life it’s not even knowledge it’s a realm of reality it’s a place of bliss that you could function in live in and just gently it’ll grow because energy will come life will flow the river will flow the tree will grow when you’re planted in that divine union that apart from me you can do nothing but when we’re planted in that union it just produces fruit it produces sweetness and it’s so effortless we don’t have to try and pull for revelation or knowledge is around us i mean the jewish mystics teach this that the light of wisdom shining everywhere all the time but it’s up to us whether we open the lid and let that light in you know to ex receive wisdom all we have to do is is open an open heart is a seeing heart we’re powerful in this we can choose how much of it we want what kind of life we want to live because love is not forced and it’s not meant to be forced because it’s meant to be fun the the fundamental purpose of creation is play it was made by a divine play so even when we do sports we do recreation recreation when we’re playing we’re creating we play music we don’t work music we play music because play song and dance and joy is the most serious business of heavens yes lewis said that’s why we exist and if we can tap into that and follow joy not fear follow joy you will always increase and always find joy even if it’s a small thing or a big thing it won’t matter because you’ll live in that reality that realm of joy creating music like you do truth seeker it’s just so much joy on it that’s the divine dance at work in itself so even the people on this call they don’t have to strive or reach for something even paul said that because god’s not far from any one of us in fact in him we live and move and have our being is tap into the energy of your true authentic joy what brings you joy sports music graffiti you know there could be joy-filled graffiti that is an art form you tap into that that’s the divine playing with you wisdom playing with you and you’ll have new ideas of combining aerosols and ideas and landscapes and you might end up being paid by the government to do it and training people it’s already there what we do is we have to stop resisting it we have to say i’m not going to resist love anymore i’m just going to let love and this is what happened for me i said right god is love i put a target on my chest i say god hit me hit me with love bombs hit me with the full force of love and give it your best shot that’s what i said and i literally spent years of my life intoxicated because i kept positioning myself for love bombs and those that leveled jump on people i’d go out on the streets and people get hit by it i’d go into a cafe or starbucks i remember one time we went into starbucks everyone in the the restaurant in the coffee shop got hit by the joy they were all laughing and saying what is this we’re just going it’s jesus it’s heaven and there were these young people there drinking coffee and when we went over to talks then they got hit by this and they had like all these signs and wonders started happening all this gold dust appearing on their hands all of them and we started to know who they were their names and their ages and that’s the realm of joy we didn’t go into starbucks on an evangelistic mission to try and prove anything we went because we enjoy coffee and when you live in the joy realm when you live in the joy realm yeah you live in the overflow you live in co-creation in play and in dance and in wonder and it’s not a works machine it’s not a works project it’s a slow unfolding of divine ecstasy working its way out through all of humanity and when we tap into that everything is sacred everything is sacred space everything has beauty on it tattoo artists can have an a a call to express divine beauty in the way that they you know are tattooed you know the lord has a tattoo it says that our names are tattooed on his on his hand and he says on his on his thigh he has his name on him you know so when we start to connect with that it’s like even gardening why did jesus appear as a gardener after the resurrection because he was saying i’m restoring us to eden which means pleasure i’m restoring us to the garden of pleasure i’m restoring you to being a gardener if you spent your life as a gardener that would be the divine dance out plain in you because it’s just at the beginning and you’ll you’ll get revelation the trees will speak to you the plants that’s what scripture says says listen to the animals listen to the trees they will teach you they will increase your bliss they will increase your wisdom and joy you’ll learn the wisdom of the trees they have a wisdom cultivation animals and what you find is i’m i’m actually living in the burning layers of love constantly everywhere around me is i am breathing christological a i am infused with god i am filled with god he fills everything like as i chapter 6 says the whole earth is filled with his glory you know i know some christians that are afraid to go into places like mosques or other religions or buddhist temples because they’re afraid i see it has been filled with the glory the whole earth is filled with the glory where can i go from this love where can i go from the frequency of life where can i go from hope faith all that is noble all that is true is echoing and resonating through every particle of our bodies and every breath that we’re breathing now when you see the world through that lens that’s a christ-soaked lens that is a glorious lens that is that is the ecology of heaven you see the kingdom is at hand the kingdom is here here right now and then it just is beauty unfolding it’s beauty and ecstasy and dance and play and wonder and that’s where we’re coming back to as a species we are a species birth from eden pleasure we are made for joy we are made for joy and he is the happy god he is in his presence it says is total celebration it’s a rave god’s presence is a rave it’s the joy it’s the ultimate dance floor you know the throne isn’t like they fought to scare people it’s the ultimate dance floor you know where he’s expressing facets of this wonder constantly and they’re all in ecstasy and that is what’s within us heaven is within you the dance floor is within you the the the dance floor the throne is within you you are in it you are in him in the throne on the throne in christ and he is in you and you are all participating now when you see this you see that the universe is created for inclusion it’s created out of the song that’s this the heavens shouted and sang for joy the star songs the the frequency of song and you see it’s actually a musical wearing of this cosmic beautiful beautiful musical and all you’ve got to do is tune into your song tune into your sound tune into the sound that you were created with which is already in you you just have to awaken to the wonder of it and let it out everything um that you just mentioned the animals and the birds and um the trees and all of this that they’re doing what they were created to do are they they’re they’re programmed in their dna to do it and they do it well and really that’s all they do the birds get up at a certain time every morning and they go get their food and they they don’t worry about anything and they love god and they this is what it’s in their dna and so what’s in your dna is that too that what were you put here to do what were you put here to do it’s in you most of us have given up on it it well it was in us when we were a kid you know we have these dreams and what i would love to do and then life happens and then you know the dreams fade away and people take your dreams from you and people correct you hey get your head out of the clouds you need to uh that’s not going to pay the bills you know in these things and we kind of we we we do like um esau we we we give our birth right away we we sell our dream for a nine to five and now we’re we’re the only being the only species on the planet that’s now doing something outside of what it was made to do like you were made to be loved but you got while you’re here there’s some things that it’s in your scroll that you signed up for um and you’re the only one not doing it in christ is going back to that blissful place in the garden of where you were before you came here christ is the reversal of any curse he is the second adam that made things right it’s in your minds you don’t really see it yet trust me guys it’s a process it is a process and there’s instant 70-year downloads but there’s also a process of walking that out you know um what were you here to do what do you want to do what was your dream and your desire as a kid like to relive that to re remember recapture the dream that’s why the book the alchemist is so powerful recapturing your dream go and get it and and and don’t forget it um when you mention tattooing i don’t know if you’ve heard my me talk about this or anything but um part of me stepping into what i’m doing living my dream living my bliss weight getting to wake up and love life you know it’s it’s getting into that bliss what what i i was created to do to make music i was created to do podcasts and being blessed this is part of why i’m here and i’m doing it um but i wasn’t i was a truck driver uh and i would work long hours and there was i’m in christ but there’s a part of me is this it hasn’t caught up yet we don’t there’s a gulf in between i don’t know how to get it over here do i give up on the dream you know do do i work harder and try to make it happen you know it wasn’t until i i let go and quit striving shed tears over gave it to the lord then did he bring everything full circle and gave it freely now that you’re done of trying to make it happen i got you i got you walk into it you ain’t got to kick the door down i’m gonna give you the desires of your heart but your desires have to change they have to be renewed you wanted it to be seen you wanted to be seen now you want to do it because many people will be set free you know that there’s healing in in in your voice you’re articulate you you’re protective you know like we gotta that’s the fight that’s the process of birthing whatever’s what’s put here it has to be refined in the fire thank god that i wasn’t given a larger platform when i was bitter thank god because i would have i would have blown it really quick he knows what he’s doing i would have cursed everybody out as a christian you know i would have been calling pastors out and i did all kinds of things that i did when i was young in the faith but mentioning tattoos you know i remember um going to the tattoo shop to get work artwork done and i would see the atmosphere in the tattoo shop like these guys are making great money i know i’m there for an hour or two and this guy i made 300 bucks and then i tipped them another like i know what they make they make great money like great money to show up in a in a lighthearted atmosphere to do what they love to do which is draw to to create something that doesn’t exist an image a picture and to draw and i remember my feeling of like because i know tomorrow i got to go back to work at a job that i hate that a job that i lose and just the the thought of what if i could wake up and do what i love for a living like on earth like what if i could wake up and talk to people like justin abraham and and and hang out with my friends on a call listen out these podcasts come out of that me as that truck driver going on three-way calls eight-way calls with a bunch of people talking about the lord praying for one another sharing deep mysteries that we’re studying hey we gotta record these years ago years ago he’s preparing you he’s preparing you to hold the truth in righteousness but i would see those people as tattoo artists or other podcasters that get like joe rogan or somebody wouldn’t it be cool to be able to talk do this for a living and the moment i gave it up was the moment that as far as i gave it up as far as like i gave it to the lord and i quit trying was the moment that he gave it back he polished it and gave it right back here you go but it’s funny because right when you said tattoos like i was wanting to share that tattoo story and then you’re like and you made it for me and for those listening and the tattoos the art the all the child like enjoyment well if you’re if you’re in a valley of dry bones like wherever you are right now you’re not really there it’s it’s a veil it’s a it’s a mirage find something to enjoy because then that enjoyment is a portal to a place of remembrance of who you were and why you’re here you’re not here to be hanging out around the tombs and cutting yourself like the madman was in in the scriptures you’re here to be set free to be in your right mind and to do what you were created to do and where it’s all something a little bit different but you know it it’s your dream it’s your vision when that what do you say to those people i mean that’s powerful you know of uh finding something to be grateful for that’s why i love breath work because in the moment i can immediately take a breath man thank you for that breath lord that’s so much going on you know and but hey we can all that’s that’s infinite possibility that’s i’m not done with you yet take a breath as long as there’s breath here man there’s infinite potentials like my heart still beating yeah okay infinite potential thank you thank you and you find the smallest thing i got so much to be thankful for but though always making it simple finding something in the valley of decision being grateful i’m grateful for my breath little things the birds i i love the birds man we i go out there feed the birds i make sure they got food i hang out with them me and my wife and we just sit back and enjoy the birds and so much so that it it opens up a portal yeah do you remember before the fall when like you said that they would commune with the birds like do you think about it is it a place of contemplation it happened when they weren’t scared of you so my contemplation how can i how can i get to a place of vibrational frequency where coming out of me is no threat i’m your friend such as god there’s no threat there’s no threat i’m a friend remember remember remember it’s okay it’s beautiful simple man simple right yeah amen thank you guys for hanging out with us today so many beautiful comments here in the chat make sure y’all share this out somebody who needs to see it needs to hear it needs to experience it and for you anytime that you want to tap into any of that you can go back and re-listen you me technology is to remember just recording this loop pull it back up again two years later it’s infinite it’s a well spring of life it’s there’s an infinite it’s there’s no it doesn’t get cut off you could tap into it at any moment most beautiful thing um if people want to check you out man if uh where’s the best place to go is it a website is it social media where’s the best place for people to link in with with you and your ministry and what you’re doing yeah well if you look me up on youtube justin paul abraham you’ll find me there we’re on patreon justin paul abraham again and company burning hearts is the name of our podcast it’s on apple spotify it’s all over the place there’s we’ve been doing it for a long time so they should find it it’s pretty simple and i’ve got a book out there if you want to read more about the new creation life and the wonder i’ve got a book i’ve got it here beyond human if anybody wants to tap into that that’s on amazon and it’s a good starting place and there’s a there’s a lot of joy on it it’ll it’ll it will open people up to mystery and joy they’ll enjoy and i i cover topics in here that you don’t normally like in your book too truth seekers like this permission to talk about this stuff so i talk about telepathy i talk about ascension i talk about remote sight because it’s all completely biblical it’s what the saints have already done it’s not new age or weird or anything else it’s not some kind of cultish thing it is 101 this is what we do as a species we’re actually fighting who we really are we are a telepathic species by design because the trinity’s telepathic they knew their thoughts they know each other’s thoughts you know the thoughts i think towards you parents know the thoughts their children people know the farmers know the thoughts of their animals it’s something we scientifically do you can measure it um so all these things i see them as natural science i see as natural spiritual science i believe is just the way we’re made and if we return to who we really are we will just live the fullest life possible like jesus said john 10 10. i came that you might have enjoy life to the full till it overflows he didn’t come and say i just want to give you an upgrade he won’t he said i’m coming for overflow here and the word there is superfluous the root word means which means it’s over the top you add too much too much life and i think that’s where we’ve got to come back to where the life coming off us actually affects everything it it affects our brains it affects our dna affects our families affects nature the stars and galaxies everything is waiting according to scripture for us to realize and awaken to the freedom the freedom that we have in this wonderful unfolding of life and that’s what god’s heart is for us you know and and i’m all in and i’m not in a rush i’ll just do little acts of kindness continue to meditate continue to do what i see i’m supposed to do and if i go quiet i’m fine with that because i still see that as all inclusion you know i’m not striving for a platform or conferences or anything i’m unfolding the beauty of love and love is what it’s all about love in each other loving your life loving your family loving creation loving god loving everyone that you can love and making your life more joyful so looking at your life and thinking how can i increase the joy like we just put this cool wallpaper up in our hallway it’s like these crazy wildflowers butterflies this crazy piece of artwork that brings us joy yeah so do things for joy because the more joy you have in your life i’ve been doing arts the last couple of days just for joy i could have been reading studying doing a million things but the joy was on artwork so if we discover that for some people there’s joys on cooking whatever find that thing creating clothing tap into your joy do the thing that brings you joy and you will naturally unfold all of these things without even working it out like you did you know truth seeker where you you wanted to do podcasts for the joy you thought i really would love to do that and you’ve you’ve ended up doing it you know it’s a beautiful thing so yeah thanks for having me on the on board if people got questions maybe next time we can tackle actual questions about stuff or whatever else if i if you want me back sometime we can do that yeah yeah for sure man always dude this is the these are the the conversations that to be honest with you i do the other ones for i do those other conversations um to go catch people and you’re looking for truth you’re looking for truth well we’re going to let you experience it i could tell you truth all we’ve been telling you truths the pastors have been telling you truth it just doesn’t register resonate but when you get to meet the truth when you get to tap into the truth as a person nothing that anyone says matters because you know him there’s a place of authority you don’t have to tell me about who jesus was and he wasn’t that what you guys are saying he was not wait wait wait i know him i know i know him you can’t at least from that aspect i know him you know so that’s what we want yeah a demonstration of love a demonstration of christ and of peace and i believe that’s what we all experienced today i totally did totally did uh justin man thanks so much for for coming on means the world good to finally connect bro so good beautiful thanks for having me many blessings take care thank you everybody for and wat men listen man this is what it’s about man the anointing the beauty the love the peace all of it everything has its place everything fits perfectly and uh and this is this is this is it this is what i do love it love it love it um honor justin so much man um listen to and and drop in as to as many teachings as i can when i when i feel led i’m all over the place you guys know that um but when i can just to get that love get hear those stories and a person of honor a person who’s gonna i can tell you my story we want to know his stories like but i can tell you my story in another story which is again we talk about the saints he mentioned the saints and what they experienced and what they encountered and what i experienced was maybe articulated better in what they said in that book or whatever i mean same thing is the is the scriptures right you read the story of of david you read all of these stories in the scripture and then you feel like you are him wow man i feel like i’m david man i feel like i’m up against all odds man i feel like i’m looking my giant dead in the face i feel like everyone all my people have given up and they’re scared of of the future they’re scared of what’s coming they’re scared of what’s here hold on let me look at dead in the face and take it on i wanna i’m david i feel like david i feel like thomas one of my one of the most beautiful people in the in the bible for me as far as who i totally resonate with i want you gotta show me man don’t tell me that’s what i just said we can preach truth all day the preaching of the cross is foolishness preach the word let’s cool cool i want to see it why you preach one thing and you say one thing but you do another you say you love me but you treat me like you don’t it’s a that compliment you just gave me was like a it was a backhanded compliment like i want to experience it it needs to come out of you like when you talk i want to experience it when you draw when you paint when you tattoo i want to experience it whatever you do the bible says do it for the glory of god and in that glory there’s love there’s peace there’s everything that christ represents suffering read the fruit to the spirit whatever the fruits of the holy spirit are are in that love perfect love cast out all fear so good to be able to experience that tap in with that and honor that within many different people you know when we talk about the catholic saints or whatever right and there’s a reason why i talk about them um because i’ve always talked about them but i didn’t know their story i say catholic saints catholics the very thing that uh you persecuted the very thing that you said god would never use or god will never do um he’s hidden a piece of himself there what good can come out of nazareth jesus of nazareth that’s where the messiah is coming what good can come out of nazareth okay because that’s the consensus of the people that’s what y’all believe i’m going to show you how i’m going to tell you how i’ve been telling you how it’s been there it’s just going over your head let me show you how goodness is coming out of nazareth through the person of jesus christ what good can come out of catholicism do you know how much evil they’ve done do you know about the crusades and about the wars and about the deception do you know what’s happening in the catholic church right now i mean right now do you know listen get out of here i don’t know nothing about that what i do know is that people whose hearts were touched by god in the early century that existed and they carried a piece of the heart of god that they’ve tapped in they’ve given their life over to this one thing hold on you pray every saturday and sunday teresa of avila listen it’s a requirement for those guys to pray eight hours a day you pray every tuesday and thursday they pray don’t talk to me about prayer i want to talk to her about prayer i want to read her story what happened when you did that for eight hours wow wow wow does it mean that i have to pray eight hours a day no but it means i can maybe pray for 10 minutes a day an hour a day like what’s what’s possible we juggle so much and even those guys would would say that you know us that that held down families and in regular jobs like we you know have it harder and but there’s there’s an anointing on it when you break through and you do it anyway because there’s excuses tired man my mind ain’t working right i’m just so i’m exhausted i can’t pray you know how many people speak with this excuse of this i can’t i don’t understand the bible and they say it they keep saying i don’t understand it you know so i don’t read it because i don’t understand it um and that’s what they experience they don’t understand it try to understand it try to read try to tap in draw an eye unto god take a step towards god take a step towards experience and you’ll find something beautiful in all of it um i i totally um publicly have it’s been a long time ago most of that i deleted most of that kind of stuff and uh but i was very outspoken against babylon since some of my music for sure old stuff you know babylon and um got you know the mixing of the night the the council of nicaea constantine bro all that kind of a lot of people go through that right it’s a phase it’s a it’s a learning but you you persecute something and then it comes back around to bless you no it doesn’t true seeker hold on do you have you heard you haven’t learned from paul the apostle who was persecuting the saints and killing them daily persecuting followers who would come in the name of the lord who would show up in the name of the lord who operated in the name of jesus he was he made it his goal to persecute those people to attack those people but then the very thing that he was attacking showed compassion jesus met him you know he was in this place of traveling in between from one place to another jesus shows up and appears to him in spirit form as a light knocks him off of his horse and blinds in paul paul or saul why are you persecuting me why are you doing this ah it’s the real one it’s the real messiah i got to see you for who you truly are and not with the who they said you are or who i thought you were but for who you really are that’s the thing he was persecuting came back to bless him the idea of being enemies of god in in our mind and being sinners and committing sin you’re attacking you’re doing things you’re lashing out because you don’t know who you are you’re doing things and the very thing that which you’re persecuting the very thing that which you’re attacking jesus god comes full circle to bless you to find you where you are that happened to me catholicism i got to say what it is and it became what i said it was right now i can declare what it is and it becomes that to me some of that will sprinkle to you as a seed if it uh changes the way you think um whatever but to me it was the new world order babylonian it was it was a mixture of paganism and christianity it’s a mixture brother like i totally i did some weird stuff um i found out that that that that happened um and it wasn’t fun to be around me there’s levels to it and even as i quit attacking the things that i was against they’re still maybe in my heart or yeah you can’t god can’t use those people they’re just more like catholics are more like like ritualistic like they they’re not spiritual they just kind of like have this like outer like symbols and stuff they draw pictures and which is which is idolatry right um you know make the the likeness of nothing on heaven and on on earth and um you have all these things in your head you got to work through what you what they are what you said they are which is probably what somebody told you they are that’s why i said there’s power there somebody told you that what do you mean i came up with that on my own guys what did god say to to adam and eve who told you that wait wait a minute who who told you that the serpent told us oh someone told that’s not who you are if you eat of it you i’m scared you’ll be like me hold on you’re in my image and likeness already why are you trying to cover up i already love you i’m not going to love you i already do the very thing that you’re running from of everything that you’re persecuting will come back to bless you so choose your battles wisely you know i would do that to the catholic catholic stuff and even like i said even as i’m not persecuting just in my head they can’t hear from god not like us um until something happened maybe something justin abraham said of for sure he planted a seed for sure him and uh john crowder and other people who would just mention their names and i’m like oh i don’t know much about that but then i would hear stuff and then whatever it was one thing led to another and they were ready for i was ready let’s say they were ready no i was ready to uh to hear their song to know them to say hello and um studied a little bit of saint teresa of avila because i it was just in doing a friend of mine shared something shout out to chris horton love you bro he shared something and it was about ecstasy religious ecstasy and i was like oh yeah i know what that is and it had her story there oh let me look into a little bit of this myself and when i did i was immersed in in her story which was so similar to my story the very thing that i was persecuting was just so similar and she articulated it very well i have a video on saint theresa of how she was stabbed in a heart by an angel with a with a spear that was on fire a seraphim came to her and got her in her heart and it hurt but it was so beautiful it was hurt but it was healing it was how broken god is for the cosmos but how much he loves it at the same time i’ve experienced that i have i have and to read her story and be like man that’s so cool so now we’re me and theresa hey this saint she she experienced something very beautiful and it’s it’s i talked to my friends who were there with me when i experienced it remember that just saying man check her story out she she experienced it she had a bunch of experiences little little beings or little angels popping up to her and bringing messages and but it was through a life of prayer and something that she carried that unlocked that that experience so i begin to honor her and read her story and i begin to experience even more chris horton he remembers that there you go um and then if well she’s an another one i i would listen to stuff i would watch youtube videos i would immerse myself in it and i hear they’d mention other saints and other things and i well let me look into their story because that sounds that sounds cool too then i’d find other patron saints uh saint anthony of egypt that that carried something amazing that sounded so much like something i experienced so there was some um do you call it there was some um some balance there some resonance there i resonated with with his story it was so much like mine and he lived hundreds of years before me you know so i began to honor that meditate upon that think about it and then my my heart began to open a little more and um and then other saints man so many so many so many of what they carried and what they did and began to honor that and then i met a led me to a catholic um bookstore in in um louisiana going to visit my mother so we was all in there i thought it was just a christian bookstore we go in there but there’s a lot of catholics there and so um i go in there and i’m do you have anything with saint teresa do you have a do you have a an icon of her that’s what they call these icons do you have an icon of saint teresa i just i really want one her story resonates with me and it’s this lady in there and she’s just so meek and uh i’m like yeah i’ve just been studying her story man and it’s so cool and yadda yadda she’s like oh yeah and she’s like telling me about these other saints and stuff and showing me their stories and cool stuff and and i’m i’m new to it and we’re talking and she’s like enamored she’s she’s um astonished when she’s talking to me just to because where my heart was at right um but she’s talking to me as another catholic like she thinks i’m a catholic just because there’s resonance there and i and because i came in to get a an icon or a picture of of a saint so you got to be catholic right you can’t be a new ager and do that you can’t be a protestant christian and do that i came in there and got those and she’s like oh yeah i didn’t you talk about christians a little bit and how they you know i said well how you know how do they do they buy any of this stuff does the chris the regular like protestant christians around here do they no she said they come in here and mock us the christians come in here and say we’re worshiping saints the christians come in here and do this and do that so i didn’t even i didn’t want to tell i was a christian like i’m i’m not a catholic like i was like because i not because i was scared but i didn’t want to i didn’t want to um i didn’t want to take that away from her you know that i’m one i’m one of you right now i am while we’re having this conversation in this moment we’re connecting i am a catholic i am a brother a sister right but i eventually told her she was like oh she was like shocked but she was like happy i was like oh yeah there’s a lot of there’s a lot of people coming around there’s a lot of regular christians coming around and there there is those walls are falling those walls are being kicked down just like samson destroyed the the walls of that temple that box that shouldn’t have been there the box is being destroyed and what’s in it is being released and guess what that which is beautiful if there’s any truth if there’s any truth in any of them any any new ager that i interview whoever if there’s any truth in them let it speak according to this word the word of truth like what is the arrogance that that a person is a hundred percent deceived because of association guilty by association yeah so but in our head they are because i i would not never look up saint teresa i would never look up saint anthony and um saint francis who now i have a statue in my backyard it would he had a connection with the birds like he would literally preach to the birds and they would come up to him he’d communicate with the animals and they were his friends and for my birth i was like you know what i wanna i wanna carry what he had i wanna be friends with the birds let me lean into that a little bit but the very thing that i was persecuting speaking all manner of evil against was the very thing that god would use to reveal a part of himself to me that was hidden in the hardness of my heart or the preconceived notion to judge a thing before it’s appointed time to say what it really is we’ve all done that we all do that um god has hidden him a piece of himself in everything and everyone it all plays a part everything that that’s why i even mentioning a new ager i don’t even like using that term because christians use that as a as a dig word as a curse word true seek his new age you know he’s into new age you know so i’ll try to redeem redeem it because jesus says i’ll be with you to the end of end of the earth and into the end of the age until the new age comes i will be with you i’ll never leave you the things that we’ve demonized the things that we’ve pronounced judgment on that it was before its appointed time jesus looking at come on man not even just jesus looking at the the sick people i don’t even like calling them sick people that’s not who they are jesus looking at mary magdalene in her confusion when she received a false identity didn’t know who she was i didn’t know who i was thank you for saying that thank you for bringing that out of me him seeing her in that and had the long suffering and the compassion and the love enough to stay to terry to hang out a little bit to be a bridge to bring her out of that what if he would have um you know the lord says that this and this and i’m gonna tell you what the word of god says and when you repent we’ll deal righteously with you that was me but he met her where she was and he met the drunkards where they were and he met the paraplegic where he was the paraplegic literally couldn’t go to where he was so let me come down and make myself available and come to where you are for where you are there i will be also let me come down to you find you where you are right now to be a bridge the beauty of christ man the simplicity made it simple super simple super simple but the thing that you’re persecuting the thing that you’re fighting against god is hidden i can give you examples upon examples upon examples um of looking at different things and redeeming them um breath work to see the righteous real because god created everything and called it good so anything outside of that that you’ve given away to a negative force is only something that you’ve called outside or it’s been used outside of the way it was intended to use you’re using it for the wrong reasons listen i want you to prophesy but you’re prophesying out of hatred man prophesying out of anger there is power when you speak so watch what you say anger’s coming out judge the judgment of god until you know that your words are alive everything comes full circle to meet you where you are hence the story of jonah and nineveh i would you gonna judge these people no i forgave them tell them i’m good i’m cool with them now you shouldn’t be you should still be angry for what they did to me and to your servants no tell them it’s cool tell them i’ll forgive them because they’ve they’ve repented no i’m not telling them that i’m gonna tell them to judge okay now you’re running from god because you looked at something and didn’t call it as the way you didn’t see it the way god sees it you looked at i mean again the epiphany there is jesus with the not with the demon possessed man but with the actual demons jesus casting these demons out of the gathering filled with all these demons or whichever one it was several times but and they said no did you come to torment us before the appointed time did you come to judge us it’s not time yet no it’s not show compassion on us please son of son of adam son of david have compassion on a son of god son of man have compassion on us okay even you need a little compassion send us into the pigs that we may go okay the thing that’s attacking you and you turn around and have compassion on you know even i talk about bob larson you know my interview with him um on his show was an interview he attacked me i stayed in bless mode man look i appreciate everything you brought to the table man that you could you’re still bringing i don’t even that’s even like a slap that’s that’s a slap compliment i appreciate what you brought to the table because i don’t really don’t like the things you’re bringing to the table that’s my truth listen i appreciate everything that you brought and everything that you continue to bring because just because it ain’t helping me don’t mean it ain’t helping somebody else and i glory in that because it’s the bigger picture somebody shared a meme on uh on one of my comments on facebook um and it was a it was it was making fun of christians baby christians and he’s like it’s a picture of a little kid a baby at a table crying big old face crying and there was a big old piece of steak in front of him and he said these christians don’t want steak they only want milk and he posted it there’s like a slap in the face of the christians who won’t get into the mystical stuff man get into the the mystical man get into some truth seeking man some justin abraham man some some mystical stuff man because i love it man god’s here man this is where god’s at man this is where he’s at and so we have we you know religious people catholics whoever whoever you put in that box i’ma step on the box right now the reason i kind of took offense with that i didn’t take offense i just like come on man that’s not true and i responded you’re crying because the baby’s crying because it wants milk and you’re trying to give it steak to eat that baby don’t have teeth baby needs milk to grow in its infancy it needs milk right now that baby does not need so why would you get onto the baby for crying babies are going to cry they don’t know how to articulate how they feel many religious people lash out it’s called fight or flight they’ve they’ve not only given their life to this but they’ve given their eternity to this the idea of eternal torment punishment hell whatever so if you take any of that away to an unlearned person or person who’s not a person of understanding they’re gonna lash out they’re gonna call you names they’re gonna do things that’s outside of your character and really outside of theirs so but when they do that what did you share with them are you trying to give them steak and the steak wasn’t even cooked i mean my wife might get into that got a cookie steak no would you get onto the the baby for crying and lashing out when you’re trying to give it steak that it’s not ready to eat it couldn’t eat it it would choke on it even if you gave it a knife and a fork you gave the baby a knife and a fork so it can cut its own steak no come on that’s on you that’s on me for broadcasting for protect for projecting and expecting um someone to to do something that they weren’t ready to do it wasn’t in the it wasn’t their time when it’s full time that baby’s going to take steak for the first time it’s got to grow teeth it’s got it first got to cut its teeth it’s got it you got to give it a toy the baby’s teething and it even hurts when their teeth are growing growth hurts there’s birth pains there’s there’s growth pain just like in your legs restless legs like my daughter used to lay in bed and cry when she could feel her legs growing there was that pain that kids get it’s not an easy process and not fun so there’s there is crying there so to be patient so it’s on you who are learned to restore to bring balance to those who aren’t ready whether you want to teach it from your platform or from your discussion or from your dm or from your comment section on whoever’s page whether you wanted to show love there or maybe point them to somebody who can sprinkle a little bit that was if even me and justin before we went live it’s like you know we want to we want to make sure that we’re you know careful on what we share and what we say you know and i don’t i i don’t really you know ever feel the need to hold back or anything but there’s definitely wisdom in that you know at times depending on your audience i’ll say that that’s the wisdom i hold back on or try to depending on the audience kirby one of the most beautiful christian mystics that i know somebody that i look up to that i’m partnered with um i uh i honor him and and he says that he likes to just kind of show up and not have a even though he’s been studying he has things he wants to talk about those kind of things let me just see where the people are so just to listen or to let somebody ask a question to see where people are just to know okay this is we’re going this is where we’re going level six okay great six his levels were six here’s what six because i know what it takes to get to level seven may share a little bit of level eight but you’re not finished skip a level you’re on level six listen seven is this get ready because on the ground four floor of level seven is right beyond the ceiling of six it’s a these are levels in the spirit these are levels that you’re being taught on and and there’s so much wisdom in that you know and i try to do that but um expecting people projecting on people and i love to see i love to see how they respond because i get weird like inbox stuff you got to watch this video man this is where i’m coming and i’m not going to watch that sir i don’t want to watch that i’m not watching it usually if it’s something like super polarizing like judging somebody or some fear articles and stuff i’m not watching that i’m not watching that you need to inform yourself it was on the news no i’m not watching it and then i see how they well i’ll never share it again i’ll never share anything with you no no i just i’m not watching that i’m i guard my heart my mind my eye gates i’m not watching that because that’ll get in my spirit and i begin to think about i begin to contemplate on it and unless you come in with some some solutions i ain’t really trying to hear about that you know people random people on the internet who feel they have the power um to speak into your life and to correct you to correct you you know i had that i gotta just go full circle with it you know you get random people um who watch one one aspect you know of you or what you represent because i said justin what do you do who are you what do you do he’s like if jesus did it i did it like i’m doing it this is my mission so just to say well um you know i’m an influencer i’m a social media guy i i’m a minister i’m a prophet i’m a preacher i’m a priest to my han i’m a husband like okay what aspect do you want to know of what i do for where we are you know so people watch a video and uh comment or want to correct you maybe get in your inbox i want to correct you and listen we’re open to correction you gotta we don’t i don’t have nothing figured out i know a lot i know a lot guys i know a lot a lot but i know nothing i know nothing i’m not married to a lot i’m not married to well i’m not married to knowledge i’m i’m married to christ and if it’s in him i shall never be moved if i’m married to an idea if i’m married to a doctrine that’s that blows like the wind that’s continually changing no i’m not married to that so yeah i am open for correction but to think that you know they random people on the internet just because they disagree with you and inbox you like want you to repent or want you to see see the see things the way that they see them and then it moves into attack you know i deal with that obviously if you got a platform if you’re going to get a platform if you’re going to be voc platformers just be vocal about your anything anything polarity the fire’s turned up politics get ready religion get ready best ice cream get ready you got you have contrarians that’s the thing there’s a lot of you know some of us are that to a degree but there’s contrarians who are only there to tell you what they disagree with i don’t respect and it’s in my head like but this is me like because i know because it is me literally um if somebody is going to do a video exposing somebody or something like i want that person to be able to um do the same video finding me however many points you made to expose find me a couple points of something they’re doing right like you’ve trained yourself to see the bad i mean i guarantee you in this comment section people who haven’t even made it this far to this video maybe not right now live but maybe in the replays you’ll see comments this is not of god this is demons you guys are playing with new age be careful you’ll see you’ll read all that and they haven’t watched the video the uh same thing on any of any of the anything you put out you’re gonna have contrarians one guy um was commenting it just can give you all the stuff that he’s against tell me what you’re for sir tell me what you’re for what am i doing right nothing nothing oh okay and it’s guilty by association justin’s going to get it justin’s going to get it justin abraham is going to get it he’s going to get people in his inbox he listen he’s taking a risk justin is is going to get i hate i don’t want to prophesy this and create it i’m just telling you guys what to expect you come this is this is the season this is where we are he’s going to get um supporter he’s going to lose he may lose support i hate to say that i do i prophesy that whatever anyone takes away that it’s pressed down and given to you ten times over and let me do it let me give into your bosom over above and beyond anything that you lose he knows he’s not going to lose whatever you lose you gain but there’s people who have they feel like they own you because they sow into you because they watch you every stream you went on with true seeker do you know do you know that true sega interviewed a freemason he did he did yeah but that doesn’t mean trusting agrees with him no he does he does he he agrees with everything they say because i watched the video and he was shaking his head when he was talking he was just nodding justin’s gonna get that i can’t believe i saw you with true secret just so you know this uh laura c got it even in open comments not even like i’m surely inboxes for sure but open people openly commented under the videos i am withdrawing my funding to you laura i was listening to your music and partnering with you but not anymore because trustee is deceived and you partnered with him just to do an interview what that’s weird guilty by association jesus again hanging out with people who were guilty in the eyes of men justin’s gonna get it and you’re gonna get it guilty by association hanging out you’re for them i don’t agree listen i got in i said i got into it i messaged my my old pastor because i commented on something that i’ve been vocal about um is when we when we have to share a video uh let’s just say if justin let’s just use him as an example if he just like this video is done he shares it on his page or he shares it with his um his audience email list whatever and it says hey um i just did this interview i want you guys to check out now i don’t agree with in it with everything that trueseeker says now i don’t agree with with everything he believes i don’t believe the saying he believes i don’t agree with everything it’s that here i’ll share it but but but i don’t agree with everything that he should and so my pastor he um and i’ve had i’ve searched had to search my own heart just on that and i’m just sharing it so other people may be able to tap lean into it i just got to find some beauty in it um because it is it is a dig a little bit um my pastor commented said true stick i love you man always loved you i know we don’t i don’t agree with everything but uh but but we’re still friends so it’s like the very fact that you had to mention that we don’t agree on everything so i just commented i said well who are you is there anybody that you agree with everything on is there anybody like that you have you found someone that’s that’s cool like i said then i was like nah i know you and you and your wife don’t even agree on everything you and your wife don’t even agree on everything so why did you have to say it well every time you introduce your wife and we butt heads all the time we don’t agree on everything you know i think we should spend money on on bills and she wants to go out to eat like we don’t agree on everything like hold on why is that an introduction to share something and make it be a blanket statement the views and opinions expressed by true seeker podcaster i don’t agree with everything i don’t agree with something an interview he did two years ago okay great i’m glad you told us we thought you did that we thought you did wow why would you like that’s the church age thinking that you we can’t be i can’t be seen with you because you your view of the trinity i’m not even talking about far out stuff that we love and i’m talking about basic principles and [Music] oh you believe jesus was black you believe you had dreadlocks you know the pictures of the arc the artistic rendering show him was with short hair you know those people over there don’t have dredge why would you why would you show that i can’t be seen with you there’s no there i’ll never find anyone that i agree with on everything now we don’t agree with everything but he’s still a good guy that it is a that is a double-handed um sword a double-edged sword and um it’s a two-way slap um even if they don’t mean it they don’t mean it really but it does show out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks um because people do lump you in so maybe they they say that to uh to do what my old pastor used to call damage control but they’re gonna people come and go man jennifer in the comments says i love all you represent stay authentic there you go love all or you represent until until that you know there’s always and until you hold on to all things loosely all things loosely you know people come and go man i love you until you have true sleep on your platform man what are you thinking man i can’t you claim to hear the holy spirit but you went on true seekers podcast why would you do it i can’t believe that and like these judgments of who or what true sick is or whoever you put out of freemason that i interviewed like what is because yeah that you have a an imagination a judgment of what all of them are all christians are this guards your heart i had to remind myself the other day you know there was a guy who um inboxed me he’s like up and coming like um um deliverance dude deliverance minister and uh he’s trying to get views and trying to grow his platform and stuff and um he messaged me and said hey bro i’m gonna i’m gonna expose you tonight i’m gonna expose you on my youtube and um everything that you you stand for is not of god and i’m gonna expose it i was like okay well uh that’s cool like you gotta do what you gotta do but why would you do that like you know there’s there’s better ways to do it you know that idea and so he messaged me but i think the reason he messaged me was just because the scripture an elder or somebody over him told him that um you’re supposed to go to them first go to them first do it handle it biblically go to them first and if you can’t work it out then okay we can you can do it i think that an elder like told him that so he thought like an instagram um inbox was was going to me first you know not to talk or reason but but to declare hey i’m fixing it i just want you to know had to come to you first it’s like okay that’s your interpretation of that scripture cool um but anyway he um did it anyway he made like um images and flyers and promoted it tonight we refute the false doctrines of truth seeker oh don’t miss it you know he saw he was a fan of bob larson he’d seen bob larson did it got good numbers got a good number so it’s like hey if i do this man i get good numbers so let me review this teacher so i jumped on there and i watched it and i was just in the comments section just after one of our hangouts on on school of domestics here and um i was like hey i don’t believe that why would you say that well this that that i was like hey well how about bringing me on instead of talking about me talk to me instead of talking about the mason talk to him that’s what disrep that’s what this platform represents and it’s setting people free talk to somebody versus talking at them or about them but i went on there hey talk to me man what’s happening would you which you disagree with bro like what is this what do you why don’t you believe in this and he said truth is it not true that you killed you kill animals and goats and and you smear the blood on your face for ritual no i don’t what are you talking what are you talking about dude who do you think i am what do you how do you praise your god how did you i said bro i like to get quiet and put on some worship music and pray and just tell jesus how beautiful he is no no no you’re not no i i do that’s it’s that simple that’s what i do no you can’t it didn’t compute in his head because of a preconceived notion of me killing goats and stuff and being like african voodoo or something for some reason that was in his mind i was like bro i don’t do that well do you do that no i don’t do that why would you and just other things i’m just like hey you need to that’s not me whoever you think you think i am i’m not that thing you know and but still that would have to be i’m doing this video to correct you and you’re a new ager and you can’t we both can’t be right i can’t be right and you be right like in there that’s in their head what about hell brother what is you said that you didn’t know if there was hell brother the bible is clear on hell it’s not really it’s definitely not clear on hell which hell what do you mean what do you mean which hell no no like which like because i love words which hell like which which part like why don’t you tell people they’re going to hell because i i would never want to pronounce judgment on somebody if i don’t know even if you do know 100 and that’s your message you’re going to hell jesus i said bro jesus defeated the fear of death death is defeated jesus i i believe in hell i believe in a holding place but i believe it was emptied it was empty it wasn’t created for for for mankind but for satan and his his angels like the scripture says that right no no no no what about this what about this what about that and i was like well uh i can show you like scripturally why i believe that no no no no why do you believe well let me show you i believe because the bible says it first so let’s what about this the place the bible says the hell continual torment continual burning it’s a it’s a place that that neither moth nor worm do sleep and it’s continual for perpetual fire what about that that’s not a physical place true secret i said no it is it is it actually is can i show you because i got all my scriptures can i can i show you like i’ll show you that it is an actual place what no it’s not that is not an actual place that is not i said no it is a place on the earth that that’s talking about like can i show you no you’re deceived wait wait i’m trying to show you like i got the scriptures i can show you i don’t know i bind it okay okay this is what we’re doing okay so then it’s like just i mean it was it was a lesson in it it was a lesson in it you know of true seeker do you still care what people think about you yeah yeah i do i do i’m a christian and a mystic christian mystic fully christian fully mystic what does that mean i don’t know i’m learning but obviously i care what people think well i wouldn’t have joined that call and so it was kind of like a it was funny because i did it on my regular page so that when you go you join a live with somebody on facebook it sends out uh an alert to your followers trustee because now live with so and so oh wow cool i can’t wait i love true secret stuff let’s go see so i didn’t do it with my page because it’s got a lot more followers beyond let me be transparent so i did it with my regular page my regular name because it’s going to send it i didn’t it’s going to tell people but not many people care on that one and then i joined and it sent the alert and all these people joined all these people joined i was like oh goodness like now they’re here and this is what he wants numbers numbers numbers numbers i can’t lose because if i lose this i’m in front of the people um so it was just really weird but but my whole motive of like caring what people that’s what i took away from it of like just talking to the lord like listen until you give up the and i know this trust me i know this but if there’s luck there’s levels and layers to caring what people think or who cares like it’s not everybody friends family christians like who do you care until you get to a place where listen i don’t care this is who i am unapologetically me i don’t need your approval know your opinion i can try to share with you if you really want to learn because i’m here to teach i’m here to share i want to show you how i started believing that because it was biblical um but i just had to check my heart my spirit and uh it shook me up a little bit just because i i did feel like um you know trying to reach a people or talk to a people that didn’t want to hear it they didn’t want to hear it you could read the comments they’re making fun of me telling me how deceived i am i’m used to it it doesn’t feel good it still doesn’t feel good by any means when it’s a bunch of people this guy’s deceived and they’re like you’re the almost you’re the almost that’s what they feel about us we’re the almost you know i was like no no no i’m a christian and they were saying things like if true seeker ever gets delivered like fully delivered he’ll be a powerful man of god he’ll be powerful man of god but he doesn’t want to let his demons go yet if he if he gets delivered he’ll be a powerful man of god i’ll say no i’ve i’m already delivered like i’ve actually went through deliverance ministry and like i am delivered i’ve been healed from so no no no no when you do one day you let demons back in you you’re deceived almost almost and i said i’m gonna be honest i’m gonna just be honest with this revelation how i felt and it’s this is even a disrespect for me to even say this really but i kind of felt like how many of the my brothers and sisters who are in the lgbtq community feel i i i listen i do not i don’t want to project it but it was a little that’s why i felt a portion in this because i said we just want to be accepted we just we just want to be accepted like we just want to be one of you and when i typed that i was like who else has said that wow open your heart for those people that have been overlooked that have been judged shown no compassion so we i said we just want to i i just want to be accepted i just want to know that i’m i’m one of you and they say you are one of us you are one because you are a christian and they they were like some of them were still saying that i was a christian or just deceived christian a christian that teaches false doctrine a christian that’s into new age i said we just want to be one of you oh you are you are so then i’m like let me come teach at your church no no no no no no no see i’m not i’m becoming one of you if i repent if i get rid of this if i stop doing that that’s not jesus y’all you already are you’re not becoming you already are whatever you need whatever’s been given to you is already inside of you now there’s levels of unlocking that and you knowing that trust me that’s why we’re here and that was the big one we just want to be accepted i want to be one of you and that opened so much why would i say that i’ve had conversations with those people christians in the lgbtq community and because i had those conversations hey i lost support for that too i did i’m not here to dance to entertain you no i’m here to show you how to dance i hear for your entertainment you lose support that just means they’re not ready yet that’s fine this is totally fine totally fine and what are they going to do what did the baby do cry lash out because they can’t articulate how they really feel i was on there with this guy he would over talk me cut me off yo no the bible don’t say that you’re deceiving hold on let me show you like your bible does say that and i want to show you no no no okay okay that’s how we’re going so he reminded me why i talk to you guys why i talk to people who are or learned why i talk to people who have compassion and i’m not forcing anything whoever’s listening to this far into this talk like you’re here for a reason no mistake you’re searching i get the messages every day in my inbox literally three days ago the message said somebody who partnered with me on patreon it said thank god for your ministry i just found you i have been out of church for a long time but i love the lord and i went to church and they found out that i believe in aliens and they made fun of me and so then i went on google or spotify and typed in um christian alien or christian mystic or something like that and i found your podcast and when i did i felt like i was at home i felt like i was at home do you guys know i get that that’s those are daily it’s daily i knew i was at home thank you for your ministry and i knew that i could be myself i could be weird you guys know what the definition of where it is right if you don’t the word weird means supernatural or uncanny true stick is weird y’all he’s just weird i love him but he’s weird yeah you’re right you’re weird supernatural uncanny digging out of what we thought it was to step into what it really is now we can prophesy now we can speak to it life creativity infinite potential in each breath i forgive you man no you don’t i don’t want your forgiveness okay well i want it i forgive you um it’s the power of your words the power of you saying yes to what you’re called to do it ain’t just for you it’s for the others yeah there’s fulfillment in it first you’re beyond your wildest dreams but it’s for the others too it is for the others um so afterwards i just you know thinking like man come on bro you like worried about what the people are going to say about you so you join to try to take up for yourself and i’m contemplating i’m wrestling that’s what i do it’s what we all do just about different things so done in such a weird way right um but the beauty of it is we can forgive we can forgive and a um bit tried to sink into my heart of like that business so yeah that’s why i don’t talk to christians because all religious people are like this all christians are like that and it’s trying to sit into your heart just the bitterness and it’s trying to get in because it’s going to change the way you talk to people it’s going to change it’s going to change your why why you got into it get the better the goal is to get the bitterness out but i feel a little bit coming in it’s like oh that was a reminder why i don’t talk to those people because all are like this hold on baby no ain’t no all nothing no all nothing those people who represent that okay yeah but there’s some people who want to come out some of those people need what i got because that was the ceiling whatever this person represents what they bring to the table it’s the ceiling oh y’all believing wow the saints wow i was told they were i was told not to make an image of anything too why the saints do that what do they mean you question you contemplate you roll and you ask and then you elevate you’re given you’re given an upgrade you unlock a new level a new realm so i felt the idea is to feel it hold on that’s foreign once you know who you are and you get in that place of bliss and then something foreign tries to slip in wants to get comfortable no no no we’re not no bitterness no i paid too much it’s too much got rid of too much bitterness to let any more in let me deal with that ain’t no all christians nothing ain’t no all black people nothing ain’t no all fat people nothing ain’t no all rednecks nothing and they’re all rich people you know all handicapped ain’t no nothing people are people individuals and they’re in all kinds of things they’re doing things because they don’t know who they are i tried to tap into he mentioned billy graham do you win souls like billy graham one souls is that what your your goal is to preach the gospel and win souls like billy graham and i was like i felt the same way i felt when i talked to the catholic lady because like man to be honest with no not like that but but billy graham in my awakening helped to set me free because i almost caught myself because i didn’t want to tell him because i knew that if he looked this up or believed it that it would tarnish the way he saw billy graham and i didn’t want to take that from him so i tried to catch myself like you know man what what to build a grandma okay well i put it in one of my songs like billy graham said that there’s people that are part of every religion every walk of life every faith they may be muslim they may be christian there may be buddhists they may be catholic they may be islamic from all of these traditions but they’re part of the body of christ and they don’t even know it maybe they’ve never heard the name of jesus before but they’re still a part of the body of christ because they know deep down within them that they need something greater than themselves and they’re reaching out to the only thing that they know that’s around them at the time which is islam which is this which is that and they’ve identified with it and they’ve become one of those he said those people are part of the body of christ this is billy graham the greatest evangelist of our day at the end of his life after he’s had time to contemplate he’s had time to write the wrongs and to think about how he was preaching and i shared in the that’s the thing this is called cognitive dissonance that the guy was like nope nope billy graham didn’t say that he would never say that and i was like man because i know when you hear it you’re gonna have to come up with an excuse on why he said it go read the comment sections they’re all in there billy graham’s a freemason too okay okay that’s it yeah yeah billy graham is he got deceived at the end of his life he did it for the money he became a universalist no at the end of his run he said man there’s a god loves everybody man and the wheat and the terrors come up together and they’re sitting on your pews next to each other we talk about agreeing with each other they got christians sitting next to each other in in the church that they’re they’re not in it they don’t think the way you think they don’t love the way you love here’s the awakening but there’s muslims that do destroy those boxes in jesus name there’s there’s people in the lgbtq community that love god just like you that seek god with an open heart that they say try my heart god judge me i love you so much teach me your ways that i may walk in your truth give me an undivided heart they’re in those things that you said that they’re not they’re in catholicism in a small bookstore in [Music] ponchatoula louisiana in the same heart to know god and to seek they have the same thing but the one next to you the person next to your church they don’t it’s like oh no you’re racist dude like you said that you do you’re cheating on your wife wow the muslim like honors his wife man he honors his kids and like oh man but you don’t know no i’m not judging all anything those are boxes that are being destroyed all nothing if it’s all anything it’s only it’s your it’s because you’re not demonstrating the power and love that you have it’s not intoxic it’s not it doesn’t get people intoxicated alcohol gets them more intoxicated than your love it does opiates get people opiates make people feel like there’s no um worry in the world it brings some comfort opiates do drugs and alcohol pornography addiction like those things are bringing more comfort than than your religion they do so who’s got to change the drugs and alcohol opiates they’re not going anywhere you you have to be an expression of christ here because yeah we got listen everything is okay we’re connected to eternity into a realm where everything is good we’re connected to the beginning where god saw everything he called it good and then he tells adam listen you got the same power i’m gonna create these situations and scenarios these things whatever you say it will become adam what is that it’s animals well that’s a cow i’m gonna call that a cow great awesome it’s a cow what is that adam it’s a fox fox great cool cool name love it what’s that thing oh that’s this that’s that okay awesome you did it with animals now with people with circumstances with situations you still have that power to call things that are not as though they are and they become what you call them in your cosmos in your temple it becomes that it responds that way so there’s levels levels of unlearning levels of power levels of awe levels of wonder the false prophets operate on a level of wonder what do you mean magic yeah magic miracles most people don’t like magic miracles signs and wonders okay false prophets operating in like all lying signs and wonders they’re lying they’re not true they’re fake and they’re faking them pretending there’s a plant in the audience even today youtube deliverance videos that are faked plants in the audience yeah look it up false prophets have that power false prophets get a very similar reaction out of people i told you it’s the same word to be amazed astonished as when jesus did something same word is used when the false prophets do it but we read it says that they were bewitched no they were astonished too but just in a bad way they were tricked they don’t even know it we were bewitched who has bewitched you so easily bewitched you be able to tap into that so looking at chris angel chris angel like tells people that he doesn’t like contact spirits or do like ritual magic or nothing he tells you that at the beginning of his episodes i used to watch it he’s like listen these are illusions there is no nothing else this is all sleight of hand look at that quarter behind your ear that’s a false prophet a lying sign and wonder it can trick people but the real on the other hand the people who really tapped into that who can really perform a miracle who are really tech isn’t that a slap in the face for people who are really ritually pure they’ve purified themselves and they’ve become a vessel for um for love for christ to literally manifest and move things and do and have power like the early church did they’ll say that these these catholic people are um demon possessed and they’re deceived and all of that just because they’re operating in something that you’ve never operated in how about you haven’t gone that length they’re showing you the fruit of what happens when you pray eight hours a day they’re showing you the fruit of what happens when you forgive people speak life that you may live it becomes what you say it is i love the mechanics of it i love the awareness of it people grieve over their sin they’re in places where they they know they need help they don’t want to stay there there’s more in them and they beat themselves up but i tell them it’s good why why is it good this isn’t good no no no it’s good because you can identify it you see it there you know what’s bad for the ones who are bewitched because they’ve been given over to a reprobated mind that they would believe a lot they don’t even know they’ve been deceived and we people project that i’m not project you project it on yourself if if the shoe fits who’s been deceived me you them hoes that they they whatever everyone knows the bibles of the entire world and there’s levels of deceit and of deception but it’s for you to come out of it the idea that you can identify it means that you can name it see that big creature over there adam what is it i don’t see it i don’t see it but when you see it call it something and it’ll become that the fact that you can see whatever it is that you’re struggling with and you know it man it’s alcohol man it’s this man this that okay that’s good why is it good i can’t get out of it well you can now you can and once you come out of it you’ll know how to deal with it if it tries to come back because yeah like the movie sometimes they come back with seven stronger spirits but when it’s out or it’s a thing you can address it you can deal with it speak to the things that are not as though they are and what it will become that’s the breath that’s the ruach it’s the breath of god the pneuma essence animates all life connects us all i’m not separate from you guy who exposed me listen that’s a younger version of myself i did the same thing with catholics did the same thing so i gotta honor him where he is i’m not gonna force him to eat a steak i’m not gonna force him to grow up listen enjoy you enjoy your ignorance ignorance is bliss enjoy it it’s cool man you got everything figured out it’s cool the arrogance because you know that pride comes before what a fall pride and arrogance come before humbling experiments and guess what persecution comes before an upgrade judgment comes before an upgrade people judge you circumstances situation judges you god judges you you know how to make sure that those people can’t judge you and god doesn’t judge you judge yourself judge yourself righteously don’t beat yourself up don’t listen judging and condemning are two different things the bible says a spiritual man judges all things but he himself is judged of none judge yourself govern yourself govern yourself if you govern what i’ve given you and you’re a good governor you’re good steward of the things of god i’ll give you more cause i can trust you govern that conflict govern those feelings yeah but i oughta oh you ought to what they ought to do that to you what about when you were caught what about when you were this what about when you said that the order nah wouldn’t be here if we got what we ought to ain’t nothing judge you judge yourself righteously learn to do that that’s how you are able to be aware and you’re already stepping into that if you’re realizing the bad parts of yourself but i pray god shows you the good parts of yourself you’re not going to know the bad parts unless you know that you’re not going to know the good unless you know the bad and vice versa it’s contrast i know what it’s like to be happy because i know what it’s like to be sad i know what it’s like to be full because i know what it’s like to be hungry because you know what it’s like you’ll be able to show compassion to those who are still in it those who are still in it you know people are still in it but pretending that they’re not we all i’m vocalizing these feelings because you guys feel them too yeah i’m not racist yeah i’m not uh i’m not those things you fighting with it daily identify it tell it what to become tell it what it is put it in his rightful place i i know why you’re i i that prejudice is there i was beat up by showing so many black people i was listening my star grew up in the hood trailer parks that’s just black people that’s one thing that’s not all black people all rednecks i was beat up by rednecks too at other schools and i went to all white schools and you’re the only one that you talk like a black person those those comments are all over my feed i’m a rapper it helps it actually helps with it but but the idea what what do you think rap what do you think black what does that mean to talk like a black you mean uneducated or why am i trying to sound black like hold on why would you say that identify your triggers because if you don’t if you don’t heal from the things that cut you you’ll bleed on people who didn’t cut you it’s coming out of you yeah it’s coming out your your racism sleep slipping out of you on the job site with like a a really cool employee that’s chinese slipping out why’d you say that you can’t take it back once you say it you can apologize it doesn’t you can’t you’ll give an account for every idle word that you say deal with it identify it why am i this why am i that that’s contemplation man when you contemplate when you i tell you judgment upgrade comes after judgment if you’re judging yourself the angels and demons ain’t got to judge you because you’re a good judge you’re a governor governor do you not know that we’ll we are to judge the angels how much more should we judge ourselves do you know that we’re to judge the body of christ if you can’t if you’re taking christians to court your brothers and sisters and you can’t handle these matters in a si in a civil way but you want greater responsibility no no no do you know what you would do you’re asking for a platform you’re asking for to take off you’re asking the launch do you know what you would do if you launched have you ever had that happen have you ever had do you know what it’s like you know what it feels like energetically for churches to make fun of you for the pastor to say stuff about you from the pulpit and just change your name do you know what that feels like like energetically to that there’s people speaking all manner of evil against you can you carry that be careful be careful listen you can have a that’s why they change the comment section for children stuff you can have little kids that come on here and color and draw and do it on youtube go look at the comment section if they’re going to do that to them what they’re going to do to you but what’s in you they’re doing it anyway that’s what they’re it’s in them whatever they’ve become a home for a house for it’s speaking through them but they’re a vessel of that what are you a vessel of do you show compassion to those who don’t deserve it well most likely somewhere in your story you were shown compassion no i was just born this way man i just love everybody no i used to hate myself and everybody oh really tell me more yeah that’s my story i used to be um infatuated with death taking myself out as a teenager now i’m infatuated with living in life and beauty and love daydreaming about life’s daydream on wicked things used to keep me up at night it was in my heart god gives you the desires of your heart even by proxy of you just being being a magical person that if you want it bad enough you’ll go get it that’s the fact that you can go get it so have your heart renewed have your desires renewed and it says that if we delight ourselves in him the scripture says he’ll give us the desires of our heart but it’s a catch-22 because the more that you delight yourself in him the more that you enjoy him the more your heart’s changed and i don’t desire the things i used to desire anymore i used to desire to be right i used to desire for you to like me i used to desire for to disprove christians i used to desire like evil things that’s evil things rip you know it’s just misconstrued it’s out of its purpose i should do it because out of the abundance of your heart come out of your mouth just wait long enough it’s gonna come out the racist guy he’s not racist around certain people he’s only racist around that those people it’s gonna come out let it i be aware judge man i can’t believe i said that so next time you feel it come no i’m not gonna say that lord help me lord help me lord hold my tongue lord lord help me i almost said ooh i won’t just cut yourself right good you know you shouldn’t be saying that people are listening people are watching even though you can’t see them that revelation is so huge too friends in high places we’re right at three hours less than a minute from a three hour talk i enjoyed it i enjoyed it so much we’re going to do a um hangout tonight on patreon for the school of the mystics thursday night hang out for those of you who want to be a part of that the link is in the description um we do it every thursday night sunday morning we do breath work we hang out we ask questions um we tap in we just say hello to like-minded people what’s up dude good to meet you man like go go check it out all my music my meditations everything’s available there patreon.com backslash truth sega i’d love to meet you if you want to be a part of that go check it out you can go to that on my website as well go to my website to get my free meditation throne room if you’ve not encountered it it’ll rock your socks off throne room meditation truthseeker.com love you guys we will do it again so many uh beautiful conversations just hit 500 episodes consistency it’s awesome thank you guys for being on this journey with me and uh walking hand in hand with each other you got this shalom peace everybody we’ll do it again[/et_pb_toggle][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][/et_pb_section]



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